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Ava had a visit from Kiki. Franco remained convinced that he was Drew. Drew left town to carry out a mission, but he took a detour to Ethiopia to find Andre Maddox. Shiloh blackmailed Peter. Liesl had dinner with Jax. Hayden talked to her daughter on the phone. Lulu and Dante were divorced.
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Ava had a visit from Kiki
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Julian is surprised by the buyer of Charlie's

Julian is surprised by the buyer of Charlie's

Monday, August 19, 2019

Franco was sitting in his cell at the Port Charles Police Station when Jason arrived for a visit. Franco divulged that people had been telling him that he was a victim of a "memory experiment gone wrong," and Jason nodded. Franco asked how it had happened, and Jason started from the beginning with Helena's mind-control technology. Franco commented that everyone had kept their stories straight, but Jason replied that he wasn't there to convince Franco. He continued that no one had any idea how to undo the transfer, but Franco insisted that he didn't need help. Jason left, and Franco threw his food tray against the bars in anger.

At the police station, Scott couldn't believe what Drew was telling him about Franco. Drew advised Scott to prepare himself, as the man wasn't Franco. Regardless, Scott figured that Franco would need a lawyer, and he refused to walk away from his son.

Jordan and Curtis peered into the interrogation room at Shiloh, and Jordan was looking forward to finally being able to "take the bastard down." She entered the room, and Shiloh asked for the phone call he'd never gotten. She gave him a phone and advised his to say his goodbyes, as he would be going to Pentonville for a long time. He dialed a number and told someone that he had interesting information about Alexis. A few minutes later, he was glad that his information had been helpful, and he hung up the phone with a smirk.

Elsewhere, someone scrolled through articles about Alexis' hit-and-run of Kiefer on their tablet.

Outside the room, Jordan and Curtis figured that there was no way Shiloh would get off for his crimes. Drew approached and informed them that Scott had gone down to see Franco. Jason walked by, and Jordan grabbed him to tell him the good news that Shiloh had been denied bail, and he would be on his way to Pentonville that afternoon. She promised that Franco would be the last person hurt by Shiloh.

Scott visited Franco in his cell, and Franco demanded to know who he was and what he wanted. Scott introduced himself as Franco's father, who wanted to help him get out of jail. Franco apologized for being harsh, and he wondered why Scott had named his son Franco. Scott explained that he and Franco had found each other later in life, and the artist had given himself the name. Franco apologized that he wasn't Scott's son, but Scott knew that Franco needed a lawyer, anyway. He promised to be back, and he left to talk to the cops.

Moments later, a cop led Shiloh in and put him in the cell across from Franco, who glared across the room. "Hello, Hank," he said, beckoning him closer so he could pull Shiloh's head through the bars and rip it off his shoulders. "I can't remember the last time I saw you," Shiloh commented, but Franco remembered the last time he'd seen Shiloh. He'd been writing in a journal when Shiloh had attacked him from behind and restrained him. "Delivered as promised," Shiloh had told a woman, who'd revealed herself to be Helena.

Shiloh told Franco that they'd been friends, and he'd betrayed Shiloh by threatening to turn him in. Franco clarified that they'd never been friends. "You think I'd let you send me to prison?" Shiloh asked, but Franco observed that Shiloh had ended up there, anyway. Shiloh wondered if Tex had told Drew where he'd hidden the money, but Franco refused to tell Shiloh. Franco remembered accusing Shiloh of treason, but Shiloh had knocked him out.

Shiloh remembered how Helena had called in a few of her henchmen to make sure that Drew was still alive, which he was. She'd had one of the men pay Shiloh, who'd wondered what she was going to do with Drew. She'd replied that if she'd told him, she would have had to kill him. Franco vowed to make Shiloh pay for all he'd done, and he added that Shiloh would never know where the money was. Shiloh offered to exchange the location of the money for the name of Helena's male accomplice.

Helena had warned Shiloh to stay "silent and loyal," and she'd dismissed him. He'd walked away but peered around the corner to keep watch. "There you are," Helena had said when someone else had shown up. She'd called her accomplice's help "invaluable." Shiloh offered the name to Franco, but Franco replied, "Hard pass." He figured that he would take the money back to Afghanistan and use it for humanitarian aid. Shiloh thought it would be "better spent for information that could change your life."

Scott returned to Jordan, who expressed sympathy for the situation he was in with his son. Scott wanted to get Franco out of jail, and Jordan assured him that it wouldn't be hard. Scott wondered what would keep Franco from leaving, because he was probably eager to leave behind all the people trying to tell him who he really was.

Hayden had breakfast set up by the time Elizabeth descended the stairs. Elizabeth wasn't hungry but mentioned that she hadn't slept all night, so Hayden handed her some coffee. Elizabeth was glad to have Hayden there, but she wondered if Hayden knew what she was getting herself into. Hayden revealed that, while she'd been away, she'd thought a lot about family, and she appreciated Elizabeth letting Hayden be there for her. No matter what happened with Franco, Hayden wanted to physically be there for Elizabeth and the boys.

Later, Curtis and Drew arrived, and Drew revealed that nothing with Franco had changed. Elizabeth and Drew went into the kitchen for some tea, and Curtis sat down with Hayden. He was glad that she was with her sister, and he added that he was proud of her. Hayden confided that she'd realized that putting others first wasn't so bad. Elizabeth and Drew returned, and the four talked about the possibility of the procedure being undone.

Hayden wondered if Franco would even agree to have the procedure undone, as he had no connection to his family as Drew. Elizabeth thought that it was her job to find a way to convince him, and Drew and Curtis' job to figure out how to get it done. When Drew and Curtis left a few minutes later, they resolved to find Andre, who was probably the only person who could help. Inside the house, Hayden wondered how Elizabeth planned to convince a stranger that she wasn't trying to take his life away. Elizabeth replied that she would need to convince Franco that the life he'd lost was more important.

Olivia burst into Sonny's and found Sonny, Lulu, and Robert waiting for her. Robert divulged that the WSB had to move Dante, as he'd had a setback. He continued that the WSB couldn't safely continue Dante's deprogramming, so he was getting psychiatric treatment for his PTSD. Olivia demanded that the WSB return Dante home to heal, but Lulu couldn't agree.

A few minutes later, Sonny and Robert were alone. Sonny regretted just telling Dante to "stick it out" when he'd first returned home. Robert assured Sonny that there was no "magic word" to help Dante. Olivia and Lulu returned, and Olivia demanded to see Dante for herself. Robert promised to do his best, and Olivia thanked him with a hug. Robert promised to keep the family posted, and he left.

Lulu took the opportunity to tell her in-laws that, while she hadn't agreed to the divorce, she wasn't going to contest it. She revealed that the divorce would be final 20 days from when she'd first been served with the papers. She insisted that she would never choose to divorce Dante, but she had to believe that he was doing what he was doing because he believed it was for the best. Olivia was upset, but she and Sonny offered to do anything they could to help Lulu. Lulu only asked that they help Rocco have a childhood, remember how much Dante loved him, and help him not worry about being the "man of the house." Lulu assured them both that they were still family, and the three embraced.

A few minutes later, Olivia was gone, and Sonny told Lulu how much she meant to him. While it would take time, Sonny knew that Dante would heal. He also knew that Dante would never abandon Rocco, and Lulu hoped he was right. He reiterated that he would do anything she needed, and she left. Outside, she looked at her rings and cried. She took both of them off.

Alexis arrived at Charlie's and informed Julian that she was the attorney for the new owner. Sam entered, and Julian broke the news to her about his move. He had to tend to something in the back, and Sam took the opportunity to inquire how Alexis was feeling. She wondered if her mother's feelings were hurt that Julian could "turn his life around" for Kim, but he hadn't been able to do it for Alexis. Alexis liked Kim and insisted that she was happy for Julian.

Later, Julian told Sam that he'd made peace with Lucas, who had no problem with Julian being in his and Wiley's lives. "You're my biological father, that's it," Sam stated. Julian replied that he couldn't undo his mistakes, but he was trying to atone for them. He asked for a little time with her, Danny, and Scout before he left, and she finally agreed. Just then, Jason entered and shared the good news he'd learned about Shiloh. Julian hoped that Shiloh would get convicted so that Lucas and Brad could raise Wiley in peace.

Alexis went back to her work, and Sam pulled Jason aside to ask what was wrong. He updated her on his encounter with a stubborn Franco, and Sam suggested that Franco was better off being Drew. Jason agreed, but he doubted that Elizabeth did. He continued that Elizabeth was desperate to have the procedure reversed, but really, it was up to Franco. Sam wondered if Franco would consent to that, but Jason countered that Franco didn't even want to hear his name.

Olivia entered Charlie's and apologized for being late. Julian was shocked to learn that Olivia was the new owner of Charlie's. She replied that Leo loved the restaurant, and she wanted Leo to be proud of Julian and his achievements. She intended to leave everything as it was, except for the addition of her coveted pizza oven. Alexis began going through the permits and contracts, but Olivia wondered what Julian was grinning at. He thought it was funny how the three were getting along "like grown-ups," and he believed it was a "good look for the future."

Scott gets Franco released

Scott gets Franco released

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Jax and Josslyn shared a meal at Metro Court, and Jax asked to meet Dev, who was standing across the room. Josslyn turned Jax down and claimed that Dev was "defensive" about where he was from, and Jax was intimidating. Jax called himself "the coolest dad ever," and Hayden agreed as she approached the table. She wondered how Jax hadn't been "snapped up" yet." Josslyn thought it was because Jax had high standards and wouldn't settle for "a pretty face with nothing to back it up."

Josslyn left the table, and Hayden wondered what she'd ever done to Josslyn. Jax informed Hayden that Josslyn took her cues from Carly, and Hayden had offended Carly by lying to Drew when she'd first arrived in town. Hayden broke it to Jax that there was a "complication" with their project, as Liesl had caught her at Wyndemere. She told him that he didn't need to fall in love with Liesl, but Liesl would be satisfied with a conversation and a smile from Jax.

Carly handed Dev his last check and thought that his skill set would suit him better working for Sonny. Dev couldn't wait to work for Sonny, and he headed out. Josslyn walked over to Carly and warned her that Jax was starting to ask about Dev. Carly apologized for putting Josslyn in that position, and she insisted that Josslyn always be honest about how she felt about the situation.

In his holding cell, Franco knew that he couldn't trust Shiloh, but Shiloh offered to fill in the blanks for Franco. Shiloh informed Franco that he had a son, as Kim had been pregnant when Drew had been deployed. An officer entered and informed Shiloh that his transport to Pentonville had arrived. As the officer took Shiloh out of his cell and handcuffed him, Shiloh insisted that he was the only one who would be honest with Franco. "It's a simple exchange. You know where I'll be. Don't be long," he said, and he was escorted out.

At the police station, Scott related to Drew and Curtis that Franco needed treatment, not jail. Drew figured that Franco would leave if he was released, and they would lose him "for good." Scott had a "workaround," but he didn't think Franco would like it. Shiloh was led through, and Shiloh mentioned that he'd had a "stroll down memory lane" with Franco. Drew took comfort in the fact that Shiloh would never leave Pentonville. "See you around," Shiloh smirked, and he was gone.

Scott visited Franco in his cell and informed his son that he'd cut a deal for Franco. Scott explained that Robert valued Franco's heroics, so keeping him locked up would be bad publicity. Franco would be released, but he would have to wear an ankle monitor and stay in town until his day in court, since he was a flight risk. Scott insisted that it was a good deal.

A few minutes later, Curtis revealed that he couldn't find Andre, and Anna was unreachable, so she couldn't help them. Drew knew that Shiloh's power was in his words, and he feared that Shiloh had gotten in Franco's head. Scott returned and lamented that he couldn't tell what Franco was going to do, since Franco was no longer Franco. Drew wanted to visit Franco to see if Shiloh had gotten to him. He promised to do his best to get Franco to take the deal, and he walked away.

Curtis had to get back to work, but before he left, Scott wondered what Drew would do to make things right with Franco. Curtis reminded Scott that only Shiloh was to blame for the situation, and he promised that Drew wanted Franco back just as much as Scott did. Curtis assured Scott that he and Drew were doing all they could to figure out how to undo the memory transfer.

Outside of Franco's cell, Drew talked about the deal Scott had worked for Franco and wondered if Franco wanted to leave town. Franco replied that he had some unfinished business, and he cited Shiloh as his source. Drew warned that anything from Shiloh had a price. Drew wanted to talk to Franco and learn more about his early life, but Franco wondered what was in it for him. "Name the price," Drew said. Franco wanted to know everything about Oscar. Drew showed Franco a picture of Oscar and told Franco everything he could. Franco noticed the past tense, and Drew broke it to Franco that Oscar had died of cancer a couple months before. "I missed having a son by a few months," Franco muttered regretfully.

An officer entered Franco's cell and put an ankle monitor on him as Drew asked to know what had happened with Shiloh in Afghanistan. A short while later, Drew returned to Curtis and told him about Shiloh's proposal for Franco. He continued that Shiloh had made money on the black market in Afghanistan, and his accomplice Tex had hidden the money without telling Shiloh where. Tex had told Drew that he'd hidden the money in Tex's wife's car, and Drew thought he knew exactly where it was.

At Crimson, Peter finished reading his article about Franco aloud to Maxie and asked if he'd "properly assessed the situation." Maxie, who hadn't been paying attention, apologized because she was swamped. Maxie inquired if Franco could be "fixed," and Peter commented that Franco would need a "mad scientist." As if on cue, Liesl burst into the office, needing help from Maxie for a "fashion emergency." Maxie offered to look through the Crimson closet and wondered where Liesl was going. Maxie was surprised to learn that Liesl was going on a date, and she showed Liesl some options.

Liesl shot down every outfit Maxie showed her, so Maxie settled for "dressing down" Liesl's outfit with a shawl. Liesl was excited for lunch with Jax and admitted that they'd had a "matchmaker." Liesl knew that she and Jax wouldn't last forever, but they did have things in common. Maxie urged Liesl to have an open mind and to enjoy lunch. Hayden entered and informed Liesl that she had someone waiting for her. "Wish me luck!" Liesl squealed, and she left. Maxie thought it had been a good idea not to tell Liesl about Franco before her lunch.

Hayden asked for Nina, but Maxie told her that Nina was still at the hospital with Sasha. Maxie handed Hayden the projections she was there for, and Hayden was surprised that Maxie, a part of the "creative" team, knew how to run the numbers. Maxie replied that she'd been there "forever," so she'd picked some things up. She listed a few, and Hayden suggested that Maxie get an MBA. She thought that an MBA combined with Maxie's on-the-job experience could open a lot of doors for her. Maxie thought there were many more qualified people than her to run a magazine.

When Hayden was gone, Peter informed Maxie that she'd trivialized all of her strengths after Hayden had suggested that Maxie could run her own magazine. "Did I?" Maxie questioned dejectedly. Peter thought that she was too used to being "number two," and he thought that she could do anything she set her mind to. As he kissed her, his phone rang, and he walked off to answer it. It was a collect call from Pentonville, and Peter accepted the charges. Shiloh introduced himself to Peter and proposed that they "sit down and chat," as it would be beneficial to both of them.

At the warehouse, Sonny finished instructing an employee about shipments as Sonny entered to check on his "new hire." They talked about Franco until Dev ran in, late, and Sonny lectured him about being on time. He breathlessly asked what Sonny needed help with, and Sonny instructed him to move the coffee beans. Jason told Dev to get his assignment from the foreman, so Dev ran off. Sonny asked Jason to keep an eye on Dev, and he left.

Later, Jason was talking to an employee about a cash deposit when they heard a loud thud from outside the office. Jason scolded Dev for not taking his time and for attempting shortcuts. He instructed Dev to put in the work in order to earn respect, as he hadn't yet done much to prove himself. The employee returned to Jason and informed him that the cash for the deposit was missing.

Liesl entered Metro Court and sat down with Jax. They made small talk about surfing, and Liesl related it back to thanking him for saving her life. In turn, he thanked her for being flexible when she'd found Hayden at Wyndemere. "Valentin gets what he deserves," Liesl muttered. A surprised Jax remembered that Valentin would again be Liesl's family. "Don't remind me," she said, and she changed the subject back to Jax.

Across the restaurant, Carly wondered why Jax was socializing with Liesl, and she was uncomfortable with how close Liesl was to multiple members of Carly's family. Josslyn wanted to talk to Carly about something and started that she'd been assigned all "boring teachers." She wondered if she could forget school and instead use a tutor or be homeschooled. She explained that, after losing Oscar, dealing with the high school drama of high school kids seemed "inconsequential." Carly didn't want Josslyn to miss out on all the fun of high school, and she believed in Josslyn.

Sonny arrived, and Josslyn posed the question about school to him. He understood her feelings, but Sonny also wanted her to go to school. Carly's curiosity was too much for her to handle, so she ran off to find out why Jax and Liesl were having lunch together. Sonny made sure that Josslyn and Dev were getting along, and he urged her to "keep the lines of communication open." He thought that she should give school a shot, but they would make other arrangements if it didn't work out. "You mean it?" Josslyn asked excitedly, and Sonny replied that they only wanted her to be happy.

Carly approached Jax and Liesl, and she wondered if there was any word on Franco. Liesl didn't know what Carly was talking about, so Carly pulled up an article on her phone to show Liesl. "I must go," Liesl blurted out. She thanked Jax for lunch and ran out. "You're welcome," Carly said to Jax with a smirk.

Monica was looking at Franco's scans when there was a knock on her office door, and Kim entered. Kim apologized for missing their appointment the day before, and Monica figured that she knew what had happened. They talked about Franco, and Kim admitted that it was like being around a man wearing a mask. Monica informed Kim that Drew and Curtis were working on getting the procedure reversed, but in the meantime, Franco needed to stay in town. Monica thought that Franco would be willing to do that if Kim, the only familiar face to him, was willing to help him.

Kim didn't think she could do that, but Monica insisted that she was only suggesting that Kim be a friend to Franco while he thought he was Drew. Kim responded that she could do that from a distance, and she took the opportunity to give Monica her resignation. Monica wanted to make Kim a counteroffer so she would stay, but Kim insisted that it wasn't about the job. She needed a fresh start, and Julian was going with her.

Monica wondered if Kim was having second thoughts about leaving town since Franco had gotten Drew's memories. However, Kim believed that it was "seventeen years too late," and wondering "what if" wouldn't change anything. "You can't blame me for trying," Monica told her, and Kim agreed that people had to do whatever they could to hold onto their families. Kim left Monica's office and ran straight into Franco, who asked to talk to her.

Drew embarks on a mission to right the past

Drew embarks on a mission to right the past

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava sat at the bar and sipped on a martini as Sonny approached. He warned her not to be hungover the following day for her visit with Avery. Ava snidely pointed out that she hadn't been lectured by Sonny in ages, but he was not amused. He admitted that he didn't want to have to take her back to court because she was "slipping," but Ava resented the accusation. Sonny pointed out that she was drinking in the middle of the day, but she argued that she wasn't taking care of their daughter at that moment.

Sonny remained frustrated with Ava because he hadn't forgotten about the message from Kiki that Ava had passed along to Avery. Ava was unapologetic, and she resented Sonny threatening to use that against her in court, but Sonny was confident that the judge would side with him, especially if the judge had read the article about Ava in Crimson.

After Sonny left, Ava ordered another martini. Moments later, Chelsea Lam arrived. Ava was delighted to see the psychic because Ava had had a visit from Kiki the previous evening. Chelsea appeared skeptical because Kiki had made her feelings clear about Ava the last time that Chelsea had had contact with Kiki. Ava suggested that her daughter had changed her mind because Ava had woken up the previous evening to find Kiki standing at the foot of Ava's bed.

According to Ava, Kiki had been wearing the dress that she'd been killed in, but Kiki hadn't said anything to Ava. Ava explained that Kiki had stared at Ava with an unreadable expression that was neither love nor hate, so Ava was desperate to find out what the visit had meant. Chelsea's expression filled with concern as she suggested that Ava pull herself together and stop drowning in martinis.

At the Corinthos Coffee warehouse, Dev loaded heavy bags of coffee beans onto storage shelves while Jason talked to the warehouse manager about the missing deposit. Jason wondered if the money had been misplaced, but Barry doubted it. However, Barry expressed concern about Dev because Barry had noticed Dev eavesdropping earlier when Barry and Jason had discussed the money. Jason decided to call Dev over and question the teen about the missing money. Dev immediately denied knowing anything about the money, but Jason cut Dev's cries of innocence off and suggested that they start with the truth.

Jason knew that Dev had been listening in on Jason and Barry's conversation. Dev conceded that he had eavesdropped, but Dev promised that he hadn't touched the cash. Barry didn't believe Dev, but Dev accused Barry of lying and being upset that Sonny had given Dev a job. Barry was offended. "This punk has got to go," Barry warned Jason.

Barry explained that there had been issues with Dev because Dev was lazy and disorganized, and Dev had dropped several bags of coffee beans. Dev acknowledged that he had dropped a few bags of coffee beans, but Dev was adamant that he hadn't taken the money. "What money?" Sonny asked as he entered the warehouse. Dev quickly explained that Barry had accused him of stealing the bank deposit, but Dev argued that he had no reason to do something like that. Barry disagreed because Dev was a thief by Dev's own admission. Dev and Barry exchanged words until Sonny ordered both to be quiet because Sonny wanted to hear from Jason.

After Jason filled Sonny in about Barry's accusation and Dev's denial, Sonny suggested that they settle the matter by searching Dev. Jason patted Dev down then confirmed that Dev was clean. Dev's smile of satisfaction vanished when Sonny instructed Jason to check Dev's jacket. Jason returned from the office with Dev's jacket -- and the cash. It had been hidden in a pocket. Dev insisted that the money had been planted by Barry, but Barry was outraged. Just then, Jason reported that only $7,000 had been in Dev's pocket, which meant that $3,000 remained missing.

Sonny glared at Barry. Sonny suspected that Barry had figured that Sonny wouldn't hurt a family member, so Dev wouldn't land in too much hot water, while Barry would pocket $3,000 for his troubles. Jason's expression filled with menace as he moved close to Barry. Busted, Barry began to apologize then tried to return the $3,000, but Sonny told Barry to keep it as severance pay. Next, Sonny handed Barry the rest of the cash and advised Barry to relocate to another coast as quickly as possible.

After Barry ran out, Dev's tone filled with wonder because Sonny had believed him. Sonny admitted that he had known that Dev was too smart to steal from Sonny, especially with Jason there. Sonny advised Dev not to drop any more bags then ordered him to get back to work. After Dev disappeared, Sonny instructed Jason to pay Barry a visit to make certain that Barry didn't say anything; Sonny wanted Barry to receive the message "loud and clear." "Will do," Jason promised.

In a conference room at the hospital, Scott handed Elizabeth a cup of coffee as she smiled with gratitude. Elizabeth looked at the books spread out on the table and told him that she had pored over every neurological journal that she could get her hands on, and she had called Patrick Drake, but she was no closer to figuring out how to reverse Dr. Cabot's procedure than she had been when she had started. Scott was disappointed. Moments later, Drew entered.

Drew told Scott and Elizabeth about Shiloh's 2012 black market operation in Afghanistan and the money that Shiloh's partner had hidden. Tex had confided to Drew about the money and its whereabouts right before Tex had been killed, and Shiloh had hoped to glean the information from Franco after the memory transfer. Furious that Franco's mind had been sacrificed for money, Scott wondered what Shiloh hoped to do with the money in Pentonville. Elizabeth was equally upset, but Drew shifted gears when he asked for a private word with Elizabeth. Scott objected, but Drew promised that it didn't concern Franco.

After Scott left, Drew explained that Tex had hidden the money in Tex's wife's car -- a Subaru Outback. "Like the car Oscar left Cameron?" Elizabeth asked. She was surprised by the coincidence, but Drew admitted that it was more than that. He was certain that Cameron's car had once belonged to Tex's wife. Elizabeth was doubtful, but Drew confessed that in recent months, he'd had had occasional "flashes -- like pieces of my old life." He added that they weren't memories, but rather "instinct." Elizabeth realized that a part of Drew sensed the memories that he had lost.

"Yes," Drew agreed. He added that it was the reason that he had known that he'd had to buy the car when he'd first seen it. Elizabeth spirits lifted because Drew's breakthrough meant that Franco might experience similar flashes. Drew agreed that it was possible.

Meanwhile, Cameron sat in his car as Trina walked up. She greeted him then reminded him that idling a car was not good for the environment. Trina also recalled that Cameron wasn't allowed to drive, so Cameron admitted that he was getting ready to sell his car. Shocked, Trina immediately hopped into the passenger seat as she tried to dissuade Cameron from going through with his plans, but he revealed that he was waiting for the buyer to arrive. Cameron explained that the car was bad luck because it was the reason that he had ended up being kidnapped and that Franco had been forced to take Cameron's place.

Cameron also reminded Trina of the disastrous trip they had taken with Josslyn and Oscar to Niagara Falls, but Trina argued that despite Oscar's seizure and the encounter with a serial killer, there had been good moments. She reminded Cameron that the two of them had stayed up all night, talking, and it had been the first time that she had seen him as more than Josslyn's friend -- Cameron had been Trina's friend, too. Cameron smiled as he agreed that it had been a cool night. Just then, a man knocked on the window and asked if it was the car that was for sale.

"No," Trina answered, but Cameron quickly corrected her. The man decided to give the teens a moment to talk, prompting Trina to remind Cameron that selling the car wouldn't fix things. She warned him that it might make things worse, but Cameron remained determined to go through with the sale. He jumped out the of the car as the man announced that he had transferred the $9,000 to Cameron's bank account. Cameron was about the accept the deposit from his phone when Drew walked up.

Cameron was surprised to see Drew, so Drew explained that Elizabeth had used the tracking app on Cameron's phone to locate the teen. Cameron revealed that he had decided to sell the car, but Drew refused to let Cameron go through with it. "Trust me," Drew pleaded. Irritated, the potential buyer grumbled as he marched away. Drew began to search the car's trunk as he promised to pay Cameron the $9,000 if Drew was wrong about his hunch. Seconds later, Drew closed the trunk. He had found the package with the money that Tex had hidden.

After Drew left, Cameron and Trina sat in the car. They were both surprised that over a million dollars had been hidden in the trunk. Trina smiled and suggested that next time, Cameron let her demand that he get his cut. Cameron grinned; his mood had improved.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Scott approached Ava's table as Chelsea stood to leave. Chelsea felt bad for Scott because she sensed all the trouble swirling around him. After Chelsea left, Ava waited for Scott to reprimand her for drinking, but he surprised her by offering to buy the next round. Scott filled Ava in about Franco's situation, and he was shocked when Ava suggested that Franco had gotten a lucky break. Ava explained that Franco had an opportunity to be a whole new person without any memory of the atrocities that Franco had committed.

Ava envied Franco, but Scott reminded Ava that Franco had found love and a family with Elizabeth and the boys. Ava remained convinced that Franco had gotten a lucky break because Franco was no longer burdened by the weight of his crimes.

At the hospital, Chelsea approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station then introduced herself as a "paranormal influencer." Elizabeth frowned, but Chelsea admitted that she had read about what had happened to Franco. Chelsea confirmed that Sibley Gamble had been warning Elizabeth about the memory transfer when Sibley had urged Elizabeth to hold on tight to Franco. Elizabeth was desperate to know if she had lost her husband for good, so Chelsea took both of Elizabeth's hands into her own and concentrated.

After several heartbeats, Chelsea advised Elizabeth to "keep a firm grip on the one you love -- no matter what."

Meanwhile, Kim was curious what Franco wanted to talk to her about. "Oscar," he answered. Franco remained convinced that he was Drew as he admitted that he wanted to know why Kim -- in the ten years that he'd been deployed -- had never thought to tell him about their son. Kim was taken aback by the question as tears filled her eyes. She quietly clarified that she and Drew had had a son then carefully added that she and Franco did not. Frustrated, Franco asked her to stop saying that, but Kim demanded to know what he wanted from her.

Franco explained that he didn't understand everything that had happened to him, but he was certain of one thing -- his memories were real. Franco insisted that he remembered Kim, the nights and days that they had spent in San Diego, and what it had felt like to be the man who'd been in love with her. Franco added that they had shared a child, but that child had been gone before "Drew" had had a chance to know him, and it broke Franco's heart. Franco wanted to know about the son he had never met, but Kim explained that it was too difficult to talk about with him because Oscar had only been gone a few months.

Kim admitted that hearing Franco relive memories that she had shared with another man was hard for her, and it bordered on cruel for Franco to ask her to relive that heartbreaking loss with him all over again. Franco realized that what he was going through didn't compare to Kim's grief, but he'd never had a chance to know Oscar. Upset, Kim blurted out that he had never given himself the chance. "Drew," she quickly clarified, "never gave himself that chance."

Kim explained that she had found out that she'd been pregnant after Drew had been deployed. She tearfully reminded Franco that he should know firsthand that she and Drew had agreed that it had been for the best to end things once Drew had shipped out, but Franco was curious if that was what Kim had wanted. "No," Kim admitted, but she added that Drew had never reached out to her. Stunned, Franco asked what she was talking about because he had written her a letter every month for nearly two years.

Shocked, Kim assured Franco that she had never received any of Drew's letters, and she had even reached out to Drew's superiors in an attempt to get in touch with him. However, Kim had been told that Drew's mission had put him out of reach. Franco asked if he and Kim could go somewhere private to talk because there had been a lot of things that had been left unsaid between them, but Kim told Franco that it wasn't a good idea.

Later, Franco met up with Drew as Drew exited the elevator. Franco was curious if Drew had found the money, so Drew opened a duffel bag to show Franco that the money had been recovered. Pleased, Franco announced that he intended to take the "blood money" back to the good people of Afghanistan. Drew was curious how Franco intended to carry out the mission when he was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor. Franco was confident that he and Drew could find a way around the electronic tracking device, but Drew suggested that Franco take an opportunity to breathe and let things settle down.

Franco doubted that things would ever settle down, and he remained determined to return the money. Drew realized that it was important to Franco, so Drew revealed that he had access to a private jet. Drew decided to fly to Afghanistan with the money, but Franco argued that Drew didn't know his way around the country or any of the locals. Drew appreciated Franco's concern, but he reminded Franco that it had been seven years, and it was unlikely that any of the same people were still in place. Drew was confident that his own connections would guide Drew to the right people.

Franco remained concerned because he questioned Drew's instincts, but Drew pointed out that they shared the same instincts. Both men looked up when they heard a door close. Kim had emerged from her office, carrying a large box. Drew asked if Kim was okay because she seemed tense, but Kim pasted on a smile, assured Drew that she was fine, then rushed past Franco and Drew. Franco tried to speak to Kim, but she ignored him and quickly entered the elevator. Franco turned to Drew and announced that he had decided to continue his journey in Port Charles. Drew didn't think that Franco would regret it.

At Crimson, Maxie was relieved when Lulu exited the elevator because Maxie had been worried about Lulu. Maxie was curious how everything had gone. Lulu admitted that Olivia had been in denial, but Sonny had been supportive and sympathetic. Maxie asked if it was official. Lulu's expression filled with sadness as she revealed that the petition had lapsed earlier that morning, so Lulu and Dante were officially divorced. Tears filled Lulu's eyes as she confessed that it had hit her that morning that she was no longer Mrs. Dante Falconeri, so Maxie wondered if she was still Lulu Falconeri.

Lulu explained that she hadn't given it any thought, but she suspected that Rocco would prefer that he and Lulu share the same last name. Maxie realized that it was too soon, but Lulu conceded that it had been a legitimate question. Lulu confessed that it seemed weird to hold onto Dante's last name when they hadn't been able to hold onto anything else. Maxie noticed that Lulu had taken off her wedding ring, so Lulu sadly admitted that it had seemed the next logical step.

Maxie knew that Lulu was hurting, but Maxie believed that Dante had made the best decision for Lulu and Rocco, so that they could move forward. Lulu agreed, but she had no idea how. Maxie suggested that Lulu call Dustin Phillips, but Lulu insisted that she was not interested in dating anyone. Maxie asked for Lulu's phone, which Lulu handed over without hesitation. Within seconds, Maxie found what she had been looking for -- Dustin's phone number. Lulu claimed that she had it saved in case she needed a ride, but she reiterated that she wasn't interested in starting anything.

Lulu shifted gears then asked for Maxie's help. Despite three more burglaries by the man who had set up dates with women on a dating site, Lulu had been reassigned to cover the lifestyle section. Lulu wondered if Maxie wanted to attend a wine tasting with Lulu later that day. Delighted, Maxie called Mac and Felicia to ask her parents to babysit James. Next, Lulu and Maxie made plans to meet up then Lulu left to take care of a few things before the wine tasting adventure. After Lulu left, Maxie called to arrange for Dustin to pick them up.

At Pentonville prison, Shiloh picked up the phone to greet his visitor. Peter cut to the chase by asking what Shiloh wanted. Shiloh smiled as he taunted Peter by claiming to know more about Peter than Peter realized. Peter remained calm as he waited for Shiloh to get to the point. Shiloh decided to give Peter the short version of his association with Helena Cassadine. According to Shiloh, Helena had contacted him about delivering Drew to her just as Drew had threatened to expose Shiloh's black market operation. Once Helena had paid Shiloh, Shiloh had ducked out of sight, but he'd seen "Henrik" arrive to fetch Drew's unconscious body.

Peter conceded that it had been an interesting tale, but Peter pointed out that Shiloh didn't have any proof. Shiloh chuckled as he reminded Peter that he didn't need any because Shiloh had been an eyewitness. Shiloh was confident that he would be believed over Peter -- especially with Maxie. Peter tensed then demanded to know what Shiloh wanted. Shiloh explained that he wanted out of jail, and he expected Peter to make it happen.

Peter is forced to agree to help Shiloh

Peter is forced to agree to help Shiloh

Thursday, August 22, 2019

At General Hospital, Curtis met with Finn and said he needed to speak with Anna because he wanted to try to locate Andre Maddox.

Elizabeth returned home and was surprised to see Hayden setting out some snacks for the boys. Just then, Cameron and Aiden arrived, and Hayden revealed that she was staying at the house in order to help out. "Where's Franco?" Aiden asked. Cameron explained that he had informed Aiden that Elizabeth would talk to him about it. Elizabeth noted that it was a family discussion, and she prevented Hayden from leaving the room.

Elizabeth admitted that she had wanted to talk to Aiden and Jake together, but Jake had gone camping. She stated that while Franco had been getting better, he had something like amnesia. Aiden wondered if Franco had forgotten them. Elizabeth thought they all needed to be patient because Franco had been confused. "We got this," Cameron declared. Aiden was worried about baking without Franco, and he wondered who would make them feel safe.

As Elizabeth and Hayden reassured Aiden, the doorbell rang. It was Curtis. Hayden announced her intent to run some errands, and Elizabeth asked Cameron to accompany Aiden upstairs to help with some chores. She hugged and thanked Hayden before Hayden left. Curtis revealed that while Franco had wanted to return the found money to Afghanistan, even with his ankle monitor, Drew had offered to go in his place. Drew wanted justice to be done despite having no memory of being in Afghanistan.

Curtis announced that he had also located Andre in Ethiopia, and shortly after, he spoke to Drew on the phone. He wished Drew luck and told him he'd send the necessary information. Curtis turned back to Elizabeth and told her that Drew had decided to head to Ethiopia first in order to get to Andre and send the doctor back to Port Charles.

Elizabeth was hopeful that, while there were no guarantees, Andre knew more than anyone about the memory transfer. She was positive that the real Franco was inside of Franco somewhere.

At Charlie's Pub, Lucas and Willow could hardly believe that Julian was about to sell his bar and move to Manhattan. Julian assured them that he planned to stay in Wiley's life, and Lucas added that Willow would, too. Kim arrived, and Willow related that she found Kim brave to move elsewhere to start over. Julian informed Kim that Olivia wanted to buy the bar, and she suggested they leave town that night.

Julian reminded Kim that they didn't have a place yet, but Kim thought it would be fun to stay in a hotel and check out various neighborhoods. She added that she could refer her remaining patients. Julian wondered about Kim's desire for a hasty move, and he asked if she'd seen Franco. He added that Franco wasn't Drew, and he asked if Kim was afraid of him.

Kim insisted she wasn't afraid and claimed to have momentum behind her that was spurring her on to changes. She added that she'd always been that way. She just thought the sooner they moved, the better.

Over at the bar, Lucas shared photos of Wiley with Willow. They talked about the little boy, and Lucas promised that when Wiley was older, he would know his mother. Willow felt blessed to be a part of Wiley's life and thought it important that Shiloh was no longer a threat.

Lulu and Maxie sampled some wine at the wine-tasting event in Rice Park. Lulu expressed her dismay that Maxie had called Dustin to be their driver. Just then, Dustin walked over with new glasses of wine and a brief explanation of it. He had been refraining from drinking in order to drive. "It's a shame Peter couldn't join us and make it a foursome," Maxie declared. Lulu turned and raised her eyebrows at her good friend.

Shortly after, Lulu and Maxie found a spot where they could sit, and Dustin sauntered over with more wine and another description. He admitted that he chose his own hours with his ride-sharing job. Maxie thought he deserved five stars and a tip, and she asked if Lulu agreed.

Ava was pleased to find the phone she'd left behind at the Metro Court bar. While she was there, she decided to order another vodka martini. She jumped when Kevin approached her and admitted that she couldn't get used to his face. Kevin revealed that he'd been thinking about her, and Ava assumed it was because Laura had informed him of the "very efficient" psychic Ava had been seeing.

Ava disclosed that Kiki had contacted her on her own. She told Kevin that she'd seen Kiki at the foot of her bed and wearing the same dress she'd worn when she'd been murdered. Her daughter hadn't spoken but had stared into her soul. Ava admitted that she'd woken up then, and she wondered what Kevin thought about it.

Kevin and Ava continued their conversation at a table. Ava confessed that Chelsea had believed Ava's sighting to be a dream. Kevin explained that Freud would say it had been a message from Ava's subconscious or an unfulfilled wish. He believed it was about what Ava had been trying to tell herself. Ava agreed that Kevin was right, and maybe she hadn't deserved Kiki.

Kevin didn't agree, and Ava added that Scott felt that he'd lost his child, too. She wanted to know about Franco, but Kevin maintained that he couldn't discuss a patient. At that moment, Ava spotted Franco walking by, and she called out to him. He walked over to the table. "No ma'am, that is not my name," Franco stated. Kevin asked him to join them, but Franco replied that he preferred to drink alone.

Kevin stood and handed Franco a business card. He noted that he'd helped Franco previously. He added that he was a good listener and suggested that Franco ask Ava about that. He walked off, and Franco sat down with Ava. Sarcastically, he stated that Ava and Franco probably had a fascinating history. "We do actually," Ava said. He told her he wanted the real story about Franco, and he assumed that Ava wanted him to be return to his true identity.

Ava thought that some people would want Franco back, and she was honest. She revealed that she and Franco were kindred spirits and friends, even though there were many people who hated him. She added that many people hated her, too. She confessed that she'd betrayed someone she loved, and she hated herself.

Franco maintained that it was never too late to make amends, and he'd had a second chance to reclaim his life. Ava thought he was lucky. Franco thanked her for the interesting conversation, and he insisted on picking up the tab. He asked if Ava knew Kim and had her phone number.

At Pentonville, Peter met with Shiloh, who reminded him that he had been a witness to Peter helping Helena Cassadine with kidnapping Drew. He knew that Peter had drugged Jason for five years. He continued to call Peter by his real name, Heinrich. Peter insisted that no one would believe Shiloh, who wondered what Maxie would think about it.

Shiloh made it very clear that he wanted Peter to get him out of jail, or he'd let everyone know that Peter had been Helena's "project manager." Sarcastically, Shiloh noted that people would have nothing to do with Peter if he fell from grace. Peter thought it was his word against Shiloh's, but Shiloh promised to return the favor if Peter helped him. Peter would have to trust him. Nelle was sweeping up nearby and heard Shiloh's end of the conversation. Peter slammed the phone down and called Maxie. He asked her to meet him at Metro Court.

An alarm went off at the prison, and a guard announced that there was a lockdown. He hastened Nelle into the room with Shiloh and cuffed them both to the small desks. "Looks like it's just the two of us," Nelle remarked. She called it a form of speed-dating without the ability of moving on to the next candidate.

Both Shiloh and Nelle admitted that they considered themselves survivors, and Nelle mentioned that Lorraine was her cellmate. She'd heard about Shiloh and the baby he'd tried to steal. Shiloh called Lorraine a "discontented creature" with her different names, but Nelle pointed out that he'd been Lorraine's "guru" and lover who had gone after Lorraine's daughter.

Shiloh retorted that Wiley was his son who had been illegally adopted, and he vowed to get him back. Nelle pointed out all of the charges against Shiloh, but he was positive he'd get past that. He stated that he had "infinite faith in human nature." Shiloh revealed that he also had money, thanks to the shares of ELQ he had inherited, courtesy of Oscar. He had given the teen a place to stay before he'd died. "Really," Nelle stated. She told him the Quartermaines owed her money, too. "To be continued," she said as the lockdown was over.

At the hospital, Finn ran into Hayden as she stepped off an elevator. She told him she wanted to see Nina about the magazine, but Finn told her that Nina was still in isolation with Sasha. Hayden thought that was terrible because she'd thought Sasha was better. She stated she could only imagine how awful it was. "Can you?" Finn asked. Hayden replied that she was aware that Finn thought of her as cold and heartless.

Finn insisted he hadn't meant that, and he noted that he'd heard about Hayden showing up to help Elizabeth and her boys. He was proud of her. He offered to tell Nina that Hayden had stopped by and added that he was glad that Hayden was home. He walked away. "I hope you mean that," Hayden muttered to herself. She got back onto the elevator. Finn received a call from Anna, and he told her he missed her.

At the park, Maxie received a phone call from Peter and announced that she had to leave. She warned Lulu and Dustin not to do anything foolish. Dustin had yet another wine, but Lulu turned it down. He asked about the story she'd been working on previously regarding the dating thief, and Lulu revealed that she'd been taken off the case because nothing had happened. She had been relegated to wine-tasting.

Dustin thought it was a waste of Lulu's talent. She told him she'd dropped her married name, and she grabbed the glass of wine out of his hand. She also confessed that her divorce was a "done deal." Dustin said he was sorry but then said that he really wasn't. Lulu called his condolences briefly appreciated. Dustin thought that, while painful, it was better than being in limbo.

Dustin admitted that he'd seen how down Lulu had been, and he believed she needed to have more fun. She showed him photos of Rocco and Charlotte, and they made small talk about the kids and school. Dustin added that ridesharing was only his summer job, as he was headed back to his teaching job. He pointed out that she had his number. Lulu began to talk about Dante, thought better of it, and abruptly called it a night.

Peter raced into Metro Court and found Maxie sitting at the bar. He thanked her for meeting him. He told her there was something she needed to know, and he added that he'd visited Shiloh at Pentonville. He wasn't sure how to start, but he stated that Shiloh had called him. He said that some men tried to be better in life but were stuck in the past.

Maxie interrupted and assured Peter he was nothing like Shiloh, and she only cared about the Peter she knew in the present, the one she loved. She repeated that she loved Peter, and that was all that mattered. Peter declared his love for Maxie, but she thought he was sad. He stated that she made him believe that anything was possible, and he was happy. She asked about the meeting with Shiloh.

Peter explained that Shiloh had wanted his story printed in the Invader, and Maxie agreed it would probably be interesting. After Peter had been called away, Lulu rushed in. She was annoyed that Maxie had called Dustin to be their driver, but Maxie asked if Lulu was feeling better and if she'd had a good time. Lulu admitted it was all true. Maxie revealed that she'd told Peter she loved him, and he'd felt the same. Lulu was thrilled.

Lulu admitted she wanted a better story to work on at the newspaper, and Maxie told her she'd almost gotten assigned to the Shiloh story, but the man had only wanted press. She maintained that Peter had turned him down.

Peter returned to Pentonville and met with Shiloh again. Peter wanted to be assured that nothing about him would get out, and he agreed to help Shiloh.

Hayden received a phone call as she sat at the bar at Charlie's. She asked to speak to someone. "Hi sweetheart! Mommy's so happy to hear your voice," she said.

Ava makes contact with Kiki

Ava makes contact with Kiki

Friday, August 23, 2019

Carly arrived at Jax's Metro Court room with a tray of food for breakfast. Jax declared he'd already eaten, but Carly wanted a muffin and added that she was checking on Jax to see if there was anything he needed. She wondered if he'd found a permanent place to live yet, and she said that she and Josslyn wanted him to have permanent roots. "And what's up with you and Liesl Obrecht?" she asked.

Jax offered to go into the bedroom to wake Liesl and ask her. Carly gasped in shock, but Jax laughed. He stated that nothing was going on, and he and Liesl had wanted to finish a previous conversation they'd had at the softball game. He had found her to be an interesting woman, and she had also been worried about Sasha. Carly was sympathetic and felt bad for Nina, but she was also concerned about Michael.

Carly remarked that Hayden was also after Jax, but he insisted they were only business associates. Carly wanted him to be careful, and Jax told her not to worry. Carly said she wasn't, but he was a catch. "So I've been told," Jax replied. There was an awkward silence, and Jax suggested they not talk about each other's romantic choices. He asked Carly about her pregnancy instead, and she said it was good.

Jax mentioned the risks that Carly had taken during the time she'd been pregnant with Josslyn, and he asked if there was any danger. Carly insisted that all was okay; she had lots of support and would go on bed rest if necessary. She switched the topic back to Josslyn, who was healing but didn't want to go back to school. Jax suggested a trip around the world, and Carly began to argue with him.

Carly thought that quitting school would teach Josslyn to run from her problems. She felt that Josslyn needed to see that life would be okay without Oscar, and it would ground her. Carly was shouting as she pointed out that Josslyn would miss Oscar no matter where she was, and she needed to learn to move on by herself. Jax began to agree that it would be good for Josslyn to pick up where she had left off, maybe even get into a little trouble, and learn to be a kid again.

Carly and Jax finally agreed they were a united front, and Josslyn could have an educational trip later. Jax offered to check his "sister-wives Liesl and Hayden" for approval. Carly admitted she would like to see the women "duke it out." As she turned to go, she told Jax she had just been looking out for him. Jax declared that he was always there for Carly, also.

At General Hospital, Michael shouted rudely at Finn because Sasha wasn't getting any better. Monica told him that Finn had been doing all he could. Epiphany stepped out of Sasha's room to yell at Michael to quiet down. Michael apologized and went to visit with Sasha. He entered her room, dressed in an isolation room gown and mask, and gave her a sip of water when she began to cough.

Sasha thought that Michael was probably pretty bored being there, but he noted that a financial meeting was way worse. He suggested a summer concert in the park for their next date, but Sasha told him she wasn't leaving the hospital anytime soon. Epiphany walked in and asked Sasha if Michael was bothering her. Sasha asked for five more minutes, and Epiphany left. Michael admitted that Epiphany still scared him. Sasha was suddenly tired, but she told Michael she thought the illness had happened for a reason. She believed it to be karma and punishment she deserved.

Michael thought he knew Sasha pretty well, but she said she'd done things. Michael replied that everyone had done things they weren't proud of, and there were good and bad people who got the opposite of what they deserved. Sasha didn't think Michael's talk was very inspirational. He declared that he'd been lucky since he'd met Sasha.

Out in the hall, Finn told Monica he had been waiting for some special test results. Monica ordered him to leave the hospital for some real food and sun because he looked like a vampire.

By the Metro Court restaurant, Peter was on the phone, arguing with Shiloh about getting him out of prison. Shiloh hung up on him. Robert trudged over and glared at Peter. Robert wanted Peter to join him for coffee, and he asked why Peter had gone to Pentonville. Peter pointed out that Robert already knew he'd visited Shiloh, but Robert wanted to know why.

Peter explained that he had gone to see Shiloh about an exclusive for the Invader. The first visit had been to discuss consent, and the second visit had been for "particulars." Robert announced that he wanted copies of all recordings and notes, but Peter retorted that he didn't have to consent to that. Robert clarified that, as the district attorney, he had to build a case against Shiloh, and he planned to charge Peter with obstruction of justice if Peter got in his way.

Cameron offered Josslyn some leftover pastry that Hayden had purchased, because there was so much of it at Elizabeth's house. Cameron added that Aiden didn't understand and had been waiting to bake with Franco. Josslyn tried to reassure a somber Cameron that Franco's condition was not Cameron's fault. Cameron admitted that Elizabeth had said the same thing to him many times.

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and it was Trina. She wanted to know why Cameron hadn't been at soccer practice, and she told him he'd lose his starting spot if he didn't show up. Cameron admitted that he just wanted to drop out of school because he didn't want to deal with the latest Franco fallout. Josslyn suggested they both quit school and get tutored together. Trina suggested they both put their brains back into their skulls.

Josslyn expressed the view that school would be trivial, and Cameron noted that his family had been all over the media. Trina pointed out all the things they'd looked forward to in their junior year, and Cameron finally agreed with her. Josslyn didn't want to be at school without Oscar. Cameron agreed that he missed Oscar but hadn't liked him. He and Trina began to suggest some lame ideas for the new year because Oscar had been lame. Josslyn understood what they were trying to do, and she went along with them.

Sam, Danny, and Jason arrived at the park for Danny's baseball practice. The boy went to join his team, and Sam laced her arm through Jason's. She told him to close his eyes and breathe in the moment. She told him they were with family, and it was peaceful. Jason replied that he was waiting for an ambush, but Sam thought it felt happy as she unpacked a picnic lunch. She added that she felt like a regular person.

As Sam and Jason nibbled at lunch, Sam declared that she wasn't happy with Danny batting left-handed. Jason stopped her from going over to the coach, and he tried to explain why Danny was not batting from the right side. Sam sat back down and asked Jason to distract her. She wanted to talk about Drew, Franco, and Shiloh. Jason said that Shiloh liked power and was controlling. Sam hoped he didn't have anyone in prison to manipulate.

Monica arrived. She was thrilled to have spent some time watching Danny with his team but had to get back to the hospital. Sam checked her email and told Jason that she'd received a message from Drew. He had mentioned that he was on his way to Ethiopia to get Andre. Sam informed Jason that Drew would then return Shiloh's money to Afghanistan for some humanitarian aid. She was hopeful that Andre would be able to restore Franco's memory.

Jason disclosed that Franco was not interested in returning to his old life. He had been looking for a fight with Jason but had ended up punching Chase. Franco hadn't wanted to hear about his old life or Elizabeth. Sam was aghast, but Jason told her that he could relate. When he'd woken up in the hospital, he would have fought being turned into Jason Quartermaine again. He hadn't wanted to be Jason.

Finn arrived at Metro Court while on the phone with Anna. He spotted Robert and Peter and promised to say hello for her. Peter was just telling Robert that he had journalistic integrity when Finn walked over to send Anna's regards. Finn announced that Anna had helped Drew to get a location on Andre, and Drew was on his way to get the doctor. Robert called it a long shot that he'd be able to help Franco.

Finn sat down to a large meal and spoke with his mouth full as Peter and Robert looked on. Finn thought that Andre would be the best shot that Franco had because he'd built on Cabot's work. Finn received a message that Sasha's test results were in, and he had to leave. He handed Robert his check.

Peter made a phone call to someone and asked them to stop Drew from finding Andre.

Finn returned to the hospital and ripped open the envelope with the test results. "Oh, no," he repeated over and over. "How is this even possible?" he asked himself as he headed over to the window to look into Sasha's room.

A fully clothed Ava woke up in her bed and opened up her laptop to read more comments on the Crimson article. She read some of the mean and negative comments until she heard a voice. "Boo hoo!" the voice said. "Now, be honest, Mom. Did you really think a magazine article was your shot at redemption?" It was Kiki, and she was sitting in a chair next to the bed.

Kiki walked over to the bed and grabbed the laptop. She began to read more of the comments out loud. Ava stated that she was full of regrets, and Kiki wondered if it was because Ava had run out of vodka or was no longer with the man who had stabbed Kiki. Kiki had seen the look of adoration in Ryan's eyes, and nothing else had mattered. Kiki declared that Ava had chosen Ryan over her.

Ava denied any of that was true and insisted Kiki had meant everything to her. She wanted Kiki's help because she would never find peace otherwise. Kiki noted that neither would she, and it was Ava's fault. Ava suggested they help each other, and Kiki sarcastically called it a transactional relationship. She continued that Ava had only wanted Kiki to be happy on Ava's terms, and Ava had committed unspeakable acts on both Morgan and Griffin. She listed additional people that Ava had harmed.

Kiki was certain that she'd been the only one to ever call Ava out, and she wondered how sorry Ava really was that Kiki was gone. Ava retorted that she hadn't reached out to Kiki to be treated rudely. Kiki declared that Ava had wanted to see her, so she was there.

Kiki added that Ava had caused her death, and Ava had made it all about herself. Kiki read a comment calling Ava toxic and someone who should never have contact with other humans. Kiki maintained that people had seen Ava for the person she really was, and not the martyr she had claimed to be.

Ava went back to sleep, and when she woke up, she called out for Kiki, to no avail. She looked at the laptop yet again and read that she should lock herself away because she deserved to die alone. She thought that Kiki had gotten her wish. "I'm alone," she repeated over and over.

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