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Jason rescued Sam in the nick of time. Shiloh abducted Cameron. Franco traded places with his stepson, so Cabot transferred Drew's memories to Franco. Robert gave Lulu some bad news about Dante. Julian made an important decision.
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Franco traded places with Cameron for Cabot's memory transfer procedure
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Shiloh holds Sam hostage

Shiloh holds Sam hostage

Monday, August 5, 2019

Alexis was rushing out of the house but opened the door and found Neil. She revealed that she was on her way to her session with him, but he was glad that he'd caught her before she got there. She invited him in, and he confessed that all he'd revealed to her in the elevator the night before had been unprofessional. He thought that it would change their professional relationship, so she could no longer see him for therapy. He believed that it would be wrong, unethical, and dangerous to continue.

Neil continued that he couldn't have Alexis withholding things in her sessions for fear of how he would react to it. He added that he couldn't properly treat her if he was concerned about her caring for him. She revealed that she did care for him because he was her first therapist that treated her like a "real person." He advised her to find another therapist, as he wasn't "the right man." Alexis countered that he was the right man.

Finn approached Epiphany at the nurses' station to ask her a question about a certain patient's prescription. He named Arthur Cabot, and she wondered if he was involved in another WSB investigation. He replied that it was just him, "for now." She looked up Dr. Cabot and walked away, telling Finn, "I was never here." He found what he was looking for as Drew entered the hospital, and he beckoned Drew over.

Finn told Drew about Dr. Cabot's reappearance in Port Charles, and that a prescription the man had picked up was a "main element in the memory-transfer serum." Finn assumed that Cabot was planning on formulating a new batch and performing the procedure on someone else. Drew appreciated the heads-up and walked away. Finn called Robert and left a message detailing his concerns about Cabot being in town.

Carly was sitting in the park when Kim greeted her. Kim asked about the baby, and Carly reluctantly told Kim that the baby had spina bifida. Kim assured Carly that Dr. Navarro was excellent, and Kim would answer any questions Carly had. Kim thought it was good for her to focus on others so that she could feel useful. Carly apologized for not checking in with Kim in a while, and she added that Josslyn wanted to visit Kim. Kim replied that she would love to see Josslyn again, and she should probably start seeing people again.

Kim wondered what the time limit was on grief, and Carly responded that there was none. She continued that the pain of losing Morgan never went away, but it got easier. Kim remarked that Carly had a family and support system in Port Charles, but Kim didn't. Carly easily named people who cared about Kim, but Kim didn't think it was the same. She revealed that the reminders of Oscar around town had been suffocating her, and Carly suggested a change of scenery. Carly and Kim arrived at the hospital, and Carly assured Kim that Kim would always have the support of Carly's family. They wished each other luck, and Carly walked away.

At the hospital, Lucas was happy to see Brad and Wiley before Wiley's swimming lesson. Julian entered and was glad to run into the family, as he had something important to show them. Brad offered to take Wiley to his swimming lesson so that Lucas could go with Julian then get a nap in after his all-night shift. When Julian and Lucas were gone, Liesl approached Brad and laughed at the irony of Brad taking Wiley for a swimming lesson, when it had been her ability to swim that had saved her life.

Liesl continued that she'd thought about who would want her dead, and she'd realized that the culprit had been Brad. He initially laughed off the accusation, but Liesl recognized that Brad knew about Liesl knowing Wiley's true parentage. "Better luck next time," she said of him trying to kill her. He declared them even after she'd pushed him off a balcony at Wyndemere. "All's well that ends well," he concluded, and he asked for a truce.

Liesl talked about how guilty she felt about keeping the secret about Wiley, but Brad thought that the best thing for Wiley would be staying with Brad and Lucas. He talked about how dangerous it was to be related to Sonny, but it didn't convince her. He added that Britt also knew the secret, and she would go back to jail for it if Liesl turned Brad in for pushing her overboard. "Fine. You have a deal, Mr. Cooper," she said, gritting her teeth. Carly got off the elevator, saw the two shake hands, and heard Liesl wish Brad luck.

Lucas and Julian were inspecting a large pile of junk outside the Dawn of Day house when Lucy emerged. She assured them that the mess was going to be hauled away, and she ushered them into the house. She informed Julian that Michael had bought the house to turn into a shelter for battered women, but it wasn't "zoned" for that type of use, so he was putting the proceeds from the resale of the house toward shelter endowments. Julian thought the price was "steep," but Lucy believed that it would be a great house with some "TLC," and she talked up the house.

"Since when have you wanted to buy a house?" Lucas questioned Julian. Julian replied that he'd been living in the back of his bar, but he also wanted to have room for his children, grandchildren, and Kim. He thought the house could be a legacy to pass down through the family, and Lucas approved. Before putting in an offer, Julian needed to "crunch the numbers" again and talk to Kim. Lucy advised him not to wait too long, and he and Lucas left. When they were gone, Lucy walked outside and yelled at the pile of leftover Dawn of Day junk to "begone."

Kim saw Drew at the hospital and revealed that she had something important to tell him about her future. She divulged that she would be leaving Port Charles for a fresh start. He hugged her and implored her to stay in touch. Kim rounded the corner and saw Julian, who had clearly heard the conversation.

Jason's phone rang, and he answered it to Shiloh. Shiloh revealed that he'd gotten Jason's number from Sam, and if Jason ever wanted to see her alive again, he needed to do what Shiloh said. "Clock's ticking," he added as he looked at Sam, who was bound with duct tape and unconscious on his motel room floor. He sent Jason a picture of Sam, and Jason demanded to know what Shiloh wanted. Shiloh asked Jason to meet at Shiloh's hotel room with no weapons or backup. Shiloh warned that his followers would be watching, and he hung up.

Later, Jason banged on Shiloh's motel room door, and Shiloh opened the door as far as the chain would allow. He asked for Jason's gun, and Jason handed it to Shiloh through the small opening. Shiloh closed the door, took the chain off, and opened the door wide. Jason took the opportunity to push Shiloh and pin him to the desk. He demanded to know where Sam was, and Shiloh replied that Sam was in a "secure location." He hoped there would be enough air for her, as it was a "stuffy" place.

Shiloh held up the flash drive with Drew's memories on it, and he revealed that he'd planted a decoy for "that bitch" Sam to find in his room. He continued that he needed to transfer Drew's memories to Jason, and in exchange, he would let Sam go. "A clean slate is nothing new for you," Shiloh added, and Jason pinned him against the wall by the throat. "If you kill me, Sam dies," Shiloh struggled to say. He proposed that Jason could either hold onto Sam's memory, or give her a chance to live.

In the junk pile outside the Dawn of Day house, Sam woke up inside a refrigerator. She struggled against the duct tape binding her wrists and her ankles together, and she screamed for help. She continued to struggle and scream until she got weaker and weaker, and she passed out.

Sam is saved but Cameron is gone

Sam is saved but Cameron is gone

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

As Neil started to leave Alexis' house, she tearfully told him that she wouldn't be able to start over with a new therapist. She stated that she'd thought that Neil had been the right guy. Neil headed for the door and stood on the front porch as Alexis blurted out that she'd thought they'd had a connection between them. Neil agreed that was true, but he thought they should part ways.

Neil and Alexis went back and forth. "You win," Alexis finally said, exasperated. She suggested they could start over and be the strangers at the bar they had been at their first meeting, although she thought that Neil liked her. He admitted that he did, and Alexis thought there could be benefits. Neil reminded Alexis that she wasn't over her ex yet. Alexis agreed that while she had struggled to get over Julian, she was by no means getting back together with him.

Neil replied that while Alexis knew a little about him, he had not developed any more than when they'd first met. He added that he couldn't turn off the therapist switch, either. Alexis shook her head and declared, "You've been all in my psychological nooks and crannies." Neil began to crack a smile, and Alexis invited him back inside. She suggested they be equals, and he could let her know more about himself.

Neil informed Alexis that she did not have baggage but life experiences, and he knew her to be a fierce protector of those she loved. She had told him that she didn't want anyone new. "I don't, do I?" Alexis asked. She wanted his opinion but when he asked if she wanted it as her therapist, she fired him for the record. Alexis thought they both used their professional lives to cover up their personal lives. She asked if he believed they should know each other better. "We can't," Neil said as he walked out the door again.

Molly and T.J. sat at a table in Metro Court, where T.J. tried to convince his girlfriend that while she'd make a great lawyer, she loved writing too much to let that go. He thought she was too gifted and full of life to not consider a writing career instead. Molly agreed that she loved writing, and her article on Dawn of Day was good. However, that might have been because it had been personal.

T.J. suggested that Molly write over the summer instead of taking early law classes, although Molly protested that she had wanted to be finished early in order to eventually start repaying school loans. T.J. made it clear that he didn't want her to regret her choices later on in life, and he felt she should stop at Peter's table to ask about an internship.

Nearby, Peter sat with Maxie. She asked him why he appeared to be distracted, and Peter admitted that he'd overstepped with Lulu by calling Dante an idiot. Maxie pointed out that Dante merely loved his family and had made his choices based on that. She was sorry for Lulu but agreed that Dante was doing the right thing. She admitted that she had changed her mind about her feelings on the subject.

Maxie wished she knew what to do to help Lulu, and Peter urged her to be a friend. Maxie compared it to Peter's behavior when he'd been warm and supportive to Maxie after Nathan's death. She assured him he'd been just what she'd needed. Peter was glad to know he'd been helpful because it had all been a new experience for him including when he'd realized he'd fallen for Maxie. He noted that he'd been scared because he'd never had a relationship. Maxie told him how perfect he was.

Molly approached the table to say hello, and she asked Peter if he still wanted her DOD article. Peter told her he didn't because the story had already broken. Maxie asked about law school, and Molly mentioned that she wanted to write. She asked Peter about an internship, and Peter agreed he might have something for Molly to tackle. He thought that she'd be a "uniquely" good writer on an article about the Cassadines. Molly was thrilled and agreed to do it.

Molly returned to her table and told T.J. he'd been a genius. She wanted to celebrate. Maxie thought that while Molly would do a good job, it was an awful assignment. Peter told her that if the article turned out to be terrible, he wouldn't print it. Maxie told him she trusted him.

Julian followed Kim into her office at the hospital and told her he'd heard her talking to Drew about leaving town. He hadn't known anything about it. Kim explained that she'd run into Drew, who always reminded her of Oscar. She added that she'd wanted to be in Port Charles so that Oscar could connect with family, and he had, along with having Josslyn and a home. She couldn't remain there without him.

Julian thought that Kim had a home, too, and she was walking away from him. Kim informed him that she couldn't stand being in Port Charles any longer because she saw Oscar's ghost everywhere. He tried to tell her it would pass and get easier, and he asked her to lean on him. Kim insisted that she had to go before she was swallowed up by her grief.

Kim cried that she valued Julian's love, but he deserved more than what she could give him. Julian thought maybe she didn't love him enough if she was willing to put him behind her and just go. Kim insisted that she couldn't have gotten along without Julian. She didn't want him to be her crutch, and things were getting worse. Julian asked if she thought things would be better in a place where she wouldn't know anyone.

Kim reminded him that he had family in town, and she couldn't ask him to leave them. Julian wondered if he could accompany her if she really wanted him to. Julian stated that he loved Kim, and they didn't have to be in Port Charles. They wouldn't be going so far away from his family that he'd never see them. Kim tried to point out different reasons for Julian to stay, but he had answers for all of them. Kim agreed that she wanted Julian to go with her, and he said that he would. They shared a kiss.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Curtis and Drew discussed the fact that Shiloh and Cabot appeared to be working together in order to retrieve Drew's memories from the flash drive. Curtis promised that Shiloh would have to go through him to get to Drew, but Drew didn't think that Shiloh was after him. He pointed out that Sam and Jason were the ones who had ruined everything for Shiloh and caused the downfall of DOD.

Drew was unable to reach Jason on the phone, and Curtis was unsuccessful in getting ahold of Sam. They deduced that Shiloh wanted to replace Jason's memories with Drew's.

At the Midwood Motel, Jason choked Shiloh as he tried to learn Sam's whereabouts. Shiloh gasped that the clock was ticking, and Sam would be running out of air. He uttered that Jason had a choice to make about whether to save Sam or not, and he would have to agree to accept Drew's memories. Shiloh began to make derogatory comments. Jason spotted a heavy golden hand on the dresser and grabbed it. He knocked Shiloh out with it, and Shiloh fell to the floor, unconscious. Jason stormed from the room.

Shortly after, Shiloh awakened and groaned loudly. He slowly got up and stumbled to the dresser, where he removed a gun from a drawer. He staggered out of the room.

Michael and Sasha sat in Kelly's and indulged in talking about their recent trip to Puerto Rico. As they began to make out, Sonny walked in and cleared his throat. Michael invited him to join them, and he introduced Sonny to Sasha. Sonny sat down, and after some small talk, Sasha announced that she had to get to work. Sonny invited her to dinner at his house. After Sasha was gone, Michael teased Sonny about his quick invite. Sonny agreed not to ask any questions and assumed that Michael would talk when he was ready.

Sonny joked that Carly shouldn't be told too much, or she'd try to push the relationship along. "No help needed," Michael announced. He mentioned the woman Sandy, who he and Sasha had met on the island, who had said she'd known Sonny. He tried to describe her, but Sonny didn't know the woman.

Just then, Sonny received a phone call from Drew, who revealed that he'd been searching for Jason. He told Sonny that he and Curtis believed that Jason had a target on his back, thanks to Shiloh. He asked that Sonny let him know if he spoke to Jason; he and Curtis planned to look for Shiloh. Sonny told Michael about the phone call, and they agreed to look for Jason.

As Cameron performed his community service of picking up trash at the park, Josslyn and Trina donned the gear needed to help him with his job. The girls explained that they were helping in order to get Cameron done sooner so he could go with them to the beach. Cameron ordered them to stop before he got into trouble. He explained that he had a certain number of hours to work, and if he finished at the park, he would get another awful assignment.

Instead of helping to pick up the trash, Josslyn and Trina proceeded to make more of a mess in order for Cameron to spend all of his hours at the one job. When Josslyn ran off to buy some ice cream, Trina and Cameron talked about how Trina had managed to get Josslyn out of the house. They agreed how good it had been to see her smile.

Josslyn returned with ice cream for everyone, and Cameron pointed out that it would take him his entire remaining shift to clean up. He suggested a movie instead of the beach, and Josslyn agreed as long as she got to pick the movie they would see.

At the old DOD house, Sam remained unconscious in the refrigerator-freezer in the pile of trash. Lucy walked by and spoke to someone on the phone, making arrangements for the trash to be picked up as soon as possible. A little while later, Sasha arrived to look at the house. Sasha thought the house would be too big for her, but Lucy suggested they take a look inside.

Lucy showed Sasha around and disclosed that the place might be changed into separate apartments. She revealed that Michael owned the property, and she thought that Sasha might serve to push Michael along in the decision. Sasha thought it would be a conflict of interest, but Lucy tried to sweet-talk her. Lucy also declared that she thought Sasha should reconsider modeling for a possible relaunch of Lucy's company, Deception. The women left the house.

Curtis and Drew arrived at Shiloh's room with their guns drawn. The room was empty, although they found the bloody golden hand on the floor.

Jason arrived at the DOD house and kicked the front door in. He shouted for Sam but received no response in return. He searched the house without success and went back outside. Suddenly, he spied the pile of trash and moved it all aside to get into the freezer. He attempted to pry the door off. Lucy walked by again, and he told her to call 9-1-1. The lid finally gave way, and Jason pulled Sam out.

Sonny and Michael walked around, looking for Jason. When Sonny received a phone call from Lucy, he chose to ignore it. When Michael received a similar call, he answered it and started to tell Lucy he had no time to talk. Lucy quickly told him that Sam was in trouble along with the details.

Jason proceeded to give Sam CPR until she eventually coughed and opened her eyes. He cut the duct tape from her hands and feet. Sonny and Michael arrived, and Jason told them what had happened between him and Shiloh at the motel. Sonny called Drew to update him. Drew noted that the motel room was empty, but there were signs of a struggle.

As Cameron continued to pick up trash, he saw a man on the ground. Cameron went over to the man to ask if he needed help, and Shiloh looked up. Cameron recognized him.

Later, there was trash strewn everywhere along with Cameron's job paraphernalia. There was no sign of Cameron.

Cameron is in trouble

Cameron is in trouble

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

At the Metro Court, Laura snapped a distracted Scott back to their conversation about retaining his services for handling Lulu's possible divorce. He offered to do it pro bono if Laura got rid of the "scam artist," Chelsea, who was sitting with Ava. Laura didn't think that Ava wanted to hear her opinion. Scott started to think up a plan, but Laura warned him that it could easily backfire. Just then, Scott's phone rang, and he ran off to answer it.

Ava explained to Chelsea that she'd tried to do right by Kiki by visiting Ryan, and Chelsea wasn't surprised by the disappointing result of the visit. Chelsea advised that Ava would have to make amends with Kiki by doing something that would test her "like you've never been tested before." Ava vowed that she would do anything for Kiki. "Give a hoot, don't pollute," Chelsea suddenly said, and she excused herself. Before leaving, she advised Ava not to be too mad at Scott, as he meant well.

When Chelsea was gone, Laura joined Ava and informed her that Scott was worried about Ava. Ava replied that she could take care of herself, but Laura related that Scott didn't want Ava to become prey again. Ava countered that Chelsea was helping her. Laura hoped so, and she thought that Ava deserved peace. Ava wanted peace for Kiki, and she figured that Laura would do the same as Ava for Nikolas if it was necessary.

Ava wondered how Laura had gotten out of bed in the morning after Nikolas had been killed. Laura answered that Spencer had needed her, and Ava admitted that she felt the same about Avery. Laura instructed Ava to look on the inside for peace, as a psychic would just prolong the pain. Ava insisted that Chelsea was the real deal and suggested that Laura try it if she didn't believe.

Jax was sitting at the Metro Court when his phone started ringing. He answered it to Finn, who wanted to check on Hayden after the previous night. As she entered the restaurant, Jax assured Finn that she was fine, and they ended the conversation. Jax informed her of who had been on the phone, and she related that she didn't know how she'd gotten so drunk off of one drink. Jax implied that Valentin had laced her drink, but he believed that the truth serum had been meant for him. Hayden was thankful that Jax had jumped in to cut her off when she'd been about to tell Valentin and Nina about her and Jax's plan.

Hayden was also grateful that she hadn't said stupid things to Finn. Jax suggested that she let Finn go, as Finn had already moved on. Jax continued that Nina had mentioned Cassandra many times, and he didn't know why she and Valentin were so concerned about Cassandra. He thought that it would be harder to get an invite to Wyndemere, but Hayden thought the key was befriending Nina. Jax agreed, adding that it would be good business sense, and he liked Nina, anyway. "I'm way ahead of you," he concluded.

Valentin entered Nina's office with food, and Nina instructed Maxie to take it to the set. When Maxie was gone, Valentin wondered what Jax had been looking for at Wyndemere the night before, and he didn't think that Jax could be trusted. Nina agreed that Jax was "up to something," but she didn't think it was anything evil or sinister. She wanted to turn the attention back on them and their wedding, and she revealed that she still wanted to get married in September.

Sasha entered Crimson, and Maxie asked about Sasha's vacation with Michael. Sasha called the trip "amazing," but she was tired from it. Maxie informed Sasha that Michael, who had been "put through the wringer" in life, was the best, and she advised Sasha not to screw it up. Sasha responded that she intended to take things slowly and be on the same page as Michael.

A short while later, Maxie entered Nina's office with a large flower arrangement, followed by Sasha. Nina hugged her daughter, who had planned on catching up on work, but she was tired enough to go home instead. Nina announced that she and Valentin had decided to keep their September wedding date, and Maxie was exasperated at all the work she had to do in such a short amount of time. Assuming the flowers were from Valentin, Nina plucked the card off the arrangement. She read, "Thank you for making my early days at Aurora memorable. Here's to many more. Warmly, Jax." Just then, Sasha passed out and fell to the floor.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at Rice Plaza to wait for Cameron after his community service. Elizabeth observed that he was late, "again," and left him a voicemail telling him to hurry up. She didn't want to be late for work, so Franco urged her to go and let him wait for Cameron. She handed over the car keys, but Franco was still leery of driving after the psychic's words. She kissed Franco and left.

Franco caught sight of Chelsea, and he urgently asked her to elaborate on her suggestion for Franco to not drive. She stared off into space and advised him to forget what she'd said, because he needed to drive. She continued that it would be an easy decision, too, but she apologized for "what's to come," as it would be the hardest thing he would ever have to do. Franco's phone rang, and he demanded that Chelsea stay put while he answered it.

Franco answered the phone to Scott, who informed Franco that Cameron had gotten Scott a parking ticket. He explained that he'd found out from a meter maid he'd once dated that Cameron was parked illegally at "seven-two-one Dewitt Street." Franco replied that Cameron had lost his license, so he shouldn't be driving, anyway, especially in that neighborhood. Scott promised to buy the meter maid dinner so Cameron's judge wouldn't find out, and he advised Franco to go find Cameron. Franco hung up and left a message for Cameron, saying to stay up. "You owe me big time," he muttered after he hung up.

Scott sat down with Ava and implored her to listen to good reasoning for not associating with a psychic. Ava promised that her eyes were "wide open." Scott thought that, if she wouldn't listen, she should at least keep the psychics away from Franco, who didn't need the drama in his life.

Laura put in a phone call to Chelsea and revealed that she'd heard a lot about Chelsea's "special way of helping people." Laura thought that she might need that kind of help, as well.

Elizabeth entered the hospital, and Finn commented that Jason and Sam were still getting into trouble. He handed Sam's chart to Elizabeth and told her what had happened with Shiloh. Elizabeth related that she was grateful for her "boring, uninteresting life."

Sam was asleep but having a bad nightmare in her hospital bed. Jason woke her from it, and she screamed. "I'm not okay," she admitted. Jason reminded her of how strong she was, and he knew that she would get through it. She told Jason what had happened in Shiloh's motel room, but she couldn't remember what he'd done to her or how she'd ended up in the freezer. Jason divulged that Sam had been bait for Jason, and the whole thing had been a setup.

Jason continued that there was information that Drew had known from Afghanistan on the flash drive, and Shiloh needed it. Jason thought that Shiloh was "losing it" and that he was getting more desperate and sloppy. He informed Sam that there was an APB out on Shiloh and his accomplice. Just then, Finn and Elizabeth entered to check on Sam, who suddenly realized that Jason had mentioned an accomplice.

Jason told Sam that Arthur Cabot was Shiloh's accomplice, and Finn revealed that he'd warned Drew of Cabot's appearance in Port Charles earlier in the day. The group talked about the possibility of Shiloh getting Cabot to imprint Drew's memories on someone who wasn't a twin, and Finn thought it was "theoretically" possible. He commented that the real concern of that was putting the subject into a vegetative state.

Cabot entered the warehouse at 721 Dewitt Street to find Shiloh smiling at him next to a bound and struggling Cameron. "Meet your new subject," Shiloh told Cabot. Cameron yelled for help, but Shiloh informed him that no one could hear him. A bewildered Cabot reminded him that they hadn't agreed to that subject. Shiloh revealed that Jason had gotten the jump on him, and Cameron and his car keys had fallen into Shiloh's lap.

Cabot and Shiloh took their conversation outside, where Cabot argued that the procedure was designed for twins. Shiloh demanded that Cabot "improvise," as Drew and Jason were unavailable. Cabot threatened to leave, but Shiloh coldly muttered that no one ever abandoned him. He continued that, "in the eyes of the law," they were co-conspirators, so they might as well continue. Cabot countered that he'd only wanted to branch out to unrelated subjects after extensive research, and Cameron was so young that the procedure could kill him. "Get on with it," Shiloh demanded.

Cameron struggled in the chair and urged himself not to quit. When Shiloh and Cabot returned, Shiloh noticed that Cameron's restraints were almost loose. When he went near Cameron to tighten the restraints, Cameron kneed Shiloh in the stomach, yelling at the "freak" to "let go of me." Cabot held Shiloh back from hitting Cameron and gently suggested that Shiloh also restrain Cameron's feet. Shiloh retrieved his roll of duct tape and taped Cameron's ankles together.

Cameron promised not to tell anyone, and he warned Shiloh that his half-brother's father was Jason, who would kill Shiloh. "You're connected to Jason -- even better!" Shiloh exclaimed. Cameron begged for Cabot not to do anything, but Cabot instructed the boy to relax as he brandished a syringe. Shiloh assured Cameron that he wouldn't even remember being scared as Cabot injected Cameron.

Outside, Franco knocked on the door and called out for Cameron. Hearing nothing, he opened the door and heard Shiloh and Cabot arguing about Shiloh's unethical behavior. Franco entered the warehouse, spotted an unconscious Cameron, and demanded to know what was going on.

Franco replaces Cameron in the experiment

Franco replaces Cameron in the experiment

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Drew spoke to Chase on the phone and returned to the car where Curtis waited. Drew related that Chase had the local police looking for Shiloh while Scorpio would be notifying all other authorities. Drew didn't believe that his memories could be accessed without Jason, but Curtis reminded him that Shiloh had the flash drive and was desperate. He wondered if it was possible for it to be used on someone else.

Curtis knew it was a personal thing for Drew, who agreed that his life was in Shiloh's hands. He was determined to find Shiloh. Curtis made contact with a connection at the phone company and learned that Shiloh had been talking to Cabot. He also received a record of Cabot's calls, and after weeding out those to Shiloh, Metro Court, and General Hospital, only one local number remained. Drew dialed the number and chuckled.

Lucy stepped up to the bar at Metro Court and ordered a double. She rambled to the bartender about how traumatized she was over Sam's predicament. When questioned, she did not know what type of alcohol she wanted.

Shortly after, Drew and Curtis found Lucy sitting at a table with her drinks. Curtis told her they had been conducting an investigation and were on the clock. Lucy was excited to be a part of it. Curtis asked about her client Arthur Cabot. Lucy didn't recognize the name, and Drew guessed that the doctor had used an alias. He noted that Cabot had been the one to lock Sam in a freezer, and Lucy revealed that she was all too familiar with the incident.

Curtis showed Lucy a photo of Cabot, and she recognized him. She recalled that he'd had a Swedish accent, and she finally remembered the name he'd used, Stellan Bergman. She recalled showing him quiet sites to work out of, and he had picked an inexpensive place that had given her little commission. Drew asked where it was, and Lucy was able to provide the address on Dewitt Street.

Lucy noted that the entire block had been empty, and Bergman had seemed to prefer it that way. Drew and Curtis thanked her and, before leaving, told her how helpful she'd been. Lucy gulped her drinks.

At General Hospital, Lucas finished up a phone call to Brad and Wiley. As he said goodnight, he heard a woman yelling. It was Nina, who accompanied an unconscious Sasha as she was wheeled in on a stretcher. Nina pleaded for someone to help.

Shortly after, Nina fussed over Sasha as she lay in a bed in an examination room. Sasha finally awakened, and she admitted that she felt sick. She added that her body hurt everywhere. Lucas informed her that she was being administered fluids, and she had a high fever. He explained that he would order tests. Nina thought it was just a bug picked up somewhere, and Valentin did his best to reassure the women.

Jason walked with Sam through the hallway until they encountered Finn. He was upset that Sam was out of bed. Michael walked up, and the group chatted about Sam's rescue. Sam exclaimed that she had continued to think about her loved ones and had been determined not to let Shiloh win.

Elizabeth unsuccessfully attempted to reach Cameron on the phone. She encountered Jason, Sam, Finn, and Michael standing around and suggested that Sam get back to bed. Elizabeth asked about Shiloh, and Michael believed that Drew and Jason should "lie low." Finn informed the group that the flash drive could be used on anyone. Michael received Nina's text message about Sasha, and he headed to her room.

Michael arrived to see Sasha. Lucas returned and announced that Sasha had influenza, but it wasn't like any that he'd ever seen. Michael sat on the side of the bed as Sasha declared that her preference was to be back in Puerto Rico.

Sam, Jason, and Finn continued to stand in the hallway and discuss the consequences of the stolen flash drive. Finn stated that it was possible for someone to be left in a vegetative state if the memory transfer was conducted. Sam blamed herself for the possibility of an innocent victim. She related her experience after she'd run into Shiloh, and she realized he'd set her up.

Elizabeth continued to try to locate Cameron, and she left a voicemail for Franco, as well. She was worried. Finn had to leave for a consult, and he saw Elizabeth and asked for help in trying to persuade Sam to get back to bed.

Sam was concerned about Jason turning into the old Drew, and Jason joked about it. Finally, he picked Sam up and carried her to her room. Once Jason tucked Sam in, she called him a hypocrite. She told him that if their roles were reversed, he would never have stayed in bed himself. Jason agreed that was true, but he was okay with it as long as Sam made a full recovery.

Lucas returned to Sasha's room with Finn, who explained that he hoped to identify the virus. He asked if Sasha had been out of the country, and he learned that she and Michael had been to Puerto Rico. Michael assured him that he was feeling fine but promised to check with a doctor on the island about possible outbreaks. He added that they'd had no encounters with anyone that might have been sick. Out of earshot, Finn told Lucas that it didn't look good.

Sasha was thankful that Nina had summoned Michael, and she was glad that Nina was always there for her. Nina displayed her motherly concern, and Sasha admitted that Nina made her feel better. Valentin wanted to focus on upcoming good times and on getting better.

Michael found Lucas and Finn after he left word for a doctor at the hospital in Puerto Rico. Finn wanted a list of all foods that Sasha might have eaten, and Michael explained they'd had the same things. Finn also wanted a blood sample from Michael after learning that he and Sasha had slept together numerous times.

Lucas and Finn returned to Sasha's room, wearing surgical masks. Finn explained that Sasha would have to be moved to the isolation unit until they learned more. Nina was beside herself as everyone donned gowns and masks. Finn admitted he'd never seen anything similar, and he wanted to be informed if anyone else had any kind of symptoms. He agreed to limited visitation with caution.

Nina continued to reassure Sasha, who comforted Nina in return. They voiced their love for each other, and Sasha declared it was the truth. Sasha ordered Michael to do everything the doctors told him and to also limit his time around Wiley. Michael and Sasha flirted until it was time for Sasha to be wheeled out to isolation.

Elizabeth called Cameron again and lectured that she'd tracked his phone to a "sketchy neighborhood." She threatened to go to look for him and wondered again where Franco could be.

Sam told Jason that it wasn't necessary for him to stay with her, although she was aware that he wanted to keep an eye on her. Elizabeth arrived to check on the patient, and she asked to borrow Jason. Sam promised she would stay put, and Jason followed Elizabeth out into the hall.

Elizabeth was apologetic but explained that she'd been unable to reach either Cameron or Franco. She had also learned that Cameron hadn't signed out at his community service job and had broken several rules that day. She informed Jason about the phone tracking, and Jason offered to have Spinelli follow it up.

After talking to Spinelli, Jason revealed that he had an address, and Elizabeth was certain that Cameron would be embarrassed when she showed up. She told Jason to stay with Sam, but she called Chase and asked for his help. She told him it was urgent.

Franco stepped up to the warehouse door and overheard Shiloh and Cabot arguing inside. He finally pushed the door open. "What the hell's going on here?" he asked after spotting Cameron bound and unconscious in a chair. He shoved Shiloh and Cabot out of the way and tried to wake the teen up. Shiloh insisted that Cameron wasn't hurt.

Franco began to yell, but Shiloh pulled out his gun and pointed it at Franco, who demanded to know what had been done. He kept trying to wake Cameron up, but Shiloh ordered Franco to move away. Cameron began to mutter Jason and Drew, and Franco realized that the flash drive was involved. It also dawned on him that it was the drive the psychic had referred to when she'd warned him. He asked if Cameron had been given Drew's memories.

Cameron woke up as Franco called out to him. Just then, Franco's phone beeped. Shiloh ordered Franco to hand the phone to Cabot, who quickly shouted that he didn't want to be involved. Cabot handed the phone to Shiloh, who read Elizabeth's frantic texts. Franco walked back to Cameron, and they chatted quietly. Cameron asked if he would be in trouble, and he explained that he'd tried to help Shiloh at the park. He added that he hadn't driven the car himself, and he wanted Franco to tell Elizabeth that.

Franco continued to comfort Cameron as Shiloh ordered Cabot to download the flash drive right away. Franco didn't want the men to hurt Cameron, but Shiloh was angry and yelled at Cabot to hurry. The men began to argue again, and Cabot maintained that his intent had been to work on a competent adult, not a child.

"Do it before someone finds us," Shiloh yelled. Franco shouted for Cabot and Shiloh to stop and set Cameron free. He volunteered himself in Cameron's place. "Let the kid go and use me instead," he said. He pointed out that Cameron still had his whole life ahead of him while his own life had been twisted and dark. He thought it would be a relief to forget his past and have a chance to "wipe the slate clean."

Tearfully, Cameron asked Franco about Elizabeth, Jake, and Aiden, but Franco declared that it would be better for them to lose him instead of Cameron. Franco pleaded with Cabot and Shiloh to reconsider using Cameron, but the teen thought they should both be let go. He made it clear that Franco had found him, so someone else would, too.

Franco revealed that he had found Cameron because of a parking ticket, and Cabot was livid. Franco assured Cameron that everything would be okay. Shiloh wanted the procedure to begin, and Cabot began to argue again. Franco stated his case again. He declared that if he turned into Drew, Port Charles would give Shiloh a parade because Franco had done horrible things. Drew would be a hero.

"Someone will come," Cameron pleaded with Franco who pointed out that Cameron sounded like a kid because he was a kid. Franco called himself a gift, and Cabot agreed there would be a better chance of success if Franco was used instead of Cameron. Shiloh finally agreed as Cameron screamed no.

Cameron was cuffed to the chain-link gate, and Franco was prepped as he sat in the chair. Franco urged Cameron to stay calm, but Cameron shouted for help. Franco wanted him to be quiet and get back to his mother. Cameron began to cry as Franco again reassured him they would be okay. He added that he had enjoyed getting to know Cameron, and Cameron replied that Franco was a good guy.

Franco wanted Cameron to tell Elizabeth he loved her, and he would be back. Franco groaned in anguish as Cabot injected him with a syringe.

Franco and Cameron are found

Franco and Cameron are found

Friday, August 9, 2019

At Charlie's, Willow got a text message from Chase informing her that he was going to be late meeting her, as a "work thing came up." Robert entered and sat with Lulu, who assumed that he had news about Dante. Robert divulged that Dante had suffered a "major setback" after shooting Peter. He continued that the WSB had moved Dante, and the primary concern was keeping him from hurting himself and others. Therefore, his "deprogramming" had been postponed "indefinitely." Robert didn't think Lulu would be able to see Dante in the foreseeable future.

Robert promised to let Lulu know if anything else happened, and she was glad to have him looking out for Dante. He promised that she would get through it and kissed a crying Lulu on the head. When he was gone, Willow approached and wondered if Lulu wanted company. Lulu nodded, and Willow explained that Chase was late meeting her because of work. Lulu wanted Willow to know what it was really like being with a man "drawn to danger."

Lulu figured that there were a lot of qualities Willow loved about Chase that were also qualities that made him a good cop. However, good cops like Dante and Chase felt obligated to do the right thing and tended to sacrifice their own personal safety for the greater good. She added that, every time Dante had left the house, she'd wanted to beg him not to leave. Willow wondered if Lulu regretted marrying Dante, but Lulu revealed that she would do it all over again.

Willow praised Lulu's strength, Lulu reminded Willow that she'd escaped from a cult. Lulu thought that Willow should be getting more press for her story and proposed writing a story for the Invader. Willow wasn't keen on the idea. Lulu wondered what had made Willow leave Dawn of Day, and Willow replied that she'd realized that she was the one with control over her life. When she'd gotten pregnant, she'd needed to think for herself and her baby. Lulu had to go, but she urged Willow to think about letting Lulu write a story about her.

Peter arrived at Crimson, and Maxie updated him on the crazy day in the office. He kissed her, and she reminded him that she was supposed to be running the magazine and planning Nina's wedding. She worried about "enabling" Nina to marry Valentin, but Peter suggested that they respect Nina's choice. They shared a kiss just as Robert entered to tell them that Dante had taken a turn for the worse. "And now you're wrapped around the guy responsible for it," Robert spat.

"How dare you?" Maxie shot back, and she informed Robert that Peter was a good person and not Faison. She continued that Peter had only been to the WSB facility because of Maxie, and Robert needed to accept Peter like so many others had. "That's their mistake," Robert replied. He advised her to run from the "dirtbag" and stormed out. Peter understood why Robert would want to protect her from any relation of Faison, but Maxie countered that spending five minutes with Peter could show Robert that Peter wasn't under his father's influence.

Lulu entered, and Peter left to let her and Maxie talk. "I made a decision about Dante," Lulu told Maxie. She explained that she'd had no choice in Dante going after Raj like she'd had no choice in Dante filing for divorce. She didn't want a divorce, so she revealed that, if he wanted to end the marriage, it was entirely on him.

At the hospital, Chase asked Elizabeth if she'd heard from Cameron or Franco. She hadn't, but she'd tracked Cameron's phone to 721 Dewitt Street. He knew that it was a "dicey neighborhood," so he offered to take her there.

Inside the warehouse, Franco assured a crying Cameron that everything would be all right. As Cabot readied a syringe, Franco instructed Cameron to tell Elizabeth that Franco loved her and that he would be back. Cabot moved to inject Franco, and Cameron screamed at him to stop. Cabot put a device on Franco's head, and Shiloh asked how long it would take. Cabot showed Shiloh the status bar on the screen and added that they would know whether or not the procedure worked when Franco woke up.

Cameron warned Cabot that Shiloh would just kill all of them after he got the information he wanted, but he quieted down when Shiloh threatened to tape his mouth and nose shut. Suddenly, Drew and Curtis burst into the room with guns drawn. Drew got Shiloh on the floor, while Curtis freed Cameron and restrained Cabot, who willingly gave up. Drew wanted to turn the machine off, but Cabot warned that the procedure couldn't be stopped in the middle without damage. Curtis looked at the screen and saw that the procedure was complete.

Drew called paramedics and gave them the address. Cabot assured Drew that Franco would be fine physically. Shiloh added that Franco would just wake up as Drew circa 2012. Cameron informed Drew that Franco had saved him. Elizabeth and Chase arrived, and Cameron rushed to his mother, apologizing for the situation. Chase cuffed Shiloh and read his rights as he led the criminal out. Cabot warned that only he could safely get the equipment off of Franco, and Elizabeth and Drew wondered whether or not to trust him.

At the hospital a short while later, Lucas assured Elizabeth that Cameron was fine. In the meantime, he had ordered neurological tests on Franco. Chase approached and asked Cameron for his statement. Elizabeth urged him to tell the story while it was still fresh in his mind, so Cameron went with Chase. Elizabeth feared that Franco wouldn't wake up, and Drew joked that the "pain in the ass" wouldn't be able to leave so easily.

At Charlie's, Willow's phone went off, and she saw a text from Chase. She read that he was at the hospital on police business. She quickly gathered her things and ran out.

Chase asked Lucas if it was necessary to keep Cabot there, and Lucas signed off on taking Cabot to jail. Epiphany informed Lucas that there was a patient ready for him, and he followed Epiphany into Shiloh's room. "I was hoping it would be you," Shiloh smirked. As Lucas stitched a gash on Shiloh's head, Shiloh tried to bait Lucas by talking about Wiley. When a silent Lucas was done, he informed Shiloh that he would have plenty of time to rest and heal in prison.

Outside the room, a cop escorted Cabot out, but he stopped in front of Drew. He appreciated Drew's future testimony on his behalf for getting his memories out in the open. Drew vowed to testify against Cabot, and Cabot left.

When Cameron was done giving his statement, Cameron told Elizabeth exactly what had happened that night and everything Franco had said to convince Shiloh to use him for the experiment. He continued that Franco had seemed scared, but he'd asked Cameron to tell Elizabeth that he loved her and that he would be back. She thanked Cameron for reminding Franco how much they loved him, and she trusted that Franco would keep his word about returning.

Drew sat with Franco, and he asked Epiphany to tell Elizabeth that Franco was in a room. Drew told an unconscious Franco that Drew's past didn't mean anywhere near as much to him as Franco's friendship did. He hoped that Franco would wake up as himself, and Drew's past would stay buried. Elizabeth entered with Cameron, who asked to speak to Drew. Drew followed him out of the room, and Cameron informed him that Shiloh and Cabot had talked about a memory Drew had that would allow them to disappear.

Elizabeth begged Franco to wake up and smile at her. She thanked him for protecting Cameron and called him a hero. She admitted that she was sick of seeing him in a hospital bed and that the world would be "less wonderful" without him. Cameron returned and apologized again for the situation. He regretted not running when he'd realized who he'd been talking to. However, Elizabeth praised his compassion, and she was proud of both Cameron and Franco.

Willow ran into the hospital and breathlessly asked Lucas where Chase was. "Around here somewhere," Lucas said as he shrugged nonchalantly. Shiloh was led past, and he and Willow exchanged heated words about Wiley. Chase entered, and Willow practically jumped on him, thankful that he was all right. An amused Chase informed her that his text had said that he was "at" the hospital, and not "in" the hospital. She made him promise never to scare her like that again, and he agreed to try his best.

Robert arrived and caught up on the details of the night with Curtis as Drew confronted Shiloh. Cameron spotted Shiloh and ran at him, screaming, "Psycho freak!" Drew held him back as Shiloh smugly laughed in Cameron's face. Cameron vowed to make Shiloh pay for what he'd done. Drew implored the cop to take Shiloh out, and the two were gone. Drew instructed Cameron to breathe, and as they sat down, Cameron was calmer.

Drew reminded Cameron that assault was a crime, no matter who it was on, and Elizabeth had enough to deal with. Cameron hated feeling so helpless, and Drew agreed. Cameron wanted to make Shiloh pay, but Drew said that they needed to go about it the "right way."

Lucas entered Franco's room and told Elizabeth that Franco's test results were back. He revealed the good news, that Franco's brain functions were normal, so he was physically fine. He continued with the bad news, that they wouldn't know until Franco woke up how drastically the procedure had impacted him.

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