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Drew's flash drive was stolen. Sasha was drugged. Shiloh was served. Finn bumped into a familiar face. Kim decided to leave town. Sam made a daring move. Laura offered Lulu advice. Neil and Alexis were trapped in an elevator.
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Shiloh got his hands on the flash drive with Drew's memories and caught Sam searching for it
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Shiloh crashes Wiley's birthday party

Shiloh crashes Wiley's birthday party

Monday, July 29, 2019

Franco took lunch into Drew's office as he told Drew all about the messages from the two psychics. Drew encouraged Franco to stop worrying and said that the psychics probably wanted to make Franco curious so that he would pay for a consultation. He instructed Franco to enjoy his life. Franco agreed that he was happier than he'd ever dreamed he could be, and he actually had something to lose. Just then, Drew's assistant entered with a package from the United States Navy.

The assistant explained to a confused Drew that Oscar had wanted Drew to have his military medals. Oscar had filled out the paperwork, and the assistant had gotten Drew, who'd thought the paperwork had been contracts, to sign them back in February. She wondered if she was fired, but Drew promised to give her a raise and an extra week of vacation. When she was gone, Franco urged Drew to look through the box, so Drew opened it up.

Drew took an envelope out of the box marked "Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cain," which Franco promptly opened and read. As Drew opened the boxes up, Franco read about the "gallantry" that had earned Drew the Silver Star in 2005, but most of the report was redacted. Drew wondered why Oscar had requested the medals, and Franco replied that Drew had earned them, so he should have them. Franco next read about how Drew had saved a civilian after an IED explosion in 2012, and Franco commented that Drew should find the guy Drew had saved. Drew guessed that it was Shiloh, and he should send that medal back.

Drew talked about how little he trusted Shiloh, especially after Shiloh had fished for information about Drew's lack of memory multiple times. Franco guessed that Shiloh was gauging how much Drew remembered because Drew had to know something bad about Shiloh. Drew updated Franco on Oscar's ELQ shares, including the second bequest for the Kilimanjaro foundation. He wished he knew what had happened in Afghanistan with Shiloh as leverage to "neutralize" Shiloh. Franco reminded Drew of Andre's procedure, but Drew didn't want to risk losing his memories of Oscar and Scout. He added that the flash drive with his memories was in his office, "safe and sound."

Ava walked through the park with Chelsea and remarked that she wanted to know if the Crimson article had made things any better between her and Kiki. They sat down, and Chelsea warned Ava that she couldn't promise contact. She looked out into the park and called it "the Coachella of dead people." She picked out Connie, A.J., and Helena, who was angry at Ava for not sharing that Nikolas had killed Helena. Chelsea also saw a crying infant, but Ava insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Nelle and her baby.

Chelsea called Ava "a magnet for restless souls and psychic turbulence," but Ava demanded to speak with Kiki, so they could both get closure. Chelsea finally spotted Kiki, and Ava wished she could see her daughter. Chelsea relayed that Kiki refused to get any closer, and Ava apologized to Kiki and wondered if there was anything she could do for forgiveness. Chelsea said that Kiki was angry at her mother for falling for a serial killer who'd validated Ava's worst impulses. She continued that Ryan had no soul, but his heart belonged to Ava. Ava was initially confused but had a sudden realization and ran off.

A short while later, Ava arrived at Pentonville and sat down in the visitors' room on one side of the glass. Moments later, Ryan sat down on the other side of the glass.

At the hospital, Shiloh approached an unfriendly Epiphany and asked for a copy of his medical records. She handed him a form to fill out, and he began writing the necessary information in. Bobbie stopped by to drop off an updated schedule to Epiphany, who happily told Bobbie to have fun at Wiley's birthday party. Shiloh's ears perked up at the mention of the baby.

Later, Shiloh asked for his medical records, which Epiphany assured him were being prepared as they spoke. He asked if they could be expedited, as he had somewhere to be. Epiphany stated that paperwork was second to patient care and instructed him to sit.

Willow entered Charlie's, found Julian, and informed him of Wiley's birthday party that day. Julian replied that he hadn't been invited, but Willow knew that it was because of her, and she wanted to change it. She explained that, when she'd made the provision about Julian not seeing her son, she hadn't known that he'd already put his past aside. She knew that people could change, and she wanted to "clear the way" for Julian to be a part of Wiley's life. "He needs a grandfather like you," she said. A few minutes later, she got off the phone with Brad after telling him the news.

Sasha arrived at Metro Court for Wiley's birthday party and offered her help to Carly. They organized the gifts as Alexis entered with another, and Carly introduced the two women. Brad and Lucas entered with Wiley, and Bobbie arrived soon after. She was excited to celebrate a combination of Wiley's birthday, and his "gotcha" day. Carly introduced Sasha and Bobbie, who was holding Wiley, and Bobbie called Sasha Michael's girlfriend. She offered for Sasha to hold Wiley, and Sasha agreed. Carly snapped a picture of the two.

Brad took Lucas aside and informed him that Willow had called and changed her mind about Julian. Brad was happy to hear it, as Julian had been nothing but supportive to him, but he knew that it was up to Lucas.

Julian thanked Willow, and she was happy to do it. He'd left Wiley's gift in the back, so he walked away to get it. Willow's phone went off, and she saw a text from Lucas. He invited her to the party, and he thought that she should be there for "Wiley's big day."

Michael met with Nelle at Pentonville, and she informed him that she knew something he didn't about Jonah. Just then, Michael's phone went off, and they both saw that it was a text from Carly. An angry Nelle insisted that he open the text, so he opened it and saw the picture of Sasha and Wiley with the caption "Stealing your GF!" Nelle bitterly demanded to know about his new girlfriend, but all he would say was that her name was Sasha.

Michael said that he was supposed to be at his godson's birthday party, so Nelle needed to say what she needed to so he could leave. She told him about a dream she'd had about Jonah in which there were angels singing to him, and he was at peace. Michael said goodbye to her and promised that they would never see each other again. He called out for the guard as Nelle wiped tears away, and he left. "I'm not done with you or our baby," she muttered.

Nelle returned to her cell, and Harmony asked how the visit had gone. "Disappointing," Nelle replied. She revealed that she'd changed her mind at the last minute about telling Michael something important, but she'd realized that he didn't deserve to know. While it was too late to undo her situation, she advised Harmony that she could still affect what happened to her grandson. Harmony thought that things would work out, and Nelle said that Harmony had to do whatever it took to keep the baby safe.

Carly got a drink for Bobbie, who commented that it was the first time she remembered Carly liking one of Michael's girlfriends. Carly remarked that Michael had seemed happy until he'd gotten a call from Nelle. Brad couldn't wait until Shiloh was convicted, but Lucas reminded him that that day was about Wiley and their family. Just then, Julian and Willow entered, prompting Carly to demand to know why Julian was there. Lucas apologized for not warning his family, but he revealed that Willow had given permission for Julian to be around Wiley. Willow promised to call Diane the next day about it. Carly figured they had to accept it, and Bobbie added, "Anything for my grandson."

Michael entered, and the family got the party started. When everyone had a drink, Lucas toasted to Wiley's importance to the family. "Sorry I'm late. My invitation must have been lost in the mail," Shiloh said as he entered. Carly invoked her status as the hotel's owner and demanded that he leave before she had security throw him out. He claimed that he didn't want a confrontation, and he just wanted to wish his son "love and light." Willow stormed toward him and insisted that he was "nothing to Wiley."

Michael stepped forward and asked Shiloh to leave, but Shiloh wanted to give Wiley a present first. He offered his medical history, and Brad ran up and took it. Shiloh promised that Wiley would be his one day. Michael asked Sasha to call the elevator, but Shiloh said that no one could force him to leave. Michael punched Shiloh in the stomach and dragged him across the room, throwing him into the elevator. Everyone stared open-mouthed as the elevator doors closed.

As the party continued, Brad took Julian aside and said that Lucas could never see the medical records. Julian reminded Brad that Lucas was a doctor, so he would definitely look at them. Michael informed Carly that the only good thing he'd learned while visiting Nelle was that she was "as manipulative as ever." Lucas was glad that Willow had shown up, and Willow replied that Wiley was lucky to have a family that rallied around to protect their own. Lucas asked if she'd like to be a part of Wiley's life. "More than anything," she replied.

Sasha thought that Wiley was lucky to have Michael as a godfather, and Michael responded that he loved Wiley "like my own." Carly asked Michael what Nelle had wanted. He didn't know, but he knew that he would never see her again. Brad overheard the statement and looked nervous. Lucas grabbed Brad, not wanting to miss another minute of Wiley's party. Willow sat on the floor with Wiley on her lap, and they opened gifts.

Shiloh entered the coffee shop and met with Elena, his public defender. She informed him that the charges against him were "formidable," and they had a lot of work to do. She recapped all of the evidence against him and the people that were willing to testify against him. She didn't think he could beat the charges, so she advised him that he could either plead "not guilty" and get life in prison, or he could take a plea bargain and get twenty years in prison to be out in fourteen. "Twenty years is a gift," she believed.

Shiloh refused to go to jail, and he wondered what would happen if he was a "ghost." She advised him that he'd gotten lucky by getting out on bail. She added that he couldn't run, anyway, with no resources. He revealed that his son lived there, so he was going nowhere. He had faith that things would "work out the way they're supposed to." He promised to get back to her with his decision, and she left. "Resources," he pondered, and he thought about his conversations with Drew about Drew's memory.

A few minutes later, Shiloh was walking around outside and picked a dollar up off the ground. He again thought back to his conversations with Drew about Drew's memories. He took his phone out and made a call. He advised the person he'd called that he had a job for them.

Ryan refuses to help Ava

Ryan refuses to help Ava

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

At Drew's office at Aurora, Kim opened up the boxes of Drew's medals that he'd received thanks to Oscar. Drew thought that the piece of his past was a gift from his son, although Kim added that he didn't need the medals to prove his worth. Drew handed her an envelope containing all the citations and the medal he'd received for saving Shiloh's life.

Drew pointed out that he'd saved a man who had turned into a con artist and predator, but Kim reminded him that he hadn't known that Shiloh would be that man when he'd saved him. As she read the citation, Kim noted that Drew had saved another man who'd been a witness. She thought that Tex Owen might have more information for Drew.

Curtis joined Jordan and Stella at a table in Metro Court. Stella declared that she was impressed with Curtis' new security job, and she thought it a nice change from his usual work. She teased that he might find some corporate espionage at Aurora. Jordan asked Stella about Marcus. Stella replied that they were just friends, and he was still in love with his wife in a complicated situation.

Jordan also asked about Stella's genealogy search, and an annoyed Stella revealed that she had spent extra money in order to contact her unknown relative, but she had never heard anything. Jordan and Curtis exchanged looks, much to Stella's dismay. Jordan admitted that she'd passed the DNA markers to a friend in forensics, and she'd learned the unknown relation was a closer relative than they'd thought.

Jordan showed Stella the paperwork and explained what it meant. Stella thought the person could be a cousin. Curtis proceeded to tell her that they loved her, and her past didn't matter to them. He didn't want Stella to feel she had to keep any secrets of something that might have occurred when she'd been young. He wondered if she'd had a child.

"Have you lost your mind?" Stella shouted. She declared that she had no secret love child, and she thought the entire pursuit had been more trouble than it had been worth. Stella was insistent that she was not interested in seeing any relative.

Drew and Kim walked over to the table to say hello. Drew informed Curtis that his offices had been emptied out in order for Curtis to complete his work, and Drew and Kim headed to their own table.

Jordan and Curtis talked about how Kim and Drew had been holding up, and Curtis noted that Stella wanted the genealogy search ended. He thought Jordan had been bored and just wanted to solve a case but didn't think that case should be the one. He left for work.

At the other table, Kim told Drew that she understood why he hadn't used the flash drive, but she thought the medals could provide him with further information on his past. Drew flashed to the drive being in a secure spot in his office. Kim reminded Drew that he could have requested the medals on his own, but Drew replied that it was a gift from Oscar. He hadn't wanted to disappoint his son.

Stella returned to Jordan's table and announced that she had to go to work. Jordan revealed that something had been found on the relative front, but Stella was angry and told her to drop it. Jordan tried to explain that the lab had been the same one that the police always used, and she assumed the relative lived in the Port Charles area.

Curtis let himself into Drew's office at Aurora and noticed right away that it had been ransacked. There were papers all over the floor.

Sam, Jason, and Danny walked through the park. The adults had a discussion about motorcycles as Danny ran off kicking his soccer ball. Danny ran into Shiloh, who attempted to engage the boy in conversation. Suddenly, Jason ran over. "Do not approach my family again," he snapped. Shiloh asked what Jason would do and wondered if Jason would beat him up in front of his son. Jason made a move toward Shiloh, and Shiloh backed away. He declared that he would report Jason's threats to his attorney.

Danny asked his parents if he'd done something wrong, and Jason and Sam assured him he hadn't. Sam was sorry she'd introduced Shiloh to her son in the first place, and she told him that Shiloh was a bad man. Jason urged him to stay away from Shiloh or to get an adult if he found himself near the man. Jason reinforced that he and Sam would stop Shiloh.

Danny asked to go off to work on his soccer drills, and Sam reminded him to stay close. Sam declared that she didn't want Danny to be afraid, though they thought the boy was okay. They also discussed the downfall of Dawn of Day. Jason believed that Shiloh still had another trick up his sleeve, and he needed to figure it out. They had to decide how to handle Shiloh.

Shiloh lurked nearby and waited for someone to show up. "Did you get it?" Shiloh asked an unknown person. Someone wearing a black glove handed Shiloh the flash drive.

Peter searched for his wallet in Lulu's sofa after an evening of babysitting. He asked Lulu if everything was okay, as she appeared to be drunk. She continued to drink from a glass of red wine. Lulu announced that she was taking Maxie's advice and throwing herself back into enjoying life. Peter made some coffee and handed her a hot, steaming mug as she went on about her kids, job, and great boss.

Lulu continued to ramble and made it known that she was remarkable, although she felt abandoned. Peter called Dante an idiot, which caused Lulu to grow angry. Peter mentioned that he'd heard the love between Lulu and Dante had been an inspiration, but Dante had left his family. Lulu shouted that her husband had PTSD, and he'd made a difficult choice. Peter wondered if she felt safer.

Lulu accused Peter of trying to use reverse psychology, and Peter insisted that he cared. Lulu thought he had no idea about the situation, and she maintained that the bad in her marriage was small compared to the good. She added that Dante had stayed away because he loved his family but Peter asked if there might have been another way.

Lulu told Peter he had no idea what he was talking about, especially because he had never loved anyone before Maxie. She thought Peter would comprehend if his relationship was ever challenged. Peter suggested that Lulu was better off without Dante.

Valentin accompanied a disgruntled Liesl into Wyndemere as she complained about having to stay there. She wanted to go home. Valentin told her she might have to stay forever, and Liesl reminded him that she'd held people hostage in the place long before he'd lived there. Valentin told her that Nina wanted peace of mind, and Liesl lived alone, so she had to stay. Both Nina and Sasha entered the room, and Nina was happy to see her aunt.

Sasha clarified that there would be more room when she moved out, and she announced that she had been looking for her own apartment in order to stay in town. Nina was ecstatic, and she teased her daughter about Michael. Liesl continued to make sarcastic remarks and made it known how unhappy she was to be there.

Once Valentin and Sasha were alone, he noted that he'd tried to get Sasha away from Michael, but he had decided that her relationship worked in their favor. He thought her changed plans were better, and he was glad she was staying. He made it clear that he would take care of their problem with Liesl, who was eavesdropping nearby.

Nina and Liesl reentered the room, and Nina announced that Liesl's room was being prepared. Sasha was planning on going out to meet Michael. Nina received a message that the sales of her magazine had increased, and she wanted to celebrate. She mentioned that Hayden and Jax would be joining them for dinner, and she apologized to Liesl. She was aware that Liesl hated Hayden.

Nina vowed to renew her focus on herself and Valentin and their upcoming wedding. Later, Liesl maintained that she knew Valentin had been the one who had tried to kill her on the ship. Valentin assured her that if it had been him, he would have succeeded. He was more concerned with Nina's happiness, and she wanted her aunt to be there.

Ava visited Ryan at Pentonville, and they spoke via telephone. He wondered if she'd missed him as much as he'd missed her. He mentioned how evocative her interview with Crimson had been, and they talked about fashion. Ava admitted that it wasn't a social call that had her there but a favor. Ryan asked if she'd been involved in the stealing of his kidney, and she replied that she'd wondered why he'd donated it to the police commissioner.

Ava called the thieves "self-righteous hypocrites," and Ryan was pleased that she felt the same. He'd missed interacting with her. Ava assured him she hadn't missed it. She divulged that she'd been trying to reach Kiki via a couple of psychics. She'd been informed that her daughter had an uneasy spirit, and she wanted Ryan's help to put Kiki's soul at rest, since he'd been the one to kill her.

Ava admitted that Kiki still wouldn't talk to her, and her newest psychic, Chelsea, had explained that it was because Ryan still had a hold on Ava. She wanted him to let her go and apologize to Kiki. Ava realized that Ryan wouldn't help her, and he badmouthed the psychic. He assured Ava that there were no souls wandering earth because souls didn't exist. He suggested she go home and get help. He slammed the phone down.

Ava urged Ryan to pick up the phone again. She told him that Kiki had had a soul, and he was the one without one. She uttered that once he was dead, he'd be gone for good. He was happy to see his feisty Ava. She thought the kidney stealer shouldn't have stopped with the kidney, and he should be dead. She added that her knife should have killed him. She wanted Ryan to let her go if he'd ever loved her.

Ryan didn't think it appropriate to let something go that one loved, but Ava pleaded with him to let Kiki rest in peace. Ryan stated that he didn't regret killing Kiki or being with Ava. He thought Ava felt the same, and he reminded her that all they'd done had been consensual. Ava insisted she'd thought he was Kevin, and she called him a "rapist by deception." Ryan wanted her to take it back, and she said she would after he did what she wanted.

Ava stated that she didn't love Ryan, but he didn't buy it. He declared that they would be together for eternity, and there was a small comfort in that.

Cassandra meets Michael and Sasha

Cassandra meets Michael and Sasha

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Maxie accompanied Peter to the hospital, where he had a scheduled check-up for his gunshot wound. Peter informed Maxie that she'd had a "profound impact" on his life by always being positive and optimistic and having a "better way to look at life." Maxie was touched, since she didn't think her presence had been important. The doctor was running late, and the duo did some work on their phones.

Maxie noted that the current magazine edition with Ava on the cover had been a big hit, and she informed Peter that it had been her idea. Maxie praised Nina as a boss but noted that Nina thought that Jax might have a "hidden agenda." She cited the fact that Jax always seemed to smooth things over. Peter thought it was possible that Nina was right.

A little while later, Peter emerged from his visit with the doctor and announced that he only needed to keep his arm in the sling for one more week. He and Maxie joked about their softball teams.

In Puerto Rico, Sasha and Michael sat at a bar and ordered drinks from the bartender, Manuel. They made out as they waited. Michael revealed that he had arranged for a surprise moonlight sail on the bay, and he went off to confirm the details. As Sasha ordered another drink, a woman sat down and engaged her in conversation after spotting the copy of Crimson on the counter.

The woman introduced herself as Sandy Lance, but it was Cassandra Pierce. Sandy mentioned how much of a fan she was of the magazine's editor-in-chief, and Sasha revealed that Nina was her mother and was set to remarry Valentin. Sandy listened with interest as Sasha filled her in and noted that Nina had "killer instincts" at her job. She also suggested that Sasha had an "uncanny resemblance" to Nina, and she should have recognized her.

Sandy asked what Sasha thought about Nina as a mother, and Sasha sang Nina's praises. Sandy assumed that Nina lived and died with Sasha's every step. Just then, Michael returned, and Sasha introduced him to Sandy, who wondered if Michael might be related to Sonny. She claimed that she hadn't met him, but he was well known. As Sandy went to reach for a shiny silver gun in her purse, Michael declared that he knew who she was.

In Drew's Aurora office, Curtis left word for Drew to get there quickly. "Drew got robbed," Curtis told Sam and Jason as they walked in. Curtis explained that he'd found the safe open. Jason offered to have the security videos pulled, and the trio tried to guess what might have been inside the safe. Jason suggested it had been something personal.

Drew ran into Shiloh at Metro Court, and Shiloh stressed that he wanted to "fix" their friendship. He added that their problems had nothing to do with the past, and Drew had made him a better person. Drew wondered what would have happened if he'd left Shiloh to die, but he confirmed that he had another source who could provide him with information on what had happened in Afghanistan.

Drew further revealed that he planned to see Tex, but Shiloh claimed that the man was deceased. Drew wondered why Shiloh hadn't mentioned that previously, but Shiloh replied that Drew would have felt guilty. Drew retorted that he didn't have to take Shiloh's word for it because he'd filed a request for Tex's records, and he had nothing but time to pursue it.

Drew finally returned to his office, and Curtis informed him of the break-in. He suggested the thief had been looking for something specific. Immediately, Drew revealed that the flash drive with his memories had been taken. Jason mentioned the run-in that he and Sam had had with Shiloh at the park.

Drew thought that Shiloh had been more "cocky" since he'd been released from jail, and Sam thought that Shiloh figured he had another "card to play." Jason noted that the card was Drew. The group discussed whether Shiloh might have broken in or had someone else do it. Sam suggested that Shiloh was afraid of something that could hurt him, but Jason wondered why he'd chance getting arrested again.

Talk centered on the benefits of Shiloh having the flash drive, and Sam knew there was something on it that Shiloh wanted. Drew thought there was something that Shiloh wanted him to remember.

Jax waited for Hayden in her room at Metro Court as she got ready for dinner at Wyndemere. Jax informed her that they would be parting ways after their business was completed, and Hayden assured him she knew her part. Jax urged her to find someone else to make Finn jealous. Hayden didn't want to talk about Finn but wanted to discuss their plan for Wyndemere instead.

Hayden stated that she would use the bathroom as an excuse and then look around. She added that Jax could distract Valentin and Nina. She was worried that Valentin would find what they were looking for, which she compared to looking for a needle in a haystack. Jax reminded her that the reward would be big.

At a table in the Metro Court restaurant, Alexis directed a conversation at Diane but realized she wasn't listening. Diane admitted that she had been eyeing Neil at another table across the room. She wondered if Alexis really wanted to have sex with Neil, but Alexis insisted that she merely wanted to keep him as her therapist. Alexis explained how she'd been fired as a patient for mentioning Neil's daughter but had persuaded him to take her on again.

Diane teased Alexis mercilessly and suggested that she get another doctor. Alexis insisted she was happy with the way things were. She added that she preferred to have a doctor in her life instead of a man, and Diane began to laugh and snort. She asked about the last time that Alexis had slept with a man, and Alexis mentioned Finn, who hadn't been very recent, along with a dream she'd had that counted. Diane continued to laugh.

Diane refused to drop the subject of Alexis' sex life, and Alexis asked why her sex life was suddenly such a "hot topic." Eventually, Alexis grew tired and annoyed enough to leave.

Neil sat at a table with Sonny, who announced that he had a debt to settle with Neil. He spoke about all that Neil had done for Kristina. Neil insisted that Sonny didn't owe him anything, but Sonny made it clear that he was available if Neil ever needed a favor one day. "Come to me," Sonny said. Neil replied that he appreciated it but doubted he would ever need it. Sonny assured him there was no expiration date.

Sonny continued that he had known that Kristina's case had "hit home" with Neil because of his own daughter, Joanna. Neil retorted that Sonny didn't know anything, but Sonny declared that he had assumed that Joanna had committed suicide, since there'd been no cause of death in her obituary. He added that he'd done his homework before hiring Neil.

Neil was emphatic that Sonny keep quiet about his daughter, and Sonny agreed that he wouldn't say anything. He added that he understood gossip, and he didn't want anything about Kristina to get out. He had enemies, and he wanted his daughter's life to be kept private.

Neil reminded Sonny that he was a doctor who had taken an oath, but Sonny knew that he was also a writer -- and Sonny always expected the worst. The men went back and forth, and Neil promised that he would say nothing and would not write a book that included mention of Kristina. Neil declared that Sonny was "ripe for dissection" before he left.

Alexis and Neil ran into each other at the elevator, and they both stepped on as they made small talk. Neil informed her that he had somewhere to be. Suddenly, the lights flashed, and the elevator stopped.

Shiloh knocked on the door of a room in Metro Court, and Dr. Arthur Cabot greeted him. Shiloh was thrilled to meet "the architect of memory transfer," and Cabot admitted that he had been intrigued enough to return to Port Charles to continue his life's work. He asked why Shiloh hadn't contacted Andre Maddox instead.

Shiloh admitted that Maddox had "scruples" and wouldn't have been his best choice. He declared that he had a couple of subjects in mind. Cabot confessed that he didn't have the proper equipment, but Shiloh assured him he could obtain it. He held up the flash drive for the doctor to see after Cabot stated that he needed memories. Cabot wanted to restore the memories on the original subject, but Shiloh suggested that the flash drive could be imprinted on the subject's twin brother.

At Wyndemere, Valentin flirted with Nina as she attempted to get ready for the dinner with Jax and Hayden. She wanted to make certain that Jax had plenty to drink in order to talk to them about Cassandra Pierce. Valentin held up a small bottle. "Are you insane?" Nina shouted. Valentin assured her that it was just a truth serum with no side effects except for a "wine buzz." Nina was against it.

The doorbell rang, and Nina and Valentin were surprised to see Finn. He apologized for stopping by, and after making sure that Liesl could not hear him, he divulged that Cassandra Pierce had arisen again. Valentin and Nina were concerned as Finn explained that Cassandra had had some kind of assistant who was unknown. Finn made his way to the door, and Valentin promised to stay vigilant.

As Nina opened the door to allow Finn to pass, Jax and Hayden stood on the other side. Things were awkward, but Finn announced his need to get back to shore. The others went inside, and Valentin recalled that Hayden had lived there. Valentin and Jax exchanged barbs, and Nina quickly suggested drinks.

As Valentin prepared drinks, Hayden and Nina chatted. There was a loud crash of thunder and the sound of the doorbell again. A loud crashing noise jolted everyone. Finn was at the door again and announced that the launch had stopped running. In the meantime, Jax handed out drinks, and he and the women imbibed.

Hayden ran to the bathroom, Finn declared he didn't want anything, and Valentin urged Nina to slow down on the drinks. He whispered that one of the drinks had contained the truth serum, but he didn't know at that point which glass contained it. Jax suggested that he and Finn chat about Hayden. In the meantime, Hayden made her way to the office but was startled before she could go inside.

A power outage affects Port Charles

A power outage affects Port Charles

Thursday, August 1, 2019

In Puerto Rico, Cassandra clutched a gun inside her purse as Michael believed that he'd seen Cassandra at the Metro Court before. She replied that she had been in Port Charles a couple years before for a meeting about a business proposition with Sonny. Michael was curious as to what sort of business she was in, and all she said was "import/export." Sasha looked up from her phone and revealed that it was storming back home. She hoped that Nina's dinner party with Jax and Hayden hadn't been canceled. Cassandra recognized the names, and she walked away to make a phone call.

Sasha wondered what it was like for Michael growing up with an island. He answered that it was nice to have a "safe haven" to go to with his siblings during "rocky times." Sasha spotted a twenty-five-dollar chip on the floor, and Michael proposed skipping the sail and going gambling instead. She agreed, and she set her limit at one hundred dollars. Cassandra returned and invited the couple to breakfast the next morning, and they accepted. They left to get ready for their night out, and she watched them go.

Cassandra made a phone call and demanded, "Don't talk, just listen." She explained that she'd been compromised, and she would be waiting for a list of possible new places to go. She also needed the call recipient to get her "a gift for a new friend of mine."

A short while later, Sasha got out of the shower and divulged that getting dressed was the last thing she wanted to do. He replied that the casino would always be there, and she had a standing invitation. He wondered what she wanted to do instead, and she kissed him. Later, they'd made love, she thanked Michael for taking her to the island. He admitted that it was the best time he'd ever had at the island because she was there with him, and they shared a kiss.

"To true love, something you know nothing about, Peter August," Lulu said drunkenly as she poured herself another glass of wine. The doorbell rang, and Lulu yelled for the visitor to go away. Laura called out to Lulu, so Lulu got up to let Laura in. Observing her surroundings, Laura went into the kitchen and returned with a cup of coffee for Lulu. She implored her daughter to talk to her.

Lulu understood why Dante wanted a divorce when she thought about it objectively, but as the wife in the situation, she resented having no say in anything. Laura gently told Lulu that she should trust that Dante was doing things from a place of love, but if Lulu wanted to fight for her marriage, Laura would be behind her daughter. Laura added that, had she not let go of Luke, she never would have found Kevin, for whom she was grateful. A much calmer Lulu thanked Laura for the talk, and the two embraced. "No more wine," Laura stated, and she left. Lulu sat down and looked at the divorce papers.

Alexis and Neil were in the elevator at the Metro Court when the elevator suddenly stopped. When repeatedly pressing buttons didn't work, Neil declared them stuck. Neil anxiously said that he had somewhere to be, and Alexis wondered if it would violate their boundaries if she asked where that was. He explained that it was the five-year anniversary of his daughter's death. He'd tried to reach out to Joanna after she'd joined a drug-obsessed cult, but she'd eventually committed suicide by downing a bottle of pills.

Neil continued that, every year at 9:47, Joanna's time of death, he went to a karaoke bar to sing a song from her childhood. He laughed at his strange way of grieving, but Alexis thought it was beautiful and asked what song it was. He replied that it was "Hush Little Baby," and Alexis offered to be his captive audience. When he refused, she cleared her throat and began to sing, and he eventually tearfully joined in. When they finished the song, the power returned, and the elevator doors opened.

Carly called Enrique at the island and asked about Michael and Sasha. As Carly tried to order Champagne to send to the couple, Sonny entered and grabbed her phone. He gave Enrique some instructions in Spanish and hung up the phone. "Did you tell him not to take my calls?" Carly inquired, and Sonny replied with a grin, "My island, my rules."

Carly entered the restaurant as the power went out from the storm, and she announced that everyone's meals would be on the house. "That's pricy," Sonny commented. "My hotel, my rules," she shot back with a smile. She put in a call to the generator company, as the hotel's was clearly broken. When she was off the phone, Dev emerged with a tray of caviar and Champagne, and he explained that he'd picked the lock protecting the expensive items. When he walked away, Carly expressed that she appreciated his initiative, but she couldn't afford him. "I got it covered," Sonny promised.

Dev had finished serving a table when Sonny beckoned him over. He explained that Dev was ready for more responsibility working for him. Dev was excited to "learn from the best," and Sonny was glad that Dev was eager to learn about the coffee business. The power returned, and Sonny and Carly were ready to leave. She remarked that she liked Sasha and was glad to see Michael enjoying life. Sonny insisted that she stop trying to get involved, and they would get information when Michael told them.

Hayden wandered around Wyndemere and found what she believed to be Valentin's office. She tried the door, but it was locked. She turned around and gasped, finding someone behind her. She introduced herself to the woman and claimed that, while she used to live there, she'd gotten turned around looking for the bathroom. The woman sternly offered to show Hayden back to the living room, and Hayden followed after downing the rest of her drink.

Nina drank more of her martini, and Valentin whispered that she needed to pace herself because he didn't know which glass had the truth serum in it. She nervously ordered him to stay near her to stop her in case she started rambling. Across the room, Jax assured Finn that he and Hayden were only "business associates and nothing more."

Nina and Jax talked about her idea of "dangerous women" features, but Jax wasn't sold on the idea. She suggested Cassandra for a feature, and Finn spit out his drink in surprise. He wondered why they would want anything to do with Cassandra. Just then, Hayden entered the room with her escort, who informed Valentin that Hayden had tried to get into his office. Jax introduced himself to the woman, who introduced herself as Fleur. He explained that it had been a while since Hayden had lived there, and she had a bad sense of direction, as well. Hayden blurted out that she'd been snooping, but she'd been busted.

Hayden continued about what she'd been searching for, but Jax interrupted her. He claimed that she'd been looking for diamonds she'd hidden there years before. Fleur had to return to Charlotte, so she left. Nina commented that Hayden could have just asked for access to the office, but Jax replied that they hadn't wanted it to seem like Hayden had gone there with an ulterior motive. Hayden made a beeline for Finn and wondered if he ever thought about her, because she'd never stopped thinking about him. She asked for a moment alone with Finn, so they went out into the foyer and closed the doors.

Hayden asked Finn again. He thought the answer didn't matter, because he'd moved on, and he was in love with Anna. He informed her that it had broken him when she'd left, and it had taken a long time to pick up the pieces. He added that he could never hate her, but she wasn't so sure.

Inside the living room, Jax wondered how Hayden had gotten so drunk off of one martini, and Nina claimed that Valentin made strong drinks. Jax suggested Champagne "next time." Nina called the drink his "trademark," and she accused him of buttering her up for his agenda the last time he'd gotten a bottle for them. She thought that he was "too good to be true," and Valentin again offered to buy Crimson from Jax. Jax refused the offer and promised that he would prove that he wasn't up to anything "nefarious."

Finn and Hayden returned, and Finn thought he would get going, since the storm had passed. He apologized again for his interruption, and he left. Jax figured that he and Hayden should head out, as well, as they didn't want to get stuck on the island with the unpredictable weather. When they were gone, Nina called the night a "bust," as Jax hadn't revealed anything. Valentin countered that they knew Jax and Hayden were looking for something, and they just needed to figure out what it was. "Just not right now," Nina said, and she and Valentin shared a kiss.

Michael, Sasha, and Sam are in trouble

Michael, Sasha, and Sam are in trouble

Friday, August 2, 2019

A less-than-pleased Cabot stopped by Shiloh's room at the Midwood Motel. Shiloh insisted they'd be less noticeable, although Cabot didn't care for the dreary surroundings. Shiloh informed him that Drew had access to Shiloh's cash reserves in Afghanistan, and that was the reason that Shiloh had stolen the flash drive. Cabot asked if Shiloh still planned to transfer the memories to Drew's twin, and Shiloh smiled.

Shiloh vowed to get the participant by any means necessary, but he wondered how it would work if one of the twins might be injured. Cabot assured him that if one twin were ineffective, the other could be an option. Shiloh divulged that Drew was suspicious. Cabot made it clear that he needed his supplies, and he wanted the flash drive in his possession if Drew were truly suspicious. Shiloh reminded Cabot that he could also be on someone's radar, although Cabot stressed that he had no charges against him -- unlike Shiloh.

In Puerto Rico, Michael and Sasha woke up in bed, surprised that it was already morning. Michael admitted that he cared more for Sasha the more he got to know her, and she confessed she felt the same. Sasha suggested they shower and get ready for breakfast with Sandy, although Michael preferred room service. Sasha persuaded him that they should meet the lonely woman for an hour. "How bad can it be?" Sasha asked.

Downstairs, Cassandra told someone on the phone about her breakfast plans and thanked them for the perfect gift for breakfast. Finished on the phone, Cassandra removed a syringe from her purse and injected it into two grapefruits sitting on plates among the breakfast settings. Michael and Sasha arrived, and Sasha began to eat her grapefruit as the group shared comments about Crimson magazine, Nina, and fashion.

Michael declared that his grapefruit was good while Sasha professed hers to be bitter. Cassandra announced that she wanted to take a "selfie" with the others, and afterward, Sasha chose her favorite photo. Cassandra announced that she had to leave to "make a killing," and she expressed what a pleasure it had been to meet Sasha and Michael. Once Cassandra was gone, Michael and Sasha declared how glad they were that she'd left. Michael suggested gambling or a moonlight sail, and Sasha wanted to do both.

Finn bumped into Hayden as he was leaving Kelly's, and he voiced his opinion that she'd been trying to avoid him after all she'd said the night before. He assumed she regretted her comments. Hayden admitted that she'd had lots to drink and didn't remember anything, and Finn hesitated. He told her it hadn't been important.

Hayden asked if the Cassandra that Finn had mentioned had been another ex of his. Finn explained that Cassandra was the head of a drug cartel, and she had tried to kill several people. He had gone to Wyndemere to warn Nina and Valentin. Hayden was appalled and worried that Finn was involved in something like that, but Finn referred to the unconditional love he shared with Anna just like he'd had with Hayden in the past.

Finn thanked Hayden for her understanding of people and stated that she'd been right to leave him. Hayden replied that she'd been scared, but Finn thought she'd seen that they wouldn't have made it together. Hayden agreed. Tearfully, Finn thanked her for her honesty, and they agreed they were better off. Hayden noted that she hoped never to see Finn again. "Same," he said under his breath.

Jason, Elizabeth, and Jake sat at a table inside Kelly's and enjoyed breakfast. Jake wished that Franco and Aiden could be there and, as he admired the baseball that Jason had caught at the Sharks game, noted that Franco didn't like sports. Jake saw one of his friends and ran off, and Elizabeth questioned Jason's silence. She had thought that her marriage to Franco would improve Jason's opinion. He replied that he didn't approve, but she snapped that his attitude would affect Jake. She ordered Jason to get over it because Franco wasn't the same man as in the past.

Elizabeth reminded Jason that while time had stood still for him, it hadn't for everyone else. She thought his constant disapproval would harm Jake, but Jason declared that Jake would know that Jason had been honest about everything when he was older. Elizabeth accused him of disrespecting her, but Jason reminded her of the pain that Franco had caused. She accused Jason of always focusing on the negative, and she cited many of the positive things that Franco had accomplished.

Elizabeth had to leave for work, and she urged Jason to give her credit for knowing the man she'd married. Jake returned and asked to hang out with his father a little longer. Talk turned to the baseball again, and Jake wondered if Jason's hand hurt. Jason assured Jake that nothing he ever did for his sons would hurt him.

At General Hospital, Kim turned all of the paperwork for Oscar's car over to Franco and Cameron. It included the certificate of death. Cameron appeared upset that the car had been Oscar's, and Kim assured him it was okay. Cameron walked off.

Franco exclaimed how sorry he was and asked Kim if there was anything he could do for her. He suggested art therapy, and Kim admitted she had been trying a more traditional therapy. She just wanted Franco to continue to be a good friend to Drew, and she told him to tell Cameron to enjoy the car.

Cameron admitted to Franco that he hadn't known how overwhelming it would be to have a car, and he was still concerned that he had nowhere to park it. Franco revealed that he'd taken care of it, and Scott had made provisions for Cameron to park in his office building in a dedicated space. Cameron was confused, and Franco explained that Scott needed to surround himself with family. He showed Cameron the parking pass.

Kim returned and announced that she'd contacted the insurance company, and a new policy would be issued to Cameron. The teen promised to do everything right, and he declared that he would thank Scott. He thanked Franco, also, and left. Kim was happy that the gift appeared to be doing some good.

Elizabeth arrived at the hospital and saw Kim. She handed her a "swag bag" from the wedding reception, and Kim revealed that she had done something to "cross the line" the night night of the wedding. She had to find a way to deal with her grief, and she didn't think that work was helping with all of the babies around. Elizabeth assured her there was no right way to grieve, and it would take time. Kim confessed that she thought she might need some distance and would think about leaving town.

Kim and Elizabeth sat down in an out-of-the-way spot, and Kim explained that maybe it was time for a change. She and Elizabeth were glad they were friends. Elizabeth asked about Julian, who would want Kim to stay. Elizabeth admitted she wanted Kim to stay, also. She suggested that she and Franco take Kim and Julian to dinner, and Kim promised to check.

Franco found Elizabeth and told her about the car's paperwork. He suggested that Elizabeth be the one to ride with Cameron when it was time because he was still worried about what the psychic had told him. "Don't take that drive," he reminded Elizabeth.

Finn ran into Cabot and was horrified to see him. "What the hell are you doing here?" Finn asked. He had thought that Cabot was in custody. Cabot revealed that he'd been released after cooperating with authorities. Finn wondered if he should be concerned for Anna, and he asked why Cabot was in town. Cabot replied that he was merely picking up his prescriptions.

Willow and Sam met outside by City Hall, and Sam explained that she wanted more information on Shiloh's stint in Afghanistan. She asked if Shiloh had ever spoken about it, but Willow acknowledged that he'd never said anything different from what was in his book. Sam asked if Willow had ever heard the name of Charles Owen or Tex, as he had been known.

Willow maintained that she had never heard the name, and Shiloh had always just spoken about himself. "Shocker," Sam snapped. Willow added that Shiloh had been a contractor who would have done anything for a payoff and had planned to "cash out" and leave the country before he'd been hit with the IED.

Willow thought it probable that Shiloh still had money in Afghanistan, and Sam agreed. Just then, as the women talked quietly, Shiloh appeared. He smiled and told them that seeing them had made his day. He noted that he was on his way to his attorney's office to discuss some "fabricated evidence." Sam laughed, but Shiloh declared that he would make his way back to his son.

At the Aurora office, Chase arrived to ask Curtis and Drew about the stolen flash drive. Sarcastically, Curtis noted that the timing had been perfect and before the security cameras had been installed. Chase disclosed that Shiloh had had an alibi, but the police had been looking at his followers. Drew was positive it had been Shiloh, and he admitted that he had mentioned the flash drive's location in public.

Drew was certain that Shiloh had the drive because it had something to do with Afghanistan. Curtis thought that Shiloh was getting desperate, and Chase announced that he would obtain a search warrant for the room at the motel where Shiloh had been staying. Chase left.

Drew and Curtis talked about Tex, and Drew considered whether the man had teamed up with Shiloh coincidentally or if they'd had a prior connection. Curtis had done some investigating and learned that Tex had been on his "superior's radar," and he assumed that superior had been Drew. Drew revealed that he'd found out he'd had an appointment with NCIS but didn't know anything else. He had been able to talk to someone at NCIS, and the person had promised to get back to him.

Drew checked his email and learned that he had been the one to ask for the meeting with NCIS. He had suspected one of his men of conspiring with a military contractor to sell fuel on the black market; Curtis guessed the contractor had been David Henry Archer, a.k.a. Shiloh. Drew concluded that he had been kidnapped, so he had never had the meeting.

Chase showed up in the square as Shiloh drew close to Willow. "Step away," Chase ordered. Sam told Willow to think about plastic surgery for removing her Dawn of Day tattoo, and she offered to pay for it. Shiloh insisted he and Willow would still have a bond, and Chase threatened to arrest him. Shiloh insisted he'd just run into the women and said hello.

Chase took the opportunity to announce that the protection orders had been approved, and Shiloh would have to stay three hundred feet away from Willow. He was also to have no contact with Brad, Lucas, or Wiley. If he saw them, he was to cross the street or turn around and go the opposite way. Shiloh asked if it was necessary, and Willow shouted for him to stay away.

Chase added that if Shiloh violated the orders, his bail would be revoked. "That's your cue," Chase concluded. Shiloh left, and Chase hugged Willow. He told her he was waiting for a warrant to search Shiloh's room. Willow made a phone call and arranged to have her tattoo removed. She wished she could get rid of Shiloh, too. Chase told her it looked promising.

At Kelly's, Jason and Jake talked about baseball until Cameron showed up. Jake went off to pick up some snacks for camp, and Cameron told Jason how much Franco had taught Jake about art. Jason wanted his opinion on Franco. Cameron admitted they didn't always get along, but he'd been good to everyone in the family. Cameron went to help Jake, and Jason received a phone call from Sam. She told him she'd broken into Shiloh's room and was about to search for the flash drive. He told her to be careful.

At the motel, Sam searched the dresser drawers and found the flash drive. As she put it in her pocket and opened the door, she was surprised to see Shiloh.

Cameron and Jake went off to camp at Lila's Kids, and Jason received another phone call. It was Shiloh, who commented that Sam had given him Jason's number. He wanted Jason to do what he said if Jason wanted to see Sam alive again. "Clock's ticking," Shiloh said.

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