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Shiloh enlisted Brad's help to deceive Jason. A mystery person stalked Ava. Kim and Oscar moved into the Quartermaine mansion. Franco appealed to Nina for help. Laura and Kevin kissed. Kevin received a package. Michael and Sasha hit the sheets.
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Shiloh enlisted Brad's help to deceive Jason
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PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Monday, April 15, 2019

Due to ABC News coverage of the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, April 16, and picked up where the Friday, April 12, episode concluded.

Willow reveals her baby is alive

Willow reveals her baby is alive

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Franco found Cameron at school, saw his bruised face, and asked what had happened. He wondered why Cameron had gotten into a fight. Cameron refused to answer, and before Franco could pursue it further, they were summoned into the principal's office.

Valentin found Nora in the courtroom as she was getting ready to head back to Llanview. He announced that he wanted Nora's services again. "Name your price," he ordered. Nora replied that her calendar was full, and she would give him the name of another attorney. Valentin informed her that it was a family matter and not a criminal case.

Valentin reminded Nora of his past custody case and explained that Lulu had up and left the country without one word of advanced notice. Nora felt that Lulu was entitled to a vacation, especially in light of the attack she'd suffered through. Valentin declared that he had no intention of flying Charlotte to Paris every couple of weeks in order to see her mother, and he wanted an amendment to the court order.

Valentin asked whether Laura was able to renegotiate Charlotte's custody and give him demands for visitation, but Nora clarified that Lulu was the only one who would be able to change it up. Valentin announced that he wanted to fight for full legal and physical custody of his daughter. Nora wasn't very pleased.

Nina was shocked to find Spencer sitting at her desk in the Crimson office, and she told him to get out. Spencer acknowledged that he'd felt the same when he'd been exiled from his "rightful home" on Spoon Island. Nina expressed sorrow that Spencer and Valentin had been "at odds," but Spencer declared that he wanted Valentin to be put on a leash.

Nina tried to explain that Valentin felt as entitled to the family home as Spencer did, and she wanted Spencer and Valentin to stop being enemies. Spencer revealed that Valentin wanted to cut Laura out of Charlotte's life, and he wanted to tell his cousin about it. Nina disagreed.

"Take the blinders off, lady," Spencer urged. Nina took offense and told Spencer that Lulu had been the one to change the custody agreement, but she was certain that Valentin would allow Charlotte to see her grandmother because Charlotte loved Laura. She didn't believe that Valentin would get between his daughter and her grandmother. Spencer revealed that Valentin had been blackmailing him, and he wanted Nina to tell him to "back off."

As Spencer added that Valentin had threatened to put the "Feds" on him because he didn't want Spencer to visit with Charlotte, Valentin arrived and listened quietly. Nina didn't believe that the FBI would be after Spencer, but the boy pleaded with her to tell Valentin to leave him alone. "Give it up," Nina replied. She thought it was more important to help someone who was helpless, which Spencer definitely wasn't.

Spencer declared that Valentin had no respect for Nina, especially because he'd had a secret with Sasha. Nina wanted details, and Spencer started to talk about something he'd witnessed at Wyndemere, but at that point, Valentin strode into the room. Valentin wondered how Spencer would feel if Valentin talked about him. Spencer began to stutter as Valentin made a phone call, but it was only to Nora. He told her that he'd changed his mind about the custody agreement. She informed him that she'd already done some research, and she would be sending him a bill.

Valentin advised Spencer that he wouldn't get another chance from him, and Spencer left. Nina asked Valentin about the blackmail that Spencer had mentioned, and Valentin referred to it as a "little leverage" that he'd had. Nina wanted to know about a secret that Valentin had with Sasha, but Valentin claimed it had only been about some money he'd offered her.

At General Hospital, Jason asked Elizabeth if she'd be able to have a test run on the cup he was holding to see if there were any drugs in it. He didn't want to answer any questions but merely stated that it was important to family, and the less she knew, the better. Elizabeth agreed to have a quick test done, and Jason said that he would wait.

Carly ran into Michael at the hospital and explained that Sonny had had to cancel on their genetic counseling appointment. As Michael spoke with his mother, Jason walked up to them and revealed that he had gotten Kristina out of the Dawn of Day house, but she had been "pretty messed up."

Jason added that Sam would attempt to search the DOD house for clues, and he asked about Michael's friend Willow. Just then, Michael received a phone call from Willow, who asked that he meet her at the pub.

Sam walked into the DOD house and found a distraught Shiloh sitting on the sofa. They both revealed that they hadn't been able to find Kristina, and Sam claimed that she was getting worried. Shiloh assured her they'd find her sister. He grabbed her a glass of water, and they sat to chat. Sam suggested they call the police, but Shiloh insisted that he would search the local hospitals first. He added that they couldn't report a missing person for 24 hours.

Sam wanted to search Kristina's room for clues, but Shiloh maintained that that wasn't a good idea because that would be Kristina's private space. Sam managed to persuade Shiloh to change his mind, but he ordered Daisy to accompany Sam to the bedroom.

Sam peered into Kristina's things and announced that everything seemed intact. She sat on the bed and spoke to Daisy, who couldn't understand why Kristina had left. Sam noted that Kristina had been excited to take the next step, and Daisy confirmed that she'd never heard of anyone changing their mind, especially because there would be consequences.

Sam clarified that Daisy had referred to there being consequences if one walked away from the Trust and asked if the person would be shunned. Daisy was horrified that Sam knew about the Trust and asked where Sam had heard it. Sam assumed it had been Kristina, and Daisy ordered her to forget she'd ever heard about it. Daisy stressed that Kristina had been important to Shiloh, and he would never shun her.

After the room had been searched, Daisy declared that there were no clues, and Kristina had been excited and privileged to take the next step. Sam suggested it had all been too much for Kristina, but Daisy confessed that Kristina had made a pledge and had been fully committed. She added that Sam would learn about it after she was chosen.

At Charlie's Pub, Brad regaled Lucas with information he'd read in Shiloh's book and raved about DOD. He thought it would be a great idea for Lucas to take a class. Willow walked in and sat at the bar and was close enough to hear Brad sing praises for the group. Brad mentioned that Shiloh had met Wiley and loved him.

Lucas agreed that Brad had been less stressed out, and they got up to leave. Lucas saw Willow and introduced himself. Willow informed Brad that she had decided not to leave town because she liked her life in Port Charles. Lucas referred to Brad as a "true believer" in DOD, and the guys left. Willow flashed back to her encounter with Shiloh.

Michael arrived to meet Willow, and she informed him that she would be willing to share her DOD experiences with Kristina. Her only condition was that she couldn't be anywhere near Shiloh or the DOD house because she might kill Shiloh.

Michael explained that his family had been able to remove Kristina from the house, and there had been no ceremony prior to Kristina's departure. Willow was certain that Shiloh would not let Kristina go, and he was even still in Willow's head. Michael listened to Willow's story, and he suggested that she had been coerced into having sex with Shiloh.

Willow proclaimed that it had been an honor to be in the Trust, and even her mother had agreed that she'd been special. Willow had only realized after she'd been away and gone to college that DOD had been built on lies. She called Shiloh a con who had used her. She admitted that she'd escaped after she'd learned that she was pregnant because she couldn't allow her child to be around Shiloh. Willow admitted that she had lied to Michael previously. Her baby hadn't died as she'd told him.

Franco and Cameron showed up at the hospital, and Franco informed Elizabeth that Cameron wasn't talking. She took a look at her son's face and wanted to tend to it. Franco related that both Cameron and the other boy in the fight had been suspended. Elizabeth demanded an explanation. Cameron replied that he had handled things, and he didn't want to hurt anyone by revealing any details.

Elizabeth continued to press Cameron, and he finally relented. He spoke about kids laughing at school, and he'd learned that the boy, Tyler, had heard about Aiden and the fact that everyone called him Gayden. Tyler had said that Aiden was a "little fairy boy," and Cameron had jumped him. He'd told Tyler that he was a "lying piece of crap" and that Aiden wasn't "like that."

Elizabeth didn't feel that fighting was the answer, but Cameron said that his brother was only a little kid. Elizabeth called Aiden different. She and Franco declared that the little boy needed to be loved and supported, and she didn't want him labeled. Cameron reminded her that the other little kids had older siblings, and it had been his job to take care of things. "Can Aiden be a little less gay?" Cameron asked.

Franco thought that Cameron should just support Aiden, and he thought that Cameron should have "stepped up to the plate." Franco left, and Elizabeth stated that both she and Franco were angry. She accused Cameron of being upset for himself and not his brother. She walked out of the room.

After Michael had gone, Jason told Carly about how he'd found Kristina in the attic at the DOD house and the cup he'd picked up with the same symbol as the tattoo he'd seen. He wanted proof that the cup had contained drugs. Jason told her about the psychiatrist that Sonny had hired, and while Jason didn't like psychiatrists, he thought there had been no other way to get through to Kristina.

Jason added that Kristina had been extremely angry at him, and he really wanted to just make Shiloh disappear, although he thought that Kristina should see Shiloh arrested. Carly thought that making Shiloh disappear was the obvious solution, but Jason felt that it was all up to Sonny and Sam.

Jason got up and returned with a bottle of orange juice for Carly. She insisted that the baby was fine, and she was more concerned about her other baby, Josslyn. She filled him in on what had happened with Oscar's latest seizure. She really wanted to go to Josslyn but would wait until she was needed. Jason suggested they play some pool, but Carly only wanted Shiloh to be busted. Jason declared that Carly and Josslyn were important to him.

Shiloh turned up at the hospital and ran into Brad, who told him how good he'd been feeling after attending events at DOD. He hoped to get Lucas and Wiley to attend, also. Shiloh exclaimed that he saw Brad "going far" in the group. As Brad went to shake his hand, Shiloh spotted the bagged cup in Brad's possession. "Where'd you get that?" Shiloh asked.

Brad remarked that he had to test it for drugs. Shiloh shared that it was his, and it had been missing. He spouted off on how certain people were against DOD and wanted to see them fail. He thought that Jason had been obsessed with his wife leaving him and had attacked Shiloh. Brad revealed that a nurse who was friends with Jason had given it to him. He asked why Jason wasn't in jail.

Shiloh admitted that he hadn't pressed charges against Jason, and Brad suggested that perhaps Jason had stolen the cup. Shiloh assured Brad that the only things he'd find in the cup were tea and valerian root, and he should tell the others.

Later, Jason saw Elizabeth and Brad. Brad announced that he'd run the test, and nothing had been found except for valerian root and tea. There hadn't been any drugs. Brad saw Lucas and suggested they attend class. He'd spoken to Shiloh.

Shiloh returned to DOD and told Sam that he'd checked both local hospitals for Kristina. He had realized that Jason had probably kidnapped her.

Shiloh asks Sam to track down Kristina

Shiloh asks Sam to track down Kristina

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Shiloh entered the Dawn of Day house, and Sam wondered if he'd found Kristina. He revealed that he believed Jason had kidnapped Kristina, but Sam countered that Kristina had probably gotten "cold feet" and was too embarrassed to return. Shiloh added that his proof was the cup, which Jason would have grabbed while Shiloh had been at the Floating Rib with Sam. Sam blamed it on herself for being a "mess," and she suggested that he take his proof to the cops. Shiloh didn't think the cup would hold up in court, but it was enough for him. He felt lucky that he had Sam on his side.

Shiloh believed that Jason had taken Kristina on Sonny's orders, and he thought that Sam would know where she was. Sam answered that, with their suspicions about Dawn of Day, Jason and Sonny would never tell her where Kristina was. Shiloh reminded her that she had "unique skills" to help her find out. He begged her to help get Kristina back to her "real family."

Brad was looking at Dawn of Day's parenting classes on his computer when Jason approached. Brad informed him that the only traces left on the cup were tea and valerian root, which could be used for anxiety and gotten at any vitamin shop. Jason caught sight of the computer screen and asked if Brad was a member of Dawn of Day. Brad admitted that he'd taken a couple parenting classes that had helped him.

Lucas entered and informed Brad that he might have to cover for someone that night, so he wasn't sure if he could attend the Dawn of Day class with Brad. Brad gave Jason the cup and walked away. Jason asked if Lucas was into Dawn of Day. Lucas replied that it was "too New Age" for him, but it had helped Brad, who quoted the book all the time.

Elizabeth got a text from Cameron assuring her that he was at his community service. She called Franco and left a voicemail saying that they needed to work through their issues as a family. When she hung up, she bumped into Lucas, who could see that something was wrong. He asked about Aiden, and she told him all about the recent events, up to and including Cameron's fight. Lucas thought that it sounded like Elizabeth and Franco were doing everything right. Elizabeth just wanted to make sure that Aiden knew that he wasn't alone and that it was all right to be different.

Lucas suggested that Elizabeth instruct Cameron not to beat up every bigot he happened across. He thought that the best way to change minds was to teach with compassion and to make being different look cool. Elizabeth sincerely thanked him for his help, and Lucas lightheartedly suggested that she make it up to him by having him and Brad over for dinner. "You're on!" she promised.

Later, Lucas found Brad and informed him that Lucas didn't have to cover for anyone that night. However, he wondered if Brad would consider skipping the course at Dawn of Day that night so they could spend the evening together with Wiley. Brad agreed, and the two left the hospital, holding hands.

Franco arrived at Crimson and entered Nina's office, wanting to talk about "our stepkids." Franco explained to Nina how Aiden's bullying had gotten worse. She all but brushed it off until Franco informed her that Aiden was being called "fairy boy." Nina was stunned and offered to do anything she could to help. Franco suggested that she convince Charlotte to be friends with Aiden, since Charlotte had been described as a "trendsetter." Nina was skeptical, but she promised to try, and Franco left.

Nina left a voicemail for Charlotte. She knew that Charlotte was very busy, but she asked Charlotte to clear her schedule. Nina explained that she wanted to set up a play date for Charlotte with a friend.

Franco arrived at the hospital and found Elizabeth. Both felt bad about how they'd handled Cameron's situation. Franco informed Elizabeth that he'd "reached out to a friend" who he thought could help, and Elizabeth divulged that she'd done the same. They hoped to make things better for their boys, and they walked to the elevators, holding hands.

At Charlie's, Willow confessed that she'd been lying to Michael. She admitted that her baby hadn't died, but she'd given him up for adoption. Michael still thought she belonged in the grief counseling group, and he was glad she'd joined the group, because he was glad that he'd met her. He couldn't imagine knowing that his child was out there but not knowing how or where the child was. Willow confided that her baby was in Port Charles, and she was happy with the baby's parents. She wished she hadn't had to give up the baby and her parental rights, but she couldn't risk Shiloh finding out about him.

Changing the subject, Willow assured Michael that she would be happy to talk to Kristina about her experiences with Dawn of Day. Michael was glad they'd gotten Kristina out before the ceremony, but Willow told him about the pledge that Kristina had certainly given to Shiloh. She explained that, before joining the Trust, a woman had to tell Shiloh a potentially life-destroying secret, and he made it into a sort of affidavit so that he had leverage if the woman decided to leave. Michael wondered why Shiloh hadn't used Willow's pledge against her, and she revealed that Shiloh thought he could still get her to return.

Using vague terms, Michael let Willow know that Kristina "may or may not have been kidnapped" for her own good, and he didn't want Willow to be involved in the crime. She warned him that Kristina's pledge could have also been about a family member, and he likened it to "a ticking time bomb." Willow insisted that she help.

Finn answered the front door at Anna's to find Chase. "Here's to the future Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton!" Chase exclaimed, holding up a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. Finn slammed the door in Chase's face. He opened it moments later, and Chase entered. Finn explained that he hadn't yet asked Anna due to "bad timing." He explained that he probably wouldn't be able to ask her until her problems with her past were figured out. He wondered how he was supposed to convince someone that her past didn't matter to him and that it shouldn't define her, but Chase related to the problem. Chase explained that Willow's ex couldn't let go of her.

"To hell with waiting," Chase decided, and he cracked the bottle open. He figured that they could make a different toast as he poured the champagne. "Us," he said. "I was afraid of that," Finn cracked. Chase thought that the two going from strangers to brothers in the past year was something to celebrate, so he toasted, "To brotherhood." The two clinked their glasses together and drank. Chase was hopeful that the progress in their relationship could lead to Finn getting closer to their father. However, Finn hoped that his brother would respect that he had a different relationship with their father. Chase shrugged and said that Finn couldn't blame him for trying.

Chase had to go, but he instructed Finn to save some champagne for Anna. He advised Finn that Anna should keep the past in the past, as Finn was her present, and Anna was Finn's future. "Just give her the damn ring," Chase said as he left. When he got outside, he called Willow and asked her to dinner that night. She asked for a rain check, as she was helping a friend with a problem. He wished her luck and hoped the problem worked out.

Sonny was reading Shiloh's book at Metro Court when Margaux entered. She vowed to prosecute him one day, and he warned her not to hold her breath. He chided her for just accepting that Ryan was dead, and he urged her to reopen the case. He believed that the victims deserved justice, but she laughed at him wanting to talk to her about justice. She informed him that "revenge is sweet, but it's gone in a moment, and it leaves you hungry." Sonny was stunned to recognize the quote from Shiloh's book. He regained his bearings and informed her that he protected his own, even when the authorities "drop the ball."

As Margaux warned Sonny that taking action outside the law made him a criminal, Jason entered and wondered if there was a problem. Margaux hoped that Jason had learned from Shiloh's "act of kindness," but she doubted it. She warned him that, if he targeted Shiloh again, Jason's luck would run out. Sonny replied that they were too busy running a business to worry about "self-help gurus." "I hope so," she said, and she walked away.

Jason wondered if Margaux knew about Kristina, and Sonny thought it was possible that Shiloh had mentioned it to her. Jason asked if Sonny was really reading Shiloh's book, but Sonny explained that Neil had advised the family to understand what had drawn Kristina to Dawn of Day. Sonny informed Jason that Margaux had quoted the book to him, and he thought that her involvement in Dawn of Day made her even more dangerous.

A short while later, Jason watched Margaux leave, and he took the opportunity to tell Sonny about the cup and about Brad. Sonny wanted to get the cup tested by someone he could trust, and he made a mental note to call Brick about it. Michael entered and asked about Kristina. Sonny informed Michael the Neil wanted the family to do an intervention with Kristina. Michael updated Sonny and Jason on what Willow had told him about the pledge. Michael warned Sonny that the pledge could be about him.

Oscar and Kim move in with the Quartermaines

Oscar and Kim move in with the Quartermaines

Thursday, April 18, 2019

At the Dawn of Day house, Shiloh asked for Sam's help in locating Kristina. She declared that she wasn't ready to accuse Jason of kidnapping Kristina yet, even though Shiloh believed that to be the case. Sam informed Shiloh that she worked best when she was alone and would keep him posted, but he insisted on accompanying her. He stated she would never have to be alone again.

Julian placed a call to Kim from the pub to let her know that he was stuck at work because Kristina hadn't shown up.

Anna returned home and sadly informed Finn that she hadn't been able to find any evidence to prove that she was Robin's mother. She added that Robert believed that Anna had been punishing herself, and she agreed that she had made bad choices in the past. She had always considered Robin to be her comfort.

Anna clarified that she wouldn't love Robin any less if she turned out to be Alex's daughter but she figured it would change things. She wondered what Robin would think. Finn asked if Robin needed to know, and Anna believed that Robin would have to know if she turned out to be Alex's daughter. Anna would never be able to keep that secret.

Finn related that there were more intensive DNA tests in existence that they could use for identical twins, but comparative DNA from all involved parties would be needed. Anna didn't think it was feasible for many reasons. Just then, Finn received a message and announced that he was needed for an emergency at the hospital. Anna assured Finn she was okay, and she loved him. Finn replied that he loved her, too.

Shortly after, Anna looked at photos and muttered how she would hate it if she turned out not to be Robin's mother. Suddenly, she stopped at a photo. "Oh, my God, could it be that simple?" she asked herself. She began to go through boxes of saved mementos and finally scrambled through a trinket box. She found what she was looking for and began to cry over a bracelet.

Later, Finn returned, and Anna told him she was fine. She held onto the bracelet and told him that she had found the proof that told her she was Robin's mother.

Carly walked into her office at Metro Court and found Josslyn sitting there. Josslyn confessed that she'd wanted quiet because she was busy working on a song with Oscar. They were planning on performing it at the Nurses Ball. Carly thought that was great and said that she would love to hear it. Josslyn claimed it was still a "mess," but she thought it was good for Oscar to be looking forward to something.

Elsewhere in Metro Court, Sonny, Michael, and Jason discussed the ongoing predicament with Kristina and the fact that Shiloh might have some kind of leverage against Sonny. Michael thought that Kristina's pledge could be about anyone, and Sonny thought that it was probably a really big secret. Jason didn't believe that Kristina would have the facts or proof of anything pertaining to Sonny's business.

Michael left to get Josslyn, and Sonny thanked him for the information he'd gotten from Willow. Sonny declared that the pledge was beginning to be a lot of trouble. He and Jason continued to discuss what Kristina might know, and Jason suggested that Sonny ask her about her pledge. Sonny emphatically said no, and Jason thought they should find and destroy the signed pledge. Sonny declared that they needed Sam to take care of it.

Jason reminded Sonny that that was why Sam had been trying to get close to Shiloh. He thought that he should get into the house and search for the document himself. Sonny was opposed to that in case Jason got caught because he'd already had a run-in with Shiloh. Jason was afraid that it would go wrong and Sam would be the one to get caught.

Michael got to Carly's office in order to take Josslyn to the Quartermaine house. Josslyn ran out to pick up some of her things, and Carly told Michael that it would be tough for Josslyn. Michael promised to keep an eye on her.

Jason stopped by Carly's office and asked about Josslyn and Oscar. Carly told him about their song writing and Josslyn's attempt at trying to stay positive. Carly admitted that she hated seeing her daughter in pain, but she wanted to remain supportive. She wanted to shield Josslyn. Jason replied that sometimes that wasn't possible.

Ned found Olivia crying at the Quartermaine mansion. She revealed that she had been looking at Oscar's new bedroom where he'd be staying until he died. Ned was certain that being surrounded by family would comfort Oscar, and Olivia agreed. Just then, a maid approached with a wheelchair, and Olivia ordered her to place it elsewhere before Oscar saw it. Unfortunately, Oscar walked in just then, followed by Kim and Drew. He was okay with it.

Oscar greeted Olivia with a hug, and Kim expressed her thanks for allowing them to stay. Olivia sat and told Oscar that she had full access to the kitchen for when he regained his appetite. She talked about Oscar's room, and Kim and Drew rushed back outside to grab the bags. Oscar was glad to be able to talk to Olivia and Ned in private.

Oscar asked Olivia and Ned to plan his funeral and told them he wanted a memorial with nothing sad. They looked over a paper he'd prepared while Ned exclaimed that they were getting ahead of themselves. Oscar disagreed. Olivia thought that Kim and Drew should be the ones to plan it, but Oscar thought they didn't need the extra burden.

The paper stated that there were to be no tears, and Olivia admitted that she cried at everything all the time. Ned concurred, and they joked about a commercial that often caused tears. Olivia maintained that she couldn't promise not to cry, but they would be able to follow the rest of the plan. Ned assured Oscar that he'd take care of everything.

Kim and Drew returned with the bags, and Drew checked to make sure that Kim was okay. He stated that while the family could be demanding, they were only trying to help. He promised to back her up if the family got in her face. Kim admitted that she was feeling overwhelmed, but it had been Oscar's choice that they reside there.

Michael arrived, and he and Drew discussed Oscar's moving in. Michael declared that Oscar was one of the family. He relayed a welcome from Monica to Kim and declared that the house held crazy people, but they each had everyone's backs.

Josslyn walked into the room where Oscar was and asked if she was interrupting his talk with Ned and Olivia. Oscar replied that they had just been talking about the future. Josslyn and Oscar were left alone, and they began to work on their song. They agreed they made a good team. Josslyn grabbed a guitar, and Oscar strummed it as they tried out different lyrics.

Oscar suggested that Josslyn perform with someone else, but Josslyn refused, citing the fact that it was their song. Oscar said the two of them could just finish it, but Josslyn was adamant that she wouldn't perform with anyone but him. Oscar reminded her that he might not make it to the Nurses Ball, and Josslyn insisted they continue working on it. Oscar looked at her and smiled.

Suddenly, Oscar seemed overwhelmed, and he admitted that he felt tired. He wanted to keep going, even though Josslyn suggested they continue the next day. Kim sat on a stairway and listened until Drew found her. They were happy to hear Oscar and Josslyn, and they hugged as Kim began to cry.

At the safehouse, Alexis abruptly told Neil that Kristina was finally asleep. Neil wanted to discuss the bad feeling between them, and Alexis admitted that she was angry that Neil had worked with Sonny behind her back after she had been the one to tell him about Kristina. She said that she felt betrayed, and she sarcastically asked if the doctor had a mother-daughter discount.

Neil confirmed that Sonny had contacted him after he had spoken to Alexis and had made him "an offer he couldn't refuse." Alexis called it a conflict of interest because she had already been his patient, and she wanted to know what was going on. Neil confirmed that it would be unethical for him to discuss another patient. Alexis wondered about his personal experience with cults because he hadn't mentioned it previously.

Neil retorted that he wouldn't share details of his personal life, even though Alexis wanted some insight into his background. He reminded her that he wasn't her friend but her doctor. He expected to guide everyone on how to handle things, and he expected Alexis to respect his boundaries.

Shiloh and Sam walked into Charlie's Pub, and Sam asked Julian if he'd seen Kristina. Julian snarled that Kristina was about to lose her job because she hadn't shown up to work. He had tried to get in touch with Kristina every way imaginable. Shiloh introduced himself to Julian and asked that Julian get in touch if he heard from Kristina.

Alexis arrived, and Sam shared her concern about Kristina. Alexis reported that she had spoken to her daughter, who had given her a message for Julian. Alexis told Sam that Kristina had decided to leave DOD after she had gotten "cold feet" about her big decision. She hoped that Shiloh hadn't been offended, but she needed time to clear her head. Shiloh asked that Alexis have Kristina call him.

Shiloh and Sam left, and Shiloh asked Sam to return to the DOD house for meditation. He asked where she thought Kristina could be. Sam didn't know, and she told him she had to get home to her kids. He hoped that Sam's commitment to DOD would be stronger than Kristina's.

Back inside the pub, Julian was angry at Kristina, and Alexis tried to tell him it was complicated. She pleaded with Julian to give Kristina her job back and called the situation a leave of absence. Julian couldn't promise anything, but he was particularly annoyed about the fact that he'd given Kristina an advance of ten thousand dollars on her salary.

Alexis was shocked as Julian explained that he'd thought that Kristina had needed to pay off a debt. Alexis asked what Julian had been thinking, but Julian retorted that it was none of her business. He called it a favor he had done for Alexis and bemoaned the fact that he could never win.

Alexis began to write Julian a check to cover the loan, and Julian refused to take it. Alexis called it "damage control," and she asked him to wait until she could move some money. Julian hoped that Kristina was okay, and Alexis replied that she would be.

Sonny sat with Neil at the safehouse, and the doctor explained the process of the procedure they'd be following, much like an intervention. Sonny confessed that he'd read Shiloh's book but hadn't been able to connect to it. Neil described that the reader was able to fit their own problems into the book, and Shiloh's ramblings appeared to have the answer.

Neil continued that positive reinforcement and wisdom led to the reader pleasing Shiloh which equaled enlightenment. Sonny thought it was garbage, but Neil clarified that it wasn't garbage to Kristina. He added that they would have to see what Kristina had seen. Sonny revealed that Kristina might have given Shiloh leverage for blackmail, and he explained what he'd learned about the pledge.

Neil called it "par for the course," which was manipulation for leverage in various ways. Sonny wanted to know if he could ask Kristina what she'd told Shiloh in the pledge. "Absolutely not," Neil said firmly. He maintained that Kristina wouldn't be ready to talk about it because she was fragile and scared about what Sonny thought of her. If she'd said something about Sonny, Neil thought that Kristina would think she had betrayed Sonny. She could be destroyed forever like shattered glass.

At Metro Court, Jason and Carly talked about Kim and Drew as well as Josslyn. Jason knew that Josslyn would have support and love and would get through everything with Oscar. They were interrupted when there was a knock on the office door. It was Sam, who wanted to speak to Jason alone. Carly picked up one of Josslyn's scraps of paper from the floor.

Sam and Jason stepped outside. Sam told Jason that Shiloh had insisted on accompanying her on her search for Kristina. They'd run into Alexis, who had said she had spoken to Kristina, though Shiloh had been convinced that Jason had kidnapped her.

Jason told Sam about the pledge and the fact that it was probably something incriminating against Sonny. He asked Sam if she would be able to find it. Sam thought that Kristina would never be free until it was found.

Shiloh returned to DOD house and went through a file cabinet. He pulled out the folder that contained Kristina's signed pledge. The last line read, "Kiefer's death was no accident."

Curtis has a lead on Ryan

Curtis has a lead on Ryan

Friday, April 19, 2019

Sasha was beating up a punching bag at the gym when Michael entered and wondered who she was mad at. "Myself," she answered. A few minutes later, he finished his turn on the punching bag and offered to hold it for her. She wondered who he'd been punching, and he told her he'd been imagining the "creep trying to mess with my sister." When they were done with their workout, Michael helped Sasha get her gloves off and learned that her hands were a little sore. He started to rub her hands, but she got up from the bench. He wondered if he'd said something offensive to cause her to keep running away from him.

Sasha reminded Michael that he'd opened up about his lying ex, and she admitted that she hadn't always been truthful in life. She felt that he should be with someone who was honest like him. A few minutes later, Michael returned with some ice for her hand and joked that he'd only proposed getting a drink, not marriage. Sasha picked up that she'd thought it was best to "close the door before it's opened."

Aside from Sasha's insecurity about honesty, Michael wondered if she liked him. She replied that she "definitely" hadn't lied about that. She apologized for running away the last time they'd hung out, and she asked if they could be friends, because she could use one. As he stared fire at her, he agreed that he was "on board" with an "uncomplicated friendship." A few minutes later, the two burst into Sasha's room at Metro Court, kissing and undressing each other.

Maxie and Peter entered Charlie's and happened upon Liesl. Liesl explained to a curious Maxie that she'd run out of Metro Court before the DNA test results had been read because she hadn't been able to bear seeing Nina heartbroken. Maxie informed a shocked Liesl that the DNA had proven that Sasha was Nina's daughter. Liesl acted happy, but Maxie demanded to know what Liesl was holding over Valentin's head. Liesl claimed ignorance and left the restaurant to work on her column "in peace."

Maxie observed that Liesl had seemed surprised, and she thought that Liesl definitely had a secret. Peter reminded Maxie that speculation and assumptions were how the mess with Nina had started, so he suggested that she stop digging. Peter reminded Maxie that Nina was a "big girl," and she knew who she was marrying. Maxie wondered how he could say that when Valentin had caused him so much pain. Peter informed her that he'd rather leave the past in the past, where it couldn't hurt him. He added that Valentin lived "in a prison of his own making," anyway.

Maxie wondered if it was worth it to ask Liesl what was going on. "Not on my account," Peter replied. He'd arrived in town in "constant rage" over Faison, and he, Maxie, and Nathan had paid heavily. He didn't want to go back to that life, especially since he was finally learning what "true happiness" was. He told Maxie that he wanted to move forward "with you."

At Metro Court, Nina told Valentin about the playdate she'd set up between Charlotte and Aiden. Her phone went off, and she remarked that she got notifications when Liesl posted on the Invader. She couldn't believe that Maxie had thought Liesl was holding something over Valentin's head about Sasha. Valentin said that there was no way Maxie could know about what Nina had done to Cassandra. Nina thought that they should have called the police after it had happened, but Valentin assured her that Liesl wouldn't use the secret, since she had everything she wanted.

As Nina called her aunt "smart but unpredictable," Liesl entered Metro Court. Nina asked Valentin to deal with her and got up to leave. Liesl approached and congratulated Nina on the good news about Sasha. "As if you care about my happiness," Nina spat, and she left. Liesl sat with Valentin and asked for an explanation on Nina's "hostility." Valentin replied that Nina had assumed that Liesl was blackmailing Valentin. He informed her that Liesl would enjoy her freedom as long as he and Nina were happy. He reminded her that she had "far more to lose," and he left a visibly uncomfortable Liesl.

At Charlie's, on her phone, Laura read a Port Charles Press article about the charges being dropped against Kevin. Elizabeth entered. Elizabeth's phone went off, and she revealed that it was Nina about Charlotte and Aiden's playdate. A surprised Laura hoped the playdate meant progress for the cousins. Elizabeth believed that Franco was behind it, and she wished he'd talked to her first. Laura remarked that she knew all about not getting "full disclosure" from her husband.

Laura admitted that she was relieved that the charges against Kevin had been dropped, but she revealed that their marriage was still "in limbo." She told Elizabeth about Lulu's panic attack at seeing Kevin, but Elizabeth thought that Lulu was strong and would get through it. Laura confided that she still loved Kevin. Elizabeth informed Laura that she wouldn't be with Franco if it wasn't for Laura. She advised that "it comes down to" knowing that his heart was in the right place, even when he "slips up." Elizabeth had to go to work, but she told Laura that Kevin was moving out of this office that day.

Franco was walking down the hall at the hospital with a box full of art supplies when he bumped into Jordan. Franco hoped that Ryan was dead, and Jordan advised him to be cautious, just in case. Franco cracked that, "At least we can finally tell the difference between Kevin and Ryan." Just then, Kevin approached. His waved both of his hands to show that it was him. Jordan congratulated him on the dropped charges, but Kevin credited Nora.

Kevin commented that he had to finish clearing out his office. Franco wondered if Kevin would practice elsewhere, and Kevin replied that he would rent a space if enough patients still wanted to see him. He walked away, and Franco related that he had to get back to work. Jordan made sure that he wasn't planning on leaving town, and he wondered if he was under investigation again. Jordan informed him that the PCPD wanted to acknowledge Franco for his help solving the Chamberlain case. He reminded her that she'd blackmailed him. She stated that he'd gotten the job done, and she walked away.

A short while later, Franco bumped into Kevin, who had his arms full of boxes from his office. Franco advised Kevin to let Franco know where he ended up. Kevin wondered if Franco was going to make an appointment with him. Franco revealed that Kevin had understood him better than any other "shrink," and Elizabeth had reminded him of that. Kevin countered that he'd failed Franco by leaving him open to Ryan's manipulations. Franco replied that Kevin had helped, advised, and never judged Franco, and Franco wanted to follow Kevin's example. Kevin welcomed the opportunity and got into the elevator.

Later, Kevin found Elizabeth and thanked her for talking to Franco on Kevin's behalf. Elizabeth believed that what had happened with Ryan didn't negate all the good that Kevin had done for Franco. She was grateful for how much he'd helped Franco. She hoped things worked out for him, and she walked away.

Laura got off the elevator and told Kevin that she'd heard it was "moving day." He revealed that he was clearing his office for his replacement, but Laura didn't think he was replaceable. He reminded her that Ryan had replaced him, and no one would forget that. Laura told him that she had put it in perspective. She remembered how overjoyed she'd been to find him at Ferncliff and realize that him no longer loving her was a lie. They both admitted that they loved each other and shared a kiss.

When Kevin and Laura pulled apart, a deliveryman approached with a package for Kevin. He asked who it was from, and the man replied that it was from "someone named Chamberlain." He handed Kevin a box that read "Perishable, Insulated."

Ava entered her apartment but stopped when she heard a noise down the hall. She retrieved her gun from her purse and yelled at Ryan to show himself. Curtis revealed himself, and she wondered how long he'd been following her. He followed her into the apartment and informed her that Julian had hired him to look after her. "No, thanks," she stated. She said that she was already prepared to protect herself, but he didn't think reverting to her "vigilante" ways was a good thing. She tried to fire him, but he wouldn't accept it, since Julian had hired him. She threatened to make his job impossible, and he didn't doubt that she could.

Curtis explained that he just wanted to help Ava, but she replied that he could help by leaving, so he finally left. When he was gone, she retrieved her gun and urged Ryan to "come and get me." A few minutes later, Franco entered, and Ava informed him that she needed him to pose as her boyfriend. He reminded her that he was married, but she told him about her plan to lure Ryan back to town. Franco thought it was a terrible idea and instructed her to find another man. "God help you both," he said as he left. Ava picked up the phone and made a call. She invited Scott over.

Franco found Elizabeth at the hospital, and she revealed that she knew about Charlotte and Aiden's playdate. He explained about his meeting with Nina and, in doing so, realized that he should have run the idea by her first. While she agreed, she loved him for trying to help, and she was glad that he was "all mine."

Curtis met up with Jordan at a café, and he told her that Ava had fired him, but he felt like she was up to something. He thought that she hoped Ryan was alive so she could "seek justice for herself." Curtis wondered how Ryan could have survived without a hand, and Jordan realized that Ryan had to have had help. Curtis wanted to find the helper, but Jordan figured the helper was probably already dead. Curtis realized that Ryan would have needed medical supplies, so he'd "put out feelers" to pharmacies and gotten a hit. After Ryan had disappeared over the bridge, a Niagara Falls pharmacy had been burglarized, and the criminal hadn't been caught.

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