General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 25, 2019 on GH

Dante left town, but Lulu vowed to wait for him. Anna asked Robert for a favor. Willow grew concerned about Brad's interest in Dawn of Day. Tensions mounted between Jason and Shiloh. Laura decided that she did not want a divorce. Maxie received the results of the DNA test on Sasha and Nina.
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Dante left town, but Lulu vowed to wait for him
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Dante has trouble adjusting to being home

Dante has trouble adjusting to being home

Monday, March 25, 2019

Alexis entered Charlie's and found Kristina hard at work. She asked if they could talk, and Kristina replied, "I don't know, can we?" Alexis answered that they were family, and family could count on each other. Kristina agreed and added that Dawn of Day was the only family she could count on. "Because we're concerned about your involvement?" a surprised Alexis questioned.

Kristina wondered if Alexis trusted her. "I want to," Alexis replied. "It's okay, I don't trust you, either," Kristina commented, and she informed her mother that she no longer felt "emotionally safe" around Alexis. Alexis countered that family would tell the truth, no matter what. Kristina said that she had to get back to work, but she added, "Thank you for stopping by, Ms. Davis. I'm glad we could clear that up." Later, Kristina listened to her trust offering for Dawn of Day.

Chase asked Willow if Shiloh was the father of her child, and she admitted that he was. Chase urged her to tell him more so he could do more to protect her. She told him about how charming Shiloh was, and how he always said what someone needed to hear. She confessed that Willow wasn't her real name, but it had been the name of a doll she'd had as a girl. When she'd left Dawn of Day, she'd wanted to change her name to something that made her feel happy and safe.

Willow continued that Shiloh described himself as a "vessel" to guide lost souls to their purpose in life. Once a part of the organization, members would do whatever Shiloh asked of them, without question. Chase gently asked if she'd been forced into sex with Shiloh, as she could press charges, but she denied it. She admitted that she'd thought it was an honor to be "called on" by Shiloh. Chase wondered why she'd left. "The kids," she replied.

Willow explained that there were kids of all ages at Dawn of Day, who Shiloh had charged her to teach. He'd sent her to get a degree, since he'd trusted her enough to be away. Shiloh aimed to gain followers "from the ground up." She revealed that she'd audited a class but had used the class as a cover to slowly move her things from the compound and into a storage unit. One day, she'd left "like usual" but never returned. Chase assured her that she was safe, and the whole police department would know Shiloh.

Willow thought that Chase would just make things worse by informing the department, but he assured her anonymity. She was terrified that Shiloh would find out about the baby, but Chase reminded her that Shiloh had no legal claim to the child. Willow replied that Shiloh was the one who decided what was "rightfully his." She apologized for having to leave, but Chase begged her to stay and let him protect her.

Jason arrived at Kelly's, angry to see Shiloh with Danny. Sam returned from the bathroom and thanked Shiloh and Brad for watching Danny. Danny wanted Jason to visit Monica with him, but Jason promised they could plan it for later in the week. When Jason was gone and Danny was getting cookies at the counter, Shiloh talked to Sam about her "courses." Brad wondered what she was studying, and she explained that her courses were "self-exploratory." Brad was surprised, and Sam commented that "people change." Danny returned to Sam with a box of cookies, and the two left.

Brad commented that Shiloh had to be good to "rope Sam in," and Shiloh revealed that he was mentoring Sam himself. Shiloh thought that Brad should stop by the house for the course on "peaceful parenting." Brad didn't think he had time, between work and caring for Wiley, but Shiloh urged him to attend with Wiley, as kids were welcome.

A short while later, Shiloh left Kelly's and bumped straight into Jason, who warned Shiloh that Danny was "off-limits." However, Shiloh trusted that Sam had Danny's best interests at heart. Shiloh believed that Danny would thrive at Dawn of Day and get on a "peaceful path" instead of the "anger and violence you embrace." He accused Jason of being fearful and angry that Sam and Danny were slipping away from him, and Shiloh invited Jason to join Dawn of Day. Jason suddenly grabbed Shiloh's throat and pinned him against a wall.

Dante opened a case with a deconstructed gun with bullets. As he put the gun together and loaded it, he repeated, "I will complete my mission" as if in a trance. When he was finished, he cocked the gun and aimed. Lulu appeared in the doorway, and Dante aimed the gun at her. He shot the gun, and she fell to the floor. Just then, Dante woke up in bed, screaming, which scared Rocco, who was in the doorway. Rocco called out for Lulu that something was wrong with Dante, and Lulu burst into the room. Dante explained that he'd just had a bad dream, and he reached out to Rocco and Lulu for hugs.

A few minutes later, Dante joined Lulu in the living room. She wondered if he wanted to talk about his dream, but he claimed not to remember it. She assured him that he was home safe, and they should focus on that. They shared a kiss, and he apologized again for being gone for so long. Dante wanted to check on Sonny. He promised not to be gone long, and he left.

Sonny was on the phone, confirming an appointment for Mike, when Michael entered. Sonny hung the phone up, and he told Michael about his trip to Turkey. Michael related that Carly was happy to have Sonny home, and he was glad she and the baby were safe. Sonny commented that they would need Michael's help, and Michael didn't think there would be any shortage of help.

Speaking of family, Michael wondered if Sonny had talked to Kristina, as he believed that she was in over her head. He told Sonny about Kristina cutting everyone out of her life, and Sonny assured Michael that he'd already discussed "next steps" with Jason. He wanted to protect Kristina, "whatever it takes."

Dante entered Sonny's, and Sonny wondered if Dante had something to tell him. Dante confided that he'd thought everything would be normal once he got home, but Sonny advised that it would take some time. He reminded Dante that he'd basically won a war, but he needed to try to move forward. He added that Dante should talk to someone to help him through, and Dante thought it was a good idea.

Alexis entered Sonny's, ranting about her latest interaction with Kristina, but apologized for interrupting as soon as she saw Dante. She offered to return later, but Dante thought he should get back to his family. Sonny promised to talk to Dante later, and Dante left. Alexis told Sonny about her conversation with Kristina about family, but Sonny assured her that the situation was being "handled." Alexis picked up her phone, and Sonny wondered who she was calling. Into the phone, Alexis asked to speak to Jordan.

Dante returned home and found Lulu outside. She revealed that she'd been trying to call him, and she asked how Sonny was. "Fine," he replied. Lulu told him that Rocco was eager to show his baseball cards to Dante. Dante thought back to his nightmare and reminded himself that he was home.

Sam met up with Michael, and he revealed that Sonny wanted Kristina out of Dawn of Day. Sam asked when the conversation had been, and Michael replied that it had been a couple hours before. Sam was aggravated because Jason had promised her more time. Michael wondered why Kristina leaving Dawn of Day wasn't a good idea. Sam countered that Jason going in to get Kristina out was more dangerous.

Jason is arrested for assaulting Shiloh

Jason is arrested for assaulting Shiloh

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dante got home from Sonny's house and found Lulu waiting outside for him. She asked how Sonny was, and Dante responded that he was doing okay. Lulu revealed that Rocco was waiting inside with his baseball cards, and she started to tell him that she should warn him. He heard a noise from the other side of the door and pushed Lulu aside to protect her.

Dante barged inside and found a crowd of friends and family waiting for him to welcome him home. There were handshakes and hugs all around as Olivia pulled her son into the room. Olivia, Ned, Michael, Maxie, Jordan, Curtis, and Laura all welcomed Dante home. He briefly reverted to his previous nightmare that had him repeating, "I will complete the mission," but he snapped out of it and awkwardly socialized.

Jordan wondered when Dante might be returning to work, and she told him that his desk was ready for him. Curtis urged his wife to give Dante a chance to recuperate. Lulu stared at Dante and told him he'd see her doing it often. He headed to the kitchen to check on Rocco.

Later, Dante sat with Maxie and Lulu and looked at photos of James. Dante was shocked to hear that Peter had been spending time with the baby, but Maxie reminded him that Peter was James's uncle. Maxie stuttered over her words but managed to get out that she wanted Dante and Lulu to be James's godparents because she knew they'd always be there for him. The couple was flattered, and they accepted.

Ned welcomed Laura home, although she admitted she had been sickened whenever she recalled Ryan's endorsement of her. Ned assured her that she had won the election fairly, and he was glad she was okay. Laura noted that Ned bore a resemblance to his grandfather, and she meant it as a compliment.

Elsewhere, Peter spotted Anna sitting on some steps and looking very upset. She had just read something, and she admitted that she'd received a goodbye letter from Griffin, who had left town. Peter sat down and told her how sorry he was. He knew that they'd been close. Anna cried that she had taken Griffin for granted and began to say, "He felt like..." and stopped herself. Peter filled in the blank and said, "The son you never had."

Anna insisted that she would never substitute Griffin for Peter, but Peter acknowledged that while she saw Duke when she looked at Griffin, she saw Faison when she looked at him. Anna accused him of evading her because she had tried to build something with him, and Peter declared that they would never bond because she only felt obligated to him.

Anna responded that she would always want to be in Peter's life. "You gave me up," Peter replied. Anna shouted that he'd forgiven Liesl and Valentin for their wrongs, and she couldn't understand why he couldn't forgive her. She added that she'd been young and overwhelmed, and she'd thought she'd given him to a good family.

Peter disagreed and pointed out that Anna had always had nerves of steel and had never been helpless. He thought she could have kept him, but he hadn't fit into her plans. Anna insisted that she had wanted to save him from Faison.

Outside of Kelly's, Shiloh told Jason that Sam had been breaking new boundaries, and the process had been intense and intimate. He wanted to be able to do the same for Jason. Without warning, Jason shoved Shiloh against the brick wall, smashing his head into it, and began to choke him. As Shiloh sank to the ground, Sam called out to Jason and rushed over to Shiloh.

The waitress rushed over and told Jason that he could have killed Shiloh. "But I didn't," Jason replied coldly. She insisted on calling the police. Sam helped Shiloh hold a towel to the back of his bleeding head as Shiloh stated that he had been taken by surprise and wondered what he'd done to offend Jason.

Shiloh stated that he hadn't realized how violent Jason could be, and he was happy that Sam had been able to break away from him. He gave her credit. Sam announced that she had determined that she really needed Shiloh and Dawn of Day.

Chase met with Finn at Charlie's Pub and revealed that he'd had a change of plans regarding his weekend getaway with Willow. He disclosed that Willow's ex was in town, and while she didn't want to be with him, she was scared of him and worried. Chase wanted to be available to Willow, but he wasn't sure she wanted him. He wondered if Finn knew what that felt like.

Finn replied that he knew. He added that he liked Anna's ex-husband, but she had an identical twin sister, Alex, who had announced that she believed Finn's relationship with Anna to be only temporary. She didn't think that Finn would be able to keep up with Anna. Chase thought that Finn and Anna balanced each other out. Chase had to leave after receiving notice of an incident at Kelly's. The brothers wished each other luck.

At Sonny's house, Alexis wanted to know how he was handling the situation with Kristina and DOD. Sonny would only say that he was handling it, and Alexis placed a call to Jordan, against Sonny's wishes. Alexis left a message for Jordan at the station that there might be a possible crime committed. She told Sonny that murder wasn't the answer, but Sonny informed her that no one had said anything about murder.

"The less you know, the better," Sonny stated. Alexis was certain that had she been Carly, Sonny would have reacted differently, since she believed that Carly always looked the other way. Alexis reminded him that she was an officer of the court.

At Dante's party, Jordan had excused herself to check her calls. She told Curtis she would have to get back to work because she was suspicious of a call she'd received. As Maxie was typing out a text message to Peter, she was startled when Lulu looked over her shoulder. "Texting Peter?" Lulu asked. She accused Maxie of spending all her free time with Peter, and she wondered if Maxie wanted more out of the relationship like Peter did.

When Maxie diverted Lulu's attention momentarily, she sent her message to Peter. Maxie urged Lulu to celebrate and enjoy her husband's homecoming.

Dante and Michael chatted about Nelle, Jonah, and Wiley. Michael told his brother that, according to Molly, Kristina was in a cult and had been brainwashed. Dante thought, "I will complete the mission," until Olivia arrived to set out the food.

As the party broke up and people began to leave, Dante thanked Curtis for looking after Lulu and mentioned checking on Chase, who had missed the party. Olivia started to clean up, but Lulu sent her on her way, citing the fact that she wanted time to be with her husband.

Olivia cried, hugged Dante, and told him how worried she'd been while he'd been away. She had always wanted to keep him safe, but she knew he was never content with being safe. She was proud of him and called him a hero. Dante was thankful for her sacrifices, and he called her his hero.

Dante stared at his welcome home banner and jumped when Rocco wanted to say goodnight. Lulu suggested that her husband meet her upstairs after she put their son to bed, and he agreed. After Lulu was gone, Dante relived his nightmare and pictured himself shooting Lulu. He grabbed hold of the table filled with dishes and food and overturned it, sending everything smashing to the floor.

Lulu finally got to her bedroom and found Dante sound asleep. She quickly climbed into bed next to him and gasped, "Oh, my God." She had seen all of the scars on his back. Dante dreamed about completing the mission.

Chase arrived at Kelly's, and the waitress told him that Jason had attacked Shiloh. Chase questioned her, but she hadn't seen or heard the incident. She knew that Shiloh had been talking, and it had all happened quickly. She pointed out that Sam had witnessed it.

Back on the steps, Peter told Anna that she saw something that she wanted to forget when she looked at him. Anna replied that he was the child of her enemy, and she was the mother who had abandoned him. She thought they should try to make new memories and get to know each other. Peter received Maxie's text message to meet her at the pub, and Anna's phone chimed to remind her to go to the same place. Peter offered her a ride, and she accepted.

Alexis received Jordan's call, and Sonny shook his head. He didn't want Alexis to say anything. Alexis told Jordan that she had exaggerated, but she thought that someone might be targeting Shiloh. She thought that Jordan should keep an eye out for anything. She ended the call, and Sonny voiced his displeasure with Alexis' comments.

Alexis felt good that she might have saved someone, but Sonny declared that he only wanted Kristina out of DOD. He added that Kristina would blame him if something happened to Shiloh, and for that reason, he wouldn't murder the man. Alexis wondered why Sonny hadn't told her that in the first place. Sonny only wanted Kristina home. Alexis maintained that their daughter was an adult, and he couldn't keep her locked up.

Sonny clarified that both Kristina and Morgan had been the most like him. It meant they spiraled until they hit the bottom and wouldn't ask anyone for help. He would never miss a cry for help after what had happened to Morgan. His voice shook. He had to get Kristina out of the group. Alexis thought it could backfire.

At the police station, Chase had Shiloh recount the incident to him. Shiloh related that he had tried to tell Jason that DOD was a peaceful group committed to non-violence, with open doors to all. Jason sat silently, and Sam looked on. Shiloh stated that he might have touched Jason's arm.

Jordan wanted to question Jason, but he announced that he wanted his attorney. Chase pulled Jordan aside and told her about the fight. He thought there was more to Shiloh "than meets the eye." He wanted to allow both men to go, but Jordan didn't think it was a good idea. They went back to the men, and Jordan placed Jason under arrest.

Anna walked into the pub with Peter, who shook Finn's hand and departed. Anna and Finn sat, and Finn asked if Anna had anything to share. She didn't want to say anything yet. Finn extended his sympathy about Griffin's departure because he knew that the doctor had been like a son to Anna. She looked over at Peter and said that he definitively had been.

Maxie arrived and gave Peter a hug. She apologized for not having him at Dante's party, but he understood. He noted that Dante had been deeply undercover as Maxie declared that Dante wasn't "fully here" yet. They agreed it would have been uncomfortable for Peter to attend.

Jason is released

Jason is released

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Shiloh left his hospital room, and Sam was there, waiting for him. He informed her that he'd needed stitches after waking up with his head wound still bleeding. Kristina entered and demanded to know what Jason had done to Shiloh. Shiloh insisted that he was fine, but Kristina went off on how Jason was a deadly hitman and could have killed Shiloh. Sam scolded Kristina for saying such "inappropriate and exaggerated" things.

Sam revealed that Jason had gone after Shiloh because of her and Danny. Shiloh agreed that Jason had misinterpreted something he'd seen, so he understood Jason's feelings. "I don't," Kristina said pointedly. Kristina offered to let everyone know that he was all right while she was on the way to Sonny's. Shiloh asked Sam if she thought Jason had tried to kill him, but she answered that, if Jason had wanted Shiloh dead, he'd be dead. She continued that Jason was just an overprotective father, and she'd hate for his sons to lose any time with him. She added that Dawn of Day urged forgiveness, and she hoped Shiloh believed in it.

At Sonny's, Sonny had a surprise for Mike. He led Mike into the living room, and Dante was there. "Dominic?" asked a confused Mike. "Close enough," Dante said, and he gave Mike a hug. Sonny's phone went off, so he left the room to take care of it. Mike wondered where Dante had been, and Dante replied that he'd been on a job for too long. Mike could relate to being "gone." Dante suggested that they go out to eat. Sonny returned and informed them that he needed to take care of Jason, so Dante and Mike left.

A short while later, Kristina arrived at Sonny's, and she figured that Alexis had complained to him about Dawn of Day. He answered that he just missed his daughter, and she appreciated his support. She handed a book and a pamphlet to Sonny and encouraged him and Carly to attend a couple seminars. He promised to mention it to Carly but admitted that he and Alexis were concerned about Kristina. He had faith in her, but he wanted to know why she'd chosen Dawn of Day over her family. Kristina explained that she'd become a better person with Dawn of Day, and she could see the possibilities for her life.

Sonny wondered where Kristina saw herself in the world, but she countered that Dawn of Day was her world. He told her that she had an unhealthy, "narrow world," and he asked if she could see herself as anything other than a follower. He added that he would always say something if he saw one of his kids going down a "dangerous road," but she called his words ironic. She yelled that she was an adult capable of making her own choices, and she accused Sonny of sending Jason after Shiloh. He bellowed that, if she thought he would let anything take his daughter away, "you forgot who I am." She stormed out of the house.

At the Metro Court, Mike remembered the party that Sonny had thrown for him there. He thought about the good times and remembered Dante spending the night with him in a jail cell. Dante laughed that Mike thought of that night as a good time. Mike wondered if Lulu had forgiven Dante for being away for so long. Dante replied that she had, but he almost wished she hadn't. Mike offered to listen if Dante wanted to talk about it, as he probably wouldn't remember it to blab to someone else.

Dante confided that he'd left his family because he'd thought he'd had to keep them safe, but he admitted that his mission had become an obsession. Mike reminded him that he'd been successful, but Dante wondered, "At what cost?" Mike thought that Dante seemed like the same guy, but Dante answered that he wasn't the same on the inside. He was afraid of what had been done to him and what he might do because of it.

"Remember when you took Avery?" Dante asked, and Mike talked about how he'd "screwed up" because his mind had played a trick on him. Dante related that that was what he was afraid of, and then not even remembering what he'd done. Dante thanked Mike for listening. Mike made sure that Dante knew how to get Mike home, and Dante assured Mike that he did. Mike wondered if Dante knew how to get himself home. "I'm not sure," Dante admitted.

Franco, Elizabeth, and Aiden sat down at Kelly's, and Aiden revealed how glad he was that Franco was home. Franco agreed, and he wanted to have a family meeting. He broached the subject of his and Elizabeth's wedding not being what she deserved. "We'll talk," Aiden said. Just then, Elizabeth heard Kiley, one of Aiden's classmates, at a table nearby, on the phone, talking about Aiden's friend Bianca's party. Elizabeth asked the girl about the party once she was off the phone, and Kiley informed Elizabeth that it was Bianca's birthday.

Elizabeth returned to her table and wondered why Aiden hadn't told her about the party. He admitted that he hadn't been invited. He revealed that Bianca had wanted him there, but her parents hadn't. A few minutes later, Elizabeth was on the phone. She said that, while she appreciated the honesty, she didn't appreciate the "closed-mindedness." When she hung up, she informed Franco that Bianca's parents wanted to "maintain a wholesome environment for their daughter." "We both know what that means," Franco muttered. He related that Aiden had his family, so he didn't need anyone who wasn't accepting of him. They wondered what else they could do for Aiden.

Chase met up with Willow and expressed how happy she was that she'd slept on her decision to leave town. She revealed that she still felt that she had to leave, because she didn't trust Shiloh. She talked about how he could manipulate secrets out of people, and others would pressure people, as well. He said that she could speak out, but she feared that she would accidentally mention her baby. She didn't want to argue with Chase about it anymore. He offered to help her settle in somewhere and wondered if he could visit her. "We'll see," she answered, and he interpreted the answer as "no." Both tearfully wished that their relationship had had a chance, and they shared a kiss. Chase quickly walked away.

Later, Brad entered with Wiley, and Willow informed him that she wanted to see her son one last time before she left town. He admitted that he was relieved, as he panicked every time he saw her. She related that it would be the last time she would see Wiley until he was an adult, if he chose to search for her, which she hoped he would. She begged to hold Wiley, and Brad obliged. She told Wiley how much she loved him. Brad got a blanket out for Wiley, and a Dawn of Day pamphlet fell out of the stroller, shocking Willow.

Willow asked if Brad was associated with Dawn of Day, and he told Willow about meeting Shiloh and possibly signing up for a couple of courses. He figured that it had to be "okay" if Sam was involved. Willow took a few steps away with Wiley, which alarmed Brad. He asked for Wiley back, and Willow obliged. When Brad and Wiley were gone, she broke down in tears.

Jason sat in the interrogation room, cuffed to the table, and he refused to say anything without a lawyer. Jordan informed him that she'd gone through his records, and he'd never lost control like he had with Shiloh. She wondered if he knew something he wasn't saying. Margaux entered and asked for a word with Jordan, so they left the room.

Margaux told Jordan that she had enough to prove assault, but she could possibly charge Jason for deadly force. Jordan thought that Margaux was getting ahead of herself but mentioned the "unsubstantiated tip" she'd received about a possible attempt on Shiloh's life. Margaux thought that she could prove attempted murder.

Chase entered the interrogation room, and Jason again refused to talk. Chase wondered if the attack on Shiloh was a set-up, as there had been no witnesses to the whole altercation, and Jason had made sure that Shiloh had made the first move. He realized that Jason could have killed Shiloh and wanted him to know. He asked if Shiloh was threatening someone close to Jason, as he was threatening someone close to Chase. Chase urged Jason to get any evidence of "fraud, blackmail, coercion, or anything that can legally be used" against Shiloh to Chase. He wanted to send Shiloh to prison.

Jordan and Margaux returned to the interrogation room. Margaux asked to go over Chase's notes from the attack, so he left. Margaux assumed that Jason had attacked Shiloh because of jealousy over Sam. Outside the room, Chase bumped into Sam and Shiloh; Shiloh asked about the meeting Willow had said she and Chase had had about Chase's child. Chase claimed that it was nothing to worry about, but he did wonder why Shiloh had been at Willow's classroom. Shiloh answered that he'd wanted to reconnect and invite Willow back to Dawn of Day. Chase promised to let Jordan know that Shiloh was there.

Chase returned to the interrogation room and told Jordan that Shiloh was there, and Margaux suggested a move to another room to fit everyone. Margaux and Jordan left the room, followed by Chase and Jason, and they bumped right into Shiloh and Sam. Shiloh revealed that he was there about "accountability." As he believed in healing instead of condemning, he wanted to drop the charges against Jason. He admitted that he believed he'd triggered Jason into snapping, and he hoped that Jason would use the opportunity to "reevaluate his situation."

Jordan instructed Chase to uncuff Jason and escort him to processing for his release. When Chase took Jason around the corner, he whispered a reminder for Jason to get any evidence against Shiloh to him. Sam appreciated Shiloh's actions on Danny's behalf, and he said that her words meant a lot to him. He wanted to practice what he preached, and he hoped that Jason would make the most of the opportunity. He added that all bets were off if Jason attacked again, as he would then believe that Jason was "beyond redemption."

Jason emerged a few minutes later, and Margaux talked to him about what a good man Shiloh was for dropping the charges. She wouldn't count on his kindness again, so she warned Jason that she would make sure to "take you down" the next time he went near Shiloh. Jason got his gun from the officer at the front desk and stormed out of the station as Sam and Shiloh watched.

Willow's phone went off, and she answered it to Elizabeth, who asked to meet with Willow about Aiden. She revealed that she was at Kelly's if Willow was free. Willow agreed to meet, and Elizabeth expressed her appreciation. When Willow was off the phone, she took her resignation letter out of her bag. She ripped it up and threw it in the trash just as Chase entered. "Tell me that's your letter of resignation," he said. She divulged that she'd never turned it in, and she'd decided to stay. He ran toward her and twirled her around in happiness.

Dante tells Lulu that he needs to leave

Dante tells Lulu that he needs to leave

Thursday, March 28, 2019

At the nurses' station, Finn waited as Anna ended a call. She told him that her twin, Alex, had been safely delivered to Steinmauer. Finn was curious if Anna had had any second thoughts about turning her sister over to the authorities, and she admitted that she worried that Alex had somehow double-crossed her. Finn conceded that Alex had tried to cast doubt on what she had shared, but he also believed that Alex had sounded sincere when she had talked about Boris Mikhailov's tragic death. Anna reminded him that her twin was an expert manipulator. "No kidding," Finn muttered.

Concerned, Anna questioned if Alex had tried to seduce Finn, but he assured her that had not been the case. Finn admitted that Alex had made him think that he was not good enough for Anna. Anna shifted gears and checked her voicemail messages. She let Finn know that Robert was on his way. Just then, Robert exited the elevator.

After Finn, Robert, and Anna exchanged greetings, Anna told Robert that she needed to ask a favor. Robert assured her that he'd made certain that Alex had a room with a lovely view at Steinmauer, but Anna clarified that she needed him to research an old case. Anna explained that he would need to go to London and uncover what he could about an operation involving Boris Mikhailov, a scientist who had been ambushed while defecting. Robert recalled the case; Anna had been the courier.

Anna shared that Alex had claimed that Dr. Cabot had transferred the memory of Boris' ambush to Anna and that Alex had been the courier. Anna needed to know the truth, and she trusted Robert to find it. After Anna left to take care of something, Finn conceded that Robert had been right. The twin memory transfer had been getting to Anna.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly approached Dante as he sat at the bar and contemplated his drink. He jumped when she greeted him, prompting her to apologize for startling him. Dante smiled, and the two exchanged greetings and small talk about Dante's welcome home party and Carly's pregnancy. Dante confessed that he thought Sonny and Carly were lucky to get a fresh start with another child. Carly frowned at the sadness in Dante's tone, but she was soon distracted when Jason arrived.

Carly shared that Sonny had been proud that he had rescued Dante when the WSB had been unsuccessful. As she talked about the young pickpocket who had helped Sonny, the bartender dropped a service tray. The crash jolted Dante, who reached for a knife on a cutting board. However, Jason interceded before Dante could take further action. Jason grabbed Dante's wrist then firmly held it to the bar as he instructed Dante, "Stand down." After several tense seconds, Dante released his tight grip on the knife.

Dante was shaken by the incident, and he apologized to Carly and Jason. Carly assured Dante that it was okay to be a little shaky after what he'd been through. Dante acknowledged that he hadn't acclimated himself to being home yet then excused himself to make a phone call. Moments later, Dante left a message for someone, asking the person to return the call. "I have a problem," he explained.

At the bar, Jason remained concerned about Dante, and he asked if Sonny was aware that Dante had been struggling. Carly conceded that Sonny had mentioned there had been some issues, but he hadn't elaborated. Carly wondered if she should tell Sonny about the incident, but Jason observed that Dante seemed aware that there was a problem. Carly seized the opportunity to question Jason about his altercation with Shiloh. She wanted to know why he had taken a swing at the cult leader, but Jason clarified that he had grabbed Shiloh by the neck then smashed Shiloh's head into the wall.

Jason explained that he had wanted Shiloh to know how easy it would be to make Shiloh disappear. Carly thought that it had been unwise, but Jason had no regrets because Shiloh had needed to understand that Danny was off-limits. Jason filled Carly in about his exchange with Shiloh and how Shiloh had baited him. However, Jason assured Carly that Shiloh had dropped the charges. Carly wasn't fooled; she knew that it had been a calculated move on Shiloh's part to impress Sam. Carly worried that Sam might be caught in Shiloh's web rather than the other way around. Jason agreed that Shiloh was far from beaten, but Shiloh knew to be afraid, which was a good start.

At Kelly's, Dante greeted Anna then sat down at a corner table. He told her about his visit with his grandfather, and how Mike had been in the unique position to understand Dante's plight. Dante had no idea why he had stopped off at Metro Court Restaurant rather than going home, but he recounted to Anna what had transpired when the bartender had dropped a service tray. Dante admitted that he didn't recall picking up the knife or what he had intended to do with it, but Jason had seen something in Dante that had raised enough concern for Jason to stop him.

Anna was curious if Dante thought he might have posttraumatic stress disorder, but he thought PTSD was the least of his troubles. "I think I've been brainwashed," Dante confided. "Can you hear the waters whispering?" Anna quietly recited with a faraway expression. Dante had no idea what she was talking about, so Anna revealed that it had been her trigger-phrase. She shared that she had been brainwashed early in her career, and the phrase had been used to control her.

Anna was surprised when Dante told her that he remembered bits and pieces of his conditioning. He opened up that Raj had subjected him to interrogation techniques intended to break him down, and Dante had been forced to prove that he was trustworthy. Anna agreed that he had been programed, but she warned him that he might not be aware of the orders he'd been given until they were triggered. Anna added that he likely wouldn't remember once the deed had been done, but Dante was certain that he'd been programed to kill someone. He didn't know who it was, but he told Anna about the recurring dream that he had had of preparing his gun and shooting Lulu.

Dante had told himself that it had just been a dream and that he could get it under control. He realized he had been wrong because he wasn't in control, and he felt himself getting worse. Anna assured Dante that she could help, but he would need to seek treatment at a special facility in Wales. She explained that the estate was remote, but they could help because they had helped her. Anna also promised that they wouldn't reprogram Dante. They would just provide him with the tools that he would need to reclaim control. Anna offered to make the arrangements, but she advised Dante that he would have to leave as soon as possible.

At the hospital, Robert offered Finn some advice. He explained that Anna was "emotionally damaged" and unable to fall in love, which was why she would never ask for commitments or promises. Finn thanked Robert for the insight, but Robert wasn't finished. Robert believed that it was his duty to talk to Finn about Anna because Robert and Anna shared a family. Robert conceded that Finn had made Anna happy, but Robert was certain that her past would eventually return to bite her and that Anna would push Finn away. Finn was curious if Robert thought that he should beat Anna to the punch and break up with her, but Robert concluded that Finn truly was an "idiot."

Robert explained that Finn had to put his heart on the line and tell Anna that he loved her. Robert insisted that Finn had to do the groveling. Moments later, Anna returned. She was surprised that Robert hadn't left for London yet. Robert reminded Anna that he was the best, so he would find what she needed. Robert told Anna to call Emma because their granddaughter wanted to tell Anna about a prize that Emma had won. Robert left. Anna acknowledged that Robert was the strangest ex-husband, but she added that he was a lovely man. Finn promised to keep her secret then kissed her.

At the Falconeri residence, Lulu happily greeted her daughter. Valentin explained that he and Charlotte had been "power shopping," and Charlotte had wanted to drop off a purchase. Charlotte held up a gift-wrapped box as she revealed that she had picked up a present for Dante to welcome him back. Lulu broke the news that Dante had stepped out. Charlotte was disappointed, but she offered to tell her mother what she had bought for Dante. It was a Monopoly board game because Dante's old one had been missing a lot of pieces.

Valentin added that Charlotte had missed family game night with Lulu and Dante, so Lulu suggested that they wait until Charlotte could be there to watch Dante open the present then break in the game. Charlotte loved the idea. Valentin reminded Charlotte that they had to get to her friend Bianca's birthday party, prompting Charlotte to scamper off to fetch a sweater. Valentin took the opportunity to ask if Lulu had received the email that he had sent about the "High Achiever Program" for Charlotte.

Lulu explained that she hadn't had a chance to read it, but she expressed reservations about putting Charlotte in the program because it might be too much pressure at such a young age. Valentin assured her that Charlotte was more than qualified for the program, and he was confident that it would keep Charlotte from getting bored and into "mischief" at school. Lulu reminded Valentin that it was up to Charlotte's parents to keep their daughter on track, but Valentin pointed out that both Dante and Nina had a say in the matter, too. Lulu acknowledged that she didn't trust Valentin, but she knew that he always put Charlotte first.

Shortly after Valentin and Charlotte left, Chase stopped by to talk to Lulu about Dante. Chase hoped that Lulu could persuade Dante to get back to work because they needed him. Lulu warned Chase that Dante might not be ready. After Chase left, Dante arrived home. Lulu's smile faded when she noticed the somber expression on her husband's face. "I have to leave," Dante quietly told her.

On the sidewalk, Chase saw Willow rip up an envelope then toss it into the trash. He asked her if it had been the resignation letter, prompting her to reveal that she had changed her mind about leaving town. Chase beamed with joy as he wrapped his arms around her then kissed her. Willow smiled as they pulled apart. Chase wondered what had changed her mind, but Willow didn't tell him about her encounter with Brad. Instead, Willow claimed that she had decided that she needed to face Shiloh head-on to prove to both Shiloh and to herself that Shiloh didn't have any power over her. Chase vowed to do everything in his power to protect her, but Willow explained that she couldn't rely on others; she needed to protect herself.

Chase respected Willow's decision, and he promised to have her back. Touched, Willow and Chase shared another passionate kiss. Willow suddenly remembered that she had to meet Elizabeth. Chase assured Willow that he wouldn't pressure her about anything. Willow gave him a quick kiss. Chase was glad that she had decided to stay. "Me, too," Willow replied as she flashed him a smile then left.

At Kelly's, Nina greeted Elizabeth then confessed that she had been happy to hear that Franco had been exonerated. Nina had always known that Franco had been innocent. Elizabeth smiled politely, but she conceded that others hadn't been as confident about Franco's innocence at Nina had been. Nina knew that things had been tense between her and Elizabeth because of what had happened between Charlotte and Aiden, but Elizabeth clarified that Charlotte had bullied Elizabeth's son. Nina smiled, but her annoyance was evident as she admitted that she had hoped that she and Elizabeth could put the incident behind them and start fresh -- especially since Willow had resigned.

Elizabeth was surprised by the news, but Nina assured Elizabeth that it was true because Willow had informed Nina and Valentin of the resignation the previous evening. Nina sat down then suggested that Willow's departure had been a blessing in disguise because a more experienced teacher would have "nipped it in the bud" the moment they saw trouble between Charlotte and Aiden. Elizabeth remained confused about Willow's decision to leave because Willow had agreed to meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth was disappointed by the news because Willow had helped Aiden.

Moments later, Willow arrived. After Nina excused herself, Elizabeth asked if Willow had resigned. Willow promised that she didn't have any plans to go anywhere, but she confirmed that she had talked to Valentin and Nina the previous evening. Elizabeth was relieved that Willow had had a change of heart because Aiden needed Willow more than ever. Elizabeth explained that Aiden had been excluded from Bianca's birthday party because Bianca's mother had objected to Aiden. Elizabeth hated that her son had been ostracized because of what people perceived to be his "gender identity," which Elizabeth considered to be blatant bullying. Willow promised to monitor the situation.

At a nearby table, Valentin greeted Nina. Nina stared at Willow and Elizabeth then admitted, "It's like watching a tea party with two porcelain dolls." Valentin chuckled. Nina insisted that women like Willow and Elizabeth, who acted helpless and frail, were really passive-aggressive and manipulative. Nina resented being labeled a bully because she called out women like Willow and Elizabeth. Valentin reminded Nina that some men preferred strong women because they were "sexy and irresistible." Pleased, Nina kissed him.

Valentin pointed out that Charlotte would soon be moving to the High Achiever Program, and she wouldn't have to deal with Aiden or Elizabeth. Moments later, Willow walked up to share the news that she had changed her mind about resigning. Nina was furious. Willow acknowledged that things had gotten out of hand the previous evening, but she hoped that they could start fresh. Valentin informed Willow that it would be impossible because Willow had expressed a clear bias against Charlotte and her "stepmother." Nina vowed that Willow's days were numbered at Port Charles Elementary.

In Monica's office, Drew and Kim updated Monica on Oscar's latest test results and the grim prognosis. Monica had hoped that they would have had more time, but she realized that it was time for them to shift their focus to palliative care. Monica was curious if Drew and Kim had discussed the options with Oscar. Kim recalled Terry mentioning it. Drew admitted that the term made him think of an old, frail person who had lived a long life, not a young kid whose life had been cut short. Monica agreed that it was unfair, but she had seen the tests, and she knew that the tumor would soon affect Oscar's cognitive awareness and his emotional responses.

Kim's phone went off. She glanced down then excused herself to consult with a doctor about a patient. After Kim left, Monica asked how her son was doing. Drew claimed that he was okay, but Monica knew it was a lie. She pointed out that he wouldn't be human if he had been okay. Monica picked up an award that she'd been given then handed it to Drew. She told him that she'd been given the award for years of meritorious service. Monica invited Drew to throw the award at the wall or out the window because he couldn't keep all the pain bottled up inside him.

Drew gently set the award on Monica's desk because he didn't think throwing or breaking things would help. Monica wished that she had some advice to impart that would help her son, but all she could say was that he would have to find a way through it when the time approached. Drew pointed out that they were out of time, but Monica argued that Drew could still talk to his son, touch Oscar's hand, and treasure the time that was left, regardless of how fleeting it was.

Kim returned and announced that it had been a false alarm. Monica knew that Drew and Kim wanted Oscar to have the best care when Oscar could no longer care for himself, so she suggested that Oscar and Kim move into the Quartermaine mansion. Monica insisted that she had plenty of room, and there were people on hand to help care for Oscar. Kim decided to leave it up to Oscar.

In Oscar's hospital room, Josslyn helped him tie his shoelaces as they discussed their plans for the day. Josslyn suggested that they mark things off of Oscar's bucket list by stopping off at Eckert's Bakery then going to Metro Court's ballroom. Oscar was certain that he hadn't put the ballroom on his list, but Josslyn pulled the notebook out of her bag and showed him that he had listed performing in the Nurses Ball. Oscar's tone turned sad as he pointed out that the Nurses Ball was weeks away, but Josslyn insisted that they needed to practice. She assured him that the ballroom was available.

Josslyn fetched Oscar's medical alert bracelet then put it on Oscar's wrist as she suggested that it looked like a watch, except that it didn't tell time. "It doesn't have to," Oscar said. A short time later, Cam entered the room. Cam explained that he had a court hearing later that afternoon, which he was nervous about because he had missed some of his community service. Josslyn felt bad because they had talked Cam into taking the trip to Niagara Falls, but Cam warned Josslyn not to rewrite history because he had been more than willing to take the trip. Cam decided that he would throw himself on the mercy of the judge.

Oscar revealed that he had something to tell Cam. Cam speculated that Oscar and Josslyn wanted to take another road trip to pick up Oscar's car in Niagara Falls, but Oscar admitted that it had been his last trip. Josslyn squeezed Oscar's hand for support as Oscar explained that he had reached "the end stage," and he only had a few more weeks left to live. Oscar confided that he knew it was true because he always felt tired, and he had lost his coordination. Cam was curious what Oscar wanted to do, so Oscar invited Cam to go to Eckert's Bakery with Oscar and Josslyn.

Cam agreed because it was close to the courthouse. He smiled as he followed Oscar and Josslyn out of the hospital room, but his smile faded as sadness filled his expression.

Dante leaves town again

Dante leaves town again

Friday, March 29, 2019

Maxie grabbed the menu out of a hungry Peter's hand at the Metro Court restaurant and told him they had to get to the lab in order to retrieve the DNA results for the test they'd submitted on Sasha and Nina.

Valentin paid Nina a visit at Crimson and surprised her with a large bouquet of flowers. He also invited her to join him and Liesl for dinner, but Nina informed him it was a "hard pass." Nina admitted that while she had supported Liesl during Peter's kidnapping, Liesl had been insulting Sasha recently.

Valentin suggested that Nina would benefit from a family united together, and he thought the women should be able to meet each other halfway. Nina was surprised again when Sasha walked in and announced that she would be joining the dinner group. She wanted to speak to Nina alone first, and Nina sent Valentin on his way. She suggested he grab them a table upstairs in the restaurant.

"I'm not who you think I am," Sasha said awkwardly to Nina when they were alone. Nina cried that she loved Sasha, and she didn't need to know everything about her. Nina declared that she had her own skeletons in the closet. Sasha didn't think they were similar skeletons, but Nina didn't want to discuss it. She thought they should go to dinner and talk afterward.

Carly ran into Curtis at the hospital, and they made small talk about Jordan's health. Curtis was concerned that Jordan wasn't high on the transplant list, but Carly told him that Jordan's status was a good thing -- it meant her situation "isn't as acute." Jordan showed up smiling as they finished their conversation. She did not disclose that she had stopped to catch her breath with difficulty before rounding the corner. Curtis had information for Jordan, and she informed Carly that, while the Feds had called off the search, she was still conducting a search for Ryan. She added that there had been no missing vehicles, either on land or water, near where Ryan had disappeared. Curtis offered Jordan a ride to the police station.

Maxie and Peter talked about the DNA test as they stood in a hospital corridor. Liesl suddenly appeared and asked about the test she'd overheard them talking about. Maxie confessed that she had had a test run due to her grey hair concern and genetics, and Peter had accompanied her for support. She promised to keep Liesl updated. Peter asked if Maxie thought that Liesl had believed her. Maxie highly doubted it.

Peter and Maxie discussed what might happen once they received the DNA test results, and they wondered if Sasha really could be Nina's daughter. They assumed that Valentin had done his due diligence because he had chosen someone who resembled other family members. They walked through the hallway.

Maxie thought that it would be good for Nina to find out about Sasha early, and she compared it to her not telling Dante and Lulu early on about their baby she'd been carrying. While they had mended fences, Maxie didn't believe the couple had ever been the same after that.

Epiphany tended to Ava in an examination room while Julian waited. Epiphany disclosed that Ava had been treated for dehydration and had been close to alcohol poisoning. Julian vowed to have his sister committed as she joked about opening up her bar once she returned home. Ava also insisted that she had been receiving phone calls from beyond the grave. Ava informed Julian that she wasn't crazy, and just then, her phone rang. She showed Julian it was the same as her previous call.

Elizabeth tidied up Cameron before his court appearance, and Franco blamed himself for Cameron's problem. They took seats as Elizabeth gave Cameron tips. Judge Carson entered, sat down, and told Cameron to approach the bench. She was angry with him for missing some of his community service, and she thought he might deserve further punishment.

Cameron admitted that he'd blown it, and he explained that his friends had wanted to take a trip. He had planned to be back on time but hadn't accounted for a blown tire or his friend's health issues. He wanted another chance to do better and learn from his mistakes. The judge remanded Cameron to his parents' care. She informed him that he would have to complete his community service and surrender his learner's permit. She warned him to stay out of trouble.

After the hearing, Trina approached Cameron to let him know she'd been there to support him. Cameron was appreciative, and he introduced her to Elizabeth after Elizabeth asked. Trina left, and Elizabeth admitted she was surprised to learn that Trina had been on the trip to Niagara Falls. She gingerly asked about the sleeping arrangements on the trip. "Oh, Mom," Cameron said.

Cameron headed for the door, and Franco insisted that Elizabeth allow Cameron to enjoy himself. Elizabeth was taken aback with her son, and she thought that he might need a man-to-man discussion. Franco declared that he wasn't Cameron's favorite person. He added that he wanted to stick around the court, as he had something to do.

Laura visited Kevin at the police station, and she handed him a change of clothes for his arraignment. He was grateful, and they both began to talk at the same time. Kevin urged Laura to go first, and she voiced her concern for him. He stated that he didn't want her support in court because, as mayor, she was a representative of the people. He urged her to file for divorce.

Kevin declared that he didn't want to take Laura down with him, because he had "screwed up royally." He had thought he could save his brother but people had died. He had been arrogant, and he didn't think that Laura should pay for that. Laura assured him that she wasn't concerned about her political career.

Laura added that she was not concerned about what people thought, and she didn't want a divorce from Kevin. Jordan interrupted them to inform Kevin that it was time to leave for court. Laura and Kevin shared a kiss, and she wished him luck.

Julian and Ava arrived, and Julian told Jordan and Curtis about the phone calls that Ava had received. They believed that Ryan had been the one calling. Just then, they saw Kevin as he was led out in cuffs. Jordan revealed that he had been arrested for aiding and abetting Ryan.

Jordan asked for Ava's phone in order to investigate the calls, but Julian asked Curtis privately if he would be able to cut through the red tape. Curtis agreed, and Julian shared that he didn't think the calls were anything out of the ordinary.

Shortly after, Curtis returned and disclosed that the calls had merely been robocalls. Julian told Ava he'd been right, and he thought she should go home to relax. Ava wanted Ryan to be dead and buried, and she expected him to return for her. She vowed to be ready.

At Lulu and Dante's place, Lulu asked Dante if something had happened after he'd returned home. He told her that things were difficult to explain, and he was sorry. He had to leave Port Charles, and he shouldn't have returned. Lulu was angry, and Dante admitted that he'd gotten in over his head in Turkey. He had no control over himself, and he was afraid that he'd hurt someone.

Dante added that he was no longer the same person he'd been when he'd left town, and he thought that something had happened. Lulu believed he had PTSD, and she knew that he needed therapy. She offered to get in touch with Kevin, but Dante replied that he wanted to be with someone who was more familiar with his problem. "Are you ever coming home?" Lulu asked.

Dante admitted that he couldn't say whether he'd be back or not, and he regretted his choice to go to Turkey in the first place. He and Lulu argued over the best place for Dante to get well, and he stated that he had to go through "proper channels." Lulu realized he had referred to the WSB. She was distraught as Dante revealed that he would be leaving that night.

Dante was sorry, and Lulu didn't want to hear it. Dante assured her that his family was the most important thing to him, and he was doing what he had to do because he loved her. Lulu pleaded with him to stay, but Dante couldn't.

Later, Dante's bag was packed, and he placed it by the door. Lulu sat on the couch, crying. Dante said that he'd explained things to Rocco, who probably didn't understand. Lulu responded that she and Rocco would be confused together. She refused to make things easier for Dante. She wondered what she should tell others. Dante stated that she should say something was broken, and he'd had to fix it.

Lulu assured Dante that his family members would not accept that response, but Dante insisted he had no choice. "Just like me," Lulu replied. She was worried about what would happen if Dante's treatment didn't work out. Dante wanted her to promise that she would be happy and live her life. Lulu and he both cried. She told him that she would wait for him forever. Dante thought that that could be a long time. He told her he loved her, and he left. Lulu shouted that she loved him as the door closed.

Carly and Laura met at the hospital, and the women talked about how they felt post-Canada. Laura admitted that she was okay, though Kevin wanted her to file for divorce. Her feelings for him had been changing constantly, and it seemed as if there was more damage every day. Carly revealed her pregnancy, and Laura was surprised. Carly laughed that she and Sonny had been surprised, too. Laura was happy for her.

Carly admitted that she had been scared in the car trunk, but she had realized that life was always changing. Laura added that Kevin had made some awful choices, and Carly noted that things would get worse. She discussed how she hadn't regretted standing by Sonny in the past. The women hugged and parted. Laura placed a phone call and left a message for Alexis.

Maxie and Peter agreed that they made a good team. They talked about how their first date had ended up and was almost over. They received the test results, and Maxie looked them over. She frowned.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Liesl saw Valentin and asked Nina's whereabouts. Valentin assured her that Nina would be there shortly, but Liesl warned him that hopefully Maxie wouldn't get to Nina first. Liesl told him about the silly excuse that Maxie had given her for running a DNA test. She thought that Valentin would ruin things with Nina. She suggested he leave town before Nina found out the truth.

Nina arrived and asked what Liesl and Valentin were talking about, and she told Valentin not to lie. He stated that it had something to do with Peter and Maxie. Just then, the younger couple walked into the restaurant. Nina went over to them, and Maxie confessed that she'd had a DNA test run on Nina and Sasha. Nina glared at Peter and Maxie.

Franco paced at the courthouse as Elizabeth sat on a bench nearby. Soon, they spotted Kevin as he was led inside. Franco and Kevin exchanged stares.

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