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Andre Maddox gave Anna some answers. Jason saved Ava and Carly. Ryan's body was not recovered from the river. Sonny found Dante. Raj gave Dante an order. Kristina's involvement with Dawn of Day raised concerns. Alexis dreamed of Julian.
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Ryan's body was not recovered, and Sonny tracked down Dante in Turkey
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Ava learns the truth about the man she loved

Ava learns the truth about the man she loved

Monday, March 11, 2019

In Turkey, Robert wondered what Raj's demands were in exchange for Dante and tried to think about what Dante could offer that others couldn't. Robert suggested that Raj was after Sonny. Sonny wanted to meet Raj face to face and added that he'd figure out how to find Raj. Robert warned Sonny that it wasn't his "territory." Robert asked Sonny to stay in the room while he looked into a new angle, and he left. When Robert returned a few minutes later, Sonny was gone.

Finn arrived at Alexis', and she thanked him for visiting, as she couldn't be alone "with that," she said, gesturing to the bottle of vodka on the table. Finn pulled a few distraction activities out of a bag until she finally agreed to play Jenga. Five winning games later, she revealed that she hadn't stopped thinking about the vodka. He proposed "stronger tactics" but warned her that it would be "odd." A few minutes later, she stood in a small tub as he poured the bottle of vodka over her feet. He informed her that vodka was a better cleaner than "the store-bought stuff."

Later, Finn and Alexis sat at the table with coffee, and he wondered what she'd been running from when she'd gotten the vodka. Alexis admitted that she hadn't been able to stay asleep because of a dream she'd had about Julian. She continued that, in her dream, Julian had been the "bad Julian" that she'd fallen in love with. Frustrated, she explained that "bad Julian" was the one she wanted, even though Julian had finally become the man she'd asked him to be. She admitted that being with someone dangerous made her feel normal, and she wondered why she couldn't stop being like that.

Finn didn't know how to answer Alexis' question, but he did know that drinking wouldn't help answer it. She thanked him for his visit, and he reasoned that she would do the same for him. He took the bottle and advised her to take things one day at a time. He added that she should call if she needed anything, and he left.

Elizabeth was holding her wedding ring at Franco's bedside when he woke up and put it back on her finger. He apologized again for the ordeal he'd put her through, and he hoped that the apology was enough. She didn't know if it was, because he'd again lied to her. She didn't know if she could trust him anymore, and she made sure he knew the toll the situation had taken on the boys. He promised to fix it, but she wasn't sure if she wanted him to.

Franco reiterated that he hadn't been allowed to tell Elizabeth about Jordan's plan, but it had been a life-and-death situation. He'd done it for Kiki, and so the killer wouldn't eventually go after Elizabeth. He stood by his choice. Elizabeth was glad that he could live with his choice, because she wasn't sure that she could. She stormed out of the room, and Franco looked at pictures of the family on his phone.

Curtis entered Jordan's room and found her working on her computer. He reminded her that she was supposed to be taking it easy, but she countered that she was the police commissioner. She vowed not to rest until Ryan was in jail. Stella and T.J. entered the room, and Jordan fired questions at her son to make sure that he was all right. He admitted that he'd been tested as a potential kidney donor for his mother, but she refused to derail his studies. Stella and Curtis revealed that they'd also been tested, and Jordan tearfully thanked all of them.

A few minutes later, Curtis followed T.J. out of the room, and Curtis made sure that T.J. was all right. T.J. admitted that he was terrified, and Curtis agreed. He reminded T.J. of how stubborn Jordan was and how she would fight as long as she needed to. Inside Jordan's room, Jordan asked Stella to take care of Curtis and T.J., but Stella didn't think she could substitute for Jordan. She was proud that Curtis was with a strong, intelligent woman like Jordan, and the two women remarked that they were lucky to have each other.

Curtis and T.J. returned to the room, and Jordan urged them to go get some food. She promised that she would be able to join them soon, and the three reluctantly left. Elizabeth entered a few minutes later to check Jordan's vitals, and Jordan asked about Franco. "He'll recover," Elizabeth replied tersely. Jordan apologized for allowing Franco to get hurt. Elizabeth talked about all the damage Jordan's plan had done to Elizabeth's family, but Jordan thought that the end justified the means, because they'd identified the serial killer. Jordan suggested that, if Elizabeth didn't want a husband on the suspect list, she should get a husband who wasn't a reformed serial killer.

A short while later, Curtis returned and confessed that he'd sent Stella and T.J. to Kelly's with his credit card, as he hadn't wanted to leave Jordan. Jordan cracked that he'd just missed Elizabeth reading her the "riot act" about Franco. Curtis agreed that Franco had been the most logical choice to lure the real killer out, and Jordan thought Elizabeth needed to reevaluate her relationship.

Elizabeth returned to Franco's room and found him sleeping. She pried his phone out of hand and saw that he'd been looking through pictures of their family.

Laura and Jason looked over the bridge, and Jason pulled Ava up. Two police officers entered as Ava yelled out for "Kevin." Jason briefly explained the situation to the cops, but Laura told him she could finish so that Jason could go find Carly. When Jason was gone, Laura finished telling the cops what had happened on the bridge. One of the officers told her that the man who'd gone over the bridge was likely dead, so there would be a recovery mission rather than a rescue mission. "Thank God," Laura muttered as the cops walked away.

Ava screamed at Laura that "Kevin" was having a breakdown and needed help, not Laura "dancing on his grave." Laura informed Ava of "Kevin's" true identity, but Ava called the story "outrageous." Laura went into more detail about Ryan overpowering Kevin at Ferncliff and swore that she was telling the truth. Ava suddenly realized that the story made sense, and she thought she knew exactly when Ryan had taken over, as he had started acting like a different person.

It dawned on a disgusted Ava that she'd had sex with Ryan. She asked Laura about Kevin and decided that she needed to go see him. Laura wondered when Ava thought that Ryan and Kevin had switched places. Ava replied that it had been that morning, when "Kevin" had suggested going to Canada out of the blue to get married. "Wrong," Laura replied, and she broke it to Ava that Ryan had been living as Kevin since late August or early September. She regretted having to tell an openmouthed Ava that "Kevin" had been Ryan for the entirety of his and Ava's relationship.

Ava didn't believe Laura and called her pathetic. Laura countered that she'd fallen for Ryan's act, as well, and it could have easily been her who'd slept with Ryan. Laura observed that Ava was in no condition to get herself home, so Laura offered to make her some travel arrangements. Ava realized that every moment she'd thought she'd shared with "Kevin" hadn't been real, and she sobbed that she'd been sleeping with a serial killer. Ava screamed out for Kiki and sobbed into Laura's arms.

Jason called Spinelli and told him to look at a map of the area around the motel and find a road leading five miles east parallel to the river. "Somewhere where you can dump a body," he said solemnly.

Carly tried to climb up the bridge and told herself that she could do it. She reached for the top but lost her footing and rolled all the way down to the ground, unconscious. She woke up and sat up a few minutes later, moaning in pain. She didn't know how she was supposed to try to climb again, but she insisted that she could do it. She climbed all the way up and reached for the top when Jason grabbed her arm. He pulled her up to safety, and she wondered how he'd found her. "I'll always find you," he replied.

Maxie arranges for a second DNA test

Maxie arranges for a second DNA test

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

In Turkey, Sonny returned to the restaurant. He received a text from Robert that read, "Where are u?!" but Sonny ignored it. He sat down at a table as a boy across the restaurant eyed him, and the boy approached and tried to pickpocket Sonny. Sonny grabbed his arm and asked why he shouldn't turn the kid in to the cops. The boy insisted that the police were worse than any criminals in the country. The waiter asked if the kid was bothering Sonny, and he replied that they were just friends joking around.

The boy wondered why Sonny hadn't tattled to the waiter, but Sonny replied, "I'm not a snitch." He added that he needed a favor. A few minutes later, the boy scarfed down a plate of food and, between bites, introduced himself as Dev. Sonny thought that Dev could get some information for him. He showed Dev a picture of Raj, and Dev told Sonny that everyone knew Raj, and they knew enough to stay away from him. Sonny countered that he needed to find Raj to find someone else and showed a picture of Dante. "You're better off cutting your losses," Dev replied.

Sonny explained that his son had gone to Turkey to "bring Raj down," but Raj was one step ahead of Dante. He added that, if there was a chance that Dante was alive, Sonny would do whatever he could to find him. Dev wondered what was in it for him, and Sonny offered to find a way to help Dev. "Hey, American, let's go find your son," Dev said, and the two left the restaurant.

At Metro Court, Maxie showed Peter her two new DNA samples for a new test. Nina approached and wondered what was in the bag. Maxie claimed that it was "irrefutable evidence" of a gray hair she'd found that morning. Nina reassured Maxie, and she asked Maxie to review the advertisements for the next issue of Crimson, as she was spending the day with Sasha.

When Nina walked away, Liesl entered. She told Peter that she'd received a letter for her column that she thought he'd be interested in. She continued that it was about heredity and what qualities, like being a criminal, could be inherited. He maintained that he was nothing like Faison, and he reminded her that she didn't need to run her column by him. He stated that the column had been well-received, and the more controversial it was, the more views their page would have.

Sasha sat with Valentin at Metro Court and informed him that Maxie had gotten a strand of her hair. She didn't want to hurt Nina, and Valentin assured her that he would "take care of it." Nina walked up and wondered what they were talking about. Valentin claimed that he would take care of getting Sasha's things sent from Chappaqua.

Valentin had observed that Maxie had seemed "more animated than usual," and Nina explained that Maxie had found a gray hair. Nina wanted to "steal" Sasha for a mother-daughter day, so they walked away. On her way out, Nina told Maxie not to worry about the stray gray hair. Liesl asked for clarification on the comment, and Maxie brushed it off as "the price of motherhood." She and Peter left, and Valentin took the opportunity to talk to Liesl.

Valentin accused Liesl of betraying him, but she insisted that she'd kept her end of the bargain. He needed to make sure that no one found out about Sasha, because if someone did and he lost Nina, "you'll lose more than that." A short while later, Liesl sat typing at a table, "Dear Dr. O, my son was born under unusual circumstances..."

Willow was grading papers at Charlie's when Brad entered, and he was shocked to see her. "We had an agreement," he insisted, but she revealed that she still hadn't told anyone that she was Wiley's birth mother. Just then, Michael entered, and Willow teased him about the pink lunchbox he was carrying. He explained that he'd forgotten to pack Avery a lunch, so he figured that he would just pick something up at Charlie's. He asked Brad for pictures of Wiley, and Brad reluctantly showed Michael and Willow. He had to get to work, but he promised to send Michael some pictures.

Willow thought it was "extraordinary" how Michael had "come to terms" with Jonah's death enough to even bear the sight of another child. "He's family," Michael reasoned, but he hoped he would get another chance at fatherhood. He joked that he had to find someone first, as he had a bad track record. She advised him to have faith. He asked about Chase, and she replied that she was content with her classroom "for now."

Nina and Sasha entered Charlie's, and Nina was annoyed to see Michael with Willow. She approached the table to "steal" Willow. When they were out of everyone's earshot, Nina asked Willow to imagine how Charlotte would feel to learn that Willow was dating a family member. "Chase is related to Charlotte?" Willow asked. She clarified to a confused Nina that she and Michael were just friends. "Great, I'm sure you're made for each other," Nina commented.

Michael approached Sasha and told her that he'd enjoyed talking to her the night before. "After Nina ambushed us," Sasha cracked. Michael assured her that he was from a "long line of meddlers." He needed to get lunch for Avery, and they hoped they would run into each other again. Willow walked over and offered to walk out with Michael, and the two left. Nina returned to Sasha and assured her that Willow and Michael were just friends. Sasha thanked her for caring, but she gently assured Nina that she could take care of her own personal life. Nina thought it would be "great to meet a great guy and settle down in Port Charles."

Maxie entered the lab at the hospital and asked if Brad was still doing "bad stuff." She explained that someone had been led to believe that she has a child that may not be hers, which was wrong, "right?" After a beat, she wondered why he hadn't agreed, and he claimed that he'd just been surprised at the question. She asked Brad to run a DNA test and only share the results with her or Peter. As Valentin lurked outside the lab, he saw Maxie hand the samples over. Brad agreed to run the test and put a rush on it. Valentin made a call and told someone, "Drop whatever you're doing. I have a job for you."

Oscar informed Josslyn that he was getting discharged that day then they could go see the falls. As they shared a kiss, Kim and Drew entered. Drew explained that the falls would have to wait, as they would be taking a helicopter back to Port Charles. Kim added that Oscar needed to get to General Hospital as soon as possible because Terry wanted to run some tests. Oscar begged for a couple hours to see the falls, but Drew compromised and said that he would ask the pilot to fly over the falls. "That's even better! Deal," Oscar agreed.

Carly woke up in the hospital with Jason at her bedside and said that she "hurt all over." Jason assured her that the obstetrician had been there, and the baby was all right. "You saved us," Carly murmured. She wanted to know everything Jason knew about Ryan, so Jason told her that Ryan had been her neighbor at Ferncliff, and he'd switched places with Kevin around Labor Day weekend. She kicked herself for not seeing the clues, but she knew that she'd been getting close, which was why Ryan had abducted her. She wondered if he was mad at her, but he was just glad she was alive. Jason told her all about how he'd found her.

A short while later, Josslyn was sitting outside Oscar's room when Jason happened upon her. She wondered if Carly had sent him, and he replied that Carly had no idea she was there. Jason wondered why she was there, and she told him about the trip, including Oscar's seizure. She revealed that she was going to wait until she got home to explain it to Carly, but Jason replied, "You don't have to."

Minutes later, Josslyn entered Carly's room, hugged her mother, and wondered why Carly was there. Carly insisted that she was fine, but she had good news to tell Josslyn. "I'm pregnant," Carly disclosed with a smile. A shocked Josslyn thought that Carly was too old to be pregnant. She insisted that her mother was beautiful, but she'd never thought Carly would have another child, and she needed time to get used to the thought. "You got nine months," Carly said happily.

Carly was surprised to see Josslyn there, and Josslyn told Carly about the previous day, including Oscar's seizure at the hotel. Carly wondered if Josslyn had intended to spend the night with Oscar. Josslyn insisted that it hadn't been the reason for their trip, but she acknowledged that something would have happened had Oscar not had a seizure. She didn't know what to do, and she was scared for Oscar. Carly assured her that it was all right to be scared. She hugged Josslyn and promised that she'd always be there for her daughter.

A short while later, Josslyn was gone, and Jason handed a smoothie to Carly. She put it down, and Jason asked about Josslyn. Carly replied that Josslyn was "freaked out" that Carly was pregnant; she added that Josslyn was going home with Kim and Drew. Carly cried that she'd almost given up the night before, and she'd thought that she was going to die at the bottom of the embankment. She was grateful that Jason had saved her, but she wasn't surprised. "As long as I'm breathing, if you need, I'll find a way to get to you," Jason vowed. "I know," she said, holding his hands.

Drew entered Oscar's room once Oscar was finished getting dressed, and Oscar wanted to ask Drew something. Oscar said that he didn't want to die without being with Josslyn, but he didn't know how to go about it regarding his illness. Drew understood, and he told Oscar that being intimate was also about sharing one's whole self with someone, not just being physical. He thought that Oscar was lucky, because most people never experienced that kind of love. Oscar agreed and hugged his father.

Kim returned with Oscar's discharge papers, and Josslyn returned moments behind her. A nurse entered with a wheelchair, but Oscar wanted to walk. Kim reminded him that he knew about hospital rules, so Drew helped Oscar into the wheelchair. Josslyn wanted to push the chair, and they joked about doing "wheelies" and seeing how fast the chair could go. An amused Kim told them to be careful, and the four left the room.

Laura learns the truth about Kevin and Ryan

Laura learns the truth about Kevin and Ryan

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Jason was pleasantly surprised to find Sam sitting in his apartment when he arrived home from Canada. The couple embraced, and Sam asked about Jason's search for Carly. He removed his jacket and told her that Ryan had been Carly's original neighbor at Ferncliff and had switched places with Kevin. He proceeded to tell her about the trip with Laura that had led them to Niagara Falls. He added that Carly and her baby were doing okay.

Sam revealed that things with Kristina had gotten worse. She and Jason sat on the couch, and Sam filled Jason in on Daisy's visit to ask for forgiveness and the strange tattoo that she had seen on Daisy's back. It had appeared that Daisy had been trying to make amends, but after Sam had spotted her tattoo, Daisy had seemed flustered and had fled the penthouse quickly.

Sam thought the tattoo had something to do with Dawn of Day, and she showed Jason the sketch that she'd made from memory. Daisy had not been able to provide any information on her tattoo, only that she had thought it to be cool. Sam revealed that she'd also learned that Kristina had borrowed money from Michael to pay for DOD classes, and Sam didn't think Michael had been aware of where the money would be going.

Sam thought that Kristina was getting deeper into DOD. Later, she played a video of Shiloh's rally from earlier that day. "Prepare to be enlightened," Sam told Jason. She thought Shiloh was convincing, and she pointed out that he had the skill to prey on vulnerable people. Jason saw a pattern, and Sam was convinced that DOD was a cult.

Jason and Sam found a definition and description for cults, and they agreed that it fit all that they knew about DOD. Jason read that it would be difficult to remove someone from such a group. Sam vowed to get closer to Shiloh, and she planned to get evidence against him. Jason suggested that information on the tattoo might prove to be helpful.

Kristina stood behind the bar at Charlie's Pub while Valerie sat on the other side. They looked at the video of Shiloh's rally, and Kristina asked Valerie if she'd been inspired. Valerie didn't think that Kristina was like her old self any longer, but Kristina declared that she had peace and self-confidence. Valerie admitted that she wasn't impressed.

Valerie considered Shiloh to have a big ego and assured Kristina that he wasn't the only one who cared about people. Kristina disagreed and wondered about Valerie's negativity. Valerie declared that she'd had a tough week, and the only thing that Kristina ever talked about was Shiloh and DOD. She had gone to the rally with Kristina because it had been the only opportunity to be able to spend time with her.

Valerie informed Kristina that she knew a con artist and a scam when she saw one and had only been looking out for Kristina. She asked about donations that Kristina had given, and she reminded her friend that she was an heiress who should open her eyes. Kristina felt like she was being attacked, and Shiloh only wanted to help people. Valerie called Kristina blind, and she stormed out of the pub.

As Harmony and Shiloh returned to the DOD house, she complimented him on his latest speech. She told him she wanted to be there with him and not in Beechers Corners, but she wondered if he was obsessed with Sam. Shiloh denied the obsession and instead told Harmony that she needed to concentrate on her work because her numbers were down. He wanted to know why her location hadn't produced more money.

Harmony wondered what had happened to the man who had told her he loved her and for whom she'd gotten the special tattoo. Shiloh insisted his love for her had only grown stronger. It was pure and spiritual, he explained. Harmony agreed that she had known she would have to share him, but it had been difficult. Shiloh suggested she look into herself to find peace at work.

Shiloh proceeded to ask Harmony if she'd heard from "her" because he'd thought that Harmony would be able to locate the one he'd lost. He declared that he would consider allowing Harmony to move to Port Charles if she proved able to locate "her." Harmony promised to do her best and make him proud, and she left the house.

Shortly after, Kristina arrived home. Shiloh praised the rally video that Kristina had posted, and Kristina assured him that many people had been interested. Shiloh acknowledged that he had been impressed with the way Kristina had spoken and listened to people at the rally. He thought she would make a good candidate for his Circle of Trust, which consisted of the people who were closest to him.

Shiloh believed that Kristina was on the "right path," more or less. He asked if she had been upset about Valerie, who had seemed bored and "put off" at the rally. Kristina replied that Valerie had been upset with DOD, and Shiloh advised Kristina that she would have to choose who to associate with.

At General Hospital, Amy helped Franco to get up and walk around in his hospital room. She told him that it had been difficult to keep reporters away, and he had been deemed a hero. Amy left Franco and ran into a drunk Ava by the nurses' desk. Ava wanted to see Kevin, but Amy told her he wasn't around. Franco saw Ava from his doorway and beckoned her to his room.

"So you can kill me, too?" Ava asked Franco. She knew it was him who had killed Kiki and that it hadn't been the man she loved. Franco replied that she knew it was Ryan, but Ava declared there'd been a mix-up, and Ryan was really dead. She held onto her flask as Franco tried to explain that his confession of the crimes had really been justice for Kiki and had been fiction.

Ava continued to argue with Franco. He pointed out that Ryan had wanted her dead, and she would be if it hadn't been for Jason. Ava thought it would have been better because every moment that she'd had with Ryan had been a lie. She sobbed as she recalled how it had felt to be with him the first time, a mere hour or two after he'd murdered Kiki.

Ava screamed and kicked a stool across the room. Amy rushed in, but Franco assured her everything was under control. Franco handed Ava a bottle of water as he sat on the bed beside her. He offered to listen to her talk, but Ava didn't think it would help her. She was in the depths of hell. Ryan had worshipped her and had helped her through the very grief that he had been responsible for. She hoped he was still alive so she could kill him herself.

Franco stressed that Ryan was already dead, but Ava reminded him that Ryan's body hadn't been found. She wasn't done with Ryan, and she wanted to know why he'd killed Kiki. Franco understood Ava's need for revenge, but he stated again that Ryan was dead.

Ava said maybe Ryan was dead, but she didn't want Franco involved in any way because he was close to getting everything he wanted with a real family. She declared that she had nothing, not even dignity, and she would punish Ryan.

Elizabeth was excited to see Cameron, who was exhausted after his long bus ride home from Niagara Falls. He wondered how bad his punishment would be, but Elizabeth assured him he wasn't the one she was disappointed with. Cameron couldn't believe he'd run into Ryan while he'd been away, and he guessed that Franco deserved credit for what had happened.

Cameron admitted that he'd really believed that Franco had committed the crimes, and he hadn't wanted to see his family destroyed because of Franco. He doubted that his concern had been apparent, and he apologized for his behavior. He thought that Elizabeth had to be feeling good after the truth had been revealed.

Cameron added that he'd missed his community service while away longer than expected, and he was worried that it would mess with his probation. Elizabeth promised to deal with it. They walked to Franco's room, and Elizabeth extended her sympathy to Ava, who announced that Franco had helped her. She motioned a thank you to Franco and left.

Cameron wanted to apologize to Franco for his behavior, but Franco replied that he should have been more transparent. Unfortunately, he'd been sworn to secrecy. Cameron called Franco a hero, and he added that he'd been impressed that Franco had been able to escape. Franco replied that he'd had to.

Laura checked in on Kevin, who had his vision back and was thrilled to see the face he'd missed. He declared that he was falling in love all over again, and they kissed. Kevin was all dressed, thanks to the clothes that Laura had dropped off, and she announced that he was able to go home. Kevin was excited.

Laura revealed that Ryan hadn't been found yet, although the cop she'd spoken to doubted he was still alive, between the freezing water and the fact that it led to the falls. Kevin was sorry, and Laura assured him it wasn't his fault, but she asked him how Ryan had been able to get into Ferncliff.

Kevin sat down on the bed next to Laura and explained to Laura how he'd received a call from the DVX about a problem operative. He'd felt bad because the outfit would have murdered the person. He should have called Anna or Robert, but he hadn't. The operative had been Ryan, and he'd been hallucinating and howling. Kevin had put him on meds, and after Ryan had seemed better, Kevin had asked about the almost 25 years that he'd been missing.

Ryan had told Kevin that he'd fled the country and had ended up working for the DVX. Kevin added that their father had also been a spy. He couldn't abandon his brother, who had always believed there was nothing wrong with himself. Ryan had overtaken him in Ferncliff, and he blamed himself. He revealed that he had been working with Ryan since May 2018.

Laura stood up, confused that Kevin had had a secret project during the entire time they'd either visited or spoken to each other. Kevin admitted that he hadn't known how to tell her, and he had been hopeful that Ryan would have made good progress. Laura began to shout at Kevin, who insisted that Ryan had been in a maximum-security situation.

Laura began to cry that Ryan had killed three people and had almost killed her daughter. Kevin should have turned him over to the authorities, she wept. Kevin maintained that he'd wanted to treat Ryan, and from there, his brother would have gone to prison. He had hoped for Ryan's redemption, but he regretted his actions. For months, he had been locked up and terrified that Ryan had been out killing people because of him.

Laura agreed that it was terrible, but she couldn't process it. She accused Kevin of having a misguided loyalty to his brother, and she was angry that he hadn't said anything to her. She turned and left the room in tears.

Andre Maddox helps Anna make sense of Dr. Cabot's experiments

Andre Maddox helps Anna make sense of Dr. Cabot's experiments

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Alexis and Finn left their meeting at the hospital, and Finn invited her out for a meal. She replied that she would if she wasn't meeting her daughter's at Charlie's. A concerned Finn wondered if the location was wise, but she insisted that she would be fine. Finn lightheartedly warned her that he wasn't above saying, "I told you so." "I'm not surprised," she shot back, and she got into the elevator.

Ava saw Kevin in the hall at the hospital and made a beeline for him. She slapped him across the face, spitting insults at him and accusing him of killing Kiki. Scott pulled Ava off of Kevin, and he reminded her that Ryan was gone. Kevin insisted that he wasn't Ryan, but it took Scott showing her Kevin's hospital bracelet for Ava to believe it. She calmed down and apologized to Kevin, who asked Scott for a minute with Ava.

When Scott was gone, Kevin apologized on behalf of Ryan for what Ava had been put through. He talked about how they'd both been violated by Ryan, but Ava wasn't interested in bonding over their pain. Amy approached and offered to help Kevin with his discharge papers. He promised to be there "in a minute," and she left. Kevin begged her to talk to someone and offered to help her find someone she could trust. She thanked him for his concern but believed that opening her heart was what had gotten her into "this mess." She didn't intend to make the mistake again.

A short while later, Ava walked through the hospital and passed by a poster with Kevin's face on it. She ripped the poster down and ripped it apart while screaming and sobbing. Scott found her and held her as she slid to the floor and wailed about all the months, all the lies, and Kiki.

At the hospital, Laura was thankful that the "nightmare" was over, and Lulu commented that Laura and her "real husband" could pick back up where they'd left off. Alexis passed by, and Laura updated her on Ryan's switch with Kevin. Alexis remarked that she'd assumed "Kevin" had dropped her as a patient because she'd been representing Laura in the divorce. Laura realized that the divorce was probably the only reason she was alive.

Alexis needed to discuss the divorce with Laura, and Lulu assumed it wasn't valid. While Laura had signed under duress and Kevin's signature was forged, the filings were already in progress, but Alexis promised to handle it. Alexis had to go and wondered when she could meet with Laura and Kevin. Laura promised to let her know, as there was a lot going on, so Alexis left.

Lulu suspiciously asked her mother why she didn't seem eager to invalidate the divorce. Laura told Lulu about Kevin hiding Ryan and added that "none of this had to happen." She was irate that he'd kept the secret from her for months, and she didn't know how to deal with it. Lulu wondered if Laura thought the two would work it out.

A short while later, Kevin was at the desk, filling out his discharge papers, when Laura approached. Amy went to get a wheelchair for Kevin while he finished up with the paperwork. He informed Laura that he was allowed to go home, "if you want me home?" Laura didn't think it was a good idea, and he understood. She was glad that he was feeling better, and she walked away.

Anna was sitting in Metro Court when Andre arrived, and they embraced. They talked about Jordan, and Andre disclosed that he'd been tested to be a donor, but he wasn't a match. Changing the subject, he wondered if Anna wanted to talk to him about his work in memory transfers. She briefly told him about Arthur Cabot's work, and her unwilling participation. He didn't remember many details of the research, but he did know that the patients had only been listed by number. He thought that he might have something better.

Finn joined Anna and Andre as Andre searched through his computer. He explained that, while he'd destroyed his own research, he hadn't destroyed Cabot's original work. He turned his computer around so the couple could look, and Finn read that there had been "partial success" in the memory transfer from Patient Two to Patient One. He sent the files to both Anna and Finn, as Anna agonized over which of her memories were Alex's. Andre explained that Cabot would have focused on the physical reactions to the memories instead of the memories themselves. Finn suggested that there was someone who could help Anna. "My sister," she replied unenthusiastically.

Drew entered Oscar's hospital room to find Kim, and he informed her that Oscar's tests could take a few more hours, according to Terry. She talked about how much she and Oscar had moved, and how many rooms he'd had. She feared that the hospital room would be the last room he was in. Shiloh entered the room and stated that miracles were more common than they thought. He revealed that Oscar had reached out to him, inquiring about "alternative healing." Kim tearfully revealed that she'd seen the benefits of spiritual medicine, but she'd also reviewed Oscar's charts, and he was "well past that point."

Shiloh asked Drew to let Oscar know that he'd stopped by, and he left. "I can spot a charlatan a mile away," Kim muttered when Shiloh was gone, and Drew was surprised by the reaction. Kim realized that Oscar reaching out to Shiloh meant that he was looking for a miracle. Drew figured that Oscar was being brave for them, when, really, he was scared of what would happen next. "So am I," Kim cried. "Me, too," Drew agreed, and the two embraced.

As Sam entered Charlie's, she asked Spinelli if he'd tracked down the symbol she'd seen tattooed on Daisy. He hadn't, but she knew it had to be tied to Dawn of Day. When she was off the phone, she looked at the symbol again. Molly entered with Kristina, who asked what Sam was working on. Sam dismissed it as a case she was working on and put her phone away. Sam and Molly sat at a table as Kristina excused herself.

Valerie entered and approached Kristina. She didn't like how they'd left things, and she apologized, figuring that it was all right for them to not agree on everything. "Actually, it's not," Kristina replied. Kristina revealed that she had no time in her life for any negativity, and she accused Valerie of not being honest with herself. Valerie was offended that Kristina was throwing away their friendship for people she'd just met. She reasoned that the friendship had been one-sided for a while, anyway, and she stormed out.

From across the restaurant, Sam and Molly speculated what Kristina and Valerie's conversation was about until Kristina joined them. She explained that she was "weeding out the toxic relationships in my life" and told them about her fight with Valerie. Molly was horrified that Kristina had "zero tolerance" for anyone who annoyed her, and she feared that Kristina would do the same to them. Kristina reasoned that it was different because they were family, but they were supportive, anyway.

As Alexis entered and greeted her daughters, Sam got a text and excused herself to take care of a "very important" client. She left, and Alexis updated Kristina and Molly on Ryan and Kevin. She concluded, "So, I went to a serial killer for therapy." Kristina invited Alexis to more group classes instead, and Molly was irritated that Kristina would be so insensitive as to turn Alexis' ordeal into a "pitch." Kristina sang Shiloh's praises, but Molly reminded her sister that all humans were fallible. "Walk in your own choices," Kristina finished, drawing another shocked look from Molly.

Kristina had to start working, so she went to the bar. Molly confided in Alexis that she hadn't known Kristina was so involved in Dawn of Day. Alexis thought that it had done Kristina some good, so Alexis was cautious instead of worried. "As long as she's not hurting herself or someone else," Alexis added, and she left. "Let's hope not," Molly muttered.

Molly approached Kristina and asked what was really going on with her, as Dawn of Day and Shiloh were all Kristina talked about. She wondered about the last time that Kristina had had an original thought. Kristina countered that Shiloh had taught her "so much," and he was very spiritually evolved. Molly believed that Kristina had been indoctrinated into a cult.

Valerie arrived at Metro Court and sat down at the bar, remembering her and Kristina's kiss. She ordered a drink and instructed the bartender to be "generous with the vodka."

Sam quietly entered the Dawn of Day house and looked around. She called out to see if anyone was home, but no one answered. She got a text from Spinelli that read, "Haven't found anything yet. Are you sure your sketch is accurate?" Just then, a shirtless Shiloh entered, claiming to be drying off after being caught in the storm. Sam said that she wanted to talk about Kristina, but she asked him to put a shirt on. As she hid her phone behind her back, he got closer and wondered if him not wearing a shirt made her uncomfortable.

Willow knocked on Chase's door, and he was surprised to see her, as he was supposed to pick her up. She revealed that she'd been able to leave work early, so she'd decided to go to him. She suddenly passionately kissed him, and he observed that she was "full of surprises." They'd both been so busy since Valentine's Day that she didn't want him to think she was losing interest, and he agreed. He suggested walking to the restaurant, since it was nice out, so they left their apartment as lightning flashed unseen in the window behind them.

A short while later, Willow and Chase returned to his apartment, soaked. He offered to put her clothes into the dryer and advised her to pick out any of his clothes to wear. She returned a few minutes later as he made a fire. She handed her soaking dress to him, and he ran out to throw their clothes in the dryer. When he returned, he poured some wine and apologized that he didn't have much in the way of food. She revealed that she wasn't much of a cook, either, so he asked for a "literal rain check" for a dinner out.

Willow and Chase both agreed that they wanted more time together, but she worried about scaring him off with her baggage. He assured her that everyone had baggage. She called him easy to confide in, as he didn't have an agenda. He admitted that he did, as he wanted to see where they went as a couple. She agreed, and they shared a kiss. Chase's timer went off, so he got up to get their clothes out of the dryer. When he returned, Willow went to his bedroom to change. A Dawn of Day tattoo was visible on her back.

Dante is ordered to kill Sonny

Dante is ordered to kill Sonny

Friday, March 15, 2019

Alexis arrived at Neil's office late for a session. He mentioned that it was her money she was wasting; she mentioned that her daughter had told her that therapy was a waste of money. They sat down, and Alexis talked about the fact that her last therapist had switched places with his brother and had been a serial killer. She'd only had one session with him, but she was down on herself for not figuring it out.

Neil reminded her that no one else had guessed anything about the switch, but Alexis felt that she had talent in picking out psychopaths and should have known. She had been able to tell that something had been wrong. Neil thought that Alexis had been desperate to confide in someone, but he also thought she was brave to face her issues.

Alexis asked if she was the least or most crazy patient that Neil had, and he smiled. She paced the room as she listened to Neil talking about her running away when it was time to solve her problems. Alexis denied it was true, and Neil suggested she was holding back.

Soon after, Neil announced that time was up. He hoped that Alexis would be honest during their next session. She was annoyed and rushed out but returned to confess that she'd had a sex dream about Julian, and there had been a bottle of vodka.

Valentin met with Anna at Metro Court, and she told him she wanted information about her sister. They sat at a table. Valentin announced that he was getting married, and Peter would be his best man because he'd shown forgiveness. Anna was surprised but declared that it was important that she find Alex.

Valentin accused Anna of covering up the wrath of her request, but she claimed it was because she was sitting near Valentin. She added that she had something that belonged to Alex, and she needed to get rid of it.

Valentin was shocked after hearing Anna's story about her memory switch, and Anna didn't buy his sympathy. He warned her to be careful in the event that something she thought belonged to her really didn't. Anna asked him to stop stalling, but Valentin went on to discuss how similar they were in so many areas, like memories, betrayals, and lies. He urged her to remember the good.

Anna demanded to know where Alex was, but Valentin claimed to have not seen her for a very long time. The last time he'd seen her, she'd pretended to be Anna, he told her. Valentin insisted that he couldn't help and had no idea of Alex's whereabouts. He added that there was no secret brotherhood. Anna wanted Valentin to deliver a message.

Valentin agreed to get in touch with certain contacts after hearing Anna say that she wanted to make amends. She wanted him to tell Alex that she had a remedy to cure their nightmare. Valentin hoped the nightmare wasn't just beginning.

Chase lay on the couch, tossing a ball, when a knock at the door disturbed his thoughts. Thinking it was Willow returning, he called out and quickly answered. He was surprised to see Finn instead and assured him it wasn't a bad time. Chase admitted he'd had a date earlier, and when Finn asked about the "schoolmarm," Chase quickly corrected him and said she wasn't "anyone's marm."

Finn talked about Chase's career day stint, and the brothers made fun of each other. Finn grabbed a piece of leftover pizza as the guys sat on the couch. Turning serious, Finn acknowledged that he'd just been passing by, and he suggested that Chase call their father. Chase was worried, but Finn promised that nothing was wrong. He knew that their dad had followed Chase's search for the serial killer and had gone to Niagara Falls.

Chase replied that he hadn't been close to the killer, but before he said more, he cut himself off. He realized that Finn had been checking on him because he'd been worried. He teased his brother, and Finn insisted that Chase was his responsibility. He ordered Chase to stop grinning, and he got up to leave. Chase admitted that Finn's visit meant a lot to him. They advised each other to stay safe.

Sonny paced a room in Turkey until Dev returned and insisted that no one had seen him casing Raj's compound. Sonny wondered if he'd seen Dante, but Dev revealed that he'd only seen Raj's bodyguards. Sonny decided that he would have to sneak inside, and he gave Dev some money for his previous help. He wanted Dev to call the phone number on the paper Sonny had given him if Sonny didn't return. Dev told Sonny to be ready, and he left.

Shortly after, Dev took a dive into a trash bin as a couple of Raj's bodyguards looked for him. While Dev distracted the guards by picking a pocket, Sonny managed to sneak inside the compound. The guards gave up and headed back to their posts.

Inside, Raj sat at a desk in front of a laptop and was on the phone. Sonny walked in behind him and pointed a gun at his head. As Sonny demanded to know where Dante was, a door creaked. Dante walked through and stared at his father. He asked what Sonny was doing. A guard walked up behind Sonny and struck him on the head. Sonny fell to the floor.

"Now you'll never leave," Raj said to the fallen man. Eventually, Sonny stood up and urged Raj to let them go. Raj announced that he knew all about the WSB, and he held out his gun to Dante. Raj told him to do the honors. "What the hell is this?" Sonny asked as one of the guards kept his gun pointed at Sonny.

Raj insisted that Dante was happy there and was there of his own free will. He wanted to be a part of Raj's organization and could prove it. Raj told Dante to kill Sonny, who shook his head slightly at his son.

Michael met with Jason outside of Charlie's Pub and asked about Carly. He noted that there was always someone in his family who appeared to be on the edge of disaster. Jason maintained that Sonny had to stay focused on rescuing Dante.

Inside, Molly and Kristina argued after Molly had questions about Dawn of Day and called the group a cult. Kristina was angry and thought that Molly, of all people, would be on her side. Molly declared that Kristina no longer appeared to be speaking for herself, and she wondered whose thoughts Kristina had been voicing.

Kristina accused Molly of judging her from afar, while Molly replied that Kristina had always looked for the easy answers to her problems, and she suggested that Kristina stay true to herself. Molly didn't think that Kristina sounded like the sister she'd known, but Kristina snapped that Molly didn't know her. Kristina insisted she'd been changing and evolving and that Molly was never around to see that because she was always busy.

Molly and Kristina continued to argue, and as they argued, they grew louder. Jason and Michael seated themselves at a table and heard them. Michael disclosed that Kristina had been distant, but they'd had a talk recently. She had seemed okay, and he had even loaned her money for school.

At the bar, Molly reasoned that Kristina was taking classes, but it really wasn't school. Kristina handed her Shiloh's book, but Molly continued her attack. She wasn't afraid to say what she thought, unlike Sam or Alexis. She asked Kristina how much the classes cost, and Kristina explained that therapy cost people money, too.

Molly thought that Kristina had been keeping secrets and dropping friends. She didn't think that anyone was allowed to criticize Kristina's group. The girls continued to argue loudly, and Kristina ordered Molly to stay out of her life. Michael rushed over to them. Kristina told her sister to shut up, but Molly mentioned the classes that Kristina had been taking at DOD.

Molly continued that Kristina's classes involved the path of enlightenment, and it was a cult. Kristina rushed out as she declared that she couldn't deal with the negativity. "Cult," Molly said. She informed Michael that Kristina had been brainwashed, and they needed to do something. Michael wanted more information, and Molly turned to Jason for help. He flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Sam about Shiloh.

Molly insisted that if Sonny knew what Kristina had been up to, it would all be over. Jason thought that maybe Michael could reach Kristina, but he also thought they would have to let Shiloh think that he was winning so they could "take him down."

At the Dawn of Day house, Sam asked Shiloh to put a shirt on because she wanted to discuss Kristina. Shiloh thought that Sam was flustered seeing him without his shirt. She declared that she hadn't expected to see him like that, and he insisted that he didn't have to conform in his own house. Sam mentioned the unlocked door, and he replied that it was open for people seeking shelter. He assured her the doors were all locked at midnight.

Sam confided that she was worried about her sister, but Shiloh assured her they took care of each other. Sam flashed back to a conversation with Jason about Shiloh being dangerous. He put on his shirt. Sam confessed that she had doubts about Kristina, as she'd just seen her sister cut ties with one of her best friends because the friend had had questions about DOD.

Shiloh was sorry. "Are you?" Sam asked. She wondered if Shiloh had put Kristina up to it. Shiloh claimed it wasn't his business, but he would speak to Kristina about it. He suggested that many people often had to go "all in" with DOD, and he wondered if Sam would be able to do that.

Shiloh wanted to talk about Sam, and her pain and fear of commitment. He mentioned her shying away and stated that he had a course for that, which was step one. Sam asked about step two and declared that Shiloh's half nakedness didn't faze her. Kristina walked in and announced that Molly had lectured her.

Kristina appreciated Sam being there, and the sisters hugged. Sam noted that she hoped Kristina worked things out with Valerie, and she had to leave to get her kids. Shiloh hoped that Sam would consider what they had talked about.

After Sam had gone, Shiloh noted that he'd heard about Kristina's rough night. Kristina replied that she had cut the negativity from her life. She added that it had felt good to "sever ties" with those who were not accepting what she believed in. Shiloh was proud of her and announced that she was ready for the next step.

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