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Laura was sworn in as mayor of Port Charles. Anna regained her eyesight. Oscar embraced his bucket list. Sam attended a Day of Dawn meeting. Ryan had deadly intentions when he paid Lulu a visit.
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Laura was sworn in as mayor and Oscar learned he had only a short time to live
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Ryan adds Carly's name to his victims list

Ryan adds Carly's name to his victims list

Monday, January 14, 2019

Valentin ran into Curtis at the Metro Court bar, and Curtis mentioned that he was there to check out the security system. He suggested that Valentin do the same with his home system because of the killer on the loose. Valentin assured him that Wyndemere was a fortress, and he was able to keep Charlotte and Nina secure. He added that Nina was back where she belonged.

Curtis was surprised to learn that Nina had moved back into Wyndemere, and he guessed that Valentin locating Nina's daughter had been key. He was glad that Sasha and Nina had been getting along. Valentin thanked Curtis for finding Sasha, and he promised to keep Nina safe.

Jason and Sonny sat at a nearby table, and Jason asked Sonny if he'd ever heard about Shiloh. Sonny hadn't, and Jason filled him in on Shiloh's story. Jason mentioned that Shiloh was the leader of the house where Kristina had been living. Sonny was confused about the house having a leader, and Jason stated that Shiloh was in charge.

As Jason explained, Kristina walked in and saw them together. She couldn't believe that Jason was trying to get Sonny to worry. She sighed deeply and held her hands briefly in a prayerful position. She vowed not to give Jason and Sonny her power and said she would focus on positivity instead. She informed the men that she was picking up food for the soup kitchen and was both happy and safe.

Sonny pulled up another chair, and Kristina sat at the table. Sonny made it known that Jason had been telling him about the man at the house where Kristina lived but suggested she tell him about the man instead. Kristina proceeded to tell him more about Shiloh's past. Sonny and Jason believed Shiloh was too good to be true, and Jason insisted that he and Sam had only asked questions.

Kristina appreciated Jason and Sam looking out for her but considered them to be paranoid. She stood and hugged Sonny and announced that she had to go.

After Kristina had gone, Jason continued to tell Sonny about the confrontation he and Sam had had with Shiloh. The man had claimed he hadn't known who Sam was, but Sam had been receiving emails related to her past that would have involved Shiloh. Sonny suggested that Shiloh could be using Kristina.

Jason wasn't certain but, he thought it was possible. Sonny knew that Kristina had a habit of always getting defensive when someone said something to her that she didn't agree with, and he needed to know if Jason learned anything more about Shiloh.

Franco holed up in Kevin's office at the hospital and searched through patient files, looking for his own. He saw the box where Kevin hid his victims' driver's licenses but before he could attempt to look inside, Carly walked in. She saw the mess, and demanded to know why Franco was ransacking the doctor's office. Franco explained that he was looking for his file because Kevin had been treating him badly.

Franco went on to describe Kevin's recent behavior, and Carly admitted that that was the reason that she was there, also. She clarified that she had only wanted to talk to Kevin, not destroy the office. Franco announced that he was going to change doctors because Kevin had told him to get lost.

Carly understood, and she agreed that Kevin had been in crisis mode, especially because he had been hanging around with Ava. She added that he had been "blowing me off," also. Suddenly, she changed topic and asked Franco if he had ever encountered a patient named Wilson Ritter when he had worked at Ferncliff.

Franco replied that the patients normally weren't chatty. Carly disclosed that the man knew Morse Code and was violent, but Franco had never heard of him and wouldn't be able to work with a violent patient. Carly revealed that she had never heard of the man, either, and one would think that with such notoriety, she would have found something online. She thought it was fishy.

Franco picked up Kevin's box and asked if maybe they could find an answer inside. He shook the box but was unable to get it open. Carly urged him to help her clean up. She stated that Kevin had helped them both in the past, even if he was having a difficult time. Franco admitted that he didn't want a new doctor, and he had been unable to locate his file. He suggested that maybe patients weren't the only ones with secrets.

Liesl stood in the Crimson office and informed Nina that there was something Nina needed to know about her daughter. Nina went on to talk about how wonderful Sasha was and how she had enjoyed their journey together. "Joy will turn into disappointment one day," Liesl assured her. Nina disagreed. She also declared that she had regretted being involved in Liesl's plan to kill Peter.

Liesl insisted she was trying to help Nina, but Nina thought that Liesl was upset over Britt's betrayal. Liesl promised that Sasha would do the same. "Keep your eyes open," Liesl warned. She thought that Nina refused to see Valentin's true self. Nina was angry that Liesl had tried to compare Valentin to Faison, but Liesl said that Valentin was no better. The women had words.

Nina argued that Valentin had killed Nikolas in self-defense. "Just be alert," Liesl repeated. Nina finally ordered her aunt out of the office and told her not to return until Liesl was happy for her. "Remember what I said," Liesl said in a parting shot. Nina slammed the door.

Liesl encountered Valentin in the outer office, and he demanded to know what Liesl had said to Nina. Liesl replied that Nina was convinced she'd seen similarities between Nathan and Sasha, but she would be crushed when she learned that Sasha wasn't really her daughter. She also thought that Sasha might slip up.

Valentin informed Liesl that Sasha had returned to her home, but Liesl thought that was only temporary because Nina would want to see her. Valentin and Liesl snapped at each other, and Valentin ordered Liesl to keep her mouth shut. He was aware of the letters she'd written if something happened to her, and he considered them to be at a stalemate.

Nina called Sasha to say hello and to hear her voice. She invited Sasha on a trip to Paris. Valentin surprised Nina, who was happy to see him. He asked what Liesl had talked about while there. Nina stated that Liesl had predicted that Sasha would disappoint her, and Liesl had compared Valentin to Faison.

Nina announced that she had just arranged a trip to Paris with Sasha. Valentin asked Nina to postpone the trip because he and Charlotte needed her, and she agreed to wait until the summer to have a family trip.

At the pier, "Kevin" told Ava that he thought they should leave Port Charles forever, and he suggested several exotic locations where they could live. He added all of the reasons why Ava should leave, not least so that she wouldn't be haunted by Kiki's memory. "We only need each other, and they'll never find us. Please say yes," "Kevin" concluded.

Ava reminded "Kevin" that they had a life in Port Charles, but he insisted that he only wanted to be with Ava. He declared that his friends had turned on him when he'd left Laura. He told her that she could have an art gallery wherever they landed. Ava advised him that she could not leave Avery behind, and "Kevin" admitted that he hadn't considered the little girl.

"Kevin" believed it to be an "easy fix" because they could take Avery with them. Ava laughed. She told him that it wouldn't be possible because of Sonny and Carly. "Kevin" was certain they could make arrangements that would allow Avery to live with them for extended periods of time. Ava didn't think so, especially because Sonny had threatened to go to court again.

"Kevin" declared that he could be persuasive, but Ava didn't think he would be able to get over on the Corinthos couple. Ava advised him that she preferred to deal with it herself, and she would go to Sonny. She didn't think things would work out unless "Sonny and Carly fall off the face of the earth."

Alexis dashed into Charlie's Pub with a huge wrapped giftbox. She happened to see Sam and informed her that the gift was for Kristina for her new home. Both women revealed that they had stopped by to see Kristina, who wasn't there. Sam admitted that she had a warning for her sister.

Alexis was disappointed to hear Sam say that because she had finally gotten rid of much of her stress over Kristina. Alexis took off her coat and sat at a table. She had thought that things were good with Kristina. Sam sat down and told her mother all about Shiloh and showed her a photo of him on her phone. She told her about Dawn of Day and the fact that Kristina really liked Shiloh.

Alexis wondered why Sam didn't like Shiloh, and Sam quickly asked what was in the box. Alexis wasn't falling for it, and Sam admitted that Kristina could be "in over her head." Sam started to talk, but Kristina walked inside and sarcastically noted that Sam and Jason were "on the same page." Jason was in the process of warning Sonny, she added.

Alexis quickly showed Kristina her present and explained that it was a new appliance for her new home. Kristina hugged her, and Sam apologized for how things had gone when she and Jason had met Shiloh. Kristina announced that she was there to pick up food for the soup kitchen, and Sam revealed that she had something to say that both Kristina and Alexis should know.

Sam confessed that, when she had been running her con, she had married Henry Archer, who had been Shiloh's father. She was afraid that Shiloh might be using Kristina. Alexis thought it was possible, but Kristina refused to believe that Shiloh would have any bad feelings. He had even mentioned it in his book.

Kristina was angry that her family members felt as they did and insisted that the past was "a bridge to betterment" for Shiloh -- just as Sam and Alexis were her bridges, Kristina added. Sam thought that Shiloh could be running a con, but Kristina insisted that Sam, Alexis, and Jason knew nothing about Dawn of Day. She suggested they take seminars, and she whipped out a pamphlet. She thought that "Loving without Judgment" would be good for Alexis.

Just then, Jason walked in. Kristina found another seminar that she thought would be appropriate for him and Sam, who was annoyed with her sister. Kristina told them they needed to explore, and she got up, thanked her mother again, and left. Alexis was pleased that they'd held a calm discussion, and she thought that Kristina hadn't been harmed in any way. Sam and Jason glared at Alexis, and they all agreed to attend a seminar.

"Kevin" got to his office at the hospital and found the door open. He opened it gingerly and spied Carly sitting inside. She jumped up and challenged him on Wilson Ritter and asked what "Kevin" was hiding. She hadn't been able to find any information on the patient. "Kevin" suggested that the patient hadn't been "glorified," but Carly asked if "Kevin" had pulled all of the reference material off the Internet.

"Kevin" suggested that Carly stop thinking about Ferncliff and focus on her family instead. He saw her behavioral pattern repeating itself and being just as crazed as it had been when she'd dealt with Nelle. He pointed out that he had just found her sitting in his office in the middle of the night. Carly shouted that she was always around for her kids, and she planned on getting to the bottom of things. She stormed out.

Once alone, Ryan removed his secret box and slid the top open. He pulled out a paper and wrote something down. Carly's name was added to the bottom of his list of victims.

Liesl found Franco on the pier, and they recalled their last meeting. She had knocked him out because he had tried to prevent her from killing Peter. Franco wondered how she'd been set free, and Liesl replied that it had helped to know someone's secrets.

Liesl asked why Franco was brooding. "Someone bailed on me," Franco replied. It had been someone who knew his secrets, Franco added. Liesl declared that secrets could be destructive if they were in the wrong hands. She thought he should be careful. She had secrets that would affect some very important people. They agreed that they were still friends.

Ava found Sonny at Metro Court and told him she had something to discuss. She planned on leaving town because she had too many memories of Kiki. Sonny understood, but he advised her that she wouldn't get extra time with Avery. Ava explained that she would be moving permanently, and she would want Avery for extended periods. She asked him to consider it, and she told him that other people managed to do the same thing.

Ava added that she would be moving to Europe but Sonny insisted that Ava would have to visit Avery in Port Charles. He understood how she felt without Kiki because he was without Morgan, thanks to Ava. He didn't plan on adding Avery to the list of people he had loved and lost.

Ava sniffled as Sonny walked off, and she phoned "Kevin." She told him that Sonny had denied her request and wouldn't even consider it. She said he was hateful and wouldn't let her leave with Avery.

Anna regains her eyesight

Anna regains her eyesight

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Elizabeth gave Franco baking instructions as she struggled into her coat before heading out of the house. Aiden didn't like Elizabeth's shortcuts and announced that he wanted to bake all of his school bake sale cookies from scratch. Franco agreed to go along with Aiden's wishes and went through all of their ingredients. He informed Aiden that they had to taste-test the chocolate chips for quality control, and they proceeded to eat some.

As Aiden sifted flour, he gave Franco instructions. Franco was impressed, and he wondered why the little boy hadn't told everyone about his love of baking. When Aiden didn't answer, Franco revealed that he had liked to draw as a little boy but had never told anyone, either. Aiden confessed that he didn't want to be laughed at again.

When the baking had been completed, Franco sat on the sofa with Aiden and watched a baking video.

At General Hospital, Finn sat beside Anna and stopped her from pulling her bandages off. Anna was determined to know if her surgery had worked and if she could see again. Chase arrived, and Griffin admitted that he had called Chase for backup. Anna suggested that Chase take Finn out for coffee because Finn had been "hovering." The brothers left, and Anna quickly praised Griffin.

"That was nicely done," Anna told Griffin. They joked, but Anna grew serious and asked how bad her prognosis was. Griffin assured her that the surgery had gone well, but he wasn't able to predict its success. Anna was glad that Finn had gone out, and Griffin laughed. He was sure that Anna had enjoyed Finn's presence.

Anna stated that Finn was used to "take-charge Anna" and not "blind Anna," but Griffin assured her that Finn loved her. He thought that Anna had been the one to get more than she'd bargained for. Anna knew it had to be difficult for Griffin to be thinking about Kiki.

Michael saw Monica and asked about Gail's funeral service. Monica filled him in and talked about Gail and Lee. Michael wanted Monica to take care of herself, and he suggested a day out together in the city. Monica admitted that she wanted to stick around for Oscar, and Michael asked for a rain check. Michael reminded her that she needed to take care of herself in order to help others. Monica declared that Gail had said the same thing.

Alexis ran into Oscar, and he told her that nothing had changed. He wanted to finish up the writing of his will with her. Alexis gave him a hug and told him she was sorry. Oscar had a meeting, and he had to go. He promised to call her.

Terry met with Kim ahead of their meeting with Oscar. Kim informed the doctor that she wanted her to be direct with Oscar. She wanted "complete transparency" when Oscar arrived to ask questions. Oscar arrived and wondered why his mother was already with Terry. Kim explained that she had wanted to tell Terry to be honest with him.

"What's it gonna be like when I'm dying?" Oscar asked. He wanted to prepare. Terry advised him that his headaches would get worse, and he could have difficulty maintaining his balance. Oscar asked a variety of questions, but Terry explained that everyone's symptoms could be different. Oscar asked how much time he had left, and he jumped up from his chair.

Terry had no definite answer but stated it could be seven or eight months or six weeks. Oscar dropped his water bottle, and Kim hugged him. They both cried, but after Terry was gone, Kim handed her son his yearly planner. She told him there was no clock on it, and she wanted him to cross off events that he had planned. She promised to help, and she sent him off to Josslyn.

Josslyn found Cameron lying on one of the pews in the hospital chapel. She grabbed a pamphlet he had and read, Roads to Recovery. She immediately asked Cameron if he had been using drugs. Cameron explained that he'd had to undergo counseling and community service. Josslyn asked him further questions, and he reluctantly told her what he had done.

Josslyn wished she had known in order to obtain Diane for his lawyer. Cameron admitted that he hated the counseling, but he had to show up. Josslyn laughed and hugged him, and she commended him for caring about Oscar. Cameron admitted that he was happy that Oscar was feeling better, but Josslyn hesitatingly told him the truth about Oscar's condition.

Josslyn revealed that the drug trial hadn't worked for Oscar, and nothing further could be done. Cameron sat down and called himself an idiot for going on to Oscar about life post-tumor. Josslyn declared that Oscar hadn't wanted to tell Cameron the truth because Cameron had thought Oscar had won. Josslyn sat beside her friend. Cameron sadly said that he'd never thought that Oscar would die.

Cameron wondered if there was anything he could do. He put his arm around Josslyn, who leaned on his shoulder. "Be a friend," she said. "Always," Cameron replied. She told him to stay out of jail, and she admitted that she had searched for cures everywhere. She had equated it with a game for which she had sat on the bench for but then had thought she'd enter the game and save the day. She had avoided the truth in both scenarios, she said.

Josslyn declared that Oscar would die, and she wouldn't waste any more time looking for cures. She would make "the best out of every day." "Good plan," Cameron agreed. His phone went off, and he said he had to get home. He reminded Josslyn that he was there for both her and Oscar.

Chase tried to slow Finn down after they retrieved coffee from the nearby vending machine instead of the cafeteria. Finn wanted to get back to Anna. Chase advised him that Anna wanted some space, and she had wanted Finn to be taken care of because she had been worried about him. Chase said he knew that because he had been observant.

Chase also thought that Finn could use some support. Finn was touched by all he heard. The brothers stopped to sit on a bench in the hallway. They made small talk, and Finn asked about Willow. He teased his brother, and Chase admitted that he thought he liked Willow.

Chase asked about Anna's blindness, and Finn revealed that it had been caused by a virus. Griffin found them and announced that it was time to remove Anna's bandages. Chase declared that he would wait and sent Finn off with Griffin.

Monica knocked and walked into Kim's office. She sat down and expressed her sorrow over the latest news about Oscar. Kim thanked her for being so welcoming to Oscar, and Monica thanked Kim for sharing him. Kim confessed that she didn't know what to do or how to let go.

Willow arrived at Charlie's Pub and ran into Julian. She quickly assured him that she hadn't been the one to pick the meeting spot with a student's parents. Julian advised her that it wasn't good for her to be there, and she should consider moving away. Willow informed him that she had met a lot of people with connections to her son, and she would not forget her son if she moved.

Julian placed a cup of coffee in front of Willow and reminded her that the baby was Brad and Lucas' son. Willow replied that the boy was still hers in her heart. Elizabeth arrived and sat down with Willow in order to talk about Aiden.

Over coffee, Willow admitted that she hadn't noticed any further bullying, but Aiden had kept to himself. She stated that it was possible he could still be suffering from bullying out of her sight. Elizabeth couldn't understand why her son had been a target. Willow admitted that kids could be cruel, and they formed packs.

Willow noted that Aiden read, was sweet, and took care of the classroom guinea pig. She thought that he needed to identify himself. Elizabeth explained that they lived in a non-traditional family, and they were okay with choices. She only wanted to protect her son. Willow maintained that she had been monitoring the situation, and it was only one chapter in their lives. Elizabeth wanted Aiden to be happy.

Elizabeth thought that Willow had a gift with children, and she thanked Willow for the meeting. As Elizabeth left, she received a text message asking her to buy something before she returned home.

Alexis walked in and ordered Julian to visit Kim. She informed him that she had just seen Oscar, and Julian needed to call Kim. She wouldn't answer Julian's questions, but she told him that it wasn't a good time for him to be backing away from Kim.

Michael walked inside and saw Willow sitting at a table. He told her he'd missed her at the last several meetings, and Willow admitted that she hadn't been attending as frequently. Michael asked if she'd found peace.

Kim looked inside the front window but turned around to leave instead. In doing so, she bumped into Julian, who revealed that he'd had to rush to the store to buy more marshmallows for hot chocolate. He admitted that he'd heard about Oscar, and he was sorry. He hoped that she found comfort in the fact that Oscar loved her. Kim called Julian a good guy, even though he'd slept with someone else. Julian invited her inside.

In Anna's room, Griffin removed her bandages. At first, things were blurry, but Anna could see. Slowly, things around her came into focus, and Anna's sight had returned. She began to cry. Finn gave Chase the news and invited him back to Anna's room. Chase said that he had to meet someone. Finn realized that he had been happy that Chase had been there. "Me, too," Chase replied.

Griffin went over all the tests and announced that things looked good, but he admitted that he didn't recognize some of the markers. Later, Finn looked the records over and admitted that the virus that had caused Anna's blindness had never been seen in North America. He didn't understand what had caused it.

Oscar met up with Josslyn in the chapel, and she cut him off before he could tell her any serious news. She informed him that they were on her time, and she wanted to know what he wanted to do. Oscar laughed, and the couple went over their schedule in the planner. They made some changes and decided to start their adventure. "Let the end of my life begin," Oscar declared.

Willow left the pub and ran into Chase, who was just arriving to meet her. They took off together, and Michael observed from inside. Julian and Kim shared a table and some hot chocolate. Kim suggested they stay in the present and enjoy it.

Elizabeth returned home and appreciated the smell of freshly baked cookies. Franco grabbed her to visit with the chef, and he and Aiden revealed the several varieties of cookies they had baked. Franco deemed Aiden a "kitchen prodigy," and he told Elizabeth that the boy had watched cooking shows. He and Elizabeth presented Aiden with a new cookbook.

Cameron arrived, and Elizabeth asked him about his counseling. Cameron said it had been okay, and he had seen Josslyn. He sampled a cookie and enjoyed it immensely. "This is really what I needed," Cameron declared. Aiden was thrilled. Franco told Elizabeth about his afternoon with Aiden and how knowledgeable Aiden was. "Let Aiden be Aiden," Franco said. Elizabeth replied that Willow had said the same thing.

Cameron sat on the sofa with Aiden and asked for the passwords to get into his tablet. Once Cameron was in, he spotted a message that said, "Get lost Gayden." Cameron decided not to use it, after all. Aiden showed his brother his new book.

Laura takes her oath of office

Laura takes her oath of office

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Franco sat in the living room with Aiden, Jake, and Cameron. They were all dressed in suits and waited patiently for Elizabeth to be ready so they could leave for Laura's inauguration. A worried Aiden asked if Charlotte would be at the ceremony, and Elizabeth replied that she didn't know but reminded him that Charlotte was Laura's grandchild, too.

Franco suggested they take some cookies along as Aiden sat looking at the cakes in his new book. When Franco grabbed Aiden to fetch some cookies, Cameron asked Jake about Aiden and Charlotte. Jake informed him that Charlotte had been bullying Aiden, and Cameron was shocked. Jake admitted that he thought other kids had been bullying their brother, also.

Jake added that Aiden was a "weirdo," but Cameron thought that Jake should either beat up a boy or tell on a girl if bullying occurred. He thought it was Jake's responsibility to protect their little brother. Jake advised Cameron that he couldn't follow Aiden around all day. Elizabeth finally returned to the room and rounded everyone up to leave.

At Metro Court, Peter met with Lulu, who confessed that she couldn't get anyone associated with the police department to talk to her about the suspected connection of all of the murder victims. Peter thought that maybe the connection wasn't legitimate, and he suggested she find someone else to talk to.

Lulu assured Peter that she could obtain quotes from people like Kevin and Felicia, and she would be able to "compare and contrast" the old murders to the current ones. Lulu was adamant that her readers deserved to know everything about the murders, and Peter told her to write the story. He would decide whether or not to publish it.

In the Crimson office, Mac and Jordan did their best to convince Maxie to cancel Lucy's book launch and signing. They were afraid that it would be a crime scene with the killer still on the loose. Lulu arrived as Mac and Jordan were trying to be persuasive, but Lulu interrupted to tell Maxie that she needed a dress for her mother's inauguration.

Jordan was annoyed and dismissed Lulu abruptly, but Maxie informed her friend that, based on the similarities to the other murders, Jordan and Mac were convinced that the killer would show up. Lulu whipped out her phone and turned the recorder on, but Jordan refused to answer her questions. Maxie insisted that Lucy would kill her if she canceled the event, but Jordan declared that Nathan would agree with her, not Maxie.

Lulu was offended and informed Jordan that it was Maxie and Nathan's anniversary, and Jordan was sorry. Maxie replied that Nathan would have said, "Life must go on," and she refused to cancel the event.

Back at the Metro Court restaurant, Mac found Peter and sat down. He wanted Peter's help in protecting Maxie and Felicia, and he wanted Peter to take Lulu off the story about the killer. Peter thought the public had a right to know, especially because the murders had been inspired by Ryan Chamberlain. Mac wondered how Peter knew that, and Peter suggested Mac read the Invader.

Mac emphasized that Peter needed to keep Ryan's name out of the paper, or the killer would be even further ahead of the police than he already was. He wanted Jordan to be able to continue investigating the copycat killer, and he didn't want Maxie and Felicia to be targets.

Scott rushed into Charlie's Pub, removed his coat, and sat down with Ava. She offered to pay him double to sell her penthouse and art gallery along with all of the contents. She informed him that she planned on leaving town if things went well, and she wouldn't be alone. Scott advised her that the housing market was down, and he asked if she was leaving with "Dr. Dopey."

Ava declared that she wanted Avery with her, also, but Scott assured her there was no way that would happen unless it was over Sonny's dead body. Scott reminded her that people had been trying to kill Sonny for 25 years. He thought Ava should stay in town and allow her friends to help her. He thought she could learn to live with things.

Ava disagreed and told Scott she had a chance to start, over according to Kevin. Scott asked if it was all the doctor's idea. "So?" Ava asked. She maintained that her relationship with Kevin was off-limits, but Scott thought that Ava should have warning bells going off after Kevin had sacrificed his marriage to Laura. He believed that the doctor would treat Ava the same way.

Ava thought that Scott should be happy for her, but Scott insisted she could do better. "With you?" Ava asked bluntly. She wondered if their conversation was about her or Scott. She snapped that he'd had his opportunity, but she was no longer interested.

At another table, Curtis removed his coat and sat down with Stella. He asked if she'd been busy with Mike. "Among others," Stella replied. She revealed that things had been settled between Sonny and Marcus, and Curtis thought that Marcus had been lucky to have Stella's support. Stella confessed that Marcus saw things differently. She thought that Marcus was angry at her.

Curtis couldn't believe it, but Stella explained that the entire scenario with Mike had put more distance between Marcus and Yvonne. Curtis grew angry and stood up. He announced that he would give Marcus a piece of his mind but Stella stopped him, and Curtis sat back down.

Curtis declared that Marcus would be sorry he hurt Stella, but Stella thought that Curtis believed there was more between them than there actually was. Curtis thought that Marcus should be grateful to Stella, but she assured Curtis he had "overestimated" their relationship.

Carly finished up a phone call with Lucy, who had continued to make demands for her book launch. When Sonny entered the room, Carly quickly handed him the phone. Sonny spoke to Lucy briefly and cut the conversation short. He told her he couldn't hear her due to static. Carly informed him that Lucy was at "Nurses Ball level."

Sonny promised to make things up to Carly, but he told her they had a bigger problem. He informed her that Ava was moving out of town and had asked for extended periods with Avery. The couple both agreed that that wouldn't happen, and Carly added that they'd probably have to track Ava down if she had the little girl. Suddenly, they heard crashing, and both called out to Mike.

An agitated Mike raced down the stairs and searched frantically around the room. He shouted that he couldn't find his watch, and he needed to show it to Yvonne. Sonny pulled the watch out of one of the drawers and handed it to his father. Mike was angry and demanded to know why Sonny had it. Sonny reminded Mike that Mike had given it to him to for safekeeping, but Mike shouted, yelled, and called Sonny a liar and a thief.

Carly attempted to explain, but Mike screamed that he wanted the man arrested. Mike had no idea who Sonny and Carly were, and he believed he had been renting a room in the house. He continued to cry, shout, and accuse, and finally he slugged Sonny in the mouth. Carly managed to send Mike upstairs to his room, and she suggested he would lose his deposit if he continued his behavior.

Mike retreated after a last threat. Carly put an ice pack together for Sonny and told him they needed to talk. Sonny stated that they had been warned, and he offered to hire more help. Carly was worried that Sonny might have to defend himself, and he wouldn't be happy if he had to hit Mike.

Laura encountered "Kevin" outside of City Hall prior to her inauguration. She was surprised to see him, but he announced that he wanted to finalize their divorce. He thought she should have a "clean slate" before she took office. He added that he had never heard from Laura's attorney. Laura declared that she wanted to discuss it another time, and it would have to wait.

Laura insisted that "Kevin" be patient, but he replied that he had been patient already. Laura wondered about the rush. "So you can go play house with Ava?" she asked. She reminded him that she was about to take office and had many other issues to deal with, including a killer.

"Kevin" suggested that Laura allow the police to handle the killer, but Laura retorted that he would have to wait because the city's citizens were more important to her. "Kevin" snapped that their marriage was a "lost cause." Laura insisted she still loved the man she'd married, and she thought he still existed.

"Kevin" replied that he wasn't the man she thought he was, and he accused her of not understanding the game. He stated that she didn't challenge him. "Go to hell," Laura snapped.

At the pub, Ava continued to bicker with Scott. She knew that Scott didn't like Kevin. Just then, "Kevin" arrived, and Ava announced that Scott was leaving. Scott commented that he'd heard about "Kevin" departing with Ava, and "Kevin" stated that it would be therapeutic.

Scott suggested a vacation, not a relocation. He called it avoidance, not therapy. "Kevin" changed the subject and asked about Gail. Ava hadn't known of Gail's death, and she wished Scott had told her. "Kevin" offered to talk to Scott about it. "No, thanks," Scott said.

"Kevin" informed Ava that he would be getting a quick divorce, but Ava announced that Scott had given her a "reality check." She couldn't leave town without her daughter. "Kevin" offered to talk to Sonny.

Carly wanted to talk to Sonny further, but he had disappeared. She was surprised when she answered the phone, and "Kevin" was on the other end. He apologized for his previous behavior, and Carly accepted the apology. He offered to make time to talk to her, and Carly agreed. She also had something to discuss, but she wanted Sonny to be present.

A crowd gathered at City Hall to witness Laura's inauguration. Photos were taken, and congratulations given. Finally, it was time to take her oath of office. "I, Laura Collins," Laura began but stopped. She looked at her rings and asked for a moment. She announced that she wouldn't take her oath due to a misconception. She removed her rings and started her oath again. "I, Laura Webber," she began.

Once Laura had taken her oath, applause and cheers commenced. Aiden offered cookies to Stella, who tasted one and announced that she saw Aiden as a baker in the future. Cameron pulled Franco aside and asked about the baking. Franco informed him that Aiden liked it and was good at it. Cameron insisted that others would think it was weird.

Franco wondered if Cameron was ashamed of his brother, but Cameron shook his head. He was worried about how others would treat Aiden. Curtis met up with Jordan and told her how everything had been worked out at Turning Woods except for Stella. Lulu was happy that Laura had removed her rings and stated she was there for her mother.

Maxie talked to Peter about Lucy's book signing. Lulu approached, and Peter told her he didn't want her to write her article. Laura advised Jordan she wanted a full briefing on the murder cases.

Sam attends a Dawn of Day seminar

Sam attends a Dawn of Day seminar

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cameron was picking up trash outside City Hall when Laura and Lulu strolled by. Laura wondered how he was making out, and he replied that he didn't love picking up trash, but it was better than juvenile hall. Laura liked his attitude and reminded him to think before he acted in the future. He wondered if his grandmother and aunt had gotten in trouble when they were his age. Lulu replied that they'd both been "angels." He promised to learn from their example, and he walked away to continue his job.

Lulu wondered if she was "looking at Rocco in ten years," and Laura laughed. Lulu asked how Laura's first afternoon in office had been, and Laura replied that it had been "exhilarating and intimidating." Lulu had been proud to watch her mother take off her rings and be sworn in under her maiden name. Lulu had to go and promised to check in with Laura later. They both realized that they were going to Lucy's book release, and Lulu related that she was covering the party, since her story had been nixed.

Cameron continued to pick up trash as Josslyn and Oscar approached. He joked that people going to an inauguration should have enough respect to throw out their trash. He asked what they were up to, and Oscar replied that they were "planning our future." Cameron cracked that his future was all mapped out, complete with picking up more trash and insisting to his drug counselor that he'd never smoked pot. Oscar told Josslyn that they needed to revise some of their plans, and she gave the planner to a curious Cameron.

Cameron looked through the planner and wondered what was next. Josslyn replied that they were going to "hit all the high points" of Port Charles. They talked about where to take the ferry and about the delicious cookies from Eckert's. Oscar wondered how he hadn't tried the cookies before, and she quietly admitted that she'd thought that there was no hurry. Oscar had heard about the catacombs below the city and wanted to visit. Josslyn told him that all of the entrances had been closed long before, but Cameron commented that he'd heard that there was a way in. Oscar questioned where the entrance was.

Alexis entered a conference room at the hospital and instructed the orderly that she would need the room until "early evening." The orderly assured Alexis that everyone at the hospital knew how important the meeting was, and the woman left. Alexis retrieved an envelope from her bag that read, "To remain sealed until all concerned parties are gathered."

A short while later, Monica bumped into Laura outside the conference room and congratulated the new mayor. While she'd supported her nephew, she was sure that Laura would do the city proud. Scott emerged from the room and hastily ushered the women inside. When all three were sitting, Alexis told them that Scott would also be representing Serena and Lucy, and Laura would be representing Lesley. She opened the envelope and began to read.

Alexis read that the majority of Gail's assets would be put into a trust managed by a "neutral third party." Scott rattled off question after question about the trust, and Alexis promised to address the subject later. She continued that there would be an educational fund set aside for any children that Serena may have, and Gail had hoped that someone would continue the family tradition of going into medicine. Gail had also set aside an endowment to benefit mental health services at the hospital. Laura thought the idea earned Gail a portrait on the memorial wall. "There's a catch," Alexis interrupted.

Alexis continued to read that the hospital would only receive the endowment after "certain provisions" were met, but she admitted that the instructions were unclear. She told Laura, Monica, and Scott that "the parties present will be summoned back for further instruction." Monica asked Alexis to let them know when she learned more. The three thanked Alexis, and she left. Laura commented that Gail had left them a mystery to solve.

At the hospital, Finn did a double take as he saw Anna walk down the hall. He asked why she was up, and she revealed that she was going "stir crazy" sitting in bed. She confided that if she got in bed, she would get drowsy then close her eyes, and Finn finished that she was afraid that when she opened her eyes, she would be blind again. She wondered if he'd made any progress in researching the virus that had caused her blindness.

Finn told Anna that the virus had been "considered eradicated," and the first person who'd gotten the virus and passed it on to a patient was a doctor named Arthur Cabot. Anna recognized the name as the doctor who'd done medical research for the DVX. She didn't know what the doctor did specifically, but she knew that the DVX was interested in biological weapons that would make people sick or make them more susceptible to mind control, which had been Faison's area of expertise. "Suddenly, it doesn't seem so random that you contracted this virus," Finn commented. "Not random at all," she agreed.

Sam and Jason sat at the bar at Charlie's, and he asked if she needed a shot before she left. She replied that she needed to be sober to attend the seminar at Kristina's house. He wanted to go with Sam, but she thought that his presence would be suspicious to Shiloh. He told her to be careful and wished her luck, and she left. Just then, Jason's phone went off, and he saw a text from Drew that read, " Where are u? Need a favor."

A short while later, Drew joined Jason at Charlie's. Jason expressed his sympathy for Oscar's situation. Drew informed Jason that Oscar didn't have a lot of time left, and he was worried that Josslyn would cost Oscar time he didn't have by encouraging him to look for a cure that didn't exist. He asked Jason to talk to Carly about explaining the situation to Josslyn, and Jason agreed to talk to her. However, he believed that Drew didn't have to worry about Josslyn, because she would probably keep fighting to make whatever time Oscar had left the best it could be.

Sam arrived at Kristina's house, and Kristina excitedly greeted her sister. Sam asked about the seminar, and Kristina informed Sam that it was called "Unburdening Your Past." Shiloh entered to applause from the group in the house, and he thanked everyone for attending. He explained that everyone relived past memories, but to break the cycle, one had to recognize it to move on. He asked Daisy to assist him, and he wondered who was ready to "shed a painful memory."

A few minutes later, a man sat down, and Shiloh asked for another volunteer. Kristina raised her hand and sat down in front of Shiloh. He told her to close her eyes, and Daisy stepped forward to question Kristina. Through the questions, Kristina talked about her abusive relationship with Kiefer. She cried as Daisy forcefully told Kristina that Kristina hadn't left because she'd just been glad that Kiefer had been paying attention to her. "That's enough!" Sam yelled, running to her sobbing sister.

Sam scolded that Daisy was supposed to be Kristina's friend and that she had no idea about Kristina's relationship with Kiefer. Kristina insisted that it was all right, as the group had been helping her move on from the "shame." Shiloh ended the seminar to applause. Sam apologized if she'd embarrassed Kristina and insisted that she trusted Kristina if she said the group had been helping her. Kristina had chores to do, but she promised to see Sam soon and walked away.

Shiloh thanked Sam for attending and thought it had been good to see her. Sam questioned what made him qualified to run a self-help group about emotional trauma. He replied that everyone had darkness in their past, and she should understand that "more than most." He hoped that she would return, and she promised to. "This definitely isn't the last you'll see of me," she assured him, and she left.

Nina was setting up for Lucy's book release party at Metro Court when Valentin entered. He liked that she was "civic-minded," supporting a book that was good publicity for the city. Speaking of being civic-minded, she revealed that she'd been thinking about joining the school board. She wanted to ensure that every child had the best education possible, and she thought it was a plus that she would have some authority in dealings with teachers.

Valentin assured Nina that Willow meant well, but Nina thought that Willow hated strong women. Just then, Willow entered, and Nina was unhappy to see her. She cheerfully greeted Willow, who told Nina that Chase had invited her, but she was really early. She left to find out when he would be there. Valentin commended Nina for being cordial with her enemy. Nina thought that Willow treated her like she had no important role in Charlotte's life. "We can fix that," Valentin replied.

Valentin told Nina that he'd been the happiest he'd ever been with both Nina and Charlotte under his roof, and Nina agreed. He didn't think there was any point in imposing a waiting period on the "inevitable," so he asked her to "marry me again, Nina." He told a shocked Nina that he wanted to rebuild their family with Charlotte and live the rest of their lives together. "Is that something you'd be interested in?" he asked.

Willow sat at the bar, and Lulu wondered if Chase was stuck at work. Willow explained that she was too early, while he was running late. Lulu offered to buy Willow a drink and tell her everything about being involved with a detective, and Willow accepted. Lulu also wanted to apologize for Charlotte's behavior, and she assured Willow that it wouldn't happen again. Willow cringed and admitted that she was going to contact Lulu the next week. Lulu wanted to know what was going on.

A few minutes later, Lulu and Willow approached Nina and Valentin, and Lulu asked for a minute of their time for some "troubling" news about Charlotte. Willow explained that Charlotte had been struggling in History and only pulling C's until the previous week, when Charlotte had received two A's. Willow had noticed that Charlotte and her friend Kendra, who sat next to Charlotte, had had identical answers on their last two quizzes, including the incorrect ones. Willow thought that Charlotte was cheating, as Kendra's scores had been consistent, while Charlotte's A's had been outliers.

Willow offered to tutor Charlotte, but Nina didn't want her stepdaughter being tutored by someone who believed that Charlotte was a cheater and a bully. Nina stormed off, and Valentin thanked Willow for her attentiveness to Charlotte. He informed Willow that he'd been studying history with Charlotte, so she'd raised her scores on her own. Valentin followed Nina, and Willow and Lulu went back to the bar.

Lulu told Willow that she and Valentin mostly agreed on things regarding Charlotte, so she believed that Valentin had been telling the truth about studying with Charlotte. Willow told Lulu that she didn't know anything for sure, except that Charlotte had no malicious intent. She continued that kids usually cheated to avoid the adults in their lives being disappointed. Lulu conceded that Charlotte had had a lot of changes in her home life. She apologized on Nina's behalf and insisted that Nina meant well. As Nina and Valentin returned, Willow replied that she could see that Nina just really cared.

Nina grumbled about Willow thinking Charlotte was a "bad seed." Valentin appreciated Nina defending Charlotte, and he'd especially liked that she'd called Charlotte her stepdaughter. "It slipped out," she claimed. He continued that he liked that that was how Nina thought of Charlotte because it meant that, somewhere, she still thought of him as her husband.

Lucy has her book launch

Lucy has her book launch

Friday, January 18, 2019

Laura entered Lulu's office and wondered why the door wasn't locked, since she was alone and there was a serial killer in town. She asked if Lulu was still going to the book launch, and Lulu admitted that she would have to meet Laura there. She confided that she was working on an "independent project," but she assured her worried mother that Peter had killed her story on the serial killer. Laura thought that was a good decision, and she feared that a copycat killer wouldn't stop until he or she matched Ryan's body count.

Laura mentioned that she'd seen a list of nine victims in Kevin's office, as he didn't want the names of Ryan's victims forgotten. She added that he'd included Felicia on the list, even though she'd survived. Lulu said that Laura had stalled long enough and had to go to the book launch, and she advised Laura to ignore Kevin and Ava if they were there. She promised to join Laura as soon as she could, and Laura left.

Lulu locked the door behind Laura and went back to her computer. She typed "How many people did Ryan Chamberlain kill?" into a search engine, but she was interrupted by a phone call from Dante. "What do you mean, I might not be able to reach you for a while? How long?" she asked. She commented that it was good they were closing in on Raj. She assured him that she loved and missed him and hung up the phone.

Sonny told Carly that Lucy was expecting them at the book signing, but Carly didn't want to go anywhere until they talked about Mike. She divulged that she'd made an appointment for them with Kevin, but Sonny insisted that they didn't need it. She explained that Mike was getting worse, and neither of them knew how to handle it, so she thought Kevin was a good "neutral party" to give them advice. "Please do this for me," Carly pleaded.

"Kevin" looked at his collection of licenses as he put them back into his lockbox, and he put the box back into the cabinet. He looked at his list of victims but was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Good, they're early," he said, but he was surprised to open the door to Ava. She intended to join his meeting with Sonny and Carly, as he didn't know "how to fight fire with fire." He thought that her presence would be counterproductive and informed her that there was a side to him that she'd never seen. She finally agreed to see him at the book launch. He kissed her, and she left.

A short while later, "Kevin" greeted Carly and Sonny, who knew that he was planning on leaving town with Ava. Sonny refused to let Ava leave the country with Avery, as he didn't trust her. Carly interrupted that they were there to talk about Mike. "Kevin" locked the door behind them and assured them that it was to prevent interruptions. They sat down, and Carly explained the situation with Mike. "Kevin" listened as he played with a knife hidden behind a pile of files. He saw on his phone that Lulu was calling, but he ignored it.

After listening to Carly, "Kevin" suggested that "this is about Morgan, the son you couldn't save." He thought that Sonny was trying to keep Mike close in a way he hadn't been able to keep Morgan close. He suggested that they visit Morgan's grave and talk to him as a way of gaining a tool to use to talk to Mike. Sonny and Carly agreed to skip Lucy's party and go to Morgan's grave. They thanked "Kevin," who told them to call if they felt they needed a follow-up. "Something tells me they won't need it," he said when they were gone as he looked at the knife in his hand.

A few minutes later, Sonny and Carly arrived at Morgan's grave. Sonny didn't know what to say, and Carly urged him to take all the time he needed. Suddenly, they heard footsteps behind them.

"Kevin" sat down at his desk and listened to a voicemail that Lulu had left him. She said that Laura had told her that Ryan had had nine victims, but she could only find seven. She wanted to go over the names with him, and she asked him to get back to her.

At the Metro Court, Felicia and Bobbie talked about all the "dirt" in Lucy's book. Curtis arrived, on the phone with Jordan. He wished she was there with him, but he knew that she had to look out for the city. Chase arrived and apologized to Willow for being late, but she was glad he could still make it with there being a serial killer on the loose. He vowed to enjoy every minute he had with her.

Nina told Valentin that she'd called Charlotte her stepdaughter out of habit. He asked her to be his wife again. Just then, Maxie approached and asked Nina to tell Maxie's parents that no one was going to die at the party. Mac chimed in that it wasn't too late to cancel. Nina and Maxie went to the stage and talked about Lucy's book. They introduced her, and she entered, flanked by two security guards. Lucy thanked everyone for attending, and she announced that she was going to read from her book.

Nina pulled Maxie aside and told her about Valentin's proposal, and she asked if Maxie would be angry if Nina said yes. Peter walked over with a few of Mac's specialty cocktails for the night: the Spencer Special, the Pickle-Lila-Tini, and the Carbonic Snow. Maxie asked him to get more so she could talk to Nina, so he walked away. Maxie said that she couldn't tell Nina what to do, as it would make Maxie a hypocrite. She advised Nina to follow her heart. "My heart's an idiot," Nina replied. Maxie assured Nina that, no matter Nina's answer, she and Maxie would always be family.

Lucy wanted to dedicate the night to her top investor, Sonny, but she saw that he hadn't arrived yet. She read an excerpt from her book about Sonny and then moved on to Bobbie, who taunted, "I can't wait until you find out who Kevin is with now." Trying to defuse the tense situation, Valentin called out that Lucy's book was amazing. Lucy began to read a passage about what Valentin had done to Nikolas, "proving that evil is genetic."

Maxie asked for a happier story, so Lucy mentioned an interview she'd done with Robin. However, she began to talk about Faison. "Can we go back to a different Cassadine?" Peter suggested. Maxie wondered if there was anything else Lucy could talk about, so Lucy read a passage about Maxie receiving her heart from B.J.

Nina asked Curtis if he was going to congratulate her on her reconciliation with Valentin, and she hoped that he would be happy, no matter what decision she made about Valentin's proposal. Willow and Chase sat at a table with Lucy's open book, and Willow commented on how the town was "a lot steamier than I thought." Chase commented that it was lucky there was no double jeopardy, as the book could put a lot of people in jail. They each joked that they "ran" with the wrong people and decided to "run together." Chase decided that he felt like a slacker, being surrounded by working cops, so Willow suggested they leave.

Peter told Mac that hearing about Maxie's heart transplant had made him more aware of how precious she was. He thought that there was nothing more important than keeping her safe. Maxie and Felicia joined the conversation, but Lucy pulled Felicia away to ask where Kevin was and who he was with. Felicia excused herself to get another drink. Laura bumped into Bobbie, who was feeling emotional after hearing about B.J. She also warned Laura that their "complicated history" was detailed in the book. Bobbie invited Laura to leave with her, but Laura felt that the mayor should put in an appearance, so Bobbie left.

Lucy read another excerpt about Ryan and Felicia, and Felicia stormed away. Mac interrupted and told everyone to try his specialty cocktails. Lucy followed Felicia and wondered if she was mad at Lucy. Felicia informed Lucy that she'd dredged up Felicia's most painful memories in front of a room full of people. Lucy apologized for her insensitivity, and Felicia accepted the apology. Lucy took the opportunity to ask who Kevin was seeing. Just as Lucy yelled about Kevin seeing "that sleaze Ava," Ava entered the party.

Valentin asked if Nina had an answer for him, and she told him that she loved him, and everything was perfect. However, she continued that all of their big problems happened during their marriage, so she suggested that they just be together. He agreed, if that was what she wanted, and she asked if they could go home.

Maxie apologized to Peter for forcing him to be at the party, and she thought that the fact that he hadn't run screaming was a good sign. Just then, Peter got a call from Lulu begging him to reconsider killing her story, as she'd stumbled upon new information. "I said no, and that's final!" he told her. He demanded that she get to the party that she was supposed to be covering, and he hung up on her. "Remind me never to work for you," Maxie cracked. Peter replied that he just wanted to keep everyone safe, especially her. "Wow, that's exactly what Nathan would have said," Maxie marveled.

Maxie got up to see Felicia, who congratulated Maxie on a successful party. Maxie apologized for not having paid closer attention to the contents of the book. Felicia wanted to talk about Peter, and Maxie called him "amazing." She didn't like having feelings for someone else on her wedding anniversary. Felicia assured her daughter that anything Maxie felt comfortable with was all right. Suddenly, Maxie said she had somewhere to be, and she left.

Laura congratulated Curtis on helping to find the link between Ryan and the serial killer. She just hoped the link wouldn't be publicized, so Curtis wondered how much influence Laura had on Lulu. Laura assured him that she'd already talked to Lulu about it, but Peter had killed the story anyway.

Ava congratulated Lucy on the big event, but Lucy didn't remember inviting Ava. Lucy didn't think there was any way Kevin was interested in Ava. Ava replied that he was a wonderful man, and they had a "deep and meaningful connection." Lucy advised Ava to "listen good," because there were things Ava needed to know about Kevin.

Lulu's office doorknob rattled, and she asked who was there. When she heard "Kevin's" voice, a relieved Lulu let him into her office. She appreciated him stopping by and asked if he was still going to Lucy's party. Knife hidden in hand, he told her that his plans had changed, and he closed the office door.

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