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Willow was revealed to be Wiley's birth mother. Kristina and Valerie kissed. Cam was arrested for buying marijuana. Liesl was set free in time for Christmas. Carly had concerns about Sonny and Margaux.
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Mike and Yvonne slipped out of the facility and Marcus demanded Mike be arrested
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Charlotte apologizes to Aiden and reveals he has more troubles

Charlotte apologizes to Aiden and reveals he has more troubles

Monday, December 17, 2018

Jason and Sam entered the hospital with Danny, who had an armful of brand-new toys for the hospital's Toys for Tots drive. Sam talked about the importance of giving so that every child could have a gift on Christmas. "Doesn't Santa bring toys?" Danny asked, and Sam explained that Santa was so busy that he needed a lot of help. She promised that she and Jason would take him to see Santa soon, and she and Jason would talk about it when they got home. Danny was ecstatic that Jason was going home with them, and the three left the hospital.

A short while later, Danny was upstairs, and Jason offered to help a distracted Sam with Christmas shopping for the kids. He wondered if she was waiting for an important message, as she kept staring at her phone. He asked if she wanted to talk about it, so she told him about everything, from getting the obituary in the mail to her emailing "Linda Black." Jason promised to deal with whoever was bothering her. She thought that the situation had taken up too much of her time when she still had "important business to conduct," and she ran off into the kitchen.

Jason took the opportunity to look at the ornaments on Sam's tree and think back to decorating the apartment with her years before. When Sam returned, she explained that she was trying to teach Danny the "joy of giving," so he had made something for "someone special." She showed him a stocking with "Daddy" written across the top, and Jason loved it. She questioned what Jason wanted Santa to put in the stocking, but he replied that all he wanted for Christmas was to spend the day with her.

Sam instructed that Jason needed to be more specific with his Christmas wish, but he insisted that he didn't need anything special. He continued that he cherished the "little things," so just being with her was good enough for him. "That can be arranged," she said with a smile. The two moved closer.

Elizabeth wondered why Lulu and Charlotte were at her house for a visit at the same time as Laura. Lulu revealed to a shocked Elizabeth that Charlotte needed to apologize to Aiden for bullying him. Laura briefly explained how she'd figured it out, and Lulu assured Elizabeth that she and Valentin had had a serious talk with Charlotte about her "unacceptable behavior." Elizabeth wondered about Charlotte's motivation, and Lulu replied that Charlotte seemed to think that she was helping him fit in.

A few minutes later, Aiden joined the women downstairs. Charlotte apologized for hurting his feelings and for saying things to make him laugh that he didn't find funny. "Please accept my apology," she said, and Lulu nudged Charlotte on. Charlotte promised to stop teasing him, and he responded, "Okay." Elizabeth asked if he accepted Charlotte's apology, and he did. He returned upstairs, and Charlotte made sure that Lulu and Valentin would be proud of her again. Lulu confirmed it, and Laura added that she was impressed with Charlotte.

When Laura, Lulu, and Charlotte were gone, Elizabeth wanted to talk to Aiden. She wanted to make sure that Aiden was never embarrassed to tell her if someone was making him feel bad. She assured him that she, Franco, Cameron, and Jake all had Aiden's back and loved him. She hugged him hard, and he went back upstairs. Upstairs, he played a game on the computer. When he lost in the round of the game he was on, a message popped up on the screen that read, "You're a loser, Aiden." He closed the computer and sighed dejectedly.

Lulu, Laura, and Charlotte sat at a table in Charlie's, and Lulu asked if Charlotte felt better after apologizing to Aiden. Charlotte was glad to be nice to Aiden, and Lulu was happy to know that he would no longer be bullied. "Well, at least not from me," Charlotte replied. She explained that she wasn't the only one who thought that Aiden was weird. "Other kids do, too," she stated.

Franco stepped off the elevator at the hospital, babbling to Josslyn, trying to relate Einstein's Theory of Relativity with long elevator rides. She agreed that it had felt like "the longest elevator ride ever." He offered Josslyn a brownie and explained that Cameron had made them for a bake sale at school. Josslyn replied that she had been busy, but she wasn't aware of a bake sale at school. Josslyn walked away, and Franco called Cameron's school to speak to someone in the drama department as he ate another brownie.

Cameron sat at Oscar's beside while Oscar slept. As he got up to leave, Oscar woke up and stopped him. Cameron wondered how Oscar was feeling and if there was anything he could do for Oscar. Oscar replied that there wasn't much anyone could do until they knew whether or not the trial was working. Just then, Cameron's phone went off, and he saw a text from an unknown number that read, "Meet at Charlie's parking lot. Bring $$." He wrote back, "I told you the deal's off."

There was a knock on the door, and Josslyn entered the room. She asked Cameron if he'd joined the drama club and added that she'd grabbed one of his brownies for Oscar. Oscar tried the brownie and liked it, and Josslyn was glad that he was finally eating something. Cameron was glad that Oscar liked the brownie and flew out of the room to talk to Franco.

Josslyn asked if Oscar was tired of her hovering over him, and she promised to be better. Oscar insisted that he didn't mind it, but he hated seeing her so worried about him. He took another bite of brownie and expressed his disbelief that Cameron had made them. Josslyn informed him that Cameron was "deeper" than everyone gave him credit for, and he just wanted to help Oscar.

Oscar joked that Cameron wanted Oscar to get better to "kick my butt," and Josslyn was glad that their "stupid fight" was over. Oscar insisted that it wasn't stupid, because it had been over her. "Exactly," she said, and she added that only she could decide who she ended up with. She reminded him that she'd already chosen him, and they shared a kiss.

Cameron approached Franco, who informed Cameron that he'd forgotten the brownies at home. Franco wondered why Laura had thought the brownies were for a bake sale. Cameron's phone went off, and he saw a text that read, "Don't care if u don't want merch. I still want $$. Waiting for you." Cameron claimed that there was a girl in the drama club named Sophia who he was trying to impress, so he'd baked for the drama club's bake sale.

Franco told Cameron that he'd called the school, and there was no bake sale going on. Cameron claimed that Sophia was "artsy and weird" and sometimes wasn't very clear. "At least Oscar had a bite," he reasoned. Cameron said that he had somewhere to be and ran out. Franco picked up Cameron's phone from the nurses' station, but Cameron was already gone. He looked down at the phone and saw the texts between Cameron and the unknown number. "Dude!" Franco sighed.

Later, Franco returned home, and Elizabeth was glad that the brownies were back, since Aiden wanted one. Franco solemnly told her that he had news for her that she wasn't going to like.

Cameron arrived outside of Charlie's and put his hand in his pocket to take out his phone. "Oh, God, where's my phone?" he said as he frantically patted down every pocket in his clothing.

Sonny wanted to take Mike home, but Carly noticed that Mike was "preoccupied." They watched Mike and Yvonne kiss under the mistletoe just as Marcus entered. Marcus pulled Mike off of Yvonne and yelled that she was his wife. Sonny got between them and tried to calm everyone down as two orderlies rushed in after hearing the yelling. Sonny insisted that it had been a misunderstanding, and everything was all right.

Yvonne showed Marcus her bracelet and told him that Mike had given it to her because "he's my boyfriend, and we're going steady." Marcus reminded her that all residents had bracelets, but they had wedding bands. Marcus thought that Mike was manipulating Yvonne, but Carly reminded him that Mike had Alzheimer's, as well. Marcus pulled Yvonne aside, and she hysterically asked if she was getting "kicked out for kissing," and if "Mama" was mad at her. Marcus showed her some old photos, including their wedding pictures. He was happy that she finally claimed to recognize him, but she thought that he was her "big brother," and she advised him to tell their mother not to hold dinner for her.

Sonny informed Mike that Yvonne was married, and Mike was upset that Yvonne hadn't told him. Carly asked him to try to remember that she was married and to remind her of that, but he sobbed that he wasn't sure how she expected him to remember anything.

A short while later, Sonny informed Marcus that Mike was in the recreation room, watching a Christmas movie. Marcus related that Yvonne had wanted to see the movie, but he hadn't wanted her anywhere near Mike in a dark room. He thought it was better that she rest, anyway, as she was exhausted. Sonny suggested that they talk to Stella for some insight. Marcus agreed and walked away.

Carly suggested that they just take Mike home and watch the movie, and Sonny agreed. A few minutes later, Sonny returned and asked an orderly where Mike was, as he wasn't in the movie room. The orderly promised to track Mike down and left. Marcus stormed in and yelled that Yvonne wasn't in her room, and he'd found her bracelet.

Cameron is arrested

Cameron is arrested

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

At Sam's penthouse, Jason told her he wanted to spend Christmas Day with her. He didn't mind keeping it simple, and he didn't want her to do anything special. Sam reminded him that Christmas was a special day, but he explained that the "perfect present" would be just to be with her. Sam was agreeable, and they were about to share a kiss when Sam received notice of an incoming email.

Sam quickly checked her phone and saw that the email was from Linda Black. The email stated that she hadn't forgotten about Sam's past. Sam thought the person either wanted to blackmail her or pull off a con job, and Jason thought the only way to win would be to not play along. Sam didn't want help from Spinelli.

Jason pointed out that everyone close to Sam was familiar with her past, and the statute of limitations had run out, so family members of the victims wouldn't be able to have her prosecuted. Sam only wanted to know who had been contacting her. Jason reminded her that she had many resources to turn to for help. Sam only wanted to know who was behind the emails.

Someone entered Charlie's Pub as Kristina worked behind the bar. She called out that the bar was closed for a private event, but she turned and saw Valerie. The girls shared a hug, and Valerie asked if she could kill time before meeting Bobbie for dinner. She sat at the bar and asked for a snack to hold her over.

Kristina found some munchies and offered to make Valerie a drink, which Valerie declined. Valerie spotted Kristina's self-help book on the bar, and Kristina confessed that the book had saved her life. Valerie replied that she wasn't into those types of books and noted that she had expected to see more of Kristina. She was aware that Kristina had some new friends.

Valerie was happy that Kristina had found her way, and Kristina replied that she was proud of Valerie for making detective. She asked about Valerie's new and hot partner Chase, but Valerie exclaimed that she would not make the same mistake that she had made with Dante. As Kristina walked around putting candles on the tables, the girls talked.

Valerie sat at a table, and Kristina joined her. Valerie disclosed that her childhood memories mainly consisted of those with her mother, and she hadn't gone out much. When she'd met Dante, she had found him to be a great guy who had made her feel safe. Things had gone too far, she added. Valerie admitted that she hadn't dated since then, and Kristina suggested that Valerie had been scared.

Kristina suggested they go out, and they could kiss again to make someone jealous. She quickly stated that she was kidding. Valerie replied that Chase wasn't into her, and he had appeared to be interested in a teacher after career day. Valerie revealed all that Chase had done to impress the teacher that day.

Suddenly, Valerie complained of being lightheaded and thought she needed to eat something. Kristina suggested she use her meditation technique, and she massaged Valerie's temples. Valerie was reluctant but after the light massage with Kristina talking about joy, love, and safety, Valerie felt better. The young women stood and eventually shared a kiss until Valerie pushed Kristina away.

Valerie declared that she wasn't gay, and she shouldn't have let that happen. She shouted that it wasn't all about Kristina, and she ran out of the pub. "What did I do?" Kristina moaned.

Near Charlie's Pub, Cameron met with a fellow teen, who demanded to know why Cameron hadn't responded to his text messages. Cameron explained that he'd lost his phone, but he wanted the boy to know that their deal was off. The boy maintained that he had the product, and Cameron owed him the money for it.

Cameron and the pot dealer went back and forth. The boy demanded that Cameron pay him while Cameron insisted he no longer needed it. After the boy grew threatening, Cameron relented and handed the boy some money in return for the bag of pot. Just as they completed the transaction, Valerie saw them. She pulled her gun out and pointed it at the boys. She demanded they raise their hands above their heads.

Franco perused the text messages on Cameron's phone as Elizabeth walked into their kitchen. He announced that he had news that Elizabeth wouldn't like, but she told him that Aiden's bully had apologized. Franco asked if it was over and was astonished to hear that Charlotte had been the culprit. Elizabeth revealed that Charlotte hadn't been the only bully because there were others who thought that Aiden was different from them.

Elizabeth remembered how Aiden had always chosen to stay in the house and play, but she couldn't understand why he had been a target. She said that kids his age were both sweet and cruel. Franco replied that he'd been concerned about Aiden, but he had also spoken to Cameron.

At Turning Woods, Sonny told an aide that Mike and Yvonne were missing while Marcus said Mike had run off with Yvonne to get away from him. Sonny insisted that he and Carly were hurting, also, but Marcus was indignant and announced that he would call the cops. Sonny was concerned that Mike would go ballistic if he were to be stopped by a cop.

At the police station, Jordan and Margaux looked at photos of the two murders and the evidence and felt at a loss for not getting anywhere. Jordan thought that the only connection between the two deaths was Sonny and Carly, but Margaux immediately declared that Sonny was not responsible for the crimes. Jordan wondered why she had so quickly defended the mobster.

Margaux insisted that she hadn't defended Sonny, but he wasn't the culprit. She asked why Carly's hair would have been in Mary Pat's hand if Sonny had committed the crime. She added that Kiki had been Avery's half-sister. Jordan agreed the reasoning was valid. They decided to call it a day, and Margaux asked Jordan to hang out with her at a jazz club later in the evening. Jordan agreed to meet Margaux if she finished up in time, but she received a phone call.

Lulu surprised Chase with some leftovers from a dinner that Olivia had made, and she stopped to chat. Lulu admitted that she had needed a break, and she asked about the murder investigation. "You're working me," Chase accused her. Lulu insisted she would never do that, but Chase thought she was trying to get a lead for her readers. He added that he couldn't tell her anything off the record, either.

Lulu insisted that her dinner leftovers were really just about dinner. Chase picked up the murder investigation file and handed it to another cop to make a copy of it. Jordan emerged from her office and gave orders on a silver alert. The cop put Chase's file down on the front desk.

Chase went off to heat up his food, and Lulu wandered over to the front desk. Chase returned and asked Lulu to join him for dinner. He pulled another chair over to his desk, and Lulu sat down. She admitted that she hadn't heard from Dante for a while, and she had been frustrated over another situation. Chase told her she could talk to him anytime. Lulu admitted she had "stuff" to work out, and she told Chase about Charlotte.

The cops arrived at Turning Woods, and Marcus explained about the missing Mike and Yvonne. He accused Mike of luring Yvonne, although Sonny disputed Marcus' version of events. Jordan thought that Marcus should be more civil. Daisy was nearby and volunteered that she had seen the couple getting onto a bus on her way in.

Marcus demanded to know why Daisy hadn't stopped them. He berated the young woman, but Daisy responded that she was only a volunteer and not familiar with everyone's situations. She had known that Mike was only a day visitor, and she hadn't thought it odd to see him getting on a bus. She was sorry.

Carly borrowed Sonny's phone in order to phone Josslyn to look around for Mike. She also called Jason as Jordan gave directions. Marcus declared that he wanted to press charges against Mike.

Jason received a call from Carly, and she told him what had transpired at Turning Woods. She told him that things were tense, and he assured her that he was on the way. After Jason left, Sam continued decorating. She received another email and sent one back to the unknown party. She asked what the person wanted.

Daisy arrived at Charlie's Pub and saw a distraught Kristina sitting at a table. She offered to help, and she sat down. Kristina called herself an idiot, and she revealed that she had read someone in the wrong way and had ruined their friendship. Kristina added that things had only felt right for one of them. She had scared the other person away.

Daisy was surprised to hear that the other person was a woman, and Kristina admitted that she had labeled herself as bisexual. "Screw labels," Daisy replied. She was sorry to hear it, and she informed Kristina that their group, Dawn of Day, only wanted people to be true to themselves. Kristina admitted that she was grateful for all of them. Daisy grabbed her hand across the table in sympathy.

Cameron and the pot dealer were escorted into the police station. Chase advised Cameron not to say anything, and Lulu grabbed her phone. The other boy wanted his phone call, and Valerie told him he was being charged with intent to distribute. The boy continued to give Valerie a difficult time, but Chase advised Valerie to write up her statement and leave for dinner. He would handle things. Chase escorted the boy to a holding cell.

As Franco and Elizabeth chatted, they were interrupted when Elizabeth received a phone call from Lulu. She told Elizabeth to get to the station because Cameron had been arrested for trying to buy pot.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at the station, and Cameron wanted to talk before his mother lost her cool. Elizabeth informed him it was too late, and Chase told Elizabeth what had happened. Cameron declared that the pot hadn't been for himself but for a friend. As everyone gathered to talk, Lulu snapped a photo of the file on the front desk. Valerie quickly typed her statement but thought about the kiss.

Back at Turning Woods, as Marcus declared that Mike had kidnapped Yvonne, everyone began to argue. Jordan announced that safety was her first priority, and she had issued a silver alert. Jason arrived, and Sonny pulled him aside. Sonny wanted their own people to search for Mike, because he was worried about what would happen if the cops found Mike first.

Marcus announced that he was pressing charges because things had to be stopped before they got worse. Carly was still holding onto Sonny's phone and answered it when it rang. It was Margaux, and she wondered if Sonny had been looking for his father because she had found him.

Marcus wants to press charges against Mike

Marcus wants to press charges against Mike

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

As Carly, Jason, and Sonny gathered at Turning Woods to try to figure out where Mike had taken Yvonne, Sonny received a phone call from Margaux. She informed him that she'd seen Mike with a woman and would look out for him. Sonny relayed the information to the others, and he headed right to the Gemini Club with Marcus, who still held Mike responsible for abducting Yvonne. Sonny asked Jason to take Carly home. Carly was bitter that it had to be Sonny's "new best friend" who had located Mike.

Kristina stormed into Sam's penthouse and declared it to be the "day from hell." She didn't want to talk about it at first but then briefly told Sam what had happened with Valerie. Kristina thought the worst part was "coming home to you," because Sam had a guy who she refused to be with. "What is wrong with you?" Kristina asked her sister.

Sam wondered how the conversation had suddenly reverted to her and Jason, and she gave Kristina multiple responses as to why she couldn't be with Jason yet. Kristina found each answer unacceptable and suggested that Sam was afraid to be with him. Sam insisted that she wanted to be sure of herself first, and she wondered what she should do with Kristina, who was open to suggestions.

At the Gemini Jazz Club, Mike argued with the bouncer, who insisted that Mike pay a cover charge. Mike explained that he was a friend of the owner, but the bouncer didn't want to hear it. Margaux was standing nearby and offered to help. Mike knew she was someone familiar, and Margaux flashed her badge at the bouncer. She asked him to go inside to find Mike and Yvonne a table. The bouncer agreed.

As Margaux turned back to Mike and Yvonne, Sonny and Marcus arrived with Officer Bentley. Marcus went right to his wife to make sure she was okay, and Mike asked who he was. "Her damn husband," Marcus snapped. Mike tried to reassure Yvonne, who insisted that she didn't know who Marcus was. Margaux tried to distract everyone, and she asked Mike who he thought the greatest jazz pianist might be.

Mike called out his list of favorites, and by the time he'd gotten to his top choice, both Margaux and Yvonne joined him in shouting out the same name. Yvonne didn't understand why Marcus was concerned about her. Sonny stood off to the side with Margaux, and they made small talk about jazz until the bouncer returned. Margaux thanked the man for going along with her. Marcus told Officer Bentley that he wanted Mike arrested.

Sonny pulled Marcus aside and assured him that he didn't want to have Mike arrested because Mike wasn't in his "right mind." Marcus replied that it was all about Yvonne being protected because she was worse off than Mike. Sonny didn't believe that jail was the answer. Suddenly, Yvonne asked Marcus to take her home, and Margaux suggested that Sonny take Mike home, as well.

Margaux announced that she and Officer Bentley would accompany Marcus and Yvonne and talk some more. Marcus insisted he wasn't distracted. Mike was disappointed that he didn't get to enjoy the club.

Valentin and Nina returned to Wyndemere after helping out with Toys for Tots, and Nina teased Valentin for carrying his own firewood inside. She left a voicemail for Sasha, and she and Valentin reminisced about past Christmases. Valentin suggested she stay for dinner, and Nina jokingly checked outside to make sure there was no impending storm. She agreed to stay.

Nina and Valentin continued to reminisce as well as to talk about the Christmas on the horizon. Nina recalled their first kiss, not including their one-night stand, although Valentin remembered that night well. The couple grew closer, but as Nina leaned in for a kiss, Valentin abruptly announced that he was tired and thought they should call it a night instead.

Nina was taken aback, and Valentin admitted that he loved her and wanted to be with her, but he wanted to be a gentleman because she didn't want those things. Nina thanked him but assured him it was her decision. Valentin didn't want her to regret her choice, but Nina didn't believe he would hurt her again.

Nina was adamant that she still loved Valentin, and he made her happy. She didn't believe he would hurt her intentionally but it was still painful when he did hurt her. She loved him, though, she said again. She realized that she'd been hurting herself and everyone else, and she was happier when she was with Valentin.

Nina was tearful as she kissed Valentin and declared that she never regretted leaps of faith. The couple shared a passionate kiss, which led to them making love.

At the police station, Elizabeth was sure that Cameron had been lying to her as they settled down to wait for Alexis. The lawyer arrived, they all headed to the interrogation room, and Cameron assured Alexis that he'd had no criminal intent. He explained that he and Josslyn had done some research regarding medical marijuana, and they'd thought they could help Oscar. "Am I going to jail?" he asked.

Cameron continued to tell Alexis what had transpired, and Elizabeth asked why he hadn't walked away instead of paying for the pot. Alexis left to check on the charges. Cameron insisted that he'd been trying to do something good, and Elizabeth gave her son a hug. She informed him that he'd broken the law, and he didn't know how the marijuana might have reacted with Oscar's treatment.

Elizabeth and Franco listed several things that minors couldn't do or make decisions about, but they promised to support Cameron. Alexis returned and informed Cameron that he would be released into his mother's custody, although he would still have to go before a judge. She wanted him to be on his best behavior.

"Stay out of trouble," Alexis told Cameron as she packed up and headed out the door. Before she was gone, she turned to tell Cameron that he was a good friend. Elizabeth just thought her son had "messed up," but she wondered what they would do about it.

Elizabeth stopped to sign some papers, and Cameron had to sign for his wallet. Elizabeth confirmed that her son would be grounded, and Cameron was concerned that his mother was disappointed in him. Elizabeth clarified that she was worried because he'd been at the police station twice recently. Cameron promised he'd do better, and Franco assured him they'd work things out.

Franco commended Elizabeth on the way she'd handled things. Cameron watched as Franco consoled his mother with a gentle kiss, and they headed home.

Back at home, Carly grabbed drinks for herself and Jason. She admitted that she was scared for where things might be headed and vowed not to take Sonny back if "he gets with that woman." Carly added that she'd been through similar scenarios in the past, and Sonny had always been attracted to weaker women who would fail him, and he'd return to her. She wouldn't be there waiting this time, Carly concluded.

Carly was more concerned about failing Jason. He assured her they had each other, and they would deal with it. He was aware that Sonny had felt guilty for killing Margaux's father, but he thought that Carly should be patient. Jason declared that things were hard for Sonny with his father, and he needed Carly to get through it.

Carly wanted Jason's promise to watch out for Sonny and Margaux. They were interrupted when Sonny and Mike returned home, and Mike explained that he hadn't been able to get into the club because he hadn't had the cover. He wanted Sonny's help to make it up to Yvonne. Sonny gently informed his father that he couldn't take Yvonne out of the center. Carly reminded Mike that Yvonne was married, and her husband had been anxious.

Mike asked if he had known that, and Carly advised him that he had. Mike was sorry, and Carly took him upstairs to get cleaned up and rested. Sonny disclosed to Jason that Margaux had been the one to see Mike arguing with the bouncer, and he wondered what would have happened if she hadn't been there.

Shortly after, Mike descended the stairs as Carly, Sonny, and Jason sat and talked. He wasn't able to rest, and he was feeling awful. Carly assured him that he had only wanted to make Yvonne happy but Mike was determined to apologize. Carly advised him that they would all help him out.

Margaux sat with Marcus at Turning Woods and assured him that it wouldn't help to press charges against a sick man. She was certain that he also would not want to subject his wife to questioning, and she wondered what he thought Yvonne would want him to do. Mike had only wanted to do something nice, the district attorney added.

Alexis showed up at Sam's and told Sam and Kristina about Cameron. She wondered if Kristina had seen Josslyn and Cameron doing research or had told them about Alexis and her bout with pot. Kristina was angry and assured Alexis that she hadn't seen the teens, and she lashed out at her mother for her insinuations. Kristina stormed upstairs. "That went well," Sam stated.

Alexis couldn't understand why she had so much trouble communicating with Kristina, and Sam thought that it was partially Kristina's fault, too, for pushing back at Alexis. She thought her mother should leave and give Kristina some space. Upstairs, Kristina made a call to Daisy and told her she was ready to stay with her. Sam received another email. "I want to help you," it read.

Margaux phoned Sonny and assured him that she'd gotten Marcus to back off, but she was disappointed that she'd missed the trio at the club, and they wouldn't return for months. Sonny promised her an up-front seat upon their return, and he declared that he owed her.

Liesl is released from custody

Liesl is released from custody

Thursday, December 20, 2018

As Sam descended the stairs, she told Curtis about her emails back and forth with "Linda Black." There was a knock on the door, and she hung up and answered the door to Alexis. Alexis informed Sam that she wouldn't be able to attend the ceremony that would name Sam as Wiley's godmother, as she had to be in court. Sam wondered why Alexis hadn't just called, and Alexis admitted that she'd wanted to see Kristina. Sam could see the issue from both sides, but she didn't want to get caught in the middle.

Bobbie entered Sonny and Carly's, followed by Lucas, Brad, and Wiley. Sonny held Wiley as he said that, while Sonny wasn't going to be Wiley's actual godfather, he could always refer to Sonny as his "Godfather." Josslyn and Michael arrived, excited to celebrate Wiley's "hipster baptism." The phone rang, and Josslyn answered it. When she hung up, she informed Sonny that Julian was there.

Moments later, Julian entered the house to pick Avery up, as it was Ava's day with Avery. Sam entered and wondered if Julian had been on the guest list, but Lucas assured her that he hadn't been. Avery appeared at the top of the stairs, and Josslyn retrieved the little girl while Julian, Sonny, and Carly argued about whether or not it was a good idea for Avery to be with Ava. Julian explained to Avery that Ava missed her, and Carly asked if Avery wanted to see Ava. When Avery said that she did, Carly took her upstairs to get her ready to go. Julian congratulated Lucas and Brad and left the room.

Sonny handed Wiley off to Michael, and Bobbie commended Sonny on not throwing Julian out of the house like he deserved. Brad followed Julian out and insisted that he would have invited Julian if he could have, especially since they wouldn't have Wiley if not for Julian. Julian assured Brad that Wiley was where he needed to be. Carly descended the stairs with Avery. She handed Avery off to Julian, and Avery said goodbye to everyone.

A short while later, Bobbie presided over the ceremony and introduced Sam as Wiley's godmother. Sam talked about how honored she was, and she promised to do everything she could to help Wiley in his life. Bobbie introduced Michael as Wiley's godfather, and he talked about what a gift being Wiley's godfather was. Josslyn thought that Wiley needed an "accessory," so she stuck a nametag sticker on Wiley. Brad wanted to take some pictures, so the family took turns posing with Wiley.

Later, Josslyn and Michael went outside, and they thought of all the people who couldn't be there to share the happy moments with them. They looked in on Brad and Lucas playing with Wiley. Inside, the couple thanked Sonny and Carly for hosting. Michael and Josslyn returned inside, and Josslyn reminded Lucas that she was available for babysitting. Michael assured Lucas and Brad that, "God forbid" Wiley was ever left in his care, "I would treat him like my very own son."

Sam returned home and made a beeline for her computer. She opened the last email from "Linda Black" and typed out a reply: "Thanks but no thanks. I don't need any help." She sent the email and put her computer back on the table.

Nina and Valentin woke up and talked about how happy they were to be together. Nina realized that she was late for a meeting with Maxie, but Valentin begged her to stay. Nina reasoned that at least she would be returning home to Valentin.

At the Metro Court, Maxie left a message for Nina, asking where she was, as they were supposed to have a meeting. As she finished up her message, Peter entered and sat down with her. They both looked at their calendars to set a date for their dinner, but Maxie was interrupted by a text from Anna that Liesl was being transferred to Pentonville that day. Maxie admitted that her feelings were still conflicted. She wondered what she was supposed to tell her son when he one day asked where his grandmother was.

Peter's phone went off, but he saw that it was Valentin and ignored it. He stared off into space as Maxie babbled on about James, until she realized that something was wrong. He got up and told her that he had something to take care of, but he hadn't forgotten about dinner. They agreed to wait until after the holidays. He promised that it would be worth the wait and left. Maxie's phone started ringing.

Valentin carried a breakfast tray into the bedroom as Nina talked on the phone and got dressed. "That's unforgiveable!" she screamed into the phone, and she dropped it. She angrily informed Valentin that she had been told everything about how he'd passed Sasha off as Nina's daughter.

Valentin carried the breakfast tray into the bedroom as Nina told someone on the phone that it was unforgiveable. When she hung up, she explained that she'd blown off her meeting with Maxie. She thought it would be nice if Sasha spent Christmas at Wyndemere with them, and she credited Valentin with giving Nina a family. "There's something you have to know," Valentin said seriously. He wanted to start with a clean slate, so he wanted to be honest with her.

Jordan and another officer led Liesl into the interrogation room, but she wasn't thrilled about being in the room with Anna and Finn. Jordan told Liesl that the transport van would be there soon, but she would not be escaping again. "Never say never," she answered. She didn't think it was fair that Peter hadn't been punished for setting off the chain of events that had caused Nathan's death, but Anna reminded her that Liesl had punished Peter. Finn added that it wasn't legal for Liesl to seek revenge.

The transport van arrived, so Liesl was led out of the room. Just then, Peter burst into the station, wanting to change his statement "before a terrible miscarriage of justice" happened. He claimed that he'd been sick and hallucinating, and Liesl had just been taking care of him in the cabin. He said that he'd "inadvertently" given a false statement, and they had to let Liesl go. Anna demanded to know what Liesl had on Peter.

A short while later, Jordan had Peter's signed statement, and she had no choice but to release Liesl. Peter believed that justice had been served, but Jordan commented, "Not from where I'm standing." She walked away with the statement as Liesl was uncuffed and led away. Finn walked away to make some calls, so Anna took the opportunity to ask Peter why he'd recanted his statement.

Peter replied that he wanted to live his life differently than he had been, without hatred. He wanted to be the man Nathan would have wanted him to be, and he added that Maxie had shown him that there was always room for forgiveness. Anna wondered if there was any forgiveness left for her. She invited him to a Christmas Eve party at her house and left, in tears, with Finn.

Valentin's phone went off, and he saw that it was an unknown number. He answered it to Liesl, who informed him that she was a free woman. She promised to keep her word and keep his secret from Nina. When he hung up, Nina wondered who'd been on the phone, as his entire demeanor had changed. "Santa Claus," he replied, smiling. He promised to never let her go and kissed her. A short while later, the two were in bed, and she promised that she would never leave him.

Liesl entered Metro Court, and Maxie was shocked to see her. Liesl updated Maxie that Peter had revised his statement, so the charges against her had been dropped. Maxie showed Liesl pictures of James, and Liesl couldn't wait to hold him again. She just wished that Nathan was there, and Maxie agreed that life was "horribly unfair." She was unhappy that James would never know his father and that Michael would never know his son. Liesl clarified that Michael had had the baby with Nelle, and Maxie told her that the baby had been stillborn. "Really? How dreadful," she commented curiously.

Chase and Willow sat down at Charlie's for a breakfast date. He jokingly asked whether she'd checked around for any parents who would give her a hard time, and she confirmed that there were no parents in the restaurant. He asked if she was done with her Christmas shopping. She replied that she hadn't started, but she didn't have a lot of people to buy for. He talked about how his mother was "Christmas crazy," but she told him that Christmas hadn't been a big deal for her growing up.

Willow explained that she'd had an "unconventional childhood" with a "free spirit" single mother. Her mother had usually worked on Christmas, and she hadn't had much other family, so they'd never really had much of a holiday. Chase wondered about the flyer for grieving parents he'd seen in her car when they'd first met. She claimed that she'd wanted to stay current on issues that could affect her students. "Anything else, detective?" she cracked. He sincerely explained that the more he found out about her, the more he wanted to know.

Julian entered Charlie's with Avery and told her that the nanny would pick her up soon. He christened her as his assistant manager for the day and assigned her the task of making sure the customers were happy. She ran over to Chase and Willow's table and said, "Hi, my name's Avery. What's yours?" Willow introduced herself, and Chase reminded her of who he was, as he'd taken her home after she'd spent the night in the stables with Mike. Julian approached and apologized for the interruption. "No apology necessary," Willow insisted, and she looked at him in solemn recognition.

Julian asked Avery if she wanted to taste-test the hot cocoa, so she ran off. Chase laughed about kids seemingly being drawn to Willow. Julian retrieved Avery, as the nanny had arrived to pick her up. She called out a goodbye to Chase and Willow, and Julian carried her out. Chase looked at his phone and told her apologetically, "Duty calls." He got a phone call and excused himself to answer it. Julian returned and looked at pictures from Wiley's naming ceremony. Willow approached Julian but caught sight of the pictures, and he turned to look at her. Her eyes filled with tears, and she left with Chase.

Willow cries to Julian about Wylie

Willow cries to Julian about Wylie

Friday, December 21, 2018

Willow surprised Julian when she walked into Charlie's Pub and declared that she'd never thought she'd see him again after he'd convinced her to give up her son. She recalled how he'd visited her classroom, and she wondered what her lawyer would say if she knew. Willow suggested that it would void her son's adoption.

Julian stated that he hadn't bribed or threatened Willow but had only stated his case. He thought that Willow had made a huge sacrifice by giving up her son when she had known she wouldn't be able to care for him properly. Willow wondered if it might be possible for her to be in her son's life, but Julian asked if she was better off than she had been. He added that Wiley was.

Willow sat at the bar and cried over photos that Julian showed to her of her son. "He looks happy," Willow said. She thought that the baby's name felt strange to her, and she couldn't say it. Julian disclosed that Lucas and Brad had kept Wiley's distance from him as promised. Willow asked if it was better to "love him from afar" like Julian, but Julian thought that only Willow could answer that. After Willow left, Julian turned off all the lights and headed out alone.

At General Hospital, Bobbie and Monica did Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and who would have to wear the Santa suit. Bobbie lost and went off to find her suit while Monica looked in on Drew, Kim, and Oscar from the hallway.

Drew and Kim decorated Oscar's hospital room and gave the teen his one Christmas Eve gift. He was disappointed to find a pair of socks, but after his parents urged him to try them on, he was surprised to find a car key. After calling his parents weird, Oscar was ecstatic. Monica entered the room and told Oscar that all patients were expected to show up at the "hub." She also mentioned a gift that she would have to go along with the car.

Maxie was thrilled to see Chet when she dropped off toys for the Toys for Tots collection. He was in full uniform and involved with the Toys for Tots. They sat down and made small talk, and after Maxie learned that Amy had to work, she invited Chet to accompany her to her Christmas Eve party.

Cameron sat and typed up a letter to the judge that he hoped would keep him out of jail. Elizabeth asked about the letter, but Franco returned with Jake and Aiden and an armful of firewood. The boys all rough-housed as the family prepared for Christmas.

Shortly after, Elizabeth wondered why Aiden didn't seem to be happy with the football that had been one of the items on his Christmas list. She had thought that things would get better after Charlotte's apology. Franco promised that things would get better.

Jake asked Cameron about his letter, and the older boy acknowledged that he'd done something dumb and had made it worse by trying to hide it from their mother. Cameron urged his brothers to tell Elizabeth or him if they ever messed up, and the boys all made a pact.

Later, as Elizabeth, Franco, and Jake were getting ready to go to the hospital to celebrate, Aiden and Cameron were alone in the living room. "How do you get people to like you?" Aiden asked his older brother. Cameron thought the best way was for someone to like himself first, and smart people would catch on. He thought that Aiden was cool, and he gave him a series of examples of things that only Aiden could do. The boys shared a hug.

Anna and Finn greeted Curtis and Jordan, and Anna sent Curtis to the kitchen to drop off several pies. When the doorbell rang, Anna rushed to open it. She was shocked to see Peter standing there with a boxed dessert in his hand. He admitted that Maxie had gotten him to change his mind, and he was looking forward to the planned English feast. He and Finn shook hands. Anna confessed to Finn that there had been a Christmas miracle.

There was lots of camaraderie as Stella joined the group. Jordan disclosed that T.J. and Molly were off on a skiing vacation. Chase arrived with a box of cookies, and he asked Anna and Finn if he could invite Willow, who was probably alone. Peter anxiously awaited Maxie's arrival, and Finn asked him to help Anna wrap gifts because he was all thumbs. Finn walked off, and Peter was confused but agreed to help an uncomfortable Anna.

Jordan informed Stella of the incident with Mike and Yvonne, and Stella learned that Marcus had been considering pressing charges against Mike. Stella decided that she had to check on Mike for herself, and she left Anna's house.

At Sonny's house, Josslyn wrapped gifts for Avery, and Carly commended her on being a great big sister. Josslyn only wanted the holiday to be special for the little girl. Jason and Michael joined the group, and Sonny welcomed Lucas and Wiley. Michael grabbed the baby.

Carly thought that it would be a miracle if everyone could always be happy, joking and smiling the way they were on Christmas Eve. Sonny found Mike out on the cold patio and urged him to go inside. Mike announced that he was waiting for his "best gal" to show up because he had a gift for her. Sonny grabbed a coat for Mike, and they sat down at the patio table.

Sonny suggested they wait an hour and then make another plan. He thought that Yvonne was probably with her family. Mike recalled a Christmas long past when he'd given Sonny tickets to a football game, but he wondered if it were true. Sonny indicated that not only was it true, but it was one of his favorite memories.

Sonny and Mike talked about the football game, and Sonny admitted that when things had been good with Mike in the past, they'd been really good. He could never accept that it wouldn't last forever. Mike stated that his disease had taught him to live in the moment, and the men agreed that they should both do the same.

Inside, Jason held Wiley and told Lucas how it reminded him of Michael when he had been a baby. Lucas mentioned that he didn't need any gifts because he had everything he'd always wanted. Michael wanted to drop off a check at the Toys for Tots collection at the hospital, and Lucas presented him with a "cheesy" gift from Wiley before he left. Michael appreciated it, and he advised Lucas that he needed to change the baby's diaper.

Josslyn placed gifts under the tree, and she was short with Jason, who was standing nearby. He guessed it was because he hadn't told her about Oscar, and Josslyn lit into him for having kept quiet. Carly listened unseen. Jason explained that Oscar had needed to talk to someone, and Jason had had to promise to keep it secret. He had hated every minute of it.

Josslyn cried that she couldn't be angry at Oscar, but it had hurt. She apologized for exploding at Jason, and he apologized for keeping mum. Josslyn said that she forgave him because he'd helped Oscar. They shared a hug, and Josslyn walked off. Jason was upset, and Carly walked over and thanked him. She informed him that they really could count on him for anything, and she hugged him.

Monica told Oscar, Kim, and Drew about the traditional reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas," but Bobbie arrived and announced that there was a problem with the Santa suit. Oscar saw a little girl who was a patient sitting off by herself, and he sat down beside her. She was sad and worried that Santa wouldn't be able to find her.

Willow received a text message from Chase, inviting her to Anna's house, as she stood and contemplated attending the Bereavement Group meeting. Just then, Michael stepped off the elevator and told her he was there to drop off the check. Willow admitted that she'd found herself there but had been thinking about attending a party that she really didn't want to attend. She didn't feel like pretending.

Willow wondered how she could move on, and Michael advised her that she should do it in a way that felt right. He thought that it was a good night for a meeting, given all the family gatherings of the special occasion. "Let's do it," he declared. He added that his previous plans could wait.

At Anna's house, things got easier between Anna and Peter as they continued to wrap the gifts, and they began to joke around. Peter spotted a thank you note from a child, and Anna admitted that she had always made donations on Peter's birthday. She revealed that she had something for Peter, and she handed him a gift-boxed flash drive. It was her WSB file because she didn't want to keep secrets from him any longer.

Chase received Willow's text message that she couldn't make it. Maxie and Chet arrived, and Maxie made introductions all around. Jordan and Curtis shared a kiss under the mistletoe, and Anna and Finn shared a moment of bliss as they looked on at their gathering.

At the hospital, Bobbie disclosed that moths had gotten to the Santa suit, but Oscar was adamant that Santa show up after his discussion with the little girl. Drew declared that Santa would be there.

Stella arrived at Sonny's house as Sonny and Mike went back into the house to warm up. Mike was happy to see her, and he joked about going down memory lane. Sonny received a phone call from Drew, and shortly after, he left for the hospital with Carly and Jason. Stella offered to stay with Mike.

Back at the hospital, Sonny handed over the Santa suit. Cameron and Oscar acknowledged each other with a wave. As Monica read to the gathered children and adults, Santa arrived with his helpers, Josslyn and Cameron. They handed out gifts.

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