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Friends and family gathered to say goodbye to Kiki. Lulu and Valentin talked to Charlotte about bullying Aiden. Margaux gave drew the flash drive with his memory mapping. Liesl returned to Port Charles.
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Port Charles mourns Kiki

Port Charles mourns Kiki

Monday, December 10, 2018

Ava was staring blankly into space when Julian emerged from her bedroom with a black dress for her to wear. "I just can't let her go," Ava said, but Julian urged her to get ready, as she would regret not going to Kiki's funeral. She countered that, as soon as she entered the church, it would be real. There was a knock on the door, but Ava asked Julian not to answer it, because the only person she wanted to see was her daughter. Julian opened the door, and Avery ran in yelling for Ava, followed by Michael. Michael explained that his family believed that Ava should decide how to tell Avery about Kiki.

Julian left to call Scott to let him know that Ava and Julian would be delayed. Avery asked where Kiki was, and Ava explained that there had been a terrible accident. She continued that Kiki had been hurt so badly that no one could make her better, so she couldn't be there with them anymore. "But I want her here," Avery said, and Ava tearfully agreed, hugging her daughter. Michael suggested that Avery go wait for him by the elevators with Julian, so she ran out the door with Julian.

Ava thanked Michael to taking Avery over. Michael replied that Kiki would have wanted them to put their differences aside for Avery. He took her hand and sincerely expressed his sympathy for her loss. He left, and Julian returned. Julian was sorry for what Ava was dealing with. "I know what I need to do," Ava said suddenly.

Margaux held the flash drive out to Drew, but he didn't think she just gave "something for nothing." He wanted a future with his children more than he wanted his past, "so unless you have a cure for cancer in your back pocket, back off." He figured that she would want something in return eventually, but she promised that she didn't want anything from him. She thought that he was afraid to take the flash drive from her, but he insisted that he'd made peace with losing his memories. She forced it into his hand and told him that it was his decision what he wanted to do with it. She added that he might want his memories one day, so he knew exactly where they were, and she left.

There was a knock on Oscar's hospital room door, and Jason entered. Oscar wondered if Jason had talked to Alexis, but Jason replied that he couldn't be the executor of Oscar's will and cause Oscar's parents more pain. Oscar explained that, if he didn't make it, executing his will would "destroy" his parents. Jason inferred that Oscar wasn't optimistic about his prognosis. Oscar wanted to live, but he needed someone to talk to about what would happen if he didn't. He'd chosen Jason because he knew that Jason wouldn't fall apart, and he would be honest with Oscar.

Oscar knew that, while he hadn't been a Quartermaine for long, he wanted to follow the family tradition and establish a fund for sick kids. He wanted to pick things out to give his parents, Scott, Josslyn, and Monica, but he wanted Jason to help Kim get rid of everything else. Oscar asked if Jason would be the executor of his will. Jason replied, "Yeah, I'll honor your wishes on one condition." He told Oscar that "when" he beat the cancer, Oscar needed to get Alexis to write up a new will, and Oscar needed to get a new executor. Oscar agreed, and the two shook on it. Oscar thanked Jason, and Jason left.

Drew got off the elevator and bumped into Jason. Drew showed Jason the flash drive and told him about the encounter with Margaux. Jason wondered what Drew was going to do with it, as it was his decision. While Drew didn't want Jason's memories, he didn't want to risk losing the ones he'd made on his own. Jason suggested that Drew could one day be able to use the flash drive without risking losing anything.

Later, Drew returned to a sleeping Oscar's room and put the flash drive away. Oscar stirred, and Drew pulled the covers up on his son.

Marcus cut to the chase with Sonny and Carly and asked them to keep Mike away from Yvonne, as he believed the interactions endangered her health. He added that Yvonne's Alzheimer's diagnosis didn't invalidate their wedding vows, and Carly quickly agreed. However, Sonny and Carly believed that Mike and Yvonne were just friends enjoying playing cards with each other for two hours a day, and their relationship did no harm to anyone. "I hope you're right," Marcus said. He shook their hands and left.

Sonny understood Marcus' struggle, but he thought Mike and Yvonne's friendship was a good thing. He was just grateful that his father could have one bit of happiness, no matter how he found it.

"Kevin" looked at the bowl of sunflower pins on the table in the church lobby and picked one up. Jordan entered, and "Kevin" thanked her for attending, not realizing that she had been friends with Kiki. Jordan explained that her son had been close to Kiki, but Jordan admired Kiki for always standing up for her beliefs. Jordan also wanted to keep an eye on the attendees, as she believed the killer could show up. She asked if "Kevin" still wanted to help with the investigation, and he confirmed that he did. He claimed to be concerned about the "emotional well-being" of the community.

Scott quietly wondered why Kevin was there, and Lulu confided that he'd been sleeping with Ava behind Laura's back. She'd thought that Kevin loved Laura and added that she no longer recognized Kevin. When Jordan was gone, Scott cracked a joke about "Kevin" rubbing elbows with the police commissioner. "Kevin" informed Scott that he'd agreed to help the police with their investigation, and he added that he knew how murderers thought.

Inside the church, Nina and Sasha stood with Franco as he stood next to the casket. He wished that he could give Kiki her life back. Elizabeth hugged Franco and assured him that he wasn't alone. He asked if they could stay with Kiki until everyone arrived, and she agreed.

Alexis walked up to the church and saw Griffin standing outside. "I shouldn't be here," Griffin muttered, and Alexis replied that he had every right to be there. He clarified by saying that no one should be there, because Kiki shouldn't have died. They entered the church together, and Sasha approached Griffin. She expressed her sympathy for his loss and regret that Ava had used her to hurt Griffin and Kiki. Griffin assured her that Kiki hadn't blamed Sasha, and she'd been looking forward to becoming friends. "You would have loved her," he said.

T.J. and Molly entered the church, and Molly was glad to see her mother. Jordan approached and asked how the two were doing. T.J. couldn't wrap his head around who would want to kill Kiki, and Jordan promised to find out who'd done it. Molly sat with Alexis and expressed her frustration at feeling so useless in the face of such injustice. T.J. explained to Epiphany and Lulu that the nurses and medical student had started a GoFundMe page to create a sexual harassment curriculum for medical students in Kiki's honor. Lulu was impressed with the positivity in the face of tragedy and asked to write about it.

Sasha told Nina that she thought she should go, since she hadn't known Kiki as well as everyone else there. Nina thought that Sasha should stay and listen to the stories so she could feel like she knew her sister a little better. Sasha agreed to stay. Elizabeth asked how Griffin was doing, and he only replied that Kiki "deserved so much more." Elizabeth related how happy and hopeful Kiki had been about Griffin. "If only I didn't leave," he muttered, but Elizabeth only blamed the "sick person" who'd killed Kiki. Julian arrived with Ava, and "Kevin" advised her to lean on him, as he would always be there for her.

The priest asked everyone to take their seats so he could begin the service. He thought it was appropriate to have someone memorialize Kiki who'd known her best. Franco got up and talked about how family could be chosen, and he and Kiki had chosen each other. He continued that he'd been devastated to learn that he wasn't Kiki's biological father, but Kiki had wanted him to remain as her father figure. He regretted that she'd never known how much he'd really loved her, and he railed against taking things for granted.

Franco went on about how Kiki had always spoken her truth, and she'd had a way of drawing people together. He thought that she would be grateful that everyone in the room had put aside their differences to be there together. He talked about how Kiki's love of sunflowers was fitting, since she'd been resilient and beautiful just like them. She hated lies and injustice, which was how she'd been able to win against Dr. Bensch. She'd had a great sense of humor while not being able to tell a joke "to save her life." He talked about her stubbornness, which he knew about because "she never once gave up on me." He thought that everyone there was a better person for having known Kiki. He tearfully touched the casket and sat down with Elizabeth.

Griffin got up, and Ava angrily whispered for "Kevin" and Julian to stop him. Griffin thought it was fitting that the service was not Catholic, as he'd been stripped of his right to the sacraments months before, which had infuriated Kiki. He'd promised Kiki he'd never lose his faith, but since Kiki was gone, he had no faith, and "my soul is empty." Epiphany got up to sing, during which Julian and Alexis, and Sasha and Griffin exchanged meaningful looks.

After the funeral, Carly asked Sonny if he wanted to visit Morgan with her, but he wanted to stay for a while. She kissed him and left. Sonny lit a candle and kneeled. He prayed for Kiki to have an "easy passage," for Kiki to get to Morgan, and for the family to take comfort in knowing that the two were together. He continued that every time he thought of Morgan, Kiki, or his father's failing health, "my faith falls short. Help me trust Your mercy. Grant me the grace to believe again."

In front of the church, Margaux assured Jordan that no one had been lurking during the funeral. Jordan replied that there had been no surprises in the attendees. Margaux suggested that Jordan didn't know people as well as she'd thought, and "the killer is among us."

Alexis, T.J., and Molly arrived at the hospital, and Alexis offered for them to stay with her. Molly explained that their apartment was more conveniently located, so T.J. suggested they visit for dinner the next night. Alexis agreed and hugged the couple, and they left. Alexis hugged Epiphany as she walked by. Jason approached Alexis, and he informed her that he'd agreed to be the executor of Oscar's will. She thanked him and thought that it would be a comfort to Oscar. She hoped that he didn't have to step up, as "burying a child is hell."

Griffin, Michael, Franco, Julian, and "Kevin" watched as Ava stood solemnly at Kiki's grave. Franco and Julian both thought they should try to talk to her, but she interrupted and said, "I know what you're thinking." She believed everyone thought that she couldn't have produced a daughter so kind and good. Franco insisted that no one was thinking that, but she continued that she could tell they were all thinking that she hadn't deserved Kiki. "You think that I wanted her to die, don't you?" she asked.

"Say it," Ava implored of the silent group of men, and she repeated the command. She figured that everyone blamed her for Kiki's death and demanded that someone have the courage to admit it. Julian insisted that no one blamed her. "Only you, right, Carly?" Ava called out as Carly entered the cemetery.

Carly and Ava have to be separated

Carly and Ava have to be separated

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Valerie was curious as Chase checked out his appearance in the window of the interrogation room. Valerie's questions were answered when Willow arrived for her date with Chase, and she and the detective complimented each other's appearance. Chase was sorry about meeting at the police station, but he assured her it had been a quiet evening.

Just then, Anna and Finn arrived at the station with a cuffed and very loud Liesl, who demanded her release. Finn looked at Chase and shrugged while Willow asked Chase if he needed to postpone their date. Chase told her to wait as Finn walked over to his brother and asked if he was dating the school teacher. "I'm trying to," Chase replied as Finn and Willow waved at each other.

Finn advised Chase to get Willow out quickly and stated that Valerie would be able to help out. Chase grabbed Willow's hand, and they rushed out. Valerie finished up with Liesl in the interrogation room until Finn and Anna walked in. Liesl wanted to be taken to the hospital to see Britt and work on the antidote, but Anna revealed that Britt had only had a common cold.

Liesl was confused because she had tested the blood in the test tube and had concluded that the blood was Britt's complete with the Tiber Pox. Anna informed her that the disease had been added to the blood after the sample had been taken, and Liesl was angry. She couldn't believe her own daughter had gone along and betrayed her.

Anna informed Liesl that Britt had made the choice to be free from prison to start over in return for helping them. Liesl wondered if Britt had even hesitated before she had made her choice. Anna handed Liesl a letter that Britt had written before leaving town, and Anna and Finn left the room to give Liesl some privacy.

Liesl read that Britt was sorry for the trick but was on her way to a new life where she hoped to be good. She loved her mother, but she had chosen to be free. Liesl wanted freedom for her daughter, too. Anna and Finn returned, and Liesl demanded she get her phone call. Finn couldn't imagine who Liesl would call. He declared that Peter was on Maxie's side, and Nina had been spending time with her newly found daughter. Liesl was surprised to hear that.

A somber Nina and Sasha met Valentin at Metro Court after Kiki's funeral and sat down at a table. Nina tried to reassure an obviously shaken Sasha, and she left to get Sasha a drink. Sasha declared that she felt as though she were in an "alternate universe" while mourning a sister who wasn't really her sister. Sasha stated that she could no longer pretend.

"I'm out!" Sasha insisted. Valentin declared that he needed Sasha to stay in town because Nina had returned to Wyndemere in order to offer Sasha some protection. He believed that Nina would leave if Sasha did. Sasha replied that the plan hadn't been for her to stay. She liked Nina but didn't want to hurt her. Nina returned, heard the last part of Sasha's sentence, and asked about it.

As Nina sat down, Valentin claimed that he and Sasha had been talking about forcing Nina to stay at Wyndemere. She assured Sasha that she wanted to stay in order for Sasha to feel safe.

Chase and Willow walked into Chase's apartment. He told her he had a surprise for her and would be making her dinner. He lit some candles and perused his bottles of wine, but Willow was unhappy and indignant. She felt it wrong to be in his apartment for a first date after he'd told her he had only wanted to stop to pick something up. She had no intentions of staying in his "lair," and she stormed out. "What just happened?" Chase asked himself. He blew out the candles and rushed out after Willow.

As Nina spoke to Sasha, she saw Willow rushing in and heading to the bar with Chase close behind her. Nina glared as Willow sat down and ordered herself a white wine. Chase sat down beside Willow, and she told him she couldn't believe he had used his siren when he'd followed her. Chase reminded her that she'd rushed off rather quickly, and all he'd wanted was a nice dinner to show off his new cooking skills.

Chase offered to buy Willow a drink, but just then, she received a text message from Nina. She read, "Hate to interrupt. Won't you join us? Nina Reeves." Willow looked up, and Nina waved her over. Willow informed Chase that she would probably need something stronger, and Chase turned to look over at Nina's table. Willow got up and walked over.

Nina stood up and introduced Sasha and Willow to each other. Nina and Valentin informed the teacher that they'd spoken to Charlotte, who Willow called "one of a kind." Nina demanded that Charlotte be recognized as amazing. She didn't feel the little girl should be criticized for the insecurities of other students. Both Willow and Valentin agreed that that wasn't an accurate assessment.

Willow returned to the bar, where Chase had ordered several shots that included gin, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. He noted that he hadn't been familiar with Willow's tastes. Willow decided to stick with the wine, and she suggested that they return to his "lair" for the shrimp scampi he had mentioned to her earlier. She was embarrassed about her choice of words.

Sasha advised Nina and Valentin that she would be leaving town and returning to Chappaqua. She related that she' d been drugged and someone had been murdered, and she couldn't stay. She planned to travel eventually. Nina suggested a mother and daughter trip at some point, but she hugged Sasha, who stared at Valentin.

Sasha was happy that she'd been responsible for Nina and Valentin getting closer to each other. Valentin received a phone call from Liesl, who announced that they had "much to discuss."

Laura found Sonny sitting in a church pew, and she asked to join him. He agreed, and she sat down beside him. She asked who the Saint of the Impossible was because she had a few things to say. Sonny informed her it was Rita of Cascia. He asked how Laura was doing and assured her he wasn't prying.

Laura revealed that she'd been better and disclosed that she'd stayed away from Kiki's funeral because she hadn't wanted to draw attention due to the mayor's race. She told Sonny that Ava and Kevin were sleeping together. Sonny couldn't believe it, and Laura admitted that she'd seen them kissing at Ava's gallery.

Sonny suggested that Kevin had been having a midlife crisis or a moment of weakness, but Laura told him about the divorce papers she'd received. She admitted that she still loved her husband. Sonny told her not to give up, and he reminded her of all the times he and Carly had been divorced. Both he and Laura chuckled. Sonny added that they were still together, and he thought Laura could do the same.

Laura thanked Sonny for the "pep talk," but she stated that it took two to fight, and she didn't think Kevin had the desire. Sonny called him an idiot and declared that any man would be happy to have Laura. Laura replied that she didn't recognize Kevin, and he was a stranger or worse.

Outside in the cemetery, Ava challenged Franco along with Julian, Griffin, "Kevin," and Michael to say that they blamed her for Kiki's death. She knew she deserved it. Julian tried to stop her, but when Carly arrived to visit Morgan's grave, Ava lashed out at her instead. She accused Carly of thinking of trite sayings like, "You reap what you sow," and "A child for a child." Carly remained quiet, but Ava continued.

"Now we're even," Ava shouted, and she accused Carly of being happy about Kiki's death. Carly declared that she knew Ava was hurting, but Ava began to scream and shout at Carly, and the two women had words. All of the men tried to stop it, but "Kevin" considered it to be good "primal therapy." Michael wanted to take his mother home, but Ava wasn't finished.

Ava grabbed Carly's arm, and Carly insisted she let go. She accused Ava of making the day about herself instead of about Kiki. She added that Ava had made Kiki's life miserable, but she wouldn't do it to Avery. Ava pushed Carly onto the ground. Carly rose and went after Ava. "Kevin" smiled as the others moved in to pull the women apart.

Carly called Ava insane and maintained that at least Ava wouldn't be able to torture Kiki any longer. "Go to hell," Ava shouted. "You first," Carly retorted. Michael tried to get Carly to calm down and added that she should allow Ava to trash Kiki's funeral. Ava screamed that she hated Carly. "Grief is the price we pay for love," "Kevin" quoted Queen Elizabeth. He thought that both Ava and Carly had paid a large price, but they should consider the bill paid in full.

Griffin found "Kevin's" little speech to be moving and suggested that "Kevin" join the priesthood. "Kevin" laughed. He asserted that he had found his "true calling." He thought they should focus on the reason they were there. Ava wanted everyone to leave so she could be alone with her daughter.

After everyone was gone, Ava knelt by the grave and cried that she was sorry. She had failed Kiki and had also turned Kiki's day into a circus. She would trade places with Kiki if she could. Ava announced that she would find the "bastard" who had killed Kiki and make them pay. "Kevin" had looked on, unseen, and he returned to Ava's side.

"Kevin" told Ava she was wrong, and she had given Kiki all parts of herself, including her heart and soul. Ava cried that she should have saved Kiki but "Kevin" advised her that it had been beyond her control. Ava called life a "bitter, pointless joke," but "Kevin" mentioned that it had "radiant" times as well. He helped her up and announced that he was there for her.

Carly and Michael reentered the church, and Sonny noted his wife's disarray. He guessed that it had involved Ava, and he wasn't surprised. Michael left, and Carly told Sonny and Laura what had happened. Laura heard that Kevin had been present, and she noted sarcastically that he couldn't be far from his girlfriend.

Sonny told Carly about Kevin and Ava, and Carly opened her mouth wide in shock. She thought it was outrageous. Laura disclosed that Kevin had been "off," and she was worried that it had been due to the anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. She considered Kevin to be Ryan's latest victim. Carly thought that Kevin would regret his actions. Laura hugged Sonny, and she left for home.

Sonny wanted to do something to honor Kiki, and he and Carly agreed that they would not allow Ava to do to Avery what she'd done to Kiki. Laura made a phone call outside and told the person she wanted to move forward.

Willow and Chase enjoyed dinner in Chase's apartment, and she complimented the chef. Chase accidentally cut his finger while slicing the bread, and Willow provided him with a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid. She helped to put it on and thanked him for dinner. They flirted awkwardly until Willow decided it was time to leave. Chase helped her on with her coat, blew out the candles, and walked her out.

Back at the police station, Anna signed some forms and didn't care who Liesl might be phoning. Anna wanted to check on Griffin, but Finn persuaded her to wait until the next day when he'd be alone. They joked and flirted and decided to head to Finn's place to commemorate their declarations of love.

Franco spotted Michael sitting at the Metro Court bar and declared that while he knew how Michael felt about him, he wanted to thank Michael for being important to Kiki. Franco turned to go, but Michael stopped him. He declared that Kiki had always believed in Franco and had seen the best in him. He urged Franco to live up to it.

Liesl blackmails Valentin

Liesl blackmails Valentin

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Outside Kelly's, Sonny thanked someone on the phone for the update. He related that he would be unavailable, as he was out for breakfast with Spencer, and Spencer smiled up at his uncle.

Inside Kelly's, Sasha saw a text message on her phone from Valentin that read, "Convince Nina to return to Wyndemere." Nina thanked Sasha for meeting for a goodbye breakfast. Spencer entered and greeted Nina, happy to hear that she was no longer involved with Valentin. Nina went to introduce Spencer and Sasha, but Spencer interrupted that Valentin had already introduced them at Wyndemere. Sonny entered, and Nina introduced him to Sasha. Spencer wasn't surprised that Valentin hadn't mentioned the meeting, as "ugly threats" had been thrown between Valentin and Spencer. Sasha remembered hearing something about "election tampering," and Spencer all but ran away.

A few minutes later, Nina couldn't believe that Valentin had threatened Spencer, but Sasha assured her that Valentin had seemed very patient with Spencer. Sasha hoped that she wasn't overstepping, but she warned Nina about inventing excuses to distance herself from Valentin. She thought that Nina should stay at Wyndemere because Nina seemed so happy there. Nina wasn't ready to forgive Valentin, even though she admitted to still loving him, but she was happy that he'd helped her meet her daughter.

Nina promised that she and Sasha would visit each other all the time, but Sasha refused to return to Port Charles until the serial killer had been caught. She urged Nina to stay at Wyndemere, at least for the security. Sasha told Nina to take care of herself, as "I just found you. I'd hate to miss you." The women shared a tearful hug and expressed their love to one another, and Sasha left.

Sonny and Spencer sat down at the counter, and Sonny wondered why Spencer had been talking about election tampering. "I have heat on me," Spencer divulged, but he didn't want to incriminate his uncle. "That's why I have Diane on retainer," Sonny replied. Spencer confided that he'd "introduced malware" that had caused chaos, but only to buy Laura more time to campaign. Spencer wondered if Sonny could make Valentin "go away," but Sonny replied that killing someone was wrong.

Spencer was angry at himself for bragging during his "altercation" with Charlotte, and Sonny instructed Spencer not to announce it if he ever did something bad again. Sonny promised to keep an eye on Valentin, and he promised that he and Carly were there for Laura. Spencer "couldn't bear" disappointing Laura, so Sonny urged him to think before he acted -- or to call Sonny the next time. "One bad move can change your life," Sonny warned, and he only wanted the best for his "favorite nephew."

Valentin entered the interrogation room, and Liesl wondered what had taken him so long. He told her that what she really needed was a lawyer, but she thought that he could help her get out of trouble. She taunted that she knew Valentin had given Nina a daughter that wasn't hers. She explained how she'd disguised herself for Madeline's funeral, and she'd seen him reach into the casket and get DNA off of Madeline's body.

Liesl thought back to the day of the funeral and hearing Valentin say that Madeline would finally give something back to Nina after taking so much away. He'd opened the casket, taken a swab out of his pocket, gotten some DNA, and closed the casket. Liesl related that she didn't want to break Nina's heart, but Liesl's circumstances were "dire." She promised to do what she had to unless he did first.

In the Metro Court elevator, Finn shyly reminded Anna that they'd "said the words" and related that he'd probably say them again. He told her that he loved her, and she rushed to say it back before he answered his ringing phone. He listened for a few moments then told Chase that he was on his way. He promised to see Anna later and kissed her as the elevator doors opened. She got off, and he waved as the doors closed.

Maxie sat down with Peter at Metro Court and apologized for being late. She suggested that they "hit the reset button" on their relationship. He reminded her that they'd almost kissed, but Anna interrupted before Maxie could reply. She wanted to let them both know that Liesl had been arrested and was in custody. She told Peter that his testimony would be "pivotal" at Liesl's trial, and he looked forward to it. He sincerely thanked her, and she walked away.

Peter could tell that Maxie was upset. She explained that, while there was no excuse for what Liesl had done, she understood that Liesl had needed someone to blame for her "deep grief." She knew that taking it out on Peter had been wrong, but she wondered if Peter could forgive Liesl. Peter didn't know about forgiveness, but he did understand. She related Liesl acting in her son's name to Anna acting in her son's name. Maxie knew Anna wasn't perfect, but Maxie loved her godmother and recognized that Anna was "bending over backwards" to make amends to Peter.

Peter joked that he could never forgive Anna for her "lousy timing," and he reminded Maxie that they had been in the middle of figuring out what their "almost-kiss" had meant. She told him that they'd agreed the almost-kiss had never happened. "Yet I remember it," he replied. "So do I," she said. "What now?" he wondered. She admitted that she wanted to figure it out. Just then, Peter's phone rang, and he answered it to Valentin. Valentin urgently told Peter that it was important for Peter to meet with Valentin at Wyndemere about Liesl.

Ava was looking at old pictures when there was a knock on the door. Irritated, she got up to answer it and was shocked to see Laura with a bouquet of flowers. Laura entered and sincerely expressed sympathy for Ava's loss. "Go to hell," Ava spat as she knocked the flowers out of Laura's arms. Ava accused Laura of thinking that Kiki's death was "divine justice" for Ava being with Kevin and for withdrawing her testimony against Valentin in Nikolas' death. Laura insisted that neither Ava nor Kiki deserved what had happened. No matter how Laura felt about Ava, "my heart is with you."

Ava apologized for being defensive and thanked Laura for the flowers, which Ava proceeded to pick up off the floor. As Ava put the flowers in a vase, Laura caught sight of one of Kevin's ties and assumed he'd been staying there. Ava maintained that if Kevin had been unfaithful to Laura while she'd been in France, it hadn't been with Ava. She swore that Laura had seen it the first time anything had happened between Ava and Kevin.

Ava realized that the news probably didn't help Laura, and Laura responded that it actually made things worse. She urged Ava to be careful, as Kevin hadn't been acting like himself, and the change had been more sudden than she'd realized. She continued that she didn't recognize Kevin, and she left a surprised Ava.

Chase helped a drunk and stumbling Griffin into Chase's apartment, and Finn arrived moments later. Chase explained to a confused Finn that Finn and Griffin were colleagues, and he thought that Finn could help Griffin. Finn sat with Griffin and talked about Griffin going back to work, which Griffin was dreading. Finn knew that the first impulse was to numb the pain, but he insisted that Griffin was going to get through it.

Finn remembered wanting no one around after his wife had died, but he refused to acquiesce to Griffin's request to be left alone. Finn reminded Griffin of when Griffin had discovered Finn's addiction, and Finn had hated Griffin for trying to help. "Is this payback?" Griffin slurred. "Yes," Finn confirmed lightheartedly. He continued that the best thing for everyone would be for Griffin to go back to the hospital. He urged Griffin to let people care, because people were the only thing that would help.

In the meantime, Finn suggested that Griffin take a shower, and Chase directed Griffin toward the bathroom. Chase commended his brother and teased that he could see why Anna stuck around. A few minutes later, Griffin emerged and thanked Chase for the clothes and thanked Finn for the pep talk. Finn related that he would ask Griffin not to tell anyone, but no one would believe him anyway. Griffin didn't want to go home, which Finn understood. He informed Griffin that he'd called a car that would take Griffin to the hospital. Griffin glumly figured he could look over patient files.

As Finn took out his phone, he offered to accompany Griffin, but Griffin figured he should learn to do things on his own. He thanked Finn and Chase again and left. Chase believed that Finn should have gone with Griffin, but Finn revealed that he'd sent someone to meet Griffin who was "much better equipped than me." "You like scampi?" Chase asked suddenly. He explained that he had leftovers from the night before, and Finn answered, "Why not?" Finn asked about the date, and Chase told his brother that, while it had started out rocky, he and Willow had gotten to a good place.

Griffin arrived in his office and found Anna holding two cups of coffee. He realized that Finn had sent her, and she confirmed that Finn had texted her. She informed him that he would see Kiki everywhere in the hospital. He revealed that he'd ended up drinking in the park the night before after seeing Kiki everywhere he looked in his apartment. Anna offered to take a walk with him and "face Kiki's ghost together." She took his hand, and they went.

Carly bumped into "Kevin" at the hospital and asked about Ava. "She's hanging on by a thread, no thanks to you," he replied coldly. Carly reminded him that Ava had been the one to go after her, but "Kevin" snapped at her to "stop talking." He informed her that Ava didn't need criticism, and Carly and Sonny's pasts were just as "checkered" as Ava's.

Changing the subject, Carly told "Kevin" that she'd found out that her neighbor at Ferncliff's name had been Wilson. He couldn't confirm it, but he wondered how she'd found out. She told him about her "hacker friend," and she was happy with the start. He apologized to her for being "sharp" about Ava, but he urged Carly to let him take over looking into the patient. He promised to be in touch and double-checked that no one else knew. "Just me. And Sonny, of course," she said. "Of course," he muttered.

A few minutes later, Laura entered the hospital, and Carly ran up to her. She told Laura that something was definitely wrong with "Kevin." Laura revealed that the change had been more "radical" than she'd realized. Carly wondered if figuring out what was wrong with "Kevin" would heal their marriage. "At this point, no," Laura said, but she hoped to heal Kevin.

"Kevin" entered Ava's apartment and complimented the beautiful flowers. Ava informed her that Laura had been there, and she'd been "surprisingly civil." "Kevin" thought that the problem was Carly, not Laura. Ava worried that Sonny and Carly would use her altercation with Carly the night before as an excuse to keep her away from Avery. "Let them try," she growled. As she walked away, "Kevin" muttered, "You won't pay for it, Ava. But Carly will."

Sam and Curtis investigate

Sam and Curtis investigate

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Nina arrived at Crimson, and Maxie asked if she was all right. Nina divulged that Sasha had said, "I love you," but it had been right before she'd said goodbye. Maxie related that Sasha would be missed at the magazine. Nina didn't blame Sasha for leaving after what had happened with Ava and Kiki, and with the killer still on the loose. Each woman strongly insinuated that the other was involved with a man they shouldn't be, but Maxie didn't think they should fight. She added that every time they decided to stay away from certain people, they always found a way to be around that person.

Maxie told Nina about how Peter had ended up sleeping out in the hallway after the wedding, so he could look after her and James. Nina admitted that she didn't love the idea of Maxie being with Peter, but she also realized that she had no say. "You need some light in your life," Nina added. Maxie was happy that she could talk to Nina about it, but she wondered what was going on with Nina and Valentin. Nina answered that it had been nice to be back at Wyndemere, even if she'd only been in the guest room. "Where does that leave you two?" Maxie asked.

Peter arrived at Wyndemere, and Valentin immediately asked Peter not to testify against Liesl. He instructed a skeptical Peter to claim that he hadn't gotten a good look at his captor. Peter reminded Valentin that there had been witnesses, and Valentin's story didn't make sense. Peter realized that Liesl had something incriminating on Valentin, but Valentin insisted that he wanted Liesl to go free because she was one of the few family members Nina had left. Valentin suggested that not testifying against Liesl would also endear Maxie to Peter. Peter asked for time to think, and Valentin directed him to "think fast."

Later, Nina arrived at Wyndemere, and Valentin commented that she was early. She replied that she was only there to pack her things and go. She was moving out.

Maxie pressed the button for the elevator, and the doors opened moments later to reveal Peter inside. He said that he was on his way up to the restaurant, so she decided to catch the elevator on its way back down. She advised him not to wait too long to give her a call, because they owed it to themselves to "see it through." He agreed, and the doors closed.

Kim got a cortado from Julian at Charlie's and thanked him profusely, as she had no coffee at her house and no time to go shopping. She left to visit Oscar at the hospital. A short while later, Cameron entered and introduced himself to Julian. He handed Julian his résumé, but Julian figured that Cameron's mom wouldn't want him working there. Cameron explained that he wanted to cover Oscar's shifts while Oscar was in the hospital so that Oscar would have a job to return to. Julian promised that Oscar's job would still be there and took the résumé away.

Julian made a phone call and told someone that he needed someone to do cleaning around three times a week and maybe run some errands. He told the person to bill his credit card, as it was a gift. He didn't want a card along with it, because it was a surprise.

An amused Drew was watching Josslyn and Oscar play a game when a nurse entered to take Oscar for his tests. Drew helped him out of bed and walked him out the door. When Oscar and the nurse were gone, Sonny approached and relayed that he was there to see Oscar. Drew appreciated the support, and Sonny said that he would do anything Drew and Oscar needed.

Josslyn was straightening up Oscar's room when Kim entered. She told Josslyn that the cleaning was unnecessary, but Josslyn wanted the nurses and orderlies to focus on getting Oscar better. She worried that he wasn't eating and thought that she should go to Charlie's for all of Oscar's favorites. Kim suggested that Josslyn go home and rest, but Josslyn wondered, "Is that what you're going to do?"

Kim found Drew, and he informed her that he had news for her -- he was in possession of the flash drive with his memories. She wondered why he wasn't beating down Andre's door, and he replied that he didn't want to risk losing the memories he'd made of his children. Kim confessed that, even though their relationship hadn't been super serious, she'd imagined a future with him even before she'd found out she'd been pregnant.

Kim told Drew a story about a date they'd been on when they'd found a little boy separated from his parents. She talked about how good Drew had been with the boy, and she remembered thinking of what a terrific dad he would be. He was sorry that no one would get to meet that guy, but she countered that the guy he was was "pretty great." He thanked her for sharing the story, and she admitted that, when she'd found him again, she'd hoped they would pick up where they'd left off and be a happy family. "In a way, I guess we are," he replied, and she leaned her head on his shoulder as Julian entered.

Josslyn entered Charlie's and bumped into Cameron. She was picking up food for Oscar and wondered why he was there. He explained that he was making sure that Oscar's job would still be there when Oscar got out of the hospital. Josslyn was impressed, and she related how happy she was that they were still friends. She told him about the food she'd ordered, which made him hungry. She wished Oscar was hungry, so Cameron suggested that Oscar try weed.

A short while later, Josslyn returned to Cameron with a bag of food as he researched on his phone. He explained that medical marijuana was legal in New York, but it was highly regulated. Josslyn figured that Terry hadn't had time to look into getting a prescription for Oscar. Disappointed, she left. As Cameron left, he texted Trina, "Does that guy you're seeing still have the weed hookup?"

The nurse was settling Oscar back into his bed when Sonny entered. When the nurse was gone, Oscar babbled on about how sorry he was to have hurt Josslyn, but he'd only been trying to protect her. Sonny understood what it was like to protect the people he loved, even if he went about it the wrong way. He figured that, if Josslyn understood, so did he. He asked Oscar to promise to "stand up to this disease like you stood up to me" the first time they'd met. Oscar promised, and the two shook on it.

Later, Sonny was gone, and Josslyn was trying to get Oscar to eat some of the food she'd gotten. He appreciated it, but he still wasn't hungry, so he told her to eat it. She opted to leave it at the nurses' station instead.

Jason arrived at Sonny's and asked Carly how Josslyn was. Carly confided that she was concerned about the toll spending every free moment with Oscar was taking on Josslyn, but Jason assured Carly that Josslyn was strong. The phone rang, and Carly answered it to Max, who was sending someone to the front door. Carly hung up and stormed to the door. When she opened it, Margaux was standing there. She handed over a scarf of Sonny's that he'd loaned to Margaux, and she left.

"What the hell was he thinking?" a livid Carly yelled to Jason. Jason explained that Sonny felt guilty about killing Vincent, since he was losing his own father a little bit every day. They agreed that Margaux was exploiting Sonny's vulnerability. Jason related that Carly knew better than anyone how much grief could mess with someone's head.

A short while later, Jason was gone when Sonny returned. He asked about the scarf, and Carly informed him that Margaux had dropped it off. Carly guessed that Margaux had either wanted to see Sonny again or wanted to make sure that Carly knew Sonny had loaned out his scarf. Sonny didn't think Margaux had an agenda, but Carly reminded him that Margaux had been the one to send Carly to Ferncliff. Sonny didn't think it was a big deal, as it was only a scarf, and Margaux had been cold. "Let her freeze," Carly said icily as she strode out of the room.

Curtis entered Kelly's and sat down at the counter with Sam. He informed her that Stella hadn't been thrilled about him lying about why they'd been at Turning Woods, but she'd asked Marcus about Yvonne's subscription to the newspaper. Marcus had had no idea about the subscription, so Sam figured that a "well-meaning caregiver" could have ordered the subscription. Curtis thought that that was what someone had intended for them to think.

Sam continued that she'd called the paper with the account number, but they couldn't tell her who'd ordered the paper. Curtis suggested that they check online, so he typed in the account number on the website and clicked "forgot password." The email address associated with the account popped up, and it belonged to someone named Linda Black. Curtis wondered if Sam knew the woman. "Quite well. She's me," Sam replied in shock. She explained that Linda Black was one of the many aliases she'd used on her marks, and Curtis thought they needed to rethink the direction of their case.

Curtis suggested that someone could just be using Sam's past to get her attention. Sam talked about the daughter of her last mark, Amelia Joffee, who Sam had had to kill in self-defense, but she insisted that she and Amelia had made peace. She added that she would always "ghost out" the kids of her marks so that they knew nothing about her, especially not her real name. Jason entered Kelly's, and Curtis immediately ran out of the diner to make a phone call.

Sam laughed and said that Curtis was "usually smoother," and Jason sat with her. He informed her that Drew had the flash drive with his memories, and she understood why he was reluctant to use it. She admitted that, after Jason had disappeared, memories of him were what had kept her going. He replied that memories of her were what had helped him get out of the clinic and find his way home.

Curtis sat outside Kelly's, finishing up a text, when Margaux approached him. She asked if he thought there was anything she could do for Drew while Oscar was in the hospital. "You've done more than enough," he told her. She insisted that she wanted to make amends, but he wasn't convinced. He respected that Margaux worked with his wife, but Drew was his best friend. He thought that the best thing Margaux could do for Drew was to keep her distance, and he went back into Kelly's.

Curtis returned to Sam, and Jason wished them luck with their case and left. Curtis was surprised she hadn't updated Jason on their case, but she wanted to keep it between her and Curtis. Sam pulled up her email to send one to the person responsible for Yvonne's newspaper subscription. "Okay Linda Black, you've got my attention," she wrote.

Lulu speaks to Charlotte about bullying Aiden

Lulu speaks to Charlotte about bullying Aiden

Friday, December 14, 2018

"Surprise honeymoon at Kelly's!" Curtis announced as he and Jordan stopped in front of the restaurant. Jordan didn't find it funny, and she maintained that they'd go on a real honeymoon as soon as she could solve her case. She felt like she was missing something, but Curtis was confident that Kiki's murderer would be found soon.

Jordan and Curtis peered inside and saw Marcus sitting with Stella. Curtis declared that he owed Marcus some thanks for inspiring Stella to attend their wedding.

Inside, Marcus complained to Stella about Mike going after Yvonne and about Sonny's attitude with the entire thing. He was annoyed at Sonny for encouraging it, and it was difficult for Marcus. Yvonne had no idea who Marcus was. Stella acknowledged that Yvonne had seemed happy, but Marcus wanted to know what to do. Stella believed that Marcus was being "ungenerous" to Yvonne.

Stella explained that Mike and Yvonne had a special bond. Marcus insisted that he wanted to share Yvonne's joy with her as her husband, and she'd been focused on Mike instead. Stella didn't think that Marcus should deny Yvonne's feelings and actions. Curtis and Jordan arrived, and Marcus stood to shake hands with Jordan and to announce that he had to head to the holiday party at Turning Woods.

Curtis walked Marcus out, and Jordan took off her coat and sat down. Stella asked about the investigation, and Jordan admitted that it was going slowly, but she felt she was getting close. Stella was confident that Jordan would be successful, and she rose in order to give Curtis and Jordan some privacy. Jordan thanked her for attending their wedding.

Stella declared that they would take things one day at a time. Jordan admitted that she had previously been looking for Marcus, and she thought that if he could show up, then anything else could happen. Jordan had hoped to find him in order for him to be in Stella's life, but she had learned that he was married and had stopped.

Stella was perturbed, and Jordan explained that she wanted Stella to know all so that, as a family, they were all honest with each other. Jordan apologized for "butting in," and she would understand if Stella didn't forgive her.

Outside, Curtis asked Marcus about Yvonne and admitted that he knew of Marcus' history with Stella. He thought that Marcus should accept Stella's help because she was good at her job. Marcus snapped that Stella had already done plenty.

"Who's hungry?" Curtis asked as he returned to the table. Stella announced that she'd had her fill, but she patted Jordan lightly on her shoulder and smiled. Curtis wondered what he'd missed.

Cameron sat on a bench outside of Kelly's and sent text messages to an unknown person about purchasing some marijuana. Elizabeth interrupted with a phone call and asked her son to head home to babysit for Jake and Aiden. He was reluctant and told her he was participating in extracurricular activities, but he finally acquiesced.

Sonny and Carly were at Turning Woods in order to take part in the holiday party. They saw Mike and Yvonne hanging out and decorating the Christmas tree. Sonny and Carly walked over to give out compliments, but when a Band-Aid was needed for Yvonne's pricked finger, Mike exploded when Sonny offered to get one. "Where's your father?" he shouted loudly at Sonny. He maintained that he was the adult, and he should be the one to take control.

Sonny tried to identify himself, and Carly stepped in to help. Mike was confused at first and stated that he had forgotten that Sonny was his son. Sonny was shaken. Yvonne asked about Sonny, and Mike replied, "He's a good guy." Carly hugged Sonny as the older couple went off in search of the Band-Aid.

Carly explained that she didn't think Mike was even aware of what had happened, but Sonny admitted that he didn't know how to handle things even after reading about them. Carly assured him he wasn't alone.

Shortly after, Carly spotted Mike and Yvonne going through the games, and they returned to the tree. Carly thought they were cute, and Mike felt protective of Yvonne. Sonny agreed that the couple seemed to have a connection.

Mike and Yvonne made their way to the mistletoe, where they stood beneath it. Marcus walked in and saw them there together, standing close to each other and ready for a kiss.

Julian got off of the elevator at the hospital and saw Kim and Drew sitting on a couch. Kim's head was on Drew's shoulder. Julian turned around and got back on the elevator. Shortly after, Kim and Drew asked Elizabeth and Franco if they wanted to share in some pizza.

Elizabeth and Franco needed to get home, and Kim asked for a rain check. Both she and Drew were grateful for the couple's help and support. Franco revealed that their wedding had been postponed due to Kiki's death, and Elizabeth added that they had "stuff" with the kids too. Kim and Drew were sorry to hear about Aiden's plight. Franco declared that he wanted the name of the bully, but Elizabeth was adamant that they follow Willow's advice and the school's strategy.

Franco and Elizabeth left, and Drew suggested that he and Kim order pizza for the staff. Kim was astonished to find a $500 credit on her phone app, and after a phone call, learned that Julian had bought it for her. She found emails in her spam folder about grocery shopping and apartment cleaning that he had also purchased.

Kim felt guilty for neglecting Julian, and Drew urged her to visit Julian in person. Oscar was sleeping, and Drew would keep watch. He jokingly demanded that she return with pizza.

Lulu met with Laura at Charlie's Pub and apologized for running late. She was frazzled but sat down. Laura revealed that she knew that Charlotte had been bullying Aiden. "Charlotte is bullying her cousin?" Lulu asked in disbelief.

Laura admitted that Elizabeth didn't know about Charlotte, but Laura thought that Lulu should know about Aiden. Laura added that the teacher had been trying to settle things privately. Lulu disclosed that she had been trying to get through to Charlotte, but Nina had proven to be an obstacle because she hadn't believed that Charlotte would be a bully. Lulu stated that even Valentin had been on Lulu's side. Lulu jumped up to depart for Wyndemere.

Alexis arrived to take Kristina to a spa for her birthday but Kristina told her she had to work. Alexis was annoyed, as she didn't think that Kristina was paid properly for all of the work she normally had to do. Alexis confided that she'd been talking to Julian recently, and Kristina replied that Julian helping others seemed to help Julian.

Julian returned to the pub and snapped at Kristina rudely about a shaker she'd left standing on the bar. He stormed off. Kristina admitted her birthday was just another day, and every day was a new day to start over. Julian returned to criticize again, and Alexis took exception. She told him to "chill out" and to stop blaming Kristina for everything. Julian fired Kristina. "I feel way chiller," he retorted.

Alexis found Julian working in the alley and advised him that he needed Kristina. Julian admitted that she hadn't really been fired, and he had been feeling "pissed off." He admitted that things hadn't turned out the way he had thought they would. "They rarely do," Alexis retorted as she walked off.

Back inside, Julian announced that Kristina was rehired, and Alexis forced him to agree to a higher wage with an apology. Julian gave in but stated that Kristina would be doing more work. "You're welcome," he said.

Kim found Julian out in the alley, and he rudely told her she could have texted or called him. Kim told him how amazing he was, and she was impressed with how he always looked after her. She wanted to thank him. Inside, Kristina fixed Alexis a seltzer drink, and Alexis looked out the window and saw Julian and Kim hugging.

At Wyndemere, Nina announced that she was all packed and ready to go. She insisted that with Sasha gone, she had no reason to stay. Valentin had several reasons. He stated that Charlotte would miss Nina, and he didn't think she would be as safe from the killer on the loose. Nina replied that Charlotte had known she would leave, and she wasn't concerned about the killer. She considered Wyndemere to be the "least safe place" for her.

Nina admitted that she wasn't afraid of Valentin, but she got distracted when she was near him and didn't make good decisions. She admitted she still loved him, and Valentin claimed he wasn't the same man and had changed. He pleaded with her to stay, and he confessed that he would never stop trying to get her back.

Valentin and Nina were about to kiss when someone knocked on the front door. "Someone's about to die," Valentin declared as he went to open the door. Lulu burst in and ignored his statement that it wasn't a good time. She didn't care. She was there about Charlotte's bullying, and after Nina declared that it was "alleged bullying," Lulu told her off. Nina thought that children should work things out themselves, and the parents of the other student should "toughen" up their kid.

Lulu revealed that Aiden had been the victim of Charlotte's bullying. Valentin was shocked, and Charlotte walked into the room when she heard the name. "What about him?" she asked. The little girl sat down with the adults and wondered why they were all angry at her. Lulu explained that they were upset about her treatment of Aiden, and Charlotte was confused.

Valentin declared that it was wrong to hurt people's feelings, and Nina interrupted with how great Charlotte was. Lulu gave her a dirty look and tried to explain further that some kids had trouble getting along, and Charlotte responded that Aiden was weird. She added that he never listened to her directions, it had been his own fault, and no one liked him.

Lulu continued that it wasn't Charlotte's job to give Aiden directions, and she should expect to treat others as she would want to be treated. She set forth an example with Charlotte in Aiden's place, and Valentin recalled how he had felt when he'd been bullied. It had made him feel bad.

Lulu told Charlotte that she'd been hurting Aiden, and while she didn't have to be friends with him, she had to be respectful. Charlotte grew tearful as Lulu agreed that the little girl was really a good person. She had to show one more person how good she really was.

Later, Nina advised Valentin that she was not leaving Wyndemere after hearing the way that Lulu had spoken to Charlotte. Valentin declared that Charlotte had needed "tough love," but Nina thought that Lulu had gone too far. She had to stay there to protect Charlotte from Lulu.

Cameron arrived home and held a box of cake mix. "To bake or not to bake," he asked himself. He heard a knock at the door and opened it to find Laura who wanted to wait for Elizabeth and Franco. She didn't want to interrupt Cameron or the other boys who were doing homework upstairs. Cameron received a text message from the unknown person asking where he was.

Laura walked into the kitchen and found Cameron, who revealed that he had to bake something for a bake sale for his extracurricular activity. Laura offered to help, and they baked some brownies. Laura asked for advice on Aiden, and Cameron admitted that he'd tried to warn his mother that Aiden would be picked on because he was different and didn't fit in.

Laura thought that Cameron should let Aiden know how great he was, and Cameron agreed. Elizabeth and Franco arrived home, and Elizabeth thanked her son for babysitting. She told him he was released, and he left the house. He said he'd return by ten o'clock. Laura noticed that he'd forgotten the brownies that he'd said he'd needed.

Elizabeth was confused about the bake sale, and Franco began to pick at the brownies. He deemed them great and offered to drop them off at school. Laura called Cameron a great kid. Laura wanted to talk about Aiden, but just then, Lulu and Charlotte showed up at the door.

Cameron bumped into Drew at the hospital and told him he was checking up on Oscar. Drew noted that Oscar was sleeping, but he would tell him that Cameron had been there to see him. Cameron sent a text message to the unknown person to tell him he no longer needed the product, and the deal was off.

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