General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 1, 2018 on GH

Laura returned from Paris. DNA tests confirmed that Sasha Gilmore was Nina's daughter. Oscar broke up with Josslyn. Mike revealed that he had tossed the gun used to kill Margaux's father into the river. Valerie was promoted to detective.
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Valentin reads the results of the DNA test

Valentin reads the results of the DNA test

Monday, October 1, 2018

At the Floating Rib, Lucy felt "Kevin's" head and thought that he felt feverish. She urged him to take better care of himself as Lulu approached the table. Lulu showed the two a picture of Laura and Spencer that Laura had sent her. Lucy wondered when Laura would be home, as she believed Kevin would be happier with his wife there. Lulu related that sometimes sacrifices were necessary, and "Kevin" agreed. Lulu had to get to a meeting with Nina, but she promised to have her mother check in, and she left.

Lucy told "Kevin" that she wanted to get him home and nurse him back to health. He finally agreed and told her to meet him at his place "in a bit." She vowed to find the best healing soup in Port Charles. She commented that she knew she would win "if it's the last thing I ever do," and she hurried off. "You have no idea how right you are," he muttered when she was gone.

At the Floating Rib, Carly answered her ringing phone to Jason and wondered if he was on his way. He revealed that he was at the police station with one of Diane's associates, waiting to be questioned. He assured her that everything would be fine, and he hung up. Carly told Mike that Jason was running late, but he would be there. Lulu approached the table and hugged Mike, who invited her to join them. She wished she could, but she had to get to a meeting, so she left.

Carly remarked on how good Mike's memory had been that day, and he replied that he'd been feeling good. However, he was glad that Sonny wasn't there, as he wanted to talk about what would happen with him next. He revealed that he was lonely at the house, and he worried that another "Avery moment" would happen, "or worse." He thought he needed professional help, and he suggested starting out with an "adult daycare." Carly agreed if it was what Mike wanted, and she thought that Sonny would too.

Lucy approached and greeted Mike, asking to see pictures of his grandchildren, so Carly took the opportunity to excuse herself. A few minutes later, Lucy assured him that she loved reminiscing, but she had a sick friend to take care of, because no one should be sick alone. Mike agreed and told her that he was lucky to have his family around him. Lucy thought that his family was even luckier to have him.

At Kevin's, Ryan talked on the phone about his look-alike patient still believing that he was Kevin. He said that he wanted to increase the patient's sedatives, because complete incapacitation was better than constant "psychological torment." "It's the humane thing to do," he concluded. When he was off the phone, he took out a roll of cord and tested its strength. He wrapped some around his hand and put his hand in his pocket as there was a knock on the door. He opened the door and was shocked to see Laura.

Carly walked by "Kevin" as he looked at his phone and absentmindedly tapped on the table. Carly stopped and told him that he was tapping "help me" in Morse code like her neighbor at Ferncliff. He claimed that he'd looked into the Morse code after Carly had told him about it, and it had to have been a reflex. She wondered about her neighbor, and "Kevin" replied that he assumed the situation was "unchanged." Carly admitted that she still had so many nightmares, she'd been thinking about resuming her therapy. She was puzzled by "Kevin's" unenthusiastic reaction. He instructed her to make an appointment, and he left to call into a phone conference.

Jason explained the situation with the body to Henry, Diane's associate, and he instructed Henry to do whatever it took to shut the district attorney down. Jordan and Margaux entered the interrogation room, and Henry wondered why Margaux hadn't recused herself yet. Jordan assured him that she would once there were charges being pressed. Henry informed the women that Jason would have been in kindergarten when Margaux's father had been murdered, so he asked if there was any new information.

Margaux talked about Sonny and Mike's connection to Joe Scully, and Sonny's attempts to buy Charlie's. She believed that Sonny had killed her father, and Mike had been helping to cover it up. She went on about Jason putting Sam and his children in the shoes of Margaux and her mother. Henry advised Jordan to rein Margaux in before she caused a harassment suit. Jordan advised Jason and Henry that they were free to go, but she would call if she had any more questions.

When the men were gone, Margaux apologized for going "over the top," and Jordan demanded that Margaux pull herself together and recuse herself, because she had crossed the line. Margaux still wanted to get to Sonny through Mike, but Jordan forbade it. Margaux thought that it sounded like Jordan was giving up, but Jordan denied that she was. Margaux realized that there was "another way to nail Sonny."

Jason arrived at the Floating Rib and assured Carly and Mike that the cops had nothing on Sonny as long as they didn't find the gun. Mike insisted that no one would find the gun, as he remembered "clear as day" what he'd done with it. He remembered taking the gun with him after unearthing the body, and he'd dropped the gun in the Hudson River on his way to Charlie's. "That gun's been sleeping with the fishes at the bottom of the Hudson for decades," he assured a relieved Carly and Jason.

Curtis arrived at the hospital and approached a lab tech. He told the tech that his DNA test results were supposed to be ready the next day, but he wondered if they'd been done early, since he'd put a rush on them. The lab tech walked away to check.

Nina was looking at her copy of the divorce papers when Valentin burst into her office. He urged her not to sign them, as they'd been a happy family with Charlotte, but Nina reminded him that she couldn't get past what he'd done to Peter. "We're over. We have to be," she concluded, and she signed the papers. Just then, Valentin's phone went off, and he looked at the text from Curtis. "Ready to find out if Sasha is Nina's daughter?" the text read, along with a picture of an envelope from the hospital. Valentin promised not to fight Nina on the divorce. He wished all the happiness in the world for her and left.

Valentin entered the hospital and found Curtis, who handed him the envelope with the test results. Valentin opened the envelope and read the results. A stunned Valentin revealed that the two samples were "ninety-nine-point-nine percent a match." Valentin wanted to wait for the second test to confirm the results before he told Nina, but Curtis assured him that the hospital was one of the most trusted facilities for DNA testing in the country. He'd "grilled" the employees about the strict procedures and chains of command they followed.

Curtis thought that Valentin needed to tell Nina, and he would tell Sasha. Valentin didn't want Sasha to know yet, as he wanted the ball to be in Nina's court. Curtis countered that Sasha was also anxious for answers, but Valentin begged him to put off telling Sasha until he'd told Nina. He promised to be in touch with Curtis and left. Just then, Curtis' phone went off, and he answered it to Sasha. He claimed that the results weren't yet in, but he would let her know as soon as they were, as he was also eager for answers.

Lulu entered Nina's office, and Nina showed her the signed divorce papers. Lulu sincerely expressed her condolences and commended Nina for doing what she thought was best. Nina regretted that she would be losing Charlotte, but Lulu knew that Valentin would make good on his promise to keep Nina in Charlotte's life. Speaking of Charlotte, Lulu informed Nina that she'd met Charlotte's teacher, who'd called Charlotte "assertive."

Nina countered that Charlotte was strong, and "a leader, not a follower," but Lulu thought it was the teacher's way of calling Charlotte bossy. "Look at her mom!" Nina said lightheartedly, with which Lulu agreed, but Lulu countered that, "I've got nothing on you." Lulu assured Nina that, although Nina believed that she wasn't a mother, Lulu knew that Charlotte would beg to differ.

Lulu caught sight of Nina's half-heart pendant necklace and complimented it. Nina replied that it had been a gift from her mother that she'd only kept for sentimental reasons. Lulu had to go, but she assured Nina that she was only "a couple floors up" if Nina needed to talk. Nina appreciated the offer, and Lulu left. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Valentin entered urgently. Nina didn't think they had anything left to say to each other, but he replied, "I need to talk to you about your child."

Laura returns; Nina receives big news

Laura returns; Nina receives big news

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

At the Crimson office, Nina told Valentin that she had nothing to say to him, but he told her he was there to discuss her biological child. Nina reminded him that she didn't have her own child. Valentin explained that her child had survived when she'd been in a coma, and she hadn't had the miscarriage she'd been led to believe. He added that he could prove it.

Valentin revealed that he had visited Madeline in prison before her death and had questioned her on some discrepancies he'd found. He had offered to secure her freedom with her answers, but he had lied. "You double-crossed my incarcerated mother?" Nina asked incredulously. "Yeah," Valentin replied. "I love you so much," Nina confessed to a smiling Valentin.

Nina reminded Valentin that they were still divorced, and she asked if her mother could have been playing "mind games." Valentin informed Nina that the adoption had been a private one, and Curtis had located Nina's daughter. He added that Sasha Gilmore was beautiful and strong-willed like Nina, and she liked horses. He showed Sasha's photo to a speechless Nina.

Valentin related that Sasha hadn't believed that she was adopted, but she had provided a DNA sample. The one test had revealed her to be Nina's daughter, but he was still waiting for the results of the second test. He hadn't wanted to tell Nina yet, but he thought she deserved to know. "Do you want to reach out to her?" Valentin asked.

Nina replied that she had a lot to think about, and she thought she should wait for the results of the second test. She advised Valentin that she wanted to be alone, and he turned to leave. She thanked him tearfully as she played with her half-heart pendant necklace.

As "Kevin" played with the long cord he'd purchased, he heard a knock at his front door. He was shocked to see Laura standing there. She revealed that she was exhausted but not for him, and she leaned over to kiss him. He returned the kiss awkwardly and pulled away from her abruptly. "You're back already?" he asked. She was surprised at his reaction, but he quickly pulled her into a hug. Laura appeared to sense that something was not right.

"Kevin" stepped out into the hallway to retrieve her luggage, and Laura revealed that no one else knew she was back in town. Her husband asked, "How long are you here for?" "Forever," Laura responded. She revealed that Spencer had encouraged her to return home.

After taking the luggage upstairs, "Kevin" slowly descended the stairs as he watched Laura playing with the cord. He informed her that he'd had a "misguided attempt at a do-it-yourself project" and had tried to install a printer in his office. He asked why she was home early. Laura announced that Spencer had been doing well enough for her to return.

A knock at the front door revealed Lucy, who was standing there with a brown bag that she quickly handed to Laura to mask her startled reaction to seeing Laura. Lucy chuckled and remarked that she hadn't known that Laura was back in town. "Clearly," Laura replied as she handed "Kevin" the soup to take to the kitchen. She wanted to speak to Lucy alone.

Lucy remarked that the soup was for Kevin, who had been feeling under the weather when they'd had lunch with Felicia and Mac. Lucy continued awkwardly that she thought it had been good for Kevin to hang out with his closest friends while Laura had been gone. Laura replied that she appreciated their long history, but she thought that Lucy needed to know there were boundaries. Lucy claimed to be aware of those, but Laura suggested she look up Scotty the next time she wanted to deliver soup to someone.

"Everything okay out here?" "Kevin" called out as he returned from the kitchen. Lucy assured him all was well, and Laura asked her if there was anything else. Lucy hoped that "Kevin" felt better, and she left. Laura remarked that she wanted to strangle Lucy. "Get in line," her husband replied. The doctor revealed that Lucy had been "asserting herself" the past few weeks, but he had been shooting her down.

Laura insisted she believed her husband, but she wanted to show him how much she had missed him. She started to undo his shirt, but "Kevin" quickly pulled away. She asked what was going on. "Kevin" insisted that nothing was going on, but he'd been feeling sick and hoped it wasn't the flu. He admitted he hadn't gotten his flu shot and didn't want Laura to get sick. Laura stated that she'd missed him, and the couple cuddled on the couch.

At Sonny's house, Laura got Mike settled and joined Jason in the parlor. She revealed that Mike wanted to be the one to tell Sonny what had happened to the gun in Marino's murder, and Carly wondered whether his story had been true or made up. "Sonny's in the clear?" she asked. "No," replied Jason. He explained that the police still believed that Mike had covered up for the murder that Sonny had committed, and Margaux had been making it personal.

Carly suggested that Diane discredit Margaux, but Jason didn't believe it would be that easy. He thought that Sonny would want to protect Mike, especially because he was vulnerable. He added that Margaux wanted to avenge her father's death and would break the rules. "We have to shut her down," Jason announced.

Margaux and Jordan met at the police station. Jordan advised the district attorney that her case might have to go unsolved. Margaux wasn't satisfied, and she suggested they "flip" Sonny's right-hand man. Margaux reminded Jordan that Jason knew everything about Sonny, although Jordan reminded Margaux that Jason hadn't said a word during their previous interrogation session. Margaux thought they could find a reason to make him return, and they could question him without his lawyer.

Jordan was annoyed and responded that they had no evidence. She also thought that Margaux was too close to the case, especially if she wanted to thwart Jason's right to counsel. Jordan added that Jason had never cooperated, and she thought that Margaux was obsessed with the case. Jordan believed that the case would just stay open until another clue turned up, although not from Jason. Margaux announced that she had to leave.

Out in the squad room, Lulu handed Chase the watch that he'd left behind at her place after allowing her son to play with it. Chase admitted he'd been looking for it, and he thanked her for Sunday dinner. Lulu admitted that she considered him family, and he revealed that he enjoyed feeling like he was looking after his partner's family.

Lulu spotted Valerie as she walked in looking for Jordan, who had wanted to see her. Chase told Valerie to sit and wait for her, and shortly after, Jordan emerged from her meeting with Margaux. Jordan proceeded to scold Valerie for embarrassing the department, and Valerie had no idea what the commissioner was referring to. "Where the hell do you get off showing up the rest of us on the detective's exam?" Jordan demanded.

Chase smiled, and Jordan did too. Jordan informed Valerie that she'd passed the exam, and Jordan called Valerie "Detective Spencer." Lulu congratulated her, and Jordan revealed that Chase would be Valerie's partner. Lulu frowned as Valerie went to retrieve her belongings to set up at Dante's desk. While she was gone, Chase tried to reassure Lulu that it was only temporary, and Dante would return.

Lulu admitted that she thought the rest of the world would stop while Dante had been away. She was near tears as she turned to go. Valerie returned and plopped her Phillies coffee mug down on the desk. "Guess anything's better than Yankees," Chase announced. Lulu overheard, and she was upset.

Kim, Oscar, and Drew emerged from a meeting with Dr. Randolph at the hospital. Oscar was still angry at his mother for not telling him about his illness, and he insisted that he would die either with or without the drug trial. He suggested they shop for coffins instead. Kim and Drew didn't want to hear that, and Drew suggested that it was a good idea to take the space available for the trial rather than not take it and be disappointed later.

Oscar agreed to talk to Dr. Randolph again, and Drew suggested that Oscar talk to one of his friends. Oscar announced that none of them would know about his illness, and he didn't want to be known as "the sick kid." He wanted to be able to tell others on his own terms and in his own time. Drew agreed that was fair. Kim tried to hug Oscar, but he pulled away and ran off just as Julian walked over to the group.

Drew tried to comfort Kim, but Julian interrupted. Drew left. Julian advised Kim that he was aware that something serious was going on, and he was there for her. He wanted her to tell him, but Kim told him she couldn't. They held hands and walked down the hallway. Kim declared that it was Oscar's business, and she needed to respect him. Julian understood, especially since Oscar already hated him.

Kim suggested that Julian should be with someone who would be able to share with him because she couldn't do that. She regretted her decision, but she thought they should stop seeing each other. She knew it wasn't fair, but she had to be fair to her child. Julian refused to split up. They took a seat, and Julian advised Kim that he was there for her. He would respect her privacy, and she could tell him when she wanted to. He wasn't going anywhere because he cared for her.

Kim began to cry as Julian reminded her that he was only a phone call away. He hugged her.

Oscar arrived at Sonny's house and knocked on the door. Carly answered, and he asked to see Josslyn. He did not want to go into the house but preferred to speak to Josslyn outside. Carly called Josslyn, and the teen headed outside. Oscar told her he'd been busy, but Josslyn suspected that something else was going on. "It's nothing," Oscar insisted. "Let me in," Josslyn begged.

"We need to break up," Oscar announced abruptly. Josslyn didn't think it was funny, but Oscar declared that they couldn't be in a relationship any longer. She demanded that he provide her with an explanation, but Oscar only stated that he needed his space. He ran off.

Carly joined Jason out on the terrace, and they both sipped beer. Carly thought that something was strange with Oscar, but she went back to their previous discussion and announced that they had to stop Margaux. Jason said they needed leverage. There had to be something they could hold over her, and he would keep digging. Carly thought it would be a good idea for Margaux to learn that her father wasn't worth avenging.

Carly thought that Margaux seemed self-righteous, and she saw her father as an innocent victim. Carly asked Jason if he'd ever seen a mob lawyer like Diane, for example. Their attorney knew who she worked for and what they did. Carly believed they needed to take a closer look at Margaux's father. She thought that Spinelli could investigate, and Jason could take the information to the police.

Jason insisted that Sonny had to be the one to divulge any information because it was his problem. Carly thought it was Jason's problem too. She wondered if Margaux might be after Jason again.

Back at the hospital, Margaux met up with Drew at her request, and she asked him for his help in taking down Sonny. Drew refused, and Margaux revealed that Sonny had killed her father. She asked if that would make Drew change his mind. Drew was sorry for her loss, but Margaux insisted she needed help, not sympathy.

Drew stressed that if Jason had known anything about the murder, he couldn't help her. Margaux thought it was worth a try, and she asked why he'd been at the hospital. Drew disclosed that it was a family matter, and Margaux replied that she was a good listener. She added that it was an "open-ended" offer. Drew repeated that he couldn't help her, even if he did know about Jason's and Sonny's crimes. Margaux recalled looking at the flash drive.

Curtis confirms Nina has a daughter

Curtis confirms Nina has a daughter

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Carly called out to Josslyn that it was time to leave for school, but Josslyn descended the stairs and told her mother that she didn't want to go because of Oscar. "He just dumped me," Josslyn cried. Carly hugged her, and mother and daughter sat on the couch. Josslyn explained that she had thought things were great, and she didn't understand. Oscar had told her it wasn't her fault and he needed space, then he'd left without any explanation.

Carly suggested that Oscar might be going through something, but Josslyn didn't feel any better. She stated that she and Oscar had shared everything. Josslyn revealed that she had arrived at the conclusion that she loved Oscar because the breakup hurt so much. She added that Oscar had told her he loved her, too. Carly tried to comfort her daughter and noted that it had been his choice, and Josslyn couldn't force him. "Don't get down on yourself," Carly advised. She suggested that Josslyn cry and then "keep moving."

Carly thought Josslyn was strong, and she would get through it. Josslyn admitted that didn't make her feel any better, and she didn't want to go to school and see Oscar. Carly agreed to allow Josslyn to stay home for the day. Carly left, and Josslyn sent a text message to someone.

Oscar found Cameron sitting at a desk and typing on his laptop in the school library. Cameron admitted he was having difficulty writing his paper, and Oscar handed his own completed copy to Cameron to use. Oscar sat down as Cameron read part of the paper out loud. Oscar insisted Cameron take it and fix it so that it didn't sound like it was Oscar's writing.

Oscar stood up. "When you said I had cancer, you were right," Oscar said. He added that others had known, but he hadn't. Cameron was speechless and suggested that Oscar's family would see to it that Oscar got treatment in a fancy, expensive treatment center. Oscar announced that he no longer cared about school and admitted that Josslyn was unaware of his diagnosis.

Cameron thought Josslyn should be told, especially since Oscar had been angry at his own parents for hiding it from him. Oscar didn't think Josslyn would find out, and he wanted Cameron to use the paper in return for keeping quiet.

At General Hospital, Kim confided in Drew that Oscar hadn't been talking to her, and he'd left for school without saying goodbye for the first time. Drew replied that Oscar was hurt but "will come around." They headed to Monica's office and sat down at her desk. Kim revealed Oscar's diagnosis, and Drew added, "We're not giving up."

Kim updated Monica on all the details and the possibility of a drug trial. Drew declared that they would take things day by day. Monica asked to see all of the reports and mentioned the possibility of newer trials and treatments. Kim admitted that Oscar had just found out, and he had been having a difficult time. Drew added that only a few people knew about it.

Monica reminded Drew and Kim that she was a cancer survivor and understood everything. Kim rose to leave and promised to get the reports to Monica. Drew admitted that he felt bad, and it was the worst thing possible, especially after only learning recently that he was Oscar's father. Monica reassured him that there were new cures all the time. She promised to make sure that Oscar was a survivor too. "Let the people that you love in. Let us help you so you can help Oscar," Monica advised Drew. He thought that was good advice, and he wrapped his arms around her.

At the Collins residence, Laura said good morning to "Kevin" cheerfully and held her hand up to his cheek. She didn't think he had a fever, and she hated the fact that he had spent her first night home in the guest room. She tried to hug him, but he pulled away and coughed dramatically. He replied that he had a cold and didn't want her to catch it with all of the reunions she would be facing. Laura went to the kitchen to make "Kevin's" favorite tea. "I'm sure you'll have me feeling like a new man," he declared.

"Kevin" promised to get checked out at work, and Laura was disappointed. She thought he would stay home to hang out with her. "Kevin" insisted he had to tend to his patients because they needed him. Laura had a present for him, and she handed him a bag. "Kevin" opened it up and found a framed photo of the two of them in front of the Eiffel Tower. He vowed to find a "special place" for it.

Laura announced that she wanted "Kevin" to wear the new blue tie she had bought him, and she offered to tie it for him. Laura began to straighten up as he stood and wrapped both ends of the tie around his hands. They were interrupted when there was a knock at the door. Laura opened it and found Lulu standing there. Lulu rushed inside to hug her mother, and "Kevin" smiled oddly. He took it as his cue to leave. He announced he felt better, thanks to Laura, who frowned.

Lulu and Laura made small talk. Laura admitted that Kevin had slept in the guest room but probably had something great planned for later in the evening. Laura also confessed that she missed Spencer. She asked about Lulu's kids without Dante around. Lulu stated that they were fine, but she missed him terribly. She knew he was doing important work that he loved. That caused Laura to ask if Dante had finally understood Lulu's job as a reporter.

Lulu spoke about her articles on Faison's son, and she revealed that he was Peter. Laura was surprised, especially since Peter was Lulu's boss. Lulu added that she liked her new job, but she had been getting grief about her new assignment on Ryan Chamberlain. Laura revealed that Kevin had been dreading the anniversary of the event, and Lulu replied that he'd been supportive and had shared some intimate stories.

Laura was astonished because Kevin had never wanted to discuss Ryan in the past. Lulu stated that he had given her insight. Laura called her husband generous, and she said, "My husband is a very special man." Lulu wondered what her mother would do with her time, and Laura only knew that she wanted to return to her job on the hospital board. She was happy to be home.

At Crimson, Maxie stopped at Nina's desk and told her that Peter had mentioned that Liesl was close to capture. She saw the photo of Sasha on Nina's desk and asked if it was someone they'd be using in a photo shoot. Curtis arrived, and Nina quickly ushered Maxie out. Nina asked Curtis why he hadn't told her about his investigation. Curtis confessed that he hadn't wanted to get Nina's hopes up, and he hadn't trusted Valentin either. Nina understood because it was easy to think that Valentin might have used the opportunity to stop the divorce.

Curtis explained all he had gone through, from tracking down the attorney used to broker the adoption to using Spinelli for tracking purposes. He'd contacted Sasha via email, and he'd met her. He handed Nina a piece of paper with Sasha's phone number written on it. Curtis added that Sasha had submitted to the DNA testing, and he was still waiting for the results from the second lab.

Nina wondered if Curtis thought it possible that Sasha was really her daughter, and Curtis admitted that he wasn't convinced that she wasn't Nina's daughter. He wanted more evidence. Nina revealed information about her mother's note and the necklace that would mend a broken heart. Nina believed it had to do with her daughter, and a jeweler had confirmed that the half-heart pendant had once been a full heart. Curtis noted that Sasha had said nothing about a necklace.

Just then, Curtis received a phone call from the second lab. He spoke to them briefly and hung up. He announced that the lab had confirmed that Sasha was a genetic match. "I have a daughter," Nina whispered. She was overwhelmed and sat back down. Curtis reminded her that Sasha believed that the woman who had raised her had been her mother.

As Curtis spoke, Maxie tried to eavesdrop outside Nina's door. She was interrupted when Felicia stormed in and announced that she wanted to take a mother-daughter trip because Maxie needed a break. She handed Maxie a list of suggested vacation spots. Maxie was certain that Felicia needed the trip more, and Felicia finally admitted that all of the reporters were trying to interview her about Ryan Chamberlain. She had consented to an interview with Lulu because she thought that Lulu was responsible.

Felicia was worried about Maxie because she didn't want her bothered by reporters, too. Maxie insisted that she didn't remember anything from the Ryan era, and she would only tell reporters, "No comment." Felicia sat at Maxie's desk, and Maxie joined her. Felicia wanted to plan the trip, but Maxie suggested her mother take a trip with Mac instead because he had been Felicia's hero. Maxie promised to take a trip with Felicia at another time.

Felicia left, and Maxie knocked on Nina's door. Curtis left. "Did he find Liesl?" Maxie asked. "He found someone else," Nina said. She informed Maxie that she had a daughter.

Back at the Corinthos house, Josslyn invited Cameron inside and thanked him for showing up. He admitted he was cutting gym class. Josslyn asked him to be honest with her, and she revealed that Oscar had broken up with her. "Are you sure?" Cameron asked. He thought maybe she was overreacting, and he was surprised but sorry.

Cameron insisted he hadn't known, and Oscar hadn't said anything when he'd seen him. He admitted that Oscar had been acting strangely and had given Cameron his paper to use for class. Josslyn suspected that Cameron knew something, and she recalled the conversation the boys had had at the community center.

Josslyn thought that Cameron was hiding something, but Cameron insisted that Oscar would never tell him anything because Oscar hated him. Josslyn thought maybe there was another girl, but Cameron disagreed. They sat down, and Cameron pointed out all of Josslyn's great qualities. He thought that Oscar would probably return, and if not, it was Oscar's loss. He hated to see Josslyn so down. Josslyn announced that she wanted Cameron to help her to get Oscar back.

Carly ran into "Kevin" at the hospital and told him she wanted to talk to him about more therapy. She wanted to talk about Ferncliff. "Kevin" suggested he might have an opening the following week, but Carly expressed her desire to see him sooner if a cancellation occurred. She joked that they could talk even if they used Morse Code.

An irritated "Kevin" demanded to know why she'd mentioned the code, and she reminded him that he'd used it at the Floating Rib. He snapped that he thought she had been over the "poor, confused patient" at Ferncliff, but Carly stressed that that was why she needed the therapy. She wanted to get the psychiatric hospital out of her head, and she was worried about her emotions due to the approaching anniversary of her son's death. "Kevin" apologized for his tone and told her he had a bug. He agreed to make time for her.

Carly walked off and ran into Kim and told her about Oscar breaking up with Josslyn. Kim thought it was the last thing that Oscar should have done, and she was very sorry. Carly was sorry, too, and she wondered if Kim could tell her anything useful in order to help Josslyn with closure. Kim didn't have anything, and Carly figured the kids would have to handle it on their own, although Josslyn was hurting. Kim admitted that Oscar was going through something personal, but she couldn't say anything else.

Drew spotted Oscar walking in the hospital and chased him down. Oscar declared he was fine, but Drew wanted to know why he wasn't in school. "What's the point?" Oscar asked. Drew cited how Oscar's good education would lead to college, but Oscar only shook his head and noted that he had no idea how long he'd live. Drew pointed out that no one knew. He said, "You make plans for your future, and you fight for it." Oscar disagreed. He wasn't going to waste his time, and he was planning to drop out.

Felicia saw "Kevin" looking at a wall chart and called out to him. She wanted some of his time. His reaction caused her to mention that he seemed "off," and "Kevin" responded that he was "under the weather." He added that he always had time for her, and he suggested they head to his office for privacy.

Griffin and Peter come face to face

Griffin and Peter come face to face

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Carly descended the stairs as she gushed to Jason about the tea party Avery was holding for Mike. The phone rang, and Carly answered it to Milo. She listened for a moment, said, "Send her up," and hung up the phone. Jason asked if Margaux was there again. "Worse," Carly replied. Carly let Ava into the house. Ava was there to take Avery to ballet. Carly informed Ava that Avery was "in a meeting" and wasn't taking visitors.

Jason thought it was time for Ava to go, but Ava told him that he would be in Russia or dead if it wasn't for her. He reminded her that, not only had he gotten the formula for her facial surgery, but Morgan had been his godson. Carly remembered that Jason had somewhere to be, and before he left, he made sure that Carly would be all right. When he was gone, Carly figured that it was tough for Ava, since the whole town knew that Griffin had dumped her for Kiki. Carly continued to goad Ava and concluded by saying that "all your men seem to prefer Kiki."

Ava instructed Carly to tell Sonny that she would be by to get Avery the next day, but Carly refused. She informed Ava that the next day was the anniversary of Morgan's death, and the family would be attending a memorial for him. "My son is dead because of you. Get the hell out of my house," Carly growled, and Ava left as Carly looked at a picture of Michael and Morgan.

"There she is!" Sam remarked as Kristina dragged herself down the stairs. She asked Kristina how her night had been. Kristina replied, "You don't wanna know," and slinked off to the kitchen for coffee. When she returned, there was a knock on the door, and Sam let Jason in. Kristina again thanked Jason for saving her life, and Jason was just glad that she was all right. Kristina had errands to run, so she advised Sam and Jason to "make use of the privacy," and Sam all but pushed her sister out the door.

A short while later, Sam entered the condo with Danny while covering his eyes. When she finally uncovered them, he saw Jason and ran to him exclaiming, "Daddy!" The two embraced, and Sam suggested that Danny show Jason the book he'd made about families while she got some snacks together. Jason read in the book about different kinds of families as Sam looked on. When Sam returned with the snacks, Jason told Danny how much he'd learned about families. Danny remarked that families were people who loved each other, and he wondered if Jason loved Sam, which caught Sam's attention.

Finn entered an examination room and found Chase and Gregory. As Finn checked Gregory's vitals, Gregory marveled over the fact that Finn had become a doctor, as he'd always hated messy things. Chase noticed Finn's discomfort and changed the subject to Gregory. He ranted about how bad his past doctors had been, and he was thankful that the only thing Finn hated more than his father was failure. Finn insisted that he didn't hate Gregory. He believed that whatever Gregory had wasn't life-threatening, but he needed to wait for the test results to be sure.

Gregory wanted to celebrate the news and proposed dinner to his sons, but Finn passed due to a full caseload. Finn left to check on the test results, and Chase followed Finn out into the hall. Chase wondered what harm there would be in having dinner with Gregory. Finn responded that Chase had only asked him to treat Gregory, which he was doing, and Chase would have to accept it.

A short while later, Finn returned and asked where Chase was. Gregory answered that he'd sent Chase out for coffee, and Finn informed his father that there was nothing he could say that Chase couldn't also hear. Gregory informed Finn that it was only their second time alone together in ten years. He told Finn that he liked Anna, and he was glad that Finn was learning that it was possible to love again after losing a significant other, just like Gregory had learned. He hoped for forgiveness from Finn.

Just then, Chase returned with coffee. Finn wrote out a prescription for Gregory for possible discomfort. "Enjoy dinner," he said, and he left. Chase asked Gregory what Finn's problem was, because it had to be something more than just Gregory remarrying. Gregory replied that he'd been asking himself the same thing for years. "You're the detective. You figure it out," he said.

Griffin was boxing at the gym when Peter entered, wondering how Griffin could do that with a surgeon's hands. Griffin spat that he wouldn't be doing any surgeries for a while, thanks to the illegal DNA test he'd done on Peter. Peter asked who'd told on him and insisted it hadn't been him. Griffin didn't think it mattered, as he was facing the consequences regardless. Peter informed Griffin that Anna had gone out of town, searching for Liesl, and Griffin wasn't surprised. He commented that Anna wouldn't stop until she knew that Peter was safe.

A short while later, Peter returned and asked if Griffin would ever consider working for him as his medical editor. Although it was a generous offer, Griffin hoped his career "doesn't come to that." Peter understood and instructed Griffin to keep it in mind. As Kiki entered and listened in, Griffin wondered if Peter had gotten any closure or peace after everything that had happened surrounding him. "No, I didn't," Peter answered. He revealed that, while he'd gotten the revenge that he'd wanted on Faison, it had been at too high a cost.

When Peter was gone, Griffin approached Kiki, who was lifting weights. She wondered if he was all right, and he responded, "Not really." Kiki told him that they'd been two consenting adults when they'd slept together. She could have denied him or left, but she'd enjoyed their night together. She was tired of him pretending that Kiki hadn't wanted to be with him, "just like right now." They got closer, but Kiki would only kiss him if he promised to stop apologizing. "I promise," he muttered, and they shared a kiss.

Nina informed Maxie that her daughter was alive, and she had proof. She told a skeptical Maxie the story of how Valentin and Curtis had found Sasha, including the DNA tests. "I'm so happy for you," Maxie said sincerely, finally believing Nina's story. However, Nina didn't want to meet Sasha, as she was a grown woman whose life had been built on a lie, and she didn't want to rip Sasha's life apart. Maxie figured that Nina was just afraid of rejection.

Peter entered the office and told Nina about Anna's quest to find Liesl, and an annoyed Maxie informed him that she'd told Nina like she'd said she would. Interrupting, Nina asked Peter for his opinion on her situation, but she framed it as "for a friend." Peter replied that, if a parent wanted to offer love, it was the child's choice to accept it or not. Nina wanted to get back to work, so Maxie and Peter left her office. Nina took out Sasha's phone number and dialed it on her phone as she urged herself to stay calm. Moments later, she introduced herself and said that Sasha had met her friend Curtis. "I'm your biological mom," she said.

Peter didn't know how helpful he'd been to Nina, but Maxie thought he'd said the exact right thing. She scolded him for thinking that she would forget to tell Nina about Anna, as it was something she couldn't forget. He apologized and justified that he knew how busy she was. He excused himself to go back to work, but she informed him that he didn't have to "bolt" every time he saw her.

"Kevin" and Felicia sat down in Kevin's office, and she was glad to get some one-on-one time with "Kevin." She knew that they could speak honestly to each other about Ryan's crime spree "horror show," as they were the only ones who knew and understood each other. She was surprised that he was getting bombarded with interview requests like she was, but she had an idea about a way for them to protect themselves. She proposed that they put out a joint press release to distance themselves from Ryan. He thought that they could "guide" the press and tell the story accurately, but he eventually conceded, "You're right. Let's do it."

Felicia suggested that she and "Kevin" could set up a time to talk about what they would say, and he promised to "page" her. She teased him for talking like someone from the nineteen-nineties, and he joked that talking about Ryan had put him in a "time warp." He promised to text her, and she got up to leave. "This will be over soon," she assured him. "Sooner than you think," he muttered when she was gone.

Ryan was looking at a picture of Felicia on Kevin's computer when he heard a knock on the door. He minimized the picture as Ava entered the office, wanting to talk. He observed that she seemed upset, so they sat down, and she started to talk. She told him that she'd believed that she could be redeemed, but despite doing the right things, she'd still been treated like dirt for her past sins. She explained that, due to Griffin leaving her for Kiki, rage had filled the place inside of her where she had once felt good.

Ava continued that she wanted revenge on Griffin and Kiki, but she wanted "Kevin's" help fighting the urge. "Kevin" told her that he heard fear in her voice, so he wondered what her anger was protecting her from. She told him about her recurring dream about a grown-up Avery seeing her mother as "ugly," and having scars on her soul. She thought that taking revenge would prove Griffin and Kiki right, but she couldn't let them go on with their lives "unpunished." "Kevin" told Ava that he was only there to help her decide what was right for her. She thanked him for being "extremely helpful" and agreed to set up regular appointments. She excitedly hurried out of the office.

Sam and Jason share a kiss

Sam and Jason share a kiss

Friday, October 5, 2018

Griffin and Kiki shared a long and passionate kiss at Volonino's Gym but they stopped abruptly when someone else walked in. Kiki decided she would go to yoga class rather than stay at the gym, but she assured Griffin that she wasn't running away from him. She admitted that she had known all along that she wanted to be with him. Griffin confessed that he had tried to forget her, but he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her, either.

Griffin announced that it was up to them as to what would happen next. Kiki regretted that the weather wasn't cooperative enough for them to go to the beach to reenact From Here to Eternity, but Griffin shook his head. He wasn't familiar with either the film or the actors. Kiki thought they should do whatever they wanted, especially since Ava had already cut Kiki out of her life.

After Kiki and Griffin made out again, Kiki suggested they head to her place, but Griffin was hesitant. He wanted to make sure they were together for the right reasons and not have any regrets. He thought they should get to know each other better without Ava hanging over their heads. Kiki told Griffin about a film at the local film festival and thought they could make out if the film was boring. "It's a date," Griffin agreed.

Josslyn answered her front door and welcomed Cameron inside. He announced that he hadn't seen Oscar at school, and he was happy his teacher didn't take roll so that his mother wouldn't know he'd cut class twice in the same day. Josslyn revealed that she had a plan to get Oscar back, and she needed Cameron's help. She had an array of red and purple balloons.

Josslyn called it her "anniversary do-over," and she wanted Cameron to help her to decorate and get Oscar to the park. She wanted to show Oscar how happy they'd been because she couldn't believe that his feelings for her had just disappeared. Cameron was uncertain about Josslyn's plan, and he worried that Oscar wouldn't show up. Josslyn thought she'd feel worse by not trying, and she grabbed Cameron's phone and sent Oscar a text message because Oscar had ignored the messages she'd sent from her own phone.

Cameron thought it was a bad idea, but Josslyn refused to give up. Cameron reminded her that Oscar had made it clear he didn't want to be with her, but Josslyn insisted that one couldn't love another and then just break up for no reason. "But there is a reason," Cameron declared. Josslyn demanded that Cameron tell her, but he just called Oscar an idiot who had dumped Josslyn with no explanation. The teens had words, and Josslyn ordered Cameron to leave.

As Cameron headed to the door, Josslyn quickly apologized for going off. He was sorry she was going through the breakup. He left.

Danny and Jason sat on the sofa at Sam's place and talked about families. Danny asked Jason if he loved Mommy, and Jason replied that he loved her very much. Sam had been getting some snacks ready, and she stopped what she was doing. "I love Mommy, too," Danny declared. Sam smiled, and Jason added that Mommy loved both Danny and Scout. Danny wondered if she loved Jason, and Jason told him to ask Mommy.

Sam delivered the trayful of snacks but urged Danny to eat quickly because Monica would be by to take him and Scout back to her house for the night. Jason agreed to put together Danny's toy castle while the boy was gone. Sam told Jason he'd be sorry.

After Danny had gone, Sam and Jason sat at the table with little Lego pieces everywhere. Sam didn't have the directions, but Jason had faith they could do it. Sam agreed that "trial and error" could work. She admitted that she had built another toy in the past that Danny had thought was "cool," although it hadn't resembled the photo. As Sam reached for a piece, Jason did, too, and his hand covered hers.

Later, Sam gloated over the finished product, although it didn't look the way it was supposed to. She added that she would give it, at the most, an hour to remain standing after Danny touched it. Jason admitted he had enjoyed working with Sam, and he wanted her to let him know if he had to rebuild. Sam thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. Jason turned toward her, and they began to kiss.

At the Crimson office, Maxie asked Peter why he'd been avoiding her. He insisted he wasn't, but Maxie accused him of using work as a reason to get away from her. She stated that she was aware that Lulu had asked him to stay away, and she wondered why he had agreed. Peter admitted it was true, and it was because Maxie was vulnerable and hurting.

Maxie declared that she could speak for herself, although she knew that Lulu had meant well. Maxie asked why Peter had gone along with Lulu, especially after they'd bonded in the elevator. Peter confessed that Maxie had been the only true friend in his life, but he'd hurt her, and he was sorry. Maxie disclosed that she didn't want Peter to keep his distance.

Maxie admitted that while she had been through a lot, she had decided that it was too difficult to hold onto anger. She had been angry and hurt to learn that Peter was Faison's son, but as time had passed, she'd thought it would be easier to forgive.

Maxie added that Peter was a great guy and had been supportive of her, not to mention that he had helped her to give birth to her son. She was done with bitterness and anger. She had realized that people had forgiven her after she'd done something horrible, and she was paying it forward. She declared that James was the only reason she had been able to move ahead.

Peter asked if he would be able to visit James sometime, and Maxie readily agreed. He was happy and ready to return to work, and he admitted that he still took the stairs. They joked about the elevator incident, but Maxie asked if the panic attack in the elevator had been solely related to his PTSD after Liesl had kidnapped him.

Peter revealed that Liesl was part of it, but there had been an incident when he'd been a child of seven. Maxie urged him to talk about it, and Peter told her about a time when Faison had tossed him into the deep end of a pool when he hadn't known how to swim. He'd sunk, blacked out, and had awakened choking as he lay on the ground. He still felt like that sometimes. Maxie was sorry and confessed that she hadn't taken the elevator since the incident, either.

Maxie suggested she ride up to Peter's office with him. "I'll trust you if you trust me," she said. She walked onto the elevator, and he gingerly followed. They clasped hands as the doors closed.

At the hospital, Franco stepped off the elevator with Aiden, and Elizabeth greeted them. She felt her son's head, and they went to an exam room. She couldn't find anything physically wrong with Aiden, but he complained that his stomach felt bad. Elizabeth asked if something had happened at school, and Aiden replied that lunch had been gross. She went to retrieve some ginger ale.

Elizabeth returned with the drink, and she and Franco tried to figure it out. Aiden said he was feeling better, but he wouldn't need to get his homework assignment. "I might be sick tomorrow," he announced.

In another room, Oscar advised Drew that he was sick of waiting around, and he wanted to live life as he chose. Kim arrived, and Oscar announced that he was leaving school. He didn't think there was a point to it. Kim insisted that he needed a normal life with friends and academics, but Oscar disagreed. His parents tried to convince him that the possible drug trial could give him hope, but Oscar had done some research and was aware that someone had died.

Drew pointed out that Oscar also needed to have a positive mindset, but Oscar angrily reminded him that Kim had lied for two years, proving she had not been positive. Drew insisted that Oscar could get a new cure any day, but Oscar didn't want to sit and wait and get sick from drugs. The teen insisted it was his turn to make the plan.

Kim told Oscar that he couldn't make decisions when he was so angry, and she told him he was acting out. She added that in the past 24 hours, Oscar had quit school and broken up with Josslyn. Drew couldn't believe it. Oscar snapped there were "so many girls and so little time." Drew didn't buy it and accused him of pushing people away. Oscar declared that he didn't want Josslyn sitting and watching his every move when she should be enjoying her life.

Drew asked Oscar if he thought he'd been doing Josslyn a favor. "Son, you couldn't be more wrong," Drew said. He knew that Josslyn and Oscar were crazy about each other, and he wondered how Josslyn might feel after finding out that Oscar had hidden his illness from her and hadn't wanted her help. Kim urged Oscar to make things right. Oscar stormed out of the room.

Drew advised Kim that they couldn't stop Oscar from doing what he wanted to do. Kim realized that their son was scared under his angry and rebellious attitude, and Drew agreed that Oscar would realize what was best. The drug trial would be their best chance, Drew said. He added that he hoped so.

Oscar looked at his phone and saw the list of missed calls and text messages he'd received from both Josslyn and Cameron. He stepped onto the elevator and met up with Cameron, who announced that Josslyn had been suspicious over the breakup. Cameron also declared that he couldn't lie for Oscar any longer. "You promised me you wouldn't say anything," Oscar retorted. Cameron didn't recall promising, only that Oscar had ordered him not to talk. He urged Oscar to tell Josslyn the truth.

Oscar typed on his phone and revealed that he had blocked Josslyn from his "MyFace" page and had changed his relationship status. "It'll be easier for her to hate me when I go," he declared.

Josslyn was on her laptop at home and read Oscar's "MyFace" page. Suddenly, she received a message that she had been blocked. Oscar's relationship status changed to single right before her eyes. "This is all wrong," she exclaimed.

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