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Sonny's worst fears were realized when the skeleton from Croton was unearthed. Margaux told Drew about her father. Ryan encouraged Lulu's plans. Cameron and Oscar traded blows. Peter and Maxie ended up stranded in an elevator.
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Mike causes a problem

Mike causes a problem

Monday, September 10, 2018

Carly sat down with Michael at Metro Court as he was staring at an envelope in his hands. He confided that Nelle had written him a letter from Pentonville, and he was trying to figure out what to do with it. Carly offered to toss it for him, but he felt like he should read it, as he'd chosen to invite her into his life, and they'd both lost a son. Just then, Brad entered with Wiley and overheard Michael. Carly caught sight of Brad and called him over.

Brad explained that he was just there for some coffee before he took Wiley home. Carly looked lovingly at Wiley and commented that he looked like Michael as a baby, but she added that it proved that all babies looked alike. He excused himself, as he felt like he'd interrupted something, but Michael told him about the letter. Brad agreed with Carly about tossing the letter out, but Michael wanted to read it in case she let something slip about how she was going to play things at her trial. Michael opened the letter and began to read as Brad walked away, but Michael called him back, as Nelle had mentioned Brad, Lucas, and Wiley.

Michael read that Nelle hoped being close to Wiley would help Michael find peace. Carly was livid, and Brad left to give them privacy, sighing in relief as he walked away. Carly wanted to know what the rest of the letter said, so Michael handed it to her. She was astounded at Nelle's insinuation that Michael had wronged her and had been the cause of Jonah's death. She hoped that Michael wasn't falling for Nelle's manipulations and handed the letter back. Michael asked for some alone time, so Carly hugged her son and left. Michael curiously reread the lines about Wiley helping Michael find peace.

Nina thought that her mother was trying to send her a message from beyond the grave that she hadn't miscarried her baby. Maxie didn't want to be cynical, but she reminded Nina that, in the musical Annie, Miss Hannigan had used the necklace to convinced Annie that two cons were her parents. Maxie suggested dinner and a movie to take Nina's mind off things, and Nina reluctantly agreed. Maxie left Nina's office as Nina put the necklace in her bag, and Nina followed Maxie out.

Valentin left a message for Curtis that he was anxious to hear updates. A few minutes later, Curtis sat down next to Valentin at Metro Court and told Valentin about his discussion with Carter. Because of the lack of financial records, Curtis thought things would move fastest if he could talk to Madeline, but Valentin informed Curtis that Madeline was dead. Curtis rethought his strategy and opted to "follow the money trail" through wire payments. He promised to talk to Valentin soon and left.

Maxie and Nina entered Metro Court, and Nina caught sight of Valentin. He approached her and urged her to give herself permission to grieve the mother she'd never had and the amends Madeline should have made. "Maybe she tried," Nina replied thoughtfully. Nina took Valentin aside and informed him that she'd signed the divorce papers. She handed her engagement ring and wedding band to him, but he insisted that she keep them. He promised that he would love her, whether or not they were divorced, until the day he died.

Curtis returned and offered Nina his condolences on her mother's death, and he explained that he hadn't attended the funeral because he'd been out of town on business. She knew that he'd been working with Valentin, and Curtis gave her a guilty look. However, she insisted that their friendship should have no bearing on his professional dealings. She returned to Maxie and admitted that she loved Valentin. She truly believed that he'd never intended to hurt her, but Maxie reminded her that he had intentionally hurt others.

Maxie thought that Valentin was the reason Nina thought her baby was alive, but Nina insisted that it was because of the necklace and the note. She thought that Madeline had given the baby the other half of the heart necklace, but Maxie didn't want Nina to get her hopes up. Maxie's phone went off, and she saw that it was her mother, so she left to check on James. Nina took the necklace out of her bag and made a phone call. She addressed the person on the phone as an "excellent jewelry appraiser" and added that she could use the person's help.

Curtis told Valentin about Spinelli's hacking abilities and added that he'd already found a wire transfer to Carter from around the time of Nina's expected due date. He continued that it could take anywhere from days to weeks to verify who the payment was from. He warned Valentin that he couldn't guarantee results, and he made sure that Valentin still wanted to go through with the investigation. "Absolutely," Valentin stated swiftly.

Mike walked down the steps of the basement at Charlie's with a flashlight. He looked around until he saw pipes against one of the walls. He took out a wrench and struck a pipe until the valve fell off, and the pipe was broken. Mike ran back up the stairs as gas hissed out of the pipe. He returned to the bar and put the wrench in his back pocket.

Julian told Kristina that he would be too busy in the next few weeks to interview anyone, so he offered her the job on the condition that she could start "now." She agreed, so he showed her around the bar. Kristina caught sight of Mike and asked what he was doing there alone. "You're not supposed to be here," he said, starting to get agitated. Julian offered to cover the bar so Kristina could take care of Mike, and Kristina and Mike sat at a table. As Kristina put in a call to Sonny, Julian caught a whiff of something by the basement door.

Sonny told Jason that he thought he'd gotten through to Mike about letting Sonny take care of the body in the foundation of Charlie's. Jason wondered how the gun could even be tied to Sonny, and Sonny admitted that, as a stupid kid, he hadn't worn gloves or wiped his fingerprints away. He remembered Mike warning Sonny to stay away from Joe Scully, just like many people had warned Jason away from Sonny. Jason related that he'd stayed around because Sonny was his friend and because Sonny was one of the only people to respect that Jason could make his own choices.

Sonny continued that Scully had been his mentor, and at that time, he'd done whatever had been the opposite of what Mike had told him. Sonny admitted that, more than anything, he cared about not upsetting his dad. Just then, his phone went off, and Kristina said that she and Mike were "checking in" from Charlie's. Sonny replied that he would pick Mike up, and he hung up. Sonny updated Jason, and the two ran out of the house.

Kristina assured Mike that Sonny would be there to pick him up, but Mike whimpered that Sonny shouldn't be there. "No one's supposed to be here! It's the middle of the night!" he moaned. Kristina pointed out that it was light outside as Mike continued to babble on that no one was supposed to be there. Kristina saw the wrench in Mike's lap and wondered what he was doing.

Julian went down the basement stairs and immediately starting coughing. "Dammit," he choked out as he saw the broken pipe. He ran back up the stairs and announced that there was a gas leak, and everyone had to leave. Someone bumped into Mike, knocking the wrench to the floor. Kristina and Julian helped Mike out of the bar. Across the street, Julian was on the phone, explaining what was going on at Charlie's, including that he believed the pipe had been tampered with.

Kristina sat Mike down and told him that she would be right back. She went back into Charlie's and immediately started coughing. She searched the floor and picked up the wrench. As she turned to leave, she tripped over a toppled chair, hit her head, and fell unconscious on the floor.

Sonny arrived, and Mike stammered that he'd just wanted to help. Julian briefly explained the situation to Jason and wondered if Sonny had any idea what was going on. Julian added that the fire department was on its way, and Jason reported back to Sonny. Sonny asked Mike where Kristina was, and he asked if she'd gone back inside. Mike said he had to go get her, but Sonny stopped him. Jason ran toward the bar. Jason entered the bar and picked Kristina up. She woke up as he started toward the door and told him to get the wrench first.

The sound of sirens grew closer as Mike grew more and more upset. Sonny tried to calm Mike down and reassure him that Kristina would be fine. Mike wailed that it was "all my fault" just as they heard an explosion.

Chase uncovers a skull at Charlie's

Chase uncovers a skull at Charlie's

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sonny, Mike, and Jason were in the parking lot across the street from Charlie's after Julian had evacuated the bar. Mike was extremely agitated and yelled that Kristina had gone back into the bar, and he had to find her. Julian arrived and said that Kristina had been with them moments before.

In the meantime, Jason returned to the bar and found Kristina unconscious on the floor of Charlie's. When he picked Kristina up, she asked him to grab the wrench. With Kristina in his arms, Jason picked up the wrench and left the bar.

Back in the parking lot, Mike remained agitated and in panic mode. He told Sonny that he had to find his granddaughter. Sonny grabbed Mike by his jacket and yelled that Mike had to stay there. Sonny, Mike, and Julian heard the explosion, and Mike became hysterical and screamed, "Oh, God, what have I done?" At that moment, Jason returned carrying Kristina. Mike was in tears, and Jason assured him that Kristina was fine. Sonny took Kristina to the hospital.

The fire department arrived. A firefighter said that Julian had been lucky because the explosion had been contained to the basement. He asked if Julian knew how the fire had started. Mike was still very agitated. He told Sonny that he wanted to see Kristina. Jason took Mike aside and said he'd take Mike to see Kristina, but he warned Mike not to say a word. Jason told Julian that he was taking Mike to the hospital to see Kristina. Julian thanked Jason for rescuing Kristina and admitted he would've been overwrought had anyone been hurt.

Chase arrived and asked Julian what had happened. Julian explained that he'd gone into the basement, and as soon as he'd smelled gas, he'd left the basement and immediately evacuated the bar. Julian didn't know why Kristina had returned to the bar. He mentioned that Mike had been there and freaking out. Chase was surprised that Mike had been there, and he questioned Julian about Mike's presence. He asked Julian if Mike had arrived at the bar alone, because his understanding was that Mike had to be chaperoned at all times.

Julian said he didn't know any of the circumstances, but Mike had arrived with Kristina. Julian said that Kristina had called Sonny before she'd returned to the bar and that Jason had gotten her out. Julian told Chase that he thought Mike was about to really lose it and that Sonny had taken Kristina to the hospital. Chase asked if Julian was certain that he didn't have any knowledge about the cause of the gas leak. Julian confirmed that he had no idea.

Later, a firefighter told Chase he'd found the source of the explosion, and they would require a fire inspector to check it out. He said that someone had broken off the gas valve, but they couldn't find the instrument that had been used. Chase asked if it had been a deliberate act. The firefighter confirmed that it had been. Chase muttered that Charlie's had turned into a crime scene.

Chase asked the firefighter what someone's motive would be for them to sabotage the gas line. The firefighter replied that it could have been arson, insurance fraud, or revenge. Chase added that it could have been someone with a beef against Julian, and that list was a very long. Chase made a call and told someone that he was going to scope out the place. He entered the basement and started to look around. He moved a piece of debris and found a skull.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth told Franco that she'd been cleaning Aiden's room and had found a box of Calinda of Everwood pencils under his bed, and it looked as if he'd been attempting to hide them. Aiden explained that if he'd taken the pencils to school, he would have been teased. Franco said he'd taken the boys to do some shopping for school, and when Aiden had picked up the pencils, Cameron had said that those pencils were for girls. He'd made Aiden cry. Franco said that Cameron had been a jerk, but in his own way, he'd been trying to protect Aiden. Franco explained that Cameron had been right because if Aiden had taken the pencils to school, he would have been teased.

Franco told Elizabeth that he hadn't realized how upset Aiden had been. Franco said that when they had arrived at home, he'd ordered the pencils online and believed that had been the end of it. Elizabeth said that in the future, she needed to know those things. Franco said he loved her and the kids, but Cameron was a handful. Franco didn't expect anyone to accept him, but he'd made a parenting call, thinking it would keep him in the kids' good graces.

Elizabeth told Franco that they needed to discuss co-parenting. She said that she'd been a single mother for a long time, and she'd made all the decisions and choices. It would be an adjustment for her to share her home and her kids' future, but she was grateful for the opportunity to share her kids with Franco. Franco wanted to know the terms of his involvement because he wanted to be included in everything. Elizabeth didn't want Franco to feel like an outsider. She said there would be a time when he'd be the only parent in the house, and she needed to know about anything that happened. She said they would figure it out together. Franco said he wanted a home with her and her three boys.

At Sam's, Drew thanked Sam for allowing him to visit with Scout. He talked to Sam about Oscar's tumor, and Sam advised Drew to take things one day at a time. She wanted him to look for one good moment each day. They hugged, and Sam assured Drew he'd be fine. Sam opened the door for Drew to leave but found Alexis standing there. Alexis hoped she wasn't interrupting anything. Sam told her that Drew had stopped by for a visit with Scout.

After Drew left, Alexis told Sam that she felt Kristina was on a downward spiral. Sam admitted that Kristina was struggling, but Kristina had had the courage to move back home. Sam suggested that Alexis allow Kristina do it at her own pace. Alexis knew that Kristina would be fine because she was smart, and Alexis admitted that she had to stop trying to control Kristina. Alexis claimed she was a loving and supportive mother.

At that moment, Alexis received a call from Sonny, who advised her that Kristina was in the hospital after she'd been involved in an explosion at Charlie's. Alexis and Sam rushed out.

At the hospital, the doctor told Kristina and Sonny that she had a concussion. Mike and Jason arrived. Mike apologized to Kristina. He said he'd done something wrong, and it had resulted in Kristina being injured. Kristina assured him that she was fine but had become confused and gone back into the building. Mike gave Kristina a bouquet of flowers. Jason took Mike to the waiting room while Mike struggled to recall what he'd done.

Alexis and Sam arrived. They wanted to know what had happened. Kristina explained that there had been a gas leak at Charlie's and that Julian had done everything right. He'd evacuated the bar as soon as he'd discovered the leak. Alexis asked why Kristina had gone back to the bar. Shamefaced, Kristina admitted that she'd gone back for her phone.

Sonny and Jason stepped to one side of the room. They both knew that Mike had caused the leak. Jason told Sonny that Mike had used a wrench, and it had been the reason Kristina had gone back into the bar. He assured Sonny that he'd hidden the wrench in the trunk of his car. Sonny was very concerned and said that Mike had gone too far. He said that Mike had tried to blow up a building to get rid of a body. Sonny admitted that Mike was extremely confused and that everything Sonny had done to keep Mike safe hadn't been enough.

Sam returned with news that the doctor had said Kristina was free to go home.

Sonny and Jason were in the hallway, and they both agreed that Mike's behavior had been troublesome. At that moment, Julian arrived and asked about Kristina. Julian told Sonny and Jason that Chase had questioned him about the gas leak. Julian said that Chase had asked why Mike had been there unsupervised. He assured Sonny that he hadn't provided Chase with too much information, and he left.

As Alexis told Sonny that she and Kristina were about to leave, Alexis walked away to answer a phone call. Kristina asked Sonny if Mike was okay. Sonny assured her that Mike was fine. Sonny expressed his gratitude and said he knew what she'd done for Mike. Alexis returned and thanked Sonny, stating that it had been the first explosion that Sonny had had nothing to do with. Kristina and Sonny hugged, and Alexis and Kristina left.

Sonny sat down in front of Mike, who'd been asleep. Sonny gently woke Mike. Mike asked Sonny what he'd done. He knew something bad had happened but couldn't recall what it had been. Sonny suggested that they discuss everything over some lasagna. Mike reluctantly left with Sonny.

Sam approached Jason and thanked him for being there for Kristina. She commented that Jason had recently been very busy saving a lot of people. Jason said he hoped that Oscar would be okay. Sam commented that not everyone could be as lucky as Kristina.

Drew encountered Margaux drinking alone at Metro Court. She explained that she was celebrating her father's birthday and invited Drew to join her. Margaux told Drew that she'd never known her father because he'd left them when she'd been two years old. She said that as she'd grown older, she'd heard things about her father and had realized that he'd been associated with a known mobster. She said her mother had never said anything, so Margaux had continued to believe that her father had left when she'd been two years old.

Margaux told Drew that her father had likely been killed, since her search had failed to provide any information. There were no records about him. She surmised that he'd either evaporated, or he'd died when she'd been two years old. She said she believed in the law and in justice, and she intended to do something about it. Drew explained that he had a better understanding of why she was so against organized crime.

Margaux told Drew that she'd pulled Jason's records after he'd broken Carly out of Ferncliff. She said that Jason had a long record, but he hadn't been convicted of anything. He'd gone to prison once, and it had turned out that it had been to spend time with his nephew and basically to act as his nephew's bodyguard. Margaux said it had been a noble gesture, but subversive. She said that someone as smart and ruthless as Jason, who eliminated anyone who got in his way, was someone to be reckoned with. She wanted to be the first D.A. who took Sonny down and leveled the playing field.

Drew said that Margaux was overly ambitious. He warned her that a long list of D.A.s had tried to take Sonny down and had failed.

Margaux told Drew that she might not have known her father, but he'd had great taste in wine, and she was grateful she wasn't alone having a glass of wine, celebrating her father. She and Drew toasted her father's birthday.

Alexis and Kristina returned to Sam's apartment. Alexis hovered over Kristina like a mother hen. She apologized for becoming so upset. Kristina said she didn't blame Alexis for being angry. Kristina said she shouldn't have run back into the bar over a stupid phone. Kristina thanked Alexis for being there for her when she'd needed her.

Robin returns to Port Charles

Robin returns to Port Charles

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Anna's doorbell rang, and she was surprised to see Scorpio, who wanted to discuss Cassandra's whereabouts. A disheveled Finn stood at the top of the stairs and shouted that he was looking for a sock. After an awkward moment, Scorpio complained that it had been Finn's fault for reviving Cassandra, and that had resulted in her going missing. Finn descended the stairs, and he and Anna stuttered as they advised Scorpio that they'd been up all night, talking about Cassandra. Finn noted how exhausted they were.

Finn went off to find his sock as Anna and Scorpio went back and forth over the escapade they'd just been involved with. The doorbell sounded again, and Anna was shocked to see Robin. There were hugs all around, and Robin explained that she had been headed home after a conference and had wanted to see for herself that everyone was okay. Finn joked that he finally had the hang of being kidnapped. "Go easy on your mom," Finn told Robin as he left.

Robin announced that she had "unfinished business" with her mother. Scorpio hated to admit that he agreed with Finn, but he also advised Robin to "go easy on your mum." He left the women alone. Anna admitted that she had dropped a bomb on Robin, but she wondered if she were forgiven. The women sat and held cups of hot tea. Robin informed Anna that there was nothing to forgive because Anna had made a choice, and Robin didn't feel she could judge.

Anna thought she should have told Robin about her brother sooner. Robin mentioned how she'd been away from Patrick for a long time due to Faison, but maybe she couldn't have handled the news about her brother any sooner. She said it had been Anna's secret to keep. Robin wondered how Anna had felt when she'd seen Peter. Anna stated that he had been angry and filled with pain.

Anna informed Robin that Peter had remained in Port Charles for Maxie and James, but he would have to win Maxie's trust. Robin thought that Maxie was understanding and forgiving and was aware that people made mistakes. She had hope for Peter and Maxie as well as for Anna and Peter. Robin agreed to stay with Anna and announced that she had to figure out what to do about her brother.

Sonny and Carly had breakfast on the terrace, and Sonny filled her in on Kristina and Mike and the explosion at the pub. Carly reminded him that Julian had kept quiet, but Sonny figured that Julian would want to collect at some point. Carly thought it was worth it for Julian's silence, and Sonny admitted that he was more concerned about the fact that Mike had managed to slip away.

Just then, Mike walked outside, and Sonny stopped talking. Carly remarked that Mike looked awful, and Mike admitted that he'd made things worse instead of better. "Didn't I?" he asked. Carly explained that he had scared them. The trio moved to the living room, and Carly and Mike sat on the couch. "I'm getting worse, aren't I?" Mike asked. Carly rose, and Sonny took her place. Sonny stated that Mike couldn't wander off, but Mike insisted that he had planned it because he'd wanted to help fix what had happened in the past.

Sonny informed Mike that he was paying for damages at the pub. Mike chuckled that everyone would have been better off if he'd been blown up with the pub. Sonny wasn't happy to hear that and noted that Kristina had made her own choice to return to the pub. Mike insisted it had been his fault, but Sonny clarified that she'd done it because she loved Mike like everyone else did. Sonny was choked up. Mike declared that he would give his life for everyone, and Carly replied that he'd proven it. "Let us help you," Carly suggested.

Mike announced that he wanted to look at the brochures from the care facilities, and he sat with Carly and Sonny to peruse them. Sonny insisted that Mike didn't have to go, and Carly added that Mike could stay as long as he wanted. Mike wanted to think about it. He wanted to do "right by [his] family." Carly only wanted him to be happy.

Ava visited with Julian at Charlie's Pub. As she asked about the yellow tape still surrounding part of the pub, Chase arrived and announced that it was a crime scene. Chase and Julian sat down at a table, and Chase began to pepper Julian with questions about his purchase of the pub. Julian explained that he'd wanted to make a fresh start. "It spoke to me," Julian added. Ava kept interrupting and finally joined the men at the table. She wanted to know why Chase had so many questions.

"We found human remains in the basement," Chase informed Julian and Ava. Julian was shocked. "A body?" he asked. Chase explained that there was a skeleton in the foundation. Julian insisted that he'd had no idea and had just made arrangements for remodeling. He added that he wouldn't have called workers into the building with jackhammers if he'd known about the body. Chase said he'd be in touch, and he left.

Ava poured herself some coffee and advised Julian that someone had planted the bones. She thought that Julian was up to something and was planning to profit from it. Julian retorted that his days of taking advantage of others were over, and he didn't care about the body.

At Elizabeth's house, she shouted at Cameron, who was late for school. He asked about his grounding, and Franco suggested he demonstrate some good behavior before the grounding could be reversed. "Did you really just say that to me?" Cameron asked belligerently. Elizabeth insisted that her son apologize for being rude, and he did. "No worries," Franco replied. Elizabeth suggested that Cameron invite Oscar over to do homework, and Cameron asked why.

Elizabeth suggested that Cameron had been concerned about Oscar when he'd been in the hospital, but Cameron insisted he'd been concerned for Josslyn. When Elizabeth suggested he invite both Josslyn and Oscar over, Cameron retorted that he'd rather be alone than be a third wheel. He left for school, and Franco handed Elizabeth a mug of coffee. They sat on the couch, and Elizabeth emphasized how things happened quickly, and people were gone too fast. The doorbell sounded.

Franco opened the door, and Kim walked in. She hesitated when she saw Franco, who called out that she could talk in front of him because he and Elizabeth shared everything. Kim looked horrified, and Elizabeth quickly told him that Kim was there about a patient. Franco decided he had to check on some patients of his own. Before he left, he asked Kim if she could tell him about a "how-to parent manual," but Kim joked that she'd have to borrow it herself. Franco left, and Elizabeth confirmed that she hadn't told Franco about Oscar. However, if he asked any direct questions, she would have to tell him. Kim was worried that Oscar would find out.

Elizabeth and Kim sat on the couch with coffee mugs. Kim admitted that she'd told Drew about Oscar, and he was quite upset. She added that Drew was Oscar's hero, but Elizabeth assured her that the opposite was probably true, too. Kim revealed that she was meeting with Dr. Randolph to discuss new options that might prolong Oscar's life, if only for a few months. She began to cry, and Elizabeth comforted her.

Oscar and Drew walked through the park as Oscar was on his way to school. Drew hoped that Oscar would stay over at the Quartermaines' more often, and Oscar admitted that he would because he needed space from his mother. He explained that Kim worried all the time, but Drew told him that that was what parents did. Oscar declared that it was okay if his dad walked him to school because there was no future anyway.

Drew was taken aback, but Oscar explained that an asteroid was due to hit the earth "next year." He suggested that it could be a good news story, and he thought that he and Drew should go to Kilimanjaro to view it. Drew was growing visibly upset, but he agreed that they could; father and son shared a hug.

Later, Cameron walked through the park and saw Oscar. Both admitted they were skipping gym class and hoping not to be noticed. Oscar suggested they talk about what had happened between Josslyn and Cameron while Oscar had been in the hospital. Cameron admitted that he should never have kissed Josslyn. "You did what?" Oscar asked incredulously.

Oscar exploded and demanded an explanation. Cameron declared that Josslyn had blamed herself for pushing Oscar away. He also claimed to know Josslyn better than Oscar, and he said they would still be friends long after Oscar had been forgotten. Oscar shoved Cameron to the ground. Cameron got up, and Oscar was ready to fight. He announced that he'd learned some moves from his father. Cameron stated that he 'd get in trouble for fighting, but Oscar punched him in the face. The boys fell to the ground and began to tussle.

Later, both Oscar and Cameron sat on the pavement and talked about their injuries. They began to joke and laugh, and they finally headed off to school. Cameron apologized and stated that Oscar was "It" for Josslyn. Oscar replied that he knew that.

Drew had hoped to find Kim at the hospital, but, unable to, he left her a voicemail. Franco was just walking by, and he told Drew that Kim was at Franco's house with Elizabeth. They had claimed to be talking about a patient, although Franco didn't think it sounded right. It was probably a secret, but he'd kept plenty, so he understood. Drew teased him, and Franco asked if they could talk about Oscar.

Drew's guard went up, but Franco explained that he needed parental advice and asked Drew because Drew had done a good job, even with knowing Oscar for only a short time. He wondered how to deal with a teenager and noted that everything was wrong, although he expected Cameron to grow out of it. Franco thought that Drew was lucky, and he began to babble on and on until Drew told him to shut up. Drew quickly apologized and stated that he was stressed.

Franco admitted that he was concerned about Drew, and that was a new feeling for him. He offered to listen if Drew wanted to talk. Drew suggested that Franco not give up on Cameron because the boy needed Franco, even if he didn't realize it. Drew also revealed that he had learned "Parenting 101" from Elizabeth. He thought that she and her boys deserved the best, and he didn't want Franco to forget it.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Finn bumped into Chase, who revealed that he was proud of himself for finding someone's remains in the basement of a local business. He was thinking he needed to borrow Roxy to calm down. Finn suggested they talk over coffee, since Chase had rescued him and Anna. Chase noted that he might want more from Finn than Finn was willing to give, and he accepted that. He began to walk away.

"Can't I just have a cup of coffee with my damn brother?" Finn asked. "Damn half-brother," Chase clarified. "How about half a cup of damn coffee?" Finn retorted. The brothers walked off.

After grabbing their half cups of coffee, Finn and Chase bantered about the coffee and each other. They saw Scorpio, who wanted to speak with Finn. Finn advised Scorpio that he wanted his brother to stay. Scorpio wanted to discuss the search for Cassandra. Finn went over what had happened when he'd treated her and the obscure drugs he'd prescribed that could probably be traced from their points of purchase. Scorpio decided that the brothers were not so useless, after all.

After Scorpio left, Finn and Chase joked about him, and Finn noted that they shared more than DNA. Chase agreed. Scorpio didn't like either of them, he stated.

Elizabeth and Kim got off the elevator. They made small talk, and Elizabeth reminded Kim to call if she needed Elizabeth. Kim called Elizabeth a good friend, and Kim walked away. Drew saw Elizabeth, and he asked her what was wrong. She looked upset. Elizabeth told him she was sorry about Oscar. Drew was glad that Kim had Elizabeth to talk to, and Elizabeth advised him that she was there for him, as well. Franco saw them hugging.

Sonny got off the phone, and Carly asked him if there was trouble. "Nothing I can't handle," Sonny replied. Carly dragged Mike to the kitchen as they laughed about the care facilities, especially the one with the pool. Julian arrived and informed Sonny that he was aware that Sonny didn't want the pub but what was buried beneath it.

Robin meets with Peter

Robin meets with Peter

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Robin returned downstairs after getting settled in, and she asked Anna what was wrong. Anna wondered what Robin had decided to do about Peter. Robin replied that she had to talk to him, and Anna proposed lunch at her place. However, Robin wanted to talk to Peter alone. The doorbell rang, and Robin let Maxie and James in. Maxie and Robin sat down and marveled over pictures of one another's children. Robin mentioned her own newly discovered sibling and explained to Maxie how she'd evolved from hurt by her mother's secret to understanding why Anna had kept the secret.

As Anna overheard, Robin continued that she wasn't sure that she wanted Peter in her life. Anna handed a cup of tea to Maxie, but Robin refused the offer. She had an errand to run, and she added that Anna and Maxie needed to stop avoiding each other. When she was gone, both Maxie and Anna insisted to each other that they understood the feelings of the other. Maxie commented that she'd been there when Finn had pulled Peter out of the burning stables, and she was surprised that Anna didn't know.

Anna would understand if Maxie wanted to keep her distance from Anna because of Anna's connection to Peter. Maxie assured Anna that caring for Peter wouldn't dishonor Maxie's grief. She continued that Anna was her godmother, and she could never cut Anna out of her life. They embraced, and Anna tearfully thanked Maxie. Maxie added that she couldn't promise that she would let Peter in.

At Metro Court, Lulu informed Peter that, if he wanted to rebrand the Invader as a legitimate publication, he shouldn't run the story on the 25th anniversary of Ryan Chamberlain's crime spree. Peter replied that he'd wanted Lulu to write the "high-profile launch." Lulu related that many of Ryan's victims still lived in Port Charles, and she didn't want to blindside them. He assured her that he had no intention of exploiting anyone's pain, and he thanked her for giving him a second chance.

A short while later, Lulu was gone, and Robin entered. She approached Peter, and he invited her to sit as he looked at her in awe. She told him that, while she didn't know what it was like to grow up with Faison as a parent, she thought they'd both grown up in Faison's shadow in a way. She wanted to make sure that Peter wasn't planning on picking up where Faison had left off. "Absolutely not," he replied. He promised that he would never do anything to hurt Robin or her children.

Peter continued that he'd started a new and better life for himself and that Port Charles was the first place he'd ever felt at home. He hoped that he would one day give Robin a reason to introduce him to her kids. "Maybe," she answered, and she left the restaurant. A few minutes later, Peter got up from his table and got in the elevator. Just then, Maxie entered to pick up some food while she spoke on the phone with Felicia. Not seeing who was in the elevator, she called out to hold the elevator. She ran into the elevator and was shocked to find Peter as the doors closed.

Robin returned to Anna's, and Robin told Anna about her short meeting with Peter. She revealed that she would have to trust Peter before she could decide whether or not a relationship was in the cards, but she related that there was "a lot to overcome."

In Kevin's office, Ryan listened to Kevin's recordings and practiced sounding like Kevin as he looked at a picture of Felicia on the computer. The phone rang, and he answered it to Laura. He apologized for not calling. He took Kevin's cell phone out of his pocket and saw that there were four missed calls and four voicemails from Laura. He assured her that he wasn't stressed, and he promised to call the next day, more like his "usual self."

As Ryan looked up Laura and her family, there was a knock on the door. Lulu entered, wanting a word with him, and he recognized her from the picture on the screen. Lulu told him about the Ryan Chamberlain story, defending the decision to run the story, and Ryan agreed that it was a story that needed to be told. He admitted to a surprised Lulu that "my brother is never far from my mind." She promised to be in touch, and she left. Ryan took out Kevin's phone and made a call. He invited someone out for a meal to catch up.

At Sonny's, Julian said that he knew why Sonny had wanted to buy Charlie's. He mentioned that the police had dug things up in the basement, and he remarked that Mike had known Charlie. Sonny related that Mike had been having trouble distinguishing memories from fantasy. Julian also told Sonny that he would be using a different coffee distributor, since he and Sonny had a "clean slate." As an afterthought, he mentioned that he'd hired Kristina, and he left.

Sonny commented on his "rebel" daughter working for Julian. Jason wondered if he should try to get the evidence from the police station, but Sonny thought it was too risky. Regardless, Jason thought he could shut down the investigation. If he couldn't, he promised to get Sonny out of the country. However, Sonny refused to leave his family, and he vowed not to run.

Sam entered Charlie's and found Kristina behind the bar; she wondered if Kristina was working there to pick a fight with her parents or to avoid thinking about Parker. Kristina made Sam a drink, which Sam liked. Kristina explained that Parker had gotten a new job and a new life along with it, and Kristina didn't fit into. Sam replied that love wasn't enough sometimes. Kristina had always been chasing a purpose in life, but she wondered if she would even know if she found the right fit.

A short while later, Julian tried some of Kristina's drinks and approved. He wondered what Sam thought of Kristina working there, and Sam replied that she was choosing to support her sister. She added that she would be watching Kristina like a hawk while she worked there, and she warned Julian to keep the place "family-friendly." When she was gone, Julian welcomed his family spending more time there.

Margaux and Jordan discussed the remains found in the basement of Charlie's. They learned that the victim had been around thirty-five years old when he'd died, and he'd been buried in the basement for about thirty years. They looked into researching missing persons reports and building permits at Charlie's around the time the man had been buried.

A few minutes later, Margaux learned that Charlie Delaney had been closely tied to mobster Frank Smith. Jordan received an email from the medical examiner and read that the victim had died from multiple gunshot wounds. A short while later, Margaux was looking at pictures of the remains when Jordan revealed, "I found something!"

Margaux and Jordan probe mob ties to the body found at Charlie's

Margaux and Jordan probe mob ties to the body found at Charlie's

Friday, September 14, 2018

In the bar at Metro Court, Curtis was having drinks with Drew. Drew wanted to buy Curtis another drink, but Curtis said that he needed his wits about him for a job he was working. Curtis noted that he should be buying the drinks, since it was Drew's birthday. Drew claimed he was not in the mood to celebrate -- especially not if a surprise party was involved. When asked how he'd found out about the surprise party, Drew explained that he'd found a three-layer cake hidden away.

"Three layers? That'd piss me off, too," Curtis said sarcastically. Drew sort of rolled his eyes and clarified that it wasn't the cake that had upset him, it was that he would be the center of attention. He didn't like being the center of attention. Curtis urged Drew to let the people who cared about him show him that they cared about him. Before Curtis left, he reminded Drew to act surprised at the surprise party.

A little later, Nina approached a short, balding man wearing a black suit and shirt with a maroon tie. "Ahmad?" she asked. The man rose to greet her, realizing that she was Nina. Nina showed Ahmad her half-heart necklace and asked him to tell her everything he knew about it. Ahmad commented that there was nothing remarkable about the necklace -- no markings to indicate a brand or maker -- but he agreed with Nina's assumption that it was more than likely originally part of a larger piece. Nina nodded, saying that she just needed to find who had the other half of the heart.

Elsewhere at Metro Court, Curtis met up with Valentin, who wanted a briefing on Curtis' search for Nina's daughter. Curtis said he didn't have anything to share and assured Valentin that when he had something concrete to share, he'd share the information. Valentin became antsy, saying, "We need to find her!" Curtis corrected Valentin's pronoun usage, clarifying that it was he who was doing the searching -- not Valentin. Curtis also knew that Valentin only wanted to find Nina's daughter so that it could be used to patch up Valentin and Nina's relationship.

Valentin reminded Curtis that he was paying Curtis to conduct the search. If Curtis no longer wanted to work for him, Valentin said that he would gladly hire someone else. Curtis eventually backed off and revealed that he'd decided on a new plan of action: he was going to do a reverse search on the money transfer that Madeline's baby broker had received. Valentin's mood changed, and he giddily replied that he could not wait to let Nina know the good news. As he said that, Nina entered the room and asked what it was that Valentin wanted her to know. Valentin said nothing, and Nina blasted Valentin for keeping secrets.

Nina quickly changed the subject and asked to speak to Curtis in private. After they'd stepped away, Nina told Curtis that she feared she was being followed. Curtis agreed that something was not right about the gray suit-wearing man at a nearby table -- especially the fact that he was carrying a concealed firearm. Curtis told Nina that he'd take care of the problem. Nina seemed worried for Curtis' safety, but when Curtis had the mystery man bent over the bar with his arm twisted behind his back, Nina chirped "Get him! Get him!" The man told Curtis that he had a permit to carry the weapon.

Nina urged Curtis to call the police, but Curtis was surprised to find an ID in the man's pocket that revealed he was a bodyguard. The man then announced that he was Nina's bodyguard. Nina announced that she had not hired a bodyguard. Valentin then entered the bar and revealed that he had been the one who'd hired the bodyguard. Nina changed her mind because she believed that she could take care of herself. She stomped off, leaving Valentin and Curtis to stare at each other in disbelief.

Curtis helped the bodyguard up and apologized for roughing him up. He then told all the other patrons that everything was okay and that they should return to their regularly scheduled meal. Valentin told Nina that he had hired the bodyguard because someone had it in for Nina. "I run a fashion magazine," Nina retorted. She added, "You can't do that without occasionally stepping on Erica Kane's stilettos."

Valentin told Nina that Cassandra Pierce was on the loose. Nina looked on in disbelief as Valentin told her that Cassandra had been roused from her coma by Hamilton Finn. Nina wondered why Valentin hadn't told her that he'd hired a bodyguard. Valentin deflected the question and told Nina that he needed her to move back into Wyndemere until the danger had blown over. "I feel a lot safer on the mainland," Nina replied, adding that she would hire her own bodyguard.

Sharing an elevator with Peter, Maxie angrily pressed the lobby button several times as she groused about how slow the elevators were during peak work hours. As she announced that she was going to file a complaint, the elevator suddenly made an abrupt stop. Peter started fidgeting and talking rapidly about the elevator being stuck. While he said that elevators broke down all the time, his tone was less than convincing. Maxie was initially surprised that Peter was having a panic attack but then realized that his time as a bedbound prison might have had something to do with it. Peter took off his shirt and sank to the ground.

Maxie led Peter in some breathing exercises to help calm him down. When that didn't work, Maxie suggested that they play a game of "would you rather." In doing so, Peter revealed that he never wanted to forget all the bad things that he'd done because if he did, he would have no way to try to atone for those bad things. Maxie admitted that she'd made mistakes and hurt people, too.

By the time the elevator started to move, Peter's breathing had returned to normal. Suddenly, the doors to the elevator opened, and the still-shirtless Peter and a slightly flustered Maxie toppled out of the elevator, right in front of Nina. "I don't even wanna know," Nina said before walking away. Maxie chased after her, saying that Nina had the wrong idea.

Back in the bar area, Curtis told Valentin that his forensic accountant had given him information about the wire transfer. "I know exactly who paid off Buckley," Curtis said. "The person we're looking for is a single mother with a daughter that's exactly the same age as Nina's daughter would be today."

Kim arrived at the Quartermaine Mansion for the birthday party. She quickly noticed that no one else was there. As she asked who else would be attending, Sam showed up. Monica told Sam that Michael would not be attending the party because he wasn't in the mood to celebrate. When Monica learned that Sam had put Scout down for a nap, Monica quickly darted off to see her granddaughter.

Alone, Kim and Sam discussed all the things that Michael had been through in recent weeks. Sam opened up about her own loss, revealing to Kim that she had delivered a stillborn child that she had named Lila. Sam then told Kim that Danny had been diagnosed with leukemia at the age of one. Kim's eyes widened, and she asked Sam if Danny was okay. "Miracles happen," Sam responded. She immediately realized that her choice of words might not have been the best.

Kim realized that Sam had to have known about Oscar's diagnosis. Sam confirmed Kim's suspicions, revealing that Drew had told her. Kim was surprised that Drew would tell Sam something so private. "This isn't your business," Kim snapped. Sam reminded Kim that they were family -- their kids were siblings -- and told Kim that she would be there for her if Kim needed anything. As things continued to go south, Drew arrived at the mansion. Kim, Sam, and a recently returned Monica grabbed balloons and rather unenthusiastically yelled, "Surprise!" Drew forced a smile and replied with simply, "You guys!"

Sam decided that she would leave, but Drew asked that she stay. Inside, Kim placed a phone call to Oscar, but her call when to voicemail. In her voicemail, Kim asked why Oscar hadn't taken her call and why he wasn't at the party. Drew sensed that something was off about Kim. She told him that they should meet later to talk because she'd had no idea that Drew would tell Sam about Oscar's diagnosis. Kim told Drew that the more people that knew about Oscar's condition, the more likely it would be that Oscar would learn the truth from someone else.

Back outside, Oscar arrived at the party without having gone through the house. Monica and Sam were both happy to see him, but they became concerned when they spotted blood on Oscar's knuckles. Sam tracked down Drew and Kim and told them that Oscar was there -- and that he appeared to have been in a fight. Oscar was annoyed that everyone was making such a big deal about his fight. Oscar calmly explained that someone had said something that he hadn't liked, and he'd punched that person. The fight, he said, had been over quickly thanks to Drew teaching him how to fight.

Drew argued that he had taught Oscar how to defend himself -- not fight. Kim then told Oscar that he needed to be careful, especially since he had just gotten out of the hospital. The proclamation caught Monica off guard, and she asked why Oscar had been in the hospital.

Oscar explained that he'd gone to the hospital for a headache. Monica replied that people didin't go to the hospital for headaches. Kim and Drew exchanged nervous glances as Monica continued to probe. Oscar added that he had forgotten to eat and had fainted, and Jason had overreacted and taken him to the hospital. Kim interjected that she had been happy that Jason had been there when Oscar had needed medical attention.

Oscar then changed the subject by announcing that he really wanted to celebrate his father's birthday -- and eat some cake. Monica offered to let Oscar cut the cake. Oscar somewhat bashfully worried that he might not do such a great job cutting the cake. He then added that he didn't really like being the center of attention.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Margaux asked Jordan for an update on their John Doe. Jordan handed the district attorney a manila folder with information about a button that had been found in an undisclosed bone of the victim. Jordan told Margaux that ballistic information would be available soon, including whether or not the same gun had been used in another crime. Margaux asked Jordan for information about Charlie Delaney. Jordan explained that Charlie had had some loose ties to crime boss Frank Smith. With that, Jordan made a phone call to have Frank's file delivered to her office.

When the file arrived, Margaux read over it but had a bunch of questions. She asked how Luke and Laura figured into Frank Smith's tangled web. Jordan explained that Luke had been "one of Frank Smith's guys" and that Luke had operated a discotheque that had laundered Frank's money. Luke and Laura, Jordan explained, had turned on Frank and gotten him arrested. Margaux wanted to talk to Luke and Laura, but Jordan told her that they were both out of the country. Jordan added that Luke would be very hard to find, but they might have better luck getting in contact with Laura. Jordan said she'd call Dr. Kevin Collins to see if he could get them in touch with Laura.

As Margaux continued to peruse the file, she found a list of Frank Smith's known associates: Jack Boland, Joe Scully, and Sonny Corinthos. Jordan told Margaux that she knew Sonny's file front to back. Sonny, she informed Margaux, had once run one of Frank's fronts -- a strip club called the Paradise Lounge. When Margaux learned that Sonny hadn't moved to Port Charles until the mid-1990s, she realized that the body predated Sonny's arrival in town. Jordan suggested that they try to learn more about Charlie Delaney. Margaux nodded in agreement and said that she knew just where to start.

Carly told Sonny that they were going to have to have a conversation that neither of them wanted to have. "We can't keep this up," Carly said softly, referring to their refusal to admit that Mike needed more help than either of them could provide. Carly also worried that Julian might decide to share what he knew of Mike's involvement in the gas leak. Sonny countered that Julian would not say a thing because Julian knew that Sonny would do anything to keep Mike safe.

"Do you really think you're keeping your father safe," Carly asked. "Do you want me to just send him away? Wash my hands of him?" Sonny countered. Sonny's voice broke as he mentioned sending Mike to a care facility. Carly urged Sonny to let Mike make his own decision while Mike was still able to do so. She reminded Sonny that Mike wanted to check out one of the care facilities. Neither Carly nor Sonny knew that Mike was listening from another room.

Sonny said that he would not abandon his father. Carly argued that Sonny would not be abandoning his father by getting Mike the help that he so obviously needed. In fact, Carly said that she felt that Mike was worried that he would be abandoning Sonny if he went to a care facility without Sonny giving his approval. "I don't know how to send him out of sight," Sonny replied as he fought back tears. "This is isn't about you. This is about Mike and what he needs and what he wants," Carly replied.

Mike entered the room and announced that Carly was right. "It's what I want, and it's time," Mike stated calmly. Sonny asked Mike how long he'd been listening. Carly apologized to Mike because she hadn't wanted Mike to hear what she'd been saying. "Look, we gave it our best shot, but it's time to rethink things," Mike continued.

Sonny vowed to get Mike more care at the house so that Mike could continue to live there. "Every day, I'm losing myself bit by bit," Mike responded. As an example, he said, "Do you know that little Avery told me her other name is Courtney because that's what I call her sometimes?" Carly told Mike that their home would always be his home, too. "At what hpoint does a home stop being a home and become a prison?" Mike asked. Sonny said that their home was not a prison.

Mike explained that it was painful for him to see his loved ones on the edge of their seats, waiting for him to do something wrong. Sonny flopped on the sofa, and Mike sat down next to him. "You think you'd be better off with strangers?" Sonny asked. "What happens the day I wake up and you guys are the strangers?" Mike countered. Sonny reached out for Carly's hand as tears slowly streamed down his face. Mike embraced his son, and the two men sobbed.

Sonny suggested that they look into a facility that had day activities and would allow Mike to return home at night. That way, they could all ease into the idea of Mike moving into a care facility full-time. Mike liked the idea but said that he wanted to check out a residential facility while he still had his wits about him. Sonny received a phone call from Max. Sonny responded that Max should send "them" away.

"Too late," Jordan announced as she and Margaux entered the house. Jordan told Sonny that she had some additional questions about the incident at Charlie's bar. Sonny grumbled that he'd already told them everything he knew. "Well, we're not here to speak to you," Jordan replied. "We're here to talk to your father," Margaux added.

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