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Anna and Finn learned the identity of the mystery patient. Jordan disinvited Stella to the wedding. Ava lashed out when she learned about Griffin and Kiki. Margaux kissed Drew. Alexis had bad news for Brad and Lucas.
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Finn's mystery patient is revealed

Finn's mystery patient is revealed

Monday, August 13, 2018

Inside the room that Finn had first been taken to, Robert announced that it was the last place where they'd still had a connection to Finn's tracking device. He thanked Jason for joining him, and he didn't have the "luxury" of waiting for WSB backup. Jason vowed to do anything to help Anna, and he offered up Spinelli's services, as well. As Robert retrieved Finn's tracking device from the floor, Jason suggested that Anna had been the bait to lure Finn there. Robert reminded Jason that Anna had access to a lot of "sensitive intelligence."

Robert and Jason couldn't be sure that Anna had been there, as well, until Jason spotted something on the floor. Robert identified it as one of Anna's pills, and he confirmed that it seemed that Anna had been the bait for Finn. They speculated about why Anna's captors would need a doctor, and Robert figured that there was a "medical angle" they couldn't see in regard to a mystery patient. Robert thought that they should look into Finn's past for possible enemies, as well.

Jason asked Robert to keep him updated, and Robert promised that Jason would be his second call after Robin. Jason left as Robert's phone went off, and Robert was told about a "transfer interception." He asked who had been taken.

The captor and his henchman led Anna and Finn, who had tied hands and bags over their heads, into a different room. The captor took the bags off their heads and left, locking the door behind him. Anna got their ties cut off, and they observed that they were in a lab with "everything a doctor could need." They speculated on who the mystery patient could be, and Anna knew that she'd been the bait for Finn. She thought that their captors were mercenaries rather than an intelligence agency, and she wasn't happy with Robert for sending Finn "into the field." Finn lightheartedly reminded her that she'd blackmailed him into helping, while Robert had given him a choice.

Anna didn't like Finn risking his life, but he wasn't scared of the risks. "I'm still all in," he assured her, and they shared a kiss. Their captors returned with a medical file and informed them that their patient was being transferred from another facility so that Finn could help her out of her coma. He handed them the file, and they opened it and found a picture of Cassandra.

Cameron told Elizabeth to calm down, but she reminded him that he'd been arrested for stealing and that he was lucky the store owner wasn't pressing charges. She thought she'd raised him better, and Franco informed Cameron that he'd paid for the earbuds Cameron had stolen. Elizabeth added that the store owner only wanted a personal apology, so Cameron promised to go by after work the next day. He was embarrassed that, while other kids' parents bought them whatever they wanted, he had to save up his own money because they were poor.

Franco scolded Cameron for the comment, but Cameron shot back that Franco wasn't his father. Elizabeth was horrified by how Cameron was talking to Franco and ordered that he would work for the summer to pay Franco back. Cameron scoffed that he wasn't the only one who shoplifted, and a shocked Elizabeth grounded Cameron "until I feel like I can trust you." "You're ruining my life!" he whined, and he sat on a bench as Elizabeth started to fill out his release papers.

Elizabeth apologized to Franco on Cameron's behalf, and she was disappointed that Cameron was acting like she had at the same age. Franco assured her that the phase would pass, and that she was a great mother. She hoped he was right, and she worked on Cameron's release papers.

"Good news not arrested. Bad news grounded. You probably won't see me IRL for a while. Except for work," Cameron texted Josslyn.

Oscar couldn't believe that Cameron had been arrested for stealing, and he called the other boy "entitled." He hoped the kids at camp wouldn't find out, as it would make Cameron a bad influence. Josslyn snapped that she was the bad influence, as Cameron had never stolen anything until he'd seen her do it. Oscar explained it away as Josslyn's family issues, and she countered that he couldn't just use family issues to explain away everything he didn't like about her. She related that Cameron understood "family dysfunction."

Oscar promised to always be there for Josslyn, and she appreciated it. She added that the riddle he'd sent her the other day had been the exact distraction she'd needed. A few minutes later, Oscar had gotten up to get drinks when Josslyn received Cameron's text. She responded that she was glad he hadn't gotten into any real trouble. Oscar returned and commented that he hated fighting, and he promised to listen without judgment from then on.

In the courtroom, Scott asked flat out if Griffin had ever had sex with Kiki, and he reminded Griffin that he was under oath. Griffin reluctantly stammered out a "yes," and Alexis objected to Scott's "intrusive questions about Kiki's personal life." The judge advised Scott to "tread carefully," and Bensch egged Scott on. Kiki cried, and Ava glared as Scott finished with some basic questions about Griffin's position at the hospital in relation to Kiki's.

Bensch was disappointed that Scott hadn't gone harder at Griffin and Kiki, but Scott didn't think "slut-shaming" Kiki was the way to go. Through questioning, Alexis demonstrated to the court that Griffin and Kiki's one sexual encounter hadn't been harassment, as it had been consensual, and Griffin hadn't pressured Kiki as a direct supervisor. When Alexis was done questioning, Ava ran out of the courtroom, and Griffin stepped off the stand and ran after her. Lulu asked Julian if he'd known about Griffin and Kiki. He said that he hadn't, but "looking back," he could see some signs.

Kiki apologized for not telling Alexis, and Alexis sternly promised to talk about it later. "Can we still win?" Kiki wondered. On the other side of the courtroom, Bensch urged Scott to keep it up. Scott called Bensch to the stand, and Bensch went under oath. Through Scott's questioning, Bensch claimed that he'd only misread signs from Kiki after closely bonding with her. Alexis wondered if Kiki had ever said that she was interested in Bensch, and he admitted that she hadn't. Alexis believed that Bensch had taken the picture of Griffin and Kiki to "cover your ass" after Kiki had rebuffed his advances.

When Bensch's testimony was done, the judge announced that there would be a recess before the closing arguments. Scott apologized to Alexis for the turn the trial had taken. Kiki asked Julian about Ava, and he advised her that "hell hath no fury" didn't cover how upset Ava was. Lulu asked how Kiki was, and Kiki revealed that she needed air. On her way out of the courtroom, she bumped right into Bensch, and she told him that her sleeping with Griffin didn't change the fact that Bensch had harassed her. "I'm not sure the jury will agree," he said with an air of cockiness.

Outside the courtroom, Ava slapped Griffin. He wanted to explain what had happened, but she slapped him again and ran off. A short while later, he knocked on her door and insisted that he wasn't leaving until she let him explain what had happened. She let him in and yelled that he'd admitted, in open court, to cheating on her. He explained that it had happened after the Nurses Ball, when he'd assumed that they were broken up, and it had "just happened."

Ava kicked herself for thinking she was just being paranoid after catching Griffin and Kiki in "moments" several times. She figured that Griffin had told her that he loved her because he'd known that the secret would surface. He told her that it was a mistake that he regretted, and that she, "of all people," should know what that was like. He insisted that he really loved her, but she accused him of having a "fetish" for damsels in distress. "I'm not losing you like this," he vowed, but she called him a hypocrite and demanded that he leave. He apologized as he walked to the door. "You don't know what it means to be sorry. But you will. I promise," she said, and she shut the door in his face.

The verdict is in

The verdict is in

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ava slammed her front door on Franco, who begged to be allowed inside her penthouse. He understood that she was angry, and he wanted to check on her. Ava, with drink in hand, finally opened the door. She made a sarcastic comment about her boyfriend and daughter getting along so well, and Franco was glad to see that she still had her sense of humor. She accused Franco of being insensitive, and he tried to explain that he had sent her the text message accidentally. It had been meant for Alexis.

Franco made it clear that he'd wanted to keep the news about Griffin and Kiki secret in order not to hurt Ava's relationship with her daughter. Ava noted that Kiki had been the one to destroy their relationship. She proceeded to tell Franco about the court proceedings after he'd left and how she'd forced Scott to ask Griffin about his sleeping with Kiki. Franco wondered if Ava had been trying to destroy Kiki's case, and he shouted that Bensch would continue to be a predator.

Ava confessed that she'd been humiliated and had been lied to. Franco asked if she would feel justified if Bensch won the case. He reminded Ava that she had done worse to plenty of others, including him by lying to him of Kiki's parentage for years. Franco thought that Ava had been overdue and deserving of similar behavior, and he asked her if she expected a thank you from Bensch. Ava insisted that she still wanted Bensch punished, even though she was furious.

Ava told Franco that she'd trusted Griffin and had given up a lot of herself, but he'd destroyed her. She wondered how Franco would feel if Elizabeth did the same to him. Franco didn't think that Ava's behavior should have been public, but Ava announced that she planned on returning the favor to Griffin. She picked up her phone and looked at the screen shot of the illegal DNA test.

Valentin found Scorpio sitting in his drawing room at Wyndemere with a drink in his hand. "What have you done with Anna?" the spy asked. Scorpio added that Anna had been missing, and he believed that she had been used to lure Finn. Valentin insisted that he hadn't been involved and advised Scorpio that he was "looking in the wrong place." Scorpio wasn't convinced due to Valentin's history with Cassandra Pierce.

Valentin stated that he had only worked with Cassandra briefly, and he looked concerned after Scorpio revealed that she was no longer in custody. Scorpio further explained that she had been intercepted during a move to another facility along with medical equipment. He believed that Anna had been leverage and Finn the target because he had been needed. Valentin assured Scorpio that he had nothing to do with it and preferred Cassandra to be in custody.

Valentin detailed his history with Cassandra and the fact that she'd been furious with him when she'd learned he'd been working with Anna. He actually desired Cassandra to remain in a coma. Scorpio admitted that he believed Valentin, who asked Scorpio to leave. "Damn you, Cassandra. I should've killed you when I had the chance," Valentin uttered after Scorpio had gone.

At the unknown location, Finn and Anna learned that Finn's patient would be Cassandra Pierce. "You're responsible for reviving her," their captor announced. Anna declared that Cassandra had been detained in a WSB facility, but the captor informed her that Cassandra had been "liberated" as she had been in the midst of a transfer to another location. His employer wanted her to be awake, the man added.

The captor explained that if Cassandra were treated successfully, Anna and Finn would be released without harm. He suggested that Finn study the medical records, and he left with his henchman. Finn made comments about the WSB's inefficiency, and he suggested that Valentin might be the boss that the captor had referred to. Anna didn't think so, and she didn't want Finn to treat Cassandra.

Finn insisted that he was obligated to help, but Anna suggested he put his ethics on hold. She was certain they would be killed after Cassandra's treatment. Finn agreed that he'd accept another plan. The captors returned, and the prisoners learned that Cassandra would be arriving the following day. They asked if Finn planned to cooperate.

Finn agreed that he would treat the patient to the best of his ability, and the head imprisoner declared that his captives would be home in no time. He added that Anna would pay if Finn tried anything. The men left again, and Anna declared that the man had been lying. She was certain they'd be killed. Finn announced that it would take some time for Cassandra to be revived, so he would not give them the "proper medical protocol" until they were safely home. Anna was less than thrilled with Finn's idea.

Carly stopped at the Quartermaine house and found Michael there. He admitted that he'd returned to work in order to keep busy, but Carly thought it was time for them to plan Jonah's funeral. She offered to handle it herself without any pressure on Michael, but he admitted that he felt powerless to do anything about it. He only felt better when he worked. Carly assured him that, over time, it would get easier. Monica entered the room, heard about Carly's plan to arrange the funeral, and suggested that the baby be buried in the Quartermaine mausoleum with his relatives.

Michael announced that he wanted Jonah to be buried next to Morgan so that neither of them would be alone. Monica voiced her support for the idea, and Carly got ready to leave. She reminded her son that he had two families who loved him, and he would get through it all. Monica stopped Carly before she left and proclaimed that she wanted to apologize to Carly first. She was sorry that she'd let Nelle play into their discord with each other. Carly insisted that she should have seen it herself, and she accepted Monica's apology.

Monica had to leave. "Good talk," she said. Michael was happy that his mother had accepted the apology and wondered if it was real or just for him. Carly admitted that she'd learned it was poisonous to hold onto a grudge, although she had no idea how long her peace with Monica would last. She was teary-eyed as she commended Michael on his sentiment for the baby's burial. Michael wanted to get ready for a meeting, and Carly advised him that it was too soon for him to be plowing back into work as he had been.

Carly was afraid that everything would pile up on Michael and cause him to explode. Michael advised her that he'd lost so many people in the recent past that he couldn't stop working. If he did, he would fall apart and not get up. He was handling things in his own way. He and Carly hugged. He turned off one of the lights after she'd gone, and he sat down on the couch, staring into space.

Over at General Hospital, Elizabeth finished a phone call, turned, and saw Griffin. She was surprised that he had left the courtroom before the hearing had been over. He admitted that he couldn't stay, but he was unsure of how to tell Elizabeth why. She revealed that Franco had told her. However, he had been discreet, and she was the only one who'd known about Griffin and Kiki. Griffin disclosed that he'd been asked about it on the stand, and he lamented that he should have lied. He was worried about being the center of hospital gossip.

Elizabeth replied that it wouldn't have been good for Griffin to perjure himself, but he was upset thinking that he could have saved Kiki. Elizabeth assured him that "good people make mistakes, too," and neither she nor anyone else was in any position to judge. Just then, Ava stepped off the elevator and saw the duo chatting. She glared at Griffin and made it known that she wasn't there to see him.

Griffin tried to apologize and exclaimed that he knew exactly how Ava was feeling. Ava took offense and advised him that he did not know how she felt, but he would. Griffin urged her not to "lash out" and ruin the progress they'd made. Ava declared that she knew what she was doing. Ava saw Monica and asked to speak to her. She had information that the hospital should know about. Monica suggested her office, and Ava pulled out her phone to set it on the photo of the DNA test.

Kiki ran into Bensch outside the courtroom. She advised him that while she'd had sex with Griffin, that didn't change things. Alexis walked over and confirmed that that had been different. Bensch had been wrong, and they would prove it. He vowed to sue for his legal fees. The case was about to resume, and they headed back into the courtroom.

It was time for closing arguments, and Alexis was up first. She thanked the jurors and stated that the most serious issue was the fact that Scott had mentioned the consensual sex between Kiki and Griffin. Kiki was a normal adult, Alexis said, and could choose to be with another consenting adult for one night. It didn't negate the "systemic" abusive power of Bensch. It had also involved Francesca, who had felt obligated to sleep with Bensch in order to keep her job.

Alexis continued that Bensch's behavior would only continue, and they had the power to spare others and to hold him accountable and guilty. "Because he is," Alexis concluded. Kiki looked over at the jury. Scott rose and announced that he agreed with Alexis, but there had been no real evidence or eyewitness of Bensch's behavior. The doctor had a spotless record and was respected. It was a civil suit, and the plaintiff needed to meet the burden of proof. He sat down.

"What the hell do you call that?" Bensch shouted at Scott. The attorney declared that Alexis had been compelling, but there had been no proof on the plaintiff's part. Bensch wanted proof that he was innocent. Scott advised Bensch that he'd had no obligation to believe Bensch, and he didn't. Bensch stared at him with daggers in his eyes.

Lulu, Kiki, and Alexis waited for the verdict. Kiki was worried, since they hadn't provided any proof, but Lulu pointed out that they'd had some good witnesses on their side. The jury arrived at their decision quickly, and everyone returned to their seats. The judge received the decision and looked at it briefly. He announced that the jury had found in favor of the plaintiff, and she was to be awarded $250,000 in damages. Bensch stood and yelled, "This is an outrage!" He shouted that he hadn't done anything wrong. Kiki, Alexis, and Lulu were thrilled.

The judge slammed his gavel as the courtroom erupted into lots of noise. Bensch immediately announced that he wanted to appeal the decision with a new lawyer. The judge advised him that it wasn't the time, and he adjourned court. Alexis and Kiki thanked the jury. Kiki noted that it wasn't about the money, but the key was that Bensch couldn't get away with it. She wondered about his employment, but Alexis assured her that that was up to Monica and the hospital's Human Resources. She thought Kiki should be proud.

Out in the hallway, Kiki announced that she couldn't have gone through it without Alexis. She planned on using her winnings for various organizations who promoted and educated in the area of sexual harassment. Bensch walked by and listened.

Franco and Elizabeth strolled down the hallway at the hospital. Franco admitted that he didn't feel sorry for Griffin, who had taken advantage of Kiki. Elizabeth declared that Griffin and Kiki had both been consenting adults, and she and Franco had no right to judge. Franco admitted it was an emotional issue for him. Elizabeth received a phone call from Lulu, giving her the good news of the hearing results. Elizabeth and Franco shared a hug.

Griffin is suspended; Ava needs vengeance

Griffin is suspended; Ava needs vengeance

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Carly found Sonny sitting on the sofa, looking at the pamphlets from the various residences that they might consider for Mike. She handed him a mug of coffee, and he admitted that it still wasn't the proper time to consider a new place because Mike wasn't ready. Sonny thought that Mike thought of Port Charles as his home, and he had a lot of history there. Mike stood at the top of the stairs and listened in. Sonny added that he had enjoyed afternoons with his father, as he hadn't been able to when he'd been a kid. He had been able to get his work done at night after Mike had gone to bed.

Just then, Mike bounded down the stairs cheerfully and announced that he was feeling great and was ready to go out. Carly suggested that she spend some time with Mike after being gone from the house for so long. Mike was agreeable, and he knew where he wanted to go.

After Mike and Carly were gone, Sonny received a phone call. "Send her up," he told the caller. "Dad?" Kristina said as Sonny opened the door. They hugged, and Sonny revealed how happy he was to see her. Kristina told him it was a quick trip, but she had wanted to "be there" for her family. Sonny advised her that her family needed her.

Father and daughter made small talk, and Kristina related that she'd been happy in Oregon, Parker was fine, and she had decided not to go back to school. Kristina wasn't sure what she wanted to do instead, but she had been bartending. She would figure out her next move.

Franco and Elizabeth sat at a table and enjoyed their breakfast at Charlie's Pub. They discussed a sulking Cameron, and Elizabeth admitted that she wanted to be able to trust her son. Kim walked in, and the trio briefly talked about the trial results, and Franco confessed that he had nearly messed things up with a wrong text message.

Before Kim could ask about the text message, Julian wandered over and revealed that he had been unable to reach Ava. He didn't know how Scott had learned about Griffin and Kiki. Kim was certain that Bensch would not feel any real consequences at the hospital.

Carly and Mike walked in. Carly couldn't believe that Mike had chosen Charlie's over anywhere else they might have gone, but Mike insisted the place was like home. Carly wasn't thrilled to see Julian, but Mike was. Julian mentioned the old photo of Mike and Charlie and the fact that he had turned down Sonny's offer to buy the place. Kim walked over to meet Mike, and when she mentioned that she was an OB/GYN at the hospital, Mike announced that his grandson's wife was expecting.

Carly quickly changed the subject and mentioned that Julian was a new grandfather. Julian asked Mike for pointers, and Carly wandered over to Elizabeth and Franco's table. She thanked Franco for helping Jason even though he hadn't had a choice. Franco suggested that he be shown more appreciation, but Carly reminded him that Jason hadn't revealed Franco's involvement.

Elizabeth declared that Franco had taken a risk, but Carly suggested they not "push it." She added that Franco had a truce with Jason. Franco was ready to get to work, and Elizabeth suggested he go without her. She'd catch up.

Elizabeth noted that Carly had been gone awhile, and she suggested that Josslyn needed her mother more than usual. She didn't want a repeat of what had happened in the store. Carly was confused, and Elizabeth informed her of Cameron's shoplifting charge and the fact that Josslyn had been with him at the time. Carly laughed and asked if Elizabeth might be implying that Josslyn had had something to do with it.

Elizabeth replied that it had only been natural for Josslyn to "act out" with so much going on in her life, but Carly took offense and asked who had been caught. Elizabeth reiterated that Cameron had stolen earbuds, but Josslyn had been present. Carly declared that she felt sorry for Cameron because his mother couldn't see him except as a "reflection of herself."

Nearby, Julian asked Mike about the old days with Charlie, and the old man cited a favor that Charlie had done for him right there in the building. Julian pressed for more information, but Kim interrupted to ask about the song that Mike had sung at the Nurses Ball. Carly returned and grabbed Mike's arm. She announced that they had to leave. "So, why'd you do that?" Julian asked Kim about her interruption. Kim explained that he had been trying to get information from a man with Alzheimer's, and she had been trying to keep Julian from breaking a promise.

Kim accused Julian of "pumping" Mike for information, and she wondered if he had been trying to get something on Sonny. Julian insisted that Charlie's was important to him and his new life, and he was interested in learning about it before Mike's memory was gone. Kim accepted Julian's excuse and suggested he not make her regret it.

Kiki knocked at Ava's door, and she finally opened it. Ava thought her daughter had to be "on top of the world" after winning her case, and she advised Kiki that Griffin had taken the blame for him and Kiki sleeping together. Kiki thought they were both to blame, but Ava insisted that Griffin could never resist a "damsel in distress." Kiki thought of Griffin as a good person and friend, but Ava taunted Kiki about how she felt the scene had to have gone when Kiki had been distressed.

Kiki tried to tell her mother that it hadn't gone the way that she had thought, and the women argued. Kiki reminded Ava of the song that she had chosen to sing at the Nurses Ball when she had broken up with Griffin, so they hadn't cheated on Ava. "You sure as hell did," Ava snapped.

Ava thought that Kiki should at least have the decency to apologize, but Kiki was only sorry that she had felt guilty at first. She accused Ava of pressing Scott to ask Griffin the questions about his sleeping with Kiki, and she said Ava could have ruined her case. Ava snarled that Kiki could have told her earlier that day, but Kiki didn't think it had been the right time. Ava had trapped Griffin and made it all public, Kiki continued. Her mother had turned into Bensch's best friend because she'd had to "slut-shame" her own daughter.

Ava insisted that she hadn't been thinking of the case, and Kiki agreed that she had been thinking of herself. Her mother had sent the wrong message to all predators. Ava accused Kiki of having to sleep with Griffin because Ava had slept with Morgan, and it might have been a mistake for Griffin -- but not Kiki.

Kiki stressed that she had not needed to get back at Ava because that would have made it even, and they weren't. Kiki shouted that she'd made a mistake, but Ava was a "vicious, vengeful bitch" who had seduced Morgan twice and had tampered with his medicine. Kiki insisted Morgan was dead because he had wanted Kiki, and Griffin had wanted her, too. She called Ava spiteful and insecure. Ava ordered Kiki out of the penthouse and yelled that she was not to have contact with Avery. Kiki felt bad for Avery and told her mother to continue drinking. She would only be a day older and still pathetic the next day.

After Kiki had gone, Ava gulped down the last of her martini and stared at herself in the mirror. She saw herself as she always had been and would always be, she muttered. She was cold and unfeeling, and she had a need for vengeance. "I will have it," she screamed before breaking down in sobs.

Monica asked Griffin to step into her office at the hospital, and he proceeded to tell her that his relationship with Kiki had been nothing like what Bensch's had been. He was sorry and took the responsibility for what had happened. Monica advised him that he'd violated the law and core values of the hospital. She showed him a copy of the DNA test and asked if the signature on it was his.

Griffin admitted that it was, and Monica asked if he'd ordered the test without the patient's permission. Griffin tried to explain why he'd run the test, but Monica advised him that he was a doctor and not a police detective. She suggested that he could have consulted with someone at the hospital, but Griffin felt that there hadn't been time, especially since Jason had threatened to kill Henrik. He admitted that he'd told Peter about it, and they had resolved their differences.

Griffin asked how Monica had learned about the test. Monica informed him that she couldn't tell him, but there had been an "invasion of privacy." Griffin was certain that Peter would never sue, but Monica thought it possible that he might. She told Griffin that he was suspended, effective immediately. She added that the board would decide on the action, and she had to leave for a meeting. She urged him to feel free to stay in the office.

As Griffin reflected, Franco spotted him sitting there. He thought that Griffin was getting off easy, and he really wanted to punch Griffin. He thought that Griffin had cared about Kiki. "What the hell, man?" Franco asked. Kiki walked in and set Franco straight. She told him that Griffin hadn't taken her anywhere she hadn't wanted to go, and they all made mistakes -- except for her mother. Kiki asked to speak to Griffin alone, and Franco assured them he'd be eavesdropping.

Griffin admitted that he would have felt better if Franco had hit him, but Kiki said she wouldn't. Monica returned and told Kiki she was sorry about Bensch. Kiki asked why he hadn't been fired, and Monica explained that he still had his medical license and hadn't been sued for medical malpractice. Kiki was concerned about harassment. Monica asked her to leave the office then informed Griffin that he was to turn in his I.D. She received an alert and had to leave again, and Kiki reentered. She wondered if Griffin had been suspended because of her.

Kiki and Griffin stepped off the elevator. Griffin assured her it was about a mistake he'd made and had nothing to do with her. Kiki stated that Bensch was still there, and Griffin wouldn't be. He assured her that she could stand up for herself, and he would still be a friend and ally.

Over the phone, Julian congratulated Alexis and advised her that he had been unable to reach Ava. Alexis made mention of the fact that Ava had almost cost her the case. Just then, Sam and Molly arrived with a "victory breakfast," and Alexis told them that the victory had "come at a price." The girls were proud of their mother, and they discussed the ramifications of the case for all concerned.

The doorbell rang, and Molly went to answer it. "Oh, my God," she shouted. It was Kristina, and there were hugs all around. Kristina admitted that she'd visited with Sonny first, and she had been hoping to stay with Sam.

After breakfast, Molly suggested that Sam help her clean up so that Kristina and Alexis could talk. Alexis and Kristina spoke of the way they'd left things the last time they'd seen each other, and Alexis only wanted to know if Kristina had been happy. She was glad to hear Kristina say that she was.

Alexis had to leave to see a client with an emergency, and Molly had to preregister for classes. Sam offered to stay to do the dishes with Kristina, and Alexis made sure to put in her request for private time with Kristina. Once they were alone, Sam questioned her sister. "Okay, what's really going on?" Sam asked.

Carly and Mike returned home, and Mike mentioned that Julian had been a sweetheart. Sonny had other names for him. Mike announced that he would try to find his room upstairs. Carly revealed that Julian had been chatting with Mike about Charlie, and she asked about Sonny's offer to buy the pub. Sonny told her that Julian had refused to sell, but they stopped talking when Mike returned with a handful of clothing he'd found in the back of his closet.

Carly noted that the clothes probably belonged to Josslyn, and Mike wondered if he'd been in the right room. They joked, and Carly thought they had been put into Mike's closet by mistake. Sonny declared that he had an idea.

Alone later, Carly went through the articles of clothing that still had tags and security tags on them. "Josslyn, what the hell have you been up to?" Carly asked. Outside on the patio, Sonny held up a hand-written sign that read, "Mike's Room." Mike was happy that he wouldn't get lost again. Father and son shared a hug.

Josslyn confesses to shoplifting

Josslyn confesses to shoplifting

Thursday, August 16, 2018

At Pozzulo's, Jason ended a phone call then joined Sonny at a table as he assured Sonny that Julian wouldn't be able to afford the bids to renovate Charlie's Pub. Jason was certain that Julian would drop the expansion project, and the body under the pub's foundation would remain buried. "For now," Sonny replied. Sonny was curious if he had ever told Jason about an old consigliere named Al who had worked for Joe Scully, but Jason shook his head because he didn't recall the name.

Sonny talked about the night Joe had ordered Sonny to carry out a hit. It had been Sonny's first time, and Al had sensed Sonny's nervousness, so he'd pulled Sonny aside and put his hand on Sonny's shoulder then told Sonny that the decision had been made. "Accept it, honor it, and don't look back," Al had advised. Jason was curious if Sonny had had any regrets. "Not for a second," Sonny replied. Sonny explained that he'd never had an issue eliminating a legitimate threat, but he had never imagined that an old order from Joe Scully would be his downfall.

Jason assured Sonny that they had a lot of options. A short time later, Jason announced that he had to meet Sam, but he promised Sonny there was nothing to worry about.

At Alexis' house, Sam was eager to hear how things were going in Oregon with Kristina and Parker. Kristina promised to fill her sister in, but first she wanted to hear about Sam and Jason. Sam admitted that she'd known the minute she'd seen Jason in her hospital room that she'd been married to the wrong twin. She acknowledged that she'd made mistakes running from her feelings and trying to protect Drew, but the earthquake had forced her to face the truth. Sam shared that despite how difficult it had been to tell Drew about her feelings for Jason, it had been the right thing to do. Kristina was surprised when Sam revealed that Drew had ended things.

Kristina agreed it had been for the best because Sam seemed relaxed and "free." Sam smiled because she was finally able to breathe again. She missed not having a partner, but she didn't regret having an opportunity to work on herself. Kristina suspected that Sam hoped that she would follow Sam's lead, prompting Sam to ask about Kristina's life in Oregon. Kristina talked about Parker's job, but Sam wanted to know about Kristina and Parker's relationship. Kristina confided that she and Parker had a lot of fun when they were together, but Parker had a career, while Kristina felt like she'd been "drifting."

At the Quartermaine mansion, Stella stopped by to offer her condolences to Michael. She admitted that Monica had sent her to talk to him about support groups available for grieving parents. She assured him that it didn't matter that Jonah had been a newborn, but Michael promised that he had a handle on things and didn't need a support group. Stella smiled because even though Michael didn't look like Sonny, he acted just like him. She explained that grief didn't work on anyone's timetable, so if he didn't deal with the grief, then there was a strong possibility that it would ambush him when he least expected it.

Stella admitted that she'd suffered loss in her life that she continued to deal with. She handed Michael a stack of flyers as she warned him that sometimes a person didn't see the traps until it was too late. She urged him not to throw out the flyers as soon as she left then added that she was just a phone call away.

Shortly after Stella left, Kristina paid her brother a visit. After they exchanged a warm hug, Kristina and Michael talked about Jonah. Kristina's heart broke for Michael when he blamed himself. Kristina wasn't surprised, but she revealed that she had made a point of talking to several people about Jonah, and they had all assured her that the baby hadn't suffered any injuries from the car accident or shown signs that he'd been deprived of oxygen. She conceded that Michael could regret his choices, but Jonah's death was not his fault. Michael argued that he was the reason that Nelle had wreaked havoc, but Kristina countered that Nelle had fooled everyone.

Michael explained that Jonah had been the one good thing in all the ugliness, and he'd convinced himself that he could keep Jonah safe. He recalled Nelle putting Jonah in his arms and telling him that their son was gone. Michael admitted that it hadn't computed in his brain as he had looked at a perfect and beautiful little boy, waiting for him to open his eyes, move, and breathe, but Jonah had remained still. Kristina's eyes filled with tears of sorrow as he tearfully told her that the first time he'd held his son, Jonah had been dead. She wrapped her arms around Michael as they both wept.

At Greystone, Carly confronted Josslyn about the clothes with tags and sensors still attached that had been hidden in Mike's closet. Josslyn assured her mother that she could explain, but Carly cautioned Josslyn because Carly would believe whatever Josslyn told her. However, if Carly later learned that her daughter had lied, then it would put them in a hole that would be tough to dig out of. Josslyn's eyes welled up with tears as Carly asked if Josslyn had stolen the clothes. Josslyn nodded her head as she softly apologized.

Carly and Josslyn sat down on the sofa as Josslyn confessed that she'd shoplifted as a way of escaping her problems. The conversation turned to Nelle when Josslyn explained that she couldn't understand why she had believed Nelle's lies and turned against her own mother. "What is wrong with me?" Josslyn cried. Carly assured Josslyn that Nelle was to blame for everything because Nelle had used the kidney transplant as a way to get into Josslyn's head and manipulate her. Josslyn insisted that Nelle had saved her life, but Carly disagreed -- Jax had saved his daughter's life.

Carly conceded that the morality of Jax's actions could be debated, but Jax had done everything possible to save Josslyn because he loved his daughter. Carly acknowledged that Nelle's father was a different matter, but that was between Nelle and Frank; it had nothing to do with Josslyn. Josslyn regretted that she hadn't seen through Nelle's lies, but Carly pointed out that Josslyn was barely fifteen years old, while Nelle had been a master manipulator and likely a "sociopath" who had tried to kill Michael. "And I chose her over you," Josslyn cried. "Why don't you hate me?" she asked.

Carly explained that she couldn't stop loving Josslyn any more than Josslyn could stop loving her mother. Josslyn's eyes filled with fresh tears as Carly assured her that she had never questioned her daughter's love for her. Carly smiled as she reminded Josslyn how people were quick to point out how much Josslyn and Carly were alike. Carly insisted that Josslyn had her fire, determination, and "killer good looks." Josslyn smiled until Carly confessed that she hadn't known unconditional love until she'd been in her twenties and had met Jason. Carly credited Jason with being the first person to truly love her, but Bobbie, Sonny, Jax, and the rest of the family had soon followed.

Carly admitted that it was an incredible feeling of security to know that there were people who would never leave, no matter how badly she messed up, and she loved that Josslyn had grown up with that kind of unwavering support. Carly explained that she didn't love her daughter because Josslyn had her back and was her biggest champion; she loved Josslyn because of who Josslyn was. Carly knew that Josslyn loved her the same way. Josslyn hugged her mother tightly then confessed that she had missed Carly. Josslyn admitted that she had felt lost without her mother, and shoplifting had made her feel better because it had given her a measure of control.

Josslyn assured her mother that she hadn't shoplifted since Carly's return. Carly was pleased, but she informed Josslyn that she expected Josslyn to return the clothes to the store and confess. Carly would reimburse the stores for the stolen merchandise, but she expected Josslyn to pay back every penny -- even if Josslyn had to take a job bussing tables at Metro Court Restaurant. Josslyn smiled because she was glad that her mother was back.

Later, Carly looked at a framed certificate honoring Josslyn as the freshman class's scholar athlete of the year. Josslyn assured her that Kim had taken tons of pictures at the awards ceremony. Sonny arrived home as Carly and Josslyn chatted and laughed. Sonny was delighted to see that both Carly and Josslyn were in good spirits, but Josslyn admitted that she had a confession to make. Josslyn told him about the stolen clothes then apologized. Sonny felt bad because Josslyn hadn't turned to him when she'd been struggling. He realized that it was hypocritical of him to expect her to follow the law, but he admitted that he held the children to a higher standard.

A short time later, Sonny and Carly told Josslyn how proud they were of her and the way she'd taken responsibility for her actions. She'd done it with poise, grace, and courage. Josslyn grinned because she took after her mother. Carly heartily agreed.

At Charlie's Pub, Curtis approached Jordan's table and apologized for running late. Jordan was curious when Sam would arrive, so he assured her that they had thirty to forty-five minutes. She was glad because they needed to discuss their wedding plans. Curtis didn't care about the details because he was happy to marry the love of his life. However, he wanted to clear the air about Chandra. He revealed that his ex-girlfriend had reached out to him to let him know that she'd taken a job in Port Charles, prompting Jordan to wonder if Chandra had made the decision before or after she'd found out that he lived in town. Curtis didn't know or care because he loved Jordan.

Curtis reminded Jordan that he hadn't been the one to contact Chandra, but Jordan pointed out that they both knew who had -- and why. Jordan explained that she had done everything possible to include Stella in the wedding plans, even ignoring Stella's snide remarks. Curtis agreed that she'd been amazing, but Jordan wasn't satisfied because it infuriated her that Stella had been secretly plotting to sabotage the wedding. Curtis acknowledged that his aunt had messed up, but Jordan insisted that Stella had gone too far and that kindness was no longer an option between her and Stella. Jordan wanted Curtis to take a stand and inform Stella that she was not invited to the wedding, but he urged her not to make any rash decisions.

Jordan and Curtis heard a gasp and followed the sound. Stella had entered the pub and stood a few feet away. She approached the table and asked if Curtis agreed with Jordan. He admitted that he didn't, but Stella hadn't given them much choice in the matter because of the stunt she'd pulled with Chandra. Stella reminded him that she'd taken responsibility for her actions, but Jordan explained that she couldn't trust Stella. Offended, Stella threw Jordan's affair in her face then added that she didn't trust Jordan not to cheat on Curtis the way that Jordan had cheated on his brother.

Furious, Jordan stood to leave, but Curtis reached out to stop her. He insisted that she stay because they had to find a way to figure things out.

At the bar, Julian promised Kim that he was trying to keep his nose clean, but it was difficult when Sonny had every contractor the city in his back pocket. Margaux overheard what Julian had said as she approached the bar and sat down. Kim was delighted to see Margaux and introduced her to Julian. Margaux's interest was piqued because she was familiar with Julian's history. After Julian stepped away, Kim asked if Margaux was certain that they hadn't met before because there was something familiar about Margaux. Margaux smiled politely and suggested that she just had "one of those faces."

Later, Margaux steered the conversation to Sonny because she was curious why Sonny would be interested in buying Julian's pub. Kim explained that Sonny's father had Alzheimer's disease, and the pub was a connection to Mike's past. Julian scoffed, prompting Kim to scold him for suggesting that there had been something sinister behind Sonny's offer. Kim pulled Julian aside to talk to him before she returned to work. She implored him not to pick a fight with Sonny because she worried that Julian would get pulled back into the mob world. She vowed to leave if that happened.

Julian asked if Kim was threatening him, but she reminded him that she'd been clear about her expectations from the beginning. Kim believed that she and Julian had something special, and she didn't want him to jeopardize their future. Satisfied, Julian promised her that they were on the same page. After Kim left, Julian returned to the bar as Jason arrived to meet Sam. Margaux noticed Julian smile at Sam when Sam entered the pub, but Sam ignored him. Margaux was curious if he knew Sam, so he explained that Jason's ex-wife was his daughter.

"Well, you're just all six degrees of Corinthos, aren't you?" Margaux commented. "Not by choice," Julian grumbled. Margaux seized the opportunity to invite Julian to expand, but he knew that she didn't care about him; she just wanted someone to use to provoke Sonny.

Nearby, Sam explained that she needed Jason to sign a permission slip for Danny's field trip, since Danny would be spending the night at Jason's place the night before the trip, and Jason would be dropping him off for the trip in the morning. She teased that their son had been talking about sneaking a pig home, but Jason warned her that the pig would be staying with her. Sam's smile faded when she noticed Margaux talking to Julian. She was curious if she was the only one who sensed that something was off with Margaux, so Jason confided that he suspected that the new district attorney had Sonny in her sights. Sam was not pleased because it meant trouble for Jason too.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth was thrilled when she saw her childhood friend, Terry, was working a shift. After the ladies hugged, Elizabeth confided that she was glad to see Terry. Terry realized that something was troubling her friend, so Elizabeth opened up about Cameron's brush with the law. Elizabeth was surprised when Terry laughed, but Terry was certain that Elizabeth knew why. Elizabeth smiled as she acknowledged that she'd been a rebellious teen, but she explained that her eldest son was the opposite of what she'd been like.

Terry suggested that perhaps Cameron saw himself as the child that Elizabeth never had to worry about. Elizabeth conceded that she'd spent a lot of time focusing on Jake because of everything her middle son had been through, and Aiden was a handful because he was the youngest. She realized that she needed to make more time for her eldest child. She explained that Cameron had always been on top of his studies, and he knew what needed to be done. However, Elizabeth realized that Cameron was still a kid, and he needed attention too.

Terry was impressed and praised Elizabeth as a great mother. She was certain that Cameron would agree, but Elizabeth was skeptical because Cameron was still mad about having his phone taken away. Elizabeth shifted gears and asked how things had been going for Terry at the hospital. Terry assured her friend that everything was great, but Terry had encountered a difficult case. Moments later, Kim arrived and apologized to Terry for being late. Elizabeth watched as the two doctors walked away.

Margaux asks Drew for help

Margaux asks Drew for help

Friday, August 17, 2018

On the phone at Charlie's, Julian yelled at a contractor and threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau. When he hung up, a man claiming to be from the town's safety bureau informed Julian that his expansion plans would be too dangerous due to a stability problem after the earthquake. He demanded that the man show Julian the fissure, but the man replied that it was underground and only detectable with ultrasound. "Right," Julian said, unconvinced.

Sonny and Mike arrived at Alexis' with flowers, and Alexis expressed sympathy for Sonny's family's loss. He replied that Brad and Lucas were family, so he'd wanted to help them welcome Wiley. The doorbell rang, and Bobbie entered the house, begging for Alexis to call the party off. She thought that Brad and Lucas would believe that the party would jinx their chances of keeping the child. While Alexis couldn't make any promises, she didn't think a party would "make or break" the adoption. Brad and Lucas entered the house to a cry of "Surprise" from their family members, and they were in shock.

Brad and Lucas felt that a party was "tempting fate," but Sam urged them not to "postpone your feelings" until the thirty days were up. Mike added that he and Sonny had actually made lasagna for the party without bickering, because that was the magic of a new baby. Lucas took Brad aside and thought that all the love in the room would be good for Wiley, but Brad still thought it could be "too much, too soon." Lucas pointed out that even Sonny was there after his family's loss, so the two agreed to let the party go on.

Sonny held the baby, and Mike remarked on how much of Carly he saw in Wiley. Sonny reminded Mike that the baby wasn't related to Carly, and Brad nervously walked away, followed by Lucas. Bobbie asked if Michael was supposed to attend, and Sam replied that she'd invited him but would understand if he didn't show up. Lucas thought it was unfair that he and Brad were so happy while Michael had just lost his child.

Mike looked at the baby again and called him "a chip off the old block," prompting Sonny to repeat that the baby wasn't Michael's. Brad grabbed Wiley and put him back into his carrier. Just then, Michael entered and revealed that he thought being with family would be the best medicine for him. He apologized to Brad and Lucas for being "weird" at the police station, and he expressed how happy he was for the two.

Julian burst into the house and demanded to talk to Sonny. Sonny followed Julian outside, and Mike wondered where the two were going, as they had plenty of food for Julian to stay. Alexis and Sam talked about Kiki's case as they watched Wiley sleep, and Lucas thought Alexis' triumph would make a good bedtime story one day. Sam wondered what was going on with Julian, but Alexis replied that it was no longer her business to know or control what Julian did.

Outside, Julian demanded to know why Sonny had a problem with his expansion, as he'd been unable to find contractors in the area for various reasons. Sonny suggested that it just wasn't meant to be, and he was the wrong person to be griping to. Julian suspected that something was going on, and he didn't think it was a coincidence that Mike and Charlie had been connected.

Julian returned to the house and apologized to Alexis for barging in. Sam invited him to leave, but Julian wanted to see his grandson before he left. Julian recounted the night Wiley had arrived, but he realized that Wiley seemed to look different. Brad tried to explain it away, but Julian got his phone out to look at the picture he'd taken with the baby. Brad "accidentally" knocked Julian's phone out of his hand while reaching for some diapers. Wiley awoke, and the picture was forgotten.

Michael held Wiley, and Mike remembered how he and Sonny had been inseparable when Sonny had been a baby. He advised Michael not to let anything get in the way of spending time with his son like Mike had, and Michael agreed. Bobbie pulled Mike into the kitchen to check on the lasagna. Alexis' phone went off, and she listened for a minute. Upset, Alexis agreed to talk to her clients and hung the phone up. She asked to speak to Brad and Lucas privately, but they thought she could say anything in front of the family. She revealed that the birth mother wanted the baby back.

Valentin entered his living room and was startled to hear the click of a lighter. He looked around and caught sight of Peter, and he was glad to see Peter. Peter thought that Valentin owed him, and "I'm here to collect." He figured that, although he'd been tortured for weeks and could have permanent damage to his hand, he thought that things had worked out in his favor. If he'd gotten away the night of his escape from jail, he wouldn't be able to live freely in Port Charles. Valentin thought it was a bad idea, but Peter shot back, "for you, not for me."

Valentin wondered if Peter was going to try to rekindle a friendship with Maxie, as he believed it was a "lost cause." Peter related that he had a better chance of getting back into Maxie's good graces than Valentin had of reuniting with Nina. He knew that Nina could think of nothing worse than hurting a child, but Valentin reiterated how much he regretted his actions. "Prove it," Peter challenged. "On one condition," Valentin agreed.

A few minutes later, Valentin got off the phone and revealed that the arrangements had been made. In return, Valentin demanded that Peter stay away from Nina. Peter agreed to try his best, and he left.

Sitting in a small meeting room, Nina regretted being there. Maxie told her that they were there on Nathan's behalf. Just as Nina was about to leave the room, a guard escorted Madeline into the room. Madeline thanked them for visiting, and Nina spat that she was only there to support Maxie. Maxie added that she was only there because Nathan would have wanted her to be. Madeline regretted that she'd never gotten to say goodbye to Nathan, and she resented Liesl acting like she'd made Nathan into the man he'd become.

Nina begged to differ, as Madeline putting Nina into a coma and making her lose her baby had given Nathan the purpose and drive to become a detective. She thought it was fair that Madeline wasn't able to see James, and she hoped that Madeline felt "half the pain I did when I woke up and found out that my child was dead. And because of you, I'll never have another." Nina told Maxie to get the visit over with, so Maxie took out her tablet and revealed that she'd made a montage video of James for Madeline. Madeline was grateful, but Nina was still upset, so Maxie assured her that Madeline would never have what they had with James.

Madeline watched the video and marveled over how beautiful James was. She wondered if James was as well behaved as Nathan had been, but Nina countered that Nathan had been a "terror." She remembered being the only one who could calm him down. Madeline related that Nina would have been a wonderful mother. She continued that, while she didn't expect or deserve Nina's forgiveness, she regretted what she'd done to Nina every minute. She explained that her greed had taken over but was no excuse for her actions, and she said that she'd changed.

Madeline continued that her cellmate had found a video of Valentin singing to Nina at the Nurses Ball, and she hoped that Nina had finally found the happiness and love she deserved. She revealed that she was counting down the days until her parole hearing, as she'd been a "model prisoner," starting therapy groups and working to teach women civility. She thought that she would have a better chance if Nina and Maxie vouched for her. Nina remembered how Madeline was a "master manipulator," and she and Maxie agreed to ignore any future contact from Madeline.

Maxie stated that the video was the last that Madeline would ever see of James, and Nina thought that they would tell the parole board that Madeline hadn't changed at all. On their way out, Nina remarked that she would tell her mother to go to hell, but she appeared to already be there. A short while later, Madeline was about to leave the room when the door opened. She recognized the man as Nina's husband, and he was glad that she knew who he was.

Drew entered Charlie's and found Margaux. He wondered if she'd been waiting for him, but she told him to "get over yourself." He was curious as to why she'd talked to Jason about him, but she claimed that it had been a "passing remark." He didn't believe her, so she admitted that she was trying to use Jason to get to Sonny. He wished her luck, but she didn't think she'd need it, as she would have Drew's help. She reminded him that he "literally" knew where the bodies were buried, since he had Jason's memories.

Drew didn't want to help, and Margaux was curious as to why. He revealed that he and Jason had people in common, so hurting Jason would mean also hurting their mutual friends. Drew knew that Jason would never turn on Sonny, anyway, but Margaux wanted to try. "Don't count on my help," Drew told her, and he advised her to do it the "old-fashioned way," with research and interviews.

Drew also chastised Margaux for making some "big assumptions." He thought that she assumed he had all of Jason's memories, that there was any evidence left to find from long-ago crimes, and that testifying that Drew had all of Jason's memories wouldn't get laughed out of court. As Peter entered, Drew told Margaux that she was wasting her time with Drew. She admitted to enjoying spending time with him and thought he would help her. "You thought wrong," he replied. Suddenly, she kissed him and ran off.

Nina and Maxie entered Charlie's, talking about their "hellish" encounter with Madeline. Nina spotted Peter, and the two approached him wondering why he was still in Port Charles. He revealed that a new door had opened for him, and he was the new owner and publisher of The Invader. "The tabloid?" Maxie asked incredulously. He aimed to build it into something more "worthwhile," and he invited Maxie to join him.

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