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Kevin paid his brother a visit at Ferncliff. Ava learned that Griffin and Kiki had had sex. Carly's sentence was vacated. Cam was arrested for shoplifting. Finn and Anna were reunited. Robert and Peter cut a deal.
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Michael finds the baby blanket

Michael finds the baby blanket

Monday, August 6, 2018

Jason met with Sam at the docks and asked her to do a favor for him. She advised him that he was taking a chance by meeting her, and Jason explained that he was going to try something, but if he went on the run, he would be unable to help Michael. Sam replied that she would do anything that she could to help Michael, but she hoped that Jason would stay in town for both himself and Carly. She knew he'd do anything for Carly, as Carly would for him, but others needed Jason, including her and Danny.

Monica ran into Drew at the hospital and asked if he had been the anonymous person who'd made a donation in Jonah's name. Drew tried to deny it, but Monica knew it had been him. She pointed out all the plaques and donations that Sonny had made, and they hadn't been anonymous, Monica teased. Drew finally admitted it had been him, although he didn't think it had been enough. Monica assured him that many newborns would benefit. She hugged him and advised him that he wasn't anonymous but was Drew Cain. "Own it," she ordered.

Ava sat with Julian at a table in Kelly's. She clutched her big purse and explained that she'd wanted to see her brother about the contents of the purse. Julian guessed that it held something either valuable or incriminating. Ava insisted that it wasn't incriminating directly to her but to someone else who had caused a problem. She blamed both Julian and Griffin for her show of good conscience.

Ava informed Julian of the death of Nelle and Michael's baby, and Julian felt bad. Ava showed him the blanket. "Is that what I think it is?" Julian asked. Ava told him she needed leverage against Nelle, and she thought the blanket could reappear to help Carly. Ava wanted closure, and she wanted Julian to take care of it.

Ava thought that Julian might slip it into the nursery at the Quartermaine mansion when he stopped to visit Leo. Julian complained that he had recently seen his son, and he didn't want to get caught. It was a bad time to get arrested. Ava called him a coward and begged her brother for help. Julian finally relented -- reluctantly -- and stated that he was nicer than Ava deserved. He left and ignored Margaux, who called to him from a table outside.

Drew arrived but declined Margaux's invitation to join him and asked for a rain check. He stated that he thought that Curtis had given her a wrong impression by thinking Drew and Margaux had something going on between them, but he had only recently divorced. He sat down at the table. Margaux agreed that Curtis had acted as a wingman for Drew, but she changed the topic and asked about Drew's memories and history again. She thought back to the research she'd done on the flash drive.

Drew spoke about his past briefly and acknowledged that the flash drive with his own memories was lost. He changed the topic again and told her he wasn't looking for anyone. "Get over yourself," Margaux snapped. She wasn't looking, either. She received an alert and said she had to leave. She advised Drew that he'd wasted the day she had covered him in mustard, but she left her business card and walked away.

Sonny was on the phone at the safe house. Carly grew frantic as he confirmed that Josslyn was okay. He ended the call and advised Carly that Josslyn had stopped Nelle from escaping. He relayed to her that Josslyn was okay although bruised. Carly was upset that she hadn't been there and noted that everyone needed her. Sonny advised her that it would only be a matter of time, and both Michael and Josslyn had others to lean on. Carly declared that it could be a long time, and she didn't have that.

Jason returned and announced that Sam had agreed to look after Michael. He was informed of Josslyn's activity, and all agreed that they were proud of the teenager. Carly was upset and insisted that Josslyn needed her. Jason revealed that they might not have to leave for Canada. He showed them the signed consent form for the ECT from Ferncliff. Carly stated that the date on the form was the same day as Michael's wedding, and she had not been drugged up. Her signature had been forged.

Jason declared that he had a plan, but it might be risky. Jason revealed his plan, and Carly liked it. Sonny disagreed and suggested that Canada would be safer, easier, and less of a risk. Carly was adamant that she get her life back, and Jason told her that the choice was hers.

Lucas and Brad, who was holding baby Wiley, arrived at the police station and saw Michael, who asked if they'd seen Nelle. He revealed that she was back in custody and had been captured by Josslyn. He called his sister "her mother's daughter." Michael congratulated the couple on their baby's arrival, and they told Michael how sorry they were about his loss. Lucas began to talk about the arrival, but Brad cut him off, sure that Michael didn't want to hear it. Brad appeared uncomfortable and nervous.

Michael fawned over the baby and asked to hold him. He liked the baby's name. Lucas was cheery and bubbly, and Brad was awkward and quiet. Finally, Brad announced that he had something to say, but Michael cut him off to talk about the lucky baby and family. He quickly apologized and asked Brad what he had wanted to say. Brad replied that Michael had "said it all." Michael handed the baby back to Brad and walked out. "He's right; we're so lucky," Lucas said.

Lucas went off to find out why the police wanted to see Brad. He returned and announced that they had wanted Brad's help in locating, Nelle but she was back in custody, so the police didn't need him. He asked if Brad was okay. Brad claimed that the station was full of germs, and he wanted to leave. Lucas suggested they stop at Kelly's for some takeout.

Nelle sat in the interrogation room while cuffed to the table and blamed Jordan, Chase, and Michael for her baby's death. Jordan was sorry for her loss but reminded Nelle that she had escaped from the hospital and had tried to flee. Nelle complained that she would be unable to find justice in Port Charles, between the Corinthos and Quartermaine families. Jordan declared that she had confessed her crimes.

Jordan suggested that Nelle obtain a lawyer, but Nelle replied that she preferred to stay silent. Jordan played the recording from the car. Nelle had promised to tell Michael everything if he pulled over. He had wanted her to admit she hadn't pushed Carly. Jordan knew that Nelle had been about to admit that, and she suggested that Nelle do the right thing for once. Nelle wondered what was in it for her and declared that she had been entrapped.

Jordan reminded Nelle that she had confessed, but Nelle insisted she'd been coerced. She hadn't wanted to die in the car. Jordan asked how she'd known that the car would crash, and Nelle changed tactics and stated that it was her word against Chase's. Jordan advised Nelle that her own words would convict her. She played the recording when Nelle had stated that she had to find a way for Michael to die. Jordan grimaced. "Sure you don't want that lawyer?" she asked Nelle.

Jordan advised Nelle that they had everything they needed to prosecute her, and Nelle would receive a life sentence for conspiracy to commit murder in New York. Jordan thought that she'd allow Florida and Maine to fight over who would prosecute for Zachary Grant's murder. The police commissioner held her cup of coffee and walked around the interrogation room. She wanted Nelle to admit what she'd done to Carly.

Nelle snapped that Carly was crazy. "You gambled, and you lost," Jordan stated. Suddenly, Nelle complained that she wasn't feeling well and wanted to return to the hospital. Jordan replied that there was no way she'd allow Nelle to go to the hospital. She would have a doctor visit at the station. Nelle announced that she wanted a lawyer.

Julian slipped into the Quartermaine nursery and slipped the blanket into a dresser drawer. He left undetected.

Sonny paid a visit to Jordan at the police station and suggested that Carly might turn herself in. His wife had been set up by an admitted murderer, and he thought there should be a case against Nelle instead. Sonny also said that he wanted to make a statement. Carly had been drugged and tortured in horrible conditions. Jordan insisted that Carly make the statement herself, but Sonny declared that he would go elsewhere to make his statement. Ferncliff had also forged Carly's signature on a consent form.

Carly walked into the interrogation room. "Long time no see," she said as she smiled at Nelle.

"Mission accomplished," Julian declared as he sat back down at Ava's table at Kelly's. He added that the housekeeper had let him inside, and he hadn't seen anyone. Ava thanked him profusely as Julian advised her that it had been the last illegal favor he would do. Just then, Lucas and Brad walked in with baby Wiley, and Ava and Julian rushed to see the baby. Ava identified herself to the baby as "Auntie Ava," and Lucas muttered that Auntie Ava was trouble. Julian took a photo of the new little family.

Ava asked Brad if he had heard from Nelle, and Brad informed her that Nelle was in custody. Ava declared that she'd done all she could for Nelle but no one should lose a child. Julian insisted on taking multiple photos, and Lucas apologized to Brad, who was tired from lack of sleep but who understood because Julian was family. "Welcome to fatherhood, babe," Lucas said. "Our family is worth everything to me. Everything," Brad murmured.

Monica found Michael in the Quartermaine nursery. He was leaning over the empty crib and holding a teddy bear. He stated that he wasn't okay and wouldn't be for a long time, although he would get through it like Monica had. Monica advised him that it would seem like forever "until it doesn't."

After Monica had gone, Sam wandered into the room. Michael announced that he intended to pack everything up for others who might need the baby's things. Sam suggested it was too soon, and she thought they should go somewhere so Michael could scream loudly. Michael declined, and Sam offered to help. Michael said that his marriage had been a lie, but his baby had been real. Sam stated that the baby would always be a part of his heart, and Michael should "keep living for him." She added that every day would be a victory, and the baby would know and be proud just like Michael wanted. She grabbed his hand, and then they began to pack.

As Michael looked at many of the little items of clothing, he was upset. He recalled ordering many of the items. Sam revealed that while Brad and Lucas had everything in their nursery, they didn't have clothing. Michael agreed that they should have some of it. He leaned over and pulled open another dresser drawer. He pulled out the blanket. "Look familiar?" he asked.

Margaux met Jason at the docks. She wanted a reason to not arrest him.

Margaux's case against Carly falls apart

Margaux's case against Carly falls apart

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Michael opened one of the drawers in the nursery and found the baby blanket. He showed a shocked Sam, and she figured that someone had planted it there, as the cops had turned the room "upside down." He called Diane, but she didn't answer. Sam thought that he should take it to the police station, so she put it into a box for him. He called her a good private investigator and left.

Alexis' phone rang, and she rolled her eyes when she looked at the screen. She greeted the caller and almost immediately hung up. Kiki arrived and related that she'd also been getting obscene phone calls. Getting down to business, Alexis assured Kiki that Francesca's testimony was strong and corroborated Kiki's experiences. She wanted to prepare Kiki for Scott to ask about the photo of Kiki hugging Griffin. Kiki insisted that he'd just been comforting an upset friend, and "nothing more." Kiki had to get back to work. Alexis assured her that they were "in this together" and hugged Kiki.

Sam entered. Kiki asked her to let Michael know that he was in Kiki's thoughts, and Kiki left. Sam told Alexis about Michael's baby, and Alexis wondered if anyone had told Kristina. Sam figured that no one had had the time to call Kristina, and she proposed that Alexis do it. Alexis didn't want to be the one to tell Kristina, as there had been "palpable tension" the few times they'd spoken. "I miss her," Alexis admitted, and Sam figured that Kristina probably also missed Alexis.

Changing the subject, Alexis couldn't believe that Jason had broken Carly out of Ferncliff. "Do you have anything to ask me?" Sam wondered knowingly. Alexis asked if Sam had had anything to do with it, and Sam replied that she hadn't. Alexis surmised that the only reason for that was because Jason hadn't asked Sam for help. After a beat, Alexis nervously observed that Sam wasn't denying anything, and Sam wondered if Alexis wanted to order food.

Ava arrived at Kelly's but ran off when she saw Scott and Bensch inside. Inside, Scott informed Bensch that he could settle in order to avoid a trial. Bensch believed that they would win the case, so a settlement was unnecessary. He added that a settlement was usually accompanied by an admission of guilt. He wondered why Scott had suggested a settlement, and Scott thought back to overhearing Kiki and Griffin discuss their night together. Scott insisted that he was just trying to give Bensch all of his options, and he promised to do everything in his power to win the case.

Griffin sat down in his office and thought back to his talk with Ava about mistakes and regretting them. A knock on his door startled him back to reality, and Ava entered the office. She told him that she'd just seen Scott and Bensch at Kelly's, and she'd been overcome with worry for Kiki and the trial the next day. He reassured her about Kiki's strength and Alexis' abilities. He apologized for being distant and said he had something to tell her.

Griffin started that Ava had changed everything for him, and while relationships were still new to him, he knew that he was still terrified of losing someone he was in love with. "I love you, Ava," Griffin told her. He apologized for not making it more romantic, but she interrupted him with a kiss. She knew they still had things to work out, but she liked the direction they were moving in. She suggested that they talk things out after the trial so that she could concentrate on "us." She offered to pick up some food for them, kissed him, and left.

A short while later, Griffin approached Kiki and informed her that he needed to tell Ava that he'd cheated on her. Kiki protested, but he promised not to name names. She respected his intention to be honest, but she knew that Griffin would lose Ava, and she would make an enemy of him.

Ava arrived at Kelly's, and a lone Scott waved her over. He informed her that Bensch still wanted to go to trial, and she was happy to have Bensch "exposed as the predator he is." He reminded her that he still needed to provide the best defense he could, but he promised to try to protect Kiki. However, he warned her that, on the stand, "who knows what someone would be forced to admit?"

Jason met Margaux on the docks and told her that he had something she needed to see. He handed her Carly's forged consent form and explained to her what it was. He knew that Margaux hadn't meant for anything like that to happen, but it was still what she'd set in motion. He urged her to do what was right. She informed him that she couldn't just pretend that they hadn't talked, and she wondered if he was willing to turn himself in. "As long as Carly's safe, I'm okay with it," he replied.

Jordan assured Sonny that there was no need for him to involve the press. Just then, an officer informed her that the mayor was on the phone for her. She asked Chase to "watch him," and she left to take the call in her office. Chase apologized for what had happened to Jonah, and he took the blame. Sonny advised Chase that one couldn't plan for everything, and he thought it was unfortunate that Chase was carrying the "heavy burden" of the baby's death.

"Hi, Nelle. Long time no see," Carly said as she sauntered into the interrogation room. She knew that she was supposed to be in hiding, but she'd wanted to see Nelle one last time in order to tell her in person, "I win." Carly hurled insult after insult at Nelle until Nelle reminded Carly that she'd saved Josslyn's life. Carly shot back that Nelle's "worthless father" had auctioned Nelle's kidney off to the highest bidder. She urged Nelle to blame Frank, but Carly didn't owe her anything.

Carly continued that her conviction would never stand after Nelle had been proven to be "the biggest liar on the planet." She clarified that, while Nelle had thought that she'd been going after Carly alone, Carly actually had the likes of Sonny, Bobbie, Michael, Josslyn, and Jason behind her as a "package deal. You messed with the wrong family."

Nelle reminded Carly that she'd done her "fair share of damage" and that they weren't so different. "At least I achieved my goal," Carly shot back, adding that she regretted her actions every day. She continued that she'd grown, learned, and changed, and her relationships had made her a better person. "Love is wasted on you," Carly spat. She thought that the worst part of Nelle's reign of terror was her manipulation of Josslyn, who'd been made to feel lost, confused, and alone.

"If this is my revenge, what do you think Sonny's will be?" Carly questioned. Nelle wondered if it made Carly happy to kick a grieving mom while she was down, but Carly reminded Nelle that it was exactly what Nelle had done to Carly. Carly was "devastated" over her grandson, but she was glad that Nelle wouldn't be able to use the child as a weapon like she had from the moment she'd gotten pregnant. Nelle countered that there was "a lot you don't know," but Carly insisted that she didn't care. She called Nelle a "non-factor" in her life from then on.

Carly sauntered into the police station from the interrogation room, and Chase clarified that Carly knew she was a fugitive. Margaux entered with Jason and admitted that the law had failed in Carly's case. She was willing to remand Carly to Shadybrook, but Sonny begged to differ. His phone went off with a text from Diane that read, "mission accomplished." He informed Margaux that Diane had met with the judge with new evidence, and he'd agreed to vacate Carly's sentence. He advised against fighting it, as it would basically mean that Margaux had "aided and abetted a psycho to nail a Corinthos."

Michael entered and thought he could help with the problem. He dumped the contents of the box on a desk, and Carly gasped when she saw the blanket. He explained that he'd found it in a drawer in the nursery, and Chase chimed in that it looked exactly the way Carly had described it the night of Nelle's fall. Michael assumed that whoever had put the blanket there had been working with Nelle. Margaux ordered the blanket tested for Nelle's DNA "After you release my wife," Sonny clarified.

Margaux fought back against Sonny, but as someone who'd also been screwed over by Nelle, Chase advised her to admit that she'd been wrong, clean up the mess, and move on. She called him "out of turn" but admitted that it was good advice that she would be following. She agreed not to fight the vacation of the sentence just as an officer escorted Nelle out of the interrogation room. Nelle spotted the blanket and immediately began to kick and scream.

Margaux thought that the blanket was "small potatoes" compared to the rest of Nelle's charges, but she promised Nelle that she would be prosecuted for every single charge. "She double-crossed me!" Nelle screamed, kicking at Chase.

When Nelle was calmer, Michael visited her and promised to "make some calls" asking for mercy. She wondered if he still cared, but he answered that he cared about their baby. He promised to try to get mercy for her as the mother of their child in their child's memory, but "after that, you're nothing to me. Goodbye, Nelle." She tried to follow him, but an officer restrained her. She screamed that everything had been Carly's fault. "I hope you burn in hell. I hate you!" she yelled.

Jordan returned and demanded to know what all the commotion was. Chase took her aside and updated her on all that had happened in her short absence. Margaux ordered that Carly and Jason were to remain in custody for the time being, which angered Sonny. They peacefully walked into the interrogation room. Sonny observed that Michael looked worn out, and Sonny advised him to go home and rest. He promised to give Michael updates, so Michael hugged his father and left.

Sonny told Margaux that Carly and Jason didn't deserve to go to jail. "They're not the problem. You are," she informed him. She thought she'd been wasting her time, and she needed to go after the "real deal." "Come and get it," he challenged. "Oh, I will," she promised, and she vowed that when she did, the case would be "airtight."

"We could be in Canada right now," Carly said in the interrogation room. "That's okay," Jason replied. She revealed that, while she'd stayed in town for her family, she'd needed "one more shot" at Nelle. Jason asked her how it had been, and she replied that it had been "epic" and "worth a night in prison." She grabbed his hand and apologized that he was there. "No regrets?" she asked. "None," he answered. She excitedly suggested that they could have "adjoining cells."

Peter is freed

Peter is freed

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Franco spotted Scott at a table in Kelly's and took a seat. He wanted to make certain that Scott would be throwing the case in the defense of Dr. Bensch. Scott alluded to an "ugly" surprise that might rear its head because people could be unpredictable and wanted to unburden their secrets. "All of a sudden, boom! That's it, nothing but shrapnel," Scott exclaimed.

Franco questioned whether Scott might be hiding something, and Scott reluctantly revealed that Griffin had slept with Kiki. He added that it had only happened one time, and he had heard the news himself. "That hypocritical bastard," Franco declared. Scott wanted to know what Franco would do about it. Franco suggested that Griffin not be put on the stand, but Scott replied that Bensch had a photo that showed Griffin and Kiki hugging each other.

Franco decided that he would get to Alexis and warn her that if she asked the wrong question, she could blow the case and ruin Kiki's life.

Maxie and Nina sat at a table in Metro Court. They discussed work and Valentin's ads. Maxie admitted that many of their coworkers had been "swept away" by the ads, but Nina stated that anyone could sell a fantasy. "A lie is still a lie," Nina concluded. Valentin walked over to the table. "Nothing about my love for you is a lie," he maintained. He proceeded to announce that he'd had the stables at Wyndemere rebuilt, and the horses would be returned. He thought that Nina might take Charlotte for a ride. He also looked at James and stated that the baby looked well.

Maxie retorted that James wasn't any of Valentin's business, and she accused him of trying to get to Nina by mentioning Nina's love of children and animals. Maxie added that Valentin had left Peter in Faison's care, although Valentin insisted that he'd protected Peter for most of his life. Maxie noted that Nathan had protected Nina, and he was gone. She suggested that she and Nina take their food to the office instead, but then she remembered the baby's routine doctor's appointment. Nina clamored that she wanted to go, too.

Maxie went off to cancel the food order while Nina remained behind with Valentin. She accused him of doing anything to get back with her, but she felt that he had a lack of respect for her. She planned on seeing Charlotte whenever Valentin would not be around. The women left. Valentin made a phone call and told the warden that he wanted to make arrangements to see a prisoner.

Alexis walked around the empty courtroom and practiced her opening statement. Suddenly, someone clapped. Alexis turned and saw Julian, who announced that he was there for Kiki. He noted that he'd heard about Alexis' support session for his niece and admitted that he had never realized the extent of what the women had had to put up with. Alexis snarled that they were angry, and there was a problem if someone wasn't feeling that same way.

Alexis admitted that she was on edge and apologized for her quick temper. Julian confessed that he was angry, also, thanks to the therapy session that Alexis had made him sit through. He had learned that a good woman could save a man but still be under his control, and that was not right. He felt that Kiki and all of Alexis' daughters were lucky to have Alexis looking out for them. He thought it was a new world compared to what he'd experienced when he had been younger.

Julian thanked Alexis for listening to him, and she was glad the therapy had helped him. She thought Julian was improving. "Crush the son of a bitch," Julian ordered.

Kiki arrived at Ava's place and told her mother that she hadn't had much sleep. Ava began to reassure her until a shirtless Griffin emerged from the bedroom. There was an awkward pause until Griffin reappeared with his shirt on. Kiki was upset over having to see Bensch in court. Griffin thought that the doctor would probably try to intimidate her, but Ava urged Kiki to think about all the people that would be in court to support her.

Griffin had to get to the hospital, and he told the women he'd meet them at the courthouse. Ava admitted that she didn't approve of Kiki's pantsuit, but Kiki insisted that she had wanted to look professional and conservative. Ava took her over to the mirror and told her the look said "you win" to Bensch. She wanted Kiki to fight.

Shortly after, Kiki emerged from the bedroom, wearing a dress. She admitted that she felt more like herself, and she admired her mother for the battles she'd hadn't known that Ava had fought. Ava explained that there had not been any social media then, but Kiki would survive just like Ava had. She called Kiki a survivor and said she loved her. The women hugged, and Ava advised Kiki that she had nothing to be sorry for, and nothing would diminish Ava's love for her.

At General Hospital, Drew ran into Kim and told her he needed advice. He admitted that he hadn't been able to keep up with all of the notifications he had been receiving about school events. Kim offered to take back mostly everything. They were interrupted when Margaux walked up to them. "Funny running into you again," she said to Drew. "What do you know?" Drew said as he chuckled. He introduced the women to each other and explained that he and Margaux had met through baseball. Kim teased him after Margaux departed.

Elizabeth was trying to decide whether it might be a good idea for Franco to take Cameron to Kiki's court case. Elizabeth would be testifying for Kiki, and she wanted Kim's opinion. Franco arrived to pick up Elizabeth and stated that he was in a rush. Elizabeth suggested they take Cameron and Oscar to the trial, but Franco thought it was a bad idea. He said it was a complicated and delicate subject.

In Peter's room, Peter adamantly stressed to Scorpio that he hadn't known much about Faison and added that his WSB questioners had known more than him. He wanted Scorpio's guarantee of freedom in writing if he divulged what he knew. Scorpio refused, calling it too much trouble, but Peter had his word. He wanted to know about the experiments in Russia that had occurred to patients prior to Jason. Peter responded that Dr. Klein had bragged about his previous patients.

Scorpio accused Peter of stalling and not providing him with any additional information. He was only willing to compromise with Peter because of Anna. He would free Peter until he decided otherwise because he might want Peter involved in a WSB operation. He threatened to toss Peter in Steinmauer if Peter were to hurt anyone. Margaux arrived and expressed her dismay at Peter being released. She planned to charge him with identity theft. Peter asserted that he'd had nothing to do with the memory transfer. He'd had the flash drive but hadn't been the one to put the memories on it.

Margaux thought that trafficking charges would suffice, along with extortion and blackmail. Peter wondered why Margaux was so invested in it, and she claimed it was her job. Peter thought she wanted leverage, but Margaux was adamant that she had to clean up Peter's mess. She suggested that if Peter would return Drew's identity back to him, she would drop the charges. Peter advised her that he had no idea where the flash drive had gone. Drew had been standing outside the room, and he entered.

Drew declared that he doubted that Peter had ever had the flash drive, and he preferred to concentrate on his present-day life. "So, am I free to go?" Peter asked. Griffin showed up after the others had gone and said he was there for Anna. He thought that Peter had despised Anna for a lie, but he shouldn't hate her.

Griffin saw Franco, Elizabeth, and Kim and noted that Ava had "stepped up" for Kiki. Franco thought that Griffin was a "lucky guy to have known them both." Franco glared at the doctor as he departed, and Elizabeth was confused. She'd thought that Franco liked Griffin. "So did I," Franco replied.

Margaux found Drew, and he confirmed that he didn't want to press charges. He didn't think there was a point to it, and he would never get his memory back. He felt that Peter had been Faison's victim, also. Margaux returned to Peter's room and told him he'd be released before she could change her mind. Peter gloated.

Scorpio found Peter dressed and ready to go. "Your ass belongs to me," Scorpio snapped. He reminded Peter that he wasn't totally free, and he tossed Faison's lighter to Peter. Peter said that he no longer needed it, but Scorpio suggested he sell it. All of Faison's property had been seized, and Peter was penniless. Peter acknowledged that he didn't want his father's money.

Nina arrived with Maxie pushing James's stroller. They saw Peter, and he asked to see the baby. Maxie turned the stroller around, and Peter stooped down to talk to and admire the baby. Nina asked him if he would be leaving Port Charles, and Maxie asked him where he would go. Peter understood that Maxie would want him to leave, but she told him she didn't hate him. Peter declared that Port Charles had been the closest thing to a real home for him, and he planned to stay and give it another chance.

Drew encountered Margaux again and suggested that she had been disappointed in him for not pressing charges. Margaux insisted that she had lots of free time on her schedule instead. Drew invited her to the nearby hot dog stand.

Finn paced his cell in his unknown location. His captor entered and handed him some paperwork on his new patient's bloodwork. Finn announced that he refused to do anything without knowing that Anna was okay. Finn was advised that he was not in a position to make demands, but Finn thought that his expertise had been needed. He wanted proof that Anna was alive. Finn called out, "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings," after his captor had gone.

Anna lay on a bed in a nearby room. She was receiving a blood transfusion. The captor snapped her photo, detached her from the I.V., and left. She sat up and admired the small scalpel she had managed to snag.

The captor returned to Finn's cell and showed him the photo. Finn demanded to see Anna for himself, and he wanted to see her coherent. He had had a chance to look at the paperwork and deemed the unknown patient to be in "bad shape."

The captor left and returned, dragging a semi-conscious Anna. He threatened that Anna would die if his patient did, but he left Finn and Anna alone. The couple embraced and kissed, and Anna whispered that she was fine but didn't want her captors to know. She had been receiving her phlebotomy treatments "like clockwork." She wondered whether Finn had been kidnapped or part of a "botched rescue attempt." Finn admitted that it had all been Scorpio's idea. His captors wanted him to cure a patient of a disease that he didn't recognize.

Finn and Anna hugged again, and she felt the chip in his hand. Finn assured her that the "cavalry was on the way," but Anna insisted that they couldn't allow that to happen. She used the scalpel to dig out the chip, and she dropped it to the floor and crushed it with her foot. Finn wanted to know why they couldn't be saved. Anna thought that the individuals behind their capture were powerful and dangerous. She needed to know who they were. They were on their own. They kissed again but pulled apart when the captor returned. He announced it was time to go.

Scorpio was still at the hospital and on the phone. He told someone that he'd lost the signal.

Kiki and Ava entered the courtroom. Julian advised Kiki that he supported her one million percent. She stated that she was ready. Franco and Elizabeth arrived next. "You got this," Franco told Kiki. Elizabeth announced that there would be much support from the hospital staff. Franco walked over to Alexis and told her he needed to speak to her right away before her case fell apart.

Ava learns that Griffin and Kiki had sex

Ava learns that Griffin and Kiki had sex

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Carly and Sonny returned home, and Carly exclaimed how much she'd missed it. She teased Sonny about the cigar smoke she smelled, which was normally not permitted, and admitted that she'd even missed that. Carly showered, changed her clothes, and announced that she felt better. The couple rehashed recent events, although Sonny did not want to talk about Nelle any longer. He revealed that Diane had been working on Jason's release.

Mike wandered in from the patio and didn't seem to recognize Carly. There was an awkward silence, but then he declared that he wanted to spend time with his daughter-in-law. He asked her where she'd been. Carly replied that she'd been away and hadn't been sure she'd see home again, but she'd tried to stay positive. Mike compared her to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and admitted that he wished he could click his shoes together, too. He wanted to find a way back to himself. Carly assured him that he would always be himself, and they would always be family.

Mike headed back to the patio to retrieve his checkerboard. Carly noted that her father-in-law seemed more fragile, and Sonny admitted that Mike had not been his old self as often as he had in the past. Suddenly, they heard a crash, and they ran outside.

Jordan and Curtis stood in a hallway at Metro Court and conducted business on their phones. When each of them had finished, Curtis revealed that he had wanted Jordan to meet him there in order for them to "reconnect." Jordan acknowledged that she had been quite busy and was in the midst of four different cases. Shortly after, the couple landed in bed in one of the hotel rooms.

After Curtis and Jordan made love, Curtis suggested that they do something similar on a "regular basis." Jordan announced that she would be ready to set a wedding date "once things settle down." Curtis sat up and headed to the shower. He informed Jordan that he had work to do because weddings weren't cheap. As he showered, his phone began to ring. Jordan picked it up and saw that Chandra had left Curtis a message.

Once Curtis and Jordan were ready to depart, he informed her that he had the room for the night and would see her later. Jordan mentioned the message from Chandra. Curtis confessed that the woman had contacted him previously, but he hadn't gotten back to her. He told Jordan he loved her and would show her later. He kissed her goodbye.

Sonny and Carly arrived at the hospital with Mike in tow. He had a bleeding cut over his eye. They saw Stella, and Sonny explained that Mike had fallen down and hit his head. Stella called Dr. Seng over, and as Mike began to get agitated, Stella offered to go to the exam room with him. "Miss Stella can do no wrong," Sonny informed Carly as Mike went off with the social worker and doctor.

Inside the exam room, Mike told Stella that she didn't have to stay and hold his hand unless she wanted to. Stella offered her hand and said it was a way to thank him for the advice he'd given her previously, although she would have to leave when he received his stitches because she didn't like needles. Mike didn't recall the advice and asked her about it. She told him he'd spoken about the power of love and how it was the "one thing that never really goes away." Mike agreed that sounded like the old him, but he wasn't "that Mike" any longer. He added that he could feel the old him "leaving the station." Stella told him that he wasn't alone.

Out in the hallway, Stella informed Sonny and Carly that Mike was okay. She asked about his recent condition, and Carly noted that she could see a different Mike in the short time she'd been home. Stella suggested that it was time to think about other options, and she noted that Mike knew "deep down" the truth of what had been happening. She thought they should include Mike in any decision while they could but not to allow it to take his dignity.

Jordan paid a visit to Stella at the hospital. She thought that she and Curtis had had Stella's blessing. "Then why'd you sic Chandra on my fiancÚ?" Jordan asked. She had known that Stella had been hoping for someone to stop the wedding. Stella admitted that she had contacted Chandra, but she had told her that Curtis was getting married. She didn't think that Chandra would "take another woman's man."

Sonny, Carly, and Mike returned home. Mike thought that Sonny and Carly had gone to too much trouble for him, and he'd gotten into worse as a kid. He admitted that it felt like it had happened to someone else, though, and he guessed it had. He chuckled at his own joke. Sonny offered to make lunch. Mike declined and decided that he wanted to lie down, and he headed upstairs.

Carly thought that maybe it was time for the conversation. Sonny knew that Stella had been right; however, he thought it should be Mike's decision, and he and Mike weren't ready. There had been too much going on. Carly agreed and offered to listen and help. Sonny thought it was good that she was home.

Kiki's court case was about to begin as everyone arrived. Francesca admitted that she was nervous about taking the stand, and Ava told Elizabeth that Franco appeared to be too intense. Franco tried to speak to Alexis, but she didn't have the time. Franco was persistent. "Speak! And it better be good," Alexis said as she finally relented. Franco advised her that there was one question she couldn't ask, but he didn't get to say more. The court was called to order as the judge arrived.

Alexis gave her opening statement and made it known that while Bensch had great credentials, he had still been a sexual predator. She noted that Kiki had looked up to the doctor, but he had betrayed her trust. Alexis had to prove that his inappropriate behavior had been "severe and pervasive." Scott, who sat next to Bensch, rose to give his own statement. He said that Bensch was innocent, and he sat down. Bensch was perplexed, but Scott assured him that he would catch Alexis in the "web" that she would spin. "You better!" snapped Bensch.

Alexis called Elizabeth to the stand first. Elizabeth explained how Kiki had gone from nurses' aid to medical student because Bensch had observed her and "sought her out." He had championed Kiki, Elizabeth stated, and had gotten her into the shadow program. She had found Kiki crying in a closet after her first rotation with Bensch and had learned of Kiki's bad evaluation. Bensch had offered to fix it for sex. Scott asked Elizabeth if she had ever actually seen the poor evaluation or the inappropriate behavior. Elizabeth hadn't.

Next up was Epiphany, who told the court that Kiki had asked to be taken off any assignments with Bensch. Scott accused her of being a psychic, but Epiphany retorted in no uncertain terms that she hadn't needed to be one to see that Kiki had been wronged. Francesca followed and disclosed that she'd always been good in school until she'd encountered Bensch. He'd berated her and told her that "nothing in life was free." She'd had sex with him, and then he'd left her alone. She'd believed he could have had her fired if she hadn't made that decision.

Scott asked if Bensch had forced Francesca to have sex or if it had been her choice. Francesca stated that she'd been trying to keep her job. Scott noted that she was still in her same position at the hospital. Alexis jumped up and accused Scott of badgering the witness. Alexis proceeded to give the legal definition of coercement and asked Francesca if she had wanted to have sex with Bensch. Francesca was adamant that he'd been a threat to her employment.

Franco quickly sent Alexis a text message stating that he needed to talk to her right away. Alexis called Ava to the stand. Ava spoke about Bensch showing up at the art gallery on the same night that Kiki had made her complaint at the hospital, although Ava hadn't known that at the time. He had said that Kiki had potential, but he hadn't known if she could take the pressure.

Ava hadn't known at the time what Bensch had meant. Bensch leaned over to Scott. "Tear her to pieces," he whispered. Scott announced that he had no questions, and Bensch was angry. Scott claimed that he didn't want Ava to look like a martyr.

Kiki took the stand next. She advised the court that she'd thought that Bensch had been her biggest cheerleader, and she had been flattered. She thought that things had changed after she'd broken up with Dillon, and Bensch had suddenly been "touchy-feely." She proceeded to outline the chain of events that had led up to her case. He had insisted on giving her a first edition book, bought her dinner, and offered to help with an exam. She had ignored the "alarm bells" she had felt, and he had informed her of the shadow program.

Kiki glared at Bensch as she continued. He had begun to give her a massage and had touched her neck. She'd frozen then told him to stop. He'd said it had been a misunderstanding, but she'd tried to avoid him after that. Bensch had found her one night and advised her that she'd gotten into the shadow program, thanks to him, and he'd kissed her. She'd realized it had been a set-up to get her into bed because there had been more qualified students. She had told him to leave her alone, and she'd returned his book.

At the end of the rotation, Bensch had told Kiki she'd had an awful evaluation, Kiki continued. She'd been told she could still get a good one, and he'd handed her his hotel room key. She had run out, and Elizabeth had found her crying in the closet. Kiki had to stop him. It was Scott's turn to question the witness, but again he stated that he had no questions. Bensch was livid, but Scott only mentioned that the jury had been sympathetic to Kiki. Bensch demanded that he use the photo of Griffin and Kiki, but Scott wanted to do it his own way. Bensch threatened to fire Scott and do it himself. The judge called a recess and asked to see the attorneys.

Ava and Griffin told Kiki how proud they were of her. Lulu, Elizabeth, and Franco stood there, also, and Franco asked to speak to Griffin. He grabbed Griffin's arm and pulled him away from the little group. Griffin asked what was wrong. "You know what's wrong, and now you know I know what's wrong," Franco declared. Griffin asked how he'd found out. Franco could only say that he wanted Kiki spared. Lulu called out that the recess was over.

Kiki was back on the stand. Scott held out the photo of her and Griffin locked in an embrace. Scott noted that Kiki was in the arms of another man, and she didn't appear to be complaining. There were no questions. Alexis asked for the truth about the photo, and Kiki explained that Griffin had been comforting her after she had been treated badly at her first shadowing. She had been upset, and Griffin was her friend. Alexis suggested that Bensch had taken the photo for future "ammunition."

Alexis wanted to call Griffin to the stand, and Scott objected, since Griffin hadn't been on the witness list. Alexis pointed out that Griffin had been in the photo that Scott had shown, and he should be allowed to testify. The judge agreed.

Griffin took the stand. Franco received a text message from Ava, and she asked him what was going on. She turned around to look at him, and Franco shook his head. Franco received another text message, this time from Scott. It read, "Warn Alexis NOW!" Elizabeth urged Franco to stop texting before he got into trouble. He hastily sent a message that read, "Kiki and Griffin had sex." He had sent it to a shocked Ava in error.

Griffin takes the stand

Griffin takes the stand

Friday, August 10, 2018

An orderly at Ferncliff informed Kevin that the mystery patient hadn't made a sound that morning thanks to the new drugs. He instructed the orderly to administer another drug to "bring him out of his haze." He promised to be back later to chat with the patient. Kevin left, and the orderly entered the padded cell. He told the unconscious, straightjacket-clad man that he was getting new meds "on doctor's orders."

Mike worked on a puzzle outside as Carly asked Sonny how Mike was doing. Sonny noticed that Carly had been looking at the brochures, but he told her that he wasn't ready to put Mike in a home yet. She told him that Mike's fall could have turned out worse, but he yelled that there was nothing he couldn't give Mike at home. She gently observed that he looked worn out, and he reminded her of all he'd been going through. "If I look tired, it's because I am," he concluded.

Sonny joined Mike outside and helped with the puzzle. Sonny stammered that Mike should speak up if he ever felt like he needed help or a new place. Mike accused Sonny of trying to get rid of him, but Sonny denied it. He insisted that everyone loved having Mike there, but he just wanted to make Mike comfortable. "Why wouldn't I be comfortable in my own home with my family?" Mike wondered. Sonny confirmed that they were on the same page. They continued the puzzle until Mike told Sonny to ask Adela to make some lemonade.

The doorbell rang, and Carly answered it to Kevin. He wanted her forgiveness for underestimating Mary Pat, and he asked her to return to therapy. While she appreciated the attention he'd given her in Ferncliff, she reminded him that she'd been exonerated, so she didn't think she needed therapy. She commented on the strong drugs they'd given her, as she'd been hallucinating so badly, she'd imagined that her neighbor at Ferncliff had been Kevin. "Drugs can mess you up," she said, and he agreed solemnly.

A short while later, Carly took some lemonade outside, and Mike loved it. Sonny took her aside and apologized for yelling at her earlier, but she'd already forgiven him. She told Sonny about Kevin's visit and that she never wanted to have therapy again. She didn't want to go through anything that reminded her of Ferncliff and "all the lost souls there."

At Ferncliff, Kevin entered the mystery patient's padded room and put a hand on the man's shoulder. The man turned, and an identical face to Kevin's was revealed. "Hello again, brother," Kevin said.

Over lunch ,Drew and Margaux discussed the latest Woodchucks game. Oscar entered, and Margaux commented on the "young man" trying to get Drew's attention. Oscar approached, and Drew introduced the two. Margaux had to go, but she thanked Drew for a "lively lunch." When she was gone, Oscar sat, and he wondered if Drew and Margaux were friends. Drew joked that she was the town's new district attorney, so he definitely didn't want to be on her bad side.

Drew wondered if Oscar wanted to go to the park, but Oscar revealed that he was supposed to meet up with Josslyn. They hadn't seen a lot of each other, as she'd been distracted by her family's issues. Drew advised Oscar to let her know that he was there for her, and she would open up when she was ready.

Chase entered the interrogation room where Jason was cuffed to the table, and Jason refused to say anything without his attorney. Chase revealed that he was only there to give Jason coffee, and he wasn't working Jason's case anyway. He informed Jason that Margaux wanted to interview him, but he wondered how Jason felt about Peter's charges being dropped. "The time is gone," Jason stated. He wanted to get on with his life, but Chase reminded him that he'd committed "major felonies." Chase told Jason his side of working with Michael, and he again took blame for the baby's death. Jason replied that Chase had "stepped up" to help Carly and Michael, and the family was grateful.

A short while later, Margaux handed Chase a file with a "special case" because of who it involved, and she asked him to handle it. When he was gone, she entered the interrogation room with a box that she identified as one of many boxes of arrest records on Jason. She worked out that he'd only been in and out of the police station after he'd started working for Sonny. After a moment of stony silence, she recapped what he'd done at Ferncliff. She countered that there was no surveillance evidence of the incident, and the staff's statements were "suspect," since they'd been complicit in an "unauthorized medical procedure."

Margaux revealed that she was dropping the charges against Jason, and he was free to go. She marveled over how different Jason and Drew were, even though they were twins. She recognized that Drew was a contributing member of society, while Jason was just a criminal who hadn't been caught yet. "But you will be," she vowed, and she left the room. She looked at photos of Drew and Jason and took the flash drive out of her pocket.

Jason arrived at Metro Court and informed Drew that the charges against him had been dropped, but Margaux had deliberately mentioned Drew to him. He believed that she had an agenda, and he thought that Drew would like to know.

Josslyn and Cameron arrived at Kelly's, and Cameron wondered if Josslyn was still mad at Oscar. Josslyn was surprised that Oscar had talked to Cameron about their relationship, and Cameron added that Oscar had been "traumatized." Cameron took out some earbuds, and Josslyn remembered him saying that he wasn't able to afford them when the two had been in the store. She demanded to know if he'd stolen them, but he wondered if that was what she called it when she did it. Embarrassed, she said that it was stupid, so she'd stopped, and he should too.

Cameron assured Josslyn that he wasn't judging her, and she made him promise not to tell Oscar. Oscar entered and wondered what they were talking about as he pulled another chair over to their table. Josslyn claimed that they'd been talking about camp. Chase entered Kelly's and complimented Cameron's earbuds. He revealed that they'd been reported stolen, and he had a still from the security camera at the store, showing Cameron taking them.

Cameron demanded to talk to a lawyer, and Chase assured him that he could at the station. Chase apologetically asked to check Josslyn's bag, as she'd been at the store with Cameron. He wasn't surprised to find no stolen goods in her bag, and he left with Cameron. Josslyn was in shock at what had just happened, and she added that she'd had no idea that Cameron had stolen the earbuds. Oscar commented that it showed one didn't always know a person like one thought.

As Griffin swore on the Bible to tell the truth and Alexis got the basics out of the way, Ava texted Franco, asking him what was going on. Scott also texted Franco to "warn Alexis NOW." "Kiki and Griffin had sex!!" he accidentally sent to Ava. Elizabeth told Franco to stop texting just as he received a text from Alexis to stop texting. "Oh, no. How do you unsend a text?" Franco asked Elizabeth. The bailiff told Franco to stop texting as he texted Scott to stop the trial. Scott suddenly started sneezing and asked for a recess to get his allergies under control. The judge ordered him to "tough it out."

The judge asked what Franco was doing with his phone, and Franco claimed to be an independent journalist. The judge asked the bailiff to escort Franco out, and he did. Alexis continued and asked Griffin about the nature of his relationship with Kiki. He insisted that they were just friends. Alexis asked if there was sex involved in their relationship, but the fire alarm went off, having been pulled by Franco.

Minutes later, Lulu told her editor on the phone that the trial had been "stalled" until the alarm was checked out. Ava commented to Julian that it had been "fortuitous timing." She spotted Franco and asked for an explanation. "Stupid autocorrect," he replied. Just then, the bailiff informed Franco that there was security footage of him pulling the fire alarm, and he grabbed Franco by the arm. As he was being escorted out, he angrily muttered to Scott, "mission not accomplished!"

At the police station a short while later, Elizabeth commented on how expensive Franco's fine was, but she thought he was lucky to avoid prison time. She wondered what he'd been thinking, and he replied that he'd needed to talk to Alexis before she lost Kiki's case by "asking Griffin a question he wasn't prepared to answer without a lie." He confided that Griffin and Kiki had slept together. Elizabeth warned him that he could be charged with obstruction of justice if it surfaced that he, Ava, and Scott had conspired against Bensch. Franco thought that it was a "slim possibility," because no one was going to say anything. Just then, Elizabeth was stunned to see Chase walk into the station with a cuffed Cameron.

The bailiff announced that court would resume soon as a group of firefighters walked through. Ava commended Griffin on being a "convincing witness." He related that he would be relieved when it was over, and she offered to listen to whatever had been weighing on him. He promised that they would talk after the trial, and he went back into the courtroom. Kiki appeared, and Ava sang his praises to Kiki. She called her daughter a good person, but Kiki insisted that she'd made her fair share of mistakes. Ava wondered if Kiki had anything to tell her, but Alexis pulled Kiki back into the courtroom.

Ava remembered all of the intimate moments she'd witnessed between Kiki and Griffin and went back into the courtroom. She glared at Griffin and Kiki from the back and went to sit behind Scott. Alexis finished her questioning, and Scott announced that he had no questions for Griffin. Bensch disputed that, so Scott quietly assured him that it was part of Scott's strategy. "There's one question that's gone unanswered," Ava told Scott. "Ask the question," she added. Scott reluctantly got up and asked Griffin if he and Kiki had ever had sex.

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