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Sam and Drew agreed to file for divorce. Franco reached out to one of Jim Harvey's victims. Ava secured joint custody of Avery. Anna offered to "pose" as Henrik's mother. Nina confronted Peter. Lulu lied to Dante.
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Anna panics when Jason steps up his search to find Henrik's mother
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Sonny and Ava reach an agreement

Sonny and Ava reach an agreement

Monday, April 30, 2018

Lulu met with Jason at Kelly's. He asked about her cast and crutches, and she explained she had been chasing Rocco and broken her foot. She revealed that she wanted Jason's advice on Henrik. Peter saw the pair from outside and went inside. He sat nearby and listened to some of the conversation. Lulu told Jason that she hadn't been able to get any information from Spinelli, and she wondered if they'd learned anything more about Henrik. Jason divulged that they had gotten into Faison's box in Switzerland, but the letters they'd been looking for had been gone. Apparently, Henrik had paid off the bank manager.

Lulu disclosed that they might be closer to Henrik than Jason thought. She'd been in touch with Henrik, and she was planning on meeting with him. Jason wondered if it was really Henrik that Lulu had been communicating with. While it was the same email address that P.K. Sinclair had used, Jason suggested that there were any number of reasons to explain that it could be someone else who had used the address. He didn't think Henrik would take the chance.

Lulu admitted that she had not spoken to Dante about it. Jason told her that Henrik was dangerous. He'd held Jason prisoner for five years and had sent two men after him who'd drugged and kidnapped Sam and shot up the Metro Court. Jason asked Lulu what she thought would happen if the men were there to meet her. She'd be on crutches and extremely vulnerable. Jason thought that all evidence pointed to Henrik not being harmless.

Lulu thought that Jason could be wrong. Lulu pondered that perhaps Dr. Klein had been behind it all, or perhaps Henrik had been scared. She insisted she'd be careful meeting Henrik, but Jason was afraid she'd be hurt. Lulu was sorry that Jason hadn't gotten the answers he'd been looking for. Jason told her about the conundrum box. Lulu wondered if Valentin had been involved, but Jason thought it could have been Helena. Jason reminded her that he'd been gone from his family for five years, and Nathan had gotten killed. He didn't want the same to happen to her.

Anna fixed herself a drink at home and showed Robert a file that she had in her possession on Valentin. She went through it and noted that Valentin and Henrik had been in Bern at about the same time. Robert insisted that Valentin had personally taken Henrik to Faison. Robert added that Valentin had also been in Brussels when Anna had had the baby.

Anna realized that Faison had planned to use her child against her, and Valentin had been the one to deliver the boy. She reasoned that Valentin had been a different person prior to his surgery and being a father himself. Faison had also not been the "depraved sociopath" that he had eventually shown himself to be. Anna clarified that they had all been young and different people. Robert was shocked as he asked Anna if she was forgiving Valentin for what he had done.

Anna realized that Valentin had hated her and had wanted revenge, but it had been wrong to have her child involved. He had made it possible for the child to have an awful life. Robert suggested they visit Valentin and question him, but Anna disagreed. Valentin had been planning for decades, and they wouldn't be able to learn anything quite so easily. She wanted to wait, but she was worried that Jason would go after Henrik first. Robert urged her to leave Jason to him.

After Robert had gone, Anna poured herself another drink. She flashed back to a past conversation with Valentin when he'd been lying to her about her child. She was teary then, and she snapped back to the present with tears rolling down her face.

Drew was surprised to see Sam in the hallway of Aurora as she emerged from Peter's office. Drew wanted to talk to Peter, but Sam advised him that Peter was at a meeting. She suggested that Drew could check it out, but she offered to buy him a cup of coffee instead. She wanted to talk to him. Drew agreed, and they left. Inside Peter's office, Curtis continued to go through Peter's files and furniture, looking for anything to tip him off about Peter's past.

"Jackpot," Curtis uttered when he found something interesting. There was a thick file labeled Nathan West. Curtis finished and looked around. The office appeared to be the way he'd found it. He listened at the door, turned off the light, and went out carefully. As he disappeared down the hallway, Peter emerged from the opposite direction. He had spied Curtis leaving his office.

Peter went inside and looked around. He pulled out various files and searched through his credenza. He pulled the Nathan West file out and noticed that papers were protruding from it.

At Wyndemere, Valentin sat on a chair, studying the photo of the conundrum box. Nina stormed in and complained that Curtis hadn't had time to search Peter's office properly for dirt because Peter had called his meeting off. She asked what her husband was looking at, and he explained the box and where it was from as he moved over to sit on the couch beside her. Scorpio had given him the photo.

Nina thought that Valentin's "evil stepmother" had worked with Faison, but she knew that Valentin had never met the man. She asked about Scorpio, and Valentin confirmed that he was a typical WSB agent, ill-mannered and overly confident. He added that their meeting had been completed, although Nina doubted if that were true from Scorpio's point of view. Valentin assured her that Scorpio wouldn't find anything out from him.

Curtis arrived looking for Nina, and she assured him that it was okay to talk in front of Valentin. Curtis informed her that he'd found nothing about Peter in Peter's office. The man had been too careful. Just then, Valentin received a text message from Peter, who demanded to see him right away. Valentin jumped up and announced that he had a meeting. He rushed out.

Nina thanked Curtis for his work, but the private investigator revealed that he had found something. It was a large file on Nathan that had gone back years and contained all kinds of information. Nina was upset and exclaimed that she didn't even have anything of the sort on her brother. Curtis suggested that maybe it was "survivor's guilt" after Peter had seen Nathan killed. Nina disagreed. She thought that Peter had an agenda and was using the file to get close to Maxie.

Curtis informed Nina that he had run into Sam, and he'd had to tell her what he was doing without revealing Nina's identity as his client. He had told Sam he'd been checking into Peter's background, and he had been forced to agree to share information with her. Nina thought that having two people work on the case was fine.

Ava, Nelle, Sonny, and Diane stood and faced each other at the police station. Ava announced that she would be pursuing the case against Mike without Scott. Carly and Dante arrived, and Ava stated that if all parties were in Mike's favor, things would be okay. Sonny asked to speak to Diane alone, and they headed to the interrogation room.

Carly confronted Ava, who noted what a good day she was having. She would get custody of her daughter, and Avery would be in a safe home. Carly retorted that Ava was doing nothing for Avery, who didn't even know her own mother. She accused Ava of treating the little girl like a trophy, moving her around as it suited her. Nelle listened to the women from nearby.

Carly accused Ava of living in a fantasy world. Avery would eventually grow up and learn that her mother had been responsible for Avery's brother's death, and she wouldn't forget her father and her other family either. Carly mentioned Ava's lack of jail time for Connie's death.

In the interrogation room, Sonny asked Diane about their chances in court. Diane stated that Sonny's aging and sick father with a criminal record and Sonny's connection to organized crime would possibly end up with Mike in prison. The judge in their case liked to show that he was tough on organized crime. She gave Mike a thirty percent chance of being convicted. Sonny didn't like the odds.

Sonny and Diane emerged, and Sonny asked to meet with Ava next. Nelle announced that she hoped the couple would compromise. "Who are you kidding?" Carly asked sarcastically. She was well aware that Nelle wanted to see Sonny's family suffer. Dante announced that he would go visit with Mike, but Diane wouldn't allow it. She didn't want to be alone with the two women.

Nelle handed a seated Carly a cup of tea, and Carly was aghast. She stood up and announced that she would prefer to see Nelle's "smarmy head on a silver platter." Diane insisted that it wasn't the time or place for any confrontation. Carly demanded that Nelle get out of her face. Dante decided it was time to escape to visit Mike, and he left.

Nelle declared that she wanted legal advice from Diane, regarding custody of her child. Carly reminded Diane that she had told her so, and Nelle was angry that Carly had discussed her child. Diane clarified that Carly had sought rights as a grandparent. Nelle revealed that she had been thinking about giving Carly custody of her baby.

Carly indicated that she'd been under the impression that Michael had asked Jason to be a custodian for the baby if needed. Nelle replied that she'd had mixed feelings about it. She knew that while Carly might hate her, she would not hate the baby. She'd seen Carly fight for Avery, and she knew that Carly would do the same for her grandchild. She urged Carly to think about it. Nelle had to go to the ladies' room, and Carly sighed. "Batten down the hatches," Diane declared. Carly figured that Nelle was only trying to look good to Michael.

Back in the interrogation room, Ava demanded full custody of Avery in exchange for Mike avoiding any jail time. She added that Sonny could see the little girl on weekends if it were planned in advance, and it could all be like it had been except they'd "flip" positions. Sonny reminded her that he had a tape of Ava and Paul, but Ava wasn't bothered by it. Sonny refused to negotiate.

"Don't pretend you're not scared," Ava demanded. Sonny admitted that he was scared; he didn't want his father to go to prison, but he refused to negotiate in fear. The entire incident had been an accident, and there had been no malicious intent. He didn't think his father would go to prison because he had his entire family available to testify on Mike's behalf. He also knew that Griffin would testify for them. "Let the cards fall where they may, Ava," Sonny said.

Ava stated that she could still sue Sonny in family court, but Sonny replied that Ava had been an unfit mother. He knew that Kiki would testify to that. Suddenly, Ava proclaimed that she would drop the kidnapping charges for joint custody. She would be willing to make up a schedule, and they could make decisions together. She would even defend Mike to the judge. She thought that half custody was better than none. She wondered if they had a deal.

Ava insisted she was doing what was best for Avery. Sonny laughed. He was able to see through Ava, unlike Griffin. He wouldn't forget what Ava had done. Ava retorted that if Mike was any indication, Sonny might forget.

Dante returned with Mike, who was adamant that Sonny not make any sacrifices for him. Mike headed for the interrogation room, but Dante grabbed him. He insisted that Sonny be allowed to do what he could.

Sonny and Ava finally emerged from the other room and jointly announced that they would be sharing custody of Avery. Mike immediately voiced his opposition, but Sonny firmly stated that it had been done. He insisted that he knew what he was doing. They were headed to court, and Diane reminded everyone that she would be the one to do the talking. Ava made it known that she would speak up for Mike. There had been a miscommunication, and Mike needed care.

Nelle was happy to hear that everything had been worked out. Carly walked away. Sonny insisted that he wouldn't have been able to keep Avery away from her mother indefinitely, and he was okay with the results. Mike thought that Sonny should stop telling himself that.

Sam and Drew went out for coffee. Sam filled Drew in on everything that had happened in Switzerland. She revealed that Faison's letters had been missing from the safe deposit box. Sam added that she and Drew were in a strange place, but they owned their company together, and she wanted to remain there for the time being. Drew thought they should separate their personal from their professional lives, and he suggested they get divorced. Sam agreed.

Valentin got to Peter's office, and Peter advised him that Nina's investigator had been there. Valentin was aware and noted that nothing had been found. He showed Peter his photo and mentioned that the mysterious box had been in the safe deposit box. Peter replied that he'd only known about the letters, which he'd had destroyed. Valentin announced that Scorpio knew that Valentin and Henrik had been in Switzerland at the same time. Peter thought it was time to shut Scorpio down.

Scorpio met with Jason, who suggested it was time to shut Henrik down. Scorpio mentioned that he'd spoken to Valentin, who'd claimed not to know anything about the conundrum box. Scorpio didn't believe him. Jason thought that they could get Henrik to open the box by enticing him with his mother.

Griffin accuses Ava of lying

Griffin accuses Ava of lying

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Alexis and Finn headed out of a meeting and down the wide stairway together at the hospital. Alexis wondered if it were still okay for them to see each other both in and out of their meetings. She was curious because she'd noticed that Finn hadn't paid any attention to her when she had been speaking, and he usually always had in the past. Finn revealed that he'd run into Robert Scorpio, who had asked about Finn's relationship with Anna. Alexis explained that it was a family thing, and Finn noted that he wasn't accustomed to having a family. Alexis reminded him that he had some.

Finn retorted that he barely knew his half-sibling, and they were related but not family. Alexis admitted that they couldn't compare half-siblings, since hers was a diabolical killer and kidnapper. Finn noted that his only wanted coffee. "Whatever happens will happen, and whatever doesn't won't," Finn said. He cringed at his own remark and offered to take Alexis to breakfast at Metro Court later. She agreed to meet him there.

Sonny stepped off the elevator and ran into Stella. He apologized for not getting back to her after getting her message, but he hadn't had the time. Stella understood and offered him an ear if he needed someone to talk to. They walked over to a bench and sat down. Sonny disclosed that Mike had thought that Avery was his deceased daughter, Courtney, and Stella explained how often old and new memories connected. Sonny was curious about his next step, and Stella suggested either hiring professional round-the-clock nurses or sending Mike to a care facility.

Sonny declared that he would not send Mike away. Stella advised him that eventually Mike wouldn't know anyone or even himself, which would cause stress in the family. Sonny thought they would be able to handle it. Stella added that emergencies would happen, and at least at a facility, everything would be available for those. She said that the good times would get shorter. Sonny admitted that he had not been around when Michael had been in a long-term care facility, and he had regretted it. Stella agreed to provide Sonny with a list of nurses who were looking for extra work.

Jordan, Curtis, and T.J. sat at a table in Kelly's, having breakfast. Jordan was pleased, although she was sorry it had taken a health scare for them all to get together. She had to get to work, and Curtis suggested that he and T.J. have some bonding time. He called it a "smokescreen" after Jordan left. He had a question for T.J., who replied that he didn't want to be in the middle of Curtis and Jordan's relationship. He stated that he was Switzerland.

Curtis revealed that he wanted T.J.'s blessing on a marriage proposal. He'd already asked Jordan once when they had thought she was ill, and after getting good news, she had let him "off the hook." Curtis didn't want to be off the hook. T.J. was agreeable and gave his blessing.

Ava and Griffin sat at the counter. Ava revealed that she had just dropped Avery off at school nearby, and she would be spending more time with her daughter. Griffin hoped that Ava hadn't used Mike as leverage, and Ava told him how she'd spoken up for Mike because of his illness and because Avery had been safe. Griffin was proud of Ava, and she told him that his speech on empathy and compassion had worked. Avery would be staying with them more, and she and Sonny had agreed to joint custody.

"Everybody wins," Ava declared as Lucy plopped herself down next to them. Lucy revealed that Julian had given her a large donation for the Nurses Ball, and he had suggested that Ava do the same. Griffin got up to leave, and Ava was cornered. She asked Lucy how much.

Michael and Nelle were at a table, having breakfast, and he thanked her for getting through to Ava about Avery's custody. Nelle admitted that she didn't think she was totally responsible, but Michael didn't think it had been a coincidence. Nelle thought that parents should support each other, and Michael agreed. They were able to get along, and they weren't like Ava and Sonny. He added that Ava had been much worse than Nelle in what she'd done with her coverups and lies.

Nelle flashed back to writing the note on the flyer and putting it onto Carly's windshield. She had something to tell Michael. She began with the fact that she would never get in the way of Jason taking care of their baby if something happened to them, but she knew that Jason led a dangerous life. She thought that Michael had compromised due to Nelle's relationship with Sonny and Carly. She had given it some thought and knew that Carly was a great mother. She would be lucky if her child turned out exactly like Michael, and she wanted Carly to be their child's guardian if something happened.

Michael was shocked and appreciated Nelle's attempt to "mend fences." Nelle admitted that she knew why Carly hated her, and they would never have a great relationship. Michael agreed to Nelle's proposal and placed his hand on top of hers. She stated that she was trying to do the right thing.

Sonny's next stop at the hospital was the desk, where he saw Griffin. He asked that Mike's records be sent to another doctor at another hospital. He thought it "best for everybody," since Griffin was on "Team Ava." Griffin took offense and insisted that he was on Mike's side. He thought that things were better between Ava and Sonny after their compromise over Avery's custody. Sonny told him that wasn't the case. Ava had threatened to put Mike in jail unless she got full custody, Sonny had told her to sue him, and Ava had changed her mind to joint custody,

"It was extortion, plain and simple," Sonny said. Griffin appreciated hearing the truth, and Sonny changed his mind about having Mike's records released. He was happy to see that Griffin was beginning to see Ava for who she really was.

Chase and Dante worked on a case at the police station. They bantered about the Yankees and Boston. Chase was extremely tired, and Dante suggested he go home. Jordan walked in and agreed with Dante, so Chase headed out. Dante and Jordan were working and chatting, but Jordan suddenly seemed as though she wasn't there. She knocked over her coffee. They wiped it up, and Jordan admitted that she had marriage on her mind.

Dante declared that he wasn't an expert on the subject, but Jordan mentioned how she'd seen Dante and Lulu work things out with their strong foundation. She didn't want to mess up another marriage. Dante advised her that it was hard work but worth it. Jordan told him about Curtis' proposal and the fact that she hadn't wanted it on the terms that she'd been ill. It didn't mean the proposal was "null and void." She wasn't sure she was ready for marriage again. She hadn't been mature the first time and had hurt Thomas and made his family suffer.

As Chase left the station, he ran into Alexis, who said that she was there to do some paperwork. Chase asked if she were keeping his brother out of trouble, and he mentioned that he had routinely gone to the same couple of places for his meals. He asked her to join him. Alexis agreed, but she thought that he should try somewhere new. She proposed they go to Metro Court, and she would treat.

Carly sat at the bar in Metro Court and looked at the prescription that Kevin had given her. Bobbie walked in and asked her daughter about the pills. Carly explained that she'd seen Kevin, who had not focused on the fact that she might be crazy but rather that she had been stressed. Bobbie approved, although Carly admitted that she was starting to question herself over whether things had really happened as she remembered.

Carly knew the phone calls and the scarf were both real, but she was unsure about the note she'd seen on her car's windshield that had disappeared. She had definitely read the note several times, but then the paper had been blank. Bobbie suggested that Carly had been under a lot of stress and had not gotten proper rest. She thought that her daughter was exhausted.

Carly revealed that Sonny had blamed her for what had happened to Mike and Avery, and since then, his love had had conditions. Bobbie disagreed and urged Carly to take the pills as prescribed. She thought that Sonny would apologize after things calmed down. Just then, Sonny walked in with a smile, and Carly hesitantly smiled back.

Sonny said that he was there to meet Lucy about a donation. Bobbie left for work, and Carly invited Sonny to join her. Sonny declined and explained that he had to get home to work out custody with Ava. Carly asked him how long he planned on blaming her for what had happened.

Finn sat nearby with some coffee, and he was happy to see Alexis arrive. He was not happy to see Chase, who followed Alexis. "Clearly, I meddled," Alexis admitted. Chase said he should leave, and Finn agreed. Alexis suggested it was a good time to settle things between brothers. Finn didn't think that was a good idea. Chase admitted that he'd been blindsided himself, but he agreed with Alexis. Finn insisted he had nothing to say. Chase asked what he'd done to deserve Finn's treatment, and Finn announced that his problem wasn't with Chase. He left.

Stella arrived at Kelly's in time to see a happy Curtis and T.J. Having heard the tail end of their conversation, she asked "Blessings for what?" Curtis stood up to hug his aunt, and she sat down with them. She asked about the good news, and reluctantly, Curtis told her that he planned to propose to Jordan. "I see," Stella said. Curtis reminded her that she and Jordan had been civil to each other recently, and he loved them both. He wanted her support.

Adamantly, Stella refused to accept Curtis' news, although she admitted that it had nothing to do with dislike. Jordan had been Curtis' brother's wife. T.J. thought his dad would be happy, but Stella didn't see it that way. Jordan had cheated on her husband, and it had been her fault that he had died. Curtis declared that it had been more complicated than that, but Stella was insistent that she didn't want Jordan back in her family. She wanted no part of it. She got up and left.

Curtis' phone rang. It was Jordan. Curtis stated that he had just been talking about her. Jordan told him that Lucy would be by to sell her tickets to the Nurses Ball, and Jordan had recalled how special the evening had been the previous year. She asked Curtis if she should buy tickets.

Lucy followed Ava to the art gallery and thanked her for her donation. Ava asked Lucy to leave once Ava wrote the check. Lucy wandered around as Ava attempted to write the check, but her pen wasn't working, so she grabbed another from a black bag on Nelle's chair. She handed Lucy the check. The women attacked each other in a lighthearted manner, although they clearly each meant what they said.

Griffin arrived later and yelled at Ava for lying to him.

Chase attempts to reconcile with Finn

Chase attempts to reconcile with Finn

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

At Anna's house, Robert was curious as to why they needed to include Jason in their search for Henrik's mother. He was pretty certain that Jason would be able to figure things out on his own. Anna replied that only three people knew that she was Henrik's mother, and she didn't expect either Andre or Robert to betray her. That left Valentin, and Robert was wary of him.

Anna reminded Robert that Jason didn't know that Henrik and Valentin had been based in Bern at the same time. Robert and Anna agreed that the conundrum box was a logical tie to Helena, even though it had only been made within the past six months. Anna agreed that Jason did catch on to things quickly, especially with help from Spinelli. She had to stay one step ahead of Jason, and she knew exactly how she would do that.

At Metro Court, Alexis' attempt to get Finn and Chase together to talk had failed miserably. Finn admitted that his problem wasn't with Chase, but he had nothing else to say. When Alexis tried to intercede, Finn abruptly told her that it wasn't her business. He was angry that Alexis had gone behind his back, and Alexis admitted that she had tricked both of the men. She was sorry, but she still thought they should talk. She left, and Chase declared that he still wanted to talk to Finn. He sat down at a table. Finn sat down with him.

Chase assumed that Finn's hatred was mostly toward their mutual father. He wondered if Finn had been angry that his father had remarried so soon after Finn's mother had died or that he had remarried at all. Finn reminded Chase that they only shared DNA, and he could donate a kidney if Chase needed one. Chase thought it peculiar that they'd both ended up in the same town, and he insisted that they had unfinished business. Finn replied that Chase seemed like a good guy, but he didn't want to chance having their father back in his life. He'd had his reasons for leaving home, and he would never have a brotherly relationship with Chase.

Chase was disappointed and admitted that that hadn't been what he'd wanted to hear. He thanked Finn for talking to him, and he mentioned that Alexis seemed nice. He thought that Finn should "go easy" on her. He said he would see Finn later. "Or not," he added. Chase told his brother to have a good life and patted Finn's shoulder as he left. Finn whispered back that Chase should, too.

At the Metro Court bar, Carly asked Sonny how long he planned to blame her for what had happened to Avery and Mike. Sonny claimed that he hadn't blamed Carly but was angry at himself for relying on others. "Meaning me?" Carly asked. She didn't think that Sonny trusted her. She reminded Sonny that she had left Avery with the nanny, and Mike had gone along with them. Sonny thought that Carly should have told him about the haunting incidents. He wondered if she had expected to see Morgan alive at the cemetery.

Carly repeated what the note had said, and she had hoped that Morgan could be there. Jason had returned after five years, and perhaps something similar could have happened, Carly added. She had smelled Morgan's cologne at the gravesite. She knew that Sonny would have done the same thing if the tables had been turned. She had been trying to spare Sonny just as he would have done with her. Sonny grabbed her hand. He said he was trying to believe everything, but he didn't understand the note.

Carly replied that she'd read the flyer more than once and had held it in her hand. There had to be a logical explanation for the writing to have disappeared. Sonny thought that Carly was starting to doubt herself. She pulled her medication from her purse and showed it to her husband. She told him they were antianxiety pills that Kevin had prescribed. Sonny was proud of Carly for seeing Dr. Collins, and he was certain the doctor would be able to help Carly.

Lucy approached Sonny and Carly and thanked Sonny profusely for the large donation to the Nurses Ball. She wanted to talk to Carly about seating, and Sonny told them to go on. He would wait for Carly.

Lucy apologized again for what had transpired with Morgan and for Ava's switching of his pills. Carly appreciated it because she had known that Morgan had been taking his medication all along. Carly began to cry and admitted that she'd thought she had been healing, but it felt like she was losing her mind. Lucy revealed that she was connected to the spirit world, which was full of messages and signals. She advised Carly that people weren't really gone, and their essence was still around. She felt Lee Baldwin's presence in his former office all the time. She told Carly that Carly wasn't crazy, only human.

At Kelly's, Jason tried unsuccessfully to reach Spinelli on the phone. Sam saw Jason and asked to speak to him. They sat at a table, and Jason informed her that he had been trying to find clues to lead to Henrik's mother. There had been no leads from their bank heist. Sam admitted she'd had fun but advised him that she had changed her mind about leaving Aurora. She also wanted Jason to call her if he had a bank infiltration in the future. He promised she'd be the first one he called. Sam disclosed that she was getting a divorce without any fighting and was moving on. Jason had to leave to meet with Sonny, and Alexis arrived at the same time.

Alexis took Jason's seat, and Sam told her mother that Alexis had been right. She shouldn't have rushed into another marriage with Drew. Alexis assured her that it was difficult when it didn't work out, but she was positive that Sam had the resilience, courage, and honesty to make it on her own. Alexis added that Sam also had a good attorney.

Alexis recommended that Sam use irreconcilable differences as her grounds for divorce. Sam made it known that she didn't want to fight over custody, and she was agreeable to whatever Drew wanted. She also wanted to leave Aurora out of it because she needed an excuse to stay on. Alexis was curious, but Sam was vague and only said that she had "issues to resolve." Afterwards, she would sign the company over to Drew, Sam concluded. She still had to figure herself out. Alexis agreed to contact Drew's attorney.

Sam asked Alexis what was going on in her world. "A little of this, a little of that," Alexis replied with a head motion. Sam laughed and repeated the head motion. She was surprised and amused. Alexis only hoped that her relationship with Finn hadn't been "blown to hell."

An extremely angry Griffin arrived at the art gallery and accused Ava of lying to him regarding the custody of Avery. He was aware that she hadn't compromised but had threatened to have Mike put in jail. Ava claimed that she had wanted to tell him the truth but hadn't had the time. Griffin shouted that it would have taken her 30 seconds, and her method sounded more like revenge. "Two wrongs don't make a right," he tossed out. Sarcastically, Ava noted how profound that was. She reminded Griffin that she had dropped the charges.

Griffin continued to shout, and he told Ava that Mike had been innocent and the entire incident an accident. Ava complained about Sonny and Carly's ongoing treatment of her. Griffin wondered if Ava would have sent the old and sick man to prison if Sonny hadn't compromised. Ava had no answer, so Griffin answered for her. She would have sent him to jail out of spite.

Ava thought there was no need to argue over a rhetorical question, and she accused Griffin of undermining her by sending his reports to the court. Ava thought he was always against her. Griffin exclaimed that he was a doctor, and he had merely been doing his job. He could have had his license revoked for not complying. He had already given up one calling for her. Ava demanded that he explain, but Griffin refused. They were both still very angry.

Ava backed off and told Griffin that she didn't fault him for being a good doctor and person, and she wished she could live up to his morals. She was sorry for having been dishonest, but if she had the choice, she would do the same thing again. She wondered where it left them.

Griffin had to leave for work, and he told Ava he'd see her later. He was happy that Avery was back in her life, and he leaned over and gave her a quick kiss goodbye. Later, Ava looked at herself in her compact mirror and was horrified to see that her scarred and burned face had returned. When she looked again, the burns were gone.

At General Hospital, Dr. Bensch explained the shadow program to Kiki and was very pleased when she answered his question about a patient correctly. He wanted her on another tour. Kiki looked at him in surprise, and Bensch ordered her to say thank you. She told him that his attitude toward her previously had almost made her quit. She asked what was different.

Dr. Bensch appeared confused, and Kiki couldn't believe it. She had thought he was angry, and suddenly he was acting like a mentor. The doctor disclosed that he saw a lot of potential in Kiki, and perhaps he had merely been testing her.

Griffin watched the interaction and walked over to Kiki. She said that she was doing well, and she had overreacted. The doctor had made no apologies to her and claimed to not know what she had been talking about. She had passed his test. Griffin was suspicious and looked over at Dr. Bensch. The men locked eyes, but Bensch walked away.

Back at Metro Court, Jason arrived and met up with Sonny, who filled him in on the events surrounding Mike and Avery. He admitted that he had a bigger problem with Carly. She had not been where she'd needed to be and had followed an imaginary note to Morgan's grave. Jason thought that Spinelli might be able to check it out, but Sonny insisted it was all in Carly's head due to grief. It was similar to the night when she had thought that someone had been in her house.

Jason wasn't sure it was all imaginary, as he had known about the phone calls. He also mentioned that there were no cameras near Carly's office, and someone could have planted the scarf and removed it. Maybe someone had had a key to the house. Sonny remembered that Jason had always defended Carly, and he accepted that. He added that things had been different during the time that Jason had been gone. He and Carly had lost their son, and she had grieved a lot. She was still grieving. Jason had to take a phone call, and it was Anna. She wanted to see him.

Sonny went back to Carly, who wanted to talk to Jason. Sonny told her he knew it was because Jason was on her side. He apologized for his behavior during the past several days. He hadn't been happy with Ava. Carly was sorry, but Sonny stated firmly that it wasn't her fault. They'd be able to move on with their lives if she met with Kevin. They shared a hug.

Back at Anna's house, she ended her call to Jason. "I hope you know what you're doing, darling," Robert said to her. Shortly after, Jason showed up, and Anna invited him inside. She stated that Robert had told her about Jason looking for Henrik's mother. "Look no further," she said, adding, "Henrik's mother is right here." Jason stared at her.

Jason and Anna decide on a plan of action

Jason and Anna decide on a plan of action

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Peter told someone on the phone that he was ready for the plan to move forward. He ended the call when Maxie entered his office. She explained that she'd gotten a letter in the mail that someone had set up a fund for Port Charles LEAF, Law Enforcement Alliances for Families, in Nathan's name. The organization helped support the families of police, which she knew Nathan would have loved. She wanted to thank whoever had set up the fund, but she needed Peter's help to find out who it was.

Peter suggested that the person had wanted his or her actions to speak, and to stay anonymous. However, Maxie thought the person deserved an in-person thank you, as the money would help many families, even though she was lucky enough to not need it. He finally agreed to look it up, as nonprofits were required to be public knowledge. Moments later, he reluctantly divulged to Maxie that the fund had been underwritten by "the personal accounts of P.K. Sinclair."

Maxie demanded to know how she could shut the fund down or get Nathan's name off of it. She exclaimed that she didn't want anything to do with Henrik or his money. He tried to convince her that the fund was still a good thing, to no avail. She stormed out of his office.

At Kelly's, Nina picked up her change from the counter and sat down with Curtis. She advised him to "dig deeper" into Peter's past, because she needed to know his agenda for Maxie before the baby was born.

A short while later, Drew entered Kelly's and greeted Curtis, who invited him to sit in the seat previously occupied by Nina. Curtis observed that Sam had returned from her trip, and Drew informed him that Sam wanted to stay on at Aurora. He admitted that he'd been surprised, as they were getting a divorce. He thought they'd just have to separate their responsibilities and possibly use Peter as a buffer.

Speaking of Peter, Curtis asked for Drew's thoughts on Peter. Drew replied that Peter was a good guy and a good manager, and he was glad that Peter had decided to stay with the company. He explained that Peter had been shaken up by the incident with Faison, but he believed that Peter had become too attached to people in the town to leave. On the flip side, he had no idea why Sam wanted to stay on, as the company was supposed to have been a way for them to build a new life for themselves.

Curtis wondered if all marriages were started with hope and faith just to "blow up in your face." Drew sensed that Curtis was talking about Jordan, and Curtis updated Drew on Curtis' proposal to Jordan, and he told Drew a little bit of his and Jordan's history. Curtis thought that the hardest part would be getting Stella's blessing. Drew told his friend that, if Curtis loved Jordan, "go for it," because no one could tell him how to live his life. Curtis thanked Drew for the advice and, in exchange, handed him the phone number of a good divorce lawyer.

Someone set a fresh bouquet of yellow roses down at Nathan's grave. Nina arrived at Nathan's grave as Valentin cleared away the leaves from the site. She'd been wondering who had been putting flowers on Nathan's grave, and she was delighted to see that it was Valentin. He wished there was more he could do, but Nina insisted that he was a big help to her.

Nina informed Valentin that Curtis had been in Peter's office and found a file on Nathan. She continued that Sam had walked in on Curtis searching the office, and they'd agreed to team up on the investigation. She wanted to know why Peter had a file full of mementos of her brother, and Valentin suggested that Peter wanted to know more about the man whose blood he'd had on his hands.

Nina put her change from Kelly's, two pennies, on Nathan's grave as a "gesture," much like Valentin's flowers and, apparently, Peter's file on Nathan. Nina feared that Peter was studying Nathan in order to fill a "Nathan-sized hole in Maxie's heart."

A short while later, Maxie arrived at Nathan's grave, alone. She explained her "dilemma" to Nathan. She knew that Nathan would have loved LEAF and wouldn't have cared where the money had originated, but she didn't know if she was strong enough to accept money from Henrik. She refused to let Henrik use Nathan's memory to ease his conscience.

Nina and Valentin arrived at the Metro Court restaurant, and she glimpsed Peter sitting at the bar. Nina suddenly remembered that she had a video conference she had to attend. She thanked Valentin again for the flowers, kissed him, and ran off. Valentin caught sight of Peter and warned him that he was "getting reckless." He continued that Curtis had found Peter's file on Nathan, and he'd spent the morning trying to get Nina off of Peter's trail. Peter reminded Valentin that Nina was Valentin's responsibility. Peter insisted that he had everything "under control," and he left in a huff.

Nina rifled through the drawers and piles of papers in Peter's office until she found his file on Nathan. She opened the file and looked through it. "What do you think you're doing?" Peter asked from the doorway of his office. "You first," Nina shot back. She demanded to know why Peter had a scrapbook of mementos of Nathan. "Tell me what you think you're doing," she questioned.

Franco hung up his phone as Elizabeth descended the stairs. He divulged that he'd spoken on the phone to another one of Jim's victims who'd claimed not to know who Jim was. Franco had ended up telling the man the truth about who he was and what had happened to Jim. He concluded that all the man had said before hanging up was, "I don't know what you did to the guy, but I hope it hurt." Franco explained to Elizabeth how he could feel the rage in the voices of all the men he'd spoken to.

Franco continued that he'd spoken to all the men on Jim's list but two. He'd talked to the sister of one of the men, Brian, and he'd found out that the man had passed away in a car accident the previous year. He'd found out that Brian had been a "happy guy," and he regretted not being able to tell Brian about Jim before Brian had died. He'd thought that the men would blame him for not doing anything about Jim, but he'd realized that all of the men blamed themselves. Elizabeth reminded Franco that they'd all been only kids.

Franco told Elizabeth that he'd left a message for Steven, the other man he hadn't spoken to yet. Elizabeth called Franco brave, but he revealed that he wasn't brave enough to be face to face with another one of Jim's victims. Franco excused himself to go to work, and Elizabeth admitted that she liked watching him teach. He confessed that everyone had noticed, as his classes called her "the gopher" because of her habit of poking her head in, looking around, and popping back out. She playfully hit him with a pillow and told him not to call her that, and he promised not to.

Elizabeth told Franco that she loved seeing him work out his frustrations through art. She also thought that he was great with the kids. He joked that it was because he was "emotionally immature," but she thought they saw him as a peer. She believed that it was because he understood what it was like to be a child in pain. Just then, Franco's phone went off, and he saw the Steven had texted him. Steven asked to meet Franco in person to discuss Jim.

Jason entered Anna's house, and she clarified with him that he was planning on trying to use Henrik's mother as bait. When he confirmed it, she told him, "look no further." She suggested that, instead of wasting time searching for and exposing an innocent woman, she would pretend to be Henrik's mother in order to draw him out. As a trained field agent, she understood the risks and could protect herself if need be. She also reminded him that she knew what it felt like to reconnect with a long-lost child. She planned on emailing Lulu in order to ask for help reaching out to "my boy."

Jason wondered what would happen if Henrik's real mother read the article. Anna replied that they needed to act quickly so that they wouldn't have to worry about it. She added that Lulu needed to believe that she was corresponding with Henrik's mother so that Peter wouldn't feel like he'd compromised the integrity of the paper, and Lulu wouldn't be forced to keep a secret from her employer.

Anna decided that she would reach out to Lulu, and she would set up a meeting with Henrik if he took the bait. Jason thought it was too dangerous, especially because she seemed too close to the case. "Are you willing to defend yourself?" he wondered, adding that he couldn't let Robin's mother get herself killed. He made her promise that she would call him if she heard from Henrik so that he could be there, and she reluctantly agreed. She had an email to write, so he left. When he was gone, she sat down and sobbed.

Robert is in trouble

Robert is in trouble

Friday, May 4, 2018

On the phone, Valentin asked someone for help with Robert. He needed a legitimate reason for Robert to get on a private plane, and Valentin assured the person that he could take it from there.

Nina demanded to know why Peter had all of the memorabilia revolving around Nathan, and he answered that he'd collected it as a surprise for Nina and Maxie. He informed her that he'd gotten help from Liesl and Madeline. Nina picked up the phone to call her mother, "in prison," to confirm that Peter's words were "a load of crap." Before she could make the call, Valentin entered the office, and she informed Valentin that her boss was "lying through his teeth."

Nina updated Valentin, and he asked for clarification from Peter. Peter explained that, while he'd never known Nathan, he kept reliving the moment Nathan had been shot. He'd witnessed Nina and Maxie's grief, so he'd wanted to do something to help. He admitted that it had also been for him in a way, and he apologized for upsetting Nina. Nina took the file and stormed out of the office. When she was gone, Valentin updated Peter that his plan for dealing with Robert was in motion.

Maxie straightened the flowers at Nathan's grave as she told Nathan that she wished Henrik would leave her alone -- or find a way to get Nathan back. She heard footsteps behind her and called out as a man entered the cemetery. She was surprised to see Chet, who expressed his sympathy for her loss. He was there to leave Nathan his N.A. six-month sobriety chip, as he believed Nathan had had a lot to do with it. She thought that Nathan would be proud of Chet.

Chet congratulated Maxie on the baby, and Maxie thanked Chet for the trust fund he and Amy had set up for the baby. She dubbed the gift as kind and generous, as opposed to Henrik's gift, and she explained about the LEAF fund in Nathan's name. Chet thought that the positives would outweigh the negatives, and he added that Henrik might not even be like Faison. She admitted that she was scared to lose her anger, but he advised her that anger was "poison."

Chet and Maxie both wondered how they'd ended up where they were, but both agreed that they wouldn't change anything. Maxie understood that she needed to forget where the money was from and focus on where it was going. She remembered how Nathan had loved to help people, and she wanted to do the same.

Peter was on the phone when Maxie entered his office, and he quickly ended the call. She informed him that she'd gone to Nathan's grave to get a sense of what he'd want her to do about the LEAF fund. She revealed that she'd decided to accept the fund. Peter was surprised that she seemed to be "coming around" about Henrik, but she wondered why Peter kept trying to convince her that Henrik was good. He countered that "rage is a heavy load. I've been there."

"Oh, my God," Maxie said as she suddenly put a hand on her stomach. She sat down and told Peter that it felt like the baby had done a "full body roll." She pulled his hand to her stomach, and he smiled as he felt the baby move. "I can't wait to meet you, little one," she said. "That makes two of us," Peter added.

Nina and Valentin sat in Kelly's as Nina looked through the letters and certificates in Nathan's file. Valentin had some business to take care of and made sure that Nina would be all right alone. "I'm not alone," she assured him, hugging one of Nathan's letters. He kissed her and left. Nina took the opportunity to call Liesl and confirm that she'd given Peter some of Nathan's keepsakes.

A short while later, Nina told Madeline that she was grateful that Madeline had preserved some of Nathan's childhood. "Take care, mother," she said, and she hung up the phone. She put in a call to Curtis and left him a message telling him that she was calling off her investigation of Peter.

On the phone, Carly told Josslyn that she would pick Josslyn up at Kelly's soon so they could go shopping for Nelle's baby shower. As she hung up, she looked at the invitation for the shower with a personal note from Monica on the back that read, "Looking forward to celebrating our new little one with you. Nelle's thrilled you're coming. Love, Monica." Carly took one of her pills as Sonny entered the Metro Court restaurant. Sonny didn't think it was a good idea for her to go to the baby shower, as she was under enough stress already. However, Carly knew that she would be painted as the "bad guy" if she didn't go.

Sonny reached into his pocket, and he fished out an envelope that had been delivered to the house that day and handed it to her. She opened the envelope and removed a packet of legal papers in disbelief. "She actually went through with it," she observed. She told Sonny about Nelle appointing her and Sonny as the baby's legal guardians should anything happen to Nelle and Michael. She believed that Nelle had an agenda, but Sonny only saw the action as a win.

Anna was taking a sip of her drink as the doorbell rang, and she answered the door to Robert. She informed him that she'd negotiated with Jason, and Jason was "on board" with her plan. He was concerned that she had worked too hard just to get herself killed. He realized that Anna just wanted Henrik to declare his innocence. She reminded him that there were no charges against Henrik, and every parent wanted to see the good in his or her child.

Robert still saw Jason as a problem, as Jason was the type to hold a grudge. Anna vowed not to let Jason kill Henrik. She and Jason respected each other, and she believed that she could handle him. Robert's phone went off, and he told her that he had to go take care of a case. He advised her to take care of herself, and she promised that she would be fine. When he was gone, she sat down at her computer and started typing.

Nelle and Michael approached Dante and Lulu at Kelly's, and Dante asked how Nelle was doing. She replied that they'd just been interviewing pediatricians. She revealed that she'd been meaning to get together with them to apologize and hopefully make amends for her mistakes with their family. Michael asked her to get them a table, and she obliged. Lulu insisted that she and Dante were there for Michael. He appreciated it, but he asked them to try to get along with Nelle. Lulu promised to try, and he left to join Nelle at another table.

Dante asked Lulu how things were going, and she teasingly accused him of fishing for information. He asked if she'd heard from Henrik, but Josslyn showed up before Lulu could answer. A few minutes later, Lulu had read through Oscar's "well-written" article, and Josslyn wondered if Lulu could possibly get it printed in the Port Charles Press. Dante wondered if Josslyn had asked Oscar if he wanted his article published. She admitted that she hadn't, but he deserved a reward for all his hard work. "You are so your mother's daughter," Dante said with a laugh.

Josslyn hadn't wanted to go through Drew because of "nepotism," but Dante informed her that, even if she hadn't gone through Drew, others would still think of it as nepotism. He advised her to stay goal-oriented but to realize that all of her actions had consequences, whether intended or not. She respected his thoughts, but she still wanted Lulu to pass the article along, and Lulu agreed.

When Josslyn was gone, Lulu guessed that Dante had also wanted Lulu to hear his talk about consequences. He told her that, if she heard from Henrik, he wanted to know before she told Peter. He got up to get some food for the station as her phone went off. She looked at the new email and gasped, and she read the email open-mouthed. The email, entitled "Henrik Faison," read, "I followed your coverage of Henrik Faison with interest. After careful thought, I've decided to reach out to you. I believe I am Henrik's mother."

Dante returned to ask if Lulu wanted anything then he noticed the expression on her face. She claimed that she'd just received a source she had to "vet," and he returned to the counter.

Nelle and Michael agreed that they were both excited and terrified that the baby would be there so soon. She revealed that she'd had legal guardianship papers drawn up, and his parents should have gotten them already. He made sure that she was sure about the decision, and she insisted that she and Carly needed to learn how to make peace. He appreciated the effort on Nelle's part, and she hoped that Carly would, also.

A few minutes later, Michael was gone, and Josslyn sat down with Nelle, remarking on how "cozy" Nelle and Michael had looked. Josslyn thought that Carly was "warming up" to Nelle, as Carly was set to take Josslyn shopping for Nelle's baby shower. Josslyn realized that Carly should have already been there to pick her up.

Michael entered the Metro Court restaurant and observed that his parents had already gotten the legal papers from Nelle. Carly maintained that Nelle had an ulterior motive, so Michael offered to call Nelle's bluff. He tore up the papers and thought that, if Nelle was serious, she would have another copy of the papers sent over right away. Carly walked away to get some ibuprofen in her office, as her prescription had a side effect of headaches.

"Did you forget something?" Josslyn wondered as Carly made her way to her office. Carly apologized profusely for forgetting about their shopping date, and Josslyn informed her that Nelle had driven her. Josslyn felt like something was wrong with Carly and that Carly was keeping it from Josslyn. Carly knew that she had been "off my game," but she promised that everything was getting better.

Michael advised Sonny that the harder Nelle was pushed, the worse she got. He thought it was best to try to move past what Nelle had done to the family for the baby's sake. Moments later, Nelle entered, having driven Josslyn over to the Metro Court. Michael thought it was "lame" that Nelle had to take Josslyn shopping for Nelle's own baby shower. Nelle reasoned that she hadn't wanted Josslyn to miss out on shopping, as she'd been excited. Sonny commented that they all were, and he flashed an overenthusiastic, clearly fake smile at Nelle.

Robert sat on the plane with a drink. He took a sip, shook his head, and rubbed his eyes. "I hope you enjoy your drink," Valentin said as he sat across from Robert. "It's stronger than you're used to." "Son of a --" Robert stammered. "Nighty night," Valentin cooed as Robert passed out.

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