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Maxie lashed out at Lulu. A concerned Sonny took Mike to the doctor. Diane called Anna, Drew, and Jason together for a reading of Faison's will. Nelle put her plans for Carly into motion.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 12, 2018 on GH
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Maxie tears into Lulu

Maxie tears into Lulu

Monday, February 12, 2018

Lulu told Maxie how sorry she was for Maxie's loss. "You should be," Maxie replied angrily, insising, "You killed him." Maxie went off on Lulu about how Lulu had only interviewed Nathan so that she could be "the next big thing" in journalism. "What's the going rate for my husband's life?" Maxie demanded to know, shocking Nina. As Peter listened, Maxie continued that Lulu had put Nathan in front of Faison in order to advance her career. "You know it's true," Maxie directed at Dante.

Maxie continued laying into Lulu, who wanted to make Maxie understand Lulu's point of view. Maxie thought that Lulu could make Maxie feel better by admitting her part in Nathan's death, but "Lulu is always right." She thought that admitting being wrong wasn't in Lulu's DNA. "Get out of my sight," Maxie spat, and Dante pulled Lulu away as Nina pulled Maxie in the opposite direction. Valentin glared at Lulu and followed Nina and Maxie.

Maxie looked at Nathan's grave and told Nina that she didn't want to leave him. "Tell me how to do this," Maxie sobbed into Nina's shoulder. Nina promised that they would figure it out together, and she hugged Maxie as Valentin grabbed Nina's hand.

A few minutes later, Peter stood alone over Nathan's grave. He thought it was strange to say goodbye even though he and Nathan had never been introduced as brothers. He wished he'd gotten to know Nathan, because Nathan had seemed like a good man and everything their father hadn't been. He thought that Nathan had been a lucky man, and he was sorry that Nathan's luck had run out.

At the Floating Rib, Anna asked Felicia if she needed anything. "A time machine," Felicia replied. Anna wondered where Maxie was, and Felicia informed her that Maxie had wanted a minute alone at Nathan's grave. When Felicia was gone, Spinelli admitted to Anna that he regretted not finding Faison sooner. He wondered if she was still searching for Henrik. "Absolutely," she answered. Spinelli remarked that the trail seemed to have run cold, but Anna thought it would heat up soon. "No one can be lost forever," she stated.

Sam remarked on the staring contest Drew seemed to be having with Franco. Drew felt that he was making Franco nervous. Across the room, Franco noticed Drew staring and averted his eyes. He suggested to Elizabeth that they go home and feel fortunate to be alive. She wanted to wait until Maxie arrived, so she got up to get them drinks. Drew walked over, and Franco immediately excused himself. Drew followed him to the bar, and Franco excused himself to make a phone call. Drew called Franco on avoiding him.

Drew wondered how long Franco had known about Jim without telling Drew. Franco cracked that they weren't friends, but he explained that they had been toddlers when Jim had dated Betsy. As Sam and Elizabeth approached, Drew wanted to see Franco's rabbit's foot, as it seemed familiar to him. Franco reluctantly handed it over, but it didn't jog any memories for Drew, so he returned it.

Away from Franco and Elizabeth, Drew wondered if Sam thought he was crazy for dwelling on a rabbit's foot. She reminded him that he'd recognized Kim, who'd turned out to be a big part of his past. She suggested that the rabbit's foot could be a "missing piece of the puzzle."

Peter arrived at the Floating Rib and approached Drew and Sam. Drew knew it wasn't an appropriate time to "talk shop," but he wondered if Peter had changed his mind about leaving Aurora.

Elizabeth wondered where Franco had found the rabbit's foot, and he divulged that he'd found it in a box after moving into her house. She thought it had done its job, as "who's luckier than us?" They shared a kiss.

Maxie, Nina, and Valentin arrived, and Mac, Felicia, Anna, and Spinelli went right over to Maxie. Anna assured Maxie that Nathan would have been proud of Maxie's strength. She looked around at the pictures of Nathan and told Nina that she just wanted to be alone. Nina understood and urged her to take care of herself. Maxie left, and Spinelli worried about Maxie being alone, so he followed her out.

Anna happened upon Valentin and made sure Nina was all right. Anna was "devastated for Maxie," and she admitted that she was still processing her last conversation with Valentin. She wondered, after he'd hated her for so long, why he had stayed quiet about Anna's child with Faison. She called the information "ammunition" that would have destroyed her personal and professional life. "There's a thin line between love and hate," he replied. He added that he'd never wanted to destroy her.

Anna wondered if Valentin had kept track of her daughter, but he claimed to only know what the midwife had told him. Anna had thought about finding her long-lost child and telling her the truth, but she would also have to tell Robin. She didn't want to turn either of their lives upside down, so he good-heartedly advised her to let the past stay in the past. He needed to be with Nina, so he excused himself.

Felicia had seen Anna talking to Valentin and asked Anna if Felicia should worry. Anna assured Felicia that Anna and Valentin had "no wars left to fight."

Peter walked over to Nina and expressed his sympathy for her loss. Nina introduced Valentin and Peter, who maintained that everyone at Aurora was family. Nina excused herself to talk to Felicia. Valentin took the opportunity to ask Peter if he'd reconsidered leaving town. He thought that the timing would look suspicious, and Jason was still following leads to find Peter. Valentin urged Peter to trust him and reminded Peter that Valentin had looked out for him in the past.

A short while later, Nina and Valentin returned to Nathan's grave. She placed a ticket stub from the Natural History Museum on the grave as she remembered taking him there every time he'd had off from school. She thanked Valentin for taking her back to the cemetery for one more chance to say goodbye, but she wasn't sure if it had been a good idea. Valentin informed Nina that he'd been around a lot of brave people, but he'd never met anyone as brave as her. She tearfully admitted that she didn't feel very brave. "You don't have to be anymore," he assured her, and he took her in his arms.

Kim arrived at Charlie's for "takeout for two." Julian gave her the menu of Valentine's specials, but she joked that the dishes were "a little over the top for my teenage son."

Finn and Alexis waited for the elevator together after a meeting, and she cracked that sharing his name had been more sharing than he'd ever done at a meeting. He promised to buy her coffee if she stopped hounding him to share. She agreed, but only if he also shared "one significant detail" about himself. He agreed, and they got on the elevator. A short while later, they arrived in front of Charlie's. She reluctantly went inside and saw Kim and Julian talking.

Julian watched Alexis and Finn sit as Kim's food arrived. He didn't want to let her walk home alone with two large bags of food, so he handed the reins to his manager. Kim thought he was trying to make Alexis jealous, but she still wanted him to walk her home, so they left.

Trying to ignore the fact that Julian and Kim left together, Alexis wondered if Finn's sudden frequent attendance at meetings had anything to do with his relationship with Anna. He thought there might be a correlation. She asked who'd left who, and he responded that, "the last time," it had been Anna. He wondered what he was supposed to do next. Alexis figured that if Anna was fighting so hard to stay away from him, she wasn't yet ready to be with him.

Dante and Lulu sat down at Charlie's, as Lulu couldn't "face the kids." Lulu thought that Maxie hated her. She wished she'd let Nathan handle things his way, and she regretted not staying out of it. Lulu decided that she needed to quit her job. Dante countered that she loved her job, but she replied that she loved Maxie more. She needed to make things right by showing Maxie that she was serious.

Oscar and Josslyn arrived at Oscar's, and he told her to hurry and "take care of it" before Kim returned home. "It's not working," she told him as she put something on his face with a makeup sponge. Just then, Kim arrived with Julian in tow, and Oscar scrambled far away. Kim told Oscar to greet the company, so he walked toward them and showed that he had a black eye.

Kim demanded an explanation, and Oscar explained that he'd stood up for his friend who'd been bullied. Kim urged him to tell the teacher next time, but he replied that, if he'd taken the time to find a teacher, his friend would have gotten seriously hurt. Kim yelled that she only cared about Oscar, not his friend.

Josslyn and Oscar turned to go in the other room, and Julian tossed some ice to Oscar. "I'll tell my stepdad you said hi," said a snarky Josslyn. Kim wondered if she'd overreacted, but Julian understood. "Oscar is all I have," she admitted. Julian reminded her that she had friends.

Maxie stood in front of her apartment and stared at the door, keys in hand. She took a deep breath, unlocked the door, and sat on the couch. As she looked around, there was a knock on the door. "What are you doing here?" she asked when she opened the door to Spinelli. "You shouldn't be alone," he told her. "But I am," she reminded him.

A few minutes later, Spinelli returned from the kitchen with a mug of tea for Maxie. She wondered if it was strange to not have Georgie at the funeral, but Spinelli agreed that she was probably too little to understand. He added that Georgie would have missed her first school trip to the zoo, anyway. Maxie smiled, trying to imagine all the fun Georgie had at the zoo, and Spinelli urged Maxie not to just imagine it. "Come home with me," he suggested. "Going to Portland won't make me forget that my husband is dead," Maxie said, starting to get upset.

Maxie continued that she'd been in Portland for months, "wasting precious time" that she could have been spending with Nathan. She knew he was trying to help, but she didn't want to run away. She told Spinelli that, until she no longer had hope that knocks at the door, opening elevators, or footsteps were Nathan, she had to stay. "You can't help me with that," she concluded. She asked him to leave. He kissed her on the forehead and left.

When Spinelli was gone, Maxie put on one of Nathan's hoodies and smelled it. She apologized to the baby that he or she wouldn't get to meet his or her father, who had already loved the baby. She hoped that she hadn't scared the baby with her outbursts, and she promised that "your mom's not a psycho. I'm just sad. And angry." Maxie promised to try to "pull it together," as it was what Nathan would have wanted. She knew that they would always miss Nathan but assured the baby that they could lean on each other to get through it. "We'll be okay. You'll see," she promised.

Michael tries to set boundaries with Nelle

Michael tries to set boundaries with Nelle

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Robin was pleasantly surprised when she bumped into Jason at Kelly's. After they exchanged warm greetings, she asked if he had a minute to talk. Jason nodded because Michael hadn't arrived yet. After they sat down, Robin thanked Jason for killing Faison because Faison had tormented her mother for most of Anna's life, and Anna was finally free. Robin talked about Nathan's "heartbreaking" funeral and Nina's touching eulogy then mentioned that Drew and Sam had been among the mourners. Robin was surprised that Sam had married Drew because Robin had hoped that Sam would take a step back and evaluate her feelings before making any important life choices.

Jason believed that Sam wanted a life with Drew, but Robin disagreed. Robin explained that Sam had chosen Drew because abandoning him for Jason would have felt disloyal, and it would have made a lie out of every time that Sam had told Drew that she loved him. Robin had watched Patrick go through the same thing with Sabrina. She conceded that her husband had loved Sabrina, but his love for Robin had been stronger. Jason accused Robin of sounding like Carly, so Robin advised him to heed their words because Robin and Carly seldom agreed. Robin stood to leave, but she decided to share a treat that she had picked up for Emma to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Robin handed Jason a small heart-shaped candy then instructed him to read it before he popped it into his mouth. Jason looked at the candy, which read, "real love."

A short time later, Michael entered the diner and greeted Jason. He was disappointed that he had missed Robin, but Jason assured Michael that Robin had loved Michael since Michael had been a baby. Jason marveled at how much time had passed, prompting Michael to ask if Carly had ever used Michael to get closer to Jason. Michael admitted that he feared that Nelle was hoping the baby would draw Michael back to her. Jason was curious if it would work, but Michael shook his head because Michael didn't love Nelle.

Michael conceded that he didn't even know Nelle because she was broken on the inside, and she told people what she thought they wanted to hear. Michael worried that it wasn't in Nelle to be a good mother, but he was reluctant to get embroiled in a custody fight, so he asked what Jason would do. Jason admitted that he wouldn't try to make a family with someone he didn't trust, and he encouraged Michael to focus on what was best for the child. Michael thanked Jason for the helpful advice.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava talked to Franco and Elizabeth about hosting their wedding. She assured them that she would take care of everything, and it would be a wedding gift. Franco was leery about accepting because his last event at the gallery hadn't gone well when his past had caught up with him. Elizabeth insisted that it been a "minor glitch" in an otherwise successful night. Ava smiled then added that Franco was the luckiest man alive because he had managed to leave his past behind him.

Ava fetched a pad then offered to take care of the details for the reception, but Elizabeth sensed Franco's continued hesitation and tactfully promised to get back to Ava with a final decision. Franco and Elizabeth thanked Ava for everything then left as Nelle entered with a delivery of red roses from Griffin. Ava smiled as she read the card because a year earlier, she couldn't have imagined that she would receive a romantic gift from a man. Ava pointed out that it was proof that a lot could change in a year. Nelle agreed because a year earlier, she couldn't have dreamed of having a baby with Michael because she and Michael had just been starting to fall in love. Nelle's smile faded as she admitted that she had thought that she had found someone who had seen more in her than anyone ever had.

Nelle admitted that Michael had made her feel like she could be a better person, and she had tried to be one until it had all blown up in her face. Ava promised that things could turn around if the right person believed in Nelle because it had happened for Ava. Ava reminded Nelle that in a year, Nelle would have a beautiful baby and perhaps a man and a bouquet of roses of her own. "From your lips to Michael's ears," Nelle replied.

Later, Nelle asked if Ava and Griffin had plans for the evening. Ava nodded then invited Nelle to go shopping with her on the way home, but Michael entered the gallery. Ava greeted him them asked about Avery. He revealed that he intended to pick Avery up from school after he left the gallery, so Ava asked him to give Avery her love. After Ava stepped away to give Michael and Nelle some privacy, Nelle assured him that Ava loved Avery because parents shared an unbreakable bond with their children. Michael shifted gears and explained that he wanted to discuss her apartment.

Nelle assumed that Michael wanted the rent, so she fetched an envelope from her purse, but he told her to hold onto the money because he had decided to sell the building. Nelle was surprised, but Michael thought it would be best to set certain boundaries between them. He assured her that he would make certain that the new owner took care of the building and treated the tenants fairly. Nelle smiled politely until Michael left. Ava had overheard the exchange and praised Nelle for remaining calm. Nelle assured Ava that Michael's decision was only a minor setback.

Nelle recognized that Carly wanted to keep Nelle out of Michael's life. Nelle said she wouldn't put it past Carly to try to keep Nelle out of the baby's life, but Nelle intended to protect herself. Nelle had no problem giving Michael space, so Ava asked what Nelle had planned once everyone had been lulled into a false sense of security. Nelle explained that she would lure Michael to her, but Ava was skeptical. Nelle assured Ava that Michael would soon need a sympathetic person to lean on, and Carly would have a Valentine's Day that she'd never forget. Nelle didn't elaborate, but she assured Ava that she hadn't forgotten her promise about helping Ava get Avery back.

At Kelly's, Jason was settling his tab at the counter when Jake entered. Franco and Elizabeth were seconds behind Jake. Elizabeth tried to ease the awkwardness by telling Jason about Jake winning first place in the school's art show, but Jason's smile faltered when Jake credited Franco with helping him. Unaware of the tension between the men, Jake asked if Jason would be attending Elizabeth and Franco's wedding. Jason carefully explained that he wouldn't be able to make it then changed the subject by inviting Jake to visit him at his new place.

Jake worried that he'd said something wrong, but Elizabeth assured her son that everything was okay then took him to pick out some Valentine cupcakes. Franco acknowledged that Jason didn't support Elizabeth's decision to marry him, but he hoped that Jason wouldn't put Jake in the middle of things. Jason pointed out that Jake was too young to understand what Franco was, so Franco agreed that Jake was too young to comprehend that a brain tumor had driven Franco's behavior. Franco tried to turn things around by asking if brain damage had caused Jason to become a "stone-cold killer," but Jason refused to rise to the bait. However, Franco hit a nerve when he suggested that Sam should be more afraid of Jason than of Franco because Jason had spent years "doped up" in a clinic. Jason vowed that Franco would pay one day for the things that Franco had done.

Elizabeth returned with Jake then sent her son with Franco to the car. After they left, Elizabeth questioned Jason about what he and Franco had talked about, but Jason refused to tell her. Elizabeth reminded Jason that Jake was excited about the wedding, and he had wanted Jason to be there to celebrate, but Jason admitted that he couldn't attend. Elizabeth knew it was because Jason disapproved of Franco, but she assured him that Franco had helped their son. Jason was unmoved because Jake didn't know Franco the way that Jason did. Resigned, Elizabeth insisted that they needed to find a way to coexist, but Franco and Jake returned to check on her. Elizabeth promised to be right there then turned her attention back to Jason.

Elizabeth's tone softened as she advised Jason to think about his future and moving forward. She gently asked him to let go of his anger because people could change, and she wanted Jason to be happy. She wished him a happy Valentine's Day then left.

At Greystone Manor, Carly welcomed Sonny home with a warm hug. She was surprised that he'd made such good time, but Sonny had been determined to make it home in time to celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife. Pleased, Carly asked about their guest as Mike walked up and greeted Carly with a box of "Brooklyn's finest" chocolates -- for his favorite daughter-in-law. "Your only daughter-in-law," Carly shot back as she smiled then hugged Mike. She was curious where Mike's bags were, so he explained that they were in the car because he planned to get a room.

Carly, Sonny, and Mike entered the living room as Mike and Sonny argued about where Mike would stay during his visit. Carly sided with Mike because she agreed that he should be able to decide where he would stay, but she admitted that she would be offended if he didn't stay with them because she had gotten a room ready for him. Mike capitulated, but he grumbled about getting lost in the mansion. Carly offered to show Mike to his room, but he assured her that he knew the way. After Mike left to put his bags in the guest room, Carly asked Sonny what was going on. He told her about Mike's girlfriend, Rita, and the money he'd found stashed in Mike's cigar box.

Sonny admitted that he was concerned about Mike. They continued to talk until Mike returned, but Mike bristled because he knew that Sonny and Carly had been whispering about him. Sonny was saved by the doorbell. It was Robin. Sonny hugged her then invited her inside to catch up with Mike. Delighted, Robin hugged Mike then sat down to show him pictures of her children while Sonny and Carly fetched refreshments.

Robin realized that Mike hadn't known about Noah, but Mike assured her that Sonny had mentioned Robin's son. Mike claimed that he'd forgotten Noah's name because he hadn't used his system. Sonny chuckled as he entered the room then explained that Mike remembered names by associating the names with Mike's favorite horses. Mike revealed that Robin was "Red Robin" who'd won at Saratoga, and Emma was "Emissary" who'd won at Pimlico. Mike decided that Noah would be after "Noah's Ark," a winner at Churchill Downs.

Satisfied, Mike stood up to fetch a cookie from the tray that Carly placed on the table, but Mike suddenly became lightheaded and sat back down. Concerned, Robin asked if it happened often, but Mike became defensive and blamed it on low blood sugar. Robin continued to pepper Mike with questions, but he refused to answer because he was certain that Sonny had put Robin up to it. Robin was shocked when Mike decided to return to Brooklyn, so she assured him that she'd only asked because the doctor in her had been worried.

Moments later, Rita called to check in with Mike. He calmed down then assured her that he would be home by Saturday in time to take her dancing. Everyone sat back down just as Michael arrived with Avery. Mike greeted his grandson then asked if Avery was Michael's daughter. Everyone smiled awkwardly as Carly reminded Mike that Avery was Sonny's daughter. Mike quickly apologized for the confusion and brushed it off. Robin decided to leave, so Sonny walked her to the door. She urged Sonny to get Mike checked out.

When Sonny returned to the living room, Avery gave her father a Valentine's Day card that she had made at school. Sonny was touched by the special gift. Mike's eyes filled with emotion as he watched Sonny and his family.

At the Nero apartment, Kim was relieved when Drew stopped by. He assured her that he had rushed over as soon as he had received her text message. He was curious what had been so urgent, prompting her to show him a picture of Oscar's black eye that she'd taken with her phone. Surprised, Drew asked what had happened. "You happened," Kim answered. Kim blamed him for Oscar getting into a physical altercation because Drew had taught Oscar how to fight. Drew clarified that he'd taught their son to defend himself because Oscar had asked him to.

Kim insisted that learning self-defense had put Oscar at risk, but Drew couldn't appreciate that because he had no idea what it was like to raise a teenager. Kim added that she and Oscar had been fine before Drew had appeared, but Drew was doubtful because Oscar had turned to Drew for help. Kim was offended, and the argument escalated until Oscar appeared in the doorway and shouted for his parents to stop. Oscar informed Kim that she couldn't be more wrong about Drew, but Drew backed up Kim by explaining that she was upset because Oscar had a black eye. Drew regretted that he hadn't found another way for Oscar to resolve his problem, so Kim acknowledged that she could have handled things better.

Drew sat down with Oscar and asked about the altercation. Kim stood back and listened as Oscar told his father about the incident. Drew recalled that Oscar had mentioned that the friend was different, "but not this different." Oscar tensed then asked if it made a difference. Drew admitted that it did; it had made Drew admire Oscar more. Oscar relaxed then asked if Drew thought that opening a school dance to all kids was asking for trouble. "Probably," Drew conceded, but he added that they wouldn't be caught off guard again. Pleased, Oscar asked if his mother was on board.

Kim admitted that she would rather Oscar finish his social studies project before tackling a party. Oscar smiled then jokingly advised his parents to work on their co-parenting skills because he'd been getting mixed messages from them. After Oscar disappeared into his bedroom, Drew admitted that he and Kim had done something right when they had made Oscar. Kim smiled then conceded that Oscar deserved most of the credit because he was a great kid. Drew appreciated that Kim had encouraged their son to talk to him, but Kim assured Drew that it had been the right thing to do because Drew was Oscar's father.

Drew confessed that he was proud of Oscar for standing up to a bully, but Kim hadn't been surprised because Oscar was like his father. She smiled as she recalled an incident from when she and Drew had dated. Drew was eager to hear about it, so she revealed that she and Drew had arranged to meet at a bar near the naval base. Kim had arrived early, and she had unwittingly attracted the attention of one of the patrons. She had rebuffed the man's unwanted advances, but the man had been a bit too handsy, ripping her dress strap as she had turned away from him. Kim smiled as she remembered how Drew had appeared out of nowhere like an "avenging angel."

Drew grinned then asked if he'd won the fight. "Yes," Kim confirmed as she returned his smile. Drew and Kim were unaware that Oscar stood in the doorway, watching them.

Kiki drowns her sorrows

Kiki drowns her sorrows

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Jordan was tearfully reading Nathan's obituary when Curtis entered with a bouquet of red roses. She thought it was sweet of him for trying to cheer her up, but Curtis told her there was another reason. She couldn't believe she'd forgotten that it was Valentine's Day, and she kissed him meekly. He realized that she was throwing herself into work as a grieving mechanism, so he would need more than flowers to make her day happy. He promised her that Nathan wouldn't be angry at her for taking a break. After Nathan's service, Curtis believed that the best way they could honor Nathan would be to "truly love each other."

A short while later, Curtis returned to Jordan's office and unpacked the meal he'd gotten for them. When they were done eating, she wondered where he'd gotten lake trout. He admitted that he'd gotten it from the seafood counter, and Stella had helped him cook it, which shocked Jordan. He replied that "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" to make her happy.

Curtis told Jordan that they had to live their lives to the fullest and asked her to go home with him. She wanted to know that she'd made her day count, and he urged her to also make her night count. He quoted a saying he'd heard, "Make tonight the best night of all, and the worst of the nights to come." She gushed that every day with him was better than the last. She agreed to go home with him, and they shared a kiss.

Sonny and Carly were kissing passionately on the couch as Sonny informed Carly that Mike had gone to bed. Suddenly, Mike descended the stairs, interrupting the couple. He explained that he'd realized he hadn't gotten anything for Rita, so he was going to go to a flower shop. He figured that she would get them the next day if he ordered them that night. Sonny informed Mike that he could just order the flowers online, but Mike put out excuses for the contrary.

Sonny offered to drive, but Mike wanted to walk. He accused Sonny of thinking that Mike was going to go gamble. Sonny insisted that he'd believed Mike and told him that he could go. Carly put more layers on Mike, as it was cold. When Mike was gone, Sonny wondered if Carly thought there was "something else going on" with Mike. Carly chose to believe Mike.

A short while later, Sonny and Carly shared a kiss in front of the fireplace. Sonny broke away, worried about Mike. He felt the need to go look for Mike, and she urged him to go. He promised to make it up to her, and he left.

Amy told a suit-clad Griffin that he looked amazing, and she hoped the "lucky lady" was someone other than Ava. Griffin reasoned that he knew that Amy had been good friends with Nathan, so he chose to assume that any "unkindness" was due to grief. "Not really," she responded. Griffin reminded her that he was also mourning Nathan, especially since Nathan had died in Griffin's care. He urged her to judge him instead, but Amy pointed out that Griffin saved lives, and "everyone" knew about all the bad things Ava had done. He insisted that people changed, and he left. Amy thought that Griffin was in for a "rude awakening."

At the gallery, Ava emerged from the back in a sparkly dress. Seeing a glum Nelle, Ava assured her that Ava knew what it was like to spend the holiday on her own. She wondered if Nelle was giving up on her plans, and she advised Nelle to "keep your eye on the prize." Griffin arrived, and Ava thanked him for the flowers. She remarked that he was doing well for his "first civilian Valentine's Day." He explained that he'd usually held a service on the holiday about the legend of Saint Valentine, and Ava and Nelle wanted to hear it.

Griffin explained that Saint Valentine was a third-century priest who was considered the patron saint of love for performing secret weddings between Christians, which had been banned. The saint had been sent to jail, beaten, and killed. "Romantic," Nelle commented sarcastically. Griffin believed the story was romantic, as the saint had had the courage to do what was right and stand up for his beliefs. "Love never dies," he concluded.

Ava made sure that Nelle would be all right, and she and Griffin started to head out. Just then, Griffin's phone went off, and he hoped it was the restaurant confirming his reservation. However, it was the hospital, and a patient had insisted on seeing Griffin. He promised that he wouldn't be long, and he left. Griffin's story had the women thinking, and Nelle thought that Michael couldn't have just turned off his feelings for her if they'd been real. Ava admitted that she'd always had doubts about love.

Nelle wondered if Ava and Griffin had "declared your feelings" for each other. "Not yet," Ava replied giddily. She thought that night would be the perfect night to do so, and Nelle believed that Griffin felt the same. Ava asked if Nelle was ready to put her plan into motion. "Absolutely," she replied, but she didn't want to fill Ava in on the details. Ava cheered Nelle on for giving Michael a Valentine's Day he'd never forget. "Not Michael," Nelle responded on her way out.

Nelle arrived at a pay phone and put money in with her gloves on. She dialed a number, and the line rang. At Sonny's, Carly looked at the phone, which read "unknown caller." She picked it up, thinking it was Mike, and heard back only silence. On the other end of the line, Nelle retrieved a small electronic gadget from her bag and spoke into it. "I'm here," she said, revealing the box to be a voice changer.

Jason opened his Valentine from Danny, which read, "Happy heard day, Dad. Love, Danny." Danny asked if Jason had a Valentine, and Jason answered in the negative. "Who gave you this?" he asked, holding the heart candy up. Jason replied that a friend had given it to him, and he offered it to Danny. However, Danny revealed that his stomach hurt from eating too much chocolate at school, and he wanted Sam. Jason offered Danny some club soda, even though Danny was only used to ginger ale. Jason thought Danny should try the club soda and got up to get some. When Jason was gone, Danny picked up Jason's phone.

Kiki, Molly, and T.J. arrived at the Floating Rib, and Kiki offered to buy the first round. She went to the bar to get them shots, and Molly and T.J. sat at a table. They agreed that every day was special when they were together and that they probably had the only "uncomplicated relationship in Port Charles."

Spinelli arrived at the bar and put in an order. Kiki wondered if he was going through a breakup, but Spinelli told her that his girlfriend was on the opposite coast. Kiki realized that he was probably in town for Maxie. He confirmed it but figured that Maxie probably didn't want to spend her first Valentine's Day as a widow with her ex.

Drew took two drinks over to Sam at a pool table, and Sam handed Drew his Valentine from Danny. It read, "Happy heard day to my other dad," and Drew was touched. Just then, Molly approached and asked where Alexis was while she was watching Scout. Sam knowingly told Molly that Alexis was at Sam and Drew's place, so the house was all Molly's.

When Molly excitedly ran back to T.J., Sam took out a gift for Drew. She handed him her passport, on which her name was "Sam McCall Cain." Drew told Sam about his experience with Kim and Oscar earlier in the day, and he admitted that he'd almost remembered something about the story she'd told him. Just then, Sam's phone rang, and she answered it to Danny. He asked her to go to Jason's because Danny didn't feel good.

Molly told T.J. that they would have the whole house to themselves. "What are we waiting for then?" T.J. asked, and they looked to Kiki, who was talking to Spinelli. She asked if she wanted Molly and T.J.'s shots as she downed them. She revealed that the day would have been her and Dillon's one-year anniversary. She drunkenly looked through her purse for something and realized that she'd left her work ID on the nurses' station. She wanted to call the hospital, but Spinelli offered to do it outside, where it was quieter. He went outside, and Kiki took the opportunity to call Dillon.

Kiki heard another woman in the background of her call with Dillon and was amazed by how quickly he had moved on. She'd thought they'd had something special, so she told him to "go to hell," and she hung up. Molly and T.J. appeared in front of Kiki and told her about their "change of plans." She urged them to "go have fun," so they left. Spinelli returned and assured Kiki that Amy had put Kiki's ID in her locker. He thought it was time for Kiki to "call it a night" and offered to get her a car. She slurred that he should go home with her.

Griffin left instructions with Amy for his patient, and she was sorry that the call had ruined his night, "even if it was with Ava." Griffin appreciated her effort in being nicer about Ava and wondered what had caused her better mood. She revealed that a little boy had given her a Valentine that had read "To Nurse Amy, I love you and I always will." He knew that the boy would never forget Amy's kindness.

Amy asked if Griffin was friends with Kiki, and she revealed that a "reliable source" had told her that Kiki was "at the Floating Rib, drowning her sorrows in shots." She added that her source was Spinelli, so Kiki couldn't be in safer hands. Just then, Griffin got a text from Ava, which read, "let's skip the stuffy restaurant. Meet me at my place instead, no matter how late. St. Valentine inspired me. I have something to tell you." He told a curious Amy that he'd gotten a Valentine's message "almost as nice as yours."

Ava was getting ready to leave the gallery when she received a reply from Griffin. It read, "Sounds good to me. Almost finished here. On my way." She smiled and left the gallery.

Danny drank the club soda and revealed that it worked as well as ginger ale for his stomachache. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jason was surprised to answer it to Sam. She informed him that Danny had called her, so she'd picked up some ginger ale on the way. Sam instructed Danny to get his stuff, but he begged to stay at Jason's. He wanted both Sam and Jason to put him to bed. When Danny was tucked in, he asked for Sam and Jason to take turns reading him a story. They obliged, and Danny quickly fell asleep. Sam wanted to stay for a while to make sure Danny was asleep, so Jason left the room.

Sam decided that Danny was asleep for the night, and she got up to leave the bedroom. Danny suddenly woke up and told Sam he loved her. He assured her that he was feeling better, and she promised to see him in the morning. He added that he'd liked when she and Jason had read to him. She kissed him and left the room.

There was a knock on the door, and Jason answered it to Drew. Jason explained that everything was all right with Danny, but Drew was suspicious of how Sam had ended up at the apartment. "You say you're going to take yourself out of the equation, but you never do," Drew accused. He wanted Jason to admit that he was only out for what he wanted. "All I'm doing is living my life," Jason replied, adding, "How you deal with it is up to you." Sam emerged from the bedroom and assured Jason and Drew that Danny was all right. She and Drew left the apartment, but not before Drew shot a glare back at Jason.

Mike grows more confused

Mike grows more confused

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ava sprinkled rose petals over her bed and put a couple of candles out in anticipation of Griffin's visit. She decided against lighting the candles but practiced saying "I love you" instead.

Amy and Griffin stood at the nurses' station at the hospital before Griffin left for his Valentine's date with Ava. Amy apologized again for "speaking out of turn" against Ava and admitted she'd learned something recently. She knew that everyone needed to hold onto happiness for as long as they could.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Michael ran into Sonny, who had been out looking for Mike and was very concerned about his father's whereabouts. Sonny explained that Mike had gone out to buy flowers but had left his phone behind. He had searched all of Mike's old haunts, but no one had seen him. Sonny thought something was "going on." He added that Mike always ran if he felt pushed into a corner.

Alexis and Finn bumped into each other in a hospital corridor, and Finn jokingly accused Alexis of following him. Alexis revealed that she had been obtaining an endorsement from the nurses' union for the mayoral election. She asked whether Finn had any news, especially regarding Anna's mixed signals. Finn clarified that he and Anna weren't a couple. Alexis started to say that she and Julian weren't a couple, either, but they had mixed signals.

Finn wanted to hear more, but Alexis felt that it was too involved to go into. She revealed that she had inherited Laura's schedule for the mayoral race, and she had several events scheduled at Charlie's Pub. She was worried about what would happen if she lost the race and found herself in a bar with alcohol and her ex-husband. Finn offered to accompany her to the pub to wait for the election day results, and Alexis was puzzled. It wasn't like Finn, but he assured her that she needed someone in her corner.

Alexis wondered how she would introduce Finn to everyone. She asked if he would be her date or her sobriety buddy. Finn suggested that both would be fine. Alexis confessed that she was feeling nervous and had to eat, and she invited Finn to go out with her. He accepted readily.

Spinelli managed to get a wasted Kiki home, but feeling amorous and sorry for herself, she planted a kiss on his lips. Spinelli managed to escape her clutches, and Kiki fell to the couch. He reminded her that he was with someone, but even if he wasn't, he would never take advantage of her in her condition. Suddenly, Kiki felt sick, and Spinelli called the hospital. He reached Amy and explained that he had found himself in a "delicate situation" with Kiki and needed help. He had seen Kiki home but believed that she had alcohol poisoning. Amy snagged Griffin on his way out, and the doctor agreed to stop at Kiki's on his way to Ava's place.

Carly received a phone call from an unknown number. "I'm here," the male caller said and hung up. As Carly looked at her list of phone calls and redialed the number, Nelle slipped the voice changer back into her bag and walked away from the pay phone. Carly only heard the ringing phone but was interrupted when the doorbell rang. It was Diane, who was there to see Sonny and to meet Max for their date. Carly mentioned her "weird phone calls" but then decided it was probably just a prank.

Diane had forms for Sonny to sign that would create a trust for Avery. Carly offered to sign but realized that she wasn't Avery's legal guardian. Diane also asked that Carly have Michael return her phone calls regarding setting something up for his new baby. Carly wanted advice about what she could do about Nelle, as she was afraid that Nelle might keep the baby away from her and Sonny. Diane confided that she'd heard that Michael and Nelle had been "playing nice," but Carly was confident that Nelle would get rid of her if she could. Diane thought the best advice was for Carly to stay out of things because it was Michael's job to handle, and he was well equipped to do just that. Diane received a message from an international law firm, and she left. Carly promised she'd send Max to Diane at the restaurant.

Tired of waiting, Ava attempted to phone Griffin but only reached his voicemail. She called the hospital next, and Amy informed her that Griffin had left but was on his way to Kiki's apartment. Ava hung up before Amy could explain, and Ava flashed back to one of the times she'd seen Griffin and Kiki hugging.

Anna arrived at the Federal Correctional Institution at Otisville, New York, and found Andre waiting to see her. She sat down across the table from him, and she told him that Faison had died. Andre already knew. He wasn't sure how he could help Anna, as his license had been suspended. Anna admitted that she had a secret, and she'd needed to see a friend. She revealed that she'd had Faison's baby and had never told anyone, including Faison. She'd heard about Henrik, but Valentin had informed her that she'd had a daughter. She'd never doubted her decision to never hold or look at the baby until Faison's death. Anna wept.

Andre wondered who Anna might be afraid of sharing the news with, and Anna blurted out, "Robin." She was scared to tell her, and she admitted there was someone else. She grabbed Andre's hands and apologized for not being fair. Andre asked what was really going on, and he asked Anna if she had been seeing someone. Anna confessed that she had been growing close to someone, but she'd pushed him away due to her secret. She didn't think that anyone really had to know, since Faison was dead. It was on her mind constantly, though. Andre declared that he had been running from his fears for decades, and he didn't think that she should make the same mistake. If someone deserved Anna's heart, then he deserved the truth.

Nelle arrived at Kelly's and sat at the counter. She looked at the voice changer and stuffed it into her purse again. She thought her plan was working. She ordered a decaf coffee, and Mike poured her a cup from behind the counter. The waitress walked over to Mike and told him that only staff members were allowed behind the counter, and she advised him to get to the other side. He told her to run along, but as she tried to grab the carafe from him, it crashed to the floor. She announced that she would call the police. Nelle quietly sat and observed the confrontation.

A police officer arrived, and the waitress explained how the man had scared the customers and had started serving. Mike calmly cleaned off the counter. When the cop asked for identification, Mike replied that he ran the place. As he started to go through his wallet for his license, the cop asked for the wallet to make it easier. Mike grew agitated, and the wallet flew in the air and landed on the floor near Nelle. She saw a photo of Michael and Morgan in the wallet and quickly made a phone call.

Sonny was talking about the type of fathers he and Mike had been while he assured Michael he'd be great. Michael's phone rang. It was Nelle, who asked if he knew a Michael Corbin. Michael identified him as his grandfather, which prompted Nelle to urge him to get to Kelly's.

Griffin arrived at Kiki's and checked her out as Spinelli stood by. Griffin stated that he could handle things from there, and Spinelli wished Kiki a "minimal hangover in the morning." Kiki fell all over Griffin as he sat beside her on the sofa. She asked him not to leave because everyone else always did. Griffin went into the other room to get Kiki some water, and Kiki began to try to remove her shirt. He returned, told her she needed to get to bed, and tried to help with the shirt. Just then, Ava walked in. "What the hell's going on here?" Ava demanded to know.

Griffin stammered that it wasn't how it looked, and Ava advised him that a nurse had told her he was there. Kiki piped up that she'd drunk-dialed Dillon, who'd had someone else with him. Ava took her daughter to the bedroom. She didn't think it was looking good for an aspiring doctor to be in that predicament, and she was furious -- but not at Kiki. She began to shout at Griffin about how stupid she'd felt waiting around alone for him all night. She insisted he should have called her. Griffin responded that he'd been taking care of her daughter, and he would have thought she'd want him to do so.

Ava was tired of Griffin's usual pattern of someone always needing his attention. He tried to tell her he was a sympathetic person, but Ava didn't want to hear it. She thought she'd be first for a change, especially since it was Valentine's Day, and she'd had something to say. She quickly backed off and admitted that she was grateful. Griffin apologized and stated that the "relationship thing is new." He suggested they make a late start back to her place, but just then, Kiki called out for her mother. Ava advised Griffin that she planned on spending the night with her daughter, and there was always next year.

Sonny and Michael got to Kelly's, and Mike explained that he had been pouring coffee. The waitress mentioned that he had been cleaning up too. Sonny stated that Mike hadn't worked there for years; the staff didn't know him, but he had once managed the place. "I guess I really didn't think it through," Mike said as he realized the situation. He apologized to the waitress, and Michael mentioned that his grandmother owned the place. The cop was okay with everything. Sonny offered to pay for the damages, and Michael thanked Nelle for calling him. He wouldn't forget what she'd done.

Carly tried to redial the unknown number again, and again she was interrupted when the guys all returned home. She asked about the florist, but Mike replied that he hadn't gotten to it. Michael added that it had been closed. Mike went up to bed, and Michael left, but not before telling Carly that Nelle had helped them out. Sonny filled Carly in, and Carly grew weepy. Sonny thought that Mike hadn't even realized how he had ended up at Kelly's, but something was wrong. Carly wrapped her arms around him.

The waitress put down a plate of food in front of Nelle, "on the house," for her help with Mike. Nelle thought to herself that maybe she didn't have to "destroy Granny Carly after all." She thought the baby disagreed as she patted her stomach, and she'd have to go along with that. Carly would be after her if she got closer to Michael.

Finn and Alexis sat at a table at Kelly's. She told him the BLT was on her, and she left to call the event planner to add Finn to the election gathering. Finn cautiously wiped down the silverware and the cup on the table as Anna walked in. She told him she was meeting someone, but she had something to tell him. She smiled, but then Alexis returned. "We're all set. It's a date," Alexis announced.

Everyone began to talk at once as Finn and Alexis tried to explain, though Anna insisted that she didn't need an explanation. Diane arrived, and she and Anna headed to the counter. Alexis urged Finn to explain, but Finn didn't think Anna cared. He added that she'd made her position clear.

Diane motioned her head toward Alexis and Finn. "When did that become a thing?" she asked Anna. She proceeded to inform Anna that Anna had been named as a beneficiary in Cesar Faison's will.

The contents of Faison's will are revealed

The contents of Faison's will are revealed

Friday, February 16, 2018

At Kiki's apartment, Ava looked at her phone as she received a call from Griffin. She ignored it and turned to Kiki, who had just emerged from her bedroom. Kiki ordered her mother to turn the siren off as she fought the morning hangover. Ava teased her daughter about being held in the drunk tank at the police station and gave her some greasy food to eat to fight the hangover. Kiki realized that she had probably ruined her mother's evening as she recalled Griffin being there to tend to her.

Mother and daughter sat on the sofa, and Ava declared that she couldn't allow Kiki to "drink the hurts away." Kiki insisted she was retired from all similar behavior in the future. Kiki admitted that she'd known in her head that she and Dillon were over, but her heart had had a difficult time accepting it. Ava pointed out that Dillon just hadn't been the right guy. Kiki insisted on going to work and refused to call out as Ava suggested. Ava offered to give her a ride.

Mike and Sonny stood in the elevator at the hospital on the way to an appointment for Mike. The older man still insisted he'd been nostalgic when he'd started pouring coffee and cleaning up at Kelly's. Sonny reminded him that he'd almost been arrested, but Mike insisted that the appointment was "over the top." The men strolled off of the elevator and saw Dr. Bensch. Sonny started to explain the reason for the appointment, but the doctor wanted the patient to explain it himself.

Mike insisted that nothing was wrong, and he'd just been "out of sorts." Sonny started to speak again, and again Dr. Bensch refused to hear from him. The doctor explained that he would order blood work and other tests. Mike thought it all ridiculous. Sonny assured his father that it would be over quickly, and they would be able to grab breakfast. Sonny received a message that flowers had been delivered to Rita. However, when he passed the information to Mike, the old man didn't seem to know what Sonny was talking about. Sonny reminded him that they'd had to send the Valentine's flowers to Mike's significant other.

After dropping Kiki off at the hospital, Ava ran back inside to deliver the phone that Kiki had left in the car. Ava ordered her daughter to "get it together" and to stay hydrated. "Godspeed," Ava said. As Griffin stepped off the elevator, he ran into a departing Ava, who did her best to avoid him. He prevented her from leaving and asked if she was going to pretend that nothing had happened between them. He declared that she could avoid him on the phone but not in real life. "Want to bet?" Ava asked. She insisted that she wasn't avoiding him and had to get to work.

Ava assured Griffin that Kiki was doing better, and Griffin admitted he'd been concerned. He stated that he should have called her the previous night. Ava agreed and added that she was moving on. Griffin accused her of being distant since her surgery, and Ava advised him it was complicated. Dr. Bensch wanted to see Griffin for a consultation, and Ava was able to leave.

Griffin went to meet with Sonny, and Dr. Bensch announced that Griffin was tops in neurosurgery. Sonny was glad to see that Griffin was at least smart in his professional life. Griffin asked some questions about the night at Kelly's and wondered if Mike had seemed confused. Sonny thought back and realized that he had been the one who had provided the explanation to Mike for his behavior. Griffin wanted to run a cognitive impairment test.

Griffin and Sonny stepped back into the exam room. After hearing about another test and anxious to get to breakfast, Mike declined and headed for the door. Sonny confessed to his father that he was worried about him. Sonny wanted to have something serious ruled out for his peace of mind. Mike gave in and agreed to have the test.

Griffin asked Mike several questions about the date and the season, asked him to count backwards by sevens, and told him to repeat three words. Mike passed with flying colors. Shortly after, Griffin asked Mike to repeat the same three words, and Mike couldn't remember them.

Dr. Bensch saw Kiki and congratulated her on her acceptance to medical school. Kiki admitted that she couldn't have done it without him, and she'd been nervous but relieved. The doctor hoped that her boyfriend was ready for her to have a hectic schedule, and she informed him that she and Dillon had parted ways. Bensch was sorry to hear it. Kiki didn't want to discuss it and advised him that she had been keeping busy. She added that he would be seeing a lot of her.

Nelle sat at her desk at the art gallery and listened to a recording on her laptop of the voice she'd used to gaslight Carly. Monica walked in, and a startled Nelle slammed the laptop shut. Monica invited her to lunch, but Nelle was hesitant to leave, since Ava hadn't arrived yet. Monica asked about the laptop, and Nelle claimed to have been looking at baby items that were expensive that she wouldn't have without a baby shower. She had no friends, and she was certain that Carly would never give her a shower. Monica couldn't believe that Carly would be so petty, but Nelle insisted that Carly only wanted to make her life miserable.

Monica was sympathetic. She knew that Carly was difficult, and she was certain that things would "ease up." Nelle revealed that her doctor had lectured her on limiting her stress, and while Ava had been great, Carly had been the cause of much of it. Monica sighed. Nelle grew weepy and mentioned the horrible accusations that Carly had made. Monica hugged her, and Nelle smirked behind Monica's back. "There's only so much I can take," Nelle cried.

Monica assured her that the baby would be fine. Nelle admitted that she'd made mistakes but had been trying to make amends. Monica noted that Carly had certainly made her share of mistakes in the past and had had plenty of second chances. Nelle just wanted to be civil with Carly for the baby's sake. Monica ordered Nelle to let her know if Carly bothered her because she would love to put Carly in her place. They set a new date for lunch, and Nelle thanked Monica for helping her.

Ava arrived at the gallery and noted how "chipper" Nelle looked. Nelle explained that things had been going well in the past day, and she'd even "endeared" herself to Michael. She wondered about Ava's great evening, but Ava didn't want to talk about it. Nelle poured Ava some coffee, and Ava finally revealed how she'd spent her evening with Kiki and Griffin.

Ava was not handling Griffin's ability to constantly help others very well, but Nelle reminded her that she had to fight for what she wanted. That trait had drawn Ava to Griffin, Nelle added. Ava confessed that she'd never felt the same way about anyone else, but she'd had a bad dream where she'd allowed Griffin to see her true self. He and Avery had both been horrified. She looked at it as a prophecy, and she feared she'd never be able to live up to Griffin's ideal.

Ava was afraid the dream would be real. She wanted Avery with her. Nelle advised Ava that after she was through, they would both have their daughters. Ava didn't want any details.

Jason visited with Carly and revealed that he'd spent the night with Danny. He also mentioned that Drew had accused him of withholding information on Henrik. Carly was happy about Danny and thought that Drew was angry because Sam was in love with Jason. She went off as usual about Sam and Jason, and Jason was relieved when the doorbell rang. When he saw that it was Diane, he wasn't so thrilled. Diane demanded to know why Jason had been avoiding her, and she told Carly that Jason had been named as a beneficiary in Faison's will.

Diane explained that she couldn't proceed until all parties had been notified, but Jason refused to attend the reading of the will. Jason was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with the man who had taken five years of his life. The women nagged at Jason, and Carly exclaimed that ignoring Faison wouldn't make whatever he'd set up go away. Carly was interrupted with a phone call from Sonny, who filled her in on Mike's appointment and offered her a rain check for Valentine's Day. Diane advised Jason that she agreed with Carly's assessment. Before Carly headed back to Diane and Jason, she looked at the unknown number again from the mysterious phone caller.

After Jason and Diane were gone, Carly was surprised to see Monica show up. Monica noted that she'd never been in the house, especially since Sonny had murdered her son, but she was there to talk about other family members. She advised Carly that she wouldn't allow her hostility to affect Nelle and the baby, and she ordered Carly to back off. Carly reminded Monica that Nelle had already hurt the family. Monica was aware that Nelle wasn't innocent, but she thought that Carly had to be the bigger person. Carly retorted that she would handle things as she saw fit, and she ordered Monica to "get the hell out" of the house.

Monica suggested that their love for Michael should outweigh their grievances and dislike for each other. "Stay in your lane, Monica," Carly warned. Monica was planning a baby shower for Nelle, and she expected Carly to cooperate.

Anna waited in an office to hear the reading of Faison's will. She wondered where Diane and the other beneficiaries might be, but just then, Drew and Sam arrived because Drew was a beneficiary, also. Henry Sullivan, an associate of Diane's, announced that the others would be there shortly. Sam hoped the will would be better than Helena Cassadine's will. That woman had cursed her and left her a third of a penny, Sam proclaimed. Anna was anxious.

Finally, Diane arrived followed by a reluctant Jason. Awkwardly, everyone sat at a big conference table. No one was happy as Diane began to read Faison's last will and testament. He asked to be buried in Denmark. Britt was awarded sandbags that lined his estate because she'd been a weight dragging him down. Drew was given a way to restore his memories, but Dr. Maddox's procedure was locked in a safe. Jason had the ability to receive Henrik's alias and location, but that was also locked in the same safe. Diane continued reading and revealed that each man would receive his information only upon the death of the other.

Diane declared that the will was legal. Anna noted that Faison had wanted to create maximum suffering and destruction, as usual. Jason and Drew looked at each other. Drew clarified that one of them would have to die for the other to get what he wanted.

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