General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 15, 2018 on GH

Laura withdrew from the mayoral race. Drew and Sam decided to get married. Faison returned to Port Charles. Ava had a troubling dream. Valentin expressed an interest in joining the hospital's board.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 15, 2018 on GH
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The pursuit of Faison continued The pursuit of Faison continued

Monday, January 15, 2018

At the Crimson office, Maxie and Lulu tried to kill Lulu's interview with Nathan, but Lulu learned that her interview had already been posted to the wire services. Soon, everyone would know that Nathan was Faison's son. Maxie was beside herself with worry and fear, and she lashed out at Lulu, who tried to calm her down for the baby's sake. Peter walked in and sang Lulu's praises, but Maxie accused Lulu of only thinking of herself and her career. Peter pointed out that Nathan had known, and Nathan agreed. He had wanted the information shared. Suddenly, Maxie cried out in pain, and Nathan suggested they go to the hospital. Lulu offered to accompany them, but Maxie wouldn't hear of it. "What have I done?" Lulu lamented.

Kim and Julian flirted over the espresso machine at Charlie's Pub while Alexis and Diane stood and stared. Ava arrived, and all of the women looked on until Kim left. Ava taunted Alexis and noted that Alexis had turned into a pub regular. Alexis and Diane gathered their coats and headed for the door. They announced that they had left their ovens on. Ava asked her brother about the broken and boarded-up window in the back of the building, and Alexis returned after she overheard. She insisted that she was concerned because Molly lived across the street, and she thought that intimidation had been involved. Diane reminded Alexis of the oven, and they finally left.

Julian assured Ava that he wasn't worried about the brick through the window, and he was certain that Alexis had been at the pub frequently out of concern for Molly. Ava reminded him that his window had been broken, not Molly's. Julian informed his sister that Alexis had been dating a doctor. Ava wryly stated that she could see the appeal in that, and she wondered if Julian had moved on, as well. She teased Julian, who abruptly changed the subject and inquired about Griffin. Ava revealed that Griffin had arranged for further treatment to remove her facial scars. She thought that if she could have a new lease on life, Julian could too.

Carly looked for Kim at the hospital but ran into Bobbie instead. She showed Bobbie the box of condoms that had fallen out of Josslyn's book bag. Bobbie suggested that Carly not jump to conclusions, and noted that at least the box wasn't opened. She thought it would be better if Carly spoke to Josslyn, not Oscar's mother. Carly was agitated, and Bobbie told her to calm down. The women saw Kim, but the doctor advised Carly that she was busy. Carly showed her the box of condoms that had fallen from her daughter's backpack and declared that they belonged to Oscar.

Kim suggested that they might really belong to Josslyn. She thought that it was good that the kids were at least using protection. She agreed that they were too young to have sex but said at least they had been thinking. Kim added that she'd had a full discussion with Oscar on the subject. Carly snapped that Oscar had been the instigator, and Kim retorted that it could have been Josslyn's idea.

Carly and Kim agreed that they liked each other's child and would put on a "united front." Kim added that they could counsel their children, but the kids would do what they wanted. Kim received a page for an emergency patient and had to leave. Bobbie returned and said, "Motherhood. The job that never ends." She suggested that she and Carly go out for coffee and talking.

Kim met with Maxie and Nathan. After a sonogram, she advised the couple that all was well. She ordered Maxie to keep stress to a minimum and left. Maxie wondered how that would be possible, and Nathan assured her that nothing bad would happen. He hugged her and reminded her that their wedding anniversary was the next day. He was planning something special.

Anna waited at the nurses' station to make an appointment but saw Finn walking down the hallway with his head down. She walked his way, and they met by the elevator. "Dr. Finn," she said. He answered hi, and they had an awkward conversation, though they joked and teased like old times. Anna declared that she was getting back to normal, whatever that was, and Finn stated that while he'd thought it better that he moved out, he'd never had a chance to say goodbye.

Anna hoped Finn was happy, and he thanked her for understanding. Anna thought that it had been uncomfortable pretending to be a couple, and Cassandra was no longer a threat. Finn noted that the last he'd seen Anna, she'd had a gun and a clock. "Here we are," Finn said. Anna repeated it.

Anna promised that she hadn't meant to make Finn worry, but Finn declared that they were both back in their "natural habitat." Anna was teary as she held out her hand, and Finn grabbed it. They shook hands and wished each other well. Anna headed back to the nurses' station. Finn walked away.

Alexis and Finn met up to chat after a meeting. They joked, and Alexis admitted that guilt was helpful. Finn was impressed that she'd spoken at the meeting, and he handed her a doughnut for "legal tender." Alexis wondered what he'd have said if he had spoken. Finn said that he would have introduced himself and confessed to being scared. He'd found a cure for his wife's disease after she'd died, but he'd learned that he could care for others again. Then he'd lost Hayden and the baby, and he couldn't lose anyone again.

Finn wondered about Alexis' real addiction. Alexis confided that it was a who, not a what. The person made her make bad decisions, and she loved him. He was a hard habit to kick, she added. Finn decided that he was better off alone because that was when he was at his best. Alexis admitted to needing to keep her "eyes on the road" while Finn thought that he needed to stay out of the fast lane. They toasted with their doughnuts.

Josslyn and Oscar sat at a table in Kelly's and agreed they were both totally sure about something. They agreed that they had made the right decision. Oscar couldn't wait for the Mad Hatter's Ball. Bobbie and Carly arrived for their coffee, and Carly picked up a little hot pink mitten that had been lying on the ground. They reminisced about Josslyn and Lucas being young, and Bobbie advised her daughter that they couldn't keep them children forever. Carly peered through the door and saw Oscar and Josslyn. Bobbie thought that it might be a good time for Carly's mother and daughter talk.

Jason, Sonny, and Spinelli sat in Sonny's office at Pozzulo's. Spinelli couldn't help but gloat over his brilliant email to P.K. Sinclair, though all he said was that he'd loved the novel and wanted to see more. He received a quick response. "Who is this?" the reply said. Spinelli responded rapidly in return. He mentioned that they had something in common and the anagram of Faison's name, Isaac Refson. "Fact is stranger than fiction. We know who it really is. Your father," Spinelli concluded as he sent the email. Spinelli chuckled at his cleverness.

Just then, Diane walked in and asked what the guys were up to. She noted that she was billing Jason as her client and hoped that he had something left for her. His Port Charles holdings had taken a hit, she announced. She assumed that they were all familiar with the fact that Faison was Nathan's father. An agitated Spinelli jumped up. The men were all under the impression that that had been secret. He had to leave right away to check on Maxie.

Diane discussed the Faison situation with Sonny and Jason. If Faison saw Lulu's interview with Nathan, Faison would be on his way, and she hoped that if Jason and Sonny were to be arrested, they'd remain silent until she arrived. She mentioned that Sonny would be chatty, though Jason had been a nightmare in civil court. She was still angry at Jason for signing everything over to Sam. She had the paperwork, and Jason was officially divorced. Diane stated that she'd done the best she could under the circumstances. She and Jason began to argue. She thought that Jason had failed to make Sam happy because she would never be happy with Drew. Sam loved Jason, and even a lawyer could see that, Diane confirmed.

After Diane had gone, Sonny advised Jason that Diane was right most of the time, and Jason should go tell Sam he loved her. Spinelli's laptop beeped with the arrival of a new email. It said, "You mentioned a sequel. Clearly you haven't read the ending."

Felicia found Anna punching the bag at Volonino's Gym. She assumed that Faison was the reason for Anna's determined punches. She told Anna about the interview, and Anna called it unwise. She'd heard about Faison from Sonny and Jason, who had been conducting their own detective work in order to find Faison's other son. She had to keep her defenses up, Anna said firmly. Felicia agreed that Faison would be on the way to town.

Anna cried as she told Felicia that she'd enjoyed playing pretend couple with Finn. However, she figured that Finn would be a target, and she'd had to protect him. Felicia asked how Anna was protecting herself from herself, and she accused Anna of shutting off because of Faison. Anna had no choice, though she admitted to caring about Finn. She'd had to push him away for their sakes. She called Finn a knight in shining armor, but he only had sarcasm and medical research as his tools. Finn also couldn't know certain things about her.

Lulu was still in the Crimson office when Peter returned. Lulu cried that she had put her own needs first instead of thinking about Maxie and the baby. Peter advised her that her story had trended. As he hugged Lulu to comfort her, Spinelli arrived looking for Maxie. Lulu exclaimed that there was "no crying in journalism," and Spinelli sarcastically accused Peter of using the non-verbal European method of comfort.

Lulu introduced Spinelli to her boss, and Peter introduced himself to Spinelli. Lulu explained what had happened to Maxie. Peter left, and Spinelli lost control and accused Lulu of being responsible for Maxie's pain, given the timing. Lulu already felt bad. Spinelli thought that Maxie would be thankful if Faison ended up in prison.

Both Jason and Drew enjoyed father-son bonding

Both Jason and Drew enjoyed father-son bonding

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Drew was on the phone in his Aurora office when Jake walked in alone. Drew couldn't believe the little boy had made his way there all by himself but wondered what might be so important. Jake was worried about a special day at school with fathers, and he wanted to know if Drew would go with him. He described the planned activities to Drew who assured the boy that he would attend. Jake hugged him, and Elizabeth arrived. She thanked Drew for calling her, and Jake was concerned that he was in trouble.

After Elizabeth heard the reason for Jake's unauthorized visit, she informed her son that she would have taken him to see Drew herself if she had known. Jake revealed that he had thought he'd have to take "the other guy." He didn't know Jason. Elizabeth asked Jake if he'd felt pressured, and Jake acknowledged that Elizabeth talked about Jason all the time. She assured her son that no one expected anything from him until he was ready. She added that Jason was a great dad, and Jake was lucky to have two amazing dads. Jake reminded her that Jason was a stranger.

Elizabeth explained that Jason had been taken away, but he respected everyone's feelings enough to wait for them. She couldn't tell Jake what to do, but she knew that Jason wanted what was best. He was Jake's biological father, so she hoped that Jake would get to know him. Drew declared that he loved Jake and loved being his father, but he thought that Elizabeth had given Jake some good advice. It wouldn't upset him if Jake got to know Jason, and Jake would still see Drew all the time. Elizabeth heaved a sigh of relief.

Josslyn arrived home as Carly finished up a phone call. She removed her coat and admitted that she was scared that Carly had wanted to talk to her. Carly said it was important and admitted that she'd been scared when she'd seen Josslyn trying on the dress for the dance. Josslyn had looked grown-up, but she was only 14, and Carly didn't want her to rush to the end. Carly wanted Josslyn to experience every stage along the way and get to know herself and make decisions from the right place and not because of pressure. "Oh, we're having the this is the talk?" Josslyn asked. Carly agreed that was correct.

Josslyn thought that Carly's timing was out of nowhere but Carly admitted that she'd seen the box of condoms that had fallen out of Josslyn's bag. She swore that she had not been snooping. Josslyn insisted that she had been holding them for a friend, and at first, Carly didn't believe her. Josslyn went into detail, and Carly realized that Josslyn had been telling the truth. "Thank God!" Carly exclaimed as she hugged her daughter. Josslyn informed her mother that she and Oscar had never talked about it, and she was relieved not to have the talk. Carly thought the timing was perfect.

Carly asked if the other kids at school had been talking about or even having sex. Josslyn admitted that there were some of both. Carly suggested she take everything with a grain of salt because the first time was a big deal. She didn't think that Josslyn and Oscar were ready, and she wanted Josslyn to be able to look back and smile. Josslyn reminded her that she had no plans for anything, but Carly went on to say that she wished she had waited. Her first time had been with an older man who hadn't cared about her, but she had wanted to be a woman and make her own choices. It had only complicated things.

Carly confessed that she'd heard Josslyn mention that she would blow Oscar's mind the night of the dance. Josslyn revealed that they were about to break school rules by having their own alternative dance on the night of the school dance. New guidelines had stated that kids could not dress in anything other than their own gender clothing, and a bullied friend of theirs had been forced to dress like a guy when it really wasn't her. Josslyn's dance would allow kids to be themselves, but there was a chance that she could be suspended. Carly surprised Josslyn and said how proud she was of Josslyn for sticking up for others. It warranted another hug.

Kim met with Oscar at Kelly's in order to have a talk with him about sex. She sat down at his table. Oscar told her to keep her voice down, and he really didn't want to have the discussion in public. He reminded her that they'd already had the talk. Kim asked why Josslyn had had a box of condoms, and Oscar rolled his eyes. He explained that she had been holding them for a friend who was afraid her own mother would find them. He insisted that he and Josslyn were not considering anything. He was clearly embarrassed every time that Kim used the word sex, which she did several times.

Kim admitted that she had also been happy at first to think that Oscar had thought about using protection, though he was too young. Oscar confirmed that he and Josslyn had never even talked about it. Kim wanted him to know that when it did happen, he and Josslyn should be "on the same page." Oscar understood. Suddenly, Kim noticed that her son was holding his arm, and Oscar informed her that he'd been taking boxing lessons with Drew. He thought it had been really cool. Shocked, Kim jumped up and ran out after advising Oscar to do his homework.

Michael arrived at Ava's art gallery, holding some mail that had been sent to him from a lab. Nelle admitted that she had arranged it because she'd thought he'd believe the results of the test more. She already knew what it said, but she'd be able to see his face when he read that he was her baby's father. She wasn't sure that Michael wanted to celebrate, but he admitted that he was glad to know the truth. He added that he had known the truth in his gut, anyway. "All that matters is the baby," he said. Nelle was happy to hear it and asked if he wanted to accompany her to her next appointment. She thought he might want to see the sonogram and listen to the baby's heartbeat.

Michael appeared to be far away, but he collected himself and agreed that he wanted to be involved. He was also there out of concern for her employment with Ava. He knew that Nelle was being set up because Ava had to have an ulterior motive. He reminded Nelle that Ava was a liar and a murderer, and she wanted something. Nelle assured him that her eyes were "wide open."

Ava surprised Griffin with a kiss on the cheek at General Hospital. She was ready for her surgery. Kiki walked over and heard the news. Ava advised them both that soon the scars would be a bad memory. Ava was grateful to both Griffin and Kiki. She stepped aside with her daughter, and Kiki advised her that while she wanted Ava to feel whole, she wanted her to be careful. Kiki was concerned about Ava's emotional state and thought that Ava might want to talk to someone.

Ava felt that everything would fall into place after the surgery. Kiki got on the elevator, and Ava advised Griffin that she felt "energized." She had to run to the gallery to take care of a few things and would return to the hospital. She called Griffin her guardian angel, and told him that he had saved her. Griffin hoped she would regain her confidence. They kissed goodbye.

Griffin and Kiki bumped into each other again. She was distraught over missing a phone call from Dillon. Griffin confirmed that the two of them were still friends after her mother's paranoid thoughts. Kiki believed that her mother had been off base, and she believed that Ava would hurt her again. She thanked Griffin for putting up with Ava and apologized for being negative. Griffin thought that Ava had reached a "turning point."

While they were in Sonny's office, Jason and Sonny read the email from P.K. Sinclair that pertained to the ending of the novel. Jason informed Sonny that the novel ended with the son killing his father. "That's something we can work with," Sonny declared. The duo talked about Sinclair, and Jason clarified that he wanted to find Faison in order to learn why the criminal had switched him and Drew. Sonny thought they should just kill Faison and not ask questions, but Jason wanted answers. Sonny didn't think he'd get any and suggested that Faison had wanted an enforcer that he could control.

Jason sent a new email that read, "I can help you get the ending you want." "Now we wait," he said. Just then, he received a call from Michael, who asked to meet with him at Kelly's because he needed some advice. Sonny decided to ask Spinelli to link up Sonny's email with the email address they'd been using. "P.K. Sinclair, come out, come out, wherever you are," Sonny said.

Kim stormed into Drew's office and screamed about how angry she was that he'd given Oscar a boxing lesson. She didn't want her son turned into a soldier, she yelled. Drew calmly pointed to his office and reminded her that that was what he did. He didn't even remember being in the Navy. Kim calmed down and apologized. She admitted to having lots of "what if" thoughts over the years in case she'd run into Drew again. She only knew that her son had never been aggressive.

Drew informed Kim that Oscar had been the one to ask for the lesson because of someone else who had been bullied. He had insisted that it wasn't him, and Drew had believed him. Kim was sorry for overreacting. Drew noted that she'd done a good job of raising Oscar, and Kim admitted that she was proud of her son. Kim thought that it would take time to have things changed. Drew planned on helping Oscar out if the boy asked for it. They thanked each other, and Kim left.

Jason met with Michael outside Kelly's. Michael revealed that he was going to be a father. "Wow," Jason said. He was happy for Michael and gave him a big hug. Michael admitted that he was both terrified and excited, partly due to an unstable Nelle. He was worried that the baby might not be okay.

Jason assured Michael the baby would be fine because it would have Michael as a father. Jason revealed that Michael was the first baby that he had ever held, and he had been scared, too. Michael had taught him how to be a father with "on-the-job training" and how to open up his heart and love someone more than himself. Michael knew that his life would change in a big way, but Jason told him it would be great. Michael would be able to experience all of the baby's firsts.

Jason was happy for Michael and happier for the baby. He encouraged Michael to call him for backup, and he told Michael to take a deep breath. He added that Michael could figure it out as he went along, and Nelle wasn't Michael's problem. Michael thanked Jason for the talk.

Josslyn returned to Kelly's and found Oscar still there. She told him about her awkward "mom stuff" conversation. Oscar was familiar with that. Elizabeth and Jake walked in for some cookies. Jake happened to see Jason standing outside while Elizabeth placed the order, and he gave a little wave. Elizabeth joined him, and Jason waved back.

Sonny found Carly with a glass of wine at home. She admitted to needing it after her talk with Josslyn, but she didn't want to discuss it. Sonny assured her that Josslyn would be fine because Carly had taught her well. They sat on the sofa, and Carly wondered if Josslyn's teen years would kill her.

Ava surprised Nelle when she returned to the gallery. Ava advised her new assistant that she had a few things to check before she had her surgery. She was curious about Nelle's big smile, and Nelle revealed that Michael had stopped by. It was possible that they could be friends again or maybe something more. "If I play my cards right," Nelle said. Ava reminded her that the Corinthos clan never forgot anything. She suggested that Nelle move on and "cut your losses" with some support. She suggested that Nelle enjoy her baby. Ava put on her coat, told Nelle it was an "exercise in futility," and left.

Alone, Nelle spoke to her baby and assured it that they would be a family. Michael was her Prince Charming.

The Sinclair email sounded a response on Sonny's phone. It said, "We should meet." Sonny called Jason and advised him that Sinclair had taken the bait. "Are you ready for this?" Sonny asked. "I'm ready," Jason responded.

Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare

Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare

> Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare

Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ava looked in the mirror and remembered Carly's comments about Ava's ugliness. Julian entered the penthouse and wished Ava luck on her surgery, but he assured her that she was still a "knockout," even with the scars. Ava insisted that "a clean slate is worth everything." Julian advised her from personal experience that the only way for her to find peace was to take responsibility for her actions. She thanked him, but she excused herself, as she had to make a stop before going to the hospital.

Ava arrived at Sonny's and asked to see Avery, as "you never know" what could happen during surgery. He stated that Avery was "with her mom." They argued about Avery's mother until Carly entered with the little girl. Carly took Avery into the kitchen and returned as Sonny regretted not killing Ava after she'd killed Connie. Carly added that Avery would never want to be around Ava after the girl was old enough to learn what Ava had done. "I'm no worse than you," Ava countered. She promised that Avery would know her, and she stormed out of the house.

Kiki arrived at the hospital so she could be there for Ava. She thanked Griffin for helping Ava, and the two embraced just as Ava entered. Griffin told Ava that she needed to start getting prepped for surgery. Kiki assured Ava that Ava didn't have to go through with the surgery, but Ava assured Kiki that she would accept the outcome no matter what.

Ava was under a sheet on the operating table as Griffin assured her that she would "do great," and Kiki promised that they would both be there when she woke up. The doctor entered, and Ava was given the gas, which knocked her out. When she awoke, there were bandages on her face. She tried to sit up, but Kiki and Griffin helped her back down, as she would be "woozy for a while." Kiki informed her mother that the surgery had been a success.

A nurse gave Griffin something for Ava to take. "Your lithium," he said. A bewildered Ava asked what he'd said, and he told her that it was ibuprofen for the pain. She took the drugs as Griffin explained that she would need to wear the bandages overnight, but she could go home whenever she was ready. Ava asked to go home "now" and wanted Kiki to join her and Griffin. Kiki thought that the two could use some alone time, but she promised to see Ava in the morning.

The next morning, Ava looked in the mirror and moved to take her bandages off, but she didn't. Griffin appeared and assured her that they would take the bandages off together. They took the bandages off, and Ava's face was good as new. Griffin proposed that they celebrate, so a short while later, they arrived at Metro Court, dressed to the nines. Spotting Sonny and Carly, Griffin made sure that she wanted to eat there. "I'm done hiding," she vowed.

Ava went to the bar and ordered drinks for her and Griffin, and Laura was sitting there. Laura hoped that Ava's appearance was "worth selling your soul" for. Just then, Ava spotted the nurse who'd given her the pain medication and followed her out of the restaurant. She was led into the bathroom, but no one was in there. "How dare you show your face here," Carly said when she entered the bathroom, and Ava commented on Carly's choice of words.

"Aren't you going to congratulate me on my recovery?" Ava wondered. Carly reminded Ava that Morgan would never recover. Ava agreed that she wished every day for Morgan to be alive, but she refused to live in misery just to satisfy Sonny and Carly. "Enjoy your face," Carly started, because Carly refused to rest until "the world sees your ugly soul." When Carly was gone, Ava looked in the mirror, and her scars were back. Just then, she got a text message from an unknown number that read, "I know who you are."

Later, at Kelly's, Ava looked at a picture on her phone and asked Franco for less shadow on the face of her portrait. At her next art show, she wanted to tell the world that she was through with "cowering in the darkness." She reminded Franco that she'd been helping his career since the beginning, but he commented that she'd been an enabler for him. Just then, Ava spotted the nurse from the hospital, getting takeout at the counter. She thanked Franco in advance for fixing her portrait and ran out of the restaurant to follow the girl. "Wait, please!" she called out.

When Ava was outside, she looked around and didn't see a trace of the girl. Not paying attention, she bumped into Nina and asked if Nina had seen the girl. Suddenly, it dawned on Ava that Nina had been sending Ava the strange texts. Nina denied it and explained that she'd moved on, and she hadn't thought of Ava in a long time. When Nina was gone, Ava looked around more.

Ava returned home and poured herself a drink as she thought out loud that someone was messing with her. There was a knock on the door, and Ava was stunned enough to drop her glass when she answered it to a scratched-up Morgan. She thought that she was imagining things, but Morgan entered and insisted that he was real. She touched his face to see if he was real, and she pulled him into a strong embrace.

A short while later, Ava cleaned off the cut on Morgan's forehead and noticed the glove on his right hand. He informed her that it was a prosthetic hand. She revealed that everyone thought he was dead, and she questioned where he'd been. He explained that he remembered taking Julian's car, Jason chasing him, and pulling over to talk, and he remembered that suddenly there had been fire everywhere. He'd taken a fall, and he'd been unconscious in a hospital for months.

Ava noted that Morgan's injuries appeared new, and he answered that he hadn't been able to stay at the hospital. He believed that someone was trying to kill him. He feared that the person was watching his parents and Kiki, so he'd decided that Ava's would be the safest place to go. She assured him that the woman who'd planted the car bomb was locked up tight and that the hospital had probably just been trying to help him. She realized that the hospital probably didn't know about his bipolar disorder, so he'd gone months without his medications. He realized that he couldn't trust himself.

Ava related that there were many people to tell that Morgan was still alive, but he didn't want to see anyone. He didn't want to face all the people he'd let down. He needed to gather himself before he saw anyone, so he asked if he could stay at Ava's. She agreed, and they embraced.

The next morning, Ava woke up and smiled when she saw Morgan asleep on the couch. There was a knock on the door, and Ava answered it to Kiki, who was checking up on her mother. Ava explained that she was working hard on her art show and promised to see Kiki later that night. When Kiki was gone, Morgan emerged from hiding. Just then, Ava's phone went off, and she read the two texts: "I know who you are...and I'm coming," and "I know who you are. I know what you did." Ignoring the texts, Ava insisted that Morgan needed to tell his family that he was alive, and she knew just how to do it.

Ava and Morgan arrived at the gallery, and she explained that "half the town will be here tonight." Just then, Ava heard Franco calling out for her, and Morgan ran off to hide. Franco handed her the "final portrait," and he left when she talked about how much she had left to do. When Morgan returned, she explained that, if she was the one to reunite him with his parents, everyone would stop blaming her for his death. She told him that he was going to hear horrible things about her, but if he had ever cared about her, he would trust her. He insisted that he did, but he didn't know how she would get his parents there. "Leave that to me," she said with a smile.

A short while later, Ava arrived at Sonny's and swore to Carly "on Avery's life" that Sonny and Carly needed to be at her art show that night. "Why do you think I should believe anything you say?" Carly asked skeptically. Ava insisted there was good in her. After all, she'd help Jason return home. She continued that she was becoming a different person, and Sonny and Carly needed to be there that night so that she could show them.

At the art show, Ava, Julian, Scott, Kiki, and Griffin toasted to Ava being "back where you belong." Ava spotted the nurse from the hospital, serving drinks. When she ran after the girl, Franco stopped her, wanting to unveil her portrait. She ran past him, and Griffin stopped her. She asked him if he knew the server from the hospital, but she was gone. He made sure she was all right, and she promised that "everything will make sense soon." Sonny and Carly entered, and Ava wanted to take them to another room, but they refused to go with her. She informed them that Morgan was alive, and she could prove it.

Ava called out for Morgan, but instead, Connie entered in the bloody white dress in which she'd died. She explained that Ava had only dreamed that Morgan was there to absolve herself, and she reminded Ava how slowly and painfully she'd died. Ava screamed that she refused to be judged for the rest of her life, as she was no worse than anyone in the room. She accused Julian of abusing his wife, Nina of stealing Ava's baby, and Valentin of murdering Nikolas, and she reminded Kiki that she'd switched Michael's medication just like Ava had switched Morgan's. She asserted that the road to Sonny's success had been paved with bodies. "What makes you better than me?" she demanded.

Sonny answered that, while he'd made bad choices, he didn't lie about them like Ava did. Just then, the lights went out, and a spotlight illuminated Ava. There was another spotlight on Nina, who accused Ava of stealing her husband, and they watched as Nina and Ava's first meeting played out in front of them. Laura was in the spotlight next, and she accused Ava of betraying Nikolas and Spencer, and they watched as Nikolas was shot.

Connie was next, and she accused Ava of shooting her "in cold blood, without conscience," and they watched Ava shoot Connie. Griffin appeared in the spotlight, and Ava implored him to tell everyone how she'd changed. He replied that after seeing the scenes play out, he'd realized that "some souls can't be saved." Kiki was next, and she accused Ava of switching Morgan's pills because Ava had wanted Morgan all to herself, and they watched as Ava switched Morgan's pills. "Stop!" Ava screamed, and the lights went up to reveal only herself and the nurse from the hospital in the room.

The girl asked if Ava had gotten her messages, but Ava didn't know the girl. "It's me. It's Avery," the girl said, and Ava realized that it was true. She hugged her daughter, but she asked if she was dead, as Avery wasn't that old. "No, but Morgan is because of you," Avery spat. She praised Sonny for protecting her from Ava. She added that Ava had sold her soul for a new face, but it didn't make her a new person. Ava countered that her soul had been "cleansed by fire." Ava screamed that she refused to be defined by her past when no one else was.

Ava wanted to start fresh like none of her past had happened, and she insisted that she was different. Avery knew that Ava thought she was most scared of Avery never knowing her mother, but it scared Ava most for Avery to see who she really was. Ava unveiled her portrait and was horrified to see scars all over her face. She put her hands to her face and suddenly, her face was scarred, as well. "Wake up now," Avery said as she snapped her fingers.

"Welcome back," Griffin said gently as a bewildered Ava woke up in the operating room. The next morning, Ava stood in front of the mirror as she and Griffin took her bandages off. There were no scars, and Griffin enthusiastically complimented her. When she barely responded, he wondered what was wrong. "You don't judge me by my past, right? You see the real me?" she asked. She explained to a confused Griffin that she'd had a bad dream during the surgery. He assured her that people always dreamed "crazy things" while on anesthesia.

Griffin wondered what the dream had been about, but Ava replied that it wasn't important. She said the only thing that mattered was her "new lease on life," and she didn't want to waste it. "I know exactly where you're taking me," she teased, and they shared a kiss.

A short while later, Ava and Griffin entered the Metro Court restaurant, dressed to the nines. "Oh, hell no," Carly said as she spotted the couple. Sonny assured Carly that he would handle it, and he approached the couple. He informed Ava that she wasn't welcome there, so she needed to choose another restaurant. She replied that she was choosing to eat there.

Ava went to the bar for drinks while Griffin waited for a table. Before she could order, the bartender set down a martini. Ava wondered how the bartender knew what she liked, but she looked up and saw that the bartender looked like Avery from her dream. The bartender said, "I know who you are, Ms. Jerome."

Molly and TJ got kicked out of their apartment

Molly and TJ got kicked out of their apartment

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A man with wispy white hair placed a cigarette in an ashtray as he read article after article about Nathan, Maxie, and Anna in the various Port Charles newspapers. When he saw Nathan's negative quotes about Faison, he snapped his cigarette in half. A short while later, the man took a pack of cigarettes out of a shopping bag and carefully placed them in a cigarette case. The bag read "Port Charles Smoke Shop." He found an article about Maxie and Nathan's marriage and circled Maxie's face with such force that the paper ripped.

Julian entered Charlie's with Kiki, Molly, T.J., and all of the belongings they could carry. Molly informed Julian that they could take care of themselves, but he reminded them that they would blow their future, trying to do schoolwork out in the cold. When he was gone, Molly expressed how she hated that he was right.

Julian returned and wondered what the problem was at the apartment building. Molly explained that they'd been "evacuated" after they'd tried to organize a rent strike. He wondered if Alexis knew, but Molly quickly answered that Alexis didn't need to know. She made a show of claiming that she didn't want to interrupt Alexis' lunch with her boyfriend, Dr. Bensch. Julian was glad that Alexis had moved on.

Laura was walking by the elevator at the hospital when Elizabeth stepped off. She exclaimed to Laura that Laura would definitely be the next mayor of Port Charles. Laura revealed that the only downside would be having to leave her position on the hospital's board. Elizabeth wondered why Laura had changed her mind about running. "Jim Harvey," Laura replied with scorn.

Elizabeth explained to Laura how Jim had shown up at her house to convince Franco to sell his studio. Laura advised Elizabeth to convince Franco not to sell his studio. She believed that Jim didn't care about anything other than money, and he needed to be stopped. "Spoken like a true leader," Elizabeth remarked. Laura continued that they needed strength in numbers, and they couldn't underestimate Jim, because he would fight hard.

Alexis met Ned at Metro Court, and the mayoral candidate asked if she could be the legal counsel for his campaign. She declined the offer, claiming that she was busy. He called her bluff and asked for a straight answer. She admitted that she couldn't work with him because she didn't support his platform. Just then, she got a text from Julian that Molly and T.J. had been thrown out of their apartment, and she ran out of the restaurant.

Franco let Jim into his studio and turned off his blasting music. Jim casually looked around and noticed that Franco had to have "artists' block." He informed Franco that he'd visited Franco's neighbor, who'd wisely accepted Jim's offer to buy. He suggested that Franco needed a new workspace for inspiration and added that continuing to paint might make Betsy return. Franco refused to delve into his personal life with Jim. Jim related that change was good. "That's the last thing you need," Elizabeth said from the doorway.

Elizabeth pulled Franco aside and explained to him about her conversation with Laura. She added that nothing was wrong with the space, but there was something going on inside of him that he needed to figure out so he could start painting again. Just then, her phone went off, and she had to answer the text about her wedding dress. She reiterated that Franco should not sell his studio, and she left.

Franco returned and saw Jim rummaging through the studio. Franco asked him to stop. He revealed that he needed answers in lieu of a new workspace. He wondered if Jim remembered another boy living with Franco and Betsy. Jim did, and he remembered that the boy had died due to heart complications. Franco informed Jim that the boy was alive, and he was a Quartermaine with no memory of his childhood. Jim was glad the boy had survived, and he suggested that Franco reintroduce him to "Andy." He urged Franco to call if he changed his mind about selling the studio, and he left.

When Jim was gone, Elizabeth apologized for ever suggesting that Franco sell his studio. Franco commented that he didn't know what Betsy had seen in Jim, because Franco didn't trust him. Elizabeth wished she'd never opened the door to Jim. Franco added that Jim wasn't going away anytime soon, though Elizabeth wished he would. Franco regretted that it was only people like Jim who could afford to buy his artwork. Elizabeth reminded him that he was only responsible for the creation of the artwork, not who bought it or how they made their money. He wished he could find out what had happened between Betsy and Jim.

Alexis arrived at Charlie's, followed by Ned. Molly explained to her mother that there was an apparent gas leak in her building that had just happened to start a day after Molly and T.J. had pushed for a rent strike. Laura entered and revealed that she had spoken to the fire chief, and the evacuation was indefinite. Laura sarcastically congratulated Ned on getting another building to "buy and demolish in the name of progress."

Ned countered that new buildings would be safer, but Molly replied that the building had been safe enough until Jim had arrived in town. T.J. listed all the things that had gone wrong, including loss of heat and hot water, and bugs. Alexis added that there was no lighting in public areas, and the elevators didn't work. She suggested sabotage. Ned promised to upgrade and improve the area and "make Port Charles safe again."

Ned continued that, with higher-priced living spaces, there would be more tax revenue in the city. Julian realized that Ned had never had to struggle for a thing in his life, as he'd grown up a Quartermaine. Ned reminded the group that the choice of improving the area was going to be decided by the voting public. He thought that, if the city prospered, everyone would benefit. Laura responded that the people whose apartments would become too expensive would lose. Julian angrily suggested that those people could live at the Quartermaine mansion.

Ned criticized Julian for suddenly becoming a "champion of the people," despite being a mobster and not paying taxes. Ned thought that Julian was only trying to impress Alexis. Just then, Jim entered, and Julian accused Jim and Ned of throwing the brick through his window after he'd refused to sell his bar. They argued, and Julian pushed Ned, which prompted Laura to recall that the day was the anniversary of Mary Mae Ward's death. She didn't want violence to disrespect Mary Mae's legacy. Jim accused Laura of exploiting her relationship with a community figure, but Ned knew that Laura was sincere, as she had been close to Mary Mae. Despite Ned's defense, Laura warned him that he would be judged by the company he kept.

Laura sat at the bar, and Alexis apologized for Ned dragging Alexis' personal life into the debate. Laura laughed at her and Ned's promise to run clean campaigns. Alexis offered to serve as Laura's campaign's legal counsel, and Laura happily agreed. Just then, Laura's phone rang, and she walked away to answer it. She seemed to get some distressing news.

Julian apologized to Alexis for Ned putting her in the middle of things. She knew that it wasn't his fault, and she sat with Molly and T.J., who had left their apartment with everything they could carry. She informed them that they would be living with her until they figured something else out. They got ready to go, and Julian offered her a cortado for the road, which he'd just learned how to make. She revealed that she'd seen him with his "new friend." He commented that they were both moving on, which was what he thought she'd wanted. Just then, Laura revealed that she had to get home, and she was going to have to withdraw from the election.

Jim and Ned left Charlie's, and Ned wondered if Jim knew anything about the brick. Jim thought Julian had done it himself to generate sympathy. Jim thought that everything would work out in Ned's favor. Ned thought that no one in the Charles Street district would vote for him, but Jim reminded him that there were other districts. Jim wondered about the "long lost Quartermaine" Andrew, claiming that any Quartermaine gave Ned leverage in the election. He wanted to know more, and they walked off.

Nathan emerged from the nursery and found Maxie staring at the computer. He tried to entice her off of it by telling her that he'd finished painting the nursery. She admitted that all she could think about was the article outing Nathan as Faison's son. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Maxie feared that it was Faison. Nathan promised that there were cops everywhere, so Faison wouldn't get anywhere near them.

Dante called out that it was he and Lulu, but Maxie didn't want to see Lulu. Lulu called back that they had an anniversary gift for Maxie and Nathan. Nathan opened the door, and a worried Lulu made a beeline for Maxie. Lulu insisted that she'd tried to pull the article, but Maxie countered that Lulu shouldn't have written the article in the first place. Dante agreed that he hadn't wanted Lulu to write the article, either, but Nathan reminded everyone that he'd been a willing participant.

Lulu continued that she and Maxie had been through "so much," and she would miss Maxie if she stayed mad. Maxie admitted that she would miss Lulu, too, and the two women embraced. Maxie was still worried about Faison, and Nathan tried to calm her down. Lulu handed Maxie and Nathan a box as "part one" of their anniversary gift, with "part two" out in the hall. Lulu went out with Maxie, and Maxie was delighted to see a beautiful bassinet. Maxie was distracted by an older man with wispy white hair, messing with an electrical outlet.

Lulu and Maxie booked it back into the apartment and told Dante and Nathan that they thought Faison was "here." The officers took out their guns and walked cautiously into the hallway. "Hands up," Nathan demanded of the man, who did not look like Faison. Dante checked the man's ID, and the man claimed to be the new super of the building. Dante apologized for the mix-up and explained that the man matched the description of someone they were looking for. They carried the bassinet into the apartment and updated their wives.

Nathan and Maxie put the bassinet into the nursery, and Maxie emerged cooing over the color. Lulu handed Maxie and Nathan two plates with cake on them, and Lulu and Dante identified it as Maxie and Nathan's wedding cake. Lulu explained that it was good luck to freeze it and eat it on the first wedding anniversary. Maxie remarked that they could use the luck, so the four dug in. When they were done, Lulu instructed them to refreeze what was left and save it until the baby was home.

Dante and Lulu wished Maxie and Nathan a happy anniversary and left. Nathan made sure that Maxie felt better, and he looked forward to the "beautiful life" they had ahead of them. She wanted to put the rest of the cake away, but he stopped her with a kiss. They expressed their love to one another and kissed passionately.

Liesl ran into trouble

Liesl ran into trouble

Friday, January 19, 2018

Kim arrived at Charlie's, and Julian invited her to sit. As she told Julian that she wanted to try their specialty, the avocado toast, Julian's chef approached. He pulled Julian aside and informed him that their entire delivery of produce had arrived rotten. Julian had an idea of how that had happened.

Anna looked at Faison's WSB file and spoke into a recorder about Faison's two sons. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Anna grabbed her gun and cautiously approached the door. When she opened it, Liesl fell into the doorway. She got up and dusted herself off, and Anna realized that Liesl was drunk. Liesl sauntered in and demanded to know where Faison was. Anna insisted that Faison wasn't there, as she would have turned him in to the WSB had he shown up.

Anna wanted to "expedite the process," so she wondered if Liesl knew how to reach Faison. Liesl revealed that Faison had stopped responding to her. Liesl knew that Faison would be "coming for his son," for Liesl, and then for Anna. A few minutes later, Anna got Liesl a glass of water so that she could sober up and help Anna locate Faison. Liesl responded that she only wanted to protect Nathan, who had no idea what Faison was capable of.

Anna reminded Liesl that they were on the same side, but Liesl maintained that she knew nothing. Anna asked why Liesl had kept Nathan a secret from Faison. Liesl explained that Faison would have fashioned Nathan in his image and destroyed Nathan if he'd resisted. She knew because she'd seen how Faison had treated his other son, Henrik. Faison had sent Henrik off to boarding school as soon as possible and really considered him an annoyance. Anna wondered why Faison had treated his son like that after wanting a son so badly. "The boy was his son, but not yours," Liesl replied.

Liesl knew that Faison would want revenge on Nathan for his "public rejection," and he would want to punish Liesl for lying. Anna promised that Faison was done hurting people. A short while later, Liesl awoke on Anna's couch and found a note on her lap. In the note, Anna advised her not to leave, because she had reason to be afraid. Liesl muttered that she could take care of herself and left the house. Just outside the door, she was hit over the head. When she was unconscious on the ground, her attacker took a cigarette case out and picked out a cigarette.

Laura took down her posters at Charlie's and told Alexis that her campaign was over. She was Spencer's legal guardian, and she needed to put his welfare first. She thought that someone would step up and take her place. Alexis feared that Ned would run unopposed.

At the hospital, Kevin ran into Valentin while turning a corner and dropped his armful of files. Valentin helped Kevin pick them up while scolding him for texting and walking. Valentin revealed that he was there to talk to Monica about taking Laura's place on the hospital board. "Haven't you taken enough from Laura?" Kevin wondered.

At the hospital, Alexis assured Laura that she would take care of a press release. Laura instructed Alexis to stress that, while she was dropping out of the election for personal reasons, she was still committed to preserving Charles Street. She continued that people who supported that should vote "no on measure eight." Alexis thought that Laura would have made a great mayor and hoped that the voters of Port Charles had a choice.

When Alexis was gone, Laura noticed Kevin and Valentin arguing. Kevin thought that Valentin already had everything he wanted and wondered why he also needed to be on the hospital board. Valentin explained that his family had donated a lot to the hospital, and he believed he could offer some needed expertise. "As a thief and a kidnapper?" Kevin questioned as Laura joined him. Valentin replied that he had experience in logistics and finances, two things the hospital needed.

Kevin explained to Laura that Valentin wanted her seat on the board, and she wondered why he thought that he would be welcome. "My willingness to write big checks," he responded. Laura told him that he couldn't buy respect. Valentin stormed away from Laura and Kevin. Kevin couldn't believe that Spencer had broken both of his legs. Laura was planning to fly to France the next day, and Kevin promised to start rescheduling his patients. Laura thought that his patients needed him, so he promised to visit as often as he could.

Regarding the election, Laura informed Kevin that she would have to withdraw, but she hoped that the replacement candidate she had in mind would step up. "Me?!" a shocked Kevin asked. She thought he would be a natural and urged him to think it over.

Sonny told Jason that once they drew Faison out, it was best to kill him, but it wouldn't give Jason back what he'd lost. Jason confided that, while he didn't approve of Carly's methods, his time with Sam on New Year's Eve had given them a chance to be together with no pressure and no one else's opinions. Jason remembered her saying that she'd changed in the past five years, but Sonny didn't think so. He knew that she'd love Jason forever, just like he loved her.

A short while later, Jason was gone, and Sonny told Spinelli on the phone not to email Sinclair again. He didn't want the author to think that they were too eager and become suspicious. He advised Spinelli to deal with the technology, and he would deal with the negotiations. When Sonny was off the phone, Julian entered and asked Sonny to stop the harassment. He explained about his rotted delivery, and Sonny commented that the neighborhood would be better off without Julian. Julian stated that Jim was the problem, and if Sonny wasn't careful, he would become a stranger in his own city.

Later, Anna arrived and found Sonny on the phone, trying to get information about Jim. When he was off the phone, Anna wanted to talk about Faison. Sonny offered to "trade notes" but didn't want to have to worry about incriminating himself. Anna didn't care how Sonny got his information and believed that, in Faison's case, the end justified the means. Anna explained her conversation with Liesl about Henrik. Sonny suggested using Henrik to get to Faison. "Like hell you will," Anna shot back.

Sam returned home with her wedding dress in a garment bag. She informed Drew that the florist would be there soon, and so would the movers to move some furniture out of the way for their homebound wedding that night. A short while later, the doorbell rang, and Sam ran down the stairs in a robe. Expecting workers, she called out that she and Drew were running late, but she was surprised to open the door to Jason.

Jason entered and told her that he had something important to tell her and Drew. Right on cue, Drew descended the stairs. Jason informed them that he and Sonny were close to getting Faison out of hiding, so he wanted to give them a heads-up that things could get dangerous. Drew wanted to hear the plan, but he revealed that it wasn't the time, as he and Sam were getting married that night. Jason advised them to take the kids on their honeymoon and stay away for a little while. Jason congratulated the couple and left.

A short while later, Drew was on the phone, asking someone to messenger tickets to his home. When he ended the call, he revealed that he was taking Sam and the kids to Tahiti. He claimed to want to have a good time with his family, but she believed he wanted to get away because of Faison. He reasoned that he would always choose Sam over danger. While she was excited, she reminded him that they still weren't ready for the wedding, so they went upstairs.

Later, Drew answered the door to the messenger. Drew signed for his package and checked to make sure all the tickets were there. He wondered aloud if he'd ever been to Tahiti before. Upstairs, Sam looked at her dress. She sat down at her vanity, took a deep breath, and thought about her and Jason's wedding.

Jason was playing pool at the Floating Rib when Kim entered and asked to join. As they played, she remarked on how much he looked like Drew had looked before, but she observed that their personalities were completely different. She wondered if he'd tried to get back home for the five years he'd been gone. He admitted that he could only account for the last six months of that time, and he hadn't been able to believe so much time had passed when he'd returned.

Kim asked how Jason dealt with Sam being with someone else. He replied that he trusted her to make the right decision for herself and her children. He mentioned that Sam and Drew were getting married that night, which flustered Kim. He apologized for blindsiding her and knew that sometimes the heart took a while to catch up to what the head already knew. "How's your heart? Still catching up?" she asked.

Julian entered the bar and asked to buy dinner for Kim, since he hadn't been able to provide her with dinner at his own bar. She wanted to finish her game with Jason first, but he told her to go ahead, and he sat down at the bar. Julian was thankful that Sam was with Drew and not Jason. He explained that, while he and Sam were estranged, he still worried and cared. He told a shocked Kim that Jason was "a mob enforcer. A professional killer." She looked toward Jason, who drank a beer at the bar while remembering his wedding to Sam.

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