General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 25, 2017 on GH

Jason and Sam rang in the new year with a kiss. Mayor Lomax resigned. Laura decided to take Kevin's last name. Peter gave Lulu a dangerous assignment. Cassandra realized that Finn had betrayed her.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 25, 2017 on GH
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Christmas Preemption Christmas Preemption

Monday, December 25, 2017

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday,December 25, and picked up where the Friday, December 22, episode concluded.

The search for information on Drew continues

The search for information on Drew continues

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Peter found Sam sitting at her desk at Aurora. He was confused and wanted to know who actually owned the company, as Jason's name appeared on the documents. Sam assured him that she and Drew owned the company because Jason had no interest in it and had given the company to them. Peter wanted it to be on the record. He also asked for a chance to interview Sam, Drew, and Jason for a story that the public wanted to hear. Sam declined numerous times. "It's one hell of a story," Peter declared. "Not unless you're the one living it," Sam retorted.

Peter provided some company statistics and told Sam about how well the Ask Man Landers story had done. He didn't want to keep pressing, but he suggested that if they printed something about Drew, perhaps someone who had known Drew in the past would be able to provide some information.

Anna and Finn arrived at Volonino's Gym. Anna wanted to teach the doctor some self-defense moves, much to Finn's annoyance. Finn said that he could take care of himself, but just then, Anna took him down to the mat and on his back. He was angry and reminded Anna that his only goal was to put Cassandra out of business. Anna was determined that nothing would happen to him. He was more than just an asset to her, she insisted. Furthermore, he was supposed to be spying and not actually doing research and drug making, Anna clarified.

Finn wondered if Anna really cared about him but she replied that she cared about his safety. His kiss had been an unwanted distraction, she added. As Finn leaned in for another kiss, Anna suddenly found herself flat on her back on the mat. Finn advised her that he wasn't entirely helpless and had applied pressure to her carotid artery. Anna didn't think he'd get close enough to anyone else to try the same move, but Finn was confident that he would.

Nathan and Maxie met with Kim Nero to discuss the findings of all of the grandparents' records. Nathan explained that while he had the records of his presumed father, he wasn't certain that the person was really Victor Cassadine, as he had been told. Dr. Nero called it illegal while Maxie confirmed that that wouldn't have been a problem for Nathan's mother. Kim explained that they wouldn't know an identity without a DNA test. Nathan was most concerned about his baby's health and the beta thalassemia that had been in the Cassadine family.

Kim assured Nathan that there was no record of the disease on his father's chart, as he hadn't been tested for it. Nathan himself wasn't a carrier. Kim assured the prospective father that he'd done all that he could, and they were looking at the promise of a healthy baby.

As Valentin and Nina enjoyed a meal at Kelly's, Lulu arrived with Charlotte in tow. Charlotte was excited about the gifts she'd received for Christmas but was hoping that Santa hadn't forgotten about her list at Wyndemere. Lulu asked whether Valentin had read her article in the paper about the mayoral ballots, and he sent Charlotte and Nina off to buy some chocolate chip cookies. Lulu mentioned that Charlotte's Christmas list had been on the back of a completed ballot, and she suggested that Valentin had been behind the stacks of ballots she'd found.

Valentin reminded Lulu that he hadn't lived at Wyndemere then, and he didn't think that Spencer would have been smart enough to originate a sophisticated scandal. He presumed that Nikolas had been behind the ballot tampering, and he suggested that Lulu write about her brother's role in the ballot rigging. Valentin added that a journalist with integrity would conduct the research and write the results. Nina and Charlotte returned. The cookies weren't ready yet. Lulu bade everyone goodbye and noted how much fun she, Dante, and Rocco had had celebrating Christmas with Charlotte.

Charlotte admitted that she'd had a good time but had missed Valentin and Nina. She pressed them for details on Santa's possible sighting at Wyndemere while she'd been gone. Cassandra walked in with a gift and saw the family. "What a charming sight. Valentin Cassadine and family," she gushed. She presented Charlotte with a shiny purple skating outfit, much to the little girl's delight. Nina sent Valentin and Charlotte off to check on the cookies again and pointed out the coincidence of Cassandra finding them with Charlotte's gift in hand. Nina grabbed a handful of Cassandra's hair and pulled tightly. She warned Cassandra to stay away from Charlotte.

Nathan and Maxie walked into Kelly's, and the detective spotted his sister with the handful of hair. He asked whether everything was okay. Nina assured him that it was. "Who was that woman and why were you trying to rip her hair out by the roots?" Nathan asked after Cassandra had gone. Nina promised that she wouldn't rip anyone's hair, and she asked about the baby. She was ecstatic to learn that the baby news was good. Maxie handed Nathan a drink and told him he was stressed. Nathan was convinced he'd never learn the truth about his father. He headed out.

Maxie put her coat on near the Cassadine table and appeared to bump into Valentin's head. She told him she had been polishing up his appearance, and she left. Charlotte was once again sent off to check on the cookie order, and Nina advised Valentin that she was tired of playing nice with Cassandra. "I'm not letting that bitch get anywhere near our little girl," she told her husband. Valentin assured her "that bitch" would be long gone in one way or another soon. Outside, Maxie gloated over the strands of hair she'd managed to pull from Valentin's head.

Back at the gym, Finn's phone rang. He knew it would be Cassandra, and he answered the call. She wanted to meet him to discuss the new drug formula, and they set the day and time. Finn was positive that he would be able to use his method on Cassandra if in trouble, and he refused to quit. He also didn't think he'd get killed because he had too much to live for. "I got this," he told Anna. She thought he needed more than luck, and she had other ways to protect him.

Sonny paid a visit to Drew at the penthouse to wish him a belated merry Christmas and to fix the fact that their families had not been in touch with each other. Sonny insisted that he had not turned against Drew, and they were still friends. Drew stated that in his head, he was looking at his best friend and brother, but he knew it wasn't real. He wasn't sure what to do about it. Sonny recalled that Drew had saved his life and had tried to help Morgan. He would always be grateful, and he reiterated that he and Drew were still friends.

Drew had been happy to help Sonny, but he had realized that Sonny wanted a guy to do whatever he wanted him to do. Sonny admitted that he'd been confused when he'd thought Drew was Jason and had tried to distance himself from Sonny. It hadn't made any sense to Sonny, and he hadn't betrayed Drew. He'd seen Jason and known that it was really Jason. Drew noted that Sonny's brother had returned. Drew wasn't Jason, and they were going in different directions. They didn't fit together, Drew concluded.

At the police station, Jordan informed Dante that Mayor Lomax had canceled their meeting. She asked where Lulu had found the ballots, and Dante told her. Lulu arrived at the station, and Jordan reminded her that anything she heard there would have to be off the record. Lulu clarified that if she did hear something good, she would then ask the person to go on the record. Jordan agreed and commended Lulu on her article. Lulu wandered over to Dante, and they discussed the possible outcome if the Board of Elections decided on the validity of the ballots. Lulu confessed that her brother had probably been responsible, since he'd been living at Wyndemere at the time of the election.

One of the officials from the Board of Elections walked in and announced that the ballots were indeed authentic, and Mayor Lomax's election had been invalid.

Sam stopped at the hospital to see Dr. Nero and told her what Peter had said about trying to find someone from Drew's past. She asked Kim how she and Drew had met, and Kim was happy to disclose what she could. She revealed that she had met Drew in a bar in San Diego, and he'd been in his dress whites. He'd been charming, polite, and funny. Their relationship had been all about the present time, as Drew would only be in the area for about three months. They had known they had no future together. He'd been on top-secret missions, had grown up in an orphanage in upstate New York, had seemed lonely, but had enjoyed high school.

Sam thought that maybe something from the past would jar Drew's memory. Kim didn't think she had enough information to be helpful, but she was appreciative of Sam's acceptance of Oscar. Sam admitted that she was happy for Drew and Oscar.

Lulu headed to the Aurora office and ran into Peter. He agreed that her article had been impressive, but she'd received what had been agreed upon. Lulu wanted a job, especially after writing a major story. Peter advised her that it had only been one article, and she would have to follow up on it. Lulu confided that the ballots had been real, and Peter emphatically urged her to continue with the story. He told her to get to it as she was "on deadline." Lulu was thrilled.

Sam returned to the penthouse as Sonny was leaving. He told her he respected her choice, and he advised both Sam and Drew to call on him if they needed anything. "What just happened?" Sam asked her husband. Drew explained it as "two guys coming to grips with reality." His life was not based on Sonny's but on Sam's.

Nathan got to the police station and heard about the election ballots as revealed in Lulu's article. Dante wished that his wife would just sit behind a desk and work, but Nathan compared Lulu to Maxie. Neither of the women was able to pass up an opportunity to "go rogue."

Kim visited with Sam and Drew and handed Drew a CD. It was the mix he'd made for her when they had dated. She thought that listening to the music might help him to remember something.

Mayor Lomax resigns

Mayor Lomax resigns

> Mayor Lomax resigns

Mayor Lomax resigns

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Laura and Kevin entered the hospital, and Kiki greeted them with a "congratulations, Dr. and Mrs. Collins." When Kiki was gone, Laura realized that they'd never talked about her last name. She reasoned that, while she'd survived a lot as a Spencer, she wanted to be Laura Collins. He appreciated her decision, and the two shared a kiss, promising to meet up later.

When Kevin was gone, Laura bumped into Stella, who congratulated Laura on her marriage. Stella updated Laura on how a few of the Charles Street building had lost heat and power on Christmas. She'd figured out that it was the landlord's doing. A short while later, Laura told Kevin about what had happened on Christmas. He promised to fight with her, "a week from now." He reminded a puzzled Laura that their "honeymoon awaits."

Laura revealed that she couldn't leave town and abandon everyone else fighting for the Charles Street district. Stella returned and asked Laura to accompany her to the police station in order to file a complaint about the landlord. Kevin suggested that they go on the way to the airport. Stella thought that sounded like a "fine compromise." She added that the fight was important, but so was the newlyweds' honeymoon. "I like her," Kevin concluded.

Maxie approached Amy at the hospital and asked her for an important favor. She needed Amy to run a DNA test as soon as possible. Amy reminded Maxie that a DNA test without consent was against the law, but Maxie reminded her how she and Nathan had committed fraud for Amy. Amy relented and wanted to know what the test was for before she risked her job for it. Maxie explained that Nathan was doubting his family history.

Maxie tried to convince Amy to "do what's right" and put Nathan's mind at ease. Amy finally agreed, even though she knew that Nathan probably wouldn't approve. She wanted to pay Nathan back for his generosity. Maxie hoped to have the answer soon, and she left.

Liesl and Nathan sat at a table at Kelly's, and Liesl handed a gift to Nathan. "I've been waiting a lifetime to give this to you," she told him as he opened the package to reveal a cuckoo clock. She explained that she'd gotten the clock in Bavaria while she'd been pregnant with Nathan. She hoped that the clock would go into the nursery. Nathan put forth to Liesl his "first test" as grandmother: "What aren't you telling me about my father?" he wondered.

Liesl maintained that she'd provided Victor's medical information, but Nathan countered that the records did not prove that Victor was Nathan's father. "Let this go," Liesl urged. Nathan insisted that he could handle the truth, so she agreed to tell him her "shameful secret." She admitted that she hoped Nathan and Maxie had a boy so that she could imagine all the years she'd missed with Nathan. "What aren't you telling me?" he asked. She only advised him to look ahead instead of behind, because all of the answers he wanted were in the future.

A short while later, Liesl was gone, and Maxie apologized for missing breakfast. Nathan showed Maxie the cuckoo clock, and she cracked that it was a great gift if they wanted to wake the baby up "every hour on the hour." Maxie wondered if Liesl had had a cuckoo clock when she'd been a child, because it would explain a lot. Nathan thought that anything was possible with Liesl, "except for a straight answer." Maxie thought they could solve Nathan's mystery themselves.

Anna and Finn arrived at Metro Court, and she gave him a surveillance chip to put into Cassandra's phone. She advised him to leave his phone on after Anna called him so that she could hear what was going on. "Don't die," she concluded, and she wished him luck.

Inside Cassandra's hotel room, an associate advised her not to give Finn "too much access" to her business. She felt better that, if she was wrong, her associate was "nearby to correct my mistake." Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Cassandra let Finn in. As Anna listened in, he expressed how excited he was to help people while making money. She handed him an envelope containing her current working formulas and advised him that, if he read the contents, their deal would be "sealed." "I though it already was," he replied as he opened the envelope.

Before they began, Cassandra asked Finn to turn his phone off, as she wasn't comfortable having meetings with phones on. Finn turned his phone off, which cut Anna off. After reading the reports, Finn pointed out some problems with the existing formula and made suggestions on how to fix them. He related that he would need immediate access to her factory. Cassandra was impressed and opened a bottle of Champagne in celebration.

Finn went to take a sip and spilled it all over the front of his shirt. Cassandra ran to get a towel, and Finn took the opportunity to quickly put the chip into Cassandra's phone. Cassandra returned and talked about Finn clearing his schedule as she wiped off his shirt. She suggested they take a private getaway after their trip to the factory. He admitted that he was "flattered and tempted," but he couldn't because of Anna.

Felicia found Anna just as Anna was stressed over losing the connection with Finn. She claimed that she'd been listening to a podcast, but Felicia maintained that she knew what surveillance looked like. Felicia had heard from Robin that Finn had moved in and was happy to hear that they'd taken their relationship to the next level.

Anna talked about Finn's many "off-putting qualities," but she smiled thinking about his morning smiles and the way he'd learned how she took her tea. Felicia thought that Anna was in love, but Anna denied it. Felicia advised Anna not to be afraid, because "you don't get to choose who you love, but you can choose what you do with that love."

A few minutes later, Finn found Anna and told her, "mission accomplished." He updated her on what she'd missed, including Cassandra's proposition. Anna thought that if Cassandra called the factory, they could trace the call, find the location, and destroy the business without Finn even having to go there. "Then what?" he wondered. Anna replied that the "whole charade" would be over, and they could go back to their lives.

Lulu couldn't believe that Mayor Lomax had been indicted, and Dante credited Lulu's article. Jordan thought it would take "a couple months" to get Lomax out of office. Just then, Alexis entered with the good news that the city council agreed that Lomax needed go but also with the bad news that she couldn't be fired as an elected official. Alexis thought the key could be in the town charter.

Dante asked to speak with Lulu, so he pulled her into the interrogation room. When the door was closed, he kissed her passionately. When they broke apart, he told her to think of the kiss as "applause from your husband." He expressed how proud he was of her, and they kissed again. Outside the room, Alexis informed Jordan that there was an "ethics clause" in the town charter that allowed a town official's salary to be withheld if the official was under investigation.

Later, Felicia bumped into Kevin at the police station. She revealed that she was there to pay a traffic fine but wondered why he was there. He answered that Laura was involved in some "community action." Lulu asked Laura if she'd read Lulu's follow-up article announcing that the ballots were legitimate. Alexis returned and announced that Lomax had resigned.

Alexis explained that there would be a special election soon, and Felicia could run again if she wanted to. Felicia turned the offer down because she'd "moved on." Stella thought they needed to get a good candidate so there were no more "lackeys" in the local government. Kevin suggested someone with "character, history, and heart," who would protect the people and legacy of the city: Laura.

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At Ava's, Ava handed Griffin his Christmas gift and told him to open it. When he did, he found a nice, expensive watch. He appreciated the gift but couldn't accept it. She understood that he didn't accept material possessions, but she promised not to get him anything else material if he accepted the watch. He finally accepted, and she put it on his wrist. He informed her that he was still planning her gift and promised it would be worth it.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Ava let Kiki in. Griffin told Kiki about their Christmas, serving the homeless at Julian's restaurant, and Kiki teased that it was a Christmas miracle. An amused Ava had left Kiki's gift in the spare room, so she went to get it. When Ava returned, Griffin and Kiki had their heads together, and Kiki wondered if they should tell Ava the truth about something. "No, she can't know yet," Griffin replied.

A suspicious Ava made her presence known and gave the gift to Kiki. Kiki opened the package and found a new purse, which she loved. She handed a gift to Ava, who opened the package to find a scarf. She bitterly wondered if it was for her to "hide in," but Kiki insisted she hadn't meant that. She grabbed the scarf to return it for something else and stormed out of the apartment to go to work.

"What just happened?" Griffin asked. Ava said that she had work to do, so it was best if he left. He kissed a reluctant Ava on the cheek and left in confusion. Later, Ava arrived at the hospital and spied on Kiki and Griffin talking. Kiki promised him that she had no second thoughts and wanted to "see where this leads." Griffin agreed, and they walked off together.

Anna and Finn taste victory

Anna and Finn taste victory

Thursday, December 28, 2017

On the phone with Michael, Carly made sure that he didn't need her. They wished each other a happy New Year and ended the call. Carly told Sonny that she already hated 2018, and it hadn't even started yet. Jason appeared, and Carly was happy that he would be spending the night with them. However, Jason informed them that he had a plane to Russia to catch in order to look for Faison. Just then, Jason's phone rang, and he walked away to answer the call from the airline.

Carly told Sonny that Jason needed to be there for Sam, and Sonny demanded that Carly drop whatever she was planning. She claimed that she needed to talk to her head chef, but instead, she ran into the elevator. Jason returned and revealed that his flight was going to be delayed. Sonny suggested that Jason's need to leave immediately had more to do with staying away from Sam. Jason answered that the situation had been killing Sam, and he thought distance would make things easier for her.

Jason continued that Sam had made her choice, and he needed to honor it. Sonny didn't want him to disappear, but Jason insisted that he wouldn't leave his kids and his life in Port Charles. He related that he'd gotten lucky with Danny, but Jake wanted nothing to do with him. He thought some "breathing room" would be good for Jake. He thought that Sam and the kids deserved happiness, and a safe, stable life, which he couldn't give them, but Drew could. Sonny insisted that Jason was the one that Sam was meant to be with.

In the Aurora office, Peter proposed a toast to Sam, Drew, Dante, Lulu, Nina, Maxie, and Nathan. "To a great new year at Aurora," he said. Nina complimented the Champagne, and he revealed that it had been a gift from the landlord, Carly. Peter wondered about Sam and Drew's plans for the company in the new year, but Maxie reminded him that it was a holiday.

Carly crashed the party and wondered if everyone would be attending her party at Metro Court. Sam revealed that she and Drew had rented out the Haunted Star for the night. Drew wanted to see Monica before their date, so he kissed Sam goodbye and left. Carly noticed Sam's ring and learned that Sam and Drew were going to get remarried. She congratulated Sam, who was happy for the "fresh start."

When Carly was gone, Maxie approached Sam and demanded to know what she was planning on wearing to the Haunted Star. Sam wasn't planning on changing, so with Nina's permission, Maxie dragged Sam to the Crimson closet while calling out to Nathan that she'd meet him at the party.

Later, Lulu returned to the Aurora office to retrieve her purse. She was surprised to find that Peter was still there, but he'd had some things to finish up. She thanked him again for the "amazing opportunity," and she promised that her next story would be bigger. He proposed that she tackle the situation with Jason and Drew, if she had the guts. He continued that she could do it from a different perspective by interviewing Faison, the man responsible.

Lulu cracked that she could interview Faison as soon as she tracked him down and prayed that he didn't kill her. She related that even the WSB couldn't find Faison. He suggested that she make use of her "detective husband," and her father, whose feud with Faison was "legendary." He urged her to "sleep on it" but told her that the story could make her career.

At the Haunted Star a short while later, Sam emerged in a red dress but didn't think it felt like something she would wear. She changed into a black dress but couldn't decide. Maxie assured her that both dresses would match the white coat she'd gotten. Maxie took Sam's leather jacket and left Sam to decide.

At the Metro Court party, Dante thought Nathan and Maxie were wasting their time by spending it apart, as the baby would soon consume their time. Nathan related that he would trade time with Maxie for the baby to be all right. He explained to a confused Nina that he still wasn't sure about who his father was. "That's why Maxie pulled a hair out of Valentin's head the other day," Nina realized.

Nathan observed that Nina had been glued to her phone all night and wondered where Valentin was. Nina knew that Valentin would be there soon because they loved each other. She sent him a text that read, "Can you please let me know you're okay? See you soon. Love you." Lulu, Peter, and Maxie arrived at the party and mingled with their friends.

Carly returned to the party, and Jason informed her that his flight had been delayed. Carly remarked on how well Aurora was doing thanks to Jason giving it to Sam and Drew. Jason loved Carly but didn't need her to fight his battles for him. Carly refused to apologize, because she believed that Jason and Sam belonged together. Just then, she claimed to get a text message from Sonny asking for Jason to meet him at the Haunted Star for some information on Faison. Jason ran out.

A short while later, Carly was happy about the turnout of her party. Sonny wondered what she was up to. "Nothing," she claimed with a smile. He asked where Jason was, and she replied that he was "somewhere he needs to be." She ran off, and Sonny shook his head at her.

Sam was looking at the white coat that Maxie had gotten for her when the door of the Haunted Star slammed open. She called out for Drew but was shocked when Jason entered.

At the hospital, Nelle wished that Kim would see her already. Michael revealed that Kim wasn't available, but he had a replacement. Monica appeared to take Nelle to an exam room. When they were gone, Drew arrived to see Monica. He asked if Michael was all right, and Michael told Drew about Nelle and their baby. Drew congratulated Michael and reminded him that Drew also had a child from his "former life." They joked that they liked to "keep thing interesting."

In the exam room, Nelle thanked Monica for seeing her, but Monica informed Nelle that Quartermaines stuck together. Monica asked Nelle questions about her dizziness as she examined Nelle. She revealed that everything looked fine, but she wanted to run some tests. Nelle demanded to know if it was because Monica believed that Nelle was lying. "You don't know what it's like to be consistently judged," Nelle said. "Actually, I do," Monica replied.

A few minutes later, Monica finished telling Nelle about how she hadn't known who A.J.'s father was. She wasn't saying that the situations were the same, but she hoped that Nelle would learn from her experience. She advised Nelle to focus on the child.

Monica approached Michael and Drew and took Michael aside in order to update him on Nelle. She revealed that the cause of Nelle's dizzy spells was low blood pressure, so Nelle needed to take better care of herself. Michael thanked Monica for the last-minute appointment, and she replied that she would do anything for family.

Nelle returned, and Michael advised her to take it easy, especially when looking for work. She divulged that she'd already found a job that she had a feeling would solve all of her problems.

Finn looked at the computers that Anna had set up, but she warned him not to touch them. He was hurt, as he'd been the one to plant the bug on Cassandra. "You're stuck with me, whether you like it or not," he added. After some bickering, she finally admitted that he'd done a good job. She assured him that they were near the end, so once they could pinpoint the factory location, she could send in a team from the WSB. She hoped that it would happen "sooner rather than later."

Finn also hoped for the undercover investigation to end soon so that he no longer had to deal with Cassandra's "harassment." Anna wondered if he had led Cassandra on, but Finn insisted that he would never cheat on Anna in a fake or a real relationship. Anna related that they could never have a real relationship, as they would probably drive each other crazy. Just then, they heard Cassandra's phone ringing from the computer.

Valentin returned home and found Cassandra and her associate, Eric, sitting in his living room. She informed him that they were leaving town on business. Valentin didn't think a trip to the factory was in his job description, but she thought it would be a gesture of solidarity. First, she had a task for him: "It's time to eliminate Sonny Corinthos." She told him to think of it as self-preservation, as Sonny wouldn't be happy to learn that Valentin was smuggling drugs into Port Charles. Just then, Cassandra's phone rang, and she answered in Mandarin.

While listening to the phone conversation, Anna put in a call to Robert, who was tracing the call. Finn observed as Anna picked apart a map on her computer to help Robert pinpoint the factory's location. She ordered Robert to send in a team, and she listened in as the team successfully secured the factory without hurting anyone. "We win?" Finn questioned. He picked Anna up and whirled her around in happiness. They got close but pulled away. She told him that they also needed to apprehend Cassandra, and then their partnership would be finished.

When Cassandra was off the phone, she told Valentin that they needed to leave immediately. When Valentin mentioned his family, she consented for him to take them along. "To a drug factory?" he demanded. She didn't care what he did, but she ordered him to accompany her. He revealed that she could only push him so far, and he threw her phone across the room. Wanting to compromise, she allowed for him to spend the night with Nina, but they would leave first thing in the morning.

Eric got Cassandra's phone, and Valentin figured they could find their own way out, since they'd already found their own way in. When they were in the foyer, Cassandra told Eric that she'd need a new phone before they left. Eric handed her the bug and replied that she should get one "without a listening device."

On the phone with Valentin, Anna updated him on the taking of the factory. She continued that she only needed to apprehend Cassandra. Valentin answered that she'd just left Wyndemere, so she should soon be on the docks. Anna thanked him for the information and hung up.

Cassandra returned to the living room, followed by Eric, who was pointing a gun at Valentin. Cassandra stated that she would hate for Eric to kill Valentin in the home he shared with his family, so she advised him to go with them for his family's sake.

Jason and Sam share a kiss

Jason and Sam share a kiss

Friday, December 29, 2017

Drew strode through the hallway of General Hospital, looking for Monica. He found Kim and told her he needed a ride to the Haunted Star, thanks to some car trouble. Kim informed him that Monica had gone, but Kim would drive him to meet Sam.

In what appeared to be a storage unit at an undisclosed location, Valentin was bound to a chair. Cassandra advised him that he was stupid and soft, and she accused him of betraying her by putting a bug in her phone. Valentin insisted that he hadn't been the one to deceive her because he had no interest in her. He added that he already knew more than he wanted to know. Cassandra ordered Eric, her bodyguard, to beat Valentin.

After Eric roughed Valentin up, the phone rang, and Cassandra sent Eric out to take the call. Valentin declared that he only cared about his family, and it was his first wedding anniversary. Cassandra taunted him, but Valentin explained that Nina had risked everything for him in order to support his custody case. Nina had been the one to propose the marriage. Again, he asked Cassandra to let him go, as she was wasting time. Cassandra agreed until Eric returned and announced that her factory in China had been seized.

Cassandra grew enraged and blamed it on the person who had planted the bug. Valentin urged her to flee the country before the WSB caught up to her. It suddenly dawned on Cassandra that Finn and Anna had been the ones responsible. "Finn played me perfectly," she said. She would take care of Finn and Anna -- and Valentin after that. She thought it was too bad that Valentin's marriage wouldn't see the new year.

Once he was alone, Valentin did his best to try to break free. He thought back to his wedding ceremony and quietly wished Nina a happy anniversary.

At Anna's house, Finn paced as Anna finished up a phone call. Finn acknowledged that it was probably time for him to leave, as their mission had been accomplished. He was ready to pack up. Anna suggested that he wait until Cassandra was in custody, but Finn felt that there was no reason for him to stay. Anna was flustered, and the pair continued their routine of bickering and taunting.

Anna suggested in a vague way that he stay for New Year's Eve, and they both ended up accusing the other of not being able to share their true feelings. Finn accepted Anna's second and more definite invite to stay for the evening. Anna noted that she had Champagne for herself and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for Finn. They made a toast to the new year and "better days." Finn announced that he had to go out because he wanted to make a fresh start. He'd be back in time for midnight and promised it would be worth it.

While she was alone, Anna received a phone call from Robert. He advised Anna to lock up because Cassandra was on the loose. She hung up and headed up the stairs as the front door opened behind her. She called out to Finn on her way.

Shortly after, Finn returned with a bouquet of white flowers and put them on the table. He sensed something was amiss and began to call out to Anna. After searching the house, he walked back into the living room. Cassandra was standing there and holding one of his flowers up to her nose.

Many of the townspeople were gathered at Metro Court for a New Year's Eve celebration. Some of the women were dressed in sparkly gowns. Nina continued to send messages to Valentin and wondered where he might be. Sonny asked Carly where Jason had gone, and she pretended not to know. He asked Carly what she had done. "Let nature take its course," Carly said proudly. Lulu was elusive with Dante about her next article assignment and noted that she had "kicked around a few ideas." The young couple overheard Nina on the phone, trying to get in touch with her babysitter, and Lulu wandered over.

Nina was agitated and noted that she hadn't been able to reach Charlotte's babysitter or Valentin, and Lulu grew anxious. A few minutes later, the babysitter called to say that Valentin had left, and she'd been giving Charlotte a bath. Lulu heaved a sigh of relief and asked why Nina had been so worried. The two women began their usual arguing, and Dante calmed them down. He asked Nina whether Valentin had been involved in anything criminal, but Nina was annoyed and announced that she would search for her husband herself.

Dante and Lulu toasted Sonny, and the trio made small talk about the children. Lulu asked questions about the search for Faison. Sonny stated that he didn't know anything about the man. The bartender called Sonny over and told him to let Carly know that he would take care of any other special projects that Carly had in mind. Sonny was perplexed.

Eventually, Nina received a text message from Valentin. He wished her a happy anniversary and stated that he was on his way, and he loved her. Sonny and Carly chatted and toasted with Dante and Lulu. The men offered to share information on Faison, but Sonny stood mute after Dante suggested that Sonny go first. Sonny asked Carly what the bartender had been talking about, and he wondered if that was why she appeared to be so happy.

After Sonny peppered her with questions, Carly admitted that she might have arranged for Sam and Jason to be stuck on the Haunted Star. She had paid the bartender to tamper with Drew's car. Sonny suggested that Drew would figure it out and blame Carly, but she wasn't bothered. She believed that Drew would never be happy with Sam because Sam wouldn't be happy without Jason.

Dante was curious why Lulu kept asking about Faison. He wondered if her new story was about the criminal. He warned Lulu that Faison was dangerous, and she couldn't go out in pursuit after him. Lulu felt the same about Dante's job, though he reminded her that he was a cop. Lulu felt that Dante would have to accept her career choice, or they would have a problem.

As the clock struck midnight, couples kissed and wished each other a happy New Year. Dante wanted Lulu to be an award-winning writer but safe. Sonny kissed Carly and told her he loved her. He knew that her intentions were good. Nina sat alone.

Kim and Drew chatted as she drove him to the ship. He was unable to reach Sam on the phone and explained that there was no captain or crew. They had rented out the ship to be alone, and the phone connections were always unreliable. There was lots of traffic, and the going was slow. Eventually, Kim asked Drew to grab her glasses out of the glove compartment, and he spotted a copy of the CD mix from 2003 that he had made.

Kim asked if Drew had had a chance to listen to it, and he admitted that he had. While some songs had sounded familiar, none had provided any memories for him. Kim informed him that he'd lived in the moment when they had dated and had just enjoyed listening to songs. "Don't waste the chance to live what's right in front of you," is something he had said to her, she told him. Finally, they were close enough that Drew could get to the ship on foot. They wished each other a happy New Year, and Drew left the car.

Sam was startled when Jason rushed onto the Haunted Star and announced that he was there to meet with Sonny. The ship began to drift, and in a panic, Sam realized that the ship had been set to autopilot. She ran to turn it off but was unsuccessful. The ship pulled away from the pier. They were adrift because she had turned off the engine. They would be stuck for hours, and she couldn't call Drew without phone service.

Sam was frantic. Jason blamed himself because he realized that Carly had sent him there. Carly had taken things too far, Jason declared. Sam replied that Carly had been trying to convince her to change her mind about Jason and Drew.

Jason went behind the bar and found a game of dominoes. He challenged Sam to play like old times and advised her that the loser would have to down a shot of tequila. "You're on," Sam proclaimed. As they continued to play several rounds, they doubted that Carly had had that in mind when she had set them up. Jason explained that Carly had felt guilty for pushing Sam to Drew, but Sam quickly assured Jason that she loved Drew and hadn't been pushed. They talked about old times. Jason was glad that Sam hadn't waited for him. He missed her but was glad that she was happy.

Sam realized that Jason was letting her win so that she didn't have to drink too much because he was "too polite to get a lady drunk unless she's your lady to take care of." She also realized that she'd never seen Jason drunk. They decided that it wasn't a good idea to continue, and Jason suggested they go on deck to watch the fireworks. He helped her on with the new white coat that Maxie had picked out.

Sam wondered if Jason had donated the money to build the footbridge in order to watch the fireworks. He agreed that he had, but he'd had many reasons to do so. They watched the fireworks, and Sam called them beautiful. Jason said beautiful as he stared at Sam. They began to dance together, both having flashbacks to the past, and they shared a kiss as midnight arrived.

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