General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 18, 2017 on GH

Kevin and Laura were married on Christmas Eve. Drew surprised Sam with an engagement ring. Jake rejected his father. Oscar met the Quartermaines. Ava hired Nelle at the gallery.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 18, 2017 on GH
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Jason tries to locate Andre's flash drive Jason tries to locate Andre's flash drive

Monday, December 18, 2017

Maxie met up with Lulu at Kelly's, where Lulu asked Maxie if she had room for another holiday activity in her busy schedule. Lulu revealed that she needed Maxie's help hosting a food drive for Feeding America. She continued that they needed donations of fresh and nutritious food, and Maxie was going to help her get the word out.

Lulu told Maxie that the event would be hosted at Kelly's, and the restaurant would be giving a large donation. Maxie was sure that Mac and Felicia would match the donation, and she offered to talk to Carly and Olivia about Metro Court donating as well. Maxie agreed to tackle the social media advertisements. "You make giving fashionable," Lulu beamed.

Franco informed Elizabeth that he had something to tell her that he should have told her earlier. She pulled him into an exam room for privacy and assured him that they would figure things out together. He revealed that he'd learned the truth about Jason's twin being alive before everyone else had. He explained how he'd confronted Andre, who'd admitted to faking the death certificate. He reluctantly continued that he'd also known which man was Jason before everyone else.

A shocked Elizabeth demanded to know why Franco had lied about something that affected so many people. Franco confided that he'd panicked because of how much Jason hated him. He'd been afraid that Jason would convince her to leave him, because Jason would never put stock in a medical explanation of Franco's crimes. Franco knew he'd been a coward.

Elizabeth reminded Franco that Jason was Jake's father, but Franco related that he didn't want Jason anywhere near Jake. He didn't want Jake to find out about his crimes. Elizabeth tried her best to reassure him and embraced him. She advised him to tell her if he had any more secrets. He replied that he had one more. He told her about going to see Betsy, who'd told him that she'd sent Drew away to keep him safe after Franco had pushed him down the stairs. Elizabeth called him "evil," and insisted that Jason would make him pay. She stormed out of the room.

Franco snapped back to reality, still in an embrace with Elizabeth. Franco promised that he had no more secrets, and he apologized for lying. She wished he hadn't, but she understood why he had. She acknowledged that there was no reasoning with Jason once he got an idea in his head. She implored Franco to be brave enough to trust her, because she was trusting him with her heart. "I can't wait to be your wife," she told him, and they shared a kiss.

Drew informed Sam that their marriage wasn't legal, as he'd married her as Jason. He swore that he'd meant every word of his vows, but he legally needed to say them under a different name. "Will you marry me?" he asked her. Sam didn't think a name changed anything, but he replied that he wanted things to be legal. Sam admitted that she hadn't thought of all the complications of changing legal documents, but Drew assured her that "Alexis is on it."

Sam wondered how things had gone with Oscar, and Drew confessed that it had been awkward. She assured him that things would be fine after everyone adjusted. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Oscar entered Drew's office. Sam excused herself to run errands. Oscar offered to just "forget the whole thing" with Drew, because he didn't want them to force a relationship if Drew wasn't interested in having one.

Drew insisted that he was "very interested" in getting to know Oscar, but he'd been trying to give Oscar space so that he wasn't overwhelmed. They agreed to take baby steps. Speaking of baby, Oscar asked about Scout, and Drew promised to set up a time for Oscar to meet her. Drew asked Oscar some basic questions, but Oscar wanted to ask Drew some too. Drew assumed he wouldn't be able to answer them, and he was right, as Oscar asked about what Drew and Kim had been like as younger people.

Oscar thought the important question was what kind of music Drew liked. He mentioned the CD that Drew had made for Kim. Drew was amused that Kim had kept the CD for so long. Oscar wondered if Drew would want to listen to it sometime, because the song choices were "solid." Drew answered that he would love to listen to it.

At Metro Court, Jason briefly caught up with Robin on the phone. He revealed that things were "complicated" and admitted that he needed Anna's help. He asked Robin for Anna's contact information.

At the park, Anna ran into Jordan. They talked about how nice it was for the community to "come together" for the holiday. Anna mentioned that she'd donated a box of ornaments for the community tree. Changing the subject, Jordan informed Anna that Andre had been transferred to Pentonville that day. Jordan began to tell Anna about someone she'd once arrested whose wife had been shell-shocked over her husband's crimes. Jordan remembered judging the woman, but she realized that she'd been that woman with Andre.

Anna suggested that Andre was just "gifted at compartmentalizing." He'd created a reality for himself where he could forget what he'd done, and he had. Just then, Anna's phone rang. She answered it to Jason, who asked her to meet him at Metro Court about something important. She agreed and hung up.

Carly and Sonny were getting close at the Metro Court bar when Jason broke them up. Sonny and Jason were discussing possible leads on Faison when Sam entered to talk to Carly. She told Carly that Aurora had never received a bill for the launch party, and she and Drew wanted to make sure that their debts were settled. They went out in the hall to talk, and Carly wondered why Sam was really there. Sam reluctantly told Carly that she and Drew had realized that they weren't legally married, so Drew had asked her to remarry him.

Carly wondered what Sam had answered. Sam admitted that they'd been interrupted. While Carly believed that Sam belonged with Jason, Sam insisted that she loved Drew, and a name shouldn't change anything. Carly noticed that both Sam and Jason were doing the "noble" thing, but it wasn't making anyone happy. Sam spat that Carly would do anything for her "best friend" and just wanted to give him whatever he wanted.

Carly assured Sam that Jason would survive without her if he had to, but she wanted Sam to be happy with Jason too. Sam admitted that she loved Jason, but she was in love with Drew. Carly advised her to be with the person who "gets you, otherwise, what's the point?" Carly knew it wasn't an easy situation to be in, but she promised to be on Sam's side for whatever she decided.

At a table in the restaurant, Jason explained to Sonny about the flash drive in an ornament. Sonny thought there were bigger problems than the flash drive. They discussed the possibility of tracing a paper trail of money, but Sonny revealed that the money had been heavily laundered. Anna entered the restaurant, and Jason told her about the flash drive in the ornament. She remembered the disco ball ornament that Andre had given her, and she ran off to get it.

Sonny wondered what Jason would do if he found the flash drive. Jason intended to ask Drew to undergo the procedure to get his memories back. If Drew refused, Jason believed that Drew could remember on his own. Drew would have been exactly like Jason if all of his own memories had been completely erased, so Jason thought that Drew's memories were still there.

Carly and Sam returned, and Sam went to the elevator without looking at Jason. Carly revealed that Sam was overwhelmed, and Carly thought that she'd just made it worse. Sonny advised Carly to continue being a friend to Sam. Just then, Jason's phone rang, and he answered it to Anna. Anna asked him to meet her in the park because there was a problem.

A short while later, Anna arrived at the park and bumped into Jordan again. She briefly explained how important it was that she find the disco ball ornament, and she ran off to find it.

When Jason was gone, Sonny asked Carly about Sam in more detail. Carly revealed that Sam and Drew weren't legally married, and she wished that Sam would see it as a blessing. Sonny and Carly both believed that Sam would stay with Drew, but Carly countered that Jason was Sam's soul mate. Carly wondered how the investigation was going. Sonny replied that it was hard to handle a threat when he didn't know who he was dealing with.

When Sam returned to Drew's office, Oscar was gone. Drew revealed that his conversation with Oscar had gone better than the last time they'd talked. He wondered how she was doing, as she'd left in a hurry after his proposal. She told him that she loved him and that nothing had changed between them, so she agreed to marry him. Drew replied that he'd realized that it wasn't right to ask her at that moment.

Drew explained that Oscar had had many questions that Drew hadn't been able to answer. He needed to try to get his memories back so that Sam would know everything about him like he did about her. He implored her to wait for him to find himself, and then he would ask her again. "I feel like we're meant to be. We're forever," he told her, and they shared a kiss.

Jason found Anna in the park. She explained that her housekeeper had made a mistake, and the disco ball ornament had been in with the donations. She'd gone through her box of ornaments, but only the disco ball was gone. She suggested that a child had picked it up, but Jason thought it was too much of a coincidence.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, the disco ball ornament was opened up and empty, sitting on a desk alongside a phone, a pen, and a pad of paper.

Liesl nixes Britt's plans to turn in Faison

Liesl nixes Britt's plans to turn in Faison

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A bundled-up Alexis and Danny were at the park to leave some toys in the box for Toys for Tots. As they turned to go, they ran into Julian, who couldn't believe how much Danny had grown. He asked his grandson for a hug. Alexis sent the boy to play on the slide so that she and Julian might talk. Julian insisted that he hadn't been following Alexis, and he was there to drop off his own toys. He informed Alexis that the charges against him had been dropped thanks to Olivia. There would not be another trial.

Alexis was glad that she would no longer have to worry about Julian in jail. She advised him that she wasn't certain if the sale of Derek Wells Media was valid, as Drew had used the name of Jason Morgan to sign the papers. Julian assured her that the sale was safe as far as he was concerned, and he had a new life to look forward to after his purchase of Charlie's Pub. Alexis told him that he could live life as he chose. Julian asked about Dr. Bensch, but Alexis didn't want to discuss that aspect of her life. Julian insisted that he just wanted Alexis to be happy.

Alexis shouted for Danny to rejoin her. Julian informed Alexis that she had left her scarf at the pub, and he asked Danny about Santa. Danny wondered what Julian might ask the jolly man to give him. Julian confided that he wanted "something special" that was probably a "long shot." Alexis looked uncomfortable.

Stella and Curtis met at Charlie's Pub. Stella assumed that her nephew and Jordan were thrilled that she had moved into her own place. She told him about the party she'd had with all of her new neighbors, thanks to T.J. and Molly. Stella looked radiant, but she didn't think it would last. She was afraid that her neighbors would be forced out due to greedy landlords who wanted to gentrify the old neighborhood. Curtis was certain that wouldn't happen too soon.

It was the time of year that Stella missed Thomas, and she still placed blame for his death on Jordan. Curtis thought that his brother would be happy to know that his family all lived near each other. He had a housewarming gift for Stella for her new place, and he handed her a box.

Maxie and Nathan looked at the Christmas stockings they'd hung, including one for Baby. As they decorated their Christmas tree, Nathan mentioned that his mother had been secretive, and he thought she had been lying about his father. They only needed the medical records for one more grandparent. Nathan admitted that he hadn't confirmed the identity of his father with anyone he trusted, and perhaps Victor hadn't really been his father. He didn't trust his mother, and Nathan declared that he might never know the truth. Maxie felt that Victor hadn't been the best person around, and she thought it would be odd to name him if it weren't the truth. The couple grew affectionate and headed to the bedroom.

Liesl visited with Britt in the interrogation room at the police station. Britt informed her mother that she would be able to get a reduced sentence if she were able to deliver Faison to the authorities. "Don't think of delivering Cesar!" Liesl shouted. Britt was hurt that her father still appeared to be first with her mother, but Liesl insisted that her children were the most important to her, even though she'd been hard on Britt. She was fearful that Britt would be signing her own death warrant if she attempted to have justice served on Faison.

Britt thought it was justified, since Faison had committed all the crimes that he was wanted for, but Liesl was insistent that Faison would do worse to Britt. Mother and daughter argued over Faison's ability to get at Britt even if he were behind bars. Faison would only appreciate Britt if she remained loyal, Liesl stated. She begged her daughter not to see to her father's capture. He would go through Liesl to get to Britt if he had to. Britt finally promised not to say anything, even though she didn't know where Faison was to begin with. Liesl was confident that they could rebuild their lives after Britt's prison stint. They were happy about Nathan's baby and would be happy in the future.

Britt wondered why her mother had still not provided Nathan with his father's medical records. Liesl claimed that she had been working on it, and in the meantime, she hoped to be a good grandmother. She would tell the baby all about its wonderful Aunt Britt.

Ava arrived at her art gallery and was thrilled to see the decorating that Kiki and Griffin had done. Griffin felt that he had to make things up to her for his feelings about Julian. Kiki advised her mother that she'd made a sale, and she headed to the storeroom to unpack the new arrivals. Ava advised Griffin that she understood how he felt about Julian. Griffin wanted the man convicted of his crimes.

Ava divulged that Julian was a free man and would not be retried. Griffin was angry that the man who had ordered his father's murder would not serve any time. Ava advised Griffin that Julian had offered to make himself scarce, as he didn't want her to choose between the two men.

Jordan paid Ava a visit, and the women reminisced about Jordan's employment at the gallery when she had actually been working undercover. Ava admitted that Jordan had helped her through some rough patches more than once and had been a friend. Kiki returned but left again after receiving a phone call from Dillon. Jordan picked out a sculpture to purchase, and Ava agreed to give her a good deal on it, as Kiki had sold the companion piece, not realizing it had been part of a set.

Griffin found Kiki crying in a corner. She revealed that Dillon wouldn't be returning home for the holidays, as he had been hired to work on an independent film in California. He would be surrounded by actresses. Kiki figured she would be a loser with no boyfriend, and it would be best to quit medical school and head to California herself. Griffin agreed that it was not easy to be a doctor, but he assured her that it was something she could do. He picked up a tissue and dried her tears. Ava watched unseen as Griffin gave Kiki encouragement. She agreed to call Dillon and "hit the books."

Ava was appreciative that Griffin had been able to get through to her daughter and thought that he had grown to be part of the family. Just then, Julian arrived and shouted for his sister. Ava was surprised to see Julian, and things were awkward as he walked over to her and Griffin. Julian wondered what they should do, since Griffin had a problem with him.

Sam was shocked to see Jason standing at her front door, but Drew assured her that he had invited his brother to stop by. Drew had tried to see Andre at the police station, but Andre had already been transferred. Drew had learned that Jason had been the last person to see Andre, and he wanted to know why. Jason explained about the baseline for Drew's memory and the information that had been hidden on the flash drive within the Christmas ornament. He further revealed that Anna's housekeeper had put it in a box with other ornaments, and it was missing. It was complicated. They all agreed that someone had removed it from the box.

Just then, Alexis and Danny returned from their outing, and Danny was happy to see his mother's friend. Alexis left, and Danny told the adults about his day. "You look like someone," Danny said to Jason. He went on to explain that he'd seen photos of a similar man at his Grandma Monica's house. Jason replied that he knew her. Sam sent her son to the kitchen for a juice box, and Drew kissed the little boy. Awkwardly, Jason thought he should leave, but Drew announced that it was time the little boy knew the truth about his father.

Danny returned and sat down with all of the adults. Sam noted how much she and Drew loved him and insisted things wouldn't change. She told him that her friend and daddy were brothers, there had been a mix-up, and her friend was Danny's father. His daddy was really his uncle. The little boy took things in stride. "He loves me?" he asked about Jason. He began to pepper Jason with questions like where had he been, and why he hadn't said anything about it. Jason suggested that they'd had to figure things out. Danny agreed that he was ready to get to know Jason, and he and Jason hugged. The adults were all close to tears.

Jason put on his jacket and headed for the door. Danny suggested that he visit at Monica's house. Drew nodded at him. Danny dashed off to play, and Sam cried over how difficult it had been. Drew was sorry she was going through it, and his own heart was in pieces. Sam assured him that he wasn't losing her or his kids, but Drew reminded her that he didn't know who he was. He had nothing to give her.

Sam insisted that she knew that Drew was the man she loved, and he was a husband and father. She accused him of taking his marriage proposal off the table, and she turned and proposed to him instead. She got down on one knee, and a teary Drew told her to remember the moment. He agreed to marry her.

A half-dressed Nathan opened his door and found Liesl standing there. Maxie called out about joining her in the shower, but she walked into the room in her robe. An embarrassed Liesl handed Nathan an envelope and told him that his father's medical records were inside. She made a hasty retreat. Nathan was anxious to peruse the records, and he and Maxie sat on the sofa. Maxie was thrilled to see that Victor had been healthy, but Nathan felt that something was wrong.

Stella opened the box from Curtis and found a lovely sculpture. Curtis explained how the piece had reminded him of his childhood at the art museum in Baltimore when he'd gone there with Stella and his brother. Jordan arrived holding a box and gave it to Stella as she sat down. It was a sculpture from Ava's gallery, and she thought that Stella would love it for her new place. After Stella opened it, Jordan realized that it was the companion to the piece that Curtis had given her. Stella didn't want two sculptures and announced that she would return Jordan's and donate the money to the less fortunate.

Stella left the table to talk to T.J. on the phone, and Jordan sighed. She'd thought things had been better with Stella. Curtis explained that Stella had been depressed about Thomas, and Jordan realized that she was the Grinch. Curtis promised that things would get better.

Stella saw Alexis arrive, and the two women made small talk. Stella noted that she liked Alexis' "new beau." Alexis quickly clarified that Dr. Bensch was not a beau. Stella highly recommended her new neighborhood and noted that everyone could meet at the pub.

Nathan suspects that Liesl is lying

Nathan suspects that Liesl is lying

> Nathan suspects that Liesl is lying

Nathan suspects that Liesl is lying

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Nathan and Maxie were looking at Victor's medical records when Nathan observed that there was something wrong. He wanted to ask Liesl some "follow-up questions," so he grabbed his jacket to go meet her. As he was on his way out, Felicia entered the apartment with a bag full of gifts. She noticed that Maxie looked down, so she wondered what was wrong. "I'm not sure I can do this," Maxie told Felicia.

Maxie was worried that she wouldn't be a good mother, and Felicia thought that Maxie was being ridiculous. She assured her daughter that parents made "ten mistakes a day." Maxie thought that she was "a train wreck with great hair." Felicia sang Maxie's praises and advised her just to give the baby all the love she could, and everything would be fine. Felicia blamed hormones for Maxie's sudden anxiety and reminded her that Felicia and Mac would always be there to help.

At Kelly's, Lulu was looking through the ballots when Laura arrived. Lulu put the ballots away as Laura sat down, asking what Lulu was doing. Lulu promised to tell Laura as soon as she knew that there was something to tell. Laura wanted Lulu's help with the wedding, so she asked her daughter to be her matron of honor. "Of course!" Lulu answered happily.

Laura had to go to Mayor Lomax's town hall meeting about the redevelopment in the Charles Street District. "Give her hell," Lulu spurred Laura on. When Laura was gone, Peter entered and wondered why Lulu had wanted to meet with him. She updated him on the 2014 mayoral election between Mayor Lomax and Felicia. She handed him a few ballots and told him that it looked like Mayor Lomax had stolen her reelection.

Kevin entered the police station and asked Dante for help with the wedding. He explained that, with Mac and Felicia out of town for the holidays, he needed someone he knew, trusted, and respected to stand up for him at his wedding. He appreciated how Dante had always treated Kevin like family, so he asked Dante to be his best man. Honored, Dante accepted, and the two embraced.

Later, Lulu arrived at the station, carrying a box. She asked Dante for advice as a husband and not a cop. A few minutes later, Dante and Lulu went through the ballots in the interrogation room. Dante thought they should take the ballots to the Board of Elections and added that it would cause a huge controversy. He warned Lulu that Mayor Lomax could get nasty, especially toward Lulu, when the news broke. Lulu thought that, especially with all of the mayor's huge changes to the city, the voters had a right to know that the election had been stolen.

Michael entered Kelly's and found Nelle, who'd been hoping to run into him in order to continue their conversation. Michael recapped that she would be living in her apartment rent-free with all of her medical expenses covered. She reminded him that she had basic needs for herself, which would be hard to cover being unemployed. Michael handed her the newspaper under his arm and advised that she look for a job.

In response to Nelle's protests, Michael informed her that he would supplement her income, but she wouldn't be living off of him. "Do something for yourself," he spat. She was shocked at how little he trusted her, but he didn't think she could blame him after all she'd done. As he was on his way out, she reminded him that their baby had been conceived out of love. "Good luck on the job hunt," he said, and he left. As Nelle looked through the newspaper, she saw something interesting and booked it out of the restaurant.

Julian and Griffin got in each other's faces, and Ava yelled at them to each take a step back. She didn't expect the two to hang out, but they were both important to her, so she expected them to accept that the other would be in her life. Griffin wondered how he was supposed to "play nice" with the man who'd murdered his father before Griffin had even had a chance to meet Duke. Julian was amused at how Griffin decided who was worthy of forgiveness. Griffin shot back that Ava was repentant, as opposed to Julian, who showed no remorse for any of his crimes.

Julian had only shown up to drop off Ava's gifts, so he excused himself. Griffin apologized for putting Ava in the middle and for not checking his anger better. Griffin only hoped that Julian wouldn't lead Ava down the wrong path. Ava retorted that she could "falter all on my own." Just then, Nelle entered, and Ava said that Griffin was just headed off to work. "See you around," Griffin muttered, and he left.

Nelle was there to apply to be Ava's assistant. "Say no more, you're hired," Ava said, citing how good of a job Nelle had done for Carly. "You know how that ended," Nelle reminded her, but Ava knew that it hadn't been for "poor work performance." Nelle informed Ava that she wasn't a saint. "No one is, dear," Ava said, and she offered for Nelle to start that day. Nelle hoped that Ava was hiring her for her skills and not to annoy Sonny and Carly. Ava hoped the same thing about Nelle applying for the job.

Nathan met Liesl at Kelly's to discuss Victor's medical records. Nathan wondered why Victor's records didn't show him being tested for a blood disorder known to run in the Cassadine family. Liesl reminded Nathan that he'd been tested, so there was nothing to worry about. She advised Nathan to take the file to his doctor and stop worrying. Liesl left, troubled by Nathan's investigation.

A short while later, Nathan arrived at the hospital and bumped into Griffin, who congratulated Nathan on the baby. Nathan worked up the nerve to ask Griffin for a favor. He asked Griffin to look at the medical records and tell him if they belonged to Victor or if Liesl was lying to him again.

At Charlie's, Alexis discussed the prospect of redevelopment in the Charles Street District with Molly and T.J. Alexis looked around the pub as they explained that they couldn't afford a rent increase if their building was even left standing. Ned entered, and Alexis made a beeline for him. Molly and T.J. noticed Alexis' strange behavior. Ned told Alexis that, should the redevelopment plan pass, ELQ would be in charge of the redevelopment. He added that Michael would be there soon.

Mayor Lomax approached, happy to see Ned there to represent ELQ in the "win-win situation." Alexis countered that Lomax would be kicking people out of their homes, including her daughter and her boyfriend. Lomax suggested that Alexis help them relocate, but Alexis informed the mayor that she wouldn't be supporting the plan.

Michael entered the pub and found Ned a few minutes later. He admitted that he wasn't sure that he wanted ELQ involved in the project. Ned reminded him of ELQ's involvement in the waterfront redevelopment, but Michael remarked that they'd only had abandoned buildings to deal with. "I'm not saying no. Yet," Michael concluded.

A few minutes later, Alexis was talking to Molly and T.J. when Julian entered the pub, Molly demanded to know if he was there to represent big business. He clarified that he was there as a small business owner, as he owned the pub in which she was standing. She accused Alexis of going to the town hall to run into Julian. Just then, Mayor Lomax called the meeting to order, so Molly pulled T.J. off to find seats.

Outside the pub, Kevin and Laura updated one another on their wedding party situation. Laura got distracted when she saw Lomax through the window, and Kevin promised to help her fight.

A few minutes later, the town hall meeting was underway. Molly asked about where the students and working class families would live after they were kicked out of the Charles Street District. T.J. explained that they could barely afford rent. Lomax answered that students moving off-campus helped to cause higher rent, and Molly accused her of deflecting. Julian chimed in that he wanted to hear an answer to Molly's question. When Lomax tried to brush the students off as new residents of the town, Laura jumped in to help as an almost-lifelong resident of Port Charles.

Laura explained how the working class had made Port Charles into what it was, and the district was a "haven for diversity." She believed a modern city like theirs should "lift up" the working class to help them thrive. She pleaded with everyone to vote no. The room erupted into applause. Lomax announced that the vote would be in a month, and she adjourned the meeting.

Kevin, Alexis, Molly, and T.J. insisted that Laura had won over people who'd previously been "on the fence." T.J. thought that Laura would make a good politician herself. She was just thankful that the community had young people like them to fight for it.

Julian observed that that night was the second time Alexis had been at the pub since she'd learned that Julian owned it. She insisted that she'd gone to get her scarf back from him. She thanked him for defending Molly, which had meant a lot to her. As Molly watched, Julian told Alexis that he was trying to start doing the right thing.

Molly complained to T.J. about Alexis talking to Julian. She hated that Alexis couldn't seem to "shake" Julian off.

Michael thought that Laura had made some excellent points, but Ned dismissed her words as an "emotional appeal." Michael still wasn't sure about ELQ's involvement and knew that he had a lot of factors to consider, "including public scrutiny." Ned figured that, as long as Lomax was mayor, they would definitely be breaking ground on the redevelopment.

Port Charles celebrates Christmas

Port Charles celebrates Christmas

Thursday, December 21, 2017

In the company of Kevin, Lulu, Dante, and the minister, Laura thought that it was a "wonderful day for a wedding." Just then, Maxie entered with Nathan and proclaimed that no wedding could happen that day. She was horrified that Kevin and Laura were looking right at each other before the wedding. Kevin thought that they were too "experienced" to put any stock in superstition.

A short while later, Maxie and Lulu helped Laura get ready before the wedding. Bobbie entered and informed Laura that Lucas was going to pick Lucky and Spencer up from the airport. Maxie left to check on the guys, and Laura expressed how glad she was that Bobbie was there for her. They embraced, and Bobbie left Laura with Lulu. Lulu was happy that Laura had found the love she deserved.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Bobbie returned with bad news. She revealed that the flights had been rerouted because of the snow, so Lucky and Spencer wouldn't make it in time for the wedding.

Out in the chapel, the minister got a phone call, and he told the caller that he would "be right there." He announced that his wife's water had just broken, so he had to leave. When he was gone, Laura emerged wanting to talk to Kevin. She figured they wouldn't be having a wedding that night, barring a Christmas miracle. Just then, the front door of the church slammed. Lulu peeked out the double doors at the end of the aisle and asked, "Did someone order a miracle?"

Jason met Josslyn at Kelly's, and Josslyn told him about Avery's exciting Christmas morning. She handed Jason a wrapped gift, which was the gift she'd gotten for Jake from Jason. She explained that, since Jake liked to draw, she'd gotten a sketchpad and colored pencils. He thanked Josslyn for her help and got up to leave. On his way out, Oscar arrived at the diner, and Jason greeted him. When Oscar sat down with Josslyn, he clarified that the man he'd just passed was his uncle.

Josslyn handed Oscar a gift, and he opened it and found a book by Edward Quartermaine, Oscar's great-grandfather. He was excited to read up on his newfound family. He handed her a gift, and she opened it to find a CD on which was written "Joss Jams Christmas 2017." He thought that, after listening to Drew's mix CD, Josslyn deserved one of her own with twelve songs that reminded him of her. She joked that she would have to kick Sonny out of his study in order to listen to it. Oscar didn't want Sonny mad at him, so he handed her another gift. It was a "retro" Discman so that she could listen to the CD. The two shared a kiss.

Franco put on a pair of virtual reality goggles and took a play lightsaber out of a box. As he fought Darth Maul, Elizabeth descended the stairs in amusement. When he finally beat the bad guy, he yelled, "Score one for the rebellion!" Elizabeth clapped, and he was embarrassed to her see when he took the goggles off. He insisted that Elizabeth try the game, so he helped her put the goggles on. She lost her first try and couldn't try again because there was a knock on the door. She answered it to Jason.

Jason entered the house with Jake's gift just as Jake descended the stairs. "What's he doing here?" he demanded to know. Elizabeth reminded Jake that Jason was Jake's father. "I already have a dad. I don't want you here," Jake said as he stormed back upstairs. Franco followed closely after. Jason put the gift under the tree as Elizabeth explained that Jake was overwhelmed, so they would have to take things slowly. "Whatever he needs," Jason agreed.

Elizabeth took the opportunity to tell Jason that she and Franco were engaged. While she didn't expect him to like it, she did expect him to accept it. "It's your life," he conceded. Elizabeth insisted that Franco was a different person, especially because of the removal of his brain tumor. Franco listened as Elizabeth vouched for him to Jason. Jason asked Elizabeth to tell Jake that he would be there if and when Jake was ready to see him, and he left. Franco returned and promised to steer clear of Jason. Elizabeth only hoped the two could be civil like Franco and Drew.

Elizabeth went through the mail and pulled out a card for Franco from Betsy. In it, Betsy wrote that she hoped that Franco would find peace and forgive her. Elizabeth wondered what Franco had to forgive Betsy for other than for stringing him along for so long. Jake burst in on their conversation and told them that Cameron had just beaten Darth Maul. Elizabeth promised to be up soon, because she wanted another shot. Franco said he would be right up, and Elizabeth followed Jake upstairs.

Sam descended the stairs after getting Scout to sleep, and she told Drew that she didn't want to wake Scout up to go to Monica's. She urged him to go without them until Scout was awake, but he revealed that he had a gift for her first. He got down on one knee and opened a ring box to reveal a sparkling engagement ring. He regretted that he hadn't planned something more special, but she just wanted him to put the ring on her finger. They declared their love for one another and shared a kiss.

A short while later, Drew was gone, and Sam looked at her engagement ring from Jason -- the lug nut on a silver chain. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and she opened the door to Jason. Jason had a gift for Danny, who had gone to the Quartermaines' with Drew. She offered for him to leave it under the tree, so he entered and placed the package under the tree. He reminisced about the tiny tree they'd had one year, and she smiled remembering it. He noticed her engagement ring, and she informed him that she and Drew were getting married.

Sam continued that there was a huge legal mess outside of their marriage, including the facts that they were living in Jason's penthouse and that Aurora had technically been bought with Jason's money. Jason insisted that they stay in the penthouse, as it was Sam and Danny's home. As for Aurora, he informed her that Diane was drawing up paperwork so that Aurora would stay in Sam and Drew's hands. She knew that it was a lot to ask of him, but he told her to think of it as a Christmas gift. They wished each other a merry Christmas, and he left.

Jason returned to Kelly's and found that Josslyn was still there. She asked about how Jason's sons had liked their gifts, but he revealed that he'd had to leave both of their gifts. Josslyn told him that Milo was waiting for her outside, so he could catch a ride to Sonny and Carly's with her. He promised to be there soon. She knew that Carly wouldn't want Jason spending the holiday alone. He hugged her, telling her that he'd see her soon, and she left. Jason remembered himself and Sam setting up their tiny tree in the penthouse.

At the Quartermaine house, Monica played with a dancing Santa doll with Leo, and Olivia was highly amused. Monica went off with Michael to get drinks, and Ned observed that Olivia seemed to be getting along with Monica. Changing the subject, he told her that with the Drew "situation looming," he needed her to have his back. The doorbell rang, and Monica ran to answer the door. She opened the door to Kim but was disappointed that Oscar wasn't there.

Kim told Monica that Oscar wasn't ready to meet so many new family members at once, so Monica wanted to make sure Oscar knew that he was always welcome. Monica introduced Kim to Olivia and Ned, whose reaction was lukewarm. Olivia pulled Kim into the living room, so Ned took the opportunity to grill Monica about the "early" invitation. He wondered about a DNA test, but Monica refused to turn away family.

A short while later, Drew arrived and expressed to Monica how much it had meant to him to be invited. She assured him that nothing had changed, and he was still her son. Michael greeted Drew in the foyer. Ned followed and told Drew that they needed to talk about ELQ after the holidays. "Merry Christmas to you, too," Drew said, and he went into the living room. Michael demanded to know what Ned's problem was and if he had made a mistake by hiring Ned.

Drew greeted Kim, who was hoping that Oscar would show up later. She took out gifts for Monica and Drew. She handed them both photo books of Oscar's early years, and they marveled over how much they'd missed.

Sam let herself and Scout into the house and got them situated. Oscar entered shortly after, and Sam introduced him to his little sister. She wondered if he was going to stay, but he wasn't sure. She knew that change was scary, but she assured him that his past would always be a part of him. Just as she urged him to stay, Drew emerged from the living room, glad to see Oscar.

Drew, Sam, Oscar, and Scout entered the living room, and Drew introduced Oscar to the family. Again, Ned had a less-than-friendly reaction. Olivia pulled Ned aside and demanded to know when he'd gotten the "cynical streak" he had. Ned countered that he was trying to protect his family, because the newcomers had no loyalty to the family. She hoped that the same man who'd welcomed Leo into the family would do the same for Oscar.

Drew assured Oscar that he knew how the boy felt being "thrown into" the family. He promised that "their hearts are in the right place." If Oscar got too overwhelmed, Drew promised to help get him out of there, because that was what family was for. He promised to be there for Oscar and that he wasn't going anywhere. Kim watched the interaction with a smile.

Oscar saw Ned's guitar leaning against a table and checked it out. "You found my baby," Ned observed. They talked together about their love of music and composition, and Ned suggested that it ran in the family. Ned announced to the room that Edward had always insisted on singing before eating on all holidays, so that night would be no different, especially because it was Oscar's first Quartermaine Christmas.

Monica announced that dinner was ready, but Ned countered, "first, we sing." "Then we eat," the rest of the family finished. Ned began to strum chords on the guitar, and he broke into "Silent Night." Members of the family joined in at various points in the song.

Sam descended the stairs after putting Scout down and remembered her and Jason getting their tiny tree and setting it up in the penthouse.

Laura and Kevin get married in a snowstorm

Laura and Kevin get married in a snowstorm

Friday, December 22, 2017

Nelle rushed to the door of Kelly's, but she was unable to get inside. Jason was standing nearby and informed her that the place was closed. He urged her to get home before the snowstorm worsened. They wished each other a merry Christmas. Nelle figured she'd be able to think of something else.

T.J. and Molly were happy to host a family Christmas dinner at their Charles Street apartment. Molly showed her boyfriend the seating arrangement, and T.J. advised her that it was better that Jordan and Stella not sit next to each other. Stella mentioned that it was Thomas' birthday. "He was taken much too soon," she said as she glared at Jordan.

Molly wondered if Dr. Bensch would be joining them, and Alexis said she hadn't asked him. Molly suggested that it was because Julian had returned to town. The family joked over T.J.'s announcement that he was a part-time vegan, and Alexis was astonished to hear that Kristina had sent a Christmas gift to the young couple when Alexis hadn't heard from her daughter at all. Stella took a shot at Jordan, and Curtis requested that his drink be a double. "Anything," he said.

As it grew close to dinnertime, the electricity and heat suddenly went off. Everyone sat in darkness and shivered as they tried to make alternate plans. It was difficult because the weather was getting worse, but Stella suggested they go to the nearby Charlie's Pub.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny and Carly teased Michael for looking at his phone and worrying about ELQ business. They all thought about how their situations had improved since the last Christmas, and they remembered Morgan. "Do you think he got his wings?" Carly asked.

Jason arrived and told everyone about the bad storm. Carly was excited that her favorite men would be stranded at the house overnight. Michael thought that it was time to hear the story of how he had received the Corinthos name. He explained that he had decisions to make if Nelle's baby were really his, and he wanted an understanding of his choices. Carly walked over to Sonny and grabbed his hand.

Carly explained that she had been "messed up" and had had an affair with her mother's husband, Tony, to get back at her mother because Bobbie had given her up. Carly had moved in with Tony after he and Bobbie had separated, but everyone had been miserable. She had also slept with A.J., who had suspected that Carly's baby was his. Both he and Tony had tried to prove that she'd been an unfit mother in order to take the baby.

Carly had lied and had told everyone that the baby belonged to her good friend Jason. She had found Jason on a very rainy day and had confessed her misdeeds to him. It had been the best thing to happen to her, and Jason had looked after her. A.J. had filed for custody of Michael, and Carly had then decided to marry A.J. instead. She had planned on driving him to drink to prove that he was the unfit parent. She had hated living in the Quartermaine mansion. Jason had left Port Charles, but Sonny had returned from Puerto Rico, and she had started seeing him. She had been pregnant again, and Sonny had blackmailed A.J.

Sonny had loved his new little family, but then Carly had lost the baby after A.J. had pushed her down the stairs. Michael had connected Carly and Sonny, and both Sonny and Jason had taught her how to be a parent. "Loving you made me a better person," Carly told Michael. The doorbell rang, and Michael found a near-frozen Nelle standing there. She fainted in his arms.

Shortly after, Nelle woke up. She was lying on the sofa with a blanket over her as the others stood around her. She explained that she hadn't been able to find a place open for dinner, had driven around, and had been stopped by a downed tree. She had gotten out of her car for some reason and had started walking. Sonny handed her a mug of hot broth, and she asked Michael if he was worried about the baby. Michael assured her that he was, even if it turned out that he wasn't the father. Nelle promised they were fine.

Jason found Carly sitting in another room by herself. She declared that she wasn't okay, but she wouldn't start a fight because that was what Nelle would want. It was the same thing as her showing up on Jason's doorstep so many years before, Carly noted. Jason felt it was different. Carly handed him a gift that was "mostly symbolic." It was a house key because she wanted him to consider her home his own. It was the same as when he'd given her a key to his place so long before. "Welcome home," Carly said as she hugged him.

Later, Carly headed downstairs and announced that she'd readied a room for Nelle. The young woman mentioned that she was tired from walking in the snow. She thanked everyone for their kindness and headed upstairs. "Nelle can't win," Carly said. She added that they'd been through a lot worse. Sonny proposed a toast. "To those we love, to those we lost, and those who came back." He was there thanks to Carly and Jason, and they all had each other's backs.

As the wedding guests agreed that Laura and Kevin's wedding appeared to be off, a surprise guest and a miracle arrived. Lesley walked in, and Laura tearfully hugged her mother. Lesley welcomed Kevin to the family and explained that a storm-chaser and friend of hers had flown her there, but it had been worse getting through the town. She introduced everyone to her boyfriend, Marcello, who did not speak any English. Lesley announced that she would be able to perform the wedding ceremony.

Laura reminded her mother that she had also performed Laura's wedding to Scott, and she was against having a repeat. Kevin agreed. The day was saved when Marcello revealed that he would be able to perform the ceremony and had done so for many American weddings in Italy. They had all been legal. The only problem would be that the ceremony would be in Italian, but Lesley would translate.

Maxie, Bobbie, Lesley, and Lulu fussed over Laura to get her ready for her wedding. Bobbie presented Laura with Aunt Ruby's handkerchief to borrow and encouraged her to cry on her wedding day.

As the music played, Laura walked down the aisle in a royal blue gown. She was wearing a diamond necklace and earrings. Lesley translated as promised as the ceremony was conducted in Italian. "Love in any language is always the same," Lesley said. The couple said their vows. Kevin was very happy that he'd answered Laura's ad, and Laura thanked God that she had Kevin in her life. She had hit the jackpot when she'd flashed Santa. Everyone laughed.

Following the ceremony, there was a toast. Maxie was feeling melancholy as she realized that she would have another baby at that same time next year. Both Nathan and Dante received alerts advising them that roads were closed, and they would not be able to travel. The group would be stuck at the church.

Julian sat alone in his new pub, thinking of Christmases past. Ava and Griffin stopped by so that Ava could give Julian a gift. She was happy for her brother's future. "What possessed you to bring him?" Julian asked. Ava informed him that they had been on their way to church, and she'd wanted to stop. The guys began to bicker, and Julian advised Ava that he did not want to accompany them to church nor did he want to see Kiki, who hated him. Ava and Griffin left.

The group from T.J. and Molly's place banged on the door at the pub. No one answered, and as they stood around debating their next move, Ava and Griffin returned. The roads were bad. Julian sat alone in the dark. He heard all the voices but ignored them until one stood out. Upon hearing Alexis, he ran to the door to open it. Julian and Alexis stared at each other silently as she passed through the entrance.

Julian invited everyone to stay because he had plenty of leftover food. Molly and T.J. offered to heat it up, and they headed to the kitchen. Ava and Stella made small talk until Jordan walked over. She was sick and tired of hearing Thomas' name, and she told Stella to stop. The two women began to verbally attack each other. Stella was sorry that she was stuck there with Jordan, and she refused to make peace with her.

Julian wondered if Alexis had hung the ornament with the photo of the two of them, but she refused to discuss it. She didn't think it was the proper time. He wanted her to remember the good times. Alexis shouted at him to leave her be. Julian turned on Griffin, who attempted to separate the two. Ava and Jordan had words.

As the arguments grew, Molly and T.J. sneaked out. They planned on heading to the homeless shelter to see if they could help out there. Griffin thought that everyone should be able to forget their differences for the night while they were all stuck together. He stressed peace, harmony, and forgiveness. The arguing continued. Curtis reminded everyone that the younger couple had just wanted a nice dinner for everyone, but soon enough, they discovered that Molly and T.J. were gone. Everyone wanted to head out to look for them.

Just then, Molly and T.J. returned. The homeless shelter had been over capacity, and they needed many supplies. Julian had an idea. Finally, everyone had a reason to get along.

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