General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 30, 2017 on GH

Patient 6 saved Sam. Elizabeth paid Patient 6 a visit in jail. Andre left town. Cassandra had questions about Anna. Laura accepted Kevin's romantic wedding proposal. Jason enlisted Curtis' help to find out who Patient 6 really was.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 30, 2017 on GH
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The two Jasons see each other The two Jasons see each other

Monday, October 30, 2017

Josslyn arrived at Oscar's apartment. The teens were dressed in costumes representing characters from Game of Thrones, and they were ready for a Halloween party at a friend's place. Josslyn decided that photos were necessary but she wanted someone to take them for the full effect. She suggested that Oscar's mother do the honors but Oscar was hesitant. They didn't need another adult in their business, he told her. He added that she was at work.

Josslyn perked up and thought they should skip the party. They had plenty of time to "do it," she declared. She knew a bunch of tricks and had lots of experience. Oscar looked confused and panicked and told her he had no experience. He heaved a sigh of relief when Josslyn finally clarified that she had often located her Christmas gifts without detection, and it was time to look for a clue to Oscar's father's identity.

The teens did an extensive search, to no avail. Oscar noted that perhaps his parents had just been a "hookup," but Josslyn was certain that they had meant a lot to each other because Oscar was special. Josslyn couldn't believe she had been unsuccessful in her search, and they were late to the party on top of it. Oscar mentioned that his mother had the habit of doing things the opposite of others, and Josslyn assumed that might mean that their evidence was hidden in "plain sight."

Josslyn chuckled when she picked up the new Ask Man Landers book. Oscar made sure she knew that it belonged to his mom. They were surprised to find an old letter in the book with the envelope's postmark reading San Diego and dated 2003. Oscar wasn't sure he wanted to look at the private mail, but he gave in. The letter to his mother had no signature, but the writer had said goodbye. It also mentioned a gift to remind her of their relationship, and Josslyn was eager to find it.

Carly arrived home with Sonny and demanded to know about the man who had crashed through the skylight at Metro Court. "He's Jason," Sonny replied. Carly repeated it and declared it impossible. She reminded Sonny that Jason had left with Elizabeth. She argued with her husband. Sonny responded that the Jason they'd been around had been Jake Doe, not Jason. The guy in the skylight had been the Jason they knew. "He came home to us tonight," Sonny said.

Carly declared that she had only seen the man for what amounted to seconds. Sonny reminded her of the note he had received and told her it had really been from Jason. Carly asked for details, and Sonny related the events from the time he received the note to finding Jason at the safe house. When he'd walked in, he'd recognized Jason's voice when he'd called out to Sonny. Carly began to weep.

After Sonny confessed that they'd each had guns, Carly grew emotional. She was emphatic that that couldn't have been Jason because he would never have pointed a gun at Sonny. Carly wanted proof, and Sonny suggested that she just talk to him. Carly gave Sonny a hard time, and she insisted that it couldn't be Jason.

At the docks, Patient 6 aimed his gun at Klein who held onto Sam, who did not appear aware of her surroundings after the injection. Suddenly, Klein pushed Sam into the water and ran. Patient 6 jumped into the water after her. He continued his search through the murky water and, after several attempts below the surface, finally located her. He swam with her to the dock, and after no response from Sam, he performed CPR. She vomited up some water and looked up at him.

"You're here," Sam said. "How did you find me?" she asked. "I just did," Patient 6 replied as he comforted her. Sam closed her eyes and seemed to lose consciousness. Patient 6 picked her up in his arms and began to run.

Jordan stopped at the Metro Court to check on the security footage with Dante. Jordan rehashed the story and felt that Dante might be omitting some pertinent details. Dante admitted that he wanted to look at all of the tapes first.

Monica spoke to Jason at the hospital and told him what had happened at the media party after he'd left with Elizabeth. She disclosed that Sam had been abducted. Franco was nearby and tried to get more information, but Monica seemed fuzzy on details. She thought that the man who'd jumped through the skylight had wanted to save Sam. Andre eavesdropped nearby.

Jordan arrived, and she began to question Jason, who knew nothing. He was frantic to find his wife, and he left. Jordan spoke to Monica next as Andre continued to listen. Monica started to say that it didn't make sense, but the man looked like -- and she stopped herself. It wasn't possible, she said. Griffin and Ava sat nearby and talked about the events of the evening. Ava wondered if Monica would mention the man running around with Jason's old face. Griffin thought they should leave for a change of scenery. Andre received a phone call and walked away to take it. He shrugged off Franco, who wanted to talk to him. Klein was on the phone, and he wanted to meet with an angry Andre.

Monica visited with Elizabeth and broke the news about Sam. She mentioned the man who had taken off right after Sam and her captor. She thought it had been Jason, but Jason had been with Elizabeth. "The only way for this to be real is if there were two Jasons," Monica declared. Franco heard and pulled Andre aside again. He wanted to talk about Andrew and Jason Moore. Franco was certain that the shooting had to do with the twins. Andre rudely told Franco to make an appointment if he wanted to talk about it. He reminded Franco that Andrew was dead.

Franco headed to Elizabeth's room. She was positive that Jason would save Sam like he had saved her.

Griffin and Ava ended up at the Floating Rib for dinner. They spoke about Patient 6, and Ava confessed that while the man might be dangerous, he was definitely not psychotic as she'd been told in Russia. She wasn't surprised that he'd shown up to save Sam. Griffin wondered if the mystery man might be a long lost Quartermaine. Ava had no idea, but she figured that since the police were on the case, the two of them could celebrate being safe.

Ava and Griffin flirted, and Griffin challenged Ava to a game of darts. She told him not to have fun or else people might think he was on a date. He didn't care and mentioned that he hadn't been seeing anyone else. After the darts game, he offered to take her home. She declined the offer, citing the fact that she'd want more from him. He stated that he would want it, too, but he asked her on a second date instead. Ava accepted happily.

Jason got to the Metro Court and viewed the party footage with Dante. It was entirely too blurry to look at the skylight-jumping man very clearly. Jason attempted to play with it, but he couldn't focus it. They looked at a partial image from the lobby and saw Sonny arriving with the mystery man who had jumped from the skylight. Dante admitted that he couldn't get any answers from his father.

As Carly continued to argue with Sonny, Jordan arrived with an update. She stated that the two thugs had obtained lawyers and weren't talking. Elizabeth was fine, and Jordan needed to find Sam. She wanted more information from Sonny, but he had nothing to offer. He said that he'd seen "what everybody else saw." Jordan received a page and had to leave. Sonny thanked Carly for her trust. She thought that Sonny's judgment had been affected, but he was insistent that he knew his best friend when he saw him.

Sonny asked why he hadn't been shot if that hadn't really been Jason. Carly asked where Jason had been for five years. They already had their DNA test and had used Spinelli's program, she reminded her husband. Jason showed up and asked for a lead in locating his wife. He also mentioned the lobby footage and asked who the guy was who had arrived with Sonny.

Sonny advised Jason that he had his own people looking for Sam, and the guy was someone who he trusted. Jason thought that Sonny was being evasive, and he asked where his wife was. He was growing angry. Just then, Patient 6 walked through the patio doors with Sam in his arms. All everyone could do was stare at him in disbelief.

Kevin gives Laura the proposal of her dreams

Kevin gives Laura the proposal of her dreams

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Laura held out her arms to show off her deep crimson gown and matching sparkling shawl then asked what Lulu thought. Lulu, who wore a black beaded gown, complimented her mother because Laura looked amazing. Laura noticed the tears shimmering in Lulu's eyes and asked what was wrong. Lulu smiled because she felt lucky to have her mother in her life. Touched, Laura hugged her daughter, but Lulu pulled away when Kevin arrived. Laura beamed when she saw Kevin. He looked dashing in black tuxedo tails and white bow tie.

Kevin produced a bouquet of red roses that he'd been hiding behind his back. Laura approached him then looked at the empty tables with white linen and romantic candlelight. "So, the old Hollywood costume party is where?" she asked. Kevin clarified that it was a party -- for two. Lulu decided that it was her cue to leave. Laura realized that Lulu had been in on the surprise, so Kevin conceded that he couldn't have done it without Lulu's help. Lulu grinned and told her mother to have fun.

After Lulu left, Kevin's gaze filled with admiration as he told Laura that she looked breathtaking. Laura smiled lovingly at him, prompting him to suggest that they start their evening with a glass of Champagne. He held out a chair as Laura sat down at the table in front the fireplace with a cozy crackling fire. After he poured chilled Champagne into two flutes, he handed one to Laura then sat down and toasted to "us." Laura smiled, so Kevin confessed that he was nervous. Laura chuckled because she was nervous too.

Kevin confessed that he was afraid of messing things up because he loved the life that he and Laura had built together. He worried that putting a label on their relationship might tarnish what they had, but then he thought about not being her husband for the rest of his life. It was unfathomable to him. "I mean, if not me, who?" Kevin asked as he nervously resorted to humor. "Santa Claus is a close second," Laura answered in kind. Kevin relaxed then admitted that he loved their life, but he wanted the commitment too. He assured Laura that he would understand if she didn't want the same things, but Laura was surprised that he thought that.

Kevin reminded Laura that she had turned down his first proposal because she had wanted a "real" one, but he suspected there had been more to it. Laura assured Kevin that she'd always known that she wanted to share her life with him because she saw him when she thought about the future. She promised that they didn't need a big wedding, but Kevin reminded her of her children and grandchildren. Laura chuckled, so Kevin asked if she was ready. Laura assured him that she was ready for anything. Kevin took her hand then got down on bended knee. Laura gasped with surprise when he opened a small box, revealing an extravagant twinkling diamond ring.

Kevin told Laura that he felt lucky to be loved by someone as kind, generous, and stunning as her. He reminded Laura that he'd promised her that his feelings for her had been real when he had asked her to move in with him. He had meant it then, and "more so now." Laura wondered if that included the way she brushed her teeth and her "nervous humming" on the computer. Kevin grinned and assured her that it didn't bother him, and he loved learning something new about her every day. Kevin wanted to make their days and nights last forever, and he asked Laura to be his wife. Laura happily accepted his proposal and kissed him.

After the kiss, Kevin turned on romantic music then asked his fiancée for their first dance together. Laura went into Kevin's arms, and they swayed to the soft music.

At Anna's house, Anna was on her way to bed when the doorbell rang. She was surprised that the neighborhood kids were still out, but she grabbed a bowl of candy and went to the door. It was Finn. "Trick or treat," Finn said by way of greeting. He entered and grabbed a lollipop from the bowl as he followed Anna to the living room. She asked why he was there, but he wondered if that was any way for her to talk to her "pretend" boyfriend.

Anna smiled then revealed that Felicia had given Finn a "solid B," but Finn was offended because he considered that average. Anna disagreed, but Finn was curious if she had gotten B's in school. "No," Anna conceded. Finn felt vindicated because he was certain that she wouldn't have been happy with a B, either. Anna advised Finn not to take it to heart because Felicia was a tough critic. She began to nervously talk about the evening then mentioned that it had been low-key, but Finn laughed.

"Are you kidding me?" Finn asked. Anna acknowledged that the Floating Rib hadn't been the Metro Court Restaurant, but Finn clarified that he'd been referring to the company, not the venue. Anna was surprised that Finn had had a problem with her friends, but she assured him that Mac and Felicia had merely been looking out for her. Finn argued that the scrutiny had been over the top. Finn revealed that both Robin and Patrick had sent him text messages asking his intentions, and he'd even heard from Emma, who Finn believed was too young to have a cell phone. Anna was embarrassed by her family's behavior, but she admitted that Robin had been protective ever since Anna's blood cancer diagnosis.

Finn nodded in understanding, but Anna worried that Finn might have told Robin the truth about their relationship. Finn assured her that he hadn't said anything, but the ruse was over because Cassandra's test results were back, and there was nothing wrong with Valentin's ex-business associate. Anna implored Finn to fabricate a diagnosis, but Finn refused to risk his career because it was all he had left. Anna accepted his decision because she knew what it was like to have her career put in jeopardy. Finn smiled then took a lollipop as a parting gift. Anna walked Finn to the door, but he stopped because he was worried what she would tell Mac and Felicia.

Finn was certain that Mac would miss him. Anna smiled then assured Finn that she would think of something. Anna's tone softened as she told him that he wasn't a "sucky" person; he was the opposite of one. "Back at ya," Finn replied.

At the police station, Dante told Jordan that an APB had been issued for Sam and the kidnapper, but there hadn't been any leads. Jordan was curious if the security footage from the hotel had revealed anything useful about the man who had jumped through the skylight. Dante claimed that the image of the man had been unclear. Jordan decided to go to Sonny's and question Dante's father, so Dante offered to go with her. Jordan declined because she needed Dante to man the police station. She suspected that the night would only get crazier. After Jordan left, Dante received a call about an incident on the pier.

On the piers, Valentin and Nina walked to the launch as Nina talked about the terror at Metro Court Restaurant. Nina was glad that her husband hadn't been there because she couldn't imagine if he'd gotten hurt. Valentin offered soothing words of comfort as they stood on pier 55, waiting for their ride to Spoon Island. They tensed when they heard a strange noise. Moments later, a man stumbled onto the pier, clutching his stomach and calling out for help in French. Valentin noticed that the man had been shot, so he instructed Nina to call for help then ran over to check on the man.

Valentin questioned the man in French. The man muttered that he'd taken a woman then mentioned having had an encounter with a patient. Valentin had no idea what the man was talking about until the man mentioned Dr. Klein's name. Valentin demanded to know how the Frenchman knew Dr. Klein, but Dante arrived on the scene. Nina filled Dante in on what had happened then told him that Valentin had been talking to the man in French. Dante recognized Sam's kidnapper and asked Valentin to translate. Valentin agreed, but Valentin was careful not to share anything about Dr. Klein.

Dante sensed that Valentin was hiding something, but Valentin denied it. A short time later, the Frenchman was taken to the hospital. Nina waited until everyone had left then questioned her husband about the Frenchman because she recalled hearing the name "Klein" and was curious who Klein was. Valentin claimed that he had no idea what Nina was talking about because the injured man had only spoken about the woman he'd kidnapped. Valentin hadn't realized until later that the man had been referring to Sam. Nina let it drop, so Valentin deftly distracted his wife by promising to pamper Nina when they arrived home.

Moments later, the launch arrived. Valentin's phone chimed with a text message. Nina was curious if the text message was important, but Valentin tucked his phone away and assured her that everything was fine.

Meanwhile, Andre paced in an alley until Klein arrived. Klein was agitated as Andre demanded to know what was going on. Andre was furious because Klein had promised that everything would be fine. He reminded Klein that he hadn't signed up for people getting shot, but Klein argued that he hadn't either. Klein revealed that he'd been forced to toss a woman off the pier to get away from Patient 6. Shocked, Andre asked who Klein had thrown into the water.

Klein filled Andre in about what had transpired on the pier, but Andre wanted to know if Sam was okay. Klein had no idea because he'd been too busy trying to escape. Andre was upset because all he'd wanted was to complete his research and be a part of the study, even though he knew it had been "shady," but Klein clarified that they both had known that it had been illegal. Andre conceded that Klein was right, but Andre hadn't signed up for hurting, shooting, killing, and drowning people; it was too much. Andre added that Elizabeth had been a colleague who had entrusted Andre with her son, but Klein cut Andre off by asking if Andre thought that Klein had wanted any part of what had happened.

Klein reminded Andre that they were both men of science, but Andre admitted that they no longer had a right to say that. Klein was frustrated because their client had failed to adequately warn him about Patient 6. Klein admitted that he hadn't been prepared to deal with someone like Patient 6 because even horse tranquilizers hadn't worked, and the patient had gotten out. "Not just out. Home, to the people he believes are his family," Andre said. Andre pointed out that the people that Patient 6 had turned to had substantial resources, which put Klein, Andre, and their associates in danger. Klein implored Andre to let him hide out at Andre's place for the night, but Andre refused.

Andre feared that it wasn't safe, especially if Andre had been compromised. Andre wished Klein luck then left. Klein pulled out his phone then sent a text message to Valentin, asking for help.

At Greystone Manor, Patient 6 cradled Sam in his arms as he told a shocked Carly, Sonny, and Jason that Sam had been thrown into the water and had nearly drowned, but Patient 6 had managed to revive her. However, Patient 6 hadn't been able to get Sam to the hospital because the man who had kidnapped her had gotten away. Jason glared at Patient 6 as he ordered Patient 6 to put down "my wife." Sonny assured Jason that Patient 6 wouldn't hurt Sam. Just then, Sam opened her eyes, looked at Patient 6, and then fainted.

Patient 6 gently put Sam on the sofa as Jason tucked a pillow behind her head. He briefly glared at Patient 6 then focused on Sam as he gently talked to her and urged her to wake up. Sam remained still, so Jason asked someone to call an ambulance. Patient 6 warned Jason that it was too dangerous because the man who was after Sam was a doctor and familiar with hospitals, but Jason didn't care because Sam needed medical attention. Carly made the phone call while Sonny assured Patient 6 that he would have guards watch over Sam.

Jason bristled and made it clear that he would keep his wife safe, but he warned Patient 6 to stay away from Sam. Jason turned to Sonny and demanded to know what was going on because it was obvious that Sonny had some answers. However, one of the guards appeared in the doorway to announce that Jordan had arrived with a warrant. Jordan entered the living room. She pointedly looked around then asked what she was looking at. Carly let Jason know that an ambulance was on the way, while Sonny asked what Jordan had a warrant for.

Jordan explained that the warrant was to gain access to Sonny's home because she had questions about what had transpired at Metro Court Restaurant. Jason demanded that Jordan arrest Patient 6, but Sonny objected. Jason argued that Patient 6 might be working with the men who had taken the restaurant hostage, but Sonny argued that Patient 6 had saved Sam. Stunned, Jason couldn't understand why Sonny would back Patient 6. Jordan suggested that she and Patient 6 go to the police station to clear things up, so Patient 6 agreed.

After Jordan and Patient 6 left, Jason leaned down and whispered to Sam to shut out all the noise in the room and to focus on just the two of them. He promised his wife that she would be okay then reminded her that she'd gotten through worse situations. Carly's eyes clouded with sadness as she watched Jason and Sam.

Later, Jordan ushered Patient 6 into the interrogation room. She assured him that he was not under arrest, but she did have a few questions. Patient 6 told Jordan that he refused to say anything without his attorney. Moments later, Carly barged in, instructed Patient 6 not to say a word, and assured him that Diane was on her way. Jordan was furious and ordered Carly to leave. Carly studied Patient 6 closely as she made it clear that she wasn't going anywhere because she refused to take her eyes off Patient 6.

Jordan pointed out that Carly wasn't the man's attorney then revealed that she had enough cause to arrest Patient 6. Jordan offered to do things the easy way, but if Carly caused problems, then Jordan would take more drastic action. Carly insisted that Patient 6 wouldn't talk, but Jordan thought it should be his decision -- unless he liked people speaking for him. Patient 6 didn't take his eyes off Carly as he reiterated that he had nothing to say without his attorney. Carly and Patient 6 exchanged smiles. Jordan pulled out a set of handcuffs and warned Patient 6 that she intended to run his fingerprints to determine who he was.

Carly was confident that Jordan would discover what Carly already knew. "This man is Jason Morgan," Carly announced.

At the hospital, Dr. Parker called out to an unconscious Sam and explained that she was in the emergency room. Sam's eyes fluttered open, and she muttered about being saved from drowning. Dr. Parker assured her that her husband was in the hallway, but Sam's eyes drifted closed.

Meanwhile, Lulu picked up Rocco's allergy medicine then bumped into Dante on her way to the elevator. She asked about Dante's night, but he preferred to wait until his shift was over. He complimented Lulu because she looked beautiful in her gown then gave her a quick kiss goodbye.

Nearby, Jason expressed his frustration with Sonny's cryptic answers. Dante walked up as Jason ranted about how a great evening had ended in disaster with Sam's kidnapping and an impostor running around. Sonny promised that he had no idea who had taken Sam, but "Jason" had saved her. Jason was furious. He insisted that he was Jason and the other man was an impostor, so Dante tactfully suggested that they refer to the other man as "the individual."

Dante questioned Sonny about "the individual," but Sonny claimed that all he knew was that the man had saved Sam's life. Moments later, the doctor approached Jason to let him know that Sam had briefly woken up. The doctor added that he wanted to monitor Sam until morning, but Jason could see her. After Jason left, Dante broached the subject of "the individual," but Sonny smiled. "It's Jason Morgan," Sonny whispered.

Meanwhile, Jason sat at Sam's bedside. He held her hand and promised her that everything would be okay. He told her to rest then admitted that he had no idea what was going on, but he assured her that he was her Jason, and he loved her, their children, and the life that they had built. Jason vowed that they would make it then kissed her softly on the lips.

Andre shares his secrets with Franco

Andre shares his secrets with Franco

> Andre shares his secrets with Franco

Andre shares his secrets with Franco

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Maxie greeted her husband with a cheerful smile and fresh coffee as he arrived home from work. Nathan was grateful for the coffee because he'd had a long shift. Maxie asked about his day, keeping the citizens of Port Charles safe, but Nathan's eyes narrowed because he suspected that his wife was trying to butter him up so he'd continue to pose as Man Landers. Maxie implored him to keep up the charade for a little while longer, but Nathan refused. Maxie fetched more coffee then explained that she'd talked to Sam about the situation and the stress it had put on their marriage. Sam had advised Maxie to find a way to embrace it and make it her own.

Maxie trusted Sam because Sam and Jason had a happy marriage. Nathan muttered that it might not last for long. Surprised, Maxie asked him to explain, but someone knocked on the door. It was Amy. Nathan worried that Amy and Maxie intended to "double-team" him, but Maxie explained that she had hoped to persuade Nathan and Amy to keep the Ask Man Landers blog going until her article was published in Crimson. Amy insisted that she had more important things to think about because her brother Chet was well enough to travel, and he had decided to move back to Port Charles. Nathan and Maxie were happy for Amy and congratulated her.

Maxie recalled that Chet had been a popular football player in school, but Amy's expression sobered as she explained that the war had changed her brother in many ways. Amy's expression brightened because Nathan had made Chet's recovery possible. Maxie was proud of her husband, but she begged Nathan and Amy to reconsider their decision because she was desperate to get her job back. "Typical," Amy sneered. Maxie was taken aback by the reaction, but Amy blasted Maxie for always making everything about herself. Amy pointed out that it was Nathan and Amy's careers that were on the line, not Maxie's. Maxie was offended that Amy thought their careers were more important than hers, but Amy asked Maxie to leave well enough alone.

Maxie informed Amy that she hadn't made it about herself; Amy had when Amy had taken advantage of Maxie's absence by luring Nathan into posing as Man Landers. Maxie added that Amy had also enlisted Maxie's help to keep the ruse going, and Maxie had been subjected to weeks of scorn and insults by people who had told her repeatedly that she wasn't good enough for Nathan. Maxie reminded Nathan than he had lied to her for months because of Amy, since a lie by omission was still a lie. Maxie insisted that she hadn't asked for any of it, but she had decided to make "lemon drops" out of lemons, and she didn't appreciate being told that her career didn't matter.

"And I'm the one that's self-absorbed?" Maxie asked. Shamefaced, Amy apologized for failing to see things from Maxie's perspective. Nathan also regretted his actions, but Maxie assured both Amy and Nathan that they could make it up to her. Maxie just needed the charade to continue until Maxie had her job back. Amy glanced at her phone when it chimed. It was a text message from Chet letting Amy know that he'd changed his mind about returning to Port Charles. Amy was concerned because Chet hadn't offered any explanation, so she stepped into the other room to call her brother.

Amy returned to the living room and reported that she hadn't been able to reach Chet, but she assured Maxie that she was on board with keeping the blog going for a while longer. Maxie was delighted, so Nathan capitulated. After Amy left, Maxie told Nathan that she loved him. He kissed his wife then swept her into his arms and carried her to bed.

Michael entered the squad room as Dante wrapped up a call. Michael greeted his brother then admitted that he couldn't believe what had happened. Dante agreed. Michael asked if he could see the man claiming to be Jason, but Dante revealed that the man had been released from custody. Michael wondered if Dante thought the man was really Jason, so Dante conceded that it was hard to tell because the man looked like the old Jason. Dante also explained that the man had been connected to the incident at Metro Court Restaurant, but the man had lawyered up before anyone could get any answers. Michael thought it was exactly the kind of thing that the real Jason would do.

Michael confessed that he wasn't surprised. "The new Jason, he never really felt like Jason to me," Michael shared. Dante assured his brother that a DNA test had been done, and they were waiting for the results. Satisfied, Michael revealed that his parents were convinced that the man was Jason, but Michael would have to decide for himself.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was on the phone with Diane. She was frustrated when Diane revealed that Jason/Patient 6 had left the hospital, but Diane had no idea where he'd gone. "Carly," Jason said as he appeared in the doorway. Relief washed over Carly's expression as she looked at her beloved Jason. She ran into his arms and held him tight as she tearfully told him how much she had missed him. After they broke apart, Jason gently told her to take a deep breath and count to ten.

Carly smiled, but she remained emotional because she didn't know how to process everything that had happened. She admitted that she had never thought she would see Jason's face again. Carly realized how badly she had messed up when she had convinced herself that Jake Doe was Jason. Jason reminded her that it hadn't all been in her head, but Carly was filled with remorse. She told him about Spinelli's software that had reconstructed Jake Doe's original face, which had looked exactly like Jason, and how a DNA test had confirmed her suspicions that Jake Doe was Jason. She pointed out that she knew firsthand that DNA tests could be tampered with.

Carly talked about how difficult it had been to lose Jason, and how his death had left a huge hole in her life. She admitted that she'd been desperate for him to be alive, which was why she had turned Jake Doe into Jason. Carly regretted that she hadn't known the truth, but Jason wondered how she should have. Carly was curious if he would believe someone with a different face claiming to be her and with all her memories. Jason shook his head; he'd know her anywhere because there was only one Carly. Carly's smile was bittersweet because that was how she had felt when she'd seen Jason enter the house with Sam in his arms.

Carly assured Jason that she knew he was home. She hugged him tightly then pulled away as tears of joy ran down her face. She had many questions, but Jason admitted that he didn't have a lot of answers. He revealed that the last thing he recalled was getting shot and kicked into the water. His next memory had been a few months earlier when he'd woken up in a Russian clinic. Jason told her that a patient had helped him escape, and it wasn't until he'd been on a freighter bound for New York that he'd seen a newspaper and had realized that five years had passed.

Jason had been in shock, but it could have been worse because he could have lost people during the years he'd been gone. Instead, he had gained two. "Robin and Jake," Carly supplied. Jason nodded then asked what Morgan had been like. Carly described her son as kind and impulsive, but her voice cracked when she revealed that Morgan had suffered from bipolar disorder. Carly admitted that there had been dark times, but Morgan had gotten better. Jason was curious what had happened, but Carly didn't want to talk about Morgan when they should be celebrating Jason's homecoming.

Carly was thrilled that Jason was home, and she was certain that Sam would feel the same. She encouraged Jason to go to Sam, but he didn't think it was a good idea because of Sam's husband. Jason asked about Sam's husband, so Carly admitted that the man loved Sam very much, and he was good to his wife and the rest of them. Jason worried about Sam's reaction to learning that he was alive because it would be a lot for her to deal with. He was reluctant to hurt Sam, but Carly was adamant that Sam deserved to know the truth.

At the hospital, Andre entered his office, but he stopped short when he saw a Halloween decoration on his desk. Scary noises filled the room as the coffin opened. Confused, Andre closed the door and was startled when he saw that Franco had been lurking in his office. Andre demanded to know what was going on, so Franco told the doctor that it was time for the truth about Jason's twin. "Andrew's alive, right?" Franco asked as he closed the coffin on Andre's desk.

Franco explained that he and Elizabeth's boys had been decorating for Halloween, but Andre cut Franco off because he didn't have time for Franco's games. "Something came up," Andre added as he deposited a box on his desk then began to pack. Franco agreed because Elizabeth had been shot, and Monica had been talking about seeing a second Jason, which could only mean that Andrew was alive. Franco confronted Andre about the forged death certificate, prompting Andre to confirm that Jason's twin was alive. Andre was ashamed of his lies, but Franco wanted answers.

Andre refused to share any details until Franco threatened to call the police. Resigned, Andre confessed that he had destroyed a person's life by tampering with his memory, which had left two men thinking that they were the same person. Andre continued to pack up his office as he explained that he had briefly worked for the WSB on a secret project. According to Andre, he had designed a computer program that had been able to copy a person's memories and transfer them to another person. He'd been close to completing the project, but the WSB had decided to scrap the program, citing ethical reasons. Andre had jumped at the opportunity to continue his work when someone had stepped forward and offered to fund the project.

Andre revealed that five years earlier, he'd been presented with a test subject who'd been shot and fished out of the waters of Port Charles. "Jason Morgan," Franco realized. Andre admitted that he hadn't known who Jason was, but Jason had had an identical twin, which had increased the chances of success exponentially. Andre acknowledged that both men had been reluctant to participate, but Andre had forged ahead with the experiment, which had ultimately been a success because both twins believed that they were Jason Morgan. Andre added that the process could not be reversed, which meant that Andrew's memories were gone forever.

Franco demanded to know which twin was Jason and which was Andrew, but Andre insisted that he had to go. He told Franco that he had printed a file that would answer all of Franco's questions. Andre picked up his box and a shoulder bag then made his way to the door. He hoped that Franco could undo the damage that Andre had done. After Andre left, Franco walked over to the printer and picked up the page that had printed. "Oh, my God," Franco whispered as he read the document.

In Sam's hospital room, Sam dreamed about her brush with death on the pier and being rescued by Patient 6. Meanwhile, her husband's voice repeatedly assured her that he, not the man who had rescued her, was the real Jason. Sam woke up and frowned when she saw both Jasons standing at the foot of her bed. Moments later, her eyes snapped open as the vision faded. Jason stood at her bedside and smiled when he saw that she was awake. He asked how she was feeling, so she told him about her strange dream. Jason reluctantly admitted that he hadn't saved her -- someone who looked like him before the surgery had.

Jason filled Sam in about the events that had transpired after she'd been injected with a tranquilizer. Sam was stunned that what she'd seen had been real, but she was curious who the mystery man with her husband's old face was. Jason admitted that the man claimed to be him -- Jason Morgan. Jason had no idea who the man was or what to think about the assertion. He didn't know if the man had had plastic surgery to alter his appearance, if he'd been in cahoots with Helena, or if he'd been mixed up with the gunmen at the restaurant.

Sam was curious where the man was, so Jason told her about what had unfolded at Sonny's house and Jordan's decision to question the mystery man at the police station. Jason warned Sam that Sonny and Carly believed the mystery man's claims, but they were wrong. Jason's proof was that he wouldn't have left Sam's side the way that the mystery man had. Sam recalled waking up in the mystery man's arms then fainting when she'd seen the old Jason looking back at her, but she didn't share the memory with her husband. She admitted that she was tired, so Jason told her to get some rest and promised to have a surprise waiting for her when she woke up.

Jason told Sam that he loved her. Sam smiled. "I love you too," she quietly replied.

A short time later, Jason checked in on his wife, but she was asleep. After he left, Sam's eyes drifted open.

Meanwhile, Jason/Patient 6 and Carly exited the elevator, but he remained uneasy about seeing Sam. Carly asked Jason to trust her and to go to Sam because Carly was certain that Sam would want to see him. Jason braced himself then slowly entered Sam's hospital room. Sam sensed his presence and opened her eyes. "It was real. It is you," she said as she stared at him in disbelief. "Yeah, it's me," Jason quietly replied as Sam's eyes welled up with tears.

Patient 6 visits Sam and meets Danny

Patient 6 visits Sam and meets Danny

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Andre stopped by Anna's house to tell her goodbye. She was stunned when he revealed that he intended to leave after his visit with her. Anna didn't know what she'd do without him because he had helped her through one of the darkest periods of her life when she'd been lost in her grief. She credited Andre with showing her a way out and helping her to reclaim her life. Andre's smile was bittersweet because it was nice to have a satisfied customer. Anna realized that something was wrong, but he asked her to remember that he really had tried to help people, no matter what she might hear about him.

Anna was concerned, but Andre shifted gears and talked about each of their professions and how they both saw the best and the worst of people. Anna agreed; she had enjoyed working with Andre, but she had always wondered why he'd left the WSB and settled for a job at General Hospital. Andre assured her that he hadn't settled because he had loved his work at the hospital and would miss it. Anna wanted to help Andre and promised him that he could trust her, but Andre changed the subject because he had a gift for her. It was a small disco ball ornament to remind her of the night they had danced together when he'd been at his very best.

Anna implored Andre to reconsider his decision, but he felt that it was his only option. Andre explained that his past choices had caught up with him, so Anna asked if it had anything to do with his work at the WSB. Andre nodded then shared that he'd had good intentions in the beginning because he'd set out to conquer the devastating effects of irreversible memory loss. He picked up his bag and revealed that his life's work was inside it. He had hoped to leave a legacy, but his work had become his curse.

Anna's heart broke for Andre. She asked him to stay a while longer and offered to make tea, so they could talk. She promised that it would help. Andre nodded, but as soon as she left the room, he picked up the ornament one last time then set it down and left. A short time later, Anna returned to the living room with a tea tray. When she realized that Andre had left, she grabbed her purse and a jacket then raced out the door.

On pier 55, Dr. Klein confronted Valentin about ignoring his messages, but Valentin didn't want any part of what was going on. Furious, Klein claimed that Valentin owed him, but Valentin argued that his debt had been paid in full. Klein switched tactics and pleaded with Valentin to help him get out of the country, but Valentin was livid that Klein had sent a band of trigger-happy mercenaries to Metro Court Restaurant, especially since Valentin's wife had been one of the guests at the party. Klein declared that he'd had no idea that it would turn into a siege, but Valentin wasn't satisfied because, on his way home, he and his wife had encountered one of Klein's goons who hadn't hesitated to throw around Klein's name. Valentin made it clear that he wasn't interested in getting involved with unprofessional people.

Klein's shoulders sagged in defeat because he was a scientist, not a gangster, and he'd only been trying to fulfill his obligation to a client. He'd had no idea the price would be so steep. Klein wondered if Valentin had ever wished that he could go back and change the past. Valentin recalled his encounter with Cassandra on the pier when she had revealed that she'd been in contact with Claudette.

"More than you know," Valentin replied. Klein pointed out that neither he nor Valentin was a saint then explained that he simply needed safe passage out of the country and enough money to establish a new identity. Klein knew that Valentin could make it happen and reminded Valentin that he could be an asset to Valentin in the future. Valentin smiled then made a call. Klein was grateful and promised to repay Valentin. "You can't put a price on payback," Valentin told Klein. Klein's smile faded as the words sank in.

Moments later, police sirens blared. Klein was stunned that Valentin had turned on him, but Valentin was surprised that Klein had thought he'd help after Klein had nearly gotten Valentin's wife killed. Klein decided to flee, but two police officers appeared in the alley and apprehended him. Angry, Klein accused Valentin of being a "treacherous bastard" then warned Valentin that someday, someone would double-cross Valentin.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Cassandra joined Finn for breakfast. She talked about the hotel's evacuation the previous evening and admitted that she'd looked for him in the parking lot. Finn explained that he'd gone out to dinner with friends, but he'd been called to the hospital when the police had received reports of gunshots. Cassandra assumed he'd been with Anna, so she asked if he had the test results. Finn suggested that they discuss it at her appointment later that afternoon. Cassandra agreed then offered to take him and Anna out to dinner later that night to show her appreciation for all he'd done, but Finn admitted that there was something that Cassandra needed to know about Anna.

Cassandra feigned concerned as she asked if Finn and Anna had been having problems. She admitted that she wasn't surprised because Anna didn't seem right for him. Finn asked why. Cassandra explained that he seemed dedicated to his work, while Anna didn't seem the type to understand or appreciate what he did. Finn disagreed and revealed that Anna had encouraged him to take on Cassandra's case. He added that he'd wanted to explain that Anna kept her own schedule, so he would have to check to see if Anna was available for dinner.

Finn stood up abruptly, reminded Cassandra of their appointment, then left. "What was that about?" Cassandra wondered. Moments later, she saw Valentin approach the bar. She walked up and greeted him, but she thought it was a little early for a cocktail. Valentin made it clear that he wanted to be left alone because he'd severed a tie with his past.

Cassandra was certain that Valentin hadn't been referring to their relationship because they were still bound together, but he argued that she didn't need him. Cassandra agreed, but she wanted him because no one was more capable of meeting her exacting standards. She assured him that he could walk away, but there was still the matter of Claudette. Valentin glared at Cassandra, so she assured him that he still had time to mull things over. She announced that she had to leave because she had an appointment with Finn then grumbled that it was a shame that Finn was taken. Valentin told her that she was mistaken because Finn's fiancée had recently ended things with Finn.

Cassandra hadn't realized that Finn and Anna had been engaged, but Valentin smiled. "Anna?" he asked. "Do you know her?" Cassandra wondered.

At the hospital, Finn bumped into Anna. She filled him in about Andre's decision to leave town then explained that she had stopped by Andre's office to find out where he was headed, but the office had been cleared out. She wondered if Finn knew anything about it, but Finn admitted that Andre had kept to himself. Finn hadn't realized that Anna and Andre had been friends, so she confided that there had been a time when she had thought they might become more, but it hadn't worked out. Finn made a joke about Andre being in good company with her other exes, prompting her to remind Finn that he was in the group too.

"Not exactly," Finn confessed. He told Anna about his breakfast with Cassandra and admitted that he hadn't told Cassandra about the breakup because he'd been reluctant to jeopardize Anna's investigation. Anna was touched, but she reminded him that couples broke up all the time. Finn realized that she had a point, especially since his part of the investigation would be over once he gave Cassandra the test results.

On the pier, Andre pulled several thick folders from his shoulder bag then tossed them into a barrel. Next, he poured lighter fluid over the papers, lit a match, then tossed it into the barrel. Andre's gaze clouded with sadness as he watched his life's work burn.

In Andre's office, Franco looked at the document that Andre had printed. It confirmed that there were "two Jasons" and that the twins shared the same memories. Franco muttered that he was certain the brothers remembered how much they despised him. Franco jumped when Elizabeth appeared in the doorway and called out his name. He deftly slid the piece of paper into his back pocket without Elizabeth noticing. She wondered what he was doing there, but he insisted that she needed to get back to her hospital room because she needed rest.

Elizabeth reminded Franco that it had been a flesh wound and assured him that she was well enough to go home. She added that she'd been given a few days off, which meant that they would have the house to themselves when the boys were at school. Franco was pleased, but he wondered how she'd known where to find him. She admitted that she hadn't; she'd decided to stretch her legs and stop by Andre's office to make an appointment for Jake. Elizabeth assumed that Franco was in Andre's office because she'd seen him staring at the painting when she had entered the office, but she was curious where the doctor was. She was shocked when Franco revealed that Andre had received some "life-changing" news and left town.

Elizabeth was dismayed because she had no idea how to break the news to Jake, but Franco thought that Jake had been doing well and no longer needed a therapist. Elizabeth strongly disagreed because Jake had recently seen a man in the park that he'd thought had looked like his father before Jason's reconstruction surgery. Franco subtly pulled his shirt over the paper in his back pocket to hide it from view. Elizabeth frowned and asked if he was okay. Franco pasted on a smile then told her that he couldn't wait to get her home. He ushered her out the door, but she was curious if he intended to take his painting, since Andre had left it behind. He told her that he would fetch it later.

In Sam's hospital room, Patient 6 stood at the foot of Sam's bed as she looked up at him. "It was real. It is you," Sam whispered. "Yeah, it's me," he softly replied. Sam's eyes filled with tears as he asked how she felt. She admitted that she felt like she had lost her mind. Patient 6 sat down next to Sam's bed then looked at her wedding ring as he gently took her hand in his. "It's me," he said as a tear slid down her cheek.

Sam argued that it didn't make sense. Patient 6 agreed. He didn't know what would happen, but he wanted her to know that she wasn't crazy. "I'm here. I'm Jason," he softly added. "Who are you?" Danny asked from the doorway. Patient 6 looked at the blond curly-headed boy and realized who he was. He stood up and introduced himself as a friend of Sam's then revealed that he'd known Danny's uncle and namesake. Danny was curious why he'd never met his mother's friend, so Patient 6 explained that he'd been gone since Danny had been a baby.

Danny frowned when he saw Sam crying, but Sam assured her son that they were tears of happiness because she was glad to see him. Danny smiled then showed his mother the card that he'd made for her. He asked Patient 6 to help him onto the bed, so Patient 6 picked Danny up. Just then, Jason appeared in the doorway. "Let go of my son," Jason growled. Patient 6 carefully set Danny on his feet, but Danny was upset because he feared that he'd done something wrong. Jason quickly assured his son that everything was okay, but Danny was confused because he'd been told that his mother's visitor was a friend.

Carly approached the doorway and picked up on the tension. She warmly greeted Danny then talked to Sam as if everything were normal. Sam played along then suggested that Danny check out the new games in pediatrics. After Carly and Danny left, Jason warned Patient 6 to stay away from his family, or Jason would have him arrested. Patient 6 started to explain that he didn't know what had happened, but Jason cut him off because he didn't care what Patient 6 had to say -- he wanted Patient 6 gone.

Jason's anger mounted as Patient 6 looked at Sam and asked her about Danny because he had noticed that Danny looked a lot like Jake. Sam's voice quivered with emotion as she explained that Franco had lied; Danny was her son with Jason. Patient 6 thanked her for telling him, but Jason had reached his limit and demanded that Patient 6 leave. Carly returned and reported that Danny was fine and having fun. Jason warned Patient 6 to go before things escalated, but Patient 6 stood his ground. Jason was hurt when Carly admitted that she had pushed Patient 6 to visit Sam.

Jason yelled that Patient 6 had nothing to say to "my wife," prompting Epiphany to enter the room to find out the source of the commotion. She was stunned when she saw Patient 6. "Well, I'll be damned," Epiphany said in disbelief. Patient 6 greeted Epiphany, but she glanced around the room then announced that everyone had to leave because Sam needed her rest. After Epiphany hustled everyone, including Jason, out the door, she looked at Sam. She acknowledged that Sam had had quite a shock and offered to get her a sedative, but Sam declined because she needed time to think.

At the nurses' station, Carly warned Patient 6 that Jason would fight to hold onto "your life." She felt terrible because she had been the one who had convinced herself and everyone else that he was Jason, but Patient 6 argued that Carly was not to blame. Carly's expression filled with love. They talked about Danny, but Patient 6 became distracted when he saw Franco and Elizabeth. Patient 6's eyes turned cold as he charged Franco and attacked. Elizabeth was shocked as Patient 6 violently beat Franco, while Carly yelled, "Jason!"

Epiphany marched over and helped Carly pull Jason away from Franco. Jason asked Carly how Franco could still be alive, but security arrived. Franco stood up then told Elizabeth that he wanted to take her home, but Patient 6 broke away from the guards and attacked again. After the two security officers pulled Patient 6 off Franco, they handcuffed Patient 6 then led him to the elevator. Carly defended Patient 6's actions by explaining that Franco had attacked Patient 6's wife, but the men ignored Carly. After the elevator closed, Jason approached Carly.

Jason had heard Carly refer to Patient 6 as Jason and asked her about it. He felt betrayed because she had easily turned against him. "If he's Jason Morgan, who does that make me?" Jason asked. Carly's eyes filled with tears because she wished that she knew.

Nearby, Elizabeth helped Franco to a bench then used a tissue to blot the blood from his battered face. "Oh, my God, he's alive," Elizabeth said, referring to Patient 6. The pieces all fell into place as she thought about her recent conversations with Franco about Jason's identical twin brother. She realized that Franco had known that Jason's twin really was alive. Franco tried to deny it, but she easily saw through his lies.

In the squad room, Patient 6 remained in handcuffs as he was seated at a desk. Patient 6 instructed Carly to call Diane, but Carly thought it was ridiculous that he'd been arrested for having had a perfectly normal reaction to seeing Franco. Jason demanded to know why Franco had been walking free, so Carly decided that Diane might be the best person to explain Franco's brain tumor defense. Patient 6 was shocked that Diane had defended Franco, but his shock turned to disbelief when Carly reluctantly filled him in about Franco's claim that he was Jason's twin, and her engagement to Franco. Carly assured Patient 6 that it had been later revealed that Franco was Heather Webber and Scott Baldwin's son.

Moments later, Klein arrived in handcuffs. Klein tensed when he saw Patient 6. Patient 6 asked Carly to call Diane and tell his attorney to take her time getting him out of jail because Sam's husband had been right about one thing. "This was a setup." Patient 6 was determined to get some answers.

Meanwhile, Jason entered Sam's hospital room. She rested on her side, and her eyes were closed, so he leaned down and softly whispered in her ear that everything would be okay. He was certain that she knew who he was. Sam's eyes opened, and her expression clouded with sadness.

Patient 6 continues to shock old friends

Patient 6 continues to shock old friends

Friday, November 3, 2017

Diane sat at a table in the Metro Court restaurant with Sonny. She told him that Patient 6 was being held at the police station under the name John Doe. She hadn't seen the man yet but she believed that Sonny had been played. Sonny thought that Diane would believe it was really Jason after she saw him. Diane had heard from Carly that Patient 6 wanted to stay in jail, and Diane couldn't imagine why. She understood that the unprovoked attack on Franco would have been something that Jason would have done with good reason. She left for the station.

Ava ran into Griffin at the hospital after her follow-up appointment regarding her facial surgery. She noted that the staff had been impressed, though unfortunately, nothing further would be done. Griffin called her beautiful, and after he heard that she would be meeting a potential art gallery client, he wanted to celebrate.

Alexis found Jason sitting next to a sleeping Sam in Sam's hospital room. He told Alexis that the man who had saved Sam had claimed to be Jason Morgan. Sam woke up and said that she was happy to be alive, though she felt overwhelmed. Jason stated that the man was looking the way Jason had looked before and was an impostor. Alexis thought that they owed him their thanks. Jason added that the man had been taken to jail for beating up Franco and had obviously done his research. Jason left to find out about getting Sam out of the hospital.

Alexis asked Sam about the events of the evening. Sam recalled bits and pieces, many of them fuzzy. She remembered being stuck in the water and coughing up water on the pier. She "saw him." She was okay, and that was what mattered. She thought that the man believed he had been telling the truth about his identity. Alexis was perturbed and asked what would happen if the man was really Jason. "Where does that leave you and your husband?" Alexis asked.

A teary Sam replied that she and her husband loved each other. He was Scout's father and the only father that Danny knew. They had built a life together after taking years to get to know one another.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth questioned Franco and realized that he had known about Jason's twin. He admitted it was true, and all of Betsy's stories had been lies except for one of them. The twin was dead. He handed Elizabeth a paper, and she looked at the death certificate as Franco explained that he had been searching under the wrong name. He had "followed a hunch," and a friend had helped him to locate the certificate under Andrew Moore. Therefore, the stranger with Jason's face couldn't be Jason's twin, Franco concluded. Elizabeth thought that they should tell everyone everything they knew. Franco had several excuses as to why they should keep the information to themselves until everything was "sorted out."

At the police station, Patient 6 sat in handcuffs in the interrogation room. Curtis arrived to meet up with Jordan, who admitted she had forgotten about their date. Curtis looked in on the mystery man and was surprised to see a "dead ringer" for the photos he'd seen of Jason. Jordan confessed that no one had any clues as to what was going on. Scott walked in, looking for the man, and was shocked at what he saw. Jordan suggested he speak to the man, as Diane hadn't shown up. However, after seeing the man's resemblance to Jason, Scott thought better of things and ran out. Curtis received a text message and had to leave.

Patient 6 was led to his cell and saw Klein in the cell opposite. He suggested that they would have a chance to talk. Klein swore that Sam had only been a diversion in order to lure Patient 6 to the pier. She wouldn't have been hurt, he said. Patient 6 reminded him that Sam had been thrown into the water. Patient 6 asked how long he had been at the clinic. Klein growled that it had been long enough to screw things up. Klein had only been ordered to keep Patient 6 sedated and out of the way. Klein was moved out for arraignment, and Diane arrived to see Patient 6. She looked at the man and declared that they had a lot to catch up on.

Diane noted that seeing was believing, but that would be a "grotesque understatement." She believed she was looking at the real Jason Morgan, and she had always doubted that the other man had been Jason. Carly and Sonny had needed Jason to be alive, so they had trusted the other man known as Jason. She thought that details from Patient 6 filled in all the gaps. "You are the one, the only Jason Morgan," she said. Patient 6 was happy to hear that but insisted that he was not leaving until he was done with Klein.

An exasperated Diane told Patient 6 that he couldn't question Klein while surrounded by cops. She wanted him to plead temporary insanity for attacking Franco, though she understood. Patient 6 told her she'd have to find another way. He asked her to take a message to Sonny.

Ava and Griffin arrived at Metro Court for their celebration date. Griffin had to leave to take a call from the hospital, and Sonny headed to the bar after Ava. He wanted answers about Jason and how Ava had met him. He pressed Ava for details about the clinic and did not believe her when she told him she didn't have any particulars about it. She had only known of Dr. Klein. Sonny thought that Ava was lying, and she glared at him.

Sonny was harassing Ava, and Griffin returned in time to defend her. Ava had been fighting for her own life in Russia, Griffin retorted. After Sonny called Griffin "Father," Griffin informed Sonny that he was no longer a priest. Sonny couldn't believe that Griffin had thrown his life away for Ava. He thought that he should be the one praying for Griffin. Later, Ava expressed that Sonny had made a point, and she had been the one to corrupt Griffin. The doctor replied that she had been the one to wake him up, and he knew what he wanted. Ava smiled radiantly.

Jason met with Curtis at the hospital and filled him in on the mystery man. Jason told him that everyone believed that the man was Jason except for Sam. He had to know more about the man. Curtis promised to investigate for his buddy and mentioned that, according to Jordan, there were no records on file for the man. Jason suggested he start with Franco.

Jason mentioned the photo of the young boys; Jake had seen it and thought that one boy had looked like Jason. Franco had denied what Jake had said and had claimed to no longer have the photo, Jason continued. He trusted Curtis, who mentioned all the things they'd been through together. He was sorry that people were doubting Jason, and he would be there for him. Jason returned to Sam's room and announced that she could go home. Alexis had an appointment.

Scott nabbed Franco and shouted that he'd just seen a "dead ringer" for Jason. They ended up in Franco's office. Scott urged Franco to speak to Betsy, but Franco said that he already had. Andrew was alive, but they couldn't tell anyone, since Franco had tried to kill him. He had learned that he'd pushed the boy down the stairs, and Andrew had been sent away for protection. Scott pointed out that there was a man with Jason's original face and a bad attitude, and a "bouncier" Jason. He wondered which was which.

Franco revealed that he'd obtained some information from a man who had knowledge of the twins, and he told his father about the memory mapping. Two men thought they were Jason. Franco was mainly afraid that Elizabeth would learn that he'd always been a monster, and he couldn't lose her. He wanted Scott to keep quiet. Scott was afraid that things wouldn't end well, and he left after receiving a phone call. Franco locked the certificate in a desk drawer.

Scott saw Alexis in the hallway and told her they had to discuss Julian.

Elizabeth was signing papers and saw Monica. She told the older woman that the mystery man had attacked Franco and had been arrested. The man had done exactly what Jason would have done, Elizabeth said. Monica didn't accept that the man was really Jason, and she knew in her heart that she had already reconciled with the real Jason. Monica thought that someone else would figure it out.

Jason returned home with Sam in his arms. He admitted that he hadn't checked on their fledgling company because he had only been concerned about her. He didn't know what he would do if he ever lost her. The couple cuddled on the sofa. Jason realized that the situation had to be difficult for Sam, but he would figure things out. He would find out what the fraud wanted. That man was a stranger, but Jason said he was Sam's husband.

Sonny saw Diane at the police station, and she told him that Patient 6 had refused her advice. Sonny admitted that he would knock Franco out if he could. Diane didn't want to represent two men and told him she was working for Patient 6. She had a message from him and that was to tell Sonny that Klein was being arraigned. It had been suggested that Sonny start with that man for answers.

Curtis broke into Franco's office and, after searching around, managed to pry open the desk drawer. He looked at the death certificate.

Franco wandered around the hospital. He was unable to find Elizabeth.

Patient 6 received another visitor. It was Elizabeth. They could only look at each other intently.

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