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Patient 6 has a strong reaction to the date Patient 6 has a strong reaction to the date

Monday, October 9, 2017

Jason called Pentonville in order to arrange a call with Julian. He instructed them to tell Julian that Jason Morgan wanted to speak with him. When he was off the phone, there was a knock on the door. Jason was happy to answer it to Curtis, who was glad to see Jason home. Curtis offered to treat Jason to Noodle Buddha at their next stakeout, and Jason accepted, minus the stakeout.

"Do what you gotta do for the ones you love," Curtis said respectfully. He offered his services if Jason needed anything, and Jason confided that he could need Curtis "sooner rather than later." He told Curtis about Franco's strange comments. Just then, his phone rang, and he saw that it was Pentonville. Curtis took the cue and excused himself. Jason answered the phone to Julian.

At Kelly's, Sam put in a huge order, which puzzled Michael. She explained that she was getting Jason all of his favorites that he'd missed out on while in the hospital. Michael was glad to hear that Jason was home. Sam noticed that Michael was acting strangely and wondered how he was doing. Michael admitted that he could use some advice, which he would usually go to Jason for. She told him that he would find a "new normal" with Jason, but in the meantime, he could talk to her.

Michael briefly told Sam about what had been going on between him and Nelle. She reminded him that she knew from experience how lying could snowball, and Jason was the one to make her feel secure enough to stop lying. Michael wanted to be the Jason in Nelle's life, but he wasn't sure if he was able. Sam suggested that he investigate Nelle. As if on cue, Curtis entered the diner. As Sam got her takeout order, she introduced Michael and Curtis. She informed Curtis that Michael was looking for a private investigator, and she left them to talk.

Michael told Curtis everything about Nelle, from what she'd done to Carly and Sonny up to finding out that she'd lied about having her deceased fiancé's family heirloom engagement ring. Curtis determined that the case would be a "pricey" one, as it would involve travel. Michael assured him that money was no object. Curtis replied that it wouldn't be too hard to prove that Nelle was guilty. Michael corrected Curtis that he wanted Curtis to prove that Nelle was innocent.

Curtis wondered if Michael thought that Nelle was guilty of something else. Michael didn't know, but he did know that it was Nelle's default setting to cover everything up. Curtis reminded Michael that Nelle had been cleared of the murder, so he made sure that Michael wanted to "open that can of worms." When Michael confirmed it, Curtis warned that Michael might not like what Curtis found. Michael only wanted the truth, so he instructed Curtis to only get the facts, and Michael would "handle the rest."

"You won't regret this," Jason said as he got off the phone with Julian, just as Sam entered. She wondered what the call had been about, but he just attributed it to her surprise. He promised everything would be out in the open as soon as he returned from New York. She refused to let him go unless he adhered to two "non-negotiable conditions." First, she wanted to go with him, and second, she needed him to get the green light for travel from a doctor. He agreed and kissed her.

Nelle returned to the office and handed Nina a coffee from Perks. Nina wondered if running into Michael and his family had been so terrible that Nelle couldn't have gotten the coffee from the Metro Court. Nelle answered that, while Michael had been happy to see her, Carly had been silent, and Bobbie had treated her like a "pariah." She didn't care what Michael's family thought of her, though, because all that mattered to her was Michael.

Nelle began to sort Nina's mail and saw an envelope from the Morgan Corinthos Foundation. She informed Nina that the next day was the one-year anniversary of Morgan's death. Nina took that as an explanation for why Bobbie was being more defensive than usual. Nelle gave Nina a few details about her fiancé, which had also fueled the family's fire. Nina advised Nelle to put her attention on her job and her man, and "all the rest is noise."

Nina continued that "actions speak louder than words," so Nelle should show Michael's family that she was no threat instead of just telling them. She praised Nelle's great work. "You do you, and the rest will fall into place," Nina said on her way out. When she was gone, Nelle made a phone call. When someone answered her call, she told the person that they didn't know her, but she needed their help. She agreed to meet with the person.

In the hospital chapel, Carly couldn't believe that Morgan had been gone for almost a year. Griffin entered the chapel but apologized for intruding after seeing Sonny and Carly. Sonny told him to stay, and he asked how Griffin's trip to Russia had been. Griffin informed Sonny that Ava had been in danger, but he had gotten her home. Carly made some digs at Ava, including that she was lucky to be alive. Griffin understood and respected their feelings about Ava, but he wanted to agree to disagree.

Carly wondered what Griffin saw in Ava. He answered that he saw someone who was willing to sacrifice her own healing to save a stranger. Carly reminded Griffin of some of Ava's sins. Griffin offered a prayer for Morgan and left. "I didn't want to do that," Carly said when Griffin was gone. They speculated on what Morgan would be doing with his life. Since he was gone, they were hopeful about their foundation helping other kids with mental illness so that they could achieve their dreams. They said a prayer for Morgan, lit a candle, and left the chapel.

At the hospital, Sam and Jason bumped into Griffin, and Sam told him Jason was there for a follow-up exam before he took her to New York. Jason asked how Griffin's trip had gone, and she wondered why he'd called her from Russia. Griffin maintained that he didn't even have her number. She suggested that some wires had gotten crossed with him being overseas. A nurse told Jason that his exam room was ready, and Sam followed Jason there. When they were gone, Griffin asked the nurse to look up Sam's cell phone number. He looked at his call log and found that his phone had placed a call to Sam's phone.

Franco was walking through the hospital halls with an armful of boxes when Elizabeth approached him. He dropped one of the boxes, and a few sketchbooks were scattered. Elizabeth stooped to help pick them up, and she flipped through one that had a few drawings of Franco's brother painting. He claimed to have done them for Andre, who liked the original painting so much. She wondered why he was so obsessed with the painting. He admitted that he needed to tell her something.

Franco and Elizabeth went into an empty exam room. He confided all of what Betsy had told him about Jason's twin, Andrew. He knew he should have told her, but he'd been trying to protect Betsy, who was terrified that she would get into trouble. Elizabeth thought that he needed to tell Jason. Franco thought it was a terrible idea, but Elizabeth reminded him of what had happened the last time he'd harbored a big secret. When they left the exam room, they bumped right into Sam and Jason. Elizabeth told Jason that there was something he needed to know.

In the hold of the ship, Patient 6 looked in shock at Huxley's newspaper. The patient took Huxley's phone out of his bag and saw the same year on the phone. He couldn't believe that five years had passed. He asked Huxley to unlock the phone. Huxley asked to be untied. The patient warned him not to try anything, and Huxley promised, noting his knack for "self-preservation." The patient untied Huxley, who unlocked his phone. The patient demanded to see things that had date stamps on the phone. Huxley wondered why the date was so important. The patient revealed that he'd run into trouble and lost track of time.

After searching through the phone, Patient 6 determined that nothing on the phone was fake, and there was no way Huxley could have set something like that up. He paced then went to the door. Huxley anxiously reminded the patient that he was a stowaway and would be detained if he was found. The patient explained that he needed time outside to think, but Huxley advised him to think "in here." The patient stoically left the room.

Alexis' date with David doesn't go as planned

Alexis' date with David doesn't go as planned

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, a fire crackled in the fireplace as Maxie wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him. Between kisses, she reminded Nathan that they had the rest of the evening to themselves without any Man Landers drama. As if on cue, someone knocked on the door. Maxie asked Nathan to ignore it, but he explained that he couldn't because he had asked a fellow police officer to drop off a forensics report when it was ready. Nathan pulled on his shirt then opened the door. Two squealing fans greeted Nathan as they snapped pictures of him with their cell phones.

Maxie ducked out of sight and sat at her desk as Nathan talked to his fans who wanted relationship advice. Eventually, Maxie grew weary of waiting, so she went to the door to inform the two young ladies that it was time for them to leave. After she closed the door, Maxie expressed her frustration that their privacy had been invaded, but Nathan assured Maxie that it was only a temporary problem because he was confident that the Man Landers advise book was a one-hit wonder. He promised that the madness would quickly subside, and their lives would return to normal. Maxie agreed to relax -- if they could get back to what they'd been doing before the interruption. Nathan smiled then passionately kissed his wife.

Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Maxie warned Nathan not to answer it, but he reminded her that he was expecting Lopez to drop off a report. Nathan threw open the door and was met by two screaming fans who began to snap pictures. Maxie was furious. Nathan tried to quickly deal with the two women, but Maxie grew impatient and marched to the door. She informed the young ladies that Man Landers needed to rest then suggested that they buy the book. One of the women looked at Maxie with distain when she realized that Maxie was Nathan's wife.

The fan decided that Nathan deserved better than Maxie, but Maxie told the young woman that she didn't take advice from someone wearing "those" shoes. After Maxie slammed the door shut, she decided that she and Nathan would need to move, but Nathan promised Maxie that his popularity would fade like most fashion trends. Maxie feared that Nathan was a classic like an "LBD." Nathan had no idea what she was talking about. "Little black dress," Maxie explained. Maxie's heart sank when the phone rang because she worried that his fans knew his phone number as well as his address.

Maxie answered the phone, but her mood didn't improve. It was Amy calling to let Nathan know that Quinn wanted Nathan to do another appearance. Maxie handed the phone to Nathan then flopped down on the sofa as she muttered that she'd been right about Nathan being an LBD. She feared that Man Landers would never go away. Ever.

At Alexis' house, Molly was folding laundry as she reminded her mother about Alexis' date. Alexis sifted through a stack of mail as she insisted that she and David had only agreed to go to dinner, but Molly smiled and suggested that Alexis get ready because he would be arriving soon. Alexis explained that she needed to check her mail first, but Molly disagreed and tried to take the stack of mail from her mother. Alexis resisted, and the mail scattered to the ground. Molly and Alexis picked up the mail, but Alexis stopped when she saw an envelope from Port Charles University. Alexis opened the envelope and scanned the letter. She was shocked when she realized that the school had sent a check to reimburse Alexis for the remainder of Kristina's tuition because Kristina was no longer enrolled at PCU.

Alexis looked to Molly for answers, but Molly assured her mother that she had no idea what was going on. Alexis decided to call the school, but after a brief exchange with an administrator, Alexis remained in the dark as to why Kristina had pulled out of school. Alexis was certain that Molly was hiding something, so Molly carefully reminded her mother that Kristina could be impulsive, and Kristina hadn't been fond of business school. "Parker," Alexis said with certainty. Alexis believed that Kristina had decided to drop out of school because it had been too awkward to be around Parker after the way that Parker had broken Kristina's heart the previous year.

Alexis was furious that Parker had put Kristina in that situation by taking a job at PCU, but Molly carefully advised her mother not to jump to conclusions. Alexis realized that Molly knew something and pressed her daughter for answers until Molly revealed that Kristina had recently stopped by Parker's class to drop off Molly's keys, but it had been a ruse because Kristina had wanted to talk to Parker. Molly had no idea what they had talked about because she hadn't stuck around to eavesdrop on her sister's conversation with Parker. Alexis was certain there was more to the story, but the doorbell rang. It was David Bensch.

David greeted Alexis, but he noticed that she was dressed casually in jeans. "We did decide on the Metro Court, right?" David asked. Alexis invited him inside as she apologized, but he assured her that it wasn't necessary because she looked great. Alexis smiled at the compliment then introduced Molly. Molly and David exchanged pleasantries before Molly picked up her laundry basket then disappeared upstairs. Alexis assured David that she didn't usually wear jeans to the restaurant, but she'd been in the middle of a crisis with her middle daughter.

Alexis winced because she realized that David might not be interested in someone with three children, but David assured her that he didn't mind, and he was a good listener. David confessed that he preferred a more low-key restaurant for a first date, but he had wanted to impress her. Alexis smiled then offered to take him somewhere better than Metro Court Restaurant. Shortly after Alexis and David left, Molly returned to the living room. She picked up the letter from PCU then pulled out her phone.

At Kelly's, Parker greeted Kristina then sat down. Kristina smiled as she admitted that she didn't have any regrets about dropping out of school, so Parker wouldn't have to worry about the optics of them dating. Parker smiled with gratitude because Parker couldn't risk losing a job that had offered tenure. Kristina assured Parker that it had been a small sacrifice to make because Kristina and business school hadn't been a good fit. Kristina was far more comfortable learning through life experiences. Parker's smile faded as she confessed that she had considered canceling their date.

Kristina was hurt, but Parker quickly explained that she knew the following day was the one-year anniversary of Morgan's death. Parker had thought it might be hard on Kristina and that she would want to be with her family. Kristina was touched because she did miss her brother. Kristina explained that she and Morgan had been most alike, which was why Morgan had understood her in a way that no one else had. Kristina reminisced about Morgan then showed Parker a picture of him. Parker noticed that Kristina and Morgan had the same smile.

Moments later, Kristina's phone rang. Kristina and Parker glanced at it and saw that it was Alexis, but Kristina ignored it because she was on a date. "Is that the only reason?" Parker asked. Parker worried that Kristina might not be ready to be seen with her, but Kristina pointed out that they were in the most popular diner in Port Charles. Kristina promised that she had no intention of hiding their relationship, but she wanted to know where she and Parker stood with each other before dealing with Alexis and Sonny.

Kristina knew that her parents wouldn't be happy about her dating Parker because of their past, but Parker promised that she wouldn't have suggested the date if she hadn't been serious about Kristina. Parker admitted that she was attracted to Kristina, but she was concerned about Alexis. Kristina made it clear that her mother didn't have a say in things, but she acknowledged that Alexis would go "nuclear" when she learned about the relationship and Kristina's decision to drop out of school. Parker was shocked that Kristina hadn't told her mother about her decision, but Kristina was unrepentant. Kristina was prepared to deal with the consequences -- but later rather than sooner.

The conversation took a shift when Kristina mentioned the Yankees, which alarmed Parker because Parker was a Red Sox fan. Stunned, Kristina decided that they couldn't be a couple and stood to leave, but Parker giggled and reached for her hand. Kristina smiled then sat down. Later, Parker suggested they go to her place for coffee. Kristina readily agreed. They gathered their things and stood up, but Kristina stopped to kiss Parker. After the kiss ended, Parker explained that she wanted to leave before anyone saw them because, even though Parker had been open about her sexuality for several years, she didn't want her students to know her private business.

Outside, David and Alexis were about to enter the diner, but Alexis realized that she had left her phone in the car. Alexis dashed to the car to fetch it because she wanted to have it on her if Kristina called. David waited for Alexis as Kristina and Parker left Kelly's, holding hands.

Later, Alexis talked to David about Kristina. She admitted that her daughter was the kind of person who threw herself into something 100 percent. David thought passion was an admirable trait. Alexis agreed, but she admitted that it could be dangerous, too, because Kristina was quick to put her heart on the line. David heard the concern in her tone and reminded her that sometimes things were not as bad as they feared.

At the hospital, Elizabeth told Jason that she and Franco had to tell Jason something, but Jason cut her off because he had news too. Sam smiled at Jason as he told Elizabeth that he'd been working on something that would impact Jake and Elizabeth to an extent, but he couldn't elaborate until he'd ironed out the details. He apologized for being cryptic, but he promised to fill Elizabeth in about everything when he returned from his trip in a day or two. Jason and Sam started to walk away, but Jason recalled that Elizabeth had wanted to tell him something. Elizabeth glanced at Franco then told Jason that Jake had a field trip on Friday, so Jason needed to log into the school's system to give his consent.

After Jason and Sam left, Franco thanked Elizabeth for not telling Jason about Andrew, but Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't done it for Franco -- she'd done it for Jason. Elizabeth assured Franco that she didn't want Betsy to get into trouble, but she believed that Jason had a right to know that he'd had a twin brother. She reminded Franco that she and Jason shared a child, but she conceded that it hadn't been the right time to tell Jason about Andrew. Elizabeth thought that Jason should hear the story from Franco, but he didn't see the point in telling Jason about a twin brother who had died when they'd been three years old. Elizabeth appreciated how Franco felt, but she insisted that Jason needed to be told.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sam arrived home. Jason was pleased that the doctor had cleared him to travel. Jason wrapped his arms around Sam as he suggested that he and Sam take advantage of the kids being at Monica's, but Sam was troubled. She was curious if Jason had believed Elizabeth's claim that she had wanted to talk to him about the permission slip for Jake's field trip. Jason admitted that he hadn't, and it was clear that something was going on because Franco had had an agenda when he had visited Jason at the long-term care facility. Jason confided that he had sensed that Franco had been hiding something and had been fishing.

Sam was certain that Elizabeth knew what Franco had been hiding, and she was protecting him the way that she always did. Jason didn't trust Franco, but he was confident that Elizabeth wouldn't keep Franco's secret if it was something terrible. Sam reminded Jason that Elizabeth had lied to him in the past. Jason agreed, which was why he believed that Elizabeth would be honest with him. Jason promised to find out what was going on when they returned from their trip. Sam playfully grumbled that she hated being kept in the dark about his plans, but he promised that it would be worth it then passionately kissed her.

On the Russian freighter bound for New York, Patient 6 returned to the storage room. Huxley Lynch was nowhere to be seen in the dark room, so Patient 6 flipped on the light then approached a stack of boxes. He pounded on the top of one of the boxes as he assured Huxley that the coast was clear. Startled, Huxley emerged from his hiding spot and angrily accused Patient 6 of nearly scaring him to death. Huxley was curious how Patient 6 had found his hiding spot under the blankets, prompting Patient 6 to admit that he'd seen Huxley move.

Huxley reminded Patient 6 that they couldn't afford to be caught because Patient 6 didn't have papers. Huxley was also reluctant to return to Russia because he didn't want his Russian associates to find him until he could pay them back. Huxley assured Patient 6 that the problem would be rectified soon because Huxley had shipped a valuable painting to New York, which he intended to sell for enough money to pay off his associates and replenish his own pockets. Huxley remained concerned that someone had seen Patient 6 wandering around, but Patient 6 assured Huxley that he'd remained out of sight.

Huxley wondered how Patient 6 could be certain, so Patient 6 revealed that he'd been on plenty of freighters because he was a coffee importer. Huxley appeared skeptical, but Patient 6 didn't elaborate. Frustrated, Huxley complained about his circumstances because he was stuck on a freighter instead of a first-class flight or cruise with a bar and people to talk to. Patient 6 was curious what Huxley wanted to talk about. "Anything," Huxley answered then asked if Patient 6 knew how to speak in complex sentences. Huxley was curious if Patient 6 had anyone waiting for him.

"I don't know," Patient 6 quietly replied. Huxley realized that conversation was not his traveling companion's forte, so he suggested they play cards. To Huxley's delight, Patient 6 agreed. Huxley fetched a deck of cards from his bag then suggested they make a small wager. Later, Huxley was stunned when Patient 6 won another round of poker. Huxley accused Patient 6 of counting cards, but Patient 6 pointed out that Huxley's deck of cards had been marked.

Huxley denied it, but Patient 6 showed him the proof on one of the cards. Shocked, Huxley was curious how Patient 6 had known. Patient 6 claimed that he owned shares in a casino. Huxley frowned because Patient 6 had claimed earlier to be a coffee importer. "I'm both," Patient 6 clarified. Huxley felt duped and demanded an opportunity to win back his money.

Huxley decided to wager his lucky watch because it had never failed him in the past. A short time later, Patient 6 won the hand. Huxley was disappointed, but Patient 6 returned the money and the watch because he didn't need either. Huxley jokingly asked if Patient 6 had a secret Swiss account, so Patient 6 revealed that he had several offshore accounts. Huxley was shocked, but he decided that Patient 6 should keep the lucky watch because it appeared that Patient 6 needed some good fortune despite having a Swiss bank account.

Kevin proposes marriage to Laura

Kevin proposes marriage to Laura

> Kevin proposes marriage to Laura

Kevin proposes marriage to Laura

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Parker and Kristina were smiling and holding hands as they entered Parker's classroom. Parker expressed her gratitude that Kristina had made it possible for them to date openly. Kristina assured Parker that it had been the best decision that Kristina had ever made. Kristina kissed Parker, but the kiss ended when they heard a knock. It was Dean Paulson. The dean frowned as he informed Parker that they had to discuss her inappropriate conduct because it reflected poorly on the university. Kristina explained that she had dropped out of school a few days earlier, but the dean wasn't satisfied because he'd been referring to an earlier incident when Kristina had still been enrolled in school.

Parker was stunned, but Kristina angrily demanded to know who had reported Parker. Parker told Kristina that it didn't matter because it was true; they had been involved before Kristina had dropped out. The dean informed Parker that the paperwork would be waiting for her in the office then left. Confused, Kristina asked what the dean had been talking about. Parker tearfully explained that the paperwork was her severance package because she'd been fired.

Moments later, Alexis entered the classroom. She was surprised to see Kristina, but Kristina's eyes narrowed. "Oh, my God, it was you," Kristina growled. Alexis had no idea what Kristina was talking about, but Kristina didn't believe her because she was certain that Alexis had reported Parker to the dean with the intention of getting Parker fired. Alexis denied it, but Kristina was certain that her mother was lying because no one else had relentlessly disapproved of Parker. Parker agreed, but Alexis advised Parker to be careful what she said to Alexis.

Alexis acknowledged that she disapproved of Parker, and she was relentless about her children, but Alexis insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Parker's termination. Alexis pointed out that Parker's actions had violated the university's trust, but Kristina argued that she had pursued Parker because Kristina and Parker shared a mutual attraction that was "chemical and natural." Parker assured Alexis that nothing inappropriate had happened with Kristina, but Alexis countered that the university disagreed. Annoyed, Parker decided that her dismissal had a silver lining because Parker was no longer obligated to explain herself to anyone except Kristina. Parker slid her arm around Kristina as Kristina smiled smugly at Alexis. Alexis admitted that it was incredibly difficult to watch Parker manipulate Kristina.

Frustrated, Alexis reiterated that she hadn't reported Parker, but Kristina refused to believe her mother because Alexis had shown up minutes after the dean had left. Alexis explained that she had stopped by to find out why Kristina had dropped out of school because the school had sent a check for the remaining balance of Kristina's tuition. Kristina told her mother that she was glad that Alexis had been reimbursed, but Alexis resented Kristina's disrespectful attitude. Alexis believed that she had deserved the courtesy of being told about Kristina's decision because Alexis had paid for her daughter's education, Kristina was unapologetic because she had known that Alexis would overreact. However, she hadn't expected Alexis to spitefully have Parker fired.

Alexis continued to deny the accusation, but Kristina reminded her mother that Alexis had lied before under the guise of helping Kristina. Parker decided that she'd had enough and asked Kristina to stop because it didn't matter who had reported Parker. Parker pointed out that she was still out of a job and needed to make plans to return home to Oregon. Alexis was stunned when Kristina announced that she intended to move with Parker, if Parker would have her. Parker smiled and assured Kristina that she wanted Kristina to accompany her to Oregon. Alexis objected, but Kristina snidely told her mother that it would be a mistake to let Alexis control her life one second longer. Alexis insisted that she was trying to help her daughter, not control her, but Kristina's mind was made up.

Kristina was happy that she finally loved someone who loved her back. She refused to give that up. Kristina wanted her mother to be happy for her, but Kristina knew it was too much to ask for. Kristina promised to send Alexis a postcard with her new address then walked out. Parker followed Kristina.

In the hospital's chapel, Griffin prayed to God for guidance because Griffin no longer knew what was in his heart. Griffin glanced up when Father Corey appeared in the doorway and kindly offered to help Griffin. Griffin greeted his mentor, but Father Corey was curious why Griffin hadn't returned any of his calls in recent weeks. Griffin explained that he'd been busy, but Father Corey easily saw through the lie because he knew that Griffin had been avoiding him. Father Corey assured Griffin that he wasn't trying to shame him, but he was concerned about Griffin. Griffin admitted that he'd been afraid that Father Corey would tell him that Griffin's leave of absence was over.

Father Corey confirmed that Griffin was right -- the bishop wanted Griffin to return to his parish and resume his work as a priest. Griffin thanked Father Corey for stopping by, but Griffin needed more time to examine his feelings and intended to call the bishop to request an extension. Father Corey gently explained that the extension wouldn't be granted because the priest who had replaced Griffin was needed elsewhere. Griffin argued that he had patients to take care of, but Father Corey was confident that Griffin's caseload could be assigned to other doctors. He reminded Griffin that Griffin had a parish that needed him too. Father Corey assured Griffin that he was an exemplary priest despite the one indiscretion, which was why Griffin had been given the extended leave.

However, Father Corey insisted that it was time for Griffin to return to his parish. Father Corey was confident that Griffin had learned to resist temptation and would never stray again. Griffin admitted that the happiest day of his life was when he'd been ordained. Father Corey smiled as he talked about the vows that Griffin had taken. Griffin explained that he needed to be certain before he returned to the church, prompting Father Corey to ask if Griffin wanted to continue being a priest. Griffin admitted that he was struggling, so Father Corey offered Griffin words of support and encouragement by reminding him that everyone faltered, but it was important to learn from their mistakes and to move forward.

Griffin assured his mentor that he had tried to make peace with what he'd done, but Father Corey was concerned. He knew what the church had once meant to Griffin, and he wondered what had changed. Father Corey asked if there was another woman. "Yes, there is," Griffin quietly confirmed. Father Corey was curious how far things had gotten between Griffin and the woman, but Griffin assured him that it had ended with one kiss. Griffin explained that his feelings for the woman were stronger than what he'd felt for Claudette because it wasn't a physical attraction that had caused him to have doubts about the church.

Griffin acknowledged that he had loved Claudette, but his love for God had been first. Father Corey was relieved, but he couldn't understand what the problem was. Griffin admitted that he was drawn to the woman in a way that he didn't understand, and it went beyond anything physical. Father Corey suggested that Griffin told himself that to avoid what was really going on, but Griffin shook his head. Griffin told Father Corey about his friendship with Ava, but he never referred to her by name as he talked about her injuries and how she had closed herself off. Father Corey was curious if Griffin had felt friendship or something more for the woman.

Griffin admitted that he didn't know, which was why he was reluctant to return to the parish until he had worked things out. Father Corey warned Griffin that he couldn't use the church as a shield then advised Griffin to choose a life then deal with the challenges of the life he picked. Father Corey promised to pray for Griffin, but Griffin admitted that prayers hadn't worked. Father Corey suggested that Griffin look inside himself and examine what was in his heart -- and have the courage to listen to what it said. Father Corey was certain that Griffin would know what was right for him. He hugged Griffin then left.

In Ava's hospital room, Ava finished packing her bags as she expressed her eagerness to leave the hospital. She suggested that she and Kiki stop off at a French bakery on the way home and treat themselves to a pastry and cappuccino. Kiki declined because she had another stop to make and couldn't stay long. Ava realized that Kiki was mad at her, but Kiki sarcastically argued that she didn't have any reason to be mad that her mother had slipped out of town and gone to a Russian clinic where she could have died. Ava apologized, but Kiki admitted that she was glad that Griffin had called and let her know that Ava was safe. Ava conceded that Griffin had moved heaven and earth to rescue her, so Kiki seized the opportunity to ask Ava why Griffin had felt responsible for Ava's flight to Russia.

Ava remained tight-lipped about the details, so Kiki let it drop. Moments later, Deanna entered and let Ava know that there had been a delay with the discharge papers. After the nurse left, Kiki admitted that she had to go. Ava asked her to wait, but Kiki explained that she had made plans to spend the morning with Avery. Ava's expression brightened as she asked Kiki to return with Avery because Ava hadn't seen her youngest daughter in ages. Kiki refused to make any promises then left to meet Michael at Perks.

Seconds later, Laura appeared in the doorway. She revealed that she'd seen Kiki leave then admitted that Kiki was a lovely girl. Laura imagined that Ava was proud of her daughter, but Laura wondered if Kiki would be proud of Ava if she knew that Ava had betrayed Laura's son. Ava decided to check on her discharge papers, but Laura blocked her exit and informed Ava that she had held up Ava's paperwork. Ava acknowledged that Laura had every right to hate her because Ava hated herself. "Good," Laura coldly replied.

Laura accused Ava of choosing vanity over conscience by allowing Nikolas' murderer to walk free. She also pointed out that Ava had dashed any hope that Spencer had of finding justice for Nikolas. Ava promised that she was deeply sorry, and she hoped that Laura could appreciate the irony that Ava still carried a scar on her face because she had ruined any chance of having the final reconstructive surgery when she had helped a fellow patient. Laura made it clear that she didn't care about Ava's sacrifice. Laura reminded Ava that Laura's son had died for Ava, and it had once given Laura comfort, knowing that Nikolas had died a hero.

However, Ava had destroyed that because, in the end, Ava had valued her vanity more than Nikolas' memory. Laura vowed that she would never forgive Ava then handed Ava the discharge papers. Laura added that Ava had sold her soul to the devil, and one day, Ava would have to pay up. Ava was rattled as Laura left.

At Perks, Josslyn helped Molly place a memory board of Morgan on a stand. Dante walked up, followed by Michael and Avery. Michael was impressed with the memory board then pointed to a photograph of Morgan as he reminded Avery that it was a picture of Morgan. He was curious if his sister remembered her older brother, but Avery remained silent. Moments later, Kiki joined Morgan's loved ones. Molly realized that Kristina was late and checked her phone for a text message.

Molly was disappointed when she saw a text message from Kristina explaining that she wouldn't be able to make it. Josslyn was surprised because the gathering had been Kristina's idea. Molly revealed that Kristina had dropped out of school because of a relationship, and Alexis had been furious when she had found out. Molly suspected that her mother had tracked down Kristina. "Poor Kristina," Josslyn murmured. Michael was certain that Morgan would empathize. Everyone agreed.

Molly and Josslyn fetched cups of coffee for everyone then passed them out. Molly revealed that it was Perks' new signature drink, "Morganccino," which was a combination of hot chocolate and espresso. Michael was impressed when Molly added that all the proceeds would go to Morgan's foundation to help other kids struggling with mental illness. Kiki loved the idea, but Molly credited Kristina with thinking of it and Morgan with the recipe. Next, Josslyn handed out new Perks' baseball caps, which Morgan had designed. Dante recalled the first time he'd met Morgan on the shortcut through the woods between Carly and Sonny's house. Josslyn covered Avery's ears as she playfully reminded Dante that they didn't want Avery to know about the secret trail that Morgan had discovered.

Kiki, Michael, Dante, Molly, Josslyn, and Avery put on their baseball caps then posed for a group picture. A short time later, Ava approached the group. Everyone's smiles faded as Ava greeted Avery. Michael asked Josslyn and Molly to take Avery inside for a cookie. Kiki waited until the girls were gone then demanded to know what her mother was doing there. Ava apologized for intruding, but she admitted that she'd been discharged earlier than expected and had decided to meet Kiki at Perks because she knew that Kiki had been meeting Michael and Avery. Dante informed Ava that they had been remembering Morgan.

Kiki was certain that her mother had seen the memory board, so Ava should have left. Michael assured Ava that Avery had been having a good time with her loved ones as they remembered Morgan, but it wouldn't have been necessary if Ava hadn't taken Morgan from them. Michael conceded that Ava hadn't intended for Morgan to die -- only for him to lose his mind so that Kiki would break up with Morgan. Michael added that Ava's idea of love had been to destroy Morgan and to control Kiki. Kiki advised her mother to leave. After Ava left, Kiki apologized. She hoped that it wouldn't ruin the gathering, but Michael admitted that he and Josslyn had promised to take Avery to the zoo.

Molly returned with Josslyn and Avery. Josslyn suggested that they donate the memory board to Morgan's foundation because she thought the kids would appreciate seeing the pictures. Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful idea. Michael invited Kiki to join him, Josslyn, and Avery at the zoo, but Kiki declined. After everyone left, Kiki sat down and thought about Michael's accusation that Ava had destroyed Morgan. Her eyes filled with tears as she apologized to Morgan for what her mother had done. She knew it was her mother's fault that Morgan was dead and admitted that she didn't know if she should forgive Ava.

In Ava's apartment, Ava was shaken when she received a text message from Spencer thanking her for helping him punish the man who had killed his father. Spencer admitted that he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He hoped that she felt better, especially about herself. Ava decided that she could not continue as she had been. She packed a bag and booked a seat on the next flight to Paris. Ava looked at Spencer's text message again then apologized. Moments later, someone knocked on her door. It was Griffin.

At Kelly's, Kevin approached Laura at the counter. He spoke to her in French. Laura reminded him that she spoke Turkish, but she hadn't mastered French. Kevin smiled as he sat down and explained that he'd told her that he'd gotten her message then asked if she was okay. Laura nervously confessed that there was something that she had neglected to tell him, but Kevin assured her that she could tell him anything. Laura took a deep breath then revealed that she had confronted Valentin with a gun the previous day. She knew it had been wrong and stupid, but she had wanted to see the fear in Valentin's eyes for a change.

Kevin knew that Laura was frustrated because Valentin had bought Ava's silence, which had made Laura feel angry and helpless. Laura appreciated his understanding, but she was upset because Spencer would be crushed when he learned that Ava had recanted her statement. Moments later, Spencer sent Laura a series of text messages. She shared the messages with Kevin as they smiled and talked about how much they missed Laura's grandson. Laura's smile faded when Spencer asked about the lawsuit, so she decided to tell Spencer that things had been moving slowly through the court system. She regretted the lie, but it broke her heart to think that Spencer wouldn't have justice for his father's murder.

Laura hated the idea of her grandson suffering. Kevin didn't want Laura or Spencer to suffer, but he thought it would be best if they prepared themselves for whatever might happen. He promised to be there for both Laura and Spencer. Touched, Laura apologized for her crazy life, but Kevin assured Laura that he was there for the good times and the bad times because he loved her. Laura didn't know what she would do without Kevin, but Kevin was certain that she would have found a way to manage. Laura conceded that he might be right, but she admitted that the lawsuit with Valentin had knocked her for a loop.

Laura couldn't understand how Ava could justify what she had done, especially since Ava had destroyed many lives. She had no idea how Ava lived with herself. Kevin pointed out that knowing what drove Ava wouldn't help. Laura agreed, but she felt compelled to do something because she knew that her son would want her to live her best life and to be happy. Kevin offered to help then surprised Laura by asking her to marry him.

Griffin and Ava make love

Griffin and Ava make love

Thursday, October 12, 2017

In Kelly's courtyard, Nelle saw Dillon. She called out a greeting then asked what he was working on. He closed his laptop as he explained that he'd been killing time while he waited for Kiki. Nelle revealed that she hadn't been able to attend Morgan's memorial because she'd been working, but she was curious why Dillon hadn't gone. Dillon confided that it would have felt awkward because Kiki and Morgan had been in a relationship when Morgan had died. Dillon wanted to respect Kiki's space, but he also wanted to move forward with their lives.

Nelle thought it was a reasonable expectation, but Dillon confessed that it had felt like Kiki had been shutting him out since she had started medical school. He didn't know if it was intentional, but it had put some distance between them. Nelle empathized because she knew what it was like to love someone that didn't love her back -- it had felt like she had invested everything, and the other person hadn't.

At Perks, David expressed concern when he saw Kiki crying. He asked what was troubling her, but she was reluctant to tell him. He doubted that it could be that bad, but Kiki disagreed. "Actually, it can," she told him. David fetched two cups of coffee then handed one to Kiki as he sat down. He offered to call Dillon if she wanted someone to talk to, but Kiki declined.

Kiki explained that it was the one-year anniversary of her ex-boyfriend's death. David couldn't imagine that Dillon would have a problem with Kiki's grief, so Kiki told David about Morgan's struggle with bipolar disorder and how Dillon had helped her pick up the pieces after Morgan's death. She admitted that if Morgan hadn't died, then she and Dillon likely wouldn't have ended up together, but David reminded her that she couldn't change the past and advised her to focus on dealing with the circumstances as they were. Kiki told him that things were complicated because she didn't know how to be open with Dillon when she felt guilty about Morgan's death. David was confused because he'd had the impression that Morgan's illness had played a role in his death.

Kiki tearfully revealed that her mother had killed Morgan for Kiki. David was stunned as Kiki told him about Ava's efforts to engineer Morgan's breakdown because Ava had hoped to drive Kiki away from him. David realized why Kiki had decided to become a healer and shared that the best doctors were often driven by a profound loss. Kiki explained that Ava's machinations had led Morgan to make reckless choices, which had led to his death, but David insisted that Kiki was not responsible for her mother's actions. Kiki explained that she felt like she had somehow condoned what her mother had done by letting Ava back into her life.

Kiki filled David in about Ava's appearance at Morgan's memorial and how her mother had been injured in a fire. She worried that her mother assumed that Kiki had forgiven her because Kiki had helped Ava during her recovery. David asked if Kiki had forgiven her mother. "I'm trying," Kiki quietly admitted. She explained that she didn't want to lose her mother, but she feared that she might not be a good person if she let her mother back into her life. Kiki wiped away her tears then apologized because she knew that David wasn't the emotional type.

David smiled and confided that outside of work, he was a softie. He admitted that he'd cried the other night when he'd caught Terms of Endearment on television. Kiki chuckled just as Dillon passed by. He stopped short when he saw David and Kiki. Dillon was concerned when he realized that Kiki had been crying, so he approached the table to ask if she was okay. David decided that it was his cue to leave and quickly excused himself.

Dillon asked about Morgan's memorial. Kiki told him that it had been hard, but Dillon was hurt that she'd invited David. Kiki assured Dillon that David had happened along after the memorial, but she had talked to David because it had been easy. David reminded her of her father -- a gruff doctor with a soft heart. She pointed out that Silas was gone, and her mother might as well be, so it had been nice to talk to someone older and wiser for a change. Kiki admitted that she hadn't wanted to burden Dillon, but he assured her that he was in it with her for the long haul, and there was nothing that she could say that would drive him away or shake his faith in her. Kiki was touched and told him that he made her incredibly happy. Dillon smiled and kissed her.

At Greystone Manor, Michael greeted his parents and asked about their trip. Sonny assured Michael that the foundation was doing well, and a lot of kids were getting help. Michael was pleased that they had been able to take their loss and turn it into something positive. Sonny and Carly agreed. Michael pulled out his phone to show his mother an app that he had downloaded that allowed him to track the foundation's donations in real time. Michael and Carly were surprised when a $50,000 donation popped up. Carly was curious who had donated that much money, but Michael didn't know because it had been anonymous.

Sonny suggested that it might have been a corporate donation, but Michael shook his head because anonymous donations couldn't be used as a tax write-off. Carly wondered if it might have been one of Sonny's associates, but Sonny doubted it because they would have used a shell company. Michael noticed the time then announced that he had to leave because he had promised to meet Nelle. After Michael left, Carly picked up her phone, prompting Sonny to ask what she was up to. Carly intended to find out who had donated the money.

A short time later, Carly was put on hold as an administrator checked the foundation's records. Sonny thought it was a bad idea, but Carly feared that Ava might have made the donation. Carly planned to return the money to Ava then replace it with their money. Moments later, the administrator returned and gave Carly the information. Carly ended the call then revealed that it hadn't been Ava -- it was Nelle. Sonny was surprised, but Carly wondered how Nelle had gotten her hands on that much money when she'd always claimed to be broke. Sonny warned Carly not to do anything, but she grabbed her keys then marched out.

Later, Alexis stopped by to talk to Sonny about Kristina's decision to move to Oregon with Parker. She assured him that she hadn't reported Parker, but Sonny was skeptical. Alexis resented being called a liar. "Seriously?" she asked. She pointed out that Sonny was a criminal who lied for a living, and he was married to a woman who lied as easily as she breathed. Sonny reminded Alexis that she'd gone behind Kristina's back in the past, but he assured Alexis that he wasn't happy about Kristina's decision to move across the country with an older woman because he was certain it would end in heartbreak. However, he was confident that it would be a good learning experience for Kristina and help their daughter mature.

Alexis was gobsmacked. She wondered if Sonny would feel the same if it had been Morgan, but Sonny argued there had been a difference between Morgan and Kristina -- Kristina didn't have bipolar disorder, and she was in love. Alexis strongly disagreed with Sonny's position and told him that she thought he was wrong, and she was right. She grabbed her purse then stormed out.

Meanwhile, Michael greeted Nelle outside Kelly's. He told her about the memorial and shared that the donations had been pouring in. "Great," Nelle told him. Michael tried to shift gears and talk about what had transpired at his grandmother's celebration luncheon, but Nelle assured him that it was okay because she realized that tensions had been high with the anniversary of Morgan's death looming. Michael didn't want Nelle to think that things wouldn't change, so he revealed that he'd taken steps to fix things. Nelle mentioned that she had, too, but she wanted to hear from Michael first.

Michael started to tell Nelle about Curtis' investigation, but Carly rounded the corner and happily greeted both Michael and Nelle as she pulled up a chair to join them at their table. Nelle tensed when Carly explained that she had wanted to thank Nelle in person for the generous $50,000 donation to Morgan's foundation. Michael frowned as he glanced at Nelle. Nelle's eyes shimmered with tears as Carly asked how Nelle had managed to make the donation, but Michael warned his mother to back off. Carly thanked Nelle for the donation then added that it had been noble of Nelle to keep the grand gesture a secret.

After Carly left, Nelle sniffled as she admitted that it had been a "hell of a way" for Michael to find out. Michael was curious if she had sold Zach's grandmother's diamond ring to make the donation. Nelle nodded as she explained that she had decided that holding onto it had meant holding onto the pain from her past. She took comfort in knowing that the money had gone to a good cause, but Michael wondered if she had planned to tell him. Nelle reminded him that she'd told him earlier that she'd had a plan to fix things, but she had invited him to tell her about his idea first. Michael asked why she had made the donation anonymously, but Nelle defiantly explained that she'd known his parents would accuse her of having an agenda.

However, Nelle hadn't expected Michael to have the same doubts about her. Hurt, she excused herself, claiming that she had to go to the bathroom. Moments later, Curtis called to let Michael know that he'd found something in Florida.

At Greystone Manor, Carly returned home and mentioned that Max had told her that Alexis had torn out of there like a "bat out of hell" earlier. Sonny assured her that everything was fine, but he'd been the voice of reason all day -- and he didn't like it. Carly chuckled, but Sonny was curious what Carly had been up to. Carly told him about her encounter with Nelle and Michael. Sonny warned her not to push things too far, or it would backfire. However, she assured him that she intended to take a page out of his book by sitting back and allowing Nelle to reveal her true self.

At Kelly's, David was surprised when he saw Alexis seated at a table. He greeted her, but he realized that she was troubled. Alexis told him that her middle daughter had decided to move to Oregon with her lover/professor who had abused her power by seducing Kristina. David sat down as she added that she'd paid Kristina's father a visit to enlist his help to deal with Kristina, but he'd been fine with Kristina's choices because he believed that it would help mature their daughter. Alexis had debated calling Kristina, but she knew that Kristina wouldn't answer, nor would she reply to Alexis' text messages because Alexis was to blame for everything. Alexis explained that she'd been accused of being too controlling, but David disagreed because he thought her concern was perfectly normal.

David offered to buy Alexis a drink, but she declined because she was a recovering alcoholic. Embarrassed, David apologized, but Alexis assured him that it was okay. David suggested that they take a walk along the water, which would be better than sitting in Kelly's, staring at her phone. Alexis agreed and grabbed her purse.

In Palm Beach, Florida, Curtis posed as a possible buyer for a boat that Sharon Grant was selling. Sharon shared the details of the boat with him then admitted that her family hadn't used it since her brother had died. Sharon became choked up, prompting Curtis to gently ask if her brother had died on the boat. Sharon shook her head, but she revealed that Zach had drowned. Curtis offered words of sympathy and comfort as he carefully prodded Sharon to talk about Zach's tragic death. He was surprised when she told him that her mother had introduced Janelle Benson to the family when Sharon's mother had hired Janelle as a personal assistant.

Sharon added that her mother had always tried to give less fortunate people a helping hand, and Janelle had received a letter of recommendation from a teacher at Lakes High School a few towns over. Curtis asked about Sharon's mother, but Sharon revealed that her mother had passed away. She explained that Zach had taken it the hardest, which was when he and Janelle had grown close. Before long, Zach and Janelle had been engaged and Zach had amended his will. In retrospect, Sharon realized that Janelle had targeted Zach from the beginning. Curtis was curious if Janelle had gotten the money, but Sharon shook her head as she revealed that the police had been on her family's side, so the money had been tied up in probate. Curtis frowned because she hadn't mentioned an arrest.

Sharon told Curtis about the faulty plug in Zach's kayak and Janelle's claim that she hadn't been able to save him from drowning because Janelle had been a poor swimmer. Curtis thought that was odd for someone who had been raised in Florida near the beach. Sharon agreed then wiped away her tears and apologized for burdening him with her family tragedy, but he assured her that it was fine. Sharon noticed the time and explained that she had to get to an appointment, but she invited Curtis to look over the boat at his leisure. After Sharon left, Curtis ran an Internet search on his phone for Janelle Benson and Lakes High School.

At Kelly's, Kevin asked Laura to marry him, but she didn't take him seriously. Kevin assured her that he had meant it; he wanted her to be his wife because he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. Laura was shocked that he'd been serious, so he admitted that he'd been thinking about it for months and he'd been tempted to ask her several times during their recent trip to Paris. Laura was confused why he'd chosen Kelly's instead of Paris to propose to her. He explained that he hadn't been able to stand idly by while she feared that things wouldn't get better. He asked her to make him the happiest man alive, but Laura refused to marry him.

Kevin was disappointed. Laura promised him that she wanted the same things that he did, but she didn't want him to propose to her because he wanted to distract her from what was going on with Valentin. Kevin assured Laura that wasn't why he had proposed -- it had been a bonus. Laura insisted that she didn't want the proposal to be about Valentin. She wanted the fairytale. Kevin smiled with understanding, but he asked if she would say yes. Laura explained that she couldn't give him an answer because it would defeat the purpose of the romantic proposal with him on bended knee. Kevin assured her that she would get the fairytale, but it would cost her because she wouldn't know when or where he would propose. He was confident that she would suffer being on pins and needles.

Laura chuckled and accused Kevin of being a "cruel, cruel" man, but he preferred the term, "evil genius." Laura laughed. Kevin gazed adoringly at her and told her that he was completely in love with her. Laura kissed him.

At Ava's apartment, Ava booked a flight to Paris then ended the call. She read Spencer's text message thanking her for helping him get justice for his father. She apologized to Spencer then put the phone down when someone knocked on the door. It was Griffin. Griffin explained that he needed to see her. Ava invited him inside and offered him a drink, but he declined because it was too early for him. Ava made a martini then asked him what was troubling him.

Griffin told Ava that he had a lot on his mind and needed someone to talk to, but Ava was surprised that he had turned to her. Griffin admitted that he appreciated her friendship, and she had a way of cutting through the garbage. Ava was stunned when Griffin revealed that he'd been given a choice to either resign from the clergy or to leave his life in Port Charles behind. She was curious what he intended to do, so Griffin confided that he barely recognized the life he'd had in the church, but the priesthood had been his calling. Ava thought it sounded like Griffin had already made up his mind, and she wasn't certain why he had turned to her for help. Griffin reached for her hand, but Ava jerked away and angrily told him to "go to hell."

Griffin was taken aback by Ava's reaction, but she accused him of being cruel. She reminded him that he'd told her that he could never have feelings for her because he was married to the church, but then he had turned up on her doorstep, touched her hand, stared into her eyes, and asked if he should leave or stay. "What kind of game is that?" she asked as tears shimmered in her eyes. Griffin apologized, but Ava was tired of his apologies because he never meant to do anything. Ava suspected that he had stopped by because he had hoped that she would throw herself at him again. She was certain that he needed her to be a symbol for what made him question his faith.

Griffin denied it, but Ava argued that he had made her feel that way, even when he had crossed an ocean to save her, but it had been about challenging his faith rather than rescuing her. She refused to be an obstacle for him to overcome then informed him that she had decided to leave Port Charles. Griffin was shocked, but she ignored him as she dragged her suitcase to the door and told him about her disastrous day, being shunned by her daughter and confronted by Laura. She assured him that she'd been reminded more than once that she was a horrible person. Griffin walked up behind her and gently rubbed her arms, but she shrugged off his touch and begged him to stop.

Ava was grateful that Griffin had saved her life in Russia, but she recognized that he'd done it to feed his own savior complex. Griffin assured her that she was wrong, but Ava was certain that Griffin was drawn to women who needed salvation because he liked the danger and the thrill of getting close to betraying his vows. However, she was a person with feelings and desires, a person that he wouldn't know what to do with if he had her. Griffin told Ava that she was wrong because he knew what he wanted. Griffin walked up and kissed her passionately. They remained locked in each other's arms as they made their way to the bedroom and made love.

Patient 6 eludes capture en route to Port Charles

Patient 6 eludes capture en route to Port Charles

Friday, October 13, 2017

Patient 6 sat at the bar in a pub in New York City. As he looked at a newspaper, he told the bartender that he had been trying to catch up, since he'd been out of the country. She assumed he'd been in the military, but he told her that hadn't been the case. The bar catered to firefighters, but a couple of cops walked in, and Patient 6 asked where he might hide. The bartender directed him, and he quickly escaped.

The "cops" handed the bartender a photo of Patient 6 and explained that he had been an illegal stowaway. The bartender denied having seen him, and she asked to see their badges. The man with an accent handed her some money instead, and the bartender agreed to call if she saw their suspect. After they left, Patient 6 returned, and the bartender insisted that he take the money she had received. He gave her the "lucky" watch he had obtained from Huxley Lynch in return. He had already experienced his luck in meeting the bartender, he said.

Jason and Sam were poised in front of an office in New York City. She had no idea why they were there. "Let's go see our future," Jason said as he dragged her inside. Sam was surprised to see Diane, and she learned that the lawyer had been handling a business transaction for Jason. Even more shocking, Sam learned that Jason intended on purchasing Derek Wells Media. Diane revealed that someone else had also placed a bid, but Jason had won. She warned Jason that the SEC would be scrutinizing his mob ties.

Jason explained that he wanted to start a new and clean life, and he wanted Sam to help him run the company. She agreed readily. He was okay with his life being examined, as he was done with his former life.

At Kelly's, Nelle explained to Michael the reasons for selling her former engagement ring and not returning it. She had made a compromise and had given the money to Morgan's foundation. She seemed down, and Michael revealed that he had hired Curtis to exonerate her from the Grant family charges. He wanted to prove that Nelle was innocent in Zachary's death.

Nelle figured that the Grants would be suspicious if someone had begun to look around, but Michael thought that "fresh eyes" were needed on the case. Nelle was appreciative but reminded him that she hadn't been charged with a crime. Michael felt that the cloud that always seemed to be hanging over Nelle's head should disappear, and he wanted to make that happen. He advised her that Curtis was on the way to Kelly's, and she should stick around. Nelle suddenly remembered that she had to get back to work.

Valentin bothered Nina as she tried to work in her office at Crimson. She juggled some phone calls, though Valentin picked up one of the calls and told the person on the other end that Nina couldn't talk. Nina groused about her missing assistant and wondered where Nelle might be. Valentin told Nina about an opportunity to make a deal that would make her a "media magnate." He wouldn't hear of her putting herself down and told her that he would need her help as the co-CEO of the Derek Wells media company that he planned to purchase.

Nina was thrilled and began to bark orders at Valentin. She told him that they would need a domain name, and she ordered him to put a hold on one quickly. Nelle arrived out of breath as Valentin departed. Nina was angry with her and suggested that she start with checking the voicemails. She asked Nelle for her sparking water that Nelle didn't have. Nina advised Nelle that changes were on the way, and she would not tolerate mistakes.

Diane called Valentin and advised him that he'd been outbid. "Better luck next time," she said cheerfully. Valentin wandered back into Nina's office, and Nina sent Nelle out. He sadly told her that while they could regulate their domain name, his offer to buy the business had been rejected. He was angry and assumed that Sonny had been the one to outmaneuver him. Nina quickly advised him not to sabotage Sonny. She appreciated Valentin's romantic gesture but was not disappointed.

Valentin left and caught Nelle on the phone on a personal call. He advised her not to let her personal difficulties interfere with her job. He warned her that he could see her for what she was, an opportunist. He said that she had been all things to all people, but he could see through innocuous people and their dirty secrets. He was prepared to "take out" people who were too good to be true. He advised her that she wouldn't want to make any moves against his wife.

Anna tried to call Griffin from the Metro Court but only reached his voicemail. She met with Finn and advised him that it would have to be their last meeting, as they couldn't be seen together in the future. The second part of their operation was about to begin, and she wanted him to take it slowly without rushing.

Anna was over the tie-in to Valentin, she insisted. The WSB had learned that Cassandra had been involved in the lucrative business of selling synthetic opioids. People had been suffering, and lives had been destroyed. Finn realized that they were no longer playing a spy game. Anna announced that she was ready to ruin Cassandra and "take her down." Just then, Cassandra walked into the restaurant.

Finn stood up quickly. He had not expected Cassandra until the following day. Anna introduced herself, although Cassandra wouldn't shake hands due to germs. Cassandra stated that she knew who Anna was anyway. Anna was Finn's lover. Awkwardly, Finn tried to correct Cassandra, but Anna jumped in and said that they called themselves partners. Cassandra assumed that Anna knew of Finn's business with Cassandra, but Anna insisted that she didn't. Cassandra was "very lucky to have him" in her corner, Anna said.

Cassandra excused herself, as she'd had a long journey. Anna and Finn smiled as she walked away, and Anna urged Finn to keep smiling. Anna thought that she and Finn might be able to use their assumed relationship to their advantage. Finn was a little worried about what people might think. They turned, and Anna grabbed Finn's hand as a disappointed looking Cassandra looked on.

Griffin and Ava made love in Ava's condo. When they were finished, Ava assumed that Griffin had nothing to say. He admitted that he had been thinking about what he should tell his superior the following day. He hadn't made any decisions yet. Nina offered to make it easy for him and told him that it had been a mistake. They would never have to talk about it again.

Griffin got dressed, and Ava accused him of rushing out. She asked if their romp in the hay had meant anything to him, and he insisted that it had. However, he wasn't prepared to throw his religion away. Ava told him that he could live honestly or live a lie. She thought that he was hiding behind his collar. "You don't have sex like a man with doubts," Ava said. Griffin insisted that he hadn't made a mistake, and he hoped it had been the same for Ava.

Curtis arrived at Kelly's and sat down with Michael, who admitted that he'd told Nelle about Curtis' search. Curtis wasn't happy with the move, and after hearing about Nelle's donation, considered her to be either generous or manipulative. Curtis had learned that the Grants had always believed that Nelle had been after Zachary. She had been his mother's assistant. Curtis pointed out the parallels to her life with Carly and Michael. Michael believed Nelle to be scared and not trusting of people, but he wanted to know everything.

Michael thought that Nelle was sincere, but Curtis thought that there was something that Nelle didn't want Michael to know. He showed Michael an old newspaper article that talked about Janelle Benson winning a swimming medal. She had claimed to not be able to swim, hence Zachary's drowning. Curtis thought that Michael needed to take a harder look at things.

Shortly after Patient 6 left the bar, Sam and Jason walked in, ready to celebrate their new purchase. They ordered a bottle of very bad champagne as Jason noted that their lives were about to change. Sam thought they needed an ad campaign to "rebrand," and Jason was impressed. He explained that the opportunity had been there for him to make the purchase. Sam promised to always have only honest news published.

Sam and Jason switched over to beers and, after getting hungry, sauntered up to the bar. The bartender insisted that the food was good. Sam saw the watch sitting on the bar and asked to look at it. She saw "Huxley" inscribed on the watch, and Jason asked where the bartender had obtained it. He showed her a photo of Huxley Lynch. The bartender explained that someone had given it to her, but it definitely hadn't been the man in the photo. Sam wondered what the odds would be that they would know someone in the city.

At a nearby bus station, Patient 6 was ready to board a bus for Port Charles.

Nina realized that Valentin had left something behind, and she sent Nelle to the restaurant to give it to him. She told Nelle to research the Derek Wells company upon her return.

Valentin saw Cassandra in the Metro Court restaurant and sat with her, making small talk. Cassandra noted that Valentin's robberies had always been planned, and he had never been spontaneous. She thought that his living on an island was very unlike him. Suddenly, she grabbed him across the table and began to kiss him. Nelle spotted the couple when she walked in.

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