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Sonny kept a secret from Carly. Oscar asked Josslyn out on a date. Stella played matchmaker. Alexis testified at Julian's trial. Hayden confessed to Finn. Kristina learned that Parker would be teaching at PCU.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 7, 2017 on GH
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Hayden pays her father a visit Hayden pays her father a visit

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hayden sat in a meeting room with a visitor's badge. On the phone with Finn, she apologized for having to push back their dinner plans. She lied that she was out shopping for their new home and promised to see him later. When she was off the phone, a guard entered the room with a man in an orange jumpsuit. "Hi, Dad," Hayden said to the man, and they sat down at a table.

Hayden was surprised that Raymond had agreed to see her because he'd refused the last time she'd tried. He explained that, after he'd found out that Hayden wasn't his biological daughter, he'd been disappointed and had "put up a wall." Since then, he'd decided that biology didn't change all the time they'd spent together. "You'll always be my daughter, and I'll always be your dad," he assured her. He wondered why she was there. She asked him if there was anything left in his hedge fund.

Raymond divulged that there was "nothing left." He recognized that Hayden sounded desperate. Hayden told him about changing her name in order to start a new life. Raymond noticed her sizable engagement ring and wondered why she needed the money. Hayden gushed about Finn but explained that her ex-husband Jared could ruin everything unless she paid him off. She continued that Jared wanted her to siphon money from the hospital, but she didn't want to steal from a place that had been so good to her, especially since Finn had been the one to donate the money to the hospital.

Just then, Hayden got a text. The sound of a cuckoo clock began, and she told Raymond that the text was from Jared. She turned the phone around to show him a picture of a man looking at his watch with the words "tick tock" written underneath. Raymond suggested that she "call his bluff," but she knew that he wasn't bluffing. He advised that she had two options. She could either pay Jared with hospital money, or she could tell Finn the truth and hope for forgiveness.

A guard entered, and Raymond told Hayden that his time was up. "You'll always be my little girl, no matter what," he assured her. Holding her hands, he continued that they had both made a lot of mistakes, but she was much smarter than him, so he knew that she would succeed. "I think you're right," she said tearfully. He got up, blew her a kiss, and left the room.

Later, Hayden sat at her desk and signed into her account on the hospital database. Finn entered her office, and she snapped the laptop shut. He wondered where her shopping bags were, but she claimed that she wanted to make decorating decisions with Finn. She revealed that she'd been on a website, looking at exotic vacations, and gotten them two plane tickets to "somewhere far away."

In her hospital bed, Sam was clearly upset as she remembered her confrontation with Sonny. "It has to be a dream," she said. Just then, Finn entered the room and informed her that he'd gotten back some good lab results. She would be able to go home in a few days, just as soon as Griffin also signed off on her release. He knew that she was frustrated about her inability to distinguish between real and hallucinated events, but he urged her to rest and let the medication do its job. Finn promised to check in later, and he left the room.

When Finn was gone, Sam retrieved her phone from the bedside table. She looked at the group text conversation between her and her sisters. Molly had written, "Krissy R U okay!?" Kristina had written, "Trying not to freak out!! My dad's been shot but they don't know how bad." Sam remembered part of her confrontation with Sonny, and she tried to get out of bed.

Felix entered Sam's room and ordered her back into bed. She told him that she needed Jason, but Felix assured her that Jason would be back soon, as he'd barely left Sam's side since she'd been admitted. She asked Felix about Sonny's condition. Felix informed Sam that Sonny had been shot in the leg, but he was expected to make a full recovery. He added that Sonny was just down the hall, and he left.

Ava finished another martini and picked up a mirror. "Go away!" she yelled after hearing a knock at her door. Kiki announced herself through the door, but Ava didn't want Kiki to see her. Kiki reminded her mother that she was a nurse's aide, and she'd already seen Ava at the hospital. Ava finally made her way over to the door and threw it open. She told Kiki that she could leave. Kiki replied that she wasn't going anywhere, "but you are."

Kiki entered the apartment and began to clean up the takeout containers, but Ava stopped her, as it was almost time for another order anyway. Kiki instructed her mother to get ready because she was taking Ava to the hospital for the therapy group Griffin had signed Ava up for. Ava refused, because talking wouldn't "change my face." Kiki thought it might help Ava feel better. Ava replied that only "a new bottle of vodka and another jar of olives" would make her feel better. "You're welcome to join," she called out as she stalked off to her bedroom.

Kiki got her phone out and called Griffin. When he answered, she explained that he was the only person who seemed to get through to Ava. She wondered if he could swing by Ava's. He agreed and promised to be there soon. A few minutes later, Ava returned to the living room, surprised that Kiki was still there. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Kiki admitted that she'd "called reinforcements." Kiki let Griffin in and expressed her appreciation for the house call.

Ava scrambled to get her mask on as she told Griffin that he had "no business here." She refused to go "open up to strangers unless there's an open bar." Griffin explained that the therapy group would offer the support and security that she needed. She countered that she had her brother, who'd wisely put in an insurance claim on her art gallery. With the settlement she'd gotten, she would never have to leave her apartment again, which was "best for everyone." She talked with contempt about the stares, the hiding kids, and even the people who smiled at her but were really full of pity for her. "There is no soul here to save," she told Griffin.

Griffin remembered a conversation he'd had with Ava at the Floating Rib when she'd asked him if there was a sin that couldn't be forgiven. Griffin told her that despair, denying all the good things in the world, was unforgiveable. He added that she was condemning herself to her "own personal hell." He asked her which was worse: some strangers turning their backs on her, or her turning her back on creation.

A short while later, Griffin and Kiki escorted a mask- and scarf-clad Ava out of the elevator at the hospital. Kiki promised that they were there if Ava needed them, and the two walked away. Just then, Sam turned the corner. She saw Ava and followed when Ava walked away. Ava was the first one to arrive at the room for group therapy. Sam burst into the room, startling Ava, who stayed turned away from Sam.

Sam remembered helping Ava put on her mask. Ava had been grateful that Sam hadn't flinched when she'd seen Ava. Ava remarked that Sam hadn't seemed herself when she'd visited Ava. At Sam's questioning, Ava recalled that Sam had blamed Ava's scars on Sonny, and she'd talked about Sonny like he was Sam's "worst enemy." Ava talked about Sam's possible subconscious hatred of Sonny due to Sam's desire for Jason to stop working for Sonny. "You don't know anything about what I want!" Sam screamed at Ava, and she left the room.

Ava turned to leave the room, but Kiki appeared in the doorway. "Going somewhere?" she wondered. Ava had thought she was ready to talk, but she didn't think she ever would be. Griffin appeared next to Kiki and wondered how Ava would know if she didn't try. Recognizing that the two wouldn't quit, she agreed to "give it a shot" and sat down.

Outside Sonny's room, Carly and Jason checked up on each other's spouses. Dante arrived and wanted to have his follow-up with Sonny. He promised to keep it brief, but he needed Sonny's statement. Asleep in his hospital bed, Sonny dreamed of his confrontation with Sam. He groggily woke up just before Dante entered his room, followed by Carly and Jason. Dante made sure that his father was feeling all right, then asked his first question: "Who shot you?"

Sonny told Dante that Garvey had shot him, but he'd been wearing a bulletproof vest. Dante questioned when Sonny had been shot in the leg. He claimed that the night was a blur, and the last thing he remembered was exchanging fire with Garvey. Carly got Sonny some water and told Dante that Sonny needed to rest. Sonny asked Jason how Sam was doing, and Jason was surprised that Sonny knew about her illness. Jason assured Sonny that Sam was getting the help she needed with the infection that had caused her hallucinations.

Sonny asked for a minute alone with Jason, but Felix entered to clear the room on Epiphany's orders. Carly shooed Jason and Dante out as she followed. Felix informed Sonny that Epiphany couldn't wait to get Sonny back into physical therapy with her. He added that Sonny wouldn't need physical therapy if he avoided "getting shot in the first place. It's hell on your family." Felix apologized for overstepping, but Carly was his friend. Sonny appreciated Felix's words. Felix turned the lights off and left the room so that Sonny could sleep.

Minutes later, Sonny awoke from his dream about Sam and saw Sam standing over him. He cautiously asked what she was doing there. "You're still alive," she observed.

Outside Sonny's room, Dante expressed his surprise that Sonny was still so out of it. Carly assured Dante that Sonny would answer Dante's questions once he wasn't groggy with the drugs, and Dante left. Carly turned to Jason and demanded to know why Sonny had wanted to talk to him. Jason suggested that Sonny wanted Jason to look after the kids, but Carly worried that it had something to do with Garvey's "people" going after Sonny again. Jason promised to "get involved" if he had to. He told Carly to stop worrying because everything would work out, and everyone was safe. He kissed Carly on the head and walked away.

Felix bumped into Carly and suggested that she go home and rest. He also told her that he'd turned Sonny's clothes over to the police for evidence. He asked if she wanted them when the police were done. She replied that the clothes were ruined, so he could burn them for all she cared. He didn't blame her for not wanting the clothes around as a reminder of Sonny's being in trouble.

Jason bumped into Griffin and asked for an update on Sam. Griffin said that they would just be waiting for the antibiotics to do their job. Jason wondered if there would be any "lasting effects" from the illness. Griffin offered to run more tests on Sam to "rule out complications." He assured Jason that they could weigh their options from there, and he walked away. Jason returned to Sam's room but was surprised to find it empty.

Sonny absolves Sam of wrongdoing

Sonny absolves Sam of wrongdoing

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia set a tray of fresh-baked cannoli on the coffee table and invited Dillon and Ned to enjoy. Dillon helped himself to the delicious pastry and groaned with delight until Olivia mentioned that she had baked the pastries in the kitchen. Stunned, Ned asked if she had baked in the mansion's kitchen, so she nodded then asked why it mattered. Before Ned could reply, Monica called out to Olivia.

Olivia stepped into the foyer as the sounds of pots and pans being slammed and thrown around carried out from the kitchen. Monica explained that Cook was upset because Olivia had entered Cook's domain, but Olivia argued that Cook hadn't objected the last time Olivia had served pastries. Monica wondered if Olivia had baked the other pastries in Cook's kitchen, but Olivia shook her head. Monica suggested they humor Cook by not using the kitchen, but Olivia objected because she loved to cook. Olivia reminded Monica that Monica owned the mansion, but Monica's mind was made up.

Defeated, Olivia lamented that she would never be a part of the Quartermaine family. Monica thought Olivia was being absurd because Olivia was already a part of the family, but Olivia admitted that she didn't feel like it. Monica recalled feeling like an outsider when she had first married Alan, so she encouraged Olivia to speak up for herself. Olivia assured Monica that it wouldn't be a problem, but Monica explained that Quartermaines took things to another level because Quartermaines conversed by arguing. "To fight is to love," Monica clarified then urged Olivia to fight for what she wanted.

In the living room, Dillon indulged in cannoli as Ned reviewed a financial report. Ned grumbled that he was all for protecting the environment, but Michael wanted to save it singlehandedly. Dillon seized the opportunity to ask about Ned's future with ELQ, but Ned claimed that he had no desire to run the family empire. Dillon was skeptical because he knew his brother, and he recalled how Ned had helped Tracy when Larry Ashton had tried to swindle her out of millions. Dillon was certain that Ned had missed the thrill of running ELQ, but Ned pointed out that Michael would never give up ELQ without a fight. Ned conceded that Michael had inherited Edward's business savvy.

Ned acknowledged that he would have to find a way to outmaneuver Michael if Ned wanted ELQ. Moments later, Olivia entered the living room. She revealed that she'd been in the kitchen, trying to make peace with Cook, but her efforts to bribe Cook by offering to have Ned and Monica finance Cook's own cookbook had failed. Dillon and Ned were shocked when she added that she had fired the ungrateful cook instead.

In Hayden's office, Hayden invited Finn to join her on a vacation to Zanzibar, an island off Africa. Finn assured her that he was familiar with Zanzibar, but he was curious what had inspired her sudden desire to take a trip. Hayden claimed it would be their last opportunity to take an adventurous trip far away from home before the baby was born. Finn doubted that he could get time off, but Hayden was certain that Monica wouldn't object. She continued to tempt him by reminding him that Zanzibar would be a perfect place to study rare diseases. Finn chuckled and agreed to go, but he had one stipulation -- it had to be their honeymoon trip.

Startled, Hayden reminded Finn that the plane departed in 36 hours, but he thought it was enough time to squeeze in a wedding. Hayden assured Finn that she hadn't tried to trick him into marrying her, but he reminded her that it had been his idea. He admitted that he had never thought he would get a second chance at love, but he looked forward to their life together, raising their baby. Hayden smiled with excitement as she assured him that she couldn't wait. "Me, either," Jared said from the doorway. Finn frowned as Jared greeted "Rachel" then corrected himself by referring to her as Hayden.

Jared introduced himself as "Adam Green," an old friend of Hayden's. Finn was curious how "Adam" and Hayden knew each other, so Jared revealed that he'd been married to Hayden. Hayden tensed until Jared added that Hayden had been his "work wife" because they had worked long hours together. Finn didn't appear to notice anything amiss as Jared cryptically added that he was in town on business, collecting debts. Hayden flinched, but Finn was focused on Jared. Jared flashed a friendly smile then invited Finn and Hayden out to dinner, but Finn declined because Finn and Hayden had a lot to do before their trip.

Jared questioned Finn about the trip then hid his annoyance when Finn revealed that Finn and Hayden were headed to Africa. Hayden suggested that Finn track down Monica to let her know about their plans, and she promised to catch up with him later. After Finn left, Jared confronted Hayden about her plans to slip out of town without paying him. He warned her that he would tell Finn about her secret, but she told him that she was ready for Finn to know the truth. Jared didn't believe her because he knew that Finn was a recovering addict, and the truth might send Finn into a relapse. Jared reminded her that she could easily make everything go away by siphoning money from the hospital then sending it to him.

After Jared left, Hayden went to the laptop. She issued a check for $250,000 to a company named White Hat Limited Medical Supply then confirmed the payment.

Meanwhile, Finn told Monica about his and Hayden's wedding plans. He realized that it was short notice, but Monica congratulated him and assured him that he could take time off for his honeymoon.

At Greystone Manor, Michael flopped down on the sofa and reported that it had taken forever, and several stories, to get Avery to fall asleep, but he feared that Avery would not rest easy until Sonny returned home. Nelle cuddled next to him as he admitted that it had been far from Sonny's first brush with death, but Nelle pointed out that it would have been much closer if it hadn't been for Josslyn's friend. Michael wondered what kind of kid made a necklace out of a shell casing, but Nelle doubted that Oscar had known the piece of metal had been a shell casing. Nelle asked Michael not to dislike Oscar because of the shell casing, but Michael reminded her that he didn't even know the boy. However, he hoped that Oscar had given Josslyn the necklace in friendship because his sister was too young to date.

Nelle was curious if Michael had dated girls when he was fourteen, but Michael argued that it had been different for him. Nelle smacked him with a pillow as Carly arrived home. Michael greeted his mother then told her that Avery was asleep. He explained that he'd given Pilar the evening off because the nanny had spent all day with Avery. Carly nodded then assured Michael that Sonny was improving and resting in the hospital. Relieved, Michael hugged his mother.

Nelle decided it was her cue to leave, but Carly took the opportunity to thank Nelle for her help because the tip had saved Sonny's life. Nelle was glad that she had been able to help, but Carly was curious about the shell casing. Nelle cast a nervous glance at Michael then decided to cover for Josslyn by claiming that a friend of Nelle's had made the necklace. Carly wanted to meet the man because she had questions, but Michael stepped forward and offered to walk Nelle out. Carly waited for Michael to return to the living room then asked if he had believed a word of what Nelle had said.

Michael asked why his mother was trying to borrow trouble instead of being happy that Sonny was recovering in the hospital. Carly insisted that Nelle's story hadn't sounded right, but Michael wondered if she were suggesting that Nelle had shot Sonny, left him to die in a hole, and then had made a necklace out of the shell casing. Carly explained that she needed to know the truth because everything seemed a little too neat and tidy. Michael advised his mother to be grateful, so Carly assured him that she was. Satisfied, he thanked her for acknowledging Nelle's help. Carly promised that she was thankful for Nelle's help then shifted gears by sending Michael on his way.

In Kelly's courtyard, Josslyn looked at the shell casing that Oscar had turned into a pendant for a necklace. Oscar rounded the corner and saw her. He smiled and told her that the necklace looked good. Josslyn agreed, which was why she had to return it to him. She took off the necklace and handed to him. Oscar frowned, but Josslyn assured him that she loved the special necklace. However, she worried that her mother would get the wrong idea when she saw it and flip out.

Oscar's confusion mounted because he'd been under the impression that Carly had been cool with him and Josslyn hanging out. Josslyn assured him that her mother didn't have any objections to their friendship, but Carly would have an issue with the necklace because the pendant had been made from a bullet casing. Oscar was shocked as Josslyn filled him in on how the necklace had led to Sonny's return. Oscar couldn't believe they'd been wandering around where there had been gunfire, and he regretted that they hadn't gone to the cask room because they might have found Sonny. "Stupid geese," he joked. Josslyn playfully scolded him, but he pointed out that everything had worked out.

"No thanks to us," Josslyn replied. Oscar disagreed because if they hadn't picked up the shell casing, no one would have known where Sonny was. Oscar wanted Josslyn to keep the necklace as a reward for being a hero, but Josslyn remained reluctant to wear it around her mother. Oscar suggested that Josslyn put the necklace away until everything blew over, but she chuckled because he clearly didn't know her mother. Oscar insisted that Josslyn keep it because he'd made it for her. He handed her the necklace then changed the subject by reminding her that she owed him a sandwich.

Josslyn offered to fetch it, but Oscar admitted that he'd already eaten. He suggested that they stop by Kelly's another time to share a sandwich, but Josslyn smiled because it sounded like a date. Oscar confessed that he had been trying to figure out a way to ask her out. He took a deep breath then asked if she would go out with him. Before she could reply, Nelle walked up and called out to Josslyn. Oscar asked Josslyn to think about it then left.

Nelle apologized because she hadn't intended to chase Josslyn's friend away, but Josslyn admitted that she'd been relieved because Oscar had asked her out. Nelle was happy for Josslyn until she realized that Josslyn hadn't given Oscar an answer. Nelle wondered if it was because Josslyn didn't know what the answer was or if Josslyn had known but didn't want to hurt Oscar. Josslyn confided that she liked Oscar, but Carly thought Josslyn was too young to date. Josslyn was curious what Nelle thought.

Nelle admitted that she had liked a boy named Johnny Abrams when she'd been fourteen, and he had asked her out. Nelle had agreed because all their friends had encouraged them to date, but Nelle conceded they'd been too young, and they hadn't had any idea what being boyfriend and girlfriend had really meant. Nelle wished that she'd had someone in her life who had told her that it was okay not to rush into things and to take her time to figure things out. Moments later, Michael walked up and asked what Josslyn and Nelle had been talking about. Josslyn smiled then announced that she had to get home.

After Josslyn left, Michael frowned. "Isn't she still grounded?" he asked. Nelle doubted that Michael would tattle on his sister, but he shifted gears because he had sensed that he had interrupted an important conversation. Nelle assured him that it had just been "girl talk."

Meanwhile, Jason entered Sam's hospital room, but her bed was empty. Seconds later, Deanna arrived to give Sam a sedative. She asked Jason where Sam was, but he had no idea.

In Sonny's hospital room, Sonny woke up and saw Sam standing at the foot of his bed. He carefully told her that he'd heard she'd been sick then asked if she was feeling better. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she didn't feel okay because parts of her mind were a blur, and the things she remembered didn't make sense. Sonny carefully suggested that they could work together to figure things out before she shot another person the way she had shot him. Sam became increasingly upset, so Sonny asked what she remembered. Sam explained that she only saw bits and pieces, so Sonny gently assured her that everything would be okay.

Sam disagreed because she had shot Sonny, and he could have died. Sam had no idea why she'd done it because she loved Sonny; he was her daughter's godfather and a part of her family. Sonny promised Sam that he knew she hadn't been herself because of her illness. He understood what it had been like because he'd struggled with the same during his manic phases. Sam asked Sonny to tell her everything that had happened at the distillery, but Sonny was reluctant to share the details. Sam insisted that she needed to know because she had no idea what else she was capable of.

Sonny told Sam about their encounter at the abandoned distillery when she'd shot him then kicked him with enough force to propel him down a shaft and into the cask room. The memories flooded back as Sam listened. She admitted that she had felt terrified during their confrontation because of the danger he posed to her family, but she promised that it was not how she truly felt. Sam was horrified that she had left him to die, but Sonny reminded her that she had not been in her right mind. He promised that he loved her, but Sam was distraught, and she felt obligated to make things right by confessing. Sonny knew how frightening it was not to be in control, and he implored her to let it go.

Sam didn't think she deserved to be let off the hook, but Sonny disagreed. Moments later, Jason and Deanna entered the room. Sam tried to tearfully confess to shooting Sonny, but Jason cut her off to keep her from saying anything incriminating in front of Deanna. Jason promised that he and Sam would talk later then sent his wife with Deanna, so he could have a moment alone with Sonny. After Sam and Deanna left, Sonny told Jason that Sam's sickness had messed with her head.

Sonny advised Jason to calm Sam down before she confessed to the police that she had shot him. Jason wasn't surprised by the revelation. Sonny defended Sam, and he made it clear that he would put all the blame for the shooting on Garvey. Jason worried about Carly, but Sonny thought it best not to tell his wife because Carly might confront Sam, and Sam, in her fragile state, might be pushed to confess. Jason agreed. Sonny told Jason that as far as Sonny was concerned, it was over, and they had all moved on.

After Jason left, Carly and Avery stopped by for a visit. Sonny was delighted to see his daughter. Carly admitted that Avery had been restless because she had missed her father. Deanna entered the room and apologized to Sonny for the earlier intrusion. Carly was curious what had happened, so Sonny told her about Sam's visit without sharing any of the details. Carly expressed her happiness that both Sonny and Sam were recovering. Sonny smiled and assured Avery that everything would return to the way things had been.

In Sam's hospital room, Jason tried to ease Sam's concerns about Sonny by assuring her that Sonny didn't harbor any ill will toward her. Jason reminded Sam that he'd done bad things under Helena's control, but Sam had made him understand that he hadn't been responsible for the things that Helena had made him do. Sam argued that she had to take responsibility for shooting Sonny, but Jason warned her that it wouldn't help their children, Sonny, or Sam to go to the police.

Elizabeth senses that something is troubling Hayden

Elizabeth senses that something is troubling Hayden

> Elizabeth senses that something is troubling Hayden

Elizabeth senses that something is troubling Hayden

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jordan and Nathan entered the squad room as they discussed their morning. Jordan was surprised that they'd spent the morning giving testimony in court, but Nathan reminded her that it had been important because Julian's trial was set to begin later that day. Jordan agreed, but she was busy. She decided to follow up on another case, but she promised to keep Nathan updated on Julian's trail. After Jordan left, Nathan's phone rang. It was Maxie.

Nathan was happy to hear from his wife, and he asked about her trip to Paris. Maxie missed him and wished that he could be there with her, but it was a ruse because she was hiding in the hallway. Nathan was delighted when he saw her. After they greeted each other with a passionate kiss, she revealed that she had a two-hour layover before returning to Portland. She grumbled that she'd fallen asleep in the conference room because of the jetlag, so Nathan suggested that she take a later flight, but she couldn't because she wanted to get back in time for Georgie's camp presentation.

Maxie assured Nathan that she loved and missed him, and she appreciated his understanding. However, she worried that he might be upset. Nathan promised that he was okay, so Maxie invited him for a romantic picnic lunch in the park. Nathan agreed, but his phone chimed with a text message. Nathan apologized to Maxie because he was on duty and had to go on a call, but she insisted on accompanying her husband.

In the park, Curtis walked Stella to a small clearing then spread out a blanket. Stella craved a BLT for lunch and offered to pay if Curtis picked a couple of sandwiches up at Kelly's, but Curtis assured his aunt that he would buy. He was reluctant to leave Stella alone, but she reminded him that she had a cell phone. Curtis relaxed and promised to return within 45 minutes. Stella smiled then walked over to her blanket, but she heard a noise in the bushes and decided to investigate. "Oh, my God!" Stella yelled with shock at the sight that greeted her eyes.

Meanwhile, Valerie was out for a run when she heard a commotion. She followed the sounds to a clearing where Stella was threatening to call the police while Mac and Felicia were pulling on their clothes and profusely apologizing. Valerie identified herself as an off-duty police officer then asked what was going on. Stella accused Mac and Felicia of having "carnal relations" in the bushes. Mac and Felicia insisted that it had been a misunderstanding, but Stella disagreed and demanded that Valerie arrest the couple. Felicia appealed to Valerie for understanding because Felicia and Mac had been trying to spice up their marriage and had simply gotten carried away.

Stella was disgusted because Mac and Felicia had been having sex in public, and she demanded that they be arrested. Felicia implored Valerie to call Nathan. A short time later, Nathan approached the group. He was surprised when Valerie filled him in on what had happened and at Stella's insistence that Mac and Felicia be charged. Maxie rounded the corner after buying lemonade from the stand and saw her parents. Maxie warmly greeted Mac and Felicia, but she frowned when she noticed that they were both disheveled. Alarmed, Maxie asked if Mac and Felicia had been mugged, but Stella stepped forward and informed Maxie that Maxie's parents had committed public indecency. "Where's your shame?" Stella asked Mac and Felicia.

Nathan assured Stella that he would take care of things and asked if Stella needed a ride home. Stella declined because she had plans to meet her nephew. After Stella walked away, Nathan and Valerie agreed to let Mac and Felicia off with a warning. Valerie left as Maxie had one question for her parents. "What the hell?" she asked. Felicia assured Maxie that it hadn't been a big deal and that Felicia and Mac had been more embarrassed by the incident than Maxie.

Mac admitted that it had been fun for him and Felicia to rediscover their passion. Felicia giggled, but Maxie suggested that they take a cruise like most normal parents. Maxie was curious where they'd gotten the idea to have "al fresco sex," so Mac credited Ask Man Landers. Maxie was stunned that her parents would take advice from an "overrated hack" like Man Landers. Nathan took offense and defended Man Landers, but Maxie argued that the man didn't even have a degree, and her parents had almost been arrested because of Man Landers' advice.

Maxie was curious why Nathan would defend the man, but then she realized that Nathan was a fan. Nathan realized his mistake and readily agreed that he enjoyed the Ask Man Landers columns. Mac thanked Nathan for his assistance and asked Maxie not to be mad at Nathan. After Mac and Felicia left, Nathan apologized to Maxie, but she was disappointed that her layover had been ruined by her parents' shenanigans. She admitted that seeing him made it harder to leave him, so she asked him to move to Portland. Maxie knew there were a million reasons for Nathan to stay, but she promised him that her life in Portland was wonderful because she had a wonderful career and was near her daughter.

Nathan shook his head, but Maxie cut him off before he could say anything. She asked him to think about it because she wanted to part on a good note when she returned to Portland. Nathan decided to take the rest of the day off and stepped away to call the police station. Maxie decided to call her boss to suggest they do a story unmasking the identity of Man Landers.

At Kelly's, Hayden looked at the marriage license that she and Finn had picked up earlier. Finn sat across from her and smiled because all that was left to do was for them was to say their "I do's" the following day. He told her there was no turning back. Hayden smiled and agreed. She glanced down when her cell phone alerted her to a text message from Jared reminding her that time was running out. Finn was curious who it was, but Hayden lied and told him that it was a work thing.

Finn noticed that Hayden seemed distracted and asked if she was having second thoughts. "Absolutely not," she assured him. Finn remained concerned because her mind had clearly been somewhere else, but she reminded him that they had a lot to get done before the wedding. Finn assured her that it would be fine because the Quartermaines had a large staff who would be happy to help them. Finn kissed Hayden as Curtis entered the diner. Curtis approached the table when he saw the couple kissing and officially congratulated Hayden on the engagement.

Curtis was startled when Hayden revealed that the wedding was the following day. Moments later, Hayden's cell phone sounded with another text message. Hayden glanced at it and announced that she had to take care of some last-minute wedding details. She kissed Finn then left. Outside, she read the text message from Jared warning her that he would not be ignored.

Inside, Finn admitted that Hayden had been going "90 miles an hour" for the past few days, but Curtis thought it was normal for her because Hayden had been like that since they had met. Finn shifted gears by asking Curtis to be his best man. Honored, Curtis agreed.

Meanwhile, Hayden met Jared in the park and angrily accused him of stalking her. Jared assured her that he simply wanted the money she had promised because he hadn't received the wire transfer. Hayden explained that she had encountered a problem because the hospital was a non-profit organization, and a third-party bank closely monitored the books to ensure that no one did what she had planned to do. Hayden revealed that she had set up a dummy corporation called White Hat Limited Medical Supply then had arranged for the hospital to place several orders with the company. She assured Jared that once the checks cleared the account, he would be able to drain the money from White Hat Limited Medical Supply.

Hayden conceded that she might get fired for being duped by a less-than-reliable supply company, but she would get to her live her life. Jared didn't trust her, so Hayden showed him the account information on her phone then gave him the routing number. She promised that the money would be available the following day and added that it was the right way to handle things because it wouldn't raise eyebrows. Hayden tensed when she saw Curtis approach. Curtis' eyes narrowed as he took in Jared, who Hayden claimed was an old college friend.

Curtis assumed Jared was in town for Hayden's wedding the following day. Jared perked up at the mention of the wedding and promptly made it clear to Hayden that he would attend the intimate ceremony. After Jared left, Curtis questioned Hayden about Jared because he sensed there had been more going on. Hayden reluctantly admitted that Jared was blackmailing her, but she refused to share the details. Curtis urged Hayden to be honest with Finn because it would take Jared's leverage away.

At Kelly's, Stella approached the counter when she recognized Valerie. Valerie noticed that Stella was out of breath, so she offered Stella a glass of water as Stella sat down. Stella took a drink then thanked Valerie. Stella struck up a conversation with Valerie by asking about Valerie's husband. Stella was delighted when she realized that Valerie was single because she wanted Valerie to meet her nephew. Valerie was reluctant to be set up on a blind date by a stranger, but Stella assured Valerie that the three of them could meet for coffee.

Stella made it clear that Valerie would be free to leave if she didn't hit it off with Stella's nephew. Valerie agreed because she realized that she had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Stella smiled with glee then gave Valerie her cell phone number. Moments later, Stella left. She ran into Curtis in the courtyard. He'd been worried about his aunt until he had received her text message, but Stella assured him that she was fine. She told him that she'd had a wonderful day then cryptically added that it had been more productive that he realized.

Elsewhere, Jared left Hayden a nasty voicemail message warning her not to think about screwing him over because she knew what was at stake.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Kiki emerged from the elevator as Kiki talked excitedly about what a rush it had been to work in the emergency room. Elizabeth thought Kiki had done really well, but Kiki argued that Elizabeth and the doctors had been the ones who had saved the patient, while Kiki had just handed them the instruments. Dr. Bensch walked up and asked for a moment of Kiki's time. Kiki glanced at Elizabeth nervously then followed the doctor to the elevator. She decided to cut to the chase and apologized if she had overstepped in the emergency room, but to her surprise, Dr. Bensch praised her actions. He had been impressed that she'd shown initiative, and he saw real promise in her.

Kiki thanked Dr. Bensch, but he wasn't done. He commended her for handling a stressful situation, and he revealed that the staff had glowing things to say about Kiki. Kiki was shocked when Dr. Bensch asked if she had ever considered going to medical school because she had true potential. Dr. Bensch was a firm believer in talent, so he encouraged Kiki to consider it. He explained that she could apply to a fast-track program, which would be hard and would require her full commitment, but he was confident that she could handle it.

Before Kiki could reply, Jordan exited the elevator and asked to talk to Dr. Bensch about an incident that had occurred the previous day. After Dr. Bensch and Jordan walked away, Kiki called Dillon. She revealed that she had news, but she wanted to tell him in person. Kiki promised that she was on her way.

Dillon was waiting in Kelly's courtyard when Kiki arrived. They sat down, and Kiki told him about her talk with Dr. Bensch. Dillon thought it was a wonderful idea for Kiki to go to medical school because he liked the sound of "Dr. Jerome," but Kiki was uncertain because she doubted that she had what it took to become a doctor. She insisted that she wasn't remotely qualified, but Dillon disagreed. He was certain that if she believed in herself, worked hard, and studied, she could do it. However, he assured her that he would support whatever she decided.

Later, Finn caught up with Elizabeth at the nurses' station to let her know that he and Hayden were getting married the following day. He hoped that Elizabeth could attend the wedding. Elizabeth was surprised that the wedding was the next day, but she assured him that she wouldn't miss it. Moments later, Hayden arrived. Elizabeth congratulated her sister. Finn excused himself when he received a text message asking him to consult on a case in the ICU.

Elizabeth sensed that something was troubling Hayden. Hayden admitted that Elizabeth had been right about Hayden being someone who weaseled out of the consequences for her actions, but she promised Elizabeth that she had changed. Elizabeth assured Hayden that she saw that -- everyone did. Hayden was desperate for her wedding to go off without a hitch. Elizabeth promised to help in any way that she could, so Hayden asked Elizabeth to be her maid of honor. Elizabeth agreed, and she vowed not to let anything ruin her sister's big day.

Hayden hugged Elizabeth as Finn returned. After Elizabeth walked away, Hayden told him that her sister had agreed to be her maid of honor. Finn was happy for Hayden. He shared with her that Curtis had agreed to be his best man. Just then, Elizabeth walked up to let Hayden know that Hayden had a call waiting. The bank needed to talk to Hayden about suspicious activity on an account.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jordan questioned Dr. Bensch about the reported altercation. Dr. Bensch admitted that he hadn't seen anything, but Jordan wasn't surprised because she suspected it had been a ploy to allow Jason to sneak into Mr. Garvey's hospital room. Dr. Bensch chuckled because he felt as if he'd been in the middle of a 1930s gangster flick. Jordan smiled when he mentioned a James Cagney movie, Angels with Dirty Faces, because she had watched it with her grandfather, who had been a fan of the genre. Dr. Bensch revealed that Roaring Twenties was showing in town all week and had been newly remastered.

Dr. Bensch invited Jordan to catch a movie with him then grab a drink afterwards. Jordan was flattered, but she turned him down because she was still getting over a recent breakup. Dr. Bensch was disappointed.

Kristina learns that Parker is teaching at PCU

Kristina learns that Parker is teaching at PCU

Thursday, August 10, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis suggested that she, Kristina, and Molly work in shifts to help Sam with the children until Sam was back on her feet. Kristina assured her mother that Monica would also help. The conversation shifted to Julian when Alexis sensed that something was troubling Molly. Molly wanted to know what Alexis planned to say on the witness stand when she was called to testify. Alexis explained that she'd been declared a hostile witness, which meant that she would be restricted to yes and no answers, but Kristina and Molly weren't satisfied because Alexis was a skilled litigator, and she knew the power of a well-placed yes or no. Kristina asked her mother to promise not to help Julian, but Alexis made it clear that she would tell the truth.

Molly was certain that Alexis intended to help Julian's case, but Alexis resented Molly impugning her integrity. Kristina defended her sister by explaining that she and Molly hated Julian because of the terrible things he'd done over the years, especially to their mother. Kristina also blamed Julian for Morgan's death, but Alexis disagreed that Julian was responsible for Morgan's tragic end. Kristina argued that Julian had been indirectly responsible for what had happened to Morgan, just like Julian had been indirectly responsible for Olivia Jerome kidnapping Sam then throwing Sam off the bridge to give birth to Scout in the snow. Kristina insisted that he hadn't warned anyone that Olivia had returned and that Alexis was the only person who believed Julian's "sob story" about Olivia threatening to kill everyone close to him.

Alexis appreciated that Kristina thought that Alexis was wrong to have given Julian the benefit of the doubt, but Molly explained that the problem was that Alexis continued to do it. Frustrated, Alexis asked her daughters to drop it, but Molly argued that Julian would continue to drag Alexis down. Alexis resented that Molly was right, prompting Molly to ask why Alexis loved Julian. Alexis had no idea, but Molly's "sad glances" were starting to annoy her. Kristina reminded her mother that Alexis had gotten her career back, so she begged Alexis not to let Julian damage Alexis' reputation, sobriety, or heart by reaching out to him.

Alexis opted to change the subject, and asked if Kristina still intended to register at Port Charles University later that day. Kristina and Molly took the hint and dropped it. They gathered their things as Kristina admitted that she looked forward to attending PCU after everything that had happened with Parker. Kristina added that she was over her professor, and she had moved on. Molly assured Alexis that she and Kristina hadn't intended to badger her, but they cared about their mother. Kristina was confident that Alexis would do the right thing.

Later, Kristina and Molly sat outside Kelly's courtyard after registering for classes. Molly grumbled when she checked online and noticed that one of the professors had gone on sabbatical for the semester. Molly had been looking forward to her "Women, Wit, and Politics" course, so Kristina suggested that Molly check to see who would be replacing the professor. Molly checked. "Oh, crap!" Molly exclaimed. Kristina was shocked when Molly revealed that Parker would be teaching the course.

In the courtroom, Scott revealed that he had persuaded the judge to give Julian a bench trial by claiming that it would be impossible to find an impartial jury in a town where everyone hated Julian. Julian was pleased, but Scott warned him that Alexis remained a problem because they had no idea how she would testify. Scott asked Julian to tell him everything that had happened when Alexis had sent Julian a text message that Sam was in the hospital. Julian recounted that he'd arrived at the hospital in time to hear that Sam was sick because of what Julian's "psycho" sister had done. Julian admitted that he had tried to talk to Alexis about it because he'd felt indirectly responsible for what had happened, but Alexis had refused to listen.

Scott was curious about Julian and Alexis' encounter in Sam's hospital room because he hoped to gauge how Alexis might testify, but Julian warned him that Alexis had been cold, and she had shut him out. Julian wondered if he should plead guilty, but Scott suspected that Julian hoped to protect Alexis. Scott reminded Julian that Julian faced life behind bars. Just then, Judge Amber Chua entered the courtroom.

Later, Alexis was called to the stand. The district attorney started by asking if Alexis thought that Julian should pay for all the horrible crimes he was charged with, but Scott objected. Alexis asserted that she wanted justice to be done, but the district attorney was curious what that meant to her. Judge Chua warned the district attorney to move on, so he asked how Alexis had met Olivia Jerome and about Julian's reaction when he'd realized that his "psychopathic criminal" sister was Alexis' Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. Alexis acknowledged that Julian hadn't said anything, but she had suspected that he'd been hiding something. Next, the district attorney questioned Alexis about Julian's attempt to kill her.

Eventually, the district attorney moved to the night that Olivia had kidnapped Alexis and to the attempt on Sam's life. Alexis became agitated as she was forced to admit that Julian had never warned anyone about the danger that Olivia posed and that he had covered for Olivia at every opportunity. Alexis insisted that Olivia had coerced Julian, but the district attorney continued to fire questions at Alexis until she was compelled to acknowledge that Julian had acted as Olivia's accomplice, and the night on the bridge might have been averted if Julian had been honest.

At the Jerome penthouse, Ava stared at her scarred reflection until she heard a knock at the door. She quickly put on her tinted burn mask when she heard Kiki call out. Ava went to the door and was surprised when she saw that Griffin had accompanied Kiki. Kiki was curious how Ava's first group therapy session had been, so Ava conceded that it hadn't been terrible. Pleased, Griffin revealed that he and Kiki had hoped that Ava would join them for lunch, but Ava flatly refused because she didn't think she was ready for an outing. Griffin was disappointed, but he handed Ava a bag of books that he had picked up for her.

Griffin told Ava that he couldn't stress enough the importance of perseverance. He explained that she'd made it through the shock of learning the extent of her injuries, and she had reached the stage where she learned to move forward, but Ava scoffed. Griffin insisted that it was important for Ava to have a positive outlook because it could lead to miracles. Kiki warned her mother that she was determined to get Ava out of the penthouse, but Ava objected. Kiki refused to take no for an answer and reminded her mother that Ava owed it to Kiki. Ava reluctantly agreed to go to Kelly's with Kiki and Griffin.

At Kelly's, Valentin chatted with his daughter over lunch. Charlotte enjoyed camp, but she preferred to spend the day with her father. She wondered if they could go to Wyndemere to visit the horses, and Valentin agreed. Charlotte was curious what would happen to the horses if Spencer succeeded in taking Wyndemere away. Valentin hid his irritation by looking away and taking a calming breath before assuring his daughter that Spencer wouldn't prevail in court. Charlotte had her doubts because Spencer had insisted that Wyndemere belonged to Spencer and that Valentin was a "villain and interloper."

Charlotte wondered what an interloper was. Valentin explained that it was someone who took something that didn't belong to them, but Charlotte defended her father because she knew that he hadn't done that. Valentin agreed; his father had left Wyndemere to him. Valentin conceded that Spencer disputed that, which was why he had taken Julian to court. Charlotte questioned if it was even legal because Spencer was a child, but Valentin explained that the adults in Spencer's life were backing Spencer up. However, it didn't matter because Spencer would lose.

"Are you sure?" Charlotte asked. Valentin nodded then added that it was time to make the lawsuit go away, since Spencer had returned to boarding school. Charlotte smiled, but her expression turned to horror when she saw Ava enter the diner. "That lady!" Charlotte shouted as she pointed at Ava. Embarrassed by his daughter's reaction to Ava's appearance, Valentin gently scolded Charlotte for pointing. He explained that Ava had been very badly injured, and it had taken a lot of courage for her to go out in public because she feared that people would react the way that Charlotte had. Valentin made it clear that he wanted his daughter to apologize.

Nearby, Ava was hurt by Charlotte's reaction, but Kiki and Griffin urged Ava to stay. Ava refused because she felt like everyone was staring at her. Griffin suggested that he and Kiki pick up sandwiches to go, so Ava decided to wait in the courtyard. Ava stepped outside and took a calming breath. Moments later, Charlotte emerged from the diner, followed by her father. Charlotte apologized to Ava for reacting as she had because her father had made Charlotte realize that she had hurt Ava.

After Ava thanked Charlotte, Valentin sent his daughter back inside then reminded Ava that she didn't have to continue to suffer because he could put her in touch with doctors who would help her. He handed her a business card, but she was curious why he couldn't just give her the name of the clinic. Valentin claimed that she would need a referral, but she knew that he expected her to retract her statement and let him get away with Nikolas' murder. Ava decided it was too high of a price to pay, but Valentin hoped she changed her mind.

Later, Ava arrived home. Kiki and Griffin were pleased that Ava was in better spirits. Ava smiled then thanked Griffin for the books he'd given her. She asked to be alone because she was eager to start reading, but Kiki was curious what Valentin had said to her mother. Ava claimed that he had apologized for his daughter's behavior.

After Kiki and Griffin left, Ava sat down on the sofa, took off her mask, then picked up a hand mirror. She looked at the side of her face that hadn't been touched by the fire then slowly turned her face to examine the scars. Sickened by the sight, she put the mirror down and pulled out Valentin's business card. Ava looked at it for several heartbeats then carefully tucked it inside a decorative box on the coffee table.

In the hallway, Kiki told Griffin that she was worried about her mother. She explained that Ava had once been indestructible, but she no longer was. Griffin assured Kiki that Ava had made great strides, and he was confident that Ava would build a new life for herself. Kiki wondered how, but Griffin admitted that it would depend on the choices Ava made and the life Ava decided to live.

At the hospital, Elizabeth told Hayden that the bank was on the phone because there had been suspicious activity on an account. Hayden's eyes rounded with nervousness, but Elizabeth and Finn didn't appear to notice as Hayden picked up the nurses' station phone to speak with a bank representative. Elizabeth and Finn listened as Hayden confirmed that she had set up a new account because the hospital had switched to White Hat Limited Medical Supplies. Hayden grew increasingly agitated as she told the bank representative that she was not in her office. She promised to call the bank later then slammed down the phone.

Elizabeth was surprised that the hospital had switched medical suppliers, but Finn was curious why the bank had given Hayden a hard time. Hayden snapped at her sister and Finn that she resented getting the "third degree," but she immediately regretted her outburst and apologized. Hayden claimed that she felt overwhelmed by everything. Elizabeth and Finn regretted upsetting Hayden, but she changed the subject by announcing that she had to get back to work. Finn gave Hayden a little pep talk and urged her to relax.

After Finn left, Hayden apologized to Elizabeth for snapping at her, but Elizabeth knew how stressful weddings could be. However, Elizabeth sensed that something else was bothering Hayden. Hayden's voice filled with emotion as she confided that she had a horrible feeling that she didn't deserve everything she had. Elizabeth disagreed, but Hayden argued that just because she and Elizabeth got along, it didn't mean that Hayden had changed from the person she'd been when Hayden had first arrived. Elizabeth insisted that it had been a lifetime ago. Hayden conceded that her sister was right.

Hayden admitted that meeting Finn had changed her and that love had made her a better person. Hayden was desperate to have a happy life with Finn and the baby, but Hayden realized that a lot could go wrong. Elizabeth promised that Hayden's fears would fade after the wedding then changed the subject by reminding Hayden that she still intended to throw Hayden a baby shower. Hayden smiled, but she assured Elizabeth that it wasn't necessary. Elizabeth disagreed because they were sisters. Hayden's eyes filled with tears because she wished that she had met Elizabeth sooner and that they'd gotten to know each other better.

Later, Jared stopped at the nurses' station to ask Elizabeth if Hayden Barnes was available. He claimed that he was an old friend. Elizabeth directed him to Hayden's office, but Jared handed Elizabeth a small envelope that he asked her to pass along to Hayden. He told her that it was a wedding gift.

In Hayden's office, Finn pulled a small cactus out of a box and set it on Hayden's desk. He tossed the box away, but something in the trash can caught his attention. It was a visitor badge for Green Briar Federal Prison. Moments later, Hayden entered her office. She was pleasantly surprised to see Finn, but her smile faded when he showed her what he'd found. Hayden admitted that she had visited her father in jail. Finn was hurt that she hadn't told him.

Hayden carefully explained that she had wanted to make peace with her father, but Finn reminded her that Raymond Berlin had hurt her. Hayden agreed, but Raymond was the only father she'd ever known, and he had shaped who she was. "Who you were," Finn corrected. Finn insisted that Hayden was a better person, but she ignored the remark as she explained that she felt that she had owed it to her father to tell him about her impending marriage. Hayden added that she knew Finn would have wanted to accompany her, but she'd had to do it alone because she had wanted to talk to Raymond privately to get answers to questions that only her father could provide. Finn asked if she'd gotten what she'd needed, and she replied that her father had given her clarity.

Finn explained that he didn't want any secrets between him and Hayden because he'd spent so much time lying about his addiction, but he assured her that he could handle anything she threw at him. Just then, Elizabeth appeared in the doorway to give Hayden the envelope. Finn excused himself to check on a patient. Hayden realized that Jared had left her the envelope when Elizabeth revealed that the mystery man had claimed to be an old friend of Hayden's. After Elizabeth left, Hayden pulled out the card, which had a note scribbled inside, congratulating Hayden on her wedding day and advising her to make certain that nothing ruined it. Furious, Hayden ripped it up and threw it in the trash can.

At the nurses' station, Finn thanked Elizabeth for agreeing to be Hayden's maid of honor. Finn gave Elizabeth credit for him finding love with Hayden because Elizabeth had kept quiet when she had caught him in the grips of withdrawal during the hospital's lockdown. If Elizabeth had told Monica, Finn would have lost his job, his career, and the opportunity to fall in love with Hayden. Elizabeth smiled and admitted that she looked forward to having Finn for a brother-in-law.

In Hayden's office, Hayden called the bank to explain that she had some adjustments to make. She informed the bank representative that Rachel Berlin was the "DBA" for White Hat Limited Medical Supplies. "Rachel Berlin?" Finn asked from the doorway.

Hayden tells Finn the truth

Hayden tells Finn the truth

Friday, August 11, 2017

At the police station, Dante teased Nathan about Mac and Felicia's indecent exposure fiasco at the park. He thought that Nathan should confront Ask Man Landers, since he'd given Mac the advice, but Nathan insisted that he and Maxie were both too busy. The cops talked about Sonny's shooting, and Dante handed Nathan the ballistics report. It didn't appear consistent with the information they'd been given in previous interviews. It was time for Dante and Nathan to ask more questions.

Alexis sat on the stand in Julian's hearing and admitted that had he been truthful with her, much of the terror surrounding Olivia might have been averted. However, she didn't think that he should be held accountable for Olivia's actions. Scott took her back to the night that Olivia had held her hostage, and Alexis recounted the evening's events. She admitted that it had been torturous, and she had been used as bait for Olivia to get to Julian. Olivia had wanted her brother punished.

Alexis explained that Olivia had planned on shooting her if Julian wouldn't go through with it. Julian had shot off her handcuffs and ordered her to run instead, Alexis recalled. She'd heard another shot, and Julian had disappeared. She'd assumed he'd fallen into the water. Alexis agreed that Julian could be considered a hero. She also admitted that she wasn't as angry at Julian as she'd been previously due to the letter that she had received from him after he'd been presumed dead. Scott handed her a copy and urged her to read it out loud.

A teary Alexis read the letter and told the court that her relationship with Julian was a little better since she'd learned he had lied in order to protect his family. Scott continued to push and asked Alexis if she'd forgiven Julian. Alexis replied that she had not.

After the judge called for a recess, Julian apologized for the direction of Scott's questioning. Alexis apologized for some of her testimony, but Julian knew that she had only spoken the truth. He wondered if she could ever forgive him though. Alexis advised him that she lived her life one day at a time, and she didn't know what the future held.

At General Hospital, Carly helped Sonny to walk with his cane, though she knew he'd used one in the past. Sonny asked for her trust, and Carly replied that she knew that Sonny would never keep a secret from her again. She was anxious for him to start rehab, but Sonny was less than enthusiastic about it. Carly accused him of not wanting to get better, and she reminded him of how much she hated the hospital. Sonny reiterated that he planned on getting out of "the business," though Carly wondered if he would have second thoughts after he'd had so much power. She again reminded him that they had to be honest with each other. Sonny repeated that he couldn't remember anything about the shooting.

Down the hall, Sam awoke after having another of her very real dreams involving Sonny. She knew that it was not a dream but something she'd lived through. She had shot Sonny. A visiting Jason reminded her that she'd been sick. He promised that the only people to know about it were the two of them plus Sonny, and there was nothing to worry about. "There is for me," Sam replied. She couldn't accept that she'd shot Sonny, and she couldn't live with it on her conscience. She wanted to confess.

Jason persuaded her that things would be better if she remained in the hospital, getting well, rather than sitting in a prison. He was sure she didn't want a lot of people to be hurt after her action was revealed. "Everything will work out," he said.

Jason arrived to see Sonny, and Carly left to get everything situated for Sonny's release. Sonny revealed that Carly had spoken to him about trust and honesty, but he couldn't tell her the truth about the shooting yet. Jason admitted that Sam was still struggling mentally with what she'd done. Just then, Dante and Nathan walked in. They had more questions about the shooting.

Sonny recounted the night of the shooting but claimed that he couldn't recall anything after Garvey had shot him in the bulletproof vest. He didn't remember being shot in the leg or being pushed into the shaft. Dante announced that ballistics had determined that two different guns had been used, and he was skeptical of Sonny's memory loss. He and Nathan departed. "Think that's the end of it?" Jason asked Sonny. "Not by a long shot," Sonny replied.

Sam encountered Carly out in the hallway. She had been on her way to visit with Sonny but chose to talk to Carly instead. Carly offered to help Sam in any way possible and admitted that she was thankful that Garvey was dead. Sam declared that she wanted to tell Carly the truth, and the two women found a spot where they could sit down.

Sam did her best to explain her illness to Carly and how it had affected her head. She'd seen things that were not really there, she clarified. She'd been scared of losing Jason, and she had said and done things that she wanted to take back. She had lost it, and it had involved Sonny, Sam continued. She'd had to do something in order to prevent Sonny from taking Jason away from her.

Carly was certain that Sam couldn't be held accountable for what her illness had done. Before Sam was able to continue, Jason and Sonny spotted them as they left Sonny's room. Sonny promised to visit Sam after he got settled in, and Sam and Jason headed back to her room. Sonny asked what the women had been talking about. Carly replied that Sam had been filling her in on the awful sickness and symptoms she'd been suffering from. She had also heard that Sam had shouted at Sonny about Jason, but Sonny shrugged it off. "It was nothin'," he said. Carly thought that something else was going on, and she asked Sonny if he had any ideas.

Hayden was angry when Finn walked into her office without knocking. He overheard her using her old name on the phone and questioned her. She claimed that she had accidentally used her birth name on some new accounts she'd opened, but Finn was suspicious. He realized the company in question was one the hospital had issues with. Hayden confirmed that she had been trying to help the two of them. "What have you done?" Finn asked. He wanted to help Hayden if she were in trouble, and things were sounding "sketchy" to him.

Suddenly, Hayden blurted out that she'd planned on giving the money back. She showed him the fake accounts she'd opened and swore she hadn't gone through with taking any money. She let him watch as she put the money back. Finn was in disbelief as Hayden tried to explain that she'd been buying their freedom from her ex-husband. Finn realized that "Adam" had really been Jared.

Hayden cried as she disclosed the mess that she'd gotten into in the past. Jared had taken the blame for hitting a girl with a car while it had really been Hayden who'd been driving drunk. Her father's money would have helped out, but he was in prison. Jared had been blackmailing her.

Finn couldn't believe that Hayden hadn't told him about it. She cried over her shame, but he reminded her that he'd known firsthand about shame and self-loathing. She should have trusted him, Finn said. Hayden replied that she'd done it for him. She had been afraid that he would go back to drugs if he found out. Finn was positive that he would have stayed clean.

Hayden cried that she couldn't compete with Finn's dead first wife who had been so perfect. Finn reminded her that he had let go of his past because he loved Hayden. He was angry that she believed he might have a relapse. They were together for better or worse, Finn believed. Hayden walked out of the office. She knew what Finn had to do. "Let me know when you figure it out," she said.

Dante and Nathan returned to the station. Dante knew that Sonny had to be keeping something from them, and he assumed that Sonny knew full well who the second shooter was. Sonny probably planned on retaliating himself, Dante added.

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