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Sonny had a vision of Stone Cates. Finn and Hayden decided to get married. Jared blackmailed Hayden. Valentin offered Ava a miracle, but she refused to betray Nikolas or Spencer. Laura decided to send Spencer back to boarding school.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 31, 2017 on GH
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Hayden and Finn come to an agreement Hayden and Finn come to an agreement

Monday, July 31, 2017

Jason sat in Sam's empty room, thinking about all the tests she was going through. He hoped for good news. Outside the room, Griffin and Finn were talking about Sam's odds of complications if she didn't wake from her coma. Jason heard the end of their conversation, and Finn assured Jason that they were just speculating to stay "ahead of the game." Just then, Finn's phone went off, and he said that he could call Hayden back later.

Griffin thought that Finn needed a break, so he urged his colleague to get some food and rest. He promised to call Finn as soon as Sam woke up. Finn finally agreed and walked away. He smiled at the text from Hayden, which read, "In need of a new house call. Guess where I am?" He smiled and left the hospital.

Jason wanted Griffin to be completely honest about Sam's condition. He assured the doctor that, while Sam looked weak, she was the exact opposite. Griffin promised to fight for Sam. He explained that the longer Sam was in the coma, the higher the odds of complications were. Griffin urged Jason to go home and get some rest, but Jason refused to go home until he was able to take Sam home with him.

Emergency workers wheeled Garvey into the hospital on a stretcher, followed by Carly, Elizabeth, and Dante. Carly yelled that Garvey knew where Sonny was. She demanded to know what he'd done with her husband, but he passed out. The attending doctor wanted to get the man into surgery, so they wheeled him away. Dante instructed the doctors to keep Garvey alive. Dante asked Elizabeth about Garvey's vehicle, but she only remembered a dirty white sedan. Dante sent a cop to check on the vehicle. Elizabeth advised Dante to let her know if he needed anything else, and she left.

Griffin bumped into Elizabeth and made sure she was okay. She assured him that she'd been checked out and was only a little sore. He wondered why she was still there after what she'd been through, but she told him that Carly had been the "superhero." She believed that there had been a guardian angel watching over her.

Carly told Dante everything that had happened with Garvey. When she was done, the cop returned with the plate number, and something from the car that had the Cassadine crest on it. Dante informed a shocked Carly that the car fit the description of the car involved in Spencer's kidnapping.

Dante believed that Garvey had taken Spencer as "bait" for Sonny. Dante promised to uncover more mistakes that the sloppy Garvey had made while they were tracking Sonny. Carly told him that Sonny had made sure to make himself "untraceable." Dante assured her that no one was untraceable, and he promised to keep her updated. When Dante was gone, Jason appeared, and he and Carly shared a long embrace.

Carly was sure that Sonny and Sam would both pull through. They comforted each other until Griffin appeared in order to update Jason. Carly promised to be there for him, and he went to talk to Griffin. Elizabeth sauntered over to Carly and told her that Garvey was out of surgery and staying on the tenth floor. She figured that she should inform Dante, but she told Carly that "it might take me a little while," and she walked away. Catching the hint, Carly got into the elevator.

On the phone with Danny, Jason said goodnight. He told Danny that Sam was asleep, but the doctors would take good care of her. He told his son that he loved him, and he hung up. Jason told himself that Sam would be fine.

The door to Garvey's room opened, and someone entered and hovered over the man. Garvey slowly opened his eyes to see who was standing over him. "Oh, good, you're awake," Carly said. She informed him that she'd had a year of nursing school, so she knew her way around all the machines and medications in his room. She called the morphine a "gift" for those in real pain. She hoped he wasn't in too much pain, but she added that his pain level was "up to you." He began to breathe heavier as she squeezed the tube through which the morphine traveled. "Where's my husband?" she demanded.

Jared got into Liesl's car and told her that he didn't want to work together. He explained that, while he'd been tempted, he wanted to leave his past behind for good. Anticipating the response, Liesl handed him a file full of information about the "wonderful life" Hayden had been leading while he'd been in jail. After giving him a minute to peruse, she told him that Hayden and Finn were getting the happy ending that "should have been yours." He just wanted to cut his losses and advised Liesl to do the same. He got out of the car, and Liesl called him a coward. She refused to give up.

Nina arrived at the police station and tried to avoid Nathan. He wondered if she was mad at him, but she clarified that she was "disappointed" because of his willingness to give up on her due to her choices. He assured her that he loved her, but he didn't want to watch her get hurt again. Changing the subject, Nina said she was there to fill out the paperwork for getting back the money she'd used for Valentin's bail. As if on cue, Valentin entered the station.

Valentin questioned Nathan about whether or not they'd caught Spencer's kidnapper. He thanked Nina for her faith, but Nathan muttered that the faith had been "misplaced." Nina reminded Nathan that Valentin was innocent. Valentin accused the police of continuing to call him a "person of interest" in the case in order to help with Spencer's civil suit. Nathan denied any connection between the case and Valentin's legal troubles, and he added that he hoped Spencer took him "for everything you're worth. Not that that's much, since my sister had to bail you out."

Interrupting the tiff, Nina asked again for her money. Just then, Nathan's phone rang, and he answered it to Dante. Noticing Nathan's solemn demeanor, Nina asked what was going on when he got off the phone. Nathan revealed that they knew who had abducted Spencer. Valentin wanted to know who it was, and Nina added that Nathan owed Valentin that much. Nathan reminded them that he couldn't release the name of a suspect in an ongoing investigation. Valentin wanted a public apology from the force, but Nina told him to just get over it because he'd won.

When Nina was gone, Nathan warned Valentin that he would regret it if he wormed his way back into Nina's life. "She's a big girl," Valentin shot back. He assured Nathan that, if he and Nina got back together, he would spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy. As Valentin walked away, Nathan glared after him.

Nina arrived at the Floating Rib and ordered a drink. Liesl, a few seats down the bar, offered to buy it for her. Nina answered that she should be the one buying after shooting down Liesl's medical column idea. Liesl assured her niece that she held no grudge toward Nina. "Since when?" Nina cracked. Liesl declared that she was going to start doing what was best for herself, even if what she did was unpopular. She lamented that so many people were too afraid to go after what they really wanted. Nina's eyes widened, and she said, "thank you," and left suddenly.

Valentin arrived at the docks, and Nina ran after him. She apologized on behalf of Nathan for being overly protective of her. She believed that he had good intentions, and Valentin thought it was nice that her brother wanted to fight for her. Valentin admitted to the same urge, even though he knew that she could fight her own battles. She also informed him that she'd gotten her money back, so he was no longer indebted to her. "I'll always be indebted to you," he said tenderly. "Is there something else?" he asked. She pulled him in and kissed him.

Valentin told Nina about all the times he'd wanted to kiss her, and all the nights he'd spent "dreaming and longing. Please come back to me. We can be a family again." "Goodnight, Valentin," she said, backing away, and she left.

On the phone, Hayden entered the new house and thanked Lucy for letting her "get a feel for the house at night." Later, she was lying on the floor when Finn entered the house. He frantically ran to her, but she let him know that she was all right. He apologized for the overreaction, but he explained how Sam and Jason's situation had made him realize how fragile life was. She assured him that their life was just beginning.

On Hayden's computer, she showed Finn some design software so they could see different layouts of their house. When she mentioned turning the tennis court into something else, he wondered why she didn't like tennis. She explained that her first husband, a hedge fund manager, had used his tennis skills to get clients. Tennis reminded her of the "sad person" she had been. "I hate tennis," Finn agreed, suggesting that they turn the court into a "natural habitat" for Roxy.

Hayden began to cry and cursed her pregnancy hormones. Finn gently asked her what was going on, and she eventually clued him in that her crying had to do with marriage. She explained that she'd had two failed marriage, but she wanted to build a life for their family. She went on about how she couldn't compare to his first wife and how she wasn't perfect -- until he stopped her with a kiss. "Was that a proposal?" she asked.

"I wanted to do that!" Finn told Hayden, but he hadn't thought that she wanted marriage. He admitted that he'd thought he would never fall in love again until he'd met her. He gave her a "yes" and kissed her again. In celebration, he offered to pick up food from the Floating Rib so they could have their first dinner in their new house. When he was gone, she sighed happily and went back to her computer. "What'd you forget?" she asked when she heard the door open. She looked up and was stunned to see Jared.

Between ragged breaths, Sonny declared, "I want to live." He pulled his cross necklace out of his shirt and held it. "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," he started, admitting that his biggest sin was pride for thinking that he could walk away from the life he'd chosen. He prayed for God to help him and to help Sam. He realized that he'd never been afraid of dying "until now." He recited the Lord's Prayer and passed out when he was done. A bright light woke him up moments later, and a man approached. Sonny blinked in disbelief until he said, "it's you!"

Stone visits Sonny to offer encouragement

Stone visits Sonny to offer encouragement

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

At the Jerome apartment, Julian called out to his sister to see if she was awake. Ava quickly pulled on her mask as Julian rounded the corner and saw her seated at the dining room table. He was surprised that she had put on the flesh-toned burn mask, but Ava admitted that she had realized that it protected her -- and everyone around her. Julian was startled when Ava credited Sam for showing her kindness and getting Ava to wear the mask. Julian was curious about when his daughter had stopped by, so Ava told him about Sam's visit earlier that day, and how Sam had been talking "trash" about Sonny.

Julian's voice was filled with sorrow as he revealed that Sam was in a coma, fighting for her life. Shocked, Ava asked what had happened. Julian explained that Sam had been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis, which Sam had contracted when their sister, Olivia, had pushed Sam off the bridge. Julian asked how Sam had seemed during the visit with Ava, prompting Ava to concede that her niece had seemed "fragile and feverishly determined." Ava clarified that Sam had seemed ill, but she had also been very angry and had blamed Sonny for Ava's injuries. Ava added that Sam had given her a pep talk, but Ava hadn't been certain if Sam had been encouraging Ava to move on or to destroy Sonny.

At the Floating Rib, Finn asked the bartender to add pickles and sparkling cider to his order. The bartender nodded then ducked into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Curtis entered the bar and overheard Finn's request. He was curious if Finn was sticking to the program or if he'd picked up pregnancy cravings. Finn chuckled and confessed that he'd been ordering for his fiancée. Curtis was pleasantly surprised and congratulated Finn.

Finn and Curtis sat down to catch up while Finn waited for his order. Curtis was disappointed when Finn told him about Hayden's proposal because Curtis knew that Hayden was a softie under her tough exterior. Finn assured Curtis that he had intended to ask Hayden to marry him, but she had beaten him to it. However, Finn planned to make it up to Hayden. Curtis was pleased because Hayden had worked harder than anyone he knew to turn her life around.

Finn was grateful for everything that Hayden had done to help him get sober, and he appreciated Curtis' friendship during the early days of Finn's recovery. Curtis warned Finn that happiness wouldn't protect Finn from a relapse. He advised Finn not to let his guard down and to go to meetings, but Finn assured Curtis that he had been going. Curtis promised that, in time, the need for drugs would fade from screams to an echo, but Finn was curious if they would ever go away. Curtis admitted that they all heard echoes from time to time, but he had things under control. Finn sensed that something was troubling Curtis, so Curtis admitted that he and Jordan had ended things because his aunt's arrival had unearthed the past.

Finn explained that some patients used their convalescence to control people -- sometimes subconsciously. Curtis argued that it didn't matter because his relationship with Jordan had made his aunt sick. Finn disagreed, but Curtis reminded him that stress had caused her stroke. Finn pointed out that he was a doctor then explained that Stella had had underlying health factors that had led to the stroke. Finn encouraged Curtis not to let Stella stand in his way if Curtis wanted to be with Jordan.

At Finn and Hayden's new house, Hayden was shaken when she saw her ex-husband Jared enter. She demanded to know how he'd found her, so he claimed that he'd learned a few things in prison. Jared's smile was cold as he told her that he'd gotten an early parole, but any pretense of civility vanished when he challenged Hayden about sending divorce papers while he'd been in jail. Hayden was surprised that he'd expected her to wait six years for him, but Jared argued that he'd taken the fall for her. Hayden desperately tried to steer the conversation away from the past by explaining that she was pregnant and engaged to the baby's father.

Jared was happy for Hayden, but he felt bad for the doctor she was engaged to. Hayden's eyes rounded shock, but Jared smiled with satisfaction as he assured her that he'd done his homework and knew about her new life as Hayden Barnes. Jared warned her that she couldn't erase her past, but she assured him that everyone knew about her past as Rachel Berlin. Jared doubted it and reminded her that she owed him. Frustrated, Hayden admitted that she didn't have any money, but Jared insisted that she had promised to pay him enough money to start over in the investment business.

Hayden assured Jared that she would give him the money if she had it -- if for no other reason than to get him out of her house and her life. Jared chuckled because the venom and sass had been the first glimpse of the Rachel he'd known. Hayden bristled, but Jared cut to the heart of the matter and reminded her of the night she'd caused a scene at the country club after downing countless Manhattans. Hayden argued that she'd had good reason to be upset that night, but Jared complained that she'd constantly criticized his business practices and ethics. Hayden was unapologetic because she'd been right about Jared in the end, but Jared wondered if that made what had happened later that night okay.

"No," Hayden assured Jared, but he didn't believe her. He reminded her that she had been the one who had gotten behind the wheel of her sporty red Porsche then floored it as she drove "blind drunk" down dark roads. Hayden didn't want to hear the rest, but Jared ignored her as he recalled how Hayden hadn't seen the girl walking a dog until it had been too late. Hayden's tears flowed freely as Jared described the horrific crash and how the young girl had been hit with enough force that she'd been thrown into the air then smashed into a tree. Hayden tearfully pleaded with Jared to stop because she knew she had hurt the girl.

Jared was pleased, prompting Hayden to ask if he'd been wearing a wire. Jared wished that he had thought of it, but he admitted that he'd simply wanted to solidify his position in the negotiation, since he'd done the time for her crime. Hayden argued that he'd taken responsibility for the crash when the police had arrived on the scene, but he insisted that he'd done it for Hayden. She disagreed because she knew he'd done it for the money when he'd exploited the worst moment of her life to wrangle himself a big payout. However, she admitted that it had been for nothing because she didn't have any money, but Jared was confident that Hayden could easily get her hands on some. Jared advised her to pay up, or Finn would find out that a girl could no longer walk because of Hayden.

After Jared left, Hayden slid to the floor and wept. "Honey, I'm home," Finn yelled out as he closed the door. Hayden wiped the tears away as Finn entered the living room. She pasted on a smile as Finn unpacked the food and spread it out on the floor. Hayden took a deep breath then told Finn that they needed to talk, but Finn admitted that he had something to ask her first. He pulled an onion ring out of a bag then, on bended knee, proposed to Hayden.

Finn realized that something was wrong when Hayden hesitated. He suspected that she was worried about their future, but he reminded her that the worst was behind them. He once again asked her to marry him, so she smiled and reminded him that she'd already accepted his proposal earlier. Finn smiled then kissed her.

At the hospital, Jordan told Dante that Garvey's car had been searched. She revealed that a strand of hair had been found in the trunk, which she was certain would be a DNA match to Spencer. However, there hadn't been any sign of Sonny. Jordan assured Dante that they would be able to charge Garvey with Spencer's kidnapping because Garvey had also had Spencer's cell phone. Dante pointed out that it wouldn't help them find his father, but Jordan assured him that she had every available police officer searching for Sonny. Dante decided to question Garvey.

In Garvey's hospital room, Carly pinched the intravenous line supplying Garvey with pain medication as she demanded to know where Sonny was. Garvey claimed that he had killed Sonny, but Carly didn't believe him because she was confident that Sonny had figured out that he'd been walking into a trap. Garvey stuck to his story, so Carly tried a different tactic by warning him that Sonny's men would pay Garvey a visit to get the answers. Seconds later, Dante entered and asked what Carly was doing there. Carly explained that she'd been trying to find Sonny, but Dante made it clear that he would take over then advised Carly to call Michael.

Carly objected, but Dante reminded her that her family needed her. Reluctantly, Carly agreed to go, but she warned Dante that he'd better get some answers from Garvey -- or she would return with someone who could. Dante closed the door behind Carly then approached Garvey's bedside. Garvey accused Carly of being crazy, but Dante pointed out that Carly had a right to be upset because Sonny was her husband. Garvey tensed when Dante introduced himself as a detective then added that Sonny was his father.

Dante offered to cut a deal if Garvey cooperated, but Garvey wanted a guarantee that he wouldn't go to jail. Dante refused because Garvey had been on parole when he'd gone after Sonny and kidnapped Spencer. Garvey claimed he had no idea who Spencer was, but Dante explained that they had proof of Garvey's guilt. Dante admitted that the best Garvey could hope for was being sent to a better prison. Garvey started to reply, but his eyes drifted closed as the alarm on the monitor blared. A doctor rushed into the room and quickly determined that Garvey was bleeding internally and needed surgery.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Carly approached Jordan and let the police commissioner know that Michael had confirmed that no one had seen Sonny since early that morning. Jordan assured Carly that everyone was looking for Sonny. Carly was skeptical because she knew that Jordan didn't care for Sonny and had been working to put him behind bars. Jordan explained that she wanted to find Sonny for T.J.'s sake because Sonny had been a good friend to her son when T.J. had needed one. Jordan felt bad for what Carly was going through, and she promised that she was doing her best to find Carly's husband.

Moments later, Dante walked up. Carly was eager to know if Garvey had revealed Sonny's whereabouts, but Dante shook his head and explained that Garvey couldn't be questioned until morning because he'd been taken back into surgery. Carly was upset because Garvey had told her that he had killed Sonny, but Dante reminded Carly that Garvey could be lying. He promised to keep searching for his father then urged Carly to go home to her family.

Later, Jordan showed Dante surveillance footage of Garvey pulling out of a gas station around the time Sonny had vanished. Dante was eager to begin searching the area for his father, but Jordan ordered Dante to go home and get some rest. Dante refused because he was determined to find his father. After Dante walked away, Curtis saw Jordan at the nurses' station. Worried, he approached her to ask if she was okay, but she assured him that she was there on business then asked about his aunt.

Curtis told Jordan that Stella was recuperating in his apartment and that he'd stopped by the hospital to pick up her medication. Jordan smiled, but the awkwardness between them proved to be too much for her, and she excused herself.

At Greystone Manor, Josslyn was curious what Michael and Nelle were doing in Sonny's living room. Michael wondered why his sister was there because he recalled that she'd been grounded. Josslyn admitted that their mother had sent her a "lame" text message about not being able to make it home, which Josslyn suspected had been a deliberate attempt to avoid a confrontation about spending the night at Sonny's. Josslyn looked around as she asked where Carly and Michael's "good-for-nothing" father were. Michael revealed that a man who wanted Sonny dead had been on the loose, and no one had seen Sonny since that morning. Josslyn immediately regretted her harsh words and apologized to her brother.

Michael hugged Josslyn as he assured her that he understood why she was mad at Sonny. He also promised her that Sonny would be the first person to forgive her. Moments later, Carly arrived. She was surprised when she saw Josslyn, but Josslyn revealed that she knew about Sonny. Josslyn apologized to her mother. Carly hugged Josslyn and assured her daughter that everything would be okay. Nelle took the opportunity to let Carly know that she felt bad for what Carly was going through.

Nelle invited Carly to call if she needed anything. Just then, Dante arrived. Carly was eager for news. Dante revealed that they had narrowed down the search area, but there hadn't been any sign of Sonny. Carly didn't put stock in prayers, but she wanted her family to pray. Nelle started to leave, but Josslyn asked Nelle to stay because Nelle had saved Josslyn's life, and she was a part of Josslyn. Carly hid her annoyance as Nelle joined the family for a prayer circle. Carly recited Sonny's favorite prayer as everyone joined hands.

At the Black Duck Distillery, Sonny languished in an underground storage area. His expression filled with joy as he saw an apparition appear. "Am I dreaming?" he asked. Sonny decided that it didn't matter because he was happy to see his visitor. Stone Cates knelt next to Sonny and greeted his mentor and best friend with a hug. With Stone's help, Sonny stood up as he confessed that he had thought about Stone a lot over the years.

Sonny insisted that it had been unfair the way that Stone had died, and he regretted that he hadn't been able to save Stone. "You're wrong. You did save me," Stone said. Stone explained that it didn't matter how long a person lived; what mattered was what a person did with the life they were given because, sooner or later, everyone died. Sonny wondered if Stone was there because Sonny was dying, but Stone admitted that it was up to Sonny. Sonny confided that he was not afraid of dying because Stone would be at his side, and Sonny would get to see Morgan.

Sonny told Stone about Morgan and how Morgan had been named after Sonny's two best friends, Stone and Jason. Stone listened as Sonny talked about Morgan and about Morgan's struggle with bipolar disorder, which he had inherited from Sonny. Sonny insisted that Morgan had been strong and had successfully fought his demons, but Morgan had died. Sonny admitted that he'd been trying to figure out how to live in a world without Morgan then asked if Stone could take him to Morgan. Stone wondered if it was what Sonny really wanted. "Yes," Sonny answered.

Stone reminded Sonny of his other children, including Avery, who would only know Sonny as "a face in a picture frame." Stone warned Sonny that there were people who hated Sonny, and they wouldn't hesitate to fill Avery's head with terrible stories about her father. Sonny argued that Avery would be better off without Sonny, so Stone agreed to take Sonny to Morgan. Sonny desperately wanted to see his son, but he realized that he wasn't ready to leave his wife and family. Satisfied, Stone agreed to show Sonny a way out, but Sonny insisted that he was trapped. Stone was curious if Sonny felt the walls closing in, so Sonny nodded.

Stone asked Sonny to close his eyes then stretch out both arms to his side. Sonny did as he was instructed. Stone wondered if Sonny felt the walls, but Sonny shook his head. Stone smiled then explained that the walls had been in Sonny's head -- they had been put there by Sonny's "bastard stepdad" when he had locked Sonny in the closet as a child. However, Sonny was no longer in the closet. Stone told Sonny to open his eyes and look up.

"There's your freedom," Stone said as he and Sonny looked at the small opening between the pallets covering the entrance to the shaft. Stone warned Sonny that escape wouldn't be easy, but he promised there was a way out of everything if Sonny was willing to fight. Stone had faith in Sonny because Sonny was a fighter. Sonny pulled his gaze away from the opening to look at Stone, but Stone was gone.

Seconds later, Sonny jolted awake. He took a deep breath, ordered himself to get up, then slowly hobbled over to a barrel to begin his climb up the wooden slats lining the walls of the shaft.

Jared threatens to expose Hayden's DUI accident

Jared threatens to expose Hayden's DUI accident

> Jared threatens to expose Hayden's DUI accident

Jared threatens to expose Hayden's DUI accident

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

At Carly's house, Josslyn was startled when she opened the front door to get the newspaper and saw Oscar crouched on the doorstep. He was equally surprised to see her, and apologized as she gave him a helping hand up. The momentum drew Oscar close to Josslyn, but she nervously looked away then invited him inside. Oscar followed Josslyn to the living room as he apologized for creeping around her house like a stalker, but he had wanted to leave a present for her without intruding because he knew she had a lot going on with her stepfather's disappearance. Josslyn revealed that her mother had gone looking for Sonny, so Oscar offered to accompany Josslyn if she wanted to join the search. Josslyn declined because she preferred to stay home.

Josslyn opened up about her relationship with Sonny. She admitted that she had no idea when she had realized that Sonny was a mobster because it had been a slow process. Josslyn confessed that, at first, she had thought it was cool to be around someone as powerful as Sonny because she'd seen only one side of his life. However, in time, she had realized that the guards were there to protect Sonny and his family from enemies, and that sometimes that was impossible. "This time, the guards weren't there to protect him," Josslyn added as her voice cracked with emotion.

Josslyn acknowledged that she'd been furious at Sonny, but she also knew that her mother loved him. Josslyn tearfully admitted that she didn't want anything to happen to Sonny because she'd known him her whole life. She realized that it sounded crazy, but Oscar disagreed -- it sounded human. He believed her feelings for Sonny were complicated because she saw Sonny more clearly than people who always condemned him or people who thought Sonny walked on water. Josslyn admitted that it was a surprisingly accurate take on things because Sonny tended to inspire extreme feelings.

Josslyn explained that Sonny was both good and bad because he could be kind and generous, and he could be awful like he'd been to her father. Oscar thought Josslyn should take pride in knowing that she hadn't fallen into a trap, but Josslyn admitted that she hadn't always been perceptive. She recognized that she had been a "total brat" about Sonny, but Oscar doubted that she had been that bad. Oscar decided to leave, but Josslyn was curious if he still intended to give her the gift. Embarrassed that he'd forgotten, Oscar handed her a small gold box.

Inside was a gold necklace with a pendant that Oscar had made from the "piece of metal" they'd found at the distillery the previous evening. Josslyn was impressed with the necklace and asked him to help her put it on.

At Nelle's apartment, Michael instructed someone on the phone to have Sonny's men search the riverfront and do whatever was necessary to find his father. He ended the call as Nelle entered the living room. She was curious if there had been any news about Sonny, but Michael shook his head. He assured her that he didn't think his father was dead, but he feared that time was not on Sonny's side. Nelle fetched Michael a cup of coffee, but he was reluctant to drink it because he was already tense. Nelle suspected that it was because Michael had an instinctive need to take charge of difficult situations.

Michael blamed it on an "eventful" childhood that had led to a compulsive need to fix things and hold it all together. Nelle assured him that he didn't have to hold things together for her. She urged him to shower and change so they could join the search for Sonny. Michael was surprised because he knew that she had to work, but she was confident that Crimson would be fine if she took a personal day to make Michael her priority. After Michael showered and changed, he returned to the living room and thanked Nelle for letting him spend the night. Nelle insisted that it was the least that she could do for him after all he'd done for her.

Nelle regretted her past, but Michael didn't want her to dwell on it. Nelle explained that she couldn't help it because she didn't trust happiness to last, but Michael vowed to do everything in his power to change that. Nelle smiled then continued to get ready, but Michael assured her that she didn't have to help search for Sonny. Nelle refused to be talked out of it.

Moments later, someone knocked on Nelle's door. It was Josslyn. Josslyn was eager to show her gift to Nelle, but Josslyn stopped short when she saw Michael on the sofa, pulling on his socks. She realized that Michael had spent the night and offered to leave, but Michael assured his sister that she could stay. Josslyn smiled then showed Nelle the necklace that Oscar had made. Nelle grew concerned when she recognized the pendant had been made from a shell casing.

Nelle called Michael over to show him the necklace. Josslyn realized that something was wrong and asked what was going on. Michael revealed that the pendant was a bullet casing.

At the hospital, Finn was on the phone with Tracy as he looked at a small blue bag with Wyndam's store name printed on it. He thanked Tracy for sending the package because he knew nothing about gemology. Finn thought that Tracy's selection had been perfect, and he was confident that Hayden would appreciate it. Finn abruptly ended the call when he saw Hayden exit the elevator. He managed to hide the package behind his back as he greeted Hayden with a kiss. She invited him to join her for breakfast, but Deanna walked up and reported that a patient had been demanding to talk to Hayden.

Hayden assumed a patient wanted to complain about a bill, so she went to the examination room to talk to the irate patient. She was stunned when she opened the door and saw Jared waiting for her. Hayden demanded to know what he was doing there. He reminded her that they had business to discuss, and she had refused to answer his calls. Hayden was frustrated, but Jared didn't care because he'd taken the fall for her. "Face it, Rache, we have a bond that goes much deeper than marriage," Jared added. Jared dropped all pretense of civility as he made it clear that he expected Hayden to do right by him, or he would introduce himself to Finn.

Hayden tensed and asked Jared to give her thirty minutes. "Fine," Jared replied as he made himself comfortable with the intention of waiting for her. Hayden balked because she worried that Finn might walk in, but Jared merely smiled. Annoyed, Hayden reminded him that he would lose his leverage over her if Finn discovered her secret. Jared conceded that she was a "crack negotiator" and agreed to meet up with her later. He knew the perfect spot where they wouldn't be disturbed.

At the nurses' station, Finn showed Deanna the engagement ring that he planned to surprise Hayden with. Deanna told him it was stunning, so Finn showed it to Griffin to get his opinion. Griffin looked at it, but he didn't know much about diamonds. However, Griffin was confident that the diamond was of the highest quality. Deanna assured Finn that Hayden would love it.

"Hayden's gonna love what?" Hayden asked as she walked up. Griffin and Deanna quickly scattered, prompting Hayden to ask Finn what was going on. She also noticed that he was hiding something behind his back. Resigned, Finn explained that he had wanted to do things properly then showed her the engagement ring. Hayden was speechless as she stared at the extravagant square-cut diamond, flanked by two smaller diamonds on each side.

Worried that Hayden didn't like it, Finn admitted that he'd turned to Tracy for help, and that Tracy had had an in with Walt Wyndam. According to Finn, Tracy had gotten Walt out of some legal trouble when Walt had been arrested for public indecency. Finn didn't know the details because it would have been foolish of Tracy to disclose the secret she'd been "blackmailing" Walt with, but Wyndam's had sent over the ring. Hayden was touched that he'd gone to all that trouble for her. She hugged Finn as Jared appeared in the hallway and pointed to his watch to remind her of their meeting.

Hayden pulled away from Finn and tested the ring on her finger. Finn was surprised when she decided to take the ring to a jeweler immediately for a fitting because it was too loose. Finn suggested that she wait, but she insisted on getting it adjusted right away because it was too precious to her. Finn passionately kissed his fiancée goodbye.

A short time later, Hayden entered the house that she and Finn were buying and demanded to know why Jared had picked the house for the rendezvous. Jared hoped that she and Finn hadn't signed the papers because he advised her against buying the house. Jared claimed that he had noticed mold on the tennis court, but Hayden told him to stop pretending that he cared and cut to the chase. Jared assured Hayden that they didn't have to be at each other's throats, but Hayden's eyes narrowed because she suspected that Jared had had a ridiculous expectation of picking up where they'd left off then riding off into the sunset. She reminded him that he had cheated on her with numerous women during their marriage, and he was blackmailing her.

"Fine," Jared snapped. Satisfied, Hayden asked how they could resolve things quickly, so Jared told her that he wanted restitution for sacrificing four years of his life and his good name. Hayden scoffed because Jared's name had never been respected. Jared warned her that insulting him wouldn't change what she owed him then suggested that he might be inclined to extend some good will if she showed him a little appreciation for taking the fall for her. Hayden assured Jared that she wanted to help him. She admitted that she had some connections at ELQ and would be able to get him an interview, but Jared wasn't interested in a job -- he wanted a payout.

Hayden argued that an executive position would go further because it would put Jared back into the financial circles, but Jared reminded her that no one would hire someone with his criminal record. Jared made it clear that he wanted money, but Hayden insisted that she didn't have any. Jared noticed her engagement ring and suggested that she pawn it, but Hayden rejected the idea. Jared admitted that there was another option, and it wouldn't cost Hayden anything. He wanted her to embezzle money from General Hospital. Hayden flatly rejected the idea, but Jared gave her a week to think about it.

In Sam's hospital room, Jason sat vigil at his wife's bedside as she lingered in a coma and breathed with the help of a ventilator. He talked about the first time their son had felt Scout kick in Sam's stomach and how excited Danny had been when they'd introduced him to his sister for the first time. Jason recalled telling Scout how lucky she was to have Sam for a mother because Sam was one of the toughest people he knew. Jason implored her not to make a liar out of him. Jason called Danny to check on his son and to assure him that everything was fine. After the call, Jason glanced at Sam and noticed that her eyes were open.

A short time later, Sam coughed as Deanna finished putting the ventilator away. Sam was curious what had happened, so Jason explained that she'd fallen ill and had fainted the previous evening. Griffin and Finn entered the room to examine Sam. Griffin was curious what Sam's last memory was, so she thought about it. Sam recalled Sonny stopping by to talk to Jason then she remembered leaving, but she had no idea where she'd gone. Finn explained that Sam had been sick with toxoplasmosis, but he assured her that she was on the mend.

Sam worried about Scout, but Jason promised Sam that their daughter was fine. Griffin and Finn answered Sam's questions then told her to rest. Jason followed the doctors to the hallway to thank them and ask about Sam's memory loss. Griffin assured Jason that Sam's memory would return in time, but he advised Jason not to push things. Jason returned to Sam's hospital room as she started to climb out of bed. Jason objected to her getting out of bed, but Deanna assured Jason that it was fine for Sam to stretch her legs as long as she didn't overdo it.

Sam grinned then linked her arm through Jason's. Jason was careful not to let Sam walk too fast during their stroll. As they started to turn back, Garvey's gurney was wheeled past Sam. Garvey tensed when he saw Sam. Sensing a shift in Sam, Jason asked her what was wrong.

Meanwhile, Finn returned to his hotel suite and retrieved the letter that his late wife had written before her death. Finn took a whiff of the letter then admitted that it still smelled like Reiko. His eyes filled with tears as he told his wife that he had met someone and that he was going to be a father. Finn had no idea why he hadn't told Reiko about Hayden sooner, but he suspected it was because he had felt undeserving of happiness. Finn talked about his mistakes and how Hayden had stood by him through his addiction and recovery.

Finn confessed that he couldn't have imagined how his life would change and that he would get a second chance at love. He wished he could keep Reiko around, but he knew that it was time to let her go. Finn struck a match then set the edge of the letter on fire as he held it over a trash can. Tears streamed down his face as he promised Reiko that he would love her forever.

Sonny and Carly run out of time

Sonny and Carly run out of time

Thursday, August 3, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin entered the living room, but he was focused on his tablet as he read the newspaper online. He didn't notice Spencer until Spencer advised him to scroll to the Arts section because they had a piece about modernism. Valentin accused Spencer of trespassing, but Spencer argued that he'd been staking his claim on what belonged to him because he'd seen a documentary about an ex-football player who had been acquitted of murder then sued by the victims' families. According to Spencer, the ex-football player had bought a lavish home because his primary residence couldn't be seized in the settlement.

Spencer intended to establish residency at Wyndemere to muddy up any attempt that Valentin might make to keep Spencer's birthright. Valentin reminded Spencer that the castle and Spoon Island were part of the Cassadine estate, which Valentin's father had bequeathed to Valentin. Valentin added that Spencer hadn't been mentioned in the will, so he ordered Spencer to get on the launch and leave. Spencer refused, and he threatened to charge Valentin with assault if Valentin tried to remove him. Valentin had another idea.

In Kelly's courtyard, Kevin tried to show Laura plans for a loft bedroom that he hoped Spencer would like, but Laura was distracted. She explained that she couldn't stop thinking about everything that Spencer had gone through, but Kevin reminded her that Spencer was safe and getting back to his everyday life. Laura conceded that her grandson was resilient, but it was strange that Spencer didn't seem to care about Garvey because Spencer was still fixated on Valentin. It worried her that Spencer would have let Valentin take the fall for the kidnapping, but Kevin pointed out that Spencer had told the truth. Laura agreed, but she had pressured Spencer to do the right thing.

Laura assured Kevin that she understood Spencer's anger because she would also feel better if Valentin were punished for murdering Nikolas. It concerned her that Spencer had started to think like a Cassadine by believing that the ends always justified the means. Kevin explained that Spencer was still a child, and he had a mind of his own. Kevin conceded that Valentin was amoral and ruthless, but he wasn't stupid, so Kevin doubted that Valentin would do anything to Spencer.

As if on cue, Laura's phone rang. It was Valentin. He informed Laura that he had something that belonged to her. A short time later, Laura and Kevin arrived at Wyndemere. Spencer ran to his grandmother as Valentin advised Laura to get extra supervision for her grandson because Spencer was a "slippery little escape artist." Laura was not amused, but she demanded an explanation from Spencer. Spencer explained that he'd been trying to protect their rights, but Valentin warned her that Spencer had been getting legal advice from ESPN.

Laura had no idea what Valentin was talking about, but she sent Spencer to the launch to wait for her. Spencer started to object, but Kevin backed Laura up. After Kevin and Spencer left, Valentin cautioned Laura about letting Spencer run wild because Spencer would disappear from time to time. Valentin warned Laura that he would not put up with any more false accusations, but Laura defended her grandson, who'd been acting out because Valentin had deprived Spencer of his father. Valentin refused to debate Nikolas' fate, but he reminded Laura that he had looked the other way when Spencer had wrongly accused him of kidnapping and when Laura had assaulted him.

Valentin believed that he had gone above and beyond to coexist with Laura, and he expected Laura to reciprocate for Charlotte's sake, even though Valentin believed that Laura favored Spencer over her granddaughter. Laura was offended by the suggestion, but she made it clear that she would not drop the civil suit against him. She took pleasure in knowing that Spencer would have the satisfaction of hearing Ava tell the court -- and the world -- that Valentin had murdered Nikolas. Laura stormed out and slammed the door behind her.

Later, Laura stopped Spencer outside Kelly's to sternly remind him that he was not allowed to confront Valentin again. She explained that she and Kevin had thought Spencer was at camp, which meant that Valentin could have done anything he wanted to Spencer, and no one would have known. Kevin agreed that Spencer had gotten lucky, but Spencer explained that he'd just been making sure all their ducks were in a row for the lawsuit, so he could reclaim the Cassadine legacy. Frustrated, Laura insisted that Spencer was the Cassadine legacy, not the money or material things.

Laura admitted that Nikolas would be disappointed by Spencer's recklessness because Nikolas had always put Spencer's safety first. Laura needed a moment to calm down and sent Spencer into the diner to say hello to Bobbie, but she warned Spencer that they would have a long talk at home. After Spencer disappeared inside, Kevin assured Laura that Spencer was going through a phase, and it was exacerbated by Nikolas' death. Laura thought it was obvious that she couldn't control her grandson or make him understand how dangerous the situation was. Kevin quietly reminded her that there was another option. Laura nodded then added that she knew what had to be done.

Spencer emerged from the diner with cookies for everyone. He hugged his grandmother then apologized, but he promised that he'd had the best of intentions to take care of the family. Laura reminded Spencer that it wasn't his job -- it was hers. Laura told him that they would have to have a serious talk later, but Spencer panicked because he worried that she intended to drop the lawsuit. Laura assured him that she wouldn't, but she wanted to discuss his future in Port Charles.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian arrived home and called out to his sister. Ava entered the living room and complained about him being loud as she took a cup of coffee from him. Julian expressed his concern for Ava because it was 10:00 am, and she refused to leave the apartment. Julian feared that his sister had given up, but Ava grumbled that she had lost everything. Julian disagreed then showed her a hefty insurance check, which he assured her was enough to get the Jerome Gallery back up and running within a month. Ava thought it would be a better idea to invest the money and live off the interest because it would allow her to live in the apartment without ever having to leave.

Shocked, Julian argued that a lot of people depended on her for their paychecks, but Ava revealed that she'd dismissed her employees and had given each a letter of recommendation. Julian was disappointed, but Ava refused to run an art gallery, looking the way she did. Julian argued that living like "Howard Hughes" wasn't any way to live, but Ava asked to be alone. She suggested that he visit his daughter in the hospital. Julian acknowledged that there were a lot of people in his family who needed his help then pointedly assured her that he would not give up on any of them. Julian kissed her on the cheek then left.

A short time later, Ava took off her plastic burn mask then looked at her face in the mirror. Her eyes filled with tears when she saw the scars left behind from the burns. She slammed the mirror down when someone knocked on the door. "Go away," Ava yelled, but the knocking continued. Ava marched to the door then threw it open to confront her unwanted visitor, but she stopped short when she saw Valentin. She turned her back on him as she asked if he was there to gawk at her.

Valentin entered the apartment and closed the door. He assured Ava that he would never do that because he knew what it felt like. Ava realized that he'd entered her apartment and informed him that he was not welcome in her home. Valentin promised to make it quick then revealed that he knew she was a material witness for Spencer's civil suit. Ava confirmed that she intended to tell the world how she had watched Valentin murder Nikolas. Valentin claimed that they both knew that was not what had happened because Nikolas had gone for the gun and could have shot him.

Valentin added that he and Ava had no idea if Nikolas was dead because the last they had seen Nikolas, he'd gone flying out a window. Ava was curious if Valentin was asking her to lie, but he assured her that he wanted her to tell the truth. Ava promised that she would then opened the door and ordered him to leave. Valentin agreed, but first he wanted to tie up a loose end. Ava assumed that he wanted to kill her. "Why didn't you just say so?" she asked as she returned to the living room and asked where he wanted to do it.

Ava warned Valentin that her statement had been filed, so she didn't need to be alive to help Spencer's case. She admitted that she'd rather be dead than to have to live the rest of her life with her scarred face, but Valentin explained that he wanted her to set the record straight. Ava wondered why she should help him because he had killed a good man. Ava admitted she'd known two men who could have loved her; she had killed one, and Valentin had killed the other. Valentin empathized, but he intended to make her an offer that she couldn't refuse.

At the hospital, Jason helped Sam back to her room, but she froze when she saw Garvey's gurney pushed past her. Garvey tensed when he saw Sam, but he remained silent as he was taken to his hospital room. Jason noticed a change in Sam and asked her about it. She admitted that she had recognized the man on the gurney. Jason wasn't surprised because Garvey's picture had been in the newspaper after the attempt on Sonny and Carly's lives. Seconds later, Alexis rounded the corner and warmly greeted Sam with a hug.

After Alexis hustled Sam back to her hospital room to get some rest, Jason decided to question Garvey. Jason arranged for the guard to be called away from his post outside Garvey's hospital room then slipped inside and drew the blinds. Jason approached Garvey's bed and covered Garvey's mouth as Garvey jolted awake. Jason warned Garvey not to make a sound then removed his hand to question Garvey about Sonny. Terrified, Garvey admitted that he had shot Sonny, but he hadn't been the one to kill him.

Jason wanted more information, but Garvey cryptically told him, "You'll have to ask her." Jason's interrogation abruptly ended when Garvey suddenly gasped for breath then collapsed.

In Sam's hospital room, Alexis promised Sam that Scout was fine because it appeared that Sam had been exposed to toxoplasmosis after she'd given birth to Scout. Sam was relieved. However, she admitted that she'd been trying to piece things together, and it felt like there was something she was not remembering. Alexis assured Sam that it could wait and encouraged Sam to get some rest. Alexis decided to fetch a nurse who could administer something to help Sam relax. After Alexis left, Sam recalled hearing a gunshot. She frowned as she remembered snippets of her confrontation with Sonny when she had told him that she had to protect her family from him.

In the hallway, Alexis bumped into Julian. Julian admitted that he had stopped by to check on Sam, but Alexis warned him that it wasn't a good idea. She assured him that his daughter was recovering, but she begged him to leave. After Alexis walked away, Julian went to Sam's hospital room just as Sam had climbed out of bed. Concerned, he asked what she was doing out of bed. Sam insisted that she needed to talk to Sonny, but Julian argued that she needed to rest.

Sam suddenly recalled running into her father at Metro Court Restaurant and Julian telling her that her only option was to get rid of Sonny. Julian helped Sam back into bed as he assured her that he'd never told her that, but Sam was certain that he had. Julian suspected that Sam was confused because of her illness, so he was careful not to mention anything about Sonny's disappearance. Seconds later, Alexis entered the room, followed by Deanna. Deanna sedated Sam as Alexis demanded to know why Julian had ignored her request to stay away from Sam. Julian cryptically told Alexis that he was doing all he could to protect their daughter.

At Kelly's, Carly asked her mother for a cup of coffee to go, but Bobbie ordered Carly to sit down because it was clear that Carly was exhausted. Carly argued that she needed to get back to the search for Sonny then tearfully confessed that it felt like Sonny had disappeared off the face of the earth. Carly and Bobbie sat down at a table as Carly told her mother that she'd been trying to reach Michael at Sonny's house, to no avail. Bobbie suggested that Carly talk to Nelle because Michael and Nelle had been spending a lot of time together. Carly admitted that there had been a slight thaw between her and Nelle because Nelle had been at Sonny's house the previous evening and had joined the family in a prayer for Sonny. Bobbie assured Carly that all prayers were good, even Nelle's.

Carly smiled then talked about Sonny's strong faith and his belief in redemption and prayer. Carly wanted to believe, so Bobbie encouraged Carly to hold tight because hope could accomplish powerful things. Carly confided that Garvey had claimed that he had killed Sonny. Carly didn't believe it because she and Sonny shared a special connection, and she would know if Sonny was dead. Upset, Carly decided to get back to her search and left before Bobbie could stop her.

At Nelle's apartment, Michael told Josslyn that the pendant on her necklace was a bullet casing. Josslyn was shocked, but Michael demanded to know where she'd gotten it. Josslyn explained that Oscar had made her the necklace, but she quickly added that they had found the bullet casing during a walk. Michael was not comfortable with Josslyn hanging out where someone had fired a gun. He decided to call their mother, but Josslyn begged him not to then revealed that Oscar had taken her to an old distillery on the river. Furious, Michael asked if she had seen the warning signs posted.

Josslyn sheepishly confessed that she and Oscar had ignored the signs. Michael decided to call the police to alert them that someone had been firing a gun on the site, but Josslyn argued that they had no way of knowing when the gun had been fired. Nelle examined the bullet casing closely and determined that it had been fired recently. Michael was surprised, but he took her word for it. Moments later, Carly knocked on the door. Josslyn panicked, and implored Michael not to tell their mother about the bullet casing. Nelle opened the door to let Carly in. Carly was surprised when she saw Josslyn in the apartment, so Josslyn claimed that she had stopped by to check on Michael.

Carly easily accepted the answer then turned her attention to Michael to ask if he knew of a place near the riverfront where Garvey might have taken Sonny. She explained that the police suspected that Garvey had chosen an isolated structure. Michael frowned then asked if it was possible that Sonny had chosen the rendezvous point. Carly conceded that Sonny would have insisted on it. Michael told his mother about the Black Duck Distillery, which Sonny knew would be both private and abandoned. Nelle showed Carly the bullet casing that Oscar had found on the site.

Carly wanted to know where Nelle had gotten it, but Carly decided that it didn't matter because she had to get to the distillery. Carly asked Michael to call Dante then left. Michael called his brother while Josslyn thanked Nelle for not telling Carly who had found the bullet casing. Nelle advised Josslyn to tell Carly the truth once everything settled down. Josslyn hugged Nelle then ducked into the other room to call Bobbie. After Michael ended the call, he let Nelle know that Dante was on his way to the distillery.

Michael was surprised that Nelle knew her way around firearms. Nelle claimed that guns were a part of life in rural areas like where she grew up. Michael was grateful they were, but he realized there was still a lot about Nelle that he didn't know.

At the Black Duck Distillery, Sonny slowly stirred then sat up as he took in his surroundings. He was amazed that he had managed to climb out of the underground storage shaft, but he realized that he had lost a lot of blood. Sonny's situation took a dire turn when a voice boomed over a loudspeaker that demolition would begin in twenty minutes then instructed everyone to clear the area. Sonny frantically called out for help, but no one replied. Desperate, Sonny stood up, but he only managed to take a few agonizing steps before he collapsed.

Minutes later, Carly rushed to Sonny's side. Sonny roused as the voice over the speaker announced that all personnel were accounted for and demolition would begin in thirty seconds. Carly helped Sonny to his feet, but he was too weak and fell. He begged Carly to go because he didn't want her to die, but Carly refused to leave without him. She forced him back up on his feet then dragged him away as the voice counted down, "Three, two, one."

Valentin has a surprising offer for Ava

Valentin has a surprising offer for Ava

Friday, August 4, 2017

Carly and Sonny struggled to leave the old distillery site before the demolition started. They heard the countdown over the loudspeaker, and Sonny urged Carly to leave without him. She refused. The first round occurred, and the couple found themselves covered with some debris. The countdown began again as Carly pulled debris away quickly, but Sonny couldn't walk. Suddenly, the countdown stopped as Dante arrived and yelled that he thought someone might be on the site. He found Sonny and Carly and advised them that Spencer was okay and that the ambulance was on the way.

Outside of Kelly's, Laura advised Spencer that she and Kevin needed to have a serious talk with him. "Spencer, you can't stay here," she said. Spencer promised to change and pointed out that his father's spirit was everywhere around him in Port Charles. He vowed to never give up his mission against Valentin. Laura sadly informed him that he needed to go back to boarding school in France.

Laura pointed out that she'd believed that Valentin would be put away for a very long time. However, that hadn't been the case, and she was concerned for Spencer's safety. The boy pleaded with his grandmother, but her mind was made up. "Don't you love me anymore?" he asked. Laura assured him that she did, but Valentin was a dangerous man, and she couldn't stand to lose Spencer. She didn't trust Valentin.

Kevin explained that it had been a difficult decision, but he and Laura were acting in Spencer's best interests. He went on to say that young boys always thought they were immortal, but they weren't; Laura and Kevin were scared of Valentin. Dejectedly, Spencer stated that he was scared of being alone. Laura and Kevin reminded him that he was part of a large family, even if his parents weren't there, and he always had a spot in Laura's heart. She only wanted to protect him.

Spencer wanted to keep an eye on Valentin, but Laura advised him that it wasn't his responsibility. Kevin stated that they needed to honor Nikolas' memory and make him proud. Nikolas would want Spencer to have a long life and would want Spencer to be safe. Laura cried, and a teary Spencer agreed to go back to school to honor his father. Laura advised Spencer that they would begin packing right away, but she would go with him and stay for a few weeks. Kevin announced that he would accompany them, and Laura was thrilled. "Group hug," Spencer shouted as he rushed to hug the adults.

Valentin paid Ava a visit and announced that he wanted to make an offer. Ava mentioned that she had killed someone she could have loved, and Valentin had killed the other who might have loved her. Valentin wondered if Ava might be hiding as he had. He asked her to withdraw her statement against him, and he would give her life back to her. He would give her the chance to have her face restored with a "cutting edge" procedure. Ava noted that she'd consulted doctors worldwide, and nothing could be done for her.

Valentin explained that he had been a hunchback due to scoliosis, and he'd had a deformed face as well. He told her that the people who had performed his miracle weren't FDA approved, so Ava would not be able to search for them online. "Why should I believe a word you say?" Ava asked. He offered to prove it, and grabbing her laptop, he found his old WSB photo. "Our situations are different, but I had a lot to overcome," Valentin declared.

Ava thought that Valentin should have been a better person with all he'd gone through, and she said that one could be bitter or help others. Valentin noted that he was both a saint and a sinner. He had made compromises. He reminded her that he had been exonerated for killing Nikolas, but Spencer had filed a civil suit. He was afraid that awful things would be said about both him and Nikolas, and he mostly was concerned for Charlotte.

Ava emphasized that she had seen him kill Nikolas, though Valentin smugly told her that he saw things differently. Ava was determined that she would not help Valentin but would stick with her original statement. She admitted that she hadn't been a good person and was not letting go of her last shred of good. She asked Valentin to leave, though he told her to think about his offer. He figured that she would eventually miss her beautiful face. Once Valentin had gone, Ava removed her mask, poured herself a drink, and pulled aside the sheet covering the mirror. "Oh, God," she repeated over and over after she saw her reflection.

At General Hospital, Jason hovered over Garvey's hospital bed and demanded to know about Sonny. "You'll have to ask her," Garvey muttered. Before Jason could ask anything else, Garvey had a seizure and began to flatline. Staff members rushed into the room and ordered Jason outside.

Down the hall, Sam was dreaming about Sonny, scenes with Jason, and her hallucinations. She woke with a start, confused over whether things were real or just dreams. Deanna was in the room and advised her that the sedative she had been taking caused nightmares. She offered to get the medication changed. Jason arrived and, as Deanna left the room, he heard that Sam was improving. Sam told him that she was mixed up and that her dreams felt very real. She wondered how she could tell the difference. Jason suggested that she concentrate on getting well, but Sam thought that something was wrong. She asked if Sonny was okay.

Jason asked why Sam was asking about Sonny. Sam explained that they had threatened each other in her dreams, and she had been desperate and scared. She would never hurt Sonny, she added. Jason thought it was just her mind trying to deal with her physical ailments, and it would take time to get better. She wondered if she had been acting scared and threatening people. Jason said yes, but it had been the disease.

Sam related that, in the dream, Sonny had said he would take Jason away from her, but she knew that didn't make sense. Jason told her to stop stressing and get better. She needed to concentrate on what was real, and he thought she should close her eyes and rest.

In the hallway, Carly heard good news. The bullet had been extracted from Sonny's leg, and he would eventually heal. Carly thanked Dante for saving them, though he credited Michael for telling him about the bullet casing.

Carly went to see Sonny, who was groggy after surgery. She advised him that he'd be okay. She had found him and would never give up on him. He told her that she should have left him at the site. Carly replied that there would never have been a chance of that, and she suggested that he just say thank you. Dante arrived and asked his father what had happened between him and Garvey. Sonny responded that he was drugged up and couldn't think. Dante left, and Carly urged Sonny to rest.

Carly and Jason ran into each other in the hallway. She told him that Sonny had been found but that Garvey had shot him. Jason mentioned that Sam had been confused and didn't know the difference between her dreams and what was real. Sonny overheard them. Carly took Jason into Sonny's room, and Dante returned. He announced that Garvey had died. Carly wasn't too sad to hear that. She thought he deserved it after kidnapping Spencer and shooting Sonny. "He didn't shoot me," Sonny mumbled.

Sam continued to have the same dreams as before. She dreamed of the demolition site, of shooting Sonny, and of kicking him into the shaft. "No," she shouted as she woke up.

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