General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 17, 2017 on GH

Spencer was kidnapped. Valentin was arrested. Ava was released from the hospital. Finn and Hayden found their dream home. Alexis was subpoenaed to testify at Julian's trial.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 17, 2017 on GH
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Spencer finds himself in trouble Spencer finds himself in trouble

Monday, July 17, 2017

Felix attempted to coax Ava into a wheelchair, as she was being released from the hospital, but she refused to go. She demanded that Felix leave her alone just as Griffin entered. He asked for a minute with Ava, so Felix left. He lightly lectured that Ava had known that she was getting released that day. She was no longer in danger of an infection, so her "day-to-day care" could be handled at home. He insisted that it was good news, but she refused to go back to her penthouse.

Griffin offered to call Julian or Kiki for Ava, but she wanted to stay "locked away" in the hospital, believing that it was best for everyone. Griffin assured her that she could still have a long and fulfilling life, but she didn't think he could understand her position. He got up to get Felix so that she could go home.

Jordan called Curtis, who was down the hall from Stella's hospital room, and asked about Stella. He assured Jordan that Stella was doing better. He promised that they would spend time together soon, and he ended the call.

At the police station, Anna bumped into Andre, who was there to consult on a case. Andre wondered what Anna thought of Valentin going free. She thought he'd been lucky, and she hoped he'd make a better life for himself. If he didn't, she vowed to "take him down." Andre admired that side of Anna, and they both laughed shyly. As Jordan observed from afar, Anna reminded him that they'd talked about their encounter, so there was no need for them to be awkward around each other. He had to go, and Jordan took the opportunity to approach Anna.

Jordan greeted Anna and told her that, if she wanted to pursue Andre, she had Jordan's blessing. Anna maintained that she and Andre were just "good friends," and Jordan apologized for intruding. She had only hoped that things would work out for somebody, since her life was so complicated. She briefly explained the situation with Stella. She feared that if Stella had another stroke and it killed her, it would be Jordan's fault. Anna thought that despite Jordan's guilty feelings, she shouldn't let her past mistakes poison her future.

Anna continued that there was no reason for Jordan not to be with the person who made her happy. Anna had to go to a phlebotomy appointment, and Jordan thanked her for the talk. "It felt like old times," Jordan said with a smile. Anna hoped she'd helped, and Jordan insisted that Anna was right about being with Curtis. The women embraced, and Anna left.

When Curtis returned to Stella's room, he listened from outside the room as Felix and Stella talked about her family. Speaking of T.J., Felix left the room and returned with a large bouquet of pink peonies that T.J. had sent over. Stella admired the flowers and remembered "someone special" who used to send her flowers. Felix wanted the details from Stella, and Curtis agreed when he entered the room. Just then, Felix's beeper went off, so he left to tend to another patient.

Curtis wondered who Stella had been talking about. She explained about a man named Marcus, who she'd dated in college. They'd been engaged, but she'd had to break the engagement when Curtis' mother had fallen ill. She'd dropped out of college, broken up with Marcus, and moved back to Baltimore to help raise Curtis and Tommy. Curtis wondered why Marcus hadn't gone to Baltimore with Stella, but she revealed that he'd had a good job offer in San Francisco. She continued that the decision had been easy, and she'd never regretted her choice to help raise her sister's boys.

Just then, Curtis' phone rang, and Stella guessed that it was Jordan. He told his aunt that he would call Jordan later. Stella recognized that she was letting Jordan cause "undue stress" in her life, and she promised to try to make peace with Jordan's role in Curtis' life. She only wanted Curtis to be happy. The phone rang again, and Stella urged Curtis to take the call. He answered, and Jordan proposed dinner that night to talk. He thought the date was a good idea.

Ava got up out of bed and caught sight of her reflection in one of the machines in the room. "Oh, God, I can't do this," she screamed. Andre entered the room as she made her way back to her bed, but she didn't want to talk to any more "shrinks." Andre wanted to treat her as part of her outpatient care, but she didn't think he could be impartial, as he'd been Morgan's doctor.

Ava informed Andre that she couldn't forgive herself or live with herself. He wondered if she was having suicidal thoughts, and she laughed at the suggestion. She revealed that, while she preferred to be dead, she wasn't "ready to off" herself. She just wanted to be away from the rest of the world. He handed his card to her and wished her luck finding her place in the world. Minutes later, Felix helped her into a wheelchair. Before going home, she wanted to make another stop.

Jason and Sam arrived at the hospital to pick up the medication for her iron deficiency. Since Monica had the kids, Jason intended to spend the day relaxing with Sam. Elizabeth approached Sam and informed her that the doctor had an opening for the rest of her tests. Jason remembered Sam telling him that the doctor had given Sam the "all-clear" and called her on it. Elizabeth apologized, and Sam spat that it was convenient that Elizabeth had caused an argument between Sam and Jason.

When Elizabeth was gone, Sam threatened to file a complaint with the medical board for the divulging of private information, but Jason told her that the issue was Sam lying. Sam claimed that she no longer wanted to be "poked and prodded," but Jason thought that they had a responsibility to stay healthy for their kids. Sam finally agreed, so Jason asked Elizabeth if the appointment was still open. As Jason set up the appointment with Elizabeth, Sam imagined Sonny in front of her, calling her crazy. The hallucination of Sonny asked who would protect her family if she was locked up.

Griffin arrived in order to run some tests on Sam. As he told her about the "quick and painless" tests, she saw Sonny over Griffin's shoulder. Later, she returned after completing her tests. Griffin promised to call with the results as soon as they were in. As she looked at Griffin, he turned into Sonny, who called Sam weak, and he told her that, if she was going to eliminate him, she'd better do it before she was locked up.

Carly arrived at Sonny's and asked him for a favor. She held out her wedding and engagement rings and asked him to put them back on her finger. He asked her to hold on, and he went upstairs. When he returned, he handed his wedding ring to her so that she could put his back on his finger. Before they exchanged rings, she wanted to make a promise to always hold on to the good in each other. They both promised and exchanged the rings with expressions of love. They shared a kiss.

Sonny interrupted the kiss and admitted to Carly that Ava wasn't going to be prosecuted for her role in Morgan's death. He explained to a livid Carly that the evidence was circumstantial, and it was believed that Ava going to court in her condition would only make the jury feel sympathy for her. Carly wanted to make sure Ava paid for her crimes, but Sonny didn't want Avery growing up to learn that Sonny and Carly had killed her mother. Before she could agree to do nothing, Carly wanted to visit Morgan's grave.

A few minutes later, Carly and Sonny knelt at Morgan's grave with flowers. They took turns updating him on what had happened to him, and what was going on in their lives. They both expressed their pride in him and their love for him. As they talked, Ava appeared at the entrance of the cemetery.

Valentin was leaning against a tree when he heard Laura approaching with Spencer and Charlotte. Spencer went on about the play they were doing at camp. Valentin appeared, and Charlotte excitedly ran to him. He apologized that he hadn't been able to see her the day before, but he promised to see her later. A counselor was passing through, and Laura asked her to take the kids to camp. Spencer protested but went along with Charlotte and the counselor.

Laura thought it was cruel of Valentin, knowing that Lulu had custody of Charlotte, to get his daughter's hopes up about seeing him. He responded that it was temporary, and he intended to change the custody order. He mentioned that Alexis was suing him on Spencer's behalf for the wrongful death of Nikolas. Laura thought the lawsuit was the least of what he deserved. He continued that there was no proof that Nikolas was dead, and he vowed to protect his own by any means necessary.

Charlotte accused Spencer of being rude to her father and wondered what he'd ever done to Spencer. Spencer replied that Valentin had killed his father. Charlotte didn't believe him and stormed off toward Valentin, clearly upset. She repeated what Spencer had said about Valentin. He promised to talk about it later because it was a "complicated grown-up situation." He told her something in French, and she walked away.

"Are you proud of yourself?" Valentin questioned Spencer. "I told her the truth," Spencer answered. Laura told Spencer to go to camp, so he went. Valentin accused Laura of weaponizing her grandson, but she thought Valentin had no one to blame but himself. He called Spencer a "spoiled little bastard" and accused Laura of indulging for too long in Spencer's "revenge fantasy." He vowed not to let Spencer hurt Charlotte again, and he stormed off.

Spencer insisted that he hadn't tried to upset Charlotte, but he wanted her to know the truth. The counselor told the kids that rehearsal was about to start. Charlotte went with the counselor, but Spencer asked for a minute alone before he had a talk with the director. He started to rehearse his speech for the director about his blocking being all wrong. As he talked about wanting to be more in center stage, someone approached Spencer from behind and jammed a bag over his head.

Laura fears the worst when Spencer vanishes

Laura fears the worst when Spencer vanishes

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Julian approached the nurses' station and asked a nurse to direct him to Ava's hospital room. He explained that a nurse had called to let him know that his sister had been moved out of the burn unit. Julian was shocked when the nurse checked the computer and revealed that Ava had been discharged from the hospital.

At the cemetery, Sonny and Carly finished their visit at Morgan's grave then turned to leave, but they froze when they saw Ava at the entrance. Ava's head, and most of her face, were wrapped in a bandage as she pulled her sweater around her and apologized for intruding. "Too late," Carly coldly replied. Carly wanted to know why Ava was there, so Ava admitted that Morgan had been on her mind, especially since the fire. Ava moved gingerly as she approached Morgan's grave. Sonny realized it was Ava's first time seeing his son's gave and snidely welcomed her.

Sonny was curious why Ava hadn't visited sooner. He was certain it was because of her guilt. Ava explained that she hadn't wanted to face a world without Morgan in it, but Carly angrily told Ava that Morgan wasn't in their world because Ava had killed him. Disgusted, Carly admitted that she would drag Ava out of the cemetery if Ava weren't feeble and barely able to stand. "Fair enough," Ava replied, but she hoped that Carly had also been thinking about Avery and how much it would traumatize her to have her mother mistreated. Ava knew Sonny and Carly were eager to tell Avery about what had happened to Morgan, but she wondered if Sonny truly wanted to hurt Avery to punish Ava.

Sonny explained that Avery deserved to know the truth about who Ava was. Carly added that she would assure Avery that Ava's selfishness and cruelty were not genetic and that it wasn't Avery's job to be Ava's lifeline. Ava denied that Avery was her lifeline, but Sonny reminded Ava that Ava had killed two people he loved: Morgan and Connie. Sonny warned Ava that if she thought she would find a plastic surgeon to give her a miracle, then she'd better think again because Sonny refused to allow Ava to walk away from Morgan's death. Ava knew she was a terrible person who had done awful things, especially to Morgan.

However, Ava promised that she'd paid a thousand times over. Furious, Carly informed Ava that Ava didn't get a free pass because she had set herself on fire. Frustrated, Ava wondered how much more she could pay. Sonny suggested that Ava confess to tampering with Morgan's medication. Carly wasn't surprised when Ava remained silent because she'd always known that Ava was a coward.

Carly believed the burns were the ultimate punishment for someone as vain as Ava because Ava had seduced Morgan to show the world that she could attract a younger man and keep him at her side. "Look in the mirror," Ava suggested because the story hadn't ended there. Carly accused Ava of being a gutless and cruel monster, but Carly took comfort in knowing that Ava's face was as ugly as her soul. Ava held her tongue as Sonny and Carly left. Moments later, Felix approached Ava to let her know it was time to leave, but she wanted a minute alone.

Felix reluctantly agreed to wait in the car. Ava slowly approached Morgan's grave and assured him that his mother had been wrong -- their affair hadn't been about her vanity. Ava had loved Morgan, and she was deeply sorry for what she had done to him. She had no idea how things had ended up as they had, but she swore she'd been trying to make amends because she'd been wracked with guilt long before the fire.

A short time later, Ava and Felix returned to her apartment. Felix was unpacking medical supplies when Julian arrived home and expressed his relief that Ava was safe and sound. Felix happily announced that Ava was an outpatient and free to go about her life, so Ava decided it was a good time for Julian to see how her bandages were changed. She offered to let Julian run for the hills, but he declined. Ava shrugged then asked him to cover all the mirrors in the apartment. Julian quickly completed his task then returned to the living room, but he was curious what Ava was afraid of, since she'd already seen her face in the mirror.

Ava explained that she'd still been a work in progress at the time then deftly changed the subject by asking about Julian's trial. He told her that his trial date had been set then turned the conversation back to Ava by assuring her that she'd always be beautiful to him. Ava sat down and braced herself for Felix to peel away the bandages. Julian watched, but it quickly became too difficult for him, and he looked away. Ava noticed that her brother was quiet and asked him about it.

Julian claimed that he'd just been listening to Felix's instructions, but Ava knew Julian was horrified by her appearance. Julian denied it and suggested they have a drink. Felix gave his stamp of approval by saying Ava deserved a drink after what she'd been through. Ava thanked Felix, but she let him know that he could leave because she could apply the burn ointment and put on the mask herself. Felix objected, but Ava argued that she could read instructions. Felix relented, but he invited Ava to call him if she needed anything.

Ava watched Felix leave then told Julian that it was his turn, but Julian balked. Ava explained that she needed some time alone. Julian capitulated, but he warned her that he would return soon. Ava chuckled because he lived there. Ava waited until Julian closed the door then walked over to a credenza and picked up a photograph of herself, taken before the fire. Ava studied the photograph then approached a mirror and pulled off the sheet covering it.

Ava stared with horror at her reflection. Her skin was an angry red, shadowed with dark bruising and peppered with burn scars that were still healing. She whimpered as she examined her injuries in the mirror. Ava decided that Carly had been right; Ava only had herself to blame for the scars. She acknowledged that her burns were the very definition of karma. "This is who you are. This is your face. This is your life," Ava told her reflection as tears shimmered in her eyes.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny and Carly sat down at the bar as they talked about Ava. They weren't happy that Ava was free to walk around, but Carly confessed that it had been hard to look at Ava. Worried, Sonny asked if Carly had felt sorry for Ava. "Absolutely not," Cary told him, but she had realized that Ava was not free, and they wouldn't be, either, until they let Ava go. Sonny began to rant about "that bitch," but Carly cut him off.

Carly reminded Sonny that he had put the fear of God into Ava about having plastic surgery, but Sonny refused to apologize because he wouldn't be able to handle seeing Ava walking around looking the way she used to. Carly assured Sonny that they had options, but she thought it would be best for them, and their family, if they moved on and made Ava irrelevant. She thought the best revenge would be for them to live well and suggested they make it their family mantra. Sonny worried that Ava might do the same, but Carly promised him that Ava was suffering.

Carly explained that it had been a difficult road for her and Sonny, but they were finally free to mourn their son. Carly wanted to stop giving Ava power, so Carly and Sonny could focus on being parents to their children and best friends to each other. Sonny smiled because he and Carly were the best of friends. Carly realized Sonny was through talking about Ava when he turned his attention to the menu. Moments later, Max called to discuss business, but Sonny warned Max that it wasn't a good time and ended the call.

Carly wanted to know about the phone call, but Sonny warned her that it was about business. Carly was not pleased because she worried that Sonny might not be able to get out of the mob.

Nearby, Jordan thanked Curtis for meeting her. She admitted that she had missed him. Curtis smiled and assured her that he had missed her, too, but it was clear that something was troubling him. Concerned, Jordan asked about his aunt. Curtis explained that Stella was recovering nicely and seemed to be back to her old self. Jordan was pleased, but she asked why he seemed worried.

Curtis filled Jordan in about his visit with Stella. He admitted that it had felt like old times. Jordan recalled that Stella had always been Curtis and his brother's biggest champion, and she reminded Curtis that relationships like the one he shared with his aunt were rare. Curtis agreed, but Jordan was curious why Curtis seemed upset when he'd had a great morning with his aunt. Curtis explained that he had never thought about his aunt's life before she'd given up everything to help raise him and Thomas. Jordan was certain that Stella would say she had gained more than she had lost, but Curtis argued that it hadn't made the loss any less difficult.

Curtis told Jordan about Stella's fiancÚ who had proposed to Stella during their senior year in college. He explained that the relationship hadn't lasted because Marcus had taken a great job in San Francisco while Stella had moved in to take care of her ailing sister and her young nephews. Curtis admitted that his aunt had promised him that she didn't have any regrets, but Curtis felt guilty because Stella had sacrificed so much. Jordan knew Curtis was shaken up by the revelation about his aunt, but Curtis insisted that it was a game-changer. Jordan wondered if he meant for their relationship or for his relationship with his aunt. "Both," Curtis answered.

Curtis acknowledged that he'd put his aunt through a lot over the years, which had likely contributed to her first stroke. He knew he'd been cruel during his drug benders, and he recalled accusing Stella of focusing on him because she didn't have a life of her own. Jordan assured Curtis that Stella loved him, and she reminded him that he couldn't have known about Stella's ex-fiancÚ, but Curtis felt compelled to step up for his aunt. Jordan was hurt that Curtis had decided to end things with her, but she understood his reasons.

Curtis confessed that his feelings for Jordan had been so strong that he could never have imagined giving her up. However, Curtis also loved Stella, and he couldn't risk losing her. Curtis thought it was ironic that Stella would be furious if she knew Curtis and Jordan had broken up because of her health. Jordan agreed because Stella would have preferred that Curtis realize what an awful person Jordan was. Curtis promised Jordan that he would never think that of her. Touched, Jordan assured Curtis that he'd done the right thing, but Curtis wondered why it felt so wrong.

Curtis wished that things were different and suggested that things might change once Stella was better, but Jordan refused to live for maybes. She assured him that she didn't have any regrets then tried to lighten the mood by crediting him with improving her bowling game. She told him that she would miss him a lot. "You have no idea," Curtis replied.

At the hospital, Laura answered her phone. It was Josslyn calling to let Laura know that there had been "an incident" at Lila's Kids.

A short time later, Laura approached Josslyn in the park. Nearby, Charlotte sat on a bench, looking downcast. Josslyn assured Laura that Charlotte hadn't been physically hurt, but she'd been upset after a talk with Spencer. Josslyn explained that she had called Laura because Charlotte had asked for Valentin, but he hadn't been on the approved list. Josslyn had tried to call Lulu, but Lulu hadn't been available, which had left Laura as the emergency contact. Laura thanked Josslyn then went to check on Charlotte.

"Where's papa?" Charlotte asked. Laura wrapped her arms around Charlotte as she explained that Josslyn hadn't been able to reach him. Charlotte confided that she was afraid that her father had left because he thought she was mad at him, but Laura assured Charlotte that Valentin would never think that. Laura knew everything was confusing to Charlotte, but Charlotte wanted to know if it was true that her father had killed Laura's son Nikolas. "Yes," Laura gently confirmed. Charlotte felt bad for her grandmother because Charlotte knew what it was like to miss someone she had lost.

Laura hugged Charlotte again, but Charlotte perked up when she saw Valentin walk up. Charlotte ran to her father and hugged him. Stunned, Laura demanded to know what Valentin was doing there. Valentin instructed Charlotte to tell the counselors that she was leaving with him then waited until she had scampered off to hand Laura court documents granting him temporary visitation with his daughter. Laura looked over the documents then handed them back to Valentin as she noted that he had worked fast. Valentin explained that he would do anything for his daughter -- Laura's granddaughter.

Laura resented Valentin acting as if she needed a reminder that Charlotte was her granddaughter, but Valentin asked how she could sic "that petulant brat" on his daughter. Valentin accused Spencer of being a bully who had picked on a child half his age. "What kind of kid does that?" Valentin asked. Laura was furious and defended Spencer. She reminded Valentin that Spencer had been traumatized by the death of his father, and she denied siccing her grandson on anyone. Laura regretted what Spencer had said to Charlotte because Charlotte shouldn't have learned the truth about Valentin like that.

Valentin reminded Laura that she hadn't been in the room, so she had no idea what had transpired in the moments leading up to Nikolas getting shot. Laura admitted that she would like to ask her son, but he was dead. Valentin argued that Nikolas had faked his death and framed an innocent person for the crime. Valentin suspected Laura liked to vilify him because she couldn't face the truth about who Nikolas had been. Livid, Laura slapped Valentin, but his tone turned menacing as he warned Laura to never take her anger at him out on Charlotte again. Seconds later, Josslyn and Charlotte returned.

After Valentin and Charlotte left to get ice cream, Laura asked Josslyn to fetch Spencer. Laura decided to call Lulu to let Lulu know about Valentin's temporary visitation order. Lulu was upset, but Laura assured her daughter that Charlotte would be dropped off soon. Laura wrapped up the call as Josslyn returned and reported that Spencer was missing. Laura feared the worst.

Meanwhile, Spencer was shoved down a flight of stairs. The basement door slammed shut and was locked as Spencer pulled off the dark hood covering his head. He looked around then loudly demanded that his abductor release him, but his order was met with silence. Spencer assumed that Valentin had kidnapped him, so he decided to escape before Valentin returned. Spencer noticed a window high up on the wall, which could lead to freedom.

Spencer found a long rope and made a small loop on one end. He hoped to hook it onto a nail above the window so he could shimmy up the rope to the window and make good on his escape. However, he couldn't toss the rope high enough to catch the nail. Spencer dragged a chair under the window to give him additional height. After several attempts, he managed to hook the rope on the nail.

Elated, Spencer began to hoist himself up the rope, but the nail slid out of the wall before he reached the window. Spencer tumbled to the ground. Frustrated, Spencer picked himself up then brushed himself off, but his luck ran out when he realized that he had stepped on his glasses. Spencer's spirits sagged when he realized that he wouldn't be able escape because he couldn't see without his glasses.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Charlotte asked her father why Spencer was mean to her. Valentin assured his daughter that Spencer wasn't mad at her. He explained that Nikolas had made some poor choices, and in the end, he had "disappeared." According to Valentin, Spencer was upset and looking for someone to blame. "And he decided to blame you?" Charlotte asked. Valentin nodded, but he promised that he was a "big kid" and could take it.

However, Valentin objected to the way Spencer had treated Charlotte, so he didn't want his daughter to return to camp. Charlotte admitted that she enjoyed camp except for Spencer. Valentin assured Charlotte that she could return to camp if she wanted to, but he promised that she would never have to see Spencer again. Valentin would make certain of it. Satisfied, Charlotte enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream with her father. She told him about a craft project at camp and revealed that she'd made something for Nina.

Charlotte missed Nina, and she wondered if Nina was still mad at Valentin. Valentin conceded that he'd made mistakes, but he vowed that he, Charlotte, and Nina would be a family again. "And no one will keep that from happening. Least of all Spencer," Valentin vowed.

Valentin is arrested for Spencer's abduction

Valentin is arrested for Spencer's abduction

> Valentin is arrested for Spencer's abduction

Valentin is arrested for Spencer's abduction

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

At Alexis' house, Alexis glanced out the window when she heard the doorbell, and she saw Julian on the porch. She took a fortifying breath then went to the door. Alexis warned Julian that she'd been working on an important case, but he entered the house and asked if she had time for another court case. Alexis refused to represent him, but he clarified that he wanted her to be a witness for the defense. Alexis declined because her suspension had only recently been lifted, and she had no intention of jeopardizing her career again by perjuring herself on the stand. Julian assured her that she would only be expected to tell the truth, but she argued that he'd go to jail if she did.

Julian disagreed because Alexis had heard his sister Olivia threatening him on the bridge the night Olivia had kidnapped Alexis. Instead of following Olivia's orders to kill Alexis, he had shot off Alexis' handcuffs and taken a bullet for her so she could escape. Alexis explained that any lawyer could easily tear apart a conversation between Julian and a homicidal maniac, but Julian was confident that a judge and jury would see things differently because Alexis had nothing to gain -- and everything to lose -- by lying. Alexis thought it was a stretch, but Julian asked her to think about it.

Alexis agreed, but only if Julian agreed to testify. She grabbed a Bible then swore him in. Julian sat down and answered Alexis as she cross-examined him about his sister Olivia. Alexis wanted to know how Olivia had forced him to hold a knife to Alexis' throat. Julian reminded Alexis of the phone call she had overheard between him and Olivia when he had expressed his frustration over doing Olivia's bidding.

Julian insisted that he'd followed Olivia's orders to protect his family, but Alexis didn't believe him because he'd never warned her that the woman posing as her sponsor was a fraud -- and dangerous. Julian explained that he hadn't been able to risk Alexis giving herself away and Olivia retaliating for his disobedience by slitting Alexis' throat. Alexis wanted tangible proof, so he gave her the letter he'd written in the event of his death. Alexis had read it after Olivia had shot him, but Julian asked Alexis to read it again. Reluctantly, Alexis opened the letter and read the passage about Olivia's threat to kill Sam, Lucas, and Leo and to make him watch as his sister murdered Alexis.

Alexis' voice cracked with emotion as she read Julian's heartfelt words of love for his wife, but her voice faded as Julian recited from memory what he'd written. "The defense rests," Julian added when he was done. Alexis wanted to believe what he'd written in the letter, but it wasn't proof that his sister had coerced him. Alexis wanted to know why he'd left her. Julian claimed that it had been necessary to protect Alexis because he'd known he would be charged as Olivia's accomplice. Frustrated, Alexis asked why he had returned to drag her back into his dysfunction.

Julian admitted that he had intended to leave the country the night he had encountered Alexis on the pier, but seeing her had changed things because he hadn't been able to leave without spending one more night with her. He knew that Alexis had felt the same way, but she reminded him that it didn't matter because it wouldn't help his situation. Alexis believed that she was a liability, not an asset, but Julian was willing to take his chances. Seconds later, the doorbell rang. It was a process server with a summons for Alexis to appear as a witness for the prosecution at Julian's trial.

Nathan knocked on Nina's office door as she sat in her office, reading documents detailing the nonprofit horse rescue that Valentin had established in her name. She put the packet down and smiled as she greeted her brother. Nina updated him on the Ask Man Landers article, but Nathan was tired of hearing about the column. Nina chuckled and playfully accused Nathan of being disgruntled, but he complained that it was supposed to have been a simple favor to help Amy out with her brother's medical expenses. Nathan changed the subject because he had stopped by to find out if Nina had kept her promise to stay away from Valentin.

Nina assured Nathan that she had tried, but Valentin had vowed to pull out all the stops and woo her back. She gave Nathan the packet detailing the horse rescue. Nathan flipped through the pages then tossed it on her desk as he conceded that Valentin knew how to get to Nina, but he wondered if it had worked. Nina explained that she might be able to consider giving Valentin a second change if Valentin could prove to her that he had put his past behind him and was committed to building a future with her and Charlotte. Nathan asked if Nina had told Valentin that, but Nina shook her head. She admitted that she had confided to Nelle.

Nathan was disappointed because it was clear that Nina wanted to convince herself to take Valentin back. He reminded his sister that Valentin had broken her heart, but Nina argued that Valentin had returned to her, which had never happened to her. Nathan insisted that Valentin had done terrible things. Liesl entered in time to hear what her son had said, and told him that they were all capable of terrible things. Liesl acknowledged that even she had committed "a transgression or two," but she assured both Nathan and Nina that everyone was capable of redemption.

Liesl gave Nathan an affectionate kiss on the cheek then asked to speak to Nina. Nathan was taken aback by the request, but he left. Nina confessed that she had heard about her aunt's recent troubles at the hospital, but Liesl claimed that she was glad to be rid of the place because she hadn't seen the point of troubling herself with "Philistines" who envied true genius. Nina smiled then shifted gears because she assumed Liesl was there for a job. Nina explained that Crimson already had a monthly medical column, but Liesl hoped to write a column about the latest cutting-edge developments in medical research.

Nina smiled politely and assured her aunt that it sounded fascinating, but it might be better suited for a medical journal. Liesl was disappointed by the rejection, but Nina took pity on her and offered to make some phone calls. Liesl immediately cheered up then announced her intention to pick up her last paycheck from the hospital. After Liesl left, Nathan called to ask Nina to meet him at the police station.

At the hospital, Hayden congratulated Finn on being sober for ninety days. Finn didn't want to make a big deal of it, but Hayden was proud of him and eager to celebrate. Finn thought they should celebrate the news that the townhouse he'd put a bid on hadn't passed the inspection, but Hayden wondered why that was good news. Finn smiled as he explained that he'd found a much better place for Hayden and their baby. He pulled out his phone to show her pictures of the house with a big backyard, a room for the nursery, and space for him to set up his lab.

Griffin walked up and warned Finn to slow down because they still had to deal with Finn's drug test. Finn was confident that he would pass, especially since they'd proven that Liesl had tampered with Finn's previous drug tests. Monica joined the group and let Finn know that she needed to have a talk with him in private. Finn tensed because Monica seemed somber. He followed her to a quiet corner where she informed him that his latest drug test had been clean. Finn smiled, but he admitted that she'd given him a fright.

Monica chuckled then explained that she had to remain professional in front of others to avoid any hint of impropriety. Finn smiled, but he became distracted when he received a text message asking him to go to the tenth-floor conference room for a meeting. Finn excused himself then went to the conference room where Hayden, Elizabeth, and Griffin had set up an impromptu party to welcome Finn back. Monica joined the small group as they sipped juice and dined on vending machine food. Monica raised her glass of juice to toast to Finn. Afterwards, Finn thanked everyone for their support and Hayden for her love and kindness.

Hayden pulled her sister aside to ask Elizabeth to pinch her. Hayden admitted that her life was good, and everything seemed to be going right. Elizabeth smiled as she pinched her sister. Hayden cried out in pain then scolded Elizabeth, but Elizabeth reminded Hayden that Hayden had asked for it. Hayden chuckled, but Elizabeth confessed that she was jealous. Hayden was surprised because she'd thought things had been good between Elizabeth and Franco. Elizabeth promised they were, but they would never be normal, even if Franco's art catalog and fortune were returned.

Hayden didn't think not being normal was a bad thing. Elizabeth agreed, but she added that Hayden deserved a little normalcy after everything Hayden and Finn had endured. Moments later, Griffin raised his glass to toast to Finn.

In the hallway, Liesl arrived, but she stopped outside the door when she heard Griffin talk about someone being misunderstood and breaking rules, but that was someone the hospital couldn't do without. Liesl smiled because she assumed that Griffin had been talking about her. She entered the room but froze when she saw Finn. Liesl's smile faded as she realized that the party was for Finn. Humiliated, Liesl fled.

Hayden followed Liesl and asked if Liesl had thought the party had been for Liesl. Liesl glared at Hayden, but Hayden reminded Liesl that Liesl was lucky not to be in jail. Hayden handed Liesl a severance check, but Liesl was offended and asked if Hayden had any idea what Liesl had achieved. Hayden admitted that she had read Liesl's file and knew about Liesl's impressive accomplishments. However, there were two sides to Liesl, and the good didn't outweigh the bad.

Finn walked out to check on Hayden. Liesl bristled and asked where his concern had been when he'd been shooting up. Liesl insisted that Finn deserved to lose everything, but he resented Liesl judging him. Finn finally had a chance to get his career back on track and build a life with the woman he loved, so he refused to let Liesl destroy that. Liesl thought Finn was almost as sanctimonious as Griffin, except Griffin was better looking. Finn conceded that Griffin was handsome.

After Hayden dragged Finn back to the party, Liesl went to her office to collect her things. She was upset when she saw the boxes stacked in her office, filled with her possessions. Liesl went to her desk then sat down and typed Finn's name into her laptop's search engine, but she realized she wouldn't discover anything new. Liesl smiled because there was a more effective way to make Finn pay. Liesl typed Hayden's name into the search engine.

In the conference room, Monica returned to work as Griffin and Elizabeth cleaned up. Finn pulled Hayden aside to let her know that they had an appointment after work to look at the house he'd found for them.

At the police station, Dante talked to Laura on the phone. She told him about Spencer's disappearance, but Dante reminded her that Spencer had taken off before. Laura explained that things were different because Spencer's driver, Chandler, had no idea where Spencer was. Dante became alarmed when Laura revealed that Spencer had asked Alexis to file a civil lawsuit against Valentin.

After the call, Laura raced to the police station, where she met up with Kevin. She told Dante and Kevin about what had transpired in the park and her desire to take Spencer home. She said that Valentin had shown up with a court order for visitation with Charlotte. Dante wondered if it was possible that Spencer had simply left, but Kevin and Laura explained that Spencer had been lectured about taking off, and he understood the consequences, which was why Spencer had sent Kevin a text message the last time Spencer had gone somewhere without clearing it with Laura first. Kevin insisted that Spencer hadn't wanted his grandmother to worry. Laura was certain that Valentin had done something to Spencer because Spencer had told Charlotte that Valentin had killed Nikolas.

Concerned, Dante wondered if Valentin knew about Spencer's accusation. Laura nodded and revealed that Valentin had been livid. Dante feared that it might not be enough to question Valentin, so Laura told him about the wrongful death civil lawsuit against Valentin. Kevin explained that if the case went to trial, then Valentin could lose a substantial fortune -- or at the very least be publicly humiliated. Laura added that Valentin had made it clear to her that he wanted the lawsuit to go away.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Charlotte asked if she could have another bowl of ice cream because she wasn't ready to return to Lulu's. Valentin apologized for leaving town, but he promised that it wouldn't happen again. Valentin assured her that she could return to Wyndemere once they talked to a judge, but Charlotte wanted to know if she would still be allowed to see Lulu, Rocco, and Dante. Valentin hid his surprise as he carefully told her that she could see them if she wanted to. "Even if Lulu hates you?" Charlotte asked. Valentin wondered who had told Charlotte that Lulu hated him.

"Spencer," Charlotte answered. Valentin told her that Spencer was a troubled young man who said things that weren't true. Valentin was willing to give Spencer a break because he was a child who missed his father, but Valentin objected to the way Spencer took his unhappiness out on Charlotte. Valentin assured his daughter that she wouldn't have to see Spencer again. He glanced down when his phone chimed with an AMBER Alert about a child who'd been abducted from Rice Park. Charlotte asked Valentin if something was wrong.

Valentin pasted on a smile then suggested that he and Charlotte go to Wyndemere to check on the horses. Charlotte was excited, but Laura and Kevin entered the restaurant before Valentin could whisk Charlotte away. Laura greeted her granddaughter, but Valentin pointedly told Laura that he and Charlotte were in a rush. He reminded Laura of the court order for visitation, but the issue was moot when Dante arrived. Dante greeted his stepdaughter then asked for a private word with Valentin. Valentin was forced to comply because he didn't want to make a scene in front of Charlotte.

After Valentin left with Dante. Charlotte sensed that her grandmother was sad because of Spencer. Alarmed, Kevin asked why Charlotte thought that. Charlotte explained that Valentin had told her that Spencer was sad about losing his father and that Spencer had blamed her father for what had happened. Kevin was curious if Valentin had said anything else. Charlotte revealed that her father had promised that she wouldn't have to see Spencer again.

Laura and Kevin exchanged a worried glance, but Charlotte didn't notice. Laura suggested they drop Charlotte off at Lulu's, but Charlotte wanted to wait for her father. Laura promised that they would let Valentin know where Charlotte was.

At the police station, Nathan questioned Nina about the night she had found Spencer at Wyndemere. Nina revealed that she had gone to Wyndemere to fetch her jewelry and that Spencer had been there on a quest to prove that Valentin had not been the rightful heir to the Cassadine fortune. Nathan was curious if Spencer had found what he'd been looking for, but Nina shook her head. Nathan continued to question her, but Nina wanted to know what was going on. She was shocked when Nathan told her that Spencer had disappeared. Her worry mounted when Dante and Valentin entered the squad room.

Nina asked why Valentin was there, but Valentin claimed that he had no idea. Dante explained that Spencer had disappeared from the park after a confrontation with Charlotte when Spencer had accused Valentin of killing Nikolas. Nina was outraged, but Dante asked if Valentin had been unhappy with Spencer. Valentin conceded that he had been, but he'd been more frustrated with the adults who had indulged Spencer.

Valentin reminded everyone that Charlotte was far younger than Spencer, whom Valentin accused of being a bully and a "precocious little jerk." Nina was troubled by the rancor in Valentin's tone. Dante advised Valentin to call an attorney, but Valentin insisted that he had nothing to hide because he would never harm a child. Dante was skeptical and asked if Valentin had decided to get rid of Spencer to avoid getting embroiled in an ugly trial. Valentin was furious when Dante asked for Nina's input, but Dante pointed out that Nina knew Valentin better than anyone, and he asked if Valentin would hurt Spencer to protect Charlotte. Nina advised Dante not to rush to judgment.

Moments later, Nathan announced that a witness had stepped forward to report that they'd seen a boy fitting Spencer's description being dragged out of the park by Valentin. Valentin decided that he'd had enough and stood to leave. As he pulled on his jacket, a piece of paper slipped out of his pocket. Dante picked up the paper, which turned out to be part of a script for Hamlet.

Nina was filled with dread because she recalled that Spencer had been rehearsing for the play. Dante noticed that someone had written notes on the edge of the script. The notes indicated that Valentin was Claudius and Spencer was Hamlet. Nina realized it was Spencer's script because she recalled that Spencer had seen parallels between his life and Hamlet's. Nathan asked why Valentin had had Spencer's script. Valentin claimed there was an explanation, but Dante decided to place Valentin under arrest before Valentin made a statement.

Liesl hunts down someone from Hayden's past

Liesl hunts down someone from Hayden's past

Thursday, July 20, 2017

In Liesl's office, Liesl reviewed Hayden's criminal history online, but she grew increasingly annoyed when she realized that none of the charges had stuck. Liesl was certain that she had missed something, but Hayden appeared in the doorway before Liesl could continue the online search. Hayden demanded to know what Liesl was doing there, so Liesl claimed that she'd been downloading all the digital records of her time at the hospital. Liesl closed her laptop then complained that the packed boxes in her office had been readied to be added to Liesl's funeral pyre.

Hayden thought Liesl should be thankful that Finn had agreed to drop the charges because Liesl would have gone to jail for tampering with Finn's drug tests. Liesl refused to explain herself to the woman who had enabled Finn's addiction. Furious, Hayden threatened to call security if Liesl didn't leave.

At the nurses' station, Finn wrapped up a business call as Lucy walked up and let him know that she had the keys to his dream house. She asked where Hayden was, but he had no idea. Finn and Lucy waited for Hayden and chatted about his welcome party. Lucy was stunned that Liesl had been delusional enough to think that the staff would throw Liesl a party after what Liesl had done to Finn. Finn acknowledged that Liesl had a lot of problems, but she was also a skilled doctor. Lucy thought he gave Liesl more credit than she deserved.

As if on cue, Liesl rounded the corner, muttering that the mediocre hospital was not worthy of her talents. Liesl glared at Lucy then stopped to fling a few insults at Lucy for refusing to take advantage of Liesl's vocal talents during the Nurses Ball, but Lucy didn't have any regrets. Liesl slapped on a saccharine smile as she assured Finn that she didn't have any hard feelings. Liesl foresaw a bright future for Finn, Hayden, and their "offspring."

Liesl left the hospital then went to Metro Court Restaurant for a glass of wine while she continued her Internet search on Hayden. Her frustration mounted when she discovered that Hayden had managed to avoid jail despite being involved in Raymond Berlin's Ponzi scheme. Liesl raised her glass to Hayden because she was impressed with how Hayden had always managed to wiggle out of trouble. Liesl's respect for Hayden vanished when she recalled that Hayden had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Liesl suddenly brightened because she realized that Hayden's privileged upbringing might be her downfall.

A short time later, Liesl was victorious when she found an engagement announcement online. Liesl called Hayden's ex-fiancÚ, Jared Preston, Jr., and quickly arranged a meeting.

Meanwhile, Lucy showed Finn and Hayden around what she hoped would be their dream house. Finn excitedly talked about all the things he wanted to do to turn the place into a home, but Hayden was subdued until Finn and Lucy mentioned the tennis court. Finn was surprised when Hayden made it clear that she had no interest in teaching her children to play tennis. Lucy sensed that Finn and Hayden needed some privacy, so she suggested that Finn and Hayden take their time to look around while Lucy stepped out for an appointment.

After Lucy left, Finn wondered what about the house had bothered Hayden. Hayden assured him that she liked the house's location and the price, but it reminded her of the house she'd grown up in, which had triggered some bad memories. Finn reminded her that he had skeletons, too, but he suggested they focus on the future and build new memories in their dream home. He promised that he had no qualms about ripping up the tennis court and replacing it with a rose garden. Hayden was curious when he had started to see the glass as half full. Finn explained that everything had changed when he had stopped putting poison in his veins and had fallen in love with Hayden.

Passion quickly flared to life as Finn and Hayden kissed then began to rip off each other's clothes. After they made love, Finn and Hayden asked if Hayden still had doubts about the house. She chuckled and conceded that he'd been quite persuasive. However, she was curious if he really would rip out the tennis court and put in a garden. "Are you kidding?" Finn asked. He admitted that he wouldn't even allow their children to watch the sport on television.

Hayden explained that her issue wasn't with tennis; it was what the sport represented. Finn and Hayden's romantic interlude ended when Lucy returned to check on the couple. Lucy smiled knowingly when she saw Finn pull on his jacket, so she asked if everything had been to Finn and Hayden's liking. Finn assured Lucy that he hadn't had any complaints. "Not one," Hayden piped in. Finn was surprised when Hayden admitted that she loved the house and could picture raising her family in it. Delighted, Lucy offered to fetch a contract from the car so they could put in an offer.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly arrived home as they discussed selling Pozzulo's. Carly thought Sonny had received a generous offer for the restaurant, but she also knew that it wouldn't be easy for him to part with Pozzulo's. Sonny reminded her that it was necessary if he intended to leave the mob. Seconds later, the house phone rang. It was one of Sonny's guards alerting him that he had a visitor. Sonny went to the door just as Laura arrived.

Laura was distraught as she told Sonny and Carly about Spencer's disappearance and Valentin's possible involvement. Laura pleaded with Sonny to help, so he promised her that he would. Carly ushered Laura into the living room while Sonny called Max and ordered him to organize a search for Spencer. Laura warned Sonny that Valentin might have used a middleman to kidnap Spencer, but Sonny assured her that he would check into it. Laura remained anxious, but Carly promised that Sonny wouldn't leave any stone unturned. Relieved, Laura thanked Sonny because she knew that she had put him in a terrible position.

Sonny reminded Laura that Spencer was family. He vowed to find his nephew and return him home to Laura, but he warned Laura not to rush to judgment. Laura explained that she was certain that Valentin had taken Spencer. Carly knew how terrifying it was to have a missing child, but she assured Laura that Sonny would do everything possible to find Spencer. Moments later, Dante called to ask Laura to meet him at the police station.

After Laura left, Sonny asked if Carly was okay with him using his criminal organization to find Spencer. She made it clear that she wanted him to do whatever it took to locate his nephew. Sonny thought it was ironic that he'd been pulled back into the mob by a loved one just as he was trying to get out.

Later, Carly entered the living room to ask if Sonny had heard from Max. He hadn't, but he wasn't surprised because Valentin was too smart to use anyone connected to Sonny. Carly wondered if Sonny intended to reach out to the other five mob families. Sonny assured her that he would make it clear that Spencer was his nephew, and Sonny wouldn't hesitate to retaliate if anyone from the five families was involved in Spencer's abduction. Sonny added that he would only accept one option -- Spencer's safe return. Carly agreed.

Moments later, Sonny's house phone rang. After a quick exchange, Sonny ended the call and told Carly that Josslyn was on her way to the door. He warned Carly that Josslyn was upset. Concerned, Carly dashed to the door and opened it just as Josslyn arrived. Josslyn was in tears as she threw herself into her mother's arms. Carly took Josslyn to the living room and sat down on the sofa to find out why her daughter was distraught.

Sonny offered to leave, but Josslyn surprised him by asking him to stay. Josslyn tearfully revealed that Spencer had disappeared from Rice Park and that it had likely been an abduction. Josslyn felt responsible because she was a camp counselor-in-training, and one of her responsibilities had been to keep an eye on the children. Sonny and Carly rushed to assure Josslyn that she was not to blame for Spencer's kidnapping. Sonny added that Spencer would be found safe and sound, but he suggested Josslyn could help by telling them exactly what had happened.

Josslyn explained that Spencer had been rehearsing for Hamlet all morning, so she hadn't noticed that he'd been missing until Valentin had arrived to pick up Charlotte and Laura had asked Josslyn to fetch Spencer. Sonny frowned and asked how Valentin had ended up in the park. Josslyn had no idea, but Charlotte had been upset earlier because of something that Spencer had said. Josslyn explained that Charlotte had asked for her father, but Josslyn had called Laura because Josslyn knew there had been custody issues between Lulu and Valentin. Carly was curious if Josslyn had been happy to see her father, but Josslyn assured her mother that Charlotte was completely devoted to Valentin.

Josslyn recounted the events after she had realized that Spencer was missing. She began to cry because she feared that Spencer wouldn't be found. Carly held her daughter as Josslyn wept in her arms. A short time later, Carly walked Josslyn to the door as they prepared to leave. Sonny promised Josslyn that he would do everything possible to find his nephew. Josslyn took comfort in Sonny's pledge.

In the squad room, Dante decided to Mirandize Valentin before Valentin explained why Spencer's script had been in Valentin's jacket pocket. Valentin insisted there was an innocent explanation, but Nina offered to call Valentin an attorney. Valentin argued that he didn't need one because he hadn't kidnapped Spencer. Dante suggested they go to the interrogation room to continue their conversation, but Valentin claimed that Spencer had dropped the script the previous day when Valentin had paid Spencer a visit in the park to make peace with his great-nephew.

Nina listened intently as Dante confronted Valentin about Spencer's civil lawsuit, but Valentin denied that he'd been concerned about it. According to Valentin, Spencer's case had no merit. Dante was curious how Valentin had felt about Spencer telling Charlotte that her father was a murderer. Valentin acknowledged that he'd been angry, but he was adamant that he would never lay a finger on Spencer. Nathan asked where Valentin had gone after he'd left the park, so Valentin revealed that he'd met with his lawyer to file a petition for visitation with Charlotte.

Dante had Valentin taken to the interrogation room while Dante checked on the witness who'd seen Spencer's abduction. Nathan decided to head to the courthouse to verify Valentin's alibi. He offered to give Nina a lift home, but Nina explained that she wanted to talk to Valentin. Nathan objected, but Nina asked her brother to trust her. Nathan reluctantly agreed.

Nina entered the interrogation room and told Valentin that she wanted the truth. She closed the door as he assured her that he'd told her the truth, but Nina had her doubts. Valentin conceded that he'd been mad at Spencer because Spencer was a "vindictive and spoiled little brat," but Nina defended Spencer because Spencer had been grieving for his father. Valentin didn't care because it hadn't excused Spencer hurting a child as young as Charlotte by telling her something that she couldn't possibly understand. Valentin thought Spencer had been lucky that Valentin hadn't told him there was a good chance that Nikolas was alive and well on the other side of the world -- and not giving Spencer a second thought.

Nina knew Valentin wouldn't be that mean. He agreed because she had made him a better person by giving him the courage to change. Valentin asked her to look him in the eyes and tell him that she didn't see that man and that she didn't love him. Nina admitted that she wanted to believe Valentin -- for Charlotte's sake, but Valentin wanted more. He wanted Nina to believe him "for us" and the future they could have together. Valentin knew she desired the truth, but he did, too, so he asked her to be honest.

Valentin wanted to know if she looked at him and saw a monster or the man that she made him want to be. Nina's expression softened as she confessed that she saw Charlotte's father, a man who had done a lot of things that he regretted, a man who wanted to be a better person for his daughter, and the man she believed. "Thank you," Valentin whispered.

In the squad room, Laura asked Dante why he'd asked to see her. Dante told her that the AMBER Alert had produced tips, but nothing had panned out yet. Laura was disappointed but eager to help. Dante explained that he needed her to corroborate something that Valentin had said. He reminded Laura that in both of her statements, she had mentioned that she'd been present when Spencer had told Charlotte that Valentin had killed Nikolas. "Yes," Laura confirmed.

Laura revealed that the children had returned to camp after the incident while Valentin had remained behind to let Laura know how furious he'd been. Dante asked if Valentin had threatened Spencer, but Laura admitted that Valentin had been careful not to say anything outright. Dante was curious if Valentin had left the park after the confrontation. She conceded that he had, but she argued that it didn't matter. Dante explained that his intention was to get the timeline straight and figure out what had happened. Laura was certain that Valentin had kidnapped her grandson -- or he had hired someone to do it.

Laura demanded that Dante arrest Valentin, but he assured her that Valentin was in the interrogation room. Dante excused himself when a police officer walked up to report that the witness had arrived. Dante filled Laura in about the witness as the police officer fetched Mrs. Goodwin. Dante greeted the elderly woman then invited her to sit. Mrs. Goodwin explained that she went to Rice Park every day to feed the pigeons. At Dante's urging, Mrs. Goodwin revealed that she'd seen a man dragging a young boy out of the park, but no one had believed her when she had reported it.

Dante assured Mrs. Goodwin that he believed her, and Laura added that the boy had been her grandson. Dante asked if Mrs. Goodwin would be able to identify the man if she saw a picture. Mrs. Goodwin nodded, prompting him to spread out a photo lineup. Mrs. Goodwin quickly identified Valentin. "Oh, my God," Laura said with horror. Laura implored Dante to get Valentin to reveal where Spencer was, but Dante had a few more questions for the witness when he noticed Mrs. Goodwin cleaning her glasses.

Dante asked Mrs. Goodwin about her vision, but she assured him that she'd been wearing her glasses in the park. Dante decided to test how good her vision was by asking her to read a missing poster for Spencer across the room. Unfortunately, Mrs. Goodwin was unable to make out the words, but she was certain that she'd seen Valentin in the park because she'd seen him several times on television. Dante feared that Mrs. Goodwin might have recognized Valentin from television, not from the park.

After Mrs. Goodwin left, Laura was livid because it had been a waste of their time. Dante apologized, and explained that high-profile cases tended to attract wannabe witnesses. Laura decided to take matters into her own hands and marched into the interrogation room to demand that Valentin tell her where Spencer was. Laura was shocked when Nina defended Valentin by claiming that Laura had the wrong man. Valentin insisted that every minute wasted questioning him could be spent searching for Spencer. Laura was outraged when Valentin threatened to leave if Dante didn't charge him, but Dante admitted that if Valentin's alibi checked out, then he would have to cut Valentin loose.

Just then, Nathan returned to report that Valentin's attorney had met with the judge, but Valentin had not been present. Dante pointed out that Valentin didn't have an alibi, but Valentin insisted that he'd been in the courthouse. Dante didn't believe him, so he called a police officer over and instructed him to take Valentin to lockup. Valentin begged Nina to remember that she knew the truth and to not to listen to Nathan and Dante.

The search for Spencer continues

The search for Spencer continues

Friday, July 21, 2017

Ava went through her makeup bags, throwing her makeup out. She picked up her drink and toasted, "So long, my friends. We had a good run." She looked at the mask she was supposed to be wearing. "There's not enough paint in the world to cover my new face," she said, and she took a drink. Minutes later, she was on the phone, asking a liquor store if they delivered. When told that they did, she rush ordered a case of vodka, claiming that she was having a party.

A short while later, Ava held the mask and thought about the fire that had caused her burns. She was startled out of the daydream by a knock on the door. She called out to leave the alcohol outside, but the deliveryman called back that he needed a signature. She promised she wasn't underage, but the deliveryman was getting frustrated. She finally opened the door and muttered, "Boo."

Bobbie asked Carly for an update on Spencer, but Carly replied that there was none. Carly told her mother that Josslyn was "drowning in guilt" because she believed it was her fault that Spencer was missing. Bobbie thought that was "ridiculous," but the women knew that Josslyn thought of herself as an adult. Speaking of Josslyn, Carly remarked on Josslyn spending a lot of time with Oscar and added that she wasn't ready for Josslyn to start dating.

Carly continued that she wanted to be Josslyn's best friend, but she couldn't, since she also had to be the parent. Bobbie instructed her daughter to "just listen" and become Josslyn's "safe place." Carly hoped that Josslyn didn't turn out like her or Bobbie. Josslyn arrived home and noticed the sudden silence. "Were you talking about me?" she wondered. Bobbie had to go to work, so she left the house. Carly invited Josslyn to sit and talk.

Carly asked some questions about Oscar, but Josslyn maintained that she didn't know Oscar very well. Carly thought that Josslyn wouldn't have had any alcohol the night of her ill-fated party if Oscar hadn't been there. She informed her daughter that she didn't have to impress anyone but herself. Josslyn shot back that Carly was judging someone without knowing them. "Isn't that what Nelle did to you?" she added.

Carly thought Josslyn was right. She wanted to meet Oscar, but Josslyn refused because she thought that Carly would embarrass her. Carly informed Josslyn that the teen years would be hard, but they would get through them as long as they listened to and respected each other. Carly lightheartedly told Josslyn that if she wanted to keep hanging out with Oscar, she would invite him over so that Carly could meet him.

Sonny urged Laura to take care of herself for Spencer. She wondered if there were any updates, but he promised that he had people on the case. He added that people willing to snatch a child in "my town are few and far between," so he thought it would be easy to catch the kidnapper. He promised to get Spencer back safely, but he advised her to do nothing rash. She thanked him for his help then left.

At the docks, Nina was on the phone. She insisted that she knew about the fees and the long-term implications. She told the person on the phone that she would either "withdraw the money or take my business elsewhere."

In the interrogation room, Nathan continued questioning Valentin, who maintained that he'd had nothing to do with Spencer's disappearance. An officer entered with a court order to release Valentin, as his bail had been posted. A frustrated Nathan wondered who had posted it. Nina entered and announced that she had.

Clearly unhappy, Nathan uncuffed Valentin and made sure that he wouldn't leave town or break any laws. He instructed Valentin to wait for his release paperwork. Nina explained to Valentin that she wanted everyone to know that she believed in him, but it didn't mean that she was getting back together with him. He begged for another chance. "Maybe, but not today," she answered.

Nathan returned with the paperwork for Valentin to sign. Just as he signed it and turned to go, Laura entered the police station. Nathan informed her that Valentin's bail had been posted, and Nina took responsibility for it. Laura exploded about Spencer being missing for twenty-four hours with no communication from the kidnapper. She continued that Valentin's whereabouts during the kidnapping were unaccounted for, and his best defense was "I didn't do it."

Nina insisted that Valentin hadn't kidnapped Spencer because "I know him." "I know him. He killed my son," Laura yelled back. A cop led Valentin out as Laura screamed about the cops letting her grandson's kidnapper go. She stormed out crying. Nina felt terrible for Laura, who she believed was "spiraling out of control." "Imagine if it was your sister," Nathan replied.

Nathan explained to a stunned Nina that he knew she would "cave" and take Valentin back, and she was making him jump through hoops to make herself feel better when she did take him back. He told his sister that he loved her and always had her back, but if she went back to Valentin and he broke her heart again, she would have to find someone else to help pick up the pieces.

Sam imagined Sonny in front of her, taunting her about Jason. Jason heard Sam protesting and wondered who she was talking to. She played it off as talking to herself as the imagined Sonny grinned. Changing the subject, Jason assured her that he would be at her follow-up appointment. She claimed that the iron supplements had been helping her. A short while later, Sam was on the phone with Molly, who was watching the kids while Sam and Jason were at the doctor. As she hung up, there was a knock on the door. Jason answered the door to Sonny.

Sonny greeted Sam, but she made up the excuse of taking Scout's blanket to Molly and quickly left. Sonny asked about Sam's strange behavior, and Jason only said that she was going through some "medical stuff." Sonny replied that he normally would have left Jason alone after hearing that, but he was there about something important. He briefly explained that he was trying to find Spencer, but Valentin had just been released on bail and needed to be "stopped." "And you want me to stop him?" Jason asked as Sam listened from outside the door. She left in disgust.

Sonny continued that he needed help from a professional. "I'm in," Jason said. Sonny made sure that Sam would be all right with it. Jason assured Sonny that Sam would be fine, especially since he was helping to look for a child that she was related to.

Sam knocked on Ava's door but found it already ajar. She entered the apartment and found Ava practically passed out on the couch. She woke her aunt up, and Ava wondered why Sam was there. As Ava struggled to get up, she knocked over a half-filled bottle of vodka. Sam got a towel and began to clean up despite Ava's protests. "You can repay me with coffee," she told Ava.

Sam explained that she was there to see Julian with a proposal, but if he couldn't even be there for Ava, Sam would probably have to take care of herself. Ava left to get Sam's coffee and promptly returned. She informed Sam that Julian was probably at his office because she'd told him to leave. Sam wondered about Avery. Ava replied that Avery saw her as a monster, so Avery was better off with Sonny. "No," Sam said. Ava thought it was a win for Sam's "buds" Sonny and Carly, but Sam answered that children belonged with their mothers.

Sam saw Ava's mask and thought that Ava was supposed to be wearing it. "Why bother?" Ava wondered. Sam assured Ava that she wasn't a monster, but Ava thought that her actions made her one. Thinking about karma, Sam commented that, while Ava has paid the price for her actions, Sonny never had to. She told Ava that she could either stay isolated or reclaim her life. Sam picked up the mask and suggested that they get it on Ava. Ava looked in the mirror at her masked face.

Valentin arrived at the pier on his way back to Wyndemere, and Laura followed him. She calmly promised to get Spencer to drop the lawsuit and to send him back to school if Valentin gave Spencer back. "I can't give what I don't have," Valentin answered. Getting angry, she said that Valentin had "won everything," and that Spencer was no threat to him. She realized why Helena thought that Valentin was the worst Cassadine, but he turned to walk away. She grabbed a crowbar and hit him with it.

Valentin hit the ground and called Laura insane, but she only screamed at him to give Spencer back. "I'll see you in jail," he yelled back. Just then, Jason appeared and put Valentin in a headlock. Moments later, he set an unconscious Valentin on the ground. He advised Laura to go because she couldn't raise Spencer from jail. He promised to find Spencer.

Sam arrived home and called out for Jason, but there was no reply. She found a note that said he'd had to go out, but he promised to be back in time for her appointment. Sonny appeared and taunted her about who "had" Jason. As he grinned at her, she got a gun out of the closet and left.

Sonny arrived home, and his phone rang. He answered it to Carly, who wanted an update on Spencer. He replied that he had none, but he expected good news soon. He revealed that Jason was helping with the search. When he hung up the phone, he got a text. He looked at his phone and saw a picture of Spencer alone in the basement in which he was trapped.

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