General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 29, 2017 on GH

Ava suffered catastrophic burns. Julian made bail. Elizabeth kept Jake from unleashing the Chimera. Valentin took Charlotte on the run when he learned there was an arrest warrant for him. Alexis' suspension was lifted.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 29, 2017 on GH
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Encore presentation: Jane Elliot's final episode Encore presentation: Jane Elliot's final episode

Monday, May 29, 2017

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital did not air. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 30, and picked up where the Friday, May 26 episode concluded.

Valentin is shot

Valentin is shot

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dante stood in his living room as he left his father a voicemail message explaining that he'd been looking for Sonny because Scott had filed a complaint. Dante was certain that Sonny had gone after Ava, so he begged his father not to do anything stupid. Dante promised to handle everything. Shortly after Dante ended the call, the police station called to let Dante know about a warehouse fire. Dante's interest was piqued when he was told that Ava owned the burning building.

In Ava's warehouse, Ava threw a hurricane lamp on the floor in a fit of rage. Carly was knocked back as the kerosene exploded and a fire ignited. Sonny rushed to check on his wife, who'd been momentarily stunned by the blast. Carly assured him that she was fine and stood up to follow him to the door. Furious, Ava pulled a gun out and aimed it at Sonny and Carly. Stunned, Carly pointed out that the warehouse was on fire, but Ava angrily accused Sonny and Carly of being pitchfork-wielding hypocrites who'd ridden in on their high horses.

Ava acknowledged that she'd replaced Morgan's lithium with placebos, but she refused to take all the blame for what had happened because Sonny and Carly had failed their son. Ava reminded the parents that Morgan had become moody, agitated, and depressed almost overnight, but rather than try to get to the root of what had been troubling Morgan when he'd quit the coffee kiosk, Sonny and Carly had indulged their son's sudden desire to go to college. Ava insisted that Morgan had been falling apart, but it had never occurred to Sonny or Carly that something had been seriously wrong. Sonny angrily argued that Ava had led Morgan down the wrong path by tampering with Morgan's medications.

Ava claimed that she'd kept waiting for Sonny and Carly to intervene and help Morgan, but they had remained blind to what should have been obvious. Sonny refused to listen to another word. "Burn in hell," Carly growled as she and Sonny turned to leave. Ava grabbed her bag filled with money and passports, dropped her gun inside, then made her way to a side door to escape. Ava was frustrated when she realized a pallet blocked the door and her path to freedom. She returned to the warehouse to follow Sonny and Carly, but the flames cut off the last route of escape.

Elsewhere in the warehouse, Sonny and Carly coughed as the smoke quickly filled the building. They stopped to get their bearings when they realized they were lost. Moments later, they heard Ava call out for help. Carly reluctantly started to go to Ava's aid, but Sonny stopped her because it might get them killed. Sonny insisted they had to get out and call for help. Moments later, Sonny and Carly made it out of the burning building. Carly asked for Sonny's phone and called for help. She told the 9-1-1 operator there was a fire at 216 Coolridge Ave and that the owner was trapped inside.

After Carly ended the call, she told Sonny that they'd been instructed not to enter the warehouse. Sonny and Carly watched as smoke billowed from under the door. A short time later, Dante arrived on the scene. Sonny and Carly told him how the fire had started and Ava's dire circumstances. Dante was surprised that Sonny and Carly hadn't tried to help Ava, but Sonny insisted it had been too dangerous. Moments later, firefighters entered the building to put out the flames and rescue Ava.

Sonny and Carly's expressions were solemn when Ava was carried out on a stretcher. A firefighter stopped to let Dante know that Ava was barely clinging to life. After the firefighter left, Carly quietly suggested she and Sonny head home to get cleaned up, but Dante needed Sonny and Carly to make an official statement at the police station.

Outside Kelly's, Nathan confronted Amy about using his picture for her column's byline. Amy was unapologetic because she had made him famous, but Nathan informed her that he hadn't had any desire for fame. He was not pleased that Amy had put his name on something he had no desire to be a part of, but Amy argued that he hadn't even read her blog. Amy explained that she wrote about relationships, emotional issues, and overall wellness. She also included diet and fitness tips. Amy added that Nathan was great at life hacks, but he pointed out that it was Amy who wrote the columns.

"Details," Amy said with a wave of her hand and a giggle. Nathan looked at the blog, but he groaned when he saw advice about making memories on memory foam. Amy giggled as she admitted that he talked about sex a lot, but mainly because people asked him about it. Nathan reminded her that it wasn't him, but he realized that the blog had been the other job she'd mentioned earlier in the evening. Amy admitted that she wrote the column for free, but that would change. Nathan disagreed because he wanted her to kill the blog.

Amy objected because people liked her blog, and she had lined up advertisers. Nathan reminded Amy that she could be arrested for using his picture without permission, but she laughed because she doubted he'd arrest her. Nathan switched gears by encouraging Amy to write as herself, but she argued that smart blonde women were a dime a dozen. However, a good-looking guy like Nathan who was in touch with what women needed was "priceless." Nathan insisted that he didn't want his image used for the blog, but Amy wondered if it had occurred to him that he could use her advice to help his own troubled marriage.

Nathan denied his marriage was on the rocks, but Amy disagreed because she recalled him expressing his concern about Maxie and Spinelli rekindling things. Nathan assured her that his marriage was fine, but Amy noticed the time and announced that she had to get to work. Nathan offered her a lift because he wasn't through talking to her about the blog.

In Metro Court's ballroom, Jason decided it was time to go home and told Jake to pack up. Jake glanced at the vision of Helena sitting at a corner table. Helena smiled at Jake, so he picked up the canister and held it above his head. Shocked, Valentin immediately recognized the canister. "It's the Chimera," Valentin said as he stood up. "Bravo," Helena said with glee as she clapped.

Tensions quickly mounted when Jake pressed the button and the canister's lights turned blue. Valentin warned everyone that the canister had been unlocked. Anna and Valentin called Emma and Charlotte over then hustled the girls out the door with Lulu, Laura, and Nina. Nina was reluctant to leave Valentin's side, but he insisted.

In the hallway, Emma and Charlotte were worried about Jake, but Lulu, Laura, and Nina assured the girls that everything was fine. Lulu suggested they heed Valentin's advice and get to safety, but Nina decided to stay. Lulu didn't think it was a good idea, but Nina promised that she would be okay.

In the ballroom, Jason tried to persuade Jake to hand over the Chimera, but Jake explained that "she" didn't want him to let go of the canister. Jason asked who Jake had been referring to. Everyone was stunned when Jake revealed that he'd been talking to Helena Cassadine. Elizabeth rushed over to her son and leaned down to ask if Helena was talking to him. "Yes," Jake answered. Elizabeth gently told him to ignore Helena and to only listen to his mother.

Helen objected, but Elizabeth explained that Helena didn't have any real power -- only Jake did. Helena urged Jake to open the Chimera and give everyone a show because it was his destiny. Elizabeth realized Helena was pushing Jake to do things he didn't want to do. She assured Jake that he didn't have to listen to Helena because Helena was not real. Elizabeth explained that Helena felt victorious because the hate Helena had for everyone was stronger than the love Elizabeth had for Jake, but Elizabeth promised that Helena was wrong.

Elizabeth implored Jake to keep his eyes on her, not Helena. Elizabeth assured Jake that she had faith in him, but Helena argued that Helena had been the one who had prepared Jake for his destiny. "Release the Chimera!" Helena ordered. Jake's hand tightened on the canister's lid, but Elizabeth pulled Jake's attention back to her by asking him if he could feel the love from everyone in the room. Elizabeth assured her son that he made everyone smile, and they knew that he loved them. Elizabeth promised that love was stronger than hate and that she and Jason would never stop fighting for Jake.

Jake glanced at Helena one last time then deactivated the Chimera. Helena instantly vanished. Anna took the canister and magic kit from Jake as Elizabeth swept Jake up in a tight hug. Anna secured the canister in the case then placed a call. Nearby, Jason and Elizabeth praised their son for being strong. Franco walked up as Jake apologized to Jason, but Jason insisted that Jake had nothing to be sorry for.

Jason pulled Elizabeth aside to thank her for getting through to Jake. He realized that she was the only one who could have. Elizabeth appreciated Jason's kind words, but she remained concerned about Jake. Jason and Elizabeth agreed that it would be best to take Jake to the hospital to get checked out. Jason promised to catch up with Elizabeth and Jake when he finished up in the ballroom. He wanted to make certain that Helena hadn't left behind any other surprises.

Meanwhile, Nina returned to the ballroom. Valentin was upset that she hadn't fled to safety with Charlotte, but Nina wanted to know what had been going on. Valentin told her about the Chimera and explained that Alex had hoped to seduce him to learn the biotoxin's whereabouts. Nina was glad the ordeal was over, but Valentin admitted that it wouldn't be over until the Chimera was destroyed. Moments later, Anna let Valentin know that it was time to seal off the ballroom.

After Nina stepped out to call the police, Valentin noticed the way Anna looked at him. He assured her that he hadn't wanted the Chimera to resurface. Anna tactfully told him to go be with his daughter.

At Dante and Lulu's house, Laura, Lulu, Emma, and Charlotte entered the living room after they had changed into pajamas. Lulu assured her daughter that Valentin would pick Charlotte up as soon as he was able. Lulu promised the girls a fun time if they had to spend the night, but Charlotte was curious why everyone had seemed scared during Jake's performance. Laura downplayed the incident, prompting Lulu to send the girls to the kitchen for Charlotte's favorite cookies.

After Emma and Charlotte left the room, Lulu asked what her mother thought had been in the canister. Laura suspected it wasn't good, but she hoped that no news was good news. Laura reminded Lulu that they had the advantage because Helena had made a move on their turf. Laura was confident that Jake would be fine because he was surrounded by family and friends. A short time later, Lulu and Laura played charades with the girls, but Emma and Charlotte remained distracted.

Lulu and Laura assured Charlotte that everything would be okay with Valentin, but Emma was certain the adults were hiding something. Lulu promised Emma and Charlotte that everyone could be trusted to keep Jake safe. Satisfied, Emma and Charlotte relaxed.

At the hospital, Elizabeth waited for an update on Jake. Franco assured her that her son would be fine. She knew Franco was right, but she was still rattled because they'd all been very close to dying. Franco reminded Elizabeth that she had saved everyone by getting through to Jake. He admitted that it had been a sight to behold. Elizabeth smiled, but she admitted that something inside had taken over and guided her. Franco kissed her.

Nearby, Amy and Nathan exited the elevator. Nathan gave Amy an ultimatum: take down his picture or her blog. Amy noticed Elizabeth and Franco, so she rushed over to find out if someone had been hurt at the Nurses Ball.

A short time later, Elizabeth and Franco entered Jake's hospital room. Amy explained that Jake was fine, but the doctor wanted him to spend the night for observation. Amy promised to check on Jake then left. Franco praised Jake for being brave, but Jake was skeptical. Franco promised it was true because it had taken a lot of courage for Jake to fight the demons in his head. Elizabeth added that everyone had been proud of Jake for doing the right thing, but Jake wondered if Helena was gone for good.

Elizabeth and Franco promised Jake that Helena would not be back. Relieved, Jake closed his eyes to sleep. Elizabeth assured Jake that she and Franco would remain at his side.

In Metro Court's parking garage, Anna caught up with Valentin as he tried to escape with the Chimera. Anna feared that Valentin had lived up to his Cassadine heritage by stealing the deadly biotoxin as a prize to sell to the highest bidder. Offended, Valentin reminded her that he'd sold the Chimera years earlier because he'd needed money to finance his multiple surgeries and his life on the run. Anna acknowledged that Valentin had been in a difficult position because he'd had a target on his back. Valentin admitted that it had been a mistake to sell the Chimera to Helena, but he doubted Anna hadn't had her own regrets. Anna assured him that she regretted that her daughter had paid for the stupid choices Anna had made -- just like Charlotte had nearly paid for his mistakes.

Anna warned Valentin that she couldn't let him leave with the Chimera, but he was reluctant to turn it over to the WSB because they had created the deadly weapon. Anna assured him that the WSB intended to destroy the canister, but Valentin insisted that it was his responsibility. He was certain Anna would feel the same if their roles had been reversed. Moments later, Valentin's phone rang. It was Nina.

In the hallway, an armed gunman quietly approached Nina and ordered her to end the call. The gunman and an accomplice marched Nina to the ballroom and quickly took Jason hostage. Afterwards, Nina was ordered to call Valentin. Nina told Valentin that a gunman held her hostage in the ballroom and demanded that Valentin hand over the box with the canister. A short time later, Valentin entered the ballroom. He didn't hesitate to exchange the canister for Nina's freedom. The gunman opened the box while Valentin made certain that Nina was okay, but things took a deadly turn when the gunman realized he'd been double-crossed.

Valentin ordered Nina to run, and Jason took advantage of the distraction to knock the second gunman off balance. Valentin turned his wrath on the gunman who'd taken Nina hostage.

In the hallway, Nathan was relieved when he saw his sister. Nina was distraught and explained that Valentin was in the ballroom with a gunman. Nathan called for backup then entered the ballroom. Seconds later, Nina heard a gunshot ring out. Nina ran inside but smiled when she realized that Nathan and Jason had gained the upper hand. Nina was overjoyed that Nathan hadn't been hurt, but her happiness turned to horror when she saw Valentin on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound in the abdomen.

In the parking garage, Anna heard approaching footsteps. She ordered the person to stop then stepped out of the shadows. She held the Chimera in both hands as a man identified himself as a WSB agent. The man asked for the canister, but Anna insisted on returning to the WSB with the agent because she wanted to make certain the deadly biotoxin was neutralized once and for all.

Epiphany has grim news for Kiki

Epiphany has grim news for Kiki

> Epiphany has grim news for Kiki

Epiphany has grim news for Kiki

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dillon caught up with Kiki at the hospital to surprise her with a thermos of coffee. Kiki was grateful because she had a long night ahead of her. She explained that the emergency room had sent a patient to the burn unit, so the nursing staff would be shorthanded, which meant the nursing aides would have to pick up the slack. Kiki and Dillon sat down to sip coffee and chat. Kiki admitted it had been strange how her mother had talked about how proud she was of the woman Kiki was becoming. Dillon conceded it had been out of character for Ava to gush about Kiki like that.

Kiki thought Ava had seemed intense but also somewhat distracted. She had no idea what had been troubling her mother, but she had left Ava a voicemail message because she feared Ava was caught up in something. Kiki and Dillon made their way to the nurses' station as Kiki confided that her mother was hopeful that Sonny would let Ava spend more time with Avery, since Carly was no longer in the picture. However, Kiki couldn't imagine Sonny ever giving Ava more time with Avery. Dillon reminded Kiki that it wasn't her job to fix Ava's problems.

Moments later, Epiphany approached Kiki to reveal that she had bad news for Kiki. Dillon offered to leave, but Epiphany thought it would be best for Dillon to stay. Dillon and Kiki followed Epiphany to a quiet corner. Epiphany explained that usually the police would talk to Kiki, but Epiphany had decided it was a special circumstance because Kiki worked at the hospital. Kiki was stunned when Epiphany broke the news that Ava had been admitted to the burn unit. Kiki wanted to see her mother, but Epiphany advised against it because Ava's risk of infection was too high.

Dillon consoled Kiki as he asked Epiphany how bad it was. Epiphany admitted that Ava had suffered second- and third-degree burns over fifty percent of her body. Kiki realized that her mother might die, but Epiphany reminded Kiki that the hospital had a first-rate burn unit.

In the interrogation room, Dante told Sonny and Carly that Ava was in critical condition. Dante noticed that Sonny and Carly hadn't said anything. "Nothing?" Dante asked. Sonny offered to give an official statement, but Dante wondered if Sonny and Carly would feel better with Diane present. Carly insisted they had nothing to hide, so Dante shifted gears to ask how Sonny and Carly had ended up at the warehouse. Sonny explained that he and Carly had gone to the warehouse to confront Ava about what she'd done to Morgan. Dante was curious what Sonny was talking about, but Sonny glanced at Carly.

Cary revealed that Ava had replaced Morgan's lithium with placebos, which had sent Morgan into the manic spiral that had ultimately led to his death. Dante asked if Sonny and Carly had proof of Ava's guilt. Carly told Dante that Ava had confessed, but Dante wondered if Ava's confession had been before or after Sonny had pulled out a gun. Sonny explained that Ava had been the one who had wielded a gun, but Dante wanted to know how Sonny and Carly had known that Ava would be at the warehouse. Sonny admitted that Scott had told Sonny and Carly that Ava had decided to flee town. Sonny had figured that Ava had gone to the warehouse because she wouldn't have been foolish enough to leave money and fake passports in her apartment or the gallery.

Carly added that the warehouse had been dark when they had entered it, and the front of the warehouse had been a complicated maze. Sonny explained that they'd found Ava in the back of the warehouse with a kerosene lamp. Sonny and Carly told Dante that the fire had started when Ava had thrown the lamp at Carly in a fit of rage after they had called Ava out for tampering with Morgan's medication. Carly explained that Ava had hoped to get Morgan admitted to the Freedman Clinic and out of Kiki's life for good. Carly suddenly realized that Morgan might still be alive if Ava's plan had succeeded, but Dante thought it sounded like a motive for murder.

Sonny wondered why he would kill "that bitch" in a way that could be traced right back to him, especially since Sonny had talked to Lucy, Scott, and even Dante earlier in the evening about Ava. Dante wanted to know why Ava had thrown the lamp. Cary admitted that she had invited Ava to take a swing at her, but Ava had been too much of a coward and had thrown the lamp instead. Sonny added that Ava had pulled out the gun then spouted "self-justifying garbage" about how Sonny and Carly were to blame for Morgan's fate because they hadn't recognized that their son was in trouble. Dante was astounded by Ava's gall, but Sonny admitted that he and Carly had decided to leave the warehouse because they'd been disgusted by Ava's ranting.

Dante was curious if it had occurred to Sonny and Carly that Ava had been trapped in the warehouse, but Sonny insisted Ava had had access to a back door. Carly added that she and Sonny had barely made it out alive, but they had called 9-1-1 to report the fire as soon as they had made it to safety. Sonny admitted that they had heard Ava cry out for help, but it had been too dangerous to attempt a rescue. Dante was curious if Sonny would have tried to help Ava if he'd had a chance, but Sonny insisted that it didn't matter because Ava had started the fire and had gotten herself trapped.

After Dante ended the interview and left, Sonny reminded Carly that they were free to leave. Carly admitted that she needed a minute to absorb everything that had happened. She worried that it had been a mistake to talk to the police without their attorney, but Sonny was confident that they hadn't done anything wrong. Carly reminded him that it would be their word against Ava's, but Sonny was confident that the evidence backed up their story. Sonny urged Carly not to waste any compassion on Ava, but Carly assured him that she didn't have any for Ava after what Ava had done to Morgan.

Sonny admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about Morgan and what Ava had put their son through. Sonny confessed that he didn't care that Ava was going through "hell," but Carly wondered what they would do if Ava lived. Sonny was certain Ava would face charges and jail time for tampering with Morgan's medication. However, he reminded Carly that they finally had the answers they'd been looking for. Carly decided to head home to break the news to Bobbie and Josslyn. Sonny admitted that he intended to spend time with Avery. He was grateful that Avery was too young to understand what had happened to Ava.

At the hospital, Kiki saw Dante and called out to him because she wanted information about the fire. Kiki recalled Ava mentioning there had been a crisis at the gallery, but she couldn't understand why her mother had gone into a burning building. Dante clarified that Ava had been at the warehouse. Kiki was shocked when Dante revealed that the fire had started during an angry confrontation with Sonny and Carly. Kiki's shock gave way to horror when Dante told her that Ava had switched Morgan's lithium with placebos, which had led to his death. Kiki was certain Dante was mistaken, but he assured her there was proof, including Ava's confession to Sonny and Carly.

At Metro Court, Curtis caught his breath after making love to Jordan. Jordan snuggled in his arms as she admitted that their lovemaking had been amazing. Curtis confessed that he'd thought it would never happen, but he was curious if it had been as good for her as it had been for him. Jordan jokingly told him that he'd ruined her for all men. Curtis chuckled, but Jordan admitted that she truly felt blessed. Touched, Curtis vowed to render her speechless then passionately kissed her.

Later, Curtis held Jordan as he promised to order dinner once she recovered her speech and could tell him what she wanted. Jordan smiled because she was surprised that Curtis had been thinking about food. "Too presumptuous?" Curtis asked. Jordan grinned. "Well, clearly not too presumptuous," she seductively replied. Curtis kissed her.

After Curtis and Jordan made love, they put on robes and took advantage of room service. They were enjoying the food when Curtis heard Jordan's phone. He groaned with frustration as Jordan answered the phone. His hopes for a night of passion with Jordan were dashed when she announced that she had to get to work. Curtis was disappointed, but he understood. Pleased, Jordan promised to make it up to him.

After Jordan left, Curtis put the tray of food in the hallway. He saw a woman pass by and noticed her sexy legs. "Curtis?" the woman asked when she glanced down. Curtis was surprised to realize the woman was an old acquaintance. He was curious what Grace was doing in town, so she told him that she'd been on a job interview. As they chatted, Curtis mentioned that he'd been spending time with a "dinner companion."

Grace was curious if Curtis and his dinner companion were exclusive because she wanted to buy Curtis a drink. Curtis declined because he didn't want to mess things up with the woman he'd spent the evening with. Grace was disappointed, but she acknowledged that his dinner companion had to be special. Grace claimed that she was happy for Curtis, but he didn't believe her. Grace smiled, asked him to wish her luck with the job, then left.

In Valentin's hospital room, Valentin's eyes snapped open. He was relieved when he saw Nina because it meant that she was alive. Nina gently told him that he would soon be taken to surgery. Valentin asked Nina to remember that he loved her -- no matter what happened. Nina assured Valentin that he would be okay, but he worried that she might hear terrible things about his past that would change how she felt about him. Nina promised that she knew all she needed to know -- he loved her enough to serenade her in a room full of people, and he had saved her life.

Nina assured Valentin that she loved him, but she needed him to be okay. She reminded him that Charlotte needed him too. Concerned, Valentin implored Nina to go to Charlotte because his daughter needed reassurance. Nina wanted to stay until Valentin was taken to surgery, but Valentin was adamant that Nina fetch Charlotte right away.

A short time later, Nina ran into Nathan at the elevator. She gave him a quick hug then pressed the button to summon the elevator because she was in a rush to leave. She promised to call Nathan later, but he insisted that he needed to talk to her about Valentin's involvement in the Chimera Project. Nina entered the elevator and assured Nathan that she would call him, but she needed to get to Charlotte because Charlotte was her priority.

Meanwhile, Anna wrapped up a phone call then entered Lulu's home to give Lulu and Laura an update. Lulu and Laura were shocked when Anna revealed that Valentin had been shot in the ballroom and was in surgery. Anna proceeded to tell them that the canister Jake had been holding had been a deadly biotoxin known as the Chimera, which Valentin had sold to Helena decades earlier to fund his life on the run and numerous surgeries. Lulu asked what would have happened if Jake had managed to open the canister. Anna admitted that everyone, including Emma and Charlotte, would have been exposed to the deadly biotoxin.

Anna quickly reminded Lulu and Laura that it hadn't happened then asked how Emma and Charlotte were. Lulu admitted that the girls had been worried and "weirded out," but the girls had fallen asleep because Lulu and Laura had managed to calm them down. Anna asked if Emma could spend the night because Anna had to take care of a few things. Lulu assured Anna that it would be fine, but Lulu wondered what she should tell Charlotte. Anna thought about it for a minute then suggested that Lulu let Charlotte know that Valentin had been very brave.

After Anna left, Lulu and Laura went to the kitchen. Lulu admitted that she had a lot of thoughts swirling around inside her head, but paramount was the thought of Valentin in surgery. Laura acknowledged that Valentin's death would solve all of Lulu's problems and give Nikolas some justice, but Laura didn't want Lulu to feel guilty if Valentin didn't pull through. Lulu worried about Charlotte because she knew Charlotte would be devastated if anything happened to Valentin. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Nina.

Lulu invited Nina inside. Nina was curious how Charlotte was, so Lulu assured her that Charlotte was sleeping like an angel. Laura revealed that she and Lulu had heard about Valentin's shooting. Nina knew Valentin wasn't Laura's favorite person, but she assured Laura that Valentin had been a hero earlier that evening. Lulu realized that Nina had no idea about Valentin's role in what had transpired in the ballroom. Laura gently explained that Valentin had set everything into motion, but Nina didn't believe her.

Lulu and Laura explained that Valentin had stolen the Chimera from the WSB then sold the deadly device to Helena to fund his surgeries. Lulu pointed out that Valentin had known how dangerous the Chimera had been, but he'd left it in Helena's hands. Nina refused to believe it. Laura admitted that Anna had mentioned there had been mitigating circumstances, but Laura didn't think it mattered because if Valentin hadn't given the Chimera to Helena, then the deadly biotoxin wouldn't have ended up in Jake's hands. Laura added that Charlotte and Emma would have been the first victims if Helena's diabolical plans had succeeded.

Shaken, Nina recalled Valentin's confession that she'd made him happier than he deserved to be because he'd been a very bad person when he'd worked for the WSB. Nina also remembered Valentin's earlier concern that she might hear something that would change how she felt about him. "Oh, my God, it was Valentin," Nina realized. Nina begged Lulu not to say anything to Charlotte, but Lulu had no desire to add to her daughter's pain. Satisfied, Nina decided to leave, but she promised to have someone call Lulu with an update on Valentin.

At the hospital, Anna bumped into Nathan as she exited the elevator. She was curious if there was news about Valentin, so Nathan revealed that Valentin was in surgery. Nathan realized the Chimera Project had been the classified business Anna and her twin, Alex, had discussed at the airport. Anna filled Nathan in about Alex's mission to seduce Valentin into stealing the Chimera, but Valentin had vanished with the deadly biotoxin, which he'd sold to Helena. Anna admitted that Helena would have succeeded in unleashing the Chimera if Jason and Elizabeth hadn't gotten through to Jake.

Nathan was surprised when Anna admitted that Valentin had managed to steal the Chimera in the ballroom, but he'd returned the canister to Anna when she'd caught up to him in the parking garage. Anna admitted that it had shocked her because Valentin could have used the biotoxin to save Nina from an armed thug looking for the deadly device. Nathan was annoyed that Valentin had risked Nina's safety, but Anna assured Nathan that Valentin had intended to rescue Nina.

Later, Jordan arrived at the hospital. Anna told Jordan about the Chimera Project and the events that had transpired in the ballroom after the Nurses Ball. Jordan was shocked that Alex had held Anna captive. She was curious about Anna's illness, but Anna assured Jordan that Alex had arranged for Anna to receive phlebotomy treatments. Moments later, Nathan returned to give Anna and Jordan an update on Valentin.

In Valentin's hospital room, Valentin heard the door open then close. His eyes remained closed as he called out Nina's name. Anna sat down next to Valentin's bed to let him know that it was her. She assured him that Charlotte was well and spending the night at Lulu's house. Valentin's eyes opened as Anna revealed that the bullet had missed all of Valentin's vital organs, so he was expected to make a full recovery. Valentin asked about the Chimera, so she assured him that she'd personally made certain that the biotoxin had been destroyed. "Good," Valentin replied.

Anna revealed that the WSB had Alex in custody, but she warned Valentin that Alex would tell the agents that Valentin had stolen the Chimera. Anna added that Valentin would be charged with treason and other crimes, shipped to the "ICC in the Hague," and then transferred to the "super-max," where he'd spend the rest of his days. Valentin was upset. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she gently squeezed his hand to let him know that he was not alone.

Julian is released on bail

Julian is released on bail

Thursday, June 1, 2017

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn checked the breakfast tray to make certain everything was ready for Hayden. Hayden groaned as she entered the room. She wondered how long morning sickness lasted. Finn told her that it usually only lasted a few weeks, but in rare cases extended throughout pregnancy. He also warned her that the nausea could hit at any time of the day. Hayden was not happy because she had a meeting later that morning.

Finn handed Hayden something to drink and suggested breakfast, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary for him to go out of his way for her. Finn was surprised that she had assumed that he didn't want to help her, but another wave of nausea hit, and she rushed to the bathroom. A short time later, Hayden returned. Finn complimented her outfit. She thanked him but admitted that she intended to stop off at her place to change. Finn seized the opportunity to broach the subject of Hayden moving in with him after he closed on his townhouse.

Hayden admitted that she had planned on raising their baby as a single mother because Finn hadn't given her any indication that he wanted an active role in the baby's life. Shocked, Finn made it clear that he wanted to be a family with Hayden and the baby. Hayden smiled because she wanted the same. Relieved, Finn kissed her. After the kiss, Hayden told Finn that she wished he'd said something sooner, but he admitted that he'd been afraid because he was an addict. "Recovering addict," Hayden corrected.

Hayden assured Finn that she wasn't looking at life through rose-colored glasses, but she'd seen the goodness in him when he'd saved her life and when he'd given up a fortune to save the hospital. Hayden was confident that Finn would be a good father to their baby. Finn smiled and assured Hayden that she would be an amazing mother.

At the police station, Diane made plans to meet Alexis later that day. She ended the call when she saw Jordan pass through the squad room. Diane handed Jordan a cease and desist order and suggested that Jordan stop wasting time on Sonny and bring Ava to justice instead. "Bring Ava to justice for what?" Julian asked as he was led into the squad room. Diane was stunned when she realized that Julian had made bail. She warned Jordan that Julian posed a threat to a lot of people in town then advised Jordan to seize his passport.

After Diane left, Julian asked Jordan about his sister, but Jordan ignored him and ordered a police officer to remove Julian's handcuffs. A short time later, Jordan went over the terms of Julian's bail and reminded him that one single infraction would land him back behind bars. Julian assured her that he knew what his restrictions were, but he wanted to know about Ava. Jordan reluctantly revealed that Ava was in the hospital in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Diane arrived at Alexis' house and announced that she had good news and bad news. Diane was curious which order Alexis wanted the news in, but Alexis hated games. Diane decided to start with the good news and gave Alexis a letter from the review board. Diane explained that Alexis' suspension had been lifted, and she was once again an attorney. Alexis was elated and thanked Diane for everything. Alexis admitted that she'd considered downsizing and getting a job at Kelly's.

Diane laughed and feigned disappointment that she hadn't kept the letter from Alexis. Diane confessed that it would have made things easier for her professionally because she wouldn't have had to worry about facing Alexis in the courtroom. Alexis was grateful for Diane's unwavering friendship and support, but Diane reminded her friend that she had bad news. Diane told Alexis that Julian had made bail. However, Diane made it clear that she did not want Alexis near Julian because Julian had nearly destroyed Alexis' career.

Alexis warned Diane that it was inevitable that Julian would turn up on Alexis' doorstep. Alexis admitted that she wouldn't be surprised if Julian was already on his way over, but Diane admitted that Julian would go to the hospital first. Diane told Alexis about the fire and Ava's horrific injuries. Alexis worried about Julian, but Diane threatened to lock Alexis in a closet if Alexis went near Julian.

At the hospital, Bobbie gently explained to Kiki that Ava had suffered second- and third-degree burns over fifty percent of her body. Bobbie admitted that the burns were near-catastrophic injuries, so the next few hours would be crucial. Bobbie assured Kiki that Ava had a team of doctors and nurses working to stabilize her and to keep potential infections at bay. Kiki wandered over to the window to her mother's room and looked at Ava. Ava was covered in bandages except for her right eye, and a ventilator helped her breathe. Bobbie revealed that the blankets on Ava were designed to help keep her warm, since the skin helped a body retain heat.

Bobbie explained that the burn unit would wait until Ava was stable before determining the next course of action. Kiki wiped away tears as Dillon wrapped his arms around her. Bobbie offered to call someone, but Kiki admitted her mother and grandmother weren't close. Kiki decided to call Delia once there was more information to share. Dillon assured Bobbie that Kiki would not be alone because she had him. Bobbie reminded Kiki that the hospital had patient advocates available to help guide Kiki through the various decisions Kiki would have to make for her mother.

Bobbie urged Kiki to eat because Kiki needed to keep up her strength. After Bobbie left to find a social worker to talk to Kiki, Kiki cried. A short time later, Dillon returned with a smoothie for Kiki. Kiki reluctantly took a sip and conceded that it was good. She looked up when a doctor exited her mother's hospital room. The doctor gave Kiki an update then asked if Ava had a living will or advance directive. Kiki admitted that she had no idea.

"I do," Julian answered as he rounded the corner. After the doctor left, Kiki asked how Julian had gotten out of jail. He told her that he'd been released on bail. He walked over to the window and knocked to get the nurse's attention. As soon as the woman stepped in the hallway, Julian asked if he and Kiki could see Ava because he wanted his sister to know that she was not alone. The nurse told him that only one visitor at a time could enter, and they'd need to wear a sterile gown and mask.

Julian invited Kiki to go first, but she declined. Julian seemed to understand her reluctance and assured her that her mother was a fighter. After Julian left to get ready to see his sister, Dillon apologized to Kiki. Confused, Kiki asked what he was talking about. Dillon was furious that Julian had taken over as if it had been his right. Dillon was also annoyed that Julian had visited Ava first instead of letting Kiki spend time with her mother. Dillon promised to have a talk with Julian, but Kiki assured Dillon that it wasn't necessary because she didn't want to see her mother.

Dillon assumed Kiki was afraid, but she admitted that it had nothing to do with how Ava looked. Kiki explained that she couldn't face Ava after what her mother had done to Morgan. Dillon warned Kiki that she might not know the whole story. He advised Kiki to get to the truth before turning her back on her mother.

After Julian left Ava's room, he fought back tears as he stood in the waiting room. Moments later, he heard approaching footsteps. It was Alexis.

In Nelle's hospital room, Nelle slowly woke up then turned to look at the chair. She smiled when she saw Michael sleeping. Nelle decided to wake him up by throwing a box of tissues on the floor. Michael stirred as Nelle pretended to do the same. They smiled at each other as Michael asked how she had slept. "Well," Nelle told him.

Michael grinned and suggested that it had been the company. Michael poured Nelle a glass of water as they chatted and laughed. He became concerned when he saw her wince, so she admitted that it hurt to laugh. Michael decided to fetch Nelle a doctor, but she assured him that he'd done more than enough and was off the hook. Michael had no idea what Nelle was talking about. Nelle explained that it was clear he'd been taking care of her the way he always took care of other people.

Michael admitted that he wanted to take care of Nelle because he cared about her. He confessed that it had scared him when he'd seen her injured on the piers, so if caring about her meant he was on the hook, then he didn't want to be off. In the hallway, Bobbie was not pleased when she saw Michael in Nelle's hospital room. Bobbie knocked on the door then entered. Bobbie noticed that Nelle's color had improved, but she turned her focus on Michael to ask if she could have a word with him in the hallway.

Michael followed his grandmother to the hallway. Bobbie was curious if he had talked to Sonny or Carly, but Michael admitted that he hadn't. Bobbie advised him to check his messages then find his parents because they had news about Morgan.

Later, Bobbie returned to Nelle's hospital room and looked at Nelle's chart as she asked if the attending physician had checked in on Nelle. Nelle confirmed that she'd seen the doctor. Satisfied, Bobbie assured Nelle that it appeared Nelle's kidney was recovering nicely, and Nelle's vitals were strong. Nelle was uncomfortable with Bobbie looking at her chart, but Bobbie explained that she was simply checking on Nelle as Michael had requested. Nelle was curious where Michael was, so Bobbie revealed that he had left to attend to a family matter.

Bobbie asked about Nelle's plans to leave town, but Nelle remained silent. Concerned, Bobbie asked if Nelle's plans had changed, but Nelle informed Bobbie that it was none of Bobbie's business. Nelle ordered Bobbie to put down the chart because it made Nelle nervous, but Bobbie held onto it. Bobbie acknowledged that she and her family would always be grateful for Nelle's sacrifice because it had saved Josslyn, but Bobbie feared that Nelle's presence in town would complicate things for Michael and likely not end well for Nelle.

Nelle assured Bobbie that she had no desire to hurt Michael. Pleased, Bobbie urged Nelle to follow her initial instinct to leave town and start fresh somewhere else because it was what everyone needed. Nelle suspected Bobbie wanted her to leave because Bobbie didn't like Nelle, but Bobbie explained that she'd once been where Nelle was. Bobbie warned Nelle not to mistake decency for interest because Michael might say he cared about Nelle, but that translated to pity -- nothing more.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny read Avery's acceptance letter to preschool when Dante entered the living room. After they exchanged greetings and chatted about the preschool, Dante let his father know that the fire marshal's report had corroborated Sonny's version of how the warehouse fire had started. Sonny smiled with satisfaction as he reminded Dante that Ava had only herself to blame for the situation she was in. Dante let his father know that Ava had made it through the night, but he suggested that Sonny call for further updates because Sonny was apt to get more detailed information. Sonny didn't care because he wasn't interested in Ava's condition.

"What about Avery?" Dante asked. He warned Sonny that Ava might ask for Avery, but Sonny resented Dante trying to make him feel sorry for Ava. Sonny insisted Ava deserved to be punished for what she'd done to Morgan. Dante agreed, but he argued that no one deserved to be burned alive. Sonny didn't care because it could have easily been Carly who had suffered the burns. According to Sonny, Ava hadn't cared if Sonny and Carly had lived or died, so Sonny didn't feel obligated to have compassion for Ava.

Sonny handed Dante the prescription bottle with Morgan's pills and suggested that Dante talk to Andre and the head of the hospital's pharmacy because they could each confirm that Ava had tampered with Morgan's medication. Sonny also advised Dante to put the squeeze on Scott because Sonny was confident that Scott would turn on Ava to save his own skin. Dante explained that someone else would be assigned the case, but he warned his father not to expect too much because no one would be in a hurry to prosecute a "dead" woman. Sonny was frustrated, but Dante advised his father to keep his distance from Ava.

Sonny accused Dante of not caring about how Morgan had died. Sonny became emotional as he talked about searching the riverbank for Morgan's body and the suffering his youngest son had endured as Morgan had fallen into a manic spiral that had ultimately killed him. Sonny insisted that Ava had driven Morgan over the edge and was responsible for Morgan's death. Dante agreed and promised that he was not judging Sonny. However, Dante feared that Avery might because she would eventually have questions about Ava. Dante wondered what Sonny planned to say when Avery asked about Ava.

Sonny admitted that he would tell Avery about Morgan -- the brother she wouldn't remember -- and how Morgan had won his battle with bipolar disorder until Ava had taken it away. Sonny added that he would explain to Avery that he and Carly had been angry and had confronted Ava, but Ava had thrown a lamp at Carly, which had trapped Ava in the fire. Sonny intended to assure his daughter that she was her own beautiful person and nothing like her mother, because cruelty and selfishness were not traits a person inherited. Finally, Sonny would let Avery know that he loved her -- and hoped that it would be enough.

After Dante left, Sonny called the hospital for an update on Ava, but he ended the call when he was asked what his relationship to Ava was. Moments later, Michael arrived. Michael apologized for not checking his messages sooner and admitted that his grandmother had mentioned that Sonny had wanted to talk to him about Morgan. Sonny filled Michael in about Ava's role in Morgan's manic episode that had led to Morgan's death and the fire at Ava's warehouse when Sonny and Carly had confronted Ava with the truth. Michael was outraged that Ava had gone to such lengths to get Morgan out of Kiki's life, but he also felt bad for Kiki, who he imaged was a wreck.

Sonny insisted that Ava deserved to "burn in hell," prompting Michael to ask what Sonny intended to do if Ava miraculously survived. Sonny was offended by the question, but Michael wanted to know if Sonny wanted Ava dead. Sonny didn't answer. Michael realized that his father would do whatever he wanted, but he asked Sonny to consider the price the family would pay if Sonny killed Ava. Sonny signed. Michael told Sonny that he loved him, gave his father a hug, then left.

A short time later, Kiki arrived. Sonny invited her inside then asked why she had wanted to see him. Kiki explained that she needed to know the truth about Ava.

In the squad room, Dante handed Jordan the bottle of pills that Sonny had given him. Dante filled her in about what Sonny had uncovered, so Jordan agreed to have someone look into it. However, she warned him that it would not be a priority because Ava was in critical condition in the burn unit, which was its own form of justice. Jordan shifted gears because she was worried they were on the brink of a mob war once Julian learned how Ava had been injured in the fire. Dante reminded Jordan that Sonny hadn't started the fire, but she wondered if Dante thought that would stop Julian from going after Sonny. Dante agreed that it wouldn't, but he cryptically told Jordan there was someone who might be able to stop Julian.

Nathan confronts Amy about his dishonesty

Nathan confronts Amy about his dishonesty

Friday, June 2, 2017

Anna and Lulu stood in Lulu's kitchen, making small talk. Lulu had been happy to watch Emma, and Charlotte was aware of her father being hurt. Anna explained that Valentin would be standing trial for treason and would go to prison. She suggested that Lulu fight for custody of Charlotte to avoid Charlotte being turned over to the state. Anna received a text message that it was time to place Valentin under arrest.

At General Hospital, Valentin pulled out all his wires. He was ready to sign himself out of the hospital, as he was feeling fine. The nurse agreed to check.

In another room, Griffin gently spoke to Ava as she relived the fire in her head. She was covered from head to toe except for an eye. He advised her that she was in the hospital. An emotional Julian waited outside Ava's room and was surprised to see Alexis, who gave him a big hug. They pulled away from each other abruptly. Alexis explained that she was there for him, not Ava. She told him about the reinstatement of her law license. Julian leaned over for another hug, but Alexis moved backwards. She thought that one hug had been enough. Julian jokingly thought that he should hire her.

Griffin walked out of Ava's room and announced that Ava had awakened. Julian went into his sister's room and comforted her. He told her that Kiki had been there all night. Ava moaned, and Griffin explained that he was unable to neutralize the pain. He also couldn't make any promises for after surgery. Anna walked into Valentin's room, but the bed was empty. The nurse informed her that Valentin had signed out against the doctor's advice.

Carly ran into Kristina at Perks and gave her the shortened version of Ava's moves on switching Morgan's medication and the recent fire. The women agreed that Ava was getting what she deserved. Carly thanked Kristina for hiring Morgan because working at Perks had given him a sense of purpose. She thought that Kristina had been a good sister. Kristina responded that Morgan had been a good brother. Andre arrived, and Carly thanked him for helping get to the truth about Morgan.

Carly and Andre agreed that Ava had committed the "worst kind of sabotage" and did not have a conscience. Andre explained that he would not have been able to check on the medication, and Morgan would have ended up back in the institution. Carly admitted that she didn't feel closure and still felt a "hopeless ache." Andre replied that grief wasn't logical, and Carly felt that there had been no justice.

Nathan met Amy at Kelly's. While she attempted to change the subject more than once, Nathan steered her back to her use of his photo. He showed her the latest online news indicating that Man Landers was about to sign a book deal. Amy exclaimed that one couldn't believe everything one read on the Internet. Nathan declared that he had just cause to arrest Amy for identity theft.

Nathan added that he was unable to perform his duties as a cop when people were asking him for advice. Amy advised him that she'd taken his photo down from the advice column. Kristina arrived and offered her support to Amy, her friend and roommate, after Nathan told her about the column and impending book deal. Nathan again stated that he should arrest Amy and advised the young women that he didn't want to hear about the column again. He received a text, and he left. "What the hell were you thinking?" Kristina asked Amy.

Amy agreed that Kristina had a point but emphasized that she'd removed Nathan's photo. She was upset because he'd had the perfect face and had created more traffic on her site. Kristina thought that if the advice was so good, then Amy should take credit for everything. Amy informed her that Nathan's photo had stimulated interest, and she wanted him to change his mind. Amy received a phone call from the book publisher. They wanted to meet Man Landers.

Lulu's doorbell rang as she was getting Charlotte and Rocco ready for school. She was surprised to see Valentin, who was there to pick up his daughter. He clutched his side, obviously still in pain. Charlotte was thrilled to see her father, who insisted on taking his daughter to school himself. Lulu advised him that that probably wasn't a good idea, as he was about to be arrested by the WSB. She wanted him to consider doing what was best for Charlotte, and that included seeing to it that Lulu obtained secondary custody of the little girl immediately. Lulu left the room briefly, and when she returned, Valentin and Charlotte were gone.

Kiki paid Sonny a visit and asked that he tell her about Ava's schemes. Sonny told her all and advised her that Ava had admitted everything. Ava had wanted Morgan to have a breakdown in order to get him away from Kiki, and Ava had probably switched the pills on a visit to see Avery. Kiki was visibly upset. Sonny fetched Avery for a sister visit. He told Kiki that she had been a victim too. Kiki criticized her mother for hurting people and using her daughters. She recalled Ava saying that she had done something for Kiki's good. Kiki began to cry and warned Sonny to keep Avery away from Ava.

Sonny showed up at Perks and thanked Andre for getting answers. Andre left. Carly and Sonny agreed that they had both felt a need to be at Perks to feel close to Morgan. Carly recalled the hopes she'd had for Morgan when he'd been working there. Sonny indicated that Ava was not finished suffering, and they discussed the fact that Ava should not see Avery again. Sonny noted that Kiki had agreed with that decision. Carly wished that Ava would be arrested and convicted instead of suffering from the results of the fire. She wanted Ava to pay. Sonny thought there might be a way to be sure that she did.

Anna and Nathan met at the hospital to discuss pursuing Valentin. Griffin overheard and asked why Valentin hadn't been handcuffed. He wondered why Anna wasn't furious over Valentin's escape. Anna explained that Alex had manipulated Valentin, and he hadn't been responsible for what had happened at the Nurses Ball. Helena had set Valentin up.

Griffin wondered if Anna felt sorry for the man who was also a murderer. Anna stated that Valentin was being arrested only for the Chimera incident, and he had been a nice guy who Alex had taken advantage of. He wasn't completely guilty, Anna added. She received a frantic call from Lulu.

At Lulu's house, Nathan and Anna learned about Valentin's appearance and escape with Charlotte. Lulu blamed herself for telling Valentin about his impending arrest and her desire for custody.

Valentin advised Charlotte that they were going somewhere special.

Kiki found Carly at Perks and apologized for Ava's actions. Carly assured Kiki that she was not to blame, but Kiki felt that Ava had done everything because of Kiki. If not for her, Morgan would still be there, Kiki lamented. She had really loved him. Carly hugged her and stated that Morgan had loved Kiki. It was all Ava's responsibility.

Ava awoke when someone walked into her room. "Kiki?" she asked. "Guess again," Sonny replied. He pulled the bell away before Ava could summon a nurse. He told her that everyone knew the truth about her. "You're gonna deserve what you get," Sonny stated. "Kill me," Ava pleaded.

Alexis was back at home when she thought she heard something at the front door. It was Julian, who handed her a large bouquet of flowers to celebrate the return of her law license. She thought it might be a retainer to fight Sonny instead, though Julian responded that he hadn't thought of either of those things. Alexis wondered if there would be another round of bloodshed. Julian updated her on Ava's condition, and he told her that Ava had started the fire. Alexis stated that there would be no cause for revenge, and Julian advised her that he would not be involved in starting any violence.

Alexis reminded Julian that he'd said something similar in the past -- more than once. Julian insisted that he'd always meant it, but he had assumed that that was the only way to protect his loved ones. He had no loved ones any longer, though, he said sadly. Alexis stated that that wasn't necessarily true. Julian wondered if there was any hope for the two of them. Julian apologized and said that he'd made many mistakes -- except for loving Alexis. He asked for another chance, but Alexis replied that she couldn't see him. "Well that wasn't a no," Julian uttered.

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