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Tracy decided to give Samira the painting. Jax was disappointed when Carly decided to remain in Port Charles. Nina ordered Nelle to spy on Valentin. Hayden agreed to give Finn a second chance when he completed rehab. Jason had an unnerving dream about harming Jake.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 24, 2017 on GH
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Alexis tells the truth Alexis tells the truth

Monday, April 24, 2017

Alexis was shocked to see an officer leading Julian through the police station. She stopped him, but Jordan appeared and instructed the officer to keep moving. Diane entered after having to clear her schedule to accommodate Alexis, who was giving her statement about her "kidnapping." Jordan led them to the interrogation room, where Diane requested a private moment with Alexis. Jordan denied the request, since Alexis was not under arrest. Jordan turned on the recorder.

Jordan went through her version of events, which included Julian kidnapping Alexis. Alexis refuted the entire story. She informed Jordan that she'd gone to the pier, thinking that she was alone, but Julian had appeared. She'd gone with him willingly to his motel room in order to convince him to turn himself in. Jordan thought that there was something Alexis wasn't telling. Alexis remembered making love to Julian but quickly snapped back to reality.

Alexis explained that Julian had fabricated the story of Alexis being his hostage because he'd been worried that she'd be charged as his accomplice. "Julian did not abduct me," she said clearly. Jordan got up to pass along the new information to the district attorney. Alexis wondered if the case against Julian was strong, but Jordan couldn't comment. She hoped that Alexis wasn't obstructing justice, and Alexis promised that she'd told the truth. Jordan advised Alexis to listen to Diane, and she left.

Incensed at Alexis, Diane reminded Alexis that her association with Julian could cost her her law license permanently. Alexis commented that she would cross that bridge "when I come to it." Alexis wondered if Julian's kidnapping charges were a "failsafe," just in case the case against him as an accomplice to Olivia wasn't strong enough. Diane thought it was possible, but "if he walks, how does it change things for you?"

At the hospital, Tracy left Finn a message about hurrying up with the DNA test. "What DNA test?" Laura wondered. Tracy pulled Laura to an empty corner and told her about Edward's journal and ring that Samira had gotten from her mother. Laura figured it out and wondered if Samira knew about the DNA test. Tracy believed that she was "protecting" Samira by getting the test done in secret, but Laura didn't think it was a good idea. She observed that Tracy seemed nervous. Tracy had to go back to the house, and Laura wanted to tag along, as she had gotten a dress for Samira. She warned Laura not to say a word to anyone. Laura advised Tracy to prepare for the worst, and the two left.

Elizabeth and Jason flipped through a photo album with Jake. They stopped on one of Jason before his accident, and Jason wondered if Jake remembered when Jason looked like that. Jake remembered, and Jason asked why Jake seemed bothered by the picture. "Because of the witch," Jake replied, not wanting to talk about it further. Jason and Elizabeth assured Jake that he was safe with them, but he only asked to go to his room.

When Jake was gone, Jason revealed that the face he'd had in the picture had been the face he'd had when he'd worked for Helena. He continued that he'd probably lived on Cassadine Island with Helena at the same time that Jake had been there. Jason and Elizabeth feared that Jake had seen Jason do something bad. Jason realized that Helena could have compelled him to do something terrible to Jake.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned talked with Olivia. "Let me know how it goes," Ned asked her. She kissed Ned and left the house. Ned entered the living room and found Samira sitting and looking at the painting. Ned informed Samira that the family would only be able to cover for her for so long. Samira replied that it would be best for her to leave with the painting, but Ned said that Tracy wouldn't agree with that. Speaking of Tracy, Samira wondered if Tracy was avoiding her, as Samira hadn't seen her in hours.

Ned figured that Tracy would have to return eventually but that Tracy had already made up her mind about the painting. Samira dug a small picture out of her jacket pocket and showed it to Ned. Ned observed that Samira's daughter looked a lot like her, including the blue eyes. Samira gushed about how bright her daughter was, because the little girl had picked up songs in English just as fast as in Turkish. As Samira started singing a song in English, Tracy and Laura entered, and Tracy and Ned stopped dead.

Ned told Samira that the song was called "We Gather Together," and the Quartermaine family always sang it at Thanksgiving. She replied that her mother had taught her the song. "We have more important things to discuss," Tracy interrupted. Ned asked for a word with Tracy, and they left the room. Laura assured Samira that nothing was ever hopeless and that they would find another way to save Samira's daughter. Laura showed Samira the dress she'd picked up for the young woman. Samira thought it was "lovely," but that she wouldn't be there long enough to wear it.

Ned informed Tracy about the immigration officer that had shown up earlier. He told her that Monica had gotten the officer to go away, but the man would surely be back with a warrant. "Wonderful," Tracy commented, to Ned's shock. "I know exactly how to help," she added.

Tracy and Ned returned from the living room, and Tracy mentioned the visit from the immigration officer. She revealed that she'd thought of something. Samira wondered if it would help her get her daughter back. "In the long run, I think so," Tracy said. "In the short run?" Laura asked. Tracy answered that they needed to get Samira out of the country, "now."

Olivia showed up at Julian's holding cell and updated him on her engagement to Ned. He said blandly that he was happy for them both, but he wondered what else she was there for. She started that Julian was probably going to be in jail for a long time and that Leo wouldn't know Julian. Julian told Olivia that she would take Leo to visit him. "I won't," she said. She revealed that she wanted Ned to adopt Leo. "No. Absolutely not," Julian stated.

Olivia reminded Julian that he hadn't seen Leo in months, and she didn't wanted Leo to remember his dad as a "bad man." She thought that "letting Ned adopt Leo is the greatest gift you can give him." She hadn't intended to hurt Julian, but she wanted what was best for her son. "Me, too," he agreed quietly. She urged him to think it over. "Even if you do get out, who will be left for you in Port Charles?" she wondered. She left.

Jax asked Carly to live with him in Australia and be a family with Josslyn. He suggested to a shocked Carly that Sonny had done them a favor. He continued that it had been fate and that it was their time to be together, "for keeps." They admitted their love for each other, but Carly called the situation "complicated." She called the proposition tempting, but she needed to stay for Michael and Morgan. Jax assured her that Michael could visit and that she would always have her memories of Morgan, no matter where she went.

Carly also cited Nelle as a reason to stay in Port Charles. She didn't want Nelle to get her "claws" into Michael. Jax reminded Carly that her son was a grown man capable of making his own decisions. Michael would forgive Nelle or he wouldn't, and it was up to only Michael. Carly couldn't dictate Michael's life, no matter where she was. Jax guessed that the one thing keeping Carly in Port Charles was Sonny.

Jax explained to a protesting Carly that staying and fighting would feed Sonny's ego, and Sonny would know that he was still important to Carly. Carly called Jax wrong, but he dared her to prove it by packing a bag each for herself and Josslyn. Carly just didn't think it was the right time to leave. Jax told Carly that Sonny was no good for her, and he would destroy her. She refused to let Sonny destroy her, but she needed time to process all that had happened, especially since her marriage had just ended. Jax warned her that he might not be waiting for her. "So you're saying it's now or never?" she asked.

Jax refused to give Carly an ultimatum, but he explained that, once an offer was off the table, it sometimes didn't return. Carly decided to take her chances, since leaving with so many things unresolved was unfair to all involved. He told Carly that he would pick Josslyn up from the stables so that she could ride to the airport with him, and Carly promised to be there to pick Josslyn up. She instructed him to be safe, and he kissed her on the cheek. "Goodbye," he said, and he left the house. "Goodbye, Jax," said a tearful Carly.

Finn's drug test is positive

Finn's drug test is positive

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy explained that Samira's only option was to leave the country because Immigration and Customs Enforcement would return with a warrant. Samira refused to leave without the painting because she needed it to save her daughter. Laura tried to persuade Tracy to change her mind by pointedly suggesting that Tracy imagine Samira was a family member -- like a sister. Laura insisted the letter Edward had written to Tracy was what truly mattered, but Tracy was curious how Samira would even get the painting out of the country without raising red flags. Samira quietly excused herself because she realized that Tracy would never part with the painting.

Tracy looked at her son, certain that Ned thought she was a horrible person, but he tactfully suggested the situation required further investigation. After Ned left, Laura cut to the chase and asked if Tracy would feel different about the painting if the DNA test confirmed that Samira was Tracy's sister. "Half-sister," Tracy corrected. Laura didn't care because she wanted to know if Tracy would help Samira or if she'd find a way to get rid of Samira and pretend that Edward's other daughter didn't exist. Laura urged Tracy to do the right thing, but Tracy argued that she had no idea if Samira was a Quartermaine.

Laura didn't think it mattered because Tracy knew the important details -- Samira was a mother desperately trying to save her daughter from a life of "sheer hell." Moments later, Ned and Samira returned to the living room. Ned announced that he intended to make some calls to find out if there might be a solution to Samira's problems that they hadn't considered. Ned asked his mother to take Samira somewhere safe until they had some answers. Everyone was startled when Samira suddenly collapsed.

At the hospital, Finn exited the elevator and ran into Hayden as she was headed to her office. They exchanged stilted greetings, prompting Finn to ask if things would always be awkward between them. He knew she wanted to keep her distance until he completed recovery, but he didn't want either of them to feel uncomfortable when they bumped into each other. Hayden started to reply, but Griffin walked up to talk to Finn about the results of the drug test. Hayden tried to excuse herself, but Finn asked her to stay because he wanted her to know that his drug test was negative.

Finn was shocked when Griffin informed Finn that the drug test had been positive. Finn argued that it was impossible because he hadn't used any drugs, but Griffin assured Finn that the lab had run the test twice. Hayden was curious what drug Finn had taken, but Griffin explained the test only showed Finn had tested positive for opiates. Finn realized that he would have to take another drug test, but he suggested there were still trace amounts of Zekenestrol in his system. Griffin agreed it was possible, but he made it clear that Finn's next drug test better show a significant decrease of opiates.

After Griffin walked away, Finn pulled Hayden to a quiet corner to assure her that he hadn't relapsed. Hayden admitted that she was skeptical because she noticed that he appeared sweaty -- similar to how he'd been between drug fixes. Finn acknowledged that he'd given her reason to question him, but he assured her that he hadn't done anything wrong. Finn explained that part of his recovery required him to stay busy, so he'd opted to start working out. He revealed that he'd just returned from the gym and invited her to talk to Felix because Felix had seen him there. Hayden remained concerned about the results of the drug test.

Finn admitted that was perplexed about the positive result, but he insisted that he hadn't relapsed. Hayden asked him to promise her that he'd been playing by the rules. Finn reluctantly confessed that he couldn't because he'd done a favor for a friend that might cost him his job if he were caught. Hayden was disappointed that he'd risked his career, but he refused to apologize. He simply wanted her to know that if things blew up in his face, it hadn't been about the drugs.

Hayden was surprised that Finn would care what she thought. Finn assured her that he hadn't meant any of the cruel and hurtful things he'd said while he'd been going through withdrawal because he knew she was no longer the woman she had been when they'd first met. Finn hoped to follow her example because he wanted to be the kind of man she could trust. Moments later, Tracy, Monica, and Ned arrived with Samira. Tracy spotted Finn and immediately called to him. Finn arranged for a nurse to take Samira to an examination room, but he explained to Tracy that he was prohibited from treating patients.

At the Floating Rib, Michael was shooting pool when Dante and Lulu walked up to say hello. After the three exchanged greetings, they talked about Jax's arrest. Dante was surprised when Michael revealed that the charges against Jax had been dropped because Nelle had refused to make a statement. However, Michael made it clear that doing something nice for Jax hadn't changed what Nelle had done to his parents. Lulu reminded Michael that Nelle hadn't acted alone -- Sonny had been equally to blame for the one-night stand. Michael realized that Dante and Lulu hadn't heard about what had really happened, but Nelle entered the bar before he could elaborate.

Nelle saw Michael with his brother and sister-in-law, so she dropped her gaze and sat down at the bar. After Dante and Lulu sat down at a table, Michael approached Nelle to ask if she had a minute. Nelle smiled, but it quickly faded when he told her that Dante had no idea that she had drugged Sonny. Michael thought she should tell Dante.

Meanwhile, Lulu confessed that she hoped Michael and Nelle worked things out because she'd gotten to know Nelle and liked her. Dante admitted that his brother was a forgiving person -- unless someone hurt one of their loved ones. Dante's expression clouded with concern because Michael clearly knew something about Sonny and Nelle that Dante didn't. Lulu asked Dante to stop being a detective for the night because she wanted to celebrate how things had turned around with Charlotte.

At the bar, Nelle acknowledged that she'd known there was a chance Sonny would have her arrested when she'd confessed to drugging him. Before Michael could reply, Lulu walked up to ask Nelle about her new job and to find out if Charlotte had mentioned Lulu. Nelle smiled and revealed that Charlotte had enjoyed the Easter egg hunt with Lulu, and seeing the bunny.

Meanwhile, Dante questioned the bartender about Morgan's prescription bottle, but the bartender explained that he hadn't worked on the night of the robbery. Dante wondered if it was possible the prescription bottle had been left on a shelf behind the bar or in lost-and-found, but the bartender shook his head. Disappointed, Dante returned to the table as Lulu sat down. He was curious what he had missed, so she revealed that Charlotte had been happy about the visit. Dante was pleased because it meant that Lulu would no longer be tempted to resort to tricks.

Lulu grinned and confessed that she'd intended to spy on Valentin. Puzzled, Dante wondered how. "I was going to pimp out your brother," Lulu confessed. She explained that she'd planned to give Michael and Nelle a "nudge," but she assured Dante that it was no longer necessary. Dante was relieved, but Lulu scolded him because he'd been questioning the bartender. Dante conceded she was right, but he needed to know how his brother's prescription bottle had ended up in the Floating Rib.

At the bar, Michael and Nelle talked about Charlotte. Michael felt bad for the little girl because he knew what it was like to be caught in the middle of a custody battle. Nelle listened with interest as he talked about his own struggles with feuding parents. Nelle wondered if Michael would be interested in talking to Charlotte, but he declined because he'd only met Lulu's daughter once. Nelle didn't push him, and she returned to their earlier conversation about Dante. Nelle wanted Michael to get it over with and report her to Dante because she hated having the threat of arrest hanging over her head.

Michael refused because it was Sonny's place to tell Dante. Nelle wondered if he was okay. He assured her that he was, but she didn't believe him because he'd been angry with her about what had transpired with Sonny. Michael made it clear that he was still angry because she had put things into motion that continued to spiral because his parents were headed for an ugly divorce. He reminded Nelle that both Josslyn and Avery would suffer the most, but Nelle promised that she had never meant to hurt his sisters. She wondered if he would ever forgive her, but it quickly became clear to her that it wouldn't happen anytime soon.

Shortly after Nelle left, Dante and Lulu stopped off at the bar to say goodbye to Michael. Lulu was curious if Michael and Nelle had resolved things, but Michael told her there was nothing to resolve. Lulu hoped he was wrong. Lulu conceded that Nelle had "screwed up," but Lulu suggested that Nelle might be able to turn things around and do better.

At Wyndemere, Nina looked at Valentin's watch as she wondered why he hadn't told her that Anna had given it to him. Seconds later, Valentin entered the living room, looking for his watch. He saw it in Nina's hand and asked why she had it. Rather than answer, she acknowledged that he had exquisite taste, but she was curious why he'd bought a watch when he had quite a few others. Valentin claimed that he'd been indulging himself with the purchase then deftly changed the subject by stepping into the hallway. He returned within seconds, carrying a pair of brand-new riding boots for Nina.

Valentin invited Nina to join him in the stables because he had another surprise waiting for her. Nina's expression lit with joy when she realized that he had bought her a horse.

A short time later, Valentin and Nina returned from the stables as Nina gushed about the mare he'd bought her. She thought the name "Lumière" was perfect for the cremello horse. Valentin knew a horse in that color was exceedingly rare, but he wanted the best for his wife. Things quickly heated up as Valentin passionately kissed his wife. After they made love, Valentin told Nina that he loved her because she'd transformed his life and made him happier than he deserved.

Nina frowned and asked why Valentin would say something like that. Valentin pulled on his clothes as he admitted that he'd been a very bad man who had done very bad things to fund his surgeries. However, everything had changed when Charlotte had been born and he'd met Nina. Nina reminded him that she'd done some terrible things, too, but Valentin explained that he'd done far worse than Nina. Valentin admitted that he just wanted her to be happy, so she promised that she was.

Nina was curious why Valentin had given her the horse. He admitted that he had wanted to see her smile because he'd regretted everything that had happened with Anna. Nina assured him that it wasn't necessary to give her gifts -- she just wanted him to be honest with her. Nina confessed that she remained troubled about what had happened with Anna, but Valentin assured Nina that she needn't be because Anna's past was as troubled as his own. Valentin explained that Anna wanted a truce because she hoped to distance herself from the past as much as he did.

Nina warned Valentin that she might never be comfortable about his interactions with Anna, but he promised his wife that Anna was not a threat. He changed the subject by explaining that he had to step out for a bit, but he'd return in time for dinner. Nina decided to take her new horse out for a ride.

Later, Nina returned to the living room and called out to her husband. She was disappointed when she realized that he hadn't returned, but her alarm mounted when she noticed that his watch was gone. Nina whispered that she hoped he wasn't with Anna. Moments later, Nelle entered the living room, looking for Charlotte. Nina revealed that Charlotte was at a sleepover and apologized for not letting Nelle know sooner. Nelle assured Nina that it was fine because it would give Nelle a chance to read a spy thriller she'd been eager to delve into.

Nelle admitted that spy thrillers were her favorite genre. Nina perked up and asked if Nelle would be interested in spying on someone for her.

At Anna's house, Anna sat at her desk and listened in on Valentin and Nina's conversation through the listening device she'd planted in his watch. A short time later, Anna's doorbell rang. It was Griffin. Griffin was upset because Anna hadn't returned his calls or responded to his text messages. Anna apologized, but she explained that she'd been busy. Griffin was not appeased because she had missed her phlebotomy appointment.

Griffin insisted on taking Anna to the hospital, but she objected. Alarmed, Griffin reminded her that she couldn't mess with blood cancer because she might develop a deadly blood clot if she didn't get the proper treatment. Anna claimed she'd already had her treatment at another facility because she preferred that her treatments remain private. Griffin admitted that he didn't trust Anna to stick to her strict regimen, but he agreed not to push her about where she had her treatments -- as long as she had them. He warned her that he intended to keep on top of her appointments.

Moments later, Finn called to ask Griffin to return to the hospital because Finn had a patient that needed help. Finn explained that he needed the priest's discretion because the patient had an expired visa. Griffin agreed to be there shortly then ended the call. Griffin told Anna that he had to get back to the hospital, but he promised to call her to make plans for dinner. Anna waited until the coast was clear then called a facility to make an appointment with a phlebotomist. Afterwards, Anna called Valentin to ask him to meet her.

A short time later, Anna answered the doorbell. She greeted Valentin with a warm smile, but his eyes drifted to the sexy black dress she'd changed into. Anna pretended not to notice as she invited him inside and offered him a drink. Valentin declined and explained that he wanted to return the watch she'd given him. He tossed it on the table, but Anna reached for his hand as she tried to stop him. Valentin immediately tensed.

At the hospital, Hayden watched from the nurses' station as Finn filled Griffin in about Samira's symptoms. After Griffin went to check on the patient, Laura decided to see if Kevin was in his office. Ned excused himself to call Olivia, leaving Finn and Tracy alone to talk privately. Tracy wondered how long it would take to get the results of the DNA test. Finn explained it would be a few days because he hadn't been able to put a rush on it without raising alarms. After Finn walked away, Ned returned and asked what Tracy and Finn had been talking about.

Tracy explained that she was concerned about Samira, but Ned questioned why his mother cared so much about a stranger. He suspected the painting was the key. After Ned left, Laura approached Tracy. She was curious if Tracy was okay. Tracy admitted that she was frustrated because she wouldn't have the DNA results for a few days.

Nearby, Hayden stopped Finn to admit that she'd been impressed with the way he'd handled the situation with Tracy. Hayden knew he was trying to be a better man, so she agreed to give their relationship some time. Finn smiled.

Nina orders Nelle to spy on Valentin

Nina orders Nelle to spy on Valentin

> Nina orders Nelle to spy on Valentin

Nina orders Nelle to spy on Valentin

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael wrapped up a call as Carly slipped into the living room from a side door to surprise him with a six-pack of beer and a container of tacos from his favorite place -- compliments of Josslyn. Carly explained that she and Josslyn had gotten the idea on the way home from the airport. Michael was shocked when she told him that Sonny had reported Jax to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for a "crime of moral turpitude." Michael pointed out that the charges against Jax had been dropped, but Carly explained that the accusation had been sufficient cause to detain Jax and force him to leave the country forever.

Carly resented how vindictive Sonny had been, but Michael tried to calm the waters between his parents by reminding Carly that Jax was not helpless because Jax had money and access to a squadron of lawyers. Michael was confident that Jax would be able to return to the United States eventually, but Carly was disappointed that Michael acted like it hadn't been a big deal. She reminded her son that Josslyn wouldn't be able to see her father unless she traveled to Australia, but Michael argued that Jax could arrange to meet Josslyn in Mexico or Canada. Michael acknowledged that Sonny's actions had been inexcusable, but he asked his mother not to retaliate.

Carly promised not to do anything to Sonny -- that he didn't deserve. She told Michael about Jax's desire for Carly and Josslyn to return to Australia with him. To her surprise, Michael thought it was a good idea because Carly needed distance from Sonny. Carly refused to pull Josslyn out of school or to leave Michael alone. Michael became defensive because he suspected Carly was worried about Nelle. Carly frowned because she wondered why Michael would think that.

Carly's expression filled with concern because she feared Michael still had feelings for Nelle. She begged Michael to stay away from Nelle because Nelle was just like Carly had been when she'd first arrived in Port Charles. She opened up about her past and how she'd quickly realized that Jason was the best thing to happen to her. However, Carly had been a mess because she had lied, sabotaged, and double-crossed everyone except Jason. Carly admitted that she hadn't recognized love unless she had tested it, which had led her to relentlessly push Jason until she had destroyed what they'd shared. Carly acknowledged that Jason was her best friend, but he would never fall in love with her again.

Michael was curious what Carly and Jason's past had to do with him and Nelle. Carly explained that she was certain Nelle would destroy whatever she loved because she was just like Carly. Carly refused to let Nelle break Michael's heart, but he made it clear that he made his own choices. Carly realized that it was pointless to argue, but she assured him that she loved him and would always be his mother. Michael smiled and gave his mother a hug.

After Carly left, Michael made a business call, but his thoughts drifted to Nelle. He ended the call, sat down, and looked at his phone as he contemplated calling Nelle.

At Wyndemere, Nelle was shocked by Nina's request for Nelle to spy on someone for Nina, but Nina reminded Nelle that Nelle had done it before. Nelle insisted that she had taken the job as Charlotte's nanny because she wanted to turn over a new leaf. Nina refused to back down, so Nelle asked who Nina wanted Nelle to monitor. "My husband," Nina answered. Nelle was surprised because she thought Nina and Valentin were crazy about each other. Nina explained that Valentin was a complicated man who had secrets. Nina needed Nelle's help to remain informed.

Nelle thought it was a bad idea and advised Nina to talk to Valentin because the worst thing Nina could do was to assume something and let it eat away at her until Nina did things she would regret. Nina conceded that Nelle was right. Nelle hoped everything worked out between Valentin and Nina. Nina smiled and decided to make amends to Nelle by taking her for a girls' night out.

Later, Nina and Nelle arrived at Metro Court. Nelle noticed that Nina had been quiet since they'd left Spoon Island, and she asked if Nina was okay. Before Nina could reply, Carly walked up accused Nelle of continuing to make life uncomfortable for people, but Nina argued that everyone deserved a second chance. Carly was curious if that also applied to Nelle's victims. Nelle suggested that she and Nina reschedule their girls' night out, but Nina refused to let Carly chase Nelle away. Carly realized that Nelle hadn't told Nina everything.

Nelle squirmed as Carly revealed that Nelle had drugged Sonny and lied about sleeping with him. "Proceed at your own risk," Carly warned Nina. After Carly walked away, Nelle assumed Nina intended to fire her, but Nina smiled because she wanted to take full advantage of Nelle's extracurricular talents. Nelle tensed as Nina leaned close to whisper in Nelle's ear that she wanted Nelle to spy on Valentin.

At the Floating Rib, Ava smiled as she watched Kiki eat. She suggested Kiki save some room for dessert because they had mud pie. Kiki admitted that she would love to stay, but she had to get back to work. Ava beamed with pride because she was confident Kiki was on her way to becoming a doctor. Kiki chuckled and warned her mother not to get ahead of herself. Ava refused to apologize, but she changed the subject by suggesting Kiki invite Dillon to join them the next time because Ava wanted to get to know her daughter's boyfriend.

Kiki was curious why Ava was in such a good mood, but Ava claimed she was simply happy to spend time with her daughter. Kiki was touched, but she'd been surprised that Ava had wanted to have dinner at the Floating Rib. Ava insisted she would not let the robbery keep her from enjoying the best ribs in town. "Good for you," Kiki said. She was curious what her mother's secret was and asked if Ava had a magic pill. Ava replied that a pill couldn't help her -- or harm her.

The conversation turned to Kiki's job. Ava realized that Kiki genuinely enjoyed the work. Kiki admitted that it was rewarding, but Ava worried that it might dredge up difficult memories. Kiki reminded her mother that she'd taken the job to gain insight into the demons Morgan had struggled with and to help people who were dealing with the same illness. Ava explained that it was important for Kiki to have fun too. Kiki assured her mother that she would and mentioned the Nurses Ball.

Ava wondered if Kiki and Dillon would perform again. Kiki's smile faded when Ava mentioned Kiki's first kiss with Dillon because Kiki recalled Morgan had been given a pass from the Freedman Clinic that night and had been hurt when he'd seen Kiki and Dillon together. Ava realized her mistake and asked her daughter to focus on the good things, but Kiki sensed that Ava wanted her to forget about Morgan. Ava conceded that it would be impossible to forget Morgan, but she didn't want Kiki to be sad. Kiki promised that working at the hospital was fulfilling and made her happy.

At the hospital, Bobbie saw Sonny as he exited the elevator. She called out to him, so he stopped to wait for her to catch up. After they exchanged greetings, Bobbie suggested they address the elephant in the room. She admitted that having Jax arrested and deported were the two worst mistakes Sonny had ever made. She warned him that Carly was on the warpath, and he had no one to blame except himself. Sonny was unapologetic as he told Bobbie that both he and Carly had their reasons for being angry, but Bobbie wasn't satisfied because their anger affected other people, especially their children.

Bobbie warned Sonny that it wouldn't do any good for Sonny and Carly to punish each other. She implored him to take a step back and remember that he and Carly were grieving, which was at the root of their problems. Sonny conceded that he and Carly had fallen apart when Morgan had died, and they hadn't been able to put the pieces back together. Bobbie knew from personal experience that the death of a child could strain a marriage, and she acknowledged that it could be tremendously difficult to make peace with a senseless loss. Sonny explained that he wasn't interested in accepting Morgan's death -- he just needed answers.

Meanwhile, Griffin approached Andre outside Andre's office to ask if he could have a quick word about a patient who was also a mutual friend. After the two men entered Andre's office, Griffin asked if Andre knew about Anna's medical diagnosis. Andre confirmed that he was aware of Anna's battle with "blood cancer," but he also knew it was treatable. Griffin assured Andre that it was, but Anna had decided to seek treatment at another facility. Griffin was relieved when Andre expressed his surprise because Griffin thought it had been an odd decision, especially since Anna had many ties to the hospital. Griffin told Andre about his conversation with Anna and expressed concern that she might be hiding something.

Moments later, Lucy knocked on the door then entered the office. She was pleased when she saw Andre and Griffin because she wanted to sign both doctors up for the Nurses Ball. Andre agreed to think about it as he quickly ushered her to the door and explained that he had an appointment. Griffin followed Lucy out the door. After Andre closed the door, Lucy tried to persuade Griffin to perform in the show, but he refused to be part of the "Magic Milo" act.

A short time later, Griffin entered the Floating Rib and bumped into Kiki and Ava. Griffin and Kiki exchanged pleasantries and chatted about the hospital until Kiki excused herself to get back to work. After Kiki left, Ava admitted that she was delighted to see her daughter excited about her career. Griffin was impressed because Kiki had done something few people could -- she had turned the loss of a loved one into something useful and positive. Griffin noticed Ava's troubled expression and asked if he had said something to upset her.

Ava explained that it had occurred to her that Kiki's doctor was also a priest. Griffin smiled and admitted that he didn't like to advertise it because people tended to confess to him. Ava nervously assured him that he could relax because she had nothing to confess. Griffin clarified that he wasn't an angel, but Ava doubted that he'd done anything as bad as she had. Griffin was curious if there was something she wanted to tell him, but Ava chuckled and reminded him that he was there for the ribs, not to hear her bare her soul. Ava changed the subject and invited Griffin to join her for a drink.

At the hospital, Lucy rounded a corner and saw Sonny and Bobbie. She quickly approached Sonny to ask if he would be interested in reserving a table for the Nurses Ball. Lucy's smile vanished when she noticed Morgan's prescription bottle in his hand. She recalled asking Ava about the pills and Ava advising her to let it go. Lucy pushed the memory away when Sonny asked if Lucy was okay. Lucy claimed that she had just realized that he might not be interested in attending the Nurses Ball because he was still mourning his son.

Sonny reminded Lucy that Morgan's middle name had been Stone -- after the man who had been the inspiration for the ball. Sonny assured Lucy that he would attend the ball, and he would make an extra donation. Moments later, Andre walked up to ask if Sonny was ready. After Sonny and Andre walked away, Lucy tried to find out what Sonny was up to. Bobbie revealed that Sonny was determined to get answers about Morgan's death, and he wouldn't quit until he had them. Lucy continued to probe, which upset Bobbie because she thought Lucy had changed and no longer enjoyed other people's misery.

Lucy promised that she just wanted to help. Bobbie sarcastically asked if Lucy had a magic wand that she could wave to make everything all better. "What if I did?" Lucy asked. Bobbie didn't get a chance to respond because Kiki walked up to congratulate Lucy on persuading Ava to donate a Greek antiquity to the Nurses Ball. Kiki was impressed because the sculpture had been recovered from a Radcliff Peabody dig, which meant that it was well documented and valuable. Bobbie wondered what Lucy's secret was, but Lucy preferred that everyone focus on the Nurses Ball and all the good the fundraiser did.

In Andre's office, Sonny showed Andre the prescription bottle as he explained that Morgan's pills had been recovered during a recent robbery at the Floating Rib. Andre was shocked. Sonny admitted that he had no idea how the pills had ended up in the bar months after his son's death, but he intended to find out because he was certain the pills were the answer to what had gone wrong with Morgan. Sonny poured the pills onto Andre's desk. Andre counted the pills and determined that Morgan had taken the pills as prescribed.

Andre also confirmed that the tablets appeared to be lithium. Sonny wondered if it was possible the tablets were defective. Andre doubted it, but he gave Sonny the name of an independent lab to have the pills tested. Andre hoped the results would give Sonny peace of mind. Sonny thought that was too much to hope for, so he'd settle for justice.

Nearby, Kiki overheard the exchange between Sonny and Andre about Morgan's pills as they exited Andre's office.

At Anna's house, Valentin returned the watch Anna had given him. He tensed when she objected and reached for his hand. He carefully pulled his hand out of hers and assured her that he had appreciated the gift, but she didn't owe him anything. Anna disagreed because he had saved her life when he had rushed her to the hospital. Anna talked about her cancer, but Valentin insisted that all that mattered was that the illness was treatable. Anna confessed that she pretended the illness didn't exist, but it was clear she was not indestructible.

Valentin reminded Anna that she didn't have to deal with the illness alone because she had family and friends who would be happy to help. Anna confided that her illness had opened her eyes to her own imperfections and how blind she'd been to who he really was. Valentin was curious if she was referring to the man she had rejected or the man she had seduced to get classified information. Anna revealed that during their last encounter, she'd had an opportunity to study his back when he had turned away from her. She admitted that she had thought about all the surgeries -- and pain -- he'd endured to get his outside to match who he'd always been on the inside.

Valentin was shaken when Anna described him as tall, straight, and strong. He told her that he had to go, but she implored him to stay for a glass of Champagne. Valentin relented, so Anna dashed into another room to fetch the bottle. Moments later, Nina called Valentin to ask where he was. He apologized and told her that his business had delayed him. Nina revealed that she was in town and suggested they meet, but Valentin admitted that he'd rather go straight home.

Moments later, Anna returned with the Champagne and popped the cork. Nina heard the noise and asked Valentin about it, but he pretended their connection was weak and ended the call. Anna feigned innocence as she handed Valentin a flute of Champagne and offered a familiar toast. "Some drink to God and country," Anna said. "But we drink for ourselves," Valentin finished. Anna drank the Champagne, but Valentin advised her to slow down because alcohol was a blood thinner.

Anna smiled then suggested it was a new beginning. Valentin announced that he had to leave, but Anna wanted him to keep the watch. She pretended to be disappointed when he refused. She claimed that she needed to know that something that had been irreparably broken could be fixed. Valentin agreed to keep the watch, since it meant so much to Anna. Anna fastened the watch to his wrist as she gazed deep into his eyes. Valentin tried to hide his reaction as he rushed out the door.

Outside, Valentin took a minute to collect himself. Inside, Anna smiled with satisfaction and sipped Champagne.

Elizabeth and Jason unravel a new clue

Elizabeth and Jason unravel a new clue

Thursday, April 27, 2017

In Elizabeth's living room, Jason and Jake colored and chatted as they spent time bonding. Jason was impressed with Jake's work and decided Jake took after Elizabeth. Jake smiled as Jason playfully wrestled with him, but the moment turned dark when Jason had Jake trapped in a headlock and began to squeeze. Jake gasped for breath as he begged his father to let him go.

Jason suddenly jolted awake and sat up on the sofa in his living room as he tried to catch his breath. Sam ran over to assure him that it had been a nightmare. She fetched him something to drink then joined him on the sofa. Jason revealed that Jake was afraid of him -- not who he was, but rather the man he had been. Jason told her about Jake's terrified reaction when he'd seen a picture of Jason before the plastic surgery. Jason was upset that his own son had shied away from him in fear and had refused to look him in the eyes, but Sam reminded him that Jake had suffered a lot of trauma in his short life.

Sam suggested Jason trust Andre to get through to Jake, but Jason worried that he might have hurt Jake. Sam advised Jason not to play into Helena's hands, but Jason reminded her that he'd lost two years of his life because of Helena. Sam realized that Helena's attempt to control their lives had succeeded because Helena had managed to create chaos from beyond the grave. She insisted that Helena had been a master manipulator, but Jason pointed out that Helena had kidnapped his son. Sam knew Jason felt helpless, but she reminded him that they needed to help Jake move forward because the past couldn't be changed.

Sam assured Jason that Jake was a resilient child, but Jason needed to know what Helena had done to his son. Sam thought Jason should let Andre do his job, but Jason explained that Andre had no idea what Helena had been capable of. Jason suspected the key to unlocking the past was hidden in the book Helena had bequeathed to Elizabeth.

At Elizabeth's house, Jake waited while Elizabeth looked at the thermometer. "110 degrees," Elizabeth announced. Jake nervously asked if that was high. "A little bit," she answered as the doorbell rang. As she went to the door, she told him that he could stay home from school. Franco was at the door.

Jake was happy to see Franco, but Franco was curious why Jake was home. Elizabeth told Franco about Jake's high fever then sent her son to his room to rest. After Jake ran up the steps, Elizabeth admitted that she was concerned about her son because he'd been wandering around at night and no longer wanted to go to school. Elizabeth and Franco sat down as she filled him in about Jake's reaction when she and Jason had shown their son a picture of Jason before the facial reconstructive surgery. Franco admitted that it didn't make sense because Jake knew that Jason was the same man in the picture. Elizabeth explained that Jake recognized the truth on a conceptual level, but he might not associate him with the man on Cassadine Island -- if Jason had been on the island.

"If?" Franco asked. Elizabeth revealed that Jason hadn't had a conscious memory of being on the island, but he was certain that he had to have been there because Jason had been under Helena's control. Franco thought it was a good starting point because they knew Jake and Jason had been on the island when Jason had had a different face. Franco thought it was possible Jake had been traumatized by something he'd witnessed or something he had associated with the "other" Jason. Elizabeth refused to jump to conclusions because Jake hadn't told them anything. She conceded that Jason was capable of many things, but she was certain he'd never hurt a child.

Franco reminded Elizabeth that Jason hadn't been in control, which was why Jason hadn't been charged with a crime when he'd planted a bomb on the Haunted Star. Elizabeth remained unconvinced that Jason had done something to frighten Jake, and she refused to speculate because making Jason a scapegoat would not help Jake. "Help me what?" Jake asked as he appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Elizabeth and Franco jumped up and smiled at Jake. Elizabeth claimed that she and Franco were discussing ways to make Jake feel better.

Elizabeth offered to make Jake pancakes and disappeared into the kitchen. Jake invited Franco to color with him because Jake had a new box of crayons. Jake showed off a sky-blue crayon then scribbled a number on the timeline above the boy hiding behind a tree. Franco frowned and asked about the significance of 0705. Jake tensed and put down the crayon. He told Franco that he didn't feel well and ran to his room.

Later, Jason stopped by to look at the book Helena had given Elizabeth. He was not happy when he saw Franco, but Elizabeth told Jason about Jake's drawing. Jason suspected it was a date, prompting Franco to ask if July 5 meant anything to Jason or Elizabeth. Jason shook his head, but he realized they were looking at the date as Americans rather than Europeans, who started with the day followed by the month. Elizabeth and Jason exchanged a worried glance because May 7 was Jake's birthday.

At Metro Court, Diane announced that District Attorney Garcia had decided not to pursue charges against Alexis in connection to Julian. Relieved, Alexis asked if Garcia had said anything about Julian, but Diane frowned and shook her head. She pointedly reminded Alexis that they didn't want to know anything about Julian's case. Alexis smiled awkwardly and agreed. Diane looked up in time to see Carly approach.

Diane immediately apologized for not being able to represent Carly, but Carly knew it had been a long shot. Diane hoped they could all reach an equitable agreement, but Carly pointed out that she needed an attorney. Carly was curious if Alexis would be interested in representing her in the divorce. Diane excused herself and explained that she had to see a client. Carly suspected Diane had been referring to Sonny. Diane assured Carly that she was sorry for Sonny and Carly's troubles, but Diane hoped that when the smoke cleared, they could all put that chapter behind them.

Carly warned Diane not to count on it because Sonny had gone too far, so Carly intended to push back. After Diane left, Alexis questioned if Carly really wanted to divorce Sonny, but Carly insisted that her mind was made up because Sonny had had Jax deported. Alexis was shocked as Carly told her that Sonny had obtained "sensitive" information about Jax, which he had used to have Jax kicked out of the country for good. Alexis was certain that Jax would find a way to return, but Carly wasn't satisfied because her daughter would have to travel to Australia whenever Josslyn wanted to see Jax. Carly insisted that she was done with Sonny for good.

Alexis felt bad for Carly and apologized for not having been around. Alexis explained that she'd had her own troubles. Carly smiled and reminded Alexis that they were survivors. Carly was confident that she and Alexis would get past their difficulties. Carly was curious if Alexis was interested in taking her on as a client, but Alexis declined because her license to practice law hadn't been reinstated. Carly was willing to wait, but Alexis revealed that it could take months. Alexis pulled a business card from her purse and handed it to Carly.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny spoke to Andre on the phone. Sonny wanted to know how long he'd have to wait for the test results on the drugs. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Sonny told Andre that he was certain the drugs were the missing link to what had caused Morgan's death. Sonny opened the door and saw Ava standing on his doorstep. He ended the call and asked what she wanted because it wasn't her day to see Avery. Ava explained that she had wanted to talk to him the other night, but it hadn't been a good time because of Lucy's presence.

Ava asked if Lucy had reached out to him for a donation since that night, but he didn't want to talk about Lucy. Ava relaxed and told him that she wanted to discuss Avery's preschool. Ava entered the living room, looking for Carly because she wanted Carly's input, but Sonny told Ava to tell him which school she wanted to enroll their daughter in, and he would consider it. Moments later, Diane arrived to give Sonny a heads-up that a storm was brewing. The words died on her lips when she saw Ava. Sonny quickly hustled Ava out the door then returned to talk to Diane.

Diane told Sonny about her encounter with Carly at the hotel and warned him that he'd made a big mistake by going after Jax, but Sonny refused to apologize because Jax had slept with Carly. Diane wished he had spoken to her first because she would have strongly advised him against it. She appreciated that Sonny was furious, but she pointed out that Jax was Josslyn's father. Diane was certain that Sonny had known Carly would retaliate, but he insisted he had grounds for divorce because Carly had cheated on him. Sonny vowed that Carly wouldn't walk away with a penny of his, but Diane warned him not to be so certain.

Diane dropped a large file on Sonny's desk as she reminded him that he'd asked her to draw up some transfers when he had decided to confess to being responsible for Morgan's death. She showed him copies of the foundation he'd endowed in Morgan's name and the trust funds he'd set up for each of his children. The rest of his considerable assets, he'd signed over to Carly. Stunned, Sonny insisted that he'd been protecting his assets. He was confident that Carly would understand and promised to talk to his wife. Diane warned Sonny that he might have to access the money in his offshore accounts, which would require him to leave the country to avoid any problems with the government.

Sonny realized he might end up exiled like Jax.

At Metro Court, Alexis ended a call then let Carly know that the law firm she'd recommended expected her call. Carly thanked Alexis. Moments later, Ava sauntered over. Ava was disappointed that Alexis hadn't called to tell her about Julian, but Alexis refused to discuss her ex-husband. After Alexis left, Ava congratulated Carly.

Ava wondered if it was too early for Champagne because she wanted to toast to Sonny and Carly's divorce. Ava dropped all pretense of civility as she made it clear that Carly would not be allowed near Avery again, but Carly disagreed. Carly conceded that she and Sonny were at odds, but they remained committed to raising Avery. Carly promised that she would remain a part of Avery's life and advised Ava to get used to it.

Later, Carly called an attorney and expressed her desire to take everything in the divorce.

Meanwhile, Alexis stopped by Sam's penthouse. Sam greeted her mother then announced that she might take a trip to Cassadine Island to help Jason. Alexis objected because she didn't want her daughter near " that godforsaken island."

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy looked at a picture of Edward and Lila as she confessed that she had spent the night reading her father's journal. She admitted that he'd seemed lonely -- as if his life had been pointless without his family. Tracy wondered if that was why Edward had kept Lila's picture in the journal. She was curious how many hours her father had stared at her mother's image, but she realized that she might be fooling herself because Edward might have been "frolicking" with Samira's mother while his family had been mourning him. Tracy wondered if her father could have been that self-indulgent and if the painting, letter, and journal had been nothing more than a cruel setup.

Dillon entered the living room as Tracy promised that it would be the last time her father broke her heart. Concerned, he asked if she'd been talking to his grandfather's picture. "Yes, " Tracy answered. "Fair enough. Did he say anything?" Dillon asked. Tracy smirked as she told him that her father wanted to know when Dillon would join the family ranks at ELQ. Tracy assured her son that she wasn't crazy. She explained that she'd been talking to her father because she'd spent a lifetime sparring with Edward and hadn't seen the point of stopping.

Dillon acknowledged that relationships didn't necessarily end with death, but he wanted her to know that he would be there for her when she was ready to talk to the living. Tracy asked if he thought she was a bad person. "No," Dillon assured her. She wondered if he would feel the same if she refused to give up the painting. Dillon reminded is mother that Edward had never been there for her in life, but she argued that her father had been a complicated man. Tracy was confident that her father had loved her, but Dillon wasn't impressed with his grandfather's way of expressing love.

Dillon promised Tracy that he loved her, even if she disappointed him. He admitted that he would be disappointed if she didn't give up the painting, but he would get over it because she was his mother and he loved her. Dillon assured her that he would never banish her from his life and pointed out that none of them could afford to because there were too few Quartermaines left. Tracy was touched and hugged her son.

At the hospital, Kiki entered Samira's room as Samira climbed out of the bed. Kiki asked what Samira was doing, so Samira explained that she intended to return home because her daughter needed her. Kiki wondered how Samira intended to help "Sidika" in her weakened state, but Samira wondered if Kiki knew what it was like to love someone that she would do anything to save. Kiki agreed to help.

After Samira changed out of the hospital gown, Kiki asked what Samira intended to do. Samira explained that she would return to Turkey and hope the brothers had devised a new plan. Kiki urged Samira to give the Quartermaines more time, but Samira insisted it was pointless. Samira revealed that she was prepared to take her daughter's place if necessary. Kiki advised Samira to reconsider because Kiki had learned from experience never to act out of fear. Kiki knew the Quartermaines could be difficult, but she promised they were good people and could be counted on -- especially if Dillon were in her corner.

At the nurses' station, Laura checked in with Monica to see how Samira was. Monica told her that "K. Conway," had collapsed from travel, stress, and poor health care, but she was expected to make a full recovery as soon as Tracy handed over the painting. Monica was disappointed by Tracy's selfishness, but Laura was confident that Tracy would do the right thing. Monica was skeptical because she'd known Tracy a long time and hadn't seen any sign that she had changed. Laura disagreed because she had noticed a significant shift in Tracy since Edward's passing.

After Laura left, Kiki approached to let Monica know that Samira was restless. Moments later, Agent Torosyan from Immigration and Customs Enforcement walked up and introduced himself. Monica informed the ICE agent that she was busy, but he told her that he was there on official business. Kiki became concerned when he threatened to take Monica to a detention center for questioning if she refused to cooperate, but Monica assured Kiki everything was okay. Monica handed "Nurse Jerome" a patient file as she carefully instructed Kiki to give the patient an update and the discharge papers Monica had signed.

After Kiki left, Agent Torosyan asked why Monica had lied. Monica was offended by the accusation until he showed her a picture taken inside her home during one of her conversations with Samira. Monica suspected Larry Ashton had provided the agent with the picture, but she remained adamant that Samira hadn't been in her home. Monica suggested the image had been altered.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy bragged that it was nice to have support for once. Moments later, Laura appeared in the doorway. Laura tried to persuade Tracy to give the painting to Samira, but Tracy refused. Laura suggested that Tracy had turned the painting into a physical manifestation of Tracy's relationship with Edward, but Tracy resented Laura presuming to know about her relationship with Edward. Laura reminded Tracy that she'd been there when Tracy had read the letter from Edward, so Tracy reluctantly expressed her concern that her father might not have been the man she had believed.

Tracy explained that Edward was either a flawed but good man whom Tracy could believe in or he'd been a "callous bastard," which meant the painting was either a declaration of love for her or the only thing of value her father had ever given her. Regardless, Tracy intended to keep the painting. Laura argued that even if Edward had strayed, it hadn't meant that he hadn't loved Lila, but Tracy disagreed. Laura pointed out that Lila had loved Edward and had always forgiven him because they had balanced each other. Laura thought Tracy was the best of both of her parents and encouraged Tracy to embrace it.

Meanwhile, Kiki returned to Samira's hospital room to let Samira know that it was time for Samira to leave. Kiki checked the hallway just as Dillon exited the elevator. Kiki quickly called him over and pulled him into the room. Kiki filled Dillon and Samira in about the ICE agent. They quickly devised a plan to put Samira in a wheelchair, cover her face with a mask, and whisk her out through the elevator. They made it to the elevator just as Ned arrived. Ned greeted them, but Dillon explained that they didn't have time to talk.

Nearby, Agent Torosyan informed Monica that she was under arrest for harboring an undocumented alien. Ned marched up to the agent and told him that he knew where Samira was. Dillon, Kiki, and Monica were shocked when Ned pointed to Samira. Ned assured everyone that he knew what he was doing.

All about Tracy

All about Tracy

Friday, April 28, 2017

At General Hospital, the ICE agent advised Monica that she was under arrest for aiding and abetting Samira. In fact, everyone who had helped the woman was in trouble, he said. Ned arrived and announced that he possessed a visa extension from the State Department, good for six months. He pulled it from his pocket. He had a friend in high places, he explained. The agent was shown the elevator after he confirmed the details on his phone. Monica threatened the agent in case he ever thought about returning. She was impressed with Ned, who attributed it to his "cutthroat genetic instincts." Samira was confused with the turn of events, but Ned suggested that everyone meet at the Quartermaine mansion to confront Tracy and resolve Samira's problem.

Tracy packed up some photos and announced to the family in the photos that she was ready for some rest and sun. She made sure to pick up the painting on her way out. First she headed to the family crypt to leave some flowers for her mother, Lila. "I'm the last one standing," she told the family. She thought that they should have appreciated her more. Suddenly, the plaque from A.J.'s crypt tumbled and hit Tracy on the head. She fell to the floor, unconscious.

Tracy "awoke" and found herself sitting outside a courtroom. Scott advised her that she'd passed out while they had been talking strategy. Nathan was the court officer who summoned them inside. "Life vs. Tracy Angelica Quartermaine" was on the sign as they headed to trial. The district attorney was Diane, and she was ready to prosecute. Tracy was baffled.

Diane played a video recording of Tracy's hit on the head. "Oh, I'm unconscious," Tracy realized. Diane told her that she was dead. "If I'm dead, what are you all doing here?" Tracy asked. "Don't overthink it," Scott ordered. Tracy wondered if she were in heaven or hell, and Diane explained that they were all there to review her for judgment day.

Diane went on to explain that she would present Tracy's bad deeds, and Scott would show the good ones. If the good outweighed the bad, she would ascend. If not, she'd be sent back to earth, possibly as Skye Chandler's baby. The judge entered the room, and Tracy was displeased to see that it was Sonny. He took his seat and smiled. Tracy wanted a mistrial or a new judge, but her only other choice for a judge would have been Anthony Zacchara. It was noted that one had to be a saint in order to be a judge. Tracy declined. Sonny played a video of a much younger couple as he and Tracy fought, and he had advised her to watch her back.

Diane pointed out that Tracy had not learned anything from her past reincarnations and thought she was incapable of goodness. Scott reminded her that Tracy had been born into a "back-stabbing family" and was good compared to her father, Heather Webber, and the Cassadines. The video flashbacks continued with Tracy doing battle with Alan and Monica. Diane thought they should move on to deeds.

Tracy wanted Scott to object. He said he couldn't, but while she was a "heartless shrew," he thought they should talk about Tracy's romances instead. Diane felt that those hadn't contributed anything to Tracy's personal growth, as all of her bad choices for mates were listed. Scott noted that Luke had influenced Tracy positively, and a clip was shown of Luke declaring his love for Tracy. Diane noted that Tracy hadn't been able to trust Luke, and she showed another video of Tracy showing Luke the door. "I'm the best thing that ever happened to you," Tracy had uttered to Luke after verbally attacking him. "You're fired," Tracy advised Scott.

Scott thought it would be a bad idea for Tracy to not have a lawyer, but Tracy firmly believed that she didn't need either a lawyer or a man to get through life. She pointed out her good qualities, and they viewed a video of Tracy about to give birth to Dillon under dire circumstances. Her sons were proof that she'd done something right, Tracy noted. She'd been strong and helped her family. Diane muttered that the opposite could be true. The gathered viewed more video flashbacks of Tracy having run-ins with Alan, Jenny, Ned, and Edward. Tracy apologized to Lila for misdeeds. Diane announced that those weren't even the worst. Tracy knew what was next, and she begged for it not to be shown.

Tracy cringed and hid her eyes as another video played of her with her father. They had been arguing over his will, and Edward had disowned Tracy. He had cited her love for only money, and he had wanted her to prove her love for him. When he collapsed on the floor with a pretend heart attack, Tracy had refused to give him his medicine. She reminded him that they all only loved money. She had wanted him to tear up the will in order to receive his medicine, but Edward had refused.

A spotlight shined onto Tracy. "I was selfish and greedy," she agreed. She wondered why the family had taken her back when she had been so evil. She believed she had done some good, and she was willing and ready to do more. She figured that her father was there, "pulling the strings." She added that she had never forgiven herself, and she'd tried to fix things. She'd always only wanted to please Edward and make him proud of her. She wondered what she would have been like if she had allowed herself to just be Tracy. She wondered if she would have made herself proud.

Suddenly, Tracy woke up and whispered that she wanted one last chance. She looked up and saw that A.J.'s plaque was in place. She touched her head. There were no bruises.

Monica, Dillon, Kiki, and Samira returned to the mansion. As the family made small talk, Samira noticed that the painting was missing. "Three guesses who took it," Monica said caustically. Ned returned and announced that Tracy had had the jet fueled and had planned to fly to Costa Rica. Ned had stopped the flight, though family members were certain that Tracy would find another way, even though she had the painting with her. Ned thought that Tracy might surprise them.

The family discussed how they might be able to get in touch with Tracy. Samira stated firmly that she didn't want the family's money, as the monks had had a buyer lined up for the painting. Just then, Tracy walked in with the painting. She declared that she had been ready to leave but had reevaluated things after recent events. She had decided to use her gifts to help others because she'd been blessed. Tracy wasn't used to doing the right thing, but she wanted Samira to have the painting, since Samira needed it the most.

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