General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 10, 2017 on GH

Julian was revealed to be alive. Carly and Jax made love. Charlotte had an enjoyable visit with Lulu. Finn agreed to seek treatment for his addiction. Anna spied on Valentin.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 10, 2017 on GH
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Nelle tells Sonny the truth Nelle tells Sonny the truth

Monday, April 10, 2017

Alexis arrived at home, carrying a gift bag. She took a bottle of "relaxation oil" out of the bag and scoffed at it. There was a knock on the door, and she meekly called out to ask who it was. "PCPD," Nathan replied through the door. She opened the door, and Nathan entered the house. He revealed that, while it wasn't positive proof of Julian being alive, one of Julian's credit cards had been used to get a one-way bus ticket to Los Angeles.

Nathan wondered if Alexis had any reason to believe that Julian was alive, although the odds were "minimal." She answered that she and Julian had always kept their business affairs separate, but she thought that he was smarter than to use his credit card. She suggested that someone had stolen his wallet, and she gave her impression that he had "lots of money" stashed away somewhere. Both agreed to keep the other informed. When Nathan was gone, Alexis left the house in a hurry.

A few minutes after Alexis was gone, someone in a black hooded sweatshirt entered the house.

Franco was surprised to open his studio door to Jake, who informed Franco that he'd walked there alone. Letting him in, Franco told Jake that Elizabeth would "freak out" once she realized that he was gone. Jake said that he'd just wanted to see for himself why Franco no longer wanted to be his friend. Franco insisted that he would always be Jake's friend, but he needed to take Jake home. Jake begged Franco not to make him leave.

Jason returned downstairs from putting Scout to sleep as Sam texted Curtis about his progress in finding out who had used Julian's credit card. Just then, the doorbell rang, which caused Scout to wake up crying. Sam ran upstairs to Scout as Jason let Elizabeth in. Elizabeth wanted to let Jason know that she'd scheduled a follow-up appointment with Andre for Jake. Sam returned a few minutes later as Elizabeth talked to Jason about "presenting a united front" to Jake. Sam agreed to cooperate with Elizabeth and Jason as well, as Jake's stepmother. Elizabeth wondered why, if Franco, who Jake loved and spent tons of time with, wasn't allowed to be a part of things, Sam was.

Jason argued that there was a big difference between Sam's relationship with Jake and Franco's. Elizabeth agreed, reminding him that Jake had spent months in art therapy with Franco, who Jake was probably most likely to open up to. Just then, Jason's phone rang, and he was exasperated to answer it to Franco. Franco informed Jason that Jake had shown up uninvited at his studio, and Jason said he'd be right there. He told Elizabeth what was going on, and the two agreed to pick Jake up together.

When Jason and Elizabeth were gone, Sam texted Curtis again. There was a knock on the door, and Sam was surprised to answer it to Alexis. She told Sam about Nathan's questions, and Sam admitted that she'd tried to keep Nathan away from Alexis. "You can't protect me from this world," Alexis told her daughter, though she appreciated Sam's concern. In the spirit of full disclosure, Sam decided to share everything she'd found out.

Sam confided that Curtis was investigating the use of Julian's credit card. She also told Alexis that she'd gotten a screen grab from a security camera facing the pay phone that Alexis' mysterious phone call had originated from. Sam showed Alexis the shot, and even Alexis couldn't confirm that it was Julian in the picture. Sam's phone rang, and she answered it to Curtis. She listened for a minute then thanked him for the information. She told Alexis that a runaway had found Julian's credit card on the side of the road near the bridge. He'd had the card on him when Curtis had found him.

Jake painted on his own canvas at Franco's studio as Franco instructed him to be bold with his art. Changing the subject, Franco told Jake that Andre was one of the "good guys," so Jake could feel safe talking to him. Jake told Franco about Andre's action figures, and how Jake had chosen to play with the scarecrow and witch from The Wizard of Oz and make them friends. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Franco let Elizabeth and Jason in. Jake wondered how his parents had known he was there, and Jason informed his son that Franco had called. "I thought I could trust you!" Jake yelled at Franco. "You're just like the rest of them!" the boy added.

Elizabeth explained that the babysitter was upset and felt awful about not noticing Jake leave. She scolded him and told him that he knew better. He looked to Franco, but Franco insisted that Jake's parents "call all the shots." Jason wanted to talk to Franco, so Elizabeth reluctantly took Jake to wait in the car. Jason accused Franco of calling Jason in order to "win points" with Elizabeth. He didn't want Jake at the studio ever again. He continued that Franco had manipulated Jake into thinking that Franco cared. Franco thought Jason was only angry because Franco understood Jake better than Jason did.

Elizabeth returned and demanded to know what was going on. "We decided that the studio is off-limits," Jason answered. Franco sarcastically added that it was a horrible environment for a child. Elizabeth sighed, saying that Jake would just paint at home with her. She thanked Franco for taking care of Jake and kissed him. He began to clean up when Elizabeth and Jason were gone. He found the roll of Jake's paper and unrolled it on the floor. There was more drawn on Jake's timeline, including a picture of Jake hiding behind a tree from the scarecrow. Franco knew that Jake had left it there for Franco to find.

At Perks, Michael bumped into Kristina, whose arms were full of books. She explained that she was taking night classes at Port Charles University. Sensing that things weren't right, she asked him what was wrong. "Our family imploded. Again," he stated. Michael briefly explained what had happened between Sonny and Nelle, which shocked Kristina. Michael added that Nelle had been hurting as well, and Kristina demanded to know why Michael was defending Nelle.

Michael replied that there was no excuse for what Nelle had done, since she'd ambushed the family at their most vulnerable time. Kristina hoped that Nelle left town, but Michael informed her that Nelle had gotten a job with Valentin. Kristina thought that Carly should be less "judgy" about cheating. Michael told her about Sonny's ultimatum of forgiveness or divorce. He didn't think Carly wanted a divorce, and he believed that all would be well if Sonny apologized and offered to wait for forgiveness. Kristina thought that, as the "big brother," he needed to talk Sonny into it.

A short while later, Kristina sat with Nathan, who wanted to talk to her about Julian. Kristina had thought he was dead -- not that he hadn't deserved it. He wondered if she thought Alexis knew anything about Julian's possible whereabouts if he were alive. Nathan suggested that Alexis could be putting herself in danger without even knowing it.

Nelle informed Sonny that there was something he needed to know about the night they'd spent together. "I'm glad I don't remember it," Sonny remarked. "There's a reason you don't remember it," Nelle confessed. She admitted that she'd crushed a sleeping pill into the drink she'd made him. She'd led him upstairs and undressed him, and he'd passed out cold. She'd taken off her clothes and gotten into bed next to him. "You tore my family apart over a lie!" he yelled at her, adding, "There's something wrong with you."

Nelle wished she could change what she'd done. Sonny remembered how she'd kept "twisting the knife" for months. He wondered what was in it for her to confess. She answered that she didn't want the lies weighing on her anymore. Sonny yelled that he didn't buy her confession. "What confession?" Michael wondered as he entered the room.

Nelle excused herself, but Sonny thought she just didn't want to be there when Sonny told Michael what was going on. He took the opportunity to update a shocked Michael. When Sonny was done, he realized that he needed to tell Carly immediately. He instructed Michael to tell Nelle to get out of their lives forever, and he left. Michael knew that Sonny believed Nelle because it meant his own absolution, so he demanded that Nelle tell him the truth. She revealed that the story was true.

Michael wondered why Nelle hadn't told him the truth from the start, especially after how close they'd felt at the cabin. Nelle insisted that she had planned to tell him, but she'd felt that she owed it to Sonny first, and she was scared that the truth meant no chance with Michael. He revealed that her last chance had been the night at the cabin, and she'd thrown it away. She told him that his words at the cabin had convinced her to stop her plan, but she'd been too late. As he ushered her through the front door, she hoped he could forgive her one day. "I can't fix you. It's not my job," he said, and he closed the door in her face.

Jax and Carly kissed, but he stopped and apologized. She kissed him again, and he again stopped, wondering what they were doing. "Trying to feel better," she suggested. He reminded her of the last time they'd almost made the mistake of trying to make each other feel better. She told him that it wasn't a mistake, and she didn't want to stop. She led him upstairs to her bedroom, and the two made love.

"That's one thing we always got right," Carly commented later. She added that both she and Jax had needed it. He wondered if she had any wine. She answered that she had his favorite wine downstairs and got up to get it. "No guilt, no regrets," he told her. "None," she agreed, and she left the room.

A few minutes later, Carly was walking through the house with a bottle of wine and two glasses when the doorbell rang. As she carefully put the bottle and glasses down, there was banging on the front door. She made her way to the door and opened it to Sonny. She told him that it wasn't a good time, but he brushed past her into the house. He revealed that he had something to tell her that would change everything. "I never slept with Nelle," he told a stunned Carly.

Sonny discovers Carly and Jax were intimate

Sonny discovers Carly and Jax were intimate

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn sat on the living room floor as he filled a syringe and injected himself with an unknown substance. He dropped the syringe when he was done and loosened the tourniquet from his arm. "Forget rehab. Forget detox. Forget everything," Finn said as his eyes drifted closed.

Seconds later, Finn jolted awake. He looked down at his arm and sighed with relief when he realized it had been a dream. After Finn pulled himself together, he picked up the list of drug rehabilitation centers that Hayden had given him. Finn decided to call Hayden instead of one of the facilities.

Meanwhile, Hayden sat on a bench outside of Perks, sipping alcohol from a cup until she saw Curtis out for a run. She greeted him and invited him to join her. Curtis smiled as he approached her, but he frowned when he noticed that she'd been drinking. Hayden smiled unapologetically as she offered him a drink from the bottle wrapped in a paper bag. After Curtis took a swig, he asked why she was drinking on the waterfront at night.

Hayden revealed that she'd been trying to avoid Finn. Curtis wondered if Finn had relapsed, but she shook her head and admitted that she hadn't been able to get past the things Finn had said during the grips of withdrawal because he'd shined a spotlight on all her insecurities and had told her that he couldn't trust her. Curtis reminded Hayden that Finn hadn't been in his right mind, but she argued that the thoughts had clearly been buried deep inside Finn if he'd said them. Curtis promised that Finn regretted all the horrible things he'd said, prompting Hayden to ask if Curtis thought she should take Finn back. "No," Curtis replied. He explained that Finn needed to go to rehab because Finn couldn't get clean alone, and it wasn't Hayden's job to save Finn.

Curtis warned Hayden that if she tried to save Finn, then she would end up losing herself. Seconds later, Hayden's phone rang. She decided to answer it when she saw it was Finn because she was eager to know how he'd been holding up. Finn admitted that he was not well and asked her to stop by because he needed to talk to her. Hayden was curious if he'd been in touch with a rehab facility, but he sidestepped the question and begged her to meet him. Hayden quietly reminded Finn that she couldn't fix him and urged him to call one of the facilities on the list she'd given him. After she ended the call, Curtis assured her that she'd done the right thing, but she felt terrible.

In Finn's suite, Finn looked at his bearded dragon as he acknowledged that he'd messed up. He assured Roxy that he could handle twenty-eight days in rehab, but he'd have to go without seeing Hayden and Roxy. However, he would lose Hayden forever if he didn't get professional help. Finn decided to call Tracy, but her voicemail picked up. He left her a message, apologizing for the harsh things he'd said and assuring her that he treasured their friendship. After the call, Finn stepped out for fresh air.

On the promenade, Hayden asked Curtis to pay Finn a visit because Curtis might be able to get through to Finn, since Curtis had experience with addiction. Curtis explained that it had to be up to Finn. Hayden realized that Curtis was right and suddenly shifted gears to suggest that she and Curtis go clubbing. Hayden swayed drunkenly as she tried to persuade Curtis to join her for a night on the town, but he pointed out that he wasn't dressed appropriately. Hayden refused to take no for an answer and engaged in flirtatious banter to get him to change his mind. Things took an unexpected turn when Hayden suddenly kissed Curtis.

After several long moments, Curtis pulled back and put some space between them. He reminded Hayden that they were friends, but Hayden suggested that they explore more. Curtis explained that he didn't want to lose their friendship or take advantage of what she'd been going through with Finn. Hayden's eyes filled with tears as she begged Curtis to help her forget. She kissed him again, but Curtis ended the kiss because he valued their friendship too much. Hayden's eyes drifted to someone standing on the landing behind Curtis.

Curtis turned and saw Finn. Curtis immediately defended Hayden by pointing out that she was drunk, hurting, confused, and reckless because of the things Finn had said. Curtis warned Hayden to think carefully before taking Finn back because Finn would eventually pull her down with him if Finn didn't get the help he needed. Finn wondered what had made Curtis an expert on the subject, but Curtis reminded Finn that Curtis had been where Finn was. Finn doubted Curtis knew what Finn had been dealing with. Curtis conceded that Finn had struggled with addiction far longer than Curtis had.

However, Curtis knew how difficult it was to admit to needing help because the addiction was in control. Curtis warned Finn that Finn could never truly be with Hayden until Finn properly dealt with the addiction. Finn ignored Curtis and told Hayden that he loved her. Hayden remained strong and implored Finn to get the help he needed. Disappointed, Finn walked away. Curtis reached out to Hayden as she dissolved into tears.

Later, Finn met with a drug dealer on the docks.

In the squad room, Dante was pleasantly surprised when Lulu and Rocco paid him a visit and delivered a plate of homemade cookies. After Rocco scampered off to play, Lulu explained that Rocco had been up later than usual because he'd been excited about spending time with Charlotte and had asked to mark the special occasion by baking cookies and decorating them with frosting in Charlotte's favorite colors. Lulu admitted that the rescheduled visit had also given her an opportunity to wrap the presents she'd picked up for her daughter. Dante sensed that Lulu was afraid, but she assured him that she was eager to spend time with Charlotte without Valentin or Nina hovering over her.

Rocco returned and asked if his father had had a cookie. Dante grabbed one off the plate and took a big bite. His eyes rounded with surprise, but he smiled and assured his son that the cookies were delicious. Satisfied, Rocco ran off to play. Lulu giggled as she confessed that Rocco had added a lot of salt to the dough when her back had been turned. Dante took a long drink of water then asked if Rocco had tried one of the cookies.

Lulu laughed because Rocco had loved the cookies. Dante smiled, but he assured Lulu that it hadn't been necessary to resort to a bag of tricks to get Charlotte to love her. Lulu reminded him that she'd upset Charlotte on numerous occasions because she'd selfishly put her own needs ahead of Charlotte's. Dante was confident that Charlotte would soften toward Lulu and grow to love her once she had a chance to get to know Lulu. Lulu was skeptical that one weekly visit would be sufficient time to develop a bond with her daughter, but Dante offered his wife words of encouragement.

Moments later, Rocco returned to show off a colorful paperclip necklace he'd made for his sister. Dante and Lulu were impressed, but Rocco suddenly wondered if Lulu would love Charlotte more than she did him. Dante and Lulu sat Rocco down to assure their son that Rocco meant everything to them. Lulu explained that she and Dante were excited to have Charlotte join their family and for Rocco to have a sister. Dante added that they might shower Charlotte with a little extra attention in the beginning, but he assured Rocco that parents never loved one child over another.

Rocco was curious why Charlotte couldn't live with them. Dante and Lulu carefully explained that it would take time. However, the visits would suffice until then. Please, Rocco changed the subject and joked around with his parents. Dante hugged his family, confident that everything would work out.

Across town, a mystery man wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt quietly slipped into Alexis' dark house. He turned on a lamp as he made his way to a cabinet behind her desk to retrieve a photo album.

Meanwhile, Alexis arrived home and unlocked the door. She entered the living room but immediately tensed when she noticed the lamp was turned on. Alarmed, Alexis looked around. "Who's there?" Alexis nervously asked just as someone approached her front door. Alexis grabbed her laptop and raised it above her head, intending to defend herself, but she pulled back at the last second when Kristina entered the house.

Startled, Kristina demanded to know what was going on. Alexis apologized and explained that she'd been freaked out. Kristina quickly slipped into the kitchen to fix her mother a warm cup of tea then returned to the living room and handed it to Alexis. Kristina noticed that her mother was still rattled by what had happened, so Alexis explained that she had arrived and noticed that the lamp had been turned on. Alexis insisted that she'd turned the lamp off before leaving, but Kristina suggested that Alexis had simply forgotten. Alexis conceded that she'd been in a rush and mentioned Nathan's visit.

Kristina admitted that Nathan had questioned her too. Alexis was outraged and threatened to call Jordan in the morning to complain, but Kristina assured her mother that it was fine because she'd bumped into Nathan at the coffee shop, and he'd been concerned about Alexis because he'd worried that Alexis might put herself in danger by withholding information. Kristina wanted to know what was going, so Alexis confessed that she sensed that Julian was still alive. Alexis hadn't wanted to tell Kristina because Alexis knew how Kristina had felt about Julian. Kristina admitted that she hoped Julian "burned in hell," but she also recognized that she couldn't tell Alexis how to feel.

Kristina explained that she had resented Alexis for trying to dictate her life when Alexis had found out about Parker, but Kristina refused to put her mother in the same position. Kristina accepted Alexis' grief for Julian, but she was concerned about the phantom knock and phone call. Alexis revealed that Sam had traced the phone call to a phone booth near where Julian had last been seen. Alexis added that Sam had also discovered that a young man had found Julian's wallet on the side of the road and had used Julian's credit card to purchase a bus ticket.

Alexis admitted that she had unresolved feelings about Julian's letter because she wanted what he'd written to be true, but she would never know for certain, since she couldn't talk to him. Kristina suspected that Alexis' lack of closure was at the root of Alexis' desire for Julian to be alive. She reminded Alexis that Alexis had suffered a traumatic loss that would take time to recover from. Alexis smiled and thanked Kristina for her sage advice. Kristina smiled and offered to stay and watch movies with Alexis. Kristina jumped up to look for the remote, but she stopped the search when she spotted the photo album on the dining room table because she didn't think looking at it would help Alexis.

Alexis frowned because she distinctly recalled putting the photo album away. Kristina walked over with the album as she flipped through the photos of Thanksgiving with Julian. Kristina admitted that she'd tried to keep an open mind about Julian. Alexis appreciated Kristina's effort because it had been nice while it had lasted. Kristina closed the photo album and quickly found the remote tucked into the chair. Alexis admitted that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Kristina offered to stay, but Alexis assured her daughter that it wasn't necessary. After Kristina left, Alexis opened the photo album and noticed that a photograph had been removed.

At Carly's house, Sonny insisted that he needed to talk to Carly, but she told him that it was a bad time. Undeterred, Sonny explained that Nelle had lied -- he'd never been unfaithful. Carly reminded Sonny that she'd heard the recording, but Sonny pointed out that it had merely been a recording of Sonny and Nelle talking about sleeping together. Sonny realized that he should have known that Nelle had lied because Nelle was devious enough to record a sexual encounter -- if there had been one. Carly was confused, so Sonny told her about Nelle's confession that she'd drugged him. Sonny added that he should have known that Nelle had lied because he'd been drinking most of his life and had never blacked out in the past.

Carly questioned why Nelle would suddenly confess to drugging Sonny. Sonny had no idea, but he suspected that Nelle had finally realized what she'd thrown away. Carly realized that it was possible Nelle had fabricated the story because Nelle knew that Michael would never have anything to do with a woman who'd slept with his father. Sonny assured Carly that Nelle hadn't lied because he'd recognized the truth when she'd confessed to drugging him. Sonny added that he would never sleep with a woman like Nelle because she was not his type. He acknowledged that he'd lied, but he also believed that their marriage could be saved.

Carly disagreed, but Sonny argued that he'd never been unfaithful. He wondered if Carly was still upset about the ultimatum he'd given her the previous day. He assured her that he regretted not telling her about Nelle from the start because it had shaken Carly's faith in him. However, Sonny admitted that no one knew him to the very core the way Carly did -- or loved him in spite of how broken he was. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she implored Sonny to go home. Sonny objected, but Jax suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs, asking Carly about the bottle of wine she'd gone to fetch.

Sonny glared at Jax as Jax pulled on a shirt. "That didn't take long," Sonny said as he turned to his wife. He angrily accused her of "screwing" Jax the day after walking out on her husband, but Jax reminded Sonny that Sonny was in Carly's home, and he had no right to talk to her like that. Sonny snidely wondered if it bothered Jax that Jax was nothing more than a "side piece." Carly asked Sonny not to make things ugly, but Sonny's fury mounted because she had vilified him for months about a mistake he'd ultimately never made.

Sonny angrily accused Carly of spreading her legs for Jax. Furious, Jax ordered Sonny to apologize to Carly and leave, but Sonny refused. Sonny told Carly that she'd been predictable because she hadn't gone five minutes without a man in her bed. "Which makes you a bad wife -- but a great whore," Sonny concluded. Carly slapped Sonny, but she immediately regretted it and apologized. She was sorry that she'd hurt Sonny and that he'd found out the truth about Nelle too late. However, she made it clear that Sonny had no right to walk into her home and name-call.

Unapologetic, Sonny reminded Carly that she'd wanted him to be honest. Carly's temper flared because Sonny knew nothing about the truth. She reminded him how he'd pretended to be paralyzed, how he'd lied to her about putting a hit on Julian, and the months of deception that had followed his encounter with Nelle. Carly thought it was ironic that Sonny prided himself on his honor and his word when he was the biggest liar of all. Carly admitted that she'd been gullible because she'd wanted to believe that things might be different between them, but she'd been wrong. Sonny disagreed because it had been the last time for them -- he was done with their marriage.

After Sonny stormed out, Jax asked if Carly was okay. "No, but I will be," Carly replied. Carly decided to call Diane to secure Diane's services, but Jax advised Carly to hold off. Carly explained that she couldn't allow Sonny to beat her to the punch, because he was angry and would lash out. Jax wondered if Carly felt guilty about their night together. Carly explained that she'd fought hard for her marriage with Sonny, but she was done.

Anna took steps to eavesdrop on Valentin

Anna took steps to eavesdrop on Valentin

> Anna took steps to eavesdrop on Valentin

Anna took steps to eavesdrop on Valentin

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

At the nurses' station, Brad wrapped up a phone call. Andre noticed that Brad seemed to be in good spirits, prompting Brad to reveal that he and Lucas had put a bid on a condominium. Andre was happy for the couple and assured Brad that a condo was a good investment. Brad was excited because it had taken a long time for him and Lucas to save up the money for a down payment.

On the docks, Griffin took a break from his morning run to call Anna. The call went to voicemail, so he reminded her that she had a phlebotomy appointment later that day. He asked her to call him after the appointment because he wanted to take her to dinner and hear about her trip. Griffin ended the call and turned to leave, but he froze in his tracks when he noticed a motionless person lying in the alley. Concerned, Griffin stepped closer to find out if the person was okay. He was startled when he lifted a rag off the person and saw Finn's bloody and beaten face.

Meanwhile, Curtis ran into Hayden outside of Perks. Hayden admitted that she'd broken down and had stopped by Finn's hotel suite to check on him, but Finn hadn't been there. Hayden added that the maid had told her that Finn's bed hadn't been slept in. Curtis told Hayden to calm down and promised to find Finn. Relieved, Hayden thanked Curtis. She assured him that his friendship meant the world to her, and she apologized for the previous evening.

Curtis promised Hayden that she had nothing to worry about, but she made it clear that she would never try to kiss him again. She smiled as she added that she would leave jumping his bones to Jordan. "Gee, thanks. Lucky me," Jordan said as she walked up. Embarrassed, Hayden quickly explained that she'd kissed Curtis, but he hadn't wanted any part of the kiss. Jordan wondered if Curtis wanted to press charges for unwanted sexual advances.

Curtis chuckled and admitted that he had felt used, but he declined to press charges. Hayden was relieved that Jordan had taken everything in stride. After Hayden left, Curtis explained that Hayden had been going through a difficult time. He assured Jordan that the kiss hadn't meant anything, but she reminded Curtis that they weren't exclusive. Curtis seized the opportunity to suggest that they change the status of their relationship, and he kissed her.

Nearby, Andre stopped short when he saw Jordan and Curtis. He looked away and continued to the coffee bar. After the kiss ended, Jordan and Curtis spotted Andre. Curtis tactfully excused himself to give Jordan an opportunity to talk to Andre. Jordan watched Curtis walk away then approached Andre. Andre warned Jordan that he was in a rush, but Jordan could tell he was angry about her relationship with Curtis.

Jordan didn't blame Andre for being upset, but Andre argued that he couldn't force her to feel what she didn't feel. He added that she shouldn't feel bad then grabbed his coffee and left. A short time later, Curtis returned. Jordan thanked him for giving her time to talk to Andre, but she had to get back to work. Curtis decided to walk with her because he wanted to make plans for the date she owed him.

At the hospital, Andre called Anna, but her voicemail picked up. He asked her to return his call because he needed a friend.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Griffin leaned over Finn's hospital bed as he asked if Finn could hear him. Finn groaned and opened his eyes. Griffin conducted a quick neurological exam and was pleased with the results. Griffin was curious if Finn knew how he'd ended up in the hospital. "By the grace of God?" Finn replied.

Griffin was not amused. He questioned Finn about the injuries, but Finn refused to talk about what had transpired on the docks. Griffin offered to call the police if Finn wanted to report the assault, but Finn declined. Griffin suspected Finn was reluctant to report the attack because Finn had gone to the docks to score drugs. Griffin angrily wondered if Finn was high, but Finn claimed he was completely lucid.

Griffin was disappointed that a man as gifted as Finn would squander his talent because of drugs. Griffin accused Finn of being a coward for refusing to get help, and Griffin stormed out. However, he ground to a halt when he saw Hayden exit the elevator. Griffin quickly informed Hayden that Finn had been admitted to the hospital. Moments later, Hayden marched into Finn's hospital room and demanded to know what had happened.

Finn evaded Hayden's questions until Griffin returned to report that Finn's blood work had been clean. Finn admitted that he'd purchased drugs, but he'd changed his mind and had tried to return the drugs to the dealer. Finn added that the drug dealer had roughed him up for trying to get a refund. Griffin was curious why Finn hadn't told him about the incident sooner, but Finn admitted that he'd been embarrassed. Finn acknowledged that he needed help, but he hoped Hayden would wait for him while he completed the long journey ahead of him.

Hayden and Griffin talked to Finn about various drug rehabilitation facilities that would respect Finn's privacy, but Finn wanted to be open about his recovery. He accepted that he was an addict and decided to talk to Monica because she deserved to hear the truth from him.

At Wyndemere, Valentin read a note from Anna assuring him that she had meant what she had said -- she did not want him for an enemy. Anna wrote that she hoped she and Valentin could learn together if the adage about time healing all wounds was true. Valentin opened the slim box that had accompanied the note. Nestled inside was an elegant watch with a black leather band. "Don't be so sure," Valentin said as Nina rounded the corner and entered the living room. Valentin quickly hid the note and watch behind his back as Nina asked him to zip up her dress.

Valentin looked around for a place to hide the items, but Nina noticed his hesitation. She turned to look at him and asked what he was hiding behind his back. She assumed it was a present for her because she'd seen the deliveryman leaving. Valentin told her it was nothing, but she demanded to see it. He warned her that she wouldn't like it, but she remained insistent until he handed her the note. Nina's smile faded as she scanned the lines and saw Anna's signature. Valentin quickly explained that Anna had stopped by the previous day.

Nina wondered why Valentin hadn't told her about the visit sooner. Valentin recalled Anna's confession that their night together had meant something to her, too, but he pushed the memory away and told his wife that he'd had misgivings about Anna's turnaround. Valentin wanted to believe Anna's desire to put the past behind them for the sake of his family, but Nina wondered if he could trust Anna. "Can you?" Valentin asked. Nina reminded him that she was the wrong person to ask because she disliked Anna.

Valentin told Nina about Anna's apology and claimed that he hadn't wanted to trouble his wife about it while she'd been at work. Satisfied, Nina presented him with her back. Valentin slid the watch into his pocket then zipped up her dress as the conversation drifted to Charlotte's visit with Lulu. Nina was not happy about it, but Valentin assured her that they had nothing to worry about because Lulu was a "loose cannon" who didn't need help sabotaging her chances of custody. Nina admitted that she was still concerned about Anna, but Valentin promised that Anna didn't matter.

According to Valentin, he only wanted to make peace for the sake of his family because Nina and Charlotte were all he cared about. Nina smiled, so Valentin suggested they make a point of spending quality time with Charlotte after her visit with Lulu. Nina agreed and headed out. Valentin waited until the coast was clear then called an associate because he had a job for the person to do.

At Anna's house, Anna listened to Griffin's message, but her focus was on the pictures of Valentin scattered across her desk. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Anna quickly tucked the pictures out of sight and went to the door. Laura greeted Anna and explained that she needed to talk to Anna about something important. Concerned, Anna asked if everything was okay. Laura told Anna about Charlotte's rescheduled visit with Lulu and Lulu's reaction that had led to a confrontation with Valentin.

Laura feared that Lulu was too emotional and would eventually make a mistake that Valentin would use to justify keeping Charlotte away from her mother. Laura hoped to find a way to neutralize Valentin, but Anna apologized because she couldn't help Laura. Laura was stunned when Anna announced that she'd made peace with Valentin because she had wronged him in the past. Laura was skeptical, but Anna assured her that it was true because Anna had talked to an expert at the WSB who had helped Anna recover the memories. Laura warned Anna that memories could be tricky, but Anna remained adamant that she had to make things right.

Laura didn't think Valentin deserved Anna's compassion or her mercy because he was a cold-blooded killer who was raising Laura's granddaughter after keeping Charlotte from Lulu since birth. Laura conceded that Valentin might not have deserved what Anna had done to him -- although Laura doubted it -- but Laura believed he deserved to pay. Anna understood Laura's position, but Anna made it clear that her involvement in Laura's war against Valentin was over.

Shortly after Laura left, Anna had another visitor. It was Nina. Nina pushed past Anna as she asked if she'd made it clear to Anna that Anna was to stay away from Valentin. "Yes," Anna acknowledged. Pleased, Nina took a swing at Anna, but Anna's reflexes kicked in, and she quickly pinned Nina to the desk. Anna kept Nina there until Nina calmed down.

After Anna released Nina, Nina glared at Anna. Anna wondered why Nina had tried something like that, knowing what Anna was capable of. Nina angrily accused Anna of pushing Nina to that point by ignoring Nina's warning to leave Valentin alone. Nina confronted Anna about the note, but Anna insisted that it had been a simple declaration of peace. Anna asked if Valentin had received the note, but Nina bragged that he'd shared the missive with her.

Nina wanted Anna to admit that Anna was obsessed with Valentin, but Anna assured Nina that she didn't have any interest in Nina's husband. Nina didn't believe Anna, but Anna suspected that Nina was insecure because Nina's first husband had cheated on her. Anna promised that Nina had nothing to worry about, but Nina warned Anna not to have any contact with Valentin.

On the docks, Valentin gave an elderly man orders for a job and sent him on his way as Laura walked up. Valentin was curious if she'd been on her way to see him, but she coldly informed him that she'd been headed to the Haunted Star to meet Lulu. Valentin hoped Laura intended to give Lulu some much-needed pointers on how to behave with Charlotte, but Laura insisted her daughter was an excellent mother. Laura thought it was a shame that Valentin was too selfish to do what was best for Charlotte, but he argued that he'd provided his daughter with the stability of a loving family.

Valentin assured Laura that Charlotte would always choose to live with him, but Laura accused him of being a "masterful manipulator." She refused to be intimidated by him and made it clear that he could not prey on her -- or Lulu -- the way he had Anna because Laura's memories were completely intact. Laura believed Anna was confused because she didn't know Valentin the way Laura did, but he chuckled and informed Laura that Anna had known him far longer than Laura had. Laura conceded that she'd only met Valentin when he'd murdered her son.

Laura vowed to make Valentin pay, but he feigned concern that she would threaten Charlotte's father. Laura clarified it was not a threat -- it was a promise. Laura realized that both Nina and Charlotte loved Valentin, indicating there might be something loveable about him, but she suspected he didn't trust it because he knew deep down inside that he was undeserving. Valentin was rattled when she added that Nina and Charlotte would eventually see him for who he truly was. He stammered as he ordered her to get away from him. Laura smiled and left.

A short time later, Valentin's associate returned to report that he'd taken the watch apart, and everything had been in order. The jeweler added that Valentin's wife had exquisite taste. Valentin returned home and smiled with satisfaction as he put on his new watch.

Nearby, Laura stopped to call Lulu to let her daughter know that she had good news and bad news. Laura told Lulu that Valentin was not as confident as he would have people believe, but they could no longer count on Anna to help.

At Anna's house, Anna plugged her earphones into her laptop as she recalled hiding a listening device inside the leather strap on the watch she'd given Valentin. Seconds later, Anna listened as Valentin greeted Nina. Nina confessed that she had missed Valentin and promised that wild horses could never drag her away from him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica entered the living room and saw Tracy preparing to tear down a wall tapestry hanging above the fireplace. Monica warned Tracy not to touch it, but Tracy grumbled that Monica should have taken the wall hanging down when the rest of the room had been redecorated. Monica insisted that she loved the tapestry, but Tracy explained that she had a new piece of art that would look much better above the fireplace. Monica glanced at the large painting covered with a white sheet and told Tracy that she didn't care if the canvas was a "paint-by-numbers Mona Lisa." Monica insisted it was her house, and the tapestry stayed.

Monica and Tracy continued to bicker until Ned entered the room. Monica decided to leave Ned in charge and made it clear that she wanted the tapestry to remain in place -- or Tracy would be staying at a hotel. "Philistine," Tracy complained. After Monica left, Ned asked about Tracy's trip. She smiled as she told him that it had been a great success. Ned was happy for his mother and added that his father would be pleased because he'd been upset Tracy had left.

Ned told Tracy about his encounter with Larry, but she was curious why Ned had been at ELQ. Ned revealed that he'd wanted to tell her about his engagement to Olivia. Ned waited for Tracy to rant, but she surprised him by asking if Olivia made him happy. "Yes," Ned answered without hesitation. Tracy congratulated her son then hugged him.

Ned wondered what had happened to his mother. Tracy told him that she'd found her father. She shared Edward's letter with Ned and asked what Ned thought about it. "It's bull," Ned told her. Ned thought his grandfather should have told Tracy how he felt instead of leaving it in a letter that she might -- or might not -- have gotten.

Tracy argued that Edward had had a hard time expressing himself, but Ned reminded her that he'd been his grandfather's protégé and had known him well. Ned insisted that Edward had held their family both emotionally and financially hostage. Tracy conceded that her father had been a complicated man, but Ned believed that everything Edward had done had been for his own end. Ned refused to whitewash things for his mother because his grandfather had doled out affection in "dribs and drabs" to whoever had paid Edward the proper reverence.

Tracy assured Ned that she'd always known -- on some level -- that her father had loved her, but Ned disagreed because she wouldn't have needed a letter from Edward affirming his love. Ned was certain that Edward had loved Tracy, but Ned hated the way Tracy had spent her life chasing after her father's affection. Ned explained that Edward should have held Tracy up and made her strong the way Ned tried to do with his own daughter, Olivia, and Tracy. Ned told his mother that he loved her and was proud of who she was. Tracy was moved to tears as he embraced her with a warm hug.

At the hospital, Brad called out to Monica as she passed by, but she told him that she was too busy to talk. Brad followed her as he explained that he had wanted to ask about their meeting, but Monica stopped to let him know that all the annual reviews had been postponed. Brad joked that he hoped it wouldn't impact their raises, but Monica admitted that it would. Brad was upset because he thought his work with Finn had saved the hospital.

Monica explained that her hands were tied until Hayden loosened the purse strings. Monica shifted gears because she had a Skype meeting with the people from Biospen. Brad offered to help with any technical questions, but she declined because she could call Finn if there were any issues. Annoyed, Brad asked when Finn was expected to return from his leave of absence. Monica reminded Brad that Finn had been working on a paper. Brad sighed and told Monica there was something she needed to know.

Andre uncovers Anna's secret

Andre uncovers Anna's secret

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hayden entered Finn's hospital room as he finished getting dressed. Hayden was aghast that he'd put on the bloody clothing he'd been found in and quickly pulled a clean shirt out of the bag she'd been carrying. Finn thanked her for the shirt because he had to talk to Monica to let her know that he would be checking into a rehabilitation facility to deal with his drug addiction. He pulled on the shirt as Hayden assured him that Monica seemed like a reasonable person. She also pointed out that he had saved the hospital, which should count for something.

Meanwhile, Brad followed Monica to her office, but she reminded him that she was busy and suggested that he talk to her assistant about scheduling an appointment. Brad explained that it was important because the hospital might be facing a malpractice suit involving an "impaired" doctor.

A short time later, Finn stood before Monica's office door. His hands shook as he prepared to knock, but the door swung open, and Brad exited the office. Brad smirked when Monica invited Finn into her office and asked him to close the door. Finn noticed that Brad had seemed "edgier" than usual, so Monica admitted that she and Brad had had a difficult conversation. Finn nervously asked if his name had been mentioned.

Monica explained that General Hospital was like any other workplace -- there were conflicts, rivalries, and a lot of gossip. Finn admitted that Brad had told the truth then opened up about his addiction to Zekenestrol to manage Blackwood's syndrome and his attempt to get clean. Monica thanked Finn for his honesty, but she was curious if he'd taken anything besides Zekenestrol. He quietly confessed that he'd taken pain medications and had once stolen pills from a cart. Finn also admitted that he'd treated patients while on drugs.

Finn feared that he was out of a job, but Monica told him that his job was the least of his concerns because he needed to focus on his sobriety. Finn assured her that he intended to check into rehab for treatment. She reminded him that the hospital had an excellent program, but he preferred to keep his treatment separate from work. Monica respected his decision and urged him to start immediately. Finn assured her that he would, but he was ashamed that it had taken him a long time to accept that he needed help. Monica explained that doctors tended to believe they were infallible and above the rules.

Finn was surprised when Monica revealed that she'd been sober since 2008. She offered to share the details about her addiction when he completed rehab and attended a meeting with her. Finn smiled, but he wondered if he'd have a job waiting for him.

At the nurses' station, Hayden called out to Brad as he passed by because she wanted him to know that she'd approved his request for new lab equipment. Brad was curious how she'd found money for lab equipment, but not the people who operated it. "Excuse me?" Hayden asked. Brad accused Hayden of keeping him from getting the raise he deserved, but she explained that no one would get a raise until the hospital was financially stable. Brad suggested that when Monica fired a certain hotshot doctor, Hayden could use the money they would save for raises.

Hayden dragged Brad to a quiet corner to ask what he was talking about, but he would only tell her that the odds of her becoming part of a dual-income household had drastically dropped. Seconds later, Hayden saw Finn and Monica at the elevators.

Monica asked Finn to let her know when he had settled into his program because she wanted to visit him. Finn was touched and watched her enter the elevator. Moments later, Hayden walked up to find out about Finn's meeting with Monica. He explained that Monica had been understanding and that he would have to face a medical review board when he completed rehab. Hayden was hopeful, but Finn wanted to know where things stood with him and Hayden. She managed to evade the question until they returned to Finn's hospital room to collect his things.

Finn assured Hayden that he didn't expect her to wait for him because he had a long road ahead of him, and he'd put her through a lot. Hayden wanted Finn to focus on his recovery -- the rest they would sort out later.

Outside Monica's office, Brad caught up to the chief of staff to ask why she'd let Finn off the hook. Monica reminded Brad that the hospital never showed a staff member the door just because they were ill. Brad was outraged because Finn had treated patients while under the influence. Monica explained that Finn would have to face a medical review board when he completed treatment, but Brad argued that Finn deserved to lose his medical license. Monica reminded Brad that all humans were flawed, but she added that Finn had found a cure for a rare disease that had generated money for the hospital. Brad scoffed because Finn hadn't found the cure for Blackwood's syndrome alone.

Monica assured Brad that Finn had been quick to give Brad credit. Brad was skeptical, but Monica opened the door to her office. She smiled because Brad had helped Finn without realizing it. She explained that Finn had suspected Brad would tell her about the addiction, which had forced Finn to take steps in the right direction. Monica admitted that Brad might have saved both Finn's job and his life. Brad started to speak, but Monica entered her office and slammed the door shut.

At the Falconeri residence, Lulu was on the phone with Laura as Dante finished straightening up. Lulu admitted that she'd sent Rocco on a play date because she hadn't wanted to overwhelm Charlotte on the first visit. Lulu promised to give her mother a full report after the visit then ended the call. Dante and Lulu made their way to the kitchen as they talked about Charlotte's visit and the likelihood that Valentin would try to spoil their time with Charlotte. Lulu was touched that Dante was equally worried because it allowed her to be strong for him.

Moments later, Lulu received a text message from the social worker alerting her that Charlotte would be arriving soon. Lulu's excitement turned to hurt when Dante decided to head out. Dante assured his wife that he looked forward to getting to know Charlotte, but he thought the first visit should be about Lulu and Charlotte. Lulu wanted to argue, but deep down inside, she agreed.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia was scanning a list at the bar when Ned quietly approached from behind her and slid his arms around her waist. She smiled as he affectionately greeted her then told her that he had a surprise for her. Ned revealed that he'd told his mother about their engagement and that Tracy had been happy for them. Olivia was pleased, but she warned Ned that they had a more challenging test ahead of them. Ned assumed Olivia was referring to the wedding plans and assured her that she could do whatever she liked. Olivia appreciated the offer, but she explained that she'd been talking about Dante.

Olivia reminded Ned that Dante had grown up without a father, which had made Dante very protective. Ned chuckled and asked if she was trying to tell him that Dante was a "mama's boy." "Bite your tongue," Olivia shot back. She explained that Dante had high standards, and it might take time for Dante to accept that she had decided to make a strong commitment to Ned. Olivia tensed when she realized that Dante had walked up and heard her.

Dante wanted to know what his mother was talking about, but she was curious why Dante wasn't at home with Lulu and Charlotte. Dante explained that he'd left to give Lulu time alone with her daughter then turned the conversation back to Olivia. Olivia offered to fetch Dante something to eat, but Ned stopped her from fleeing to the kitchen and told Dante that Olivia had accepted Ned's proposal of marriage. Olivia admitted that she'd been afraid of Dante's reaction because it had been the two of them for a long time, and she would be sharing her life with Ned.

Dante assured Olivia that he wanted the best for his mother. She promised Dante that Ned was it because he loved Leo as his own and treated Olivia like an equal. Dante admitted that he'd always worry about his mother, but it was nice to know that he wouldn't be the only one. Olivia smiled with relief that she had her son's blessing, but Dante revealed that Ned had had it since he'd talked to Dante about the engagement. Surprised, Olivia turned to Ned, who quickly explained that he'd talked to Dante to figure out why Olivia had had reservations about getting married. Dante welcomed Ned to the family as Olivia beamed with joy.

At Wyndemere, Valentin kissed his wife then conceded that he was a bad influence on Nina because he'd pulled her away from work. Nina assured him that she didn't have any complaints and wished she could stay with him all day. Valentin didn't see any reason why she couldn't, but Nina disagreed. "What would Anna Devane think?" Nina asked. Valentin was disappointed that Nina had mentioned Anna, but she thought his judgment was off where Anna was concerned. Nina explained that Anna had been sending mixed signals by promising to leave him alone then sending him a note the following morning.

Valentin assured Nina that he didn't trust Anna, but he wanted to keep Nina and Charlotte safe because they were his priority. Valentin checked the time and warned Nina that Ms. Watkins would be arriving to pick up Charlotte for the visit with Lulu. Nina noticed his watch and asked him about it because she hadn't seen it before. Valentin claimed that he'd recently purchased it online. He deftly steered the conversation away from the watch by apologizing for not telling Nina about Anna's note sooner. Nina confessed that she'd paid Anna a visit.

Alarmed, Valentin asked what Nina had done. "I kicked her ass," Nina replied. Valentin advised Nina not to provoke a trained agent like Anna, but Nina argued that it had been necessary to make her position clear. "Keep your hands off my man," Nina added. Valentin was touched that Nina would fight for him. "With everything I've got," Nina assured her husband. Valentin kissed her.

Moments later, Charlotte and the social worker entered the living room. Charlotte complained that she didn't want to go to Lulu's house, but Valentin reminded his daughter that they had talked about it. Charlotte insisted that she was busy because she'd promised her bears a tea party. Nina admitted that she'd intended to have a tea party, too, and invited Charlotte to join her. Charlotte happily agreed, but Nina explained that she needed time to set things up. Nina promised to have everything ready when Charlotte returned, so Valentin gave Charlotte a quick hug then watched her leave with Ms. Watkins as he reached for Nina's hand and fought back tears.

Later, Valentin held Charlotte's stuffed bear as he sat on the sofa, brooding. Nina finished setting up for the tea party and admitted that it was lonely without Charlotte. She tried to get Valentin's mind off of his daughter by broaching the subject of Anna, but he told her that it didn't matter if Anna wanted peace or not because there was nothing Anna could do about it either way. Nina persuaded Valentin to play a game of checkers, but he remained distracted. He acknowledged that the visits were a "necessary evil," but he worried because Charlotte had been caught in the middle.

Valentin reminded Nina that Charlotte was afraid of Lulu for good reason. According to Valentin, Lulu saw Charlotte as a possession rather than a real person. Nina assured Valentin that Lulu wouldn't do anything foolish in front of the social worker. Valentin wanted Lulu to fail, but not at his daughter's expense. He was frustrated because he had no idea how to get through the next six months. Nina promised he was not alone.

Valentin was grateful for Nina's support, but he grew concerned because Ms. Watkins hadn't checked in with him. Valentin pointed out that Lulu had no idea what Charlotte liked and didn't like. He also worried that Charlotte would get upset and Lulu wouldn't know how to calm her. Nina blamed Lulu for not bothering to find out and suggested that Valentin check on Charlotte because it was the responsible thing to do. Valentin grinned and told Nina that she was a genius.

After Valentin left, Nina found the note from Anna on the sofa. She tossed it into the trash can, but stopped when something caught her eye. She knelt down and plucked a slim box out of the trash can. Nina studied the box then looked at the note where Anna had written 'time heals all wounds.'

At Lulu's house, Lulu welcomed Charlotte and the social worker. Ms. Watkins advised Lulu to focus on Charlotte and pretend Ms. Watkins wasn't there. Lulu smiled then invited Charlotte to join her in the playroom because there were a lot of toys in there for Charlotte. Charlotte politely declined, so Lulu suggested they go to the backyard and enjoy the swings. Charlotte admitted that she didn't like swings. Lulu confessed that she didn't like merry-go-rounds because they made her stomach ache, but Charlotte called out to Ms. Watkins to ask if they could go home.

The social worker gently explained to Charlotte that they had to stay a bit longer, but Charlotte wasn't happy. Lulu admitted that she knew it wasn't always fun to be in a new place where everything was different -- even the food. Lulu explained that she always took a treat from home when she traveled. Intrigued, Charlotte asked what Lulu liked to take on trips. "Chocolate chip cookies," Lulu confessed. Charlotte admitted that her favorite treat was cranberry scones.

Lulu revealed that she'd tried to make scones once, but it had been a disaster. Charlotte suspected that it was because Lulu hadn't mixed the batter properly. Lulu smiled and invited Charlotte to help her whip up scones. Charlotte happily agreed. A short time later, Lulu and Charlotte returned to the living room while the scones baked. Lulu feigned surprise when she found an Easter egg tucked between the sofa cushions.

Charlotte eagerly followed Lulu outside to search for more eggs. Lulu was touched when Charlotte took her hand and explained that she was supposed to hold an adult's hand when she was somewhere new. Later, Lulu, Charlotte, and Ms. Watkins returned from the yard. Charlotte was excited because they'd seen a bunny. Lulu assured her daughter there were more bunnies in the woods, prompting Charlotte to ask if they could look for them during the next visit. "Absolutely," Lulu told Charlotte as Valentin appeared in the doorway.

At Anna's house, Anna had her headphones plugged into the laptop to eavesdrop on Valentin and Nina's conversation through the listening device hidden in the leather wristband of Valentin's watch. Moments later, her doorbell rang. Anna quickly straightened up her desk then went to the door. It was Andre. Anna apologized for not returning his call and explained that she'd been busy.

Andre offered to leave, but Anna assured him that she had a few minutes. She invited him to the living room as he expressed an interest in her project. She claimed that it had to do with classical music then changed the subject by asking what had been troubling him. Andre admitted that he'd bumped into Jordan and Curtis earlier, and he'd been hurt. However, he wasn't certain if his hurt stemmed from missing Jordan or from knowing on some level that she'd wanted someone else. Anna didn't think it mattered because pain was pain. She offered to make him some tea and slipped into the kitchen.

Andre decided to pick up her headphones. He was startled when he heard Valentin and Nina talking. Seconds later, Anna returned to ask what kind of tea he wanted, but she quickly realized that he'd discovered her secret. She immediately demanded to know what he'd been doing, but he turned the question around on her. Anna admitted that she'd decided to go on the offensive and take Valentin down by luring him into a false sense of security. She explained that she'd met with an expert at the WSB who had helped her recover memories of Valentin, but she refused to share the details.

Anna promised that the WSB backed the assignment, so Andre offered to help. Anna declined because he didn't have the clearance, and her mission was top secret. She implored Andre not to say anything to his contacts at the WSB -- or Robert -- because there would be dangerous repercussions. Andre reluctantly agreed to keep quiet.

Sonny accuses Jax of creating all of his family's problems

Sonny accuses Jax of creating all of his family's problems

Friday, April 14, 2017

As Kiki tried to do some homework, Dillon did his best to distract her. Kiki explained that she needed to concentrate and agreed to help Dillon try out his new camera at the park if he would allow her to take a practice test in peace.

Valentin showed up early at Lulu's place to pick up Charlotte. The little girl eagerly told her father about her Easter egg hunt. After Charlotte dropped and broke an egg, Lulu assured her that it was fine. They made plans for their next visit because once Charlotte saw her father, she was eager to leave with him. Lulu was ecstatic and hugged the social worker, pleased that the visit had gone so well.

Dante encountered Lucy at Metro Court and, after refusing her request for him to appear in the Nurses Ball, proceeded to ask her about Morgan's prescription bottle that had been found after the robbery at the Floating Rib. Lucy claimed that the entire event had been a blur, and she had no further information for him, even after viewing the photo that he showed to her. Ava stepped off the elevator and attempted to make eye contact with Lucy. Finally, she walked over to the pair. Dante was confused to learn that their meeting was about art.

Dante had been told that the women's previous meeting had been about the Nurses Ball, he stated. Ava hastily explained her art piece donation to benefit the ball. Dante was skeptical as Lucy again stated that she had no knowledge of the pill bottle.

The two women sat at the bar, and Lucy admonished Ava for dragging her into a mess, stating that she refused to commit perjury on Ava's behalf. Ava reminded Lucy that she could have settled the entire matter earlier when she'd had the chance. Lucy was certain that Dante would not drop the matter. Ava threatened to make Lucy disappear if she didn't go along with Ava's plan. Lucy didn't believe Ava's claim that she just didn't want to upset Sonny and Carly about seeing Morgan again and thought there was something that Ava hadn't told her. "Let it go," Ava ordered.

Valentin and Charlotte sat at a nearby table. Charlotte mentioned how much she missed her mother and didn't understand how Lulu could be her mother, too. Valentin attempted to explain that Charlotte hadn't been created like other kids, which made it all special and complicated. He planned on having Nina help to explain everything to her, he added.

Charlotte admitted that she'd had a good time with Lulu and was also happy that Valentin had married Nina. The little girl continued that she felt that it wasn't fair to her mommy or Nina if she also thought that Lulu was fun and nice. She knew that her father did not like Lulu very much. Valentin stated that she could feel however she wanted, and Nina would be thrilled that Charlotte had had a good time.

Dante arrived at home and found Lulu on the phone, crying. He was surprised to learn that they were tears of happiness. Lulu told him all about her time with her little girl. "Charlotte doesn't hate me!" Lulu exclaimed. Dante was ecstatic for her and stated that almost everything was going right. Upon questioning from Lulu, he told her about Morgan's pill bottle that had been found after the robbery. He thought that Ava had been acting strangely. Lulu was sure that Dante would get answers.

Alexis met up with Sam, Jason, and their kids at the park. Alexis revealed that she hadn't been drinking but suspected that someone had been in the house, left a light on, and taken a photo out of an album. She thought the photo might have been of her and Julian. Sam tried to make suggestions for what might have really happened, pointing out that the photo had probably fallen out of the book. Alexis admitted there had been no sign of anyone breaking in, but Julian might have had a key, even if the locks had been changed. He had stayed with her for a while, she reminded the others. Jason felt that perhaps Olivia or one of her employees might be responsible. Someone watched the family, unobserved.

Nearby, Dillon snapped photos of Kiki who admitted that she was not looking forward to a party at the Quartermaine mansion. Dillon assured her that his mother had changed since her trip to Turkey. Kiki left to get ready, and Dillon headed over to the others. Later, Jason thanked Dillon for snapping some great photos of the family. Dillon offered to send the photos via email. Looking at a photo after Dillon had gone, Jason saw something peculiar. He blew up the photo, and they saw the man from the gas station security footage. Looking even more closely, they realized it was Julian.

Michael ran into Sonny at the docks while checking out some real estate. Sonny disclosed that he had been thinking about taking a business trip to South America. He felt that he might kill someone if he stayed in Port Charles. He revealed that he had told Carly the truth about not sleeping with Nelle, but Carly had been more into Jax and had cheated on Sonny. Michael thought that Sonny should just let things settle down and that the cheating didn't really mean anything.

Inadvertently, Michael told his father that Jax had been the one to obtain Nelle's kidney for Josslyn after giving money to Frank Benson. He thought that Sonny had known. Sonny was furious to learn that Carly had known about Jax's deal, and he realized why Jax had gone along with Sonny's opinion of not accepting Nelle. Jax hadn't wanted it to get out. He couldn't believe that Carly had still slept with Jax. He stormed off. Michael called Dante to tell him they would have a problem with Sonny.

Jax found Carly with her least favorite gift from Sonny, sitting in the middle of the room. Jax handed Carly a bouquet of flowers, and she informed him that she planned on donating Sonny's gift to charity. Jax admitted that he was always happy whenever Carly and Sonny fought, but it never lasted. Carly told him that she was still furious at Sonny and the "lying snake" named Nelle. Just then, Nelle rang the doorbell. She was there to apologize for all she'd done because of her father. Jax interrupted her to blame himself for much of what had happened. Nelle explained that she was happy that Josslyn was alive, and she was hoping that Carly and Sonny would be able to get back together.

Carly retorted that she didn't care about Sonny, who had lied, and certainly not about Nelle, who had targeted the family during their grief over Morgan. Carly snarled that she would make Nelle pay. As Carly continued to shout, Jax tried to calm things down. Both he and Nelle blamed themselves, and Jax offered Nelle money to make a fresh start elsewhere. Money was no object, he told her.

"I can't," Nelle replied. She felt that money wouldn't change things, and she needed to try to undo the damage. Carly hissed that Nelle was staying in town for Michael, and she continued to attack Nelle. Carly believed that Nelle was looking for a bigger payout, and she understood because Nelle resembled a younger Carly.

Carly continued that Nelle didn't deserve Michael and was "working the victim card." Nelle insisted that she wanted to make amends, but Carly said that Michael was still too good for Nelle. Carly assured the young woman that she would not get her "hooks" into Carly's son. After Carly kicked Nelle out of the house, Jax wondered if she felt better. Carly declared that Nelle had better stay away from Michael, but Jax reminded Carly that it wasn't up to her. Carly replied that she didn't trust Nelle because Carly had been destructive in the same way. Jax disagreed. Suddenly, Sonny burst into the house. He accused Jax of creating all of the family's problems.

Nelle went to Metro Court and found Valentin and Charlotte. She asked about Charlotte's visit with Lulu. Charlotte was ready to go home but told Valentin that he owed Lulu ten minutes with her next visit.

Kiki arrived early at the Quartermaine mansion. After seeing how nervous she was, Dillon convinced her that they should make love. He led her upstairs.

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