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Valentin told Anna about their intimate past. Olivia accepted Ned's marriage proposal. Sonny gave Carly an ultimatum, but Carly walked out on him. Things heated up between Curtis and Jordan.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 27, 2017 on GH
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Lucy is ready to spill the beans Lucy is ready to spill the beans

Monday, March 27, 2017

At the Metro Court bar, Scott approached Ava, who jumped when he greeted her. She explained that she'd been dealing with Julian's business associates all day, and she believed them all to be "disloyal worms." He told her to finish her drink and leave so that he could "save your shapely behind." He was meeting Lucy for lunch, and he didn't want Lucy to see him with Ava before he tried to get Morgan's pill bottle back. Ava downed her drink, and Scott walked her to the elevator just as Lucy entered.

A few minutes later, Scott and Lucy sat at a table, and Lucy wondered why Scott was still hanging out with Ava. "Hear me out," he pleaded. "Why should I?" she wondered, observing that Ava had Scott wrapped around her finger. Scott thought that if Lucy caused drama by telling Sonny and Carly about Ava, then Serena would stay away for even longer. He thought Lucy should do the "right thing" to make Serena proud and so that everyone could get on with their lives. Lucy informed Scott that Sonny was her friend, and she left.

At Perks, Carly asked if Sonny was walking away from their marriage. "Haven't you already?" he replied. Laura appeared and greeted the couple, but she quickly realized that she was interrupting something and apologized. "We're done here," Carly said, and she left. Sonny and Laura sat at a table, and Laura offered to listen if Sonny wanted to talk. Sonny thought that she had enough problems of her own, referencing the custody hearing. He offered help if she needed any, and she wanted to take him up on that offer.

Laura explained that she was looking for a vulnerability of Valentin's to use if she needed to. She thought she had what she needed with Nelle being Charlotte's new nanny. Sonny warned Laura against Nelle and briefly explained that she'd hurt his family. She wondered if that included Michael, because she'd seen the two talking at Kelly's. Sonny replied that Michael gave more compassion than Nelle deserved, but "family comes first," so Michael would never forgive Nelle.

Laura appreciated the talk. Sonny advised her to have a backup plan for dealing with Nelle. Laura observed that Sonny was "still standing," but he revealed to a shocked Laura that his marriage wasn't. Laura advised him to be "damn sure" there was nothing left between Sonny and Carly before they gave up on something so precious. A few minutes later, Sonny was gone, and Laura called Lulu. She left a message saying that she thought she knew how they could use Nelle to their advantage.

Elizabeth explained to Jason about Jake's drawings and said that she believed it was "worth exploring." Jason thought that Jake had been fine, but Franco jumped in to say that something bad had happened to Jake, and it was still hurting him. Elizabeth told Jason that, after Sam had almost died, Jake had talked about Helena's curse, having never mentioned Helena before. Jason suggested that Franco was messing with Jake so he could play the hero later. "You think I would forgo my son's well-being because of the stars in my eyes?" an offended Elizabeth demanded to know. She swore that her eyes were open.

Jason didn't believe that Franco was a "changed man," and Jake would "pay the price" of Elizabeth's misplaced trust. She insisted that Franco was going to be a part of their lives, so Jason had to "get used to it." Jason suggested that, if Franco wasn't going anywhere, "maybe Jake ought to." Elizabeth was shocked and appalled that Jason had threatened to take her son away if she didn't "fall in line." Jason promised to handle things if Franco was the cause of the problem, and Jason left.

Elizabeth took out her frustrations on a pillow, but Franco urged her to look on the bright side because things hadn't gone as badly with Jason as they could have. Elizabeth thought that, until Jason calmed down, she needed to "play along." She suggested that they hold off on moving in together for a little while. Stunned, he backed away from her, and she wondered where he was going. He thought that if they were going to be spending less time together, they should "get started," and he left.

On the phone with Alexis, Sam suggested that Alexis visit Scout so that Sam could get a nap in. Alexis promised to visit another day. She admitted that she was thinking about Julian. Sam offered to listen if Alexis wanted to talk, because she didn't want her mother to be alone. Alexis told Sam that she was with a friend as she unscrewed the top of a bottle of vodka. There was a knock on Sam's door. She told Alexis to visit, and she hung up. Sam answered the door to Carly. Carly didn't want to bother Sam with her problems, but Sam insisted that Carly could talk to her. "I think my marriage is over," Carly said tearfully.

Carly explained that she still felt betrayed and that she couldn't forgive Sonny. She lamented that, after everything they'd been through, the breaking point was going to be Sonny cheating. Sam didn't believe that Sonny would walk away from Carly. She argued that, while other women only saw Sonny's "dimples and charms," Carly knew him "underneath," like no one else did. Sam thought that they would always find a way back to one another. Sam admitted that she'd admired Sonny and Carly for years for how strong their love always was. Sam instructed Carly to make absolutely sure that there was no going back.

A short while later, Sam was lying down when Jason returned home. Sam informed him that he'd just missed Carly, and Sam was worried about her. She realized that something was wrong with Jason, and she wondered what had happened. He confided that something was wrong with Jake, and he didn't know what to do.

Alexis looked back and forth between Julian's letter and the bottle of vodka. She poured vodka into a glass and drank as she reread the letter. As she hugged it to her chest, she heard Julian say, "I'd do anything for you." She looked up, and Julian was in front of her, holding out his hand. She reached out to him, but he disappeared when there was a knock on the door. Alexis hid the bottle and the letter behind a pillow on the couch, and answered the door to Ava.

Ava immediately began talking about Julian, and how she believed he was still alive. Ava plopped down on the couch and found the bottle of vodka. Ava threatened to call Alexis' daughters if Alexis wouldn't go to a meeting. Alexis said it was her business and wondered why Ava cared. Ava replied that Alexis had mattered to Julian, who had risked everything to help Alexis sober up. "Get out, and don't come back," Alexis told Ava. Ava thought it was a good thing that Julian wasn't there to see Alexis. "You're no longer worth saving," Ava spat. Alexis poured more vodka and took another gulp. Ava stormed out.

A short while later, Alexis was asleep on the couch with an empty glass in her hand. She awoke to a banging on the front door. She stumbled over to the door, calling out for Julian, and opened it.

Ava returned to the Metro Court and sat with Scott. She wondered if he'd gotten the bottle of pills from Lucy. "There's a bit of a problem," he admitted.

Sonny was making himself a drink when Carly entered his house. Both agreed that they didn't like the way they'd left things. Just then, Sonny's phone rang, and he yelled into it that he didn't want to be interrupted. Suddenly, Sonny's tone changed, and he said to "send her up." A few minutes later, Lucy entered the house. As she explained that she had something important to tell Sonny and Carly, she held Morgan's pill bottle behind her back.

Valentin makes a shocking claim

Valentin makes a shocking claim

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ned and Tracy were seated at a table as Ned warned his mother that Michael's social conscience had cut into ELQ's profits. Tracy was distracted and barely acknowledged what he'd said, prompting him to ask if she was okay. Tracy assured him that she was fine and conceded that Michael might be more ethical than she preferred, but she approved of how Michael ran the company. Tracy suddenly announced that she had to leave, but Ned became suspicious and asked what his mother was up to. When she suddenly became evasive, he realized that she intended to pay his father a visit.

Ned insisted that Larry had only mentioned Edward because Tracy's father was her Achilles heel. Tracy assured Ned that she was well aware that Larry was a con man, and she promised that she knew what she was doing. Shortly after Tracy left, Ned approached Olivia to see if she was ready to go to the movies. Olivia asked to meet him at the movies because she'd bumped into Lulu and gotten behind in work, but he suggested that they stop off for a beer and catch a later movie. Olivia admitted that a beer sounded wonderful because she had a proposal for Ned.

Surprised, Ned asked if Olivia intended to ask him to marry her, but she clarified that she wanted him to adopt Leo. Ned was stunned, but he quietly declined because he couldn't understand why she'd want him to adopt her son if she'd turned down his marriage proposal. Olivia argued that a marriage license was almost a guarantee that the relationship would fail. She pointed to Sonny and Carly, as well as Julian and Alexis, as perfect examples of the phenomena. Ned told Olivia to meet him at the Floating Rib and warned that he intended to propose again, so he advised her to be ready to give him an answer. After a quick kiss, he left.

Meanwhile, Tracy approached Larry's hotel room as she debated whether or not to knock. She decided that Ned had been right about Larry and started to leave, but Larry threw open the door and greeted Tracy. He invited her to join him, since she had paid for the hotel room. Tracy marched in as Larry admitted that he'd swiped her corporate credit card the last time their paths had crossed. Tracy accused him of being a degenerate and started to leave, but Larry insisted that what he had to tell her was of the utmost importance to her family.

Larry offered Tracy a cocktail, but she demanded answers. Larry poured himself a drink and told her that he'd recently traveled Europe with an "older female" companion, who had taken him to an auction house in Turkey, where a particular painting had caught his eye. Larry explained that the painting had been a lost work by a late Renaissance painter who'd had another painting appraised at 20 million dollars, so he'd persuaded his companion to purchase the artwork. Tracy suspected that Larry had stolen it. He admitted that it had been his plan, but they'd hit a snag because the painting had belonged to someone else, and the auction house hadn't had any right to broker it.

According to Larry, the rightful owner had been "J.L. Holt." "Jimmy Lee Holt?" Tracy asked. She burst out laughing at the idea of her half-brother buying a valuable piece of art, but Larry revealed that he'd been referring to her father because J.L. Holt had been one of Edward's many aliases during the late 1980s when Edward had gone into hiding to escape his legal difficulties. According to Larry, Edward had managed to scoop up the multi-million-dollar painting for a fraction of its value.

Tracy ordered Larry to get to the point. He smiled and offered to help Tracy reclaim the painting for fifty percent of its value. Tracy refused to pay for what rightfully belonged to her, but Larry pointed out that she had no idea how to find the painting because he hadn't shared the name of the auction house or the artist. Disgusted, Tracy marched out, but Larry followed her and implored her to think about what Edward would want. Tracy ignored him as she kept walking.

At Greystone Manor, Lucy clutched Morgan's prescription bottle in her hand, hidden behind her back, as she told Sonny and Carly that she needed to talk to them about their son. However, Ava banged on the front door, demanding to speak to Sonny. Sonny answered the door as Ava entered and insisted that she and Sonny pick a preschool for Avery. Ava's glance zeroed in on Lucy as Ava entered the living room, so Lucy revealed that they'd been discussing Sonny and Carly's son. Ava asked if Lucy was there to pester Michael's parents to persuade Michael to make a more sizable donation to the Nurses Ball, but Sonny cut off the conversation to make it clear that it wasn't a good time for him and Carly to talk.

Ava seized the opportunity to drag Lucy out the door with the promise of helping Lucy get the Nurses Ball off the ground. After the two women left, Sonny asked Carly where their marriage stood. Carly explained that she felt pressured to forgive him even though she'd only recently found out about his one-night stand with Nelle. She admitted that she didn't know when -- or if -- she could forgive him for the lies, but he insisted that he'd apologized to her repeatedly. Sonny admitted that he couldn't keep doing it, and warned that if she wasn't willing to give their marriage a chance, then they were over.

Carly was outraged that Sonny would try to make it an "all-or-nothing" deal, but he was tired of being stuck in limbo. Carly reminded Sonny that he only had himself to blame, but he argued that he'd taken responsibility for what he'd done, yet she continued to dangle her forgiveness in his face. He wanted to know if she thought their marriage was worth fighting for, but she resented the ultimatum when he'd been the one who'd cheated and lied. She called him out for demanding honesty yet lying to her and keeping secrets. Sonny insisted that secrets were the nature of his business and always had been.

Carly conceded that Sonny was right -- she had tried to accept his limitations and trust him, but they'd always ended up in the same place, with him letting things reach a boiling point until they exploded. Sonny couldn't understand why Carly always focused on the things he couldn't do when he'd given his heart to Carly and had moved mountains for her, but she was curious if he truly expected her to immediately forgive him and accept that he would continue to lie, keep secrets, and decide what she needed to know. Sonny claimed that she'd twisted his words and assured her that he loved her, but if she couldn't accept him for who he was, then she should leave. Carly warned Sonny that she would not be back, and she walked out. Frustrated, Sonny threw his glass at the fireplace.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava and Lucy sat at the bar and discussed the Nurses Ball. Lucy made it clear that it would take more than a "generous donation" to satisfy her. Ava jotted down a sum she was willing to pay to get the bottle of pills from Lucy, but Lucy glanced at it and informed Ava that Ava would have to add another zero to the amount. Shocked, Ava explained that she didn't have that kind of money at her disposal, but Lucy didn't care. Lucy threatened to pay Sonny and Carly a visit if Ava didn't have the money deposited into Lucy's account by the end of the day, so Ava promised to make some calls.

Nearby, Tracy exited the elevator as she grumbled about Larry. She stopped short when she saw Ava and Lucy at the bar. After Lucy walked away, Tracy approached Ava to ask for Ava's help tracking down Edward's painting. Ava agreed to help Tracy -- for a price.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Laura joined Lulu at a table. Lulu was eager to know how Laura's meeting with Sonny had gone. Laura revealed that the Corinthos family had no use for Nelle, but it appeared that Nelle had feelings for Michael. Lulu warned her mother that the feelings weren't reciprocated because Michael had been furious when he'd talked to Dante about Nelle. Laura smiled knowingly because she'd seen the way Nelle had looked at Michael when Laura had seen the young pair at Kelly's.

Laura thought Nelle might be useful in helping them outmaneuver Valentin if it meant that Nelle could get back into Michael's good graces. Laura advised Lulu to befriend Nelle because Nelle might be able to testify that Valentin had tried to undermine Lulu's relationship with Charlotte. Lulu smiled because she liked the idea of Nelle being their spy.

At Alexis' house, Alexis was passed out on her sofa until she heard someone jiggle the handle of the front door. She groggily looked around and then stumbled to the front door as she called out Julian's name. Her hope died when she opened the door and realized no one was there. Sighing with disappointment, she closed the door and returned to the living room to pour herself a drink. Alexis decided if Julian was alive and didn't want her to drink, then he would show up on her doorstep in time to stop her. Seconds later, someone knocked on the door. Alexis quickly hid all evidence of her drinking and staggered to the door.

It was Valentin. He told Alexis that he was sorry about the loss of her husband, but Alexis informed him that his condolences meant nothing to her. Valentin was disappointed, but Alexis pointed out that he'd been in town for months without exhibiting any brotherly concern for her. Valentin's eyes narrowed as he studied Alexis for a minute, but she wanted to know what had suddenly changed. Valentin explained that he'd been dealing with other matters, but he was finally ready to do what he'd traveled to Port Charles to do. He claimed that he'd wanted to connect with his family and make good on a promise he'd made.

Alexis had no idea what Valentin was talking about. "The keys to the Cassadine estate," Valentine told her. He added that he was willing to share everything with Alexis, her daughters, and her grandchildren, but she wanted none of it.

Valentin promised that he simply wanted to get to know his family and to give his daughter an opportunity to know Alexis and the rest of the family. He pointed out that Danny and Charlotte were close in age, but Alexis suspected that he only wanted a witness to testify that he was a good father. Valentin insisted that he had good intentions, but Alexis scoffed. She suggested that if he really wanted Charlotte to have a sibling to play with, then he should let Charlotte have a relationship with Rocco. Alexis assured Valentin that she had enough family. "Maybe," Valentin said as he walked to the liquor cabinet and opened it.

Valentin set the bottle of alcohol that had been hidden inside on the top of the cabinet as he pointed out that she didn't have a lot of friends. After Valentin left, Alexis started to take a drink, but there was another knock at the door. She assumed that Valentin had returned and marched to the door to tell him off, but she froze when she opened the door and saw Julian leaning against the doorframe. Alexis immediately realized that it was a hallucination and slammed the door shut. Seconds later, Julian appeared in the living room.

Julian explained that he'd decided to check on Alexis because he'd been worried that she might relapse and drink again. Alexis laughed and told him that he was too late because she'd been drinking all day. Alexis admitted that she'd read his letter about how his sister Olivia had forced him to do the things he'd done, but it hadn't really changed anything. She suggested that she might not have turned to alcohol if he'd been honest with her in the beginning, but his silence had cost her everything -- her career and her marriage. Julian didn't know what to say, but Alexis pointed out there was nothing to say because he was a figment of her imagination.

Julian agreed, which meant that Alexis was telling herself to put the bottle down, and he was just a manifestation of what she already knew. Julian urged Alexis to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and focus on her daughters and her grandchildren. Alexis conceded that he was right. Julian promised that she would always carry a piece of him in her heart then he vanished. Alexis picked up the bottle of alcohol, walked out to the porch, and dumped the contents over the railing.

At the hospital, Anna approached Liesl to ask if Liesl had received the information that Anna had requested. Liesl held up a file and announced that the mystery to Valentin's past was inside. Anna reached for it, but Liesl refused to relinquish it because she wanted Anna's assurance that Anna would not try to use the information to track down Britt. Liesl acknowledged that Faison had sent the information through an encrypted account, but Liesl didn't trust Anna. Anna promised to uphold her end of their bargain because she was a woman of her word -- unlike Liesl -- and snatched the file out of Liesl's hand.

Liesl admitted that she might have believed that about Anna once, but not since Liesl had learned what Anna had done to Valentin. Liesl added that it was gratifying to know that Anna was just as flawed as the rest of them. Anna ordered Liesl to go away. "You're welcome," Liesl sarcastically replied. After Liesl left, Anna opened the file and glanced over it. She was immediately alarmed by what she saw.

A short time later, Anna paid Andre a visit in his office to talk to him about what Faison had sent over. Anna explained that the WSB had wanted Valentin "taken out" because Valentin had had access to vital and highly classified information, which had ended up in the wrong hands. Anna added that the operation had been compromised, and agents had been killed. According to the file, Valentin had turned over the intelligence to the "DVX," and she had uncovered Valentin's traitorous act. Anna filled Andre in about how Valentin had been questioned by the WSB and his claim that Anna had asked him to leak the information.

Andre was curious why the WSB had withheld the information from Anna when she'd recently requested it. Anna didn't have an answer, but she explained that Valentin had disappeared shortly after he'd been questioned, and the WSB had attributed Valentin's claims about her as a desperate attempt to shift the blame. Andre agreed with the assessment, but Anna admitted that she had been a double agent. She explained that she'd been arrogant in her early days as a spy and had felt that she'd deserved monetary compensation for putting her life on the line. Anna assured Andre that she had changed, but she hadn't always been a good person.

Andre accused Anna of being too hard on herself and questioned if she might have been lied to. Anna wondered if perhaps both she and Valentin had been lied to.

A short time later, Anna paid Valentin a visit at Wyndemere. Valentin thought they'd established that there was nothing left to say, but Anna entered the living room as she informed him that she'd finally figured things out and feared that they'd both been played. Valentin angrily accused Anna of playing him when he'd been a rising star in counterintelligence at the WSB because she had tracked him down to persuade him to share classified information for a special assignment. Anna insisted that someone had invoked her name, but Valentin disagreed because she had asked him to do the deed herself.

"Right after we slept together," Valentin added.


Masked gunmen enter the Floating Rib

Masked gunmen enter the Floating Rib

> Masked gunmen enter the Floating Rib

Masked gunmen enter the Floating Rib

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy was furious that Ava wanted payment for a simple request, but Ava was unapologetic because Tracy had never treated Ava well, and Ava had bills to pay. Tracy snidely asked if Julian had left Ava out of his will, but Ava warned Tracy that their conversation had nothing to do with Julian. Tracy decided to track the painting down to the mystery auction house in Turkey herself, but Ava chuckled because there were two hundred auction houses in Istanbul alone. Reluctantly, Tracy worked out an arrangement with Ava then wrote a check for half the amount.

Tracy explained that Ava would get the rest of the money when Tracy had what she needed. Ava questioned Tracy about the painting, but Tracy admitted that she only knew it was from the Renaissance period and had been up for auction in Turkey. Ava asked if Tracy knew what part of the Renaissance period the painting stemmed from, but Tracy didn't understand the point of the questions. Ava explained that the more she knew about the painting, the easier it would be to find it. Tracy recalled that Larry had mentioned that a similar painting by the same artist had recently sold for 20 million dollars. Ava smiled because it narrowed things down to only a few auction houses.

Ava suddenly recalled receiving a brochure from an auction house and quickly checked her phone. Seconds later, Ava smiled with victory and announced that she had found Tracy's painting. Pleased, Tracy asked for the name of the auction house and the phone number in exchange for the second check. After the exchange, Ava left, and Tracy wandered to a table to place a call to the auction house in Turkey, but she hit a snag when she discovered that no one at the auction house spoke English. She disconnected the call and wondered where to find a Turkish translator.

As if on cue, Laura walked up and greeted Tracy. Tracy invited Laura to join her for a drink, so Laura agreed, since Kevin had been stuck at work and would be late. Tracy and Laura chatted about Laura's relationship with Kevin before the conversation drifted to Tracy's need for a Turkish translator. Laura revealed that she spoke the language because Luke and Laura had lived in Turkey for a year when they'd been on the run from Frank Smith. Tracy quickly filled Laura in about Larry Ashton's claims and Tracy's determination to locate her father's painting without giving Larry a penny.

Laura offered to make the call for Tracy, but Tracy was curious how much it would cost her. She was touched when Laura insisted on doing it for free. A short time later, Laura ended the call with the Turkish auction house and explained that a rare and valuable painting had been at an auction house in Istanbul, but it had been pulled because it was discovered that it had belonged to a "J.L. Holt." Tracy was delighted because it confirmed what Larry had told her. According to Laura, the painting was titled Portrait of an Unknown Lady, and the artist had been Jacopo di Cosimo.

Tracy was eager to retrieve the painting, but Laura explained that the auction house had returned it to the seller -- a monastery called "Tanrinin Sevgisi," which translated to "God's love." Tracy hoped that it meant the monks would be open to returning what rightfully belonged to her, but Laura warned Tracy that it would be too dangerous to go alone because it was in a remote part of Turkey. Tracy realized that Laura was right, so she decided that Laura should accompany her on the quest because Laura was familiar with the country and knew the language.

Nearby, Curtis joined Jordan for dinner and complimented her on how stunning she looked. Jordan smiled and pointed out that she'd taken the liberty of ordering their drinks. Curtis grinned when he saw the distinctive iced-tea-style cocktail and asked if she had been feeling nostalgic. "Yes," Jordan admitted, but she also added that it had been the bar's special of the day. Curtis confessed that he hadn't had the cocktail since they'd attended a retirement party for a work colleague.

Jordan and Curtis reminisced about the fun they'd had at the party before the conversation turned to Curtis' future with the police department. Jordan admitted that she'd been impressed with his work on the Olivia Jerome investigation and had called "the brass" in Baltimore to persuade them to reinstate Curtis' credentials because she wanted to hire him. "Congratulations, Officer Ashford," Jordan said as she held up her drink and smiled at him. She was stunned when Curtis told her that he had to turn the offer down. Jordan feared that it was because she'd been awful to him since he'd arrived in town and quickly apologized for lashing out at him.

Jordan explained that she'd had time to reflect, and she'd realized that she'd been angry at herself because of the guilt she'd felt for cheating on his brother and lying about T.J.'s paternity. Curtis couldn't believe that Jordan still hadn't forgiven herself for the past. She assured him that she had, but she realized that she wanted his forgiveness too. Curtis acknowledged that he'd once blamed her for everything that had happened to his brother, but it was in the past, and Curtis saw what a great mother and terrific police commissioner she was. However, he thought she was confused about the kind of man she wanted.

Curtis believed that Jordan had been drawn to Andre because Andre had represented a fresh start and clean slate for her, while Curtis had been a reminder of all the mistakes she'd made. Jordan promised not to punish him anymore for his -- or her -- past mistakes. Pleased, Curtis told her that he intended to hold her to it. Jordan admitted that she was curious why he'd suddenly changed his mind about working for her, so he told her about his visit with Jason. Curtis explained that Jason had reminded him that he and Jason had made a good team, and Curtis liked working as a private investigator because there weren't any restrictions.

Curtis teasingly added that he and Jordan wouldn't have to worry about fraternization if a miracle were to occur and he and Jordan ended up together. Jordan smiled as Curtis took her hands in his. She teased that it would take an act of God for them to end up together. Jordan and Curtis gazed into each other's eyes as they exchanged smiles. Moments later, Curtis leaned forward and kissed her.

Outside Perks, Nathan met up with Dante and apologized for keeping his friend waiting. Nathan explained that he'd had to drop Maxie off at the airport because she was headed to Portland. Dante assumed she intended to visit Georgie, but Nathan clarified that Maxie would be staying in Portland. Shocked, Dante asked what was going on. Nathan reminded Dante that Nina had fired Maxie from Crimson, so Maxie had been forced to look for work elsewhere.

Nathan and Maxie had assumed that she would find something in the city, but she'd ended up being offered a chance to fill in for three months while an assistant editor for a fashion magazine went on maternity leave. Nathan and Maxie had been surprised that the job was in Portland, but Maxie had jumped at the opportunity. Dante wished that Nathan had led with that because he'd been worried that Nathan would announce he was leaving town or his marriage had fallen apart. Nathan apologized, but he missed his wife and didn't look forward to a long-distance marriage. Dante was curious why Nathan hadn't discussed it with Maxie, but Nathan felt that it wouldn't have been fair to deny his wife the opportunity when his sister had been the one to fire Maxie.

Dante was confident that Nathan and Maxie would make things work. Nathan hoped that Dante was right because Nathan intended to fly every weekend to Portland to spend time with Maxie. Dante thought it sounded like a good plan, but Nathan reminded his partner that nothing ever went according to plan with Maxie.

At the nurses' station, Amy was in high spirits when she saw Griffin and happily shared that she had wonderful news because she'd been chosen for a special task. Griffin smiled politely as Amy gushed about the invitation and what a great honor it was for someone who'd grown up in Port Charles. Moments later, Nina cut Amy off by asking Griffin for the name of a pediatrician for Charlotte. After Amy walked away to share her good news with others, Griffin offered to refer Nina to someone on staff that he promised was good. Nina thanked him then shifted gears to request that he have a chat with his good friend Anna to ask Anna to stay away from Nina's husband.

Griffin informed Nina that Valentin was the one who'd been harassing Anna, but Nina asked Griffin to give her one example. Griffin's silence was all the vindication she needed. Nina reminded him that Anna had been hounding Valentin since he'd arrived in Port Charles and that Anna had broken into Nina and Valentin's home. Nina insisted that she merely wanted peace for her family and asked if Anna would be able to manage that. Griffin admitted that he would love nothing more than for Anna to never have to speak to Valentin again, but he was not Anna's keeper.

Griffin was curious why Nina was concerned about Anna and questioned if perhaps Nina didn't trust Valentin. Nina assured him that she had complete faith in her husband, but she was surprised by Griffin's judgmental attitude, since he had his own sordid past. Griffin ignored the attempt to deflect and suggested that Nina feared that Anna might get between Nina and her husband. Shaken, Nina defended Valentin's commitment to her then quickly walked away.

Later, Amy stood in the elevator as she left her friend "Kristina" a voicemail message expressing her excitement over receiving an email that had offered Amy a chance to shine. Amy couldn't wait to get home to celebrate her good fortune with Kristina.

At the Floating Rib, Ava ran into Lucy as Lucy was leaving. Lucy was furious that Ava had kept her waiting, but Ava assured Lucy that she had what Lucy had asked for. Ava showed Lucy the two checks that Tracy had written and promised to turn the money over to Lucy as soon as the checks cleared. Lucy glanced at the amounts and informed Ava that it wasn't enough. Lucy insisted that she needed a more generous donation to get the Nurses Ball off the ground and running. Resigned, Ava revealed that she had something else and quickly pulled a small sculpture out of her purse.

Lucy wasn't impressed, but Ava explained that the sculpture was Greek -- from the Classical period -- and had been excavated at Ephesus in the late Victorian era by Radcliffe Peabody. Ava produced a piece of paper as she added that the small Greek bust's provenance was ironclad, which made it extremely valuable. Lucy seemed reluctant to accept the sculpture as payment for Morgan's pills because antiquities was a "dicey" market. Frustrated, Ava begged Lucy to reconsider because Ava wanted the matter settled. Lucy looked over the piece of paper then capitulated. Ava smiled with satisfaction when Lucy set the bottle of pills on the bar.

Nearby, Olivia greeted Ned with a kiss and pointed out that she'd arrived on time, which meant that they could have a beer, grab a snack, and still make it to the movies in time for the previews. She suddenly noticed that Ned had been holding his phone as if he'd been about to call someone. She assured him that he could make the call, but Ned decided not to because he realized that it would be useless, since his mother was an adult and was fully aware of what his father was like. After Ned put his phone down, he pulled out a small black box and opened it. Inside was an engagement ring.

Olivia's eyes filled with tears as Ned talked about how much he loved her and Leo. Ned admitted that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and asked her to marry him. Olivia tearfully told him all the reasons that she loved him, prompting Ned to urge her to accept his proposal, but she couldn't understand why marriage was so important to him. Ned explained that marriage defined a relationship by telling the world that they had a special bond that went deeper than saying "I love you." Ned wanted to promise to spend eternity with Olivia, but she reminded him that he'd been married in the past and had ended up divorced.

Ned conceded that Olivia was right, but he knew things would be different with Olivia because he truly believed that they would last and have a sweet life together. Olivia wanted the life he saw for them, but she didn't think marriage was necessary to make it happen. Ned confessed that he couldn't settle for anything less. Stunned, Olivia asked if he was breaking up with her. Before Ned could answer, two masked gunmen entered the bar and announced that they were robbing the place.

At Wyndemere, Anna was shocked when Valentin claimed that they had once been lovers. However, he quickly clarified that she had used him to get classified information. "In the spy world, we call that a honey trap, and I walked right into yours," Valentin coldly added. Anna was taken aback because she had no recollection of being intimate with Valentin, but he was certain she was lying. Anna assured him that she believed that someone had squeezed information out of him then handed it over to the DVX, but she promised that it hadn't been her. She explained that she had no problem admitting her wrongs and apologizing, but all she recalled was Valentin trying to kiss her when they'd been at the training academy.

Valentin couldn't hide his hurt and asked Anna to teach him how to forget because he remembered every painful detail. Anna begged him to tell her what had happened, so he agreed to indulge her, but he warned her that the story wouldn't be flattering to either of them.

According to Valentin, he and Anna had parted ways after she'd rejected his advances. Valentin had gone into counterintelligence and had excelled at it. He had no idea if the DVX had pushed Anna to seduce him or if she had told them that he was a vulnerable target. Regardless, Anna had sought him out, claiming that she'd missed their friendship. Valentin had believed Anna when she'd told him that she'd been working on a special assignment and needed access to classified information because she feared her life would be in danger, working blind in the field. Valentin had given her what she'd requested, and she'd turned it over to the DVX.

Valentin hadn't realized that Anna had betrayed him until he'd been summoned to face his superiors. Anna's eyes welled up with tears as Valentin recalled how devastated he'd been. He became choked up with emotion as he explained that he'd joined the WSB to make something of himself, but she'd taken that from him and had smashed it to pieces. Anna joined Valentin on the sofa as he tearfully confessed that she'd broken him. "All I see is in your eyes -- and you're beautiful," Valentin remembered Anna telling him. Shaken, Anna softly said his name and gently touched his face.

Nina appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Anna had been doing with Nina's husband. Valentin jumped up to stand beside his wife while Anna tried to pull herself together. Anna explained that she'd paid Valentin a visit to find something out, but Nina was not pleased and ordered Anna to leave. Nina made it clear that she never wanted Anna to return. Anna assured Nina that it wouldn't be a problem, and she disappeared out the door.

After Anna left, Nina demanded answers. Valentin explained that Anna had uncovered something from their days at the WSB that she had needed to discuss, but Nina wasn't satisfied because she wanted details. Valentin warned Nina that it was a sad and sordid tale, but Nina didn't care. Reluctantly, Valentin told Nina how Anna had seduced him and had used him to glean classified information for the enemy. Nina was outraged, but she was curious why Anna would stalk him. Valentin admitted that he'd been labeled a traitor and had gone on the run because he'd known it would only be a matter of time before his arrest.

Valentin revealed that he'd spent years traveling the globe, using different names, and selling his services to the highest bidder. Disgusted by Anna's callous betrayal, Nina hugged Valentin. Valentin admitted that Anna had seemed genuinely surprised by the story, but Nina persuaded him that Anna had lied again. Valentin decided to let the matter drop because he wanted to focus on Nina and Charlotte. Pleased, Nina offered to help Valentin dig into Anna's story if it was what he wanted. Valentin smiled when Nina added that she would always keep his secrets and never betray him.

At the hospital, Griffin saw Anna as she approached the elevators. He called out to her as he walked up, but he immediately became concerned when he saw that she was upset. Anna admitted that she'd hoped to talk to Andre, but he'd left for the day. Griffin wanted to help, so Anna told him about her visit with Valentin and that he'd told her something that she had no memory of. Griffin suggested that Valentin had lied, but Anna was certain that Valentin had told the truth as he knew it. Griffin wondered if it was possible that Valentin had mistaken Anna for someone else. Anna started to dismiss the possibility, but she suddenly realized there might be another explanation and decided to take a little trip to find out if she was right.

Franco asks Elizabeth to marry him

Franco asks Elizabeth to marry him

Thursday, March 30, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy decided that Laura should accompany her to Turkey because Tracy could retrieve Edward's painting while Laura reacquainted herself with the countryside. Laura argued that she couldn't go to Turkey because she had responsibilities, including helping Lulu during a difficult time. Tracy's smile faded as she asked how Lulu had been holding up. Laura admitted that Lulu was hurt that the judge had ruled in Valentin's favor, but Laura intended to rectify things. Concerned, Tracy asked what Laura had planned, but Laura sidestepped the question by turning the conversation back to Tracy's quest to claim Edward's valuable painting.

Tracy announced that she would hire security guards to escort her around Turkey, but Laura warned Tracy that it was a very bad idea because it might be overwhelming for the Turkish people -- who were humble and lived simple lives -- to deal with someone like Tracy. Tracy bragged that her brash ways had gotten things done, but Laura realized the only way to make certain Tracy was safe was to accompany her to Turkey. Tracy pretended that she'd changed her mind, but Laura saw through the act and made it clear that she intended to go. Delighted, Tracy hugged Laura in gratitude.

Nearby, Jordan pulled away from a passionate kiss with Curtis to let him answer his phone. Curtis objected, but Jordan admitted that she needed to catch her breath. Curtis smiled as he answered his phone. It was Jason asking for Curtis' help because Jake was in trouble. Curtis assured his friend that he would help and agreed to meet Jason in the morning. After the call, Jordan asked if everything was okay. Curtis evaded the question by asking if she'd had a chance to catch her breath.

Jordan smiled as she and Curtis made their way to the bar to pay the tab for dinner. After Jordan handed over her credit card, Curtis asked if they were back at square one. Jordan pretended she had no idea what he was talking about, but he wasn't interested in games -- he wanted to be free to kiss her in public without worrying about where they stood. Jordan admitted that she wanted the same and kissed him.

After the kiss ended, Curtis realized that the date would be drawing to a close. Jordan surprised him by suggesting they leave together. Curtis grinned, but it quickly faded when Jordan's phone chimed. It was a text message from the police station, alerting her that the alarm at the Floating Rib had been triggered.

At the penthouse, Sam entered the living room as Jason ended the call with Curtis. She announced that their son had finally fallen asleep, but it had taken three stories. Jason smiled and asked about Scout. Sam was pleased to report that their daughter had also fallen asleep, so Sam and Jason had some time to themselves before Scout's next feeding. Sam flopped down on the sofa as Jason joined her, but she quickly sensed that he was troubled. Jason admitted that he was concerned about Jake.

Jason filled Sam in about Franco's art therapy session with Jake and the scarecrow that Jake had drawn on the timeline, which had concerned Elizabeth because a scarecrow had appeared in the book that Helena had bequeathed to Elizabeth. Sam was curious what had prompted the therapy session with Jake, so Jason reluctantly told her about Jake's fear that Helena had cursed Sam. Stunned, Sam pointed out that nothing could be further from the truth because she had two healthy children, an amazing stepson, and everything she had dreamed of.

Sam was puzzled how Jake had known about Helena's deathbed curse, but Jason didn't have an answer. He suspected that Helena had told Jake about it prior to dying. However, Jason's main concern was Franco's involvement because Jason didn't trust Franco. Sam didn't, either, but she wondered what they could do. Jason revealed that he'd insisted on getting Jake a therapist with real credentials. Sam agreed that it was a good idea and wondered how Franco had reacted to the news. Jason admitted that Franco had taken it far better than Elizabeth had because Jason had suggested that he and Elizabeth might have to rethink Jake's custody.

Sam was shocked that Jason had threatened to take Jake away from Elizabeth, but he assured her that he would never do that to Jake. However, he was concerned about Franco's influence on Jake and feared that Franco might be messing with Jake's head to make himself look like a hero to Elizabeth. Sam wouldn't put it past Franco and admitted that she didn't trust Elizabeth's judgment. Sam believed that Elizabeth wanted to believe that she would do whatever was necessary to protect her children, but Elizabeth's relationship with Franco suggested otherwise.

Jason agreed that Elizabeth seemed blind to Franco's true nature, so Sam thought they should focus on Jake because the last thing Jake needed was for Jason and Elizabeth to be at odds. Frustrated, Jason explained that he just wanted to get to the bottom of things. Sam was curious if Jason knew where to start. Jason revealed that he'd reached out to Curtis for help because Jason wanted some answers before Jake talked to a therapist. Sam advised Jason not to see Jake going to a therapist as some kind of threat because it wouldn't help Jake. Jason agreed and decided to get started on his game plan to help Jake.

At Wyndemere, Nina was startled when she saw Franco standing in the living room. Franco had a present in his hand as he told her that the butler had let him in. Nina warned him that Valentin was upstairs and it was Charlotte's bedtime, but Franco held out the present and told her that he wanted to wish her a long and happy marriage. Nina was touched by the gift, but she was eager to get back to her family. Franco promised that it would only take a minute and invited her to open the present. Nina smiled and tore into the package. It was a kombucha home-brewing kit.

Franco recalled how much Nina had enjoyed the specialty tea and had thought she could brew some in the privacy of her own "mausoleum." Nina admitted that her husband had already purchased the very same kit for her, but she thanked Franco for the gift because she could use a backup. Franco was curious if taking a boat to the mainland was strange or if it added to the mystique of living on Spoon Island, but Nina decided to cut to the chase and ask why Franco was really there. Franco admitted that he needed someone to talk to -- and she was his "someone."

Nina smiled, but she pointed out that it was late. Franco assured her that he would make it quick and opened up about his relationship with Elizabeth and how he was a "sometime" father to her son Jake. Nina was astounded by Franco's callous words because their relationship had fallen apart due to his refusal to have children with her. Franco immediately apologized, but Nina conceded that despite their messy breakup, she was glad that he'd ended things with her because it had paved the way for her to meet her husband. Nina encouraged Franco to continue, prompting him to reveal that Jason had threatened to take Jake from Elizabeth if Franco didn't keep his distance.

Nina was curious if Franco objected because he'd miss Elizabeth -- or Jake. "Both," Franco admitted. He explained that his connection with Jake had drawn him to Elizabeth, and he didn't want to lose Elizabeth or Jake. "Then don't," Nina advised. Franco was curious how to stop it from happening, but Nina had no idea. Franco was disappointed because he had hoped she'd be more empathetic as a result of dealing with her own custody battle.

Nina became defensive as she informed Franco that their situations were completely different because the judge had awarded Valentin and Nina custody of Charlotte, while Lulu had only been granted visitation. Nina added that she was Charlotte's legal stepmother. Franco perked up because Nina had given him a perfect solution to his problems. Nina had no idea what he was talking about, but she heard the launch's horn and suggested that he return to the mainland.

Shortly after Franco left, Nina was surprised to find Jason on her front doorstep. Jason explained that he needed to talk to Valentin because Jason thought Valentin might be able to help with Jake.

At the hospital, Elizabeth left Franco a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she hated the way they'd left things the previous evening. She begged him not to do anything crazy and told him that she loved him. Kiki walked up as Elizabeth ended the call. Kiki was happy that she'd bumped into Elizabeth because she'd intended to call Elizabeth during break. Elizabeth was surprised to realize that Kiki worked at the hospital, but Kiki quickly clarified that she was just a volunteer. However, Kiki hoped to become certified as a nurses' aide.

Elizabeth promised to help in any way that she could and wondered what department Kiki worked in. "Psych," Kiki replied. Elizabeth was curious if Kiki's choice had had anything to do with Morgan. Kiki nodded and explained that she'd made a promise to Morgan when he'd died that she would do something with her life. Kiki admitted that it had been difficult working in the psychiatric ward because a lot of the patients reminded her of how Morgan had been toward the end. Elizabeth was confident that having Kiki around would help the patients more than Kiki realized.

Kiki smiled and changed the subject because she was curious if Elizabeth had heard from Franco. Kiki admitted that she was worried because he'd been in an upbeat mood until the previous evening. Elizabeth admitted that Franco hadn't returned any of her phone calls or text messages because Elizabeth had slowed things down with Franco. Kiki listened quietly as Elizabeth told her about Jason's threat to take Jake. Kiki wondered who Jason thought he was, but Elizabeth reminded Kiki that Jason was Jake's father.

Kiki argued that it was crazy to let Jason get between Elizabeth and Franco, and she advised Elizabeth try to get Jason to see that Franco had changed. Elizabeth assured Kiki that she had tried, but Jason and Sam had good reason not to trust Franco because he'd done horrible things to them. Kiki was curious if Elizabeth believed that Franco was a different person. Elizabeth promised that she loved Franco and believed with all her heart that he was a good person who'd been a positive influence on her sons. Satisfied, Kiki encouraged Elizabeth not to let Jason bully her, because it was Elizabeth's life, and the boys were Elizabeth's children.

Kiki urged Elizabeth not to let Jason call the shots, but Elizabeth hoped that Jason had had time to calm down and realize that he'd been wrong to react so strongly. Kiki was curious what Elizabeth would do if Jason refused to back down from his threat. Elizabeth made it clear that she was still with Franco -- they just wouldn't be living together. However, Elizabeth vowed that she would do whatever was necessary to hold onto her children. Kiki wondered if that included ending things with Franco if Jason demanded it, but Elizabeth ignored the question. Kiki suggested that Elizabeth call Franco, tell him that she'd been wrong, and let him move in because Jason shouldn't dictate Elizabeth's life.

Shortly after Kiki left, Elizabeth saw Franco exit the elevator. She ran over to talk to him, but he cut her off to tell her that he had something to ask her. Elizabeth was startled when he suddenly dropped to his knee and proposed marriage.

At the Floating Rib, two masked gunmen stormed the bar and ordered everyone to put their phones on the table. Ned tried to send a text message, but one of the gunmen saw him and quickly snatched the phone away as he pointed a gun in Ned's face. Next, he ordered Olivia to drop her phone into the bag he held out. Olivia explained that she needed her phone because she had a child and the babysitter might need to reach her, but the gunman was unmoved. Ned implored Olivia to cooperate.

After Olivia dropped her phone in the bag, the other gunman grabbed Ava. Ava warned him to back off, but he ignored her. Desperate, Ava told him that she had children, but the gunman didn't care. The gunman held Ava's arm in a firm grip as he informed the patrons that he wouldn't hesitate to kill her if anyone caused trouble. He ordered everyone to turn over their money and valuables then noticed the prescription bottle on the bar. Ava panicked as she thought about what Sonny would do if he learned that she'd switched out Morgan's pills.

Meanwhile, the gunman at the bar turned away from the bottle of pills and tossed Lucy a bag with instructions to put everything of value that she and Ava had into the bag. However, he warned her not to include the ugly little sculpture. Ava watched helplessly as Morgan's prescription bottle was dropped into the bag.

At Ned and Olivia's table, the other gunman ordered Olivia to put her jewelry in the bag. She reluctantly complied but kept her necklace on. The gunman wasn't pleased and ripped it off her neck. Ned objected, but the gunman turned the gun on Ned until Ned backed down. Tensions quickly mounted when the gunman instructed Olivia to drop the engagement ring in the bag. Olivia grabbed the ring and clutched it close to her chest as she refused to comply. Her eyes filled with tears of rage as she told the gunman that the ring had been given to Ned's grandmother by the love of her life.

Olivia felt honored that Ned had wanted to give her the ring, but the gunman didn't care. Olivia refused to relinquish the ring because it symbolized hope, commitment, and the faith to take a leap. Ned begged Olivia to give the gunman the ring because it wasn't worth it, but Olivia disagreed. The other gunman walked over, dragging Ava in a tight grip, to find out what was going on. His partner explained that Olivia had refused to cooperate. The gunman from the bar took over and aimed a gun at Olivia as he informed her that he was the meaner of the two brothers and wouldn't hesitate to shoot.

Ned pleaded with Olivia to give the man the ring, but she tearfully told Ned that she couldn't. The gunman decided to count down from five. Ned sprang into action and jumped in front of Olivia before the gunman reached one, and a shot rang out. Seconds later, the gunman dropped to the floor as the police swarmed the bar. Olivia was relieved when she realized that Jordan had shot the gunman in the arm, but she was furious that Ned had risked his life to save her.

Ned explained that he hadn't wanted Olivia to die over a "stupid ring," but she insisted that the ring was special because Lila had practically been a saint. Olivia couldn't let Lila's ring land in the hands of a thief. After Olivia calmed down, she admitted that she'd been terrified when she'd heard the shot because she'd feared that she'd lost him. Olivia decided that it was time to get out of her own way and stop letting her insecurities get the better of her. Ned promised that he would not pressure her to marry him, but she surprised him by asking him to marry her.

Ned happily accepted Olivia's marriage proposal and slid his grandmother's ring onto Olivia's left ring finger. Olivia gleefully announced that she would be marrying a rock star as she hugged Ned.

Nearby, Curtis was impressed with how Jordan had handled things. Jordan smiled, but scolded him for not listening to her when she'd told him to stay behind. Curtis was unapologetic and asked her to leave with him. Jordan asked for a rain check because she had hours of paperwork to do. Curtis smiled as he quietly promised that things would be epic when they finally had a chance to be alone. "Epic," Jordan agreed with a seductive smile.

At the bar, Ava started to retrieve her things from the bag, but Jordan stopped her. Ava explained that she simply wanted her things, but Jordan explained that everything had to be taken to the police station first. Jordan promised that everything would be returned once it was logged in as evidence. After Jordan walked away, Lucy scooped up the Greek sculpture, but Ava objected, since the deal had been for Lucy to give Ava the pills in exchange for the sculpture. Lucy insisted that she'd held up her end of the bargain, and it was up to Ava to get Morgan's prescription bottle away from the police.

Alexis Believes Julian is Alive

Alexis Believes Julian is Alive

Friday, March 31, 2017

Alexis returned home from an A.A. meeting and dropped all of her belongings on the floor as she quickly answered her ringing cell phone. After she said hello several times, the caller hung up. Alexis stooped down to clean up her things when the phone rang again. "Julian?" she asked. It was Sam, though, and the two women made some small talk. Alexis claimed that her old habits had caused her to assume that it had been Julian on the phone. Sam offered to visit with the children, but Alexis convinced her to stay put. Alexis would head to Sam's place instead.

Sonny paid Michael a visit at ELQ and announced that he and Carly had broken up. Michael pointed out that the couple was already separated, and he wanted to know if they planned on getting a divorce. He admitted to not being in shock over Sonny's announcement, and Sonny confessed that he really didn't know Carly's plan. Michael reminded his father that they had been through a lot, and unfortunately, it hadn't made the couple closer. Michael assured Sonny that he wasn't taking sides but was stressed that Nelle had set Sonny up. Sonny was regretful, as he hated to hurt his family members.

Michael paused in his conversation to do some work, and Sonny was impressed. Sonny was sorry that Michael had been hurt, and Michael noted that Nelle had torn the family apart. He couldn't get past that. Sonny pointed out that Nelle had chosen to stay in Port Charles, and he was certain that she had opted to stay to "work an angle." He didn't want Michael to run into her, but Michael assured him that it was no big deal. It was the same position that Sonny and Carly were in, Michael added.

Michael was touched that Sonny wanted to protect him but reminded his father that he was an adult. He wanted Sonny to back off and allow Michael to make his own mistakes. Michael blamed Olivia Jerome for all that had happened to the family.

Jason visited Valentin at Wyndemere and related that he was trying to find out what Helena had done to Jake on Cassadine Island. Valentin agreed that Helena had been an awful person who would not be happy if she knew that Valentin had possession of the Cassadine fortunes. Jason asked for a layout of the island and asked Valentin if he might be aware of any scarecrows in place there. Valentin divulged that he'd never planned on being a father and had always kept Charlotte away from Helena. Valentin was confused about Jason's question, but he gave Jason permission to search the island. He suggested Jason start with the olive grove.

Valentin noted that there was a dark and threatening scarecrow there. A legend existed that the scarecrow could be alive. Jason wondered if Valentin had an agenda, but Valentin replied that he merely wanted to be helpful.

Laura found Kevin at General Hospital and broke the news that she would be accompanying Tracy to Turkey. "Is Luke in prison again?" Kevin asked. He was perplexed over Laura's announcement. Laura explained that she had a good relationship with Tracy, who had helped in getting Laura and Kevin together in the first place, and there was a situation and a possibility that Tracy would be able to reconnect with her father. Laura felt she should help but promised that her homecoming would be great.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth was in shock over Franco's marriage proposal. She reminded him that they had already established that it wasn't a great time to move in together but Franco thought it made sense. He explained that he'd be taken seriously as Jake's stepfather. He denied that it had anything to do with Jason and stressed that it had to do with Elizabeth and her boys. He wanted her to show her trust in him and her love. Elizabeth explained that she had to get along with Jason, since he was Jake's father, and she thought it was important that she and Franco keep their distance until Jake's situation could be figured out. Franco feared that Jason would cause more harm than good to Jake.

Elizabeth promised that they'd see each other, and perhaps everyone would thank Franco for starting the investigation into what had happened to Jake. She loved Franco, she assured him. As they kissed, Jason walked by and interrupted. Franco glared at Jason, but he kissed Elizabeth goodbye and stalked off. Elizabeth ran after Franco and told him that the proposal was bad timing, but she hadn't said no. Franco thanked her, and Elizabeth returned to Jason. She advised him that Franco would be stepping back. Jason announced that he had a lead, and Elizabeth thought that she knew of someone who could help them.

Jason and Elizabeth spoke to Kevin. He felt that he was too involved to help but recommended that they speak to Andre. He would set up an appointment for them. The couple agreed that they had to think of their son first.

Lulu stopped at Kelly's and ran into Nelle, who was picking up Charlotte's favorite cranberry scones for breakfast. Lulu felt that they should chat awhile and get to know each other. Nelle noted that the scones reminded Charlotte of her mother. She looked at Lulu's face and apologized. She'd meant Charlotte's surrogate mother, she said awkwardly. Lulu admitted that she knew nothing about her daughter because Valentin had kept her away. Nelle divulged that Valentin had only told her a few things. Lulu was happy to meet Nelle and voiced her opinion that the young woman seemed capable of taking care of Charlotte. Lulu admitted that she'd blown it and had made many mistakes when she had first met her little girl.

Lulu apologized for talking too much and thanked Nelle for listening and telling her some facts about Charlotte. Nelle asked how Michael was doing, and Lulu admitted she hadn't seen much of him. He'd been "keeping to himself" because he'd had a difficult year. She hated that he had to suffer alone. Nelle felt the same way.

As Lulu left Kelly's she ran into her mother. Lulu advised Laura that she would cook them a great dinner the next day, but Laura explained that she was going on a trip with Tracy. Lulu called her mother crazy but agreed that it was okay with her if Laura left. She told Laura that she'd chatted with Nelle, who had asked about Michael. Laura wondered if there was anything they'd be able to use in the custody suit. Lulu felt that she'd laid the "groundwork."

Franco walked nearby. He received a text message from Jake. The boy was looking forward to their next drawing session.

Alexis got to Sam's and explained her delay due to picking up lots of goodies for her grandchildren. Sam admitted that she had thought Alexis had been drinking, and Alexis admitted to having a relapse. She had gone to an A.A. meeting afterwards, Alexis continued. Sam agreed that it had been a slip, but Alexis had had much to grieve over. Alexis sheepishly confessed that Julian had gotten her to stop again. Sam suggested that a dream could seem real, but she was concerned that her mother also believed that Julian had called her and knocked on the door. The second time the knocking had happened, Valentin had been at the door, Alexis stated.

Alexis shared that Valentin had wanted to bond and had offered her the keys to the Cassadine estate. He'd also offered his condolences on Julian's death. Alexis announced that she'd kicked him out. She turned the conversation back to the phone call she had received. Sam asked for the phone, noting that she had a phone application that could determine where a call had originated. Looking at the map, Sam acknowledged that the map showed a pay phone. Alexis perked up as she looked. It was at a gas station near the footbridge where Julian had died.

Alexis was frantic. Ava had been right, and Julian was still alive, she shouted. Sam told her to calm down. Just then, Scout began to fuss. Alexis decided to leave, claiming to be tired. Sam asked Alexis to move in with her and Jason, as she was worried about her mother. Alexis declined.

Nelle showed up at Wyndemere with the bag of scones. She told Valentin that she'd talked to Lulu. He wanted to know every detail of the conversation. Nelle noted that Lulu had been polite and had just wanted to get to know her. Valentin explained that he'd offered shared custody with Lulu, but she had refused and was suing for full custody. He advised Nelle not to trust her. He gave Nelle a new key because he'd had the locks changed.

Nelle and Michael each thought about the other.

Sam called the gas station to find out if they had security cameras on the grounds.

Alexis returned home and snuggled up on the sofa with a book. The front door began to creak. "Just the wind," she said.

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