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Elizabeth invited Franco to move in. Olivia Jerome was remanded to D'Archam Asylum. Alexis struggled to remain sober. Carly was unable to forgive Sonny. Anna reached out to Liesl and Faison for help.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 20, 2017 on GH
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Valentin wants the dance with Anna to end Valentin wants the dance with Anna to end

Monday, March 20, 2017

At the Metro Court, Valentin toasted "to family and staying together," and clinked his glass with Nina's and Charlotte's. Nina spotted Lulu and Laura enter the restaurant and suggested that she, Charlotte, and Valentin break into the cookie basket she had in her office.

At a table across the restaurant, Lulu angrily observed how smug Valentin looked. Laura warned her daughter that Lulu's anger would help prove Valentin's case. Just then, Valentin, Nina, and Charlotte approached the table. "Can we go now?" Charlotte asked impatiently. Valentin needed to talk to Lulu, so Nina and Charlotte went ahead to Nina's office. "Haven't you taken enough from me today? Leave me the hell alone," Lulu spat.

Valentin level-headedly told Lulu that the court wouldn't issue a visitation schedule for another couple weeks, so he wanted to arrange for Lulu to see Charlotte before then. He offered her an hour a couple days from then, and Lulu was incensed at only being given an hour. After a little bickering between Lulu and Valentin, Laura finally interrupted by saying, "She'll be there," and Valentin left.

Laura instructed Lulu to use her self-control for the next six months so that she could "play the long game." She continued that if Valentin committed another crime, she was in the "perfect position to take action." She informed a confused Lulu that, "I'm suitably placed to get my hands a little dirty." Lulu was worried about what her mother was going to do, but Laura thought that Valentin was going to "get what he has coming to him."

Nelle arrived at the Metro Court with a large garment bag. She bumped into Bobbie, who was surprised that there was anyone left in Port Charles who would even talk to Nelle. She demanded to know why Nelle was there, but Nelle replied that it was none of Bobbie's business. "How do you live with yourself?" Bobbie wondered, pushing Nelle. "Get your sorry butt out of my daughter's restaurant before I call security," Bobbie threatened, and Nelle left.

Charlotte picked a cookie out of the basket, and Nina took out some puzzle books she'd gotten for Charlotte. Valentin arrived and wondered if he was going to see Nina at home later. After he promised that Anna wouldn't be a problem, she promised to see him at home. He kissed her and said goodbye to his girls.

A few minutes later, Nina got a call from the nanny. On the phone, Nina expressed her sympathy and thanked the nanny for all she'd done for the family. When she was off the phone, she informed Charlotte that the nanny's sister had gotten sick and needed to be taken care of. Nina pondered the problem of finding a new nanny.

A short while later, Charlotte tried to get Nina's help with a puzzle, but Nina was on a business call. Nelle entered the office, and Nina went out. Nelle put the garment bag down and offered to help Charlotte with her puzzles. Nina returned and saw Nelle's kind, patient help with Charlotte. Nelle told Nina that she'd returned the dress Nina had loaned her, but Nina replied that the dress had been a gift. Nelle responded that she would no longer need a fancy dress, as she was no longer working for Carly.

Nina was surprised that Carly would let Nelle go, but Nelle answered that it had been a "good time to go." Charlotte asked Nina for help just as Nina's phone rang. Nelle offered her help to Charlotte, so Nina took the phone call. Nina was immediately put on hold and was able to observe Nelle kindly introducing herself to Charlotte. Later, Nina finished her call, and Nelle asked to apply for the open nanny position.

While opening mail, Anna cut her finger with her letter opener. As she wrapped a tissue around it, the doorbell rang. She answered the door to Andre and invited him in. A few minutes later, Anna poured some tea and told him about visiting Olivia at the police station. She remarked that dealing with Olivia again had "opened old wounds."

Anna asked about Charlotte's custody hearing, and Andre filled her in. Anna thought the entire thing could have been avoided if Valentin had been honest with Lulu from the beginning, but she realized she was a hypocrite. She revealed that she'd basically done the same thing to Robert about Robin. Andre excused her, sure that Anna's situation with Robert had been "complex."

Anna had thought that she'd understood Valentin, but the more she uncovered, the more confused she was. She told Andre that Valentin was holding something over her head and refused to tell her. Andre suggested that, with her newly diagnosed chronic illness, she was in no shape to pursue Valentin. Anna resented him telling her how to live and demanded that he stay out of her life. She immediately apologized for snapping at him. He knew that, after the life she'd lived, she wasn't used to being vulnerable and afraid.

Anna related that her diagnosis had caused her to rethink her life choices and mainly "gloss over" her "crimes." Every time she saw Valentin, she remembered who she had been, and she didn't like that woman. Andre assured her that that woman had also chosen "a better path." He urged her to be kind to herself. He had to go, but he made sure they were still friends first. They embraced. He directed her to stay away from Valentin, and he left.

A short while later, Anna's doorbell rang again. She answered the door to Valentin, who requested an invitation inside. "What if I said no?" she wondered. He suggested that he could break in like she had. Moments later, he was inside, talking about ending the "dance" they had been doing. He only wanted peace between them, mostly for the sake of his family. He warned that "if you persist, I will remove you for good."

Carly arrived at Sonny's, wanting to "figure out what's going on between us." She started that thinking Sonny had caused Morgan's death had been the worst pain. In comparison, Sonny cheating had just been "ordinary pain" that would eventually heal. Sonny wondered why she couldn't get past it if she clearly knew what had happened and why it had happened. Carly only kicked herself for not listening to Sonny, who had been skeptical of Nelle "from the beginning."

Sonny informed Carly that he didn't remember anything from Thanksgiving night between Nelle arriving at his house and waking up the next morning in his bed beside Nelle. He'd only wanted to keep the secret so he didn't cause more pain to Carly and because he didn't want to lose her. "You played right into her hands!" Carly countered. Sonny told Carly that they needed each other and that she was still the person he trusted the most. "You know me deep down in my soul like I know you," he added.

Sonny and Carly shared a kiss, but she stopped it and said that she needed to go. She suggested that it was time for them to let go. He called out after her that her walking out wouldn't change how much he loved her. She told him that she loved him, and that "if I haven't stopped now, I'm never going to." Carly left.

Hayden was looking glum at the nurses' station when Tracy approached her with good news. She informed Hayden that the hospital had received their first installment of money, so they were on their way to financial stability. Tracy wondered where Finn was, because she wanted to thank him in person. Hayden filled Tracy in on Finn's withdrawal and subsequent leave of absence in order to take care of his addiction. Hayden had a sudden realization that every single encounter she'd ever had with Finn had been while he'd been "under the influence."

Tracy wondered why Hayden wasn't with Finn while he dealt with his addiction. Hayden informed her that Finn had wanted to be alone. Tracy replied that, if Hayden loved him, she needed to be there for Finn, whether or not he wanted her there. Hayden said that she'd have to trust Finn, and she hoped that he would be back to the hospital soon. When Tracy was gone, Hayden looked at her phone and contemplated calling Finn. "I trust you," she muttered, and she exited the call screen.

Finn was on the phone in his room. He asked for an "immediate opening" at the rehab facility he'd chosen. He claimed to be calling on behalf of a patient who'd become dependent on the drug that had treated their life-threatening illness. He was told that someone would get back to him, so he hung up the phone. As he packed a bag, he assured Roxy that Josslyn loved her and would take good care of her while he was gone. He unzipped a compartment of his suitcase and was surprised to find another vial of his drug of choice.

As Finn racked his brain, trying to remember stashing the vial in his suitcase, his phone rang. He was told that there was a bed available, but he balked at the question of the patient's name. He stammered that the patient had decided on alternative therapy, apologized for wasting the facility's time, and hung up. "I hope you forgive me, Roxy, because no one else will," he said as he made his way over to the cabinet with the vial. He opened the cabinet and dropped the vial. It shattered, spilling the drug all over.

A short while later, Tracy entered the room through the cracked door. She called out for Finn and noticed his packed bag. Looking a little further, she saw the broken vial and spilled drug on the floor. "Oh, my God, what have you done?" she wondered.

Nina hires Nelle as Charlotte's nanny

Nina hires Nelle as Charlotte's nanny

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

At the hospital, Liesl heard Elizabeth leave Franco a voicemail message asking him to send a text message to let her know how Jake's art therapy session had been. After she ended the call, Liesl accused Elizabeth of being unprofessional, but Elizabeth revealed that she'd been on break and returned to the nurses' station with Liesl hot on her heels. Elizabeth was curious why Liesl was even on the floor, so Liesl explained that Finn's caseload had been split up between her and several other doctors. Liesl complained about Finn's abrupt leave of absence, but she quickly seized the opportunity to question Hayden about it when Hayden walked up.

Elizabeth covered for her sister by claiming that Finn had taken time off to focus on writing an article about the cure he'd discovered for Blackwood's syndrome, which would be published in a prestigious medical journal. Intrigued, Liesl asked for the name of the medical journal, but Elizabeth claimed she'd said too much. Liesl walked away grumbling that Finn would likely take more time off for a book tour. Hayden let Elizabeth know that it hadn't been necessary to save her from Liesl's questions, but Elizabeth explained that Liesl was a "pain," and Elizabeth had a good idea what Hayden had been going through. Elizabeth let her sister know that she was there for Hayden, but Hayden rejected the overture and walked away.

Later, Hayden paced her office as she looked at her phone and contemplated calling Finn. She put the phone down as someone knocked on the door. Hayden yelled for the person to go away, but Elizabeth entered. Hayden made it clear that she wasn't in the mood to talk, but Elizabeth wanted to explain her "over-the-top" reaction to catching Finn stealing drugs. Hayden insisted that it wasn't necessary because Elizabeth had been "annoyingly" gracious about everything. Elizabeth admitted that alarm bells had gone off when she'd seen Finn taking the medications because it had reminded her of what she'd gone through during Lucky's struggle with addiction.

Elizabeth hadn't wanted to see Hayden blindsided by Finn's addiction the way Elizabeth had been when she'd learned about Lucky's addiction. Elizabeth assured her sister that she knew what Hayden was going through, but Hayden refused to discuss it. Disappointed, Elizabeth promised to listen if Hayden changed her mind. Elizabeth turned to leave. Hayden called out to Elizabeth and asked her to stay. "Please," Hayden quietly added.

Hayden acknowledged that she knew enough about addiction to know that Finn had a long road ahead of him and that she'd been his enabler. She explained that she had wanted to help Finn get clean, but he'd turned her down because he wanted to handle it on his own. Hayden confided that she'd agreed because she had no real idea what to do to help. Elizabeth talked about Lucky's struggle to get clean and warned Hayden that it had to be Finn's choice. Elizabeth and Hayden talked until Elizabeth realized the time and had to leave. Hayden thanked her sister to listening, but Elizabeth was glad that she'd been able to help Hayden.

Meanwhile, Tracy frantically searched Finn's hotel suite when she saw the broken vial of "Zen-Zen" on the floor. After she determined that Finn wasn't there, she called security to enlist their help in the search. However, she ended the call when she saw Finn appear in the doorway. Tracy immediately confronted him about the broken vial. Finn pulled a bottle of booze out of the paper bag he'd been holding and poured himself a drink as he asked if he looked like someone who'd had a fix. Tracy conceded that he looked awful, and she asked for a drink.

After Finn handed Tracy a glass, she reminded him that he would not be able to drink once he went to rehab, but he announced that he'd decided to get clean on his own terms. "How asinine can you get?" Tracy asked. Finn pointed out that he was no longer sick and claimed that he could handle things, but Tracy laughed. She pointed out that he'd been cured of the disease for a month, but he hadn't stopped using the addictive drug -- and he'd been caught stealing pills at the hospital. Finn argued that he didn't want anyone in his business or a program boxing him in, because he'd lose his mind.

Finn became increasingly agitated as he admitted that he'd end up walking out of rehab, but Tracy wasn't satisfied because she wanted to know what his plan was. Finn admitted that he had no idea, but he was certain that he and Roxy would find a way to get through it. Tracy advised Finn to call Hayden because Hayden loved him and wanted to help. Finn became defensive and suggested that Tracy was the last person who should give anyone relationship advice. Tracy was taken aback, but he refused to back down as he dredged up her past failed marriages and how no one paid attention to how lonely she was, including her self-involved sons.

Finn wasn't surprised that she'd been marked by so many con artists because she'd been easy pickings as a rich and lonely woman with unresolved "daddy issues." Hurt, Tracy threw her drink in Finn's face. Finn immediately regretted the cruel things he'd said and apologized. He acknowledged that he'd gone too far in an effort to push her away and to keep her from calling Hayden. Tracy reluctantly conceded that Finn had been right about most of what he'd said. She explained that she'd always kept a small circle of friends because she preferred to "go it alone."

Tracy was keenly aware that most of her family was dead and confided that she often wondered how different things might have been if she'd let more people in. Tracy was curious if Finn was prepared to live with the same regrets. Tracy advised him not to go it alone because he had a woman who loved him and wanted to help. She added that the choice was his then left.

At Anna's house, Valentin told Anna that Nina and Charlotte were his life. He refused to let Anna disrupt what he had with his family and made it clear that if she persisted, then he would remove her for good. "Do it. Just give me an excuse," Anna replied. Valentin conceded it had been a poor choice of words and clarified that he would remove her presence from his life by offering a truce and putting the past behind them. Anna recognized his tactic to present something outrageous and make it sound perfectly rational and acceptable, but she rejected his offer.

Valentin wondered if Anna truly thought asking for peace was irrational. "No," Anna answered, but she added that ignorance was, and she wanted answers about their past. She warned him that she would not stop until she had the truth because there was no earthly reason that she could think of for ordering the hit of a fellow WSB agent. Valentin refused to enlighten her, but she implored him to settle things between them once and for all by telling her about their past. Valentin appeared to momentarily waver when he saw her tears, but he couldn't believe that her memory was a blank.

Anna insisted that it was true, but Valentin advised her to leave it alone and allow them both to move forward. Anna refused because she couldn't imagine resorting to such an extreme measure. "Unless you flipped," Anna said as she realized that she might have targeted Valentin because he'd gone to work for the "DVX." Furious, Valentin accused Anna of having a selective memory because there had been a time she'd worked as a double agent who had traded secrets to the highest bidder. Valentin accused Anna of being the traitor and suggested that she'd been projecting her tainted past onto him.

Anna refused to be sidetracked and asked if Valentin were truly trying to blame her rejection of advances for turning him into the man he was. Valentin appeared hurt as he angrily accused Anna of lying about the cruelest thing she'd ever done to him. He conceded that she might have blocked things out because they'd been so horrifying, but he suspected that she'd spent so many years lying that she'd begun to believe the lies. Anna denied being a liar, but Valentin suddenly noticed that her hand was bleeding. Anna looked down and saw the bloody bandage.

Concerned, Valentin asked what was wrong with Anna. Anna admitted that she was on blood thinners, but Valentin wanted to know why. He was stunned when she revealed that she had cancer. She quickly added that it was treatable, and she could live a long life if she took certain precautions. Valentin was certain that she was up to the challenge. Anna asked Valentin to help give her peace of mind by telling her about their past. Valentin refused and advised her to forget that they had ever known each other. After Valentin left, he stopped on her stoop as his expression clouded with concern.

Inside, Anna made a phone call to ask for help. A short time later, Liesl showed up and informed Anna that she didn't ordinarily make house calls. Anna explained that she needed some answers.

At Crimson, Nina was surprised when Nelle asked to apply for the position of Charlotte's nanny. Nelle explained that she'd gone to college to become a teacher until financial difficulties had sidelined her education. Nelle revealed that she'd worked as a teacher's aide, so she had experience, and she was really good with children. Nina smiled because she'd seen Nelle's interaction with Charlotte, but Nina was curious why Nelle no longer worked for Carly. Nelle claimed that she and Carly had had a difference of opinion about what Nelle's job entailed.

Nina was impressed with Nelle's background, but she admitted that she didn't want to get caught in the middle of Nelle and Carly's issues. Charlotte ran up to show Nina the numbers that Nelle had helped Charlotte add up. Nina was surprised by Charlotte's accurate work, prompting Nelle to seize the opportunity to point out that she could also be Charlotte's personal tutor. Nina decided to get to know Nelle on a personal level and invited Nelle to spend time with her and Charlotte as part of the job interview.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Bobbie approached Carly at the bar and asked if Carly ever returned text messages. Carly set her glass of wine down and apologized for forgetting about their plans. Carly explained that she'd stopped off at the hospital to visit Jason and the baby, but Jason had said something that had gotten Carly to thinking. Carly admitted that she'd gone to Sonny's. Bobbie wasn't upset because she realized that Carly and Sonny had a lot to talk about, but she was curious if Carly and Sonny might get back together. Carly conceded that Sonny was the only person in the world who knew how Carly felt.

However, Carly insisted that knowing the pain she'd felt didn't mean that she and Sonny should be together because they always ended up in the same place, with one angry and the other filled with regret. Bobbie thought Sonny should have had regrets before taking off Nelle's clothes, but Carly confessed that she felt more betrayed by Sonny's lies than the one-night stand because he'd put the whole family at risk. Carly hated that she'd invited Nelle into their lives, but she'd had time to think about it, and a part of her felt like a hypocrite. Carly realized that she had no place to judge Nelle because Carly had done the same thing to Bobbie.

Bobbie disagreed because there had been cracks in her marriage before Carly, but Carly argued that she'd seduced Tony while Bobbie and Tony had been grieving the loss of their daughter, B.J. Bobbie argued that Nelle was not family, so Carly didn't owe Nelle anything. Carly thanked her mother for always supporting her. Bobbie smiled and admitted that it was a good thing that Carly hadn't been there earlier because Nelle had shown up. Carly assured Bobbie that she was not worried about running into Nelle, but Nelle should be concerned about having an encounter with Carly. Bobbie chuckled because she'd told Nelle the same thing and had threatened to have security remove Nelle by force.

Carly's laughter died when she looked up and saw Nina, Charlotte, and Nelle exit the elevator. Bobbie was astounded at Nelle's gall and decided to give the young woman a piece of her mind. Bobbie marched up to Nelle as Carly followed close behind. Nelle assured both women that she didn't want trouble, but Carly suggested that Nelle should have avoided Carly's restaurant. Nina covered Charlotte's ears as she tactfully reminded the ladies that there was a child present. Nina realized that Carly and Nelle had had a difference of opinion about Nelle's job, but Nina didn't think the discussion was meant for "little ears."

Carly quickly clarified that Nina had been misinformed, but she agreed that it wasn't meant for a child to hear. Nina asked Nelle to take Charlotte to a nearby table. Resigned, Nelle walked away with Charlotte as Nina admitted that she'd been considering hiring Nelle as Charlotte's nanny. Carly warned Nina that it would be a mistake and revealed that Nelle had been fired for sleeping with Carly's husband and using Carly's family to get to Carly. Carly also added that Nelle's last name was Benson -- not Hayes -- and that Nelle was the daughter of Carly's adoptive father.

Carly advised Nina to proceed with caution because Nelle was a liar and manipulator. Nina pointed out that Charlotte already adored Nelle. Carly admitted that Avery and Josslyn had loved Nelle, too, but it hadn't stopped Nelle from hurting Carly's family. Bobbie added that Lulu would never want someone like Nelle near Charlotte, but Nina took offense and argued that Nina and Valentin's decision about Charlotte's nanny wasn't Lulu's concern. Bobbie disagreed because Charlotte was Lulu's daughter. Nina decided to collect Charlotte and Nelle before things became more awkward, but Bobbie wasn't through with Nina.

Bobbie reminded Nina that Charlotte was a Spencer, whether Nina and Valentin wanted to admit it or not, and Bobbie was concerned about her great-niece's well-being. Seconds later, Nelle walked up to announce that she was leaving because she assumed that Nina had changed her mind about the job interview. Nina surprised everyone by hiring Nelle on the spot then sending Nelle off with Charlotte to get some hot chocolate. After Nelle and Charlotte left, Bobbie warned Nina that Nina's rash decision would backfire because Nelle would end up in bed with Nina's husband.

After Bobbie stormed off, Carly suggested that Nina had acted out of anger and had hired Nelle out of spite. Nina explained that she'd hired Nelle because Nina believed in second chances and that people could change. Carly agreed that it was possible, but she urged Nina to watch her back because Nelle might turn against Nina too.

Later, Valentin joined Nina at the restaurant. She told him that their nanny had quit, but she'd found a great replacement. However, Nina warned him that she'd better not catch the nanny near his bed. Startled, Valentin asked what she was talking about, but she promised to fill him in later and asked where he'd been. Valentin confessed that he'd paid Anna a visit to ask for a truce because he'd meant it when he'd told Nina that Nina and Charlotte were all that mattered to him.

Nearby, Bobbie admitted that she was disappointed that Nina had hired Nelle. Carly agreed, but she was grateful that Nelle would be stuck on Spoon Island, far away from Carly's family.

At Kelly's, Dante greeted Michael and asked if Michael had spoken to Sonny. Michael confirmed that he'd heard about Olivia Jerome's arrest. Dante filled Michael in about how it had transpired. Michael was surprised that Sonny and Carly hadn't killed Olivia when they'd had the opportunity, but Dante suspected that Sonny and Carly had realized that it would only prolong the family's pain. Dante was confident that both Sonny and Carly were ready to move forward, but Michael worried that it would be tough for his parents because Nelle had made things worse.

Michael and Dante talked about their father's one-night stand with Nelle and the impact it had had on everyone. Dante worried about Michael, but Michael assured his brother that he'd been the least hurt by the betrayal. Dante seemed skeptical because he knew that Michael had had feeling for Nelle, but Michael argued that he'd merely been a pawn in Nelle's scheme against Carly. Michael felt like an idiot for not catching onto Nelle's game, but Dante reminded Michael that Michael was not a mind reader. Michael regretted that he'd been too trusting, but Dante argued that the alternative would be to put up walls and become a cynic, which was not Michael.

Michael was disappointed because he'd believed Nelle's desire to turn her life around. Dante suggested that it could have been true, but Michael insisted that it didn't matter because Nelle had hurt the people he cared about. Dante suggested that it might matter if Michael found a way to forgive her. Michael doubted that it was possible -- even if he wanted to -- because she had hurt Avery and Josslyn by breaking up their home. Dante suspected that Michael was playing devil's advocate and advised Michael not to be too hasty because it was important for Michael to do what was right for Michael.

Shortly after Dante left, Michael wrapped up a business call as he paid the bill and grabbed his jacket. He stopped short when he saw Nelle and Charlotte enter the diner.

Olivia has her day in court

Olivia has her day in court

> Olivia has her day in court

Olivia has her day in court

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Outside Kelly's, Laura complained to Kevin about Andre's recommendation for Charlotte to stay with Valentin. Kevin suggested they not question Andre's résumé, prompting her to wonder if Kevin thought Andre had been right to keep Charlotte from Lulu. "Yes, I do," Kevin quietly answered. Laura was disappointed, but Kevin explained that the judge's decision had been based on what was in Charlotte's best interest. Kevin urged Laura to be patient and trust Lulu's ability to forge a relationship with Charlotte. He reminded Laura that she'd given Lulu similar advice, but Laura admitted that it wasn't easy to follow because she worried that Valentin would find a way to rig things against Lulu unless someone stopped him.

Kevin suspected Laura had a plan. Laura insisted that she needed to protect her granddaughter from the man who had murdered Laura's son, but Kevin was concerned that Laura's efforts might hurt Lulu's case. "Sometimes, the best laid plans are the ones to come back and bite you," he warned her. Laura thought it was time for Valentin to learn a lesson. "Fair enough," Kevin conceded, but he asked to be included in the plans because he wanted to help.

Laura smiled. "Deal," she replied. Seconds later, Kevin's phone vibrated. He checked it and announced that he was needed in court to testify at a mental competency hearing. Laura gave him a hug and thanked him for his support.

Inside Kelly's, Michael and Nelle exchanged stilted greetings as Nelle got Charlotte settled at a table. Michael was curious about the child, so Nelle revealed that she'd been hired as a full-time nanny. She acknowledged that it wasn't her dream job, but it was a live-in position that would allow her to pay bills and save money. Michael was surprised that Nelle had decided to stay in town, so she wondered if he wanted her to leave. Michael evaded the question by pointing out that it might have been easier to start over in a town where she wasn't despised.

Nelle claimed that she wanted to make amends, which she couldn't do if she left. Michael was surprised that Nelle would even try, since his mother hated her. Nelle sidestepped the issue of Carly by clarifying that she'd never meant to hurt Michael and Josslyn. Nelle insisted that she wouldn't feel right if she didn't try to make amends, but Michael advised her to focus on her new job because the kindest thing she could do for the people she'd hurt -- including him -- was to leave them alone. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she assured him that she would respect his wishes.

Michael assured Nelle that she wouldn't have to turn the other way if she saw him because the town was big enough for both of them. Nelle promised that a peaceful coexistence worked for her. Moments later, Charlotte ran up to ask if she could have some hot chocolate. She wondered if Michael was Nelle's boyfriend, but Michael told Charlotte that he and Nelle were just friends. Nelle instructed Charlotte to order two cups of hot chocolate -- and a cookie -- to go. After Charlotte scampered off, Nelle thanked Michael for not involving Charlotte in their problems.

Meanwhile, Laura entered the diner as Nelle walked away from Michael. Laura watched Nelle with Charlotte then stepped outside to call Lulu and leave her a voicemail message asking Lulu to meet her at Kelly's. After the call, Laura returned to the diner in time to say goodbye to Charlotte as Nelle hustled Charlotte out the door. Laura seized the opportunity to question Michael about Charlotte's new nanny.

Michael was surprised when he realized who Charlotte was, and he offered Laura his sympathy because Dante had filled him in about the court hearing. However, Michael assured Laura that Nelle was a qualified nanny. Laura sensed there was tension between Michael and Nelle, so he confirmed that he and Nelle were no longer friends.

At Crimson, Lulu exited the elevator, marched up to Nina's office door, and knocked. She was surprised when Dillon opened the door. Dillon explained that Nina was out, but he offered to call her if Lulu needed to see her. Lulu declined, but she confessed that she'd intended to tell Nina what she thought about Nina backing Valentin's lies. Lulu didn't care how sweet Nina was to Charlotte or how many toys Nina bought for the little girl because Nina was not Charlotte's mother. Lulu began to cry as she asked how the judge could have ruled in Valentin's favor.

Dillon was shocked by the revelation and sat Lulu down to find out what had transpired at the court hearing. Lulu tearfully filled him in and added that she'd been given limited supervised visitation with Charlotte for the next six months. Dillon thought it was encouraging because it meant that the court hadn't ruled entirely against Lulu, but Lulu was offended that her visits with Charlotte had to be monitored. Dillon urged Lulu to calm down before she did something crazy. Lulu admitted that it had probably been for the best that Nina hadn't been there.

Dillon offered Lulu some words of encouragement by reminding her that Maxie had gone through a similar situation when she'd tried to get visitation with Georgie. Lulu insisted that their situations were different because Lulu was fighting the man who had murdered her brother. Dillon conceded that Lulu's situation was dire, but he reminded Lulu that Maxie hadn't gotten visitation with Georgie until Maxie had played by the rules and followed the judge's orders. Dillon advised Lulu to follow Maxie's example, but Lulu explained that Valentin and Nina would have six months to develop a deeper bond with Charlotte, while Lulu was left with only one day a week. Moments later, Lulu's phone chimed.

Lulu glanced down and saw she had a voicemail message, so she thanked Dillon for listening, but she admitted there were other options. Dillon advised her to be careful.

Later, Lulu joined Laura at Kelly's. Laura told Lulu about Charlotte's new nanny and added that the young woman might prove useful to them.

At Anna's house, Anna admitted that she needed Liesl's help because Anna was desperate for answers about Valentin. Anna offered Liesl tea, but Liesl told Anna that Anna had wasted her time because Liesl didn't know anything about the man. Anna was surprised that Liesl hadn't bothered to get to know Valentin, since he was married to Liesl's niece. Liesl admitted that Nina had never made much of an effort to include Liesl in her life. Liesl had met Valentin at Nathan and Maxie's wedding, but their conversation had been superficial.

Anna handed Liesl a cup of tea as she asked if Helena or Victor had ever mentioned Valentin, but Liesl didn't recall hearing Valentin's name. Liesl asked if they were done, but Anna quietly admitted that there was one other person close to Liesl who might be able to shed some light on Valentin -- Cesar Faison. Liesl refused to reach out to her beloved on Anna's behalf because he was finally over Anna. Anna was pleased to hear Faison was over his obsession with her, but she was desperate for information. Liesl was curious why Anna thought Cesar might know something, so Anna tactfully reminded Liesl that Faison had once worked for the WSB before joining their rival, the "DVX."

Anna needed confirmation that Valentin had flipped and gone to work for the DVX. Liesl laughed because she realized that Anna truly needed her help. Anna conceded that Liesl was the only person who could reach Faison. Liesl claimed that she wouldn't have the first idea where to find him, but Anna knew he was traveling with Liesl's daughter, Britt. Liesl warned Anna that she would want something in exchange for contacting Cesar. Anna readily agreed to Liesl's terms, but Liesl revealed that she wanted all the charges against Cesar and Britt dropped.

Anna admitted that she didn't have that kind of power, so Liesl started to leave. Anna warned Liesl that Liesl's loved ones were in danger because Valentin was a Cassadine, and he'd eventually make Nina unhappy, since his life was built on a web of lies. Anna reminded Liesl that Nathan cared deeply for Nina and already had reservations about Valentin, which wouldn't bode well for Nathan if he were to confront Valentin for breaking Nina's heart.

At the bar in Metro Court Restaurant, Nina asked Valentin to let her know the next time he planned to confront Anna. He assured Nina that it wouldn't be an issue again, but she was skeptical that Anna would let things go. Valentin assured Nina that he would find a way to make certain that Anna had stronger proof of his desire for peace if necessary. Moments later, Nora walked up to let Valentin know that she was headed to court to pick up the custody decree, which would make everything official. Valentin assured Nora that he'd already arranged a visit for Lulu and Charlotte. Nora was pleased because being magnanimous would work in his favor.

However, Nora reminded both Valentin and Nina that the judge wouldn't just be reviewing Lulu's conduct in six months -- Valentin and Nina would also be under scrutiny. Nora advised the couple to make every effort to adhere to the spirit of the decree because it would be to Valentin's advantage. She reminded both Valentin and Nina that the goal was for Charlotte to get to know Lulu, which would ultimately be to Charlotte's benefit. Valentin promised that he'd always tried to get along with Lulu, but Lulu wanted nothing to do with him. Nina added that Lulu was incredibly hostile toward Valentin, so Nina worried that Charlotte would pick up on it.

Nora reminded Nina that a court-appointed social worker would monitor Lulu's visits to make certain that nothing happened. Nora was confident that Lulu would do everything in her power to honor the judge's orders, but Valentin and Nina argued that Lulu was incapable of providing Charlotte with a loving and stable home because Lulu was erratic. Nora pointed out that many said the same about Valentin. Nora warned Valentin and Nina that Lulu's team would make every effort to dig up dirt on them and advised them not to get in trouble.

After Nora left, Nina was concerned about what Lulu's attorneys might find out about Valentin's past, but he assured her that he'd taken steps to keep his past buried. Valentin refused to let anything jeopardize his future with Nina and Charlotte. After Valentin and Nina were seated at a table, Valentin questioned Nina about the new nanny and why she'd been concerned about the nanny ending up in his bed when he only had eyes for Nina. Nina explained that Nelle had had trouble with the Corinthos family, and she reluctantly admitted that she'd offered Nelle the job in a moment of anger.

Nina explained that Bobbie had warned Nina that Lulu would object to Nelle being Charlotte's nanny, which had infuriated Nina. Nina had offered Nelle the job because Nina felt it wasn't any of Lulu's business who they hired to take care of Charlotte. Moments later, Nelle and Charlotte walked up. Charlotte happily greeted her father with a hug as Nelle introduced herself to her new boss. Nina decided to fetch something from her office and took Charlotte with her to give Valentin time to talk to Nelle.

After Nina and Charlotte left, Valentin told Nelle that Nina had spoken highly of her. Nelle decided to be honest with Valentin about why she'd left her previous job, but he assured her that it wasn't necessary because he already knew about the circumstances and was willing to give her a chance anyway. Nelle promised not to let him down. Valentin smiled politely as he assured her that he knew Nelle would take good care of Charlotte because he would make certain that no one found Nelle's body if anything happened to his daughter.

Nearby, Liesl overheard Valentin's threat. After Nelle left the table, Liesl called Cesar to tell him that the last person he'd expect needed his help.

Meanwhile, Nelle entered Nina's office. Nina was eager to hear about Nelle's chat with Valentin. Nelle admitted that he was a dedicated father, but Nina smiled and promised that her husband was a teddy bear. Nelle was glad to hear it.

At the courthouse, Griffin approached Olivia Jerome as she waited for her attorney to arrive. She admitted that he reminded her of his father, but he informed her that he was there to testify against her. Olivia suspected that he -- like his father -- couldn't stay away from her because Griffin could have provided an affidavit instead of testifying. Griffin reminded her that Duke was dead, but Olivia merely smiled and reiterated that he looked a lot like Duke. However, she admitted that she couldn't see a trace of his mother in him. Startled, Griffin demanded to know what Olivia knew about his mother. However, Nora appeared and ordered Griffin to back away because her client was not in her right mind, and Nora didn't want him upsetting Olivia before the hearing.

Moments later, the district attorney arrived. Nora complained about Griffin's conduct, so the district attorney dragged him to the other side of the courtroom and explained that even though Olivia was a raving lunatic, her attorney was a shark. The district attorney warned Griffin not to help Nora's case by instigating Olivia. Meanwhile, Nora instructed Olivia to remain quiet while Nora did all the talking. Olivia agreed because she was a "sensitive soul" who couldn't go to jail.

After Judge Sanchez entered the courtroom, he listed Olivia's multiple aliases then the slew of charges she faced, including 350 counts of attempted murder for the bomb at the hospital. Nora carefully hid her shock as Olivia smiled sweetly. After the judge was through, he invited Kevin to take the stand. Kevin testified that Olivia seemed unable to grasp that her alleged actions -- including Morgan's death -- had been wrong and deserving of punishment. Nora smiled with satisfaction as she asked if Kevin were suggesting that Olivia lived in an alternate reality.

Kevin assured the judge -- and Nora -- that Olivia was lucid and had a clear understanding of reality, but she lacked a moral code. Nora wondered if Olivia was fit to stand trial. Kevin acknowledged that Olivia had stayed at various sanitariums over the years, but the district attorney argued that Olivia had a history of faking insanity to avoid going to jail. The district attorney was curious if Kevin could say for certain that Olivia hadn't faked her recent bout of insanity. "No, I can't," Kevin answered.

After Kevin's testimony, Griffin testified about the abduction. Nora questioned him about Olivia's state of mind and how Olivia had mistaken him for Duke despite Duke having been decades older than Griffin. Griffin explained that he'd pretended to be his father to save Anna. After Griffin's testimony, the judge took a short recess.

Later, Judge Sanchez returned to the courtroom to render a decision. Griffin was shocked when the judge deemed Olivia unfit to stand trial and remanded her to D'Archam Asylum until she was mentally competent. Olivia was delighted with the decision and smiled as the hearing ended. Griffin ran over to ask Kevin how long it would be before Olivia could stand trial. Kevin warned Griffin that it might never happen because some people were too far gone.

Meanwhile, Olivia wondered if she would see Nora again. Nora assured her that she would -- if the situation warranted it. Nora announced that she was headed home to her husband. "Tell that old cowboy of yours I said hi," Olivia said. "Excuse me?" Nora asked. Olivia looked startled because she had no idea what Nora was talking about. Nora wished Olivia luck. Olivia grinned as Nora left.

Later, Griffin stopped by Anna's house to tell her about the court hearing and the judge's decision. Anna smiled because Pentonville was like a resort compared to D'Archam Asylum. Anna hoped that Olivia stayed locked up. Griffin shared what Olivia had said about his mother and wondered if Olivia could have known her, but Anna doubted it because Olivia had met Duke after he'd left Scotland. Anna suspected that Olivia had simply been trying to get to him then shifted gears because she wanted to talk to Griffin about Valentin.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nora dropped off the custody papers and asked if the other matter had been addressed. Valentin assured her that the money had been wired into her account, and he promised to add a large bonus if everything was to his satisfaction. Nora promised that Olivia would not spend a single day in jail because his associate was on her way to D'Archam Asylum and likely wouldn't see the light of day again. Valentin was pleased.

Larry Ashton makes an unexpected appearance

Larry Ashton makes an unexpected appearance

Thursday, March 23, 2017

At the penthouse, Jason closed the door as Sam cooed to her newborn daughter, who wiggled with contentment in the bassinette. Jason joined his wife to gaze at Scout. Sam realized that it was the first time she'd ever taken a baby home from the hospital and that they would get to experience all of their daughter's firsts that they had missed with Danny. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Sonny.

Sam was touched that Sonny had picked up a teddy bear for Scout because it proved that he was a softy at heart. Sonny smiled then shifted gears to ask if Jason had heard the latest news about Olivia Jerome. Jason admitted that he'd been busy with Sam and the baby, so Sonny explained that the judge had sent Olivia to D'Archam Asylum. Sam questioned why Sonny seemed pleased because she knew that he'd wanted Olivia to pay for Morgan's death. Sonny pointed out that Olivia would suffer in D'Archam and would get what she deserved, but more importantly, Jason and Sam would never have to worry about Olivia again.

Sam dashed over to the bassinette when she heard Scout wake up. She invited Sonny to hold the baby, so he happily took the baby from her arms. Sonny smiled at the infant and assured her that she had wonderful parents and cool brothers. He also told Scout to call her Uncle Sonny if she ever needed help. Jason and Sam smiled as they watched Sonny with their daughter. When Scout became fussy, Sam decided to change the baby's diaper and took her from Sonny.

After Sam disappeared into a back room, Jason and Sonny sat on the sofa. They chatted about Michael when Michael had been a baby and the importance of treasuring each moment then the conversation shifted to Carly. Sonny admitted that Carly was still unable to forgive him for sleeping with Nelle, but he acknowledged that there was nothing he could do about it. Sam returned to the living room with the baby to ask if the men wanted something to drink, but Sonny decided it was time to leave because he suspected that Jason and Sam were eager to spend time alone with the baby. Sonny gave Scout a kiss on the forehead and reminded the infant that he would always be there for her.

After Sonny left, Sam was curious what she'd walked in on. Jason filled her in about Sonny's one-night stand with Nelle that had happened shortly after Morgan's death. Sam felt bad for both Sonny and Carly because it was a difficult time for their family and Sonny and Carly needed each other. Jason agreed, but he admitted that Carly was very angry and hurt. Sam glanced at the bassinette and smiled with joy as she reminded Jason how blessed they were to be able to watch their daughter grow from the beginning. Jason smiled and kissed his wife.

Later, Jason and Sam were snuggled on the sofa as they talked about taking turns with Scout through the night. Sam admitted that it felt surreal having an infant daughter and a son asleep upstairs in the bedroom because they truly were a family. Seconds later, Danny ran down the stairs to greet his parents and meet his sister. Sam happily hugged her son and sat him on the sofa as she introduced him to the baby. Jason told Danny that they had named the baby Emily Scout Morgan, but they intended to call her Scout. Danny beamed with pride and gently kissed Scout on the top of her head.

Later, Sam and Danny were cuddled on the sofa, sound asleep, while Jason sat next to them with Scout in his arms. Jason told his daughter not to let Sam's peaceful nature fool her because Sam was tough -- like Scout. Jason recalled delivering his newborn daughter and watching her take her first breath. He vowed to protect her always. Sam opened her eyes and smiled as Jason kissed Scout on the top of her head.

Across town, Elizabeth arrived home to an eerie silence until Franco entered the living room and greeted her. She was curious where her boys were, so he joked that he'd dosed the three children with cough syrup. Elizabeth smiled because she knew it wasn't true. He admitted that he'd fed the boys dinner, and they were engrossed in an age-appropriate movie. Elizabeth perked up when Franco mentioned that he'd ordered from the Noodle Buddha and assured her that he'd saved some leftovers. His expression turned serious as he ordered her to "take them off."

"Excuse me?" Elizabeth asked. Franco leaned down and lifted a towel from the foot spa he'd set up for her. He told her to take off her shoes and socks as he turned up the water jets. After Elizabeth settled on the sofa and put her feet in the foot spa, she sighed and admitted that she felt relaxed. Franco handed her a glass of wine, prompting her to ask him about the therapy session with Jake. Franco admitted that he'd made some progress, but it would take time to get Jake to open up about everything. Elizabeth was curious if Jake had revealed anything about Helena.

Franco fetched the timeline that he'd encouraged Jake to draw. Franco rolled it out and explained that he'd asked Jake to draw his favorite things for each year. Elizabeth noticed that a line had been drawn through several years and asked about it. Franco admitted that Jake had done it when Franco had talked to Jake about his time with Helena. Elizabeth was concerned about what Helena had done to her little boy, but Franco quickly reminded her that Jake had settled in and was doing well. Franco promised that they would deal with whatever happened.

Elizabeth immediately relaxed because she didn't know what she would have done without Franco. Franco noticed the time and decided to head home, but Elizabeth asked him to stay. He quickly agreed and started to take off his socks and shoes because the foot spa had his name on it. Elizabeth smiled seductively and told him that something else did too. Franco didn't hesitate to follow Elizabeth to the bedroom. After they made loved, Franco and Elizabeth snuggled under the covers and talked about living together. Elizabeth was delighted when Franco agreed to move in and admitted that she couldn't wait to tell Jake.

At Metro Court, Hayden saw Roxy in the hallway and the door of Finn's hotel suite cracked open. She picked up the bearded dragon and carried Roxy inside, but she stopped short in the living room when she noticed Finn huddled in the corner of the sofa. Hayden returned Roxy to the aquarium then ran over to check on Finn. She realized that he was in bad shape when he began to ramble about an argument with Roxy and how she had never appreciated the things he'd done for her. However, Finn hadn't expected Roxy to leave. Hayden worried because Finn was clammy and shaking, so she dragged him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Hayden turned on the shower then started to unbutton Finn's shirt, but he wanted to know why she was helping him. She reminded him that he had called her and admitted that she cared about him. Finn didn't think he deserved to be helped, but Hayden argued that he'd taken care of her when she'd needed it. Finn insisted that it hadn't been the same, but Hayden ignored his protests and decided to drag him into the shower, fully clothed. Finn held her tightly as the hot water drenched them.

Later, Finn and Hayden sported matching bathrobes as she draped a thick blanket over his shoulders and asked how he was feeling. He admitted that he was warmer and thanked her for being there. Hayden assured him that she could call a number of clinics to get him into rehab, but Finn explained that he wanted to do it on his own. Hayden thought it was a bad idea, but Finn was confident that he could beat his addiction with her help. Hayden insisted that he needed professional help, but Finn worried that word of his addiction would get out, which might hurt his career and the research he'd done. Hayden tried to persuade Finn to go to rehab, but he made it clear that it was not an option.

Reluctantly, Hayden agreed to help Finn. He warned her that it would get ugly, but she'd made up her mind and asked what he needed her to do. Finn explained that he wanted her to tie him up. Finn quickly changed into some comfortable pants and a sweatshirt then returned to the living room with a chair and duct tape. Hayden didn't want to tie him up, but he insisted that it was the only way to keep both of them safe. Resigned, Hayden approached the chair as Finn sat down.

At Metro Court Restaurant, a waiter asked if he could get Tracy anything. "Vodka tonic. Heavy on the vodka," Tracy replied in a sullen tone. The waiter offered to tell her about the specials, but Tracy resented the waiter making it obvious that she was alone. Seconds later, Ned appeared and asked if he could join his mother. Surprised, Tracy watched as Ned took a seat and told the waiter they would need some time before they ordered. Tracy was curious if Ned was meeting his fiancée, Olivia Falconeri. Ned explained that Olivia was working and clarified that she was not his fiancée.

Tracy smiled with relief because Ned had had a change of heart about marrying Olivia, but Ned revealed that Olivia had turned down his wedding proposal. Shocked, Tracy questioned why a "fishwife from Bensonhurst" would reject an opportunity to be a Quartermaine. Ned reminded his mother that his last name was Ashton and asked why Tracy seemed upset. Tracy wondered if Olivia had a problem with Ned's family because it was an honor and a privilege to join their ranks. Tracy and Ned were startled when Lord Larry Ashton appeared and heartily agreed with Tracy.

Larry complimented his ex-wife for looking radiant then asked how his son had been doing. Ned admitted that he was surprised to see his father. Both Ned and Tracy demanded to know what Larry was doing in Port Charles, so Larry reminded Tracy of the letter he'd written to her. Ned had no idea what Larry was talking about. Larry was curious why Tracy hadn't mentioned the letter to Ned, but she hadn't seen any need to tell Ned that his father had been trolling for money again. Larry denied the accusation and invited Tracy to show Ned the letter, but she admitted that she'd tossed it out.

Larry was stunned because the letter had been important. Larry revealed that an unexpected windfall had landed in his lap, but Tracy was curious what it had to do with her. "Everything," Larry replied. Ned and Tracy were certain that it was another one of Larry's schemes, so Tracy made it clear that she wasn't interested in hearing anything Larry had to say. Larry was disappointed but let Tracy know where he was staying in case she changed her mind. However, he told her that it wasn't about what he wanted or even what she wanted -- "It's about what your father wanted," Larry said.

After Larry left, Ned warned his mother that Larry had invoked Edward's name because her father was her weakness. He implored his mother not to take Larry's bait.

In the interrogation room, Olivia Jerome's handcuffs were secured to the table as Jordan entered. Jordan was pleased to see that Olivia was ready to go to D'Archam Asylum and admitted that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Olivia frowned and asked what that meant. Jordan explained that she had wanted Olivia to stand trial, be convicted, and be sentenced to consecutive life sentences, but D'Archam was a much better punishment because it was a super-max facility for the criminally insane. "It's a sort of dark cinderblock slice of hell," Jordan added with a smile of satisfaction.

Olivia argued that Jordan underestimated the power of therapy, but Jordan countered that all the witnesses against Olivia would be ready to testify -- including Winston Rudge -- if Olivia got out. Olivia assured Jordan that Rudge was too sweet to say an unkind word about Olivia, but Jordan grinned and informed Olivia that Rudge had provided names, dates, and bank accounts. Olivia's smile faded as she asked what Jordan wanted. Jordan pointed out that Olivia had been gone a lot of years, and she'd been severely incapacitated for a time, which meant that someone had helped Olivia flee to China. Jordan vowed to track down Olivia's accomplice, but Olivia laughed.

Jordan stormed out of the interrogation room and immediately bumped into Curtis. He realized that she was mad and hoped it wasn't because of him. Jordan made a quick phone call while Curtis waited. After she ended the call, she filled Curtis in about the judge's decision to remand Olivia to D'Archam Asylum. Curtis admitted that it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Jordan chuckled because she'd said the same exact thing.

"Great minds, eh?" Curtis suggested. Jordan relished the idea of Olivia being stuck in a "hellhole" like D'Archam until the end of time, but Curtis felt bad for Olivia's victims because they hadn't had their day in court. Curtis started to leave, but Jordan asked him to wait because she wanted to thank him for all the work he'd done on the case. She admitted that she'd been certain that Sonny had planted the bomb, so she was grateful that Curtis had uncovered the truth. Jordan admitted that she wanted to talk to Curtis about something else, but Sonny walked up.

Sonny exchanged greetings with Jordan and Curtis then revealed that he'd heard that Olivia was headed to D'Archam. Jordan assured Sonny that Olivia would be transferred soon, but Sonny asked if he could talk to Olivia. Jordan didn't think it was a good idea, but he assured her that he was unarmed and promised that he wouldn't hurt Olivia. Jordan relented and pointedly invited Curtis for a cup of coffee -- far away from the interrogation room.

After Jordan and Curtis rounded the corner, Sonny slipped into the interrogation room. Olivia smiled, prompting Sonny to ask if she was happy to see him. She admitted that it depended on whether or not he was there to make more threats. Sonny sat down and assured her that he was done with that -- he intended to make some promises. Olivia's smile faded as Sonny told her that it had occurred to him that she might have believed everything he'd said to Carly in the cemetery when he'd persuaded his wife not to shoot Olivia. Sonny's friendly veneer vanished when he informed Olivia that she'd made a grave mistake by murdering his son.

Sonny reminded Olivia that he wasn't bound by the legal system and was in a position to make her pay for Morgan's death. Olivia argued that being sentenced to a mental facility was sufficient payment. She tried to manipulate Sonny by suggesting that he should have empathy for someone who suffered from a mental illness. Olivia made the mistake of mentioning Morgan's name, so he warned her never to say Morgan's name again. Sonny vowed that she would never leave D'Archam alive, but he invited her to get comfortable and make some friends because it would make the surprise better when his assassin struck.

Olivia was shaken when Sonny added that the last word Olivia would hear before she died was his son's name because Sonny wanted her to know who had sent the killer.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Curtis enjoyed a cup of coffee and some doughnuts. Curtis wondered what Jordan had wanted to discuss earlier. Jordan revealed that she was willing to consider hiring him if he was still interested in joining the force. Curtis was stunned. Jordan suggested that they discuss it over dinner the following evening. He agreed but warned her that it better be somewhere expensive. Jordan and Curtis returned to the squad room as two armed guards from D'Archam arrived to pick up Olivia.

In the interrogation room, Olivia's eyes rounded with shock when she saw two burly guards arrive to collect her. Olivia feared that Sonny had sent the men to kill her, and she tried to wiggle out of their grasp, but their grips remained firm as they unlocked her handcuffs and marched her out of the squad room. Panicked, Olivia begged for help and insisted that Sonny had sent the two men to kill her. Jordan and Curtis watched as Olivia was dragged away. Moments later, Sonny rounded the corner.

Curtis approached Sonny and admitted that he was impressed. He admired the fear Sonny had instilled in Olivia. Sonny remained silent as he left the police station.

Finn Begins His Battle

Finn Begins His Battle

Friday, March 24, 2017

Sam tenderly watched as Jason held Scout in his arms and talked quietly to his sleeping daughter. She gently took the baby as a knock sounded on the door. Curtis was standing there with a gift for the baby. He looked at the baby admiringly and nervously held her in his arms until she spit up on him. He announced that there was a possibility that Jordan would invite him to join the police department. Jason responded that he wouldn't work with a cop, and Curtis looked torn. Both of the men were sad, and they agreed that they had made a good team. They shook hands as Curtis departed, and Jason forlornly told Sam that he would miss Curtis.

Sam was sad to hear that Curtis might join the police force. She was okay with Olivia's sentence, though, and also the fact that her father was dead. She wouldn't miss Julian, and her mother would heal. Sam was happy that Scout had a great dad who would never lie to or manipulate her. She believed that Alexis had wanted to believe in Julian but had been lying to herself. She had been forced to face reality because Julian would have never been the man that Alexis had wanted him to be. He'd had "potential," but Sam was glad that Julian wouldn't be around to disappoint her mother.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco and Elizabeth talked about their decision to live together and the artwork that Franco was using for Jake's therapy. Elizabeth looked at her son's drawings and realized that something had been added to the paper that she hadn't seen before. It was a scarecrow. Jake bounded down the stairs and announced that he felt well enough to go to school. Franco praised the new drawing, but Jake stated that the work wasn't his. After Jake headed back upstairs, the couple decided that the boy had either been sleepwalking or it had been a repressed memory. Either way, Elizabeth thought it was time to tell Jason.

Franco and Elizabeth saw the boys off to school, and Elizabeth prepared to call Jason. Franco felt sure that Jason would yell at him for interfering with Jake. Elizabeth suddenly had a thought about the scarecrow. She recalled it being in the book that had belonged to Helena. Perhaps Helena had planted the story of it in Jake's mind. She felt that she and Franco needed to read the book again.

When the doorbell rang, Franco joked that maybe it was Helena. It was Jason, who was returning one of Jake's toys. Elizabeth invited him in, and he scowled upon seeing Franco. He saw Helena's book and demanded to know what was going on.

"We made it," Finn declared to Hayden, who snoozed on the sofa in Finn's room. She jumped up hurriedly as Finn explained that he'd made it through withdrawal, and the worst was over. Taped to the chair, Finn added that it was time for Hayden to free him. He was ready for a shower and some fresh air, Finn continued. Hayden reminded him that the process would be much longer, and he had advised her not to free him when he requested it. She had only been asleep for two hours, and she was positive that Finn could not be cured yet.

Hayden suggested that they wait longer, eyeing the shaking and sweating Finn suspiciously. "Let me go," Finn began to yell, getting louder by the moment. He didn't want to do it anymore, he screamed. Hayden began to text someone that she needed help, and Finn grew even louder. He accused her of using him while intending to toss him away. He wouldn't allow her to do that, he shouted. Hayden tried to get him to calm down. Finn began to cry then accused her of wanting his money. His paranoia out of control, Finn uttered all kinds of nonsense.

Hayden yelled at Finn to stop, and suddenly he apologized. He was sorry and stated that he didn't know what he was saying. He was crazed because of the drugs. Hayden walked over to him tenderly, but he suddenly grabbed her wrist and wouldn't let go. Crying out in pain, Hayden was saved when Curtis arrived and broke down the door. Curtis was taken aback at what he saw. When the phone rang, Hayden answered and told security that everything was okay.

Finn fell asleep. "Do-it-yourself detox?" Curtis asked. Hayden swore him to secrecy. "Have you lost your mind?" Curtis wanted to know. Hayden explained that Finn couldn't do rehab and take the chance of his name getting out after the deal he'd made with the drug company. Curtis thought that Hayden was crazy to attempt to help Finn on her own, but Hayden stated that she loved Finn. Curtis informed her that it was only the beginning of the battle.

Alexis received a visit from Molly and Kristina because they were worried about their mother. They expressed their hatred of Olivia Jerome and learned about the letter from Julian. Kristina read the letter first and announced that she didn't believe anything that Julian had written. She firmly believed that Julian had had multiple chances to warn Alexis about Olivia and hadn't. They were all better off without him, she said. Molly slowly took her turn to read but had a different opinion when she was through. "Maybe it's true," Molly declared. Alexis admitted that she loved Julian, but he had died, and it was too late to tell him.

Kristina snapped that Julian had been a narcissist, so he would have known and believed that Alexis had still loved him. Alexis replied that she had seen another side to Julian, and she just wanted to believe that he had really loved her. She was unhappy and tired of it. She was also sad, and they had to let her be. Molly asked her mother if she'd attended any A.A. meetings, and Alexis admitted that she hadn't. Her sponsor had turned out to be a "homicidal maniac," and she wasn't on her daughters' timetable.

Alexis felt lucky to have the daughters that she did, and she agreed to go to a meeting. She hoped to find a new sponsor. She thanked the girls for caring. The girls headed for Sam's place and fawned over their new niece. Sam asked for Alexis, and they informed her that their mother had gone to an A.A. meeting. They told her about Julian's letter.

Carly and Sonny accidentally ran into each other at Perks. Sonny's meeting with Kristina had fallen through, and he asked Carly to stay and talk. Carly refused, but Sonny told her that he believed there was hope that their marriage would survive. They both agreed that they were looking forward to a better future. Carly noted that they'd been through a lot, and they should have been able to get past it. "You lied to me," she snapped. She wouldn't be able to trust him and needed time. She believed that he would never have told her anything on his own.

Sonny asked for forgiveness and advised Carly that she needed to ask for forgiveness, also, because she had walked out on him after she'd thought he'd been responsible for Morgan's death. He'd had dealt with a heavy burden, thinking he'd murdered his own son. "Nobody's perfect," Sonny added. They both needed forgiveness. Carly wasn't prepared to work with Sonny's idea of a timetable. She believed that they had been growing closer, and then he had ruined it with his secret.

Sonny confirmed that he would not pursue Carly any longer if she couldn't forgive him. "So you're done," Carly said. Sonny thought she should feel relieved. Carly asked if it was the end of their marriage.

Alexis returned home, locked the door, and drew all the blinds. She grabbed a brown bag from her purse and pulled out a bottle of booze. She stared at it intently.

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