General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 20, 2017 on GH

The Quartermaines decided to buy the hospital. Laura was drugged. Sam was left for dead. Anna learned that she had a rare blood cancer. Robin revealed that she was pregnant. Hayden demanded that Finn go to rehab, but he refused.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 20, 2017 on GH
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Anna learns she has cancer Anna learns she has cancer

Monday, February 20, 2017

At the hospital, Finn took a pill as he looked at the newspaper; the headline of the Port Charles Herald read, "Alleged Crime Lord Not Guilty of Killing His Son." Finn took out his phone in order to call Sonny, but he abruptly put it away when Griffin approached. Griffin was surprised that Finn had been at the hospital all night, and Finn reminded him that there were no nurses. Griffin was happy to see Finn looking better as well. Finn informed Griffin that he'd put a rush on Anna's bone marrow biopsy test results. He was hoping for a better diagnosis than what he was expecting.

Alone in the elevator at the Metro Court, Nelle listened to the recording of Sonny admitting to sleeping with Nelle. She copied it to a flash drive and put the flash drive into an envelope addressed to Carly. She put the envelope back into her purse, where there was also a passport. "Game on, Sonny. I'm ready," she said. She got off the elevator and placed the envelope into a cart labeled "outgoing mail."

Carly approached Sonny and Jason's table at the Metro Court restaurant. Sonny was eager to get back to work with Jason, since he was no longer on house arrest. Carly instructed him not to make plans the next day, because she had a surprise for him. He reluctantly agreed, and she walked away happily. A short while later, Jason sat alone, and Carly took the opportunity to thank him for "talking Sonny down." Jason still wasn't convinced that Ava was behind the bomb, and he wanted to be sure before someone did something that they couldn't take back.

Sonny was on the phone with Finn, who needed a favor from Sonny. Sonny offered to set up a meeting for the next week, but Finn believed that "I don't have until next week." He told Sonny that the medication would be helpful to a lot of patients. Sonny informed Finn that he "had eyes" on him, but he promised to call around for a favor in the next few days. Finn politely told Sonny that he would figure something out himself. Sonny wished Finn luck and hung up.

Nelle approached Carly, who had a "special project" for Nelle. She explained that she'd booked a night at a cabin in the mountains for her and Sonny. She wanted Nelle to "spruce it up" and make it special. She handed Nelle the key and the address. Nelle observed that things always worked out for Carly. She claimed to admire Carly's persistence.

When Sonny returned to the table, Jason expressed his thought that, with Ava in custody, whoever was actually behind the bombing might believe that they were "home free" and make a mistake. Sonny caught sight of Nelle and confided in Jason that it seemed that Nelle wanted Carly to find out about their transgression. He told Jason about finding the bra in his bed, but Jason wondered why Nelle would want to break the couple up. Jason suggested that Sonny take away Nelle's power and tell Carly what had happened.

Sonny walked up to Carly and told her that they needed to talk. She promised that they could talk the next day. She thought that they needed to get away together for a break. He agreed and walked away. As he walked by, a man pushed away the outgoing mail cart.

Julian entered his sister Olivia's room, and she hoped that he hadn't been followed "this time." He assured a gleeful Olivia that, "this time tomorrow, GH will be yours." He took out a bottle of Champagne, which she called "presumptuous." "My freedom from you is worth celebrating," he said dryly. She wondered what would happen if she had him killed. He thought that it would still be worth celebrating, because he would be through with her. He poured the Champagne and poured something extra from a small vial into her glass.

Julian handed Olivia a glass of Champagne and toasted to the demolition of General Hospital. Olivia bumped into Julian, making him drop his glass. She handed her glass to him and said that she shouldn't drink it, anyway, just in case Alexis needed to see her. When he hesitated in drinking from the glass, she knocked it out of his hand and accused him of trying to poison her. Crying, she demanded that he empty his pockets. He gave her the vial, which she took a whiff of and instantly recognized. "It's nothing you wouldn't do to me," Julian reminded her.

Olivia pointed a gun straight at Julian's chest, and he dared her to "finish the job." She promised to kill him after the hospital deal went through. She demanded that he leave before she changed her mind, and he left the room. "He needs another reprimand. I know exactly how to deliver it," she said to herself.

Alexis was looking at Julian's safe deposit box key when the doorbell rang. She put the key down and let Sam into the house. Sam mentioned that she was still helping to investigate Morgan's death. She wasn't convinced that Ava was behind it. Just then, she caught sight of a bouquet of flowers that looked a lot like Alexis' wedding bouquet. Alexis assumed that had been Julian's intention when he'd sent them to her on Valentine's Day. Sam warned her mother about Julian's manipulations. Alexis swore that she would never be vulnerable to him again. She confided in Sam that, the previous night, it had seemed like Julian was saying goodbye.

Alexis updated Sam about the safe deposit box with the alleged explanation letter. Alexis suggested that she just throw the key to the box away, but Sam didn't think that was a good idea. While Alexis couldn't get into the box until something happened to Julian, Sam thought that she and Jason could do something. Alexis instructed Sam to stop working and rest. Sam pleaded with Alexis to hold on to the key, and she left. When Sam was out the door, her phone rang. "This is Dr. Lee's office. The doctor needs to see you right away," Olivia Jerome said on the phone, disguising her voice.

Hayden was on the computer at the Quartermaine mansion, helping Tracy and Michael to make an LLC for the family so that they could buy the hospital. Hayden didn't think they had enough money to beat out the other offer on the table. Ned happened to have a letter from his ex and L&B Records partner, Lois, saying that she would buy out his part of the business. Ned told his mother that they needed to do all they could to save the hospital and continue helping people in the community.

Michael bumped into Olivia Falconeri at the Metro Court and wondered if a certain hospital board member was there, but it turned out that he'd just missed the man. He thanked her for speaking up at the Quartermaine family meeting. He commented that the family might be able to buy the hospital once Ned sold L&B Records. That shocked Olivia, and she ran off.

Nelle called out a greeting to Michael and asked what was going on with him. He answered that he'd just pledged three-quarters of his personal assets to a "questionable investment." He offered to tell her the long story over brunch, but she had to go set up the cabin. He remarked that it was like a maze up in the mountains, so he offered to take her.

A short while later, Michael and Nelle arrived at the cabin. The caretaker let them into the cabin through the heavy snow. "I'll let you two lovebirds settle in," he said, and he left. After an awkward moment, the two got to work on organizing the cabin. When they were done, Nelle assured Michael that, "no matter what happens, your friendship has meant the world to me." He joked that it sounded like she was about to skip town, but she claimed that she was just usually not great at expressing her feelings. As they got their coats on, the caretaker returned. He informed the two that the storm was in "high gear," and the roads had been closed. "You're not going anywhere," he said.

Only Tracy and Ned remained in the Quartermaine home, and she wondered why he was suddenly all about the community of Port Charles. Ned wanted to put down roots in the town again. He wondered if Tracy still had Lila's engagement ring, because he wanted to ask Olivia to marry him that night. "Absolutely not!" a shocked Tracy exclaimed. She refused to allow Ned to give the ring to a woman who couldn't tell between a ring worth more than a house and a "prize in a Cracker Jack box."

Ned didn't need Tracy's blessing, but he informed his mother that he loved Olivia, she made him happy, and he refused to lose her again. Tracy softened and agreed to let Ned give the ring to Olivia. She apologized to Ned for her comments about Olivia and explained that she selfishly wanted to keep Ned and Dillon close to her. Ned reminded her that they lived in a big house with plenty of room for more family. He wondered if he had her blessing. "Of course," she said and hugged her son.

A short while later, Ned was looking at the ring in its box when Olivia burst into the room. She was breathlessly telling him that he couldn't sell L&B Records when she caught sight of the ring. He answered that he had planned to "do this" at dinner that night, but "why wait?" He got down on one knee and said, "Olivia Falconeri, will you marry me?" "I'm sorry, I can't," she said, and she ran out of the house.

Hayden was standing at the nurses' station at the hospital when Finn appeared. She remarked on how much better he looked and wondered why he wasn't at his meeting with the pharmaceutical company. He remarked that, even if he wanted to sell his patent for the cure, the hospital was short-staffed, so he couldn't leave. He apologized for how he'd treated her the day before and explained that he'd been tired. "Are you sure that's all?" she wondered.

An orderly asked Griffin where Finn was, because he had Anna's biopsy results. Griffin promised to make sure that Finn got the results. "No," he muttered when he looked at the results. Griffin found Finn and showed him the disappointing results.

Anna called out to an orderly walking outside her room and asked about her test results. The orderly promised to find out about the results, and as he walked away, she added that she needed to see a doctor. "Will I do?" Robin said as she appeared in the doorway.

Anna was happy to see Robin, but she believed that Robin's presence meant that something was very wrong with Anna. Robin replied that a bone marrow biopsy wasn't an "everyday procedure," and that it was all right to be scared. There was a knock on the door, and Finn and Griffin entered the room. Finn informed Anna that she had a disease called polycythemia vera, or PV, which was a rare form of blood cancer. The cancer caused excess red blood cells to be produced, which resulted in possible migraines, blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

In order to treat Anna's cancer, Finn was going to put her on a blood thinner, and regular phlebotomy. She wondered how to beat the cancer, but Griffin revealed that there was no cure. Anna feared that she was dying, but the doctors assured her that while the condition could worsen, it was considered a chronic condition that was manageable. Robin asked for privacy with her mother, so the doctors left.

Robin assured Anna that it was possible to live a normal life with a chronic condition. She added that, if Anna didn't feel strong, Robin could be strong enough for both of them. Anna didn't think Robin could stay in Port Charles forever because her life was in Berkley. Robin thought that Anna needed someone to help with everyday life for a little while and promised that "I'm your girl." She thought that Patrick and Emma would understand that "right now, my place is here." The two women tearfully embraced.

Finn mentioned to Griffin that he'd forgotten to talk about that "possible complication" of PV with Anna, but Griffin thought that Anna needed a little time before getting more information. Griffin's phone went off so he had to go, but he thanked Finn for letting him be there when Finn had broken the news to Anna.

Finn happened upon Hayden and Tracy at the nurses' station, and Tracy remarked on how much better Finn looked. She wondered if he was going to talk to the pharmaceutical company, but he explained that he didn't have the time. Tracy offered up the ELQ jet so that he could get there and back as fast as possible. He agreed to utilize the jet. Hayden was excited to hear all about the meeting when he returned. She added that they could finish their conversation from earlier, and she walked away.

Sam walks into a trap

Sam walks into a trap

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In the parking garage, Sam was on the phone with Jason as they discussed Dr. Lee's last-minute request to see Sam. Jason wanted to be there with Sam, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary. Jason insisted, so she told him not to rush, since she was early for the appointment.

Nearby, Olivia Jerome lurked behind a Dumpster, gripping a wrench as she eavesdropped on Sam's conversation. Olivia was pleased that Sam had fallen into her trap. Olivia was about to make her move when Sam ended the call, but Robin suddenly appeared. Olivia ducked out of sight as she realized that Robin was Anna's daughter. Olivia recalled meeting Robin as a child and smiled with satisfaction because she'd been handed an opportunity to get "two birds with one stone."

Meanwhile, Sam asked about Robin's visit to Port Charles. Robin was vague about Anna's illness and asked about Sam's pregnancy. Moments later, Sam and Robin parted ways as Sam dashed off to make her appointment. Olivia slid further into the shadows, but she made noise. Robin stopped short and looked around. "Is someone there?" Robin called out. Olivia managed to retreat to her hiding place without Robin noticing.

After Robin left, Olivia smiled. "Another time, little Robin," Olivia whispered. Olivia waited until the coast was clear then approached Sam's car.

At the nurses' station, Sam and Lucas exchanged greetings and talked about her investigation. She admitted that the plastic bag with the Chinese letters he'd translated for her had been a dead end. Lucas was disappointed, but Sam assured him it was fine and went to her appointment with Dr. Lee.

A short time later, Sam returned to tell her brother that Kelly's assistant had been locking up, and there hadn't been any record of anyone calling to make an appointment with Sam. Sam and Lucas agreed that it was odd, but they both dismissed it as unimportant. Sam asked Lucas to let Jason know that she was headed home then changed the subject to ask if Lucas had heard about Ava's arrest. Lucas conceded that he'd heard about Ava's legal troubles because it had been all over the news, but he refused to discuss Julian because Lucas wanted nothing to do with their father.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dante apologized to Ned for being late. Ned assured Dante that it was fine and quickly filled Dante in about Ned's proposal of marriage to Dante's mother. Dante welcomed Ned to the family, but Ned clarified that Olivia had turned Ned down. Dante was surprised because he knew that his mother was crazy about Ned and had hated when Ned hadn't been around. Ned had had the same impression and added that Olivia had said some things during a recent talk that had led him to believe that she had wanted a "deeper commitment."

Ned hoped that Dante might offer insight into Olivia's unexpected rejection of Ned's marriage proposal. Dante reminded Ned that Olivia had been alone most of her life and hadn't needed anyone except Dante. Dante conceded that his mother had had a few relationships along the way -- including an engagement to Steve Webber -- but Olivia remained gun-shy about long-term relationships because she feared that she couldn't make things work.

Nearby, Sonny was on the phone with his wife. He told Carly to do what she had to and added that he'd meet her back at his place because he intended to tell her everything. After the call, Jason walked up and asked if everything was okay. Sonny's tone was solemn as he revealed that he intended to tell Carly about sleeping with Nelle. Sonny and Jason retreated to a private corner to talk about Sonny's one-night stand with Nelle. Jason knew it would be painful for Sonny, and he advised Sonny to give Carly some time and space because Jason was certain Carly would eventually realize that Sonny had made a mistake borne of profound grief after losing a child and heavy drinking.

Sonny doubted that Carly would accept that as an excuse, but Jason reminded Sonny that Carly knew what it was like to make a mistake. Jason insisted that Sonny's drunken night with Nelle would not be the end of Sonny and Carly's marriage. Jason promised to be there for Sonny and hugged his friend as Robin walked up. Sonny and Jason were happy to see Robin, but Jason explained that he couldn't stay because he'd promised to meet Sam. Robin nodded in understanding because she'd bumped into Sam at the hospital. After Jason left, Sonny and Robin sat down at a table.

Sonny sensed that Robin was troubled, so she opened up about Anna's cancer diagnosis. Robin assured him that the cancer was treatable and not a death sentence, but polycythemia vera was a rare blood cancer. Robin admitted that "PV" could be treated with blood thinning medications and regular phlebotomy to lower Anna's hermetic levels. According to Robin, the medications and blood draws would lower Anna's red blood cell count and keep her disease stable.

Sonny thought Anna was lucky to have Robin. Robin chuckled, but her eyes were sad as she admitted that Anna might not be pleased that Robin had confided to Sonny. Sonny assured Robin that he and her mother had an understanding, but he promised that whatever Robin told him would remain between them. Satisfied, the conversation shifted to Ava's arrest. Sonny perked up when Robin admitted that she hadn't been surprised because she'd known Ava and Julian's sister, Olivia Jerome.

Sonny questioned Robin about Olivia Jerome. Robin explained that she'd been a child when she'd known the infamous Jerome sibling. Robin recalled showing off her two pet lovebirds to Olivia and how Olivia had told Robin that the mother lovebird would die if anything happened to the father lovebird. Robin pushed the unsettling memory away as she told Sonny that Julian, Olivia, and Ava were poisonous, and each was "crazier" than the next.

At the cabin, Nelle desperately tried to get a signal on her phone as she complained about being stranded on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard. She waved her phone in the air, hoping to find a signal, as Michael entered the cabin. He quickly closed the door and reported that the roads were impassable because of snow and ice. Frustrated, Nelle suggested that they put chains on his car's tires, but Michael shook his head and explained that it wouldn't work because he had a sports car. Disappointed, Nelle asked how long it would take to clear the road. Michael admitted that they might be stranded until the following afternoon.

Nelle recalled the envelope that she'd prepared for Carly to receive by sticking it in the mail bin, but she pushed the memory aside as Michael jokingly asked if she had a problem with his company. Nelle assured him that he was not the problem, but she insisted that she had some things that she needed to take care of. Michael assured Nelle that everything would be okay, and he suggested that they make the best of their situation. He reminded her that they had food, wine, and heat, but seconds later, the lights went out. Michael and Nelle made their way to the breaker box and quickly determined that the storm had knocked out the power.

Michael promised to provide heat because the cabin had a fireplace, but Nelle was skeptical that Michael could build a fire. He chuckled and led her to the door. After they braced themselves, they ran outside to collect the wood they needed for the night. After they returned with the wood, Nelle grumbled about the cold. Michael began to build a fire and instructed Nelle to fetch buckets of water from the kitchen for an old-fashioned copper tub that they could fill with boiling water and warm up. Michael teasingly warned Nelle not to try to sneak a peek at him when he was naked.

Later, Michael had a towel wrapped around his waist as he turned his back to give Nelle privacy to slide into the steaming tub of water. She quickly dropped a towel over the top of the tub to hide her naked body from view then let Michael know that it was safe to turn around. Michel asked how the water felt. Nelle smiled as she admitted that it was "heavenly." However, she felt guilty because she was the reason that he was stranded in the cabin with her. Michael reminded Nelle that he had insisted on accompanying her. Nelle smiled and admitted that she would have gone crazy if she'd been snowed in alone.

Michael kneeled next to the tub and opened up about how much he admired Nelle. Nelle wondered if it was because she'd donated a kidney to Josslyn or because of her work with Carly. Michael confessed that despite appearing strong on the outside, he'd fallen apart on the inside when Morgan had died. Nelle assured Michael that he'd been incredibly supportive of his family during their time of grief, but he credited her friendship with giving him the strength he needed to help his family. Nelle was surprised when Michael revealed that he hoped to return the favor -- if she would allow herself to accept some kindness.

Nelle appeared uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation and suggested that Michael take advantage of the warm water. Michael handed Nelle a towel then gallantly turned his back to give her privacy. He heard the water slosh as she stepped out of the tub and slid the towel around her. She told him that it was safe to turn around, so he grabbed another towel and draped it over her shoulders. Sexual tension flared to life as Nelle looked up at Michael and the two gazed into each other's eyes.

At the Floating Rib, Olivia marched up to Julian's table. Julian was curious where their son was, but Olivia pointed out that it would be inappropriate for Leo to be in a bar. Julian admitted that he was disappointed because he'd hoped to see his son. Olivia took pity on Julian and pulled out her phone because she had an app that monitored Leo's nursery around the clock. Julian looked at Leo in the nursery and admitted that their son was "beautiful." Olivia agreed, but she cut to the chase and asked why Julian had asked to see her. Julian slid a large envelope toward her, but she tensed because she assumed he intended to sue for custody. Julian assured Olivia that she was wrong -- the envelope had a copy of his last will and testament.

Julian explained that he intended to leave the bulk of his estate to Leo and that both Olivia and an attorney would be put in charge of the trust until Leo turned thirty. Olivia's surprise immediately turned to suspicion because she realized that Julian was up to his "ass in crocodiles." Olivia had heard about Ava's arrest and asked who was after Julian, but he cut her off and told her that he'd simply been trying to provide for his son -- both emotionally and financially. Olivia coldly assured Julian that he had nothing to worry about, but he surprised her again when he admitted that he knew that both Olivia and Ned could give Leo a good life. Olivia was instantly suspicious because Julian had referred to Ned by Ned's real name.

Julian explained that it was comforting to know that a fine father figure was waiting in the wings if anything should happen to Julian. Olivia was more certain than ever that Julian was hiding something, but Julian claimed that he'd finally accepted Ned in Leo's life and acknowledged that Ned was a stable man. Moments later, Ned arrived. "Ned," Julian respectfully said by way of greeting. After Julian paid the tab and left, Ned questioned Olivia about Julian's strange behavior and asked if her meeting with Julian had had anything to do with her decision to turn down Ned's marriage proposal.

Olivia assured Ned that her one-night stand with Julian hadn't miraculously blossomed into love. Ned relaxed, but he confessed that he wouldn't have proposed to Olivia if he'd thought about it because he was terrified at the idea of marrying her. "Why?" Olivia asked in a hurt tone. Ned acknowledged that he'd been married four times, but he feared that he would never be the man that Olivia deserved. He listed all the reasons why he respected and cared for Olivia then added that she was everything he could hope for in a partner, which scared him. Olivia asked if Ned had decided to rescind his marriage proposal. He assured her that nothing had changed except that he intended to become the man she deserved while she took the time to realize that she wanted to marry him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jordan overheard Curtis order two "wagyu" burgers without onions. Curtis pulled out his credit card and handed it to the waiter with instructions to send the food to a guest named Grace McMorris in room 687. After the waiter left, Jordan curtly greeted Curtis and made her way to the bar to order a double scotch. Curtis decided to follow and asked if she'd had a long day. She reminded him that all of her days were long and asked about Curtis' Valentine's Day date. Curtis admitted that he had plans to meet the same woman and added that they were old friends.

Curtis told Jordan that Grace had once worked for the mayor's office in Baltimore. Jordan realized why the woman had seemed familiar. Curtis added that Grace had recently been working on getting her MBA from John Hopkins, but Jordan snidely asked if Grace enjoyed skiing in "fine white powder." Curtis knew Jordan had made a reference to cocaine, but he ignored the question and asked about Andre. Jordan admitted that she and Andre had broken up. Curtis felt bad for Jordan, but she didn't believe him. She imagined that he'd be delighted to learn that Andre had called it quits because of her association with Curtis.

Curtis was taken aback, but Jordan revealed that Andre hadn't been able to accept that Jordan and Curtis had kissed during their recent trip to Baltimore. Curtis assured Jordan that he hadn't said a thing to Andre about the kiss, but Jordan clarified that she'd told Andre because she'd wanted to be honest. Jordan had known that Curtis would be bad news when he'd first blown into town, but Curtis resented that she always painted him as the bad guy and herself as the martyr. Jordan insisted that he'd pushed her into something that she hadn't been able to give, and she was furious that it had cost her Andre -- and possibly her job.

Shocked, Curtis asked what Jordan was talking about, so she filled him in about Scott's accusation that Curtis had planted evidence for Jordan to facilitate Ava's arrest. Curtis denied that he had planted any evidence, but Jordan asked if he'd been at Ava's gallery prior to the arrest. Curtis explained that he'd been trying to pin down Ava's timeline, but Jordan revealed that Scott had suggested that Curtis had been there to collect Ava's DNA. Curtis dismissed Scott's arguments as desperate attempts to exonerate a guilty client.

Jordan hoped Curtis was right because the district attorney intended to hold Jordan accountable if the case against Ava fell apart. Jordan warned Curtis that she would take him down with her, but he reminded her that she wasn't infallible because her investigation had pointed to Sonny as Morgan's killer. Curtis also informed Jordan that her problems with Andre had started long before her trip to Baltimore because the truth was that Jordan wanted Curtis and refused to admit it. Curtis added that she'd had what she'd really wanted with him, but she'd refused to take it.

Moments later, the waiter returned to let Curtis know that Curtis' dinner order was ready. Curtis excused himself and walked away.

At the hospital, Julian approached Lucas, but Lucas wanted nothing to do with his father. Julian pleaded with Lucas for a moment of his time and explained that he had a note for Lucas. Julian recalled when Lucas had given Julian the letter about Lucas' sexuality, so Julian had never imagined that he'd pen his own letter to Lucas, telling Lucas everything that he'd wanted his son know. Lucas questioned the timing of the letter, but Jason walked up looking for Sam. Lucas let Jason know that Sam had gone home then walked away without giving Julian a second glance.

Julian approached Jason at the elevator to ask if Jason and Curtis were proud of their little stakeout despite Julian's warnings. Jason became defensive and asked if Julian was threatening him, but Julian sadly admitted that it was too late for that. However, Julian had wanted Jason to know that if anyone ended up in danger -- like Sam or Danny -- then Jason would be as much to blame as Julian. Jason demanded to know what that meant, but Julian walked away.

In the parking garage, Sam was annoyed when her car didn't start. Seconds later, Olivia Jerome knocked on the window. Sam was startled but quickly recovered when she recognized Alexis' A.A. sponsor, "Liv." Sam rolled down the car's window and revealed that she had car trouble. Liv offered to give Sam a lift, but Sam assured Liv that it wasn't necessary because Jason was on his way. Liv insisted on taking Sam home and pushed until Sam agreed.

A short time later, Liv drove as she and Sam talked about the snowstorm. Eventually, Liv broached the subject of family by gushing about how lucky Sam was to have a wonderful husband and children. Liv admitted that she'd had a big family, but their closeness had been strictly for show because none of them had trusted each other. Liv admitted that she'd been estranged from her family for a long time and had taken time to reinvent herself. Sam glanced up and noticed a tassel hanging from the rearview mirror that had the same Chinese characters that had been on the plastic bag from the Chinese restaurant. "Reincarnation," Sam quietly translated.

Sam figures out the truth about Liv

Sam figures out the truth about Liv

> Sam figures out the truth about Liv

Sam figures out the truth about Liv

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

At the cabin, Michael and Nelle remained stranded in the blizzard as he draped an extra towel over her shoulders to keep her from getting chilled after her warm bath. Nelle looked up to thank him, but passion flared to life as they gazed into each other's eyes. Michael started to kiss her, but she pulled back at the last moment. "I can't," Nelle insisted.

Later, Michael and Nelle had changed into dry clothing as he entered the living room and assured her that he would not try to kiss her again. Nelle wasn't worried, but she made it clear that it could not happen again. Michael knew that Nelle and her boyfriend had had an arrangement, but he worried that it had been something Nelle's boyfriend had convinced her to go along with because she didn't seem happy. Nelle pulled her gaze away from the window and reminded him that her relationship was none of his concern. She assured him that she was happy, but he didn't believe her. However, Michael conceded that he might be wrong, since she tended to play things close to her vest.

Nelle explained that it was a defense mechanism. She admitted that she kept her intimate information to herself because she feared that someone might use it against her. She also didn't share her secrets because it was the only way to make certain that no one betrayed her. Michael warned her that she'd closed herself off not just to the people who might hurt her but also to the people who might care about her. Nelle argued that Michael didn't know her and informed him that not everyone was as lucky as he'd been.

Michael acknowledged that he'd grown up with financial security, but he assured Nelle that he knew what it was like to be betrayed. Nelle was surprised and tried to question him about it, but Michael wanted to focus on Nelle. He assured her that his life was not a fantasy, but Nelle argued that he had a family who loved him. She pointedly reminded him that not everyone was as lucky and added that she would never be truly happy. Stunned, Michael told her that she couldn't possibly know that, but Nelle disagreed. She told him how she had dreamed of one day leaving home until she'd grown up and realized that the cards had been stacked against her.

Nelle told Michael that she might not find happiness, but she wouldn't let anything stop her from getting satisfaction. Michael admitted that it sounded as if Nelle intended to fight "like hell" to settle for less than she deserved, but Nelle disagreed because she didn't think she deserved to be happy. Michael hugged her and assured her that she was wrong. Nelle warned him that she'd done some terrible things, but Michael didn't care. He promised that he wouldn't go anywhere, regardless of what she told him. Nelle was skeptical, but she intended to hold him to that because she was ready for a new path. Michael wondered if he was part of that new path.

At Greystone Manor, Carly left Nelle a voicemail message asking if everything had been set up at the cabin. Carly knew that cell phone reception was spotty in the mountains, but she asked her assistant to return the call as soon as Nelle received the message. Sonny walked in as Carly ended the call and asked who she'd been talking to. Carly explained that she'd planned a surprise for him, but she refused to share the details and left to run a few errands. After Carly left, Sonny called Jason to let Jason know that they needed to talk.

In Carly's office, Bobbie was on the phone with Felicia. She was delighted to learn that Felicia was in Atlanta and eagerly asked what Felicia had uncovered about Nelle. Bobbie was forced to cut the call short when Carly arrived. Carly was surprised and asked why her mother was in the office. Bobbie claimed that she'd had dinner in the restaurant and had decided to drop by to pay her daughter a visit. Carly smiled and admitted that Bobbie had almost missed her because Carly and Sonny had plans for a romantic getaway. Carly noticed the mess on her desk and looked to Bobbie for an explanation.

According to Bobbie, she'd noticed that Carly's inbox had been full, so Bobbie had decided to help out by sorting the mail. Bobbie suggested that Carly could finish the task while they chatted. Carly noticed an envelope addressed to her, but she decided that it could wait until after her trip with Sonny. Bobbie confessed that she was pleased that Carly and Sonny had worked things out. Bobbie acknowledged that she had issues with some of Sonny's choices, but Bobbie could see that Sonny made Carly happy. Bobbie was surprised when Carly mentioned going to a cabin in the mountains and told her daughter that the snowstorm had made the roads up the mountain impassable.

Worried, Carly called the cabin's caretaker. After a brief conversation, Carly confirmed that the roads had been closed. Bobbie wondered about Nelle. Carly revealed that the caretaker had seen Nelle at the cabin, but Carly wasn't worried about her assistant because the cabin had plenty of supplies and food. Bobbie was relieved, which surprised Carly. Bobbie promised that she didn't wish Nelle any ill then added that Carly had been right -- it had been unfair to be suspicious of Nelle without any proof of wrongdoing.

After Carly left, Bobbie called Felicia and apologized for cutting the call short when Carly had arrived. Bobbie was curious what Felicia had uncovered about Nelle. "Oh, God, no," Bobbie said as she listened to Felicia. Bobbie admitted that it was exactly what she'd been afraid of.

At the hospital, Jason caught up with his mother on the staircase. She was surprised to see him because she'd only sent the text message to him five minutes earlier. Jason explained that he'd been in the hospital and told her about Sam's visit with Dr. Lee and the miscommunication. Monica thought it was odd that someone in Kelly's office had gotten their wires crossed like that, but Jason changed the subject by asking if they had raised enough money to buy the hospital. Monica explained that they wouldn't know for certain until they met with the board the following day. Jason hoped that the board could be persuaded to do the right thing.

Monica agreed and shifted gears to give Jason a special gift. Jason unwrapped the present and saw a familiar baby blanket. Monica confirmed it had been his and that his grandmother Lila had knitted it. Monica acknowledged that there'd been "a little consternation" around Jason's birth, but Lila had always known that Jason would be a blessing to the family. Monica smiled because her mother-in-law had been right. Jason was touched by the gift and hugged his mother.

Meanwhile, Tracy paced the boardroom as Hayden crunched numbers on a laptop. Tracy was anxious to know if the Quartermaines would be able to save the hospital. Hayden continued to work on the laptop as Monica entered the room and asked if Hayden had an answer yet. Hayden finished up and smiled. "Well, ladies, I think we did it," Hayden said. Tracy and Monica were delighted that they'd raised enough money to buy the hospital, but Tracy warned Monica that it was too soon to celebrate because they still had to meet with the board members. Monica was disappointed because she'd hoped raising enough capital to keep the hospital's door open would be sufficient.

Tracy explained that the board members might still vote to sell to the developer because there was a group of members, led by Fred Gray, who were more interested in profit rather than doing what was right. Tracy added that she suspected Fred had side deals with the developer, but they didn't have time to launch an investigation because the decision to sell would be made by the board the next day. Tracy insisted that it would be up to Hayden to convince the board members to let the Quartermaines purchase the hospital rather than to sell it to a developer. Hayden was concerned, but Monica reminded Hayden that both Michael and Laura were on the board, and they were in the Quartermaines' corner.

Tracy perked up because she was confident that the board would ultimately vote to keep the hospital open. She decided to take Monica up on the offer of sparkling cider to celebrate, but Monica was reluctant to jump the gun. Tracy promised that it would all work out and insisted that Monica fetch the sparkling cider. Later, Tracy, Monica, and Hayden toasted to the future of the hospital, the Quartermaines, and their associates. Hayden beamed when Monica grudgingly gave Hayden credit for helping to pull the deal together.

Moments later, Hayden received a text alert about Finn's flight. Both Tracy and Monica chuckled because Hayden kept close tabs on Finn. Tracy thought it was a bit creepy, and Monica admitted that Alan would have never stood for it. Tracy and Monica traded barbs while Hayden stepped out to call Finn and let him know about the Quartermines' decision to buy the hospital. However, Hayden returned a few minutes later with a worried expression. Hayden explained that Finn hadn't answered his phone, and she'd learned that he'd canceled the hotel reservations.

At Greystone Manor, Jason arrived to talk to Sonny. Sonny told Jason about his conversation with Robin at Metro Court Restaurant and the discovery that Julian had had another sister named Olivia. Jason admitted that he and Sam had already done some digging and knew about Olivia Jerome, who had been older than Julian and had also used the name Olivia St. John. Jason explained that Olivia had died in 1990 when Julian had shot her in the back. Sonny wasn't surprised by Julian's actions because he hadn't expected anything less. Sonny pointed out that being shot in the back might mean that Julian's sister had survived. Jason agreed that it was possible and added that perhaps Olivia had planted the bomb.

Sonny seemed reluctant to scratch Ava off the top of the list of suspects, but Jason reminded Sonny that whoever had killed Morgan deserved to pay -- even if it was Olivia Jerome. Jason called Spinelli to enlist help in finding out if Olivia had survived the shooting. After Jason ended the call, Carly entered. She immediately asked what was going on, but Sonny was evasive and told her that Jason was still working on the investigation. Carly asked Jason about Ava's guilt and was disappointed that Jason still had doubts that Ava had been responsible for the car bomb.

After Jason left, Sonny asked Carly about the surprise she had planned for him. Carly revealed that the plans had fallen through because she'd intended to take him to a cabin in the mountains, but the blizzard had made it impossible to make it up the mountain. Sonny assured her that they could still have their romantic weekend at home. Carly smiled and kissed her husband.

In the city jail, Ava called out for the guard and demanded to see Jordan. Ava insisted that there had been a miscarriage of justice and threatened to file lawsuits if the police commissioner refused to make an appearance. Ava's demands were met with silence. Dejected, Ava sat on her cot, but she perked up when she heard approaching footsteps. "Well, it's about time," she said as she turned to face her visitor. Her smile vanished when she saw it was Julian.

Julian asked Ava not to look so disappointed, but she wanted to know when he would straighten things out and get her released from jail. Julian assured his sister that he didn't enjoy seeing her behind bars, but she didn't care because she had expected him to tell both Jordan and the district attorney that she hadn't had anything to do with the bomb in Julian's car. Julian sighed. Furious, Ava ordered him to leave because she realized that he would not help, and she couldn't stand the sight of him.

Julian promised that he would get Ava out of the situation she was in, but he needed time. Ava snidely asked if he was talking about a day or years. She pointed out that all he had to do was confirm that he hadn't been talking to her on the recording that the police had in their possession. Ava reminded Julian of everything she'd done to help him when he'd recently been on trial, but Julian promised that Ava wouldn't have to stay in jail long. He explained that he'd given Alexis instructions that would help Ava, but Ava laughed because she couldn't imagine Alexis doing anything for Ava. Ava wanted to know what was going on, but Julian cryptically told her that all would be clear soon.

Ava demanded answers, but Julian insisted that it was too dangerous. Ava saw the terror in her brother's eyes and assured him that he could trust her to have his back. She conceded that they'd betrayed each other and had even threatened to kill each other, but in the end, they were family and would always stand together. Julian relented and agreed to tell Ava everything, but his cell phone chimed. Julian looked down and saw a message from his sister Olivia.

Julian opened the text message, which was a photograph of Olivia and Sam in the car. Alarmed, Julian quickly closed the message and informed Ava that he'd changed his mind. Ava wanted to know what the text message had been about, but Julian refused to tell her. Ava was tired of Julian playing games with her life and coldly informed him that he was dead to her. "You have no idea," Julian said. Stunned, Ava watched Julian leave.

In Olivia Jerome's car, Sam listened as her mother's A.A. sponsor talked about family. "Liv" explained that she'd split from her family years before and had reinvented herself. Sam was curious what Liv had done, so Liv pointed out that she'd gotten sober. Sam noticed an ornamental tassel hanging from the rearview mirror and recognized the Chinese lettering. "Reincarnation," Sam whispered, but Liv didn't appear to hear her.

Liv noticed Sam looking at the ornament and asked if Sam recognized the lettering. Sam admitted that the ornament was beautiful and revealed that she knew a bit about the Chinese culture because she and Jason had taken an interest in it after their marriage at a Chinese restaurant. Sam carefully asked Liv about the ornament, prompting Liv to explain that the letters essentially meant reincarnation. Sam was careful not to react as she began to put the pieces together. Sam recalled talking to Jason and him showing her a picture of Julian talking to a blonde woman and wondering if it could be Ava.

Sam pushed the memory away and continued to chat with Liv in the hopes of gleaning more information that might confirm her suspicions that Liv was Olivia Jerome. The conversation took a sinister turn when Liv asked if Sam had ever been at a turning point in life when Sam had thought all was lost. Sam suddenly asked Liv to pull over because Sam needed to relieve herself. Liv was surprised by the request but pulled over. However, Liv refused to let Sam out of the car in the middle of a snowstorm. Sam assured Liv that it would be fine because Sam's friend "Sofia" lived on the other side of the footbridge.

Sam added that Sofia's husband was a police officer, and Sofia worked for the district attorney's office. Sam suddenly jumped out of the car and quickly made her way to the footbridge. She started to call Jason but dropped the phone. Seconds later, Liv appeared and picked up the phone. Liv realized that Sam had figured out the truth about Liv's identity, but Sam played dumb and told Liv to drop the phone off with Alexis. Sam started to walk away until she heard the familiar sound of a gun being cocked. Sam turned to face her aunt. Olivia suggested that they drop the pretense.

Nina makes a bold move against Anna

Nina makes a bold move against Anna

Thursday, February 23, 2017

At the nurses' station, Griffin saw Hayden checking her laptop and asked what her morbid fascination was with plane crashes. She closed the laptop and explained that she'd simply been checking to see if there had been any reported crashes. Concerned, Griffin asked what was going on. Hayden reminded him that Finn had gone to Manhattan to meet with a pharmaceutical company that was interested in the cure that Finn had developed. Hayden added that Finn had taken ELQ's jet, but Finn had never checked into the hotel or made it to the meeting. She'd also been able to ascertain that the ELQ jet had never landed in New York City, but she hadn't been able to take a look at the flight manifest without Tracy's permission.

Griffin was certain that there had been a misunderstanding, but Hayden noticed something in his expression that had her wondering what he was hiding. Griffin was reluctant to tell her, but she pushed until he confided that Finn had been trying to get his hands on pain medications for a hockey injury, but Griffin had noticed some other alarming signs suggesting that Finn had been suffering from drug withdrawal. Hayden was shocked, but Griffin reminded her that Finn had been taking Zekenestrol for years. Hayden argued that Finn had been using the addictive drug to treat Blackwood's syndrome, but the words died on her lips as she realized why Finn might have become addicted to "Zen-Zen."

Meanwhile, Finn entered his suite and quickly dumped a handful of vials on the chair. Finn prepared a syringe then injected himself. After, he glanced at Roxy, but scolded her for the judgment he sensed from her. Finn promised the bearded dragon that he'd find a way to kick the addiction then reached for some food to feed her. His hands shook as he dropped the leaves into the tank. Finn realized that he'd built up a tolerance to the medication and decided to take a second dose. Finn assured Roxy that he'd only do it once.

A short time later, Hayden knocked on Finn's door and asked him to open it. She admitted that she knew he hadn't gone to New York City and promised to help him if there was a problem. She continued to knock, but she was met with silence. Eventually, she gave up and left. Inside, Finn was unconscious on the floor with a syringe next to him.

At the nurses' station, Robin greeted Jason. He realized that he might be overstepping, but he wondered why she was at the hospital. Robin realized that Sonny hadn't told him about Anna's illness and explained that Anna had been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. Jason felt terrible for Robin, but she assured him that the disease was treatable. Robin shifted gears and asked why he'd wanted to talk to her, but he decided that it could wait because Robin had enough to deal with. Robin assured him that it was fine because she could use the distraction.

Jason explained that he'd had some questions about Olivia Jerome. Robin's eyes rounded because she hadn't thought about the woman in ages until she'd mentioned Olivia to Sonny. Jason explained that he'd been investigating the bombing because Sonny -- and Jason -- didn't trust the police, and Olivia's name had been mentioned. Robin recalled that Olivia Jerome had been both "crazy" and "dangerous." Jason was curious how dangerous, so she opened up about Olivia's torment of Anna.

Robin couldn't recall much about the infamous Jerome sibling, but she knew that Olivia had been obsessed with Duke and that Duke hadn't reciprocated Olivia's feelings because he'd been in love with Anna. Robin revealed that Olivia had been quite dangerous and had lashed out at Anna. Jason was curious how threatening Olivia had been. "Psychopathic," Robin replied and told him how Olivia had been responsible for the death of Anna and Duke's unborn baby. Robin warned Jason that no one was safe from Olivia.

Jason was curious if Olivia would have hurt Julian for killing Duke. Robin chuckled because she was surprised that Olivia hadn't risen from the dead to kill Julian herself. After Robin left to check on her mother, Jason made his way to the elevator and called Sam. He left her a voicemail message letting her know that he needed to work because he wanted to follow up on a theory.

In Anna's hospital room, Anna dug through her overnight bag, looking for something to wear. She was frustrated that Robin hadn't packed anything. Anna suddenly swayed as a wave of dizziness washed over her. Valentin appeared in the doorway and quipped that he hoped he wouldn't have to catch her again. Anna recovered and glared at him, but she admitted that she had no idea what had happened. She asked Valentin to fill in the blanks, but he refused. Anna choked back tears and confessed that she'd recently discovered that she'd put him on the World Security Bureau's hit list. Valentin tensed, but Anna insisted that she had no memory of doing it.

Valentin didn't believe Anna, but she tearfully promised him that it was true and begged him to help her remember why she would order his death. Valentin thought it was all an act, but Anna assured him that it wasn't. She switched tactics and pointed out that Valentin had the perfect opportunity to hurt her by dredging up what her mind wanted to repress because it was too traumatizing to remember. Valentin warned Anna to be careful what she asked for, but Robin appeared in the doorway and immediately ordered Valentin to leave. Anna assured Robin that it was okay, but Robin ignored her mother, thanked Valentin for taking Anna to the hospital, and threatened to call security.

Valentin assured Robin that it wouldn't be necessary and started to leave, but he stopped in the hallway to warn Anna that she would not get any answers from him. After Valentin left, Robin closed the door and questioned Anna about the encounter. Anna was confident that Valentin was not a threat, but Robin disagreed. Anna wisely shifted gears to ask where her clothes were. Robin admitted that she hadn't packed anything for Anna in an effort to discourage Anna from leaving the hospital before the doctors agreed that it was safe. Anna was not pleased because she wanted to recover at home.

Robin objected and reminded Anna that it was important for Anna to take care of herself and wait for the doctor's approval. Anna tearfully confessed that there were things about her past that she desperately needed to deal with, but Robin stood firm. Moments later, Griffin entered. Robin quickly enlisted his help to persuade Anna to stay in the hospital. Griffin gently broke the news that things would have to change for Anna because of her condition. Anna nervously asked if Griffin were referring to her career.

Griffin and Robin pointed out that Anna took blood thinners to prevent blood clots, which meant that Anna could bleed out easily if she were injured. Anna was crushed because she had no reason to go on without her career. Robin reminded Anna that Anna could become an instructor and added that both Robin and Emma needed Anna to live. Robin begged her mother to fight for them. Resigned, Anna returned to her bed as Robin followed Griffin to the hallway to ask about Finn. Griffin assured Robin that Finn would check in soon and added that Anna was a fighter.

Robin smiled because Griffin had his father's eyes, which she found comforting. Robin admitted that she had loved Duke like a father. Griffin returned Robin's smile and lovingly referred to her as "sis."

In Anna's hospital room, Anna looked at her WSB badge. She closed it when a police officer entered. Anna smiled at Officer Donaldson, but it quickly faded when she realized that he was there on business. Robin walked up and demanded to know what was going on. Officer Donaldson reluctantly explained that he had to place Anna under arrest.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Curtis bumped into Nina. After they exchanged greetings, Nina showed off her wedding ring as they sat at the bar and spent time catching up. Curtis conceded that it appeared that Nina had it all and raised his glass to toast to her good fortune because he was happy for her. Nina smiled and told him how Valentin had given her the wedding band and Charlotte's role in the romantic gesture. She admitted that it was surreal because she'd given up on becoming a mother, and then Charlotte had entered her life. Curtis cleared his throat and gently reminded Nina that she'd married Valentin, not Charlotte.

Nina assured Curtis that she was well aware of who her husband was. She showed him the extravagant engagement ring that Valentin had surprised her with on Valentine's Day, but she conceded that the day had started off rocky because someone had broken into Wyndemere. Curtis was surprised when Nina complained about Anna burglarizing the house, stalking, and being obsessed with Valentin. Curtis appeared skeptical, which immediately put Nina on the defensive. Curtis explained that his line of work had taught him that people often kept secrets from each other. Nina conceded that Valentin and Anna had been friends "back in the day," but they'd had a falling-out when Anna had rejected Valentin's advances.

Curtis urged Nina to talk to Valentin. He acknowledged that he didn't know Anna, but based on what Nina had told him, it sounded as if Valentin, not Anna, would be the one who'd have reason to hold a grudge.

A short time later, Curtis met with Jason in the lobby of the hotel. Jason explained that he had a new theory about the bomb and filled Curtis in about the possibility that Julian's sister Olivia hadn't been killed when Julian had shot her. Curtis warned Jason that the police would require proof. Jason agreed and informed Curtis that they would need to go to Olivia Jerome's grave and dig up the body.

Meanwhile, Valentin joined his wife at a table and chatted about how delighted he was to be with her. Nina smiled, but she was curious where he'd been. Valentin's smile faltered, but he admitted that he'd checked on Anna. Nina was not pleased, but Valentin refused to apologize. He reminded Nina that Anna had collapsed at his feet, and he'd been curious about her condition, but the hospital had refused to pass along the information over the phone. Valentin assured Nina that he'd merely gone to the hospital to make certain that Anna was fine, but Nina was curious if he intended to do it again.

Valentine was disappointed by Nina's reaction, but she insisted that Anna had been horrible to him. Nina thought Anna should have been arrested, but Valentin made it clear that he did not want Anna to go to jail. He claimed that he simply wanted to move forward by showing some mercy, and he hoped that Anna would follow his lead. Valentin changed the subject by offering to fetch a quality bottle of wine. After he walked away, Nina called Jordan to file a report.

Later, Valentin held up a glass and vowed that he would not let anything -- or anyone -- intrude on what he and Nina were building. Nina beamed with joy. "Here's to our future," Nina said as she held up her glass.

At the Floating Rib, Julian called Sam, but it went to voicemail. He ended the call without leaving a message and worried about what Olivia had done to Sam. Moments later, Fred Gray slid into the booth and sat on the bench opposite Julian. Julian wanted an update on the situation at the hospital and where the board stood. Fred admitted that there'd been a complication because Laura and the Quartermaines had worked together, and the Quartermaines had raised the money to match the developer's bid. Julian was furious when Fred added that one of the board members had already changed their mind about selling to the developer.

Julian decided to up the offer, but Fred confessed that it might not be that easy because Laura and the Quartermaines had made it a community issue rather than a business one. Fred promised to do his best, but he warned Julian that the votes might not go in the developer's favor. Julian informed Fred that anything less than victory was not acceptable. Fred assured Julian that he was on Julian's side and suggested another property that Julian's client might be interested in. Julian insisted that it had to be General Hospital. Fred couldn't make any promises, but he reminded Julian that it was just business -- not a matter of life or death.

Julian leaned close and told Fred in a menacing tone that it was a matter of life or death, and Fred would do well to remember that. After Fred left, Julian looked at his phone and the picture Olivia had sent him of Sam and Olivia in the car.

On the footbridge, Sam tried to walk away when Olivia Jerome refused to return Sam's phone, but Olivia pulled out a gun and cocked it. Sam froze when she heard the familiar sound and turned to face her aunt. Olivia knew that Sam had figured things out and suggested they drop all pretenses, but Sam feigned ignorance. Frustrated, Olivia formally introduced herself to her niece and advised Sam not to make any sudden moves because Olivia didn't want to hurt the baby. Sam put her hands protectively on her stomach as she tearfully asked what Olivia planned to do to her.

Olivia promised to stash Sam in a warm place until Olivia had dealt with Julian, but Sam refused to be taken to a second location. Olivia pointed out that Sam wasn't in a position to argue, but Sam refused to budge and reminded Olivia that Morgan had been an innocent victim. Olivia refused to discuss the bomb and was offended when Sam expressed concern for her unborn child. Olivia insisted that she would never hurt another child, but it didn't ease Sam's fears. Olivia promised Sam that both Sam and the baby would remain safe as long as they cooperated, but Sam was skeptical because she'd been targeted.

Olivia explained that she was after Julian because Julian had killed the only man that Olivia had ever loved. She revealed that she'd always hoped that Duke had survived the mob wars -- as she had -- and admitted that her faith had been restored when she'd heard that he'd returned to Port Charles. However, Julian had destroyed everything by having Duke killed. Sam promised that she hated what Julian had done and empathized with Olivia's pain, but Olivia scoffed because Sam had the perfect life with a husband, son, and baby on the way. Olivia angrily wondered why Sam should have everything while Olivia had nothing.

Olivia revealed that she intended to personally kill her brother after she made certain that Julian had lost everything that mattered to him. Olivia suggested that Sam cooperate unless Sam wanted herself and the baby to become collateral damage. Sam reluctantly agreed, but she only took a few steps before she doubled over with pain. Annoyed, Olivia asked what was wrong and stepped closer to check on Sam. Sam seized the opportunity to try to wrestle the gun away from Olivia. Sam managed to knock the gun out of Olivia's grip and vowed that Olivia would end up locked in D'Archam Asylum with the key thrown away.

Enraged, Olivia charged and knocked Sam over the railing. Sam tumbled down the hill and over a metal embankment before she landed in a heap at the bottom of the bridge. Olivia ran to the side to look at Sam, but Sam remained still. Moments later, Julian called Olivia to inform her that the hospital's board would vote in her favor. Olivia was satisfied, but Julian demanded to speak to Sam. Olivia told him that it was impossible because Sam was "out cold."

Olivia Continues on Her Mission

Olivia Continues on Her Mission

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hayden made several attempts to find Finn, who had missed his appointment out of town. She learned that he'd returned to his suite much earlier than she'd assumed. "Now I know you're hiding from me," she mumbled.

Finn glanced at his phone and saw eight text messages from Hayden. He knew he'd have to provide her with an explanation, and it happened sooner than he planned when Hayden showed up at his door. She burst into his suite and began to search everywhere until she found what she was looking for. She held up his drug paraphernalia and accused him of still "using." Finn tried to explain his lingering dependency on zekenestrol but Hayden wouldn't listen. She advised him that he had a problem, and he needed help. She suggested a leave of absence while she checked on a rehab clinic for him.

Finn requested a delay of thirty days while he tried to wean himself off the drug, but Hayden argued that he would have done so already if he could have. She accused him of not really wanting to stop the drug. Hayden was adamant that she would not stick around to watch him any longer. Finn confessed to being an addict, and he added that he loved Hayden. The young woman was surprised to hear the confession, noting that the last time he'd professed his love, she'd been extremely ill.

Hayden begged Finn to do something before the situation got worse. The couple proceeded to argue, each accusing the other of manipulation. Hayden felt sure that Finn was not able to put in the work needed to quit the drug himself, and she stated that he could text her if he survived. She had a meeting to attend, she added. She stormed out. Finn began to shoot up after Hayden left, but he stopped and cried instead.

Anna awakened in her room at General Hospital and was happy to see Robin. She noted how difficult it was to get any rest in a hospital with all the nurses entering the room at all hours. Robin agreed to make a note on her mother's records and left the room. She stopped to talk to the policeman who was outside, waiting to escort Anna to the police station. The pair walked away as Olivia Jerome stepped off the elevator.

Olivia overheard Anna's room number and, grabbing a knife, opened the door to Anna's room. Just as she began to walk in, she heard the cop and Robin round the corner. Olivia quickly escaped. Olivia was annoyed. "I will kill Anna eventually," she muttered. "Mental health depends on setting goals," she added.

Robin returned to her mother. Anna confessed that she'd been on the verge of falling asleep when she'd thought she'd heard the door and suspected that something bad might happen. The cop inquired after Anna's health. Robin explained everything about Anna's condition, and he received her approval to relay that information to the station. He thought it would be okay for Anna to remain in the hospital. Robin told a thrilled Anna that she was pregnant.

Lucy stopped by to see Tracy. "Too little, too late," she taunted. Lucy announced that the hospital was going to reach its end. Tracy had been considering if she'd have enough votes to see the opposite happen, and she was angry at Lucy's comments. Tracy wondered why Lucy wasn't even upset after all the toil and sweat she'd poured into the hospital.

Lucy acknowledged that someone had to make money from the sale of the hospital, and it might as well be her. Tracy accused her of having no scruples. Lucy asked if there might be a chance that the sale wouldn't go through as expected. She called Tracy a snob and told her that people didn't like her. Lucy was certain that Tracy's plan would fail.

Valentin and Nina sat at a table in Metro Court, though Nina was not certain they should be there. They spotted Laura at a table nearby, and Nina didn't want to run into Lulu. Before too long, Dante approached them to inform them of a search to be done on Spoon Island because of the complaint filed against Anna Devane. Valentin was confused, but Nina admitted to being the one who had called the police station to report the break-in. She had a problem with someone breaking into their home, and she wanted Anna prosecuted.

Dante walked away to give Nina and Valentin time to talk. Valentin assured Nina that he was over Anna but felt sorry for Nina and the rough time she'd had with men in the past. He was frustrated that Nina had gone behind his back. Nina wondered why her husband was protecting Anna and if he had feelings for her. He expressed his love for Nina and strongly stated his opposition to any prosecution of Anna. He also didn't want to argue while Dante was so close. He was dropping the charges, he advised his wife. He informed Dante of that and got up to leave. Nina wanted time alone to think.

Laura waited for Lulu in Metro Court but welcomed Alexis, who stopped and wanted to chat. Alexis informed a confused Laura that she wanted to make amends. Alexis stated that she was a recovering alcoholic, and she had been free of alcohol for thirty days. Unfortunately, she'd been drinking heavily when she had been representing Laura during the time that Valentin had taken possession of Nicholas' house. While she'd checked to make sure that the outcome would have been the same, Alexis hadn't provided Laura with the best representation. Laura had no problem accepting Alexis' apology and advised her that Alexis hadn't hurt her, but Valentin had.

Later, as Laura received a phone call from Lulu, who advised her mother that she couldn't make it, Rudge walked by and accidentally on purpose knocked Laura's purse to the floor. As she insisted on picking everything up herself, he emptied something into her coffee. They had a brief conversation, and Laura agreed that she needed to fortify herself for her meeting with more caffeine. She finished the cup of coffee.

Alexis met with Olivia Jerome and asked about the bruise on Olivia's cheek. While Olivia flashed back to her fight with Sam, she advised Alexis that she'd had an incident with some ice and slipping. Alexis wanted to text Sam, but Olivia wanted to hear about Alexis' latest problem. When Alexis got up to take a call from Diane, Olivia slipped something into Alexis' purse.

Alexis returned and told Olivia about the key she had received from Julian, which led to a letter in a safe deposit box. Julian had revealed that Alexis was to open the box if she didn't hear from him again. Olivia tried to hide her anger and told Alexis that Alexis was in a fragile stage of her sobriety. If she went to the safe deposit box, Olivia wanted to accompany her for support. Alexis agreed. Olivia received a call from Rudge and departed.

Sam awakened after having spent the night at the bottom of the embankment leading up to the bridge. "Crazy bitch pushed me," she said. She grabbed her stomach and assured Scout that everything would be okay. She felt the baby kicking and urged it to "stay strong." Sam began the slow ascent up the embankment, but as she made headway, she suddenly lost her footing and slid back to the bottom. She was still for a time and woke again. "Daddy's gonna come for us," she mumbled as she closed her eyes.

Jason and Curtis approached the Jerome family mausoleum, armed with crowbars. "Here she is. Or maybe not," Jason quipped as they found Olivia's tomb. Curtis was beside himself at having to dig up a body and asked Jason if he'd ever read Stephen King. Jason couldn't believe that Curtis was so sensitive, but he was certain that they wouldn't find a body. Curtis announced that they could leave as soon as they spotted the skeleton, but Jason informed him that they would need samples if the body was really there. "Oh, hell no," Curtis yelped.

Jason convinced his partner Curtis to help, and they pried open the tomb, sliding back the top of it. Curtis backed away, but Jason urged him to look. As he suspected, the tomb was empty. They had to find Olivia Jerome, Jason declared.

Laura drove to the hospital but began to feel strange. As she attempted to get out of her car, she passed out. Rudge walked over to check on her. Olivia arrived and ordered Rudge to take Laura for a "nice long drive." Tracy's text to Laura went unanswered.

Upstairs, Robin stepped out of Anna's room, and Valentin walked in. He advised Anna that he'd had the charges against her dropped, and Anna thanked him. Valentin said that they would be the only ones who would know what had happened. He assured Anna that they weren't even, and she owed him more. "Feel better, Anna," he said as Robin returned.

Hayden arrived late to her meeting and encountered Tracy's anger.

Jason and Curtis stopped at Metro Court bar for a drink. Curtis announced that he did not want to be asked to rob a grave again. Jason stressed that Olivia was not aware that they were onto her. Curtis only wanted to go home and clean himself up. He wanted no part of the investigation. Jason spotted Alexis, and they both wondered what Sam might be up to. Jason had been under the impression that Sam had spent the night with her mother. Alexis shook her head. She hadn't seen Sam since early the previous day.

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