General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 23, 2017 on GH

Brad blackmailed Finn. Elizabeth questioned Seth, unaware that he'd kidnapped Franco. Sam found Franco. Julian tried to enlist Jason's help. Kevin advised Lulu to attend family therapy with Charlotte and Valentin.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 23, 2017 on GH
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Lulu Reveals that She is Charlotte's Mother Lulu Reveals that She is Charlotte's Mother

Monday, January 23, 2017

In bed, Hayden informed Finn that she'd finally completed an item on her bucket list. He was happy to have been included. She was just plain happy, especially because she was done "waiting for the other shoe to drop." Hayden discovered that the two had no food left, so Finn broke it to her that they had to "leave the bed and venture out into the world." She wasn't happy, but she was "starving." He promised that leaving the bed was the beginning, not the end.

Hayden wanted to take a shower, so she went into the bathroom. Finn took the opportunity to take out his medication. Hayden returned, having forgotten her brush, and was shocked to see Finn with the syringe. He insisted that he wasn't still sick, but since he'd had the disease longer, the cure was taking longer to eradicate the disease from his body. He assured her that there was nothing to worry about. She happily kissed him and went back into the bathroom.

At the Floating Rib, Elizabeth left Franco a message. She told him that she was worried and that he needed to call her back. When she hung up, Brad approached, having overheard part of her conversation. He assured her that she wasn't the only one looking for Franco. Monica was "on the warpath" after Franco had missed all of his appointments that day, and the cops had shown up at the hospital, looking for Franco. Just then, Brad's phone rang, and he walked away to answer Lucas' call.

At Gene's Branford Roadhouse, Scott gave the bartender twenty dollars. He showed the bartender a picture of Alexis and wondered if he'd seen the woman. Just then, Scott's phone rang, and he answered it to Elizabeth. She wondered if he'd seen Franco, but he hadn't seen his son since that morning. Both were worried, so Scott asked her to meet him at the bar.

A short while later, Elizabeth arrived at the bar. She'd observed that Franco's car was in the lot, which Scott hadn't noticed. Elizabeth suggested that they call the cops, but Scott thought that would only make things worse. He informed her that the police had found Tom's DNA on the dog cage found in Franco's studio, so a missing Franco would make the cops assume guilt. Neither believed that Franco had taken off. Scott wanted to see if Franco was going to be charged for the murder. He promised to keep Elizabeth updated, and he left.

Elizabeth went up to the bartender and asked if there had really been a murder there. She feigned a fascination with crime shows. The bartender replied that he wasn't supposed to talk about it. Elizabeth promised not to tell anyone if he told her where the murder had happened. "In the alley around back," he said quietly. Elizabeth went to the alley and looked around. She saw a phone and recognized it as Franco's. When she picked it up, she realized that there was blood on the phone.

Finn and Hayden entered the Floating Rib, attached at the hip. Hayden wanted to eat fast and leave. Brad appeared and remarked on how good it was to see the two out and about -- and healthy. Hayden instructed Brad to make sure that Finn didn't miss any doses of his medication. Before a confused Brad could respond, Hayden proposed a game of pool to Finn. She added that, since she was going back to work, she would soon no longer have much time for things like that.

Brad thought that it would be nice to have Hayden and Finn back at the hospital. Finn and Brad began talking about grants for Finn's cure, so Hayden walked off to claim a pool table. When she was gone, Brad wondered why Finn was lying to Hayden. He warned Finn that the drug was "high addictive," but Finn dismissed Brad. Finn only wanted to make the cure available to everyone who needed it. Hayden called Finn over to a pool table, so he excused himself.

Nathan carried Maxie over the threshold of their room at the Metro Court. The room was filled with wrapped gifts and lit candles, and there was a fire in the fireplace. Maxie had thought that Felicia had taken the wedding gifts to their apartment. Nathan informed her that the gifts were for her from him. Maxie wanted to wait to open them, which surprised Nathan, but she thought that having him as her husband was the best gift of all. The two shared a kiss.

Later, Maxie and Nathan lay in bed together and talked about how excited they were for their future. Nathan commented that it had been "rocky getting here, but the destination was worth the journey." Maxie thought the only thing that would make the moment better was if she had the cookies that she usually liked to eat in bed. Nathan instructed her to check the drawer in the nightstand. She was delighted to find a box of the cookies, which Nathan dubbed her first gift.

A short while later, Nathan took out a wrapped box, in which Maxie was shocked to find a custom-made purse. He had "one more," which he handed her. She opened it and found two vintage diamond necklaces. When she put one on, Nathan thought that it "pales in comparison to your beauty." He informed her that it had belonged to his great-grandmother, who had been a "high society" woman. He thought that it probably looked better on Maxie, who wondered what Nina would think about Maxie getting a family heirloom. He knew that Nina would be fine with it, since Maxie was part of the family.

Maxie wished that she had gotten Nathan something "equally wonderful" to all the things he'd gotten her. She handed him a box, and he excitedly opened it to find a baseball autographed by Derek Jeter. She'd remembered his story about his first Yankees game, and she'd tracked down the baseball. He couldn't believe that she remembered the story because she'd only heard it once, and it had been while they'd been handcuffed together.

Maxie remembered the night as the second-best night of her life, the first being that night. Nathan held one more gift behind his back. He handed it to her, and she opened it to find a pair of handcuffs, complete with a key. "Who are these for?" she wondered. "I'm willing to negotiate," he responded, and he kissed her.

Anna remembered that Valentin had been in her room at the academy on her birthday, and he'd tried to kiss her. Griffin swiped at Valentin, and Andre pulled him back into the Metro Court. Anna admitted that she didn't remember much about him, only that he'd been an analyst, and they'd been friends. "You looked different," she added. He replied that she'd "recoiled in horror," which she denied. She remembered that they'd been friends, and that she'd wanted nothing more than that. She hadn't cared what he'd looked like and remembered that he was smart.

Valentin continued that, after Anna had rejected him, he'd "sold" his skills, which had paid for the surgery to straighten his spine. He thanked her for nudging him toward remaking himself. He stated that her rejection of him had given him more than her friendship ever could have, and he left.

In the linen closet, Lulu told Charlotte that she knew what it was like to miss a mother. She assured Charlotte that she still had a mother, because Lulu was her real mother. "You're not my mommy," Charlotte yelled angrily. Lulu continued that she and Dante loved Charlotte, and she told the girl that Rocco was her brother. She promised that Charlotte could visit and play with Rocco anytime.

Charlotte again yelled that Lulu wasn't her mother and to leave her alone. She stormed out of the closet and slammed the door behind her. Lulu tried to follow, but the door was jammed. Lulu banged on the door and called out for someone to let her out, but no one heard her. She realized that she didn't have her purse or phone. She wondered how to get out of the closet and looked up.

As Nina cut a piece of wedding cake to go, Dante wanted to talk to Nina about Charlotte. Nina thought that Lulu needed to put her "selfish needs" aside and stop trying to rip Charlotte away from her father.

Dante walked away from Nina and realized that he didn't know where Lulu was. He called her, but he heard her phone ringing. He grabbed the phone out of her purse and wondered where she could be. He made his way to the linen closet and saw the bouquet outside the door. He called out to Lulu, but she didn't answer. He barged into the closet, which was empty.

Charlotte ran up to Nina, crying, and wondered where Valentin was. Nina offered for Charlotte to talk to her. Charlotte confided that "a lady" had said that she was Charlotte's mother. Nina reassured Charlotte and told her that they would talk about it with Valentin later. She hugged Charlotte just as Valentin returned. He wondered what was wrong, and Charlotte revealed that she'd heard Griffin say that Valentin had killed Claudette. Valentin explained that Griffin was mad at him, so he'd "told the worst lie he could think of." "I hate Griffin," Charlotte said. Valentin instructed her that hate was a "poison." He wondered what else was wrong.

Dante returned to the main room and described his wife to an employee. He heard a noise from the ceiling and looked up. Just then, Lulu fell from the ceiling right onto the cake. Griffin checked on Lulu, who assured him that the only thing that hurt was her pride. She walked away with Dante so she could get cleaned up.

Valentin asked Charlotte if something had happened with Lulu. Charlotte explained what had happened. She wondered if Lulu had been lying. Valentin answered that it was a "complicated conversation" that they would have "one day when you're not upset." Nina chimed in that she was honored to be Charlotte's stepmother. Charlotte said that stepmothers were wicked, but Nina was "wonderful." A short while later, Charlotte was asleep, so the three left.

Dante and Lulu returned, and Lulu shamefully explained how she'd ended up in the vents, including telling Charlotte that she was the girl's mother. She knew that she'd scared Charlotte, and she feared that Charlotte would hate her forever. Dante put a comforting arm around Lulu, and they left.

Griffin explained to Andre that Valentin had killed the woman Griffin had loved. Andre thought that Griffin was projecting his grief on Valentin, because it was easier to believe that she'd been killed than that she'd committed suicide. Anna returned, and Andre handed her a drink. She explained what she had remembered to Andre and Griffin. She admitted that she'd never given Valentin much thought because he hadn't meant that much to her. She revealed that he'd thanked her, but she believed he'd followed her to Port Charles in order to get revenge.

Alexis confesses all to Sam

Alexis confesses all to Sam

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In Jordan's hotel room, Curtis and Jordan shared ear buds as they each listened to Buzz's recorded confession on Jordan's phone. Curtis smiled with satisfaction because he knew Buzz was a credible and compelling witness who had provided ample evidence that Sonny hadn't had anything to do with Morgan's death. Jordan was confident that the circumstances with Rudge would earn Buzz some leeway, but she warned Curtis that the district attorney was determined to put Sonny behind bars. Curtis offered to persuade Buzz to help find Rudge's boss's hideout, but Jordan thought they'd have more success if Buzz talked directly to the district attorney. Curtis doubted that Buzz would agree because Buzz feared for his life.

Jordan was certain that she and Curtis could assure Buzz that he would be safe with them, but Curtis laughed at the idea of Jordan walking to the shelter after complaining all day about her shoes. Jordan blamed it on Curtis' truck, which had broken down after they'd left Buzz. He assured her that his truck would be fixed within a few hours and suggested they take advantage of their late checkout by hanging out in her room. Jordan had settled on the bed with her laptop and distractedly invited Curtis to stay -- or return to his own room. Disappointed, Curtis decided to run an errand, but he warned Jordan that things would change when he returned. Jordan asked him to explain, but he just smiled and left.

A short time later, Curtis returned to Jordan's hotel room with bags of food from a "no-name place" down the street that she'd thought had long disappeared. Curtis assured her that the business had been going strong and listed a few of her favorite selections that he'd picked up. Jordan quickly threw a quilt down on the floor for an impromptu picnic as Curtis spread out the food. They laughed as they reminisced about the past and indulged in the food. Eventually, Jordan confessed that it had felt like old times when they'd both been in sync with each other.

However, Jordan decided it was time to get back to work. Curtis reached into his coat pocket to grab a deck of cards and challenged her to a game of poker. Jordan readily agreed, but she insisted on dealing. A short time later, Curtis teased Jordan about her terrible poker face, but she insisted that her steely gaze had stopped criminals in their tracks. Curtis grinned and demanded that she show her cards. He laughed when he saw that she'd only been holding a pair of twos.

Curtis admitted that he'd always been able to tell what had been going on behind Jordan's beautiful eyelashes, but she laughed and told him to save the flattery for his girlfriends. Sexual tension quickly flared to life as Curtis moved close to Jordan and bragged that he could tell what she was thinking. Jordan was curious what he thought was on her mind. Curtis smiled and kissed her passionately.

At Greystone Manor, Michael stopped by with lunch. Sonny was glad to see his son and delighted when he smelled onion rings. Sonny admitted that he hated being cooped up, but he was confident that Diane would secure his freedom when he went to trial. However, Sonny added that regardless of the outcome, he'd always miss Morgan. Michael nodded in understanding and mentioned that he'd stopped by Morgan's grave on the way over. Sonny's expression filled with sadness, prompting Michael to shift gears and remind his father about the food.

Sonny agreed it was time to eat before the onion rings got cold. Carly sailed in and admitted that she was famished, but first she wanted to hand out gifts. She handed both Sonny and Michael towels with the Australian flag emblazoned on them, which she had picked up in the airport's gift shop. She realized they were odd gifts, but it had been a last-minute trip. Michael was curious why she had a third towel. Carly's eyes filled with sadness as she explained that she'd picked up a souvenir for Morgan without thinking and hadn't been able to put it back when she'd realized what she'd done.

Both Sonny and Michael empathized because they'd each had similar incidents in recent months. Michael suggested that with time it would get easier to accept that Morgan was gone. Carly revealed that Josslyn had cried during the car ride from the airport because it had hit her that she would not be seeing Morgan. Sonny was curious how Carly's talk with Josslyn about him had gone. Carly admitted that Josslyn hadn't taken the news well and needed more time. Michael offered to talk to his sister, but Carly doubted it would help because Josslyn had stubbornly refused to listen.

Michael thought Josslyn might be receptive to her brother's perspective. After Michael left, Sonny kissed Carly and told her that he'd missed her. Carly smiled and assured him that she had missed him too. Pleased, Sonny was curious where they stood. Carly evaded the question and sat on the sofa. Sonny offered her a cup of coffee, but she declined because she already had jet lag and had to fetch Josslyn and take her home. Carly explained that Josslyn had only agreed to return to Port Charles if she and Carly lived at Carly's house. Sonny was curious what that meant for him and Cary.

Carly promised that she loved Sonny, but she had to stay with her daughter. She conceded that his acquittal might be an opportunity for a fresh start, but she worried what Sonny would do when he learned the identity of the person responsible for Morgan's death. Sonny imagined that he would be furious -- as would Carly -- but he had learned a painful lesson about retaliation that would make him think twice. Carly realized it was the best she would get from him. He reminded her that they had agreed over the holidays to live in the moment then kissed her, but she pulled away before things went too far because she had to pick up Josslyn.

In Carly's office, Josslyn hugged Michael, but she quickly made it clear that she would not live with Sonny because she could never forgive him. Nelle reminded Josslyn that Carly and Sonny had worked things out, but Josslyn didn't care because she blamed Sonny for Morgan's death. Michael gently reminded his sister that Sonny hadn't been responsible for the bomb that had killed their brother, but Josslyn argued that Sonny was a mobster and far from innocent. Michael admitted that he'd felt the same as she had and acknowledged that it had been easier to see things in black and white because it had been easier to be angry than to grieve. Michael wished he could take Josslyn's grief away, but it wasn't possible.

Michael warned Josslyn that Morgan would not want them to be angry and to allow the grief to tear their family apart. Josslyn tearfully admitted that she missed Morgan. Nelle watched as Michael tenderly hugged his sister then cleared her throat to back up what he'd said to Josslyn. Nelle explained that sometimes horrible and unfair things happened, but Josslyn couldn't allow it to break her. Nelle looked at Michael with a soft smile as she admitted that someone had once told her that if she remained stuck in her anger and wallowed in it, then she'd eventually become a victim to it.

Michael returned Nelle's smile. Nelle clarified that Michael had tried to explain that Josslyn needed to go through the grief in order to get through it, but she promised that Josslyn had a lot of people to support her. Nelle reminded Josslyn that Josslyn had been happy when they'd first met, and Josslyn had been living with Sonny then.

A short time later, Michael, Josslyn, and Nelle arrived as Sonny told Carly that he hated saying goodbye to Carly. Sonny and Carly were surprised when they saw the trio, but Josslyn stepped forward and explained that Michael had taught her how to ride a bike, while Morgan had taught her to never give up and to keep trying -- even if it hurt. Morgan had explained that sometimes it hurt to be brave, but it would hurt more to give up because she'd always regret it. Josslyn promised not to give up on Sonny and hugged him. Carly's eyes brimmed with tears of happiness as she mouthed thank you to Michael.

After the hug, Sonny assured Josslyn that he and Carly had decided to take it day by day and that he'd visit Carly at her house often. Josslyn was okay with that and asked to see Avery. After Josslyn went to the nursery, Carly expressed her elation over Josslyn's shift in attitude. Nelle credited Michael for being a great older brother. Michael insisted that Nelle deserved props, too, but Nelle assured everyone that she'd simply told Josslyn the truth -- Sonny was a wonderful stepfather who would always be there for her.

At the Floating Rib, Jason saw Elizabeth seated at a table and greeted her. Elizabeth returned the greeting, but her smile faded when he mentioned that he'd returned from Jake's school. Alarmed, Elizabeth wondered why no one had called her, but Jason assured her that everything was fine -- he'd merely attended the "Dads and Doughnuts Day" event at the school. Elizabeth relaxed and apologized for overreacting, but Jason sensed something was troubling her and asked about it. She told him that she simply had a lot on her mind, but Kiki arrived and asked if Jason was there to help them find Franco.

Jason immediately scowled and glared at Elizabeth, but she assured him that everything was fine and that she could handle things on her own. After Jason reluctantly left, Kiki apologized for mentioning Franco to Jason, but Elizabeth assured her that it was okay. Elizabeth pondered alerting the police about Franco's disappearance, but Kiki explained that the police had an arrest warrant for Franco and were looking for him. Shocked, Elizabeth asked what grounds the police had for arresting Franco.

Kiki recalled the police talking about a knife that Franco had bought and a dog cage with Tom's DNA on it. Kiki thought the dog cage was an odd thing, but she worried that her own actions might have been partly to blame for Tom's fate. Kiki confessed that she'd helped Franco lure Tom to the studio. Elizabeth promised that Kiki had had nothing to do with what had transpired in the studio, which made Kiki wonder if Elizabeth knew why Tom's DNA had been on the dog crate. Elizabeth assured Kiki that Franco hadn't killed Tom, but Kiki pointed out that Franco had disappeared.

Elizabeth revealed that Scott had been looking for Franco, too, then showed Kiki the phone that Elizabeth had found in Gene's parking lot. The bloody phone was in a plastic bag as Elizabeth insisted that it was proof that something terrible had happened to Franco. Elizabeth added that she'd wanted to get the phone fixed, hoping it would yield answers, but the person she'd spoken to had been more interested in selling her a replacement phone. Kiki urged Elizabeth to go to the police and tell them about the mystery woman that Franco had suspected of killing Tom, but Elizabeth refused.

Kiki feared that the mystery woman might kill again, but Elizabeth assured Kiki that the woman was nothing like that. Kiki remained adamant that they report the mystery woman to the police, but Elizabeth begged Kiki for more time. Kiki agreed and decided to take the phone with her to see what she could uncover. After Kiki left, Elizabeth sent Sam a text message asking if Sam had talked to Alexis.

At Alexis' house, Alexis was asleep at her desk but jolted awake when Sam opened the door and called out to her mother. Alexis immediately tried to get Sam to leave by inviting her daughter out to lunch. Alexis claimed that she had nothing to eat in the house, but Sam insisted that she wanted to talk to Alexis about Elizabeth's visit. Seconds later, Julian limped down the stairs, asking if Alexis had seen his wallet. Shocked, Sam demanded to know what her father was doing there. Julian started to lie to cover for Alexis, but Alexis decided that it was time for Sam to hear the truth and asked for time alone with her daughter.

Resigned, Julian hoped that Sam would understand, but she warned him that she was done understanding anything involving him. Disappointed, Julian left. Sam turned to her mother for an explanation. Alexis revealed that Julian had been blackmailing her. Sam was outraged and began to rant about Julian, but Alexis confessed that she'd been responsible for Julian's hit-and-run. Sam listened in stunned disbelief as Alexis told her about the heavy drinking and how she'd been sneaking to Branford to get drunk.

Sam acknowledged that she'd known her mother had been struggling, but she hadn't known what questions to ask and admitted that it had been easier to ignore it. Sam suddenly realized why Alexis had acted strange over the holidays and why Rudge had turned up on Alexis' doorstep. Sam apologized, but Alexis insisted that Sam had nothing to be sorry for, especially since Alexis had been drunk while she'd been babysitting Danny. Sam bit back her anger, so Alexis forged ahead and revealed that Julian had been the one who'd forced Alexis to detoxify and had pushed her to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting two days earlier. Alexis explained that one of the steps to sobriety was to seek forgiveness.

Sam promised that she loved Alexis and fully supported her mother's sobriety, but Sam wasn't ready to forgive. Sam admitted that she'd talked to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth had suggested that perhaps Alexis had had something to do with Tom Baker's murder. Sam had dismissed the accusation as preposterous, but Alexis' recent confession had been worrisome. Alexis sadly confirmed that she had killed Tom and recounted the events that had taken place in the alley when Tom had accosted Alexis. Stunned, Sam pointed out that the police hadn't questioned Alexis yet, which meant that they were still focused on Franco.

Alexis reminded Sam that Franco hadn't killed Tom and added that he had incriminating evidence against Alexis, so she expected the police to knock on her door at any minute. Determined to help her mother, Sam pulled on her coat, hugged Alexis, and left. "I'm sorry, Sam," Alexis quietly said after the door closed.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian wrapped up a call with a promise that he would neutralize Jason. A short time later, Jason arrived and immediately tried to question Julian about Rudge. Julian ignored the questions and asked Jason to sit because he had something important to say that would affect Jason, Sam, and their children. Julian poured Jason a cup of coffee as Jason reluctantly sat down. Julian revealed that Sam had paid Alexis a visit, and Alexis had decided to tell Sam the truth about Julian and Alexis living together again.

Jason was furious and began to question Julian about Rudge again, but Julian refused to answer, and he left. Frustrated, Jason gulped down his coffee. Moments later, Jason began to cough, and within seconds, he collapsed.

A short time later, Julian arrived home and asked Alexis about her visit with Sam. Alexis told him that she'd told their daughter everything then cut to the chase and asked if he'd had anything to do with Franco's disappearance.

At the Floating Rib, Sam approached Elizabeth and informed her that they needed to find Franco right away.

Julian turns to Jason for help

Julian turns to Jason for help

> Julian turns to Jason for help

Julian turns to Jason for help

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In Jordan's hotel room, things quickly heated up between her and Curtis as they shared a passionate kiss. They made their way to the bed and continued to kiss as Curtis slowly slid Jordan's shirt up her body, but she stopped him at the last minute and pushed him away because she had no idea what they were doing. Curtis admitted that they'd gotten caught up in the moment, but he assured her that it was all good. Jordan disagreed and put some distance between her and Curtis, but he refused to let her pretend that there hadn't been something simmering between them since the day she'd slapped him at the police station. Jordan claimed that she'd been angry and reminded Curtis that she was with Andre.

Curtis scoffed at the idea that Andre was someone important to Jordan because she'd only known Andre for a year, while Curtis had known her for half her life. Curtis also pointed out that she clearly didn't trust Andre because she'd accompanied Curtis to Baltimore despite Andre's objections. Jordan insisted that she'd merely been doing her job by questioning a witness in an important case. Curtis accused Jordan of deflecting, but he was certain that she'd felt the pull between them just as he had. Jordan denied it and advised him to get over himself. She marched to the door and ordered him to leave.

Jordan assured Curtis that they would still talk to Buzz and try to persuade the witness to return to Port Charles. She also made it clear that the rest of their stay in Baltimore would remain professional and added that she intended to call Andre. Curtis wasn't fooled and wished her luck with everything.

At the hospital, Kiki bumped into Dillon and told him that she desperately needed his help finding Franco. She explained that Franco had vanished twenty-four hours earlier and that Franco's car had remained parked at the place where he'd last been seen -- Gene's Branford Roadhouse. She showed him the phone that Elizabeth had found in a puddle in the parking lot and explained that she'd failed to find someone to help her fix it. Dillon was surprised when he saw the blood on the phone and realized why both Kiki and Elizabeth were concerned. He revealed that he might be able to help because he had a special dehumidifier designed specifically for high-tech equipment.

Dillon explained that he'd once dropped an expensive camera in a Los Angeles river, and his friend had helped him save the piece of equipment with the dehumidifier. Relieved, Kiki thanked Dillon for his help, but he warned her that he couldn't make any promises that it would work on the phone.

In a storage unit, Franco weakly read the note for help that he'd scribbled. It had Elizabeth's name and phone number on it, but he became frustrated when the lights continued to flicker on and off. Franco crawled across the room to slide the note under the door, but he realized that he'd forgotten to sign it. He found the writing utensil he'd used to write the note and added his name to the letter, folded it, and shoved it under the crack in the door. Seconds later, Franco collapsed against the door in exhaustion and congratulated himself for getting the job done.

Franco forced himself to stand up and walk in an effort to warm himself. He hoped a good Samaritan found the note soon and fantasized about the food he craved. Franco realized that it was pointless to think about food and decided to search the other boxes for something he could use as a weapon when his abductor returned. Franco was baffled when he found a box of Tupperware followed by a box filled with childhood trophies. He looked for a name on the trophies, hoping to uncover a clue as to who had kidnapped him, but he didn't see anything. Frustrated, Franco picked up one of the trophies and tried to smash the doorknob with it, but the trophy fell apart.

Franco's anger mounted as he paced the small area then suddenly attacked the other boxes in an effort to find a weapon. Seconds later, the stack of boxes fell on Franco and knocked him out.

Meanwhile, Dillon and Kiki arrived at Dillon's storage unit, which was several doors down from where Franco was imprisoned. Neither noticed the note on the floor as Dillon opened the storage unit and flipped on the light. He decided to call one of his friends who had the same phone as Franco's to get tips on how to reboot the phone once it was dried out. Dillon stepped back into the hallway to make the call, but he heard what sounded like a moan. Kiki hadn't heard anything, so Dillon decided it had been the old pipes. Moments later, Dillon spoke to his friend.

Kiki pulled a pen out of her purse then looked around for a piece of paper to jot down the notes. She saw the paper on the floor and picked it up without noticing that it had been folded in half and had writing on it. She wrote down the instructions that Dillon recited and handed Dillon the phone as they returned to the storage unit to dry out the phone. A short time later, Dillon and Kiki emerged from the storage unit with smiles because the dehumidifier had successfully dried out the phone. They were about to test it when Elizabeth called. Kiki gave Elizabeth an update, but Dillon suggested they meet Elizabeth at the Floating Rib.

Shortly after Dillon and Kiki left, the lights in Franco's storage unit flickered on. Franco opened his eyes and made himself sit up because he was afraid that the "psycho" who had kidnapped him would return to finish the job. Franco resumed his search for a weapon, and he found another trophy. Franco realized that he'd seen one like it before, but he had no idea where.

At the Floating Rib, Sam approached Elizabeth and insisted that they find Franco right away. Elizabeth's eyes narrowed with suspicion as she questioned Sam's sudden shift in attitude and questioned if perhaps Sam had spoken to Alexis. Sam looked away as her expression clouded with guilt, but Elizabeth saw it and immediately asked for details. Sam refused to answer Elizabeth's questions and pointed out that Elizabeth had asked for Sam's help. Sam promised to help search for Franco and asked what Elizabeth knew about the days leading up to his disappearance. Elizabeth knew that Sam believed Franco had killed Tom, so Sam pointed out that Franco had had the strongest motive -- to protect Elizabeth.

Elizabeth remained uneasy sharing what she knew with Sam because Sam had her own agenda to protect Alexis. Sam made it clear that she would investigate Franco's disappearance with or without Elizabeth's help. Resigned, Elizabeth agreed to work with Sam because Elizabeth was desperate to find Franco. However, Elizabeth wanted to clear the air first because she knew that Sam and Franco had an ugly history. Elizabeth begged Sam not to let it influence how Sam treated the investigation, but Sam admitted that she couldn't make any promises.

Sam reminded Elizabeth that Franco had drugged Sam, staged her rape, made her husband watch, and made Sam question Danny's paternity. Sam conceded that Franco had denied touching her, but Sam only had his word for it. Elizabeth acknowledged that what Franco had done to Sam had been "monstrous" and admitted that she was deeply sorry that it had happened. Elizabeth knew Sam would always hate Franco because Elizabeth had felt the same way about Tom.

Elizabeth understood Sam's urge to want to punish Franco and protect Alexis, but she wanted Sam to agree that they would be searching only for the truth if they worked together. Sam agreed, so Elizabeth filled her in on what had been uncovered. Sam suggested they start by calling Kiki to get an update on the phone.

A short time later, Dillon and Kiki arrived at the bar. Kiki's smile vanished when she saw Sam emerge from the back room. Dillon was curious why Sam was there, so Elizabeth explained that Sam had agreed to help. Kiki questioned Sam's motives because she knew that Sam despised Franco. Kiki suddenly recalled that Franco had been covering for someone whose family he'd hurt and wondered if Sam knew anything about the mystery woman who had killed Tom. Elizabeth quickly stepped forward to vouch for Sam and turn the focus back to Franco.

Dillon pulled Franco's phone out and quickly rebooted it. Excited, Elizabeth took the phone and quickly figured out the password -- Jake -- but her hopes were dashed when it failed to yield any insight into where Franco was. Kiki thought it was proof that Franco was in trouble. Dillon played devil's advocate by suggesting that Franco had intentionally left, but Sam was certain there was something they were missing. Frustrated, Kiki dropped her purse on the chair. She didn't notice the piece of paper she'd picked up earlier had fallen out.

At Alexis' house, Alexis confronted Julian about Franco's disappearance. She wanted to know if Julian had had anything to do with Franco vanishing and warned him not to lie or evade her question. Julian denied being involved in Franco's disappearance, but Alexis didn't believe him. Julian conceded that she had every right not to trust him, but he pointed out that Franco didn't have any real evidence against Alexis and was far from credible, since he was the prime suspect in Tom's death. Alexis recalled that Julian had assured her that he would take care of everything and pointed out that with Franco gone, the police would consider the case closed and move on.

Julian agreed that Alexis couldn't believe him because of everything he'd done in the past, but she clarified that she knew who he really was and that he'd completely obliterated what they'd once shared. She made it clear that he was only in her home because he'd been blackmailing her. Alexis assured Julian that she would never be taken in by him again, no matter how bad things got for her. Julian admitted that she'd been right to suspect him of doing something to Franco, but Julian promised that his conscience was clear, and she would soon know that he'd always put his family first.

Alexis wondered how Julian could say that with a straight face. Julian admitted that he couldn't elaborate then switched gears to announce that he had to leave to take care of something. He promised her that it had nothing to do with Franco and walked to the door. Alexis was frustrated, but he begged her not to drink. Annoyed, Alexis made it clear that she had no intention of taking another drink. Satisfied, Julian advised her not to call Elizabeth or Kiki to ask about Franco because it would arouse suspicion. Julian promised to fix everything and left.

Alexis grabbed her phone and pulled up Elizabeth's number, but the doorbell rang before she made the call. Alexis set the phone down and went to the door. Diane greeted Alexis with a warm smile, but she noticed that Alexis seemed confused and reminded her friend that Alexis was scheduled to meet with the review board later that evening. Alexis smiled awkwardly and explained that she'd had a lot on her mind. Diane assured Alexis that she understood and offered to help Alexis prepare for the meeting. Alexis tensed when Diane pulled out a bottle of celebratory wine for later.

A short time later, Alexis was dressed for her meeting, but she stopped short when she saw the bottle of wine on the table. She quickly put it in the cabinet but immediately returned to fetch the bottle, a wine opener, and a glass. Alexis set everything on her desk and opened the bottle of wine.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason collapsed. A waitress rushed over to check on him and asked someone to call 9-1-1. Tracy saw the commotion and ran over to ask what had happened. The waitress assured Tracy that Jason was breathing, so Tracy knelt down to check on Jason. She was surprised when she noticed that he had a fever. Jason started to wake up, but he was too weak to sit up. Tracy urged him to rest until the ambulance arrived and offered to call Sam. Jason immediately objected and asked her not to call Sam.

A short time later, Jason was settled in a hospital bed as Monica finished checking his vital signs. Tracy stood nearby and watched. Monica assured Jason that they would get to the bottom of things and promised to give him something to help reduce his fever. Tracy followed Monica into the hallway to find out what was going on with Jason. Monica admitted that she had no idea what was ailing Jason, but she hoped the tests would yield some answers.

Later, Tracy waited at the nurses' station while Monica reviewed Jason's preliminary test results. Tracy was relieved when Monica announced that Jason's life didn't appear to be in danger, but she had no idea what was wrong with him. Tracy suggested calling Sam, but Monica objected because they had no idea if Jason was contagious, and she didn't want Sam exposed. Tracy revealed that she'd questioned the waitress at the restaurant, and she had reported that Jason had seemed fine until he'd had a cup of coffee. Monica couldn't imagine what had triggered the illness.

Meanwhile, Jason woke up and saw Julian seated next to him. Jason was curious if Julian had stopped by to see the results of his work. Julian was unapologetic as he told Jason that he'd used the same stuff on Jason that Julian had used to avoid leaving the hospital when he'd faced an indictment. Jason wondered why Julian had gone through all the trouble, so Julian explained that it had been the only way to get Jason to listen. Julian revealed that Jason had been right about Rudge planting the bomb to kill Julian and to frame Sonny. Jason wanted to know the name of Rudge's boss, but Julian refused to answer and explained that Rudge's boss had also set her sights on Jason, which endangered both Sam and the baby.

Jason demanded to know who Rudge worked for, but Julian needed Jason's help to turn the tables on Rudge and Rudge's boss. Jason wanted answers, but Julian wanted Jason's promise to help. "No," Jason replied. Jason explained that he didn't trust or like Julian. Julian was disappointed, but he warned Jason that Jason wouldn't have any choice because the people who wanted Jason dead were a danger to everyone that Julian and Jason loved. Julian added that their loved ones' lives depended on Jason doing the right thing, and he left.

Elizabeth goes to the police

Elizabeth goes to the police

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Carly arrived at Sonny's place and called out to him as she entered the living room, but she was met with silence. She glanced at Sonny's desk and stopped short when she saw an envelope addressed to Morgan on the top of a stack of mail. Her smile faded as she picked it up and looked at it. Sonny appeared at the top of the stairs and was surprised to see her. He joined her at the desk but noticed the tears swimming in her eyes. Carly explained that she'd seen a letter addressed to Morgan, which was not something that she'd had to deal with before because Morgan hadn't lived with her.

Carly knew it was unrealistic to expect everyone to know that Morgan had passed away, but Sonny empathized. Sonny led her to a cabinet where he kept a stack of Morgan's mail because Sonny hadn't been able to open it. He suggested that he and Carly do it together, so they went to the coffee table and slowly sifted through everything. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she acknowledged that Morgan had been working hard to pull his life together, and she'd failed to tell him how proud she'd been of his accomplishments.

Later, Carly added another bill to a pile for the credit card company. Sonny explained that he'd intended to notify the credit card companies, but it had been too hard, so he'd put it off. Sonny confessed that he still had their son's contact information in his phone. Carly's eyes filled with tears because she hadn't been able to delete Morgan from her phone either. She returned to her task and noticed some alarming charges that Morgan had made right before his death. She showed Sonny a bill for $1500 to a guitar store, $2000 to a sporting goods store, and a charge for a $10,000 first-class ticket to Australia.

Carly was frustrated when she noticed that the last six charges had been to an online gambling site because it had been a clear sign that Morgan had been in trouble. Sonny reminded Carly that they'd done everything possible to help their son by monitoring Morgan's medications and making certain that Morgan went to therapy. Carly knew Sonny was right, but her heart refused to accept it. Carly decided that going through Morgan's mail had been too much for her and announced that she needed to get back to work. Carly assured Sony that she loved him and agreed that they needed each other. She added that she didn't trust anyone the way she trusted him.

At the Floating Rib, Elizabeth suggested the police be enlisted to help find Franco and glanced at Sam as she added that they had to tell them everything they'd uncovered. Sam didn't think it was a good idea. Kiki agreed because Franco was a suspect in Tom's murder, and the police would assume he'd gone on the run. Sam suggested that she and Elizabeth focus on the investigation and promised to keep Kiki in the loop. After Kiki and Dillon went to the bar, Sam asked Elizabeth not to share the theory about Alexis. Elizabeth promised that she didn't want Alexis to get into trouble, but the police didn't have any other viable suspects. Sam begged Elizabeth not to throw Alexis under the bus, but Elizabeth was certain that Alexis had acted in self-defense. Elizabeth left.

At the bar, Kiki and Dillon watched Sam follow Elizabeth out the door. Dillon wondered what was going on between the two women, so Kiki told him that Sam and Elizabeth weren't known to get along, especially if the subject was Franco. Dillon noticed the time and explained that he had to get back to work. Kiki smiled when he invited her to join him.

Later, Kiki and Dillon entered Metro Court Restaurant and sat at the bar. Kiki warned Dillon that it wasn't their first date. He chuckled and joked that he had hoped to lock her up in his storage unit on their first date. Kiki grinned as the two exchanged light banter and flirted. Dillon noticed some sauce on the side of Kiki's lips and wiped it away. Kiki seized the opportunity to kiss him just as Carly arrived and saw the couple kissing. Kiki seemed to sense someone's presence and pulled back. Carly glared at the two and reminded them that they were in a four-star restaurant -- not a mall shop -- so she expected them to keep their public displays of affection to a minimum.

Carly started to walk away, but Dillon was offended and quickly followed Carly to defend Kiki. Kiki stopped Dillon. "I had that coming," Kiki said. However, Kiki wanted Carly to know that Morgan had been Kiki's first love, and Kiki would never forget him. Kiki knew Carly was hurting and assured Carly that she understood if Carly needed to hate her. The anger leeched out of Carly's expression, and her eyes welled up with tears. Carly assured Kiki that she didn't hate her, but Carly hadn't approved of how Kiki had ended things with Morgan.

Carly was curious if Kiki had known that Morgan had returned to online gambling. Surprised, Kiki admitted that she'd had no idea. Carly believed her. Carly confessed that it was difficult to see Kiki move on, but Carly was certain that Morgan would want Kiki to be happy. After Carly left, Dillon hugged Kiki. He assured her that she was a good person. Kiki smiled and told him that she was ready to be happy then added that he made her happy. Dillon kissed Kiki and invited her to Crimson to help with the wedding issue.

In Carly's office, Nelle looked at a framed photograph of Sonny and Carly smiling. Nelle conceded that Carly looked happy, but she questioned whether Carly deserved to be happy or not. Nelle was startled when Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway and greeted her. She returned the photograph to the desk and told Michael that Carly was out. Michael admitted that he'd been looking for Nelle and handed her a glittering gold ice-skate keychain to thank her for helping with Josslyn. Nelle reminded him that she'd merely echoed what he'd said. Michael hoped that Nelle had taken his advice to let go of the bad memories and unburden herself.

Nelle glanced at the picture of Sonny and Carly as Michael's phone chimed. Michael groaned when he looked at the text message and explained that he had to go because Tracy wanted to talk to him about ELQ business. He admitted that his great-aunt was mad because he'd refused to do business with a company that Michael felt had left too large of a carbon footprint. He jokingly wondered if Nelle would still be his friend if he were to lose his job, but she teased him about living with his grandmother.

Moments later, Carly arrived. Nelle's demeanor changed as she updated Carly on a report. Michael sensed something was troubling his mother and asked if she was okay. Nelle decided to give them some privacy, but Carly asked Nelle to stay because she had a quick favor to ask. After Carly made her request and Nelle left, Carly asked if Michael had known that Morgan had been gambling again. Michael was stunned, but he quickly assured his mother that Carly was not to blame for Morgan's manic choices.

Michael offered Carly words of encouragement and reminded her that she was a fierce mother. After they hugged, Carly told Michael about her encounter with Kiki in the restaurant. Carly explained that it had been difficult to see Kiki moving forward, knowing that Morgan wouldn't get the same chance. Michael seized the opportunity to assure his mother that Morgan would want her to move on too. He knew it was difficult because he'd lost both Morgan and Sabrina, but he had hope that things would get better and confided that things had gotten "flirty" with Nelle.

Carly tactfully suggested that Michael had misread Nelle's signals, but he disagreed. Reluctantly, Carly explained that Nelle had been seeing someone and added that the man was married.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny looked at his phone as he debated deleting Morgan's contact information, but he put the phone away when the doorbell rang. It was Nelle. Sonny wondered why she was there, so she explained that Carly had asked her to collect Morgan's mail and take care of everything. Sonny followed Nelle into the living room as he admitted that he was not comfortable with the idea of Nelle taking care of Morgan's mail. Nelle seemed surprised and wondered what he expected her to say to Carly.

Sonny smiled knowingly because he'd heard the anger in Nelle's tone. Nelle denied that she was angry, but Sonny didn't believe her because he was very familiar with the emotion. Nelle became increasingly agitated as they talked, prompting Sonny to notice the spark of rage in her eyes. Nelle insisted that he was wrong, but he didn't believe her and warned her that if she kept fighting it, then it would consume everything she cared about.

In the squad room, Nathan dropped a zip-locked bag on Dante's desk and explained that Maxie had sent Nathan to the restaurant to pick up a piece of their wedding cake because they needed it for their first wedding anniversary. However, the manager had given Nathan the plastic bag with the last scraps of cake and had told him to talk to Dante. Dante revealed there had been a problem between Lulu and Charlotte after Nathan and Maxie had left the reception, and the wedding cake had been a casualty of the situation. Nathan sat down at his desk, but Dante insisted that Nathan return home and enjoy his honeymoon.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth arrived to report that Franco was missing. Dante informed her that there was an arrest warrant out for Franco, but Elizabeth insisted that Franco hadn't killed Tom. Elizabeth revealed that Franco had figured out who had killed Tom, but he'd been reluctant to tell the police because Franco had hurt the person's family too much and had refused to add to the pain. Dante and Nathan were skeptical, but Elizabeth admitted that she had figured out who the killer was. Dante and Nathan asked her who she thought had killed Tom, but she was hesitant to say anything. Dante reminded her that they couldn't arrest someone on her word alone.

Resigned, Elizabeth confessed that Alexis Davis might have killed Tom, but she rushed to add that she believed it had been a case of self-defense because Tom had never been rehabilitated in jail. Dante asked if Elizabeth thought Alexis had been attacked, but Elizabeth advised Dante to ask Alexis. Dante wondered if Elizabeth thought Alexis had harmed Franco, but Elizabeth shook her head and reminded both Dante and Nathan that Julian would protect Alexis at any cost.

After Dante left to question Alexis, Elizabeth asked Nathan if he thought that Franco was dead. Nathan didn't have an answer, but he assured her that they would find Franco. After Elizabeth finished giving her statement, Nathan asked why she was so certain that Franco was innocent, knowing his violent past. Elizabeth explained that she had faith that Franco had changed. "And I know the truth always comes out," she added.

At Alexis' house, Alexis sat behind her desk and stared at the glass of wine as she reminded herself that she had to take her sobriety one minute at a time. She recalled confessing to Julian that she might have stabbed Tom to death and picked up the glass. She inhaled the fragrance of the wine and brought the glass to her lips, but her eyes landed on a picture of her daughters. Determined, Alexis lowered the glass and marched into the kitchen.

Alexis returned to the living room as Sam arrived to warn Alexis that Elizabeth might have gone to the police to share her theory about Alexis' role in Tom's murder. Sam begged Alexis to tell her everything before the police arrived, but Alexis assured her daughter that she hadn't done anything to Franco. Sam questioned if perhaps Julian had taken matters into his own hands, but Alexis surprisingly defended Julian. Alexis explained that she had questioned Julian, and he'd denied any involvement in Franco's disappearance. Outraged, Sam feared that her mother was falling in love with Julian again, but Alexis laughed and made it clear that not only had that ship sailed, but it had also been set on fire and pushed out to sea like a Viking funeral.

Sam pointed out that her father still lived under Alexis' roof, but Alexis argued that he'd blackmailed Alexis. Alexis also reminded Sam that Julian had helped Alexis get sober. Sam scoffed and confronted her mother about the bottle of wine on the desk. Alexis conceded that she'd been tempted and opened up about how close she'd been to drinking the wine until Alexis had seen the pictures of Sam, Molly, and Kristina. Alexis became emotional as she acknowledged that each day would be a struggle, and she still needed to tell Molly and Kristina about the drinking. Relieved, Sam hugged her mother and reminded her that Alexis had a lot of people to lean on.

However, Sam suddenly noticed that she didn't have her phone and realized that she'd left it at the Floating Rib. Sam warned Alexis not to answer the door because it might be the police. After Sam left, Alexis carried the bottle of wine outside. She poured it out as she reminded herself why it was important to remain sober. Alexis was starting to enter the house when Dante walked up and told her that they needed to talk about Tom's murder.

At the Floating Rib, Sam quickly spotted her phone. She picked it up as her eyes landed on the piece of paper on the floor. Sam picked up the paper and unfolded it. Her eyes rounded as she read the cry for help from Franco.

Elizabeth finds herself in danger

Elizabeth finds herself in danger

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hayden and Finn shared a long kiss on the elevator at General Hospital. They decided that it wouldn't look professional if they acted as lovebirds at work, but they agreed on a dinner date. Brad encountered the couple and spoke of the wonderful applications their new treatment drug could perform. He was looking to be included in the bounty. Nearby, Amy looked on and wondered what the trio might be discussing. "Definitely not a love triangle," she said to no one in particular.

After Brad left, Finn and Griffin discussed Finn's back x-rays. Finn noted that his doctor was out of town, and he was in extreme pain. Griffin agreed to write a prescription for ten pain pills, but Finn easily persuaded him to double the amount. Brad was back in time to overhear the exchange.

Later, Amy saw Hayden alone and accosted her with notions of a romantic scenario between Finn and Hayden after their near tragedy. Amy thought that it was just like a movie. Hayden retorted that it was none of Amy's business, but the nurse pressed her for friendship and details, even as Hayden insisted she and Finn were co-workers and friends. Amy explained that she had no life of her own and enjoyed being a cheerleader for others. "Good luck with that," Hayden responded.

Amy suggested that Hayden might be able to share with Tracy Quartermaine instead. "She's right behind you," Hayden yelled. The nurse jumped and turned. "Life's a bitch and so am I," Hayden laughed. Amy implored Hayden to share news, and finally a worn-down Hayden gave in. "There's a little something," she admitted. Amy shrieked and promised to keep it quiet. She would be very discreet. She thought that she and Hayden would be great friends.

The first thing that Amy did upon returning to the nurse's station was to try to include Griffin in the gossip. She told him about the new relationship between Finn and Hayden. Griffin wanted no parts of Amy's news and told her that it was small talk. He observed Finn and Brad deep in conversation.

Brad advised Finn that he was playing a "dangerous game." He had seen Finn con Griffin into giving him a prescription for pain pills. Finn didn't want to discuss it, but Brad continued that he knew that it was difficult to kick an addiction. He would have to report it and also tell Hayden about Finn's dishonesty. Finn knew that he had to listen to Brad's proposal. Brad stated that he wasn't judging Finn, but he wanted the credit and compensation due him for their discovery of the miracle drug.

Alexis stood outside of her house with an empty bottle in hand. She tried to give herself a pep talk in order to not drink. She was surprised and uneasy when Dante arrived to ask her some questions. Alexis tried to tell the cop she was busy, but Dante wondered if Alexis had known Tom Baker. He noted that her name had "come up" in a previous conversation. Alexis was defensive as he asked where she might have been on the night of Tom's murder.

Alexis insisted that she'd been away that night, but she refused to check her calendar. Finally, she advised him that she wouldn't be answering any of his questions, because while her lawyer's license was suspended, she was still a lawyer. She would not represent herself and would wait for Diane before answering. Alexis accused Dante of insulting her with his repeated questions and innuendos. "We're done," she announced and told the cop to leave.

Elizabeth stayed to talk to Nathan in the squad room after Dante left. She was sure that Franco was a changed person and hadn't killed Tom Baker. Seth Baker arrived to demand that Franco be arrested. "He killed my brother," Baker said forcefully. Nathan replied that there was a warrant out for Franco's arrest, but the artist was missing. Seth angrily indicated that Elizabeth had probably stashed the man away.

Seth went on to say that he had read all kinds of stories about Franco in the newspapers, though Nathan quickly assured him that anything that Franco had done in the past had nothing to do with the case. Seth shouted that he wanted Franco locked up, and he stormed away. Elizabeth went after him and stopped him in the hallway. "I want to help," she said.

Seth apologized for the way Tom had treated Elizabeth, but he added that it still wasn't right for Elizabeth's boyfriend to kill Tom. Elizabeth reiterated that Franco was innocent, and she thought that she and Seth could work together. Seth refused and told her that Franco was "guilty as sin."

In the storage unit, Franco tried to get himself up to keep moving. He was cold and hungry. When he moved, the lights were activated, and at least he was no longer in darkness. "Who did this to me?" he wondered. He had no idea how long he'd been there without food, water or heat. He had nothing but boxes of basketball trophies to keep him company, along with a notebook and a pencil stub.

Franco created a sketch of Elizabeth. He muttered that he didn't know if he'd get out, but he'd try to be a better person. He flashed back to one of the many times they'd been together. "I love you," he said. He lay down and closed his eyes, the pencil falling from his hand.

Back at the Floating Rib to retrieve her phone, Sam spotted a paper on the floor. It was Kiki's scrap paper with notes on the search for Franco. Sam flipped it over and saw the note that Franco had written asking for help. She was unable to reach Jason, but quickly summoned Kiki to the bar.

Kiki arrived and was aghast to see that Franco's note was on the back of her scribbles. She told Sam she'd found the paper on the floor outside of Dillon's storage unit. Sam sprung up and announced that she would try to find Franco. She wouldn't let Kiki accompany her, but agreed to Kiki's insistence that she would call the cops if she hadn't heard from Sam after fifteen minutes. Sam explained that she really needed to talk to Franco alone.

Sam got to Dillon's storage unit and looked around. The only thing she could see were lots of other storage units. She called out Franco's name, and she was stunned to hear a weak "In here." Sam was still unable to reach Jason, but she saw a fire extinguisher on a nearby wall. "I'm still here," Franco called. Sam grabbed the extinguisher and began to hit the lock on the door. Finally, it broke open.

Sam assured Franco that she was real. She asked him who had locked him in the unit, but Franco only remembered being hit on the head from behind. "Do you think it could have been Julian?" Sam asked.

Dante returned to the station and informed Nathan that they'd need a search warrant for Alexis' house. She had refused to answer questions or go to the station. She had appeared anxious. Kiki burst into the police station and announced that she thought that Sam had located Franco.

Diane arrived at Alexis' house with some good news, but she noticed that Alexis appeared to be troubled and anxious. Alexis advised her that she didn't want to attend the hearing regarding her lawyer's license because it wouldn't do any good. Diane urged her to relax and try to erase her guilt, fear, and doubt. Diane shared her news. The committee chairman had the flu, and his replacement was on their side. Alexis agreed to meet Diane at the hearing as she had something to do first.

Elizabeth followed Seth home to continue the conversation. He accused her of defending a low-life who had run away. Elizabeth asked how Seth had known about Franco locking Seth in the dog cage. That had been something that the police had not divulged, Elizabeth remarked. Seth replied that Tom had told him in a phone call after he'd escaped. Tom had been panicked and could hardly talk.

Elizabeth wondered if Tom had mentioned that he'd turned the tables on Franco and put him in the cage. Seth wasn't familiar with that, nor with Gene's Branford Roadhouse. Elizabeth insisted that someone else was responsible for Tom's death, but Seth was convinced it was Franco. Elizabeth thought that he should be concerned with justice. Behind Elizabeth sat a table-top of basketball trophies.

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