General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 2, 2017 on GH

Anna recovered an important memory. Jason and Curtis learned that Rudge answered to a woman. Franco discovered that Alexis had been one of the last people to see Tom alive. Sonny and Carly made love and agreed to take things slowly.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 2, 2017 on GH
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Due to the extended New Year holiday, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, and picked up where the Thursday, December 29, 2016, episode concluded.

Thank you for visiting over the past 12 months and for sharing your love of all things soap. Here's wishing you a very happy year ahead.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

At Metro Court, Valentin opened a door to a suite. Nina smiled with delight when she saw long-stemmed red roses on the bed and asked when he'd had the time to arrange everything. Valentin carried his new bride over the threshold and kissed her passionately. After the kiss, Valentin poured them each a glass of Champagne and toasted to his "unexpected bride." Nina grinned and asked if he'd been married before. Valentin admitted that she was his first and -- hopefully -- only bride.

Nina joined her husband on the sofa as she opened up about her past two marriages. She told him the first time she'd been young and foolish, and the second time she'd simply been foolish. Valentin smiled and suggested that the third time would be the charm. Nina assured him that they'd done the right thing for themselves and for Charlotte. Valentin agreed and kissed his wife. After the kiss, Nina snuggled next to Valentin as they talked about Lulu. Nina doubted Lulu would be pleased about the wedding because Lulu refused to share custody of Charlotte.

Valentin seemed pleased when Nina suggested that Lulu deserved to lose custody of Charlotte because Lulu unfairly hoped to cut Valentin out of his daughter's life. Valentin agreed, but he admitted that he preferred not to spend their wedding night talking about Lulu, and he made love to his wife.

Later, Valentin invited Nina to join him in the shower, but she declined and reminded him that he'd promised her a night out to celebrate their wedding and the New Year. After Valentin disappeared into the bathroom, Nina picked up their clothes, but she tensed when she saw a gun tucked between the folds of his jacket. A short time later, Valentin emerged from the bathroom and found his new bride waiting. Nina had changed back into her gown as she confronted Valentin about the gun. Valentin acknowledged that he hadn't lived a "blameless" life, but he assured Nina that he had a license to carry the gun and would do everything possible to protect his wife and daughter. Valentin admitted that he'd never let his guard down for anyone -- except Nina. Nina melted in his arms as he kissed her lovingly.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu asked Dante to document that they had survived 2016. Dante took her phone and snapped a picture of them both smiling for the camera. Lulu grabbed the phone to look at the picture, but her smile fell when she saw a picture of Charlotte. Lulu insisted they had to protect her daughter by getting Charlotte away from Valentin. Dante and Lulu sat at the bar as Lulu grumbled about her disastrous Christmas with Charlotte when she'd given her daughter a gift that Charlotte had already owned. Dante assured his wife that things like that happened.

Lulu smiled and wondered why Dante hadn't left her, since she'd been talking about Charlotte all evening. Dante smiled and told Lulu that she was too beautiful to walk away from. Lulu was grateful for Dante's support, but she reminded him that it was imperative for them to prevail in court because Lulu was concerned about Charlotte's bond with Nina. Lulu promised that she wasn't jealous, but Dante assured her that it would be natural, since Charlotte was Lulu's daughter. Lulu conceded that it had bothered her that Charlotte had been thrilled to spend the holiday with Nina, while Charlotte had treated Lulu like she'd been covered with warts, but Lulu's primary concern was Nina's bond with Valentin.

Lulu revealed that Nina had planned to attend Maxie's wedding with Valentin despite Valentin having kidnapped Maxie. Stunned, Dante wondered what Nina had been thinking, but Lulu explained that Valentin had managed to persuade Nina of his innocence, which meant that Nina completely trusted him. Dante hoped that Nathan would get through to Nina before it was too late, but Lulu had her doubts because Nina seemed to view herself as a mother figure to Charlotte. Dante reluctantly agreed, so Lulu told him about her encounter with Nina in the hallway when Lulu had blurted out her plans to sue for sole custody of Charlotte.

Lulu admitted that she and Nina had exchanged heated words until Robin and Felicia had intervened. Dante advised his wife to stay away from Nina, but Lulu explained that it was unavoidable since Nina and Valentin's relationship gave Nina unlimited access to Charlotte. Dante insisted that it was important for Lulu to be careful because she was about to enter a custody fight, but Lulu wondered why she should be concerned about Nina when Lulu's battle was with Valentin. According to Lulu, Nina was merely an outsider. Dante shifted gears to suggest they head home and check in on their son.

Lulu and Dante turned to leave, but they bumped into Valentin and Nina. Valentin invited Dante and Lulu to join him and Nina for a celebratory drink, but Dante declined. Valentin was disappointed because he and Nina had some news to share. Nina grinned as Valentin announced that he and Nina had gotten married earlier in the evening. Lulu immediately accused Valentin of manipulating Nina and the situation to his advantage because of their impending court hearing, but Nina informed Lulu that Nina had proposed marriage. Valentin tried to taunt Lulu by claiming that it would do Charlotte good to have Nina in her life, but Dante and Lulu were disgusted and left.

Nearby, Sam called her mother, but she ended the call when Alexis' voicemail picked up. Sam admitted that she was concerned because it wasn't like Alexis not to return her calls. Sam was also eager to question Alexis about Winston Rudge, so Jason suggested that he and Sam stop by to check on Alexis.

At Alexis' house, Julian entered the living room and saw Alexis passed out on the sofa with a nearly empty of bottle of vodka on the table. His gaze drifted to Alexis' phone when he heard it buzz. It was Sam, but he let the call go to voicemail and called out to Alexis. Julian urged Alexis to wake up and go to bed, but Alexis remained asleep until Sam knocked on the front door and threatened to use her key. Alexis bolted upright as Julian quickly ducked out of sight. Alexis managed to run to the door and open it before Sam used the key to let herself in. Sam immediately asked if Alexis was okay, but Alexis explained that she'd been asleep because it was well past midnight.

Sam explained that she and Jason needed to talk to Alexis, but Alexis asked if it could wait until the morning because she was tired. Sam complained that she'd tried to call her mother, but Alexis explained that she'd put her phone on vibrate. Sam insisted that it was an urgent matter and pushed past Alexis. Sam assured her mother that she was glad that Alexis had been preparing for the meeting with the ethics board, but Sam had been concerned about Alexis when Alexis had failed to return Sam's calls. Sam's concerns quickly turned to suspicion when she asked if her mother had been drinking.

Alexis admitted that she'd gotten drunk because it had been a "crap" year, and she'd wanted to forget about it. Alexis added that she'd passed out, but didn't regret it. Sam didn't blame Alexis, so Jason changed the subject to ask what Alexis knew about Winston Rudge. Alexis had no idea who Rudge was until she was shown a picture. Alexis immediately recognized Rudge and told Sam and Jason that Rudge had stopped by looking for Julian because he hadn't realized that Julian and Alexis had been divorced. According to Alexis the man had claimed to work with Julian -- not for Julian.

Alexis was surprised when Jason revealed that he'd known about Rudge's visit because Jason had had the man followed. Alexis was curious what was going on, but Sam preferred to wait to fill her mother in because Jason and Sam didn't have all the information. Sam promised to get in touch with Alexis in the morning, but Jason asked Alexis to call if Rudge dropped by again. Alexis agreed.

Julian stepped out of the shadows after he heard the door close behind his daughter. Alexis immediately demanded to know what was going on and who Rudge was, but Julian remained tightlipped. Alexis decided that she didn't care and warned him to keep Rudge out of her home. Alexis picked up her phone and pulled on her boots, but Julian wanted to know where she was going. Alexis claimed that she needed fresh air, but Julian saw through the lie and begged her not to go to a bar. Julian promised to tell Alexis everything, but she wasn't in the mood for his lies and stormed out.

Julian called Rudge, but the calls went to voicemail. Frustrated, Julian sent Rudge a text message explaining that they needed to talk about Jason and Sam because they had been asking questions. "We know," Rudge replied in a text message. "We understand the situation and will take care of it, " Rudge added. Alarmed, Julian asked what that meant and what Rudge intended to do.

Meanwhile, Alexis sat at a bar and ordered a drink. The bartender warned her to take it easy because he didn't want any more trouble from her. Alexis had no idea what he was talking about, but he informed her that he'd almost kicked her out the last time she'd been there. Alexis denied it and reminded him that she hadn't been in the bar since November. The bartender disagreed because she had stiffed him for the bill on December 21, 2016. He added that she'd also played with the small Christmas tree on the bar.

Alexis had a sudden flashback to clicking her glass against an ornament on the tree then Tom approaching her at the bar. "We meet again," Tom had said with a smirk.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason and Sam sat down and discussed their visit with Alexis. Sam was worried about her mother because she'd been able to smell the alcohol on Alexis' breath. Jason realized that Sam didn't think that Alexis' drinking had been an isolated incident. Sam was frustrated because her father continued to be a problem for her mother. Jason suggested that Rudge had paid Alexis a visit to send a message to Julian, but Sam wondered how that would work. Jason reminded her that the evidence had led them to Rudge, but he conceded that he had no idea how Rudge and Julian were connected to Morgan's death.

Sam thought it was obvious that her father was at least partly responsible for Morgan's death. Jason admitted that Alexis' story hadn't added up because it hadn't made sense that Rudge hadn't known about Julian and Alexis' divorce if Rudge and Julian had been working together.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth curled up on the sofa with a blanket, a glass of wine, and an electronic reader, but the quiet was shattered when someone knocked on the door. It was Franco insisting that they talk. Elizabeth admitted that she knew why he was there, but it didn't matter because she had recognized the knife used to kill Tom. Franco acknowledged that the police had recovered his knife, but he was adamant that Tom had taken it when Tom had left the studio. Elizabeth corrected Franco by claiming that Tom had escaped, but Franco assured her that he'd already released Tom, and Tom had been free to leave.

However, Franco explained that his DNA and fingerprints would be found on the knife because he'd used it frequently. Franco was certain that the police would assume that he'd killed Tom, but all that mattered to him was what Elizabeth believed. She explained that she didn't know what to think after what he'd told her about luring Tom to the studio and locking him up in a metal dog crate. Franco insisted there was a big difference between falsely imprisoning someone and murder. He conceded that there had been a time when he'd have enjoyed killing Tom, but Franco had had a life-altering experience after Tom had turned the tables on him.

Franco promised that he'd never try to hunt Tom down and kill him, but Elizabeth wanted to know more about Franco's life-altering experience. Franco and Elizabeth sat on the sofa as Franco opened up about the visions he'd had when Tom had knocked him unconscious. Franco admitted that he'd been told what he'd needed to hear, and he'd been forced to reconcile who he'd become since his brain tumor had been removed. Franco promised Elizabeth that all his terrible impulses were gone, but he acknowledged that he hadn't been a particularly good person.

Franco explained that everything had changed after his dream because he'd wanted to be a better person for Elizabeth and to tell her how he really felt about her, but she admitted that she already knew -- he loved her. Elizabeth reminded Franco that he'd declared his love for her at the police station, so he quickly assured her that it was true and that his visits with the "ghosts of Franco past, present, and future" had taught him that when someone loved a person the way he loved Elizabeth, it was important to be honest.

Franco needed to know if Elizabeth believed that he'd killed Tom. She quickly assured him that she didn't think he'd murdered Tom, but it had been a lot for her to process because of what he'd done to Tom after the abduction. Franco was disappointed that he wouldn't have enough time to show her how he'd changed because he'd ironically end up going to jail for a crime he hadn't committed. Franco confided that a week earlier, he would have tricked Elizabeth and her boys into going on vacation with him when in reality he'd have been on the run from the law.

Franco realized that it was time for him to face reality, but he admitted that it was scary because it might cost him the best thing that had ever happened to him. Elizabeth was startled when Franco suggested that they put some distance between themselves until the police found the real killer. Elizabeth was curious if that was what Franco really wanted, but he shook his head. He admitted that he wasn't the type of person to pray, but he prayed that things would work out between him and Elizabeth and that the police would one day find out what had really happened to Tom.

At Greystone Manor, Carly pulled back from Sonny's kiss and announced that she had to go. Sonny asked what was wrong, but she insisted that she shouldn't be there. Confused, Sonny wondered why she had stopped by. Carly admitted that she would have regretted not spending New Year's Eve with him if she'd been hit by a bus, but she realized that her odds of getting hit by a bus were slim, and Sonny would still be the same man he'd always been. Carly knew that nothing would ever change, and she refused to risk losing someone she loved because of Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny acknowledged that nothing had changed and that she would leave in the morning, but he'd hoped to have one night with her because they belonged together and he loved her.

Carly assured Sonny that she loved him, too, so Sonny asked her to put her fears and reservations aside and tell him what she really wanted. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she quietly told him that she wanted to stay. Sonny gently removed her coat and kissed her. Things quickly heated up as they retreated to his bedroom and made love.

Later, Carly confessed that she had never imagined that she and Sonny would find their way back to each other. Sonny told Carly that he was glad she had stayed, but she admitted that Sonny had Michael, Sam, and even Nelle to thank because they had each encouraged her to give Sonny a chance. Sonny tensed at the mention of Nelle's name, but Carly didn't seem to notice as she cuddled next to him in bed. Sonny confessed that he had something to tell Carly.

Sonny explained that he hadn't been able to see past the pain when Morgan had died, and he hadn't blamed Carly for turning away from him, but he regretted that his actions had kept them apart when they had needed each other. Carly knew she had punished Sonny, and she apologized. He insisted that she had nothing to be sorry for because it had been a terrible time, and they'd each said and done things they shouldn't have.

Carly insisted that all that mattered was that she and Sonny had each other. After they shared a tender kiss, Carly curled up next to Sonny and started to drift off to sleep, but he wanted to know what would happen in the morning. Carly told him that she loved him, but she hadn't made any decisions. Sonny assured her that he was satisfied that she'd given him the night.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

At Metro Court, Nina snuggled next to Valentin in bed as he wrapped up a phone call with Charlotte by promising his daughter a surprise when he arrived home. After the call, Valentin told his new bride that Charlotte was eager to know what the surprise was. Nina admitted that she was excited to be a part of Charlotte's life, but Valentin noticed that Nina's smile had dimmed. Nina explained that a part of her worried that Charlotte might not be happy Nina was her stepmother. Valentin laughed and reminded Nina that Charlotte adored her, but Nina argued that things might be different because their roles had changed.

Nina reminded Valentin that Claudette was the only mother that Charlotte had known, and Charlotte loved Claudette. Nina promised to stand by Valentin's side when he went to court to fight Lulu for custody of his daughter, but Nina wondered what would happen if Claudette showed up. Valentin assured Nina that it wouldn't be a problem, and he climbed out of bed. Later, Nina was dressed and seated on the sofa when Valentin entered the room as he finished getting dressed. Nina wondered how Valentin could be certain that Claudette would not return, so Valentin pointed out that Claudette hadn't once reached out to him since he'd taken custody of Charlotte, and she had no legal claim because Claudette wasn't Charlotte's biological mother.

Satisfied, Nina shifted gears by reminding Valentin that it was imperative for them to show a united front when they went to court. However, she warned him that their fun, romantic, and spontaneous wedding might not scream stability for a child. She held up her hand as she reminded him that she had a ribbon for a ring and no wedding pictures. Valentin offered to remedy that by hiring someone to paint a family portrait, but Nina had something more practical in mind and pulled out her phone to take a picture of them. Valentin and Nina held up their hands to show their unconventional wedding bands and smiled as Nina snapped the picture. Valentin was pleased with the results, prompting Nina to ask if it made up for the picture he'd lost. Valentin's smile didn't waver as he assured her that the picture didn't matter because he still had the memory to hold onto.

At Crimson, Nathan tried to persuade Maxie to return home and rest, but she refused. Nathan assured her that Nina wouldn't mind because Maxie was sick, but Maxie argued that she'd spend the day remembering that they weren't married. Nathan and Maxie talked about their failed New Year's Eve wedding and Maxie's cold. Nathan assured Maxie that she had looked beautiful despite being sick, but she playfully accused him of being biased. Nathan smiled and thanked Maxie for her understanding when he'd told her that he and Claudette were still legally married. Maxie didn't blame Nathan, but she was furious at Claudette because she suspected that Claudette had intended to use the information to inflict damage on everyone.

Nathan and Maxie decided to look up what their options were. Maxie found something online that confirmed that Nathan could divorce Claudette without Claudette's consent if he posted a notice in the newspaper and waited three weeks. Nathan acknowledged that it wasn't a long time, but Maxie was disappointed because they shouldn't have to wait to get married. Moments later, Nina arrived for work and immediately berated Maxie for being at work instead of in bed. Maxie was spared a longer lecture when a delivery of flowers arrived. Maxie assumed the flowers were for her because the card had been addressed to, "My beautiful bride." Maxie thanked Nathan for the thoughtful gift, but he confessed that he hadn't sent the flowers.

Nathan and Maxie were startled when Nina cleared her throat and quietly revealed that the flowers were for her. Nathan and Maxie followed Nina to her office as she asked them to hear her out before saying anything. Nina told Nathan and Maxie how she and Valentin had shown up at the church and had been told that the wedding had been canceled. Nina smiled wistfully as she revealed that she and Valentin had decided to take advantage of the beautiful setting and the priest by pulling some strings and getting married. Nathan was shocked as Nina happily showed off her wedding ring made of ribbon.

Nathan promised to call Diane and get the marriage annulled, but Nina made it clear that she intended to remain married to Valentin. Nathan accused Valentin of coercing Nina, but she insisted that she'd proposed to Valentin. Nina became defensive as she assured her brother that it had been the sanest thing she'd ever done and added that she and Valentin were good for each other -- and they were good for Charlotte. Maxie quickly reminded Nina that Nina was not Charlotte's mother, but Nina became agitated, especially when Maxie decided to call Lulu. Nathan remained behind to talk sense into his sister, but Nina resented Nathan's lack of support and respect for her decisions.

Nathan promised that he respected Nina, but he worried that Nina was blind to Valentin's true nature and that she'd only married Valentin to be a mother to Charlotte. Nina denied it, but Nathan asked if she truly believed that Valentin loved her. Nina scoffed at the notion of love because it had only caused her pain, but she assured Nathan that, in time, she and Valentin would grow to love each other. Nina didn't think there was anything wrong with her wanting to have a family and warned Nathan not to tell her that her marriage had been a mistake. She assured her brother that it had been the smartest decision she'd ever made.

Nina marched into the reception area to grab her flowers. Nathan followed her out, but Nina slammed the door in his face when she returned to her office. Maxie felt bad for Nathan, but he hoped that, in a few days, Nina would realize that she'd made a mistake. He vowed to alert the attorneys but quickly realized that he had his own divorce to handle. Nathan decided to start his search for Claudette by paying her mother a visit. Maxie announced that she would accompany him on the trip.

In Nina's office, Nina muttered to herself as she set the flowers on her desk and picked up a book of baby names. Nina looked up the meaning of Charlotte's name but tossed the book into the garbage because she no longer had to dream about a child she might have because she would be going home that evening "to a child that I have now."

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis approached Diane's table and apologized for running late for their meeting. Diane assured Alexis that it was fine because Diane had been able to order a cocktail and catch up on the news. Diane added that she'd taken the liberty of ordering Alexis a drink too. Alexis looked at the drink with relish until her eyes strayed to Diane's electronic tablet, which was opened to a news article about Tom Baker's murder. Alexis tensed as she recalled running into Tom at a bar. Diane sensed that something was troubling Alexis and asked if Alexis was okay. "No, I'm not," Alexis admitted.

Alexis asked if Tom had been killed on December 21, 2016. Diane confirmed that Tom had been murdered on that date, but she was surprised that Alexis hadn't heard about it sooner because it had been all over the news. Alexis reminded Diane that she'd had other things on her mind. Diane assured Alexis that Tom's death hadn't been a great loss because Tom had done terrible things. Diane changed the subject by discussing Alexis' upcoming hearing with the Bar Association, but she noticed that Alexis seemed distracted and asked what was going on. Alexis seemed reluctant to open up, so Diane reminded Alexis that they were friends.

Alexis confided that she'd had an encounter with Tom on December 21, 2016 -- the night he'd been murdered. Stunned, Diane asked what had happened. Alexis admitted that she had no idea -- but she'd woken up the following morning, alone in her bed. Diane sensed that Alexis was holding back, so Alexis revealed that she'd been upset that night because Kristina had announced that she had found an apartment. According to Alexis, she'd gone to a bar to drown her sorrows and had met Tom. Diane didn't seem concerned because Alexis had been through a lot and was allowed to go to a bar if she wanted.

Diane promised Alexis that everything would settle down once Alexis went back to work. She warned Alexis to stay away from Julian and to avoid anything that might impact her negatively at the hearing. Alexis assured her friend that she knew what was expected of her then took a long drink of her cocktail.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth saw Franco as he rounded the corner. She quietly said hello, but he ignored the greeting and rushed away. Seconds later, Franco ran into a medical cart. Elizabeth ran over to help him pick up the supplies and assure him that he didn't have to physically stay away from her. "Actually, I do," Franco told her. He knew that she was uncomfortable with everything he'd done to Tom. Before Elizabeth could reply, Tom's brother walked up and demanded to know why Tom's killer was out of jail. Elizabeth denied that Franco had killed Tom, but Seth accused Elizabeth of being blinded to who Franco really was.

Moments later, Liesl walked up and ordered Seth to lower his voice. Liesl sent Elizabeth back to work and questioned Seth about his outburst. Seth insisted that Franco had killed Tom and had left him in an alley to die, but Liesl asked if Seth had any proof if that. Seth admitted that he didn't, but he told Liesl that several people had witnessed a violent altercation between Franco and Tom. Seth warned Franco and Liesl that he'd talked to the police and had made certain they knew everything Franco had done.

After Seth left, Liesl asked why Seth had accused Franco of killing Tom. Franco reluctantly admitted that he'd done more than track Tom's movements through a GPS in his phone -- Franco had stalked him. Liesl hustled Franco to a quiet corner to question Franco further, but he assured her that he hadn't killed Tom. However, he acknowledged the evidence would suggest otherwise, and he had no idea how to clear his name. Liesl advised Franco to find Tom's killer.

In Hayden's hospital room, Hayden was grateful when Finn arrived with a bag of food because she had not been impressed with what the hospital had to offer. As she dug into the bag and eagerly asked when she could leave the hospital, Finn smiled. He admitted that he'd been waiting for Elizabeth to deliver the latest test results. He hoped everything would check out and Hayden could leave later that day. Delighted, Hayden asked about his own blood work. Finn assured her that he expected equally good news when the test results were in.

Moments later, Elizabeth arrived with the test results. Finn quickly scanned them and told Hayden that everything looked good. Hayden was relieved because it meant that Finn could finally stop using "Zen-Zen." Startled, Elizabeth asked if Finn had been taking Zekenestrol, but Hayden quickly defended him by explaining that it had been the only treatment for Blackwood's Syndrome. Elizabeth relaxed when Hayden added that Finn no longer needed the treatment.

After Elizabeth left, Hayden confessed that she looked forward to getting out of the hospital. Finn was curious where she wanted to go, so she suggested they pick up some crickets for Roxy and return to his suite to order dinner and relax. Finn smiled and promised to return shortly. He stepped in the hallway, but stumbled as a wave of weakness washed over him. Finn slid to the floor and breathed heavily as he tried not to be seen. A short time later, Finn slipped into a quiet room and rolled up his sleeve as he prepared to plunge a syringe into his arm.

At the nurses' station, Liesl told Elizabeth that she hoped Elizabeth was happy because Franco was determined to prove himself worthy of Elizabeth. Elizabeth knew that Franco wanted to change, but she wondered if Liesl thought it was possible. "Do you?" Liesl asked.

Meanwhile, Franco entered Gene's and approached the bartender. Franco explained that he needed information and dropped some money on the bar. Franco showed the bartender a photo of Tom and asked who Tom had been talking to on December 21st. At the door, Alexis froze in her tracks when she saw Franco questioning the bartender.

In Andre's office, Andre closed the mini blinds as Anna sat on a chaise longue. Andre turned off the light as he told her about the process of hypnosis. He explained that he would help lead her to a relaxing place where her subconscious mind would let down its barriers so she could experience whatever her conscious mind had experienced. Anna relaxed and told him that she wanted to remember what had happened at the World Security Bureau and how Valentin knew her. Andre reminded Anna that she could stop the process at any time then softly asked her to close her eyes and concentrate on her breathing.

Eventually, Anna recalled walking down a hallway at the WSB and hearing someone whistle. She talked about seeing a door at the end of the hallway with a ray of light shining under the door. Andre gently guided her to the door and asked her to open it, but Anna bolted upright when her vision filled with a bright light. Anna was shaken by the experience as Andre fetched her some water and asked if she was okay. Anna admitted that she couldn't remember what she'd seen when she'd opened the door, but Andre assured her that it was fine because it meant that she wasn't ready to face it. Andre advised Anna to return for another session, but Anna wanted Andre to put her under hypnosis again because she needed answers.

Andre advised Anna against it, but Anna insisted that she could feel the answer was just out of reach, and she would remember. She begged him to help her. Andre relented and agreed to put her back in a hypnotic state. Anna recalled winding her watch as she walked down the hallway and heard the whistling as she approached the door. Once again, Anna's vision ended when she opened the door and saw a bright light. However, she revealed that she recalled more of what had happened because she'd dropped her watch and seen the face with the time and date. Anna revealed that the watch had stopped at 11:05 on October 29th -- her birthday.

In Valentin's hotel suite, Valentin whistled a familiar tune as he armed himself with a gun. Valentin picked up his phone and decided to put Nina's fears to rest about Claudette being a problem by deleting Claudette's contact information from his phone.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

At Alexis' house, Julian carried a large box filled with empty liquor bottles to the front door as his sister arrived and asked if it was safe to enter. Julian assured Ava that it was fine, so Ava sauntered in and grumbled about Alexis. Julian reminded his sister that he loved Alexis, prompting her to ask where the "hit-and-run driver" was. "Out," Julian answered, but Ava smiled knowingly and conceded that it was happy hour somewhere. Ava's gaze slid to the empty bottles, and she wondered if they were from the previous week -- or the previous night.

Julian explained that he'd emptied all the liquor bottles in the house because he was determined to help Alexis sober up. Ava laughed and begged to be present when he told Alexis that he'd dumped all the liquor out. Julian reminded Ava that it was a serious situation and Alexis needed help, but Ava knew it was more than that -- Julian wanted to save Alexis. Julian admitted that someone had to, but Ava was curious if he'd talked to Alexis' daughters and friends. Julian insisted that it had to stay between them, but Ava warned him that he'd be enabling Alexis by helping to hide the problem.

Julian refused to allow anything to jeopardize Alexis' chances of getting her law license reinstated. Ava remained adamant that it was a bad decision because if running Julian down while driving drunk hadn't been rock bottom for Alexis, then Ava shuddered to think what life-destroying thing Alexis might do next. Julian promised that he had everything under control, but Ava suspected that her brother hoped Alexis would be grateful that he'd saved her from an alcohol-soaked life and forgive him for trying to kill his wife. Frustrated, Julian blurted out that it was never supposed to have happened like that. He started to say more but quickly caught himself and clammed up.

Intrigued, Ava recalled visiting Julian in the hospital after the hit-and-run and Julian telling her that he hadn't returned to the mob because of her. Ava wondered if he'd told the truth and if there might be another reason that he'd held a knife to his wife's throat. Julian appeared to struggle with what to say, but he ultimately conceded that it had all been on him. Moments later, Sam called to ask to meet with him, so he agreed to have Ava drive him to Metro Court.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle left Carly a voicemail message to let her boss know that everything had been handled. After she ended the call, she saw Michael seated at the bar. "Happy New Year -- again," Michael said with a smile then asked if she'd seen his mother. Nelle returned the greeting and revealed that Carly was "M.I.A." Surprised, Michael admitted that he hoped his mother had found someone to spend New Year's Eve with. Nelle knew he'd meant Sonny and returned his smile. "Fingers crossed," she replied as she sifted through some receipts.

Michael suggested that perhaps Nelle had given Carly the nudge his mother had needed. Nelle conceded that it was possible, but she urged him not to get his hopes up. Michael refused to take her advice because 2016 had been the worst year of his life, and he needed 2017 to be better. He admitted that his parents' reconciliation would be a good start. Nelle told Michael that if he wanted something to happen, then he needed to do more than hope. Michael laughed as he recalled a time that he and Morgan had locked Sonny and Carly in a room to make them get back together, but he had no idea if the stunt had worked. Nelle admitted that if she wanted something, then she worked at it.

Michael and Nelle's conversation turned to their New Year's resolutions. Nelle wanted to learn chess. Michael insisted that she needed to have fun playing the game and offered to teach her. Nelle agreed, and the two shook hands.

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room and inhaled the fragrant scents of food. Sonny emerged from the kitchen with a tray laden with Carly's favorite foods. He set it on the coffee table as he invited her to join him for brunch. Stunned, Carly wondered what time it was. Sonny admitted that he'd let her sleep in, but he assured her that he'd called Olivia to make certain Carly was covered at work. Carly smiled and joined Sonny on the sofa as she picked up something to eat and confessed that she hadn't slept that soundly in a long time. Her smile faltered as Sonny nodded in understanding because he knew her lack of sleep had been due to her grief over losing their son.

Carly continued to nibble on the food as she changed the subject by suggesting she and Sonny discuss what had happened between them. Sonny admitted that he wanted Carly to stay and be his wife, but he was curious what she wanted. Carly confessed that she wasn't sure and revealed that she thought it had all been a dream when she'd woken up earlier. Sonny wondered if that was good or bad. She assured him that she didn't think their night together had been a mistake, but she was desperate to do the right thing for both them and their children. Carly insisted that they couldn't jump back into their marriage if the ground beneath them wasn't solid.

Sonny had a sudden flashback to waking up in bed next to Nelle. He pushed the memory away and told Carly that he agreed. Carly acknowledged that it had been hard for her to mourn Morgan alone because she had needed Sonny. However, it wasn't easy for her to move back in with Sonny because if they moved forward and he broke her trust again, then she would never be able to return from that. Carly made it clear that she would be done with him. Sonny assured Carly that it would not happen.

Shortly after Carly left, Michael arrived with a bag of food from Metro Court Restaurant. Michael suggested that he and Sonny have lunch together, but Sonny admitted that he'd already eaten. Michael noticed the spread on the coffee table and quickly realized that Sonny hadn't had brunch with Max. Sonny smiled and confirmed that Carly had been his guest. Michael was curious if Carly had spent the night, but Sonny evaded the question by asking about Michael's New Year's Eve with Nelle.

Michael assured his father that Nelle was just a friend because Michael wasn't ready to get involved with someone. Sonny was relieved because he worried that it would be a big mistake to have a rebound relationship with Nelle. Michael agreed, but he admitted that it had been nice to ring in the New Year with her because there was something about Nelle.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle was surprised when Carly arrived for work. Carly explained that New Year's Day was one of the busiest days of the year, and she had felt guilty leaving all the work to Olivia and Nelle. Nelle assured Carly that everything had been well in hand and asked about Carly's evening. Carly smiled and confided that she'd spent New Year's Eve with Sonny. Nelle smiled with delight and congratulated Carly on the breakthrough. Carly admitted that she thought she and Sonny had a chance at making things work.

However, Carly wanted to hear about Michael and Nelle's New Year's Eve. Nelle told her that it had been nice, but Carly admitted that it was clear that Nelle and Michael got along very well. Nelle insisted that she and Michael were just friends, but Carly assured Nelle that she wouldn't mind if Nelle and Michael wanted more. Nelle appreciated Carly's support, but Nelle revealed that she was not available because Nelle had someone in her life.

Meanwhile, Sam went to a soup kitchen where Jason and Curtis were feeding homeless people. Sam admitted that she'd never expected to see Jason working in a soup kitchen. Curtis explained that he was teaching his friend to pay it forward. Jason smiled and acknowledged that despite being there for another reason, the experience had made him realize that he and Sam should volunteer more often. Sam agreed and grabbed an apron to help serve food.

As Jason, Sam, and Curtis worked, Sam asked them about the man they were looking for. Curtis revealed that the dishwasher had identified the man on the surveillance tape as a homeless person named "Buzz." Curtis added that no one had seen Buzz since the bombing, so it was possible that he'd left town to hide from Sonny, but Jason believed there was a chance that Buzz would make an appearance at the soup kitchen. Sam wondered if there were any other updates. Jason explained that he'd talked to Spinelli about translating the Chinese letters on the model ship that Jason had taken from the pawnshop. Sam was curious if they'd learned anything new about Rudge. Curtis shook his head because he'd been following Rudge.

According to Curtis, Rudge went to work, home, and then back to work -- he didn't drink or go to the gym. Sam realized there was only one person left to talk to, and she decided to call her father. She quickly made arrangements to meet Julian and ended the call. Jason insisted on going with Sam, but she assured him that she would be safe because they were meeting in a public place. She added that Julian would be less cooperative if Jason was present. Curtis agreed, so Jason reluctantly agreed to stay with Curtis.

A short time later, Julian greeted Sam and asked about the baby. Sam made it clear that she had no intention of talking about her baby. "Delightful as always," Ava snidely said. Julian warned Ava to drop it, so Ava excused herself and walked away. Julian apologized for his sister's outburst, but Sam decided to cut to the chase and questioned him about Rudge. Julian recalled Jason and Sam stopping by Alexis' house the previous evening to ask about Julian's connection to the pawnshop owner.

Julian confirmed that he knew Rudge, but he claimed that their working relationship was limited to a few purchases of unique items that passed through Rudge's pawnshop. Sam easily saw through the lie, but Julian knew about Jason and Sam's investigation and asked her to back off. Sam resented being told what to do, but Julian was curious what made Sam think that he would plant a bomb in his own car. Sam remained silent, so Julian explained that someone wanted him dead, and he feared that they might be planning another attack. Julian begged Sam to leave things alone for her sake and the baby's.

Sam blasted Julian for playing the family card, but Julian assured his daughter that he loved her. Julian warned Sam that the deeper she dug, the more danger she and the baby would be in, so he implored her to drop the investigation.

A short time later, Ava approached the table, looking for Julian, but Sam admitted that he'd taken a cab home. Annoyed, Ava turned to leave, but Sam asked her aunt to wait because Sam wanted to know how Julian had been doing. Ava acknowledged that physical therapy had helped and that he would soon be free of the cane, but Sam's expression made it clear that she didn't want a health update. Resigned, Ava sat down and told Sam that Julian believed that he could somehow repair his relationships with Alexis and his children and win them back. "Crazy, huh?" Ava asked.

At Gene's Branford Roadhouse, Franco questioned the bartender about the night Tom Baker had died and who Tom had been with. Alexis huddled near the jukebox as she eavesdropped on Franco's conversation with the bartender. The bartender remained reluctant to talk unless Franco offered more money. Franco opened his wallet and gave the bartender all the money he had. Satisfied, the bartender confirmed that Tom had been in the bar on the evening of December 21st then mentioned that Tom had been in the company of a woman with a fondness for vodka. Intrigued, Franco questioned the bartender about the woman.

Alexis stood in the corner as she recalled Tom approaching her at the bar on the night in question. Nearby, the bartender told Franco that Tom had tried to hit on the woman at the bar, but she had shot him down and had left. Alexis remembered how Tom had tried to suggest that they had unfinished business, but she had rebuffed his advances because she knew who he was and what he'd done. Meanwhile, the bartender told Franco that Tom had stayed to nurse his bruised ego after the mystery woman had left.

Franco suspected that the bartender knew the woman's identity, but the bartender explained that he made a point of not getting to know his customers' names to make conversations like the one he and Franco were having easier. Plus, the bartender explained that he saw a parade of sad, lonely, washed-up people every night, so the woman was just one of many. Alexis quickly ducked through a door as Franco asked the bartender to call if he remembered anything else. The bartender warned Franco that Franco would need more money.

After Franco left, Alexis approached the bartender. He immediately recognized her and offered her vodka on the rocks. Alexis thought he hadn't recalled who she was, but he smiled and admitted that he'd lied. The bartender confirmed that he knew who she was and that she'd been with Tom on the night Tom had died. Alexis claimed that she had no idea what the bartender was talking about, but he knew it was a lie because he'd seen her at the jukebox and had noticed her reaction when he'd talked to Franco.

Alexis claimed that the details of the night she'd bumped into Tom were fuzzy, but the bartender didn't believe her and reminded her that he'd covered for her. Alexis thanked the man, but she pointed out that it hadn't been necessary because she'd left the bar well before Tom had. The bartender chuckled because they both knew that was untrue. Alexis carefully tried to determine what the bartender knew, but he was cleverly evasive. Alexis denied that she'd seen Tom after she'd left, but the bartender disagreed.

Alexis suddenly recalled walking out as the bartender had yelled at her that she hadn't paid her bill. According to the bartender, Tom had offered to fetch Alexis and had followed her out. The bartender was certain that Tom had caught up to her, since she'd been drunk and stumbling. Alexis remembered stopping to catch her breath and Tom approaching her. The bartender informed her that Tom had never returned, so Alexis owed him for both her and Tom's tabs. Alexis slapped down some money, including a tip, and turned to leave, but she stopped short when she saw Franco blocking her exit. "Thirsty much?" Franco asked.

Franco questioned why Alexis was at the bar, but she claimed that she'd gotten lost and assured him that she'd never been there before. Franco didn't believe her and continued to question her, but Alexis became defensive and stormed out of the bar. Franco approached the bar and picked up her drink -- certain it was vodka.

A short time later, Franco called his father to ask Scott to meet him at Gene's Branford Roadhouse. Franco confirmed that it was where Tom had been killed, but he explained it was a good place to start their journey to prove Franco's innocence.

Meanwhile, Alexis arrived home and had a sudden flashback of Tom trying to get her to go to a motel with him. Alexis had tried to pull out of his grip, but she quickly pushed the memory away and looked for a drink. She became desperate when her search proved futile. Moments later, Julian arrived home. Alexis immediately demanded to know where the vodka was, so Julian showed her the box of empty bottles.

At the soup kitchen, Buzz asked if it was too late to get some food. Jason and Curtis immediately recognized the man, but Buzz became uncomfortable when Jason tried to question him. Curtis attempted to gain Buzz's trust by posing as a priest and suggesting they talk while Jason fetched a bowl of soup. Jason didn't bother with the pretense of working in a soup kitchen and stood nearby, staring intently at Buzz. Buzz realized that he'd been duped and decided to leave, so Curtis forced Buzz to sit back down and explained that they needed answers about the murder of Morgan Corinthos.

Buzz was reluctant to talk, but Jason strongly advised Buzz to cooperate because it was in Buzz's best interest. Resigned, Buzz revealed that he'd been tricked into planting a bomb by a man who had paid him $50 to plant what the man had claimed was a tracking device under a car. Curtis showed Buzz a picture of Julian, but Buzz denied that Julian had been the man who had paid him. Jason showed Buzz a picture of Rudge, whom Buzz immediately identified as the person he'd talked to. However, Buzz revealed that Rudge had not been in charge.

Buzz explained that he'd gone to confront Rudge at the pawnshop when he'd learned the truth about the bomb. However, Rudge hadn't been alone -- he'd been with his boss. Jason was startled when Buzz revealed that Rudge's boss had been a woman.

Friday, January 6, 2016

Due to ABC News coverage of the shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, General Hospital was preempted nationally. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 9, 2017, and picked up where the Thursday, January 5, 2016 episode concluded.

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