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Valentin petitioned for custody of Charlotte and won. Jax and Carly kissed. Elizabeth's rapist sought her out to apologize. Bobbie was certain that Nelle had an agenda.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 14, 2016 on GH
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Sonny Confesses to Morgan's Murder Sonny Confesses to Morgan's Murder

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sonny stood in front of the congregation and informed everyone that no one could blame him for Morgan's death more than he blamed himself. Morgan deserved peace, and Sonny believed that he could give Morgan peace the only way he knew how. He took out his gun to the horror of the mourners. He talked about how much potential Morgan had had, but he'd had no chance to make anything of himself because of Sonny. He announced that he was responsible for Morgan's death.

Jordan stood and asked Sonny if he'd just confessed to causing Morgan's death. Jason approached Sonny and told him not to say anything else. Ignoring everyone else, Sonny addressed Carly. He remembered promising her that he'd put an end to the violence, and he tearfully apologized for breaking his promise. He addressed Michael and instructed him to stop feeling guilty about failing to protect Morgan, as that had been Sonny's job. Sonny wept that he would give anything to trade places with Morgan, but he could only take responsibility for his actions.

Sonny continued that he would be sorry for the rest of his life, and he would do everything he could to atone. He put the gun down and said that he wouldn't need it where he was going. He held his hands out and instructed Dante to "do what needs to be done." Jordan assured Sonny that she wouldn't arrest him on the day of his son's funeral, but she would take him to the station for questioning. Jason begged Sonny not to say anything, but Jordan demanded that Jason stop interfering in an investigation. Dante picked up Sonny's gun and left the church with Jordan and Sonny.

"What's done is done," Carly stated. Nelle offered to call the hotel to cancel the reception, and Bobbie wanted to get Carly home. Carly commented that she'd wanted justice for Morgan, but what had just happened hadn't necessarily been what she'd had in mind. Nelle called the hotel and gave instructions for what to do with the food while Bobbie wondered what Michael thought of Nelle. Michael thought she'd been great and supportive for Carly.

Nelle assured Michael that she'd canceled the reception. He thanked Nelle as Bobbie scoffed and walked away, confusing both Nelle and Michael. Michael commended Nelle for going "above and beyond" for his family. She admitted that she'd heard Sonny talking the previous day and had been under the impression that Sonny had planned to leave town, not confess. Michael related how much of a "tailspin" Sonny had left everyone's lives in.

Kiki wanted to leave, and Dillon offered to keep her company. She wanted time to herself to say goodbye to Morgan on her own. She promised to talk to him later. He squeezed her hand in support, and she left.

Carly expressed her disbelief to Jax that Sonny had confessed. Jax thought Sonny had done the right thing, but Carly wasn't so sure. She commented on how his children were losing a father, and she was horrified at the possibility of Ava getting full custody of Avery. Jax thought that Sonny was finally taking the first steps to really protect his family.

Andre approached the casket to pay his respects, and Carly was surprised to see him there. Andre told her that, although he couldn't explain what had happened with Morgan's medication, he wanted to honor all the good work he believed he and Morgan had done together. He turned to leave, but Carly stopped him. She told him about the journal and asked to talk to him about it. He agreed and left.

Out in the hall, Nelle opened Sonny's envelope for Carly and began to read the letter. She quickly stuffed it in her purse when Michael approached. She suggested that they take all the flowers from the reception to Carly's house. Michael thanked her for supporting Carly.

Outside the church, Jax asked if Carly was ready to go. She didn't want to leave, because it would be the beginning of her life without Morgan. Jax offered to take her home to Josslyn. He urged her to be strong and sad he knew that she would do anything for her children. They left.

Scott met with Ava and wondered why she was wearing black. She admitted that she'd been entertaining the idea of going to Morgan's funeral. However, she believed it would only be a matter of time before Sonny and Carly found out about her tampering with Morgan's medication. She told Scott about her encounter with Lucy, and he only instructed her to "lay low" until she could get out of the country. Ava begged Scott to get the bottle of pills from Lucy instead.

Scott wondered what was in it for him. "Name your price," Ava offered. Scott whipped out his phone and called Lucy. He told her that he wanted to catch up, so he would pick up some Champagne and caviar and "swing by" her place. He told her to slip on "something comfortable" and hung up. He promised to have the pills by the end of the evening.

Ava wondered what the terms of the deal were, suggesting that alone time with Lucy was enough for Scott. While Scott enjoyed his time with Lucy, he felt bad for taking advantage of her in order to do Ava's "dirty work." He told Ava that she owed him a favor, and he left.

A short while later, Ava arrived at the church in disguise and stood in front of Morgan's casket.

As Laura unlocked the front door of Wyndemere, she thanked Finn for updating her on Hayden's stable condition. She walked into the house, and Valentin was right behind her, citing the fact that he had no keys. She assured him that she would be out of the house before the end of the day. He wanted to extend an "olive branch" to her. "I think you know what you can do with that olive branch," she shot back. "Fair enough," he said. He welcomed her to stay if she changed her mind.

Valentin figured that, whether or not Laura stayed, Wyndemere would be "adequate" for himself and Charlotte. There was a knock on the door, and Kevin was shocked when Valentin opened the door. After learning that Valentin lived at the castle, he entered the house and made sure that Laura was all right. She briefly explained Valentin's new living arrangements. Valentin assured her that, even if she no longer lived there, they would always be connected through family, and he left.

Laura jokingly asked Kevin if he wanted to help her pack. She informed him that she would be staying with Dante and Lulu for a while. Kevin offered for her to stay in the extra room in his house. She graciously declined, explaining that sharing a space wouldn't be the best idea after recently restarting their relationship. He commented that it had been worth it to take a bullet for her, and they shared a kiss. Just then, they were interrupted by the front door slamming. Lulu entered the living room, and a concerned Laura asked if everything was all right. "Far from it," Lulu replied.

A few minutes later, Lulu and Laura were alone, and Lulu hoped she hadn't chased Kevin out. Laura explained Valentin's claim to the Cassadine estate, and she lamented the loss of Spencer's entire inheritance. In the same vein, she wondered if it was all right for her to stay with Lulu and Dante. Lulu remarked on how happy that would make Rocco.

A short while later, Laura returned downstairs with one suitcase and said that she would send for the rest of her things -- or just buy new things. Laura resolved to never return to Wyndemere and hoped the place would "rot." Shocked by Laura's tone, Lulu made sure her mother was all right. Laura told Lulu about Valentin's remark about always being connected because of family. Lulu explained it away as Valentin being related to Laura's son and grandson.

On the phone with Nathan, Nina assured him that she had everything under control, so he could go back to planning his wedding. She hung up the phone and called her brother a "worrier." She knelt down on the floor, and Charlotte told Nina that she wanted to play with paper dolls. Not long after, both had dressed paper dolls.

Valentin entered Nina's office and greeted the "two beautiful ladies." He handed flowers to Nina, who grabbed them and rolled her eyes as Valentin picked Charlotte up. She told him that she was "very busy," and Valentin put Charlotte down so she could play. She wanted to play a game, so Valentin, who hoped to get full-time custody of Charlotte, sat on the floor with her.

A few minutes later, Anna and Griffin entered the office, shocked to see Valentin playing with Charlotte. Anna announced that she and Griffin were taking Charlotte home. Valentin instructed them to take her to Wyndemere, where he lived. Just then, Griffin's phone went off, and it was the DNA test results. He revealed that Valentin was Charlotte's father. Valentin wanted to take his daughter home, but Anna put herself in his way.

Kiki arrived at Perks and was surprised to see Dillon. They talked about how Sonny's confession seemed to have only bad consequences for everyone. Dillon hoped that everyone would be able to move on. Kiki thanked Dillon for being a friend.

At the station, Dante instructed Sonny to call a lawyer, but he refused. Jordan put Sonny into the interrogation room and asked for a word with Dante. She put a cop in front of the door and took Dante aside. Jordan wanted to give Dante the option to "sit out" of Sonny's interrogation. Dante admitted that he wasn't looking forward to it, but he owed it to Morgan to bear witness to why Morgan had died.

"Take a break," someone told the cop manning the interrogation room door, handing the cop money. The cop walked away, and Jason entered the room. He quickly told Sonny that he didn't have a lot of time, so Jason had called Diane to get Sonny out. Sonny made it clear that he intended to make a full confession, plead guilty, and go to jail for the rest of his life, even though it wasn't enough to atone.

Jason informed Sonny that he didn't have all the facts, but Jason was working on it. He revealed that he'd found the broker, and he was about to find out what had really happened the night Morgan had died.

Jason shares life-changing news with Sonny

Jason shares life-changing news with Sonny

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In the squad room, Jordan gave Dante an opportunity to recuse himself from the investigation, but Dante wanted to hear what his father had to say about Morgan's death. Moments later, Diane strolled in and demanded to have a private word with her client. Diane added that any statements that Sonny might have made had been without his counsel present and were therefore inadmissible, but Dante warned Diane that it was too late because Sonny had confessed in a church full of witnesses. Diane argued that whatever Sonny had said was open for interpretation, and she reiterated that she wanted to talk to client.

In the interrogation room, Jason advised Sonny not to talk to the police until Diane arrived, but Sonny insisted that Diane was not needed because his mind was made up. Jason explained that he'd talked to the broker, and Mezzo had confirmed that he'd gotten Sonny's call in time to call off the hit. Sonny was stunned when Jason added that someone else had planted the bomb in Julian's car because Mezzo had intended for Julian to die in a "slip-and-fall." Sonny admitted that it made sense because Sonny had made it clear that he hadn't wanted Julian's death traced back to him. Jason promised to find out who had ordered the hit, but Sonny warned him that it would get messy. Jason didn't care because he was determined to get to the bottom of things.

Moments later, Jordan, Dante, and Diane entered the room. Jordan was furious when she saw Jason, but Diane immediately sprang to Jason's defense by claiming that she'd asked him to meet her at the police station. Jordan threatened to throw Jason in jail for talking to Sonny, but Diane countered that she'd file a string of lawsuits against Jordan and the police department. Eventually, Dante suggested that Jason just leave so they could get on with things. Jason quickly excused himself as Dante followed to ask why Jason had been talking to Sonny, because he suspected that Jason had hoped to cover things up. Jason assured Dante that it was the last thing he wanted.

After Jason left, Dante returned to the interrogation room. Diane reminded Jordan that Sonny had constitutional rights, but Jordan explained that Sonny had already confessed and was at the police station to provide more details. Sonny informed everyone that he had changed his mind and wouldn't say anything else. Dante was outraged because he knew that Jason had talked Sonny out of doing the right thing. Jordan quickly dragged Dante to the squad room for a private word, and she calmly reminded him that Sonny's cooperation wasn't necessary because he'd confessed in front of several witnesses.

In the interrogation room, Diane admitted that it was clear everything had gone as Sonny had originally planned, but he'd obviously had a change of heart at some point. Sonny feared that it had been too late, but Diane asked him to let her be the judge of that and instructed him to tell her everything he'd said at the church. A short time later, Diane assured Sonny that she could easily argue that Sonny had been speaking metaphorically. Sonny and Diane looked up when Jordan and Dante returned. Without preamble, Jordan told Sonny that he was under arrest for Morgan's murder and the attempt on Julian's life.

At Carly's house, Carly's eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Morgan's journal. Moments later, Michael and Nelle arrived and announced that the food for the reception had been donated to a homeless shelter. Carly smiled with gratitude when Nelle offered to leave after she deposited the flowers from the church. Nelle started to walk to the door, but she stopped when she heard Carly and Michael talk about Sonny. She recalled the letter that Sonny had given her and quickly told Carly about it as she pulled it from her purse and handed it to Cary. Carly was curious if Nelle knew what was in the letter.

Nelle recalled reading the letter in church, but she denied having any knowledge about its contents. Carly started to speculate about what Sonny had written, but Michael advised his mother to simply read the letter. Reluctantly, Carly opened the letter and quickly scanned it. Moments later, she explained that Sonny had instructed Diane to divide up his estate among his children and Carly, indicating that Sonny had planned on confessing. Michael grumbled that the money wouldn't change things. Carly agreed and admitted that Sonny had acknowledged as much in the letter.

Furious, Carly tossed the letter into the fireplace because Sonny hadn't considered how his decision would affect the youngest of his children, who would grow up without her father. Carly was livid because it had been selfish of Sonny to leave Avery to be raised by Ava. Michael reminded his mother that Sonny had done what he'd thought was right, but Carly disagreed and accused Sonny of always doing whatever he wanted. Carly reined in her temper and decided to head to the hotel because she didn't want to argue with Michael.

After Carly left, Nelle admitted that it looked like Michael was the only thing holding the family together. Michael and Nelle sat on the floor in front of the fireplace and talked about Michael's need to fix everything. Michael explained that it was what he was good at, but Nelle was curious who fixed things for Michael. She pointed out that he'd buried his brother and needed to take care of himself, but he argued that he couldn't focus on himself when his family was falling apart. Nelle confessed that she'd been skeptical when Josslyn had raved about Michael, but Nelle conceded that he was a pretty great guy. Michael disagreed and reminded Nelle that he hadn't made things better for Carly, but Nelle reached for his hand as she told him to give himself a break.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly asked a server to fetch the manager because Carly wanted the receipts for the past three months. Moments later, Jason walked up and asked to talk to Carly, but she made it clear that she wasn't interested in hearing about Sonny. Jason quickly explained that Sonny hadn't been responsible for Morgan's death because the hit had been called off. He added that the bomb had been planted at someone else's order. Carly wanted to know who had killed her son, but Jason admitted that he didn't have an answer yet.

Jason promised to find Morgan's killer, but he asked Carly to go to Sonny because Sonny was alone at the police station and grieving. Jason added that Carly was the only person who understood Sonny's pain because she'd been dealing with the same tragic loss.

At Crimson, Valentin announced that he intended to leave with his daughter, but Anna and Griffin objected. Nina quickly stepped forward and ushered Charlotte to a quiet corner to keep the child distracted while the adults talked. Anna reminded Valentin that he didn't have custody of Charlotte and added that being a biological parent didn't always guarantee custody, especially when someone had Valentin's criminal history. Valentin reminded Anna that the charges had been dropped, but she argued that he'd bribed his way out of jail.

Anna pointed out that Claudette was Charlotte's mother and that she'd left her daughter in Griffin's care, so Anna intended to make certain that Charlotte stayed with Griffin until a judge ruled otherwise. Furious, Valentin threatened Anna with a lawsuit, but she stood firm. Valentin assured both Anna and Griffin that he loved his daughter, and he agreed to walk away without making a scene for her sake. However, he warned Anna not to question Charlotte or tell his daughter unflattering things about him.

Valentin called Charlotte over and explained that she had to leave with her new friends. Charlotte was disappointed, but Valentin assured her that he loved her and would see her soon. After Anna and Griffin left with Charlotte, Nina closed her office door and quietly acknowledged how hard it had been for Valentin to say goodbye to his daughter. Valentin appreciated the understanding and admitted that Anna and Griffin only wanted to protect his daughter because they thought he was a dangerous criminal. Nina agreed that Valentin was dangerous -- but not to Charlotte because it was clear that the little girl adored him.

Valentin smiled and thanked Nina for keeping Charlotte busy while he'd been talking to Anna and Griffin. Nina's expression softened when he praised her interaction with Charlotte, but her good mood soured when he admitted that he felt sorry for Griffin. Nina revealed that she disliked Griffin because of his affair with Claudette when Claudette had been married to Nathan. Valentin grinned and asked if he could call on Nina as a character witness against Griffin, but she insisted that she didn't want to get involved. Valentin suggested that she had gotten involved when she'd told him about Griffin's past. He walked to the door but stopped to tell her that he recalled her advice in a recent article urging readers to say something when a complimentary thought entered their head about someone because it would brighten the person's day.

Valentin admitted that he'd realized what a great mother Nina would be when he'd seen her with his daughter. Nina was taken aback by the compliment as Valentin threw open the office door and left with a big smile on his face.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Griffin left Charlotte coloring at a table and approached Anna as she wrapped up a call with her friend at Child Services. Anna explained that her friend had agreed that Charlotte could remain with Griffin, but Claudette would have to give written consent for him to keep her indefinitely. Griffin was curious why Anna had been certain that Valentin was Charlotte's father, so she explained that there had to be a reason for Valentin's keen interest in the child. Griffin admitted that it had been painful to learn that he wasn't Charlotte's father. Anna empathized, but she warned him that he needed to push his emotions aside because he had a fight on his hands if he intended to keep Charlotte.

Anna explained that Claudette had abandoned Charlotte from a legal standpoint, so it was up to Griffin to prove that he'd be a better parent than Charlotte's biological father. She wondered if he was prepared for the fight and reminded him that it would be a lifetime commitment. Griffin glanced at Charlotte and conceded that he'd spent years struggling to define his life and trying to decide if he was a priest or a doctor. He revealed that it was the opposite of what he'd been taught, which was to live in the now and accept that God had a plan and it would unfold on His timetable. Griffin explained that if he accepted God's plans, then his only job was to care for and love Charlotte as his own daughter.

Anna smiled with satisfaction and told Griffin that it didn't matter if Valentin had paid to make the charges go away because they were admissible in court, and there had been witnesses when Valentin had shot Kevin. Anna wondered if they could persuade Claudette's mother to testify on Griffin's behalf, but he doubted it, since he'd been the reason that Claudette's marriage had fallen apart. Anna conceded that he had a point and vowed to ramp up her investigation. Anna assured Griffin that no matter what he had done in his past, Valentin had done far worse. Griffin smiled and shifted gears to let her know that it was time to take Charlotte home.

Anna promised to do everything in her power to ensure that Charlotte stayed with Griffin and away from Valentin. She looked at the little girl as she softly told him that Charlotte would teach him that a person didn't have to be blood to be family. Anna smiled and admitted that she considered Griffin a part of her family. She assured him that he had a legion of supporters because her loved ones felt the same as she did about him. Touched, Griffin hugged her.

At the nurses' station, Franco vowed to make Tom Baker regret being paroled. Franco glanced at the piece of paper that he'd scribbled Tom's brother's address on and quickly tucked it behind his back when he saw Elizabeth round the corner. She was surprised to see him because she'd been told that he'd gone home sick. Franco coughed, but Elizabeth saw through the ploy and asked what was going on. Franco debated what to tell her, but she insisted that he tell her the truth. She sensed that something was wrong and wondered if it had anything to do with the piece of paper he'd been holding.

Nearby, Liesl eavesdropped as Franco opted to lie by claiming that he'd intended to surprise Elizabeth with take-out for dinner and spending the evening playing Uno with her and the boys. Elizabeth grinned and told him that she looked forward to it. After Elizabeth returned to work, Liesl walked up and snatched the piece of paper out of Franco's hand. She looked at the address and asked why he was interested in an address in a seedy part of town, but he refused to tell her. Liesl would not be deterred and threatened to show Elizabeth the slip of paper.

Franco reluctantly told Liesl about Tom Baker's parole and that Tom had decided to stay with his brother in Port Charles. Alarmed, Liesl asked what he planned, but Franco assured her that he'd only size Tom up because it was important for Franco to protect Elizabeth. Liesl was disgusted that Franco would risk his job for Elizabeth, but he insisted that Elizabeth was important to him. Liesl urged Franco to reconsider, but he warned her not to make him choose because he'd always pick Elizabeth over Liesl.

Elizabeth walked up and questioned why Franco hadn't left. She was more certain than ever that something was wrong. Liesl confirmed that there was, but Franco silently appealed to Liesl with his eyes not to say anything. Liesl reluctantly backed down and grumbled about the inefficiency at the hospital as she walked away. Confused, Elizabeth wondered what Liesl had been talking about, but Franco changed the subject by promising to see Elizabeth at dinner. After Franco left, Elizabeth decided to have a chat with Liesl.

Liesl bristled at being questioned about Franco and accused Elizabeth of being a "terrible, horrible person." Stunned, Elizabeth glared at Liesl, but Liesl reminded Elizabeth that Liesl had fired her because she'd never been fond of Elizabeth's professional skills. Liesl blasted Elizabeth for being a liar who liked to play the damsel in distress. Liesl insisted that she was onto Elizabeth's passive-aggressive machinations and stormed off. Elizabeth watched with disbelief as Liesl walked away, but her attention quickly landed on a piece of paper that Liesl had dropped.

Elizabeth recognized the scrap of paper that Franco had been holding and quickly picked it up. She was confused when she saw the address and decided to do an Internet search on it. A few minutes later, Elizabeth saw the names of the residents at the address and realized where Franco had gone.

At the Baker residence, Franco acknowledged that Liesl had been right about the house being in a "crummy" part of town. He quietly checked around the dark house then went to the front door and banged on it. A few minutes later, Franco decided that no one was home when his knocks went unanswered. After Franco left, a man in a hooded jacket slipped out of the house.

A short time later, the man returned to the house, carrying a small bag of chips and a drink. He was surprised when he saw a fire in the fireplace and jumped when he noticed Franco sitting in the shadows. The man asked if Franco was a friend of his brother's, but Franco clarified that he was a dear friend of Tom's rape victim. Tom's eyes rounded with fright when Franco mentioned Elizabeth's name.

Alexis meets a man fresh out of prison

Alexis meets a man fresh out of prison

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava was surprised to see Scott and asked if he'd secured Morgan's prescription bottle from Lucy. Scott explained that Lucy had insisted on being wined and dined first, which meant that Ava had to leave before Lucy arrived. Ava objected because she had plans to meet Kiki, but Scott warned Ava that Lucy would become suspicious if she saw Ava. Ava relented because it was imperative that Scott get his hands on the placebo pills, but he told her it was too late -- Lucy had arrived.

Scott quickly approached Lucy and suggested that they go to her apartment, but she refused to be a "booty-call." She insisted on being wooed before deciding whether or not to take him home. Frustrated, Scott explained that Ava was at the restaurant, but Lucy saw Kiki and assured Scott that it would be easy to ignore Ava. Scott continued to pressure Lucy to leave, but she wanted romance and suggested that they start with expensive Champagne.

Scott agreed but quickly resumed his efforts to get Lucy to leave with him. Lucy warned Scott that she was onto him and pulled Morgan's prescription bottle out of her purse. Scott squirmed as she confronted his true motives and accused Ava of putting him up to stealing the pills. Scott explained that he'd just wanted an opportunity to have Ava in his pocket, but Lucy demanded to know if he'd intended to take the pills before or after he'd seduced Lucy. "After," Scott promised.

Outraged, Lucy slapped him. Scott rubbed his face and apologized for making her feel bad. Lucy clarified that she was disappointed and sad because they had history together, but he had chosen Ava over her. Scott denied it, but Lucy was livid and threatened to tell Kiki the truth about Ava and Ava's ongoing affair with Morgan. Scott panicked and desperately begged her not to say anything because Kiki had been through enough. He urged Lucy to imagine their daughter Serena in Kiki's shoes.

Lucy resented Scott trying to make her feel guilty, but Scott turned the tables by accusing Lucy of holding onto the pills for the same reason that he'd wanted them -- to have something on Ava. Scott suggested that he and Lucy join forces because together they could take Ava to the cleaners.

At the bar, Ava admitted that she hadn't wanted Kiki to be alone because Ava knew Morgan's funeral had been hard on Kiki. Kiki conceded that she'd been overwhelmed with feelings of guilt because of what had happened with Dillon, but she also missed Morgan and the way he'd made her feel. Kiki was curious if Ava knew that Morgan's family had filled his coffin with the things he had loved because they hadn't had a body to bury. Ava quietly confessed that she'd been at the church. Kiki was furious, but Ava explained that she had needed closure, too, and rushed to assure Kiki that no one had seen her.

Satisfied, Kiki calmed down and told Ava about Sonny's confession. Ava was stunned, but she conceded that Sonny had done right by Morgan -- unlike Ava.

Across town, Sonny was surprised when he saw Carly approach his jail cell. Carly admitted that she'd been equally surprised that she'd decided to visit him. She revealed that she'd read his letter and knew about the arrangements he'd made with Diane to divide up his estate between his children and Carly to keep the federal government from seizing his assets. Sonny explained that he felt that he'd owed it to their son, so Carly told him that she'd talked to Jason and knew that Sonny hadn't been responsible for the bomb. Sonny admitted that nothing could return their son to them but the truth might provide them with answers.

Carly admitted that she wanted to know everything, including why Morgan's medications hadn't worked despite Morgan's vigilance in taking them. However, she was curious what Sonny intended to do when Jason found the person responsible for planting the bomb that had killed their son. Sonny claimed that he hadn't had time to process everything, but Carly demanded an answer. Sonny became evasive, but Carly refused to back down. Sonny admitted that he knew what Carly wanted him to say, but he couldn't give her that. "Then there's my answer," Carly replied with disgust.

Carly advised Sonny to take a look at where he was and reminded him that up until an hour before, he'd been certain that he'd killed his own son. She wondered if he'd learned anything at all, but he remained stubbornly silent. Carly assured Sonny that she loved him and was glad that he hadn't killed Morgan, but she knew that nothing could stop the violence once it started -- which Sonny seemed intent on doing. Carly decided that it was up to her to do something, and she walked away.

At Carly's house, Nelle wanted to help Michael. He suggested that she could keep him distracted from his brother's death, his father's role in the murder, and the fear that his mother might never forgive his father. Nelle smiled as she was struck with an idea. She invited him to play a board game. Michael was interested in playing chess, but Nelle declined because he was the ultimate strategic thinker. Michael chuckled and accused her of being afraid. Nelle decided to take him up on the challenge.

Later, Michael watched Nelle make a move. "Ouch," he said as she lifted her hand from the game piece. Nelle was curious if he was teasing her or setting her up to lose, but he assured her that he was tempted to rethink his strategy. Nelle suggested that they play poker instead, but Michael revealed that his father owned a casino on his private island, and Jax had taught Michael and Morgan to play poker at an early age. Michael admitted that he suspected that Jax had subtly, but intentionally, thrown many of the games, which Nelle accused Michael of doing with her because he was a genuinely kind person.

Michael returned the compliment because Nelle had helped his family through a difficult time, but Nelle claimed that she hadn't done it out of kindness. She admitted that she'd done what she'd had to justify Carly's faith in her. Michael accused Nelle of not being able to take a compliment. "Pot, kettle," Nelle retorted and reminded him that he'd refused to admit that he was a genius chess player. Michael denied that he was, but he grinned when he moved a chess piece and informed her that he'd won.

Nelle sighed with playful frustration, but Michael invited her to a rematch. Nelle decided against it and confessed that he was too easy to like. However, she added that it would be a mistake for them to get involved because things might get awkward if things went wrong. Michael promised Nelle that he was only interested in friendship. Relieved, Nelle collected her things and announced that she would pick up a book about chess on her way home because she wanted to be prepared for their next game.

Meanwhile, Jax and Alexis entered a roadhouse to grab a drink. Alexis thanked Jax for the long drive and scenic view because it had given her a chance to clear her head. Jax and Alexis settled at a table and ordered drinks. After the bartender delivered the drinks to the table, Alexis took a long swig of her drink. Jax raised his eyebrow as she lowered the cocktail. She sheepishly apologized, but Jax smiled and toasted to their enduring friendship.

Alexis opened up to Jax about her feelings of guilt because she felt partially responsible for Morgan's tragic death. Jax disagreed, but Alexis argued that she'd set everything in motion by turning a blind eye to who Julian really was despite knowing that he'd ordered the hit on Duke. Jax empathized because he knew that sometimes the choices people made in the name of love returned to haunt them. Alexis sensed that he was speaking from experience and asked if he wanted to talk about it. Jax admitted that he did because he couldn't talk to anyone else.

Jax revealed that he'd done something that had the potential to ruin Carly's life and confided about his desperation when Josslyn had been sick and in need of a kidney. Jax admitted that he'd been willing to do anything and had turned to the black market. Alexis was horrified by what Nelle's parents had done and asked if Carly knew about Jax's role in the illegal organ donation. Jax doubted that Carly knew, but he worried that Nelle might have an inkling. Alexis advised Jax to be honest with Carly because she was certain that Carly would understand, but Jax was afraid to risk it.

Alexis suspected that Jax hadn't told her everything. Jax explained that he couldn't and changed the subject by suggesting they head back to Port Charles. Jax was surprised when Alexis opted to stay, but she insisted that she had to make a few calls and reminded him that she was a big girl. After Jax reluctantly left, Alexis ordered another drink.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth looked up the address on the slip of paper that Liesl had dropped. She was shocked when she realized who lived at the address and quickly called Franco. Elizabeth was frustrated when his voicemail picked up. She told him that she knew where he'd gone and begged him not to do anything to Tom Baker because she didn't want Franco to end up in jail. Elizabeth warned Franco that she would go to the house and face Tom if necessary, so she begged Franco to call her back.

Elizabeth quickly collected her things and made her way to the elevator as she called Franco again. Her frustration mounted when his voicemail picked up, but she left him another message. Elizabeth's phone beeped, prompting her to end the voicemail message and take the other call. She was disappointed when she heard Finn's voice, so she told him that she was in the middle of an emergency. Finn explained that Hayden was in desperate need of antibiotics.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Finn injected himself with a dose of medicine as Hayden slept in a nearby bed. After he put the syringe away, he walked over to check Hayden's monitors. Moments later, Hayden stirred. Finn gently told her to remain still because he didn't want her to dislodge the I.V. Hayden weakly asked where she was, so he explained that she was at the Quartermaine mansion because there had been a problem at the hospital, and Tracy had graciously invited him, Roxy, and Hayden to stay at the house.

Finn promised to take care of Hayden, but she questioned how he got through each day if he felt like she did. Finn credited the injections with easing the misery. Hayden was curious if he'd found a new supplier, but he shook his head. However, he assured her that he hadn't given up hope and promised that she was his priority. Finn ordered Hayden to rest, but she wanted to know what had transpired at the hospital. Finn refused to go into detail, but he revealed that he had quit. Alarmed, Hayden asked how he intended to treat her if he didn't have access to the hospital.

A short time later, Finn returned to Hayden's bedside to assure her that he would do everything in his power to manage her illness. Hayden reminded him that she was dying, but their conversation was cut short when she saw Elizabeth standing in the doorway. Hayden suspected that Elizabeth was delighted about Hayden's prognosis, but Elizabeth wasn't in the mood to bicker with her sister because Elizabeth had risked her job to steal medical supplies for Hayden. Elizabeth studied Hayden and determined that her sister didn't look like she was dying, but Hayden brushed off the comment as a dramatic exaggeration.

Elizabeth knew her sister had been exposed to something in Finn's lab and asked what it was. Finn claimed that he was waiting for the test results, so Elizabeth let the matter drop. Moments later, Franco sent Elizabeth a text message assuring her that it wasn't necessary for her to go to Tom's house because Franco was on his way back to her. Finn noticed how Elizabeth had tensed and asked if everything was okay. Elizabeth put the phone away and assured Hayden that she wished her a speedy recovery. However, Elizabeth advised both Finn and Hayden to be honest the next time they asked someone to do something illegal for them.

After Elizabeth left, Hayden asked Finn what happened next. Finn admitted that he didn't have all the answers, but he vowed that he would not let Hayden die. Hayden smiled sadly as she pointed out that they were in it together.

At the Baker residence, Tom asked if Franco intended to answer the call, but Franco explained that he would rather talk to Tom about Elizabeth. Tom's eyes rounded with fear as Franco asked if Tom remembered the girl that Tom had raped. Franco brandished a fireplace poker as he advanced on Tom, but Tom tried to gain the upper hand by lunging at Franco. Franco quickly overpowered Tom and threw him against the wall.

Franco agreed to let Tom go if Tom promised not to run. Tom nodded, so Franco released his hold on Tom and shoved him onto the sofa. Tom quickly explained that he'd been in jail for extortion, not rape, but Franco assured Tom that he'd done his research and knew exactly why Tom had been in jail. Franco informed Tom that he intended to make certain that Tom paid for raping Elizabeth. Desperate, Tom warned Franco that Tom's brother would soon arrive home and call the police, but Franco refused to back down.

Tom was stunned when Franco introduced himself because Tom had heard about Franco in Pentonville. Tom explained that everyone had talked about the man who had beaten several murder convictions because of a brain tumor defense. Franco claimed that theoretically he'd been cured, but there would always be a tiny part of him that remained a "sadistic freak." Tom disagreed because he believed that everyone could change. Tom pointed to himself as an example of someone who had been rehabilitated. Franco didn't believe Tom, but Tom promised that he was not the same man who had once terrorized Emily and Elizabeth.

Franco remained skeptical, but Tom insisted that he'd done the necessary work to get better. Tom opened up about the abuse he'd suffered at his father's hands and promised that he'd never force himself on a woman again. Franco admitted that he didn't care if any of it was true, but Tom was adamant that he was deeply sorry for what had happened to Elizabeth. Franco rounded the back of the sofa and used the fireplace poker to cut off Tom's air supply by pressing it against his throat. Tom desperately gasped for breath as he promised to stay away from Elizabeth. Franco was curious if anyone at Pentonville had told Tom how Franco had liked to toy with his victims because he enjoyed watching people suffer.

Franco vowed that Tom would beg for Franco to finish him off, but Tom swore on everything he held dear that he had changed and implored Franco to spare his life. Franco slowly increased the pressure on Tom's throat.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth left a voicemail for Brad, explaining that she wanted to know what pathogen had been found in Finn's lab and how dangerous it was. After she ended the call, she saw Franco exit the elevator. Relieved, Elizabeth ran to him. After she hugged him, she demanded to know why he'd paid Tom a visit. Franco explained that he'd made certain that Tom would never go near her again.

At the roadhouse, Alexis was focused on her phone when a man approached the table and set down a drink. Alexis asked him to put it on her tab, but he assured her that it wasn't necessary. "It's on me," Tom Baker added as he sat down and flashed a friendly smile.

Jax confronts Alexis about her drinking

Jax confronts Alexis about her drinking

Thursday, November 17, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle was working behind the bar when Carly arrived for work. Carly revealed that she'd talked to Sonny the previous evening, but Michael walked up before Nelle could question Carly about the visit. Michael greeted both women and smiled when he saw Nelle's book. Nelle confirmed that she had been studying, so Carly asked what Nelle and Michael were talking about. Nelle filled Carly in about the chess match and Michael's victory. Carly chuckled because Michael was almost impossible to beat at board games.

Carly's smile faded when she added that Morgan had never had the patience to play. She pushed back tears and changed the subject by asking to speak to Michael in private. After Carly handed her purse to Nelle, Carly and Michael retreated to a table. Carly admitted that she'd wanted to talk about Sonny, but first she was curious what was going on between Michael and Nelle. Michael insisted that he and Nelle were just friends. Carly was pleased, but she admitted that she wouldn't object if they decided to date. Michael explained that he wasn't ready for more than friendship, and Nelle had made it clear that she wasn't interested.

Behind the bar, Nelle was on the floor, rooting through Carly's purse until she found Carly's wallet. Nelle started to remove a credit card but changed her mind and slid it back into place before returning the wallet to Carly's purse. Seconds later, Nelle pulled out a bundle of cash and started to shove it into her own purse when Bobbie walked up and asked if Nelle had found something interesting in Carly's purse. Nelle started to explain, but Bobbie angrily cut her off and blasted Nelle. Carly and Michael heard the commotion and quickly approached to find out what had happened. Bobbie revealed that she'd caught Nelle stealing from Carly.

Stunned, Carly turned to Nelle for answers. Nelle admitted that Bobbie had seen her taking cash from Carly's purse, but Nelle showed Carly the bundle of money. Carly suddenly smiled and explained that she'd instructed Nelle to deposit the cash receipts. Bobbie's eyes narrowed with skepticism, but she reluctantly conceded that it had been a misunderstanding. Carly decided to speak to her mother in private and dragged her away. Michael apologized to Nelle for his grandmother's accusation, but she assured him that it was fine.

Michael was surprised because he recalled how upset Nelle had been when Jax had accused her of trying to scam money from Carly. He was curious why Bobbie's accusation hadn't bothered Nelle.

Around the corner, Carly insisted that she'd spoken to Nelle the previous evening and had asked her deposit the money in the morning. Bobbie remained skeptical, but agreed to give her daughter the benefit of the doubt. Relieved, Carly asked Bobbie to smooth things over by apologizing to Nelle -- even if Bobbie didn't mean it. Bobbie flatly refused and assured Carly that "sweet Nelle" likely would insist that an apology hadn't been necessary. Confused, Carly asked why her mother disliked Nelle when Nelle had saved Josslyn's life. Carly admitted that Nelle was also a great assistant who knew what Carly wanted even before Carly did.

Bobbie wasn't surprised because Bobbie had noticed the way Nelle always studied Carly as if she were committing her to memory. Bobbie had no idea what Nelle's agenda was, but she was certain that Nelle had one. Carly defended Nelle and shifted gears to ask why Bobbie had stopped by. Bobbie's expression brightened as she told Carly that she'd been offered a job at the hospital. Carly was delighted for her mother and warmly hugged her as Michael and Nelle approached.

Nelle apologized to Bobbie, but Bobbie assured Nelle that it wasn't necessary and returned the apology. After Bobbie left, Michael questioned his grandmother's hostility. Carly explained that Bobbie was overprotective then apologized to Nelle. Nelle expressed concern because things had been awkward between her and Bobbie from the beginning. Nelle wondered if she should write Bobbie a note to clear things up, but Carly advised Nelle against it and promised that things would soon blow over.

After Nelle left to make the deposit, Michael admitted that he couldn't understand why Bobbie disliked Nelle. Carly agreed because Nelle was the last person they needed to worry about.

Meanwhile, Nelle stood in the elevator. "That went well," she said with a secret smile.

At Kelly's, Anna and Griffin sipped on coffee and watched Charlotte color. Griffin was nervous about the court proceedings scheduled for later that morning and questioned how Valentin had managed to quickly petition for a custody hearing. Anna promised that Valentin would need more than biology to prevail. Griffin's expression clouded with sadness when he realized that it might be the last time he saw Charlotte, but Anna assured him that he was wrong. Valentin strolled in and advised Griffin to get used to the idea that Valentin was Charlotte's father then gently asked Charlotte to take her coloring book to the next table so the "grownups" could talk.

After Charlotte scampered away, Anna questioned the timing of Valentin's arrival. He assured both Anna and Griffin that he'd merely stopped by for a cup of coffee. However, Valentin suddenly felt good and decided to treat himself to a pastry. After Valentin walked away -- exchanging a wave with Charlotte along the way -- Anna offered Griffin words of encouragement. She reminded him that Valentin was a mercenary at best and a criminal at worst, unlike Griffin who was a neurosurgeon and a priest. Griffin admitted that he'd postponed his meeting with the bishop until after Charlotte's custody had been decided.

Anna was curious if Griffin was attempting to hedge his bets, but he shook his head and assured her that he was committed to raising Charlotte. However, he had his doubts that the judge would rule in his favor. Anna explained that family court was tasked with acting in the best interest of the child. Moments later, Valentin passed the table on his way out. Griffin and Anna realized the time and quickly gathered their things to get to court with Charlotte.

Later, Anna and Valentin exchanged words as Judge Rawlins entered the conference room. Griffin and Anna sat down next to each other as Valentin took a seat across from the judge. Judge Rawlins and Anna exchanged greetings because they knew each other from Anna's years as the police commissioner. After the rest of the introductions were made, Judge Rawlins informed everyone that her decision would be binding and that she'd make it by the end of the day.

Anna handed the judge a DNA test confirming that Valentin was Charlotte's father, but added that paternity was not in question -- Valentin's fitness as a parent was. Anna provided affidavits, letters, and documents establishing that Claudette had left Charlotte with Griffin because she'd been in fear of Valentin and that Valentin had recently been detained because he had shot Kevin on Cassadine Island. Judge Rawlins was curious where Claudette was, so Anna explained that Charlotte's mother had last been seen boarding a plan bound for Calgary, but she had vanished before disembarking. The judge turned her attention to Griffin to ask if he was committed to raising Charlotte. Griffin vowed to leave the priesthood if she granted him custody of Charlotte because he wanted to do what was right for the child.

Judge Rawlins gave Valentin an opportunity to speak. Valentin quickly discredited Claudette by forcing Griffin to admit that Claudette had lied about Charlotte's paternity twice, including to Griffin. Valentin also claimed that Kevin had been shot by accident when Valentin had mistaken him for a trespasser and had fired a warning shot above Kevin's head. Anna and Griffin were outraged when Valentin added that Kevin had flinched and ended up in the path of the bullet. Griffin blasted Valentin for lying, but the judge decided that she'd heard enough from the adults and announced that she would speak to Charlotte.

A short time later, Judge Rawlins asked if Charlotte knew Valentin and what she called him. Charlotte happily nodded and answered, "Papa." Valentin smiled smugly at Anna and Griffin.

At the roadhouse, Jax thanked the bartender for returning the credit card. Jax admitted that it wasn't like him to forget, but the bartender assured Jax that it happened quite often. As they chatted, the bartender mentioned Alexis and confided that he'd been disappointed to see her leave with another man because he thought Jax and Alexis looked good together. Jax explained that he and Alexis were just friends, but he was curious about the man Alexis had left with. The bartender didn't recall much except that he'd heard Alexis and the man talking about getting a room at the motel across the street.

In a rundown motel room, Alexis slowly peeled her eyes open. She sat up in bed and looked around in confusion. Her clothing was scattered on the floor, so she got up and picked everything up. She slowly approached the bathroom door and heard water running. She got dressed as flashes from the previous night reminded her that she'd gotten drunk with a stranger in the roadhouse. Horrified, she knocked on the door and called out to the person in the bathroom, but no one replied. Alexis desperately tried to recall what had happened, but her memory was foggy.

Resigned, Alexis entered the bathroom. Moments later, she emerged and sat on the bed. "What the hell happened?" she asked herself. She recalled the stranger who'd bought her a drink had suggested they get a room and his confession that he'd had trouble with a loser in Port Charles. Alexis recalled laughing and revealing that she'd been married to a loser.

Alexis also remembered how the stranger had laughed about Franco's name and his surprise when she'd told him that Franco's real name was "Robert." Alexis recalled that the stranger had become nervous when she'd talked about Franco and how he'd made an excuse and fled the bar. Alexis pushed the memory away and sighed with relief that she hadn't slept with the man. Seconds later, someone pounded on the door. Alexis opened the door and was confronted by the motel's manager who demanded to know why her water had been running since 3:00 am.

The manager pushed past Alexis as she told him that she'd fallen asleep with the shower on. She apologized, but the manager entered the bathroom to inspect the damage. Moments later, Jax arrived. Jax expressed his concern about Alexis' decision to remain at the bar and to leave with a stranger. The manager marched out of the bathroom and announced that he'd be charging Alexis' credit card for the considerable damage. After the manager left, Alexis conceded that she'd had too much to drink, but she promised that everything was under control.

Jax pulled out his cell phone and threatened to call Alexis' daughters, but Alexis resented Jax poking his nose in her business. She acknowledged that she'd gotten drunk, but she informed him that she didn't have to answer to anyone about picking someone up in a bar and spending the night with them. However, she assured Jax that she hadn't slept with the man. Jax argued that she hadn't been acting like herself, and it was clear that she'd been spiraling. He promised that he loved her, but he thought she needed some kind of intervention.

Alexis snatched the phone out of Jax's hand and told him that she didn't need an intervention or his judgment. Jax insisted that Alexis was out of control, hanging out in out-of-the-way dive bars so no one in Port Charles would see her getting hammered. Alexis accused Jax of being overly dramatic and reiterated that she would not let him call her daughters because she didn't need them to rescue her. Alexis reminded him that she was responsible for her own choices and promised that she was in full control of her faculties. Jax didn't believe Alexis and suggested that she'd left the water running all night in the bathroom because she'd passed out. He also suspected that she had no idea if she had slept with the stranger.

Jax knew that Alexis was torn up about what had happened with Julian and drank until she blacked out to forget everything. He insisted that her family should know, but Alexis threatened to tell Carly about Jax's role in Josslyn's kidney transplant. Jax was hurt because he'd confided to Alexis in private, but she was unmoved and told him that what had transpired the previous evening was her private business. Jax agreed to keep Alexis' secret, but he was afraid it might compound the damage.

Jax begged Alexis to pull herself together, and he left. Moments later, Alexis' phone chimed with a text message from Diane. Diane revealed that the review board might take a look at Alexis' suspension after the first of the year.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was reading a newspaper article about Tom's parole when Franco walked up. He assured her that she had nothing to worry about because he'd fixed things, but she put the newspaper down and let him know that she was not pleased. She explained that breaking into Tom's brother's house might have landed him in jail, but Franco assured her that no one went to jail for trespassing. Elizabeth wasn't satisfied and demanded to know if Franco had threatened Tom. Franco admitted that he'd spoken the truth through power and made it seem like he still had serial killer tendencies.

Furious, Elizabeth explained that actions mattered, and she ordered Franco to stay away from Tom because she didn't want Tom ruining her life all over again. Elizabeth confessed that she was afraid that Tom might see her as a challenge and go after her because of Franco's actions. Franco was certain that Tom had gotten the message, but Elizabeth was not satisfied. She acknowledged that lying to her about dinner might not seem important, but the lie had been used to cover up a slew of crimes that he'd committed on her behalf. Franco conceded that she had a point.

Relieved, Elizabeth let him know that she expected complete honesty from that point forward. Franco promised that he would never lie to her about anything for any reason again. Elizabeth smiled as she hugged him and assured him that they were good. Franco offered to make up for the dinner they had missed, but Elizabeth suddenly recalled that she'd promised to fetch doughnuts for the morning shift. After she left to take care of the errand, Franco made a phone call to get a recipe for a French dish.

Later, Elizabeth approached Kelly's, and she heard a man call out her name. She turned and immediately tensed when she saw Tom stand up and smile at her.

Valentin Gets Custody of Charlotte

Valentin Gets Custody of Charlotte

Friday, November 18, 2016

At the Metro Court restaurant, Curtis informed Julian that he'd done more "digging" about Oscar Jessup. Julian reminded Curtis that Sonny had confessed to planting the bomb. Curtis clarified that Jason had stopped Sonny from talking. He suspected that Sonny's camp knew more than Curtis did. Julian wanted to hear about "actual results" and got up from the table in anger. Curtis noticed Diane at the next table and sauntered over.

Curtis grabbed Diane's bill and offered to pay it. She happily wondered about the motivation for the "unexpected generosity." Curtis sat down and wanted to talk about Sonny, but Diane had nothing to say, especially since she knew that he was working for Julian. She thanked him for the breakfast and left.

Julian returned, and Curtis thought that something didn't add up about the car bomb. He believed that Oscar Jessup had something to do with it. Julian refused to join Curtis on his "wild goose chase," so he fired Curtis. He wrote a check and told Curtis to "move on." Curtis left as Julian's phone rang, and Julian answered it. "I got rid of him like you asked. I've done everything you've asked for months. Jessup, when does this end? When is enough enough?" Julian said into the phone.

"Hello, Elizabeth," Elizabeth heard as she reached the door of Kelly's. She turned and saw Tom, and she demanded to know if he was following her. He reminded her that he lived in Port Charles, and he told her that they had some "unfinished business." She pulled pepper spray out of her purse and pointed it at him. He promised that he wasn't out to hurt her, and he apologized for any harm he had caused her. She yelled that she was just trying to get on with her life, but he accused her of "sending your boyfriend after me."

"You're lucky he only told you to stay away," Elizabeth told Tom of Franco. He informed her that Franco had actually choked him and threatened his life. He warned Elizabeth that he would go to the police if Franco went near him again. He told her that he wasn't a threat to her. She spat that, free or jailed, alive or dead, Tom would always be a threat to her because of what he'd taken away from her. She ran in the opposite direction.

At the hospital, Sam assured Jason on the phone that her appointment had gone well. She reminded him that they would find out the gender of the baby at the next appointment, so he had to be there.

At the nurses' station, Franco was reading an article on the computer about Tom when an error message popped up. He started banging on the computer in frustration, and an IT worker joked that he wouldn't recommend hitting the computer. Franco told the man the problem and grabbed a copy of the newspaper to continue reading the article. As he walked and read, he ran into Sam, who asked him to forget that she and her family existed.

Franco wanted to apologize to Sam for what had happened in Hawaii. He knew that what he'd done had been "sick, tumor or no tumor." He knew it was a lot to ask, but he hoped that she would one day be able to forgive him. "Go to hell," she told him as she got on the elevator. He swore that he never wanted to be "that guy" ever again. Sam thought he was lying to himself and to Elizabeth.

Later, Elizabeth arrived at the hospital and immediately confronted Franco about choking Tom. She scolded him for lying by omission. He reasoned that he'd only wanted to send Tom a message, but Elizabeth confessed that the action had made her question whether they were going to work as a couple. Franco admitted that he wasn't sorry because he didn't like that Tom upset her. He wondered who'd told her about his threats to Tom. "He did," Elizabeth revealed.

Franco muttered that he'd told Tom to stay away from Elizabeth. Elizabeth refused to let Tom's presence in Port Charles "consume" her, and she wanted Franco to swear that he would let it go as well. She had to get back to work, so she walked away from him. The IT guy from earlier approached Franco and thanked Franco for giving him the heads-up about the Internet problem at the hospital. Hit with an idea, Franco wondered if the IT worker had the capability to break into "the cloud" and track someone's cell phone GPS.

Sonny was asleep in his cell when Carly's voice awoke him. She was there to show him something. She retrieved an urn out of a box and told him that all that was left of Morgan was in the urn. She started to unscrew the lid, but Sonny jumped awake. He saw Jason standing in front of his cell.

Jason revealed to Sonny that he'd found out that the car bomb had had nothing to do with Sonny or his contract. He vowed to find out who'd planted the bomb. Sonny wondered why he kept fighting, since it wouldn't undo Morgan's death. Jason replied that Sonny throwing his life away would help no one. An officer let Jason know that his time was up. However, Jason asked Sonny if he knew who Oscar Jessup was. Sonny replied that the man had done some work for the Jeromes. Jason advised Sonny not to do anything in his arraignment that he couldn't take back, and he left.

A short while later, Diane arrived as Sonny finished putting his suit on. Diane thanked Sonny for giving her "so much wiggle room" in his vague confession at the funeral. She regretted that he seemed "determined to plead guilty." "Not anymore," he stated confidently. She was delighted, but she wondered why he'd changed his mind. "We both want justice," he replied.

Sam and Jason met at Kelly's, and Sam told Jason about her encounter with Franco. She didn't know what Elizabeth was thinking being with him. Sam wondered if Sonny knew who Oscar Jessup was. Jason updated her, and he remembered that the man had called Pete around the time that the bomb had been planted. Sam said that she'd had Spinelli hack into Oscar Jessup's phone records. Just then, her phone rang, and she answered it to Spinelli. A few minutes later, she hung up with Spinelli. She revealed that Oscar Jessup had been dead since 1990.

Jax made breakfast for himself and Josslyn, and he hoped Carly would join them as well. He asked how his daughter was doing. She replied that she missed Morgan, which was hard, but apparently she hadn't been there for the worst part of the funeral. She hopefully asked if Sonny's confession meant that Carly wasn't going back to Sonny. Just then, Carly arrived home, and Jax invited her to eat.

Carly thought it looked like Jax was staying awhile, and Josslyn implored him to stay through "at least Thanksgiving." Carly explained that Jax probably had work and "a life," but he countered that he would stay as long as they needed him to. Carly promised to fix him up at the hotel, but Josslyn thought he should stay at Carly's. Jax scolded her for putting Carly on the spot, but Carly agreed to let him stay there. Josslyn excused herself to finish a book report for school.

Carly admitted that it was "great" having Jax there. He advised her to stop feeling guilty, because Morgan would hate seeing her like that. She didn't know how to get through the hard time, and she leaned on his shoulder. Josslyn caught them in the intimate moment and took the opportunity to ask for help with a question for her homework. The question, about Pride and Prejudice, asked why Elizabeth had fallen in love with Mr. Darcy, even after a bad first impression.

Josslyn answered that, although the two characters fought a lot, the realized that they belonged together because they were their own true selves with each other. Jax suggested a "subtler touch." When she was gone, he joked that she needed to work on her matchmaking. Carly admitted that her time with Jax had been one of the happiest times of her life, and she wished that she'd fought harder for their relationship. The two shared a kiss.

The judge asked Charlotte if she knew Valentin, and Charlotte called him "Papa" and hugged him. Griffin accused Valentin of tricking Charlotte into calling Valentin her father. He implored the judge to leave Charlotte with him like Claudette had intended. Charlotte whispered in Valentin's ear, and he revealed that she'd asked if he was taking her home. Through answering the judge's questions, Charlotte told her that she called Griffin "Daddy" because Claudette had told her to, and she knew Valentin was her father, whom she loved.

When Charlotte was out of the room, Anna produced another file folder that was supposed to prove that Valentin wasn't fit to be a parent. The WSB file revealed that Valentin Cassadine didn't exist before 2011, and there were no records for Theo Hart, his alias, either. She believed that Valentin intended to get custody of Charlotte and disappear. The judge agreed to take the information into consideration, and Anna, Griffin, and Valentin left the judge to deliberate in private.

Anna assured Griffin that the judge would side with them, but Valentin warned them not to be so sure. Griffin thought that he owed it to Claudette to protect Charlotte, but Valentin cryptically revealed that Claudette had "told her last tale." Griffin demanded to know what Valentin had done to Claudette, and he punched the man just as the judge emerged from the room.

Anna, Griffin, and Valentin rejoined the judge, who reassured them that tempers always flared when the cases involved children, and the altercation had not factored into her decision. Despite the "serious allegations" against Valentin, she could see that Charlotte had bonded with Valentin, so there was no reason to keep her away from her father. Griffin lashed out at the decision as Valentin smirked.

The judge continued that there was no evidence of any of Valentin's alleged crimes, so there was nothing she could do. She thanked Charlotte for making her job easy. She ordered Valentin to stay in New York until some questions had been answered. He revealed that he would be staying "indefinitely." Griffin wanted to say goodbye to Charlotte. He promised that he would always be there for her and hugged her.

Anna assumed that Valentin was "pleased." He was happy that his rights had been upheld under the law, which he figured she would appreciate. She advised him to take good care of Charlotte. He spoke to her in another language, and she demanded to know what he'd said. He revealed that he'd told her "open your eyes" in Latin. He told Charlotte that it was time to go home, and they left. Griffin wondered what Valentin had said to Anna. "The last thing I expected," she said, visibly shaken.

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