General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 24, 2016 on GH

Claudette vanished. Valentin surfaced. Robin returned to town. Sonny contemplated suicide. Things heated up between Finn and Hayden. Curtis betrayed Valerie. Franco gave Jordan evidence to clear the hospital's name.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 24, 2016 on GH
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Valentin Catches Up with Claudette Valentin Catches Up with Claudette

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sonny begged Carly to return home, and the two shared a kiss. The doorbell interrupted them, and Carly answered the door to Dante. He entered the house and informed the two that something had been found at the crash scene. He took an evidence bag out of his pocket and held it out to Carly. She recognized it as the jade necklace she'd given to Morgan shortly before he'd died. Sonny wondered if there was any evidence that Morgan could still be alive. "Is that possible?" Carly jumped in.

Dante informed Sonny and Carly that no evidence had been found at all, but every inch of the crash site was being searched. Carly gave Dante the date of Morgan's funeral, and Dante left, but not before promising to "bring whoever killed Morgan to justice." Carly wondered if they should push the funeral date back just in case anything they could actually bury was found.

Kiki entered the house and apologized for Sonny and Carly's loss in addition to the pain she'd caused him before he'd died. Carly wanted an explanation from Kiki. She reluctantly explained that Morgan had been upset because he'd thought that something had been going on between Kiki and Dillon. Carly went off on Kiki for hurting Morgan. Ashamed, Kiki continued that she had planned to break up with Morgan the night he'd died.

Carly yelled at Kiki for abandoning Morgan when he'd needed her the most. She called Kiki a liar and a "pathetic, petty little girl" who hadn't had the "strength, courage, or love" to stand by Morgan. On her way upstairs, Carly demanded that Kiki leave the house. Sonny hugged and comforted a sobbing Kiki.

When Kiki calmed down a little, she swore to Sonny that, while she knew she'd "screwed up," she really had loved Morgan, but Sonny assured her that he knew that. He was grateful that Morgan had gotten to experience love. As Carly hovered from the top of the steps, Sonny told Kiki that Morgan would want her to forgive herself. She thanked him and left.

When Kiki was gone, Carly badmouthed Kiki for taking the "easier" route by leaving Morgan for another guy. Sonny reminded her that Kiki was "a kid," and he knew who Carly was really angry at. "Everyone," she replied. She asked him to leave because she only saw the man who'd killed her son when she looked at him. He sadly left.

Finn told a sleeping Hayden that she looked so beautiful that he hated to have to wake her. "Time to wake up, sleepy girl," he said softly, gently moving the hair off her face. She jolted awake and yelled, "Don't touch me!" Finn backed away and assured her that he wasn't trying to hurt her. She wondered what he was doing there, but he gently reminded her that it was his room and that she'd slept over before. She admitted that it had spun less the last time. He handed her water and aspirin as she wondered how she'd ended up there. He showed her the huge check to remind her.

A short while later, Hayden emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered. Hayden was impressed with herself for getting the check and related that scamming was in her blood. Just then, she remembered that she wasn't actually Raymond Berlin's daughter. She wondered what Finn was going to use the money for. He answered that, while he appreciated the gesture, he couldn't accept the check for fear of her safety from Evan. She assured him that everything would be fine.

Hayden remembered Finn breaking down Evan's door, and she thought it was "awesome." She cringed when she remembered accusing him of wanting to sleep with her. She assured him that he could tell her that he wasn't interested, because she was a "big girl." He admitted that "I am interested. Very interested." However, he thought getting together would be a "horrible idea," since he thought that he wasn't going to be around much longer. She demanded that he use the check to find himself a cure, or they could go to the Bahamas and "live!"

Hayden went off about how being with Finn was a risk, but she liked taking risks. Finn interrupted her by grabbing her, looking into her eyes, and kissing her deeply. "I had you all wrong," she teased, realizing that he liked risks too. "You ain't seen nothing yet," he said, kissing her again and lying her down on the couch.

Anna looked at Valentin's dossier on her phone and related that he looked very familiar. Walking by, Laura overheard Anna talking about Valentin and stopped to talk. Anna introduced Griffin and Charlotte to Laura, and Griffin explained the possible connection of Valentin and Claudette to Laura. Laura warned that Valentin would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Laura's date, Kevin, entered the restaurant, so she congratulated Griffin on his daughter and joined Kevin at a table.

Kevin noticed that Laura seemed preoccupied, and she told him about her conversation about Valentin. She wanted to concentrate on them and their date, and they toasted to that. A few minutes later, Kevin found himself distracted by Valentin. Laura suggested they keep going on dates until they got it "right." She had to remind herself that neither Helena nor Valentin could touch her where they were.

Anna wondered why Valentin seemed so familiar to her. She rattled off all the crimes he'd committed and figured she would have remembered him had she busted him for one of them. Griffin blamed himself for Claudette getting involved with Valentin. Just then, Charlotte slammed her coloring book down and demanded to see her mother. Griffin remarked that Claudette had been upstairs for a while, so he left to check on her.

Taped to the chair in the basement, Maxie couldn't believe the man had left her to die. She reminded herself that she was "the daughter of Frisco and Felicia. I laugh in the face of danger." She eventually succeeded in ripping the tape off her wrists and ankles, and she ran up the stairs, only to find that the door was locked from the outside. She looked around the basement for things to use to either pick the lock, or break the door down. In her search, she found a cell phone, which miraculously had power.

Claudette swore to Nathan that her pristine room had been ransacked the night before, but he still didn't believe her. When he turned to leave, he caught sight of a bracelet on the nightstand, and he recognized it as Maxie's. He demanded to know where Maxie was. He deduced that Maxie had gone looking for Claudette, and whoever had ransacked Claudette's room had found Maxie instead of Claudette.

A few minutes later, Nathan was on the phone with hotel security and demanded to review the footage of all hotel exits from the last eighteen hours. Dante entered Claudette's room and reported that Maxie's car was still in the garage. Nathan's phone rang, and he was shocked to hear Maxie's voice on the other end.

Maxie explained that she was in a basement somewhere, and the door was locked. She'd gotten there in the trunk of the man's car, so she had no idea where she was. She revealed that her kidnapper had broken something so there was gas leaking. He begged for any kind of clue as to where she was, starting with how long the ride there had been. She told him that the drive had been no longer than fifteen minutes. Just then, she remembered hearing the "annoying song" that the local hot dog shop played on repeat. Suddenly, Nathan heard nothing but static on the phone, and Maxie had passed out.

A short while later, Nathan and Dante burst through the basement door. Nathan picked Maxie up and carried her up the stairs and outside. He begged her to open her eyes, and when she finally did, she was happy to see Nathan. Dante left to look for the "perp." Nathan wanted to take her to the hospital, but first, he kissed her.

Claudette was packing when Griffin knocked on the door. She hid her suitcase and let him in. He wondered what had been taking her so long, and she lied that she'd thought someone had been following her, but it had been a false alarm. He informed her that Charlotte had been asking for her. She replied that he was a wonderful father and would take good care of their daughter. He realized that she was planning on leaving Charlotte with Griffin and running away.

Claudette insisted that she had no choice, because Valentin's reach was so long. She believed that Charlotte would be safer with Griffin. He reminded her that Anna was going to help and pleaded with her to stay. She finally gave in and went to get her purse. She asked him to get her phone, and while he was turned around, she hit him over the head with a decoration.

Griffin was passed out on the floor as Claudette gathered her belongings. She started to cry as she looked at Charlotte's teddy bear. She apologized to an unconscious Griffin and asked him to take care of Charlotte. She left the room.

At the restaurant, Anna and Charlotte decided to check on Griffin and Claudette. As Griffin woke up and called security, Anna and Charlotte entered Claudette's room. He explained to Anna what had happened and that Claudette was "skipping town."

Claudette arrived on the plane for Calgary and sat down in relief. She was looking at a picture of Charlotte when she heard a man singing "O Canada." Her eyes widened as she recognized the voice, and Valentin sat down next to her. He said that she was in possession of something she'd stolen from him.

The Blame Game Has Begun

The Blame Game Has Begun

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

by Nel

In Finn's suite, Finn and Hayden were kissing when Tracy knocked at the door. Tracy walked into his suite and saw Hayden in a bathrobe. She said that the previous night's engagement seemed to have taken an unexpected turn. Tracy told Hayden that Finn had become concerned when Hayden had left the restaurant with Evan. Finn admitted he'd gone looking for Hayden. Tracy wanted to know if Finn had hit Evan over the head with a club. Finn explained that Hayden had had a few too many drinks the night before and had wound up sleeping it off in his suite.

Tracy asked Hayden sarcastically if she'd seduced Evan so she could get back into ELQ, with a corner office and executive dining room privileges. Tracy said she would've had more respect for Hayden had Hayden asked Tracy herself. Tracy told Hayden to stop pretending she didn't know Finn had called Tracy on Hayden's behalf.

Finn confirmed he'd called Tracy while Hayden had been asleep, and Hayden wasn't aware of his call to Tracy. Finn said he wanted to ask Tracy to let Hayden back into ELQ because she'd be really good, and Tracy was just letting history get in the way. Hayden felt Finn had made the magnanimous gesture because he was trying to get rid of her. Tracy admitted she'd considered hiring Hayden because Finn had asked her to, but she'd decided she wouldn't hire Hayden to clean her floors. Tracy left.

Finn asked what had just happened. Hayden said Finn had gone to a lot of trouble to get her out of his life, when all he'd had to do was ask. Hayden assured him that she'd be gone as soon as she was dressed. Finn asked Hayden how asking Tracy to give her a job equated to him trying to get rid of her. She said that he was trying to protect her from what could be his early demise by pushing her away in the kindest way possible. Finn said he didn't want to be the cause of her doing reckless things like going to a stranger's room or conning some guy to think he'd had sex with her.

Hayden said she knew Finn liked and wanted her, but he couldn't let himself feel anything for any woman other than his wife. Finn said that he'd watched her sleeping on his couch, and that had been the happiest time for him since his wife had died. He said that maybe for a moment he'd felt he'd betrayed her, and maybe Hayden scared him a little. He explained that he'd called Tracy to give Hayden something better to focus on besides him. He said that when she'd woken up and he'd kissed her, he hadn't been thinking of anyone else but her. Hayden said that his wife was still in the room, so he didn't have to feel anything or give himself to anyone, including her. She walked out.

Franco and Elizabeth went to the police station with the last piece of evidence that would allow the hospital to be reopened. Franco provided Jordan with the evidence that should close the investigation into the attacks at General Hospital. Franco advised Jordan that it was Heather who had attacked Bobbie Spencer and Lucas Jones on the night of the Nurses Ball. Franco handed over a flash drive of Heather's confession that described how and why she'd done it. Franco said once Jordan heard the confession, she'd declare the case closed, and the hospital would reopen.

Jordan listened to the confession and advised Franco that it looked like Heather was culpable. However, Darkham was a super maximum facility, and Jordan had a hard time believing that Heather had escaped, attempted to kill Bobbie and Lucas at General Hospital, and then returned to the facility without anyone noticing. Jordan told Franco that his mother's story proved nothing. Jordan would investigate to see if there had been any way Heather could have committed the attacks, but as it stood, they were still a long way from solving the two attacks.

Elizabeth and Franco advised Jordan they had been gathering evidence. Franco provided Jordan with a copy of a canceled check from his mother's account, made out to Rob Howell, one of the guards at Darkham who had been on duty that night. After the attack, Rob Howell had bought a condominium outside Las Vegas. Franco also provided Jordan with a copy of a rental agreement that indicated that Rob Howell had rented a car for Heather. Franco provided another copy of a canceled check from his mother's account, made out to Billy Burton.

Jordon knew Billy Burton was a lowlife drug dealer. Franco told Jordan that he'd seen Billy before going to the police station, and Billy had confessed that he'd helped Rob Howell. Jordan left to check out the evidence. Franco explained to Elizabeth how he'd gotten Heather to confess without her knowledge. Heather was furious with Franco, but Franco felt that it had needed to be done.

Later, Tracy arrived at the police station and asked Jordan if she'd made any progress in solving the case, because Tracy had to get the hospital opened. Jordan told Tracy they'd found the person responsible, Heather Webber. Tracy wanted to know which detective to thank for finding the evidence. Jordan advised that Franco had provided all the evidence.

Alexis was having a drink on the Haunted Star deck and encountered Sonny. Alexis told him she was so sorry about Morgan. When Sonny went inside, Alexis called Diane to advise that she couldn't get together because she was with her girls. Alexis continued drinking.

Ava was having a drink inside the Haunted Star and looking at Morgan's picture when Scott found her. Scott reminded her about the message she'd left him that she was in a situation from which she might not emerge alive. Ava told him she had good reason to make sure her affairs were in order. Ava told Scott she'd gone to Sonny's to retrieve the medication she'd replaced with the placebos.

Scott praised Ava for covering her tracks. Ava said that it didn't change the fact that she'd killed Morgan. Ava knew she'd tampered with medication that Morgan had needed to stay emotionally stable. Morgan had been acting erratically the night he'd stolen Julian's car because his bipolar condition had not been properly treated. She admitted she'd set the events in motion that had ended up killing Morgan.

Ava knew Sonny would kill her if he found out. Sonny walked up behind her and asked, "Found out what, Ava?" Sonny repeated what Ava had said and asked what she feared him discovering. Scott tried to step in and told Sonny that he and Ava were having a private conversation, but Sonny said the conversation had obviously been about him -- and two days after Morgan had been killed. Sonny wanted to know what Ava knew. Ava said she knew something about Morgan's death she hadn't disclosed to Sonny. Scott told Sonny the only thing Sonny needed to know about Morgan's death was that Sonny was responsible for it.

Ava told Sonny she'd seen Morgan that night at the Floating Rib, and he'd been drinking. Morgan had believed that Kiki had been planning to break up with him. Ava said the bartender had taken Morgan's keys, and it had been obvious that Morgan had been out of control. Ava said she had tried to reason with Morgan and had tried to stop him from leaving, but Morgan had refused to listen to her. A few minutes later, Julian had discovered that his car had been stolen.

Ava said she had been one of the last people to see Morgan before he died. She said she couldn't stop thinking about her part in his death, her culpability, and what she should have done instead of what she had done. Ava told Sonny he wasn't completely to blame for Morgan's death because she'd had a hand in it. Sonny walked away.

Scott told Ava that had been quick thinking on her part. Ava accused Scott of stopping her from going after Morgan that night. She told Scott she'd been worried about Morgan and had tried to go after him, but Scott had stopped her. Scott told Ava not to blame him. She had switched Morgan's meds to ensure that Kiki would break up with Morgan, and she'd succeeded.

Ava made the horrible realization that she'd been the reason Morgan had thought Kiki had been with Dillon. She'd seen Morgan earlier that day at Metro Court, and she'd told Morgan that Kiki had been with Dillon. She hadn't just messed with Morgan's meds; she'd set him up to be jealous. Ava broke down and said she'd only wanted to protect Kiki. Scott comforted her and told Ava she'd have to live with what she'd done. Scott reminded Ava that he was still her friend and her lawyer.

Alexis was on her way to get another drink when Sonny walked out. Sonny told Alexis that the last time he'd seen Morgan, Morgan had been so angry that he hadn't been able to look at Sonny. Sonny asked why he couldn't have told Morgan it had been okay that Morgan had been kicked out of school and that Sonny would always be there for him. Alexis assured Sonny that there was no way Sonny could have known. Sonny said he'd told Morgan he'd been disappointed in him, but Carly had reached out to Morgan. Sonny admitted he'd just yelled at Morgan and let him walk out the door.

Alexis hugged and cried with Sonny. She reminded him how close Morgan had been to Kristina, Molly, and Michael -- and Sonny had been a big part in getting them together. She said that Sonny had given Morgan a good life. Sonny said Carly didn't think he had and told Alexis that Carly had left him. Sonny said that Michael blamed Sonny for Morgan's death, and Dante was trying to find evidence against Sonny to charge him with the crime of killing Morgan. Alexis said that Kristina blamed Julian. Alexis blamed herself. Had she done her job at Julian's trial, none of it would have happened.

Sonny told Alexis that Julian had stopped to see him to offer his condolences and a truce because Julian was afraid Sonny was going to kill him. Alexis said Morgan's death had been a tragedy, and it had stemmed from a lot of circumstances. The blame could be laid at a lot of people's feet. She kissed Sonny on the forehead and left.

As Ava and Scott walked outside, Sonny shouted that Scott was to blame for Morgan's death. Scott said that Sonny had taken Scott's daughter's life, and Sonny deserved to lose his son in return as payback. In the meantime, Ava made a phone call.

At Metro Court, Julian met with Nina about Crimson and thanked her for being one of the few people in town not judging him. Nina asked who had said she wasn't judging him. Nina told him that he'd inflicted nothing but pain on everyone around him. She called him slime and accused him of stealing the fruit basket she had bought to give Sonny and Carly.

Julian defended himself and said the basket had made it to Sonny's. Julian had offered it as an olive branch and a gesture of peace. Nina was surprised he was still breathing. Julian asked if Nina would miss him if Sonny succeeded in killing him. Nina admitted she didn't like Julian, but she didn't wish him dead. She reminded him he'd sabotaged her magazine, not her life.

Julian admitted he'd caused oceans of pain for everyone he loved. He admitted he had a long way to go before he could work his way back to Alexis and his family. Nina said he'd never get Alexis back. Julian said Nina was wrong, and he'd find a way to redeem himself to Alexis and his children. Once he did that, he'd die a happy man.

Nina reminded Julian that he had planned to let Alexis stand trial for a murder Julian had committed, and when that hadn't worked, Julian had tried to kill her. She asked how Julian thought Alexis would forgive him for that. Julian simply stated that Alexis loved him. Nina looked up and told Julian that Alexis didn't look like a woman in love right then. She suggested that Julian be a decent guy and leave Alexis alone; Nina left.

Julian approached Alexis and asked if she knew that the bomb that had killed Morgan had been meant for him. Alexis said the bomb had been meant for Julian for all the wrong he'd done to so many people. Morgan had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was dead because of Julian.

Max met with Jason at Jason's home. Jason advised Max he'd been trying to figure out who Sonny had used to take Julian out. He told Max that he had a name, but so far, the guy had proven to be very hard to find. Jason wondered why the bomb had gone off in Julian's car after Sonny had called off the hit.

Max said that Carly had left Sonny, and Michael hadn't stopped to see Sonny since Morgan's death. Sonny was alone and drinking nonstop. Jason asked if Sonny had been taking his medication. Max said he didn't know because it wasn't his place to ask. He said that Jason had to do it. Jason had to take care of Sonny, or something worse would happen.

Max said it wouldn't be long before Sonny started to smash furniture. Jason needed to stop Sonny before he started spiraling out of control. Jason and Carly were the only people Sonny would listen to, and Carly couldn't stand to be in the same room with Sonny at that moment.

Sam and Danny arrived at home, and Max left. Jason told Sam that he and Max were worried about Sonny. Jason explained how he'd always responded to Sonny's fits of anger. Then Sonny had been diagnosed with bipolar and put on medications that kept Sonny steady -- usually. According to Max, Sonny was spiraling out of control, and Jason didn't know how to stop it. Sam told Jason that he had to try. Jason asked about their plans to move away from Port Charles. Sam said they had to put the plans on hold because Sonny's family needed them, and they had to be there for Sonny.

Sam said she'd never seen Sonny actually break down, but she'd heard it was really bad. This had to be the worst pain Sonny had ever had to deal with because it was his own son. Jason said he had to find Sonny's broker and find out what had gone wrong after Sonny had called off the hit. Jason didn't know what Sonny was going to do or how anyone was going to stop him.

Danny ran into the room with a book, What to Expect When You're Expecting, and asked what it said. Sam and Jason told Danny he was going to be a big brother. Danny thought that was better than getting a puppy and wanted to name the baby Scout. Danny went back to his room, and Jason ended his call. He told Sam that Ava had called to tell him that Sonny was out of control.

At Metro Court, Elizabeth told Franco he was a good man. He'd taken care of her, restored her to health, gotten the hospital reopened, and given back her livelihood. Elizabeth knew who and what Franco was. Elizabeth said that when she had been outside Kelly's, she and Laura had been talking about him. Elizabeth said that Franco had overheard her conversation with Laura, when Elizabeth had told Laura that she was falling for Franco. Franco admitted he'd been eavesdropping and told Elizabeth that he'd fallen for her a long time before. They kissed.

Back at the Haunted Star, Sonny blamed Scott for Morgan's death because Scott had let "that psycho" Julian go free when Scott knew Julian was guilty. Scott said that Morgan was collateral damage in Sonny's fight with the Jerome family, and if Sonny wanted to blame someone, he should look in the mirror. Sonny grabbed Scott around his neck and threatened to kill him.

Sonny sinks further into despair

Sonny sinks further into despair

> Sonny sinks further into despair

Sonny sinks further into despair

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis angrily told Julian that the car bomb had been payback for all the wrongs he'd done, but Morgan had paid the price because he'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Julian insisted that Morgan had been a grown man who'd made a bad decision, but Alexis was adamant that Julian should have died in the explosion. Julian noticed that people were watching and warned Alexis that she was making a scene, but she laughed and asked the patrons if they'd be glad if Julian were gone. Julian glared at Alexis and accused her of being drunk. He reminded her that he hadn't put Morgan behind the wheel of the car nor had he planted the bomb.

However, Julian conceded that things might have been worse because Morgan could have plowed into another car. Julian was unaware that Carly had rounded the corner as he told Alexis that Morgan had been a testament to Sonny and Carly's lousy parenting style and referred to Morgan as a "misbegotten runt." Furious, Carly marched up to Julian, shoved him away from the bar, and punched him in the jaw as she dared him to repeat what he'd said. Alexis smirked as Carly blasted Julian and ultimately threw him out of the restaurant by brandishing a wine bottle. After Carly returned to the bar, Alexis offered her condolences.

Alexis realized that she and Carly had had their differences over the years, but Alexis admitted that seeing Carly had made Alexis realize that she could lose Kristina the same way that Carly had lost Morgan. Carly admitted that the thought of life without Morgan terrified her, but she vowed to find a way to stop Julian. Alexis warned Carly that it wouldn't be easy because Alexis had tried, but the fight had only caused her misery. Carly shrugged because she was already miserable -- and eager for a fight.

In Claudette's hotel suite, Anna helped Griffin pack Charlotte's belongings as Charlotte slept in an adjoining room. Griffin admitted that he was concerned because he had no idea how to care for a child, but Anna assured him that most people felt that way in the beginning. She promised that God hadn't given him more than he could handle and assured him that he'd have the support of his friends, including her. Moments later, someone knocked at the door. It was Maxie and Nathan.

Seething mad, Maxie entered the suite and demanded to talk to Claudette because she wanted answers about the abduction. Griffin and Anna quickly explained that Claudette had skipped town. Anna suspected that Claudette had realized that Valentin had been behind Maxie's disappearance and had tried to draw him away from Charlotte by fleeing. Griffin wondered if it was possible that the man who had abducted Maxie hadn't been working for Valentin. Maxie admitted that the man hadn't identified his employer, but she couldn't imagine who else would be after Claudette.

Nathan and Anna each made phone calls to find out what they could about both Claudette and Valentin's whereabouts. Nathan revealed that Claudette had booked a flight to Calgary and assured everyone that the Canadian police would meet her when the plane landed. Anna promised to have a WSB agent on hand to assist the Canadian police and arrange for Claudette to call Griffin. Nathan assured Griffin that he would do everything in his power to safeguard Charlotte. After Nathan and Maxie left, Anna urged Griffin to get some rest, but Griffin was concerned about Claudette.

Griffin felt bad for thinking harshly of Claudette's maternal instincts because it was clear that she cared deeply about their daughter and was a better mother than he'd given her credit for. He doubted that he could measure up to Claudette and worried about what he'd say when Charlotte asked for her mother. Anna reiterated that she'd make certain that Claudette called him, and she reminded him that Claudette had left Charlotte with him for a reason. Griffin admitted that he hadn't been Claudette's first choice, and she'd only told him about their daughter because Claudette hadn't had any other option. Griffin felt that Charlotte deserved better than a father like him, so Anna wondered if he was prepared to give up his daughter.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie and Nathan sat down for a bite to eat. Nathan wanted Maxie to see a doctor because he worried about her health, but she waved away his concerns and admitted that she didn't wish Claudette harm. Maxie explained that the man who had grabbed her had been dangerous, and Claudette needed to be careful. Moments later, Nathan's phone rang. After he wrapped up the call, he told Maxie that Claudette's plane had landed, but Claudette hadn't been on it.

In the interrogation room, Curtis closed the door as he asked why Jordan had wanted to see him. Jordan didn't mince words as she accused Curtis of working for Sonny, but Curtis remained calm as he reminded her that he was a licensed private investigator and didn't answer to her. Jordan warned Curtis to distance himself from the investigation because he might land in jail alongside Sonny. Curtis assured her that he had no intention of interfering with her investigation, but she argued that Curtis had been doing Sonny's dirty work. She explained that Sonny should turn himself in if he truly wanted justice, but Curtis remained conspicuously silent.

Jordan eyes rounded with disbelief as she realized with horror that Curtis was working for Julian, not Sonny. Curtis became evasive, but Jordan told him there was no point trying to deny it. She demanded to know what evidence Curtis had collected against Sonny, but Curtis refused to tell her. Frustrated, Jordan explained that she was desperately trying to prevent a war between Sonny and Julian's organizations. Curtis explained that Julian didn't want a war -- he wanted Sonny locked up in prison.

Curtis promised to give Jordan a copy of the report as soon as he was finished with the investigation and Julian had authorized it. Jordan implored Curtis to do the right thing and leave Julian out of it, but Curtis refused. He suspected that Jordan resented Curtis being a better investigator than her detectives, but she defended her police department. Curtis shifted gears by asking in a suggestive tone if she was afraid because he'd gotten under her skin. Jordan appeared uncomfortable but sighed with relief when her phone rang. It was Andre.

Jordan explained to Andre that it wasn't a good time to talk and promised to call him back. Nearby, Curtis rolled his eyes in annoyance. After Jordan ended the call, she told Curtis to do Julian's bidding because she was confident that Curtis would mess up like he always did. After Curtis left, Jordan called Andre and apologized for being short with him earlier. Meanwhile, Curtis stood in the squad room as he answered a call from Julian. Julian made it clear that he wanted Sonny linked to the bomb and in jail sooner rather than later.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny and Scott had their hands wrapped around each other's throats as Ava desperately tried to pull Sonny off of Scott. Sonny vowed to kill Scott because he blamed Scott for Morgan's death. Moments later, Jason arrived on the scene and managed to pull the two men apart. Ava held Scott back as Sonny threatened to go after Scott. Scott warned Sonny that Sonny would have dreams of Morgan just like Scott had dreams of Karen. However, Scott dreamed of the child he had lost, while Sonny would dream of the child that Sonny had murdered.

Sonny's temper flared, but Jason dragged him away. After Jason and Sonny left, Ava reminded Scott that it had been dangerous to provoke Sonny because Sonny was grieving. Scott was surprised when Ava revealed that she had been the one to call Jason for help when Sonny and Scott had first traded heated words. Scott wasn't concerned about Sonny, but Ava explained that she couldn't afford for Sonny to take a close look at her or Scott because she feared that Sonny would figure out that she'd had access to Morgan's medications and had tampered with them to put Morgan in a manic state.

Ava insisted that both she and Scott needed to take a step back and play things cool. Scott smiled because he agreed that Sonny didn't need any help self-destructing. After Scott left, Ava's thoughts drifted to Silas, Morgan, and Nikolas. She hoped that all three men were at peace. Moments later, Ava's phone rang. She tensed as she listened to the other end. "Nikolas?" Ava asked.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny entered his office with Jason close on his heels. Sonny ranted about Scott's role in Morgan's death because Scott had successfully defended Julian. Sonny poured himself a drink as he shifted gears and reminded Jason that he'd called off the hit, but he added that the man he'd trusted most had refused to do the job. Surprised, Jason asked if Sonny were suggesting that it was Jason's fault that Morgan had died. Sonny refused to discuss it and told Jason to leave, but Jason stayed and pushed for an answer.

Sonny reminded Jason that Jason had made the decision to stay out of the business even when Sonny had turned to Jason for help. Sonny insisted that Jason could have easily eliminated Julian, but his refusal to carry out the hit had forced Sonny's hand. Sonny continued to drink as he lamented that he could no longer count on Jason. Jason assured Sonny that Sonny had made the best decision under the circumstances, and he promised to find out why the hit hadn't been stopped when Sonny had called it off. Sonny argued that it wouldn't change anything -- or matter -- because everyone had left him.

Jason pointed out that he was still there for Sonny, but Sonny disagreed because Jason had been distant ever since his memory had returned. Jason suspected that Sonny wanted to punish himself by pushing everyone away because he blamed himself for Morgan's death, but Sonny became defensive and coldly ordered Jason to leave because Jason was no longer a friend. Sonny added that he only saw what he'd lost when he looked at Jason and admitted that he'd given up on Jason long before.

Later, Curtis broke into Sonny's locked office. He quietly entered and began to search the office. Curtis was startled when Jason suddenly appeared in the doorway and caught Curtis in the act of opening the desk drawer.

On the footbridge, Nelle called out to Michael. She was curious what he was doing there, so he told her that it was a good place to think. Nelle offered to leave, but he assured her that she could stay because he hadn't found what he'd been looking for -- Morgan. Michael admitted that he and Morgan had visited the bridge when they'd been children. He added that in those days, the bridge had been made of white stone. Nelle recalled reading about the bridge in the ornamental garden gifted to the city by Edwin Rice. Michael was surprised that she'd studied up about Port Charles, but Nelle explained that her joy for research was one of the reasons she wanted to be a teacher.

Satisfied, Michael talked about playing hide-and-seek with Morgan in the nearby woods and what it was like growing up with divorced parents and surrounded by bodyguards. He showed Nelle a key ring with a penguin charm that had once belonged to Morgan. According to Michael, Morgan had loved penguins because they were loyal and always returned to the same nest, and the parent penguins remained together once they made a baby. Nelle smiled because she thought it was sweet.

Michael's expression clouded with sadness as he told her that Morgan had been a nice guy, prompting her to ask how Morgan would feel if he knew that everyone had turned their backs on his father. Nelle admitted that she was concerned because Sonny had been drinking heavily, and the only time he seemed focused was when he spent time with Avery.

Michael explained that he wasn't ready to forgive Sonny because he blamed Sonny for Morgan's death. Nelle assured Michael that he didn't have to forgive Sonny to help his father and advised him to think twice before abandoning Sonny, especially if there was anything worth salvaging with his father. Moments later, Michael's phone rang. It was Alexis. Alexis told him that Carly needed him. After Michael ended the call, he asked Nelle to stay with Avery until Michael could make arrangements for his baby sister.

A short time later, Michael arrived at the restaurant and greeted his mother. He told her about his encounter with Nelle and Nelle's concern for Sonny.

On the footbridge, Sonny was haunted by the last time he'd talked to Morgan and how they had argued. His thoughts drifted to how he'd broken the news to Carly about their son's death and her accusation that he was to blame for Morgan's tragic fate. Sonny's eyes filled with tears of grief as he pulled out a gun and cocked it. "I'm so sorry, Morgan," Sonny said as he looked up at the heavens.

Sonny has a heart-to-heart talk with Robin

Sonny has a heart-to-heart talk with Robin

Thursday, October 27, 2016

In Claudette's hotel room, Griffin insisted that Charlotte deserved better than him and questioned if he was cut out to be a father. Anna pointed out that he could give Charlotte to someone more suitable if he didn't think he could be a good father to his daughter. Griffin was hurt that Anna thought he'd be a lousy father, but she quickly clarified that she hadn't said that. She explained that she had merely wanted him to know what his options were. Anna assured him that it was his decision to make and promised that she would support him regardless of what he chose. Griffin wondered if abandoning his child was something that she could support, but she admitted that it wouldn't be a bad thing to give a child to a loving home.

Griffin was shocked when Anna revealed that she'd once made a similar decision when she'd discovered that she was pregnant with Robin. Anna explained that she'd been forced to hide her pregnancy and had given Robin to a close friend to raise just a few days after Robin's birth. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she told Griffin that she'd only seen Robin a few times a year during the first part of her daughter's life and that Robin had only known her as a family friend that Robin had referred to as "Love." Anna's smile was bittersweet as she told Griffin that "Love" had been Robert's nickname for her. Anna pointed out that her story hadn't been much different from Griffin's because Robert hadn't known about Robin either.

Griffin reminded Anna that her story had had a happy ending, but she explained that it had taken awhile and she would always regret the years that she had missed with her daughter. Griffin continued to question his ability to be a father until Anna warned him that he'd been overthinking things because a person only needed two things to be a good parent -- human instincts and love. She urged Griffin to give it a try just as Charlotte walked out and asked for her mother. Griffin sat down to gently explain that Claudette had left town, but he assured his daughter that her mother loved her. Anna smiled as Griffin offered to tuck Charlotte in bed and read her a story.

A short time later, Griffin reported that Charlotte had fallen asleep. Anna was impressed and praised his success. Griffin decided to contact his bishop to let him know about the latest development and reached into his pocket. He was surprised when he pulled out Claudette's locket and realized that she had likely slid it into his pocket after she had knocked him out. Griffin questioned why she'd give him such a precious item, but Anna reminded him that Claudette had entrusted him with Charlotte. Shortly after Anna left, Griffin studied the locket as he lay in bed.

Moments later, Charlotte crawled into bed with her father and asked him to read Goodnight Moon to her. Charlotte's eyes landed on her mother's locket, which she immediately recognized. Griffin claimed that Claudette had asked him to give it to Charlotte to take care of until Claudette returned. Charlotte beamed as she snuggled up next to Griffin and agreed to let him take care of her.

In the squad room, Jordan and Valerie talked about Valerie and Curtis' plans for the evening. Valerie seized the opportunity to ask about Jordan's request to see Curtis, but Jordan became quiet. Alarmed, Valerie wondered if there was something she needed to know. Jordan admitted that she was reluctant to get involved in Valerie's personal relationship, but Curtis had forced Jordan's hand. Valerie was startled when Jordan warned her that Curtis would eventually jeopardize Valerie's job -- and possibly more.

Valerie was curious what had prompted the warning, so Jordan told her that Julian had hired Curtis to undermine the investigation into Morgan's murder and added that Curtis was as dirty as ever. A police officer walked up and handed Jordan a report on the car bomb that had killed Morgan. Jordan flipped through the file as Valerie assured Jordan that Curtis knew better than to try to pump Valerie for information about the investigation because he respected Valerie. Preoccupied, Jordan handed Valerie the report with instructions to file it.

At Pozzulo's, Curtis searched Sonny's desk until Jason appeared in the office doorway and demanded to know what Curtis was doing. Curtis quickly lifted his hands to show Jason that he wasn't armed and added that it had been a misunderstanding. Curtis tried to leave, but Jason stopped him and threatened to call the police unless Curtis cooperated. Jason knew that Curtis was a private investigator and wanted to know who had hired Curtis to investigate Sonny. Curtis was disappointed by Jason's lack of "professional courtesy," especially since Jason's wife was a private investigator.

Jason realized that Julian had likely hired Curtis in an attempt to use Sonny's grief against him, but Curtis had no sympathy for Sonny because Sonny had been responsible for his own son's death. Jason insisted that Sonny had had nothing to do with the car bomb, but Curtis argued that people like Sonny had others do the dirty work for them. Jason assured Curtis that even if Sonny had been responsible for the bomb, he wouldn't have been foolish enough to leave a trail of evidence in the office. Curtis scoffed because Sonny had been dumb enough to plant a bomb that had gotten Sonny's son killed. Curtis assured Jason that whoever had planted the bomb had been as stupid as they'd been lucky because if the bomb had been set to go off when the ignition had been started, then it would have taken out half the Floating Rib.

Jason was curious how Curtis knew that the bomb had been rigged, so Curtis explained that he'd briefly worked with the bomb squad. Curtis was confident that the bomb had been set to trigger when a driver sat on the seat then to detonate when the weight had been lifted. Curtis added that a spotter would have been too risky, and the person would have known that Julian hadn't been in the car. Jason realized that the person who had planted the bomb had likely done it when Julian's driver had walked away from the car and before Morgan had left the bar. Curtis was curious why Jason hadn't simply asked Sonny's associate about the bomb, but Jason ignored the question and told Curtis to leave.

A short time later, Jason wrapped up a phone call asking for a report on all the phone calls Sonny had made the night that Morgan had died. Jordan entered the office, but Jason told her that Sonny wasn't there. Jordan revealed that she had wanted to talk to Jason because she had information about the person who had planted the bomb. According to Jordan, evidence pointed to an associate of Sonny's who had used the same type of bomb in the past. Jason argued that it wasn't proof of Sonny's guilt, but she informed him that it was enough to pick up the associate and question him. Jordan was confident that the man would point the finger at Sonny.

Jordan promised Jason that it was only a matter of time before they had enough evidence to charge Sonny for Morgan's murder. After Jordan left, Spinelli called Jason with an update.

Meanwhile, Curtis entered the squad room to pick up Valerie. Valerie immediately questioned him about working for Julian. Curtis realized that she'd been talking to Jordan, but Valerie defended Jordan by assuring him that Jordan had been worried that Curtis would use Valerie to aid Julian. Curtis assured her that he would never do that and added that it no longer mattered because he'd decided that some jobs were not worth the money. Relieved, Valerie smiled. After she was called to help with a situation, Curtis noticed the file on the desk with Morgan's name on it.

Curtis debated looking at the file but decided against it and grabbed his jacket. The jacket swept the file off the desk and the contents scattered on the floor. Curtis quickly took out his cell phone and snapped several pictures of the documents then carefully slid everything into the file before returning it to the desk. He put his phone away and pulled on his jacket as Valerie returned to the squad room to let him know that she would be ready to leave shortly.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael told his mother about his talk with Nelle and Nelle's concern that Sonny was in trouble. Carly reminded Michael that they were all grieving, but Michael worried that Sonny's grief and heavy drinking might trigger a manic episode that would send Sonny spiraling. Michael admitted that he didn't know what to do. Carly assured Michael that she wouldn't be upset if he decided to let go of his anger to help his father. Michael was curious if Carly could do the same, but she admitted that she didn't know because she hadn't even buried her son yet.

Michael felt equally conflicted. Carly urged Michael to stop trying to shoulder all the burden because it wasn't his to bear. Michael assured his mother that he was fine, but she didn't believe him. She admitted that she was concerned because he had a tendency to take care of everyone else at his own expense. She wanted him to lean on her but acknowledged that he might be more comfortable talking to someone like Jason. Michael asked what his mother wanted from him, so she begged him to be honest about what he was feeling. Michael admitted that he felt as if he'd been a bad brother to Morgan.

Carly promised Michael that she was proud of him and that Morgan had loved him, but Michael argued that he'd failed to protect Morgan, which he'd vowed to do when he'd first held his newborn brother. Carly gently explained that people made promises that they couldn't always keep because life happened. She insisted that Morgan's death wasn't anyone's fault, but Michael was curious if that included Sonny. Michael admitted that he'd been trying hard not to be angry because he knew that Sonny hadn't intended for anything to happen to Morgan. However, Michael added that Sonny never intended for people to get hurt, but it kept happening.

Michael explained that he'd believed Sonny when Sonny had promised to leave A.J. alone and when Sonny had denied murdering A.J. Michael had even believed Sonny when Sonny had expressed remorse for killing A.J. and had promised to do better, but Michael had realized that Sonny would never change. Carly advised Michael not to do anything in anger and grief that he would regret later, but Michael was furious that Sonny had waited so long to give up his vendetta because it had been too little, too late.

On the footbridge, Sonny held a cocked gun as he talked about his regrets and his failure to give Morgan the life that Sonny had never had. He glanced at the cocked gun, looked up at the heavens, and closed his eyes as he slowly raised the gun. "Sonny?" Robin asked with concern as she appeared on the bridge. Startled, Sonny immediately lowered the gun and looked at Robin.

Robin slowly approached Sonny as she asked why he was on the bridge, but he was curious what she was doing in town. Robin admitted that she was there for Sonny and explained that she'd dropped Emma off at Felicia's while Patrick had remained in Berkeley. Sonny appreciated Robin's concern, but he insisted that he wanted to be alone because he was dangerous and not good company. Robin told him that she intended to stay because she had also wanted to pay her respects to Stone on the bridge where she, Sonny, and Brenda had scattered his ashes.

Sonny confessed that it had been awhile since he'd visited Stone, but Robin assured him that Stone would have understood. However, she warned Sonny that Stone wouldn't have condoned Sonny being there with a gun, and she asked Sonny to hand it over. Sonny refused and suggested that he could use the gun to put an end to Julian. Robin was curious if he'd been contemplating Julian's end or his own. Sonny quickly tucked the gun into his back waistband and asked why Robin would say something like that. Undaunted, Robin admitted that she'd been where Sonny was shortly after Stone had died and she'd been diagnosed HIV positive.

Sonny recalled that Jason had found Robin on the bridge that fateful night. Robin nodded and added that everything had changed that night because Jason had made her realize that she still had a future. Robin promised that Sonny would have one, too, but Sonny tearfully told her that it was his fault that Morgan had died. Robin doubted that Morgan would want his father to end his life, but Sonny reminded her that she hadn't known his son. Robin conceded that he was right, but she had known the man that Morgan Stone Corinthos had been named after, and she was certain that Stone would agree that suicide wasn't the answer.

Sonny argued that it would be a relief to his family, but Robin insisted that it would be the act of a coward. Robin warned Sonny that she would remember him for his weakness if he killed himself rather than for all the wonderful things he'd done or how he'd helped her. Robin told Sonny that if he truly had been responsible for Morgan's death, then he owed it to his son to find a way to live with it and to give Morgan's life and death meaning. Robin reminded him that he wouldn't be able to do that if he ended his life, and he'd leave his family to pick up the pieces. Sonny realized that Robin was right and gave his word not to end his life. Robin's eyes filled with tears as she assured him that his word meant a lot to her, but she was curious if it still meant something to him.

"Yeah, it does," Sonny quietly said. Satisfied, Robin hugged Sonny and told him that she loved him. Sonny wrapped his arms around her and told her that he loved her too.

A short time later, Robin entered Metro Court Restaurant and walked up as Anna ordered an Irish whiskey from the bartender. Robin asked for a second Irish whiskey and offered to pay. Anna was delighted to see her daughter, but she was curious how Robin had known where to find her. Robin admitted that she'd stopped by to pay her respects to Carly, but Carly appeared to be busy. Anna's smile faded as she admitted that Morgan's death had torn the Corinthos family apart.

On the footbridge, Sonny recalled how Carly had told him that she couldn't look at him without seeing the man who had killed her son. Sonny stared at the loaded gun in his hand as Carly's accusations rang in his ears. Sonny decided that he needed to make things right for Morgan. He put the gun away and took a deep breath.

Laura has an unexpected visitor

Laura has an unexpected visitor

Friday, October 28, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Nelle took a picture of Avery in the stroller before heading out to drop her off at Ava's for trick-or-treating. Nelle was certain that Sonny would love Avery's costume, but her smile faded when Sonny entered the room and quietly watched Nelle and Avery. Nelle told him about the plans, so he instructed her to take the bodyguards. Nelle wondered if he wanted her to return after she dropped off Avery, but he shook his head because he didn't need a babysitter.

Later, Kristina stopped by to check on her father because she'd heard that Carly had been making plans for Morgan's funeral. Kristina had hoped to help her father through the process, but he revealed that he'd been excluded from the plans. Concerned, Kristina asked how Sonny felt about it, but he assured her that it was for the best that he not deal with Morgan's death because he hadn't dealt well with his son's life. Kristina realized that Sonny was grieving, but she asked him not to rewrite history, because he'd been a great father. Sonny took a sip of his drink and told his daughter that he hadn't treated Morgan well the last time he'd seen him.

Kristina sat down and tearfully told Sonny about her last encounter with her brother when she had yelled at Morgan about napkins. Sonny assured Kristina that Morgan had loved her, but his memory drifted to his own bitter argument with Morgan when Morgan had been expelled from school. Sonny felt terrible because he'd yelled at his son when Morgan had needed him most, and he'd let Morgan leave feeling like a disappointment. Sonny's eyes misted with tears as he told Kristina that he should have stopped Morgan. Kristina was certain that Morgan had loved Sonny, but Sonny argued that they had no way of knowing that because Morgan had been in the grips of a manic episode.

Kristina was curious what Sonny would have done differently, so he told her that he would have gotten Morgan help and told his son what an amazing young man Morgan was and how proud Sonny had been. Sonny suspected that Morgan might not have died if Sonny had done the things he wished he had. Kristina changed the subject by suggesting that she and her father do something together, but Sonny declined and admitted that he wanted to be alone. Kristina asked Sonny to call her if he needed anything, and she left.

Moments later, Sonny had a vision of Morgan grabbing his jacket and storming out, except Sonny called out to his son and asked him to wait. Sonny tearfully told Morgan that they all made mistakes, but he was proud of Morgan and loved him. Touched, Morgan hugged his father. Afterwards, Morgan started to leave, but Sonny begged him to stay. Morgan promised that everything was fine and walked away as the doorbell rang. Sonny shook off the daydream and went to the door. His eyes rounded with shock when he opened the door and saw a bruised and bloody Morgan on the doorstep in tattered clothing.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was on the phone, explaining that the restaurant had been closed to prepare for a Halloween party. Bobbie walked in as Carly ended the call. Carly greeted her mother and asked if Josslyn had made it to the party. Carly was surprised that Josslyn had wanted to go, but Bobbie admitted that she'd told her granddaughter that it would do Josslyn good to take some time for herself. Bobbie added that she had similar advice for Carly. Carly insisted that it was impossible for her to leave because she had to get ready for the Halloween party, but Bobbie reminded Carly that Carly had an assistant.

Bobbie was curious where Nelle was, so Carly assured her mother that her assistant would be along shortly because Nelle was dependable. Bobbie broached the subject of Morgan by opening up about losing B.J. and how the only way past the pain of grief was by going through it. Carly tearfully told her mother that she couldn't deal with it, so Bobbie reached out and hugged her daughter. Moments later, Nelle arrived and quickly apologized for being late. Nelle explained that she'd dropped Avery off with Ava to go trick-or-treating. Nelle showed Carly pictures, but Carly was curious why Sonny hadn't been in any of the photographs.

According to Nelle, Sonny was in a bad place and disappeared without explanation. Nelle conceded that she'd stayed with Avery to watch over the little girl and added that she'd worked out a schedule with Graciela to make certain that someone would always be with Avery. Grateful, Carly thanked Nelle. Bobbie's tone had an edge of sarcasm as she admitted that Nelle had covered everything, but Carly ignored her mother because she wanted Nelle to know that Avery was their top priority. Carly told Nelle to take as much time as necessary to make certain that Avery was safe and cared for. Nelle promised that her loyalty was to Carly.

Nelle implored Carly to go home and rest while Nelle took care of the party preparations. Carly realized that she was outnumbered, so she agreed. After Carly ducked into her office to fetch a few things, Bobbie thanked Nelle. Nelle insisted that she'd merely been doing her job, but Bobbie warned Nelle that modesty was a lot like confidence -- too much of either was never good. Nelle agreed to keep Bobbie's advice in mind, but Bobbie wanted Nelle to know that she'd noticed how Nelle had gone above and beyond to make herself indispensable to Carly. Nelle claimed that she had no idea what Bobbie was implying, but Bobbie didn't believe her because Nelle clearly knew Carly's life inside and out.

At Alexis' house, Alexis grumbled about her homicidal husband and ruined career while she furiously dusted. Determined to be productive and positive, she picked up a bottle of wine and marched outside to pour the contents over the front porch. Confident that it was sufficient proof that she wasn't an alcoholic, Alexis returned to the living room to continue cleaning. After several minutes, she slumped in defeat. "This sucks," Alexis conceded as she picked up the phone and called a liquor store to place a delivery order.

A short time later, Sam and Danny stopped by. Alexis picked up her grandson, who was dressed as Brother Bear. Danny asked if he could have some candy for Scout, prompting Sam to explain that Danny insisted on calling the baby Scout. Alexis smiled and sent Danny off to find some gum that had been hidden in the house. After Danny disappeared into a nearby room, Alexis admitted that there wasn't any gum, but she had wanted to talk to Sam in private. Sam assumed that it had something to do with Laura's decision to sell Spoon Island, but Alexis confessed that she would have sunk the island.

Danny returned to the living room and mentioned his parents' decision to leave Port Charles. Surprised, Alexis looked to Sam for an explanation. Sam clarified that it was still in the early stages, but they'd talked about moving an hour away to Aurora because they had hoped to distance themselves from their past once the baby was born. Alexis was disappointed and warned Sam that she'd be missing out on a great babysitting opportunity because Alexis didn't have a job or a husband to distract her. Moments later, the doorbell rang.

Danny followed Alexis to the door, where a deliveryman was holding a large box. Danny wondered what was in the box, but Alexis quickly took the box and claimed it was cleaning supplies. After Alexis put the box away, she suggested they head over to Laura's event because Alexis was eager to say goodbye to the ghosts that had haunted her.

In the squad room, Dante arrived with Rocco. Rocco was dressed as a police officer. Dante introduced his son as Nathan's new partner. Nathan played along and talked to Dante and Rocco about the "candy heist" Rocco had been assigned. A police officer walked up to announce that they had information about the case and took Rocco to get some candy. Dante seized the opportunity to ask how Nathan had been doing since learning that Charlotte wasn't his daughter. Nathan assured Dante that he was fine because he still had a chance to be a stepfather to Georgie and possibly have children with Maxie.

Nathan changed the subject by filling Dante in about Claudette's disappearance and his attempt to review the passport records of the people who'd been on Claudette's flight. Nathan revealed that everyone had been accounted for except a woman named "Agnes St. Yves." Nathan explained that he was waiting for security footage to confirm that the woman was Claudette. Dante assured Nathan that the WSB had confirmed that Valentin remained locked up in jail.

In Maxie's apartment, Lulu and Maxie lounged on the bed as they talked about Halloween and their children's costumes. They shared pictures then shifted gears to discuss the wedding. Lulu was happy when Maxie told her that she and Nathan had agreed to a New Year's Eve wedding because it would be three years from the day they'd met. As they chatted, Lulu asked about Maxie's abduction. Maxie admitted that she was concerned for Claudette because a very dangerous man had taken Maxie. Maxie also felt bad because Claudette had been forced to leave her daughter behind.

Eventually, Maxie showed Lulu a pre-wedding gift that a young Cartullo designer had sent over to help Maxie and Nathan focus on their wedding. Shortly after Lulu left, Maxie called Nathan to ask if he could work from home. Nathan agreed and raced home, where he found a note on the bed, instructing him to get naked and join Maxie in the shower.

After Nathan and Maxie made love, they snuggled in bed and talked about their wedding plans. Moments later, Nathan's laptop chimed. Nathan quickly opened it. He sat up when he saw a message from the Canadian authorities with security footage. Maxie leaned over his shoulder as they watched the tape of the woman he suspected was Claudette as an unknown man escorted her. Maxie and Nathan agreed that the woman had been wearing a wig.

At Wyndemere, Laura smiled when she opened the door. Kevin greeted her, wearing a lion mask and elegant royal blue robe. She invited him inside but pointed out that he was early for the gathering. Kevin explained that he had to go to Mercy Hospital to hand out candy, but he promised to return as quickly as possible because he wanted to be by her side when she said goodbye to the castle. Laura was touched by the offer.

Lucy appeared in the doorway and wondered where else Kevin would be if not by Laura's side. Kevin wondered what his ex-wife was doing there, but Lucy was surprised to see him in the holiday spirit. Kevin told her that he did what he could then left. Lucy looked around and realized that Laura had been expecting guests, but Laura clarified that it was only a small gathering to say goodbye. Lucy assured Laura that the escrow would close as promised, but she was curious if Laura would be interested in parting with a few pieces of furnishings. Laura insisted that it was Nikolas' legacy to Spencer.

Lucy backed off and asked where Laura would be staying. Laura revealed that she had decided to move in with her daughter for a while, so Lucy offered to help Laura find a more permanent solution when Laura was ready. After Lucy left, Dante and Lulu arrived. Laura was disappointed that her grandson was not with them because she had a pantry filled with Spencer's hidden stash of candy. Dante immediately left to check out the cache of sweets. After Dante left, Laura admitted that selling the castle had been harder than she'd thought.

The doorbell rang as Lulu reminded Laura that Nikolas would always live in their memories. Laura went to the door and smiled when she saw the familiar lion costume. She pulled Kevin inside and left to check on the hors d'oeuvres. Moments later, Alexis and Sam arrived. Lulu noticed Kevin's costume and quickly approached him to let him know that she was glad that he and her mother had worked things out. Laura entered the living room but stopped to take a call when her phone rang. At the same time, Alexis answered the doorbell.

Laura frowned as she talked to Lucy. After a brief exchange, Laura ended the call and announced that there was a problem. She revealed that she hadn't been able to sell the castle because Spencer was not the rightful owner. Alexis returned to the living room with Kevin in tow as Sam asked who owned Wyndemere.

"I do," Valentin answered with a smirk as he whipped off his lion mask.

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