General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 22, 2016 on GH

Robert Scorpio paid Laura a visit. Sam and Jason set a wedding date. Elizabeth decided to explore a relationship with Franco. Dante and Lulu received devastating news about their frozen embryo.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 22, 2016 on GH
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Taking Control Taking Control

Monday, August 22, 2016

Jordan arrived in front of her apartment while on the phone, her arms full of files. As she got the door open, she promised to update the mayor on the investigation of the hospital murders. She hung up and closed the door behind her but heard someone moving around in the dark apartment. She drew her gun and shouted at the person to freeze. Andre appeared and raised his arms, which caused his towel to fall to the floor.

Jordan wondered what Andre was doing there, and as he replaced his towel, he reminded her that she'd given him a key. He'd been putting "something special" together for her but promised to text her the next time. She smelled her favorite meal, pad Thai, which he had cooked. She marveled over how much she still had to learn about him but claimed to have an idea better than talking. She kissed him and pulled his towel away.

A short while later, Jordan and Andre finished eating dinner while in bed. Andre simultaneously kissed her and reached over to put the empty plates on her bedside table. In his distraction, he knocked Jordan's files over, spilling the contents. Apologizing, he reached down to clean them up, but he stopped when he caught sight of the picture of the Roman coin cufflink. He rattled off facts about the coin, and Jordan told him the story of Valerie finding the cufflink. She felt like the hospital murderer was "right under my nose," but she couldn't figure it out.

Jordan wanted to pick Andre's brain about how serial killers thought. He instructed that serial killers had a pattern and believed their actions were justified, whether for real or imagined reasons. He continued that it was about power, and serial killers were usually arrogant, micromanaging, and charismatic. Jordan observed that he'd described many of the doctors on staff. "Who knows, maybe it's you," she joked.

Carly went around the house, lighting candles, and Sonny wondered who the table was set for. The doorbell rang, and Carly answered the door to Nelle, who carried a bouquet of flowers for Carly. She apologized for being early, but she hadn't expected the bus to be so fast. Carly replied that she would have sent a car for Nelle, who assured Carly that the bus stop was right outside her motel. Horrified, Carly offered Nelle a comped room at Metro Court, but it was important to Nelle to pay her own way. Sonny admired the quality. Carly reluctantly agreed and went to check on dinner.

Sonny showed Nelle outside to the table, where Carly joined them minutes later. They talked about Nelle's teaching degree, which Nelle admitted was going slowly because of money. Carly suggested student loans, but Nelle didn't want all the debt. She liked being a teacher's aide because of the one-on-one time she got with the kids. Deirdre, Avery's new nanny, returned home with Avery, and Carly introduced Nelle to Deirdre and Avery.

Deirdre commented on how beautiful Carly's earrings were but how she could never afford them. Carly joked that she had to take them off, since Avery liked to pull on them. She placed them on the table as Deirdre left to repack Avery's diaper bag for Ava. Carly briefly described their "contentious" relationship with Ava but how Sonny wanted what was best for his kids. Between the kids she saw at work and her own upbringing, Nelle thought that Avery was very lucky.

At Perks, Morgan was pleasantly surprised to see Kiki. As they shared a kiss, Ava appeared, and they saw her when they broke apart. Kiki was surprised to see Ava after she'd "recruited someone to break us up. Is there anything you wouldn't do?" Morgan asked for clarification as Ava flashed back to taking some of Morgan's medication out of the bottle. Ava replied that Kiki would understand one day when she was a mother. Kiki shot back that she would trust her children.

Kiki mentioned that Dillon had told her about Ava's offer because they were friends. Morgan urged Kiki not to shield him from the truth because he could handle it. Ava thought that Morgan lashed out more often than he used his words. Morgan informed her that he had "a few words" for her. He took Ava aside and told her to back off. Ava thought that Morgan would hurt Kiki again, and she refused to stand by and watch it happen. Just then, Ava's phone rang. It was the gallery, so she left.

A businessman approached the counter, bragging on the phone about the "six figures" he'd just made on a business deal. He got off the phone and wondered where the attendant was. Kiki informed the man that he'd "stepped away." The man ranted about the attendant having "one job -- serve coffee." He wondered if Kiki could "whip up something hot." "Hard pass," she responded, walking away. The man grabbed her arm and asked why she was being so unfriendly.

Kiki demanded to know why the man thought it was all right to touch and talk to her. He replied that he wanted to get to know her better, and he could "afford more than coffee." "I'm not for sale," she stated. He grabbed her wrist, but Morgan ran up and pinned the man against the wall and told him to "get lost." The man's Bluetooth device fell out of his ear, and Morgan deliberately stepped on it. The man punched Morgan in the stomach. He began to walk away, but Morgan ran after him and pinned him against a wall. Kiki called Sonny and summoned him to Perks, because "Morgan is in trouble."

Sonny told Carly and Nelle to eat without him because he had to go. When the women were done eating, Nelle picked up some plates to take them into the kitchen. Just then, Deirdre returned but bumped right into Nelle. The contents of Deirdre's purse spilled out, and Carly picked up her earrings. Deirdre insisted that she had no idea how the earrings had gotten into her purse, but Carly fired her on the spot. A tearful Deirdre left as Nelle scooped up Avery.

At Perks, Morgan pulled his arm back to punch the man, but Kiki begged him to stop. Ava appeared and demanded to know if Kiki wanted to live the rest of her life with an uncontrollable Morgan. Kiki told her mother to leave, and Ava did. Morgan lowered his fist and walked away from the man. He advised the man to leave, but the man informed Morgan that he was going to call the cops.

Just then, two policemen arrived. Morgan had called them when he'd noticed the man "getting rough" with Kiki. He told the cops what had happened, and they escorted the glaring man from the premises. Sonny arrived, and Kiki proudly told Sonny that Morgan had handled himself well. Morgan added that he had felt "centered" and like a better person. Sonny was proud and instructed his son to stick with therapy and stay on his medication.

Ava entered Sonny's house and wondered who the departing sobbing woman was. Carly updated Ava on the thieving nanny. Nelle returned downstairs and informed Carly that Avery was asleep. Ava was angry that Avery had been put to sleep when Carly had known that Ava was picking her daughter up. She told Carly she would go get Avery herself, and she went upstairs.

Carly looked through her address book, trying to find someone to watch Avery the next day, as all of Avery's siblings were busy. She thought of Max and Milo, and Nelle thought it was strange that the bodyguards doubled as babysitters. Carly wondered if Nelle would babysit.

Ava entered Morgan's room and saw a picture of Morgan and Kiki on the bedside table. "I will not let you ruin my daughter's life," she said to the picture. She found Morgan's medication in the drawer.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth was looking at a picture of Nikolas and Spencer when Laura entered the room, surprised to see Elizabeth. Laura admitted that she was going on a date with Kevin, but she thought he just wanted to help distract her. Elizabeth wondered how Spencer was. Laura confided that he'd slept in her room the night before so that he'd be able to avoid thinking about why Nikolas wasn't visiting Spencer's room to say goodnight. Laura continued that he'd asked to go to boarding school in France, which had been set up by Nikolas when he'd faked his death. "Over my dead body," Hayden said.

Elizabeth informed Hayden that the decision to send Spencer to boarding school was Laura's decision. Laura explained that the school was full of "elite families," so the security was practically "impenetrable." Speaking from experience, Hayden warned Laura that she would lose Spencer forever. After growing up extremely close to her father, Hayden had been sent away to school after her parents had begun fighting, and she'd never forgiven them for it. "Really?" a disbelieving Naomi asked from the doorway.

Naomi explained that she'd heard the stress in Hayden's voice on the phone, so she'd wanted to support her daughter. Naomi expressed her sympathy to Laura. Hayden suggested dinner to her mother, so the two women left. Laura considered canceling her plans with Kevin because she didn't feel right going on a first date on the night of her son's memorial. Elizabeth thought that Nikolas would want Laura to live a full life. She added that Kevin was probably one of the only men in the world that Nikolas would find worthy of Laura.

Kevin stood in the elevator at Metro Court, and Lucy jumped in before the doors closed. She pulled him into a bear hug, glad that he was all right. Observing his new suit and where he was headed, she assumed that he was there for a date with Laura. They got off the elevator at the restaurant, and he advised her to "let it go" because he didn't want to discuss it. He was happy they were getting to a place of friendship, but he didn't think it was any of her business.

Kevin's phone went off, and Lucy grabbed it. She read the text message from Laura that said she was running late because of "family issues." Kevin observed Lucy's nice dress and wondered if she were meeting someone. "Scott," she admitted, apologizing. Kevin told her that it had hurt when she'd cheated, but it didn't anymore. He offered his opinion that Scott would never be good enough for her. Lucy thought it was funny that the two couples meeting that night were just two formerly married couples "switching partners."

A short while later, Laura arrived, and she and Kevin sat at a table. She thanked him for encouraging her to get out of the house. Just then, a server arrived with a bottle of Champagne on ice and two glasses. The two turned to look at Lucy smiling at them from the bar.

Elizabeth looked at the picture of Nikolas and told him that life would be hard without him and that she missed him. She picked up her bag and turned to leave. She opened the front door, and there was a large package on the doorstep, addressed to Nikolas.

At Metro Court restaurant, Hayden apologized to Naomi for being harsh about boarding school. She wasn't angry about being sent away, but Elizabeth had gotten under her skin. She thanked her mother for her support. Naomi informed Hayden that she'd checked out Nikolas' estate, and Laura had been named as the trustee years before. Fighting it would mean a long, expensive, international legal battle.

Naomi suggested that Hayden join her in the city, away from Port Charles and Elizabeth. She continued that Hayden had experienced nothing but grief in the town. Hayden had friends in the town, and she didn't want to leave Spencer either. Naomi didn't believe that Spencer's family would let her anywhere near the boy. She urged her daughter to "end this horrible chapter."

Liz opens the box from Greece

Liz opens the box from Greece

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At Perks Coffee, Morgan assured Sonny that he'd been attending counseling regularly and taking his medications, but Morgan had been furious when he'd seen the guy grab Kiki. Morgan quickly added that he'd felt overwhelmed with anger -- even with the medications -- but he'd also felt a shift within himself that had allowed him to step outside of himself and rein in his temper. Sonny assured Morgan that it was proof that Morgan had gained control of his illness. Sonny was proud that Morgan had turned his life around. Morgan thanked his father and confessed that there had been other changes.

Morgan pulled out a computer tablet and showed his father the web page that Morgan had designed for Perks Coffee. Sonny was impressed and admitted that he'd never seen Morgan as focused as he was about growing the business. Morgan credited the medications, but Sonny insisted it was more -- Morgan had found his passion. Sonny thought it was a beautiful thing to see. Morgan admitted that for a long time, he'd worried that the medications wouldn't work and he'd been spinning his wheels. Sonny understood the feeling but reminded Morgan that both Sonny and Morgan were lucky because they had found their way out of the darkness.

Morgan conceded that all the work and time he'd put into his recovery had been worth it because he felt like he had a future. Sonny smiled and admitted that he couldn't wait to see what Morgan accomplished. Sonny asked if Morgan was through for the day. Morgan nodded and left with his father.

In Morgan's bedroom, Ava switched out Morgan's lithium with similar-looking pills and slipped out of the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Carly and Nelle were in the living room. Carly implored Nelle to babysit Avery the following day, but Nelle reminded Carly that it was impossible because Nelle had a bus ticket to return to Atlanta. Carly suggested that Nelle cash it in and promised to book a flight home for Nelle at a later date. Nelle remained hesitant, but Carly explained that Ava would have a fit if Carly asked Max or Milo to babysit. Carly continued to plead with Nelle until Nelle reluctantly agreed. Pleased, Carly asked Nelle for a reference as a formality. Nelle gave Carly the phone number of Nelle's supervisor, Mrs. O'Brien.

After Carly stepped away to make the call, Ava entered the living room and asked for Carly. Nelle explained that Carly was on the phone but promised that Carly would return shortly. Ava asked Nelle to let Carly know that Ava had looked in on Avery, but Avery had been fast asleep. Ava had decided to forgo the visit because she didn't want to wake her daughter. According to Ava, she always did what was best for her girls. Ava left. Moments later, Carly returned to announce that Mrs. O'Brien had assured Carly that Nelle was a special young lady.

Carly officially offered Nelle the babysitting job, so Nelle formally accepted. Delighted, Carly explained that she would need Nelle to return at 8:00 am, but she promised to pay Nelle $15 an hour and throw in a $200 bonus because Nelle had saved Carly from having to deal with Ava's tantrum about Max or Milo. Nelle assured Carly that the bonus wasn't necessary, but Carly was adamant. Nelle realized that it was pointless to argue, and she let the matter drop.

A short time later, Sonny and Morgan arrived home. Carly introduced Morgan to Nelle and announced that Nelle had agreed to babysit Avery the following day. Morgan agreed that Ava would have raised a fuss if Max or Milo had watched Avery, even though both men were perfectly capable. Moments later, Avery's cries carried over the baby monitor, so Nelle offered to check on the baby and take the opportunity to get to know the little girl. Morgan decided to show Nelle to the nursery. After Morgan and Nelle left, Sonny questioned Carly about the previous nanny.

Carly explained that it was a long story, but she'd had to let the young woman go. Carly insisted that Nelle was a perfect solution because she'd been available and was great with children. Sonny appeared to have reservations, so Carly offered to call Max or Milo, but Sonny assured his wife that he trusted her. Carly smiled and kissed Sonny as Nelle watched the exchange from the top of the stairs with a closed expression. Moments later, Nelle made her presence known as she assured Sonny and Carly that Avery had fallen back to sleep.

Carly offered to have Aldo drive Nelle to the hotel and left to take care of the arrangements. Nelle seized the opportunity to talk to Sonny about what a wonderful child Avery was. She imagined that Sonny loved his daughter very much, and she promised to take good care of her. "Yeah, see that you do," Sonny replied. Carly returned to let Nelle know that Aldo was waiting.

After Nelle left, Sonny questioned Carly about her fondness for Nelle. Carly conceded that she was biased because Nelle had saved Josslyn's life and was great with Avery. She deftly changed the subject by asking about Morgan. Sonny admitted that he'd been called away to attend to a problem, but Morgan had had things well in hand by the time Sonny had arrived.

In Morgan's bedroom, Morgan took one of the pills that Ava had emptied into his medicine bottle.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kevin was shocked when Laura confessed that she'd never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark since its release in 1981. Laura reminded him that she'd been quite busy in the 80s, but Kevin wondered how she'd managed to avoid watching it when her children had been young. Laura chuckled and admitted that the family had been on the run for several years, which hadn't left a lot of time for watching movies. Kevin worried that dinner with him might seem boring in comparison, but Laura assured him that she would take good food and good company over jumping out of planes and traipsing through the jungle any day. Relieved, Kevin invited her back to his hotel room for a nightcap.

Laura was surprised that Kevin had a room at the hotel, but he explained that his apartment was being renovated. Kevin promised that he didn't have any expectations beyond having a glass of wine. Laura awkwardly assured him that she hadn't thought otherwise and accepted the invitation. A short time later, they sipped red wine in his hotel room and chatted nervously. Laura thought the hotel room looked rather sparse for someone who lived there, but Kevin admitted that he hadn't thought to take any personal items during his short time there.

Laura was curious what Kevin did with his spare time and smiled knowingly when she glanced at his nightstand. A short time later, Kevin and Laura sat on his bed as they played a video game. Laura was surprisingly adept, prompting Kevin to playfully try to block her view to give him an opportunity to catch up with her. Laura laughed and brushed away his hand, but the light banter quickly flared to passion as Kevin kissed her. Things heated up until Kevin suddenly pulled away and jumped off the bed because he worried that he'd taken advantage of Laura during a vulnerable time when she was mourning the loss of her son.

Laura assured Kevin that she didn't regret kissing him and that she enjoyed his company. Kevin assured Laura that he hadn't invited her to his room to sleep with her. Laura believed him and let him know that she wanted them to pick up where they had left off. Kevin asked if she was sure, so she smiled and kissed him as she tugged off his necktie.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth looked at the large box that had been left on Nikolas' doorstep. She carried the box to the living room and debated what to do with it. She decided that it was Laura's call to make. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth was startled when she saw Ava on the doorstep. Ava explained that she'd stopped by to thank Laura for inviting Ava to Nikolas' funeral. Elizabeth didn't recall seeing Ava at the funeral, so Ava admitted that she'd stayed away out of respect for some mourners who might have objected.

Elizabeth thought it was considerate of Ava and invited Ava into the living room. Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't realized that Nikolas and Ava had known each other. Ava smiled with remembrance as she explained that she and Nikolas had recently bonded over their adventures when Nikolas had left Port Charles. Ava knew that Nikolas and Elizabeth had been close since they'd been teens, and she couldn't imagine the enormity of Elizabeth's loss.

Elizabeth admitted that everything reminded her of Nikolas, but Ava became distracted when she saw the large package on the coffee table. Elizabeth explained that it had just arrived from Greece. Ava was curious what was in the box, but Elizabeth reminded Ava that it wasn't their place to open it. Ava disagreed because Elizabeth had been close to Nikolas, and it had been Ava's experience that if whatever was inside the box was dangerous, then it wouldn't help to delay opening it.

Eventually, Ava persuaded Elizabeth to open the box. Elizabeth became choked up with emotion when she pulled out a jacket and realized that it had been the one that Nikolas had worn at the time of his death. Ava's eyes lit up when Elizabeth pulled out a familiar boot and pondered why someone had sent the items. Ava advised Elizabeth not to show the grisly possessions to Laura because it would upset Nikolas' mother. Elizabeth was surprised when Ava asked if she could have the boot as a keepsake because it reminded Ava of the adventures she'd shared with Nikolas.

Elizabeth questioned Ava's odd request and immediately searched the boot until she found a small velvet pouch. Elizabeth smiled victoriously as she pulled it out and asked if Ava had been looking for it. Ava feigned surprise, but Elizabeth saw through the lie and opened the pouch. Ava's shoulders sagged with disappointment as dozens of diamonds spilled into Elizabeth's hand. Ava's disappointment turned to shock when Elizabeth announced that she intended to take the diamonds to the police because they were evidence of Hayden's crimes.

Ava urged Elizabeth to think of Spencer because the diamonds were Nikolas' legacy to his son. Ava added that Hayden would likely end up pleading down the charges and getting probation, leaving the diamonds to gather dust in an evidence locker. Elizabeth realized that Ava had a point, but she reminded Ava that it was not Ava's call to make. Ava was confident that Elizabeth would honor what Nikolas would have wanted, and she left.

In Franco's apartment, Franco sat down with a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk for dinner. He took a bite of the sandwich, and someone knocked on the door. It was Nina. Nina apologized for dropping by without warning, but he reminded her that it was her apartment. Franco wondered why she had bothered knocking instead of using her key, but Nina admitted that it felt awkward because she didn't live there. Nina explained that she had stopped by to pick up a box of her things that Kiki had packed up.

Nina was curious why Franco was home, so he told her about his suspension and the appeal. Nina was surprised that he hadn't been reinstated when the charges had been dropped and offered to use Crimson to force the hospital to lift the suspension. Franco appreciated the offer but declined and assured Nina that he had things well in hand. Nina admitted that she wished Franco well despite their breakup. Touched, Franco offered to make her dinner.

Later, Nina smiled as she took a bite of her sandwich, which she confessed was surprisingly good. Franco was happy that he was good at something, but Nina refused to let him indulge in self-pity because it was unattractive. Nina reminded Franco that he had a gift for reaching people through his art. Franco smiled and shifted gears by asking about Nina's life. Nina revealed that she'd met a "tall, dark, and handsome" stranger that she'd invited back to her room and spent the night with.

Franco suspected Nina had made the story up, but she told him that the man's name was Valentin Cassadine. Nina confided to Franco about her talk with Valentin when she had visited him at the police station before his extradition to Greece. She admitted that she'd been surprised when Valentin had blamed himself for the arrest because he'd been careless and dazzled by her beauty. Franco worried that Valentin had played Nina, but she insisted that it wasn't possible because she hadn't been part of the plan. Nina realized that she wouldn't see Valentin again, but she had no regrets about having met him.

Nina changed the subject by asking about Franco and Elizabeth. Franco explained that he and Elizabeth were in limbo because they were continually trying to fight their way back from setbacks like his arrest, which were constant reminders of his past. Nina told Franco that if things were meant to be, then they would work out, and if not, then something better would be waiting for him down the road. She thanked Franco for the dinner and picked up her box. Franco walked her to the door as she admitted that she had enjoyed their conversation. Nina promised that better things were ahead for both of them, and she left.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth rounded the corner but stopped in her tracks when she saw Nina leave Franco's apartment. Elizabeth decided to turn around and leave, too, but Franco caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye and called out to her. Embarrassed, Elizabeth popped her head back around the corner and approached his door. She explained that she'd been wandering around and thinking about things when she had realized that she'd needed someone to talk to. Franco smiled when Elizabeth admitted that she'd thought of him.

Alexis and Kristina's argument is recorded

Alexis and Kristina's argument is recorded

> Alexis and Kristina's argument is recorded

Alexis and Kristina's argument is recorded

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lulu smiled in postcoital bliss after she and Dante had finished "christening" their new home. Dante snuggled with his wife as he asked what she'd been thinking about. Lulu's expression turned somber as she admitted that losing Nikolas had completely crushed her, but being with Rocco reminded that life went on. Dante asked how long until Dr. Lee could implant their frozen embryo in Lulu. She explained that her estrogen levels had to be monitored for a month, followed by a replacement hormone that would help once the embryo had been implanted. Dante smiled when he realized that Lulu could be pregnant by October with their daughter.

Lulu teased Dante about believing his mother's premonition as she jumped off the mattress to answer the phone. It was Dr. Lee calling to reveal that she had bad news. A short time later, Dante wrapped up the call with the doctor as Lulu silently cried. Dante approached his wife and held her as she asked for answers. Dante explained that it didn't matter how it had happened because their embryo was no longer viable. Lulu was certain there had been a mistake because Dr. Obrecht had tested the embryo and had assured Lulu that it had been fine.

Dante explained that Dr. Lee had run the tests three times before calling them, but Lulu was heartbroken and sobbed as Dante held her. Lulu tearfully admitted that having the baby had been the final step of their healing, but Dante assured her that their marriage was on solid ground even without another child. Lulu reminded Dante that they still might have a baby because Stavros had created an embryo with the eggs he'd harvested from her. Dante argued that it was unlikely that the embryo had survived the blast at Crichton-Clark because the facility had been obliterated. He encouraged her to focus on the beautiful son they had and added that both Spencer and Leo would need their love because each had lost their fathers.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Molly apologized to Kristina for throwing Kristina's phone into the bushes. She felt bad the phone had been lost, but Kristina assured Molly that it was fine and thanked her sister for the apology. Kristina noticed a third place setting and asked if T.J. would be joining them. Seconds later, Alexis walked up. Kristina immediately became hostile and accused Alexis of manipulating Molly to arrange the meeting. Molly quickly clarified that Alexis was not to blame because Molly had decided that it was time for Kristina and Alexis to make peace.

Alexis offered to leave but admitted that she'd love to have dinner with her daughters. Before Kristina could reply, a reporter from TMI walked up, introduced himself as Roger, and questioned Alexis about Julian and her suspension from the New York Bar Association. Molly and Kristina were stunned. "No comment," Alexis calmly told Roger, but he kept clamoring for a statement until Alexis reminded him that they were in a private establishment, and she was there to have dinner with her daughters. Roger slinked to the bar when Alexis threatened to call security.

Molly asked why Alexis hadn't said anything about the suspension. Alexis admitted that she'd hoped to spare her daughters the news until Alexis had had time to process things. Alexis explained the terms of her suspension and the possibility that she might lose her license at the end of the year. Molly felt terrible for her mother because she knew how important Alexis' career was to Alexis. Alexis wanted Molly and Kristina to learn from Alexis' mistakes and not allow a career to define who they were.

Molly was furious that Julian had cost Alexis everything, but Kristina felt responsible for the suspension because she had wished it on Alexis. Alexis insisted that Kristina was not to blame because Alexis had invited Julian into their lives and had put her family and career in jeopardy. Alexis was moved to tears when both Molly and Kristina promised that they loved her. Alexis seized the opportunity to apologize to Kristina for everything that had happened with Parker, but Kristina conceded that both Alexis and Molly had been right because Parker wouldn't have walked away if Parker had truly cared about Kristina.

Alexis hated that Kristina was hurting, but Kristina promised that it hurt less each day. Alexis changed the subject by letting Kristina know that Aaron had stopped by to drop off Kristina's phone, which he had found in the bushes. Alexis slid the phone toward Kristina and added that Aaron seemed to genuinely care about Kristina. Kristina explained that she'd told Aaron the truth about Parker and that they had agreed to work on being friends. Kristina checked her phone as she admitted that she was grateful to Molly for saving her from making a fool of herself with Parker.

Moments later, Kristina squealed with delight when she saw that Parker had returned her call. Kristina conceded that Parker hadn't left a message, but Kristina was certain that it was a positive sign. Molly and Alexis tried to discourage Kristina from calling Parker back, but Kristina grew increasingly defensive. Alexis reminded Kristina that it had only taken a nudge from Alexis for Parker to walk away. Kristina lashed out and snidely asked if Alexis had expected Parker to try to murder Kristina the way that Julian had tried to kill Alexis. Things quickly escalated between Alexis and Kristina as Molly desperately tried to play mediator.

Meanwhile, Roger used his phone to record the heated confrontation between Alexis and Kristina as Kristina stood up and tried to leave. Alexis grabbed Kristina's arm to scold Kristina for the disrespectful way Kristina had talked to her mother. Alexis reminded Kristina that Kristina wasn't the only person who had problems and suggested that Kristina stop being self-involved and grow up. Kristina shouted at Alexis to let go. Horrified, Alexis released Kristina and apologized, but Kristina didn't believe her and marched away. Roger slid his phone into his jacket and left the restaurant.

Alexis sat down as Molly accused Alexis of behaving "over the top," but Alexis suggested that Molly talk to her when Molly was a mother. Molly insisted that Kristina was an adult and needed to make her own mistakes. Molly added that Alexis could no more control Kristina than Alexis had been able to control Julian and wondered if Alexis was prepared to lose more than she already had.

At Wyndemere, Hayden and Naomi entered the living room as Naomi urged Hayden to leave Port Charles to get away from "toxic" people like Elizabeth. Naomi poured a drink as Hayden wandered to the coffee table and looked at the large box. Hayden noticed that it had been sent from Greece and immediately recognized Nikolas' jacket and boot. Naomi advised Hayden to search Nikolas' things for the missing diamonds before Laura returned and took the items away.

After Hayden and Naomi rooted through the pockets and inside the boot without locating the missing diamonds, Hayden warned her mother that the diamonds were likely lost forever. Disappointed, Naomi renewed her efforts to persuade Hayden to leave town because there was nothing keeping Hayden there. Hayden disagreed, but Naomi feared her daughter had been referring to Hayden's "drug addict" friend. Hayden resented her mother talking about Finn like that and reminded Naomi that he had a deadly disease.

Naomi scoffed and insisted that Hayden had a history of picking the wrong men. Naomi blamed Raymond because he'd been a snake who could charm birds out of trees to raid their nests. Hayden argued that she hadn't been able to pick her father and added that Naomi had married him. After Hayden stormed out, Naomi's cell phone rang. It was Heather demanding to see Naomi the following day.

In Finn's lab, Finn spoke to "Reiko" about being on the cusp of saving a lot of lives. He regretted that he hadn't been able to save her and acknowledged that she would still be alive if not for him. The recorder on his desk beeped as he turned it off. After Finn stepped out of the lab, Liesl slipped in and began to snoop around. She read some of his research and smiled victoriously until Finn returned and demanded to know what she was doing there. Finn immediately began to slam down his laptop and close his files, but Liesl warned him that she knew he'd been working with highly restricted substances that were illegal and unavailable in the United States.

Liesl realized why Finn had taken Sonny's private jet out of the country, but he informed her that he didn't owe her any explanations. Liesl warned Finn that she intended to report him to the authorities because she was certain he'd been formulating a "party drug" for Sonny to sell on the black market. Finn called her bluff and told her that he'd been working with the Federal Drug Administration on a treatment for a rare infectious disease and added that his contacts at the FDA wouldn't appreciate her efforts to hinder the research. Liesl was certain that Valerie would want answers, especially after being attacked in Finn's lab shortly after stumbling on him working on his "FDA-sanctioned" treatment.

Finn was surprised by the news about Valerie, but Liesl didn't believe him because she was certain that he'd knocked Valerie out. Frustrated, Finn admitted that it was exhausting to talk to Liesl, and he ordered her to leave. Liesl warned him that it wasn't over. In the hallway, she pulled Finn's recorder from her pocket and smiled.

A short time later, Hayden entered Finn's lab. He was agitated as he asked why she was there. She explained that Naomi wanted her to leave town because there was nothing to keep Hayden there. She wondered if her mother had been right. Finn surprised Hayden when he told her that she shouldn't pin her future on a man. Hurt, Hayden asked what was going on with Finn, but he ignored the question and accused her of hoping that he'd beg her to stay.

Hayden insisted that she'd simply wanted to know that Finn would miss her if she left, but he insisted that she didn't need justification from a man. Finn warned her that he was not a prince who would save her because he couldn't even save himself. Finn also had no interest in being the next man that she used to find herself. Hayden was disappointed by Finn's low opinion of her, but he was unapologetic. He assured her that she was a beautiful, smart, and funny woman, but he coldly told her that she needed to make a decision that was best for her.

"Go to hell," Hayden said as she turned on her heel and marched out. Finn closed the door behind Hayden and admitted to "Reiko" that he'd been cruel to Hayden for her own good, but he felt terrible about it. Finn returned to his desk and noticed that his recorder was missing. "Son of a bitch, Obrecht," Finn shouted with frustration.

In Liesl's office, Liesl listened to Finn's recorded notes until he appeared in the doorway. "You miserable bitch," Finn growled and demanded to know how much she'd heard. Liesl smiled smugly as she assured him that she'd heard more than enough. Finn took the recorder and vowed to kill her if she made another move against him.

Meanwhile, Hayden returned to Wyndemere and asked for a drink. Naomi handed her daughter a glass of alcohol as Hayden announced that she was ready to prove to all the doubters that she was better than they thought. Hayden and Naomi toasted to the future.

At Franco's apartment, Franco admitted that he was surprised that Elizabeth had turned to him when he was usually the one to seek her out. She explained that she had to talk to someone and showed him the diamonds that she had found. Franco jokingly asked if she was a secret billionaire, but she revealed how she'd found the diamonds. Franco wasn't surprised that Ava had tried to get her hands on the gems and warned Elizabeth that Ava was trouble. Elizabeth explained that she was more concerned about what to do with the diamonds.

Franco pointed out that the valuable gems belonged to Laura and Spencer, but Elizabeth revealed that Nikolas had stolen the diamonds from Hayden. Elizabeth explained that the diamonds had been a gift from Raymond Berlin to his wife Naomi, but the Feds had intended to auction off the diamonds to compensate the victims of Raymond's Ponzi scheme. Franco pointed out that just one diamond could put all three of Elizabeth's sons through a good college. Elizabeth made it clear that she'd made enough mistakes and refused to add to the list.

Pleased, Franco told Elizabeth that they were two peas in a pod. Elizabeth pointed out that turning the diamonds over to the authorities would land Hayden in hot water, but she was hesitant because she didn't want to make another big decision based on bad motivation like she had when she'd lied to Jason about his identity. Franco reminded Elizabeth that she didn't owe Hayden anything and added that it had been Hayden's decision to steal the diamonds and lie to the authorities. Elizabeth agreed and decided to take the diamonds to the police.

Elizabeth started to leave, but Franco asked why she had turned to him with a moral dilemma. Elizabeth claimed that she'd wanted to talk to someone who wouldn't judge her, but Franco wasn't satisfied. He explained that he needed her to make a decision about their relationship because they couldn't keep going back and forth. Elizabeth acknowledged that Franco was right, but she admitted that it wasn't easy for her to trust because she'd been raped when she'd been a teenager. Franco was shocked, but she rushed to assure him that she'd recovered from the trauma. However, she admitted that the rape had changed her forever.

Franco realized that Elizabeth had endured too much, and no matter how much he had changed, she feared that he was capable of hurting her. Franco went to the door and opened it as he asked her to leave because it was too painful for him to continue the dance they'd been engaged in. Elizabeth revealed that Jake had recently said something that had stuck with her -- Franco made her happy. Franco smiled and admitted that Jake was a smart kid and the only person who wanted them to be together, but Franco insisted that the decision had to be Elizabeth's. Franco once again asked why Elizabeth had stopped by, prompting Elizabeth to admit that she'd known that he'd listen, understand, and likely make inappropriate jokes. However, she assured him that she had never worried that he'd hurt her.

Franco knew he was flawed and would likely say and do stupid things in the future, but he promised that he would never hurt Elizabeth. Franco started to reach for Elizabeth but stopped himself. Elizabeth saw the sincerity in Franco's eyes and assured him that she believed him. Relieved, Franco slowly leaned forward and kissed her. Moments later, he pulled away and asked if she was certain that it was what she wanted. Elizabeth smiled and kissed him.

Seconds later, Franco heard the "Charge" melody. He chuckled as Elizabeth apologized and explained that it was her phone reminding her that it was time to pick up the boys. Elizabeth thought it was a perfect opportunity for Franco to think about what it would mean to get involved with a single mother with three children because her life was very hectic. Franco smiled and suggested that she hire a babysitter so they could spend more time together. Elizabeth teasingly told him that she'd think about it. Franco was disappointed because he feared that she was pulling back, but she explained that she reserved the right to take things slowly.

Franco cheered up when Elizabeth promised that she would see him again and kissed him passionately before she left.

Laura uncovers a secret Kevin has been keeping

Laura uncovers a secret Kevin has been keeping

Thursday, August 25, 2016

In Kevin's hotel room, Kevin watched Laura as she slept until she turned over and slowly opened her eyes. "Good morning," Laura softly whispered. Kevin nervously asked if regrets had crept in during the night, but she assured him that she didn't have any. Kevin smiled and kissed her. Laura snuggled next to him and confessed that she would have stopped things before they had started if she had known he'd get shot because of her request for help to crack Helena's code. Kevin reminded her that it had been his decision to follow her to Greece to help her search for Nikolas.

Kevin immediately regretted his words when Laura's expression clouded with sadness. Laura explained that she would mourn her son's passing regardless, but Kevin had made it bearable. She was also grateful that he'd helped her outmaneuver Helena because the "scavenger hunt" had been intended to hurt Laura by reliving all the painful moments in her life as well as her biggest mistakes. However, the plan had backfired because it had led Laura to unexpected happiness with Kevin. Kevin kissed Laura passionately.

Later, Kevin pulled on his jacket as Laura finished getting dressed. He promised to return with coffee from his favorite shop so they could discuss where to have breakfast -- if they decided to leave the room. Laura smiled and assured Kevin that she would wait. After Kevin left, Laura reached for her purse and accidently knocked over a file. Laura picked it up, but a paper caught her attention. She frowned as she looked through the rest of the file and sat down to skim through the manuscript.

A short time later, Kevin returned with coffee, but his smile quickly faded when Laura confronted him about what she'd found. She was furious that he had a publishing deal for a book about a woman with a mental illness searching for her ex-husband by following clues left by a dead woman. Kevin acknowledged that it seemed bad, but he explained that the deal had been signed in February 2015 and that he'd intended to write a non-fiction book about a collection of his patients and their treatments. However, Kevin hadn't been inspired and had been on the verge of backing out of the book deal when Laura had reached out to him for help.

Kevin admitted that working with Laura had renewed his creativity, but he'd always intended to show her the book and get her approval before submitting it. Kevin promised that no one had seen the script, but Laura was hurt and asked if their lovemaking had played a role in the story. She angrily warned him that she had a completely different ending in mind and marched to the door. Kevin apologized and desperately tried to make amends by promising to burn the manuscript, but Laura wasn't satisfied. Kevin promised that what had happened between them had been real, but Laura reminded him that a lie by omission was still a lie. She left.

At Wesleyan, Kristina called out to Parker as Parker stopped to rest during a morning run. Parker was surprised when she saw Kristina approach and asked what Kristina was doing there. Kristina smiled brightly as she admitted that she'd seen that Parker had called and had decided to visit the campus to find out what Parker had wanted to talk about. Parker frowned because she'd received Kristina's voicemail, but she hadn't returned the call. Kristina disagreed, so Parker pulled out her phone and checked her call log.

Parker realized that she had pocket dialed Kristina and apologized for the misunderstanding, but Kristina didn't believe the call had been unintentional. Kristina asked if Parker had had second thoughts about ending things with her because Kristina knew that Alexis had pressured Parker to walk away. Parker reiterated that she hadn't intended to call Kristina, but she decided they should talk because Parker regretted how she'd ended things with Kristina. Kristina took it as a sign of encouragement and assured Parker that they could start over, but Parker explained that it was impossible because Parker had reconciled with her wife.

Stunned, Kristina argued that Parker was divorced, but Parker clarified that she'd been in the process of getting divorced. Kristina was furious and accused Parker of deliberately misleading her. Kristina felt like a fool because she'd ignored everyone who had warned her that Parker had taken advantage of her. Parker's eyes filled with tears as Kristina lashed out and told Parker that she never wanted to see Parker again because Parker was a weak and selfish person.

Meanwhile, Jordan thanked Alexis for stopping by Jordan's apartment. Alexis pointed out that Jordan had been quite insistent and asked what had been so important. Jordan fetched her computer tablet from the kitchen counter as she explained that she had wanted to talk to Alexis privately and showed Alexis a picture of Alexis grabbing Kristina's arm at Metro Court Restaurant the previous evening. The picture was accompanied by a caption that read that violence ran in the family. "What the hell is that?" Alexis asked as she looked at the TMI web page.

Jordan admitted that she wanted to know the same thing and questioned Alexis about the incident because a source at TMI had given Jordan a heads-up that a detailed article about the argument would accompany the picture when it went online within an hour. Alexis insisted that both the picture and argument had been taken out of context, but Jordan wasn't satisfied because she feared that it had been a deliberate attempt on Alexis' part to discredit herself as a witness at Julian's trial. Alexis was shocked by the accusation and reminded Jordan that no one wanted Julian to go to jail more than Alexis.

Jordan was skeptical because she knew that Alexis had paid Julian a visit in jail. Jordan wanted to know what Alexis and Julian had talked about, but Alexis resented the question and informed Jordan that it was none of Jordan's business. Jordan argued that Alexis was a skilled attorney and knew how to manipulate a trial, but Alexis grew increasingly offended. Alexis explained that she'd been under a lot of stress lately, and the argument with Kristina hadn't been planned, but she refused to elaborate. Jordan warned Alexis to put her emotional problems in check before the trial because Jordan refused to allow Alexis to screw up the case. "Go to hell," Alexis replied and stormed out.

Later, Andre stopped by to surprise Jordan with breakfast because one of his patients had canceled. However, he quickly picked up on Jordan's tension and questioned her about it. Jordan admitted that she was concerned about Alexis and determined to make certain that Julian didn't wiggle out of the charges against him. Andre knew there was more to it, so Jordan revealed that she'd worked undercover for the Drug Enforcement Agency to take down Julian. Jordan blamed Julian for having to send T.J. away and for the strained relationship with her son. She intended to make certain that Julian faced justice.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason watched Sam nibble on toast. She assured him that he could have ordered an omelet, but he shook his head because he knew that the sight of it would have made her queasy. Sam assured him that the nausea usually faded by noon and that it would only last for the first trimester of her pregnancy. Jason and Sam agreed that they would keep quiet about the pregnancy for a while longer. Just then, Sonny and Carly walked up. Sonny and Carly were eager to know why Jason and Sam had invited them to breakfast. After the couples exchanged greetings, Jason and Sam announced that they were engaged to be married.

Carly squealed with delight as she hugged Jason and Sam, while Sonny smiled and congratulated them. After they sat down, Carly was curious if Jason and Sam had picked a date. Sam smiled and revealed the wedding was on September 2nd. Excited, Carly offered to host it at the hotel, but Jason and Sam quickly explained that they wanted a simple and intimate wedding. Carly decided that Greystone Manor would be the perfect setting and promised to take care of everything. Jason and Sam graciously accepted Carly's offer.

Carly saw Nelle enter the restaurant and quickly jumped up to drag Nelle to the table and introduce her to Jason and Sam. Carly explained that Nelle had agreed to babysit Avery and started to add the special connection Nelle and Josslyn shared, but Nelle cut Carly off by asking to speak to her in private. Carly immediately picked up on Nelle's silent plea and agreed to join Nelle at the bar shortly. After Nelle walked away, Sam warned Carly that Kristina and Molly would be eager to help Carly with the wedding, but Sam asked Carly to rein in Sam's sisters because Sam didn't want anything elaborate.

After Carly left to talk to Nelle, Sam decided to give Jason and Sonny time to catch up and excused herself. After Sam left, Jason and Sonny talked about what had transpired on Cassadine Island and Jason's brief stint as a pilot. Sonny assured Jason that Valentin was sitting in a jail in Greece, but Jason warned Sonny to be careful because Valentin had been a pro who would not give up easily. Sonny promised to keep an eye on Valentin. Satisfied, Jason shifted gears and asked Sonny to be his best man because Jason remembered their close friendship.

Sonny was honored, but his phone suddenly rang. It was Max. After a brief conversation, Sonny ended the call and checked TMI's website. Sonny frowned when he saw the featured story. Sonny readily agreed to be Jason's best man, and he left.

Nearby, Carly questioned why Nelle had objected to Carly telling Jason and Sam about the kidney transplant. Nelle admitted that she'd rather talk in a more private setting, so Carly and Nelle left to relieve Morgan, who'd been watching Avery until Nelle arrived. A short time later, Carly and Nelle entered the living room as Carly wrapped up a business call. Carly apologized for being stuck on the phone during the car ride, but Nelle assured Carly that it was fine and admitted that she was impressed with Carly's business savvy. Carly smiled but turned the conversation back to Nelle because she wanted to know why Nelle didn't want anyone to know about Nelle's gift of life to Josslyn.

Nelle explained that it hadn't been her decision. Nelle was glad that her kidney had saved Josslyn's life, and Nelle had made peace with what her parents had done, but she didn't want to be known for it. Carly admitted that Nelle sounded like Josslyn -- except Josslyn didn't want to be known for having had a kidney transplant. However, Carly explained that Jason was family because he was Michael's uncle. Carly talked about how alike Michael and Jason were and promised that Jason was fair, loyal, and quick to give people the benefit of the doubt, but Nelle asked that Carly wait until Nelle left town before sharing the news with Jason and Sam.

Later, Nelle assured Carly that all the contact phone numbers were programmed in Nelle's phone, and she had a list of Avery's favorite foods. Nelle checked the diaper bag and confirmed that she also had Avery's binky, extra diapers, a hat, and a sweater. Carly was impressed. Nelle admitted that she loved children, which was why she was a teacher's aid. Moments later, Nelle's phone rang. Carly realized that something was wrong as Nelle talked to Mrs. O'Brien.

After the call, Nelle revealed that she had to get back to Atlanta the following day to find a new job because Mrs. O'Brien had been forced to lay Nelle off due to budget cuts.

At Alexis' house, Alexis looked at the TMI article and noticed that it already had 100,000 views. She set her computer tablet down when Sam stopped to let her mother know that Jason and Sam had decided not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until Sam was further along. Alexis agreed to keep quiet, so Sam filled her mother in about the wedding plans. Sam felt bad that she had agreed to let Carly host the wedding without giving Alexis an opportunity to have it at Alexis' house, but Alexis thought it was for the best because of Julian's impending trial.

Moments later, Alexis' phone rang, but she ignored it. Sam shifted gears by admitting that Molly had sent Sam a text message asking Sam to talk to Alexis about the previous evening. Sam sensed that her mother was upset, but Alexis admitted that she wasn't ready to discuss it. Sam let the matter drop and told Alexis about Jason's plan to ask Sonny to be the best man. Alexis was pleasantly surprised when Sam revealed that she wanted her mother to stand up for her. Alexis happily agreed and hugged her daughter. Sam had to leave, but she let Alexis know that she'd be available when Alexis was ready to talk.

A short time later, Sonny dropped by and demanded answers about the TMI article. Alexis refused to talk about it, but Sonny reminded her that he deserved answers because his daughter had been involved.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sam greeted Jason with a kiss. Jason revealed that Sonny had agreed to be his best man. Sam was delighted and told him that Alexis had also agreed to be Sam's matron of honor. Sam reminded Jason that they still had to find someone to marry them, but Jason promised that he had it covered.

Franco questions Heather about Naomi

Franco questions Heather about Naomi

Friday, August 26, 2016

At Alexis' house, Sonny demanded answers about the picture on TMI's website of Alexis grabbing Kristina's hand. Alexis didn't want to talk about it, but Sonny insisted because his daughter had been caught up in a scandal that the media had picked up. Alexis made it clear that she didn't answer to Sonny, but he warned her that Julian might prevail in court and turn up on her doorstep if she didn't get her act together. Alexis assured Sonny that the picture and accompanying article had been taken out of context, but Sonny feared that the story would taint the jury against Alexis. Alexis reminded him that she'd been a skilled attorney and knew how to testify.

Sonny decided to drop the matter and focus on Kristina. Alexis told him about Molly's efforts to broker peace between Alexis and Kristina because of what had happened with Parker, but everything had fallen apart when Parker had called Kristina. Alexis explained that Kristina had decided to drop everything and chase after Parker against Alexis and Molly's advice. Sonny realized that Alexis had grabbed Kristina's hand to stop their daughter from leaving. Alexis reiterated that the picture had been misleading.

Contrite, Sonny asked if there was anything he could do to help. Alexis asked him to call Kristina and be supportive because Kristina had frozen Alexis out. She assured him that she was prepared to testify against Julian. Alexis told Sonny about Nina's conversation with Julian. Sonny laughed at the idea that Julian believed that Alexis would take Julian back, but Alexis knew Sonny well enough to realize that Sonny intended to pay Julian a visit. She warned him not to because it might jeopardize the case, but he refused to make any promises.

After Sonny left, Kristina arrived home. Relieved, Alexis admitted that she'd been worried about Kristina. Kristina admitted that it had been a long drive to Middletown and back then snidely congratulated Alexis on being right about Parker not wanting a relationship with Kristina. Kristina decided that she was like her mother -- gravitating towards doomed relationships -- and she stomped off.

Later, Kristina entered the living room. Alexis softly asked if Kristina felt like talking, but Kristina shook her head. Alexis suggested that they could sit together in "unbearable silence" and lightened the mood by claiming she could last longer than Kristina. Kristina sat down on the sofa and admitted that Alexis had been right to urge Kristina to stay away from Parker, but Alexis disagreed because Alexis realized that Kristina had needed the face-to-face talk. Kristina's eyes filled with tears because she felt as if she'd been running around in circles. Alexis empathized, but she was confident that Kristina would figure things out and help Alexis in the process.

Across town, Ava paid her brother a visit in jail. Julian greeted Ava and told her that he'd accepted his fate and was prepared to spend the rest of his life in jail. Ava insisted that Julian wasn't a quitter, but he explained that it was the reality of the situation because Alexis had turned her back on him, and his children had cut him out of their lives. Ava reminded him that he still had his loyal sister, but Julian argued that she hadn't helped him to escape. Ava clarified that she wasn't blindly loyal and added that running away wouldn't have helped because he needed to be acquitted of the charges.

Julian warned Ava that his chances were slim because Paul Hornsby intended to make a name for himself as Port Charles's leading crime fighter. Ava urged Julian to dig deep and fight, or Sonny would win. Shortly after Ava left, Sonny arrived. Sonny announced that it was Julian's lucky day because Julian had one chance to save his life. Sonny revealed that he'd heard about Julian's visit with Nina and advised Julian to spare Alexis further heartache by pleading guilty. Sonny promised not to have Julian killed once Julian went to prison -- if Julian cooperated.

Sonny also expected Julian to cut off all contact with Alexis, but Julian was confident that he would be acquitted. Sonny warned Julian that Julian had until the start of the trial to make a decision, or Julian's fate would be sealed. Julian doubted that Sonny would make a move against him, but Sonny wondered if Julian was willing to bet his life on it. Julian explained that it would only take one phone call to Alexis to stop Sonny because Alexis still loved Julian. Sonny laughed and asked why Alexis would bother to help Julian, but Julian was confident that Julian and Alexis would find their way back to each other.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Hayden questioned how her mother could afford lunch at the pricey restaurant. Naomi confided that she had a system -- she charged meals on her credit cards, called the credit card companies to report that her cards had been lost, and then received new cards in the mail with the charges removed. Hayden warned Naomi that the credit card companies would eventually catch on, but Naomi didn't seem concerned and asked if Hayden would be returning to the city with her or remaining behind in Port Charles with a nest of vipers. To Naomi's delight, Hayden admitted there was nothing to keep her in town. Hayden started to talk about Finn, but Naomi became distracted when her phone rang.

Naomi insisted that she had to take the call and instructed Hayden to send a text message when Hayden was ready to leave. After Naomi stepped away, she answered the call. It was Heather demanding a meeting with Naomi.

At Wyndemere, Laura glanced at her cell phone when it rang. It was Kevin. She thought about their tryst and the discovery that he'd written a manuscript about her quest to unravel Helena's clues. Laura let the call go to voicemail as the doorbell rang. Laura was surprised when Robert Scorpio greeted her. After they hugged, Laura led him to the living room. Robert revealed that Luke had called him earlier to report that he was alive.

Stunned, Laura asked if Robert was certain it had been Luke. Robert nodded and explained that Luke had received all the messages and had asked Robert to assure everyone that Luke was fine. Laura was relieved and told Robert about the discovery of the skeleton on Cassadine Island. Robert assured Laura that Luke had regretted leaving everyone in limbo, but Laura admitted that she'd been confident that Luke could take care of himself. However, Laura asked Robert to let Luke know that Luke should periodically check in with Lulu.

Laura appreciated Robert's visit, but she suspected there was more to his trip to Port Charles. Robert admitted Luke had wanted Robert to warn Laura to be careful because Valentin Cassadine was dangerous. Laura assured Robert that Valentin had been extradited to Greece and would spend the rest of his life in jail, but Robert explained that Luke feared that Valentin would return. Robert offered Laura his condolences on Nikolas' passing and asked about Valentin's attempt to kidnap Spencer. Laura explained what Valentin was after and asked if Robert had any information about the feared Cassadine.

Robert had asked the World Security Bureau to pull Valentin's files, but he advised Laura to increase the security around Spencer until they had more information. Robert also invited Laura to call if she needed help. Laura thanked Robert and walked him to the door. Later, Hayden entered the living room and noticed the suitcase. Laura explained that she had decided to take Spencer to the boarding school in France. Hayden implored Laura to reconsider, but Laura insisted that it was what Spencer wanted and the best place to keep him safe from Valentin's reach.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Paul was annoyed that Dillon was ten minutes late for lunch. Tracy reminded Paul that he'd agreed to make time for their son, but Paul explained that he was in the middle of a high-profile case, and his top priority was to convict Julian. Dillon heard what his father had said and assured Paul that they could reschedule for a more convenient time -- like never. Tensions mounted as Dillon sat down and asked why Tracy had asked them to meet for lunch, since it was clear that Paul wasn't interested in having a relationship with Dillon. Dillon couldn't speak for his half-siblings Susan and Paul Jr., but Dillon felt like an afterthought. Paul's temper flared as he angrily told Dillon that Dillon had no idea what Paul had done for Susan and Paul Jr. or how much Paul loved Dillon.

Paul pointed out that he'd agreed to meet Dillon for lunch, knowing how Dillon would react. Paul refused to apologize for being ambitious because it had allowed him to do whatever had been necessary for his children. Dillon wasn't impressed with Paul's passionate speech, especially when Paul's phone chimed with a text message and Paul looked at it. Paul admitted that he had to take care of a time-sensitive matter, but he informed Dillon that Tracy was worried about Dillon, so Paul would help if Dillon wanted it. After Paul left, Tracy admitted that she had hoped spending time with Paul might help.

Nearby, Paul bumped into Robert. Robert revealed that Anna had asked Robert to check in with Paul about the case against Julian. Paul bristled as he informed Robert that Anna could call Paul if she wanted an update, but Robert insisted it had been easier for Robert to follow up, since Robert was in town. Paul assured Robert that Paul had a recording of Julian making a full confession, Alexis as a key witness for the prosecution, and corroborating evidence and witnesses, so Anna could rest easy that Duke would be avenged and Julian would go to jail. After Paul left, Robert called Anna to update her on the case and assure her that Julian would finally pay.

Later, Paul entered the squad room and found Ava waiting. Ava explained that she was confident that she could persuade Julian to plead guilty in exchange for consideration at sentencing. Paul refused to offer a plea deal and informed Ava that he expected her to testify against Julian. Ava balked, but Paul threatened to unearth the flash drive of her confession and charge Ava with Connie Falconeri's murder. After Ava left, Sonny approached Paul to ask about the case against Julian. Paul assured Sonny that nothing had been left to chance, and no one would go to bat for Julian, including Ava.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava ordered a drink at the bar. Hayden sat a few stools down and asked if Ava had had a bad day. Hayden quickly realized who Ava was and asked if Nikolas had suffered when he'd been killed. "No more than he did when he was married to you," Ava replied. Ava knew that Nikolas and Hayden's marriage had been unhappy, but Nikolas had felt responsible for Hayden. Ava decided to give Hayden a heads-up about the diamonds that Elizabeth had found. "That bitch has my diamonds?" Hayden asked.

At the nurses' station, Franco approached Elizabeth. She smiled and playfully scolded him for always living on the edge. Franco assured Elizabeth that he had a pass from the Monica because he was there for a follow-up meeting to discuss his possible reinstatement. Franco presented Elizabeth with a gift. It was a container with two pieces of toast -- each with a smiley face made of jelly, which he insisted was brain food because she'd had a lot on her mind. Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't been able to sleep because she'd been thinking about Hayden and the diamonds. Franco was disappointed that she hadn't been thinking about their date.

Nearby, Kevin sent Laura a text message, apologizing and asking her to give him another chance. After he put his phone away, he saw Franco and Elizabeth chatting. Elizabeth assured Franco that she had thought about their date. Franco smiled and told her that he had a list of ideas, but she reminded him that they didn't have to do everything in one night. However, she wanted to know what to wear. Franco assured her that it would be a casual and fun evening.

Kevin walked up to let Franco know that he was ready for their meeting. Franco told Elizabeth not to waste too much time on "that waste of space" Hayden and followed Kevin to Kevin's office. Franco ranted about Monica and threatened to file a lawsuit if she refused to lift his suspension. Franco frowned when he noticed that Kevin was sending a text message. Kevin quickly put the phone down and told Franco that from a psychological standpoint, there was no reason that Franco couldn't return to work. However, Kevin warned Franco that the decision was up to the panel.

Franco pointed out that Kevin's opinion held a lot of sway and wondered if it would help that Franco was dating one of the most respected nurses at the hospital. Kevin promised to put Elizabeth down as a character reference, but Franco shifted gears and asked for advice about planning a dazzling date on a budget. Kevin admitted that he was the last person to give romantic advice.

Later, Kevin stopped by the nurses' station. Elizabeth seized the opportunity to ask about Franco's meeting with Kevin. Kevin admitted that he couldn't discuss the details of what he and Franco had talked about, but Franco's foibles had not made Franco unemployable. Elizabeth was relieved, but she was startled when Kevin added that it was clear that Franco was quite taken with Elizabeth. Kevin could tell from Elizabeth's smile that the feeling was mutual. Elizabeth conceded that she was getting there because Franco had been a really good friend to her.

Kevin offered his help if Elizabeth needed it. She recalled her conversation with Ava about the diamonds and asked Kevin for a moment of his time. Kevin and Elizabeth retreated to his office, where she admitted that she was aware of what people thought about Nikolas. She insisted that Nikolas had been a good person, and she didn't want that to get lost in the scandal surrounding his death. Elizabeth revealed that she had an opportunity to do something that could make things right, but she wasn't certain if she was motivated by honoring Nikolas or making herself feel better. Kevin trusted Elizabeth to make the right decision because she'd been Nikolas' closest friend and had known him best.

After Elizabeth's talk with Kevin, she called Jordan to tell Jordan that she had evidence relating to Hayden.

At D'Archam Facility, Heather had her feet propped on the table as she looked at a crossword puzzle and tried to figure out a nine-letter word for annoying with the letter "x" in it. "Try vexatious," Naomi said as she entered the visitor's room. Heather smiled as Naomi sat down, but Naomi was irritated that Heather had called. Heather reminded Naomi of their agreement and informed Naomi that Heather's accountant had reported that Naomi had missed several payments. Naomi insisted that money was tight because she'd fallen on hard times, but Heather didn't care because Heather had a son to support and refused to allow Franco to go without.

Naomi continued to make excuses, but Heather knew that Naomi had cut a deal with the Feds that had netted Naomi six figures every month in exchange for turning on Raymond. Heather threatened to expose Naomi's secrets if Naomi didn't transfer the money into Heather's account. Moments later, Franco walked in. Naomi quickly fled, but Franco had recognized Hayden's mother and asked Heather about the visit. Heather claimed that she had no idea who Hayden was, so Franco explained that Hayden had been giving Elizabeth a hard time. Heather was sorry to hear it and admitted that Hayden was nothing like her father.

Franco was curious why Heather knew Hayden's father but not Hayden. Heather ignored the question and asked why Franco was there. Franco admitted that he had a date with Elizabeth later that evening and needed money. Heather's smile faded as she informed Franco that she wasn't his personal ATM. Franco reminded Heather that she had a nest egg that she had agreed to share with him, but she confessed that the money was about to dry up because Naomi had refused to pay. Franco offered to collect the money for Heather, but he was curious why Naomi had been paying Heather hush money. Heather admitted that it had to do with Naomi's past with Jeff Webber and Naomi's "little brat."

At Wyndemere, Kevin stopped by to talk to Laura. He apologized for not calling, but Laura explained that it wasn't a good time. Kevin noticed the suitcase and asked about it. Laura admitted that she had decided to take Spencer to a boarding school in France and stay until her grandson had settled in. Kevin warned Laura that running from his problems wouldn't help Spencer, but Laura insisted that Spencer needed time to regroup. She was confident that Spencer would return when he was ready, so Kevin asked if Laura would.

Laura admitted that she would be back. Kevin hoped that she'd be ready to give them another chance when she returned and wished her a safe trip. After Kevin left, Laura called out to Spencer.

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