General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 8, 2016 on GH

Sam learned that she was pregnant. Franco discovered that Elizabeth had exonerated him. Valentin denied knowledge of the skeleton Lulu had found. Sabrina questioned Joe's intentions. Michael met a woman named Nelle.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 8, 2016 on GH
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Monday, August 8, 2016

On the patio outside Carly's, Josslyn asked Michael to fix some of the hanging string lights. He wondered why Josslyn was being a perfectionist all of a sudden. She explained that she was probably projecting her stress about her parents fighting onto the party preparations. She told Michael about the Crimson article and how she didn't like her private life plastered all over the Internet. She wanted attention for doing something good. Michael reminded her that her mystery donor could affect her health, but she playfully shot back that she was healthier than him. "Ouch," he replied. "It's absolutely true but still hurts," he added.

Kiki and Morgan took their antibiotics together. He apologized to her again. She reasoned that they were treating the infection, and there was nothing else they could do except treat it and forget that it had ever happened. There was a knock on the door, and Kiki answered it to a beaming Ava. Ava hugged her daughter, but her smile quickly faded when she saw Morgan in the apartment.

Kiki asked about Ava's ordeal in Greece, and Ava replied that it was a long story, but she was finally "on the loose." She observed that Morgan was as well. Morgan had to go to his grandmother's birthday party, so he left the two women to catch up. Kiki stealthily handed him his antibiotics before he left. When he was gone, Ava commented on Morgan being back in Kiki's life, and Kiki exploded on her mother. Ava wondered why Kiki had done a "backslide" from Dillon to Morgan. Kiki replied that they were "back together, no thanks to you."

Kiki reminded Ava of Ava's conversation with Morgan about letting Kiki go, but Ava claimed it was a lie. When she could no longer deny it, Ava insisted that she'd been trying to protect Kiki, who had nearly died because of Morgan. She thought that Morgan was unstable, and Kiki needed to be the one to leave Morgan for good. "He's working hard," Kiki told her mother. She continued that she wasn't a pushover and called Morgan out on things when necessary, but Ava perceived Kiki as a "crutch" for Morgan.

Kiki accused Ava of being uncomfortable with the relationship because Ava had had "two separate affairs" with Morgan. She ordered Ava to "get out and stay gone." Ava caught sight of Kiki's prescription and wondered what it was for. She read the description on the bottle before Kiki was able to grab it. Ava demanded to know if Morgan had given Kiki an STI. Kiki reluctantly explained that it was treatable, but it was her "private business."

Ava urged Kiki to get tested for HIV, which Kiki had already done, and the test had been negative. Ava knew it wouldn't have happened in the first place if Kiki had used condoms with Morgan. She continued that Morgan wasn't thinking, and it had rubbed off on Kiki. "Wise up," Ava snapped, and she left.

Finn thanked Elizabeth for showing up for work, since many hospital employees didn't want to show up after the murders. He mentioned that someone had been arrested, but Elizabeth informed him that there had been no evidence against Franco. Finn suggested that Franco was "good at covering his tracks." Elizabeth was surprised at Finn's lack of sympathy after going through something similar. Finn replied that he would love to know Elizabeth's thoughts. She replied that Franco had been with her when the last patient had died.

Franco entered the hospital room that Sam was resting in, much to her chagrin. Franco assured her that "I come in peace," and he asked her for a favor. He wanted her to keep an eye on Jake for him. Just then, Elizabeth entered the room, so Franco left. Sam asked Elizabeth to put a note in her file, forbidding Franco from entering her room, and Elizabeth obliged. Changing track, Sam wanted Elizabeth to know that Nikolas had died saving Ava's life, "like a hero." Elizabeth tearfully thanked her for the information, wished Sam well, and left the room.

Soon after, Finn entered the room and introduced himself as Sam's internist. Sam stared at Finn and told him that he looked like her son's former oncologist and her ex-boyfriend. He offered to find another doctor if she was uncomfortable, but she was all right. She ticked off her symptoms, which included nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, and fainting. She continued that it had started while she'd been on Cassadine Island.

Finn proposed that there could be a disease spreading around that part of the Mediterranean, so he would run some tests. He took a couple vials of blood and promised to treat whatever was ailing her. Later, Finn returned with her test results. He told her, "You're pregnant."

Elizabeth was waiting for the elevator when Franco approached her. He handed her a tube and told her that he wanted her to have her portrait, which was inside the tube. She reluctantly took it and got in the elevator. He asked her to say hello to Jake.

Franco looked at a picture of the puppy he'd gotten for Nina and called Daisy the "only creature who ever understood me." He regretted giving the puppy up. He realized that he'd "screwed up" by pushing Elizabeth away, but he didn't think he'd had another choice. He only wanted to help people and wondered why he never got a second chance. Just then, his phone rang, and he answered it to Monica. After listening for a minute, he reminded her that the cops had cleared him. He protested his suspension but took the opportunity to ask Monica for his puppy back.

At the coffee shop, Jax explained to Bobbie that he just wanted to protect Josslyn. Bobbie, as a nurse, knew how important complete medical records were, but respecting Josslyn's privacy was also important. He thought that if Josslyn wanted to search for her donor as an adult, she could, and Bobbie agreed that it was a "workable compromise." He asked Bobbie to talk to Carly about it. Bobbie agreed to consider talking to Carly if Jax would attend her birthday party. Bobbie spotted Jason.

Jason recognized Bobbie and then Jax. She invited Jason to her party, and he promised to try to stop by after he and Jake were done hanging out. Bobbie left, satisfied. Jax coolly assured Jason that it was fine if Jason couldn't stop by, and he left. Jake's sitter dropped him off, and Jason started off by apologizing to Jake for being gone for so long. He promised to always return to Jake. Jake expressed how scared he'd been for Jason, and Jason assured him that there was nothing wrong with being scared. "That's what Franco told me too," Jake said.

Jake went on about how cool Franco was. Jason asked about when Jake saw Franco, and Jake told his father that he would see Franco when Franco visited Elizabeth. Jason was clearly not happy. Elizabeth approached just then, and Jake ran off to get a cookie. Elizabeth and Jason exchanged small talk about Nikolas and about Jason's charges being dropped. Jason fired questions at her about Franco. After Elizabeth answered the questions about her relationship with Franco honestly, Jason reminded her how he felt about Franco.

Elizabeth shot back at Jason that she didn't factor in his comfort level in relation to her personal life. She added that Jake had been thriving since Franco had entered his life. As the conversation got more heated, they agreed to table the discussion for another time. She snapped that there was nothing between her and Franco, and she declared the subject closed.

Jason ordered Elizabeth to make sure that Franco didn't go near Jake. She responded that he didn't get to disappear for weeks then second-guess the parenting decision she'd made while he was gone. He didn't have a right to judge her private life, especially when he couldn't keep his own "messed-up life" straight. She informed a confused Jason that while he'd been lecturing her, Sam had been in the hospital.

Carly angrily left a message for Jax, and Sonny entered at the tail end. Carly informed him that his "two favorite people" had visited. She told him that Ava would be picking up Avery the next day, which he deemed a "necessary evil." Sonny was angry about Jax's custody threats and offered to handle the donor search in secret for her.

Bobbie entered the house, followed by Jax, who she explained was there as a birthday wish. Michael, Josslyn, and Morgan, who'd just arrived, all hugged their grandmother. Bobbie began to open gifts, and Michael offered Morgan a drink. Morgan reminded Michael that he wasn't drinking. Michael replied that he remembered Morgan couldn't drink while on medication. "Who told you?" Morgan asked, wondering if Michael had talked to Dillon or Kiki. A confused Michael wondered why he would talk to them about Morgan's bipolar medication. Morgan told Michael to forget about it.

Bobbie opened Jax's gift, which was a locket with a picture of Josslyn. Josslyn got out Michael's gift and bragged that she'd helped pick it out because Michael had terrible taste. As Bobbie took a large purse out of a gift bag, Carly summoned Jax outside. She wanted to assure him that she'd called Nina immediately after Jax had left to call off the search for Josslyn's donor.

The doorbell rang, and Michael went to get it. A young woman stood on the doorstep, introduced herself as Nelle Hayes, and asked to see Carly. Carly summoned everyone for the birthday toast. Michael told the woman that Carly was very busy, but he instructed her to wait in the living room, and he would get Carly as soon as she had a minute.

When Michael arrived outside, Carly's toast was being recorded for the benefit of Valerie, Lucas, and Brad. Carly toasted that Bobbie was not only a mother to her and Lucas but to everyone she met. Bobbie had had a tough life, but it hadn't made her bitter. In fact, she was the kindest, most generous and patient woman Carly knew. Carly regretted the period of time she hadn't been very kind to Bobbie, but she didn't regret going to Port Charles because she was grateful to have found her mother, who she loved.

Everyone at Bobbie's party raised a glass, and Michael cut up the birthday cake. A short while later, Morgan and Josslyn announced that they were taking Bobbie to the movies, and the three left. Carly lamented the end of the party and thought that Morgan could have thought his plans out better. Michael informed his mother that she had a guest waiting for her, and she, Michael, Sonny, and Jax went inside. Nelle told Carly that she'd seen the article in Crimson and that she believed that she was Josslyn's donor.

Sam's joy is short-lived

Sam's joy is short-lived

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

In Sonny and Carly's living room, Michael, Jax, Sonny, and Carly listened as Nelle explained that she suspected she was Josslyn's kidney donor. Nelle admitted that everything matched, but Jax was curious why Nelle had dropped by uninvited. Nelle assured everyone that she had received an email letting her know that Josslyn's family had wanted to meet. Jax glared at Carly, so Michael decided to whisk Nelle to the patio as Jax, Carly, and Sonny began to argue. Jax was furious that Carly had lied, but she insisted that she had told Nina to drop everything. She realized that she'd been too late.

Outside, Nelle worried that she had done something wrong, but Michael assured her that it was fine and offered her something to drink. Nelle questioned why he was nice to her when everyone else had been wound tight. Michael smiled and confided that she'd given him an excuse to leave the living room because there was bad blood between his parents and Jax. Moments later, Carly walked out to let Nelle know that Nina had confirmed that she had contacted Nelle without Carly's knowledge, but Carly was curious why Nelle thought she was Josslyn's kidney donor. Nelle pulled up her shirt to show everyone a nasty scar.

Nelle lowered the shirt as she explained that she'd had a kidney removed in March 2012, but she'd never been told the recipient's name. Carly invited Nelle back into the living room to ask some questions and talk about the transplant. Nelle revealed that she lived in Atlanta, but she didn't have any details about the operation because her parents had simply told her that she'd needed surgery and had taken her for a long drive. Nelle hadn't felt ill, and her memories were hazy because of the drugs, but she didn't think she'd been taken to a hospital. Nelle explained that her parents had promised that the surgery would make her healthy, but they had been wrong because she became ill easily and suffered periodic bouts of pain.

Michael was curious why Nelle thought her parents had sold her kidney. Nelle explained that her parents had struggled financially, and there had been talk of eviction until she'd had the surgery. Sonny wondered where Nelle's parents were, but she revealed that they had both passed away, and she was on her own. Carly felt terrible for Nelle and asked if she had a job. Nelle smiled as she told them that she was a part-time teacher's aide and attended community college to earn a teaching degree.

Sonny coldly asked what Nelle had hoped to gain out of the meeting, but she ignored the hostility in his tone as she explained that she'd been angry at her parents for not having given her a choice about the operation. Nelle admitted that whenever she had felt sick or lousy, the anger had returned until she'd read Josslyn's story. Nelle realized that perhaps she had made a difference to someone's life, and if she had donated Josslyn's kidney, then her sacrifice had been worth it, and she'd be able to put the past behind her and move forward. Carly was impressed with Nelle's answer, but Sonny remained quiet. Jax conceded that what had happened to Nelle had been terrible, but he wanted a private word with Carly. Sonny refused to leave Jax alone with Carly and followed them outside.

On the patio, Jax warned Carly that there was no way to know if Nelle had told the truth, but Carly argued that they could run a background check and have Nelle tested. Sonny reluctantly sided with Jax as he reminded Carly that Nelle's story, while sad, could not be verified because Nelle's parents were deceased, and there weren't any medical records. Carly was certain there was a way and suggested that they start by finding out if Nelle was a match for Josslyn. Jax objected because there was no way to prove that Josslyn had received Nelle's kidney, even if they were a match and Nelle's story checked out. Jax wanted to give Nelle money and send her on her way home, but Carly flatly refused.

In the living room, Michael commended Nelle on her courage but excused himself to return a phone call. After Michael stepped away, Nelle looked between the slats in the blinds as Carly, Jax, and Sonny argued. Meanwhile, Michael reached Sabrina's voicemail and apologized for missing her call. He explained that things had taken a crazy turn at the party, but he was eager to hear her good news. After Michael ended the call, Carly, Jax, and Sonny returned. Carly gently explained that she needed to verify Nelle's story and asked if Nelle would be willing to cooperate.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina left Michael a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she had good news. She ended the call as Amy gushed about Sabrina's son. Amy imagined that Sabrina was thrilled to take him home later that day. After Amy left, Sabrina saw Joe Rivera approach the nurses' station, wearing a lab coat and carrying a patient file. Stunned, she asked what Carlos' brother was doing at the hospital.

Joe explained that he'd been granted a research fellowship at the hospital, but Sabrina questioned why he hadn't told her. Joe claimed that he'd left her several messages, but she'd only returned one to let him know that he could visit with his nephew. Sabrina apologized and admitted that she hadn't been stalling because he reminded her of everything that had gone wrong with Carlos. Joe acknowledged that he, Sabrina, and Carlos had had a complicated history, but he hoped for Teddy's sake that she could let it go because Joe was the only uncle that Teddy had. Joe admitted that his nephew was the most beautiful baby he'd ever seen -- a perfect mix between Sabrina and Carlos with Carlos' smile.

Joe couldn't believe the path his brother had taken, but Sabrina warned him that trashing Carlos wouldn't win her over. Joe explained that he'd simply been expressing his regret for the choices Carlos had made and the role that Joe might have played in them. Joe wanted to do better for both Teddy and Sabrina. Suspicious, Sabrina asked if he was trying to woo her back by taking an interest in Teddy and accepting a fellowship at the hospital in the town where she lived. Joe assured her that his research was important to him and that General Hospital had an incredible reputation.

Joe added that he wanted an opportunity to do good work. He thought Sabrina would understand because he knew that nursing had been important enough for her to leave both her father and Carlos behind. Joe admitted that he'd wondered what might have happened if they'd left Puerto Rico together to pursue their medical degrees. Sabrina tensed, but Joe promised that he didn't dwell on the past and accepted that she had a bright future with Michael. Joe wished her nothing but the best.

Later, Sabrina was surprised when she saw Joe at the elevators and asked what he was still doing at the hospital. Joe explained that he'd finished up, but he was curious why she hadn't left with Teddy. Sabrina told him that she was waiting for her son to wake up from a nap. Joe offered to buy Sabrina dinner in the cafeteria, but she hesitated because she expected a call from Michael, and she wanted to be there when Teddy woke up. Joe promised to have her back before Teddy woke up because he hoped to spend a little time with his nephew. Touched, Sabrina realized that Joe really wanted a relationship with her son.

On the promenade outside Perks Coffee, Jason left Sam a voicemail message asking her to call him back because he'd heard that she was in the hospital. After he ended the call, Elizabeth walked up to tell him that the sitter had taken Jake to Audrey's house. Jason wanted to continue their discussion about Jake, but he was concerned about Sam and asked why Sam was in the hospital. Elizabeth revealed that Sam had undergone testing after suffering a fainting spell and complaining of nausea. However, Elizabeth assured Jason that Sam's vitals looked good, and she appeared to be suffering from fatigue. Jason decided to check for himself, so he left.

In Sam's hospital room, Finn told Sam that preliminary tests showed that she was pregnant. Sam was stunned and asked to look at the test results. She explained that her pregnancy was a miracle because she'd undergone reconstructive surgery a few years earlier that had made it possible for her to get pregnant with Danny. However, she'd been told that she wouldn't be able to carry any more children, which was why she and Jason hadn't thought to use birth control. Sam smiled as she admitted that she was eager to tell Jason.

After Sam disappeared into the bathroom to change out of the hospital gown, Finn advised her to make an appointment with her OB/GYN and her general practitioner -- depending on the results of the remaining tests. Dressed, Sam emerged from the bathroom with a confused expression as she asked what other tests Finn had been referring to. Finn reminded Sam that she'd been in the Mediterranean, but she cut him off when Jason appeared in the doorway. Jason was relieved that Sam was on her feet because Elizabeth had told him about her fainting spell. Sam introduced Jason to Finn and assured Jason that she was fine.

Finn excused himself to check on Sam's remaining test results. Jason was eager to know if they knew what was wrong with Sam. "Yes, and no," Sam cryptically answered. However, she cheerfully told him not to worry and kissed him. Jason held Sam close as he confessed that he didn't know what he'd do if anything happened to her. Sam became alarmed when Jason suddenly swayed on his feet and sat down on the bed. Jason tried to brush it off, but Sam checked his forehead and noticed that he had a fever and was flushed.

Jason continued to downplay his illness, but Sam waited until Finn returned and asked the doctor to check Jason. A short time later, Finn completed the examination and announced that Jason's blood pressure was low and his temperature was 102.6 degrees. Jason attributed it to a simple flu, but Finn refused to take any chances because Jason had been in Greece. Finn took a blood sample and instructed Jason to remain in the bed until he returned. Sam followed Finn to the nurses' station to ask what might be wrong with Jason.

Finn admitted that he suspected Jason had malaria, which he assured Sam was easily treatable. Sam was relieved, but Finn explained that Sam needed to be tested, too, because there was a strong likelihood that she had been exposed to the illness. Sam pointed out that she was fine, but Finn revealed that malaria symptoms could take up to twenty-five days to manifest and might cause pregnancy complications.

At Wyndemere, Hayden entered through the front door, dragging a suitcase behind her. She entered the living room but stopped short when she saw Lulu. Lulu quietly broke the news to Hayden about Nikolas' attempt to stage his death and how he had died protecting Ava in Greece during a struggle with Valentin. Lulu admitted that her mother was heartbroken and that Spencer, who had known about Nikolas' ruse, had been told.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon started to pour a glass of water to take his antibiotic when Tracy walked in and asked what he was doing. Startled, Dillon tried to hide the prescription bottle, but she had seen it and asked if he was sick. Dillon reluctantly told her that it was preventative because his friend had contracted something. Tracy easily read between the lines and demanded to know if he had picked up an STI from the person he'd been spending his nights with. Dillon was mortified, but Tracy pushed for an answer because she was certain that Kiki was the culprit. Dillon assured his mother that it hadn't been Kiki, but he refused to elaborate.

Moments later, Lulu walked in and immediately picked up on the tension between Dillon and Tracy. Lulu offered to return, but Tracy warmly greeted Lulu with a hug because she'd heard what had transpired on Cassadine Island. Lulu asked if Tracy had heard from Luke, but Tracy hadn't. Tracy realized that Lulu was worried, so Lulu showed Tracy the pictures of the leather wristband and silver earring she'd found on a skeleton in the access tunnels on the island. Tracy confirmed that they looked like the ones that Luke had worn, but Tracy refused to believe that Luke was dead.

Lulu explained that she'd tried to reach out to Luke, but Luke hadn't returned the call. Tracy dismissed it as typical of Luke, who was likely relaxing on a beach somewhere. Lulu wanted to believe that was true, but she needed answers and asked if Tracy had a toothbrush or shirt that Luke had left behind because Lulu wanted to run a DNA test on the items she'd found. Tracy admitted that Luke had taken everything with him but pointed out that Lulu was his daughter. Lulu acknowledged that she could provide a DNA sample, but something that belonged to Luke would be easier because it would be an exact match.

Dillon recalled seeing Luke's favorite baseball cap in the house and left to look for it. Tracy thought a DNA test was a waste of time because she was confident that Luke was alive and well somewhere, dancing on a table. Moments later, Dillon returned and handed Lulu a plastic bag containing the baseball cap. Tracy offered Lulu her condolences on the loss of Nikolas and promised to help if Laura or Lulu needed anything. Lulu thanked Tracy, but Lulu confessed that she was concerned because Laura had been on a quest to solve a mystery that Helena had left for Laura. Lulu explained that all the clues led to Luke, but Tracy argued that it didn't mean that the skeleton had been Lulu's father.

After Lulu left, Dillon asked how his mother was holding up. Tracy pasted on a brave smile as she assured him that she wasn't concerned about Luke. Dillon worried how Luke's death would impact his mother, but Tracy was adamant that Luke was fine. Dillon pointed out that a DNA test would soon reveal the truth.

At Wyndemere, Hayden took out The Great Gatsby book she had given to Nikolas and read the inscription she had written about him being her Gatsby. She set the book down when the doorbell rang. It was Elizabeth. Neither woman was pleased to see the other, but Elizabeth brushed past Hayden as she explained that she was there to see Laura. Hayden snidely asked if Elizabeth had known about Nikolas' plan to fake his death, but Elizabeth was offended because she had grieved for Nikolas and continued to. However, Elizabeth freely admitted that she didn't regret a single syllable she'd said about Hayden.

Elizabeth explained that Nikolas wouldn't have been driven to fake his death and end up on Cassadine Island if Hayden hadn't betrayed him, but Hayden argued that Nikolas had tried to have Hayden killed. Elizabeth insisted that Nikolas had always regretted what he'd done and had been determined to spend the rest of his life making it up to Hayden. Elizabeth had no idea what he'd seen in Hayden, but Elizabeth acknowledged that Nikolas had loved Hayden. Hayden admitted that she hadn't wanted to hurt Nikolas, but Tracy had threatened to expose the truth about Hayden's identity. Elizabeth accused Hayden of tricking Nikolas into marriage to get her hands on ELQ, but Hayden turned things around by claiming that Elizabeth was to blame for Nikolas' fate.

Hayden pointed out that Elizabeth's desire to hide the truth about Jason's identity had set all the wheels into motion. Elizabeth scoffed and asked if Hayden thought it somehow absolved Hayden of guilt. Elizabeth insisted that Hayden had lied to, used, and manipulated Nikolas, but Hayden argued that she'd loved Nikolas. Elizabeth laughed and told Hayden that Hayden had blown it because Nikolas had loved Hayden too -- despite numerous warnings. Elizabeth added that Hayden had had a chance to build something real with Nikolas, but Hayden's lies and greed had made Hayden toss it away with both hands.

Elizabeth hoped that Hayden choked on it and that it kept Hayden up at night. Elizabeth also hoped that Hayden never stopped regretting what might have been. Hayden was shaken as Elizabeth stormed out of the living room.

Michael persuades Nelle to stay

Michael persuades Nelle to stay

> Michael persuades Nelle to stay

Michael persuades Nelle to stay

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

At Wyndemere, Hayden was surprised when Finn stopped by for a visit. Finn explained that he'd heard about her husband and had wanted to offer his condolences. Finn knew that Hayden and Nikolas had had their problems, but Finn also knew that Hayden had cared about her husband. Hayden conceded that things between her and Nikolas had never been simple and revealed that Nikolas had staged his death on the night of the Nurses Ball to frame her for murder. Finn thought Jason had been charged, but Hayden explained that it had been a case of bad timing on Jason's part that had landed him in trouble.

Hayden claimed she was happy that Nikolas had died, but Finn didn't believe her. Hayden admitted that a part of her hated Nikolas for many reasons, but another part wished that Nikolas was there so she could hug her husband and tell him in person how much she hated him. She tearfully confessed that she didn't know what to do because she had hoped to see Nikolas again and have a chance to make things right. Finn held her as she wept.

Later, Hayden pulled away and apologized for crying on Finn's shoulder. Finn empathized and opened up about his wife's illness. He admitted that toward the end, his wife had requested a picture from home of her parents celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, but he had refused to leave her side to fetch it. Finn admitted that he'd convinced himself that he could save her, but in the end, his wife had died without the precious picture by her side. Finn realized that sometimes things might seem little, but they could stay with a person until the day they died.

Finn suddenly noticed the time and announced that he had to get home to feed his pet, but Hayden asked him to wait because she wanted to know if he'd found a way to get his life-saving medicine. Finn confirmed that he'd obtained enough doses for three months, by which time he hoped to have found a cure for the disease. Hayden remained concerned, but he was curious why it mattered to her. Hayden joked that she wanted credit for her philanthropic efforts that had made it possible for him to find a cure. Finn smiled and left.

At the apartment, Kiki looked online at her work schedule and smiled with satisfaction because she'd been assigned a lot of hours. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Kiki assumed it was Ava and, as she opened the door, grumbled that she refused to discuss things again. Morgan had heard Kiki's remark and asked what she was talking about as he entered the apartment. Kiki refused to discuss it, but Morgan suspected that it had to do with Ava. Morgan was certain that Ava had tried to persuade Kiki that Morgan was not good for Kiki.

Kiki reluctantly admitted that Morgan had guessed correctly and added that she might have given Ava additional ammunition when Ava had found the antibiotics to treat the STI. Morgan was impressed when Kiki assured him that she'd stood up to her mother, but he regretted that he'd given Kiki an STI. Kiki noticed that Morgan hadn't gotten upset when she'd told him about her argument with Ava, so Morgan admitted that he was trying to resist certain impulses. He realized that he'd gotten carried away by trying to find them a new place to live without discussing it with her first, but he promised that he'd been on his medications. Morgan insisted that Kiki meant more to him than anyone else, and he kissed her. Morgan and Kiki ended up in the bedroom, where Morgan pulled out a condom and made love to Kiki.

Later, Morgan decided to fetch some take-out food, since he and Kiki didn't have to work and could spend the remainder of the evening in bed. Kiki smiled because everything felt "nice and normal." Morgan grinned and credited the right combination of medications. Kiki was confident that she and Morgan were past their rough patch, and she watched him leave. A short time later, Kiki woke up from a nap and noticed that Morgan hadn't returned.

Meanwhile, Ava arrived home and was shocked when she found her apartment in shambles. Ava was certain that Carly had broken into the apartment again and decided to call the police, but she stopped and picked up a vase when she heard a noise down the hall. Seconds later, Scott and Lucy entered the living room. Scott was in his underwear, while Lucy was pulling on her clothes. Shocked, Ava demanded to know what was going on and why her apartment was in disarray. Scott and Lucy smiled and admitted that things had gotten out of hand between them the previous night when they had gotten drunk and became nostalgic.

Lucy tried to right the paintings on the wall as Ava blasted Scott for destroying her apartment. Scott tried to calm Ava down by apologizing. Lucy noticed the time and announced that she had to leave because she had a cottage to show, but Ava warned Lucy to stay put. Scott suggested that Ava not get worked up and added that she wouldn't want to lose her vacation glow. Ava was outraged and asked if Scott or Lucy had bothered to watch the news. Scott grinned and told Ava that he and Lucy had been too busy, so Ava informed them that she'd been on Cassadine Island with Laura -- and Kevin.

Lucy was shocked when Ava revealed that Kevin had been shot and was in the hospital. Lucy quickly rushed out the door to check on Kevin. Ava warned Scott that he would regret crossing her, but Scott reminded Ava that they'd never been exclusive. Ava laughed because she hadn't been referring to their meaningless fling. She explained that she'd looked forward to seeing him because she had needed someone to lean on as a friend. Scott assured her that she could count on him, but she rejected his offer because he was too self-absorbed.

Scott argued that Ava wasn't any better and asked her to name a friend other than a member of her family. Ava admitted that there had been someone she had grown to care for during her trip because they'd been unexpected kindred spirits. Scott was curious who the man was, but Ava explained that it didn't matter because he had died. Scott wondered if Ava had done the deed. Ava denied it, but Scott questioned her about the man. Ava revealed that she'd been talking about Nikolas. Scott immediately asked for details, but Ava suggested that he read the newspaper in his new home.

Scott was hurt that Ava had kicked him out, but he was also worried about her because Nikolas had been a Cassadine, and Cassadines were known to play people. Ava smiled wistfully as she conceded that she had played Nikolas for a time, but she'd genuinely grown to care about him.

Shortly after Scott left, Ava poured herself a drink, but someone knocked on the door. It was Morgan. Morgan entered the apartment as he confronted Ava about her efforts to persuade Kiki to break things off with him. Ava was unapologetic because he'd given her daughter an STI -- among other things. Ava sarcastically added that she couldn't wait to hear what Morgan intended to do to her daughter next, so he informed her that he planned to marry Kiki. Ava scoffed and asked if he was there to ask for her blessing. Morgan explained that he didn't want or need it and that he hoped Ava continued to try to pull Morgan and Kiki apart because Kiki would be more apt to agree to elope.

Ava pointed out that Morgan's wedding plans seemed impulsive, but he admitted that he'd been thinking about it for a long time. Morgan assured Ava that the wedding would happen because he and Kiki would be together always. "So deal with that," he added as he marched out. "Over my dead body," Ava quietly said.

At Greystone Manor, Carly thanked Nelle for seeking her out and asked if Nelle would be willing to prove that she was Josslyn's kidney donor. Confused, Nelle asked what Carly wanted. Carly explained that they needed to confirm Nelle's story and run tests, but Carly promised to cover all the medical expenses. Nelle was offended at the suggestion that she had lied. Sonny quickly explained that someone had already tried to shake Carly down for money, but Nelle argued that she'd never asked for a penny or even claimed to be Josslyn's kidney donor.

Nelle had no idea if her kidney had gone to Josslyn, but the timeline had matched up. Furious, Nelle told everyone to "go to hell" and added that she'd simply hoped to help Josslyn and perhaps get some answers for herself, but Nelle decided that it had been a mistake and left. Carly turned to Michael and asked him to follow Nelle to explain their side of things. After Michael left, Jax admitted that he hoped that Nelle never returned. Carly was furious, but Jax was concerned that Nelle's story would be too much for Josslyn to handle.

Carly assured Jax that they could control what their daughter was told, but he argued that secrets never remained buried forever. Sonny reluctantly agreed with Jax and suggested that they proceed with caution for Josslyn's sake. Carly agreed and hoped that Michael could get through to Nelle. Carly explained that if Nelle had donated Josslyn's kidney, then it would benefit both Josslyn and Nelle because the girls would have the answers they needed, and the adults would be able to help Nelle, who was all alone in the world. Sonny warned Carly that it was up to Nelle.

Meanwhile, Michael caught up with Nelle on the promenade outside Perks Coffee. Nelle warned him to leave her alone and added that he wasn't that charming, but Michael begged her to hear him out. Nelle focused on her phone and muttered with frustration when she realized that her ATM card hadn't worked. Nelle decided that Michael could make things up to her by loaning her $20. She handed her phone to him and asked him to type in his address so she could return the money as soon as possible.

Michael's phone chimed. He explained that he needed to make a quick business call, but he asked Nelle to wait and promised to give her the money and a lift to the bus station if she heard him out. Nelle grudgingly agreed. After Michael walked away, Josslyn called out to Nelle to ask if Nelle had been talking to Josslyn's brother. "Half-brother," Josslyn corrected. Nelle was startled when Josslyn introduced herself and added that she'd recalled seeing Nelle at the house. Nelle explained that she'd just met Michael and quickly steered the conversation away from her reason for visiting Josslyn's home by revealing that she was leaving town later that evening.

Josslyn decided that Nelle needed a "GIF" to remember Michael and tried to upload one, but she had trouble with the app on her phone. Nelle was familiar with the app and taught Josslyn how to use it by demonstrating how it worked when she made a short recording of Josslyn waving to the phone's camera. Excited, Josslyn decided to practice by making a GIF of Nelle waving and saying hi to Michael. Michael walked up and cheerfully returned Nelle's greeting. Josslyn sang Nelle's praises and decided to make a GIF of Michael. Moments later, Milo sent Josslyn a text message informing her that he'd arrived to pick her up.

Josslyn was disappointed but asked for Nelle's name. After Nelle answered Josslyn's inquiry, Josslyn pointed out that Michael was cute, and she left. Michael was embarrassed, but Nelle could tell that he deeply cared about his sister. Michael admitted that Josslyn had had his heart from the moment she'd been born, which was why he was grateful to Nelle for saving her life. Nelle reminded him that people had questioned her motives, but he assured her that he believed her story. Michael explained that his family was desperate for answers because they needed Josslyn's medical history.

Nelle appreciated the concern about Josslyn, but she pointed out that Josslyn might not have received her kidney. Michael assured Nelle they'd cross that hurdle when they got to it and urged her to stay for the tests for everyone's sake -- including Nelle's.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was anxious to hear from Michael, but Jax hoped that Nelle had left town. Carly and Jax continued to bicker until Josslyn walked in and asked why her parents had been arguing about her. Jax glanced at Carly then told Josslyn that he'd asked Carly if Josslyn could stay with him, since he was only in town for a short time. Carly glared at Jax but pasted on a smile as she assured her daughter that it wouldn't be a problem. Josslyn's eyes narrowed because it seemed odd that they'd been shouting over something that hadn't been an issue. Jax conceded that he'd raised his voice, and Carly added that divorced couples didn't always get along.

Carly promised that she loved Josslyn and hugged her. After Jax and Josslyn left, Sonny admitted that Jax annoyed him, but he cautioned Carly to tread with caution and take things one day at a time because they had no idea what Nelle would do. Carly asked if Sonny could step in if Michael failed to persuade Nelle to stay, but the issue was moot when Michael and Nelle entered the living room. Nelle revealed that she'd talked to Josslyn but quickly assured Carly that she hadn't breathed a word about the possibility that Nelle might be Josslyn's kidney donor. However, the encounter had made Nelle understand why Carly needed answers. Carly was delighted when Nelle agreed to have the tests.

Meanwhile, Jax and Josslyn arrived at Perks Coffee to order something to drink. Josslyn chatted about meeting Nelle and how she thought Nelle would be perfect for Michael because Nelle had made him laugh, which was rare for Michael. However, Josslyn was disappointed because Nelle would be leaving town later that evening.

Julian has a chance to escape

Julian has a chance to escape

Thursday, August 11, 2016

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sam looked at the test results confirming her pregnancy as she left a message for Finn to return her call because she needed the test results. She ended the call as Elizabeth entered the living room. Elizabeth explained that she'd dropped off Jake before heading to work. Sam told Elizabeth that she'd see Elizabeth at the hospital, prompting Elizabeth to ask if everything was okay. Sam revealed that Jason had been admitted the previous evening because Finn suspected Jason had contracted malaria in Greece. Worried, Elizabeth asked if Sam was sick too.

Sam explained that she'd been tested, but she was freaked out that she might have passed it along to her child. Elizabeth assured Sam that Danny was not in danger because malaria wasn't contagious like a cold or the flu. Elizabeth added that a mother could only pass malaria to her child "in utero" during pregnancy. Sam realized her mistake, but a wave of nausea hit, and she ran to the bathroom. A short time later, Sam returned, and Elizabeth asked if Sam was okay.

Sam decided to tell Elizabeth about the baby because she suspected that Elizabeth had already figured it out. Elizabeth congratulated Sam, but Sam confessed that she hadn't told Jason because there was a chance that Sam had been exposed to malaria. Sam needed answers so she knew what her options were before she talked to Jason. Sam knew it was a lot to ask, but she begged Elizabeth not to tell Jason. Elizabeth reminded Sam that Elizabeth was ethically bound not to repeat any information about Sam or the baby because Sam had been a patient at the hospital.

Relieved, Sam thanked Elizabeth, but she advised Sam to tell Jason as soon as possible. Sam promised to tell him once she knew that the baby would be okay. Moments later, Sam's phone rang. After a brief exchange, Sam ended the call and told Elizabeth that Finn wanted to see Sam in person, which indicated that he had bad news. Elizabeth urged Sam to call Alexis, but Sam explained that Alexis had enough to deal with. Elizabeth announced that she would accompany Sam to the appointment, but Sam assured Elizabeth that it wasn't necessary. Elizabeth insisted because Sam was carrying Jake's little brother or sister, and she refused to let Sam go through it alone.

At Ava's apartment, Ava grumbled about how she'd been unable to sleep because of Morgan's determination to marry Kiki. Ava noticed a newspaper on the living room floor that featured a story about the ordeal on Cassadine Island. Ava's recalled screaming Nikolas' name as he fell to his death after being shot, but she pushed the horrific memory away when she heard someone picking the lock on her front door. Ava quickly grabbed a gun and prepared to face the intruder.

Moments later, Julian's henchman Holt entered the apartment. Ava sighed with relief as she lowered the gun, but she demanded to know why he'd broken in. Holt claimed that the neighbors had heard shouting from her apartment the previous evening. Holt had become concerned when he'd rung the doorbell and she hadn't answered. Ava explained that she'd had earplugs in because she'd had a restless night. However, she doubted that her landlord or the neighbors had called Holt to ask him to check on her.

Holt conceded that he needed to talk to Ava about Julian, but Ava made it clear that she couldn't help her brother escape from jail. Holt reminded her that she was head of the Jerome organization because Julian was in jail, but she insisted that she wanted nothing to do with organized crime. She intended to focus on being a mother to her daughters. Holt reminded her that Julian was part of her family, but her mind was made up. However, she told him that she wouldn't be opposed if someone else were to take it upon themselves to help Julian flee the country.

In Kevin's hospital room, Kevin tried to get out of bed and stretch his legs, but Laura ordered him to stay in bed and rest. Kevin reluctantly complied, but he thanked her for saving his life. Laura smiled and admitted that he'd sung her praises on the plane, but Kevin confessed that his memories were hazy, and he asked if he'd said anything embarrassing. Laura recalled how Kevin had complimented her eyes and credited her with changing his life, but she kept it to herself and told him that he'd thanked her for being a good friend.

Meanwhile, Lucy sailed past the nurses' station, but a nurse stopped her. The nurse reminded Lucy that Kevin was only permitted one visitor at a time, but Lucy refused to wait any longer. Lucy informed the nurse that she was Lucy Coe, mistress of ceremony for the Nurses Ball, a former member of the hospital's board, and the ex-wife of three different doctors who'd worked at the hospital. The nurse wasn't impressed and threatened to call security, but Lucy ignored her.

In Kevin's hospital room, Kevin reached for Laura's hand and assured her that she'd been the very best kind of friend. Lucy appeared in the doorway and cleared her throat. The nurse caught up with Lucy and apologized to Kevin, but Kevin assured the nurse that Lucy could stay. Laura quickly excused herself to check on the test results. After Laura left, Lucy asked about the tests. Kevin explained that Jason might have picked up malaria in Greece, so everyone who'd been with Jason had been tested.

Lucy hoped that Kevin's test results were negative because he'd already suffered enough. Lucy became emotional as she confessed that she had no idea what she would have done if she'd lost him. Kevin was surprised that Lucy still cared, but she assured him that he'd always have a special place in her heart because he was her best friend. Lucy acknowledged that she'd screwed up, but Kevin admitted that he didn't want to hold onto the anger. Lucy smiled and gave him a stuffed duck that reminded him of her pet Sigmund.

Elsewhere, Ava exited the elevator and saw Laura. The two women exchanged friendly greetings and talked about the malaria test. Ava inquired about Kevin and assured Laura that she wished Kevin a speedy recovery. Ava started to leave, but Laura asked for a private word because Laura wanted to talk to Ava about Nikolas. They found a quiet corner where Laura confessed that she'd had a difficult time accepting that Nikolas was gone. Ava's expression filled with compassion because she couldn't imagine Laura's heartache.

Laura explained that Nikolas had been a good person for most of his life, but conceded that the past year, he'd changed, and the "dark side" had won out. Ava reminded Laura that Nikolas had died a hero because he had sacrificed his life to save Ava. Ava insisted that Nikolas had been a good man, and Laura should be proud. Laura smiled with gratitude and hugged Ava.

Meanwhile, Lucy admitted that she'd bought Kevin the stuffed duck because she'd thought that he could use some company, but the role appeared to have been filled. Kevin had no idea what Lucy was talking about, but Lucy refused to let him off the hook because it had been clear that he had a "crush" on Laura. Kevin denied that he was falling in love with Laura, but Lucy pointed out that he'd flown halfway around the world to help Laura. Lucy realized that Kevin didn't need it, but she gave Kevin her blessing. In the hallway, Laura appeared troubled as she listened to Kevin and Lucy's conversation.

After Lucy left, Laura returned to Kevin's hospital room. Kevin admitted that he'd been worried because she'd been gone for quite a while. Laura explained that she'd bumped into someone and had decided to give Kevin and Lucy some privacy. Kevin joked that it was the last thing that Kevin and Lucy needed. Laura revealed that they'd both tested negative for malaria. Kevin was relieved because he was eager to get back to the things that really mattered.

Later, Ava returned to her apartment and poured herself a drink. She looked up to the heavens as she made a toast to Nikolas and what they might have had together then downed the drink.

At Kelly's, Jordan bumped into Alexis as Alexis walked out. Jordan wished Alexis luck because she knew that Alexis was scheduled to face the American Bar Association later in the day. Alexis admitted that she'd likely be disbarred, but Jordan thought that Alexis' efforts to help the police capture Julian should count for something. Alexis explained that the American Bar Association was only interested in reviewing Alexis' breach of ethics. Jordan reminded Alexis that regardless of what happened, at least Julian was out of Alexis' life for good, and Alexis would never have to feel threatened by him again.

Later, Jordan left the diner, juggling two heavy bags and a carrier tray with two cups of coffee. Andre held the door open for her. Jordan smiled when she saw him because she'd been on her way to his office with the breakfast. Jordan set the bags and coffee on an outdoor table as Andre smiled because she'd bought a lot of food. Jordan confessed that she'd been overcompensating because she hadn't liked where they'd left things. Jordan had hoped to repay Andre for all the times he'd brought food to her when she'd been working.

Andre suggested that he and Jordan enjoy the breakfast there, since it was away from both of their jobs and would give them an opportunity to get to the bottom of the things going on between them. Jordan agreed and sat down. After they chatted and ate breakfast, Jordan confessed that it had felt good to spend time with him. She wanted them to promise that they'd do better in the future. Andre agreed not to rush her on things, so she vowed to work on letting her guard down. She assured him that she was in it for the long haul.

Pleased, Andre kissed Jordan passionately. Jordan beamed when the kiss ended and decided to give him a key to her place. She invited him to hang out at her apartment until she finished up at work. She added that he could hold onto the key. Andre smiled and kissed her again.

In lockup, Julian rested on a cot as a guard approached his jail cell. Julian assumed the guard was there to transfer him to Pentonville -- even though Julian hadn't been convicted yet. The guard informed Julian that Julian's attorney was there, but Julian seemed annoyed until Alexis stepped forward. Shocked, Julian asked if her daughters knew that she was there. Alexis ignored the question and instructed the guard to open the cell because she didn't want to talk to Julian with bars between them.

The guard reluctantly unlocked the door, waited for Alexis to enter, and locked it again. After the guard left, Julian asked if she was there to get his signature on the divorce papers. Alexis confessed that she wanted him to rip up the divorce papers because she still wanted to be his wife. Alexis conceded that her daughters had threatened to cut her off, but Alexis refused to give up on Julian because she loved him. Julian knew that he'd hurt Alexis and questioned if she'd truly forgiven him. Alexis assured him that she'd find a way to get him out so they could go somewhere and start over.

Overjoyed, Julian kissed his wife until he woke up from the dream. A short time later, a guard announced that Julian had a visitor. Julian smiled when Alexis approached the jail cell. Alexis asked the guard to remain close and demanded to know why Julian was smiling. Julian doubted that she'd believe him if he told her. Alexis let the matter drop because she wanted to know why he'd declared his love for her in court and had asked the judge to release him into her custody.

Julian thought he'd been clear -- he loved Alexis. Alexis reminded Julian that he'd tried to kill her and vowed that he would never see the light of day again outside of prison. Julian asked if she was there to gloat, but she surprised him when she revealed that she needed his help. Alexis wanted Julian to testify on her behalf at her hearing before the American Bar Association. She insisted that he owed her for everything he'd put her through, but he doubted it would help.

Julian wondered if Alexis expected him to lie for her, but she clarified that she'd never said that. Julian agreed to help her if she returned the favor by getting him out of jail. Julian wanted Alexis to make a statement on his behalf that she'd tricked him into confessing. Alexis flatly refused, but Julian thought it was a fair trade -- her career in exchange for his freedom. "Go to hell," Alexis growled. She insisted that he belonged in prison. Alexis had hoped he'd have had one last shred of decency in him, but she realized that she'd been delusional.

Alexis regretted that she'd expected Julian to help clean up the disaster he'd made of her life, but Julian assured her that he still loved her. Alexis argued that he didn't know the meaning of the word and stormed out. Moments later, a police officer approached Julian's jail cell. Julian was startled when the man gave him a set of keys and told Julian that Holt was waiting behind the building. "Enjoy your early release," the police officer said, and he left.

Julian tried to slide the key into the lock, but dropped the keys. Julian reached through the bars to grab the keys, but a woman entered and put her foot on his hand to stop him.

At Perks Coffee, Kristina and Aaron worked on the promenade. The tension was thick as they talked about work until Kristina asked if they could discuss their relationship. Aaron was reluctant, but Kristina wanted to clear the air. Aaron admitted that he didn't want to be a jerk about it, but he resented that she'd lied to him. He clarified that the issue had been her claims that her crush on her professor had been in the past, not that Parker was a woman. Aaron acknowledged that he and Kristina had never discussed being exclusive, but it had meant something to him when they'd slept together.

Aaron thought his night with Kristina had been special, but he was hurt that he had turned out to be a "hetero stand-in" for the person that she had really wanted. Kristina apologized for the way she'd treated him and admitted that it had been difficult for her to discuss her sexuality because she'd always been attracted to men. Aaron wondered if she'd ever had a girl crush before, but she admitted that she wasn't certain. Kristina explained that she'd been drawn to women in the past, but not sexually. Kristina admitted that Parker had been different, and she opened up about how she had been attracted to Parker to the point of failing her class because Kristina hadn't been able to concentrate.

Kristina explained that she and Parker hadn't been intimate because Parker had been married to another woman. Despite the lack of physical intimacy, Kristina had still been heartbroken when she had returned home. "Then I met you," she quietly added. Kristina admitted that Aaron was a great guy, and their night together had meant something to her, too, but Aaron doubted that it had meant as much to Kristina as her night with Parker. Kristina revealed that she'd paid Parker a visit to tell Parker that she had moved on, but everything had changed when Kristina had noticed that Parker hadn't been wearing a wedding ring.

According to Kristina, she had decided to experience what it would be like to be with Parker rather than imagine it. Aaron wondered if he'd merely been collateral damage. Kristina promised that she'd never meant to hurt him and was desperate to make things right. Aaron conceded that he was angry and hurt, but he didn't want to be a "tool" because he had friends who were gay and knew how they had struggled. Kristina was touched when Aaron assured her that he wanted to support her, but he wasn't certain if they could be friends because he'd wanted more. Kristina knew that it would be an adjustment.

After Aaron went back to work, Alexis walked up and asked how things were between Kristina and Aaron. Kristina explained that she and Aaron had talked, but Parker had continued to ignore Kristina's messages. Kristina couldn't understand how Parker could have walked away so easily. Alexis suggested that perhaps Parker hadn't had a place in her life for Kristina, and walking away had been the kindest thing to do. Kristina's eyes narrowed because she hadn't let anyone read the letter from Parker, but Parker had said nearly those exact words in the letter. Kristina doubted it was a coincidence and demanded that her mother be honest.

Franco learns that Liz cleared his name

Franco learns that Liz cleared his name

Friday, August 12, 2016

On the promenade, Kristina questioned Alexis' phrasing when Alexis had suggested that there might not have been a place in Parker's life for Kristina because Parker had used the same words in the breakup letter. Kristina doubted it had been a coincidence. Kristina recalled that Alexis had mentioned running into Parker the morning after Kristina and Parker had spent the night together, but Alexis had neglected to mention that Alexis had forced Parker to dump Kristina. Alexis confirmed that she had talked to Parker, but it had been Parker's decision to walk away from Kristina. Kristina wondered why she should believe her mother when Alexis' ethics were no longer what they'd once been.

Alexis reminded Kristina that she was still Kristina's mother and entitled to respect, but Kristina angrily asked why she should extend Alexis respect when Alexis refused to do the same for Kristina. Kristina insisted that she'd been tied up in knots, wondering what had gone wrong with Parker, so Alexis offered to explain everything if Kristina would stop yelling. Kristina was eager to hear how Alexis had persuaded Parker to break up with Kristina in the cruelest manner possible. Alexis calmly told Kristina about her conversation with Parker and how Alexis had been concerned when Parker had revealed that Parker's marriage had fallen apart.

Kristina claimed that Parker's marriage had been over for a while, but Alexis was curious if Parker had told Kristina that. Kristina insisted that it had been obvious because Kristina had spent a lot of time with Parker after classes, and Parker's wife had been too busy at the hospital, saving lives rather than focusing on saving her marriage. Alexis gently pointed out that it hadn't meant that Parker hadn't loved her wife, but Kristina disagreed. Kristina was certain that Parker had been in love with Kristina, but Alexis asked if Parker had ever told Kristina that. Kristina argued that it hadn't been necessary because Kristina had just known it. Alexis admitted that she'd asked Parker if Parker could envision a life with Kristina.

"I'm sorry, honey -- Parker said that she couldn't," Alexis revealed. Kristina flinched, but her anger quickly took over as she lashed out and accused Alexis of wrecking Kristina's life to feel superior because Alexis' life had been in shambles. Alexis promised that she'd never meant to hurt Kristina, but Kristina didn't care and told Alexis that even if Parker had used Kristina, Parker had still been a better person than Julian. Kristina continued to blast her mother for interfering in Kristina's relationship with Parker, but Alexis pointed out that Kristina had been pursuing a relationship with someone who hadn't been available. Alexis acknowledged that Parker might have said nice things that had seemed genuine, but in the end, Parker hadn't fought for Kristina.

Moments later, Diane called to remind Alexis of the hearing with the American Bar Association. Alexis promised to meet Diane and ended the call. Kristina's temper continued to boil as Alexis promised that she loved Kristina and had acted out of love. Alexis wished that she'd handled things differently, but she hadn't wanted to see her daughter trapped in a doomed relationship with Parker. Kristina accused Alexis of making poor choices by choosing Julian over her own children and reputation.

Kristina pointed out that Alexis had nothing to show for it and faced being disbarred. Kristina coldly told her mother that a group of people would judge Alexis for the poor choices that Alexis had made and decide Alexis' fate, but Alexis wouldn't have any say in the matter. Kristina added that when that happened, Alexis would finally understand how Kristina felt. Alexis' eyes filled with tears as Kristina stomped away.

In lockup, Julian stretched his arm through the jail cell's bars as he tried to reach the set of keys he'd dropped. Suddenly, a woman's black stiletto stepped on Julian's hand. Julian winced with pain as he looked up and saw Nina. Nina lifted her foot and picked up the keys as she asked if he'd been looking for something. Nina decided to return the keys to the guard, but Julian suggested that she leave the keys were she'd found them, turn around, and forget that she had seen them.

Nina reminded Julian that a lot of people would be disappointed if he were to escape. Nina was certain that everyone would be far happier if Julian went to trial and was sent to jail for the rest of his life. Annoyed, Julian asked why she was there. She held up a contract and told him that she wanted him to give her exclusive control of Crimson. Julian reminded her that he'd already done that, but Nina smiled and informed him that she'd read over the contract that his attorneys had drafted, which had included a paragraph hidden on the fifth page that had made the contract null and void.

Nina revealed that she'd had her own lawyers draft a new ironclad contract, but Julian was curious why he should sign it. Nina explained that she could either drop the set keys on the guard's desk and pretend that she hadn't caught Julian trying to escape or she could pay Jordan a visit and tell the police commissioner everything. Reluctantly, Julian signed the contract. After he returned the contract to her, she told him that his arrest had been karma. Julian assured Nina that things were not as they seemed because his attorney would prove that the confession had been entrapment. Nina reminded Julian that she had personal experience with mental illness and recognized denial when she saw it.

Nina urged Julian to spare his family additional pain by pleading guilty and avoiding a trial, but Julian insisted that he needed to fight the charges to save his family. He was confident that he would be cleared, return home to his wife, and be the husband that Alexis deserved. Nina laughed and accused Julian of being delusional because he had tried to kill Alexis. Nina explained that women could forgive a lot, but not that. Julian assured Nina that Alexis still loved him and that love conquered all. Nina disagreed because she'd been in love a few times and had learned that the foundation for true love was trust. Nina added that Julian would never understand that because he only loved himself.

Meanwhile, Dante entered the interrogation room to ask why Lulu was there. She admitted that she wanted to talk to Valentin because she knew that he would be extradited back to Greece later that day. Dante confirmed that the paperwork was being processed, but he was uneasy about Lulu talking to Valentin because he was the Cassadine that all other Cassadines feared. Lulu explained that it was her last chance to get some answers, but Dante warned her that Valentin wouldn't be honest. Lulu explained that she had to try, so Dante decided to stay for the meeting because he didn't want Valentin to play mind games with her.

Moments later, Valentin was escorted into the room and handcuffed to the table. After the guards left, Valentin looked at Dante and Lulu. "So, why do you kids want to see me?" he asked as a sinister smile spread across his face. Valentin admitted that he'd grown fond of Port Charles during his short stay and was disappointed to leave, but Dante and Lulu reminded him that he shouldn't have tried to kill Spencer. Valentin denied that he'd intended his great-nephew any harm -- he'd hoped to form a bond with Spencer. Valentin added that it would have been icing on the cake if Spencer had grown up and signed everything over to Valentin.

Lulu vowed that Valentin wouldn't get near Spencer again. Valentin asked if Dante and Lulu had something interesting to say or if they were there to poke him with sticks. Lulu showed Valentin the envelope Helena had bequeathed to Lulu with an address of a home on Cassadine Island. Lulu wanted to know what her connection was to Daphne -- the woman who lived at the address. Valentin claimed that he had no idea and suggested that perhaps it had been one of Helena's games. Lulu didn't believe him and confronted him about the skeleton she'd found in the access tunnels.

Valentin denied any knowledge of the skeleton and reminded Dante and Lulu that his quarrel had been with the Cassadines over how they had treated him. Valentin claimed that he would have shaken Luke's hand and bought him a drink if he'd met Luke because Luke had caused a hurricane of trouble for the Cassadines over the years. Valentin added that he was glad that he hadn't killed Luke's ex-wife and daughter, but Lulu pointed out that it hadn't been for lack of trying. Lulu angrily accused him of murdering Nikolas, but Valentin claimed that it had been self-defense. Lulu was certain that Valentin had intended to murder her brother from the beginning, but Valentin argued that she couldn't prove it.

Dante realized that he and Lulu weren't going to get any answers from Valentin and decided to end the meeting. After Dante and Lulu left, Nina entered the room. "You're not a federal agent," Valentin said as she approached the table. Nina warned him that she'd seen a couple of agents in the squad room. Valentin confirmed that he was headed back to Greece, but Nina wanted to know if it was true that he was a murderer. Valentin explained that he liked to think of himself as a realist who did what the situation required.

Nina asked if her meeting with Valentin had been a setup. Valentin admitted that he'd slept with her because she was beautiful and charming, and he'd hadn't liked seeing her sad. Valentin added that he'd followed his instincts when he'd met Nina, but she warned him that he might regret it, since she'd been the one to turn Nikolas' phone in to the police. Valentin blamed himself for the mistake because he hadn't been thinking straight after spending the night with her. Valentin reiterated that he didn't have any regrets about their night together, but Nina reminded him that he was headed to jail. Valentin smiled because his instincts told him that he and Nina would meet again.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason was dressed and ready to leave as Finn finished jotting down some notes on Jason's discharge papers. Jason tried to ask Finn about Sam's health, but Finn explained that he was bound by doctor/patient confidentiality and couldn't say anything.

Meanwhile, Sam and Elizabeth arrived at the hospital. Sam confided that she was worried there would be serious repercussions for her unborn baby if she tested positive for malaria. Elizabeth offered Sam words of encouragement as they sat down in a waiting area. Sam thanked Elizabeth for everything, but Elizabeth pointed out that she hadn't done much. Sam disagreed because Elizabeth had agreed not to tell Jason about Sam's pregnancy. Elizabeth urged Sam to tell Jason about the baby, but Sam refused.

Moments later, Jason walked up and asked what was going on because Sam and Elizabeth both looked a little intense. Sam quickly claimed that she'd been expressing her concerns about Jason leaving the hospital too soon. Elizabeth covered for Sam and added that she agreed that it might be best if Jason waited until the doctors were done running tests. Jason assured both ladies that Finn had cleared him, and he'd return for additional tests. Sam pasted on a smile and suggested that Jason check on his discharge papers while Sam met with Finn to get her test results. Elizabeth sent Sam to an examination room and started to walk to the nurses' station, but Jason asked to talk to Elizabeth about Franco.

Jason conceded that he couldn't tell Elizabeth who to date, but Jake was his son, and Jason wanted to have a say in who was around him. Elizabeth didn't want to argue with Jason because she appreciated that Jason had his reasons for hating Franco. However, she argued that Jason couldn't deny that Franco had been good for Jake. Jason explained that his problem was that he'd explicitly told Elizabeth that he didn't want Franco around Jake, but the minute Jason's back had been turned, Elizabeth had allowed it to happen. Jason accused Elizabeth of being "slightly dishonest."

Annoyed, Elizabeth conceded that not everyone could be "bastions of honesty" like Jason and Sam. Surprised, Jason was curious what that meant, but Elizabeth insisted that she had to get to work and walked away.

In the exam room, Sam was delighted when Finn announced that the malaria test had been negative. However, he decided to run a second test as a precaution. After Sam finished giving blood, she returned to the waiting room to fetch Jason. A short time later, Jason and Sam arrived at the penthouse. Sam was eager to order dinner because she was starving, but Jason asked her to wait because he wanted to know what she was hiding.

Sam tried to evade the question, but Jason reminded her that they were stronger together than apart. He wanted her to at least admit that there was something she was keeping from him. Sam explained that she needed time and asked him to trust her. Jason could tell that she was afraid and warned her that avoiding it wouldn't make it go away. He encouraged her to face it by opening up to him.

At the hospital, Franco exited the elevator and saw Elizabeth and Sam talking. He turned away and bumped into Liesl. Liesl noticed the box he was carrying and asked if the rumor about his suspension was true. Franco wondered if Monica had hired a town crier to spread the news, but Liesl admitted that she'd heard it from Amy. "Same thing," Franco grumbled as he brushed past Liesl to go to his art room to collect the supplies that he'd purchased, since Monica had been too cheap to invest in an art program. "Philistine," Liesl growled. Liesl was outraged that Franco had been suspended despite being cleared of wrongdoing.

Franco admitted that just once he'd like to know what it felt like for someone to give him the benefit of the doubt. He told Liesl about his first date with Elizabeth and how things had seemed to go well when he'd taken Elizabeth to his studio and shown her the portrait he'd painted of her. Franco revealed that everything had changed when the police had shown up and accused him of murder. Liesl felt bad for Franco, but she was relieved that he finally saw Elizabeth for who she was. Franco assured Liesl that he knew who Elizabeth was -- she was a mother who had to think of her children first. Liesl asked Franco not to make excuses for "that fair-weather Fräulein" and encouraged him to focus on his art instead.

Liesl explained that Franco's work as an art therapist had only been a steppingstone to rediscovering his artistic freedom. Liesl gave Franco an affectionate kiss on the cheek and sent him on his way. Moments later, Finn walked up and confessed that he'd never pictured Liesl as the cheerleader type. Liesl insisted that only sneaks and weasels eavesdropped, but Finn informed her that he'd been passing by. Liesl expected Finn to defend "insipid" Elizabeth because he was Elizabeth's type -- easily manipulated. Finn informed Liesl that Elizabeth had rescued Franco by proving that Franco couldn't have killed Miss Prescott, based on the timeline.

Shocked, Liesl wondered why Finn had told her. Finn explained that he believed in the truth, and he thought that Franco would want to know that Elizabeth had saved Franco. After Finn walked away, Liesl slipped into the drug dispensary to call someone and ask if the person had learned anything useful about Finn.

Later, Finn groaned when he saw Liesl approach him. Liesl questioned how Finn had been able to afford a private jet to fly out of the country. Finn asked if she had been following him, but Liesl wanted to know what Finn had been up to. Finn refused to answer her questions and asked why she continued to have a problem with him. Liesl pointed out that the hospital murders had started shortly after he had arrived in Port Charles. Furious, Finn accused Liesl of being the killer and suggested that she wanted revenge for being demoted and hoped that killing off patients would force the hospital to close its doors. Liesl was offended by the accusation, but Finn admitted that he wouldn't put anything past Liesl because he was familiar with her criminal history.

Nearby, Franco muttered under his breath as he repeatedly hit the elevator button. Elizabeth walked up and asked why he'd been ignoring her. Franco claimed that he had nothing to say to her because she'd been a "flake" lately. Elizabeth had been called a lot of things, but that was a first for her. Franco insisted that it was true. He knew that she'd been seesawing about her feelings for him, but she disagreed and reminded him that they'd had a wonderful time at the studio on their date. Franco argued that her actions had made her feelings perfectly clear.

Franco knew that Elizabeth had been nervous and afraid to go out with him because she hadn't been certain that she could trust him. Franco believed that all her fears had been confirmed when the police had shown up to arrest him because she'd been in his corner one minute then gone the next. Elizabeth tried to explain things, but he cut her off and accused her of waiting for him to mess up so she'd have an excuse to run for the hills. Franco assured her that he was out of her life and done with the hospital. He entered the elevator and told her that she was free to find another man who could fall short of her ridiculous expectations.

Elizabeth followed Franco into the elevator and asked how Monica had justified his suspension. Franco explained that the mere suggestion of impropriety had been sufficient cause for someone like him. She reminded him that he could sue, but he didn't want to be where he wasn't wanted. Elizabeth reminded Franco that he'd helped a lot of people, but he admitted that whatever good he'd done would never outweigh the bad he'd done in the past. The elevator door opened, so Franco wished her luck finding someone whom Jason would approve of.

At the nurses' station, Liesl muttered that Finn had no idea who he'd messed with. Franco walked up and warned Liesl that people would think she was crazy if they heard her talking to herself, but she didn't care. Franco invited her to join him for a drink, but she was surprised that he didn't have plans with Elizabeth. Franco reminded Liesl that he and Elizabeth had been over before they'd started. Reluctantly, Liesl told him that "the little snip" had redeemed herself because Elizabeth had cleared Franco's name. Franco was stunned as Liesl revealed how Elizabeth had exonerated him and added that he owed his freedom to Elizabeth.

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