General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 1, 2016 on GH

Jax made a plea to Carly. The castaways were rescued. Valentin was arrested. The serial killer claimed another life. Elizabeth cleared Franco's name. Maxie and Nathan moved up their wedding date. Griffin had an encounter with Claudette.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 1, 2016 on GH
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Monday, August 1, 2016

Carly attempted to feed a finicky Roxy at the front desk of the Metro Court. As she lamented the fact that Roxy didn't like Carly as much as she liked Josslyn, Finn entered and picked up his "best girl." Carly was surprised to see him back so soon, but he replied that he'd finished his business in "record time." Just then, Carly got a phone call and left to take care of some "business." Finn talked to Roxy, telling her how much he'd missed her. "That looks like true love," a voice said from behind Finn.

The stranger talked to Finn of his love for lizards, having grown up in Australia. Carly returned and was shocked to see Jax standing in front of her. Carly quickly introduced the two men and asked Jax if Josslyn knew he was there. He revealed that she probably hadn't seen his text yet, but he'd had business in the area and had wanted to surprise his daughter.

Carly informed Jax that Finn had helped Carly figure out the name of the administrator who had overseen Josslyn's transplant. Jax thanked Finn but assured him that his help was no longer needed. Finn told Jax that he would listen to Carly, who was the one who'd asked for Finn's help in the first place. Carly reluctantly agreed with Jax and informed Finn that Josslyn wasn't comfortable with the very public search. Finn condemned the decision as a mistake and left to take Roxy for a walk. Carly assured Jax that she was dropping the search, but he didn't believe her.

Franco and Elizabeth entered his art studio. He revealed that he'd been spending a lot of time there, because there were "no judgments." Elizabeth thought the place was "weird." Franco related that he was weird, and he wanted a place "separate from the world." He got a bottle of Champagne out of the fridge and urged her to open and pour it if it made her feel better. He had to get glasses, so he told her it was her opportunity to call home.

Franco returned with glasses a minute later and found Elizabeth struggling to find a bit of reception to send her text message to the babysitter. The text finally sent, and she poured the Champagne. She looked around the studio and asked about all of the random things in it. He explained that they were things that inspired him. He'd been productive since he and Nina had broken up. His new feelings had once again given him the urge to paint. He wanted to show her a painting he'd done of her, and he hoped she wouldn't laugh or be disturbed by it.

Franco led Elizabeth over to the covered easel and took the sheet from it. Elizabeth gasped and told him that the painting was beautiful. It depicted her in a red dress in front of a brick wall covered in graffiti. "This is how I see you," he told her. "You're a vision of beauty in a world of chaos," he added. She thought it reminded her of a Renoir painting, and they talked about their thoughts on impressionism. He was impressed that she knew so much about art, and she revealed that she had wanted to become an artist at one time.

Franco thought that a woman as beautiful as Elizabeth wouldn't have a problem creating beautiful things. She wondered why he'd thought that his painting would disturb her. He'd thought that, since he'd painted her without her knowing, she might have found it "stalker-y." He wanted to paint her again. "On one condition. I get to paint you," she proposed.

Curtis followed Jordan and Valerie through the hospital as they discovered that Franco's vial had tested positive for the drug that had killed all of the patients. They also saw that the vial only had Franco's fingerprints on it. Jordan advised her companions not to jump to conclusions. The three approached Amy, who disclosed that Franco had been acting "shifty," which was why she'd reported him. Jordan excused Curtis, so he promised to reschedule his date with Valerie, and he left.

Jordan talked about picking Franco up at his place, but Amy informed her that he was out with Elizabeth. Jordan instructed Valerie to call Elizabeth, and Amy told Jordan all about Franco's loner status. Andre stepped off the elevator, and Jordan approached him for help. When she was done explaining the situation to him, Valerie reported that her calls kept going straight to Elizabeth's voicemail. Jordan asked Andre if there was anything "unusual" about Franco's psychiatric evaluation. He replied that Franco had an "unnatural fixation with death."

Jordan directed Valerie to check supply closets for anything left behind, and she decided to check the art therapy room. She asked if Andre would mind going with her. He stated that they were working together professionally, so it was fine. They stoically boarded the elevator.

A short while later, Jordan and Andre returned. Valerie reported that the supply closets were untouched. Jordan showed Valerie a drawing pad that she'd found. Drawn on the first page was Mr. Ellis, the first victim of the hospital killer, with a large number one in the corner of the page. Mrs. Jenkins, the second victim, was on the next page with a number two in the corner. Dr. Mayes was on the next page with a number three. Andre suggested that drawing was Franco's way of coping with patients dying in frightening ways. However, the next page was blank with only a number four in the corner. Jordan wanted to question Franco "now," and she and Valerie left in search of Franco and Elizabeth.

At the Floating Rib, Nina started to get visibly choked up, and the bartender made sure she was all right. She replied that the responses she'd received from "incredible parents" about Josslyn's organ transplant were inspiring. A few minutes later, Curtis joined Nina, who asked if he wanted to help her help Carly. "As long as you're paying," he responded after slight trepidation.

Changing the subject, Curtis wondered why a beautiful woman like Nina was at a bar alone. "My life partner wasn't in it for life," she replied. She explained that Franco had been one of the very few people who understood and loved her for who she was, but she'd outgrown him, and he hadn't been able to deal with her pride in herself. She believed that there was a part of him that he was afraid of, that he couldn't trust or control. Just then, Jordan and Valerie entered the bar.

Jordan asked Nina if she knew where Franco and Elizabeth were. Nina replied that she couldn't help them. Suddenly, Valerie shouted that she knew where they were. She'd talked to Elizabeth's babysitter, who'd relayed that Elizabeth and Franco were at his art studio. Nina remarked that "he's not wasting any time moving on." Jordan and Valerie left.

Curtis called Franco a "psycho and an idiot" for ditching a woman as "beautiful, intelligent, and vivacious" as Nina. He wanted to get her a cab so she wouldn't be "drowning your sorrows" alone, but she wanted to finish her drink and cut her losses.

As Curtis turned to leave, Andre entered. Curtis advised him not to be too hard on Jordan, since, for a long time, she'd been alone when dealing with T.J. and the issues surrounding Curtis. Andre spat that he hadn't asked for advice about his relationship.

Later, Nina returned to her hotel room. "Who's there?" she called out as she heard footsteps behind her.

Finn entered the hospital with Roxy and found Amy, who was reluctant to go near the lizard. He asked Amy if she could help him "reestablish" his lab, since his equipment had been dispersed to other departments. Amy instructed him to talk to Liesl, and he said he would "bite the bullet" and find her the next day.

Elizabeth, surprised that Franco could cook, praised the meal he'd made. They shared a tender look, but the moment was gone when there was banging on the door. Franco got up and answered the door to Jordan and Valerie, who needed to ask him some questions.

Dante, Lulu, Ava, and Sam were on the beach of an unknown island, and Ava whined about being stranded. Laura returned and reported that Kevin was sleeping and seemed to be doing better. Sam nominated Dante to stay awake and wait for a passing boat, which he accepted. Sam wanted to go look for Jason, who wasn't with them, back at the crash site. Dante thought it was a better idea to stay together, especially if Jason stumbled upon the rest of them on his own. He urged her to wait until morning.

Sam thought that if Jason was hurt enough, he wouldn't make it until morning. He'd gotten off the plane before it had exploded, but he could be very hurt. Though it was sad, Ava thought there was no way Jason had survived. Sam vowed never to give up on Jason, so she was going. Just as she turned to leave, she fainted, and Dante caught her.

A minute later, Sam was awake and trying to get to her feet to find Jason. Just then, everyone heard a boat in the water, but it passed by. The group dispersed for a minute, and Dante asked Lulu if she was all right. She showed Dante the bracelet and earring, and he recognized them as Luke's. "I hope not," she told him, explaining that she'd found the jewelry on a skeleton. He was sure that it was another one of Helena's tricks.

Sam was finally able to break off on her own and go looking for Jason. Dante warned her that she could be walking into a trap. Just then, they heard footsteps in the trees. Thinking it could be Jason, Sam took off running, screaming Jason's name. Dante ran after her and lunged at her in order to stop her.

Valentin meets Nina and sleeps with her

Valentin meets Nina and sleeps with her

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Morgan chatted on the patio as Josslyn ran out to announce that her father was in town. She was oblivious to Sonny's ire as Morgan asked if Josslyn had known about Jax's visit. Josslyn admitted that it had been a surprise and that she'd found out when her father had sent her a text message. According to Josslyn, Jax was at the hotel, so Sonny offered to take Josslyn to see her father. Delighted, Josslyn ran to her bedroom to grab her purse. Josslyn passed Kristina in the living room as Kristina stopped by for a visit.

Sonny warmly greeted Kristina and asked how she'd been holding up. Kristina admitted that it would take time, but she promised that she'd be fine and thanked her father for being supportive. After Josslyn returned and dragged Sonny out the door, Morgan entered the living room. He noticed that their father had been particularly attentive toward Kristina and asked why. Kristina revealed that Sonny knew the truth about Parker and had been "cool" about it. Morgan smiled smugly, but Kristina teasingly told him that Sonny hadn't been all-seeing and all-knowing as Morgan had claimed.

Kristina told Morgan how Sonny had caught her kissing Parker and admitted that Sonny had been accepting, but he'd been hurt that Kristina had feared his reaction. Kristina wished that everyone had great understanding parents like hers. Morgan confessed that he was jealous because Kristina could date both "dudes or chicks." Kristina laughed but explained that it wasn't like that for her -- it was about the person not their gender. She told Morgan about Parker's decision to break things off and leave town. Morgan felt bad for his sister, but he reminded her of Aaron.

Kristina explained that she'd told Aaron the truth, and he'd ended things. Morgan was disappointed because he'd thought better of Aaron, but Kristina wondered how Morgan would feel if Kiki were to tell him that she might be in love with another woman. Surprised, Morgan asked if Kristina was in love with Parker, but Kristina wanted an answer to her question. Morgan admitted that it would kill him if Kiki had feelings for anyone else because he didn't want to share her. Kristina pointed out that Aaron had felt the same.

Morgan asked if Kristina loved Parker, so she explained that she had never felt what she had experienced with Parker with anyone else. Kristina realized that it was confusing because she also had feelings for Aaron. Morgan hugged his sister and reminded her that she still had her family to lean on.

In Metro Court's lobby, Carly reminded Jax that he'd heard her tell Finn that she'd called off the search for the person who had donated Josslyn's kidney. Jax argued that he'd been married to Carly and knew it wasn't in her to give up easily. Carly insisted that she had dropped the search because their daughter had requested it, but Jax knew that Carly's "default setting" was to lie when she wanted something. Annoyed, Carly wondered if Jax had flown in from Australia to call her a liar, but Jax accused her of deflecting. He explained that he was concerned that Carly hadn't thought things through because there was a possibility that a child had died to save Josslyn.

Jax admitted that he couldn't wrap his mind around the idea, let alone imagine how Josslyn would take the news. Carly assured Jax that she had thought about all possibilities and had decided to lie if the story was horrific. Jax refused to risk it because secrets never remained buried. Jax implored Carly to promise to let it go, but Carly was reluctant to agree. Moments later, Josslyn ran up to greet her father. Sonny trailed behind and pasted on a polite smile as Jax hugged Josslyn.

Josslyn revealed that Sonny had taken her there when he'd heard that Jax was in town. Josslyn was eager to spend time with her father and asked if she could spend the night in his suite. Jax explained that it was up to Carly. Carly assured Josslyn that it was fine. After Jax exchanged pleasantries with Sonny then left to take Josslyn to dinner, Sonny asked Carly what Jax was up to. Carly admitted that Jax was in town to persuade her to respect Josslyn's wishes and drop the search for the kidney donor. Sonny hated to agree with Jax, but he conceded that it would be for the best because Carly had made a promise to Josslyn.

Carly hated that Sonny agreed with Jax, but Sonny confessed that he thought Jax had another agenda. Carly wondered what it could be, but Sonny didn't know. However, Sonny was always suspicious because there was generally more behind Jax's "stupid" smile.

At the Floating Rib, Jax and Josslyn talked about Carly's quest to find Josslyn's kidney donor. Josslyn assured her father that Carly had dropped the search, but she had no idea why it had been such a big issue. Jax explained that Carly loved Josslyn as much as he did. He promised that there wasn't anything that he wouldn't do for Josslyn. Josslyn slid her sundae toward him and asked him to finish it while she freshened up. After Josslyn walked away, Jax pulled out his cell phone to call someone with an update.

Jax assured the person that he'd persuaded Carly to drop the search for the kidney donor, but he acknowledged that Sonny was a wild card. However, Jax was confident that he would be able to handle Sonny.

At Franco's studio, Franco informed Jordan that he'd already told Valerie that his flower had been for his date, which Jordan and Valerie had interrupted. Franco started to close the door, but Jordan stopped him and took a step into the studio as she explained that she had more questions for him. Elizabeth was alarmed when Jordan added that another suspicious death had made Franco a person of interest. Jordan was curious if Franco had anything to say, but Elizabeth wanted to know if Jordan was certain that the death had been connected to the other murders. Jordan assured Elizabeth that everything about the case suggested that it was linked to the derisifol murders, which was why Franco had to accompany Jordan to the police station.

Franco smiled when Elizabeth defended him by explaining that he'd been with her for several hours and that they'd been at the Floating Rib earlier. Jordan insisted that the police had a witness statement and questions about the vial that Valerie had found in Franco's pocket when he'd left Miss. Prescott's hospital room. Franco assured Elizabeth that he'd already explained things to Valerie. Franco revealed that Miss Prescott was a sweet woman who had been an art therapy patient. He had wanted to give her the figurine when he'd heard that she would be discharged in the morning.

Franco added that he'd found the vial on the floor and had picked it up to dispose of it. Jordan revealed that Miss Prescott was dead and that the vial had tested positive for derisifol. Franco was stunned but quickly recovered and told Jordan that Amy could confirm that Miss Prescott had been alive when Franco had left the room. Jordan informed Franco that derisifol took time to work and asked to search both Franco and his studio for a syringe. Elizabeth was certain that Franco would cooperate to clear his name, but Franco demanded that Jordan secure a search warrant. Franco insisted that he was entitled to a presumption of innocence and refused to assist the police in what amounted to a witch hunt.

Elizabeth urged Franco to reconsider and show the police that he had nothing to hide, but Franco explained that the police hadn't solved the string of murders because the police were incompetent. Franco believed that the police wanted to pin the murders on him because it was easy. Jordan agreed to return with a search warrant, but she informed Franco that she had enough cause to hold him for 24 hours. Franco warned Jordan that she'd eventually have to let him go because he hadn't done anything wrong. He was curious what kind of public apology he might expect from Jordan, but she just glared at him.

Franco assured Elizabeth that the accusation was "garbage" and promised that he'd be out of jail the following day so they could pick up where they'd left off. Elizabeth's expression was clouded with concern as she remained silent. Disappointed, Franco led Jordan and Valerie out of the studio. Elizabeth quickly followed.

At Camp Showbiz, Spencer quietly called out his bunkmate's name, but Brendan didn't answer. Relieved, Spencer turned on his flashlight and pulled out his cell phone to call Nikolas. Spencer realized that Nikolas might not answer the call because Nikolas wouldn't recognize the phone number, but Spencer was confident that Nikolas would return the call once he'd heard Spencer's voicemail message. Seconds later, Spencer left his father a voicemail message telling Nikolas how much he missed their talks and how Spencer had channeled his anxiety into a brilliant performance.

Spencer quickly ended the call and slid under the covers when a camp counselor appeared in the doorway. The counselor asked what Spencer was hiding. Spencer reluctantly handed over the flashlight as the counselor scolded Spencer for defying the camp's rules. The counselor urged Spencer to get some rest because Spencer had a big day to look forward to. After the counselor left, Spencer pulled out his cell phone and called his father again to tell Nikolas about the play and to invite Nikolas to attend the performance. Spencer hoped he and Nikolas could take off after the performance.

At Metro Court, Nina dropped her keycard and knelt to pick it up. She froze when she heard approaching footsteps and demanded to know who it was. A man approached her and quickly apologized for startling her. He extended his hand to help her stand up. Flustered by the handsome stranger, Nina waved away his concern and explained that she'd been distracted with thoughts of her ex-boyfriend, who was a "self-centered bastard." Valentin smiled charmingly as he assured her that her ex-boyfriend sounded like a "real tool."

Nina agreed and beamed when Valentin showered her with compliments. She decided to call it a night, but fumbled with the keycard until Valentin took it and opened the door for her. Nina smiled flirtatiously as she entered her hotel room and thanked him for salvaging a bad day. Valentin assured her that she was better off without her ex and started to leave. At the last minute, he stopped in the doorway and feigned surprise when she picked up an edition of Crimson.

Valentin asked if Nina was associated with the fashion magazine. Nina proudly told him that she was the Editor-in-Chief. Nina was flattered when he immediately knew her name. Valentin closed the door as he told her that he'd grown up poor, but he'd aspired to have a better life and credited magazines like Crimson with inspiring him to educate himself about the finer things in life. Valentin claimed that he recalled a recent feature about the Quartermaines and Cassadines in Crimson and seized the opportunity to subtly question her about the Cassadines.

Nina admitted that she knew more about the Quartermaines and mentioned that Nikolas had recently died. Valentin acknowledged that he'd heard about Nikolas' death, but he was careful to balance out his questions about the Cassadines by showering Nina with flattery. Valentin introduced himself at "Theo Hart" but insisted that his life wasn't interesting. Nina disagreed and asked about the cut above his eye. Valentin gave her a cryptic answer but turned the conversation back to Nina's work and Nikolas. Nina told him to drop the act because she knew that he was attempting to steer the conversation to her and her accomplishments in an effort to keep her mind off her ex.

Valentin smiled charmingly as he complimented Nina's beauty. Flattered, Nina confessed that it was nice to know there were still gentlemen left in the world. Nina kissed Valentin, but Valentin quickly took control and made love to Nina. Later, Valentin slipped out of bed as Nina slept. He checked Nikolas' cell phone and listened to Spencer's voicemail messages. "Camp Showbiz," Valentin whispered with a sinister smile.

In Greece, Dante tried to hold Sam back from racing to Jason's rescue, but Sam broke free, pulled off her heels, and made it clear that she intended to search for Jason. Dante insisted that it wasn't safe, but Sam ignored him. Seconds later, Jason approached the group on the beach. Sam ran into his arms as he assured her that he was fine. Dante, Lulu, Laura, and Ava watched the reunion until Dante cut in to ask how Jason had survived.

Jason explained that he'd managed to turn off the jet's engines, but something had ignited during the landing. Jason had escaped from the jet, but the explosion had knocked him out. Jason revealed that he'd woken up partially submerged in a pond. Lulu thought it was amazing that Jason had survived. Sam agreed and urged Jason to get some rest, but he refused and asked where Kevin was. Laura explained that Kevin was resting in the brush. Lulu added that they had no idea where they were, but Ava mentioned that they'd heard boats earlier.

Ava feared that Valentin had sent men to find them, but Dante suspected that it had been the Greek authorities searching for survivors of the downed plane. Jason decided they should gather wood to make a fire signal, but Ava thought they should be careful because the jet had clearly been sabotaged, and Valentin would send his men to hunt them down. Jason decided to take the risk and led Dante and Sam to find firewood. Meanwhile, Lulu pulled Laura aside to complain about Ava acting like Ava had a monopoly on grief despite knowing Nikolas just a couple of short weeks. Laura's eyes filled with tears because she'd only spent ten minutes with her eldest child before Nikolas had been taken away.

Lulu was equally upset, but Laura told her daughter that they would get through it together because Spencer needed them. Later, the castaways were gathered around the fire as Dante assured Jason that the legal charges against Jason would be dropped. Sam admitted that she couldn't believe how wrong Nikolas had gone. Ava explained that Nikolas had made a bad decision that he hadn't been able to outrun -- no matter how hard he had tried. Ava had empathized, which was why she'd helped Nikolas.

Sam pointed out that Ava had helped Nikolas frame Jason, but Ava wondered why it still mattered to Sam when Nikolas was dead, leaving Lulu without a brother and Laura without a son. Ava couldn't imagine Laura's pain and admitted that all she wanted was to get home to her daughters. Sam assured Ava that they all wanted to get home to their children.

Nearby, Laura assured Lulu that everything would be fine when a rescue boat saw their signal, but Laura's smile faded when it hit her that Nikolas was dead. Lulu hugged her mother, but Laura noticed the braided leather bracelet on Lulu's wrist, which looked like one of Luke's. Lulu confirmed that it was, but Laura hadn't recalled seeing Lulu wearing it when they had arrived on Cassadine Island. Lulu revealed that she'd found it on a skeleton in the access tunnels along with an earring like one that Luke had always worn. Laura urged Lulu not to jump to conclusions because the Cassadines were notorious for games, and the skeleton might have been planted in the tunnels.

Lulu pointed out that Helena couldn't have known that Nikolas would fake his death or that they'd follow Nikolas to Cassadine Island and Valentin would show up. Laura didn't know how Valentin factored in, but Laura pointed out that Helena had left each of them clues intended to lure them to the island. Lulu wanted to believe that Laura was right, but Lulu feared that Helena might have killed Luke because they hadn't heard from him in a long time.

Later, Laura thanked Jason for everything he'd done, including getting everyone off Cassadine Island. She apologized for what Nikolas had done but reminded Jason that Nikolas had been a good person for most of his life. Moments later, Dante saw a naval patrol boat approach the island. Later, the authorities fetched Kevin as Lulu checked on her mother. Laura tearfully confessed that she felt as if she were leaving both Nikolas and Luke behind. Lulu hugged Laura and reminded her mother that they needed to focus on Spencer.

Griffin and Claudette come face to face

Griffin and Claudette come face to face

> Griffin and Claudette come face to face

Griffin and Claudette come face to face

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Outside Perks Coffee, Kiki asked Morgan to give her a hint about the surprise he'd planned for her. Morgan said it had to do with Franco, but he refused to elaborate. Kiki admitted that she was concerned about Franco because he hadn't returned home the previous evening, but Morgan suggested that perhaps Franco had met someone. Morgan reminded her that even "mentally unbalanced" people occasionally got lucky. Kiki ignored the comment and conceded that Franco might have spent the night in his old art studio. Moments later, Lucy walked up and greeted the couple.

Lucy bragged that she'd recently obtained a real estate license and was eager to show Kiki pictures of a cute place that Morgan had picked out for Kiki and Morgan to live. Stunned, Kiki looked at the pictures on Lucy's tablet as Lucy pointed out each of the apartment's amenities. Lucy promised they could move in as soon as Kiki signed the lease. Kiki smiled politely but asked to speak to Morgan privately. Lucy noticed another client on the promenade and told Kiki and Morgan to take their time. Kiki tensed when she saw Dillon at the top of the stairs.

Dillon smiled awkwardly at Morgan and Kiki as Morgan asked if Dillon was looking for a place because of Darby. "Sort of," Dillon answered. Dillon's smile became strained when Morgan confirmed that Morgan and Kiki were also looking for a place to live. Annoyed, Kiki dragged Morgan away. Lucy hustled Dillon to a table to question him about what he was looking for, but Dillon asked about Morgan and Kiki's place. Lucy admitted that Morgan had surprised Kiki with the news and suggested that perhaps Dillon could have the place if Morgan and Kiki changed their minds. Dillon decided to think things through, and he left.

Later, Morgan and Kiki arrived at Greystone Manor. Kiki was furious that Morgan had decided they should live together without consulting her, but Morgan explained that he'd hoped to surprise Kiki. Morgan was genuinely shocked that she was upset, but she insisted that he should have discussed it with her first. Morgan explained that he loved her and reminded her that they'd lived together before, but Kiki argued that it had been an impulsive move. Morgan resented that she always questioned if he was off his medications whenever he was happy or enthusiastic. Kiki reluctantly admitted that she feared he was in the grips of a manic episode.

In the interrogation room, Franco's eyes were closed as he meditated. He heard the door open then close, so he imagined it was a white light named Elizabeth Webber who was on his side and had blueberry muffins and a thermos of French-press coffee for him. Scott cleared his throat and told his son that he had the blueberry muffins but Corinthos coffee. Franco dug into the bag as he made a sarcastic comment about Scott being a full-service attorney, but Scott made it clear that it wasn't a laughing matter because Franco faced an abundance of murder charges.

Franco was surprised when Scott revealed that the police had found Franco's sketches of the murder victims in Franco's art therapy room at the hospital. Franco was certain they hadn't been legally obtained, but Scott was more concerned about why Franco had had the sketches. Franco reminded his father that Andy Warhol had painted Marilyn Munroe, and Letizia Battaglia was famous for her crime scene photographs. Scott argued that Marilyn Munroe hadn't been murdered and pointed out that Franco had a history of killing people. Franco blamed his past on a brain tumor, but Scott doubted anyone would care because the police believed that Franco was guilty. Scott wondered if the police would find anything incriminating during their search of the studio, but Franco asked if Scott believed that Franco was innocent.

Franco was disappointed when Scott skirted the question. Franco assured his father that he hadn't killed anyone and asked to use Scott's phone to call Elizabeth.

At the hospital, Elizabeth ushered Nathan and Claudette into an examination room as Nathan helped a limping Claudette to the exam table. Elizabeth promised to fetch a doctor then left. Nathan decided to seize the opportunity to call Maxie to let her know where he was. After Nathan left, Claudette smiled with satisfaction. She hopped off the table and effortlessly retrieved her purse from the counter. Claudette quickly returned to the exam table when she heard someone at the door.

Meanwhile, Griffin greeted Maxie at the nurses' station. Maxie feared the worst because she knew that Nathan hadn't run away with another woman, which meant that he was dead. Griffin looked past her shoulder and assured her that Nathan was fine. Maxie wasn't in the mood for one of Griffin's spiritual talks, but Griffin nodded to Nathan. Maxie turned and ran into Nathan's arms. Griffin approached Elizabeth as Nathan and Maxie stepped away to talk. Griffin sensed that Elizabeth was upset. She explained that she needed an orthopedic doctor to check on a patient, but no one was available.

Elizabeth was relieved when Griffin agreed to take care of the patient. Griffin went to the examination room where Claudette was waiting, but Valerie called out to him before he entered. Valerie explained that she had some questions about the previous evening when Miss Prescott had been killed. Seconds later, Elizabeth walked up to let Griffin know that she'd found an orthopedic doctor to examine the patient. Valerie decided to ask Elizabeth to answer a few questions too.

Meanwhile, Nathan told Maxie about Claudette's visit to assure him that she'd moved on and had decided to leave town. Maxie asked if Claudette was gone, but Nathan reluctantly admitted that Claudette was still in town. After Nathan used Maxie's phone to check in with Jordan, he filled her in about Claudette's decision to leave town, the car service canceling, Nathan giving Claudette a lift, and the car dying on the side of a remote road. Nathan also told Maxie about Claudette's injury and that Nathan and Claudette had been forced to spend the night in his car until joggers had found them the following morning. Maxie was not pleased and asked where in the car Nathan and Claudette had slept, but Valerie walked up to let him know that Griffin and Elizabeth were waiting to be interviewed in the conference room.

After Nathan walked away, Claudette hobbled up and informed Maxie that Nathan and Claudette had spent the night in the front seat of the car and had leaned against each other as they'd slept. Maxie wasn't fooled by Claudette because Claudette was as transparent as a pane of glass and asked how it had felt when Claudette's plans had fallen apart. Claudette smiled with smug confidence as she told Maxie that Maxie had no idea what Claudette and Nathan had talked about, but Maxie insisted that Maxie and Nathan trusted each other.

Claudette questioned Maxie's faith in Nathan, since Maxie had been concerned about Claudette and Nathan's sleeping arrangements. Maxie accused Claudette of eavesdropping and cut to the chase by asked if Claudette ever intended to get out of Maxie and Nathan's lives. Claudette explained that Nathan had insisted that Claudette get her knee checked out. Claudette claimed that she had accepted Nathan's relationship with Maxie because Claudette and Nathan had talked and had gotten their closure, but she warned Maxie that Claudette and Nathan had had a real marriage with their own stories and inside jokes. Claudette added that Nathan still had their wedding song on his playlist.

In the conference room, Elizabeth and Griffin waited to be questioned about the previous evening when the serial killer had struck. Griffin asked about Elizabeth and Franco's date because Griffin knew that she'd been nervous. She acknowledged that it had been a date to remember because Franco had been hauled to jail as a prime suspect in the hospital murders. Griffin wondered if she had sensed anything strange about Franco the previous evening. Elizabeth admitted that the date had started out rocky, but things had improved when Franco had taken her to his studio. She confided that there had been a moment when she had thought that there might be something more between her and Franco.

Elizabeth told Griffin about the empty vial in Franco's pocket that he had picked up in Miss Prescott's hospital room, which had tested positive for derisifol. She added that Franco had claimed to have found the vial on the floor, but he'd refused to cooperate when the police had asked to search his studio. Griffin reminded Elizabeth that Franco's refusal to cooperate hadn't necessarily been a sign of guilt. She agreed, but she had felt bad because she hadn't been able to assure Franco that she had believed him.

Elizabeth explained that she'd arrived at work early to check the timeline because she needed clarity. Griffin was curious what Elizabeth had found out, but her phone rang. It was Scott explaining that Franco wanted to talk to her. After Scott handed the phone to his son, Franco greeted Elizabeth. Franco asked if Elizabeth believed that he was innocent, but she cut the call short when Nathan entered the conference room after dismissing Valerie. Nathan questioned both Griffin and Elizabeth about what had transpired the previous evening, but neither had noticed anything suspicious.

Elizabeth mentioned that she and Griffin had talked about Franco because she'd been curious if someone could change as much as Elizabeth believed that Franco had. Griffin added that the conversation had been cut short when Maxie had arrived looking for Nathan. Griffin added that Maxie had been frantic, so Griffin had taken Maxie to Perks Coffee to help her calm down. Griffin explained that he'd gone home after he and Maxie had parted ways. Elizabeth told Nathan about her evening with Franco, but she suddenly recalled an important detail.

Elizabeth explained that Valerie had asked Amy to check on Miss Prescott when Valerie had caught Franco leaving the patient's hospital room and that Amy had confirmed that the monitors had been on and Miss Prescott had been resting. However, Elizabeth pointed out that the monitors had been turned off when Amy had found Miss Prescott dead, which explained why the alarms had been silent when the patient's heart had stopped. Elizabeth explained that Franco had been with her after he'd left Valerie, so he couldn't have returned to Miss Prescott's hospital room. Elizabeth advised Nathan to check the security footage. After Nathan left, Griffin pointed out that Elizabeth might have exonerated Franco. A short time later, Nathan returned to announce that Franco had been cleared for the time being.

Meanwhile, Franco was dejected after his conversation with Elizabeth. Scott thought that Franco was better off without her because Jason despised Franco and would object to the relationship and Franco being around Jason's son. Scott was curious why Franco had given up on Nina. Franco explained that Nina had told the police that she believed a part of Franco was capable of murder.

Later, Scott returned to the interrogation room to let Franco know that Franco was free to leave because someone had figured out the timeline and had cleared Franco. Scott was glad that his son was innocent.

At the hospital, Elizabeth smiled when she saw Franco was out of jail. Franco admitted that he'd checked his cell phone and had noticed that she hadn't made any effort to contact him. He assured her that he'd accepted that she wanted nothing to do with him and asked her to apologize to Jake because he would miss her son. Elizabeth started to call out to Franco as he walked away, but she stopped herself.

On the promenade, Dillon dropped his phone as Valerie walked up. They struck up a conversation as they each admitted that they'd had a bad day. Dillon bought Valerie a coffee and sat down to chat with her. He talked about his habit of picking women who were still hung up on their exes, but he conceded that he'd been seeing someone casually who seemed different. Moments later, his cell phone chimed. It was a text message from Darby explaining that she needed to talk to him as soon as possible. Dillon realized that he might have been wrong.

Nearby, Scott approached Lucy as she waited for a client. She was frustrated when she realized that the man wouldn't show. Scott offered to buy her a martini, but Lucy explained that she couldn't go to Metro Court Restaurant because she'd run up a tab. Scott revealed that he knew a quiet place with plenty of liquor. Lucy smiled and told him to lead the way.

In the hospital's waiting area, Maxie brushed off the importance of Nathan having his and Claudette's wedding song on his playlist and decided to take some advice from her sister Georgie who had taught Maxie the secret to winning. Maxie fetched a wheelchair as she made it clear that she was through allowing Claudette to call the shots because Maxie knew what Claudette wanted. Maxie vowed that Claudette would not get it and tried to force Claudette to sit in the wheelchair because Maxie intended to take Claudette to the airport. Claudette refused to comply, and the two women briefly scuffled until Nathan walked up and demanded to know what was going on. Claudette winced as she feigned pain in her knee, while Maxie told him that she'd planned to take Claudette to the airport.

Claudette complained that she hadn't seen a doctor, but Nathan was unmoved. He pointed out that Claudette should have remained in the examination room and ordered her to get in the wheelchair. Claudette flashed Maxie a satisfied smile as Nathan took Claudette back to the examination room. After Nathan helped Claudette to the exam table, she apologized and assured him that she hadn't intended to upset Maxie. Nathan grumbled that Claudette never meant to do anything wrong and left to find a doctor.

Moments later, Nathan approached Maxie. Maxie accused Claudette of setting her up by telling Maxie about Nathan and Claudette listening to their wedding song in the car. Nathan tried to explain, but Maxie didn't want to hear it because the more he explained things, the less she believed him, which was what Claudette wanted. Maxie refused to give Claudette that kind of power. Nathan was pleased and suggested that they stop playing Claudette's game by making the next move. Nathan wanted to go to the courthouse and marry Maxie right away.

Meanwhile, Griffin knocked on the door of an examination room and entered. He was stunned when he saw Claudette. Claudette was equally shocked when she saw Griffin.

Valentin tries to kidnap Spencer

Valentin tries to kidnap Spencer

Thursday, August 4, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Kiki feared that Morgan was in the grips of a manic episode. He explained that he was simply happy and loved her, but she demanded to know if he was still taking his medications. Frustrated, Morgan assured Kiki that he had taken his morning dose. Kiki was pleased, but Morgan questioned her lack of trust in him. She explained that she didn't trust his disease. Kiki acknowledged that Morgan's impulsiveness was part of his personality, but it scared her and made her wonder if love was enough to get them past the disasters from their past.

Morgan worried that Kiki regretted taking him back. She promised him that she didn't, but life-altering surprises were not for her. Surprised, Morgan asked what had happened to the girl he'd met online who'd eagerly taken spontaneous trips. Kiki pointed out that she had grown up. She suggested that she and Morgan try to focus on the present and getting to know the people they'd become rather than the people they'd been. Morgan was curious if Kiki had gotten close to Dillon because Dillon understood the person she'd grown into, but she refused to discuss Dillon because she had never loved him or slept with him.

Morgan respected Kiki's decision. Relieved, Kiki explained that Morgan had been moving too fast for her and suggested that they start acting like the adults they were. Morgan wondered where that left them, but Avery woke up from a nap and cried. Kiki decided to check on her sister while Morgan got ready for work. Morgan wanted to continue their discussion, so she assured him that they would.

On the promenade outside Perks Coffee, Darby thanked Dillon for meeting her. She explained that it was about the night they had spent together, but Dillon cut her off to assure her that he'd had a great time. He promised that he was willing to explore a relationship with her, but he wasn't ready to jump into a commitment. Darby smiled awkwardly and revealed that she hadn't called him about their relationship -- he needed to get tested for an "STI." Darby revealed that she'd tested positive for mycoplasma genitalium, which was commonly referred to as "M.G."

Stunned, Dillon admitted that he'd never heard of it, so Darby explained that it was a relatively new sexually transmitted illness that often didn't have symptoms. However, she admitted that it could lead to cancer if left untreated. Dillon was annoyed, but Darby refused to let him "slut-shame" her and told him that M.G. was easily treated with a round of antibiotics. Darby started to leave, but Dillon called out to ask if Morgan had been exposed to the STI. Darby explained that she hadn't slept with Morgan in months, but she had left Morgan several messages, which he'd ignored.

After Darby left to pick up her medication, Dillon looked up the STI online. He learned that mycoplasma genitalium was most prevalent among men between 25 and 35 years old, could cause significant morbidity, and was a contributing factor in HIV transmission. He also read that it could cause pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in women. Moments later, Morgan passed by, so Dillon asked to talk to Morgan and told him that they might have an STI.

Later, Dillon and Morgan were by the nurses' station as they talked about M.G. when Kiki exited the elevator. Kiki asked what was going on, but Darby walked up and told Kiki about the STI. Kiki was horrified, but Darby suggested that everyone "chill" because it was easily treatable, and they'd all made mistakes. Kiki stormed off as Morgan followed behind. Dillon questioned Darby's hostility, but she resented everyone acting as if everything was her fault. She reminded Dillon that she had been the responsible one by getting tested and calling the right people, so Dillon, Morgan, and Kiki weren't any better than Darby.

Meanwhile, Morgan caught up to Kiki and apologized. Kiki was angry, but she didn't blame Morgan -- or even Darby. Morgan confessed that he felt as if all his mistakes were in front of them again, but he realized that Kiki had been right. Morgan agreed that he and Kiki couldn't pretend they hadn't spent time apart and that it hadn't changed them. Morgan conceded that they needed to start fresh and get to know each other again. Kiki assured Morgan that she wasn't going anywhere and hugged him just as Dillon rounded the corner and saw them.

Elsewhere, Griffin entered an examination room and was shocked when he saw Claudette. She was equally surprised to see him but quickly hopped off the exam table and hugged him tightly as she told him that she couldn't believe he was there. Griffin tensed and gently pushed her away to ask why she was there. Claudette explained that she'd injured her knee, but Griffin clarified that he'd been referring to Port Charles. Claudette stuck to her cover story about applying for a job at Crimson, but he knew that nothing was that simple with her.

Claudette and Griffin's conversation turned to their affair as Claudette insisted that she was not to blame for what had happened, and she hadn't seduced Griffin. Griffin argued that she'd turned to him with her marital woes and had told him that she'd only married her husband for a green card. Claudette claimed that she had never intended to fall in love with a priest, but she had because Griffin had been the only person who had understood her. Griffin harshly reminded her that they'd had an illicit affair that had tortured him and had kept him up at night because he'd been both mentally and spiritually sick, while she had reveled in it. Claudette denied it, but Griffin insisted that she had loved the idea of getting caught.

Claudette promised that she had loved Griffin and reminded him that he'd been ready to throw everything away and spend the rest of his life with her. Griffin took full responsibility for his part in things and admitted that his feelings for her had been real, but he refused to discuss it further and asked about her injury. Claudette smiled as she watched him examine her knee until he found a spot that made her wince. Griffin decided that she'd aggravated an old injury. Claudette smiled when he recalled that she'd hurt her knee during a camping trip, but he dismissed it as nothing more than her medical history. Griffin asked how she had reinjured her knee, so she told him without mentioning Nathan's name.

However, Griffin knew that Claudette had been stranded with Nathan and accused her of being in town because of her ex-husband. Claudette insisted that it was a coincidence, but Griffin didn't believe her and informed Claudette that Maxie was his friend. Claudette accused Maxie of being petty and jealous, but Griffin was curious why Claudette would want to make a play for a man she had claimed not to love. Claudette's tone softened as she reached for Griffin's hand and assured him that she wanted nothing from her ex-husband, but Griffin jerked away and asked if she ever tired of lying.

Annoyed, Claudette was certain that Griffin had failed to mention who he was to Nathan and Maxie. Griffin smiled with satisfaction because she always went on the attack when she was backed into a corner and allowed others to take the bullet for her. Claudette wondered how many times she would have to apologize for what had happened, but Griffin questioned how she could claim to love someone with all her heart when all she cared about was protecting herself. Claudette reiterated that she had loved Griffin, but he told her to rest her knee for a few days. "We're done here," he added as he walked out.

In the waiting area, Nathan suggested that he and Maxie go to the courthouse and get married. Maxie balked and told him that she refused to hurt her parents like that or get married without Lulu by her side. Nathan explained that they could get married and celebrate with their friends and loved ones at the reception Maxie had planned, but she questioned why he suddenly wanted to get married. She worried that something might have happened between Nathan and Claudette, but he promised that he'd told Maxie everything. Maxie disagreed because he hadn't mentioned how he and Claudette had slept in the front seat of the car and that he had their wedding song on his playlist.

Maxie suspected that Nathan's desire to make a mad dash to get married stemmed from guilt, but he assured her that he'd done nothing to feel guilty about. Nathan admitted that he had wanted Maxie to feel more secure and to jumpstart their life together. Maxie relaxed and apologized for the accusations. She decided to compromise by moving up the wedding.

Moments later, Claudette hobbled up and asked why Maxie and Nathan were smiling. Maxie smugly informed Claudette that Maxie and Nathan had decided to get married in a few weeks. Annoyed, Claudette glanced away and saw Griffin talking to a nurse. Claudette's expression brightened as she announced that she had decided to remain in Port Charles.

At Metro Court, Nina woke up in bed and noticed that she was alone. She looked around for signs of "Theo" and saw a pile of his clothes on the foot of the bed and the chair. Valentin emerged from the bathroom as he buttoned up his shirt. Nina jumped when he cleared his throat, prompting him to ask if she'd had second thoughts about their night together. Nina confessed that she'd never done anything like that before. Valentin was surprised because she was a sexy woman, but she admitted that she'd been "out of commission" for a while.

Valentin told Nina that they had that in common and wondered if they were on the same page about being strangers passing in the night who had helped each other out without any strings or commitment. Nina explained that she'd gone from having a husband to a boyfriend to a one-night stand, which meant that a friend with benefits was the next logical step. She was curious how long he intended to be in town. Valentin admitted that it wouldn't be long because he had some loose ends to tie up with his family. Satisfied, Nina kissed him.

After "Theo" and Nina made love, Valentin got dressed as Nina pulled on a robe. Nina confessed that she could get used to a no-strings fling, but a knock at the door cut their conversation short. Nina decided to open the door when Curtis identified himself. She tried to step into the hallway to talk to him, but he brushed passed her because he had an update for her. Curtis stopped short when he saw Valentin leisurely getting dressed. Curtis apologized, but Nina quickly handed Valentin a newspaper and asked him to wait while she dealt with Curtis in the hallway.

Valentin tensed when he saw the headline about the castaways having survived a horrifying ordeal. In the hallway, Nina warned Curtis not to judge her and asked why he was there. Curtis confessed that he'd been concerned about Nina when she'd left the bar the previous evening, and he had wanted to check on her to make certain that she hadn't done anything she would regret. Nina was touched, but "Theo" suddenly walked out, thanked Nina for a beautiful night and morning, kissed her, and left. Curtis immediately entered Nina's hotel room and looked around.

Curtis noticed that "Theo" had left a cell phone behind. Nina picked it up and inadvertently played the message from Spencer. Concerned, Nina and Curtis listened to the message again because they had recognized Spencer's voice. Nina and Curtis wondered why "Theo" had a burner phone that clearly had once belonged to a man who had died weeks earlier. Curtis decided that he and Nina needed to turn the phone over to the police.

At the police station, Sonny made his way through a sea of reporters clamoring for answers, but police officers blocked the media from entering the squad room. Sonny approached Jordan and demanded to know where his son was. Jordan explained that Dante and Lulu were at the hospital, being checked out as a precaution. Sonny was curious why Jason was in handcuffs, so Jordan explained that she still needed to confirm Sam's story that Nikolas had faked his death and fled to Greece, only to be murdered by someone else. Jordan admitted that the evidence didn't support Sam's story.

Jordan added that Ava was giving a statement to Paul Hornsby, and they would soon know if Ava had corroborated Sam's claims. Dante and Lulu entered the squad room and informed Jordan that Sam had told the truth and added that Dante, Lulu, Laura, and Kevin could each testify that Nikolas had been on Cassadine Island and had been the latest causality in the Cassadine family feud. Dante promised that Jason was innocent and filled Jordan in about Valentin and everything that had transpired on the island. Dante was certain that Valentin had experience as a mercenary, so Jordan decided to reach out to her Interpol contacts and get to the bottom of things.

After Jordan left, Sonny promised Jason that Diane would get things sorted out. Dante and Lulu promised to make a statement on Jason's behalf because Jason had saved their lives. Sonny offered Lulu his condolences on losing Nikolas, but Lulu admitted that Nikolas might not have been the only victim. She told Sonny about the discovery of the skeleton in the access tunnels and her fear that it had been Luke. Lulu added that she'd been calling the number Luke had given Lulu and Lucky for emergencies, but her father hadn't called back.

Sonny doubted that Helena had bested Luke and promised to get Lulu proof that Luke was alive. Later, Jason told Sonny about the plane crash and his certainty that Valentin had sabotaged the jet. Sonny decided that he needed to safeguard his family, and he left. Jordan returned to the squad room to report that she had information about Valentin and revealed that Valentin was wanted for a slew of crimes involving smuggling. Jordan released Jason but warned him that he still faced repercussions for fleeing the country while he'd been wanted.

Jordan also advised Jason to stay away from Valentin because it was an international incident, but Jason argued that he was free to do as he pleased. Moments later, Curtis and Nina entered the squad room to show Jordan the phone they had found. Jordan questioned Nina about "Theo" and showed her a picture of Valentin. Nina confirmed that "Theo" was Valentin and added that he'd told her that he was in town to tie up some loose ends with his family.

At Camp Showbiz, Spencer wore a medieval royal costume as he paced in the dressing room and practiced his lines. He stopped to call his father and leave a message, promising to make his father proud. Spencer hid the phone under a pillow when the camp counselor popped in to explain that Spencer was needed on stage. The counselor grabbed the pillow and shoved it into the back of Spencer's shirt to complete the Richard III costume but never noticed the phone.

Later, Spencer returned to the dressing room after an energizing run-through of the play. The counselor announced that Spencer had a visitor -- a family member. Spencer was excited and ran to the door, expecting Nikolas, but Valentin appeared. Valentin introduced himself as Spencer's Uncle Theo and claimed that Nikolas had sent him to fetch Spencer. Spencer was leery and asked for proof. Valentin showed his tattoo and reiterated that they had to leave, but Spencer explained that he was committed to a play.

Valentin explained that time was of the essence and asked if the play was more important than Nikolas. Spencer relented and agreed to leave with his uncle, but they only made it a few steps before Sonny appeared and blocked the doorway.

Valentin is arrested

Valentin is arrested

Friday, August 5, 2016

In the interrogation room, Julian sat handcuffed to the table as Ava entered. Ava's expression filled with concern as she noticed that he looked "like hell." She urged him to cheer up because the trial was around the corner, and she was confident that they'd soon be celebrating his acquittal. Julian disagreed, but Ava insisted that Paul didn't have a case against Julian because it wasn't as if Julian had actually tried to kill Alexis. Ava's heart sank when she saw the guilt written all over her brother's face. "Oh, Julian," Ava said with sadness as Julian wiped away a tear.

Julian claimed that Alexis had been confused, upset, and tricked by people with agendas, but Ava couldn't understand why he'd try to kill his wife. Julian blamed it on a moment of weakness after he'd found Alexis wearing a wire, but he promised that he still loved Alexis. Ava was skeptical because Alexis had betrayed him, but Julian insisted that he'd been the one who had lied and screwed up. However, he was certain that everything would work out because he planned to get it all back -- Alexis, his family, and his freedom. Ava wondered if he expected Alexis to testify that it had all been a mistake.

Julian hoped that Alexis would understand that in time. Ava asked if he had an attorney, but Julian admitted that Scott couldn't help him and revealed that he needed Ava to help him escape. Ava was stunned but quickly refused. She explained that something had happened to her while she'd been gone, and she wouldn't have been there if Nikolas hadn't sacrificed his life for her. Ava had "another second chance" to be the mother her daughters needed, and she refused to squander it. Julian reminded her that he was her brother, but Ava refused to risk going back to prison.

At "Casa Corinthos," Carly put some finishing touches on the living room as she prepared for Bobbie's birthday party. Jax arrived to talk to Carly about the search for Josslyn's kidney donor, but she staunchly defended her decision and insisted that she'd owed it to their daughter to get a complete medical history. Jax argued that Josslyn had asked her to drop it, so she assured him that she'd respected Josslyn's wishes and had asked Nina to pull the story. Carly ducked into the kitchen to check on a birthday cake that she'd made for her mother as her phone chimed.

Jax called out to Carly, but she hadn't heard him. He picked up the phone and saw two text messages from Nina assuring Carly that Nina had made progress on the search for the donor and advising Carly not to tell "surfer boy." When Carly returned, Jax suggested that she check her messages. Carly picked up her cell phone and frowned because she realized that Jax had read the text messages. Furious, Jax blasted Carly for lying.

Meanwhile, Ava slipped into the house and heard Jax and Carly's argument. Jax warned Carly that he would take action if she continued to ignore Josslyn's wishes, but Carly insisted that she was doing what was best for Josslyn. Jax reminded his ex-wife that Josslyn was old enough to tell a judge where she wanted to live. Carly was shocked by the threat and assured him that they could work things out, but Jax refused to back down. He promised to see Carly in court and left. Ava strolled in and sarcastically suggested that perhaps Sonny had something on Jax that Sonny and Carly could use to blackmail Jax.

Carly was not amused and demanded to know what Ava wanted. Ava admitted that she hoped to spend time with Avery, but Carly refused and reminded Ava that Ava was required to give 24 hours notice. Frustrated, Ava appealed to Carly as a mother because Ava hadn't seen her daughter in weeks. Carly reluctantly relented and told Ava that Avery was in the nursery. A short time later, Carly heard Ava over the monitor, talking to Avery about how much Ava loved her daughter. Ava insisted that daughters should never be separated from their "mommies" as Carly's eyes drifted to a picture of Carly and Josslyn.

Later, Ava returned to the living room and informed Carly that she intended to take Avery for a visit the following day. Carly coldly told Ava to leave because Carly expected guests. Annoyed, Ava threatened to seek Jax out to share some insight into what it was like to deal with Sonny and Carly in a custody fight.

At Alexis' house, Alexis was on the phone with Diane as Alexis opened an envelope from the American Bar Association. She read the summons aloud, including the offenses she'd been accused of. Diane offered Alexis words of encouragement, but Alexis wasn't as optimistic. Alexis ended the call when she saw Sam at the front door. After Alexis and Sam hugged, they retreated to the living room to talk. Sam told Alexis about what had transpired on Cassadine Island and Nikolas' death when he'd tried to save Ava.

Alexis explained that Cassadines never died -- they rose from the ashes and plotted revenge. Alexis was certain there was more to Nikolas' story than any of them realized, but Sam was curious what her mother knew about Valentin. Alexis admitted that she knew little about her half-brother except that Luke had once told her that Helena had been afraid of Valentin. Alexis explained that she'd left the family island as a teenager and had never returned. Alexis recalled hearing about her father's "bastard" son, but Nikolas had been the only family member that she'd cared about because Nikolas had been a good person.

Alexis and Sam's conversation drifted to Julian. Alexis tearfully told Sam about the kidnapping and how Sonny had saved Alexis from Julian's murderous intentions. Sam was curious why Alexis hadn't told Sam sooner, but Alexis reminded Sam that Julian was Sam's father. Sam made it clear that Julian was a "lying bastard" who had been willing to let Alexis take the fall for his crime, so Sam wanted nothing to do with him. Alexis argued that it wasn't that simple, but Sam didn't want to discuss it. Sam promised to help her mother, but Alexis assured Sam that all she needed was Sam's love and support.

Sam was proud of Alexis for standing up to Julian and urged Alexis not to stop. After Sam left, Alexis read the summons. Frustrated, she crumpled the paper and angrily threw the wad across the room. Moments later, Jax knocked. Alexis lit up when she saw him and quickly ran to the door. Alexis hugged him tightly. After she closed the door, Jax asked about her old house. Alexis admitted that it had burned to the ground, but she changed the subject because she wanted to know how long Jax planned to stay in Port Charles.

Jax explained that he wasn't certain, but he needed Alexis' professional help because he might be in some legal trouble. Alexis cut him off to explain that she couldn't represent him because she might not have her law license much longer. Jax fetched a bottle of wine from the cellar and poured them each a glass. Jax was certain that Alexis would prevail with the American Bar Association because Diane was a brilliant attorney. Alexis explained that she had known the truth about Julian's crimes when she'd married him. She began to cry as she acknowledged that she had compromised her ethics for Julian.

Jax conceded that Alexis had lost her way, but he was confident that she was back on track again. Alexis had no idea what she would do if she lost her career, and she cried on Jax's shoulder. A short time later, Jax announced that he had to leave. Jax assured Alexis that she had a lot of people who loved and supported her and promised that the hearing would not change who Alexis was as a person. Alexis pasted on a brave smile, but she dissolved into tears after Jax left.

In the interrogation room, Julian perked up when he heard the door open because he'd expected his attorney. He was filled with hope when he saw Sam enter the room, but his smile quickly faded as she ranted at him for attempting to kill her mother. She demanded that he admit his guilt, but he explained that it was impossible because he'd never have an opportunity to get out of jail and fix things with Alexis and his family. Sam scoffed and informed her father that it would never happen because his children were through with him.

Sam made it clear that Julian meant nothing to her, but he reminded her that he was her father, and he loved her. Sam told him that she'd washed her hands of him and intended to sit next to Alexis in the courtroom when he went to trial. Sam added that she'd even testify against him if needed. Hurt, Julian wondered what she would do if Danny got sick again. Sam was stunned and accused him of doing exactly what Sonny had said he would. Sam resented Julian holding Danny over her head, but Julian denied that he had. However, Danny might need him down the road.

Sam revealed that Jason had been tested and was an exact match for Danny, which made Julian expendable. Sam advised Julian to find a way to get on her good side because she was certain that Jason would be furious if she told him what Julian had said about Danny. Sam insisted that Julian didn't hold Danny's life in his hands -- she held Julian's life in hers. Sam marched to the door, intending to leave, but a wave of dizziness washed over her, and she fainted. Alarmed, Julian called out his daughter's name.

At Perks Coffee, Curtis and Nina sat at a table on the promenade and sipped their coffees. Nina felt like a fool for sleeping with Valentin and wondered what was wrong with her that she continually picked men like Valentin who had been "hellbent" on killing his family. Curtis told Nina not to beat herself up because they'd all had their morning-after regrets. He promised that a man worthy of her was out there. He shifted gears to talk about Josslyn's kidney donor. Curtis revealed that he might have the answers she'd been looking for.

Cutis showed Nina a list of the top ten potential kidney donors who had responded to the story online. Nina was certain that Curtis had more information to share, so he pointed to one of the names as he explained that he believed the woman was Josslyn's kidney donor. According to Curtis, everything fit including their blood types and the timing. His gut told him that she was the woman, so Nina decided to fire off an email to the woman. Curtis advised Nina to wait because he might be wrong. Nina waved away his concern and hit send.

Moments later, Nina's phone rang. It was Carly. Carly told Nina to stop the search because Jax had threatened to take Carly to family court. Nina reluctantly agreed and ended the call.

At the police station, Jordan informed Jason that he was free to go, but he asked for an update on the search for Valentin. Jordan pointed out that Jason was a civilian and not entitled to the details. She assured him that the police were on high alert and would find Valentin. Jason wondered if she even knew where to look, but she ignored the question and reminded him that he didn't have a free pass to loiter in the squad room. Jason promised to leave if she gave him answers.

Jordan told him that Valentin had killed Nikolas to get control of Nikolas' estate, so Spencer was the only person who stood in Valentin's way. After Jordan walked away, Jason called Lulu to ask where Spencer was.

In Camp Showbiz's dressing room, Spencer agreed to leave with his "Uncle Theo," but Sonny appeared in the doorway and blocked their exit. Spencer was delighted when he saw Sonny. Sonny promised that he wouldn't have missed Spencer's stage debut, but Sonny was curious about Spencer's "friend." Valentin reached out to shake Sonny's hand as he introduced himself as "Theo Hart." Valentin claimed to be a friend of the family and asked who Sonny was.

Spencer explained that Sonny was his uncle on his mother's side. Spencer added that his uncle was a coffee importer, but Valentin appeared unimpressed. Sonny questioned "Theo," who easily spun a story about being a friend of Nikolas. Spencer frowned with confusion but remained silent when Valentin tried to hustle Spencer out the door. Sonny stopped them, but Spencer promised that it was okay because Nikolas had made arrangements for Theo to fetch Spencer before Nikolas had died. Sonny persuaded Spencer to stay and continue the performance.

After Spencer returned to the stage, Sonny asked if "Theo" was as proud of their nephew as Sonny was. Valentin tried to leave, but Sonny reached out and grabbed Valentin's arm to pull up the sleeve and expose the tattoo of the Cassadine family crest. Sonny growled that he knew a Cassadine when he saw one, but Valentin jerked his arm away and asked who Sonny was. Sonny revealed that he was Dante's father. Valentin sensed that Sonny would be a bigger problem than Dante and Lulu had been. Sonny confirmed that Valentin didn't want to make an enemy of Sonny, but Valentin wasn't intimidated.

Valentin pulled back his jacket to show that he was armed with a gun. Sonny confirmed that he was, as well, but Valentin drew his gun and aimed it at Sonny because he knew that Sonny wouldn't risk the lives of children by trying to shoot Valentin. Valentin assured Sonny that Valentin didn't have any qualms about innocent children being caught in the crossfire. Valentin ordered Sonny to hand over his gun and cell phone. Sonny complied because he saw Jason sneak up behind Valentin. Jason quickly disarmed and neutralized Valentin.

Moments later, Jordan and a police officer entered the dressing room and took Valentin into custody. Jordan revealed that she had called Lulu, who had mentioned talking to Jason earlier. Jordan was not pleased that Jason had taken matters into his own hands, but Jason was unapologetic. Valentin sputtered with outrage when Jordan informed him that he was under arrest for a long list of crimes, including possession of an illegal firearm. After Jordan carted Valentin to jail, Sonny suggested that Jason consider a future in law enforcement. Jason wasn't interested and doubted that Jordan would give him a job.

Jason was curious how Sonny had ended up at the camp. Sonny admitted that he'd had a hunch. After Jason left, Spencer returned to the dressing room as the audience clapped enthusiastically. Spencer bragged that he'd had a standing ovation. Sonny was proud of his nephew, but Spencer looked around and asked where Theo was. Sonny explained that Theo had left, but Spencer became upset and admitted that his father was alive. Spencer revealed that Theo had promised to take Spencer to Nikolas. Sonny's eyes filled with tears as he quietly explained that it wouldn't happen and hugged his sobbing nephew.

At the police station, Valentin demanded to make a phone call and asked for Nina's phone number.

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