General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 25, 2016 on GH

Jason broke free and turned the tables on Valentin. Lives were in peril when the jet carrying the freed hostages crashed. Franco became a prime suspect in the hospital murders. Kristina opened up to Sonny. Naomi paid Heather a visit.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 25, 2016 on GH
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Monday, July 25, 2016

In the catacombs, Lulu stumbled, and she was horrified to see that she'd tripped over a human skeleton. She approached the skeleton and noticed a bracelet. She took it, recognizing it as something similar to Luke's bracelet. She then saw an earring like Luke's but told herself that the skeleton could be anyone -- or a setup. Just then, she heard footsteps. She grabbed a pipe from the ground and hid around a corner. When a man rounded the corner, she hit him over the head and knocked him out.

Lulu took the unconscious man's phone, which did not get any reception down in the tunnels. She grabbed the man's gun and checked that it was loaded. "What is the Spencer thing to do?" she asked herself. She wondered whether she should "stick with the plan," or head upstairs to save her family and friends. She imagined what her father would say, which was, "When in doubt, improvise." She headed back through the catacombs with the gun.

Laura gave Valentin a piece of her mind as his men pointed their guns at her. When she was done, he wanted to show her what would happen when she didn't cooperate. He pointed his gun at her and pulled the trigger, but Kevin jumped in front of her and was shot in the shoulder. She instructed him to stay still on the ground as Dante and Ava attacked amid the confusion.

"Drop your guns or I'll break his neck," Dante demanded of the guards as he had Valentin in a headlock. Another guard appeared behind Dante, and Ava warned Dante to let Valentin go or Dante would be killed. A frustrated Dante finally obliged. On the ground, Laura held a pillow on Kevin's gunshot wound. He insisted upon getting up on his feet, but he promptly passed out onto the couch.

Ava wanted to help Laura with Kevin, but Valentin wouldn't let her. He added that he had planned to let them go, but then Kevin had needed to jump in front of what would have been a warning shot. After shooting someone, Valentin didn't trust the hostages to keep quiet if he let them go. Dante suggested that Valentin let Ava, Laura, and Kevin go but keep Dante. Valentin commented that the suggestion was "noble," but he needed a more "manageable solution."

Valentin casually mentioned killing all of the hostages, because dead people didn't talk. Dante thought that Valentin should release them and go on the run, and Ava agreed. Dante continued that they would be too busy taking care of Kevin to chase him. Considering what had happened the last time he'd listened to Ava, Valentin declined the suggestion. He insisted that he'd never meant to involve anyone but Nikolas, but he couldn't let them go. He took out his gun and asked who wanted to die first. "I vote you," Lulu said, pointing her gun at Valentin.

In Naomi's hospital room, Hayden wondered what had caused her mother's panic attack. Elizabeth entered, which caused an annoyed Hayden to leave. Franco also entered in order to talk to Elizabeth, but she rebuffed him, since she was with a patient. Naomi didn't mind, so Franco asked, "Was I dreaming, or did you agree to a date tonight?" She tried to brush off the question, which upset Franco. "We'll always have toast," he said on his way out of the room.

Franco turned back and wondered why Elizabeth wouldn't accept his money to send her sons to camp. She replied that she would never accept anything from Heather. At the mention of the name, Naomi began to hyperventilate. Elizabeth accepted the date, and Franco called Naomi his "good luck charm." He commented that Elizabeth was the only one of his prospects that Heather "wouldn't murder," and happily left the room. Elizabeth saw Naomi in distress and tried to calm her down.

A short while later, Naomi had calmed down. Elizabeth wondered what had caused the attack. Naomi explained that she'd been subpoenaed that morning. However, Elizabeth had noticed Naomi's anxiety level rise when Franco was around. Naomi claimed that she'd had friends who'd been fans of Franco's art. Naomi observed that he was interested in Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that she'd tried to keep her distance, but there was "something there." Despite the rumors that Naomi had heard, Elizabeth could see that Franco was trying hard to leave his past behind him and be a better person, so she believed he deserved a second chance.

Naomi commented on how compassionate Elizabeth was, but Elizabeth explained that she knew what it was like to be the "town pariah." Naomi thought Elizabeth hadn't wanted to date Franco because they were related. Elizabeth explained that her father had once been married to Franco's mother, but Elizabeth had a different mother. She'd never understood how her father had been with such a dangerous woman as Heather and explained that the woman was in the best maximum-security facility for the criminally insane in the state of New York. She observed that Naomi seemed better, so she left to get Naomi's discharge papers.

Franco arrived to visit Heather, bearing flowers. He informed her that he wanted to return her money because Elizabeth hadn't wanted it. He divulged that Elizabeth had agreed to go out with him. He wanted to make sure that Heather would do no harm to Elizabeth. She gave her word that she wouldn't and said that she was happy for him.

Franco wondered why Heather thought differently of Elizabeth than of Carly or Nina. Heather explained that she'd loved Elizabeth's father, who was also the father of her beloved "Steven Lars." Changing the subject, she instructed him to buy art supplies with the money, since she couldn't use it. She wanted him to give her a painting on his next visit.

Later, Heather was returned to the visiting room, delighted to have another visitor. Seeing Naomi seated at the table, Heather wondered if the woman had more money for her. Naomi reminded her that there was no more money. Getting to the point, Naomi informed Heather that Elizabeth was seeing Franco, so Heather shouldn't tell "one word about Elizabeth," or else Naomi promised to make Heather's life "more miserable than it already is."

Hayden bumped into Finn at the hospital and asked if he wanted to grab lunch. He told her that he was on his way out of town, which prompted her to ask if he'd found another source for his drug. He responded that everything was under control, but she asked if he needed any help. He wondered why she would help a "junkie." He appreciated her help, but he admitted that it felt like she was stalking him. Hayden informed him that her mother was in the hospital with severe panic attacks, which being subpoenaed that morning hadn't helped.

Feeling guilty, Finn confided that he'd found a new source for his medication. She asked if it had anything to do with Sonny. He told her to "back off" and stop jumping to conclusions. She accused him of being a jerk, and he walked away. When she followed him, he told her that all of his notes had been confiscated and probably destroyed when he'd been suspended. The drugs were a temporary solution, and he didn't want her to have to watch him die. He vowed to never forget her and all she'd done for him, but he didn't want to be "the reason for more sorrow in your life." "Don't I get a vote?" she asked.

Hayden went off on Finn for pushing her away when, for the first time in her life, she wanted to help someone when there was nothing in it for her. If he decided that he was annoyed with her and didn't want to spend his last days with her, that was fine, but she refused to let him die alone just because he thought she would fall apart. "You sure told me," he told her, chuckling. She told him to go get his drugs and that she would decide whether or not she wanted to stick around. He nodded and walked away.

Elizabeth was cleaning up Naomi's room when Franco entered. "Is it good or bad that my mother approves of you?" he asked her. Just then, Hayden returned to the room, asking for Naomi. Elizabeth informed Hayden that Naomi had been discharged. She added that she and Naomi seemed to have lots in common.

As Kristina kissed Parker outside of Parker's hotel room, Sonny rounded the corner but stopped dead when he saw the scene. The women went back into the room because Parker needed to get ready for her seminar. Kristina wanted to hear Parker speak, but the list of attendees had been cut off weeks before. "It's nothing you haven't heard me talk about in class, assuming you paid attention," Parker teased. Kristina cited Parker as the distraction that had resulted in Kristina's failure of the class.

Kristina wondered if Parker was still angry at her for her "solicitation" while at school, and Kristina expressed how sorry she was. Parker accepted the apology, so Kristina asked if Parker was still hesitant about moving forward with her. Parker promised to talk about when she returned, and Kristina promised to stay in the room so as to not run into anyone she knew. The two shared a kiss, and Parker left. Kristina retreated into the room, and there was a knock on the door moments later. She was shocked to answer the door to Sonny.

Kristina asked why Sonny was there as he let himself into the room. He explained that he'd gone to pick up the medication that Morgan had left there. Kristina explained that she'd met a friend from school there, and they'd gotten room service for breakfast. Sonny wondered who the older woman was that he'd seen Kristina kissing. Kristina confessed that it had been Parker, the professor who'd gotten her kicked out of school. He wondered why she hadn't told him about it, and she replied that she'd been scared. "Scared of me?" he questioned her, hurt.

Kristina admitted that she'd been scared of how Sonny would react. He reminded her that he was her father, and he loved her no matter what. She told him that she liked Aaron, but she'd never really stopped thinking about Parker. She didn't know whether she only liked Parker or if she liked women. She didn't want to talk about it anymore, but Sonny told her that they were "just getting started." She wondered if he could accept and deal with it if he had a gay daughter.

Valentin orders his men to kill the hostages

Valentin orders his men to kill the hostages

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In Parker's hotel room, Kristina invited Sonny to ask if she was gay, but he reminded her that she'd just told him that she didn't know what she was. Kristina wondered if he could accept a daughter who was gay, but he admitted that it was a lot to take in. Kristina's cell phone chimed, but Sonny asked her to turn it off because they needed to talk. Kristina saw that the call was from her mother and sent the call to voicemail before turning off the phone. Sonny wanted to know where Kristina's head was and how she felt about Parker.

Sonny admitted that he was confused because he'd known gay people, and they'd all known at a young age that they were gay. He talked about his younger days when he'd go to clubs and had gay friends. Kristina was surprised, but Sonny pointed out that there was a lot about him that she didn't know. He conceded that there was also a lot about her that he didn't know. Kristina opened up about her difficult breakup in college and how she'd been beguiled by Parker. Kristina admitted that she'd been drawn to Parker both physically and intellectually.

Kristina thought Parker had reciprocated Kristina's feelings when she'd propositioned Parker. Sonny reminded Kristina that Parker had reported Kristina, which had led to Kristina's suspension from school. Kristina took full responsibility for getting kicked out of school. Sonny shifted gears and asked if she would have said anything if he hadn't caught her kissing Parker. Kristina admitted that she'd talked to Alexis because she hadn't thought Sonny would understand. She was also afraid that he'd be disappointed because she couldn't manage relationships and had been kicked out of school.

Sonny was stunned when Kristina admitted that she hadn't thought Sonny would love her. Sonny assured his daughter that he loved her and that he wanted to work together to figure things out. He was curious where Aaron fit into things. Kristina explained that she cared about Aaron, but it was superficial compared to what she felt for Parker. Sonny feared that Kristina was at an emotional disadvantage with Parker because Parker had been her professor. He didn't mind if Kristina dated women, but he didn't think Parker was right for her.

Kristina argued that Sonny didn't know Parker. Sonny let it drop and promised never to give up on his daughter. Kristina was curious why he hadn't been able to answer her earlier question when she'd asked if he could accept having a gay daughter. Sonny invited Kristina to ask him again, so she did. "No question -- no matter what," Sonny answered without hesitation. Kristina's eyes filled with tears as she hugged her father.

In the restaurant, Carly was on the phone with Olivia as she praised Olivia for successfully negotiating the London contract. Carly quickly ended the call when Nina walked up and announced that she had a surprise for Carly. Nina set a stack of papers on the bar and explained that they were printouts of the responses to Josslyn's story on Crimson's website. Nina was certain they would find what Carly was looking for among the posts from people around the country and the world. Nina promised to do whatever she could to help Carly, prompting Carly to question Nina's motives. Nina acknowledged that the story was good for business and made Nina feel like she was doing something that a mother would do.

Josslyn entered the restaurant as Nina excused herself to attend to some business with Julian. After Nina left, Josslyn asked Carly about the stack of papers. Carly revealed that they were responses to Josslyn's story, but Josslyn wasn't happy and asked her mother to drop the search for the donor. Startled, Carly explained that she needed to find the donor for Josslyn's sake, but Josslyn resented her personal business being made public. Carly was genuinely surprised that Josslyn had an issue with it, but Josslyn didn't want to give kids more fodder to point and talk behind her back. Carly reminded Josslyn that there was nothing to be ashamed of because Josslyn had had cancer, but Josslyn reminded her mother that the longer she stayed healthy, the less likely she would have a relapse or complications.

Carly refused to risk it and insisted that it was her obligation as a mother to safeguard Josslyn's health. Josslyn informed Carly that Jax didn't agree and had sided with Josslyn. Carly's mind was made up, but Josslyn threatened to live with her father if Carly didn't drop it. Shocked, Carly reluctantly agreed. Carly called Nina and instructed Nina to take the story down, but Carly stepped out of Josslyn's hearing range to add that it was only temporary.

At the hospital, Julian was handcuffed to his bed as he looked at the divorce papers. Julian decided that "the haters" had gotten to Alexis, including her own daughters. He vowed not to give up on Alexis or to attend the arraignment. "I'm leaving," Julian quietly said and added that he intended to take his wife with him. Moments later, Julian's henchman entered the room. Julian was eager for news about Ava, but the man admitted that she hadn't surfaced. Julian instructed the henchman to get another dose of medication because Julian needed to stall.

At Perks Coffee, Alexis left a message for Kristina, scolding her daughter for not calling to let Alexis know Kristina was not spending the night at home. Alexis acknowledged that Kristina was an adult, but Alexis expected her daughter to check in. After Alexis ended the call, Paul walked up. Alexis told Paul that she looked forward to Julian's arraignment and seeing Julian remanded without bail. Paul advised Alexis to call Diane because Alexis would have to face the American Bar Association for her role in everything that had transpired with Julian.

After Paul left and Alexis ended the call with Diane, Parker walked up. Alexis was not happy and demanded to know why Parker was at Kristina's place of work. Parker assured Alexis that she'd had no idea that Kristina worked at the coffee shop, but Alexis was not satisfied. Alexis explained that Kristina was fine without Parker, but Parker revealed that Parker and Kristina had spent the night together. Alexis was upset because she believed that Parker had taken advantage of Kristina, but Parker denied it. Parker explained that Kristina had sought Parker out for closure, but it had led to more.

Alexis accused Parker of being an adult in a position of power who had seduced a "younger, confused, and questioning girl." Parker argued that both Parker and Kristina were adults and had been willing participants. Parker appreciated that Kristina was still trying to figure things out, but Parker pointed out that Kristina couldn't do that without exploring her sexuality. Alexis snidely thanked Parker for taking time from Parker's marriage to help Kristina, but Parker admitted that her marriage was over and headed for divorce. Alexis wasn't appeased because she feared that Parker was on the rebound.

Parker promised that she cared about Kristina, but Alexis reminded Parker that Wesleyan's dean wouldn't react well to finding out that Parker had shacked up with the student whom Parker had reported for inappropriate conduct. Alexis urged Parker to end it with Kristina.

Later, Kristina caught up with her mother on the promenade and apologized for not calling sooner. Alexis revealed that she knew that Kristina had spent the night with Parker. Surprised, Kristina wondered if Sonny had told Alexis, but Alexis was shocked that Sonny knew about Kristina and Parker. Kristina admitted that Sonny had caught Kristina and Parker kissing and had talked to Kristina about it. Alexis was curious how it had gone. Kristina smiled because it had been better than she'd expected.

Kristina was glad that he had talked to Sonny because he had assured her that he still loved her. Alexis hadn't expected anything less. Kristina wondered how Alexis had known about Kristina and Parker's night together, so Alexis told Kristina that she'd bumped into Parker. Kristina warned Alexis to save the lecture because Sonny had already warned Kristina about Parker. Kristina loved her parents, but she reminded her mother that it was Kristina's life, and Kristina and Parker made each other happy. Kristina was confident that she and Parker would figure things out.

Meanwhile, Parker sat in her hotel room and wrote Kristina a note that read, "I'm sorry. I can't."

In Julian's hospital room, Paul noted that Julian looked well. Julian coughed, but Paul ignored Julian's attempt to appear ill. Paul urged Julian to plead guilty because Julian's own words would send Julian to jail. Julian vowed to prove his innocence and informed Paul that Julian's attorney would file a motion to suppress the confession. Julian's henchman entered the hospital room, dressed in scrubs. Paul decided to check on Julian's discharge papers and left Julian in the care of the man he believed worked at the hospital.

The henchman revealed that he'd gotten his hands on a dose of the medication, but Nina suddenly entered the room to talk to Julian. The henchman pretended to check the monitors as Nina announced that she needed Julian to sign a document that would give her full autonomy over Crimson. Julian assured Nina that it wasn't necessary because he wouldn't be going to jail, but Nina refused to chance it and threatened to expose his role in the corporate sabotage if he refused to sign the document. Reluctantly, Julian scribbled his name and sent Nina on her way. The henchman started to hand Julian the vial of medicine, but Nina noticed that Julian had missed one of the signature lines. She turned around and bumped into the henchman.

The vial fell, and the liquid spilled onto the floor. Nina apologized, but Julian took the document, signed the line she'd indicated, and ordered her to leave. After she left, Julian ordered the henchman to get another vial of medication. Seconds later, Paul returned with a police officer and announced that Julian had been cleared to leave.

At the restaurant, Josslyn thanked Carly for asking Nina to drop the story. Carly apologized and reiterated that she hadn't realized how much it had hurt Josslyn. After Josslyn disappeared into the kitchen to fetch some ice cream, Sonny greeted his wife. Moments later, Nina walked up to talk to Carly. Nina thought Sonny would like to know that Nina had seen the district attorney cart Julian off to court for the arraignment. Sonny was pleased and admitted that it was good news.

Nina had hoped to have more good news because Carly and Nina had been zeroing in on Josslyn's kidney donor until Carly had called off the search. Carly quickly explained that Josslyn had felt that her privacy had been violated and had asked Carly to pull the story from the website. Carly handed Nina the stack of responses to the article and asked her to discreetly continue the search. After Nina left, Sonny questioned if it had been wise for Carly to ignore Josslyn's wishes, but Carly hoped that Josslyn would have a change of heart by the time Carly located the kidney donor. Carly shifted gears when she noticed that Sonny seemed troubled. Sonny confided that Kristina had come out to him.

Meanwhile, Josslyn called Jax to let her father know that Carly had respected her wishes and dropped the search.

On Cassadine Island, Jason was tied to a chair as a guard sat on the floor across the room, absorbed with his cell phone. Jason whispered to Sam to wake up. She opened her eyes and groggily wondered why she was so tired. Jason pointed out that there wasn't anything else to do except rest, but the guard heard them talking and warned them to be still, or he would shoot. Sam pointed to the bottles of water and asked if she could have something to drink. The guard agreed, but Sam stood up, became dizzy, and fainted.

Alarmed, Jason asked the guard to help Sam. Agitated and worried, Jason had a burst of strength and managed to break free by snapping off the chair's arms. Jason quickly overpowered the guard and checked on Sam. Sam slowly opened her eyes and assured him that she was fine. She attributed the fainting spell to dehydration.

In the living room, Valentin was curious who wanted to die first, but Lulu appeared in the doorway and aimed a gun at Valentin as she ordered him to drop his weapon. Valentin warned Lulu that he'd fire off a shot and kill her mother before Lulu could pull the trigger. Meanwhile, a guard managed to catch Lulu by surprise and quickly disarm her. Dante ran to check on his wife, so Valentin decided to shoot the couple as they held hands. Before Valentin pulled the trigger, a shot rang out upstairs. Seconds later, Jason and Sam rushed down the stairs, armed with a gun.

Jason fired at one of the guards as Valentin fled. Jason and Dante made quick work of overpowering the remaining guards and disarming them. Ava yelled at Jason because he could have shot one of them, but he ignored her as he went after Valentin. Dante instructed Ava to get something to tie up the guards. Dante, Sam, and Ava restrained the men and locked them up in a room. Dante, Sam, and Ava returned to check on Kevin as Laura and Lulu tried to stanch the bleeding from his shoulder. Lulu ran to hug her husband and expressed regret for not shooting Valentin when she'd had the chance.

Dante was curious how Lulu had ended up with the gun, so she told him about her encounter with the guard in the access tunnels. However, she was careful to omit any mention of the skeleton she'd found. Sam asked about Kevin's injury. Laura credited Kevin with saving her life by jumping into the path of a bullet when Valentin had shot at Laura. Ava was eager to leave, but Sam insisted that they wait on Jason. Ava reluctantly agreed, but Ava made it clear that she didn't want to end up like Kevin and Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Jason followed Valentin to Helena's bedroom. Jason demanded that Valentin open the door, but Valentin had barricaded the door and refused. Eventually, Jason managed to bust in the door, but Valentin was long gone. Jason returned to the living room and reported that Valentin had escaped. Jason wondered if Kevin could walk, but it quickly became clear that he would need assistance. Jason and Dante helped Kevin to his feet and carried him out as the ladies followed behind.

Lulu stopped Laura to remind Laura of Nikolas. Lulu didn't want to leave Nikolas behind. Laura didn't, either, but Kevin needed help, and they had to get to Spencer.

Meanwhile, Valentin was in the tunnels. He called one of his associates and instructed the person to send out men to keep the hostages from leaving the island alive.

Maxie's plan to get Claudette fired backfires

Maxie's plan to get Claudette fired backfires

> Maxie's plan to get Claudette fired backfires

Maxie's plan to get Claudette fired backfires

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

At Crimson, Nina was frustrated when she read an online news article about Julian's arraignment because she worried that the publicity nightmare would never end.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Claudette opened her purse to pay a bill but pulled out a 5x7 inch framed picture of her and Nathan on their wedding day. She lovingly stroked the picture until her cell phone rang. It was Nina. Nina ordered Claudette to return to the office because Nina needed to review Claudette's graphics for the upcoming edition of Crimson. Claudette explained that she had to drop something off first but promised to get to the office quickly.

At Maxie and Nathan's apartment, Maxie was snuggled under the covers as she and Nathan lounged on the floor after making love. He apologized for getting them off-track from their wedding plans, but she didn't mind. Maxie admitted that all she needed to make their wedding perfect was to get Claudette out of their lives for good. Later, Maxie finished getting dressed as she ranted about Claudette waltzing into town and expecting to woo Nathan back despite having hurt him in the past. Nathan assured Maxie that Claudette wouldn't succeed because he loved Maxie.

Maxie regretted that she hadn't listened to Nathan and Nina when they'd urged her to fire Claudette. Nathan pointed out that Maxie had been afraid that Claudette would try to hurt him by revealing the details of Claudette's lover's shooting. Maxie grudgingly admitted that she might have been wrong about Claudette's intentions because Claudette seemed determined to avoid the topic. Maxie suspected that Claudette had realized what a great guy Nathan was and intended to stop the wedding because Claudette wanted him for herself. Maxie decided the only way to stop Claudette was to get her fired from Crimson.

Maxie held up a flash drive from Spinelli as she cryptically revealed that it could be of use. Nathan was curious what was on the flash drive, but she promised to tell him later. After Maxie left, Nathan pulled on a shirt. Moments later, Claudette knocked on the door. She noticed his open shirt as she admitted that she'd been expecting Maxie to be home. Nathan explained that Maxie had left for work and added that his fiancée had been running late because they'd been going over plans for their wedding, which was fast approaching.

Claudette pushed past Nathan as she entered the apartment and expressed her disappointment because she had hoped to have more time for closure before he married Maxie. Nathan thought they'd covered a lot of ground during their lunch, but Claudette disagreed. She admitted that she had stopped by to talk to Maxie about a private matter because Claudette hadn't been completely honest. She pulled out the wedding picture from her purse, which she claimed had been left forgotten in a hidden compartment of her suitcase for years. Nathan was curious why she hadn't thrown it out.

Claudette explained that she had asked herself the same question and had wondered if perhaps she had wanted to punish herself for ruining their marriage. She admitted that it had forced her to think hard and look deep until she'd realized that she was over Nathan and ready to move forward. Claudette walked over to the trash can and dropped the photograph in it as she told Nathan that she had wanted Maxie to witness the gesture. Nathan told Claudette that he would discuss it with Maxie, so Claudette promised not to tell Maxie that she'd been there.

After Claudette left, Nathan called Maxie and left her a voicemail message to let her know that Claudette had stopped by. Nathan admitted that they might have been wrong about Claudette because he didn't think his ex-wife wanted him back.

At Crimson, Maxie stood in the doorway of Nina's office as Nina spoke to the printer about Julian. Nina reminded the printer that a person was innocent until proven guilty, but she promised to cut all ties with Julian if he was convicted. Maxie quietly closed the door and went to her computer and inserted the flash drive. "Goodbye, Claudette," Maxie said as she went to work.

A short time later, Maxie hacked into Claudette's computer and opened an email. Maxie smiled with delight as a malware program infected Claudette's computer and corrupted countless files at Crimson. She was certain that Nina would fire Claudette. When Claudette arrived, Nina immediately marched out of the office to question Claudette about the graphics. Nina insisted that they were horrible and that a ten-year-old could have done better. Confused, Claudette looked at the graphics and acknowledged that the work was hers, but the graphics had been altered. Furious, Nina asked Maxie to join Nina in the office.

Claudette worked on the computer to try to figure out what had gone wrong as Maxie followed Nina into the office. Nina explained that she had to fire Claudette because Claudette's work was shoddy. Nina wondered if perhaps Claudette had used someone else's materials to get the job, but Maxie tactfully explained that it was unlikely, since Claudette would have been easily exposed as a fraud. Nina insisted that Claudette was untrustworthy because she had cheated on Nathan. Nina decided to terminate Claudette. Nina returned to the reception area with Maxie in tow to talk to Claudette, but a man named Rex from technical support was working on Claudette's computer.

Claudette explained that Rex had found the malware and had fixed the problem because Claudette had had the foresight to install malware protection when she had started working at Crimson. After Rex left, Claudette showed Nina that the computer had been infected by an email that had been sent and opened while Claudette had been out of the office. Nina pointed out that the email had been sent by an unknown sender, but Claudette revealed that her program could trace the email by hitting reply. Nina hit enter to reply and was surprised when Maxie's computer suddenly chimed. Nina's eyes narrowed as she walked over to Maxie's computer and checked the email. "Maxie?" Nina asked.

At Perks Coffee, Alexis set down the morning edition of the Port Charles Press that featured a story about Julian. Diane walked up and handed Alexis a cup of nonfat latte to calm Alexis' nerves. Diane wondered what was keeping Jordan and decided to call the police commissioner to let Jordan know that Diane and Alexis would meet Jordan at the courthouse. Alexis confessed that she didn't know if she could attend Julian's arraignment, but Diane insisted that, because Alexis' law license was at stake, it was necessary to show the courts that Alexis had distanced herself from Julian. Alexis remained uneasy, which worried Diane because she feared that Alexis had had a change of heart about Julian.

Alexis pulled out her copy of the divorce papers and showed them to Diane as she told Diane about the visit to the hospital and hearing Julian talk in a delirious state about how much he loved Alexis. Diane urged her friend to remain strong and promised to be at Alexis' side during Julian's arraignment.

In the courtroom, Scott warned Julian that Julian likely wouldn't be granted bail. Julian asked if Scott would request it. Scott confirmed that he would, but he didn't want Julian to get his hopes up. Scott noticed Julian glance at the door several times and asked who Julian was looking for. Julian acknowledged that his children had written him off, but Julian had hoped that Ava would make an appearance. Moments later, Sonny strolled in. Julian resented Sonny's smirk and asked what Sonny wanted.

"Just payback," Sonny answered. Scott objected to Sonny's presence, but Sonny insisted that he was merely a concerned citizen who wanted to see justice served. Julian was certain that Sonny intended to send someone to kill Julian in jail. Sonny admitted that it was a tempting thought, but Anna had convinced Sonny that it would be better to let Julian rot in jail. However, Sonny pointed out that Julian had made a lot of enemies and advised him to watch his back.

Paul walked up and asked if everything was okay. Scott wanted Paul to bar Sonny from the proceedings, but Paul refused because he'd already blocked the press from being in the courtroom. Paul warned Sonny to remain quiet and pulled Scott aside. Sonny taunted Julian by reminding him that he had "screwed" himself. Moments later, Judge Roth entered the courtroom.

Judge Roth listed the numerous charges Julian faced and asked for a plea. "Not guilty," Scott answered for Julian. Alexis and Diane entered the courtroom as the judge asked if Julian understood the proceedings. Julian saw Alexis, so she made a point to sit on the prosecution's side as Paul argued against releasing Julian on bail because Julian was dangerous and desperate, and he had access to off-shore accounts and ties to organized crime. Julian whispered something to Scott, but Scott warned Julian that it wouldn't work.

Julian insisted that Scott try. Reluctantly, Scott asked the judge to release Julian into Alexis' custody. Outraged, Diane immediately objected and explained that Alexis had filed for divorce because Julian had terrorized and attempted to murder Alexis. Julian insisted that Julian and Alexis loved each other, but the judge instructed Scott to get control of his client and warned Julian that any additional outbursts would result in Julian being held in contempt and restrained for the remainder of the proceedings.

After the judge denied Julian bail and left the courtroom, Julian admitted that he hadn't expected to be released. Annoyed, Scott wondered why Julian had made the request and angered the judge. Julian remained silent as Alexis approached and demanded to know why Julian had made the outlandish request to be released into her custody. Julian explained that he had wanted Alexis to know the truth -- that he loved her -- because he was certain that she returned his feelings. Alexis vehemently denied it and revealed that she had attended his hearing to make certain that he paid for his crimes.

Julian insisted that he and Alexis would never be over, but she told him that she only felt contempt for him. Alexis stormed out, but Julian was pleased because she had approached him, which meant that she still cared. Julian claimed that he'd seen it in Alexis' eyes, but Scott reminded him that it didn't matter because the police had a recording of Julian confessing to ordering a hit on Duke and murdering Carlos. "We'll see about that," Julian replied with a secret smile.

In the hallway, Diane told Alexis that she was proud of Alexis. After Diane stepped away, Sonny approached Alexis and asked why she had lied to him.

On Cassadine Island, Ava entered a small area cluttered with fishing equipment that was surrounded by a rock wall. She quietly called out to let the others know that it appeared safe. Dante, Lulu, and Laura entered the area with Kevin and gently set him down to rest. Ava thought they should keep moving before Valentin found them. Kevin agreed and told Laura to leave him behind, but Laura refused and asked if Dante had any medical training. Dante revealed that he had been taught the basics, but Kevin insisted that he was qualified to evaluate his own injury.

Kevin asked for a mirror to take a closer look at the gunshot wound. Lulu dug one out of her purse and held it up for Kevin. Kevin examined the wound and announced that the bullet had to be removed immediately. Dante had a knife that he'd taken from one of the guards, and Lulu found a lighter to sterilize it with. Lulu also located a tackle box with fishing line and a needle that could be used to stitch up the wound once the bullet was extracted. Ava discovered an old bottle of vodka they could use to clean the wound, so Dante instructed the ladies to hold Kevin down. Kevin cried out and thrashed violently when Dante poured the alcohol on the gunshot wound.

Kevin suggested that Dante hold him down while Laura removed the bullet. Laura was reluctant, but Kevin assured her that he trusted her. Resigned, Laura took the knife as Dante wrapped his arms around Kevin to hold Kevin still. Kevin explained what Laura needed to do to remove the bullet and braced himself as she sliced the skin below the gunshot wound. Kevin groaned and remained conscious as Laura successfully removed the bullet. After the deed was done, Laura gave Kevin a moment to rest as she and Lulu prepared the needle.

Meanwhile, Ava quietly asked Dante how long before Kevin could be moved. Dante explained that they had to wait for Jason and Sam to return, but Ava worried that Valentin's men might have captured Jason and Sam again. Ava wished that she'd had the foresight to grab a cell phone from one of the guards because she was certain that her brother would have sent help. Dante realized that Ava hadn't heard about Julian's arrest and filled her in. Shocked, Ava refused to believe that Julian would attempt to kill Alexis.

Moments later, Lulu walked up to let Dante and Ava know that Kevin had been stitched up and was resting. Ava decided to tell Lulu how Ava and Nikolas had ended up traveling together. Ava admitted that Nikolas was a wonderful man who had felt terrible for lying to both Laura and Lulu. Lulu tearfully acknowledged that she hadn't understood her brother's choices, but she had never stopped loving him.

Nearby, Laura urged Kevin to rest then joined the others to let them know that they needed to get off the island because she feared the unsanitary conditions had exposed Kevin to an infection. Ava told Laura about her talk with Lulu and how Ava had met Nikolas. Ava admitted that Nikolas had been a complicated man, but he'd also been good. Laura's eyes welled up with tears as she thanked Ava and said she was glad that Ava had had a chance to know Nikolas. Laura was certain that her son would be alive if he hadn't sought shelter on the cursed island, which only caused pain and loss for anyone who visited it.

Lulu recalled finding the skeleton in the access tunnels, but she kept quiet about the grisly discovery. Seconds later, Dante and Ava heard a noise, prompting everyone to duck out of sight. A woman walked into the small area but froze when Dante stepped out of hiding and aimed a gun at her. The woman identified herself as Daphne and claimed to live on the island. Ava was certain that Daphne worked for Valentin, but Laura conceded there were several locals who lived on the island and had nothing to do with the Cassadines. Laura heard Kevin groan and checked on him.

Laura became alarmed when she realized that Kevin had a fever. Daphne offered to fetch a first aid kit that had some antibiotics in it, but Ava didn't trust Daphne. Daphne denied any involvement with Valentin and revealed that she lived up the road. Daphne invited someone to accompany her to her home, but Ava feared that it was a trap. Daphne explained that her home was the only house on Amiklon Street. Lulu recognized the name and demanded to know what the exact address was. "13 Amiklon," Daphne answered.

Lulu was shaken because Helena had bequeathed Lulu an empty envelope that had had 13 Amiklon, Cassadine Island, as the return address.

Several lives are in peril as a jet crashes

Several lives are in peril as a jet crashes

Thursday, July 28, 2016

At the courthouse, Sonny asked why Alexis had lied to him, but she had no idea what he was talking about and assured him that she'd had nothing to do with Julian's stunt. Sonny clarified that he'd been referring to Parker being a woman. Alexis insisted that it had been Kristina's place to tell Sonny, but he reminded Alexis that they were Kristina's parents. Alexis argued that they were each obligated to Kristina, not to each other, which Sonny had made clear to Alexis when he'd told her that she was dead to him. Alexis insisted that she'd had to honor Kristina's confidence and added that Sonny wasn't Alexis' husband.

Sonny was stunned when he realized that Alexis had confided to Julian about Kristina, but Alexis refused to discuss it because she couldn't deal with Sonny's outburst over Kristina's inability to trust her father with the truth. Hurt, Sonny reminded Alexis that he'd done the best he could to put his children first. Alexis' anger faded as she apologized. She assured him that she respected his role in their daughter's life, but she reiterated that it had been Kristina's secret to share. Sonny talked about seeing Kristina and Parker kissing, but Alexis assured him that he'd handled it perfectly because Kristina had felt his love. Sonny was glad, but he wasn't happy that their daughter had slept with an older woman who had been Kristina's professor.

Alexis added that Parker was also nearly divorced, so Alexis had no idea what Parker had been thinking. Sonny didn't care about Parker because he believed that the professor had taken advantage of their daughter. Alexis agreed, but she warned Sonny that Kristina saw things differently. Sonny wasn't happy because he worried that Kristina would get hurt the longer that Kristina's relationship with Parker continued. Alexis suggested that she and Sonny talk to their daughter calmly about their concerns.

At Perks Coffee, Aaron greeted Kristina and confessed that he'd been worried because he hadn't heard from her. Kristina apologized and told him that she'd been with her parents. Aaron recalled that a woman had dropped off a letter for Kristina and gave it to her. Aaron saw Kristina smile and asked if she knew who the letter was from. She smiled as she explained that it was from her mentor at Wesleyan and excused herself to read it. Kristina sat down and read the letter, but her smile faded when she realized that Parker had ended things with her.

Aaron saw Kristina crying and immediately approached to ask what was wrong. Kristina claimed that she'd talked to her mentor about returning to school after the suspension was lifted, but her mentor had told Kristina that there wasn't a place for her at Wesleyan. Aaron felt bad for Kristina but admitted that he was glad that she wouldn't be leaving Port Charles. Touched, Kristina asked him to hold her. Aaron wrapped his arms around her as she cried. Moments later, Sonny and Alexis walked up. Concerned, Sonny asked his daughter what was wrong.

Aaron explained that Kristina had received some bad news, so Alexis asked for a moment alone with Kristina. After Aaron returned to the coffee bar, Sonny and Alexis sat down with their daughter. Kristina showed her parents the letter and tearfully told them that Parker had walked away without giving a relationship with Kristina a chance. Alexis hugged her daughter as Sonny promised that he and Alexis had Kristina's back. Kristina appreciated their support, but she regretted that she'd ruined things with Aaron for someone who had pushed Kristina away. Kristina was frustrated that she seemed drawn to people who hurt her the most.

Sonny and Alexis offered Kristina words of support and encouragement. Grateful, Kristina hugged her father. Alexis questioned Kristina about Aaron. Kristina admitted that she cared about Aaron and thought they had the potential to have something real if Kristina could let go of her feelings for Parker. Kristina thanked her parents and stepped away to talk to Aaron. Sonny praised Alexis for how she had handled things with Kristina. Alexis returned the compliment, but Sonny confided that he was glad that Parker had ended things with Kristina.

Alexis revealed that she might have had something to do with it and told Sonny about her talk with Parker when Alexis had reminded the professor that Parker's wife and the school might not look kindly on Parker's affair with a student. Alexis added that she hadn't said anything that Parker hadn't already known, but Alexis worried that Kristina would be furious if she learned what Alexis had done. Sonny admitted that he would have done the same thing but agreed that it would be best not to say anything.

After Alexis and Sonny left, Kristina told Aaron that she needed to talk to him because she hadn't been totally honest with him. Kristina admitted that she and Aaron couldn't have a future together unless she told him the truth. Aaron was hurt when she revealed that she had slept with someone else, but he acknowledged that they hadn't talked about being exclusive. Kristina reluctantly admitted that the person had been her professor, but it no longer mattered because Parker had ended things with the letter. Aaron was confused because a woman had dropped off the letter.

Kristina confirmed that Parker was a woman. Stunned, Aaron asked if Kristina was gay and if she had used him to please her parents. Kristina tearfully assured Aaron that she cared about him and thought they had been building something real until she had messed up. She begged Aaron to give her an opportunity to start over as friends, but he explained that he needed time to process everything. Aaron asked her to take care of the coffee shop and left.

At Crimson, Nina demanded to know why the email sent to Claudette's computer with the malware had originated from Maxie's computer. "Because of her," Maxie answered as she looked at Claudette. Claudette was surprised, but Maxie admitted that she didn't trust Claudette and had wanted to get rid of her. Claudette feigned hurt and confusion while Nina pretended to be shocked. Maxie reminded Nina that Nina had hired Curtis to investigate Claudette.

Claudette looked to Nina for an explanation, but Maxie wondered why Claudette was surprised, since Claudette was Nina's brother's ex-wife and had applied for a job with Crimson under an assumed name. Maxie insisted that the whole thing had been a setup and accused Claudette of targeting Maxie because Maxie was marrying the man that Claudette had driven away. Nina apologized to Claudette and promised to reprimand Maxie, but Claudette explained that it wasn't necessary. Claudette realized that she and Maxie would never be able to work together, and it would be best for Claudette to leave.

Claudette revealed that she'd been offered a job and had decided to take it because fashion was Maxie's passion, not Claudette's. Nina halfheartedly asked Claudette to reconsider, but Claudette's mind was made up. Claudette admitted that it had been nice to get to know Nina after visiting Nina years earlier when Nina had been in a coma. Nina was surprised, but Claudette pointed out that Nina had been family. Nina quickly shifted gears and practically marched Claudette to the elevator. After Claudette left, Nina told Maxie that Maxie had done the right thing.

However, Nina informed Maxie that the magazine couldn't afford any problems when their publisher faced murder charges. Nina vowed to fire Maxie if Maxie ever sabotaged the magazine again, but Nina understood Maxie's motives because Nina had seen in Claudette's eyes that Claudette was still in love with Nathan. Nina was certain that Claudette was not ready to let Nathan go. Maxie followed Nina into the office as Nina ranted about faithless men.

Maxie realized that Nina had been referring to Franco and quickly assured her that Nathan would never cheat because he loved Maxie, and Maxie trusted him. Maxie suddenly credited Nina with making Maxie understand that Maxie should have had more faith in Nathan. Maxie thanked Nina for being the best "almost-sister-in-law" in the world and took off, determined to make things right. At the elevator, Maxie listened to Nathan's voicemail message and returned his call. The call went to voicemail, so Maxie told him that it didn't matter how Claudette felt about Nathan because Nathan and Maxie loved each other, and nothing could change that.

At the apartment, Nathan was surprised when Claudette returned. Claudette tearfully told him that she was there to say goodbye because Maxie had set Claudette up at Crimson. Claudette's tears vanished when she noticed that Nathan hadn't been surprised. He admitted that Maxie had mentioned a plan, but he added that he was certain that everything could be straightened out. Claudette explained that it wasn't necessary because she had taken a job in Manhattan and would be leaving on the next flight out of Port Charles. Nathan felt bad and offered to talk to Maxie on Claudette's behalf, but Claudette acknowledged that it had been too much to ask for them all to be civil.

Claudette assured Nathan that she had loved him once. Nathan told her that he had loved her too. Claudette smiled and admitted that she was glad that she and Nathan had had their closure. She glanced at her phone and growled with frustration when she saw a text message from the car service canceling the ride she'd booked to the airport. Claudette feared that she'd miss her flight, so Nathan offered to take her. Claudette assured him that it wasn't necessary. Nathan insisted and grabbed his keys. In his rush to leave, Nathan left his cell phone on the table.

On Cassadine Island, Lulu assured Dante that 13 Amiklon had been the return address on the empty envelope that Helena had bequeathed to Lulu. Daphne conceded that she'd spoken to Helena a few times over the years, but Daphne had never associated with the Cassadines. Daphne had no idea why Helena had used her address. Laura decided to worry about it later because Kevin desperately needed help. Daphne promised to return with the first aid kit and left, but Ava thought it had been a mistake to allow Daphne to leave.

Laura checked on Kevin and assured him that he would be okay because they would soon have some antibiotics for him to take. Kevin doubted that a leftover prescription would cut it and warned Laura that his odds were not good. Laura refused to allow Kevin to give up because she had worked too hard to remove the bullet from his shoulder. Kevin appreciated what Laura had done for him, but he feared that sepsis might have set in. Laura urged Kevin to stop thinking like a doctor and to focus on being a sleuth because she needed his help to crack Helena's mystery, which might make a good story for his next novel.

Nearby, Lulu was certain that Helena had lured Lulu to the island, but Ava pointed out that Helena couldn't have known that everyone -- including Lulu -- would end up there. Dante, Lulu, Ava, and Laura quickly took cover when they heard a rustling noise. Moments later, Jason and Sam entered the small clearing surrounded by a rock wall. Jason announced that he and Sam had found a way off the island, but Ava wanted to know why it had taken them so long. Jason explained that he and Sam had seen the woman and had wanted to assess the situation.

Dante and Lulu filled Jason and Sam in about Daphne, but Ava added that she didn't trust the mysterious woman. Sam wandered over to check on Kevin. Laura told Sam that the bullet had been removed, but Kevin had developed a fever, and Daphne had gone to fetch some antibiotics. Meanwhile, Jason revealed that he and Sam had found a jet. Ava wondered what good it would do unless Jason knew how to fly it. Jason admitted that he knew how to fly it, but he had no memory of how he had learned.

Ava was reluctant to trust Jason's ability to pilot the jet, but Dante and Lulu were willing to risk it. Laura made it clear that she would not leave until Daphne returned with the medicine for Kevin. Moments later, Daphne walked up and gave Laura the medicine and a bottle of ouzo, which she suggested could dull the pain until Kevin arrived at a hospital. After Laura gave Kevin the medicine and a drink of the alcohol, Jason and Dante hoisted Kevin up and slowly led the group to the jet. Daphne's friendly veneer faded as she watched them leave.

Later, everyone filed into the jet. Jason asked Dante to be his copilot, but Dante explained that he had no idea what to do. Jason promised to guide Dante. Jason and Dante headed into the cockpit with Sam trailing behind. Sam took a seat behind Jason as Jason instructed Dante which monitors to keep an eye on. Dante was curious where they were headed, so Jason revealed that they'd fly south then west until they hit mainland air and made contact with air traffic control.

Moments later, Jason fired up the jet and took off. Meanwhile, Laura assured Kevin that he would soon be at a hospital. Kevin mustered up a smile and told Laura that she'd always be his favorite doctor. Kevin's expression softened as he told Laura that she had beautiful, expressive eyes that told him what she was feeling, but she always surprised him with her thoughts. Laura smiled and told Kevin to get some rest, but Kevin confessed that she was a mystery that he'd love to solve.

Kevin coughed and softly thanked Laura. He admitted that he'd been sleepwalking the last few years of his life and had tried to save a marriage that had been long over. Kevin explained that he'd buried himself in his work and had let his passions slip away until Laura had entered his life. Kevin wanted Laura to know how grateful he was in case he didn't make it, but Laura begged Kevin not to talk like that. She insisted that he would be okay because she refused to accept anything less.

Nearby, Lulu talked about the irony that Daphne's address was the one on the envelope that Helena had bequeathed to Lulu. Ava pointed out that Helena had owned the island, so it made sense that Helena would use an address that she was familiar with. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," Ava added.

In the cockpit, Jason and Dante noticed that they were losing fuel quickly. Jason realized that Valentin had set them up. Jason desperately looked for a place to land the jet. Sam quickly got on the intercom to alert everyone to strap in and brace themselves for an emergency landing because they were almost out of fuel. Moments later, the jet dipped and crashed.

The serial killer strikes again

The serial killer strikes again

Friday, July 29, 2016

At the apartment, Maxie stopped working at the kitchen table to check her cell phone. When she didn't see a text message or call from Nathan, she blew out the candles on the table and entered the living room to blow out the candles on the mantel. Next, she called Nathan's phone and was surprised when she saw it on the desk. Maxie picked it up and noticed the wedding photograph of Nathan and Claudette in the trash can. Maxie grew uneasy and decided to call the police station to find out if Nathan was at work.

At the hospital, Griffin smiled when he saw Elizabeth was dressed up for a night out. He asked about Jake, so she told him that her son had been enjoying the summer, hanging out with his brothers. Elizabeth thanked Griffin for showing her kindness during the difficult time when her house had burned down, but Griffin asked if things were better because he recalled that she'd been beating herself up over something. Elizabeth admitted that she'd found support from a surprising person who knew what it was like to be on the wrong side of right. Griffin explained that often certain people unexpectedly entered a person's life when they needed them most. Elizabeth conceded that Franco had certainly been a surprise.

Elizabeth was curious what Griffin knew of Franco, but he only knew Franco by reputation. Elizabeth wondered what the priest's take was on Franco. Griffin revealed that he had faith that Franco had turned his life around and was on the right side of wrong. Griffin added that God expected people to be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving, which inspired Griffin to give people the benefit of the doubt. Griffin acknowledged that it was easier said than done -- especially when he judged himself. Elizabeth was curious what Griffin could possibly have done to deserve harsh judgment, but Griffin reminded her that they were discussing Franco.

Griffin wondered if Elizabeth held Franco's past against him. She admitted that she wanted to see the best in Franco -- and did -- which was why she had decided to go on a date with him. Griffin smiled with understanding and shifted gears by offering her a compliment. Elizabeth confessed that she'd spent a long time selecting the right dress because she hadn't wanted to give Franco the wrong idea by wearing something sexy. Embarrassed, Elizabeth wondered why she'd told Griffin the last part, but he promised that it was fine and asked what he could do to reassure her about Franco. Elizabeth confessed that nothing would help.

Meanwhile, Valerie slammed Franco against the wall when she saw him slip out of a patient's hospital room. Amy stood next to Valerie as Valerie ordered Franco to drop the flower he'd been holding and spread his arms. Franco reluctantly complied, but he resented being treated like a criminal. Valerie quickly patted him down and found an empty medicine vial in his jacket pocket. Valerie immediately questioned him about the vial and why he'd been in the patient's hospital room. Franco explained that he'd dropped off a figurine that Miss Prescott had made during an art therapy session earlier that day and added that he'd found the medicine vial on the floor.

According to Franco, he'd picked up the vial because it was medical waste, and hospital protocol dictated that he dispose of it properly. Amy argued that even a nurse with "half a brain" wouldn't have left an empty medicine vial in a patient's room. Alarmed, Valerie dropped the vial in an evidence bag and instructed Amy to check on the patient to confirm Franco's story. Moments later, Amy returned to reluctantly report that the patient was asleep and that the figurine had been where Franco had said. After Valerie dismissed Franco, she asked Amy to keep an eye on the patient. Amy promised to return after she checked on a few patients.

A short time later, Maxie approached Amy at the nurses' station to ask if Nathan had been admitted as a patient. Amy coldly told Maxie to check with Admissions, prompting Maxie to wonder if Amy was rude to everyone or just Maxie. Griffin saw Maxie and called out to her. "Thank God," Maxie said when he walked up. Amy snidely told Maxie that Griffin wasn't God -- he was merely closer to Him than the rest of them. Griffin and Maxie frowned as Amy walked away, but Maxie dismissed the nurse's peculiar remark and explained that Nathan was missing.

Maxie admitted that she'd done something that might have threatened her relationship with Nathan, so if Nathan wasn't dead in a ditch, then he was with another woman. Later, Griffin and Maxie arrived at Perks Coffee. Maxie felt bad for taking Griffin away from work, but he confessed that he had needed a break because it had been a long day. Maxie empathized and told him about her efforts to get someone fired who'd been determined to get between Maxie and Nathan. She'd been relieved that everything had worked out in the end and had gone home to spend a romantic evening with Nathan, but Nathan had disappeared. Maxie wondered if it was God's way of punishing her, but Griffin reminded her that God also forgave.

Maxie thought it was easy for Griffin to say, but he disagreed. She suddenly recalled that he'd been shot once and asked why he believed that he'd deserved it. Griffin refused to discuss it, but he assured Maxie that he'd forgiven the shooter because Griffin had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maxie believed that Griffin deserved forgiveness, too, but Griffin disagreed because what he'd done had been "unforgiveable." Maxie was familiar with the Catholic religion and knew that he could repent to gain absolution, but Griffin argued that he could never repent for what he'd done.

Griffin explained that he'd held onto the guilt to remind him not to repeat the mistake because what he'd done had been selfish and reckless and had betrayed everything that he believed in. Maxie was certain that Griffin had worked hard to make up for his wrongs and wished that he could see how valuable he was. Griffin fetched a couple of cups of coffee and offered one to Maxie. He warned her that he'd gotten her decaffeinated coffee to help her relax. Maxie thanked him and explained that she couldn't drink caffeine because she'd had a heart transplant as a child. She told him about B.J.'s heart and why it was important for her to take care of her cousin's special gift.

Maxie admitted that she hadn't always been a nice person, but Griffin urged her to forgive herself. Maxie wondered why he couldn't take his own advice. She suggested that he get over it and stop blaming himself for something that a "violent, crazy" person had done.

Meanwhile, Curtis exited the coffee shop as he left Valerie a voicemail message asking her to return his call because he wanted to take her out after her shift. He ended the call as Jordan walked up. Jordan greeted him and told him that she'd taken T.J. to visit Shawn. Curtis was curious how T.J. had handled it. Jordan smiled and admitted that despite the circumstances, it had been nice to sit down for the first time as a family. Jordan expressed her gratitude to Curtis for his role in making it happen because it had meant a lot to her, T.J., and Shawn. Curtis smiled politely but made it clear that he didn't need anything from Jordan.

Curtis started to leave, but Jordan asked him to wait because she needed something from him. Curtis laughed because she had repeatedly accused him of being a "cokehead' and had made it clear that she didn't think he was fit to hold a badge. Jordan apologized for waving his drug problem in his face. Curtis realized that he'd let a lot of people down, but Jordan admitted that she'd let people down, too, when she'd kept T.J. and Shawn apart. Curtis reminded her that his brother had loved T.J., but Jordan assured him that she didn't dispute that. Jordan explained that seeing T.J. and Shawn together had been freeing because T.J. had lit up when he'd talked to Shawn about the internship.

However, Jordan realized that Shawn couldn't be the strong male role model that T.J. needed in his life because Shawn was in jail. Curtis was shocked when she admitted that she wanted Curtis to step into the role. Curtis reminded her that it had been less than a day since he'd asked her for forgiveness and a second chance, but she had turned him down flat. Jordan admitted that she'd made a lot of mistakes, and Andre had called her out on it the previous evening when he'd pointed out that she hadn't trusted Andre with the truth about T.J. and Shawn.

Jordan knew that she'd hadn't let people in -- including T.J. -- but she promised that she trusted Curtis with her son. Curtis believed her and happily agreed to play a bigger role in T.J.'s life. Curtis smiled because he finally felt as if he had his family back and admitted that it was the happiest he'd been in a long time. Jordan returned his smile as the conversation drifted back to Andre when she conceded that Andre had been right about her needing to open up more. Curtis suggested that perhaps the problem was Andre, not Jordan. Moments later, Jordan received a call about a development at the hospital.

On the side of the road, Nathan worked under the hood of his car as Claudette sat in the driver's seat and checked her cell phone. She quickly turned it off and tucked it away as she slid in the passenger seat when Nathan returned to the car. Nathan turned the key, but the engine didn't start. Frustrated, Nathan got out of the car to slam the hood down. Claudette followed him and pointed out that at least he'd managed to get them safely off the road, but Nathan hated being stranded in the middle of nowhere without a phone. Claudette sensed that Nathan's main objection was her and conceded that it was all her fault for using a phone app to find a quicker route to the airport.

Nathan admitted that he didn't trust Claudette and wondered if she'd lied about leaving town. Claudette denied that she had lied, but Nathan didn't believe her because he thought it was suspicious that her phone had conveniently died when he'd been without his cell phone. Claudette insisted that the phone app had drained the battery and pointed out that it wouldn't make sense to intentionally get stranded with the man she was trying to leave. Claudette admitted that she'd hoped that she, Nathan, and Maxie could get along, but Maxie had made it clear that it would be impossible because Maxie felt threatened by Claudette. Claudette refused to put her professional career at risk.

Nathan apologized for overreacting and admitted that he was worried about Maxie. Offended, Claudette marched to the back the car and grabbed her bags as she assured him that she would get out of his hair. Nathan tried to stop her, but she marched away. However, she only made it a couple of steps before she tripped and fell. Nathan rushed over to check on Claudette as she cried out in pain. Claudette told him that she'd hurt her knee. Nathan fetched a bandage and wrapped it as Claudette reminded him of the first time she'd hurt it when they'd gone camping.

Nathan admitted that he'd been terrified that he'd lost Claudette when he'd seen her go over the cliff. Claudette admitted that she'd held on because she hadn't wanted to leave him. Nathan seemed to soften toward Claudette until he heard a rustling noise. He jumped up and pulled out his gun as he called out a warning that he had a gun. Moments later, Nathan hustled Claudette into the passenger side of the car then jumped into the driver's side as he shut the door and looked around. Claudette was terrified because he'd seen a bear and wondered if it could get to them in the car.

Nathan decided to make some noise and started to open the door, but Claudette had a better idea and turned on the car radio. She smiled when she heard the song they had danced to after their wedding. Claudette thought it was a crazy coincidence, but Nathan admitted that it was on his playlist because he listened to it often. Claudette smiled as she told him that she did, too, and she reached for his hand.

At the hospital, Elizabeth approached Franco as he sat waiting on a bench. He smiled and handed her a flower as he complimented her dress. Franco began rambling about Ralph Waldo Emerson and flowers until Elizabeth cut him off by softly asking if he was nervous. Franco admitted that he was but asked if she was ready to leave. Elizabeth walked with Franco to the elevator as he told her that he had a special evening planned for them. Franco was disappointed when she asked if they were going somewhere public.

Later, Elizabeth was surprised when Franco led her into the Floating Rib. She was curious why he'd taken her there, so he reminded her that she'd been afraid to be alone with him. Franco wondered why she'd asked him out when it was clear that she didn't trust him. Elizabeth decided to be honest and told him about her confrontation with Ric and how she had wanted to prove a point to Ric. Franco was hurt, but Elizabeth asked him to stay because Ric had been right to call her out on the things she'd done. Elizabeth warned Franco that she was very flawed, but Franco didn't care.

Elizabeth acknowledged that Franco always gave her the benefit of the doubt and admitted that she wanted to do the same for him. Franco warned her that he didn't want her to simply tolerate him. He explained that he'd rather take her to a place that was special to him where they could sip on Champagne, but she had to first decide whether she would trust him or not. Elizabeth was silent for a minute then suddenly stood up and informed him that she wasn't in the mood to hear him whine all night about how lousy their date was. Franco smiled when Elizabeth agreed to trust him.

At the hospital, Amy checked in on Miss Prescott as Valerie appeared in the doorway. Amy ran to the doorway and called a code blue before she ran back to attempt to resuscitate the patient. A short time later, a doctor confirmed that Miss Prescott had died. Valerie asked if the doctor knew what had killed the patient. The doctor wanted to wait for tests results, but she suspected the serial killer had struck again.

Later, Valerie told Jordan and Curtis about the encounter with Franco shortly before the patient had died. Valerie assured Jordan that the vial had been sent to the lab for testing. Moments later, Amy walked up and announced that the results were in -- the vial had tested positive for derisifol.

Meanwhile, Franco invited Elizabeth into his old art studio. Elizabeth tensed when he slowly locked the front door.

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