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Nikolas was shot by his uncle. Carlos' look-alike brother paid Sabrina a visit. Naomi has a strong reaction to hearing Heather and Jeff Webber's names. Elizabeth asked Franco out. Kristina spent the night with Parker.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 18, 2016 on GH
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You are dead to me You are dead to me

Monday, July 18, 2016

Julian slept in his hospital bed but jolted awake when the shadow of a person approached. Julian saw that it was Lucas in his room, and he begged Lucas to listen to his explanation. Julian explained that everything he'd done had been for Alexis. Lucas reminded his father that, if it hadn't been for Sonny, Alexis would be dead. Julian needed someone on his side and wanted it to be his son. Lucas replied that his father was Tony Jones, and Lucas was only related to Julian through an "accident of nature. You're nothing to me."

Lucas continued that every choice Julian had made had been to protect himself. He knew that Julian would spend the rest of his life in jail, thinking about all he'd done, and Lucas promised not to "come, call, or cry for you." "Neither will I," Olivia said from the doorway of the room. She added that she'd always known that Julian was "scum." He wondered why she'd slept with him if that was the case. She replied that she'd made peace with it, since the one-night stand had given her Leo, and she vowed that Leo wouldn't remember Julian.

Julian wondered what would happen once Leo started to ask about his father. Olivia voiced her intent to "lie my ass off." She called him a coward that was dead to her and Leo, and Lucas agreed. He added that Sam would feel the same way after hearing about what had happened. Olivia observed that no one cared about whether Julian lived or died. As Olivia and Lucas left, Julian promised to "find a way out. I have to."

Alexis arrived home with a pregnancy test. From upstairs, Molly and Kristina instructed Alexis to sit on the couch and not move, because they had a night of pampering ahead for her. Alexis scrambled to hide the test as the girls descended the stairs. Alexis returned, and her daughters explained that they had wine, macaroni and cheese, and movies ready for her. Molly explained that she wanted to make it up to Alexis for being so hard on her about Julian. Alexis replied that Molly had been right and that everything that had happened was "on me."

Alexis remembered being in the house for the first time and thinking about how much Julian loved her. All she felt was betrayal and disbelief that she could love someone capable of all that Julian had done. She hugged Molly and Kristina and instructed them that no one would ever change for them, so if something didn't feel right, they should run.

Molly went to get Alexis a glass of wine, and Alexis asked Kristina about Aaron and Parker. Kristina assured Alexis that Aaron was a great guy and also informed her mother that Parker was going to be in town as the speaker at a conference. She admitted that she was "dying" to see Parker, but Alexis reminded her daughter of their previous conversation about running. Molly returned with the wine, and Kristina went to get the food.

Molly asked Alexis about Julian, but Alexis didn't want to talk about him. She asked about T.J. but was interrupted by Kristina, who had found the pregnancy test. Through everyone's confusion, Kristina let it slip that Molly and T.J. were going to move in together and that she and Aaron had had sex. Alexis finally admitted that the test was hers. The girls urged her to take the test and find out for sure, but Alexis wanted to be alone. Her daughters agreed to go to the movies and leave Alexis. Long after the girls were gone, Alexis read the results of the pregnancy test.

At the Metro Court bar, Finn was looking up "how to synthesize" on his computer. As Sonny approached the bar, he left a message for Carly to meet him there. Finn introduced himself and asked if he could buy Sonny a drink. "Do you want something?" Sonny asked. After initially denying it, Finn wondered if Sonny had any pharmaceutical connections. Sonny denied dealing in drugs because of the risk. Finn explained his entire situation from his research foundation up to his "source" becoming unavailable. He continued that the potentially "highly addictive" drug was "light years away" from being approved by the F.D.A.

Sonny informed Finn that he didn't traffic in drugs. Finn explained that he was a proud man, but he had nowhere else to turn. Sonny reluctantly admitted that he "possibly" knew someone "who might know someone," but only because Finn had helped Carly with the mystery of Josslyn's donor. Finn hinted that he didn't have a lot of time left, and Sonny answered that Finn had no choice but to wait, and he left.

As Tracy followed Hayden through the dark park, Tracy was concerned that Hayden had a drug dealer. Just then, Naomi appeared, and Hayden introduced her and Tracy. Hayden briefly explained Finn's situation to her mother, who didn't want to risk her reputation with her contacts. Hayden insisted that they owed Finn for what Raymond had indirectly done to him. Naomi asked for a moment alone with her daughter, and Tracy obliged. "What is it worth to you?" Naomi questioned Hayden.

A horrified Hayden insisted that she would give the diamonds to Naomi if she had them, but Nikolas had disappeared with them. Hayden explained how Finn had trusted her and needed her help. Seeing how her daughter had become selfless, Naomi finally agreed. Naomi called her contact as Hayden and Tracy waited. When Naomi was off the phone, she relayed that her contact seemed confident about obtaining the drug but added that the highly addictive drug wasn't used to treat any disease. "Baby, you been had," she told her daughter.

Pointing a gun into the room, Theo informed his "guests" that whoever broke the rules would die. He ordered Jason to his knees and called in his armed men, one of whom cuffed Jason. They locked the doors, and Theo grabbed Sam. He instructed everyone to hand over their phones. Nikolas demanded to know who the man was, but Theo didn't answer. Theo got one of his men to take Jason upstairs. Sam started yelling, but Theo assured her that they were following, and she stopped.

Before leaving, Theo spoke to Nikolas in Greek and instructed him to translate for everyone else. Nikolas informed them that Theo had told his men to shoot anyone who moved, except for Nikolas. Dante whispered to Lulu that he could make a diversion, and everyone else could get a jump on the guards, but Lulu refused to let Dante get shot. Across the room, Ava leaned over to Nikolas and told him that "I didn't sign on for this."

Upstairs, Jason was handcuffed to a chair. Jason demanded to know what Theo wanted. Theo assured Jason and Sam that he didn't want them, and they were just "in the wrong place at the wrong time." Jason wondered what Theo was going to do to the others, but Theo suggested that Jason and Sam worry about themselves. He instructed a guard to shoot them if there was any trouble, and he left the room.

Jason believed he should have known that letting Theo stay in the house would turn out badly, since Jason had been on Cassadine Island before. He told Sam about his vision of Helena telling him that he'd never remember what had happened to Jake on the island. They threw out ideas that Theo was working for Helena and Nikolas, but they scratched both of the ideas.

Sam wondered what she and Jason were supposed to do. Jason reminded her that Theo seemed to be focused on Nikolas, so he'd probably already forgotten about them. They needed to take their guard out with "perfect timing." Jason thought they needed to conserve their energy, so he suggested that Sam sleep while he kept watch. She told him that she was glad they were together and closed her eyes.

Theo returned downstairs and announced that everyone's survival depended on their cooperation. Laura assumed that Theo was the one who'd sent her the picture of the Ice Princess, and she demanded that Nikolas tell them who Theo was. Nikolas swore he didn't know, but Lulu wondered why they should believe him. He realized that he deserved their anger, and he apologized for the pain he'd caused.

Theo finally chimed in and told everyone that only he could explain. He showed off his tattoo of the Cassadine family crest, and Nikolas realized who the man really was. Nikolas announced that Theo was Nikolas's "grandfather's bastard son," who'd been disowned by Mikos. To everyone's shock, Theo reintroduced himself as Nikolas's "bastard uncle, Valentin Cassadine."

A deadly shot rings out

A deadly shot rings out

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In Julian's hospital room, Griffin informed Julian that Julian had recovered nicely from the stab wound and was ready to be transferred into police custody. After Griffin left the room, one of Julian's henchmen entered and mentioned that he'd heard that Julian would be leaving the hospital. Julian insisted that the man had heard wrong because Julian would not be going anywhere. Julian explained that he had a plan and shared the details with his goon. The man warned Julian that it was a dangerous plan, but Julian's mind was made up. Julian advised the man to leave because Julian didn't want him around when everything transpired.

At the nurses' station, Valerie approached Griffin. Griffin was surprised that she was still there, so she explained that every police officer had been assigned extra shifts at the hospital until the killer was caught. Griffin wondered if there had been any new developments, but Valerie shook her head. Griffin noticed when she glanced at the clock and asked if she had somewhere to be, so she admitted that she was waiting to leave. Griffin realized that Valerie wouldn't be escorting Julian to the arraignment, but she was shocked that Julian had recovered enough to leave the hospital. Griffin doubted that Julian was happy about the news because of where Julian was headed, but Valerie thought that Julian should get used to the idea because the case against him was airtight.

Later, Griffin returned to Julian's hospital room and announced that the test results had confirmed that Julian was on the mend. Griffin credited Julian's excellent physical condition and general good health for the quick recovery. Griffin assumed that Julian intended to enter a not guilty plea at the arraignment, but Julian refused to discuss the case with Griffin. However, Julian wanted Griffin to know that Duke hadn't been an innocent man because Duke had been the head of Sonny's organization, and he'd been gunning for Julian. Griffin wondered if Julian thought that was an excuse to kill Duke, but Julian insisted that both Duke and Julian had been in a dangerous business.

Griffin wasn't interested in Julian's excuses. As the two men talked, Julian suddenly went into distress and passed out as his heart monitor flatlined. Griffin raced to the phone and called a code blue. A short time later, the nurse reported that Julian's vitals had stabilized as Julian's eyes slowly fluttered open. Griffin explained that Julian had suffered a cardiac episode, but Griffin had no idea why. Griffin added that Julian would have to remain in the hospital until Griffin had figured out what had led to the crisis, which might have been a sign of a serious underlying problem.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Curtis bumped into Jordan and exchanged pleasantries. Jordan smiled and explained that she was waiting for her date. Curtis started to walk away, but Jordan asked him to wait because she wanted to thank him for persuading T.J. to talk things out with her. Jordan admitted that T.J. had forgiven her, and they had decided to visit Shawn the following day. Pleased, Curtis told Jordan that forgiveness was better than holding onto a grudge and suggested that Jordan give it a try. Jordan realized that Curtis wanted her to forgive him, but she wasn't ready and preferred to keep it at "Thanks." Curtis was disappointed, but Andre arrived.

Jordan reintroduced Andre and Curtis. After the two men exchanged greetings, Curtis excused himself because he was meeting someone. Andre was curious about the tension he'd picked up between Jordan and Curtis. Jordan explained that T.J. had overheard Curtis and Jordan talking about T.J.'s father -- Shawn. Jordan filled Andre in about T.J.'s angry reaction and how Curtis had encouraged T.J. to talk things out with her. Jordan added that she and T.J. intended to visit Shawn.

Andre imagined that it had been a difficult secret for Jordan to keep. "You have no idea," Jordan replied. He agreed and pointed out that she hadn't mentioned anything or leaned on him for support. Jordan was surprised by Andre's reaction and reminded him that she didn't make a habit of broadcasting her business. Andre insisted that he and Jordan should be able to confide to each other if they wanted to build on their relationship. He was hurt that she had cut him out, but she explained that she had raised T.J. alone for most of her son's life and had been used to making all the decisions regarding T.J. without consulting or informing anyone.

Andre was surprised when Jordan revealed that she hadn't been involved in a serious relationship since her husband had died. She assured him that she had dated, but she had never included any of the men in her son's life. Jordan thought that Andre might understand better if he had children of his own. Before Andre could reply, Jordan received a text message and announced that she had to leave because Julian's arraignment had been set. Shortly after Jordan left, Andre called to check on someone.

Nearby, Curtis and Nina sat at a table and discussed the investigation into Claudette. Curtis revealed that he'd encountered Maxie in Claudette's hotel room, and he suspected that it hadn't been the first time that Maxie had "tossed" a room. Nina agreed and added that she doubted that it would be Maxie's last time either. However, Nina explained that she wanted Curtis to drop the investigation because Nathan had requested that Nina back off. Nina acknowledged that she was desperate to know everything about Claudette, but Nina had to respect her brother's wishes because it was the right thing to do. "There's a lot of that going around," Curtis said as he looked off into the distance.

Nina reminded Curtis that he'd have more time to investigate the botched plastic surgery story. Curtis revealed that he'd made progress and had weeded out a few unethical surgeons. He handed over his phone to show her what he'd uncovered about illegal fillers. Nina was horrified by the images on the phone as Curtis told her that there'd been suspicious activity, but nothing out of General Hospital. Nina wondered if some of the cases involved permanent disfigurements. Curtis nodded and added that other repercussions had included major illnesses, infections, and in some cases even death.

Curtis told Nina that he had a few people left to talk to. Nina assured him that he had carte blanche to follow any and all leads. Curtis promised not to let Nina down, but she noticed that he was staring at something. She followed his line of sight and saw Jordan. Nina wondered if there was a problem between Curtis and Jordan, but Curtis shook his head. She didn't believe him and reminded him that she needed him focused on the investigation. Curtis warned Nina that he wouldn't be content simply gathering information for an exposť -- he intended to report the crimes to the police. Nina appreciated that he wanted to make a difference and supported his decision.

Curtis talked about his attempt to get a job at the police station and his certainty that Jordan had decided against hiring him. Nina was curious if it was the reason that Curtis had been staring at Jordan, but Curtis denied that he had been. Nina called him out on the lie and asked if Curtis and Jordan were romantically involved. Curtis chuckled and assured Nina that he and Jordan felt nothing for each other. Nina perked up and carefully questioned him about his love life. Her smile faded when Valerie approached the table and greeted Curtis.

Curtis jumped up and passionately kissed Valerie. Nina realized that Curtis and Valerie were dating and told the couple to go have fun. After Curtis and Valerie left, Nina decided to have her food packed up and eat in her office.

At Alexis' house, Alexis looked at the pregnancy test stick, but quickly set it down on the desk when she heard a knock at the door. It was Diane. Diane announced that she was there to fetch Alexis for Julian's arraignment. Diane reminded her friend that Julian would go to trial once he was arraigned, but her eyes narrowed when she noticed that Alexis appeared on edge. Alexis brushed it off and reached for her purse. Diane saw Alexis try to hide the pregnancy test stick on the desk and immediately demanded to know if Alexis was pregnant. Diane didn't wait for an answer as she assured Alexis that she would support whatever Alexis decided and take steps to keep Julian away, but Alexis explained that it wouldn't be necessary because she wasn't pregnant.

Diane was relieved because it was one less complication. Alexis appreciated Diane's loyalty, but Diane observed that Alexis seemed disappointed. Alexis was happy that she wasn't pregnant with her murderous husband's baby, but Julian had still tried to frame Alexis for murder. Diane suspected that the thought of having Julian's baby had stirred up some feelings in Alexis, but Alexis insisted that all she felt was fear, loathing, and disgust at herself and for Julian. Diane acknowledged that Julian was a vile and despicable person, but Alexis had loved him.

Alexis argued that the husband she'd known hadn't been real and added that she'd opened her heart and soul to a sociopath. Diane warned Alexis that self-pity was a terrible look for Alexis. Alexis clarified that it was culpability because Alexis had let Julian into her life. Alexis insisted that she no longer loved Julian, but Diane argued that love wasn't logical and reminded Alexis that Alexis had intended to build a life with Julian. Diane knew that love couldn't be flipped off like a switch and urged Alexis to acknowledge that she was hurting.

Alexis was adamant that she was not grieving for Julian or nursing a broken heart, because she was eager to face him in a courtroom. Alexis wanted Julian to see the absence of love for him in her eyes. Alexis added that the only thing she felt was a desire to take Julian down. Diane was glad that Alexis was over Julian because Julian was headed to prison. Moments later, Alexis' phone rang. After a brief conversation, Alexis ended the call and told Diane that Jordan had requested a meeting with Alexis before the arraignment.

Diane insisted on accompanying Alexis, but Alexis assured Diane that an attorney wasn't necessary. Diane explained that she intended to be there as Alexis' friend, not an attorney. Touched, Alexis hugged Diane tightly.

Later, Alexis and Diane sat in Jordan's office as Jordan thanked Alexis for helping the authorities gather the evidence necessary to arrest Julian. Diane wanted an affidavit from the district attorney, detailing how Alexis had cooperated with the investigation and had worn a wire. Jordan assured Diane that the paperwork was being processed and shifted gears to discuss Julian's arraignment. Alexis promised that she knew how to conduct herself in a courtroom. Jordan relaxed and answered the phone when it rang. Moments later, Jordan ended the call and announced that Julian had taken a turn for the worse.

On Cassadine Island, Nikolas realized that Theo was Mikkos' "bastard son" -- and Nikolas' uncle -- Valentin Cassadine. Valentin was relieved that Nikolas had figured it out because it had saved time. Valentin wandered over to the tome of Cassadine family history and complained that he'd been just a brief mention in the book. Nikolas was unmoved and told Valentin to get over it. Valentin's temper flared because he knew that his nephew could never understand what it had been like for Valentin to grow up in squalor. Nikolas felt bad that the Cassadines hadn't treated Valentin better, but Nikolas pointed out that their family was ruthless.

Nikolas insisted that he hadn't been in a position to help Valentin when his uncle had been a child and demanded to know what Valentin wanted from him. "I want it all," Valentin informed Nikolas. Nikolas argued that he owed his uncle nothing, but he agreed to work out something if Valentin released Nikolas' family and friends. Valentin showed who was in charge by threatening to kill the hostages if Nikolas failed to cooperate. Valentin grabbed Ava and held a gun to her head. Nikolas tried to hide his concern, prompting Valentin to question if Nikolas cared about Ava.

Valentin threatened to kill Nikolas' mother, but Nikolas warned Valentin not to harm anyone. Valentin insisted that he wouldn't hesitate to kill to get what he wanted. Nikolas refused to risk anyone's life and agreed to cooperate. Satisfied, Valentin instructed everyone to sit tight and took Ava as "a good luck charm" when he led Nikolas to an office.

After Valentin left with his hostages, the guards kept watch as Lulu assured Laura that Nikolas knew what he was doing. Laura hugged her daughter tight as Kevin walked up. Lulu gave Laura and Kevin some privacy as Laura wondered if Kevin still thought it had been a good idea to follow her. Kevin assured Laura that he didn't have any regrets, but she was skeptical. Kevin conceded that he wasn't thrilled about being taken hostage and acknowledged that Valentin seemed eminently sane, which made Valentin dangerous. However, Kevin insisted that he and Laura made a great team, and he was confident they would find a way out that didn't include anyone dying.

Meanwhile, Dante whispered to Lulu that one of them had to find a way to escape. Lulu explained that she wasn't familiar with the grounds, but Laura and Kevin approached. Laura quietly told the trio that there was a secret passage to the harbor that could be accessed by following a tunnel in the wine cellar. Laura warned everyone that one wrong turn could lead to the compound's laboratory. Laura shared the escape route with them in the event that someone had a chance to slip away. Kevin pointed out that there were more hostages than guards, which meant that they could create a distraction to provide one of them with an opportunity.

Dante urged Lulu to flee if she had the chance and made her repeat the escape route. Nearby, Laura told Kevin that she was worried about Nikolas.

In an office, Valentin went to retrieve the contract as Ava quietly warned Nikolas that they would be as good as dead once Nikolas signed the papers. Valentin called out to Nikolas and ordered his nephew to sign the contract. Nikolas was reluctant, but Valentin told Nikolas to take comfort in knowing that Nikolas would remain a prince. Nikolas wanted Valentin to release the hostages before Nikolas signed, but Valentin refused and threatened to kill each hostage one by one until Nikolas cooperated.

Valentin handed Nikolas a pen, which Nikolas took and quickly scribbled his name on the contract. Satisfied, Valentin announced that it was time to tie up loose ends and aimed his gun at Ava. Nikolas immediately sprang into action and wrestled his uncle for the gun. Eventually, Valentin gained the upper hand and shot Nikolas. Shocked, Nikolas stumbled backwards and tumbled over the balcony as Ava screamed.

Kristina and Parker make love

Kristina and Parker make love

> Kristina and Parker make love

Kristina and Parker make love

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki looked at Darby's Twitter account and made fun of the tweets. Frustrated, she wondered why Dillon couldn't see Darby for the "shallow slut" that Darby was.

At Perks Coffee, Morgan worked behind the coffee bar as Carly walked up on the promenade. Morgan warmly greeted his mother and told her about his first day on the job. He admitted that he enjoyed having responsibility and thought he was better suited for Perks Coffee than lugging sacks of coffee around the warehouse. Carly was proud of Morgan and eager to chat, but Morgan explained that he didn't have time because he hoped to meet Kiki after work. Morgan admitted that Kiki might not be in the mood to go out because of an earlier encounter with Dillon and Darby.

Morgan told Carly about Kiki's dislike for Darby and added that he hoped Dillon and Darby didn't become a long-term item because their names reminded him of two leprechauns. Carly laughed, but Morgan shifted gears to ask if there had been any news about Josslyn's kidney donor. Carly told him about the posts on Crimson's website and a promising lead from a young woman. Morgan encouraged his mother not to give up and assured her that she had his full support. After Morgan hugged his mother, he disappeared into the back of the coffee shop to restock.

Carly started to leave, but she bumped into Kiki as Kiki arrived to pick up Morgan. Carly decided to talk to Kiki about the incident with Dillon because Carly was concerned that Kiki might still have feelings for Dillon. Kiki denied it, but Carly explained that Morgan counted on Kiki, and if Kiki hurt him, then it might undo all the progress he had made. Carly acknowledged that Kiki had been through a lot with Morgan and promised that she would understand if Kiki wanted to move on with Dillon, but Carly implored Kiki to be honest with Morgan and not lead him on. Kiki insisted that she cared about Morgan and knew how important the next few months of his recovery were.

After Carly left, Morgan approached Kiki. Kiki admitted that she wasn't in the mood to go out, but Morgan revealed that he'd gotten them a room at Metro Court. Kiki quietly confessed that she might not be ready to be intimate with him, but he was hurt because he feared that she wanted to end things. Kiki explained that she simply wanted to take things slowly. She reminded Morgan that things had gone badly the last time they had tried to make love, but he assured her that things would be different because he would talk to his doctor if there were any physical side effects of the medications.

Kiki revealed that she was also worried about the past and how incredibly good things had been until they'd gone very bad. Morgan worried that she couldn't love him the way she once had and became upset. He insisted that he was a selfish screw-up and that Kiki deserved better, but she told him to stop and kissed him. Kiki assured Morgan that she loved him and didn't consider him a screw-up. Morgan relaxed and apologized for trying to rush her into something she wasn't ready for.

Kiki argued that she had been the one in the wrong. After Morgan kissed her passionately, they went to the hotel. In the hallway, Kiki asked if Morgan was ready. He assured her that he was and unlocked the door. Passion flared back to life as they kissed, tore each other's clothes off, and stumbled to the bed. Morgan put on the brakes when he saw her scar. Kiki insisted that Morgan was not to blame and admitted that she recalled him holding her and hearing his voice in the minutes after the shooting, but she'd never felt any pain.

According to Kiki, the scar was a reminder that she and Morgan were still alive and had gotten through things together. Morgan smiled and kissed her. After they made love, Kiki curled up next to him and snuggled with her back to his front. Morgan sighed with contentment as Kiki's expression turned pensive.

At Darby's apartment, Dillon and Darby tried to catch their breath after making love in bed. Dillon and Darby agreed that it had been incredible. Darby assured him that he'd sufficiently proven that he was over Kiki. Darby was glad that he'd asked her out, but she could have done without running into Kiki. Dillon reminded her that they had agreed not to talk about Kiki, so Darby changed the subject and asked about Dillon's work. Dillon talked about his love for photography and how he used pictures to weave a story.

Darby started to make love to Dillon again, but he reluctantly stopped her because he had to get to work. Dillon checked his phone and was relieved when he saw that the hotel's restaurant was open. Darby offered to join him for a bite to eat, but Dillon explained that he intended to eat while he worked. Dillon admitted that he wouldn't be able to focus if she went with him.

Later, Carly entered her restaurant and saw Dillon seated at a table. She decided to have a chat with him about Kiki. Carly greeted Dillon as she sat down. She told him that she knew about his encounter with Kiki earlier. Dillon assured Carly that his friendship with Kiki had cooled because of Kiki's relationship with Morgan. Carly admitted that she was troubled that Dillon would continue to pursue Kiki despite her relationship with Morgan. Dillon was surprised when she revealed that she knew about Dillon and Kiki's kiss in the park.

Carly explained that she had talked to Kiki about it, but Carly needed to hear from Dillon that nothing was going on between Dillon and Kiki. Before Dillon could reply, Darby walked up to return Dillon's shirt that he had left behind in her apartment. After Darby and Dillon shared a steamy but brief kiss, Darby noticed Carly. Darby and Carly exchanged greetings and talked about the new coffee shop on the promenade. Darby showed Carly a picture that Darby had taken of Dillon and Darby at Perks Coffee and gushed about what a cute couple Dillon and Darby were. Satisfied, Carly excused herself and told the couple to enjoy themselves.

Darby sat in Carly's vacated seat and asked what Dillon and Carly had been talking about. Dillon brushed it off, so Darby shrugged and invited Dillon to her place when he was through with work. Dillon warned her that it might be late, but Darby didn't care. Dillon smiled and promised to send her a text message when he was done. After Darby left, Dillon opened a miscellaneous file on his laptop, looking for a Cartullo picture. He smiled when a photograph of Kiki popped up.

At Alexis' house, Alexis called the hospital to get an update on Julian, but Kristina entered the living room and questioned why her mother was checking on Julian. Kristina waited until Alexis ended the call before asking about the pregnancy test. Alexis assured her daughter that the test had been negative and turned the conversation to Parker because Alexis was curious what Kristina intended to do. Kristina confided that a part of her wished that Molly hadn't told Kristina about Parker's speaking engagement, but Kristina didn't see the point of visiting Parker, since Parker was married, and Kristina needed to move on.

Kristina announced that she had plans with Aaron, but she offered to stay if Alexis needed her. Alexis admitted that she could use some time alone. After Kristina left, Alexis retrieved an envelope from the cabinet and noticed a picture facedown on the shelf. Alexis picked it up and looked at the photograph of Alexis and Julian on their wedding day. Alexis recalled exchanging vows with Julian but shook off the memory and returned the photograph to the cabinet.

At the nurses' station, Sonny asked to see Julian, but Felix explained that only family could visit Julian. Sonny asked about Julian's health, so Felix confided that Julian had suffered a cardiac arrhythmia. After Felix walked away, Sonny called Finn and left a voicemail message explaining that he was looking for the doctor. Sonny promised to make a decision about Finn's request and get back to Finn by the end of the day. After Sonny ended the call, Felix walked by.

Sonny stopped Felix to warn him that Julian had staged the health scare to avoid going to Pentonville. Seconds later, alarms sounded from Julian's hospital room.

In Julian's hospital room, Julian panted as he assured himself that everything would be okay. Carlos chuckled as he stepped out from behind the curtains. Carlos had little sympathy for Julian because Julian had failed to heed Carlos' advice to kill Alexis. Carlos taunted Julian about spending life behind bars, but he conceded that he was impressed with Julian's trick to stage a setback by drugging himself. Carlos touched Julian's forehead as he suggested that Julian might soon join him because Julian had taken too much of the drug. Julian began to cough as the alarms on the monitors sounded.

Moments later, Felix entered the hospital room to check on Julian. Julian breathed heavily and appeared shaky as Felix checked Julian's vitals. Sonny stood in the doorway, but Felix objected and told Sonny to leave because Sonny's presence agitated Julian. Sonny accused Julian of being a coward and walked away. After Sonny left, Julian began to relax and assured Felix that he was fine.

At the elevators, Sonny was surprised when he saw Alexis. Sonny was curious why Alexis was at the hospital, but she wondered the same thing about Sonny. Sonny admitted that he'd been curious when Julian had failed to show for the arraignment. Alexis asked if Sonny had talked to Julian, but Sonny shook his head. Sonny admitted that he had seen Julian, and it appeared that Julian was sick, but Sonny was certain that Julian had taken something. Sonny reminded Alexis that she hadn't answered his question, so Alexis showed him the divorce papers that she intended to serve Julian.

In Julian's hospital room, Julian panicked when his bed suddenly rattled. Seconds later, Carlos slid out from under the bed. Julian reminded himself that Carlos was a hallucination, but Carlos laughed and taunted Julian about going to jail. Julian explained that he couldn't because Sonny would arrange to have Julian killed. Carlos advised Julian to sleep with one eye open because Julian was guilty, and the police had all the proof they needed, since Alexis had gotten Julian to confess. Carlos insisted that the world knew who Julian really was.

Julian growled at Carlos to go away, but Carlos told Julian that the only way out was for Julian to kill Alexis. Julian regretted that he couldn't go back and undo it all because he loved Alexis. "I love Alexis so much," Julian tearfully said. Alexis stood in the doorway and heard Julian's confession. After Julian fell asleep, Alexis entered the room and watched him. Moments later, she dropped the divorce papers on the bed and left, closing the door firmly behind her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was delighted when she saw Sonny and offered to buy him a drink because she was in the mood to celebrate. She explained that they had dodged a bullet. She filled Sonny in about her concerns regarding Kiki and Dillon. Sonny warned Carly to stay out of Morgan's personal affairs because Morgan would be humiliated if he knew that Carly had been meddling. Carly reminded Sonny that Morgan didn't have to know because Dillon was dating Darby. Carly smiled as she took a celebratory sip of her drink.

Moments later, Carly's phone chimed. It was a text message from the young woman who had contacted Carly about Josslyn's donor kidney. Carly explained that the woman wanted to meet the following day, but Sonny was uneasy because he preferred to vet people first. Carly insisted that she had to do things her way.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina arrived home and saw Michael's overnight bag in the living room. She smiled as she approached him to welcome him home, but he was standoffish. Alarmed, Sabrina asked if something was wrong. Michael showed her the contract for an apartment lease and asked when she had intended to tell him that she planned to move out. Michael wondered if she had hoped to sneak away in the middle of the night like she had with Carlos.

Sabrina conceded that things might look that way, but she promised that Michael had the wrong idea. Sabrina explained that she couldn't keep taking advantage of his kindness. She knew that he loved Teddy, but she refused to tie Michael down because he deserved his freedom and space. Sabrina feared that it might be a mistake to live together if they dated, but Michael disagreed. Michael insisted that he didn't want space from Sabrina and Teddy because all he needed was right in front of him. "Sabrina, it's you," Michael clarified.

Michael promised that he wouldn't rush Sabrina, but he was certain that they had a future together. Sabrina smiled and relented. Relieved, Michael kissed her, but his phone beeped. Michael didn't want to check it, but Sabrina worried that it might be the hospital. Michael pointed out that the hospital would call her phone, but he checked it anyway. Michael immediately regretted it because it was a text message alerting him to a problem at ELQ that needed his attention. Sabrina told him to go, but Michael wanted to be certain she would be there when he returned and asked if he could take the lease to the office and shred it. Sabrina smiled happily as she nodded.

Later, Sabrina looked at a picture of her son as she told him that they finally had their happy ending. She put her phone away when she heard a knock at the door. Sabrina tensed when she opened the door and saw a man who looked exactly like Carlos. "No," Sabrina whispered. "Hello, Sabrina," the man said.

At Metro Court, Kristina knocked on Parker's door. Parker was surprised when she saw Kristina but invited her in. Parker didn't think it was a good idea for Kristina to be there, but Kristina explained that she wanted Parker to know that she had moved on and was dating a wonderful guy. "I see," Parker quietly replied and asked why Kristina was with the guy. Kristina insisted that the young man was a great guy, but Parker wondered if he knew about Parker. "Yes and no," Kristina admitted.

Parker realized that Kristina had told her boyfriend about everything except Parker's gender. Kristina assured Parker that Aaron was a nice guy and would understand, but Parker conceded that Kristina didn't owe Parker any explanations. Parker insisted that it was Kristina's journey to figure out who the right person was. Parker added that not every journey was easy. "My journey isn't," Parker confessed.

Parker wished Kristina well and promised that she wanted Kristina to have a wonderful life. Kristina glanced down and suddenly realized that Parker's wedding ring was missing. Parker reluctantly admitted that her marriage was over because it had been floundering for quite some time. Parker sat down on the bed and cried because she felt like a complete failure. Kristina wrapped her arm around Parker and commiserated. Kristina acknowledged that Aaron was a great guy, handsome, kind, and funny, and he treated Kristina well, but Kristina continued to think about Parker.

Parker and Kristina looked into each other's eyes for a long moment then kissed. Things quickly heated up as they began to undress each other and fell onto the bed in a passionate embrace.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina was stunned when she saw a familiar man on the doorstep. The man flashed a friendly smile as he greeted Sabrina. "Josť?" Sabrina asked. He quickly clarified that he'd changed his name to "Joe" since moving to the mainland. Sabrina invited Joe inside and asked how he'd found her. He explained that he'd gone to the hospital to visit his nephew, but she hadn't been there, so he'd asked how to get in touch with Sabrina.

Michael suddenly appeared in the living room doorway and ordered Carlos to step away from Sabrina. Sabrina quickly explained that Joe was Carlos' brother. Michael remained wary until Joe showed Michael proper identification. Joe explained that he had changed his name from Josť to Joe when Joe had attended medical school for pediatric surgery. Sabrina admitted that she hadn't seen Joe since he'd left home as a teen.

Michael was curious why Joe was in town. Joe talked about the regrets he had because of not making peace with Carlos when he'd had the chance and admitted that he wanted an opportunity to get to know his nephew. Michael's arm slid around Sabrina's waist as he questioned why Joe and Carlos had been estranged. Sabrina revealed that Joe and Sabrina had briefly dated before Sabrina and Carlos had gotten involved. Joe acknowledged that some of the problems he'd had with his brother had been about Sabrina, but Carlos had resented Joe for leaving Puerto Rico -- and Carlos -- to attend medical school.

Joe became choked up with emotion as he suggested that Carlos might have taken a different path in life if Carlos had received the right push at the right time. Joe felt as if he'd failed his brother and wanted to make amends by helping Sabrina and Teddy. Sabrina admitted that she needed time. Joe smiled and gave her a card with his contact information. Sabrina thanked Joe for seeking her permission before visiting with Teddy and assured him that she and her son had a good life with Michael. After Sabrina left, Joe thanked Michael for Michael's hospitality, but Michael admitted that he knew what it was like to seek redemption for a loved one.

Michael pointed out that Joe could have gone on with his life and never looked back, but Joe explained that he'd done enough of that. Michael assured Joe that Sabrina would let Joe visit with Teddy. Joe hoped so, and asked if Michael and Sabrina were close. "Yes," Michael answered with a friendly smile. Joe thought Sabrina was lucky, but Michael insisted that Michael was the lucky one.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly told Sonny about a woman named Wendy Pickett who had sold a kidney around the same time that Josslyn had received the transplant. Sonny was skeptical that Wendy was Josslyn's donor and worried that perhaps Wendy might try to take advantage of the situation. He urged his wife to be careful because there were a lot of frauds out there. Carly assured Sonny that she could handle things, but Sonny regretted that he hadn't had a chance to check Wendy's background because he'd been preoccupied with Julian.

Carly reminded Sonny that Julian would go to jail for life, but Sonny suddenly had an idea that would ensure that Julian's incarceration was expedited. Moments later, Carly's phone chimed with a text message from Wendy asking to move up their meeting.

Meanwhile, Hayden paid Finn a visit. She brushed past him as she entered his suite, but he warned her that it wasn't a good time. Hayden cut to the chase and asked if he was a drug addict. Finn was offended by the question, but she insisted that she deserved an answer because he'd conned her into stealing his drugs from the hospital's mailbox. Finn argued that it had been her decision, but she reminded him that he'd been barely three breaths away from dying. Hayden added that she and Tracy had been very determined to help him find another supplier until they had learned that Zekenestrol went by the street name "Zen-Zen" and was as addictive as heroin.

Finn assured Hayden that he was fully aware of the side effects of the drug but added that he was a medical professional -- unlike Hayden. Finn ordered her to back off, but she explained that she had merely wanted to help. Finn informed her that it wasn't necessary because he might have found another solution. Hayden wanted details, but he was curious why she cared. Hayden admitted that it would go a long way in restoring her faith in humanity if she knew that he was one of the good guys. Finn laughed, but there was no humor in it.

"God help us," Finn said. Hayden conceded that it might be too much to ask for, but she had hoped that he could at least show her that he was someone she could believe in. Finn decided that Hayden was an optimist at heart, but he warned her that it was a mistake because people were flawed, struggled, failed, made catastrophic mistakes, and would disappoint her every time. However, Finn promised that if he hurt or disappointed her, it would not be because he had lied. Hayden appreciated the concession and smiled.

Moments later, Sonny knocked. Finn made it clear that he wanted Hayden to leave, but he followed her into the hallway to tell her that he'd see her around. Hayden smiled and walked away. After Finn returned to the suite and closed the door, Sonny revealed that he'd done a background check on Finn, but Finn's colleagues had been tight-lipped, which indicated that there was something to hide. Finn feared that he'd die before Sonny finished the investigation, but Sonny agreed to help Finn because Finn had helped Carly. However, Sonny wanted something from Finn.

Finn tensed as Sonny explained that he would arrange for Finn to oversee Julian's case. Finn objected to harming or killing anyone, but Sonny explained that he simply expected Finn to make certain that Julian was healthy enough to attend an arraignment. Sonny revealed that he suspected that Julian had faked a setback to get out of going to jail, so Sonny wanted Finn to make Julian well. Sonny promised to fly Finn to a country where Zekenestrol was sold legally and put Finn in touch with a sympathetic customs agent. Finn agreed to Sonny's terms.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was startled when she turned and walked right into Franco. She jumped back and scolded him for sneaking up behind her. Franco insisted that he'd merely been moving quietly -- in an oddly quiet hospital. Elizabeth explained that many had called in sick because of the killer. Franco followed her to the nurses' station and announced that he had a gift for her. Elizabeth looked down at the piece of paper he'd given her and realized that it was a check for $6,000. She immediately tried to give it back because it was too much money, but Franco ordered her to look at the memo section.

"Kids' camp," Elizabeth read. Franco explained that the placement of the apostrophe connoted possessive plural, which meant that the money was for all three of her sons. Elizabeth appreciated the offer, but she was uncomfortable taking money from him. Franco assured her that he wanted her to have it and added that it had been a gift. Suspicious, Elizabeth asked who had given him the money. Franco reluctantly revealed that it was his mother.

Elizabeth quickly slid the check into an envelope and handed it Franco because she wanted nothing to do with Heather's money. Franco urged Elizabeth to reconsider, but she told him that she'd signed her sons up for Lila's Kids. Franco wondered what he should do with the money, so she suggested that he donate it to charity. Franco had a better idea -- he wanted spend the money on their first date. Elizabeth explained that she needed more time to think about their situation and to process everything without him in her face, but Franco smiled and told her that she had a great face.

Nearby, Ric stopped short when he saw Franco and Elizabeth talking. After Franco assured Elizabeth that she could take all the time she needed and left, Ric approached her. Elizabeth was curt as she asked if he was sick. Ric explained that he was there working on a project for Sonny, but he wondered if she wanted to grab a cup of coffee during her break. Elizabeth made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with Ric.

"So, you won't give me the time of day, but you'll pine away for Franco?" Ric asked. Elizabeth warned him that it was none of his business, but he admitted that he was concerned because she'd been spiraling since things with Jason had ended. Ric insisted that Elizabeth was vulnerable, and he didn't want Franco to take advantage of her, but she assured him that she wasn't blind. She was well aware of the things that Franco had done, but Franco had worked hard to get his life on track. Ric scoffed and told her that Franco only showed her what he wanted her to see, but she argued that Ric was describing himself.

Elizabeth told Ric that Franco had been refreshingly honest with her -- telling her the hard, ugly truths rather than just the easy ones -- and he was devoted to her son. Ric was curious if she had asked Michael how Michael felt about Franco. Elizabeth acknowledged that others had their own experiences with Franco and she respected their feelings, but she wanted the same in return. Ric remained troubled, but she made it clear that she and Ric weren't friends, especially after he'd lied to get her to marry him. Ric reminded Elizabeth that she'd done the same to Jason. Elizabeth refused to be baited by Ric and told him that Franco had been sick, had received treatment, and had changed his life around. "What's your excuse?" she asked.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Scott grumbled about the prices as he looked at the menu. However, he jumped up when Lucy arrived. Lucy demanded to know why he had asked to see her, but Scott turned on the charm as he invited her to sit. Lucy refused because she was certain that Scott wanted something from her. Scott claimed that he simply wanted to have dinner with his sexy ex-wife. Lucy reluctantly sat down, but she tensed when Scott broached the subject of working for her as Coecoe Cosmetic's counsel. He insisted that they worked well together, but she argued that it always ended in disaster.

Scott begged Lucy to consider giving him a job because he hadn't been able to rebuild his practice. Lucy was certain that Ava could keep him busy both professionally and privately, but he assured Lucy that it wasn't like that. Lucy was unmoved and suggested that he consider representing Julian. Scott refused because he thought Julian was a loser, and Scott wanted to work for winners like Lucy. He reminded Lucy that he was Serena's father, but she admitted that she couldn't give him a job because she was broke. Scott was confused because he'd thought that she had turned things around after the lipstick debacle.

Lucy explained that she had gotten past the scandal and had been working hard to turn a profit at Coecoe Cosmetics, but her financial adviser had absconded with the money. Lucy wished that she had never heard of Raymond Berlin. Scott agreed and suddenly spotted a familiar person at the bar. He pointed to the woman, who Lucy immediately recognized as Raymond's ex-wife, Naomi. Lucy and Scott approached Naomi to confront her about the money her husband had stolen. Naomi informed them that she had no idea where the money had gone and couldn't help them. Naomi tried to shoo them away, but Lucy resented Naomi's attitude.

Scott threatened to alert the authorities that Naomi had been knocking back expensive martinis in a five-start hotel, but Naomi countered by vowing to call security. Lucy welcomed the opportunity to talk to security about Naomi, but Franco walked up and greeted both his father and Lucy. Franco offered to buy Scott and Lucy dinner because he had $6,000 burning a hole in his pocket. Scott was curious where Franco had gotten the money, so Franco admitted that his mother had given it to him. Lucy wondered where Heather Webber had gotten the money. Naomi was stunned when she heard Heather's name and suddenly began to hyperventilate. Seconds later, Naomi fainted.

Later, Carly demanded to know what Scott, Lucy, and Franco had done to make a customer faint. The trio denied any wrongdoing and insisted that they were there to have a "fat-cat" dinner. Carly sensed there was more to the story but let the matter drop. However, she advised them to order the works because she had been gracious enough to let them stay. After Scott, Lucy, and Franco sat down, Scott and Lucy questioned Franco about his financial windfall. Scott was stunned when Franco revealed that he'd intended to give the money to Elizabeth so her sons could go to camp.

Scott worried about Franco because Scott doubted that Jason would appreciate Franco harassing the mother of Jason's eldest son. Franco explained that his feelings for Elizabeth were reciprocated, but Lucy appeared skeptical and carefully asked if Franco and Elizabeth were an item. Scott warned Franco to leave Elizabeth alone because Scott didn't want Jason to kill Franco. Lucy urged Scott to calm down, but Franco ignored them as his phone rang.

Meanwhile, a young woman approached Carly and introduced herself as Wendy. Carly smiled and led the woman to a table. Carly and Wendy chatted about Wendy's job at a rest stop on the thruway before Carly shifted gears to ask about Wendy's decision to sell a kidney. Wendy explained that she'd been young and desperate to put herself through nursing school, so she'd contacted a friend who'd had a friend that knew someone who could help. Carly was fascinated as Wendy revealed that it had been a simple matter of waiting until someone who was a match needed a kidney.

Carly was eager to review Wendy's medical records, but Wendy stilled. Alarmed, Carly asked if something was wrong. Wendy explained that there had been complications after the surgery, and she'd accumulated a lot of debt. Carly suddenly realized that Wendy was looking for a payday and asked to see Wendy's scar. Wendy lifted her shirt, but Carly noticed that the grisly scar was too high. Wendy claimed that the surgeon hadn't been worried about how it would look in a bikini and reiterated that there had been complications. Carly wrote a check and handed it to Wendy, but Wendy was disappointed because she had expected more. Carly reminded Wendy that she needed to confirm that Josslyn had received Wendy's kidney.

Carly asked about Wendy's family's medical history and blood type. Carly's smile vanished when Wendy told her the wrong blood type. Carly realized that Wendy had conned her and demanded to know about the scar. Wendy's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she'd had a disagreement with an ex-boyfriend who had been quick with a knife. Carly gave Wendy the check and told her to leave.

A short time later, Sonny returned. Carly told him that she'd met with Wendy, but Wendy hadn't been the kidney donor. Sonny promised to be of more help in the future. Carly appreciated his support because she was in it for the long haul.

At the hospital, Hayden rushed to her mother's bedside. Naomi assured her daughter that she was fine and explained that she'd suffered a panic attack. Hayden was surprised and asked what had triggered it. Before Naomi could answer, Elizabeth walked in. Hayden bristled and demanded another nurse. Elizabeth explained that no one else was available, but Hayden wasn't satisfied. Naomi suggested that Hayden get the paperwork started so Naomi could leave, but Hayden refused to leave her mother alone with a killer on the loose.

Elizabeth promised that Naomi was safe with Elizabeth, but Hayden scowled and continued to snipe at Elizabeth. Naomi decided to change the subject and asked to hear more about Elizabeth's life. Naomi recalled that Elizabeth had moved to town as a teenager to live with her grandparents, but Elizabeth clarified that her grandfather had already passed away when Elizabeth had moved in with her grandmother. Elizabeth revealed that her grandmother had been a nurse at the hospital and that medicine was in Elizabeth's blood because Elizabeth's grandfather had been the hospital's chief of staff. Naomi suddenly began to gasp for breath as Elizabeth talked about her father, Jeff Webber.

Elizabeth quickly took Naomi's hands in hers, and she gently instructed Naomi to take deep and steady breaths. Eventually, Naomi calmed. Elizabeth left to fetch Naomi's prescription. Hayden complained about Elizabeth, but Naomi asked Hayden to give it a rest and to find a way to get along with Elizabeth.

At the nurses' station, Ric tried to talk to Elizabeth, but she didn't want to hear what he had to say. Ric was frustrated when Elizabeth pulled out the phone and called Franco to ask him out on a date. After the call, Ric demanded to know what Elizabeth was doing. Elizabeth explained that she was living her life and added that she didn't need another father because she already had one.

Meanwhile, Hayden decided to call her father's attorney, Albert, to let Albert know about Naomi's hospitalization. Hayden was certain that her father would want to know. After Hayden left, Naomi sighed because she doubted that Raymond would care. "Not the father you know -- or the father you don't know," Naomi added.

At the restaurant, Franco informed Lucy and Scott that Franco and Elizabeth were no longer friends -- they were more.

Valentin aims for Laura but shoots Kevin

Valentin aims for Laura but shoots Kevin

Friday, July 22, 2016

In a Metro Court hotel room, Morgan kissed Kiki awake. She snuggled into him, but groggily confessed that she hadn't heard the alarm. Morgan admitted that he'd barely slept a wink all night because everything seemed to be falling into place for him. Kiki was glad for Morgan, but he added that he was happy for the both of them and kissed her. Kiki reluctantly ended the kiss and explained that she had to get ready for work. Morgan had a better idea and made love to her.

Later, Kiki pulled on her shoes. Morgan seized the opportunity to snap a picture of her with his cell phone, but she asked him not to post it because she wanted a chance to break the news to her mother before they went public with their relationship. Morgan agreed, but he wondered if she wanted to postpone making things official because he was moving too fast. Kiki assured him that she was happy about their relationship.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy noticed that her son was distracted and asked if he'd been looking for someone. Dillon smiled as he sat down and assured his mother that she was the only person he wanted to see because it had been ages since they'd had breakfast together. Tracy blamed it on Dillon spending his nights in beds other than his own. She started to question him about his love life, but she saw Finn at the bar and excused herself.

Moments later, Kiki approached the table to take Dillon's order, but her smile faded when she realized who was seated at the table. Dillon confessed that the encounter was awkward and offered to leave, but Kiki asked him to stay. Dillon explained that he was trying to respect Kiki's relationship with Morgan, but she wanted to salvage her friendship with Dillon. Dillon assured her that it wouldn't be a problem. Relieved, Kiki smiled and told him that she and Morgan had made things official.

Dillon pasted on a smile and assured Kiki that he was happy for her and Morgan. Nearby, a group of fraternity guys called out and asked for service. Kiki approached the table to take their orders. The young men leered at Kiki and made suggestive remarks as they told her that they were celebrating a birthday. Dillon overheard the exchange and waited for Kiki to leave before he approached the table. Dillon greeted the boisterous fraternity brothers and claimed that he'd been a member of their fraternity when he'd been in college.

Dillon warned the friends that customers had complained about the noise and questioned if they were old enough to buy alcohol. The fraternity brothers quickly handed over their identification cards to show Dillon that they were of legal drinking age.

Nearby, Finn ordered a cup of coffee as Sonny walked up. Sonny reminded Finn of their agreement and promised to have his private jet readied once Finn had cleared Julian to leave the hospital. Finn made it clear that he wouldn't compromise his professional ethics because his first duty was to his patients. Sonny respected that Finn had a code of ethic and agreed to Finn's terms. Sonny paid for Finn's coffee and left. Moments later, Tracy walked up to ask what was going on.

Tracy was disappointed that Finn hadn't returned her calls. Finn appreciated that she was concerned, but he promised that he had the situation handled. Tracy agreed to drop the subject and reminded him that she hadn't forgotten about their backgammon rematch. Finn smiled and left. After Tracy returned to the table, she noticed Dillon talking to a table of young college guys as Kiki approached the table with a cupcake. Dillon asked which of the fraternity brothers had a birthday, but they sheepishly admitted that they had lied.

Kiki informed the fraternity brothers that they couldn't have the cupcake and offered a bite to Dillon. Dillon gave the second bite to Kiki and turned his back on the table. Tracy's eyes narrowed. After the fraternity brothers left, Kiki thanked Dillon and admitted that college students had been giving her a hard time for some time. However, she was curious how he'd managed to pull off pretending to be a member of a fraternity. Dillon confessed that he'd been in a fraternity during his college days.

Kiki grinned and told Dillon that she would keep him around -- as a friend. Dillon smiled and decided to get back to breakfast with his mother. As he sat down, Tracy questioned him about his relationship with Kiki. Dillon claimed that they were friends, but Tracy knew Dillon and she was certain that he wanted more.

Nearby, Kiki called Morgan to let him know that she loved him. She regretted that she hadn't told him earlier, but Morgan assured her that he'd been content to simply wake up with her.

At Perks Coffee, Sonny approached Aaron on the promenade. Aaron reported that business was great and that he already had a few regulars. Satisfied, Sonny asked if Kristina was around. Aaron shook his head, but added that she had mentioned going to the Port Charles Press to purchase an ad spot for the coffee shop on their website. Sonny smiled because he wanted an opportunity to talk to Aaron about Kristina. Sonny admitted that Aaron made a great first impression because Aaron knew all the right things to say and seemed genuinely sincere.

Concerned, Aaron assured Sonny that he hadn't pressured Kristina to persuade Sonny to hire Aaron for the coffee shop, but Sonny assured Aaron that he hadn't questioned Aaron's sincerity. However, Sonny made it clear that he wouldn't be pleased if Aaron hurt Kristina. Aaron relaxed, but promised that he cared about Kristina. Aaron knew that Kristina had had a rough time because she'd told him about her ex-boyfriends. Aaron conceded that he wasn't perfect and had his own faults, but he insisted that he'd been honest with Kristina from the start just as she had been with him.

Aaron promised that he would never mistreat Kristina. Sonny smiled with approval. Morgan walked up and asked if Sonny had been giving Aaron a hard time. Aaron assured Morgan that things were fine and went back to work. Sonny greeted Morgan and acknowledged that Morgan looked happy. Morgan told his father that Morgan and Kiki were doing great and had decided to give their relationship another try. Sonny was happy for his son.

Morgan was confident that nothing would get between Morgan and Kiki. Sonny warned Morgan that there would be bad times because it was part of life, but Morgan was certain that he could handle any difficulties. Morgan suddenly realized that he'd left his medications at the hotel and panicked, but Sonny offered to fetch them and asked for Morgan's room number.

In Parker's hotel room, Kristina woke up and smiled. Kristina confessed that the previous night had been amazing and wondered if Parker felt the same. Parker returned Kristina's smile and agreed that it had been wonderful. However, Parker suspected that it had also been very different than what Kristina had been used to because it had been Kristina's first time with a woman. Kristina admitted that the experience had been indescribable because she finally understood the difference between having sex and making love.

After Parker and Kristina dressed, Kristina nibbled on some breakfast and apologized for gushing earlier. Kristina promised that she hadn't been trying to imply that she and Parker were in love, but Parker waved away Kristina's concerns because she knew that Kristina was discovering a whole new part of herself. Kristina revealed that Alexis had suggested that Kristina had been confused when Kristina had told Alexis about her attraction to Parker. However, Kristina admitted that their night together had been anything but confusing.

According to Kristina, it had had been unlike anything that Kristina had ever felt. Kristina wanted to leave it at that and enjoy the beautiful moment, but Parker gently explained that all it could ever be was a moment because Parker intended to return home after the conference. Stunned, Kristina insisted that they had shared a connection and she wanted to explore it further. Parker argued that it was inappropriate on several levels, but Kristina disagreed.

Parker pointed out that she was older than Kristina, but Kristina didn't care. Parker added that she had been Kristina's professor and mentor, which made Parker question if Parker had taken advantage of the situation. Kristina denied that Parker had done anything wrong, but Parker disagreed. Parker explained that her life had imploded, and it was clear that her judgment was impaired, which had led Parker to cross a line that she had never intended to cross. Parker added that Kristina still had things to figure out and needed tobe honest with her family.

Parker suspected that Kristina was using Parker as a way to avoid being honest with herself because it was easier for Kristina to say she wasn't gay if Parker was the only woman Kristina was attracted to. Kristina resented having to label herself because no one ever questioned couples who started out as high school sweethearts. Parker clarified that she and Kristina were not a couple. Kristina became upset and accused Parker of using her. Kristina started to storm out, but Parker followed because she didn't want Kristina to think that Parker didn't care.

At the hospital, Julian glared at the handcuffs securing him to the hospital bed. Griffin entered the room and announced that the tests and scans looked good, and most of the department heads had signed off on Julian's release. Griffin explained that whatever had caused Julian's heart issues was an isolated incident, so Griffin would give Julian a clean bill of health. Julian suspected that Griffin had hoped that Julian had had a terminal illness, but Griffin wanted both Duke and Alexis to have justice, which meant jail for Julian.

Griffin revealed that Alexis had dropped off a package for Julian. Griffin dropped it on Julian's bed. Julian picked it up and saw that it was divorce papers. Julian was surprised that Griffin hadn't preached about the sanctity of marriage, but Griffin was certain that God was on Alexis' side.

After Griffin left, Julian's henchman slipped into Julian's hospital room. Julian explained that he needed another dose of medication because Julian had to remain in the hospital until Ava returned home and pulled some strings with Paul Hornsby to get Paul to agree to let Julian out on bail. Julian intended to make his move then, but the henchman was concerned because the medication was dangerous, and they had no idea when Ava would return.

Meanwhile, Finn approached the nurses' station and pulled out a binder with Julian's name on it. Finn was startled and dropped the binder when Griffin walked up and greeted Finn. Griffin helped Finn pick up the scattered papers, but questioned why Finn had been looking at Julian's file. Finn reminded Griffin that all department heads were required to sign off on a patient when the patient suffered from a mystery illness. Griffin noticed that Finn didn't look well, but Finn became defensive and told Griffin to mind his own business. Griffin offered to help Finn and keep Finn's confidence if something was wrong, but Finn insisted there was nothing to confess.

A short time later, Griffin and Finn entered Julian's hospital room. After a quick exam, Finn determined that Julian was fine. Julian disagreed and asked what had triggered his heart arrhythmia. Griffin suggested that perhaps it had been a severe panic attack.

In the hallway, Finn called Sonny to report that Julian was well and would be released into police custody. Satisfied, Sonny promised to have the jet readied for Finn.

After Sonny ended the call, he rounded a corner as Kristina and Parker stood in the hallway and argued about their relationship. Sonny was stunned when Kristina suddenly kissed Parker.

On Cassadine Island, Ava sat in a chair in Helena's bedroom as she recalled the events from the previous evening when Valentin had shot Nikolas. She stood up and began to pace as Valentin entered the room. Valentin was surprised that she hadn't taken advantage of the bed, but she admitted that she hadn't been able to sleep because he'd killed Nikolas. Valentin conceded that it had been regrettable -- but necessary -- to kill his nephew. Ava's eyes rounded when she realized that Valentin had set Nikolas up. Valentin admitted that he hadn't wanted to shoot his nephew like a dog, so he'd let Nikolas go out fighting.

Valentin explained that he had respected Nikolas' courage and added that Nikolas had been the best of a bad bunch. Valentin recognized that Nikolas had been the only Cassadine prince who hadn't been a complete lunatic, but Nikolas had been in Valentin's way. Ava shifted gears because she wanted to know what his plans were for her. Valentin acknowledged that she was a beautiful woman, and he wanted her to be comfortable. Ava seized the opportunity to try to seduce Valentin by suggesting that she would be a valuable asset. Valentin admitted that he'd researched her and knew about her background, but he questioned her sudden change in attitude.

Ava explained that she hadn't had any loyalty to Nikolas and turned on the charm as she seductively invited Valentin to search her. She admitted that she wanted him to spare her life, but he was curious if she was offering to have sex with him in exchange for her life. Ava told him that she preferred to think of it as an allegiance and added that she would be valuable both as his right-hand and in his bed. Ava assured him that she always picked the winning side and kissed him. Passion flared to life as they stumbled to the bedroom and fell on the bed. Ava reached for Helena's journal on the bedside table, kneed Valentin in the groin, and smashed the book over his head.

In the living room, Lulu woke up in Dante's arms as they sat on the sofa. She was stunned that she'd fallen asleep and asked if there had been word about Jason, Sam, and Nikolas. "No," Dante admitted. Lulu was worried because they'd heard a gunshot the previous evening, but he reminded her that there wasn't any proof that it had been fired at anyone. Meanwhile, Laura tried to go upstairs, but one of the guards blocked her path.

Kevin pulled Laura away from the guard and advised her to conserve her energy, but she was concerned about her son because they'd heard a gunshot. Kevin explained that the gunshot and keeping Nikolas isolated from them were psychological tactics designed to keep them afraid and cooperative. Kevin pointed out that Valentin had neutralized the two most powerful hostages because Jason could offer physical resistance, and Nikolas was familiar with the island. Kevin added that both Sam and Ava had been used to control the men.

Kevin suggested that he, Laura, and Dante create a diversion to give Lulu an opportunity to escape. Laura feared that Lulu wouldn't cooperate because Spencers weren't known to run from a fight. Nearby, Dante explained that he wanted Lulu to run when she had the chance because he needed her to be safe. Lulu reluctantly agreed. Seconds later, they heard Valentin howl with pain and fury. One of the guards went to investigate, leaving a lone guard to watch over the four hostages. Dante quickly whispered to Kevin to hit him then he picked a fight with Kevin. Kevin played along and took a swing at Dante as the guard rushed over to break up the fight.

Lulu managed to slip away unnoticed as another guard marched Ava into the living room. Laura immediately asked Ava for news about Nikolas. Ava reluctantly told Laura about the events that had transpired in Helena's bedroom. Laura was devastated when Ava added that Nikolas had died when Valentin had shot Laura's son, and Nikolas had tumbled over the balcony. Kevin held Laura as she sobbed, but Valentin stormed into the living room in a deadly rage. Valentin informed Ava that he had decided to spare her life until she had betrayed him. Laura's despair turned to anger as she confronted Valentin.

Laura told Valentin that Mikkos would be proud of his son because Valentin was no better than the rest of the Cassadines. She insisted that her son had been different and would have welcomed Valentin into the family fold, but Valentin had only been interested in power and money. Laura made it clear that she wouldn't cooperate with Valentin, so he decided to show everyone what would happen if they failed to listen to his orders. Valentin took aim at Laura, but Kevin jumped into the path of the bullet. Dante sprang into action and attacked one of the guards as Laura stared at Kevin with horror when she realized that he'd been shot.

In the tunnels, Lulu realized that she was lost. She decided to forge ahead but was frightened when she stumbled upon a skeleton.

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