General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 11, 2016 on GH

A mystery man named Theo took everyone on Cassadine Island hostage. Alexis stabbed Julian when he attacked Julian. Elizabeth admitted that she was attracted to Franco. Nina asked Curtis to investigate Claudette.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 11, 2016 on GH
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Helena accuses Nikolas of plotting to kill her Helena accuses Nikolas of plotting to kill her

Monday, July 11, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina sat at the bar and asked for her usual. The bartender had no idea what Nina was talking about, so she sheepishly gave her order for a salad. Carly sat a few barstools down and bit back a smile as the bartender asked for Nina's name. After the bartender walked away, Carly wondered if Nina had been working. Nina nodded and explained that she had a dilemma because Nina had intended to put Julian on the cover of Crimson's real men issue.

Carly questioned if it would be wise for a reputable fashion magazine to cash in on Julian's notoriety. Nina agreed that it would be wrong, but it might also be lucrative. Nina changed the subject to ask why Carly was still at work. Carly admitted that she'd been trying to solve a mystery and told Nina about Josslyn's illness, the kidney transplant, and the mystery about the origins of the kidney. Carly added that it hadn't lessened Elizabeth and Jason's sacrifice, but Carly wanted to know where the kidney had been found. Carly was surprised when she noticed Nina's tears, and she handed Nina a napkin.

Nina admitted that she was deeply touched by Carly's story because Nina had been a mother for a very brief time and recalled the dreams she'd had for her baby. Carly appreciated the understanding and explained that she needed answers for Josslyn's sake. Nina offered to run a story in Crimson about Carly's journey and the quest for information, but Carly wasn't sure that she was ready to share her story with the world. Nina suggested that it might provide leads. Carly realized that Nina was right and agreed to do the interview.

At the hospital, Michael approached Sabrina and handed her a cup of coffee that had been prepared the way she liked it. Sabrina smiled and thanked him as he sat down beside her and asked for news about Teddy. Sabrina explained that Teddy had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days for observation and tests. Michael assured Sabrina that Teddy would be fine, just as Tracy walked up. Tracy agreed and credited Finn with saving "little Edward." Sabrina wanted to thank Finn, but she had no idea how.

Tracy had an idea and left. Michael wondered what his great-aunt was up to, so Sabrina invited him to take a break and catch up with Tracy. Michael declined because he wanted to stay with Sabrina. Sabrina was touched and confessed that he'd been wonderful to her and her son. She quietly admitted that it felt as if she, Michael, and Teddy were a family. Michael smiled, but he didn't want to pressure her into anything and asked what she wanted.

Sabrina explained that she was sure of two things -- she wanted her son to be healthy, and she wanted to be a nurse again. She admitted that watching the nurses with her son had made her realize how much she had missed being a nurse. Michael offered to talk to Monica and Bobbie on Sabrina's behalf. Touched, Sabrina hugged him. Sabrina and Michael looked into each other's eyes for a long moment and kissed.

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn was on the phone with his supplier. He begged the person to send him another shipment of the life-saving medications, but the person refused. Finn grew increasingly frustrated and made it clear that he'd pay whatever was necessary to get the drugs. He begged for the name of another supplier as someone began to incessantly knock on the door. Finn yelled at the person at the door to go away, but the knocking continued. Finn's temper flared when the person he'd been talking to on the phone abruptly ended the call.

In the hallway, Hayden switched tactics and called out to Finn, pretending to be a member of the hotel staff. She threatened to call security because guests had complained about the noise from his suite. Finn angrily threw open the door, but he stopped short when he saw Hayden. She brushed past him as she announced that she was there to help because she had picked up a variety of vitamins and other holistic items to combat his illness. Annoyed, Finn explained that "voodoo medicine" was useless.

Hayden was curious if Finn had found a new supplier, but he resented the term. Hayden assured Finn that she didn't judge him because she had "dabbled" in the "legalized stuff" when she'd been in a recreational mood, but he insisted that he didn't want to talk about it. Hayden offered to contact one of the many connections her father had made in the pharmaceutical industry to get the drugs for Finn, but his temper flared as he angrily accused her of trying to make herself feel better by helping him because of what her father had done. Hayden was hurt that he thought so little of her, but he was unapologetic and reminded her that she could land in jail if she helped him.

Hayden assured Finn that she could take care of herself, but he was livid and told her that he had enough to deal with without being responsible for her. Finn marched to the door and opened it as he demanded that Hayden leave. Tracy stood in the hallway, ready to knock, and cleared her throat as Finn stared Hayden down. Finn invited Tracy inside, but Hayden objected because Hayden and Finn had been in the middle of something important. Finn made it clear that he wanted Hayden to leave.

Reluctantly, Hayden left. Tracy tactfully reminded Finn that the hotel's walls were thin, but he was curious why she was there. Tracy revealed that she had good news and told him that she'd persuaded Monica to reinstate him at the hospital. Finn was pleasantly surprised when she returned his hospital identification badge. Finn thanked Tracy and decided to go to work.

A short time later, Tracy sat in the hotel's restaurant and ordered a drink. Hayden suddenly appeared and sat down at the table to inform Tracy that they had to talk about Finn. Tracy explained that there was nothing to discuss because Tracy had gotten his job back, but Hayden explained that it didn't matter because they needed all of Tracy's considerable influence to save Finn's life.

At the hospital, Michael feared that it had been too soon to kiss Sabrina, but she disagreed. Relieved, Michael leaned down to kiss her again, but Sabrina spotted Finn as Finn exited the elevator, and she quickly approached the doctor to thank him for everything he'd done for Teddy. Finn explained that he was in a rush and walked away.

In an examination room, Laura questioned Spencer about his second cell phone. Spencer became evasive, but Laura demanded an answer. Spencer warned his grandmother that she couldn't handle the truth, but Laura wasn't satisfied. Spencer claimed that the number was to a telemarketer for a charity, but Laura and Kevin saw through the lie. Spencer resented Kevin's involvement, but Laura scolded her grandson for being rude and decided to hit redial on the phone. Spencer objected, but Laura ignored him.

Seconds later, someone answered the call, but the connection was poor, and the call eventually dropped without Laura discovering who the number belonged to. Laura offered Spencer an opportunity to tell her, but Spencer refused until Laura threatened to take the phone to Dante. Resigned, Spencer admitted that he'd been talking to Nikolas. Laura didn't believe Spencer because she knew her son's phone number, and it wasn't the one that Spencer had been calling. However, Kevin quietly urged Laura to hear Spencer out.

Laura was stunned when Spencer explained that Nikolas was alive. Spencer added that Nikolas had faked his death and gone on the lam. According to Spencer, Nikolas had told Spencer that something would happen after the Nurses Ball that would make it appear that Nikolas had died, but it had been a ruse for Nikolas to disappear. Laura admitted that her son had been acting strangely for a while, but Kevin wondered what Nikolas would need to escape from. "Not from what, from who," Laura answered. Laura was curious if Nikolas had intended to tell her that he was alive, but Spencer didn't have an answer.

Spencer revealed that Nikolas had told Spencer to be ready because Nikolas had intended to fetch Spencer. Spencer told his grandmother about the burner phone and Nikolas' scheduled phone calls to check in. Spencer confessed that he'd hated lying, but Laura assured Spencer that she understood why he'd done it. However, she wasn't happy with her son. Laura instructed Spencer to get dressed and went into the hallway with Kevin.

Kevin was curious what was going on, but Laura hesitated to tell him because she didn't want to put Kevin in a difficult position. Kevin promised that she could trust him to keep her secrets, so Laura revealed that Nikolas might face criminal charges if he returned to Port Charles. Laura didn't want her son to go to jail, but she also didn't want Jason being falsely accused of a crime. Kevin asked what Laura intended to do. She admitted that she had no idea.

On Cassadine Island, Ava and Nikolas huddled in a corner as she urged him to use the cell phone. Nikolas reminded her that he needed to wait for a lull in the storm to get a signal. Ava became concerned when she noticed Nikolas wince. Nikolas admitted that his head hurt.

Nearby, Jason handed Sam a fireplace poker to protect herself because he was certain that someone else was on the island and had knocked Nikolas out. Sam and Jason discussed who might be spying on them, but neither had any idea. Sam suggested that they tie up Nikolas and Ava for the night because Jason and Sam needed to get some rest, but Jason decided against it because he was certain that Nikolas would put up a fight. Jason didn't want to risk killing Nikolas when he was trying to prove that Nikolas was alive.

Meanwhile, someone spied on both couples as Ava cried out for help with Nikolas when Nikolas swayed on his feet. Jason and Sam grudgingly took Nikolas to Helena's bedroom. Ava was impressed with the opulent suite, but her awe turned to annoyance when Jason dropped Nikolas into a chair and ordered Nikolas to sleep. Ava reminded Jason that Nikolas had suffered a head wound, but Jason seemed unconcerned as he and Sam left and locked the door. Nikolas suddenly jumped up and sighed with relief that Jason and Sam had left quickly.

Ava was surprised when Nikolas pulled out his cell phone and explained that he had to check in with Spencer and couldn't risk Jason and Sam finding the cell phone. Seconds later, Nikolas' phone rang. Before he could answer the call, Jason and Sam burst into the bedroom and grabbed the phone from Nikolas. Jason answered the call, but the signal was weak and quickly dropped. Jason instructed Sam to pat Ava down and check if Ava was hiding something. Ava sputtered with outrage, but Jason ignored her and ordered both Ava and Nikolas to remove their shoes, since they couldn't get far on the island without footwear.

Ava pointed out that the bedroom was several stories above the ground, but Jason didn't care. Sam wandered over to the window and quickly called Jason over when she saw a boat in the water. Ava noticed Nikolas surreptitiously hide something in his trousers under the guise of untying his shoes. Jason returned from the window and snapped his fingers as he demanded that Ava and Nikolas hand over the shoes. After Ava and Nikolas complied, Jason and Sam left, locking the door behind them.

Ava strolled to the bed and lay down as Nikolas searched the dresser drawers. Ava conceded that Helena's bed was comfortable, but Nikolas revealed that his grandmother had died in it. Ava jumped out and looked at the bed with alarm as she sarcastically said there was nothing ominous about being in a dead woman's bed while stranded on an island in the middle of a violent storm. Ava wandered around the bedroom but stopped when she noticed a book on the floor. Curious, she picked it up and opened it. Ava revealed that it was Helena's journal, but Nikolas claimed that it was a forgery because his grandmother hadn't kept one.

Nikolas asked to see it, but Ava held it out of reach and opened it to the last entry, dated November 18, 2015. Nikolas tensed as Ava read the entry aloud, which began with Helena writing that she could feel her "beloved Mikkos, Stavros -- even Stefan" gathered to escort her into the next life because someone on the staff had been poisoning her. Helena wrote that she had discovered the treachery too late. However, Helena had taken steps to ensure that her enemies would feel her wrath "for years to come." Ava was shocked as she read Helena's closing words, which accused Nikolas of being the "Judas" behind the plot to kill Helena.

Ava asked if it was true. Nikolas denied it and claimed that Helena had been paranoid. Ava reminded him that everyone made mistakes. She pointed out that his plan to disappear and start a new life had failed. Nikolas reluctantly agreed. Ava admitted that she had failed, too, but she refused to dwell on regrets because they didn't inspire respect from underlings or fear from enemies. Nikolas was curious what he was to her, since he was neither an underling nor an enemy. Ava admitted that it remained to be seen, but he wondered if she'd ever wished that she could have a "do-over."

Ava confessed that it depended on what would happen between them, and she kissed Nikolas. Passion quickly flared to life as Ava ran her hands seductively over his body until she suddenly pulled a small velvet pouch from the front of his trousers. Nikolas realized that she'd played him, but Ava was curious what Nikolas had been hiding. Ava's eyes lit with excitement when she poured the contents out on the bed and saw a handful of sparkling diamonds. She gathered them up in her hand and smiled because she'd found his "family jewels."

In the living room, a man looked at the tome of the Cassadine family history. He slammed it shut and moved away, knocking over a vase. The mystery man quickly ducked out of sight when he heard Jason and Sam return. Jason and Sam immediately noticed the smashed vase, but Jason decided that it was pointless to search for an intruder because the house was too big, and Jason and Sam were too tired. Jason suggested that they find a bedroom and barricade themselves in for the night. Sam agreed and followed Jason.

Moments later, Jason and Sam silently slipped up behind the intruder and caught him on the staircase. Jason dragged the man to the living room and shoved him on the sofa. Jason snapped his fingers at the man and demanded to know who the man was. The man had a heavy Greek accent, and he identified himself as Theo. Theo claimed that he was a fisherman and had tried to outrun the storm, but his boat had taken on water, which had forced Theo to seek shelter on the island. Theo assured Jason and Sam that he'd rather be anywhere than Cassadine Island because people disappeared on the island.

Jason questioned how Theo had gotten into the house. Theo revealed that he'd occasionally delivered fish to the cook, so he'd entered through the kitchen. Jason wondered how long Theo had been in the house and what he'd seen. Theo admitted that he had seen Jason and Sam escort a couple upstairs and that the man had appeared wounded. Jason explained that someone had struck the man in the head, but Theo assured Jason that it wasn't any of Theo's business. Sam informed Theo that the couple he'd seen were fugitives, but Theo merely nodded and asked if he could stay.

Jason agreed and invited Theo to warm himself by the fire. Theo went to the fireplace, and Sam decided to stay with Jason as he watched over Theo. She suggested that she could catch Jason up on the Cassadine family history, and she picked up the heavy book bearing the Cassadine family crest.

At the fireplace, Theo's jacket sleeve slid up to reveal a tattoo of the Cassadine family crest.

Tracy and Hayden agree to help Finn

Tracy and Hayden agree to help Finn

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In Julian's hospital room, Dante recited the Miranda warning and asked if Julian had understood. Julian was alert and resting in a bed as he stared at Griffin, who stood quietly in the corner. "Get the hell out of my face," Julian growled at Dante without taking his eyes off of Griffin. Dante listed the numerous crimes that Julian had been charged with, including murder and attempted murder, but Julian refused to react. After Dante left, Julian invited Griffin to speak his mind. Griffin decided that he had nothing to add and told Julian that the surgery had been a success.

After Griffin left, Anna entered the room and shut the door. "Welcome to the rest of your life," Anna told Julian. Julian wondered if seeing him handcuffed to the bed was everything that she had dreamed of. She quietly admitted that it was close. Julian was surprised and questioned why she seemed subdued. Anna told him that it had been a waste that such a "vile and deceitful coward" like Julian had dismantled so many lives.

Anna explained that the scales of justice were supposed to balance things out, but they never would in Julian's case because Julian would get to spend the rest of his life in jail for murdering the love of Anna's life. Anna accused Julian of being a fraud who had sold himself to Alexis and his family as a "knockdown" version of Sonny by pretending to be a good guy who had done bad things. However, she assured him that everyone knew the truth. Anna was disgusted that he'd been willing to let Alexis take the fall for his crime, and when that had failed, he had tried to kill his wife to save himself. Julian reminded Anna that his fate could have been hers, but she disagreed because she hadn't murdered anyone.

Julian pointed out that Anna had thought she'd killed Carlos and had kept quiet about it for months, but Anna reminded Julian that she had owned up to what she'd done and had learned from her mistakes. Anna informed Julian that she was done with him because she intended to spend the rest of the summer visiting her daughter and granddaughter. She added that she could leave town because she was a free woman who hadn't thrown her life away. Anna told Julian that she hated him, and she left.

At the nurses' station, Amy spoke to someone on the phone as she told the person that she had to work the overnight shift. She admitted that she didn't want to because it wasn't fun working where people were being murdered. However, she assured the person that she had her pepper spray attached to her keychain. Moments later, Finn marched up and ordered Amy to end the call. After Amy complied, Finn asked if she knew who had cleared out his lab. Amy had no idea and wondered why he'd ask her.

Finn explained that Amy seemed to know everything that happened around the hospital. Amy smiled with pride but admitted that she didn't know who had taken his research. However, she suggested that he speak to Liesl because Dr. Obrecht clearly hated him. Frustrated, Finn started to walk away, but Griffin called out to him. Griffin started to ask how Finn was doing, but Finn revealed that someone had taken Finn's research. Finn suspected that it was because the person had been searching for evidence against Finn, but Finn was desperate to track down his research.

Finn asked Griffin to help, but Griffin noticed that Finn didn't look well and wondered when Finn had last eaten or hydrated himself. Annoyed, Finn insisted that he was fine, and he stormed off. Amy walked up and commented on Finn's mercurial mood. Griffin wondered if Amy had seen Finn in a similar state -- pale and sweaty -- in the past. "Occasionally," Amy answered. Amy added that Finn appeared to be a loner, but she added that the patients adored him.

A short time later, Griffin saw Anna at the elevators and immediately approached her when he realized that she was upset. Anna's eyes were filled with tears as she slid down the wall and sat on the floor. Griffin sat down beside her, and he took her hand in his as she opened up about her plans to spend time in Berkeley. Griffin was happy for Anna because she deserved a break, and he knew that Emma would be thrilled, but he admitted that he would miss Anna because she had become his touchstone. He realized that he and Anna hadn't known each other long, but he assured her that he meant it.

Anna was moved and confessed that she felt the same about Griffin. Griffin shifted gears by asking about her talk with Julian. Anna admitted that it had been awful, and she thought it was unfair that Duke was dead while Julian was alive. However, she realized that she'd been holding onto vengeance since Duke had died and calling it justice. Anna acknowledged that the two were different because justice was empowering, while vengeance was diminishing.

Anna acknowledged that letting go of the anger had freed her. Griffin suggested that she had liberated her spirit, but Anna smiled and told him that she wouldn't go that far because she took satisfaction in knowing that Julian had lost everything and only had himself to blame. Griffin changed the subject because he had a question for her. He explained that he'd made mistakes that he wasn't proud of, and she assured him that everyone made mistakes. Griffin appreciated her understanding, but he wondered what Duke would think of him.

Anna assured Griffin that Duke would love and accept Griffin with open arms and an open heart. She promised that Duke wouldn't dwell on the past because Duke would want to focus on building a relationship with his son. Griffin admitted that he didn't feel as if he'd lost his father completely because Griffin had Anna. Anna smiled and told Griffin that having Griffin in Port Charles gave her a reason to return. Griffin asked her to promise that she would return, so she reminded him that Port Charles was her home. Griffin admitted that it was his home, too, and he hugged Anna.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Hayden explained to Tracy that Finn was sick and out of the medications needed to treat the disease. Hayden added that without Hayden and Tracy's help, Finn would die, but Tracy suspected that Hayden was lying. Hayden insisted that she didn't have anything to gain by making the story up, but Tracy questioned why no one except Hayden knew about Finn's illness. Hayden revealed that she'd been present twice when Finn had nearly died because he hadn't had access to his medications. Tracy frowned because she didn't understand why Finn had trouble getting the drugs.

Hayden deftly evaded the question by reiterating that Finn needed their help and was too proud to ask for it. Hayden was determined to help Finn -- whether he liked it or not -- but she couldn't do it without Tracy because Hayden needed Tracy's influence and money. Hayden knew that Finn would be mortified if he knew that Hayden had appealed to Tracy for help, but Tracy didn't care because she intended to repay Finn for saving Tracy's life. Hayden warned Tracy that Finn had been forced to get the life-saving medications from another country, but he was too weak and sick to travel, which meant that Hayden was his only hope. Tracy corrected Hayden by reminding Hayden that Tracy would help.

Nearby, Lulu arrived to meet her mother and noticed that Laura had two glasses of wine. Laura explained that one of the glasses was for Lulu, but Lulu declined because she'd started hormone treatments in preparation for the IVF treatment. Laura was embarrassed that she'd forgotten about Lulu and Dante's decision to have another baby and apologized. Lulu assured her mother that it was fine because Lulu knew that Laura had had a lot on her mind with Nikolas' disappearance. Lulu admitted that it was hard for her to believe that Nikolas was gone, but Lulu confided that she and Dante had decided to honor Nikolas by naming their child after him.

Laura cut Lulu off to reveal that Nikolas was alive. Lulu was stunned as Laura explained that Nikolas had staged his death and had been in contact with Spencer. Lulu was furious that her brother had pulled Spencer into the ruse, but Lulu admitted that she was grateful that Nikolas was alive. Laura agreed and added that she needed Lulu's advice because Laura didn't know if she should go to the authorities. Dante walked up in time to hear Laura mention talking to the police and asked what was going on. Laura assured Lulu that she'd expected Lulu to tell Dante.

Lulu and Laura filled Dante in about the latest developments with Nikolas. Dante was curious if Laura had talked to Nikolas, so she admitted that she hadn't. Laura assured Dante that neither she nor Spencer knew where Nikolas was, but she asked Dante not to say anything for a few days because Laura wanted an opportunity to persuade Nikolas to return to Port Charles. Dante frowned because he thought that Laura had no idea where Nikolas was, but Laura explained that she only had a theory. Laura suggested that they start their search on Cassadine Island.

Laura revealed that with Helena dead, anyone left on the island would help Nikolas remain in hiding. Moments later, Tracy and Hayden walked up. Tracy had heard about what had happened to Nikolas and offered her condolences to both Laura and Lulu. Laura and Lulu thanked Tracy and waited for Tracy and Hayden to leave. Laura and Lulu agreed that it would be best not to involve Hayden. Meanwhile, Dante decided to accompany Laura and Lulu to Greece because he knew that they'd go without him. Grateful, Laura excused herself to call Kevin and let him know that she would be out of town for a while, searching for Nikolas.

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn picked up his journal to jot down some notes, but he slammed it shut in frustration and took out his cell phone to call someone. Finn's anger mounted when his call went unanswered. He threw his cell phone across the room but quickly apologized to Roxy because he knew that his bearded dragon didn't like loud noises. Finn paced the living room and told Roxy that he was running out of time. Moments later, someone knocked on his door.

Finn was surprised when he saw Tracy and Hayden standing on his doorstep. Tracy took one look at Finn and decided that she and Hayden had arrived in the nick of time. Tracy entered his suite as she scolded him for not turning to her for help. Hayden admitted that she'd been forced to call in the cavalry because she couldn't help Finn alone. Tracy cut to the chase by asking what drugs Finn needed to stay alive, but Finn explained that he needed a drug mule because the medications were illegal in the United States and had to be smuggled in from another country. Tracy assured Finn that both Tracy and Hayden would do whatever was necessary to keep him alive.

On Cassadine Island, Ava stared at the diamonds that Nikolas had been hiding in a small velvet pouch. She scooped them up from Helena's bed and returned them to the pouch as she asked if he had intended to tell her about the fortune in diamonds. Nikolas took the pouch from Ava and admitted that he hadn't. Ava was hurt by Nikolas' lack of trust despite her efforts to help him, but he pointed out that Ava had been free to remain in London. Ava disagreed and reminded him that Huxley Lynch had been after her, but Nikolas was unmoved and insisted that he hadn't been obligated to share his secrets with her.

Ava wanted to know what Nikolas' attempt to stage his disappearance had to do with the diamonds. "Nothing -- and everything," Nikolas cryptically replied. Resigned, Nikolas admitted that his marriage to Hayden had been unconventional and that "all hell" had broken loose when he'd learned the truth about Hayden's true identity. Ava wondered if the diamonds had belonged to Hayden. "Not legally," he answered. Nikolas revealed that Hayden had hidden a diamond necklace from the authorities when they had seized her assets after Raymond Berlin's incarceration.

Ava wondered if Hayden was looking for the diamonds, but Nikolas shook his head and explained that his disappearance meant that Hayden had no idea where to search for the gems. Ava was curious if faking his death, giving up his life as a Cassadine, allowing his family to grieve, and having his son cover for him had been worth "a sack of diamonds." Nikolas didn't answer, which confirmed Ava's suspicion that there was more to Nikolas' story than he'd told her. Ava demanded to know what he had dragged her into without telling her. Nikolas admitted that Hayden had something on him that could rip him away from Spencer and send Nikolas to prison for life.

In the living room, Theo warmed his hands by the fireplace as his jacket sleeve rode up to reveal that he had a tattoo of the Cassadine family crest on his wrist. Theo carefully covered it as Jason invited Theo to have a seat and rest while Sam asked if Theo was warm. Theo thanked Jason and Sam for allowing him to ride out the storm in the house, but Jason gave Sam all the credit because she had a soft heart. Sam insisted that she wouldn't have tossed someone out into the storm. Theo laughed because he was certain that the Cassadines would have.

Jason suggested that Theo could return the favor by taking Jason and Sam to the mainland on Theo's boat after the storm passed. Theo asked if he would be expected to take the two prisoners, as well, prompting Jason to wonder if it would be a problem. Theo made it clear that he didn't want any trouble, so Jason decided that it might be best if Theo didn't get any further involved. Jason assured Theo that Jason and Sam would find another boat. Theo was curious if Jason, Sam, and the prisoners would be leaving the island in the morning, but Sam became suspicious because Theo asked a lot of questions for someone who claimed that he didn't want any part of what was going on.

Theo immediately apologized and assured Sam that he hadn't meant any offense. Sam told Theo that it was fine and acknowledged that it was a bizarre situation, but she promised Theo that both Ava Jerome and Nikolas Cassadine were "comfortable captives." Theo's eyes rounded with shock as he asked if he'd heard correctly that Prince Nikolas Cassadine was in residence. Sam was curious if Theo knew Nikolas, so Theo explained that everyone around the islands knew of the prince. Jason's eyes narrowed because he questioned why Theo hadn't recognized Nikolas when Theo had spied on them.

Theo clarified that he'd met Nikolas once when they'd been teenagers. Theo added that he hadn't had any reason to believe that the man he'd seen was Nikolas because Theo had heard the reports of Nikolas' accident and the prince's subsequent disappearance. Jason studied Theo carefully as he asked if Theo was relieved that Nikolas was alive. Theo admitted that he was both relieved and shocked. Jason immediately accused Theo of having an ulterior motive for being on the island and demanded to know what Theo wanted with Nikolas.

In the bedroom, Ava assured Nikolas that she knew what it was like to do something unforgiveable that she wished she could take back. She talked about what it was like to try to cover her tracks only to realize that she'd made a mistake despite every effort to be careful. Nikolas conceded that she could empathize with his situation, but he didn't want to know how she'd gained the insight. Ava assured Nikolas that the two of them weren't that different. Seconds later, Jason knocked on the door and announced that Nikolas had a visitor.

Theo smiled at Nikolas and said that he was happy Nikolas was alive and safe in the Cassadine ancestral home. After Jason and Sam herded everyone into the living room, Sam returned Ava's shoes to Ava. Jason decided that they would all remain together in the living room for the rest of the night. Nearby, Theo complimented Nikolas' wife, but Nikolas clarified that he and Ava were not married. Jason listened intently as Nikolas asked if Theo had worked for Helena. Theo repeated his story about being a fisherman and admitted that he'd met Nikolas years earlier when Theo's father had delivered fish to the kitchens.

Nikolas apologized because he didn't recall Theo, but Theo wasn't offended. Meanwhile, Sam approached Jason and admitted that she was exhausted. She wondered if Jason would be able to remain awake, and he assured her that it wouldn't be a problem because he wanted to keep a close eye on things. Sam doubted that Nikolas and Ava would try to escape, but Jason glanced at Theo as he quietly clarified that Theo was the one he was concerned about. Nearby, Theo studied the family tree in the heavy tome bearing the Cassadine family crest.

Maxie persuades Nina not to fire Claudette

Maxie persuades Nina not to fire Claudette

> Maxie persuades Nina not to fire Claudette

Maxie persuades Nina not to fire Claudette

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Alexis sat on her sofa in her bathrobe and glanced at her wedding ring set. She hesitated a moment then tugged the rings off and set them on the table. Moments later, Sonny knocked. Alexis opened the door as Sonny smiled and asked if he could enter. Alexis pointed out that he ordinarily didn't ask, but he explained that it was an exception because he knew that she'd had a difficult night. Alexis appreciated Sonny's sensitivity and invited him inside.

Sonny admitted that he was glad that Alexis was okay. "Am I?" she asked as her voice quivered with emotion. Alexis and Sonny sat down on the sofa as she invited him to tell her that he'd told her so. Sonny admitted it wasn't fun to say when it was expected. However, he reminded her that he'd been right about Julian. Alexis disagreed because there had been a time when Julian had left the mob and kept his promises to her. "It was a great ten minutes," Alexis added.

Sonny admitted that as much as he disliked Julian, he'd been more troubled by the way that Julian had clouded Alexis' judgment. He promised that he wasn't there to gloat because he was there as a friend. Touched, Alexis rested her head on Sonny's shoulder and cried. Afterwards, Sonny asked where she stood with the police. Alexis assured Sonny that she wouldn't face any charges, which pleased him because she had cooperated with the police by wearing a wire.

Alexis became emotional as she talked about the mistakes she had made in life, a few of which had resulted in the births of three magnificent daughters. Sonny assured Alexis that the worst was over because Julian would soon be on his way to prison, but she regretted that she hadn't turned Julian in when he'd first told her about ordering the hit on Duke because it would have spared everyone endless grief. Sonny reminded her that hindsight was 20/20. Alexis promised that her vision was clear because she couldn't ignore how far down Julian had dragged her. Sonny knew she was hurt and blamed herself, but he reminded her that Julian had been responsible for everything.

Sonny urged Alexis to give herself a break because she had gotten Julian to confess. Sonny shifted gears to ask how she had managed to fake the pregnancy test, but she credited Anna for the idea. Alexis' eyes filled with unshed tears as she recalled how Anna had raged at Julian after Duke's murder and how Alexis had blamed Anna's grief for the hateful words. Alexis realized that Anna had known Julian better than Alexis had, but Sonny reiterated that Alexis had done a brave thing by wearing a wire.

Alexis confessed that she never wanted to do something like that again. Sonny admitted that he didn't know if Alexis had stabbed Julian because Julian had deserved it or if she had tried to save Sonny's life, but Sonny was proud of Alexis. Sonny was also relieved that Julian hadn't died because Sonny wouldn't have wanted Alexis to blame herself. Alexis admitted that she was happy Julian had survived because she wanted him to pay for his crimes, including Julian's attempt to kill her. Sonny advised Alexis to remember that she'd taken Julian down.

At the door, Sonny asked if Alexis would be okay. She nodded and told him that she intended to meet Diane later that day to discuss the legal fallout of everything that had transpired. Sonny invited Alexis to call if she needed to talk because he cared about her. Alexis thanked him and closed the door. She picked up her phone to check her calendar to see what time her meeting with Diane was. She tensed when she noticed that July 13, 2016, was circled. Alexis quickly flipped back to June and then May as her expression turned troubled.

On the porch, Sonny called to check in with someone. "So, it's all set?" Sonny asked. He smiled when the person answered. "Fantastic," Sonny replied.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Hayden joined Tracy at the bar. Tracy announced that her jet would be ready to leave soon, but Hayden quietly confessed that Hayden wasn't interested in being a "drug mule" and risking going to jail. Tracy was surprised because Hayden hadn't had any qualms about swindling people. Hayden insisted that she wanted to help Finn, but not if she ended up in jail. Tracy decided to get Finn's drugs by herself, but she wanted Hayden to tell Finn.

Meanwhile, Finn tore apart his suite, searching for a vial of medication. He grew increasingly agitated as he tossed sofa cushions around the room and upended chairs without finding the missing vial. Finn looked at Roxy and told his bearded dragon not to judge him or watch him with condescension in her eyes. He reminded Roxy that her primary function was to support him and admitted that he desperately needed her help because he'd hidden a vial of the lifesaving serum in the suite when they had first moved in.

Finn resumed his search but returned from the bedroom empty-handed. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Tracy, with Hayden in tow. Finn growled that it wasn't a good time, but Tracy brushed past him as she entered the suite. Tracy immediately noticed the mess. Finn cryptically explained that he'd misplaced something, but Hayden realized that Finn had been looking for his "stash." Hayden asked if he'd run completely out of the medicine, but he claimed that he had a few doses left, which he intended to stretch out.

Tracy assured Finn that it wouldn't be necessary because she intended to fetch the medication and smuggle it into the country on her jet. Finn strenuously objected, but Tracy explained that she was his only hope, since Hayden refused to risk it. Hayden admitted that federal agents had been watching her, but Finn assured Hayden that he hadn't expected her to put herself in danger for him. Finn warned Tracy not to get involved because she was still recovering from a deadly illness that had left her body weak. Finn continued his search for the vial as he and Tracy argued. Tracy insisted that it was her decision to make.

Tracy admitted that she had underworld connections because of a series of "unfortunate marriages," but Finn suddenly found the hidden vial and assured her that it he wouldn't need her help. Suspicious, Tracy asked if the vial was his last dose of medication, but Finn reiterated that he had more vials. He announced that he had to get to work and ordered the ladies to leave. Tracy objected, but Hayden dragged Tracy out. After Tracy and Hayden left, Finn closed the door and raced to the cabinet to retrieve his syringe.

In the hallway, Tracy expressed annoyance with Hayden and marched off. Hayden followed Tracy to the restaurant as they bickered about Finn's situation and how to help him. Tracy was frustrated because they had no idea what the name of Finn's medication was. "Zekenestrol," Hayden answered. Hayden held up an invoice that she had pilfered from his suite. Hayden added that she knew someone in the United States who might be able to obtain the drug, but it was the last person that Hayden wanted to ask for a favor.

At Crimson, Claudette entered Nina's office and showered Nina with praise for turning the fashion magazine around with the green issue. Claudette admitted that she couldn't tell if it had been planned or if Nina had made things up as Nina went along. Nina smiled and poured a cup of coffee as Claudette asked if there would be room to improvise because Claudette did her best work in the moment. Nina was impressed with the magazine's new graphic designer. Maxie walked in as Nina asked what the "C" in C.J.'s name stood for. "Claudette," Maxie answered.

Nina nearly choked on a sip of coffee. After she finished coughing, Nina asked if Claudette was the same woman who'd once been married to Nina's "beautiful little brother." Maxie confirmed that Claudette was Nathan's ex-wife, prompting Nina to glare at Claudette. Claudette smiled sweetly as she explained that C.J. Bolland was her professional name and that she hadn't used Nathan's last name for the interview because Claudette had wanted to get the job on her own merit. Claudette quickly reminded Nina that Nina had been impressed with Claudette's work and promised that she wouldn't expect any special treatment moving forward.

Nina assured Claudette that it wouldn't be a problem and fired Claudette. Maxie asked Claudette to wait in the reception area because Maxie wanted a private word with Nina. After Claudette left, Nina demanded to know how the new hire had turned out to be the "lying tramp" who had married Nathan for a green card. Maxie explained that Claudette had insisted that it had been a coincidence, but Nina scoffed. Maxie agreed that it had been a lie, but Maxie asked Nina not to fire Claudette because Maxie didn't trust Nathan's ex-wife and wanted to keep a close eye on her until she figured out what Claudette was up to.

In the reception area, Curtis walked up and asked if Nina was in her office. Claudette nodded but added that Nina was in a meeting. A few minutes later, Nina and Maxie joined them. Nina announced that Maxie had persuaded Nina not to fire Claudette. Grateful, Claudette thanked Nina for giving her a chance, but Nina reiterated that Maxie deserved all the credit. Nina conceded that she might have overreacted because she was very protective of Nathan, but Maxie had pointed out that if Maxie could get past Nathan's history, then Nina could as well. Claudette pasted on a smile as she thanked Maxie.

Nina suggested that Nina, Maxie, and Claudette focus on putting out a great magazine. Maxie and Claudette agreed. Satisfied, Nina invited Curtis into her office while Maxie showed Claudette around. Nina continued to smile until Maxie and Claudette were gone. Curtis was surprised when Nina ranted about a "smarmy tramp" as she shut the door. Nina vowed that Claudette would regret messing with Nathan, but she quickly changed the subject to give Curtis his first assignment.

Nina handed Curtis a piece of paper as she explained that she intended to do a story about botched plastic surgeries. Nina asked Curtis to investigate the reputable surgeons on the list and then find the frauds. Curtis reminded Nina that he wasn't a journalist, but Nina explained that she needed Curtis to gather the background information because her writers lacked his skills as an investigator. Curtis suggested that Nina not limit him to one assignment and offered to investigate the "smarmy green card vixen." Nina smiled, provided Curtis with Claudette's name, and filled him in on how Claudette had ended up working for the magazine.

Curtis admitted that he knew what it was like to be protective of a sibling, but he warned Nina not to let anger cloud her judgment. Nina thanked him for the advice and promised that once she had what she needed, she would proceed calmly and logically to get rid of Claudette.

Meanwhile, Maxie returned to the reception area and spotted Claudette's purse. She was about to open it, but Claudette walked up with two cups of coffee and handed one to Maxie. Claudette thanked Maxie for going to bat for her, but Maxie said it had been best for Crimson. Claudette promised that she was only interested in the job and wanted what was best for Nathan. Maxie was curious what Claudette thought was best for Nathan, so Claudette smiled innocently and told Maxie that Nathan's happiness was paramount and added that he'd found it with Maxie.

Claudette promised that she had no intention of butting into Nathan's life, but Maxie assured Claudette that it wouldn't be a problem, since Nathan and Claudette were over. Maxie suggested that she and Claudette take things one day at a time, and she left. Claudette picked up her phone and looked at Nathan and Maxie's wedding announcement until Nina stepped out to invite Claudette into the office to sign a contract. Curtis assured Nina that he would take care of things, and he left.

At the hospital, Nathan bumped into Griffin. After they exchanged greetings, Nathan announced that Griffin had been cleared as a suspect in the derisifol murders because Griffin's alibis had checked out.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth was reading an email on her phone when Franco walked up. Elizabeth was glad to see him and held up her phone as she asked if he knew anything about the email. Franco smiled and freely admitted that he'd applied to an art camp on Jake's behalf. Annoyed, Elizabeth asked why he'd done it, so he reminded her that it was a great opportunity for her son. Franco realized that Elizabeth might miss Jake, but he promised that Jake would only be gone for a few weeks.

Elizabeth pulled Franco aside to explain that she couldn't afford to send Jake to the camp because she was a single mother raising three sons on a nurse's salary. Franco instructed her to look at the bottom of the email where it stated that financial assistance would be available for qualifying children. Elizabeth insisted that it didn't matter because it wouldn't be fair to Cameron, who had been asking to go to Space Camp for years, and Aiden, who wanted to attend the School of Rock. Elizabeth doubted that she'd get scholarships for all three of her sons. Franco's smile faded because he finally understood her dilemma.

However, Franco suggested that Elizabeth consider raising money online, but she refused to consider it. Franco apologized because he hadn't thought things through, but she insisted that he should have checked with her first. Franco admitted that he was still learning to be considerate, but he felt bad because it had meant a lot when she'd told him that she thought of him as a friend. Elizabeth assured Franco that she'd meant it, but she decided to set some boundaries and asked him to talk to her the next time he had any plans for Jake.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany called to request that a nurse be sent to replace one who had called off from work. Nathan heard the frustration in Epiphany's voice and asked if the flu had been going around. Epiphany explained that it was a "sick-out" because a serial killer was on the loose in the hospital. Epiphany feared that there wouldn't be a hospital to return to if it continued. Nathan wondered if perhaps the killer's goal had been to close down the hospital. Epiphany informed Nathan that the killer would have to go through her first, but Nathan was confident that the killer would be brought to justice soon.

Later, Elizabeth approached Epiphany to ask a favor. Epiphany worried that Elizabeth resented the extra shifts, but Elizabeth assured Epiphany that she didn't mind working when needed. However, Elizabeth requested that Epiphany schedule Elizabeth for shifts when Franco wasn't working. Alarmed, Epiphany asked if Elizabeth feared that Franco had returned to his serial killer ways. Elizabeth shook her head and admitted that she'd been spending too much time with Franco. Epiphany was surprised that it was an issue because Franco and Elizabeth had been as "thick as thieves" for months.

Elizabeth explained that she and Franco were friends, but he might want more because she'd inadvertently sent him the wrong signals. Elizabeth implored Epiphany to help, so Epiphany agreed to accommodate her request. Relieved, Elizabeth admitted that she didn't want to have to cross paths with Franco, unaware that he'd overheard her.

Later, Franco approached Epiphany. "What fresh hell are you bringing me now?" Epiphany asked. Franco assured her that she wouldn't have to reschedule his shifts and mentioned that he'd heard about the nurses calling off from work because of a misguided sense of self-preservation. Franco thought it was selfish and wondered why he should bother being nice to anyone when he ended up back at square one over a single misstep. Franco announced that he was through being nice and walked away. Epiphany's expression clouded with concern.

Later, Elizabeth entered the elevator, but Franco managed to slip in before the door closed. Elizabeth tensed but asked about his day. Franco frowned and suddenly hit the button to stop the elevator.

Meanwhile, Nathan caught up with Griffin to ask if Griffin had noticed any of the staff behaving strangely in the hours following Lucas' attack. Griffin admitted that he hadn't and suggested that Nathan request a schedule. Nathan explained that he had one, but he was trying to figure out if anyone had lingered around the hospital after their shift had ended. Moments later, Maxie walked up to ask to speak to Nathan. Griffin excused himself because he had a consult with Finn.

Maxie explained that she needed a favor -- she wanted Nathan to take Claudette to lunch.

Nearby, Griffin greeted Finn and admitted that it was good to have Finn back. Griffin noticed that Finn looked healthier than the previous day, but Finn resented Griffin monitoring Finn's health because it was none of Griffin's concern.

Franco and Liz open up about their feelings

Franco and Liz open up about their feelings

Thursday, July 14, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jordan was on the phone with Andre as she explained that Julian was in police custody, which meant that she had some free time later that evening. Jordan smiled as she agreed to meet him. She ended the call as Curtis walked up. Curtis greeted Jordan and asked if she'd made a decision about his request to be reinstated as a police officer. Jordan and Curtis sat down at the bar as he admitted that he'd been on fire to return to the police force because Valerie's graduation had made him nostalgic. However, Curtis realized that he was better suited to work alone and had decided to pursue a solo career as a private investigator. Jordan wasn't surprised because he didn't like answering to anyone.

Curtis agreed, but he was curious what Jordan had decided. Jordan insisted that it didn't matter and changed the subject by revealing that T.J. had overheard their conversation and knew that Shawn was T.J.'s father. Jordan became emotional as she added that T.J. had cut her out of his life for good, which didn't surprise Curtis. Jordan resented Curtis' attitude because he didn't have any room to judge her. She insisted that everything she'd done had been for T.J.'s own good, but Curtis argued that she justified everything, including her affair, deceiving both Tommy and Shawn about T.J.'s paternity, and lying to her own son. Curtis warned her that she wasn't as slick as she believed because he knew that she'd only been protecting herself.

At Perks Coffee, Kristina introduced Aaron to Carly. Carly and Aaron chatted a bit until Sonny cut in to ask Kristina about Alexis. Kristina explained that Alexis acted as if things were fine, but it was clear that Alexis was hurting because Julian had lied and humiliated Alexis. Aaron gently reminded Kristina that it was over because Julian was in police custody. Kristina smiled and sang Aaron's praises because he had kept Kristina and Molly from losing their minds while they had waited for Alexis to return home. Pleased, Sonny admitted that he was impressed with Aaron and confident that their business venture was in good hands.

Moments later, Molly and T.J. arrived to celebrate the coffee shop's grand opening. Sonny and Carly warmly greeted T.J. and Molly then invited them over for dinner. Aaron noticed the time and took the opportunity to thank Sonny for giving Aaron a chance. Aaron promised not let Sonny down, but Sonny admitted that Kristina deserved the credit because it had been her idea for Aaron to run Perks Coffee. Kristina assured Aaron that Sonny wouldn't have agreed if Aaron hadn't had a sound business plan.

"Here's to us making it a success -- together," Aaron said as he looked at both Kristina and Sonny. Sonny beamed with approval as Aaron vowed to put his heart and soul into making the business a success. Sonny and Carly gave Aaron their coffee orders and retreated to a table as Aaron went to work. Sonny was confident that Aaron would make him a lot of money and give Morgan something to focus on. Sonny noticed that Carly was preoccupied with her phone, so she explained that Nina had put some feelers out and had posted a bit of Josslyn's story on Crimson's website to raise interest in the upcoming article.

Carly was surprised because people had already responded, but Sonny cautioned Carly to be careful because not everyone could be trusted. Sonny implored Carly to let his people check out anyone that Carly wanted to meet. Carly agreed because she'd intended to ask Sonny to do just that. Sonny was leery about Carly using the fashion magazine to search for Josslyn's kidney donor, but Carly pointed out that his lead hadn't yielded any useful information. Carly became excited when she read a message from a young woman whose kidney had been sold through a broker when she had been a young girl.

According to the woman, it had been around the same time Josslyn had been ill. Carly's hopes lifted when the woman added that she had B negative blood, which was a detail that Carly hadn't shared with Nina. Sonny asked Carly to get the information on the young woman and went to check on Aaron. Carly replied to the woman's message, asking to meet.

Nearby, T.J. received a text message from Curtis urging T.J. to make peace with Jordan. Molly thought it was sage advice because Molly knew what it was like to hold on to her anger. Molly explained that her mother's brush with death had put things into perspective because Molly had forgotten all about the frustration over Alexis' relationship with Julian. Molly admitted that she couldn't imagine how she would have felt if she hadn't had a chance to make peace with her mother.

After T.J. left, Kristina sat down to chat with Molly. Molly was concerned that Kristina had rushed into things with Aaron, but Kristina waved away her sister's concerns. Molly reminded Kristina of Parker, but Kristina pointed out that Parker was married, and nothing had happened between Kristina and her professor. Kristina insisted that she was happy with Aaron and admitted that she'd told Aaron everything about Parker -- except Parker's gender. Molly warned Kristina that it had been a mistake not to tell him that Parker was a woman, but Kristina disagreed and suggested that Kristina's feelings for Parker had been a fluke, since Parker had been the only woman that Kristina had been attracted to.

Molly excused herself to check in with T.J. when Aaron approached the table. Aaron admitted that he cared about Kristina and wanted to do right by her, but he needed to know what she had intended to tell him about Parker before things went any further. Kristina smiled and promised Aaron that Parker was in the past and that she was ready to move forward with him. Relieved, Aaron kissed her. After Aaron went back to work, Molly returned. Kristina worried that Aaron might need help, but Molly asked her sister to wait.

Molly explained that the Port Charles University would be hosting an academic conference before school started. Molly held up her phone to show Kristina who the keynote speaker was. Kristina tensed when she saw Parker's picture.

Meanwhile, Sonny made it clear to Aaron that Morgan and Kristina were not to receive special treatment. Sonny wanted both of his children to pull their weight and work the same hours as the other employees at the coffee shop. Sonny instructed Aaron to talk to him if there were any problems.

At Metro Court Restaurant, T.J. approached Jordan. She assured her son that she loved him and asked for a chance to explain. T.J. remained calm as he agreed to hear her out. Jordan admitted that Curtis had accused her of lying because it had been easier, which had hit home because there had been a kernel of truth to it. Jordan assured T.J. that the love he'd felt from Tommy had been real, which was why she hadn't been able to destroy their relationship. T.J. was curious why she hadn't told him the truth after Tommy had died.

T.J. was upset that he'd spent years with Shawn without knowing that Shawn was his father. T.J. suddenly asked if Shawn had known, but Jordan shook her head and revealed that she'd told Shawn the truth just before he'd been sent to prison. Jordan explained that Shawn had asked Jordan not to say anything because Shawn hadn't wanted T.J. to live with the burden of having a criminal for a father. T.J. became upset because Shawn had meant far more to him than that. Jordan agreed that Shawn was a good man and asked if T.J. could forgive her.

Jordan began to cry as T.J. admitted that he knew why she had kept the secret. He confessed that he'd once cheated on Molly and had lied because he'd thought that he could spare Molly unnecessary hurt. However, T.J. had discovered that lies only hurt everyone. Jordan tearfully apologized, so T.J. assured his mother that it was okay and hugged her. Relieved, Jordan reiterated that she loved T.J. T.J. surprised Jordan when he credited Curtis with persuading him to talk to work things out with her.

At the hospital, Nathan refused to have lunch with Claudette, but Maxie begged him to reconsider. Valerie walked up to ask for a moment of Nathan's time. After Nathan stepped way, Maxie noticed that he'd left his phone on the bench next to her purse. She quickly picked it up and typed out a text message.

Nearby, Valerie explained that she was on break and asked if she could shadow Nathan as he investigated the murders at the hospital. Nathan explained that he'd finished interviewing people for the day, but he handed her a stack of files and invited her to review them because he hoped a fresh set of eyes might find something that he'd missed. Delighted, Valerie took the files and left. Nathan returned to Maxie, who immediately implored him to have lunch with Claudette. Nathan remained reluctant because he was concerned that Claudette would expose his crime if he angered his ex-wife.

Maxie argued that it was exactly why Nathan needed to meet with Claudette. She added that he didn't have a choice because she had sent Claudette a text message from Nathan's phone, asking Claudette to meet him. Seconds later, Nathan's phone chimed with a text message from Claudette thanking him for the invitation. Claudette promised to get a table at the restaurant and ended the text message by thanking Nathan and referring to him as "County Mounty." Maxie wanted to know what the nickname meant, but Nathan brushed it off because he wanted to know why it was important for him to meet Claudette. Maxie held up a keycard.

Nathan asked if it was a keycard to Claudette's hotel room, but Maxie scoffed at the notion and told him that she'd never do anything illegal because he was a police officer. However, she added that she wouldn't tell him if she had taken the keycard because she wouldn't want to put him in an awkward position by having to lie for her. Maxie gave Nathan a quick kiss, suggested that he try the lobster salad, and then left.

At Metro Court, Claudette dug around her purse for her keycard as she stood outside her hotel room. Moments later, she heard her phone chime and glanced at a text message. Claudette smiled when she saw that it was from Nathan. A short time later, Claudette approached the maître d' in the restaurant to explain that she'd lost her keycard and needed a replacement. He assured her that he'd take care of it. Pleased, Claudette requested a table for two in the most secluded corner of the restaurant.

Later, Claudette was seated at the table when Nathan arrived. She referred to him by the pet name that she'd used in the text message but quickly apologized because she realized that it might be inappropriate. She attributed it to being flustered, but Nathan assured her that it was fine. Claudette admitted that she'd been surprised by his invitation, so he explained that he had regretted overreacting to seeing her. She didn't blame him for being suspicious because he'd made a sincere effort to make their marriage work, but she had repaid him by being unfaithful. Claudette admitted that she wouldn't have cheated if she had it to do over again because she realized that their marriage had been the best thing to happen to her.

Claudette reminisced about the past and Nathan's decision to become a police officer to honor his sister. She admitted that it had been amazing to meet Nina earlier. Nathan acknowledged that it had meant a lot to him that she'd gone with him to visit Nina when his sister had been in a coma. Claudette revealed that Nina hadn't been happy when she'd learned who Claudette was, but Maxie had smoothed things over. Nathan explained that his sister was impulsive and energetic because of the coma. Claudette's eyes filled with compassion as she reached for his hand and squeezed it.

Moments later, the maître d' approached the table to hand Claudette a new keycard. Claudette thanked the man and waited for him to leave before inviting Nathan to her room on the pretext of showing him something. Nathan tensed and tried to stall her by recalling the first time he'd told her that he loved her. Claudette assured Nathan that she regretted having an affair, but he admitted that he would never be able to forgive himself for shooting an unarmed man. Claudette reminded him that it was in the past. Nathan disagreed and added that he needed to know the man's name in order to have closure.

Meanwhile, Maxie slipped into Claudette's hotel room and began to search it. She was startled when she heard the door open, and Curtis entered. Maxie demanded to know why he was there and threatened to call security, but he turned the question around on her. Maxie claimed that she was fetching something for Claudette, but he didn't believe her. Resigned, Maxie admitted that she'd been searching Claudette's room. Curtis revealed that Nina had asked him to investigate Claudette because Nina didn't trust Nathan's ex-wife.

Maxie suggested that she and Curtis work together. He readily agreed, but he quickly became frustrated when he couldn't figure out Claudette's computer password. Curtis noticed Maxie rooting through the drawers and warned her to be careful because they didn't want Claudette to realize that the room had been searched. Maxie was outraged when she discovered a drawer filled with sexy lingerie, a pack of birth control pills, and condoms. Curtis was curious why Maxie had asked Nina not to fire Claudette, but he quickly realized that it was because Maxie had wanted to keep a close eye on her foe. Curtis wondered if Maxie was afraid that Nathan would go back to Claudette, but Maxie explained that Claudette was snake who could easily cause trouble for Nathan.

At the hospital, Valerie entered a conference room but offered to leave when she saw Griffin. Griffin assured Valerie that she could stay, and he introduced himself. He was surprised when he heard her last name and asked if she was related to Bobbie and Lucas. Valerie confirmed that Bobbie was her aunt, so Griffin revealed that he and Lucas had gone to medical school together, which was why Griffin had accepted the job at the hospital. Valerie made a snarky remark about him joining the staff in time for a serial killer to strike but immediately apologized for the comment.

Griffin promised that it was fine and told Valerie that his patients felt better because there was a visible police presence in the hospital. Valerie looked at the files and noticed that Griffin had been cleared as a suspect. Griffin smiled because he liked to think of himself as a law-abiding citizen. Valerie wished the same could be said for Franco Baldwin and admitted that she questioned if Franco's brain tumor could have driven him to commit murder. Griffin revealed that he had the records of all of Patrick Drake's patients.

Griffin explained that Franco's tumor had been on the frontal lobe of the brain, which was responsible for helping people distinguish right from wrong. Griffin added that it was possible that the tumor had caused Franco's behavioral problems. Valerie remained skeptical, but Griffin suggested that people shouldn't be defined by the worst thing that they'd done and pointed out that Franco had changed. Seconds later, a police officer entered the room to alert Valerie that Franco had trapped a nurse in an elevator. Griffin suggested that the elevator had gotten stuck, but the police officer revealed that Franco had covered the security camera.

In the elevator, Elizabeth's eyes rounded when Franco stopped the elevator and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a t-shirt underneath. She nervously asked what he was doing, but he remained silent as he covered the security camera. Elizabeth threatened to scream, but Franco warned her that it would be pointless, since they were between floors and no one would hear. Franco explained that he needed to talk to her without any interruptions because he wanted to know why she was suddenly afraid of him. Elizabeth ignored the question as she asked if he was trying to scare her, but Franco wanted an answer and mentioned their kiss. She quickly reminded him that they'd agreed that it had been a mistake.

Franco admitted that he'd felt close to Elizabeth and that their friendship had meant something to him because if someone like Elizabeth could view him as a friend, then it meant that he'd truly changed. Elizabeth warned Franco not to make her the reason for believing in himself, but Franco argued that it was impossible because it had meant something when she had assured him that she didn't think he was the killer. Elizabeth assured him that nothing had changed, but Franco disagreed. Elizabeth conceded that she'd been irritated that he had applied to art camp for Jake, but Franco asked her to be honest because he'd heard her talking to Epiphany.

Stunned, Elizabeth asked if Franco had been spying on her, but he pushed for an answer until she blurted out that she didn't trust herself. Franco was confused, but she ignored him as she wondered why she'd been laughing and spending time with him when she had thought of him as a violent sadist for years. Elizabeth was upset because she had let Franco into Jake's life and her own despite her history of making mistakes with men. She was certain that Franco was another one, but her feelings for him had been growing, so she had tried to avoid him. Franco smiled with understanding because she hadn't been afraid of him -- she'd been afraid of her feelings for him.

Franco was happy because he couldn't stop thinking about Elizabeth or the kiss they had shared. Franco explained that he'd lost it a little when he had thought she'd been avoiding him. Elizabeth admitted that she cared about him a little too much, but she needed time. Franco assured her that she could have it, but he didn't want her to continue to avoid him. Elizabeth agreed, so he started the elevator.

Moments later, the doors opened, and a police officer jerked Franco out of the elevator and restrained him as Valerie and Griffin checked on Elizabeth. Elizabeth assured everyone that she was fine and told them that the elevator had gotten stuck. She asked the police officer to release Franco because Franco would never hurt her.

Things take a dangerous turn in Greece

Things take a dangerous turn in Greece

Friday, July 15, 2016

At Perks Coffee, Darby ran into Morgan and Kiki on the promenade. Morgan quickly made it clear that he and Kiki were back together, so Darby smiled and admitted that she was meeting a date. Kiki was startled when she saw Darby approach and hug Dillon. Morgan and Kiki took their cups of coffee to a table as Dillon and Darby sat at a nearby table. Morgan asked if Kiki was okay.

Kiki admitted that Darby wasn't her favorite person, but she deftly changed the subject and asked about the news Morgan had wanted to share. Morgan told Kiki about his new job at Perks Coffee and explained that it was an opportunity to show everyone that he'd changed. Morgan announced that he had to meet Aaron, prompting Kiki to offer to fetch refills of their drinks.

Meanwhile, Darby asked if Dillon knew Kiki. Dillon confirmed that he did, but he hadn't realized that Darby also knew Kiki. Darby explained that she and Morgan had "hung out" between Morgan and Kiki's many breakups. Darby acknowledged that Morgan was hot, but "a total head case." Darby added that Kiki was a drama queen. Dillon tactfully changed the subject by making an effort to get to know Darby.

Darby took a sip of coffee and expressed regret that she hadn't ordered her usual. Dillon offered to get Darby what she wanted and went to stand in line behind Kiki. Kiki greeted Dillon and admitted that she was surprised that he'd been interested in a "slutty train wreck" like Darby. Dillon thought it was unfair for Kiki to call Darby names, but Kiki continued to make disparaging remarks about Darby because Darby had encouraged every destructive trait that Morgan had had. Kiki assured Dillon that he could do better than Darby, but he was curious why Kiki cared who he went out with. Kiki claimed that she didn't want to see a friend used by someone like Darby, but he reminded Kiki that Kiki had wanted space, not friendship.

Annoyed, Kiki walked away as Morgan exited the coffee shop. Dillon returned to Darby's side and suggested that they leave. Morgan sat down across from Kiki and told her about his talk with Aaron. Morgan admitted that he liked Aaron because Aaron seemed both genuine and fair. Kiki was happy for Morgan, but he shifted gears to let her know that he'd seen her talking to Dillon. Kiki explained that she'd warned Dillon about Darby.

Outside Darby's apartment door, Darby thanked Dillon for the date. Dillon was disappointed because he'd thought they'd returned to her apartment to pick up her bathing suit to go swimming, but Darby revealed that she'd seen Dillon talking to Kiki, and it had been clear that he was as into "that twit" as Morgan. Darby had been sucked into Kiki's drama in the past and wasn't interested in doing it again. Dillon caught Darby by surprise by kissing her. After the kiss ended, Darby invited him into her apartment.

At Metro Court, Maxie continued to search Claudette's room as Curtis asked what Maxie had meant when she had said that Claudette could cause trouble for Nathan. Maxie became evasive, but Curtis refused to drop it because Nina had hired him to investigate Claudette's past. Maxie tried to change the subject, but Curtis pushed for an answer because he wanted to know what Claudette had on Nathan. Maxie claimed that she'd misspoken, but Curtis knew it was a lie. He decided to leave but advised Maxie to wait twenty seconds before she followed him out.

Curtis added that if he learned anything about Claudette -- and Nina okayed it -- he would share the information with Maxie. After Curtis left, Maxie glanced at Claudette and Nathan's wedding picture. At first, she set it facedown on the nightstand, but she reconsidered and looked at it. Maxie acknowledged that Claudette's wedding dress had been beautiful, but it didn't matter how romantic Claudette and Nathan's wedding had been because Nathan loved Maxie.

In the restaurant, Nathan demanded to know the name of Claudette's ex-lover because Nathan wanted to make amends. Claudette assured him that her ex-lover was okay and pointed out that the man hadn't stepped forward to file charges because he'd wanted to move on. Nathan wasn't satisfied and pressed for the information, but Claudette refused to cooperate. Claudette insisted that if Nathan wanted closure, then it should be between the two of them. Nathan reluctantly agreed and acknowledged that he hadn't been blameless in the breakdown of their marriage because he'd been focused on his work, which had pushed her into another man's arms.

Claudette tried to deflect by reminding Nathan that he'd gotten drunk and shot her lover, but Nathan argued that the affair had been going on for months. Claudette shifted gears and reminisced about their wedding. Nathan conceded that she had looked beautiful, but he was saddened that things had ended badly between them. Claudette blamed Nathan for shutting her out after he'd shot her lover, but she assured him that she had moved on with her life and ended up in Port Charles. Nathan refused to believe that it had been a coincidence and made another attempt to get the name of her ex-lover, but she refused to divulge the man's name.

Claudette admitted that she'd hoped that Nathan's invitation to lunch had meant that they could have a civil conversation and perhaps move on, but she was tired of Nathan "harping" about her ex-lover and decided to leave. Nathan jumped up and asked her to wait. He acknowledged that things had gotten off track and explained that he'd invited her to lunch for a reason. He admitted that he'd been angry when he'd first seen her, but he'd had time to calm down and think things through. Nathan agreed that Claudette's idea for closure was a good thing because he loved Maxie and intended to marry her soon.

Claudette assured Nathan that both he and Maxie had made it abundantly clear that Nathan and Maxie were committed to each other. Claudette promised that any feelings she'd had for him were in the past, so she was eager to fix things between them and move on. She added that she hadn't been celibate since their divorce. Nathan saw Maxie enter the restaurant and quickly stood up to greet her. Maxie feigned surprise that Nathan and Claudette were together, but Nathan kissed Maxie. Claudette's expression filled with annoyance. "Didn't you two see each other at breakfast?" Claudette bitterly asked as Nathan and Maxie pulled apart.

Nathan ignored the question as he told Maxie that he'd invited Claudette to lunch to clear the air and get closure. Maxie was curious if everything had worked out. Claudette smiled sweetly as she told Maxie that things had started out rocky, but Claudette and Nathan had found common ground in the end. Claudette assured Nathan that she was excited about digging through their past and emerging on the other side in a better place -- together. Claudette quickly added that she was looking forward to working with Maxie and Nina, but Claudette was curious what had happened to Maxie's lunch meeting.

Maxie claimed that it had been canceled at the last minute, which was why Maxie was glad that she had bumped into Nathan because Maxie wanted to go over some wedding plans. After Claudette left, Nathan asked if Maxie had looked around Claudette's hotel room. Maxie confirmed that she had and added that Claudette was everything that he'd warned her about and worse. "That bitch has got to go," Maxie said. Nathan was curious if Maxie had found anything useful.

Maxie told Nathan about what had transpired in Claudette's hotel room and Curtis' appearance. Nathan was alarmed that Nina had asked Curtis to investigate Claudette because Nathan couldn't risk Curtis finding out that Nathan had shot Claudette's lover. Nathan feared that Curtis would tell Jordan, and Nathan would lose everything.

In Claudette's hotel room, Claudette realized that Maxie was a problem. "That bitch has got to go," Claudette decided.

At the hospital, Curtis greeted Griffin and pointed out that they hadn't seen each other since the Nurses Ball. However, Curtis revealed that Valerie had mentioned Griffin. Griffin acknowledged that he'd talked to Valerie earlier in the conference room, where she'd been working to solve the hospital murders. Griffin added that he'd been cleared as a suspect, but Curtis wasn't surprised because Griffin didn't fit the profile. Curtis explained that the police were looking for a killer not a doctor who doubled as a priest. Curtis confessed that he was curious how Griffin could be both a doctor and a priest.

Griffin wondered if Curtis was a Catholic. Curtis confirmed that he was, but conceded that he didn't attend mass as much as he should. Griffin explained that he'd taken a leave of absence, but Curtis questioned how it was possible because Curtis recalled his parish priest saying that once a man was a priest, he'd remain a priest until God called him home. Griffin revealed that some priests left when they decided after much reflection that it was not in God's plan for them to remain in the priesthood. Curtis asked if that had been the case with Griffin or if Griffin was simply on a break, but Griffin didn't have an answer.

Curtis confided that he was glad that he'd never had a call from God to join the priesthood because Curtis doubted that he could live without the ladies. Curtis thought a vow of chastity would be impossible and wondered if perhaps that was the reason for Griffin taking a leave of absence. Griffin resented the question, prompting Curtis to apologize. Griffin explained that he had to get back to work. Curtis hoped everything worked out for Griffin, and he left.

In a hotel lobby in Greece, Laura was concerned that the ferry was late. Dante pointed out that it was to be expected because of the storm. Lulu agreed and reminded her mother of the rough landing they'd experienced when their plane had touched down in Greece. Laura explained that she was impatient to see Nikolas, but Dante assured her that Nikolas would not be able to leave the island if they couldn't get a ferry to it. Seconds later, Kevin walked up.

Laura was shocked that Kevin was in Greece and asked how he'd found them. Kevin explained that he'd used deductive reasoning, since Laura had mentioned in her voicemail message that she intended to search for Nikolas. Kevin realized that the most logical place for Laura to start was on Cassadine Island. Laura was impressed, but she was still curious why he was there. Kevin admitted that he couldn't resist an adventure to solve a mystery. Laura, Dante, and Lulu were skeptical, so Kevin conceded that he'd had some vacation time and had wanted to help Laura.

Dante and Lulu decided to check on the ferry. Laura was stunned that Kevin would travel halfway around the world for her, but Kevin confessed that there had been another reason he'd tracked her down. Kevin handed her an envelope that had been sent by Lucy Johnson's attorney. Kevin admitted that he'd taken the liberty of opening it, but he had no idea what the contents meant. Laura pulled out a photograph and gasped because it was a picture of the Ice Princess diamond.

Laura was curious if anything else had been in the package. "Yes, sand," Kevin answered. Laura acknowledged that she was in Greece to find her son, but she suspected that something else was going on that was separate from Nikolas. She reminded Kevin that Helena's key had led them to Scott's law books, the campus disco, and the names that she and Luke had used when they'd gone on the run. Laura added that those things had all happened prior to Laura meeting the Cassadines. However, the search for the Ice Princess had led Luke and Laura to Mikkos, Mikkos' death, and Helena's vendetta.

Laura suspected the photograph and sand were a dare for Laura to return to Cassadine Island, where she'd been held captive, forced to marry Stavros, and had given birth to Nikolas. Kevin wondered if Nikolas might have conspired with Helena, but Laura shook her head because Nikolas had detested Helena as much as Laura had. Laura was certain that Nikolas being on Cassadine Island had merely been a coincidence, but Kevin feared that Helena might have set a trap for Laura on the island. Dante and Lulu returned to announce that the weather had cleared, and the ferry was ready to take them to the island.

On Cassadine Island, Sam was curled up in a chair next to Jason with her head resting on his lap. Ava suggested that she and Nikolas make a break for it, since Jason wouldn't want to wake Sam to chase after them. Sam groggily told Ava to shut up. Jason assured Ava that Ava was free to leave with Theo when the weather cleared, but he warned her that Nikolas would remain with Jason and Sam. Sam sat up as Theo announced that the storm had eased up. Sam advised Ava to leave with Theo, but Ava refused.

Sam questioned Ava and Nikolas' sudden unwavering loyalty toward each other. Ava claimed that it had been honed through adversity, but Sam scoffed. Nikolas insisted that Jason and Sam had what they needed to prove that Nikolas was alive and urged them to leave the island, but Jason refused to leave without Nikolas. Nikolas objected because Nikolas' life hung in the balance. Outraged, Sam reminded Nikolas that Jason's did as well. Sam added that both she and Danny had lost Jason for two years and had been getting their lives back when Jason had been forced to go on the run because Jason had been falsely accused of Nikolas' murder.

Ava felt for Nikolas because if things had gone as Nikolas had planned, then Hayden would have walked into the trap that Nikolas had set, and Nikolas would have gotten away with the diamonds. Sam perked up and asked what diamonds Ava had been referring to. Jason turned to Theo and suggested that Theo leave. Theo appeared reluctant, but Sam reminded Theo that he'd assured them that he hadn't wanted any trouble. Theo conceded that Sam was right, said something to Nikolas in Greek, and left. After Theo was gone, Jason asked Nikolas about the diamonds, but Nikolas was through cooperating with Jason.

Jason threatened to take the diamonds as further evidence that Nikolas was alive, but Nikolas warned Jason that Nikolas would put up a fight. Nikolas added that he had no intention of returning to Port Charles, but Jason argued that Nikolas would never be able to send for Spencer. According to Jason, the Nikolas' only chance for a decent life was by cutting his losses and returning to Port Charles. Jason offered to pay for Nikolas' legal fees, but Nikolas declined. Moments later, Theo returned to announce that a ferry had docked. Sam assumed that it was the one that Jason and Sam had chartered.

Ava urged Nikolas to take Jason up on the offer because Nikolas was not a criminal -- he was just a man who had made bad choices. Ava advised Nikolas not to compound the problem by continuing to make poor choices because he had an opportunity to turn his life around. Sam reluctantly agreed with Ava and promised her cousin that things would be okay. Seconds later, the door flew open, and Laura, Kevin, Lulu, and Dante stood in the doorway. Lulu ran to her brother and hugged him. After the hug, Lulu smacked his chest then hugged him again because she was relieved that her brother was alive.

Dante asked to speak to Jason privately. The two men stepped outside as Dante assured Jason that the charges against Jason would be dropped.

Inside, Nikolas greeted his mother. Laura blasted Nikolas for putting everyone through heartache and grief. Laura was also furious that Nikolas had made Spencer complicit in the ruse and had asked Spencer to lie to everyone. Nikolas suspected that his mother would never want to talk to him again, but she surprised him by hugging him fiercely. Laura promised Nikolas that they would sort things out later. Moments later, Theo stepped forward with a gun and ordered everyone not to move, or he would shoot.

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