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Trouble found Nikolas and Ava in London. Finn was suspended from the hospital. T.J. overheard that Shawn was his father. Alexis was arrested. Nina provided Julian with an alibi in exchange for a favor.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 13, 2016 on GH
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A new clue in Nikolas' disappearance A new clue in Nikolas' disappearance

Monday, June 13, 2016

At Maxie's, Spinelli asked someone on the phone to locate Claudette. Nathan entered the apartment, and Spinelli quickly hung up. Nathan wondered why Spinelli looked guilty. Spinelli shot back that Nathan was the guilty one. Nathan asked what Maxie had told Spinelli, and he replied, "Everything." Nathan was surprised, but Spinelli admitted that Maxie had "clammed up" and stayed loyal to Nathan. "She deserves better," Spinelli informed Nathan, who agreed.

Spinelli continued that Maxie had already been "slow to trust," but Nathan had shattered her trust. Nathan found it curious that Spinelli had shown up right when he and Maxie had been having trouble, but Spinelli assured him that it was just a coincidence. He added that if Maxie left, it was all on Nathan, so he should do "everything in your power" to make it up to her. He instructed Nathan to "shape up or answer to me." He left, and Nathan answered his ringing phone. He agreed to "be there" and hung up before checking his gun.

At the hospital, Maxie asked Griffin for an objective ear to listen to her problems with Nathan. He led her to an unoccupied room and closed the door. She told him the entire story, and he explained it away as a "crime of passion," because it clearly hadn't been premeditated. Griffin admitted that he didn't like guns or violence, but it sounded like Nathan had been "blinded by jealousy."

Maxie explained that she'd always thought that Nathan was "steady and slow to anger." Griffin countered that one mistake didn't define one's whole life. If it did, Griffin thought he'd have gone into hiding long before. She asked about his mistake, but he answered that he saved his confessions for the church. He continued that Nathan had never given her a reason to fear or doubt him, and he already seemed to be punishing himself enough.

Maxie wondered why the man Nathan had shot hadn't turned him in. Griffin suggested that the man had been ashamed of what he'd done and had felt "as bad as Nathan" afterward. Maxie saw that if no one had loved or forgiven her, she would have been in hiding along with Griffin. She couldn't see Nathan as a "raging drunk" and decided that he was a better man than the one impulse suggested. Griffin thought Maxie was wise. In return, she advised him that whatever was making Griffin so sad, "you're not that guy either."

Sam returned to the cabin, where Jason was eager to hear how the prayer service had gone. Sam expressed how badly she'd wanted to tell everyone that Nikolas was "tricking" everyone. She informed him that Dante had been suspicious and had had her followed, but she'd lost her pursuers. She asked if Jason had found anything out. He told her that he'd overheard a conversation between Spencer and Emma that had made it seem like Spencer knew that Nikolas was alive. Jason added that Nikolas couldn't get himself out of the hole he'd dug, so he needed their help.

Jason showed Sam a notepad he'd picked up in Nikolas's room and asked if she knew the name written on it. She recognized the name as a forger, realizing that Nikolas had probably gotten a fake passport. Jason pulled out Nikolas's laptop, and Sam got to work on getting into it. After a few minutes, she was frustrated that a shortcut Spinelli had taught her hadn't worked. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jason opened the door to Spinelli, who happily greeted his friends.

Before Spinelli got to work on the computer, Jason informed him that he'd slowly been getting his memories back. He remembered what a great friend Spinelli had been, and Spinelli emotionally shot the sentiment right back. Spinelli got to work on the computer and figured out that the hard drive had been wiped clean. However, Spinelli had been developing a program that would be of use. A few minutes later, Spinelli found that Nikolas had narrowed his travel plans down to three "far-flung destinations."

Spinelli had to go but was honored that he could help his friends. He left, and Sam was happy to have solid proof that Nikolas had planned his entire disappearance. Jason vowed to find Nikolas, "unless the cops find me first." Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Hayden hoped that the prayer service had helped Laura, but it had only convinced Hayden that Nikolas was gone. Naomi was glad that Hayden had found "a good one," at least for a little while. Naomi got them drinks, and she remarked how she missed the "little luxuries." Speaking of luxuries, Hayden showed Naomi the picture of the diamonds that Nikolas had sent and assured her mother that it was the last she'd seen them. He'd sent the picture to entice her to go home, but "someone" had talked her out of it. She reasoned that, had she returned home, Nikolas would still be alive.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and two federal agents entered the house. They disclosed that they'd found Hayden's fingerprints all over the inventory list of the diamonds, so they were there to "take you in." Naomi interrupted and introduced herself. As the "whistleblower," she believed that she was considered reliable by the agents' superiors, so she offered to explain the prints. She claimed that when the family had been forced to provide inventory lists for all of their properties, Hayden had helped with the enormous task.

One of the agents revealed that the diamonds had never been found. Naomi suggested that Raymond had hidden the diamonds in a safe deposit box somewhere or that a federal agent had "absconded" with them. When the agent became offended, Naomi explained that there was just as much proof tying the missing diamonds to Hayden as there was to a federal agent -- none. She continued that Hayden had also been a victim of her father's crimes. Naomi informed the agents that Hayden had just lost her husband and demanded that they "back off now." "This isn't over," an agent said as both left the house.

Hayden was in awe of Naomi, who only asked that she be alerted if the diamonds were found. She had to get back to Connecticut for her "prison wives therapy group," which was in talks with a production company for a reality show. She made sure that Hayden would be all right and expressed sympathy for her daughter's loss. She advised Hayden to give herself time to grieve "before you dive into whatever's next," and she left.

Alexis asked Julian if she was supposed to "play the adoring wife" while Lucas got married at their house. Julian wondered what the alternative was. Alexis suggested that she "leave and never return," leaving Julian to explain why. Julian implored her to "do it for Lucas." Just then, Lucas, Brad, Carly, and Bobbie entered the house. Everyone present began to lightly decorate, and Lucas and Brad thanked Julian and Alexis again for the use of their house.

Julian's phone rang, and he went outside to answer it. Carly took the opportunity to accuse Alexis of hypocrisy and warn her that the more Alexis protected Julian, the worse it would be for her.

Outside the house, Julian invited Ava to the wedding. She informed him that the police had paid her a visit, and they liked Julian for Carlos' murder. He mentioned a "loose end I can't control," and Ava guessed that it was Alexis. "The less you know, the better," Julian replied. He reminded her that Paul could use anything against her, so he advised her to leave the country. She had recently acquired a "rare antiquity," so she relished the thought of showing it overseas. She told him to enjoy the wedding, wished him luck with Alexis, and left.

A short while later, Alexis descended the stairs in a wedding-appropriate dress as Julian re-entered the house. Julian handed Lucas and Brad flowers for their lapels, and the justice of the peace began the ceremony. As Brad was about to start his vows, there was a knock on the door. "Oh, look, it's the cops," Carly announced. Alexis answered the door to Nathan and two cops. Nathan informed her that he had a warrant to search the house, and she confirmed that it was legitimate.

Nathan entered the house with two officers, and Brad joked, "the more the merrier!" "They're not gonna find anything, right?" Lucas asked his father, who replied that there was "nothing to find." The justice of the peace put the wedding back on track.

Brad talked about how shallow and sometimes cruel he'd been before he'd met Lucas. Lucas was "good, honest, generous," and Brad was only happy when Lucas was happy. After nearly losing Lucas, Brad insisted that his love grew, and it would keep growing until they were old men, when his love would be "as infinite as grains of sand in the ocean." He kissed Lucas' hands.

Before meeting Brad, Lucas claimed to have been "aimless and adrift." He hadn't been able to practice medicine or take any risks at all for fear of failure, but Brad's "swagger" had given him confidence, and Brad was why Lucas was where he was in life. He appreciated that Brad took big chances but had also taught Lucas how to be vulnerable. He knew that neither of them was perfect but believed that they were perfect for each other, and they always would be. The two exchanged rings, shared a kiss, and toasted with the wedding party.

Nathan returned and announced that he had to search the downstairs part of the house. "Do your worst," Julian offered. Carly told Lucas and Brad that she had the honeymoon suite at the Metro Court set up for them. Many hugs and thank yous were exchanged before Lucas, Brad, Carly, and Bobbie finally left. As the door closed, Nathan found Alexis' dagger.

Ava boarded a plane and sat down. She put in a call to Sonny, informing him of her need to leave town on business. She asked him to put the phone to Avery's ear, so he did. She assured Avery that she loved her and said that everything Ava did was done for Avery. Later, a flight attendant asked Ava to put her phone away. The attendant asked the man sitting next to Ava if he had his seatbelt on. The man was covered in his coat, so the attendant pulled on the coat and revealed Nikolas.

Ava and Nikolas meet a mysterious stranger

Ava and Nikolas meet a mysterious stranger

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

At Alexis and Julian's home, Nathan and a police officer searched the cabinets in the living room until the police officer found a dagger. Nathan took the deadly dagger from the police officer and approached Julian to announce that it appeared to be the murder weapon used to kill Carlos. Julian scoffed and suggested that Nathan was biased. Nathan handed the dagger to the police offer to be bagged and pulled out a sketch of the murder weapon, based on Carlos' stab wounds. According to Nathan, the dagger was a close match to the knife in the diagram.

Julian was confident that any attorney could wipe the floor with Nathan's assumption. Alexis quietly explained that Helena had bequeathed the dagger to Alexis as a grisly reminder that Helena had slit Alexis' mother's throat when Helena had learned about Mikkos Cassadine's affair with the famous opera singer. Alexis claimed that she'd tossed the dagger into the cabinet and forgotten about it, but Nathan informed Alexis that he would have the dagger tested. After Nathan left, Alexis assured Julian that any attorney could easily argue that hundreds of similar daggers could be found online.

Alexis reminded Julian that he'd wiped the dagger clean with a handkerchief, which he had destroyed along with the rest of the evidence. Julian's spirits rose because it sounded to him as if Alexis cared about his fate, but she quickly clarified that their marriage was over, and she'd taken steps to have Diane to start divorce proceedings. Julian objected, but Alexis informed him that her mind was made up. Julian refused to believe that Alexis would go through with the divorce because she hadn't given the police the bloodstained shirt when she'd had the chance. Alexis explained that she had done it for Lucas because Lucas had been in a coma and had needed his father.

However, Alexis admitted that she'd returned to the house to retrieve the shirt because Alexis had intended to meet Diane at the police station. Alexis promised that she would have gone through with it if Julian hadn't found the incriminating evidence first. Julian refused to believe that Alexis would betray him and pointed out that he was Sam's father and Danny's grandfather, but Alexis was unmoved and warned him that Sam would wipe her hands of Julian once Sam learned the truth about what Julian had done. Julian accused Alexis of being cruel and hurtful, but she didn't care because she wanted him to have a taste of what she was going through.

Desperate, Julian begged Alexis to give their relationship a chance and suggested going to therapy. Alexis laughed because she doubted that he'd want her to explain to a therapist that they had reached an impasse because of his tendency to murder people. Alexis insisted that people had to be honest in therapy, but he was fundamentally incapable of being truthful. Alexis informed him that he'd destroyed their marriage when he'd killed Carlos. Julian stubbornly insisted that they'd made vows to each other, but Alexis argued that the vows had been predicated on lies.

Alexis conceded that she had loved the person she had believed Julian to be, but she couldn't remain married to him because she finally saw him for who he was. Shocked, Julian asked what she intended to tell people because he would look guilty if she walked out on him. Alexis admitted that she didn't care because she needed to find a way to look in the mirror without hating herself. Alexis reminded Julian that he could take comfort in knowing that he wouldn't go to jail for Carlos' murder because all the evidence had been destroyed, but Julian wasn't satisfied.

Julian agreed to stay at Metro Court until Alexis had calmed down, but Alexis warned Julian that he would not be welcome back into her home and promised to have the locks changed. Julian threatened to kick down the door because he had meant his vows to her, including "till death do us part." Shaken, Alexis watched as Julian stormed into the bedroom to pack an overnight bag.

Meanwhile, Anna entered Jordan's office to discuss the warrant Nathan had secured to search Alexis and Julian's home. Anna wanted to be a part of the investigation and search, but Jordan flatly refused because Anna had history with Julian and couldn't be objective. Anna promised that her actions would be above reproach, but Jordan asked Anna to put Anna's pride aside and trust Jordan to deal with Julian. Jordan assured Anna that Jordan wanted Julian behind bars, but Jordan refused to risk Julian getting away on a technicality because of Anna.

Moments later, Andre appeared in the doorway. Anna immediately seized the opportunity to enlist Andre's help to persuade Jordan to change her mind, but Andre carefully explained that he had to side with Jordan. Hurt, Anna's eyes shimmered with tears as she left the office. Jordan admitted that she felt bad for Anna, but Andre confessed that he thought Jordan had made a mistake by not utilizing Anna. Surprised, Jordan reminded Andre that he'd backed up Jordan, but he clarified that he'd refused to undermine Jordan's authority by siding with Anna.

Jordan became defensive and suggested that Andre had romantic feelings for Anna. Andre reminded Jordan that he and Anna were just friends and added that he wanted a relationship with Jordan and had made repeated efforts to assure Jordan that she was the one he wanted. Jordan didn't believe Andre and asked if he was attracted to Anna. Andre suggested that he and Jordan leave and talk about it in a more private setting, but Jordan insisted that she was too busy. Andre agreed to leave, but he admitted that he was tired of having the same argument with her.

A short time later, Nathan entered Jordan's office to report that he had recovered a dagger from Alexis and Julian's home that appeared to match the stab wounds inflicted on Carlos. Nathan added that the weapon had been cleaned, but the lab had found what appeared to be a trace of blood between the dagger's blade and handle.

At Anna's house, Felicia reminded Emma to get ready, but Emma was on the laptop and asked Felicia how to spell words like clandestine and espionage. Felicia frowned and asked what Emma was working on. Emma reluctantly revealed that she had signed Anna up on a dating website because Emma didn't want Anna to be lonely after Emma returned to Berkeley with Felicia and Mac later that day. Felicia looked at the profile for "Dark Zero Flirty" but gently suggested that it should be Anna's decision to sign up for a dating website. Emma feared that Anna would refuse to give it a try, but Felicia reiterated that it should be Anna's decision.

Felicia reminded Emma that Anna had friends like Felicia and Mac around to help Anna, but Emma argued that Anna hadn't been the same since Duke had died. Felicia agreed and conceded that Emma's heart was in the right place, but it was up to Anna whether or not to date again. Felicia added that everyone healed at their own pace, so they should give Anna space and support. Felicia stepped away to take a phone call as Emma thought about what Felicia had said. Emma decided that Anna needed a push and submitted Anna's profile to the dating website.

Later, Anna arrived home. Felicia greeted Anna and revealed that Emma was in the bedroom, making certain that everything was packed for the return trip home. Felicia sensed that something was troubling Anna. Anna was reluctant to discuss it, Felicia pushed until Anna confided that two people Anna had thought could be trusted had let her down. Anna added that she felt alone, prompting Felicia to ask if Anna had felt lonely a lot. Felicia confessed that she felt like a bad friend because she had assumed that Anna had moved on after losing Duke.

Anna promised that she was fine, but Felicia suggested that perhaps it was time for Anna to date again. Anna explained that she'd had a disastrous fling after Duke had died, but Felicia assured Anna that there were plenty of good men out there. Anna refused to consider it because she wasn't ready. Felicia accepted Anna's decision, but Felicia promised that Anna had a lot to give if Anna let someone in.

Later, Anna hugged and kissed Emma goodbye. Felicia asked Anna to think about what Felicia had said, but Anna was determined to focus on family, friends, and her work. After Felicia and Emma left, Anna poured herself a drink and walked over to the laptop. Anna was surprised when she saw an email from a dating website and clicked on it. However, she became distracted when she heard a knock at the door. Anna greeted Andre and invited him inside, but she warned him that she wasn't in the mood for "psychobabble."

At the secret hideout, Sam looked at the small pieces of paper stuck to the wall, detailing the timeline leading up to Nikolas' disappearance. Sam was certain that Nikolas had staged the incident and had left the family to grieve while Jason took the fall for a crime that hadn't been committed. Sam jumped when someone knocked on the door, but Jason assured her that the police wouldn't knock. Jason went to the door and greeted Sonny's henchman Aldo.

Aldo entered the cabin and handed Jason a briefcase from Sonny. Aldo invited Jason to call if Jason needed any help, and he left. Jason opened the briefcase and quickly retrieved a gun, an ammunition clip, and a couple stacks of money. Jason tossed a bundle of cash to Sam in case they were separated and suggested they talk to the man who had provided Nikolas with false identification.

A short time later, Jason and Sam entered a small shop littered with clocks and various dusty antiques. The shop owner greeted them and asked if he could help them find something. Jason explained that he and Sam had been referred to the man because they each needed a new identification. The shop owner stared at them blankly until Jason flashed some money and explained that he could pay in cash. The shop owner immediately relaxed but informed Jason and Sam that he would need their current passports. Sam quickly handed them to the man.

After the shop owner disappeared into another room, Sam ran over to hack into the laptop while Jason checked the file cabinet for any information that might help them. Sam suggested that perhaps they could bribe the shop owner, but Jason doubted it would work, since the man had a reputation for being discreet. Sam agreed and continued to check the laptop until they heard the shop owner return. Jason and Sam quickly returned to their previous spots before they were caught snooping. The shop owner informed them that he would need a day to get everything in order, so Jason and Sam agreed to return the following day.

Later, Jason and Sam entered the cabin. Sam expressed her concerns that the police might catch them before they tracked down Nikolas, but Jason reminded her that the cabin was in an isolated area. Sam walked over to the laptop to try to figure out where Nikolas had gone, but she quickly became frustrated because nothing stood out. Jason offered to fix dinner while Sam grabbed a bottle of tequila. Jason smiled because he suddenly recalled another time when he and Sam had been hiding out, and she had made him feel as if everything had been fine. Sam promised that everything would work out as long as they were together.

On a flight bound for London, Ava was surprised when she realized the bearded passenger seated next to her was Nikolas. Nikolas refused to confirm her suspicions, but she didn't care. Ava smiled and advised him not to adopt an accent because they were more trouble than they were worth. Nikolas remained silent as Ava continued to chat with him. She thought it was ironic that he'd ended up seated next to someone with experience assuming another identity and invited him to use her as a resource for information. Annoyed, Nikolas told her that he was tired and intended to sleep through the flight, but Ava was curious what his alias was.

Nikolas refused to tell Ava, but the flight attendant returned to offer "Mr. Carradine" some peanuts. Nikolas declined, but Ava smiled brightly as she asked for the nuts. After the flight attendant left, Ava warned Nikolas that it could be exhausting to pretend to be someone else, but Nikolas stuck to his cover and told Ava that she clearly had him confused with someone else. Ava merely grinned, pulled out her phone, and quickly snapped a picture of herself and Nikolas. Ava was curious how much the people of Port Charles would pay for the photograph.

Nikolas glared at Ava, but she assured him that he could relax because people like them had to stick together. She suspected that he had a credit card with his new name on it, but she urged him to use cash whenever possible because cash couldn't be traced. Ava also warned Nikolas that he could never return to Port Charles, but he assured her that he had a plan. Ava reminded him that she'd had one, too, but it had ultimately failed. Ava hoped that Nikolas' plan included Spencer because she continued to pay the price for allowing Kiki to grieve for a mother who hadn't died.

Nikolas cryptically explained that he'd left nothing to chance, but he refused to elaborate. Nearby, a passenger pretended to read a newspaper as he eavesdropped on Ava and Nikolas' conversation. Moments later, the man with a British accent spoke up and admitted that Nikolas looked familiar. Nikolas panicked until the man asked if Nikolas was a famous actor who'd been in a recent hit movie about a mountain man. Ava confirmed that Nikolas was the actor in question, so the man introduced himself as "Huxley Lynch."

Nikolas replied by introducing himself as "Niall Carradine," but Ava quickly covered the slip by explaining that "Tom" was travelling under an alias. Hux easily accepted the lie and asked to take a photograph with Nikolas. Ava explained that "Tom" would prefer not to because he'd gained weight since filming had ended, and he wouldn't want the photograph to end up in the hands of TMZ. However, Ava assured Hux that "Tom" would gladly give Hux an autograph.

Later, Ava suggested that Nikolas thank her for covering with Hux. Nikolas remained on edge, but Ava promised that Nikolas would never see Hux again. Nearby, Hux feigned sleep as he listened to Ava and Nikolas' conversation. After the plane landed, Nikolas grudgingly thanked Ava. Ava grinned and told Nikolas that he owed her a favor.

Moments later, Hux approached Nikolas and Ava to invite "Tom" to dinner at Hux's manor in the country. Nikolas declined and followed Ava and the other passengers out of the plane. Hux made a phone call to let a woman named Margarethe know that he'd encountered Nikolas on the flight and to instruct her to ready the blue room for company.

Monica confronts Finn about his syringe kit

Monica confronts Finn about his syringe kit

> Monica confronts Finn about his syringe kit

Monica confronts Finn about his syringe kit

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Carly told Sonny about Lucas and Brad's wedding, including the arrival of the police with a search warrant. Sonny was glad that Lucas and Brad had managed to get married, but Sonny was even more pleased that the police were looking at Julian as a suspect in Carlos' murder. Sonny was curious if the police had found anything, but Carly had no idea because Bobbie had dragged Carly away after the wedding ceremony. However, Carly revealed that Alexis and Julian had been "wound tight."

Sonny switched gears and announced that he had a surprise for Carly. He explained that he had answers about the administrator who'd overseen Josslyn's kidney transplant. According to Sonny, Theresa Adams had put her condominium up for sale, closed a week after Josslyn's transplant, quit her job at the hospital, emptied out her bank account, and then disappeared. Carly thought it was proof that Theresa had been attempting to cover her tracks. Sonny agreed and suggested that Theresa had likely secured a new identity.

Sonny assured Carly that he could find Theresa, but he was curious if Carly wanted him to proceed with the investigation because she might not like the answers he found. Carly wanted Josslyn's father to be a part of the decision, but Sonny insisted that it was ultimately up to Carly. Carly worried that she might learn something terrible that might have a terrible impact on Josslyn, but Sonny reminded Carly that she could decide to only tell Josslyn what Carly thought Josslyn could handle. Carly agreed, but she remained conflicted. Sonny reminded Carly that she had nothing to feel guilty about because she had gone through the proper channels to find Josslyn a kidney.

At the Floating Rib, Dante called Jordan to remind her of their plans. Jordan assured him that she would be there soon and ended the call. Moments later, Curtis walked up and asked about Jordan. Dante let Curtis know that Jordan was on her way and seized the opportunity to acknowledge that he and Curtis had gotten off to a rocky start, but Dante appreciated that Curtis had invited Dante and Lulu to the party. Curtis admitted that he'd done it for Valerie.

At the police station, Jordan looked at her cell phone as she contemplated calling Andre. Ultimately, she decided against it and notified the desk sergeant that she would be gone for the rest of the evening. However, she wanted any calls pertaining to Carlos' investigation to be forwarded to her cell phone.

At the Floating Rib, Valerie and a group of graduates from the police academy arrived to the applause of the guests. Valerie was stunned by the warm welcome and noticed the banner congratulating the new police officers. "Surprise," Curtis quietly told Valerie as he approached her. Valerie grinned as she realized that Curtis had put the party together. She was curious how he'd known who to invite, so he reminded her of the times he'd asked her who she would and wouldn't want to work with. Curtis admitted that he'd been actually putting a guest list together.

Valerie saw Dante congratulate a fellow graduate and asked how Dante and Lulu had ended up at the party. Curtis explained that he'd invited Dante because Valerie would be working with Dante, while Lulu was Valerie's cousin. Valerie worried that there might be tension between her and her cousin, but Curtis suggested that it was time for the cousins to move forward. Valerie wondered if Lulu would be receptive, so Curtis urged Valerie to talk to her cousin.

Nearby, Dante offered to get Lulu a drink, but she declined because she wanted to avoid alcohol because they had an appointment to talk to Dr. Lee about in vitro fertilization. Dante smiled and thanked Lulu for attending the party. "I'll second that," Valerie added as she walked up. Dante stepped aside as the cousins greeted each other, and Lulu congratulated Valerie. Valerie admitted that it was nice to have family there. Lulu smiled and suggested that it was time for Valerie and Lulu to act like Spencers.

Moments later, Dante and Lulu's Realtor called. Dante answered the call as Lulu told Valerie about the house that Dante and Lulu had put an offer in for. Valerie wished Dante and Lulu luck and returned to the bar to thank Curtis.

Meanwhile, Sonny arrived and spotted Jordan near the entrance. He asked for five minutes of Jordan's time because he wanted to talk about Julian, but Jordan reminded him that she wasn't at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation. After Jordan walked away, Sonny approached Dante and Lulu, but he immediately sensed that they were upset. Dante revealed that he and Lulu had found their dream house, but the owners had rejected Dante and Lulu's offer because they had received a better one. Sonny assured the couple that things would work out.

Across the room, Curtis was glad that Jordan had made it to the party. Jordan was impressed with everything Curtis had done, but he asked her to make the toast. Jordan smiled and assured him that she'd be honored. Pleased, Curtis introduced Jordan to the gathered guests and stepped aside as Jordan congratulated the new police officers and expressed her pride in their accomplishments. Jordan talked about what it meant to be a police officer and welcomed the new officers to the ranks.

Jordan added that she wanted to give Valerie a special shout-out because Valerie had struggled through some difficult times but had finished in the top ten percent of the class. After everyone clapped, Valerie thanked Jordan and approached Curtis. Valerie sensed that Curtis missed being a police officer. "More than you can imagine," Curtis quietly confessed. Jordan walked up to say goodbye and to thank Curtis for everything. After Jordan left, Curtis revealed that he had a present for Valerie.

Valerie insisted that the party had been more than enough, but Curtis handed her a fifty-cent piece. Confused, Valerie wondered why he'd given it to her. Curtis explained that the coin had saved his life during his rookie year when a suspect had shot at Curtis. Curtis wanted Valerie to have it because he believed that it would do her more good than it would him. Curtis changed the subject and asked if she had any plans for after the party. Valerie smiled and kissed him passionately.

Meanwhile, Sonny decided to leave because he doubted that Jordan wanted him there. After he said goodbye to Dante and Lulu, Sonny stepped outside and made a phone call.

At Anna's house, Andre explained that he needed to tell Anna where he stood with her. Anna warned him that it had been a long and disappointing day because the man responsible for Duke's death was still "free as a bird," and she had been cut out of the efforts to make Julian face justice. Anna admitted that she was hurt because Jordan had been responsible for the decision, which made it worse because Anna had considered Jordan both a colleague and a friend. Anna poured herself a drink and revealed that Anna and Jordan's roles had been reversed not too long before when Jordan had been working undercover and had botched an assignment.

Anna explained that she had put her neck on the line for Jordan, but when it had been Jordan's turn, Jordan had "screwed" Anna over. Andre told Anna that Jordan felt terrible about what had happened and promised that Jordan respected Anna. However, Jordan feared that Anna had a blind spot about Julian. Anna argued that Andre had missed the point -- Anna had given Jordan an opportunity to redeem herself, but Jordan hadn't returned the favor. Anna realized that Jordan had been in a tight spot and it had been a tough call to make, but Andre had been a different matter entirely.

Anna reminded Andre that he'd gotten on the stand, taken an oath, and had talked about Anna's commitment and ethics. Anna had been grateful for what Andre had done, but it had hurt when he'd failed to put his faith on the line when it had mattered most. Anna thanked Andre for saving her life, but she advised him to leave because she was on the verge of unloading on him. Andre refused to leave until she'd heard him out. Anna poured herself another drink as Andre confided that he and Jordan had argued because Jordan questioned Andre's feelings for Anna. Andre admitted that he had denied having any romantic feelings for Anna, but the more he'd insisted, the less Jordan had believed him.

Andre confessed that he'd been lying to himself because he felt a strong connection to Anna, and he was certain that she felt it too. Andre admitted that his feelings for her had been unexpected, but they'd grown the more he'd spent time with her because she was beautiful, courageous, and fiercely intelligent. Andre revealed that he'd found himself thinking more about her than he should and looking into her eyes a little too long. Andre was certain that Anna felt an attraction to him, too, so she admitted that it was true, but she promised that she hadn't intended for it to happen.

Andre appreciated Anna's honesty, but he refused to act on his romantic feelings for her because his future was with Jordan. Andre realized that the only way to move forward and to avoid further complications was to cut all contact with Anna, including their friendship. Anna was crushed and suggested that they try to set boundaries and stick to them, but Andre knew that he wouldn't be strong enough to fight his attraction to her if they continued any kind of relationship. Saddened, Anna told Andre that she had valued their friendship. Andre admitted that he had, too, and he left.

Anna returned to her desk as her laptop chimed. She saw a message from a dating website and opened it. Someone had seen her profile and wanted to take her to dinner, but she decided to ignore the invitation because she hadn't been impressed with the man's grammar. Anna was surprised when she received another message from another man a few seconds later.

In Jordan's office, Jordan was surprised when she saw Andre standing in the doorway. He explained that he had stopped by to apologize for their earlier argument and added that he had something to tell her. "I love you, Jordan," Andre said.

In the hospital's locker room, Monica reminded Finn that she needed him to take a drug test because she wanted to clear his name and put Liesl's false accusations to rest. Finn informed Monica that he refused to take a drug test, but Monica explained that it wasn't an option because she had hired an outside investigator to get to the bottom of the recent strange events at the hospital, including Lucas' brush with death. Finn became defensive and reminded Monica that he was a private citizen who hadn't done anything to necessitate him to pee into a cup to prove that he was not a drug addict. After Finn stormed off, Monica followed.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth sat down next to Felix. He wondered if she was there for the same reason that he was. Elizabeth admitted that she'd heard the rumors that everyone with access to the drug dispensary was being questioned. Felix grumbled that he'd been prohibited from leaving until he'd been interviewed, but Elizabeth reminded Felix that it was necessary because Lucas had nearly died from a drug overdose of derisifol. Moments later, Liesl and Franco walked up. Elizabeth quipped that it appeared that Felix and Elizabeth weren't the only potential suspects, but Franco promised that Felix and Elizabeth had nothing to worry about because Franco would likely be blamed.

However, Franco insisted that he'd have found a more creative way to kill Lucas than injecting Lucas with a drug. Shocked, Liesl grabbed Franco by the ear and dragged him away to scold him about making jokes because he had a criminal history that made him a prime suspect despite Franco's efforts to mainstream his life. Liesl warned Franco to be careful because she was the only person who'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Franco glanced at Elizabeth and suggested that there might be someone else.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth noticed that Felix seemed nervous. He admitted that he didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but he realized that he needed to be honest. Felix and Elizabeth saw Finn approach the nurses' station as Felix confided that it was unfair that the newest doctor on staff was the main suspect. Moments later, a nurse walked up to let Elizabeth know that it was Elizabeth's turn to talk to the inquiry panel. Elizabeth and Felix were curious about what kind of questions were being asked. The nurse admitted that Finn seemed to be the focus of the investigation.

After Elizabeth left, Felix approached Finn to let Finn know about the inquiry. Felix warned Finn that Felix would have to tell the truth about the day Felix had left Finn alone in the dispensary to get a muscle relaxer. Finn urged Felix to be honest.

Nearby, Franco thanked Liesl for having faith in him. He acknowledged that he hadn't been a good friend to her lately, but he wanted to make it up to her. Liesl revealed that she'd heard about his paintings, so Franco could make amends by showing her his latest creations. Franco warned her that everyone hated his new paintings -- except one person whose taste was questionable. Liesl insisted that she had a deep appreciation for art and wanted to see his work. Franco assured Liesl that she would be welcome to anything she liked. Liesl thanked him but became distracted when she saw Monica pass by.

Liesl called out to Monica to remind Monica that Finn hadn't taken a drug test, but Monica assured Liesl that Monica had already addressed it with Finn. After Monica walked away, Liesl excused herself to attend to a "special duty."

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth let Felix know that it was his turn to answer questions. After Felix left, Elizabeth warned Finn that he was the focus of the inquiry. Finn wasn't surprised and walked away. Moments later, Franco walked up to check on Elizabeth. She assured him that she was fine, so Franco asked if he had anything to worry about. Elizabeth realized that Franco had only been concerned about himself, but Franco denied it and assured her that he hadn't done anything wrong.

Seconds later, Carly approached Elizabeth to have a private word with Elizabeth about Jake. Franco was reluctant to leave, but Elizabeth shooed him away to find out what Carly had to say. Carly told Elizabeth about the quest to find out where Josslyn had gotten a new kidney. Elizabeth didn't blame Carly for wanting answers because Elizabeth felt the same about Jake's time on Cassadine Island. Carly relaxed and explained that she intended to give Jason the option when he returned to town, but Carly wanted to know if Elizabeth was interested in knowing what Carly uncovered.

Elizabeth didn't hesitate to assure Carly that she wanted to know everything because Elizabeth hoped that it might yield some answers about what had happened to Jake. Carly promised to keep Elizabeth in the loop and started to leave. However, Carly stopped to warn Elizabeth to be careful about Franco because he couldn't be trusted and would eventually hurt Elizabeth. Elizabeth appreciated Carly's concern but promised that it was unnecessary. After Carly left, Franco approached Elizabeth.

Elizabeth asked if Franco had been eavesdropping. Franco was tempted to say no, but he didn't want to lie to Elizabeth. He asked Elizabeth not to listen to Carly's warnings because Carly wanted both Elizabeth and Franco to be miserable. Franco conceded that he deserved to be miserable, but he was adamant that Elizabeth didn't. Franco changed the subject by asking what good it would do Elizabeth to track down Josslyn's kidney donor. Elizabeth explained that it would provide answers, and the truth might give everyone closure, but Franco thought the truth was "overrated." Franco revealed that he had found that once the door opened to "that dark room," it was hard to get back.

In the locker room, Liesl approached Finn's locker. Meanwhile, Monica tracked down Finn in an examination room to talk to him about taking a drug test. Finn refused to cooperate. Moments later, Liesl appeared in the doorway to demand to talk to Monica in private. Liesl insisted that it was important and advised Finn to stay put. After Liesl and Monica left, Finn saw Carly at the elevator and quickly walked up to greet her. Carly confided that she had a lead on the donor, but she didn't have time to discuss it with him. Carly promised to catch up with him later, and she left.

After the elevator door closed, Monica informed Finn that there had been a new development. Finn and Liesl followed Monica to the nurses' station as Felix, Elizabeth, and Franco stood nearby. Monica unfolded a towel that Liesl had given her. Nestled in the towel was Finn's syringe kit, which Monica revealed had been found in Finn's locker. Monica held up the syringe and demanded an explanation.

At Greystone Manor, Cary called Jax and left him a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she needed to talk to him about Josslyn and an important matter. After Carly ended the call, Sonny walked up. Carly explained that she had talked to Elizabeth and had decided that Sonny should proceed with the investigation. Sonny assured Carly that he would take care of it and promised to meet her in the bedroom after he made a phone call. Sonny waited until Carly disappeared then called Diane for an update. He was pleased when she reported that she'd taken care of everything.

At the Floating Rib, Dante and Lulu were discouraged about losing their dream house. Moments later, the Realtor called Dante to let him know that the other offer had been revoked, and the seller had accepted Dante and Lulu's offer. Dante and Lulu were elated.

T.J. learns that Shawn is his father

T.J. learns that Shawn is his father

Thursday, June 16, 2016

At the hospital, Monica followed Finn into an examination room as he grumbled about Liesl illegally searching his locker. Monica promised to deal with Liesl later, but first Monica wanted answers about the syringe found in Finn's locker. Finn confirmed that it was his syringe, but he refused to tell Monica why he had it or what he'd used it for. Monica warned him that she intended to have the syringe tested, but Finn remained tightlipped. Frustrated, Monica informed him that he was suspended until further notice

Finn was outraged because he had patients to take care of, but Monica explained that other doctors would handle his caseload during his suspension. "Over my dead body," Tracy said as she appeared in the doorway. Tracy reminded Monica that Finn had saved Tracy's life, but Monica revealed that he'd refused to take a simple drug test to clear his name. Tracy continued to defend Finn, but Monica's hands were tied because he'd had access to a pharmaceutical dispensary where drugs had been reported missing, including derisifol, which Lucas had been injected with. Tracy appreciated Monica's concern, but she felt that Finn had been singled out.

Monica explained that a syringe had been confiscated from Finn's locker. Tracy refused to believe that Finn had killed anyone because he'd saved Tracy's life. Finn thanked Tracy for the support, and he left. Tracy threatened to have Monica removed as chief of staff, but Monica argued that it was out of Monica's hands because two of Finn's patient's had died, and a second autopsy on Mrs. Jenkins had revealed derisifol in the elderly patient's system. Monica added that Finn's lack of cooperation and the discovery of the syringe were damning. Monica admitted that she was concerned because Finn refused to give her an explanation for the syringe.

At the Floating Rib, Curtis and Valerie kissed passionately. Curtis pulled away to invite her back to his place, but the moment was ruined when Hayden marched up and demanded to talk to Curtis. Curtis informed Hayden that he was busy, but Hayden refused to leave and reminded him that they were friends. Curtis resented the intrusion and told Hayden to call him in the morning, but Hayden explained that she needed to know how to have someone declared legally dead. Frustrated, Curtis advised Hayden to hire an attorney because he was with someone, and he introduced Valerie.

Hayden promised that she only needed Curtis for a few minutes, but Valerie told Hayden to take her time and walked away. Hayden was stunned when Curtis followed Valerie and apologized. Curtis told Valerie that Hayden didn't know when to stop, but a cadet walked up to let Valerie know that it was time for a group picture. Curtis watched as Valerie posed with her friends for pictures.

Nearby, Molly and T.J. arrived for dinner. Molly was surprised when T.J. offered to pay, but T.J. smiled and explained that he'd been selected to work at the hospital as a paid intern. Molly was thrilled for T.J. and hugged him. Moments later, T.J. saw his uncle and approached Curtis to introduce Molly. Molly admitted that she had heard a lot about Curtis from T.J. T.J., Molly, and Curtis chatted for a few minutes until Valerie walked up to "borrow" Curtis.

Valerie and Curtis found a quiet spot where Valerie thanked Curtis for the party. She admitted that she was tempted to go home with him, but it was a special night and she wanted to celebrate the momentous occasion with her friends. Curtis smiled and assured her that he understood because his graduation from the police academy had been one of the best nights ever. Valerie kissed Curtis until one of her friends dragged her to the bar for shots.

Meanwhile, Molly and T.J. sat down as Molly gushed that Curtis had seemed "cool." She was curious why Curtis hadn't been a part of T.J.'s life for a long time. T.J. blamed it on bad blood between Jordan and Curtis, but he had no idea what had caused the friction. T.J. wondered if Molly and Alexis were still at odds. "Absolutely," Molly answered. Molly feared it wouldn't get better until Alexis realized that Julian had been making a fool of Alexis.

Molly admitted that she was glad that she had moved out. T.J. asked if Molly would be interested in getting a place with him instead of living at the dorms. Molly loved the idea, but T.J. worried about Ric's reaction. Molly was confident that her father would be okay with it. T.J. suggested that she pay Ric a visit to break the news while T.J. went to talk to Jordan.

At the bar, Hayden saw a bartender approach Finn's table to order him to get "that thing" out of the bar. Finn stroked Roxy, who was nestled against his chest, and explained that she was a service animal. The bartender scoffed, but Hayden jumped up and pointed her phone at the bartender as she informed the man that she was recording the exchange. The bartender's attitude immediately shifted as he asked for Hayden and Finn's order. After the bartender left to fetch the drinks, Hayden sat down and asked about Finn's bearded dragon. Finn was stunned when Hayden revealed that she'd had a bearded dragon when she had been a child.

Finn thought it was interesting that Hayden had named her pet Mr. Darcy and wondered if Nikolas had been her real-life Mr. Darcy. Hayden smiled wistfully, but admitted that her marriage hadn't been long or perfect. Finn finished his drink and suggested another drink, but Hayden noticed that Finn didn't look well and advised him against it. Hayden's concern mounted as Finn began to sway. She asked him what was truly wrong with him because she knew that he didn't have diabetes. Finn desperately begged Hayden to help him and Roxy get back to the hotel, so she took his arm and guided him out of the bar.

In Jordan's office, Andre told Jordan that he loved her. Jordan admitted that she was at a loss for words in part because they'd had a horrible argument about his feelings for Anna just a few hours earlier. Jordan was curious how Andre had gone from "point A to point B" in such a short time. Andre claimed that after their argument, he had been forced to "shrink" himself and had realized that she had no idea how much she meant to him because he hadn't told her. Andre promised that he cherished Jordan and enjoyed spending time with her. He added that there were many reasons that he loved her, and even though it wouldn't make the wounds they had inflicted on each other earlier better, he wanted her to know how he felt.

"I love you, Jordan," Andre repeated. Jordan reminded him that she'd betrayed the last man she'd loved by sending Shawn to jail. She admitted that she was afraid to open her heart again, but Andre assured her that he didn't want to pressure her. He hoped that she could forgive him because his life would be empty without her in it. Touched, Jordan kissed Andre and promised that he would see her as soon as she took care of the pile of work on her desk.

Later, Jordan entered her office and jumped when she saw Curtis seated in front of her desk. Jordan was curious why he was there instead of with Valerie. Curtis smiled as he explained that Valerie was celebrating with friends. Jordan was happy for Valerie because she knew how hard Valerie had worked. Curtis and Jordan's conversation turned to Curtis' career as a police officer. Jordan was stunned when he confessed that he wanted to work in law enforcement again and asked if she would give him a second chance.

Jordan thought Curtis was merely nostalgic because of Valerie's graduation, but Curtis promised Jordan that it wasn't a whim. He revealed that he had looked into it and had confirmed that he remained in good standing with the Baltimore Police Department. Curtis acknowledged that the Drug Enforcement Agency was a bit trickier, but he assured Jordan that he'd only been reprimanded and had never faced any criminal charges or had his badge stripped. Jordan remained concerned because Curtis was a recovering addict and might succumb to temptation because drug busts were common.

Curtis invited Jordan to talk to his sponsor if she had any concerns, but he was confident that he could handle the responsibilities of being a police officer because part of his recovery meant facing what had led him to escape into drugs in the first place. Curtis confessed that he'd been filled with regret because he'd told Tommy about Jordan and Shawn's affair. Jordan didn't want to talk about it, but Curtis was determined to get it off his chest. He felt responsible for what had happened to his brother because Curtis was certain that Tommy would still be alive if Curtis hadn't told Tommy about the affair.

Jordan was shocked because she'd never heard Curtis take any blame for his role in what had happened. However, she admitted that she also had regrets because she had lied to her husband and had said whatever had been necessary to give Tommy a reason to return home. Curtis argued that Jordan was not to blame for anything -- it had been Curtis' big mouth that had set the tragic chain of events into motion. Curtis promised Jordan that he loved T.J. and vowed that he would never tell T.J. that Shawn was T.J.'s father. In the hallway, T.J. listened to the exchange between Curtis and Jordan then silently walked away.

At the safe house, Jason and Sam snuggled in bed after making love. Sam admitted that she would miss the cabin and hoped that she and Jason could return periodically when their lives returned to normal. Jason assured her that it could be arranged. Sam smiled and confided that she enjoyed life on the run with him because it gave her a rush, and she loved having him to herself. Jason grinned and reminded her that they still had time to enjoy the solitude, but Sam insisted that they get to work.

A short time later, Jason joined Sam in the living room as she wrapped up a phone call with Spinelli. She had changed into snug black clothing and had pulled her hair into a ponytail. Jason was reluctant to send Sam to break into the pawnshop, but she assured him that Spinelli had given her a code to override the security system, and no one would be at the shop. Jason argued that it would only take him half an hour to get a car, but Sam insisted on going to the pawnshop alone.

A short time later, Sam picked the lock on the pawnshop's door, typed in the code to disarm the security alarm, and then approached the desk. She quickly located the forged passports for her and Jason before opening the laptop to check the records for Nikolas' passport. She smiled victoriously when she found a record of Nikolas' forged passport, but her smile vanished when the light was turned on and the shop owner approached her with a gun. The shop owner glared at Sam and told her that he hadn't liked her from the onset.

Sam explained that she had been eager to get the passports and promised that she hadn't taken anything else, but the shop owner didn't care and made a lewd proposition in exchange for not calling the police. Sam assured him that she would cooperate and seductively approached him. Once the man let his guard down, Sam kneed him in the groin. The shop owner collapsed to the ground in agony. "You little bitch," he growled as the gun fell out of his hand. Sam violently kicked the man between the legs as Jason suddenly appeared, picked up the gun, and aimed it at the man curled up on the ground in pain.

Sam immediately returned to the laptop to get the information she needed as the shop owner threatened to call the police. Jason advised the man against it because Sonny Corinthos wouldn't be pleased. The shop owner didn't want trouble from Sonny and agreed to do whatever Jason asked. Jason told the man to close up shop and disappear for a month. After Sam had what she needed, Jason and Sam left.

A short time later, Jason and Sam returned to the cabin. She assured him that she'd had everything under control at the pawnshop, but she'd been glad when Jason had arrived. Sam handed the forged passports to Jason, who conceded that the shop owner had done a great job. Sam smiled and revealed that Nikolas had been travelling under the alias Niall Carradine and that she and Jason were headed to London, England. Jason picked up their bags and followed Sam out the door.

At the Milton Arms in London, Ava saw Nikolas seated in a chair in the lobby. She sat down across from him and greeted him. Nikolas tensed and asked if she had followed him from Heathrow Airport, but she confessed that she always stayed at the Milton Arms when she was in London because it was a wonderful hotel that few people knew about and a great place to disappear. Nikolas remained leery, but Ava promised Nikolas that he could relax because the police would have already been there if she had intended to report him. Nikolas didn't trust Ava and asked why she was in London.

Ava promised that it hadn't been anything compared to what Nikolas had done. Nikolas assured Ava that he had been careful to keep anyone from seeing him leave Port Charles. Ava smiled as he questioned how he'd ended up with her as a seatmate on the plane. She suggested that he should have paid extra to fly first class instead of coach, but Nikolas demanded to know what Ava wanted from him. Ava invited him to have dinner with her in Kensington, but Nikolas asked how much it would cost for her silence.

Ava explained that she wanted an answer. "Why are you a dead man walking?" Ava asked. She revealed that she had faked her death and assumed a new identity because she hadn't been able to bear the thought of going to jail and being separated from her daughters. Nikolas refused to answer her question, but he warned her that she might be charged with aiding and abetting if he was caught. Ava decided to risk it, but she was curious why he was depriving himself of being with Spencer. Nikolas ignored the question, but Ava didn't have a chance to probe any further because Huxley Lynch suddenly walked up.

Hux claimed that the hotel was his favorite watering hole, and he tried to strike up a conversation with Nikolas, but Nikolas was evasive and brushed Hux off. Hux pretended to be oblivious as he once again extended an invitation for Nikolas to dine at Hux's country manor. Nikolas declined, so Ava claimed that "Niall" had movie scripts to read. Disappointed, Hux eventually left. Ava admitted that she didn't think Hux's appearance had been a coincidence.

Nikolas fetched his room key and told Ava that he intended to leave London. Ava offered to give Nikolas a lift to Heathrow Airport in the morning, but she warned him to be ready to leave by 6:00 a.m. Nikolas reluctantly accepted the offer. After Nikolas and Ava walked away, Hux stepped out of the shadows and muttered that he would be waiting for Nikolas at 6:00 a.m. sharp.

Alexis is arrested for Carlos' murder

Alexis is arrested for Carlos' murder

Friday, June 17, 2016

In the squad room, Anna approached Paul to ask if he'd talked to Jordan. Paul confirmed that Jordan had been adamant about Anna staying out of the investigation. Anna was disappointed, but Sonny walked up and reminded Paul that there wouldn't have been a case against Julian if it hadn't been for Anna. Sonny insisted that Anna deserved to be present for Julian's arrest. Anna appreciated Sonny's endorsement, but she doubted that Paul cared. Paul surprised both Anna and Sonny by admitting that he agreed with Sonny.

However, Paul explained that it might be moot because a search warrant had yielded vital evidence that would bring Carlos' killer to justice. Sonny wanted to know more about the evidence, but Paul refused to share the details. Anna pointed out that Sonny would likely find out, anyway, from the police officers on Sonny's payroll. Sonny ignored the scorn in Anna's tone as he reminded both Paul and Anna that they were all on the same side. Anna agreed, but she resented that he'd corrupted police officers.

Sonny was unrepentant as Paul led both Sonny and Anna to the interrogation room to talk privately. Anna told Sonny that a dagger had been recovered from Alexis' home that had matched Carlos' stab wounds. Anna added that DNA evidence had also been recovered, but Sonny reminded her that Julian had an alibi. Paul explained that the alibi wasn't as ironclad as Julian believed. Anna promised that they were close to arresting Julian and couldn't afford for Sonny to do anything to mess things up.

After Sonny left, Paul and Anna returned to the squad room. Paul admitted that he had reservations about sharing details of the investigation with Sonny, but Anna reminded Paul that Sonny had resources that the police didn't that would allow Sonny to stop Julian if Julian were to flee town. Anna promised that Sonny wouldn't kill Julian because of Julian's connection to Sonny's extended family. Paul recalled that Alexis was the mother of one of Sonny's children and made a snide remark about the number of children that Sonny had with different women.

Anna advised Paul to focus on Julian, so Paul revealed that he intended to have Anna sit in on the interrogation. Shocked, Anna asked what angle Paul was working. Paul was disappointed by her low opinion of him, especially since she knew that she had sway over him because of his feelings for her. Moments later, Nathan walked up to announce that they had the test results on the dagger and a match. After Nathan left to make an arrest, Paul assured Anna that they had Duke's killer in their crosshairs. "Do we?" Anna asked.

Meanwhile, Julian stood in Metro Court's elevator as he talked to Alexis on the phone. Julian told his wife that he'd missed her, but Alexis coldly asked what he wanted. Julian admitted that an attitude adjustment would be a good start, but Alexis was not amused. Resigned, Julian told Alexis that he intended to return home later, but Alexis objected. Julian made it clear that he wouldn't spend another night without his wife and added that he expected a warm welcome.

At the house, Alexis grumbled as Julian disconnected the call. Kristina entered the living room and immediately picked up on the tension. Concerned, Kristina asked what was wrong, but Alexis brushed it off as work-related. Kristina didn't believe her mother because Kristina had noticed that Julian had been conspicuously absent. Kristina wondered if it had had anything to do with the search warrant because Kristina could tell Alexis was "freaking out." Alexis was evasive and assured Kristina that everything would be fine, but Kristina asked how much trouble Alexis and Julian were really in.

Alexis explained that she didn't want Kristina to worry, but Kristina argued that it was too late. Alexis conceded that the police suspected Julian of a crime and had searched the house, but Alexis was confident that everything would work out. Kristina gently reminded her mother that Kristina knew what it was like to fall for the wrong guy and advised Alexis not to remain stuck in a relationship that was broken. Kristina insisted that Alexis deserved better, but Alexis promised that everything would be okay.

Later, Alexis called Diane and left a voicemail message requesting information about the search warrant that had led to the discovery of the dagger. Alexis ended the call as Sonny knocked on the door. Alexis pointed out that Sonny showing up on her doorstep undercut his avowal that she was dead to him, but Sonny told her that he was there for Julian. Alexis informed Sonny that Julian was not there. Sonny entered the living room and ordered Alexis to call Julian. He sat on the sofa as he bragged that he had never compromised his family or let Carly be implicated in something he'd done just to save his own "ass."

Alexis ordered Sonny to leave and threatened to call the police. Sonny warned Alexis that it would be a waste of time because the police had enough evidence to make an arrest and were on their way to Alexis' home. Sonny's smug smile vanished when Kristina entered the living room and asked why Sonny was there. Alexis and Sonny pretended that they'd been having a chat and hustled Kristina out the door before she was late for work. After Kristina left, Alexis assured Sonny that the evidence wouldn't amount to anything because there were a lot of knives that matched the dagger's dimensions.

Sonny explained that he'd been referring to blood evidence. Alexis was stunned and told Sonny that Julian was at the office. Sonny was surprised by Alexis' attitude and wondered if she had finally realized who Julian really was. Sonny assured Alexis that she had gotten out in the nick of time because Julian would have dragged her down with him. Moments later, Nathan knocked on the door. Sonny and Alexis were shocked when Nathan arrested Alexis for Carlos' murder.

At Crimson, Nathan stood in Nina's office as he watched Curtis pose while Maxie snapped pictures and Nina offered Curtis advice. Eventually, Nathan told Maxie that he didn't have time to stand around posing for pictures because he had to get to work. Maxie took a break and dragged Nathan to the reception area to tell him that she'd called him for another reason -- she loved him with all of her heart. Maxie apologized for judging Nathan harshly when he'd told her about the shooting because she had made her own share of mistakes. She assured him that she had forgiven him and advised him to forgive himself.

After Nathan told Maxie that he loved her, Maxie asked if he still wanted to marry her. "Yes," Nathan answered without hesitation.

In Nina's office, Nina finished snapping pictures of Curtis and admitted that they might have found the next issue's cover model. Curtis and Nina talked about Curtis showing his abs, so he lifted his shirt as Nina walked to the camera. Julian entered and smirked as he took in the scene. Nina was surprised that Julian wasn't in jail. Julian asked to talk to Nina privately as Maxie returned with Nathan and explained that they still had to get pictures of Nathan. Nina decided to indulge Julian and promised to contact Curtis and Nathan with dates for the official photo shoot.

After Curtis, Nathan, and Maxie filed out of the office, Julian asked about Nina's plans for the new edition of Crimson. Nina was more interested in discussing Julian's recent troubles because Jordan had questioned Nina about Julian's alibi for the night of Carlos' murder. Julian tensed as he asked what Nina had told Jordan. Nina admitted that she'd been fuzzy on the times because she'd been distraught about her breakup with Franco, but she'd confirmed that Julian had been in the office with Nina for part of the evening. Julian began to relax until Nina mentioned the stained shirt that Julian had attributed to spilled wine.

Nina acknowledged that she'd had a bottle of red wine in the office that night, but Julian hadn't had any of it. Julian cut to the chase and asked what it would take for her to forget about the shirt. "You -- naked -- on all fours," Nina answered. Julian reminded her that he was a married man, but Nina explained that she intended to turn the tables on men with her next issue of Crimson by objectifying them. She intended to have men pose as ottomans, clothes racks, and other objects. Nina envisioned Julian posing as a coffee table with her feet resting on him.

Julian applauded the concept, but he refused to participate. Nina warned him that she wouldn't provide him with an alibi if he didn't agree to her terms. Julian tried to call her bluff, but Nina yelled out to Maxie to ask if Nathan was still there. Julian immediately backed down and agreed to cooperate. Pleased, Nina told Maxie that Julian would be part of the issue, but Maxie suspected that Alexis might object. Nina claimed that Julian and Alexis had reached a defining moment in their relationship.

At the hospital, Laura thanked Spencer for accompanying her to pick up a refill of her medication. She knew he'd rather be playing outside, but he admitted that it didn't matter because he had to follow the course that life had set for him without his father. Kevin walked up and greeted both Laura and Spencer. Spencer immediately became defensive and rude when he recalled that Kevin was a "head doctor," and he asked to get candy from the vending machine. Laura gently scolded Spencer and asked her grandson to be polite because Kevin was a friend.

Kevin, Laura, and Spencer sat down on a bench as Kevin tried to break the ice with Spencer and broach the subject of Nikolas. Spencer was adamant that his father was gone, but Laura argued that they couldn't be certain of that. Spencer insisted that it would be best to move on, but Laura felt it was too soon. Kevin acknowledged that everyone dealt with difficult circumstances differently and promised that Spencer didn't have to talk about Nikolas if Spencer didn't want to. Kevin gave Spencer some money for the vending machine and sent the boy on his way.

Kevin explained to Laura that they couldn't force Spencer to open up when Spencer clearly didn't trust Kevin. However, Kevin agreed to see Spencer on a professional basis because Spencer was holding a lot in. At the vending machine, Spencer called Nikolas and left his father a message. Spencer revealed that a "nosy psychiatrist" had been trying to mess with Spencer's head, but Spencer hadn't let him. Spencer bragged that he deserved an award for his performance and asked Nikolas to return the call.

Meanwhile, Kevin asked how Laura had been holding up. She admitted that she'd been putting on a brave front for both Lulu and Spencer's sakes, but Kevin was concerned about Laura. Laura smiled because she was happy that Kevin had become a close friend. Kevin confessed that he'd done some digging after they had left the campus disco, and he'd found a couple named Lloyd and Lucy Johnson living in Port Charles who were connected to the disco.

Laura thought it was odd because she and Luke had made up the aliases, but she was too overwhelmed with Nikolas' disappearance to deal with it. Kevin assured Laura that it was fine and promised to help when she was ready to resume the search for answers. Moments later, Spencer ran up and heard Laura and Kevin arrange a therapy session for Spencer. Spencer was not pleased and insisted that he was fine.

Laura explained that she simply wanted Spencer to have someone to talk to, but Spencer argued that he hadn't lost his father. Alarmed, Laura asked what Spencer meant. Spencer explained that his father had always told him that Spencer's mother, Courtney, would always be with Spencer even though Spencer couldn't see her. Spencer claimed that the same was true for Nikolas, and he added that his father was in a better place.

In London, Jason and Sam entered the Milton Arms hotel after Spinelli had reported that "Niall Carradine" had listed the hotel as his destination when Nikolas had used the alias when he'd entered the country. Jason conceded that the hotel had been a good choice because the technology was limited, making it an ideal place to disappear. Jason offered to go with Sam to the front desk to question the clerk, but Sam reminded him that she'd been running cons for half her life and could handle it. She also thought Jason would stand out because he looked like he was in the military. Jason hung back as Sam approached the desk clerk to ask the man to call Niall Carradine's room.

The clerk revealed that Niall had checked out earlier that morning and had asked the clerk to book a flight out of the country. Sam explained that it was imperative that she talk to Niall because his young son had fallen gravely ill. The clerk glanced around, pointedly told her that he was going on break, and slid a book toward Sam. Sam waited until the man left and quickly checked. Sam told Jason that Nikolas was scheduled to fly to Amsterdam within minutes. Sam decided to call the airline and identified herself as Special Agent Anna Devane with the World Security Bureau. After a brief conversation, Sam ended the call and revealed that Nikolas had never boarded the flight.

Jason suggested that Nikolas had taken another flight, but Sam saw the desk clerk return and pumped the man for more information. The man revealed that Niall had been with a stunning blonde, but he had no idea who she was. Sam slid the clerk some cash for him to step away so she could look at the registration book. Moments later, Sam discovered that Ava Jerome had checked in around the same time as Nikolas.

At Lynch Manor, Huxley led Nikolas and Ava into the blue room and explained that it had gotten its name because his great-aunt Hortense had retreated to the room for a year to mourn the death of her beloved Whippet. Hux explained that Whippets were nervous creatures, and the dog had died of a massive heart attack when Hux's great-aunt had slammed a cupboard shut. Nikolas insisted that he didn't have time for a visit because he had a flight to catch, but Hux revealed that Heathrow was a couple of hours away. Ava was infuriated and accused Hux of hijacking her and Nikolas and then whisking them to Hux's ancestral home.

Ava wanted to leave, but Hux explained that it would be too dangerous because a fog had moved in. Ava tried to make a call, but her phone didn't have a signal. Nikolas checked his phone and discovered that he had the same problem. Hux dashed off to fetch refreshments and a phone they could use to make new arrangements. After Hux left, Ava threatened to call the police, but Nikolas warned her that he couldn't afford the scrutiny. Nikolas was certain that Hux was merely a harmless fan and blamed Ava because she had convinced Hux that Nikolas was a famous actor.

Ava argued that Nikolas was responsible for their predicament because he'd made a mess of his life. "Well, hello Pot, meet Kettle," Nikolas shot back. Ava marched to the door, intent on leaving, but the door was locked. Nikolas suspected that it was simply jammed and tried to open it, only to realize that it was indeed locked. Ava panicked and threatened to climb out the window, but Nikolas warned her that they were fifty feet above the ground. Nikolas assured Ava that they would get everything straightened out when Hux returned, but Ava remained apprehensive.

Moments later, Hux returned and claimed that his phone was out of order because he'd forgotten to pay the bill. Nikolas decided that he and Ava would take their chances with the fog, but Hux's friendly demeanor vanished as he informed Nikolas and Ava that no one was leaving. Nikolas and Ava were alarmed when Hux revealed that he didn't care about Nikolas -- Hux wanted Ava.

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