General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 30, 2016 on GH

Hayden's mother arrived at Wyndemere. Sonny and Ava worked out a custody arrangement. Lucas emerged from the coma. Jason and Sam went into hiding. Laura leaned on Kevin.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 30, 2016 on GH
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, an encore episode of General Hospital aired in place of a new episode. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 31, and picked up where the Friday, May 27 episode concluded.

Jordan warns Jason that he's the prime suspect

Jordan warns Jason that he's the prime suspect

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Ava pushed past Sonny and explained that she was there for Avery. Sonny informed Ava that their daughter was in bed and added that Avery would never be leaving with Ava. Ava realized that Carly had told Sonny about the sex video that Carly had stolen from Ava's apartment and asked Sonny if they could discuss things. Sonny informed Ava there was nothing to discuss, but Ava asked for shared custody. Sonny was infuriated that she would ask after he'd spent months having limited supervised visits with Avery. Ava wondered if Sonny truly wanted their daughter to become a prize in their fight.

Sonny smiled smugly and informed Ava that he'd won the fight. Sonny reminded Ava that he'd warned her about Carly and Carly's determination to help him. Sonny gloated that Ava would walk away with nothing and ordered her to leave, but Ava refused to budge because she wanted to know if there was any way she could get him to change his mind. Sonny suggested that Ava take comfort in knowing that he'd decided to let her live, even though he still vividly recalled how it had felt to hold Connie as she'd bled out and died his arms. Ava wondered if keeping Avery from her was revenge, but Sonny insisted that he wanted to keep their daughter safe -- avenging Connie's murder had merely been a plus.

Ava's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that life wouldn't be worth living without Avery, and she invited Sonny to follow through on his promise to kill her. Sonny told Ava to save the dramatics, but she was adamant that she would rather die than live without Avery. Ava pointed out that killing her would solve everyone's problems and allow Carly to raise Avery as her own without Sonny ever having to tell Avery about Ava. Sonny insisted that Carly had always been Avery's mother because Ava had only seen Avery as a bargaining chip.

Ava continued to ask Sonny to end her life, but Sonny grudgingly decided to work out a custody arrangement. However, he warned Ava that she would have to abide by his terms and be honest with their daughter because he wanted Avery to know the truth and decide for herself when Avery was old enough to understand whether or not to have a relationship with Ava. Relieved, Ava asked to say goodnight to Avery. Sonny reluctantly agreed, but he warned Ava there was a limit to his generosity. Ava glared at Sonny as he climbed the stairs to fetch Avery from the nursery. Moments later, Sonny returned and handed Avery to Ava.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina reached down to pick up her son, but Tracy suddenly appeared and ordered Sabrina not to touch the baby. Startled, Sabrina asked if the baby was sick. Tracy explained that the baby was content and shouldn't be disturbed, but Michael watched his aunt closely as Sabrina thanked Tracy for taking care of the baby. Sabrina admitted that she'd known that Tracy could be trusted, but Tracy's rancor was evident as she replied that the same couldn't be said for Sabrina. Surprised, Sabrina asked if she had offended Tracy, but Tracy laughed and told Sabrina that Tracy had been too busy dealing with hallucinations and fighting for her life to waste time being offended by Sabrina.

Sabrina was shocked and asked what Tracy was talking about. Michael quickly filled Sabrina in about Tracy's recent health crisis, but Tracy added that Sabrina hadn't known because Sabrina had fled town with Carlos without a word or turning to Tracy for help, which a friend wouldn't have done. Sabrina promised that she regretted her choices and apologized to Tracy. Michael suggested that Tracy hear Sabrina's side of things before casting stones because Sabrina's life had been in danger after the baby's birth. Sabrina added that Michael and Sonny had saved Sabrina from certain death.

Tracy was glad that Sabrina was alive, but pointed out that Sabrina should have expected it because of who Carlos was. Sabrina realized that she wasn't welcome and decided to take her son and leave, but Michael reminded Sabrina that she had to stay with him until Sabrina reported to the police station in the morning. Tracy asked what Michael was talking about, so he explained that Sabrina faced criminal charges. Sabrina added that Jordan had given Sabrina a night to spend with the baby before dealing with Sabrina's legal troubles. Tracy refused to let Sabrina hold the baby, but Sabrina argued that it wasn't Tracy's place because Sabrina was the baby's mother.

Tracy informed Sabrina that Tracy was the baby's foster mother and legal guardian. Tracy retrieved the papers to show Sabrina and accused Sabrina of being an unfit mother. Michael told Tracy to stop and promised Sabrina that they would find a way to work things out. Sabrina begged to hold her son, but Tracy stood firm because she wanted what was best for the baby. Michael disagreed because he believed that Tracy had been acting out of spite by doing to Sabrina what had been done to Tracy. Michael reminded Tracy that she'd taken Dillon to Europe out of fear that Paul would win custody of Dillon.

Tracy denied that her situation had been anything like Sabrina's because Tracy had never endangered Dillon. Michael argued that he'd heard the stories about Jenny Eckert's hit-and-run. Sabrina explained that she had sent the baby to Tracy for protection until the danger was over, but Tracy refused to hand Edward over to Sabrina. Sabrina was stunned that Tracy had referred to the baby as Edward because Sabrina had named the baby Eduardo after Tracy's father, whom everyone had respected. Sabrina admitted that she had also picked the name because the Quartermaines had meant a lot to Sabrina.

Sabrina added that Eduardo was a serious name for a little baby, so Sabrina had decided to call him Teddy. "Edward's better," Tracy quietly said as tears swam in her eyes. Michael sensed his great-aunt softening and told both Sabrina and Tracy that they had a lot to figure out, but he asked Tracy to let Sabrina hold the baby. Tracy picked up Edward and handed him to Sabrina. Sabrina beamed with delight as she held her baby tightly and cooed to him.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Julian announced that he was headed to bed and invited Alexis to join him, but she was standoffish as she told him that she still had work to do. Worried, Julian asked if they were okay. Alexis refused to look at him as she told him that it was late, but Julian accused her of doing her best to avoid him. Annoyed, Alexis wondered how she should act, knowing that he'd killed three people and had made her complicit in the crimes. Julian insisted that it had been necessary to protect their family, but Alexis wasn't satisfied. Julian assured her that he hadn't expected her to "come to terms" with everything right away, but he needed to know that they would work things out together.

Alexis reminded Julian that she was there, but Julian didn't have a chance to reply because Molly walked in. Alexis greeted her daughter and asked about the Nurses Ball. Molly admitted that it had been different working behind the scenes rather than onstage. Alexis decided to fetch a cup of coffee and ducked into the kitchen. Julian seized the opportunity to ask about Lucas and Brad's wedding. Molly was surprised by the question because she realized that Julian hadn't heard about what had happened.

Moments later, Julian's phone rang. It was Brad. After Julian left, Alexis returned to the living room. Molly noticed that Alexis didn't appear concerned about Julian, but Alexis pointed out that Julian had simply gone to bed. Molly explained that Julian had left in a rush when Brad had called, but Alexis decided that Julian would call if it was important. Molly realized that something was wrong and asked if it had something to do with Julian forcing Alexis to represent Carlos. Alexis refused to discuss it, but Molly was concerned and wanted to help.

Alexis was curious what Molly would do if Molly had done something that Molly had regretted. Molly explained that she would turn to the ones who cared about her most and lean on them for support. After Molly left, Alexis called Diane to confirm that that they would meet at the police station in the morning because Alexis intended to turn Julian in. Alexis saw an incoming call from Julian and promised to call Diane back. Alexis answered Julian's call and asked why he had left. "It's Lucas," Julian solemnly answered.

In Lucas' hospital room, Brad begged Lucas to wake up, but Lucas remained still as the ventilator helped Lucas breathe. Brad looked up when Finn entered the room and reported that there hadn't been any change in Lucas' condition. Brad was curious if they had the results of the blood tests, but Finn shook his head. Brad admitted that he was afraid to leave Lucas' side and suddenly realized that no one had called Julian. Finn promised to stay with Lucas while Brad stepped out to call Julian.

After Brad left, Liesl appeared in the doorway and sternly ordered Finn to step away from Lucas, but Finn refused. Liesl argued that Finn was not the attending physician, but Finn countered that neither was Liesl.

After Brad talked to Julian, he called and left Sam a voicemail message asking her to return his call. Moments later, Julian arrived and asked where Lucas was. Julian approached Lucas' hospital room as Liesl expressed her concerns about Finn. Finn explained that he'd been looking at Lucas' chart because he wanted to know why a healthy man had nearly died. Liesl suggested that Finn look in the mirror. Julian frowned but entered the room with Brad on his heels. Julian approached Lucas' bedside as Brad told Julian everything Brad knew about Lucas' condition.

Liesl didn't hesitate to suggest that Finn had been responsible for Lucas' brush with death because Finn had recently lost two patients -- each from cardiac arrest -- within the last few weeks. Outraged, Julian grabbed Finn by the shirtfront and demanded to know if Finn had tried to murder Julian's son. Brad was forced to intervene by pulling Julian off of Finn and explaining that both Finn and Griffin had saved Lucas' life. Liesl claimed that Finn had also caused Lucas' heart to stop, but Julian was tired of hearing Liesl's accusations and told her and Finn to leave.

In the hallway, Finn blasted Liesl for making false accusations in front of a man whose son was in a coma. Liesl was unapologetic, so Finn warned her that she would lose her license. Liesl welcomed a review of the incident because she was certain a thorough investigation would confirm her suspicions about Finn. However, she prayed that Lucas would not become Finn's third victim. Finn and Liesl continued to argue and issue threats to destroy the other's career.

In Lucas' hospital room, Julian wanted answers, but Brad explained that they were waiting for test results. Brad decided to go check on them. Julian asked Brad to hurry back. A short time later, Brad approached Finn and Liesl at the nurses' station to reveal that he'd found something disturbing in Lucas' test results. Finn took the file from Brad and scanned it while Liesl anxiously asked what the results had revealed. Brad explained that Lucas had been injected with a lethal amount of medication that was used only in surgery.

In Lucas' hospital room, Julian begged Lucas to wake up. Julian admitted that he didn't know what he would do without Lucas. Moments later, Alexis quietly entered the room and silently approached Julian. She squeezed his shoulder, but he stood up and hugged her tightly.

In Nikolas' bedroom, Curtis let Hayden know that Jordan was on her way. Hayden was frustrated because she'd hoped to locate her diamonds before the police arrived. Curtis was surprised because he'd expected Hayden to want answers about what had happened to Nikolas. Hayden explained that she already knew -- Jason had shoved Nikolas out the window.

In the hallway, Jason told Sam that he didn't want her to worry if the police arrested him. Sam argued that Jason hadn't done anything wrong, but Jason feared that it wouldn't matter. Sam decided to have a chat with Curtis and entered the bedroom to ask him when Curtis and Hayden had arrived at Wyndemere. Hayden glared at Sam and answered that Hayden and Curtis had arrived after Jason had thrown Nikolas out the window. Sam immediately defended Jason, but Curtis suggested that they let the police sort things out.

As if on cue, Jordan appeared in the doorway, accompanied by two police officers. Jordan looked around the bedroom and examined the broken window as she noticed blood on a shard of jagged glass in the windowpane and saw broken glass on the ledge and below. Nearby, Hayden angrily whispered to Curtis that Hayden would lose everything if the police found the diamonds, but Curtis assured Hayden that she had nothing to worry about because he was certain that the diamonds were with Nikolas. Across the room, Jason quietly told Sam that something seemed off about the mess in the bedroom.

Jordan announced that the bedroom was a crime scene and ordered everyone to leave. A short time later, Curtis, Hayden, Jason, and Sam assembled in the living room with Jordan. Jordan decided to start by questioning Curtis, since he'd reported the incident to her. Curtis revealed that he and Hayden had left Metro Court around 12:15 a.m. and had arrived at Spoon Island approximately 30 minutes later, which the launch's records would confirm. Curtis added that he and Hayden had gone to the bedroom and seen the destruction, and Jason and Sam and joined them and told Curtis and Hayden that Nikolas had fallen through the window and landed at the bottom of the cliffs.

Jordan was curious why Curtis had been with Hayden, but Curtis suggested that his "client" answer the question. Hayden claimed that Curtis was her bodyguard because Hayden had become concerned about her safety when she'd recently been informed that Shawn might soon be paroled. Jordan appeared skeptical but focused her attention on Jason when Hayden accused Jason of harming Nikolas. Sam defended Jason, but Jordan asked if Jason and Sam had arrived together. Sam admitted that she and Jason had been separated at the ball, but Sam was adamant that Jason hadn't hurt Nikolas.

Jordan asked to hear Jason's side of things, but he insisted on having an attorney present. Hayden thought the request was proof of Jason's guilt, but Curtis suggested that Jordan arrest both Jason and Sam for trespassing because neither had had permission to enter Wyndemere. Hayden agreed and demanded that Jordan charge Jason and Sam with breaking and entering, but Laura suddenly entered the doorway and asked what was going on. Everyone became silent as Jordan approached Laura to break the news to Laura about Nikolas.

Moments later, a police officer entered the living room to show Jordan a cell phone that had been recovered from the beach. Hayden identified it as Nikolas'. Laura became upset, prompting Sam to offer to call someone. Hayden resented Sam's attempt to help because Jason might have hurt Nikolas. Jordan shifted gears by asking if anyone else had been in the residence. Hayden revealed that Spencer had spent the night at a friend's house, and Nikolas had given the staff the night off. Jordan wondered if it was possible that anyone had stayed behind, so Hayden invited Jordan to retrieve the video footage from the surveillance cameras Nikolas had installed around the castle after a recent encounter with Jason.

Jordan instructed a police officer to grab the footage. Jordan assured Laura that the Coast Guard had been called to help with the search and asked if there was anyone that Laura wanted Jordan to call. Laura insisted that it wasn't necessary because Laura was certain that Nikolas would be found safe and sound. Jason and Sam decided to leave, but Jordan warned Jason to stay in town because he was the prime suspect in Nikolas' disappearance.

Spencer learns that Nikolas has vanished

Spencer learns that Nikolas has vanished

> Spencer learns that Nikolas has vanished

Spencer learns that Nikolas has vanished

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room, grumbling about Ava because Ava had destroyed Carly's phone during the altercation at the Nurses Ball. Carly explained that she'd missed a voicemail from Bobbie telling Carly that Lucas was in a coma. After Carly used Sonny's phone to check in with Bobbie, Carly revealed that Bobbie had been cleared to return home, and Lucas was in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit. Sonny promised to get Carly a new phone right away and have Kristina drop it off at the hospital. Carly thanked him and started to leave, but he asked her to wait because he had something to tell her.

Seconds later, the doorbell rang. Carly was stunned when Ava explained that Ava was there to pick up Avery per the arrangement with Sonny. Carly glared at Sonny as Ava sailed past Carly and assured Sonny that Ava had a car seat for Avery, but Ava wanted Avery's favorite toy and blanket to comfort the child. Carly stared at Sonny with disbelief, prompting Ava to realize that Sonny hadn't told Carly about the custody agreement. Ava thought it was for the best because Carly had no say in the matter because it was between Ava and Sonny.

Sonny immediately demanded that Ava apologize to Carly, or he wouldn't hesitate to terminate Ava's visitations. Ava swallowed her pride and apologized. Carly reluctantly fetched Avery while Ava thanked Sonny for working with her. Sonny warned Ava not to screw up another time because if she did, she would never see Avery again. Ava assured him that she had gotten the message loud and clear as Carly returned and handed Avery to Ava. Ava thanked Carly and instructed Avery to give Sonny a kiss goodbye.

After Ava left, Carly asked why Sonny had allowed Ava visitation with Avery. Sonny explained that he had learned his lesson with Michael when Carly and Sonny had kept Michael away from A.J. for Michael's own good. Sonny didn't want Ava to have the same opportunity that A.J. had had when A.J. had filled their son's head with lies by rewriting history and painting A.J. as the victim. Carly realized that Sonny had a good point. Sonny was certain that Avery would eventually realize the truth about Ava and decide for herself not to have a relationship with Ava.

Carly agreed that she and Sonny couldn't repeat the mistakes they'd made with A.J., but she hated when their past had returned to haunt them. Sonny agreed, but he told Carly that he'd warned Ava not to mess with Carly. Pleased, Carly kissed him and left for the hospital.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dillon stopped by to check on Kiki and find out how she had slept. "Very well," she told him, and she turned the question around. "Not a wink," Dillon answered. Kiki took a break and led Dillon to a table for coffee and to chat about their performance at the ball. Dillon hoped that someone had recorded it because the whole evening had felt like a dream. Kiki smiled because she hadn't expected to have a fun time.

Dillon apologized for jumping the gun and kissing Kiki backstage because he knew she was still dealing with her breakup from Morgan. However, he admitted that the kiss had felt right. Kiki agreed and confessed that it had been the best thing to happen to her in ages. She opened up to Dillon about her volatile relationship with Morgan and how things had always been intense -- even when they had been good. Kiki revealed that Dillon made her feel like she could breathe, but she had reservations because she was still on the rebound from her relationship with Morgan.

Dillon assured Kiki that they could take things slowly because he enjoyed spending time with her. Kiki reminded him that they had plans to attend the concert as friends, but Dillon admitted that he needed someone to help him carry the equipment. Kiki grinned and assured Dillon that she would assist him. Nearby, Ava was delighted when she saw Kiki talking to Dillon.

Later, Ava sat down with Avery on her lap to talk to Kiki and Dillon. Ava claimed that she had decided it was time to make peace with Sonny and work out a custody arrangement. Kiki was happy for her sister because she thought it was best for Avery. Kiki decided to take Avery to the kitchen for a treat as Ava stayed behind with Dillon because she wanted to thank him for helping Kiki get over Morgan.

In the park, Lulu and Dante sat on a bench and looked at flyers of houses on the market. Dante liked a newly built eco-friendly house, but Lulu admitted that she preferred a home with history. Dante agreed that it would be nice, but Lulu knew that he wanted a driveway with a basketball hoop and a big back yard with a patio where they could barbeque. Dante thought the newly built house was perfect for the three of them, but Lulu was curious how he felt about expanding their family as they had once planned. Lulu giggled when he kissed her enthusiastically and agreed that they'd need a home big enough for a family of four.

Lulu and Dante's cell phones suddenly rang. They each answered their phones -- Lulu spoke to her mother while Dante talked to someone at the police station. After they each ended their call, they raced together to Spoon Island.

At the police station, Jordan thanked Jason and Sam for agreeing to meet her. Jordan was eager to get started, but Jason wanted to wait for his attorney. Jordan warned him that it suggested that Jason had something to hide. Moments later, Diane arrived and informed Jordan that talking to the police without an attorney present was risky and foolish. Jordan led Jason, Sam, and Diane to the interrogation room and invited everyone to sit. Diane announced that she had a notarized affidavit detailing a conversation that Diane had had with Jason the previous evening about a lawsuit that Nikolas had filed claiming that Jason had bought ELQ with illegal money.

Intrigued, Jordan asked how Jason had reacted to the news that ELQ's assets had been frozen. Diane referred Jordan to the third paragraph of the affidavit, which stated that Jason had been calm. Jordan continued to question Diane about Jason's actions the previous evening, but Diane clarified that she'd left shortly after telling Jason about the lawsuit. Diane tried to call an end to the meeting, but Jordan informed Diane that Jason still had to account for his activity the previous evening and explain why he'd been at Wyndemere when Nikolas had apparently fallen to his death.

Jason explained that he'd gone to Wyndemere to work things out with Nikolas, but Jason had never had the opportunity because Jason had heard a loud thump and scrape that he'd decided to investigate. According to Jason, he'd heard the sound of glass breaking as he'd approached Nikolas' bedroom. Jason revealed that he'd entered the bedroom, noticed the disarray, and gone to the window, where he'd seen a body that appeared to be Nikolas lying sixty feet below on the rocks. Jordan was certain that Jason had pushed Nikolas, but Sam immediately defended Jason. Jordan questioned Sam about Sam's movements prior to walking in on Jason in the bedroom.

Sam claimed that she had arrived at Wyndemere shortly after Jason, and she'd heard the breaking glass. Jordan revealed that they had video surveillance that put Sam's story into question. Jordan fetched a laptop and played the footage, which showed Nikolas had arrived home at 12:02 a.m. At 12:28 a.m., Jason was seen knocking on the door and entering the castle. Seven minutes later, Sam had arrived, which Jordan explained provided someone with Jason's special skills ample time to throw Nikolas out a window.

Diane decided the interview was over because it was clear that the police weren't interested in getting to the truth. Jordan advised Sam to rethink Sam's statement to avoid a perjury charge, but Diane insisted that the police department had a well-documented history of bias against Jason. Diane urged Jordan not to rush to judgment because Jason was innocent. After Jordan left, Diane advised Jason to enjoy his freedom while it lasted because the police were determined to link Jason to Nikolas' fall. Diane assured Jason that she would do her best to assure the jury that Jason wouldn't have hurt Nikolas because of Emily and that Jason was no longer violent despite his history and Helena's conditioning.

Jason thanked Diane for her help, but she reminded him that he'd always been her favorite client. After Diane left, Sam complained that it was unfair that the police refused to consider alternate suspects. Jason decided that it would be best to continue their conversation elsewhere. A short time later, Jason and Sam strolled through the park, arm in arm, as Sam expressed concern that the police would arrest Jason, but he assured her that she had nothing to worry about because he didn't intend to stick around.

At Wyndemere, Laura looked out the window as she watched teams search for Nikolas. Hayden approached and handed Laura a cup of coffee. Laura thanked Hayden, but Laura's worried gaze drifted back to the window. Laura hoped that they would soon have answers, but she tensed when she heard the door close and Spencer arrive home with Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Spencer entered the living room, asking about the police presence on the island and telling that they'd been blocked from exiting the launch until Elizabeth had told a police officer that Spencer lived at Wyndemere.

Spencer wondered why the police were there and asked if someone had died. Laura pulled herself together and invited Spencer to sit on the sofa because she had some news to share. Laura carefully explained that they had found a broken window in Nikolas' bedroom and that Nikolas was missing. Spencer hoped his grandmother wasn't suggesting that his father had jumped because Spencer refused to believe it. Hayden assured Spencer that no one thought Nikolas had taken his own life.

Spencer realized that something nefarious had happened, but Laura urged Spencer not to jump to conclusions because Nikolas might have fallen. Laura explained that they would have to wait until the police had conducted a thorough investigation and Nikolas was found. Spencer argued that the police would only be involved if they suspected foul play, so Hayden confirmed that it hadn't been ruled out because someone had seen Nikolas on the rocks. Laura added that Nikolas had vanished, but Elizabeth was curious who had seen Nikolas.

"Jason," Laura softly answered. Hayden rushed to assure Spencer that Nikolas was tough and might have taken shelter during the storm, but Spencer worried that the currents had dragged his father out to sea and that Nikolas had drowned. Elizabeth was shaken by the thought but reined in her emotions to keep Spencer calm. Laura acknowledged that it was always easy to go to the worst-case scenario, but they had good reason to be hopeful because Nikolas was a survivor. Hayden agreed and reminded Spencer that Nikolas had survived the fall from Metro Court Restaurant's terrace.

Spencer credited Elizabeth with saving his father's life, but Elizabeth insisted that Nikolas was a fighter. Spencer wondered if they police had run a DNA test to confirm that the body on the rocks had been his father. Hayden revealed that she had given Nikolas' toothbrush to the police, but she hadn't heard anything about the test results. Spencer was certain that the police would put a rush on it and decided to check for an update. Laura insisted on going with her grandson because she doubted the police would talk to Spencer. Spencer reluctantly agreed.

After Laura and Spencer left, Elizabeth told Hayden to stop pretending that Hayden cared about Spencer. Elizabeth insisted that Hayden only cared about Hayden. Hayden wiped away her tears and glared at Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was unmoved and accused Hayden of shoving Nikolas out the window and pinning the crime on Jason. Hayden laughed at the absurdity because Nikolas was far too muscular for Hayden to overpower, but Elizabeth suggested that Hayden had attacked Nikolas from behind. Elizabeth admitted that she'd warned Nikolas to be careful because Hayden had lied continually since arriving in Port Charles.

Elizabeth insisted that Hayden had sufficient motive to kill Nikolas, but Hayden argued that Hayden had an airtight alibi. Hayden reiterated that Jason was responsible for the tragedy, but Lulu and Dante arrived before Elizabeth could reply. Elizabeth greeted Lulu and Dante, filled them in on what she knew, and added that Spencer and Laura were talking to the police. After Lulu and Dante left, Elizabeth revealed that she'd told Nikolas that Hayden would do everything in her power to destroy him. "I just didn't realize how far you would go," Elizabeth added.

Hayden pointed out the flaws in Elizabeth's theory, starting with Hayden's inability to hide Nikolas' body. Hayden suggested that Elizabeth just wanted to be the hero by saving both Nikolas and Jason, but Elizabeth argued that Hayden's theory didn't make any sense. Hayden accused Elizabeth of trying to make Hayden look guilty to draw suspicion away from Jason, but Elizabeth told Hayden that Hayden's claims were too convoluted to follow. Elizabeth wasn't surprised because Hayden's father had been equally creative. Elizabeth was certain that Hayden had harmed Nikolas and vowed to prove it.

Meanwhile, Dante, Lulu, Laura, and Spencer approached the front door. Dante urged everyone to not give up hope, but Spencer doubted that Nikolas could have survived the fall and the hours in the water. Spencer entered the house as Laura watched her grandson with concern. Laura explained that Spencer was in denial and refused to allow himself to feel anything. Dante hugged his wife after Laura followed Spencer into the castle.

Inside, Spencer approached Hayden to let her know that everything would be okay. Spencer assured Hayden that she would still have him if Nikolas wasn't found.

At the police station, Elizabeth approached Jordan to report that she had important information about Hayden.

Jason and Sam go into hiding

Jason and Sam go into hiding

Thursday, June 2, 2016

In Nathan's hospital room, Nathan jolted awake. Maxie sat at his bedside and gently assured him that he'd been dreaming. She reached for a glass of water as she told him that he'd been talking about a shooting in his sleep. Nathan tensed when Maxie invited him to tell her about it, but he declined by claiming that he couldn't remember the details. Maxie believed him and shifted gears to snuggle next to him in bed and show him pictures of the Nurses Ball on her computer tablet. Nikolas was curious why she'd gone to the ball with his doctor.

Maxie explained that she'd intended to take Nathan, but Griffin had refused to sign off on it. She admitted that she'd been in desperate need of an escort and had persuaded Griffin to attend the ball, but she assured Nathan that he needn't worry because Griffin was a priest. Maxie continued to talk about the ball, but Nathan interrupted to let her know that he was secure with their relationship and hadn't minded that she'd gone with Griffin. Moments later, Griffin walked in and announced that Nathan could go home. Griffin noticed the odd expressions on Maxie and Nathan's faces, but she claimed that they were just happy that Nathan could finally go home.

Maxie decided to get the paperwork started and left the room while Griffin remained behind to give Nathan a final exam. Griffin went through a list of questions, but Nathan wanted to know if Griffin was really a priest. Nathan admitted that he'd hoped Griffin could offer some advice because Nathan had been keeping a secret from Maxie. Griffin clarified that he was a Catholic priest, but Nathan merely wanted Griffin's discretion.

At the police station, Elizabeth revealed that she had information about Hayden that pertained to Nikolas' disappearance. Jordan led Elizabeth to the interrogation room to hear what Elizabeth had to say. Elizabeth explained that she'd been concerned about Hayden ever since Hayden had entered Nikolas' life under false pretenses. Jordan revealed that she knew Hayden was Rachel Berlin, but Elizabeth insisted there was more to the story because Hayden had managed to get her hands on expensive diamonds, which were traceable to Hayden's father.

Elizabeth admitted that she knew about the diamonds because Nikolas had recently sold one of the gems. Elizabeth acknowledged that she despised Hayden and was desperate to get Hayden away from Nikolas' family, especially Spencer, but Elizabeth suspected that Hayden had been behind Nikolas' disappearance. Elizabeth knew that Jordan believed it was Jason, but Elizabeth urged Jordan to look at Hayden. Jordan explained that Hayden had an airtight alibi, but Jordan encouraged Elizabeth to let Jordan know if there were any new developments.

At Wyndemere, Hayden was surprised when she saw Finn standing on the doorstep. She feared he was there to yell at her but warned him there was nothing he could say that would make her day worse. Concerned, Finn asked if Hayden was okay. Hayden told him that her husband was missing and might be dead. Finn offered to return another day, but Hayden wanted to know why he had stopped by.

Finn entered the foyer and returned the check that Hayden had given him. He explained that he couldn't accept it, but Hayden pointed out that he could have mailed it or ripped it up instead of making a special trip to Spoon Island. Finn admitted that Hayden was right, but he had wanted to apologize to her for assuming that she'd been involved in her father's crimes. Finn also realized that he'd never told her about the foundation Hayden's father had bilked out of money. According to Finn, the foundation had been set up to research a disease that had killed a lot of people, including his wife.

Hayden was stunned and felt terrible when Finn added that it was his wife's birthday. However, she became worried when she noticed Finn suddenly sway on his feet. Finn gripped the table and assured her that he was fine, but Hayden dashed into the other room to fetch a glass of water. Seconds later, Finn collapsed in the doorway as he tried to leave. Hayden returned and helped him sit up as he sipped water and asked for his medical bag.

Hayden quietly handed Finn a syringe and vial as instructed and watched him inject himself. Finn claimed that he had a form of diabetes, but Hayden was skeptical. Finn immediately started to improve as he put everything away and stood up. He asked Hayden not to tell anyone about the episode, thanked her for her help, and left. "Happy birthday, Mrs. Finn -- clearly, your husband misses you," Hayden whispered as she closed the door.

A short time later, Elizabeth arrived to pick up a few of her belongings. Hayden advised Elizabeth to collect everything because Hayden intended to throw the rest of Elizabeth's things in the garbage. After Elizabeth disappeared around a corner, Jordan arrived to ask Hayden a few questions. Hayden assured Jordan that she'd already told Jordan everything, but Jordan revealed that Jordan had reason to believe that Hayden had been withholding evidence from the federal government. Hayden denied it, but Jordan confronted Hayden about the precious diamonds.

Hayden was adamant that she didn't have any knowledge of her father's diamonds and invited Jordan to talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "They're already here," Jordan replied as Elizabeth eavesdropped from the hallway.

In the park, Sam assumed that Jason wanted to go on the run, but he explained that he wanted to clear his name. However, he refused to stick around and wait to be arrested because he'd spent enough time behind bars. Jason decided his best option was to leave town until he could solve the mystery of Nikolas' disappearance. Sam offered to go with Jason, but he objected because the police might slap charges on Sam to lure him out of hiding. Jason admitted that it would work, but Sam refused to lose him again because the police refused to look for the truth.

At the hospital, Carly arrived and immediately spotted her mother. After Carly and Bobbie exchanged a hug, Carly asked for an update on Lucas. Bobbie admitted that there hadn't been any change -- Lucas remained in a coma. Carly couldn't understand how it had happened, but Liesl stood at the nurses' station and suggested that Carly ask Finn. Bobbie worried that there was a problem with Finn as Liesl continued making cryptic accusations about Finn.

Moments later, Monica approached Bobbie and Carly to let them know that Lucas could have visitors. Carly promised to join Bobbie in Lucas' hospital room and waited for Bobbie to leave before informing Monica that Liesl had implied that Finn had been responsible for Lucas' coma. Monica reluctantly revealed that Lucas' tests had shown high levels of a drug called "derisifol" in his system, but the potent muscle relaxer was exclusively used during surgery. Liesl added that someone had injected the drug into Lucas' neck, but Monica defended Finn.

Liesl argued that two of Finn's elderly patients had died of heart failure within the past couple of weeks, but Carly didn't think it was unusual for old people to die suddenly. Carly also wondered why anyone would go after Lucas. Liesl suggested that perhaps Lucas hadn't been the intended target because he'd been found in Bobbie's hospital room. Stunned, Carly insisted there wasn't any proof that Finn had intended Bobbie or Lucas harm. Monica agreed and assured Carly that no one believed that Finn was guilty of anything.

Liesl disagreed because Finn had left his former employer under suspicious circumstances. Carly wanted details, but Liesl admitted that she'd only been able to glean that there had been rumors of a drug addiction. Monica scoffed at the idea that Finn had a secret addiction and excused herself to talk to Jason and Sam when Monica saw them approach.

Nearby, Monica asked Sam about Nikolas. Sam admitted there wasn't anything new to report and turned the conversation to Lucas. Sam had visited with her brother, but she was concerned because he was still in a coma. Monica promised they were doing everything possible to help Lucas. Pleased, Sam excused herself to call her sisters and touch base with them. Jason told Monica that he needed to talk to her about Danny, but Monica was called away to attend to an emergency and asked Jason to wait.

Jason decided to check on Carly at the nurses' station. He immediately noticed that she seemed frazzled, so she admitted that she'd had a bad day. Jason told her about Nikolas and admitted that he was the prime suspect. Jason assured Carly that he had everything under control and had contacted Diane. Relieved, Carly hugged him and invited him to call if he needed anything.

At the elevators, Sam bumped into Maxie. They chatted about Lucas and Nikolas before Maxie announced that Sam was fired. Sam was startled, but Maxie explained that she no longer needed Sam's services because Maxie had decided to accept Nathan's past and move on because Nathan's recent brush with death had changed Maxie's perspective on things. Sam approved of Maxie's decision. Moments later, Jason and Monica walked up.

Monica assured Sam that she'd be happy to keep Danny for as long as necessary because Monica loved spending time with her grandson. Sam smiled and thanked Monica. Monica was curious if Jason and Sam had any idea when they would return, but Sam promised to call and keep Monica posted.

Later, Jason and Sam arrived at a cabin that Jason had secretly purchased long before as a safe house. Sam pulled out some sticky notes and a pen because she was eager to solve the mystery of Nikolas' disappearance and get back home to Danny. Jason worried about Danny, but Sam assured him that Danny loved spending time at Monica's because of the new puppy. Sam suddenly realized that she'd hit a sore subject, but Jason promised that he was fine and acknowledged that sending the puppy to Monica had been the best solution. Jason suddenly remembered that he had plans with Jake for later that evening.

Jason called Elizabeth to let her know that he had to cancel with Jake. Elizabeth was concerned that Jason might be on the run and urged him not to make things worse for himself. After Jason ended the call, he and Sam discussed the events from the previous evening. Sam scribbled the timeline on small pieces of paper and stuck them to the wall as they talked about their movements upon arriving at Wyndemere after the ball. Jason revealed that he'd hesitated twenty seconds before entering the bedroom because he hadn't been certain what would be waiting for him on the other side of Nikolas' door.

Jason told Sam that he'd noticed Nikolas' bedroom had been in shambles as he'd approached the window, and he'd seen a body on the rocks that had looked like Nikolas. Sam continued jotting down the times as they discussed their movements following the call to 9-1-1, racing to the rocks, and Jason swimming to find Nikolas. Nothing stood out, so Jason suggested they rearrange the furniture to recreate Nikolas' bedroom. He picked up a chair and moved it but realized that something had been off about Nikolas' bedroom. Jason admitted that the noises he'd heard in Nikolas' bedroom hadn't sounded like a scuffle.

Jason reminded Sam of his recent altercation with Nikolas when Curtis had been forced to intercede. Jason pointed out that it had been a violent encounter, but only a few pieces of furniture had been moved during the fight. Sam suggested that perhaps the mess in Nikolas' bedroom had been staged. Jason admitted that it would explain a lot.

At the hospital, Maxie entered Nathan's room as Nathan was about to confide a secret to Griffin. Griffin excused himself as Maxie fetched Nathan's clothes. Nathan slipped into the bathroom while Maxie returned to the nurses' station to fetch a piece of paper that she'd left behind. She was glad when she saw Griffin because she had wanted to thank him for taking her to the ball and for saving Nathan's life. Maxie admitted that Nathan was the best thing to happen to her. "You're welcome," Griffin curtly answered, and he left to check on other patients.

Maxie returned to the hospital room and smiled when she saw Nathan because he looked good in sweatpants. Maxie was eager to get him home because she needed his input with the seating plan for their wedding. Nathan told Maxie that they needed to talk first because there was something she needed to know.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Griffin prayed to God for guidance. "You put this man in my path, now please help me understand why," Griffin asked.

At the nurses' station, Carly overheard Liesl make plans to retrieve all of Finn's patient files from the records room. Carly suddenly recalled seeing Finn with a syringe and vial in his hotel suite.

Later, Monica approached Liesl to warn Liesl to stop talking to patients' families about Liesl's "unfounded" suspicions. Liesl thought that Monica would be grateful that Liesl wanted to root out a killer before someone else was murdered, but Monica accused Liesl of wanting revenge because Liesl blamed Finn for Liesl's demotion. Liesl argued that Monica was defending a deeply troubled individual.

Meanwhile, Carly checked with Bobbie for an update on Lucas. Bobbie invited Carly to visit Lucas, but Carly wasn't ready because Carly had been having a hard time processing everything. Bobbie hugged her daughter and promised that they'd find the answers soon, but Carly became distracted when she saw Finn pass by.

Finn entered the chapel and looked up at the cross with a sad expression. Moments later, Carly walked in and sat down next to him. Finn smiled and asked how Lucas was, but Carly wanted to discuss Finn's diabetes -- she knew he'd been lying.

Hayden's mother arrives for a visit

Hayden's mother arrives for a visit

Friday, June 3, 2016

In Wyndemere's living room, Jordan questioned Hayden about Hayden's father's infamous diamonds. Elizabeth lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping as Hayden denied any involvement in Raymond's crimes or any knowledge about the missing diamonds. Hayden invited Jordan to talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation because they had already questioned Hayden. Jordan informed Hayden that it wasn't necessary because the FBI had arrived. Jordan decided to meet the agents at the plane and promised to return. Jordan saw Elizabeth enter the living room and looked back at Hayden to warn Hayden that Elizabeth and Hayden had a lot to discuss.

After Jordan left, Hayden glared at Elizabeth. "You smug little cow," Hayden growled, but Elizabeth merely smiled and confirmed that she'd told Jordan about the diamonds. Hayden denied having the diamonds, but Elizabeth didn't believe Hayden because Nikolas had told Elizabeth everything. Elizabeth knew Hayden had an alibi for when Nikolas had been thrown from the window, but Elizabeth remained certain that Hayden had been responsible for the disappearance and suggested that Hayden had hired someone. Hayden insisted the accusations were frivolous, but Elizabeth didn't back down and wondered out loud how many years Hayden would get for hiding the diamonds.

Hayden announced that she didn't have to stay and listen to Elizabeth, but Jordan suddenly appeared in the doorway with two FBI agents. The agents flashed their badges and handed Hayden a federal warrant as Jordan explained that a team of agents would be combing the castle, looking for any evidence linking Hayden to the missing diamonds. Hayden tensed when Jordan added that the FBI agents also had the authority to detain Hayden for questioning. After the agents disappeared down the hallway, Elizabeth asked if there had been any news about Nikolas. Jordan shook her head, but she hoped to have an update waiting for her at the police station.

After Jordan left, Elizabeth taunted Hayden about the walls closing in on Hayden and claimed that it couldn't happen to a more deserving person, but Hayden accused Elizabeth of being a hypocrite because Elizabeth had lied to Jason for months and had kept him from his wife and son. Hayden also reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth had known about the attempt to kill Hayden, which made Elizabeth an accessory after the fact. Undaunted, Elizabeth announced that she intended to stick around to see how things unfolded. Moments later, the FBI agents returned to question Hayden about a document that provided a detailed description of the missing diamonds.

Hayden denied any knowledge of the document and suggested that it had belonged to Nikolas. Elizabeth was outraged when Hayden claimed that Nikolas had been obsessed with the diamonds and had gone as far as to lie to Elizabeth about Hayden having the precious gems. Elizabeth assured the agents that Hayden was lying, but the agents decided to have the document analyzed. The agents pointed out that Hayden's DNA wouldn't be on the document if Hayden had told the truth. The agents warned Hayden not to leave town and left. Hayden decided to wash away the stress of the day.

Elizabeth promised to return because Elizabeth was certain that the agents hadn't believed Hayden's lies any more than Elizabeth had. After Elizabeth left, Hayden called the bank to close out an account and to request that the money be readied in small bills. Hayden threw a few things into her purse and ran to the door, but she stopped short when she saw Elizabeth on the doorstep. Elizabeth was curious where Hayden was headed, but Hayden ordered Elizabeth to get out of the way and tried to pass. Elizabeth refused to allow Hayden to slip out of town and grabbed Hayden to physically restrain her from leaving.

Things quickly escalated as Hayden tried to shake Elizabeth off. The two women ended up rolling around on the ground until a woman entered the living room and asked "Rachel" what was going on. Hayden looked up with a shocked expression. "Mother?" Hayden asked.

At Jason's secret safe house, Jason and Sam looked at the small papers stuck to the wall, detailing the timeline of the events leading up to and following Nikolas' disappearance. Jason told Sam that it seemed as if Nikolas' bedroom had been intentionally wrecked, but Sam was curious why someone would deliberately trash it. Jason thought perhaps someone had wanted to make it look like there had been a struggle and that Nikolas had been thrown out the window. "To cover up what?" Sam asked. Jason didn't know, but he intended to find out.

Sam was disappointed that Nikolas hadn't had security cameras in the tunnels because anyone could have used them to access the house without being noticed. Jason decided to switch gears and focus on why Nikolas had been targeted and who would have motive to make Nikolas disappear. Sam thought Hayden was the obvious choice, but Jason disagreed because Hayden had seemed genuinely upset that Nikolas might have been hurt. Sam pointed out that the Quartermaines would benefit from Nikolas' disappearance because it would put an end to the legal battle over ELQ.

However, Sam acknowledged that it also gave Jason a motive to kill Nikolas, which put them back at square one. Sam wondered if her cousin had committed suicide, but Jason shook his head because Nikolas would never leave Spencer an orphan. Sam agreed and grumbled about the lack of evidence. Jason admitted that he was troubled by something -- Nikolas had been on the rocks, but only Nikolas' legs had been in the water. Jason questioned if the current could have been strong enough to pull Nikolas' body off the rocks.

Sam remained convinced that Hayden had somehow been involved, but Jason grew increasingly certain that he'd only seen what Nikolas had wanted him to see. Jason suspected that Nikolas had staged everything and was alive somewhere.

At the park, Laura wrapped up a phone call as Spencer sat on the park bench and played with a remote drone. Spencer asked his grandmother about the call. She told him that she'd been checking for an update, but there wasn't anything new to report. Spencer wasn't surprised because he was certain that his father had perished. Laura was surprised by Spencer's matter-of-fact tone, but Spencer reminded her that all the evidence pointed to Nikolas being dead.

Spencer insisted that Nikolas couldn't have survived a 60-foot drop from the bedroom window to the rocks, but Laura refused to give up hope because she needed more evidence. "Do we, Grandmother? Do we really?" Spencer asked. Laura appeared troubled, but Kevin walked up and greeted them. Laura introduced Kevin, but Spencer questioned if the meeting had been orchestrated because Kevin was a psychiatrist. Laura assured Spencer that it was a coincidence, but Spencer appeared skeptical and excused himself to play with the drone.

After Spencer left, Kevin agreed that Spencer was detached and hiding behind reason and facts as a way to avoid processing that Nikolas might be gone. Kevin and Laura sat down on the bench as they watched Spencer maneuver the drone. Laura feared that Spencer was using the toy as a distraction, but Kevin assured her there was nothing wrong with that because it could help relieve stress. Kevin opened up about how his hobby of cracking codes had given him refuge when his marriage to Lucy had imploded. Laura was curious if he was suggesting that she take up a hobby to help keep her mind off of Nikolas' disappearance.

Kevin assured Laura that he was there for her if she needed someone to talk to. Laura thanked him and admitted that she was concerned because she had no idea how to help her grandson. Kevin gently wondered if Laura had even accepted the possibility that Nikolas was gone. Her eyes filled with tears as she told Kevin how she'd been forced to leave her infant son behind with Stavros when she'd fled the island. She admitted that she hadn't told anyone about her firstborn until Lulu had gotten sick and Nikolas had stepped forward to donate his bone marrow.

Laura tearfully admitted that Nikolas had forgiven her for all she had done and loved her without question. Laura insisted that Nikolas had deserved better than her, but Kevin disagreed. He reached for her and held her as she cried. After Laura pulled herself together, she quietly admitted that she had no idea how she would get through the loss of a son or help Spencer. Kevin advised her to lean on her friends and promised to be there for her.

At the police station, Jordan entered the squad room and asked a police officer for a report. After he handed it to her, she opened the file and read it. Moments later, she asked the police officer to call the district attorney because she needed an arrest warrant for Jason Morgan.

In the hospital's chapel, Carly demanded answers, but Finn questioned Carly's sudden doubts about him. She explained that her brother was in a coma, and Liesl had blamed Finn for Lucas' condition. Finn was hurt that Carly had believed Liesl, but Carly was unapologetic because Liesl had revealed that Finn's previous employer had accused Finn of having a drug addiction. Carly might have dismissed it if she hadn't walked in on Finn with a needle sticking out of his arm. Carly knew Finn wasn't a diabetic and asked that he be honest with her.

Finn admitted that he hadn't told Carly the truth, but he refused to elaborate except to assure her that he wasn't a drug addict. Frustrated, Carly threatened to call the police. "Do what you want," Finn replied, but Carly wasn't satisfied because she desperately wanted to trust Finn. Finn reminded Carly that he'd saved Lucas' life, which should count for something. Carly admitted that it did, but she wished that Finn knew how to wake Lucas up. Finn perked up and announced that he might have the answer.

At the nurses' station, Monica approached Dr. Mayes and told him that she'd finally gotten Bobbie to take a break. Dr. Mayes knew he had a reputation for being tough, but he admitted that Lucas was one of their own. Monica smiled and told the doctor that she'd known Lucas since birth. Dr. Mayes imagined the situation was doubly hard on Monica, but she didn't have an opportunity to reply because Liesl marched up and began to rant about Monica being unfit for the job because Monica continued to support Finn.

Monica accused Liesl of being on a "witch hunt" ever since Finn had first arrived, but Liesl fired back that Monica had put the hospital's reputation in jeopardy and the patients' lives at risk. Livid, Dr. Mayes defended Monica by pointing out that Monica had done more to motivate the staff and to promote cooperation between the departments in three weeks than Liesl had in three years. Liesl argued that there was a killer on the loose, but Dr. Mayes disagreed and insisted that they were lucky to have Finn on staff. Dr. Mayes reminded Liesl that Finn was well-respected and had been published in all the important medical journals, but Liesl didn't care because two patients in Finn's care had died from cardiac arrest under suspicious circumstances.

Monica denied that the patients' deaths had been suspicious because Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Jenkins had been elderly, but Liesl argued that thorough autopsies should have been conducted. Monica reminded Liesl that Mr. Ellis' family had declined for religious reasons, but Liesl wasn't satisfied because Monica should have ordered an extensive autopsy on Mrs. Jenkins when the routine one hadn't provided any answers. Liesl feared that Lucas might pay with his life because of Monica's indifference, but Dr. Mayes asked if there was any evidence to suggest that Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Jenkins had been injected with "derisifol."

Frustrated, Liesl insisted that thorough autopsies on both patients would have eliminated any need for conjecture. However, Liesl admitted that she'd contacted Finn's former employer, and there had been rumors that Finn had struggled with a drug addiction. Monica claimed that she'd heard rumors that Liesl had once been a man, but Liesl was not amused. Monica admitted that she wasn't either because Liesl had been making baseless accusations without any proof. Liesl urged Monica to turn the investigation over to the police, but Monica informed Liesl that it had already been done, and an internal investigation had also been launched.

Liesl appeared to have doubts and decided to follow up with the police herself. Furious, Monica warned Liesl to drop it, but Liesl pulled out a cell phone to call the police. Dr. Mayes quickly interceded by reminding Liesl that Monica was Liesl's boss. Liesl agreed to drop it until the next board meeting, when she intended to address her concerns with all the board members.

Nearby, Carly followed Finn to the nurses' station as he told her there might be a way to help Lucas. Monica overheard the exchange and approached Finn to find out what he was talking about. Finn pulled up a page on the computer and told Monica there might be a way to help Lucas, but it was an unconventional method. Dr. Mayes immediately objected because Lucas was Dr. Mayes's patient. Finn insisted that it might help Lucas, but Liesl suspected that Finn hoped to use the controversial treatment to finish the job that Finn had started. Monica reminded Finn that Finn couldn't override Dr. Mayes's orders, but Carly insisted that she wanted Lucas to have the same opportunity that Tracy had been given when Tracy had faced a life-threatening illness.

In Lucas' hospital room, Brad held Lucas' hand as he admitted that he'd heard doctors tell family members that comatose patients could hear their loved ones. Brad had always questioned that, but he hoped it was true because he wanted Lucas to know how much Brad loved him and needed Lucas to wake up. Brad acknowledged that he had done a lot of things that he hadn't been proud of, but Brad insisted that Lucas inspired him to be a better person. Brad tearfully told Lucas that he couldn't imagine a future without Lucas in it and begged Lucas to squeeze his hand. Brad was disappointed until suddenly he felt a slight movement in Lucas' hand.

Brad's expression lit up with hope as he asked Lucas to squeeze his hand again. After several heartbeats, Lucas' hand twitched as he groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Overjoyed, Brad quickly fetched Dr. Mayes. Carly, Monica, Liesl, and Finn followed Brad and Dr. Mayes into the room and watched as Dr. Mayes examined Lucas. Dr. Mayes tried to get Lucas to open his eyes, but Lucas remained motionless. Liesl suggested that perhaps it had been an involuntary muscle spasm, but Brad insisted that Lucas had opened his eyes.

Desperate, Carly took her brother's hand and implored Lucas to wake up. Suddenly, Lucas groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Carly and Brad were elated as Dr. Mayes resumed the examination. After several minutes, Dr. Mayes announced that Lucas was a lucky man. Lucas asked how long he'd been unconscious. Brad told him that it had just been one night as Carly ducked out to call Bobbie. Dr. Mayes asked if Lucas remembered what had happened. "Yes, I do," Lucas answered.

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