General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 28, 2016 on GH

Ned returned home. A DNA test confirmed that Griffin was Duke's son. Emma visited Anna. Nathan told Maxie about his wife. Kristina opened up to Alexis about Parker. Nikolas walked out on Hayden.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 28, 2016 on GH
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The Search for the Truth The Search for the Truth

Monday, March 28, 2016

In the attic of Wyndemere, Laura flipped through Scott's old law textbook. Elizabeth wondered what she was doing, and Laura explained how she'd found the book. Elizabeth advised Laura to "steer clear of the living room. All hell is breaking loose." She updated Laura on Hayden's true identity and editorialized that Hayden didn't deserve Nikolas' forgiveness. Elizabeth wanted to turn Hayden in to the cops, but Laura refused, reminding Elizabeth that Nikolas had done "far worse" to Hayden.

Laura was afraid that turning Hayden in to the cops would result in the reopening of the case of Hayden's shooting. Laura told Elizabeth that, although Nikolas was better off without Hayden, it was his decision, and they needed to respect it.

Hayden insisted to Nikolas that, no matter who her father was and what she'd lied about, her love for him had always been real. He called her a stranger who had tried to take advantage of him. She regretted not telling him the truth, but she'd been afraid of losing him. He yelled at her for her lies and for trying to take everything he'd built for himself and Spencer. However, she shot back that he'd done the same thing, but it was worse, since it had been to his own family.

Hayden reminded him that he'd lied to Sam about Jason being alive and "right under her nose." He'd also lied to take control of ELQ, when she'd lied in order to get a fresh start. He kicked himself for ignoring everyone's warnings about Hayden. He put his coat on so he could go to the Metro Court in order to "clear my head." She wondered how long he'd be gone. He figured that he would return by the time Spencer got back from his spring break trip. Hayden wanted to talk, but he left.

Elizabeth entered and asked Hayden where Nikolas was. Hayden accused her of wanting a "front row seat to the show." She called Elizabeth a home wrecker who couldn't stand not having control over all the men in her life. Elizabeth maintained that Nikolas was her best friend. She explained that he'd only ever truly loved one woman, and every woman he'd been with since had been a "placeholder" until he found "the right one."

Elizabeth advised Hayden to walk away "with dignity." She thought that the marriage could have worked if Hayden hadn't blown it with her inability to honest. Hayden shot back that Nikolas was the only man left who hadn't "ditched" Elizabeth, but he was taken. She told Elizabeth to look elsewhere for someone for Elizabeth to have another "bastard" with. Elizabeth slapped Hayden hard across the face.

Jason, Sam, and Danny sat at Kelly's, and Sam remarked that it was very "domestic for a first date." Jason proposed a real first date that night of drinks and pool, but Sam had to work on a case. Jason knew that it was the one she was investigating for Nikolas. Sam offered to tell him the details if he agreed to be her partner, but he didn't want to do anything to help Nikolas. She urged him to think about her offer. Sam got Danny ready so that they could take him to Monica, and the three left.

At the hospital, Ava was on the phone with Julian. She told him that he should stay home because "it's not safe." Just then, Paul appeared. When she was off the phone, she made sure that Paul knew she didn't want to see him. He proposed that they "renew our arrangement." She spat that she had a "target on my back" thanks to him. He offered to provide her with round-the-clock security, but she no longer wanted to be associated with Paul.

Ava continued that her priorities were clear. Her daughters needed her, and she needed them more than she needed Paul. Paul asked about Kiki. Ava replied that the doctors still weren't sure about any long-term damage. He advised her to call if she needed anything. She commented on how sincere he seemed, and she left.

Tracy demanded to see Dr. Finn. Liesl insisted that Dr. Mayes was capable of caring for Tracy, but Tracy reminded her of Mayes's very wrong diagnosis.

In his hotel room, Dr. Finn sat and meditated. His phone began to ring, and he vowed not to answer it until enlightenment arrived. "Or boredom," he added.

Dillon left Dr. Finn a message saying that Tracy needed to see him. A short while later, Dr. Finn got off the elevator, bumping right into Liesl, and he ran straight into Tracy's room. Tracy expressed her desire to have Dr. Finn treat her, because she was "wary of Dr. Mayes." "I would be too," Dr. Finn replied. He observed that the medicine seemed to be working, and his status at the hospital would most likely be resolved by the time the medicine ran its course.

Tracy commented that she would be "cured and released" from the hospital when she was done with her medication, but Dr. Finn informed her that the medication didn't always work. She was horrified, but Monica assured her that that was mostly in less developed countries. Dr. Finn added that they were cutting it close with catching the illness early, but the medication was better than surgery, which weaker patients needed. He warned her that her body was still vulnerable until the medication was completed, and he left. When Monica was gone, Dillon teased that Tracy would be the subject of his next movie.

Outside of Tracy's room, Monica apologized for Tracy's lack of tact. Liesl interrupted the conversation and asked to talk to Dr. Finn. "Have fun with that one," Monica cracked when they were gone. Just then, Sam, Danny, and Jason emerged from the elevator. Jason asked about Tracy and asked if he could see her. Monica was surprised, but Jason and Sam went into Tracy's room.

Tracy was shocked to see Jason and commented on people "coming out of the woodwork" to see her. After an awkward moment of silence, Sam complimented Dillon on his photographs in Crimson. Tracy scolded Dillon for not giving her a copy of the magazine. Just then, Sam's phone went off, and it was a text message from Nikolas asking to meet with her "ASAP" at the Metro Court. She left, and Dillon went out to get some drinks. "So, worms, huh?" Jason asked awkwardly.

Jason could see that Tracy hated it in the hospital, because he had too. He suggested that she try the pudding. A surprised Tracy informed Jason that the hospital pudding was his "legacy." She told him that after a hospital stay, he'd complained to Monica about the pudding, and she'd gotten Cook to share a good recipe with the hospital. "You've always had her wrapped around your finger, Daddy," Tracy told Jason.

A nervous Jason told Tracy that she was confused, but she continued that the only person Edward had loved more than Monica had been Lila. Still addressing Jason as if he was Edward, she told him that she wanted to get ELQ back and make him proud. "I'm already proud, honey," Jason said, playing along. She vowed to even go to Jason for help in order to get the company back. She confided that she had Rachel, her "secret weapon."

In a room at the Metro Court, Nikolas asked Sam to take on the "Hayden case" again. He updated her on all of Hayden's lies, including her identity. He wanted to know "everything." She suggested that he go to the cops, but he adamantly refused. He explained that the prenuptial agreement protected him financially and suggested that Hayden signing the document could prove that she really did care. "Or she runs a good con," Sam added. Nikolas played with his wedding ring.

In the hall, Dillon bumped into Paul, who asked about Tracy. He wondered if he could visit. Dillon didn't think it would be a good idea, but he promised to let his mother know that Paul had stopped by. He advised Paul to give Tracy time.

After listening to the conversation between Dillon and Paul, Ava answered her ringing phone. She answered it and told the person on the other end of the line that she had a proposition.

Dillon returned to Tracy's room, and Jason advised him to get a doctor or nurse. "Daddy doesn't think I'll get ELQ back. You know different, dear," Tracy told Dillon. She again mentioned Rachel, her "secret weapon" aimed "right at Nikolas." Sam returned as Jason asked who Rachel was. Sam answered the question that Hayden was actually Rachel Berlin.

Dr. Finn informed Liesl that he wanted to stay on as Tracy's primary physician. Liesl replied that her staff was capable of treating Tracy, since they knew the diagnosis. Dr. Finn wondered what would happen when the state medical board learned that Dr. Mayes had unnecessarily "cut open a patient's head" and the hospital had shown complete disregard for a patient's care. "You wouldn't dare," Liesl challenged. "Try me," Dr. Finn shot back.

Dr. Finn continued that Tracy could have been left with brain damage, even though an MRI clearly showed that Tracy did not have cancer, and therefore had not needed the biopsy. He yelled that Griffin had seen the true diagnosis, but Dr. Mayes had just kept shutting Griffin down. He wondered how many other patients had been failed there. Liesl insisted that it had been an "isolated incident." Dr. Finn wanted to go back to his hotel. Before leaving, he told Liesl that he expected full cooperation from the hospital the next time he returned to his patient.

Liesl bumped into Monica in the hall and told her that Dr. Finn would be authorized to work at General Hospital the next day. Monica was pleased with the news, and she left with Danny.

In Dr. Finn's hotel room, he tied off his arm above the elbow with a piece of elastic. He picked up a syringe and injected something into his arm.

At Kelly's, Laura sat down at a table and thanked Scott for meeting her on such short notice. She showed him the book and explained how she had found it. She wondered if he knew how Helena had gotten it. He revealed that, after they'd broken up, he'd sold all the books she'd given him. He suggested that he was what Laura was looking for, since she had loved and lost him. He let that solution go, and she flipped through the book to show him all the circled letters. He thought that, if anyone could "crack the code," it was Laura.

Later, Laura wrote down all the circled letters from the book. She wondered what Helena was trying to tell her.

At Kelly's, Ava thanked Scott for meeting her. "What can I do for my favorite wayward client?" Scott wondered.

Ned arrives in town to visit his mother

Ned arrives in town to visit his mother

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Anna demanded to know why Sonny had told the press that Carlos was alive. Sonny denied it, but she didn't believe him. Sonny assured her that he appreciated how important it was for Carlos to testify against Julian and added that the news story would send Carlos deeper into hiding. Anna realized that Sonny had a point, but she wondered who had leaked the story. Sonny suspected the culprit was either Julian or Ava, but Anna admitted that Julian and Ava had known that Carlos was alive.

Sonny wondered who else stood to gain by making the information public. Anna suddenly realized that Paul Hornsby had been behind the story. She filled Sonny in about Paul's connection to Carlos but was careful not to share any details about her or Paul's crimes. She was certain that Carlos had decided to remain in hiding rather than cut a deal with the district attorney, prompting Paul to decide that it would be safer if Carlos were eliminated. Sonny was curious what Anna was hiding, but she refused to tell him.

Anna admitted that she didn't trust Paul, so Sonny reminded her that he could easily tap Paul's phone and bug the office. Anna argued that it was illegal but realized that it was pointless, since Sonny had already made up his mind. Anna warned Sonny that she couldn't support the plan, but he was determined to get justice for Duke. Their conversation then drifted to Griffin as Sonny talked about the similarities between Griffin and Duke. Anna confessed that she had concerns because Griffin had asked too many questions and urged her to forgive Carlos.

Sonny revealed that he'd had a similar conversation with Griffin because they had bonded over their faith. However, Sonny doubted that he could forgive Carlos for murdering Duke and admitted that the only reason Carlos was still alive was because of the promise to Anna and his reluctance to hurt Alexis and Sam. Sonny would rather Julian went to jail for life rather than suddenly disappear. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that she wished Sonny hadn't taken Duke back into the organization.

Sonny reminded Anna that Duke had been willing to do whatever was necessary to protect her from Julian because Duke had loved Anna. However, Sonny would always feel responsible for Duke's death. Anna explained that Sonny was not to blame because nothing could have stopped Duke. Sonny thanked Anna for the kind and unexpected words.

At Metro Court, Scott ushered Ava into his room. He retrieved an envelope taped to the door as Ava thanked him for finding a private place to continue their discussion. She explained that discretion was imperative, since it was a life or death situation. Ava admitted that it was maddening to know that her own people wanted her dead because she had worked with Paul. Her frustration was compounded because she had no idea when or where her enemies would strike.

Scott cut to the chase by asking how he could help Ava, but she wanted assurance that their conversation would be protected by attorney/client privilege. Scott glanced at the envelope that he had tossed on the bed and told her that he'd need a payment. Ava quickly handed Scott a wad of cash and told him the details about her arrangement with Paul and how Paul had blackmailed her with the recording of her confession to Connie's murder. Scott was livid that Paul had had the audacity to accuse Scott of being corrupt after stealing from Scott, but Ava ignored the outburst and explained that she needed his help. Ava explained that she needed Scott to move in with her and give the appearance that she was being protected.

Scott pointed out that he wasn't a bodyguard and questioned why Ava would even trust him. Ava explained that she knew the kind of man she was dealing with because Scott had been willing to sell her the recording for five million dollars. Scott remained reluctant, but Ava admitted that she was scared and desperate. Eventually, he capitulated because he needed the money. Ava was delighted, but she was curious what had happened to all the money she had paid Scott for representing her during the custody hearing.

Scott revealed that he had been one of the investors that Raymond Berlin had bilked through a Ponzi scheme. Scott had lost his entire fortune, but he was grateful that his daughter's money had remained safe in a separate trust fund. Ava assured Scott that they could help each other and admitted that their marriage might not have been made in heaven, but it wasn't a shotgun wedding either. Scott was startled by the suggestion that they get married, but Ava insisted it was necessary. Reluctantly, Scott agreed to Ava's terms.

At Wyndemere, Hayden snidely informed Elizabeth that Hayden wouldn't step aside, so Elizabeth would need to find someone other than Nikolas to help add to Elizabeth's collection of "bastard" children. Elizabeth slapped Hayden. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Hayden asked in stunned disbelief as she rubbed her cheek. Elizabeth smirked as she promised that Nikolas would throw Hayden's "lying ass" out if Hayden stayed. Hayden threatened to call the police, but Elizabeth welcomed the opportunity to tell the police who Hayden was.

Elizabeth warned Hayden that Hayden would never see Nikolas again. "Go to hell," Hayden angrily said as she put the phone down. Elizabeth continued to taunt Hayden by suggesting that Nikolas was in need of a friend and a strong drink. Hayden accused Elizabeth of trying to swoop in on Nikolas, but Elizabeth advised Hayden to get out of town quickly because Elizabeth intended to stop off at the police station on the way to the hotel.

Later, Hayden hauled her suitcases into the living room to drop off an envelope addressed to Spencer. Hayden's eyes filled with tears as she took one last look around. She noticed Nikolas' sweater on the sofa and quickly picked it up to breathe in his scent. She wiped away her tears, put the sweater back, and then picked up her things. After Hayden said goodbye to Nikolas and her wonderful new life, she left.

At Metro Court, Nikolas poured himself a drink. A short time later, Elizabeth knocked on the door. She admitted that she didn't know what to say, but she had wanted to be there for him. Grateful, Nikolas hugged her. After he invited her in, Elizabeth sat as Nikolas poured them each a drink. Elizabeth told him about her argument with Hayden and the threat to go to the police. She added that Hayden would be wise to get as far away from town as possible, but Nikolas admitted that he wished Elizabeth hadn't done that.

Nikolas explained that he had spoken to Spencer and that his son had sensed that something was amiss. Nikolas had been at a loss as to what to tell his son and dreaded Spencer's return home and finding out that Hayden was gone. Elizabeth was shocked that Nikolas would consider staying with Hayden for Spencer's sake despite Hayden's lies, but Nikolas explained that learning the truth about Hayden hadn't made his love for his wife suddenly vanish. Nikolas revealed that he had never fully trusted Hayden and had gone into his marriage with his eyes wide open.

Elizabeth decided it would be best for her to leave. She told Nikolas that she intended to spend the night at her grandmother's because the boys were there and she wanted to avoid Hayden if Hayden was still at Wyndemere. Nikolas quietly confessed that he didn't want to be alone and asked Elizabeth to stay.

At Kelly's, Curtis and Valerie sat at the counter as Valerie asked for her half of the prize money from their Crimson scavenger hunt. Curtis turned on the charm as he agreed to give Valerie the money if she promised to go out with him on Saturday night. Valerie reminded him that he had promised to tell her everything about his history with Jordan before their next date, but Curtis insisted that he had already told Valerie everything. Valerie sensed there was more to the story based on how Jordan had talked about Curtis.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Andre bumped into each other outside Kelly's. Andre revealed that he had planned to pick up some carry-out food before a therapy session, but he was willing to stay and eat if Jordan joined him. Smiling, Jordan agreed because she needed a short break. She told him there had been reports all over the Internet that Carlos was alive. Andre was immediately concerned about how the news would impact Anna. Jordan appeared concerned, but Andre assured Jordan that he was only concerned about Anna as a friend

Jordan assured Andre that it wasn't necessary to explain and entered the diner with him. Jordan and Andre stopped short when they saw Curtis and Valerie at the counter. Curtis and Valerie turned and smiled at Jordan and Andre, so Jordan approached the couple to greet them. Valerie explained that she and Curtis were celebrating winning a magazine contest. Jordan congratulated Curtis and Valerie then excused herself to join Andre at a table.

Valerie suggested that she and Curtis go to a nicer place for dinner, since Curtis had $1,000 in his pocket. After Curtis agreed, Valerie went to the rest room to freshen up. Meanwhile, Jordan promised Andre that she would ignore Curtis. Andre noticed Curtis settle the tab and told her that it wouldn't be a problem because Curtis was about to leave. Seconds later, a masked gunman rushed into the diner and ordered everyone to remain seated and put their cell phones down. The gunman issued threats as he approached the counter and ordered the waitress to hand over all the money in the cash register.

Valerie stepped out of the bathroom as the robbery unfolded but remained where she was. Jordan and Curtis exchanged a subtle signal before Jordan stood up and feigned being frightened by the robbery. The gunman ordered Jordan to sit back down, but Curtis took advantage of the man's distraction and grabbed him from behind. Jordan sprang into action and easily disarmed the gunman as she warned the man that he had picked the wrong time to rob the diner. Curtis informed the gunman that Jordan was the police commissioner.

Jordan smiled and introduced Curtis as her associate and pulled out a set of handcuffs. A short time later, the robber was carted away as Curtis confessed that the incident had been exhilarating. Jordan acknowledged that Curtis had loved law enforcement work, but he had blown it. After Jordan walked away, Valerie approached Curtis and admitted that Jordan and Curtis had made quite a team. Valerie recalled that he had mentioned that his situation with the Drug Enforcement Agency had been tense and then turned "unsustainable," but she wanted more details.

Curtis tried to change the subject by flirtatiously inviting Valerie back to his place, but she turned him down. However, she agreed to go out with him on another date. The rest of Valerie's words died on her lips when Hayden entered the diner, looking for someone to change her tire. Curtis immediately stepped up and followed Hayden out without a backward glance at Valerie. Nearby, Andre confessed that he had been impressed with how Jordan had handled the situation with the robber.

Andre realized that there was never a dull moment around Jordan, but he wanted to spend some time alone with her without any interruptions. Jordan smiled and invited him to her place for dinner. After Andre left, Valerie approached Jordan to ask about Jordan's relationship with Curtis.

Outside, Hayden told Curtis that it was imperative that she get out of town. He was curious if someone had found out that she was Rachel Berlin. Hayden was startled by the question, but Curtis explained that he had investigated her before taking her case. Hayden opened up as she tearfully told him that she had lost everything, including the man she loved beyond reason. Curtis disagreed and reminded her that she could use the proof that Nikolas had tried to have her killed to her advantage. At Curtis' prodding, Hayden agreed to stay and fight.

At the airport, Ned made it clear that he didn't want Tracy to know he was in town because he hoped to surprise her.

At the hospital, Tracy grumbled that "Daddy" didn't think she could get ELQ back, but she bragged that she had a secret weapon and told Dillon and Jason about Rachel. Sam entered the hospital room as Jason and Dillon asked who Rachel was. Sam explained that Tracy had been referring to Rachel Berlin, whom they knew as Hayden Barnes. Dillon gently told his mother to rest as Jason and Sam stepped out into the hallway.

In the hallway, Sam told Jason about her talk with Nikolas and what Nikolas had told her about Hayden' history. Dillon walked out and explained to Sam that Tracy had mistaken Jason for Edward. Sam filled Dillon in about Hayden's true identity and added that many believed that Raymond Berlin's daughter had disappeared with some of her father's pilfered fortune. Dillon recalled seeing his mother talking to Hayden on several occasions. Sam wondered if perhaps Tracy and Hayden had been in cahoots working against Nikolas, but Dillon had no idea.

Dillon, Jason, and Sam returned to Tracy's hospital room to check on Tracy. Dillon was relieved when Tracy recognized Jason and Sam. Tracy was alarmed when Dillon told her that she had mistaken Jason for Edward and wondered what she had said. Jason carefully explained that she was determined to do anything to get ELQ back, even if it meant working with Jason, but Tracy insisted that Dillon and Ned were the only true Quartermaines. "Did I just hear my name?" Ned asked as he entered his mother's hospital room.

Jason and Sam slipped out as Ned greeted Tracy. Tracy was annoyed because she realized that Dillon had called Ned. She explained that she was nervous that Ned was there because she was dying, but Ned calmed his mother by claiming that he was there for Dillon because Dillon had sounded scared. Tracy immediately relaxed. After Ned hugged his mother, Tracy revealed that she had bumped into Ned's father in Mexico, and Larry had shared some "local delicacies" that had been contaminated with worms, which had taken up residency in her brain.

Tracy admitted that she might die if her disease was too advanced for Dr. Finn's treatment, but she wanted to tell her sons her "deathbed wish." Tracy assured Ned and Dillon that she didn't intend to die, but she wanted her sons to promise that they would find a way to get ELQ back because it was the Quartermaine family legacy.

In the hallway, Sam told Jason that Nikolas wanted her to continue the investigation because Nikolas needed to know if Hayden had married Nikolas for his money. Jason didn't care about Nikolas, but Jason did want to find a way to get ELQ back. Sam was curious why it was important to Jason. He admitted that he felt he owed it to his family and worried that Hayden might have found a way to steal ELQ from Nikolas. Jason revealed that he had gotten a sense of what it had meant to be a Quartermaine when Tracy had mistaken him for Edward, so Jason wanted to do right by his family. Sam was certain that Jason's father and grandfather would be proud.

Kristina tells Alexis about Parker

Kristina tells Alexis about Parker

> Kristina tells Alexis about Parker

Kristina tells Alexis about Parker

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alexis entered her living room to tell Julian that she was free for the rest of the afternoon. Her smile faded when she noticed his troubled expression. Julian showed her a news story on his tablet, proclaiming that Carlos was alive. Alexis panicked because she knew Carlos might cause problems for Julian, but Julian was confident that Carlos had fled to a country that didn't have extradition. Alexis feared that Julian would be in danger if Carlos talked to Sonny, but Julian gently reminded his wife that worrying herself into a frenzy wouldn't help.

Julian assured Alexis that he would look into things, and he kissed her. Kristina appeared at the bottom of the stairs and suggested that Julian and Alexis find a more private setting in one of the other twelve rooms. Julian stepped aside to answer a call and, after a quick cryptic conversation, announced that he had an appointment. After Julian left, Kristina asked if Julian was okay. Alexis assured her daughter everything was fine, so Kristina turned to leave.

Alexis called out because she wanted to talk to Kristina about the journal that Kristina had left in the living room. Kristina became defensive as she snatched the diary out of Alexis' hand and accused her mother of violating Kristina's privacy. Alexis assured her daughter that she hadn't read it, but Alexis admitted that some of her clients had left incriminating evidence to be found because they subconsciously had wanted to get caught.

Resigned, Kristina sat down and told Alexis about Parker and Parker's recent visit. Kristina assured her mother that Parker had rebuffed Kristina's advances, but Parker had also challenged Kristina by suggesting that Kristina had been attracted to other women in the past. Alexis thought it was inappropriate for a professor to dispense advice and possibly confuse Kristina after having Kristina suspended from school. Kristina promised that Parker had been trying to help, but Alexis argued that Parker had no idea about the abuse Kristina had suffered or about Kristina's marriage.

Stunned, Kristina wondered if Alexis thought that Kristina's poor history with men had made Kristina attracted to women. Alexis admitted that she didn't know, but it was possible. Hurt, Kristina asked if Alexis had a problem with Kristina being gay. Alexis denied it, but Kristina cut her mother off and marched to the door, intent on leaving. Alexis explained that it was a lot to process, but Kristina accused Alexis of being embarrassed and disappointed because Kristina hadn't lived up to Alexis' expectations. Alexis insisted that she hadn't meant to hurt Kristina, but Kristina was unmoved because it had taken a lot for her to open up to Alexis.

At Ava's apartment, Scott was sound asleep on the sofa and snoring when Ava dumped a glass of cold water on him. Scott sputtered as he jolted awake and demanded to know why Ava had poured water on him. Ava glared at him as she explained that his snoring had kept her awake all night, and it had taken ten minutes to wake him. Scott admitted that he had taken a sleeping pill, but Ava was furious because his job was to guard her. Scott suggested that he might be a better "watch dog" if he could sleep in Ava's bed, but Ava ordered him to get dressed.

Later, Julian arrived and was startled when he saw Scott emerge from the bathroom, freshly showered and changed. Ava quickly hustled Scott out the door, but he promised to be home for dinner. Julian wanted answers about Scott, so Ava told him that she had been forced to take steps to safeguard herself from the threats she had recently received. Julian questioned the wisdom of asking Scott for help, but Ava was curious if Julian had a better solution. Julian admitted that he did -- he had arranged a meeting.

Ava was alarmed when Julian told her that "Hammer" was expected to arrive at any moment. She wasn't pleased that Julian had arranged for the meeting in her apartment, but she was grateful for Julian's help because she knew he wanted to keep his distance from the organization because of Alexis. Ava decided to make herself scarce, but she noticed that Julian seemed unusually quiet. Julian promised Ava that it could wait and watched her leave.

Later, Julian met with Hammer. Hammer was livid that Ava had worked undercover with law enforcement, but Julian explained that Ava had been coerced and hadn't had anything to do with what had transpired on the pier. Hammer pointed out that there wasn't any proof of that, but Julian gave his word that it was true. Satisfied, Hammer shifted gears to explain that Ava's absence had left a vacuum in the organization, and they needed a strong leader.

A short time later, Julian and Hammer concluded their meeting by shaking hands. Julian made it clear that he expected Hammer to keep what they had discussed confidential. Hammer appreciated Julian's need for discretion because Alexis wouldn't approve. Pleased, Julian escorted Hammer to the door and addressed the issue of the threats against Ava. Hammer assured Julian that no one from their organization had sent Ava any messages, and he left.

At the hospital, Franco stood in the doorway of Kiki's hospital room as she slowly opened her eyes. She saw a set of new running shoes on the bed and looked at Franco in confusion. He explained that he had picked them up because he thought she could use them to go running when she was better. Kiki appreciated the gesture but warned him that it would be awhile until she was well enough to use them. Franco sat down next to her as she asked about Morgan. Franco revealed that she hadn't heard from Morgan because Morgan had been admitted to the Freedman Clinic after Morgan had tried to jump off the hospital's rooftop.

Kiki was upset that no one had told her about it sooner, but Franco insisted that they had been focused on her recovery. Franco admitted that Kiki would be better off without Morgan and reminded her of all the times that Morgan had hurt and betrayed her. Kiki argued that she had hurt Morgan, too, by getting involved with Michael, but Franco pointed out that Morgan had repaid Kiki by having an affair with her mother. Franco assured Kiki that he cared deeply about her and urged her to stay safe and put herself first for a change.

After Franco left, Kiki grabbed her cell phone out of the bedside table and called the Freedman Clinic. She asked for Morgan, claiming that she was his wife, but the clinic refused to put the call through. Frustrated, Kiki started to get out of bed until Ava arrived. Ava immediately scolded Kiki as she helped her daughter back into bed. Kiki decided to test her mother's honesty by asking about Morgan, but Ava saw through the ploy and admitted that Morgan was getting help.

Kiki wanted to know how Morgan was doing, but Ava only knew that Morgan was still adjusting to the medications. Kiki was hurt that no one had told her the truth because she had spent days waiting for Morgan to call or visit. Ava explained that she had done what she'd thought was best, but Kiki argued that Morgan was best for Kiki. Ava disagreed, since Kiki had been shot and had nearly died because of Morgan. Ava added that Morgan needed far more help than Kiki could give him. Kiki appreciated that her mother had been motivated by love, but she asked Ava for a favor.

At Kelly's, Franco overheard Scott on the phone, arranging for Scott's mail to be forwarded to the penthouse at 979 Carlyle. After Scott ended the call, Franco smacked his father on the arm and sat down at the counter next to him. Franco recognized the address and asked if Scott had moved into Ava's apartment. Scott tried to deny it, but Franco wasn't fooled. Franco was horrified at the idea of Scott sleeping with Ava, but Scott quickly assured Franco that Scott would never sleep with Ava under any circumstances. Scott confided that Ava had given Scott a place to stay, which only confused Franco further, since he couldn't understand why an attorney couldn't afford a place of his own.

Scott deftly changed the subject to ask about Franco and Nina. Franco assured Scott that things were good, and both Franco and Nina loved their jobs. Scott sensed that Franco was holding back, so Franco confessed that Nina wanted children, but Franco did not. Franco wondered if it might be a deal breaker. Scott warned Franco that it certainly could be.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was reading an online news story about Carlos when Carly entered the living room and questioned him about Anna's visit. Carly wondered if it had anything to do with the news about Carlos. Sonny nodded, prompting Carly to ask how long Sonny had known that Carlos was alive. Sonny assured Carly that it hadn't been long, but she wondered what Sonny intended to do about Duke's killer. Sonny promised that Carly had nothing to worry about because Sonny was working with law enforcement to find Carlos. Sonny added that the plan was to get Carlos to flip on Julian and send Julian to jail for the rest of Julian's life.

Carly wondered what Sonny planned to do about Carlos once Julian was locked up, but Sonny refused to tell her. However, he promised that he would do everything to keep both Sabrina and the baby safe for Michael's sake. Carly tried to question Sonny further, but Josslyn entered the room to announce that Avery was settled in the car and Aldo was waiting. Sonny urged Carly to get going, but Josslyn wanted to know what to expect when they visited Morgan. Sonny gently explained that the clinic was quiet and a bit boring.

Sonny was certain Morgan would enjoy a visit from both Josslyn and Avery. Josslyn wanted to know how she could help Morgan, but Sonny told Josslyn that all Morgan needed was her love. After Carly and Josslyn left, Sonny called to get an update from "Brick" about the progress on monitoring Paul's activities. Sonny was pleased when Brick reported that Paul's office phone had been bugged, but he asked to be notified when Paul's cell phone was tapped.

At the Freedman Clinic, Michael greeted his brother, but Morgan's tone was flat and listless as he talked to Michael. Michael told Morgan that Carly would be arriving shortly with Josslyn and Avery, but Morgan shrugged. Morgan admitted that he didn't think that he would ever get better. Michael promised Morgan that things would get better once the medications were properly adjusted, but Morgan didn't care because Morgan had no interest in anything except what was going on with Sonny.

Michael suggested that they not discuss Sonny's business, since it was the reason Morgan had ended up in the clinic. Morgan disagreed and explained that he was in the clinic because he was broken inside and couldn't be fixed. Michael urged Morgan not to give up. Moments later, Josslyn walked in. Morgan pulled himself together to give his sister a warm hug. Josslyn handed Morgan some comic books and told him about the movies she wanted to see with him.

Meanwhile, Michael quietly warned Carly that Morgan had been having a difficult time. Carly hoped a visit with Avery would cheer Morgan up and approached Morgan. Morgan took Avery from Carly's arms, but Morgan quickly became uncomfortable and asked Carly to take his sisters home because the clinic wasn't the place for them. Carly decided to stay with Morgan and sent Michael home with Josslyn and Avery. After everyone left, Carly tried to offer Morgan words of encouragement.

Morgan insisted that it was pointless because he would not get better. Carly disagreed and reminded Morgan that she had seen Sonny go through the same thing. Morgan admitted that he hated the clinic and felt empty inside. Carly glanced up and saw a visitor. She smiled as she assured Morgan that someone could cheer him up. Morgan scoffed, but she told him to look up. Morgan was elated when he saw Kiki standing in the doorway with the aid of a walker.

Ava explained that Kiki could only stay for an hour as Morgan quickly helped Kiki to the sofa to sit down. Ava and Carly stepped into the hallway to give Kiki and Morgan some privacy. Kiki revealed that she had just found out that he was in the clinic and asked if he was better. Morgan admitted that he cared deeply about Kiki, but he needed her to go and not return.

In the hallway, Carly told Ava that she was glad that Kiki was better. Ava smiled because Kiki was improving every day. Ava couldn't wait until Kiki could go home. Carly quietly wondered if Ava expected Avery to return to Ava's apartment when Kiki was released from the hospital.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny wrapped up a call when he saw Josslyn, Michael, and Avery arrive home. Josslyn was dejected as she explained that Morgan had sent Josslyn and Avery away. Michael handed Avery to Josslyn and sent the girls to the kitchen for a snack while he talked to their father. After the girls disappeared around the corner, Michael filled Sonny in about the visit. Michael explained that the medications were making it hard for Morgan to connect with anything except Sonny's business.

Sonny reminded Michael that it was imperative that Michael not mention anything about Sonny's business to Morgan. Michael assured Sonny that he hadn't. Relieved, Sonny admitted that he needed Michael to take the lead for a while and help Carly because the lines between Sonny's business and personal life were starting to blur. Sonny confided that Carly was struggling not to blame Sonny for what had happened with Morgan, but Sonny needed Michael to hold the family together until Sonny could take care of some things. Michael readily agreed.

Pleased, Sonny grabbed his jacket and walked to the door. Sonny stopped short when he opened the door and saw Julian standing on the doorstep.

A DNA test confirms that Griffin is Duke's son

A DNA test confirms that Griffin is Duke's son

Thursday, March 31, 2016

At the Freedman Clinic, Carly insisted that Avery was happy and surrounded by a loving family in Sonny's care. Carly wondered if that would be the case if Avery returned home with Ava, but Ava made it clear that it wasn't a matter of "if" but rather "when" because Ava had legal custody of Avery. Ava resented Carly's suggestion that Ava didn't care about Avery's safety because both Ava and Carly's love for their children overrode everything else. Carly conceded that Ava was right. Ava knew Carly cared about Avery and Kiki but suggested they focus on Kiki and Morgan and worry about the rest later.

Carly was glad that Kiki was on the mend, so Ava took the opportunity to thank Carly for everything Carly had done to save Kiki's life on the pier. Carly was happy that she had been able to help because Kiki was special to everyone in Carly's family. Ava promised that she wanted Morgan to get better, but she warned Carly that Kiki couldn't be responsible for Morgan's recovery because Kiki had to focus on getting well. Carly assured Ava that no one expected Kiki to take on the burden of helping Morgan. However, Carly cautioned Ava to be careful because Morgan and Kiki balked at being told what to do.

Ava chuckled because she knew Carly was right. Ava suggested they each hope for the best and find a way to coexist. Carly agreed. "Just like you and Sonny with Avery," Carly added.

In the visitors' room, Morgan was glad that Kiki was recovering from the shooting, but he asked her to leave and not return. Morgan explained that he wasn't good for Kiki, since she had nearly died because of him, but Kiki refused to allow Morgan to blame himself for the shooting. She reminded him that he hadn't pulled the trigger and demanded that he acknowledge it. Reluctantly, Morgan admitted that he hadn't shot Kiki. Satisfied, Kiki urged Morgan to focus on getting healthy for both of them because he was her first love.

Kiki listed all of Morgan's wonderful qualities, including how passionate and sexy he was. Morgan worried that he'd never feel the emotions as fully as he once had, but she pointed to Sonny as an example of someone with bipolar disorder living a happy and fulfilling life. Morgan feared that it might be different for him because he had felt nothing when Josslyn and Avery had visited him. Morgan admitted that everything had seemed pointless until Kiki had arrived. Kiki quietly asked him about what had transpired on the roof and cried when he admitted that he had intended to jump.

Kiki told Morgan that she never wanted him to feel that way again because she needed him. She was startled when someone entered the room and dropped a tray. Kiki covered her ears and cried out with fright. Kiki began to hyperventilate as Ava rushed in. Morgan calmly helped Kiki to the sofa and instructed her to take deep calming breaths as Ava watched. Morgan gently asked if the sound had reminded Kiki of the gunshot. Kiki nodded, and Morgan told her about the nightmares that haunted him.

However, Morgan managed to get through it by reminding himself that the shooting was over and that each day was one day further from the shooting. Kiki repeated the words like a mantra until she relaxed. Morgan quietly suggested that Ava take Kiki back to the hospital. Ava started to lead Kiki away, but Kiki stopped to ask Morgan to stay away from rooftops. After Ava and Kiki left, an orderly appeared to give Morgan a dose of medication. Morgan took the pills because he was determined to get better for Kiki.

Meanwhile, Julian entered Sonny's living room. Sonny informed Julian that he had only agreed to hear Julian out because Julian was married to Kristina's mother. Julian asked about Avery, but Sonny refused to let Julian visit with Julian's niece. Julian told Sonny that he knew Sonny had sent Ava the black rose and threatening note to manipulate Ava into leaving Avery with Sonny. Sonny denied it and claimed that he had more important things to do -- like hunting down Carlos.

Julian insisted that Carlos was dead, but Sonny assured Julian that Carlos was alive and on the run. Sonny vowed to find Carlos because Sonny wanted Carlos to testify against Julian and send Julian to jail, but Julian refused to listen to Sonny's groundless accusations, since Julian had had nothing to do with Duke's murder. Julian promised not to tell Ava about what Sonny had done because Julian was tired of the revenge games. After Julian walked out, Sonny called to arrange a meeting with "Brick" to arrange for a tap on Paul's cell phone.

A short time later, Sonny met Brick outside of Kelly's to let Brick know that Paul's schedule indicated that Paul would be arriving shortly. Brick promised to take care of Paul's phone if Sonny could arrange for Paul to leave it unattended for a minute or two.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany noticed that Finn looked unwell and asked if he'd had lunch. Finn assured her that he was about to grab a bite to eat and check on Roxy. Alarmed, Epiphany asked if the lizard was stashed somewhere in the hospital, but Finn reminded Epiphany that Roxy was a service lizard. Epiphany explained a service animal had to have the proper credentials and an orange vest. Finn made a mental note to pick up an orange vest for Roxy as he headed to the elevator.

Paul approached Finn to ask about Tracy. Finn refused to tell Paul anything, but Paul explained that Tracy was Paul's ex-wife and someone Paul cared about. Finn argued that Tracy hadn't given Finn permission to discuss her case with Paul and advised Paul to ask Tracy if Paul had questions. At the nurses' station, Epiphany smiled with approval.

After Finn left, Paul called the office to check his messages. He was told that someone had canceled an appointment, so Paul decided to head to Kelly's.

At Metro Court, Finn entered his suite. He appeared physically weak as he promised to feed Roxy in a few minutes. Finn sat down, jotted down the time in a small notebook, and then pulled out a syringe and vial. After Finn tied a tourniquet around his upper arm and tapped a vein, he lifted the syringe he had filled with an unknown substance.

In the hallway, Carly approached Finn's suite with a stack of towels. She slid the keycard into the door and shifted the towels to her other arm to open the door. The towels went flying when she saw Finn seated in the living room. Finn had managed to hide all evidence of the syringe and empty vial. Carly profusely apologized and explained that she had been assured that he was not in the suite, but Finn questioned why the owner of the hotel would drop off towels. Carly admitted that housekeeping refused to go near his room because of Roxy.

Carly promised to get everything straightened out soon, but Finn suggested that she remind the staff that bearded dragons didn't actually breathe fire. He was somewhat surprised that Carly wasn't afraid of his pet, but Carly explained that she had two sons and had grown up in Florida. Finn smiled when Carly confessed that she had done some research on bearded dragons and had picked up some leafy greens for Roxy. She handed Finn a grocery bag and put the towels away. After she returned from the bathroom, she asked how Finn had ended up with Roxy.

Finn fed Roxy as he admitted that Roxy had actually found him. Finn revealed that he had been camping in Australia, and a frail and injured Roxy had crawled into his sleeping bag. Carly was moved as Finn told her how he had nursed Roxy back to health and released Roxy back into the wild, but Roxy had managed to find her way back to Finn and ultimately had saved him. After Carly left, Finn returned to the table and retrieved his syringe to give himself an injection.

At the hospital, Epiphany lectured Ava and Kiki about leaving. Kiki assured Epiphany that Ava was not to blame. Epiphany admitted that it was clear that Ava loved Kiki because Ava hadn't left Kiki's side, but Epiphany insisted that Kiki was far from ready to leave the hospital. Epiphany decided to get Kiki settled in bed and call Kiki's doctor to make certain Kiki hadn't suffered a setback.

After Epiphany and Kiki left, Julian approached Ava to let her know about his meeting with Hammer. Julian assured Ava that Ava had nothing to worry about, but she had to stay away from the mob. Ava was happy to distance herself from organized crime, but she knew that no one walked away for free and demanded to know what Julian had promised in exchange for Ava's safety. Julian assured Ava that she had nothing to worry about, but she didn't believe him because she feared that Hammer had sucked Julian back in. Julian insisted that they were both free of the mob.

At Kelly's, Anna and Emma sat down at a table. Emma was delighted that she had been able to spend her spring break with Anna while Patrick and Robin attended a medical conference in Morocco. Anna hugged her granddaughter and asked about Emma's new life in California. Emma admitted that she loved everything about living in Berkeley except not being able to see Anna. Moments later, Anna saw Griffin enter.

Griffin approached the table and greeted Anna. Emma introduced herself and asked if Griffin was a friend of her grandmother's. Griffin smiled as he admitted that he would like to be and handed Anna an envelope with the results of the DNA test. Anna opened the envelope, and her eyes filled with tears as she read the confirmation that Griffin was Duke's son. Concerned, Emma asked if Anna was okay, but Anna smiled and introduced Griffin as Duke's son. Emma was surprised and wondered if that meant that Anna was Griffin's mother.

Anna gently explained that Griffin had had a different mother but assured Emma that Griffin was a part of their family. Emma was full of questions for Griffin and eager to celebrate the good news with hot coca. Anna offered to fetch three cups with whipped cream and went to the counter. Griffin grinned because he had seen through Emma's attempt to speak to him privately. Emma admitted that Anna had been very sad when Duke had died. Griffin and Emma talked about Duke.

Emma thought it was unfair that Duke and Griffin hadn't known each other. Griffin was touched and admitted that he believed that he and his father would have been good friends. Emma agreed, so Griffin asked her to tell him about Duke. At the counter, Anna smiled as she watched Emma and Griffin.

Meanwhile, Brick entered the diner and took a seat at a back table. Seconds later, Sonny strolled in and approached Anna to update her on the progress he had made with bugging Paul's office. He noticed Anna tense and realized that Paul had arrived. Sonny casually walked over to Emma and Griffin to greet them. Emma announced that she had been told to give Sonny a hug from Robin. Anna returned to the table as Emma hugged Sonny.

Moments later, Emma dragged Griffin away to help her pick out cookies. Sonny told Anna that they needed Paul's phone left unattended for a minute to give Sonny's man an opportunity to plant a bug. Anna promised to take care of it and approached Paul's table as Sonny joined Griffin and Emma at the counter. Paul questioned Anna's choice of friends, but she explained that she was polite to Sonny for Robin's sake. She reminded him of the adage about keeping friends close and enemies closer then changed the subject by telling Paul that she wanted him to meet someone.

Paul insisted that he was busy, but Anna refused to take no for an answer and ordered him to put the phone down for a minute. Paul set the phone down and followed Anna to the counter where she introduced Griffin and revealed that Griffin was Duke's son. Meanwhile, Sonny watched Brick reach for Paul's phone, fiddle with it, and set it back down. Sonny smiled with satisfaction.

Griffin stepped away to take a call from the hospital as Paul explained that it was time for Paul to get back to the office. Paul retrieved his phone and left as Anna and Sonny returned to the table with Emma. Moments later, Griffin revealed that he had to leave. Emma decided to walk Griffin out, giving Sonny the chance to let Anna know that the mission had been accomplished. Sonny promised to keep her updated and left.

Outside, Sonny approached Brick and asked what would happen next. Brick assured Sonny that Sonny would be the first to know when Paul talked to Carlos.

Later, Paul was in the hospital's elevator as he talked to Carlos on the phone. Paul denied leaking it to the press that Carlos was alive, but Paul urged Carlos to remain in hiding because it was too dangerous for Carlos to return to Port Charles.

Meanwhile, Sonny sat outside Kelly's, listening to Paul's conversation with Carlos through an ear bud. Sonny revealed that Paul and Carlos sounded nervous. Brick wasn't surprised because Paul and Carlos had pissed off Sonny.

Inside the diner, Emma gushed about Griffin and wondered if his presence had made Anna miss Duke less. Anna admitted that she would always miss Duke, but she was happy that a piece of Duke lived on in Griffin.

Nathan tells Maxie that Claudette was his wife

Nathan tells Maxie that Claudette was his wife

Friday, April 1, 2016

At Volonino's, Curtis was working out on the punching bag when Nathan and Dante entered the gym and approached the boxing ring. Curtis took a quick break to answer his phone. It was Nina calling to ask Curtis for an update on his investigation. Curtis claimed that he had been working hard to find Crimson's saboteur, but he didn't have a name. Nina wasn't satisfied and demanded that he report to her office immediately. Curtis told her that it wasn't a good time, but she reminded him that she was the boss and ended the call.

Later, Dante pulled his boxing gloves on as Curtis passed by. Dante called out to Curtis because Dante wanted Curtis to know that Valerie was a good person and deserved to be treated with respect. Curtis admitted that he knew about Dante and Valerie's history and informed Dante that Valerie's personal life didn't concern Dante. "And don't ever talk to me about respect," Curtis added before he marched out.

After Nathan and Dante entered the boxing ring, Dante hit Nathan hard. Nathan reminded Dante that Nathan was still recovering and asked if Dante's frustration had anything to do with the talk with Curtis. Dante reluctantly admitted that Curtis had been right about Dante not having any right to lecture Curtis about respecting Valerie. Nathan realized that Dante had had good intentions, but Nathan suggested that Dante focus on Lulu. Dante assured his partner that he was, but Dante felt as if Valerie had been left hanging, and he didn't want her to get hurt again.

Nathan explained that it wasn't Dante's call to make and advised his friend that sometimes the best way to deal with a something was to let it go. Dante bitterly asked if that was what Nathan had done with Claudette. Nathan confessed that his breakup with Claudette had been painful, and ugly and Nathan hadn't been proud of the way he'd handled things, which was why Nathan had been reluctant to get into it with Maxie. Dante advised Nathan to be honest with Maxie because the longer they avoided discussing it, the higher the wall would become.

In Nina's office, Maxie made certain that everything was perfect before she sat down to gush about Nina's coup. Maxie couldn't believe that fashion stylist Joe Zee had agreed to do a guest feature article for Crimson and wondered how Nina had managed it. "Simple. She asked," Joe answered as he appeared in the doorway. Maxie immediately offered him her seat. Joe thanked Maxie and praised Nina's success with turning the fashion magazine around.

Maxie sang Nina's praises as she told Joe about the challenges that Nina had faced because of a saboteur. Joe was impressed with Nina's clever ideas, but he worried that something might happen with his issue. Nina and Maxie assured him that Nina had hired a private detective to find the person responsible for the acts of sabotage. As if on cue, Curtis arrived. Nina introduced Joe to Curtis then suggested that Maxie and Joe go to Maxie's desk to discuss various fashion concepts for the article.

After Maxie and Joe left, Nina questioned Curtis about the investigation. Curtis assured her that the saboteur was not one of her competitors. As they talked, Nina mentioned that Julian hadn't had any faith in her ability to run the magazine and had expected Crimson to fail. After Nina stepped out, Curtis called the printer to dispute the charge for binding the magazine, since it hadn't been done. The woman in the accounting department gave Curtis the name of the person who had made the request.

At Maxie's desk, Joe assured Maxie that the saboteur didn't discourage him because Joe enjoyed a challenge. Maxie confessed that she'd always admired Joe's work and had tried to follow in his footsteps. Joe glanced at her shoes and promised that she was off to a good start because he loved the black pumps with the rhinestone bow decorating the top of each shoe. Maxie appreciated the compliment but admitted that her boyfriend had bought the shoes. Joe thought she had good taste in men and shoes.

Maxie's smile dimmed as she admitted that there was trouble in paradise, and at Joe's prodding, she opened up about Nathan's shooting and Claudette. Joe advised Maxie not to borrow trouble because the ex-girlfriend was in the past and should stay there. Maxie agreed and hugged Joe as Nathan exited the elevator. Maxie quickly introduced Joe to Nathan, but Joe's phone chimed, and Joe excused himself. Moments later, Joe announced that he had to fly Los Angeles because a famous client desperately needed his help.

Joe promised to stay in touch and added that he might do the article about shoes. Joe answered a call from Chrissy Teigan as the elevator door closed. Seconds later, Nina stepped out of her office to ask where Joe was. Maxie filled Nina in about Joe's fashion emergency in California, but Nathan shifted gears to invite Maxie to the park. Maxie argued that she had too much work to do, but Nina insisted that Maxie enjoy some fresh air.

In the park, Nathan joined Maxie on a blanket. Maxie admitted that the park was relaxing, and they should visit more often. Nathan gathered his courage and told Maxie that he wanted to be honest with her about Claudette, but Maxie assured him that it wasn't necessary because Claudette was in the past. Nathan admitted that it wasn't that simple and revealed that Claudette had been his wife. Stunned, Maxie wondered why he hadn't told her sooner. Nathan explained that things hadn't ended well.

Elsewhere in the park, Julian was on the phone with an associate, explaining that Julian hadn't expected to get his hands dirty, but Julian had done it for family. Julian wrapped up the call when he saw Alexis approach. Alexis was distracted and confessed that she had been stalking Julian. Julian and Alexis sat down on a bench as Alexis explained that she needed to tell him something, but he couldn't tell anyone -- especially Sonny. Julian was surprised when Alexis blurted out that Kristina was gay.

Julian was confident that Alexis had handled the situation well, but Alexis admitted that the conversation with Kristina had ended with Kristina practically accusing Alexis of being a homophobe. Alexis admitted that she had concerns about Kristina's professor because the professor was significantly older and might have unduly influenced Kristina, who had gone through a series of very difficult relationships. Julian was curious if Alexis were suggesting that Kristina was attracted to women as a way to avoid getting hurt. Alexis assured Julian that she didn't care if Kristina was gay, but she didn't want her daughter feeling pressured by a professor and reacting out of confusion. Alexis felt that it was her duty as a mother to intervene and safeguard Kristina.

Meanwhile, Lucas stopped by Julian and Alexis' house to visit his father, but Kristina explained that Julian wasn't home. Lucas asked if he could wait, so Kristina invited him inside because she wanted to talk to Lucas about something. Lucas and Kristina sat on the sofa as Kristina quietly confessed that she was sexually confused because she was attracted to another woman. Lucas wondered how Kristina had felt making the admission. Kristina smiled because it had been both scary and a relief.

Lucas nodded in understanding because he had felt the same way when he had told people that he was gay. Kristina's smile faded as she told him about her conversation with Alexis. Kristina had hoped that her progressive and open-minded mother would be supportive, but it hadn't worked out that way. Surprised, Lucas wondered what Alexis had said. Kristina told him that Alexis had suggested that Kristina was confused and that her professor -- the woman Kristina was attracted to -- was a bad influence. Kristina added that Alexis had also believed that Kristina had been drawn to a woman because of Kristina's terrible history with men.

Lucas gently pointed out that Alexis hadn't totally rejected Kristina or thrown Kristina out of the house and turned her back on her daughter. Lucas admitted that it was a common reaction by many parents. Kristina complained that Alexis was all about marriage equality and fairness to all, but Alexis refused to apply the philosophy to Kristina. Lucas explained that the news could be a shock to even the most enlightened parents, and he urged Kristina to give it time. Kristina told Lucas about her suspension from school and how her parents had reacted.

According to Kristina, Alexis had been understanding, but Sonny had been furious. Kristina admitted that she had respected her father's reaction more because afterwards, he had apologized and told Kristina that he loved her. However, she worried that Sonny might not be able to accept that she was gay, but Lucas wanted to focus on Kristina and how she felt. Kristina explained that she was confused about everything except her feelings for Parker. Lucas warned Kristina that it might be a one-time crush or an awakening of her sexuality, but only time would tell.

Kristina had no idea how to explain that to Alexis. Moments later, Julian and Alexis arrived home. Julian happily greeted Lucas with an affectionate hug and was thrilled when Lucas announced that Lucas and Brad had finally set a wedding date for May. Julian congratulated his son as Alexis hugged Lucas. Seconds later, Julian and Lucas each received a text message. Lucas had to cut his visit short because he was needed at the hospital, so Julian decided to walk Lucas out, since Julian was needed at work. After Julian and Lucas left, Kristina snidely observed that Alexis didn't appear to have a problem with people being gay -- except Kristina.

Kristina continued to make disparaging remarks about Alexis' views on homosexuality until Alexis warned Kristina to stop. Alexis pointed out that both Lucas and Brad were adults, which was more than Alexis could say about Kristina's behavior. Kristina was furious that her mother had accused her of being a "stupid kid," but Alexis denied having said any such thing. Kristina insisted that Alexis was controlling and judgmental, but Alexis thought that Kristina was being unfair. Kristina lashed out and told Alexis that Kristina loved Sonny because he could acknowledge his mistakes and apologize for them, unlike Alexis. After Kristina stormed out, Alexis called Parker.

At Crimson, Curtis told Nina that he knew who the saboteur was. Julian exited the elevator as Nina asked Curtis who the "lowlife" was who had been trying to tank the magazine.

At Metro Court, Nikolas opened the door and saw Hayden on the doorstep. "Hello, husband," Hayden said, but Nikolas wanted to know why she was there. Hayden entered the suite as she explained that she had missed him. Nikolas ordered her to get out, but she insisted that it was just his pride talking. Nikolas informed her that it was also his self-respect and common sense. Hayden acknowledged that she had hurt him and admitted that she knew what it was like because she had felt the same way when her father had been arrested.

However, Hayden insisted that her love for Nikolas had been real. She begged him not to throw their marriage away, but Nikolas insisted that she had only married him to swindle him out of his money and ELQ. Hayden denied it, but Nikolas didn't believe her and demanded that she admit what her true agenda had been. Hayden claimed that she had lost everything when her father had gone to jail, which was why she had agreed to work for Ric Lansing. Hayden reminded Nikolas that she had been so desperate for money that she had resorted to blackmailing Nikolas when she'd found out that he had known the truth about Jason's identity.

Hayden assured Nikolas that it hadn't been part of her plan to call his bluff and end up getting shot when she'd gone to tell Jason the truth. Nikolas claimed that the shooting had been an "unfortunate accident," but Hayden reminded Nikolas how he had helped her when she'd woken up from the coma. She admitted that she had tried hard to be the woman he had needed and that her fear and grief had been genuine when she'd seen him tumble over the restaurant's terrace. Nikolas didn't believe her because he recalled how she had tried to persuade him to marry her to keep ELQ out of the Quartermaines' hands.

Hayden promised that her desire to help Nikolas had been real, but he argued that she had been lying to him the entire time. Hayden pleaded with Nikolas to give their marriage another chance, but he told her that it was impossible because he would never be able to trust her again. He added that their farce of a marriage was over and suggested that they cut their losses. Hurt, Hayden asked if he truly intended to pay her the five million dollars he'd promised in their prenuptial agreement and walk away, but Nikolas explained that she wouldn't get a penny because the prenuptial agreement was invalid, since she hadn't signed it with her legal name.

Nikolas opened the door and ordered Hayden to leave, but she closed the door and explained that they wouldn't be getting a divorce. "Why?" Nikolas asked. "Because of what I know about you," Hayden replied.

At Jason's apartment, Sam wasn't surprised when she stood in the open doorway and saw Jason busy working on project. Jason greeted her with a smile and explained that he was having trouble assembling a toy chest for Danny and Jake's bedroom. He was glad when Sam offered to help because she was handier with tools. After Jason and Sam completed their project, Sam noticed the black and white photographs on the shelf behind his bed. Jason admitted that he didn't recall owning the pictures in the past, but they made his apartment feel like home.

Later, Jason and Sam chatted about Hayden and how it was believed that Raymond Berlin's daughter had taken off with a portion of the money her father had stolen from his clients. Jason was curious how Hayden had ended up in Port Charles, working for Ric. Sam suggested that perhaps Hayden had been laying low until she could get access to the money, but Jason decided that it didn't matter, since it wouldn't help him get ELQ back. Sam urged Jason not to give up because she believed that Hayden was still the best chance they had.

Jason and Sam's conversation turned to Hayden's shooting at the garage. Sam wondered if perhaps there had been two shooters -- Shawn and someone gunning for Rachel. Sam suggested that perhaps Shawn's bullet had gone wild, while the other shooter had hit the target. Jason suggested they pay Shawn a visit at Pentonville to discuss the possibility.

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