General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 15, 2016 on GH

Olivia had a disturbing vision. Morgan courted danger when he decided to deal with Sonny's enemies on his own. Nikolas enlisted Sam's help to investigate Hayden. Paul made a confession to Anna about Kyle's murder and Paul's association with the Justice Department.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 15, 2016 on GH
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A Valentine's Day to Remember A Valentine's Day to Remember

Monday, February 15, 2016

Nikolas greeted Elizabeth, who was standing in his living room with Hayden. Elizabeth informed him that Laura had invited her and her sons to stay there. She mentioned that Hayden had told her a ridiculous lie about marrying Nikolas. He admitted that it wasn't a lie, and Elizabeth was speechless. He hoped for his best friend's blessing. "Depends," she started, wondering whether or not marriage gave Hayden the right to poke around in Nikolas' safe.

Hayden claimed that she had only been trying to put Helena's bracelet into the safe so she didn't lose it. Nikolas did it for her, and she left to go upstairs. "What were you thinking?" Elizabeth demanded of Nikolas. She reminded him of all that Hayden had done to them and added that Hayden's only motive was money. He assured her that Hayden had signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Elizabeth didn't want her friend to get his heart broken like she had.

Elizabeth apologized for taking her frustrations out on Nikolas. He knew that she was going through a lot, and he promised her all the help she needed, including a place to stay. She admitted that she'd thought Wyndemere had been the best option before she'd found out about Nikolas' new wife. He swore that Hayden had turned over a new leaf, and he'd found love with her.

Hayden returned looking for Nikolas. The two tried to convince Elizabeth to stay at Wyndemere. Nikolas instructed her to go pick out bedrooms, but her phone rang. She listened for a minute then said that she would "be right there." She informed Nikolas that Jake's orthopedist wanted to talk about treatment options, and she left. "Poor Elizabeth," Hayden said with a sigh, genuinely trying to "keep the peace." Hayden invited him up to the bedroom with her, and he promised to be up soon.

Jason and Sam kissed. Jason broke away and insisted that he hadn't planned on doing that. "I'm not complaining," she said, and they kissed again. A short while later, he broke away again. He remarked on how complicated things were between them because of his lack of memory. She related that both of them had changed over the years after living apart from each other. He confessed that, while holding her after the explosion, he'd realized that he didn't want to lose her.

A short while later, Jason served himself and Sam some pasta. He wondered if she needed anything else. She joked that after saving her and making her dinner, "what else could a girl ask for?" As they were getting closer, Jason's phone rang. "What about my son?" he asked.

A few minutes later, Jason was gone. Sam's phone rang, and she was surprised to answer it to Nikolas. He told her that she was the best private investigator he knew. He asked her if she could investigate Hayden.

Jason arrived at the hospital and found Elizabeth. She feared that Jake's prognosis was going to be worse than they'd originally thought.

At the Floating Rib, Andre introduced himself to Curtis. Curtis informed Andre that he was lucky to be out with Jordan, an "incredible woman."

By the bathrooms, Jordan warned Valerie about Curtis. Just then, Curtis walked over with Valerie's drink. He told her it was getting warm, and he didn't want to be accused of not taking care of his date. Jordan wished Valerie luck and walked away. Back at their table, Curtis challenged a distressed Valerie to a rematch of pool, but she declined. He noticed that she'd "cooled" toward him ever since she'd talked to Jordan. "Are you a cocaine addict?" she blurted out.

Curtis admitted that he'd had a cocaine problem in the past and, except for a couple small relapses, rehab had helped him through it. He joked that it was too expensive anyway. Valerie wondered why, if he and Jordan were family, Jordan hated him so much. He conceded that there were two sides to every story, and he promised to tell his side if she agreed to another date. She agreed to consider it. She had an important test the next day, so she decided to leave.

Jordan returned to her and Andre's table, and he informed her that he had introduced himself to Curtis. He added that Curtis had spoken highly of Jordan. She wished that Curtis would leave town because he dredged up bad memories for her. She briefly told him about her husband, Tommy, who had been killed in action. She revealed that, while her marriage had been falling apart, she'd done some things that she regretted. She suddenly became teary and defensive, not wanting to say any more.

Andre assured Jordan that he understood regrets and that she could talk to him if she wanted to. She spat that she wasn't his patient, and he couldn't analyze her. He apologized, admitting that he didn't know how to "turn it off" sometimes. She apologized for overreacting and ruining their date, and she left.

In a room at the Metro Court, Maxie gushed about how glad she was to be with Nathan on Valentine's Day. However, she felt bad for people like Dante and Lulu, who had no one. She wanted to go check on them, because she believed they could either be making love or killing each other.

Dante and Lulu banged on the door and walls of their room at the Metro Court. Nathan and Maxie arrived outside the room, and Maxie yelled that they couldn't leave the room until they'd worked through their issues. Dante thought he would just call Olivia, but Nathan informed him that she'd been the one to shut off the room phone and the Wi-Fi, and she'd also moved all other guests off the floor.

Maxie instructed Lulu to look on the nightstand. "It's just an old Crimson," Lulu called out. Maxie told her to turn to the bookmarked page. Lulu found an article entitled "Repairing You Relationship in 10 Easy Steps." Maxie and Nathan left. Lulu began to read the article aloud, and Dante yelled over her that he wasn't going to listen to an article in a magazine about their relationship.

Lulu demanded that Dante work with her so they could leave. She read the first step of the article, which was being honest. Dante thought that they'd been honest with each other, at least until he'd cheated and lied about it. Lulu confessed that she thought their problems had started before he'd cheated.

Lulu told Dante that, when she'd gone to Canada to rescue her brothers, her parents had sworn her to secrecy. She revealed her secrecy to be the "biggest mistake of my life." If she could do it all over again, she would have told Dante and taken him along instead of Dillon. She recognized that it had been wrong of her parents to ask her to lie to her husband.

Lulu talked through why she'd believed she couldn't have trusted Dante. She remembered when Johnny had returned before he'd gone to jail, and Dante had been jealous and possessive. She wondered if he thought that she couldn't take care of herself. Dante explained that she had a "thing" about being Luke Spencer's daughter: she wanted to take risks, break rules, and live up to her father. She realized that Dante didn't trust her judgment. She hadn't wanted to hear Dante tell her not to go to Canada; she'd wanted support.

Lulu continued that she and Dante hadn't trusted each other, and the right circumstances had given Dante the choice to get back at her for it. He insisted that he'd "give anything to take it back." Lulu looked at the Crimson article for the next step. He grabbed the magazine and read that the next step was "communicate better." "I'm willing to try if you are," he suggested. "I'm in," she replied.

Back in their room, Nathan and Maxie slow danced. She gushed that there was nowhere she'd rather be, and she was lucky to be with him. He answered that he wanted to build a future with her as he took what looked like a ring box out of his pocket. Clearly nervous and uncomfortable, Maxie appreciated the thought but told him that they couldn't get married. She rambled on about her non-wedding to Spinelli, and about Dante and Lulu's broken marriage.

Nathan assured Maxie that he wasn't proposing to her, and he opened the box. Inside was a charm with Georgie's birthstone for Maxie's bracelet. She was touched by the gesture and remarked that marriage sometimes ruined good relationships like the one they had. She wondered if they should check on Dante and Lulu, but Nathan thought they could take care of themselves. He kissed her and took her to bed. After they made love, Maxie raved over their amazing Valentine's Day. "We are magic. I just wish it would rub off on Dante and Lulu," she said.

Jake is taken to Shriner's Childrens Hospital

Jake is taken to Shriner's Childrens Hospital

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

At Metro Court, Anna spoke to Mac on the phone about his investigation. She was surprised that he hadn't managed to dig up information about Susan but encouraged him to keep digging. Anna quickly ended the call when she spotted Ava enter the restaurant. Anna approached Ava to ask for a word, but Dillon walked up and explained that he needed to speak to Anna. Ava quickly seized the opportunity to slip away before Anna could stop her.

Dillon explained that a woman he'd lined up to photograph for the Crimson issue featuring real woman had bailed at the last minute. He'd been worried about finding a replacement until he'd seen Anna because he'd realized that she was a perfect woman for the photo shoot. Anna was flattered but pointed out that she wasn't a model. Dillon explained that the point wasn't to use professional models, and he continued to plead his case until Anna capitulated. Grateful, Dillon suggested they take the pictures in Anna's natural habitat at the police station.

A short time later, Dillon was busy setting up for the photo shoot in the interrogation room while Anna carefully questioned him about Susan. Dillon revealed that he'd briefly exchanged emails with his sister a few years earlier, but he had lost touch with Susan when she had moved to a little island off the coast of Maine to open a gift shop called Suki's. Dillon admitted that it had been a strange choice because Susan had attended one of the top ten schools in New England. Anna wondered if it was possible that Susan had gotten into trouble, but Dillon had no idea and jokingly asked if Anna was interrogating him.

Anna blamed the questions on old habits as Dillon snapped pictures. After the session, Dillon showed Anna the pictures and assured her that Nina would approve of them. After Dillon fetched release forms for Anna to sign, Anna told him that she hoped he and his sister reconnected because family was important. Dillon doubted it would happen because it had been over six years since he had heard from Susan. Dillon started to leave, but Anna called out to ask if he knew why Susan had named the gift shop Suki's. Dillon admitted that it had been Paul's nickname for Susan.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was livid that Paul had gotten past the front gates. Paul followed Tracy to the living room as he explained that he needed her help with Dillon. Paul revealed that Dillon had basically severed ties with Paul because Paul had hurt Tracy. Tracy refused to smooth things over between Paul and Dillon because Paul had treated her badly, but Paul argued that Dillon needed his father. Tracy laughed and clarified that Dillon had needed a father while Dillon had been a child and growing up.

Tracy insisted that Paul had offered too little, too late to assuage his guilt, but Paul claimed that he was sincere. Tracy argued that it was irrelevant because it wasn't Tracy's job to plead Paul's case to their son, especially since she believed that Dillon was better off without Paul. Paul thought Tracy was unfair and accused her of feeding into Dillon's anger, but she assured him that their son had made his own mind up. Paul refused to be excised from his son's life -- even if Tracy believed it was too little, too late.

Paul continued to talk about his hurt over Dillon's rejection, but Tracy suddenly appeared to zone out. Paul noticed and gently tapped her on the shoulder as he asked if she was okay. Tracy immediately snapped out of it and tried to brush it off when Paul expressed concern. Tracy deflected by making it clear that she refused to help Paul and angrily ordered him to leave. Paul assured her that he was not a bad man and that he loved their son, but Tracy ignored him.

After Paul left, Tracy's expression clouded with concern. "Oh, my God, what is happening to me?" Tracy asked. Later, Tracy read something on her laptop, but quickly closed it when she heard Dillon call out as he entered the living room. Tracy greeted him with a warm smile as he told her about his day and then asked about hers. Tracy assured him that she was fine and told him that everything had been quiet.

At the police station, Anna spoke to Mac on the phone to report what Dillon had told her about Susan. She tensed when she suddenly looked up and saw Paul standing in the hallway, watching her.

At Metro Court, Kiki served Franco breakfast and sat down to have a chat with him because she wanted his advice. She was curious if it was unusual for a man not to be able to have sex with a girl. Franco appeared uncomfortable because he realized that she was referring to Morgan, but Franco carefully suggested that perhaps Morgan's medications for bipolar disorder were to blame. He promised that it wasn't uncommon and might get better with time, but he added that there were pills that might help. Kiki doubted Morgan would want to take more pills, but she feared that the real problem was that Morgan didn't want her.

Ava walked up to ask to speak to Kiki. Franco quickly settled the tab and left. Kiki wondered how much Ava had overheard of Kiki's conversation with Franco, but Ava tactfully explained that she had heard enough to wish Kiki and Morgan the very best -- and the rest was none of Ava's business. Kiki relaxed as Ava shifted gears to reveal that she had stopped by to drop off a dress for Kiki to wear to Julian and Alexis' wedding the following day. Kiki feared there were strings attached, but Ava assured Kiki there weren't.

Ava wanted to move forward despite Kiki's decision to take Avery to visit Sonny. Kiki appreciated Ava's overture but refused to apologize because Kiki thought Avery should spend time with Sonny. Ava loved Kiki and wanted to move past it, so Kiki thanked her mother for the beautiful dress. Ava abruptly changed the subject to ask a favor; Ava wanted Kiki to promise to look after Avery if anything should happen to Ava. Alarmed, Kiki asked if Ava was in trouble, but Ava assured Kiki that everything was fine.

However, Ava conceded that her line of work was "risky." Kiki worried about her mother, but Ava promised there was nothing to be concerned about and steered the conversation back to Julian's wedding and Kiki's plan attend with Morgan. A short time later, Kiki excused herself and left. Ava called Raj to let him know that Morgan wouldn't be a problem because Morgan would be at the wedding during the business transaction the following day.

At Corinthos Coffee, Morgan was stacking heavy bags of coffee beans on shelves as he listened to music. He was startled when Kristina suddenly tapped him on the shoulder. Annoyed, Morgan ripped off his earbuds and berated his sister for sneaking up on him. Kristina was curious why Morgan smelled like a "distillery," but Morgan claimed it was a new cologne. Kristina wasn't amused, but Morgan warned her that he wasn't in the mood for a lecture from her because he already had Michael breathing down his neck.

Kristina dropped the subject and asked where their father was because she was curious if Sonny had decided to take her up on her invitation to attend Alexis and Julian's wedding as a gesture of peace. Morgan berated Kristina for being na´ve because she had no idea what she had been asking of Sonny. Morgan claimed that he knew how Sonny's business worked and that he would take care of their father until their father was well. Kristina frowned and asked what Morgan was talking about because nothing he'd said had made any sense. Morgan became defensive when Kristina asked if Morgan had been taking his medications.

Eventually, Kristina told her brother to calm down, but Morgan insisted that he was fine. Morgan claimed that he was an important part of Sonny's business. Kristina decided not to challenge him and instead advised him to watch the "whiskey shots and head meds." After Kristina left, Morgan started to follow her, but Darby suddenly stepped from between the racks of coffee and called out to him. She smiled as she mentioned receiving six text messages from him before she'd woken up, and Morgan explained that he had wanted to see her.

Darby and Morgan ducked into a dark corner and started to tear off each other's clothes. Moments later, Kiki entered the warehouse. Kiki was stunned when she saw Morgan and Darby half-dressed and kissing passionately.

At the penthouse, Sam welcomed Alexis. Alexis was pleased that Sam looked better. Sam quickly credited Jason for helping spring Sam from the hospital. Alexis was concerned that Jason might not be up to the challenge of being a caregiver, but Sam disagreed and told her mother about the dinner Jason had fixed and how he had put Danny to bed. Sam smiled as she admitted that it had been a perfect night. Sam believed that she and Jason were in a better place.

Sam explained that she no wasted time wishing for things to be different or wondering what might have been if Jason hadn't died. Sam conceded that both she and Jason had changed, but they were eager to get to know each other again. Sam broached the subject of taking Jason to Alexis' wedding, but Alexis feared that it might be pushing things too much with Julian. Alexis changed her mind when she noticed her daughter's disappointment, but Sam thought it was for the best that Jason skip it because Jason should focus on Jake.

In Griffin's office, Griffin decided to talk to Sonny about where Sonny was in Sonny's recovery. Sonny managed to send Carly away by asking her to check if there had been an update on Jake. After Carly left, Sonny asked if there was a problem. Griffin cut to the chase and revealed that he knew Sonny was a crime boss, but Sonny urged Griffin not to believe everything Griffin read. Griffin knew that Sonny had been using the wheelchair to feign weakness to Sonny's enemies and conceded that it was Sonny's business, but Griffin refused to waste time treating a patient who didn't need it.

Griffin suggested that Sonny find a new doctor, but Sonny was disappointed because he had thought better of Griffin when they had first met in the chapel. Sonny prided himself on being a good judge of character, but Griffin wasn't moved. Griffin promised that he was a good man and even believed that Sonny was one too -- deep down inside -- but Griffin couldn't work with Sonny. Sonny offered a compromise by assuring Griffin that Griffin wouldn't have to lie for Sonny because everything would be over soon. Griffin worried that Sonny was planning something dangerous, but Sonny merely smiled.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Monica explained that Jake had suffered multiple fractures in his left leg and left arm, which concerned the doctors because Jake was still a growing child. Jason and Elizabeth were surprised when Monica revealed that it would be in Jake's best interest to receive specialized treatment at another hospital. Monica added that Shiner's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia specialized in orthopedics and could provide Jake with the individualized care that Jake needed. Elizabeth recalled that Nikolas had taken Spencer to Shriner's Hospital in Boston, where Spencer had received excellent care. Monica agreed that it was the best option for Jake.

Monica was relieved when Jason and Elizabeth agreed to send Jake to Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia and left to get everything arranged for the immediate transfer. Carly walked up to ask for an update. Jason and Elizabeth told her about their decision to send Jake to Shriner's Hospital, which Carly fully supported. Carly promised to help in any way that she could. After Elizabeth left to sign some paperwork, Carly asked how Jason was holding up.

Jason admitted that he was hanging in, but he asked Carly to do him a favor and keep an eye on Sam while he was gone. Carly agreed, but she thought it would be best if Jason paid Sam a visit and told Sam about the trip.

At the penthouse, Sam greeted Kristina, who immediately noticed how happy Sam seemed. Kristina was certain that Jason was responsible for Sam's joy, but Sam warned Kristina and Alexis that they had both jumped the gun because Jason and Sam had agreed to take things slowly. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Kristina assumed it was Molly, since they were meeting for a dress fitting. Sam opened the door and smiled when she saw Jason.

Alexis and Kristina quickly excused themselves to give Sam and Jason privacy. After Alexis and Kristina left, Sam asked about Jake. Jason told her about Jake's need for further treatment at Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia. Sam was disappointed, but Jason assured her that they could plan a special evening when he returned from the trip. Sam smiled as Jason leaned down and passionately kissed her.

In Griffin's office, Carly returned to collect Sonny. Sonny smiled pleasantly as he greeted her. Griffin decided to play along with Sonny's deception, but carefully offered to make some recommendations for Sonny. Carly sensed an underlying tension between Sonny and Griffin but waited until she and Sonny were in the hallway before she asked Sonny about it. Sonny brushed it off and changed the subject by inviting Carly to attend Alexis and Julian's wedding with him. Carly was stunned that Sonny would go, but he told her about Kristina's request.

Carly agreed to attend the wedding, but she admitted that Alexis was a hypocrite for marrying Julian, who was "scum" and a mobster, after spending years lecturing Carly about Sonny. Sonny decided not to put Carly in an awkward situation and assured her that he would attend the wedding alone.

At the nurses' station, Franco called out to Elizabeth to ask her about Jake. She quickly filled him in about her son's transfer to Shriner's Hospital. Franco assured her that everything would work out and promised her that Jake was a great kid. Elizabeth thanked Franco for being surprisingly supportive. Moments later, Cameron and Aiden arrived with their sitter Melissa. Franco watched as Elizabeth happily greeted her boys with hugs and sat them down to explain that she had to leave town for a short time with Jake.

Elizabeth revealed that Cameron and Aiden would be staying with Audrey and that Melissa would help out. Elizabeth added that she would need Cameron and Aiden's help to find a new home once she returned. Cameron promised that Elizabeth could count on him and Aiden to help her. Elizabeth affectionately hugged and kissed her sons again as Franco watched.

After the boys scampered off with the sitter, Franco praised Elizabeth as a good mother. He asked if she would mind if he periodically sent her text messages to check on Jake. Elizabeth smiled and assured him that it would be fine.

Anna confronts Paul about his lies

Anna confronts Paul about his lies

> Anna confronts Paul about his lies

Anna confronts Paul about his lies

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

At Corinthos Coffee, Morgan and Darby were half-undressed as they kissed passionately in a dark corner. Kiki followed the sounds of the muffled moans until she saw Morgan. Stunned, Kiki stumbled backwards into a chair and turned to leave, but Morgan heard the sound and called out to her. He quickly ran after Kiki, imploring her to wait and to give him an opportunity to explain. Hurt, Kiki asked if he'd been having sex with Darby because Darby was "hotter." "Obviously," Darby snidely replied, but Morgan and Kiki ordered Darby to "shut up."

Kiki wasn't interested in hearing what Morgan had to say because his actions had made his true feelings clear. Darby and Kiki were shocked when Morgan blurted out that he had tried to sleep with Darby for Kiki's sake. Darby quickly grabbed her things and angrily informed Morgan that she wanted nothing to do with him again because she had no desire to be involved with someone who didn't want her. After Darby marched out, Morgan explained that he had wanted to have sex with Kiki, but his medications had prevented him from doing so.

Morgan had been desperate to prove that he was "still a man" and had decided to have sex with Darby even though he didn't care about her. Morgan explained that he thought if he could "get it up" with Darby, then he could make love to Kiki and everything would be good. Morgan begged Kiki to forgive him and reiterated that he had done it for them. Kiki admitted that she believed him, but she was tired of his broken promises, which always ended with him cheating on her. Kiki insisted that Morgan was incapable of keeping it in his pants, and he couldn't blame his bipolar disorder for it. Kiki said she never wanted to see Morgan again and stormed out.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nathan and Maxie enjoyed breakfast after their blissful Valentine's Day evening in the hotel. Maxie loved the special bracelet charm that Nathan had given her, but her smile faded when Nathan made a remark about it not being an engagement ring. Maxie reminded him that they had agreed to not rush things and to live in the moment. Nathan smiled and admitted that it had been nice to wake up without worrying about disturbing Lulu and Rocco. Maxie assured him that they could still have fun, but conceded that they would have to schedule their private moments.

Maxie glanced up and smiled when she saw Lulu enter the restaurant, wearing the same clothes that Lulu had worn the previous evening. Maxie thought it was a good sign, but Lulu approached and quickly dispelled Maxie of any romantic notions about how things had ended between Lulu and Dante. Lulu admitted that she and Dante had talked, but Dante had gone home after Nathan and Maxie had unlocked the door. Maxie was disappointed, but Lulu asked about Maxie and Nathan's evening. Maxie smiled happily until Nathan quietly admitted that it had been "awesome" to have some privacy.

Lulu's eyes rounded as she suddenly realized that Maxie and Nathan might want to live alone. Maxie assured her friend that Lulu and Rocco were welcome to stay in the apartment, but Lulu decided that it was time for her and Rocco to move to the Haunted Star. Nathan urged Lulu to reconsider and promised that he enjoyed Lulu and Rocco's company, but Lulu's mind was made up. Nathan noticed the time and made one more sincere plea for Lulu to change her mind. After Nathan left for work, Maxie suggested that Lulu consider returning home to Dante.

Lulu explained that she and Dante were not ready to live together because they had only just managed to be civil to each other for a few hours. Maxie was disappointed, but Lulu conceded that the magazine Maxie had provided had helped Lulu and Dante address the root of their issue, which had been a lack of trust on both sides. Lulu insisted that she wanted Maxie and Nathan to have an opportunity to figure out what it meant to be together without Lulu and Rocco underfoot and suggested that it might lead to marriage. Maxie told Lulu about Maxie's assumption that Nathan's gift had been an engagement ring.

Maxie admitted that she couldn't even look at wedding dresses without thinking of all the ways a marriage could go wrong. Lulu urged Maxie to have faith, but Maxie thought it was ironic for Lulu to preach about faith. Lulu conceded that she had lost her own faith for a while but it was slowly returning despite what she and Dante had been through. Lulu advised Maxie to focus on all the things that Maxie and Nathan had going for them, and she left.

A short time later, Kiki approached Maxie to ask if Maxie needed anything. Maxie shook her head because she was busy with work. Kiki revealed that Nina always sang Maxie's praises. Maxie was touched by the kind things Nina had said about Maxie and opened up about Nina's recent makeover. Kiki admitted that she could use a makeover, too, but Maxie disagreed because Kiki was a natural beauty. Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she revealed that her life was a disaster and added that Morgan had cheated again.

Maxie surprised Kiki by suggesting that perhaps Morgan had cheated because his love for Kiki was so deep that it scared him. Maxie assured Kiki that she wasn't making excuses for Morgan, but relationships were fragile, and there were times when people felt the need to push the ones they loved away to protect themselves from getting hurt. Kiki wondered if they were talking about her and Morgan or Maxie. Maxie confided that she had actually been referring to some friends.

Kiki realized Maxie had been thinking about Lulu and reminded Maxie that Kiki had been present when Lulu had found out about the affair on Halloween. Kiki suddenly noticed the charm on Maxie's bracelet. Maxie smiled as she explained that it had been a Valentine's Day gift from Nathan but quickly apologized when she realized that Kiki might not want to hear about the great guys out there.

Kiki admitted that she needed to believe that all men were screw-ups for a while. Maxie smiled because it sounded as if Kiki no longer needed a makeover, but Maxie wondered if Kiki had ever considered a shorter haircut. Kiki doubted it would suit her and thanked Maxie for helping Kiki realize that Morgan's problems were his own and that changing her looks wouldn't fix things.

At Greystone Manor, Michael was surprised when he saw Avery seated on Sonny's lap. Sonny explained that Graciella had taken the social worker to the kitchen to ply the woman with snacks and to give Sonny time alone with Avery. Michael was curious if Sonny intended to take Ava back to court to revisit the custody arrangement, but Dante walked in. Dante smiled at his sister then asked for a moment alone with Sonny. Michael decided to check on the social worker in the kitchen as Dante made himself comfortable on the sofa.

Dante explained that he needed to ask Sonny questions about gun trafficking in Port Charles. Dante was certain that his father kept tabs on things despite being confined to a wheelchair, but Sonny denied that he knew anything. Dante told Sonny about Raj and Raj's boss, Landon Dixon, who had been associated with private security firms worldwide and might be trying to expand his operation to Port Charles. Dante was certain that Sonny knew Ava was in bed with the arms syndicate and hoped to use it to reclaim custody of Avery, but Sonny stuck to his lie and asked Dante to change the subject because Sonny didn't want to discuss organized crime in front of Avery, even if she was too young to understand.

Dante smiled at his baby sister because he recalled when he and Lulu had decided to have another baby and how he had wanted a little sister for Rocco. Sonny reminded Dante that it wasn't too late, but Dante disagreed. After Dante left, Sonny quietly expressed his remorse to Avery for lying to her brother and the rest of their family. However, Sonny insisted that sometimes it was necessary to do the wrong things for the right reasons. Sonny promised that the pretense would soon end, but he needed his enemies to think he was weak.

Moments later, Michael returned to the living room to report that Sonny's plan had worked, and the social worker had fallen asleep after Graciella had filled the woman's belly with delicious food. Sonny wondered if Michael knew what day it was; it was the one-year anniversary of Sonny's pardon and the day Sonny had taken Avery home. Michael and Sonny marveled at how much things had changed since that day, but Michael assured Sonny that Avery deserved to be with her father. Sonny confided that it wouldn't be much longer until Avery was back under his roof, prompting Michael to ask if Sonny had a plan.

Sonny carefully explained that he couldn't discuss it, but cryptically added that he wasn't completely powerless even though he was trapped in a wheelchair. Moments later, Morgan arrived home. Morgan was upbeat as he cheerfully greeted Michael then leaned down to talk to Avery, who sat in her playpen. After Morgan left to take a shower, Michael asked if Morgan had seemed off to Sonny. A short time later, Sonny wrapped up a phone call. Michael warned his father that visiting time was up, so Sonny took a few minutes to say goodbye to his daughter and promised Avery that she would soon be home with her father.

Michael carried Avery out of the room to hand the baby over to the social worker as Morgan returned from the bedroom, freshly showered and changed. Morgan was about to head out, but Sonny asked Morgan to wait because Sonny wanted to know if Morgan was off his medications. Morgan immediately became defensive, but Sonny wanted an answer. Morgan lied, but Sonny remained skeptical because he knew about Morgan's tryst in the warehouse. Morgan tried to deny it, but Sonny reminded his son that there were cameras all over the warehouse, and Morgan had been caught. Morgan immediately apologized and promised that it wouldn't happen again, but Sonny was forced to fire Morgan.

In the interrogation room, Anna spoke to Mac on the phone and filled him in about what Dillon had said about Susan. Anna tensed and quickly wrapped up the call when she saw Paul standing in the doorway. She claimed that it had been her lunch date canceling and seized the opportunity to invite Paul to lunch. Paul entered the interrogation room and quickly agreed to take her up on the offer, but he suggested they go to her home, where they could speak privately. Moments later, Raj called Paul and informed Paul that Raj's boss wanted to meet with both Paul and Ava.

Paul carefully explained that it might be problematic, but Raj warned Paul that Dixon had insisted and added that he'd told Dixon about Morgan sniffing around the piers. However, Raj was happy to report that Morgan would be busy attending a wedding when Dixon and Paul's transaction would take place. Raj informed Paul that he would call Paul with a time and place to meet after Dixon arrived later that day.

Later, Anna invited Paul into her home and offered to check her cabinets for something to eat. Paul assured her that it wasn't necessary; he just wanted to enjoy her company. Paul admitted that things had seemed different between them since she had told him about her search for Carlos because he had felt a commonality with Anna. Anna played along and mentioned her talk with Dillon. Paul assured Anna that he had never intended to mislead Tracy, which gave Anna an opportunity to talk about Kyle.

Paul insisted that Anna was better off without Kyle, but she admitted that she had tried to reach out to Kyle to clear the air, but Kyle had seemingly fallen off the face of the earth. Paul suggested that perhaps Kyle had been deeply hurt and added that he knew firsthand what it was like to have regrets. Anna glanced at her phone when it chimed to alert her of a text message, but Anna ignored it and stood up on the pretext of fetching something from the kitchen. Paul's friendly fašade dropped as he reached for Anna's phone and demanded to see who had sent the text message. He wasn't surprised when he saw the message from Mac asking Anna to call because Mac had information about Paul's daughter.

Paul revealed that he had overheard Anna talking to Mac earlier at the police station. Paul wished that Anna had backed off when he'd warned her, but Anna defiantly asked what he intended to do to her. Paul seemed surprised that she feared that he might kill her and reminded her that he was the district attorney. Anna coldly laughed and accused Paul of murdering Kyle and arranging for Kyle's body to be identified as Carlos.

In the interrogation room, Dante and Nathan discussed the situation with the arms dealer. Dante tensed when Nathan mentioned that Lulu had decided to move to the Haunted Star with Rocco.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu was on the phone with Laura, checking on Rocco. After the call, Lulu retrieved the Crimson magazine from her purse to read the next step in repairing a broken relationship. She was startled when Dante suddenly walked in and asked to talk to her about her decision to move out of Maxie's apartment. Dante admitted that he was uncomfortable with the idea of Lulu and Rocco living on the Haunted Star because there had been increased criminal activity on the docks.

Lulu balked when Dante tried to put his foot down about living on the Haunted Star with Rocco. Lulu reminded him that he didn't get a say in where she chose to live, but Dante wondered why she couldn't move in with Nikolas. Lulu admitted that she wasn't fond of Hayden but added that her stay on the Haunted Star would be temporary until she found a place for her and Rocco. Dante confessed that he was worried about her safety and would be lost if anything happened to her. Lulu promised Dante that she wouldn't risk their son's life if she thought it was unsafe to stay on the Haunted Star.

Dante reluctantly let the matter drop, but promised to be in touch soon. After Dante left, Lulu resumed reading the magazine until Raj walked in asking to speak to the manager. He introduced himself as "Mr. Roy" and claimed that he had a desperate need to rent the Haunted Star to host a birthday party for his boss because the other venue had fallen through at the last minute. Lulu explained that it was short notice, but Raj assured her that he had a wait staff ready to go and would gladly pay her employees for their time off and double whatever Lulu made in one night. Lulu seemed uncertain until Raj begged her help because he didn't want to lose his job.

At the police station, Dante entered the interrogation room. Nathan was curious how Dante's talk with Lulu had gone. Dante admitted that he had to respect Lulu's decisions and trust that she knew what she was doing.

Morgan overhears a dangerous conversation

Morgan overhears a dangerous conversation

Thursday, February 18, 2016

At Anna's house, Anna accused Paul of killing Kyle to make it appear that Carlos had died. Anna explained that the body fished out of the harbor couldn't have been Carlos because it hadn't been in the water long enough, plus the grisly discovery had coincided with Kyle's sudden disappearance. Paul surprised Anna by readily admitting that he had killed Kyle and added that he'd do it again if he had the chance. Anna was furious that Paul had allowed her to believe that she had killed Carlos in an effort to cover up Paul's own crime because it had thwarted her efforts to seek justice for Duke.

Anna suspected Paul had been behind Sonny's shooting, but Paul denied it and added that he'd killed Kyle out of necessity. Paul pulled out a picture of Susan as a child and showed it to Anna as he revealed that his daughter had been the light of his life. Paul reminded Anna that the cartel had once infected Susan with an illness as a means to control Paul, but Susan had eventually recovered. However, Paul had been riddled with guilt and had overcompensated by giving Susan whatever her heart had desired.

Paul explained that Susan had run wild, but he hadn't intervened because she had done well academically. However, things had eventually gotten out of hand. Paul had tried to rein things in, but it had been too late, and he had been forced to cut Susan off financially. Paul admitted that his daughter had been hurt and had severed all ties with her father, but had remained in contact with her stepmother Jenny. Anna felt bad for Paul, but she was curious what any of that had to do with Kyle.

Paul explained that shortly after his fallout with Susan, she had met and quickly moved in with Kyle. According to Paul, Kyle had become controlling and had often demeaned Susan until the mental abuse had turned physical. Anna was horrified when Paul revealed that Susan had decided to leave Kyle, but Kyle had found out and beaten Susan before savagely raping her. Susan had finally turned to Paul and Jenny for help, but Kyle had managed to disappear while Susan had been in the hospital.

Paul admitted that he would never forget how his daughter had looked after the horrific assault, but in the end, Susan had refused to press charges against Kyle. Paul confessed that it had been a fluke that he had found Kyle in Port Charles and that Kyle had reached out to him, not realizing who Paul was. Paul thought it was a testament to how little Kyle had cared about Susan that Kyle hadn't recognized Susan's father's name. Anna was stunned when Paul admitted that he had met with Kyle when Kyle had offered to turn over proof that she had killed Carlos.

Paul had seized to opportunity to avenge his daughter and had killed Kyle, but Carlos had been lurking nearby and had seen the events unfold. Anna wondered if it had been Carlos' idea to pass Kyle's body off as Carlos, but Paul shook his head and admitted that he had taken steps to have Kyle misidentified and cremated to cover up is own role in Kyle's murder. Anna decided that Jordan needed to know the truth. Paul tried to discourage Anna, but she ordered him to leave. After Paul left, Anna started to make the call but changed her mind when she saw the picture of Susan that Paul had left behind.

At Greystone Manor, Morgan was shocked when Sonny fired him. Outraged, Morgan reminded Sonny that Sonny was the boss and could bend the rules for his own son, but Sonny's mind was made up. Morgan continued to rant at his father until Carly entered the living room to find out what the ruckus was about. Morgan explained that Sonny had fired him, but Sonny invited Morgan to tell Carly the reason why. Morgan insisted that Sonny had simply overreacted, but Sonny informed his wife that Morgan had been caught on camera by the warehouse manager, having sex with Darby.

Carly was shocked, but Morgan immediately became defensive by insisting that it wasn't as bad as it sounded. Concerned, Carly asked if Morgan was taking his medications for bipolar disorder. Morgan was offended by the question and demanded to know why everyone kept asking him about the pills. Sonny explained that Morgan's behavior was manic, which was a strong indication that Morgan had stopped taking the medications. Morgan denied being off the medications and even invited Carly to count his pills and take a blood sample for testing. Neither Sonny nor Carly believed Morgan, prompting Morgan to ask if Sonny was suggesting that Morgan was crazy.

Sonny refused to be goaded as he calmly explained that it was a mistake to stop taking the medications because Morgan's actions had consequences. Morgan became increasingly hostile as he defended himself. Morgan admitted that he had never wanted to work in Sonny's warehouse because he was more suited to play an important role in Sonny's organization. However, Morgan was tired of his parents treating him like he was a problem they had to fix, and he stormed out.

Frustrated, Carly decided to call Andre and then Kiki in the hopes of figuring out why Morgan had gone off the rails. Sonny reminded Carly that they couldn't force Morgan to take the medications, especially since Morgan wasn't a danger to anyone. Sonny added that all they could do for their son was love and support him. Carly wasn't satisfied and wondered what had pushed Morgan to stop taking the pills. Sonny had no idea but warned her that their son would have to hit rock bottom to appreciate the necessity of taking the medications.

Later, Carly put the phone down and paced the living room. She hated not being able to stop Morgan from bottoming out. Sonny suggested that perhaps Morgan was thinking about what a mistake it had been to stop taking the pills. Carly appeared skeptical but left to change clothes. Sonny seized the opportunity to call Max to ask about the arms shipment. Sonny was pleased when Max reported that the shipment was scheduled to arrive the following evening at midnight.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Alexis told Julian that she was glad that they had skipped the traditional wedding rituals. Julian smiled as she joined him on the sofa and kissed him. They started to make love until someone knocked on the door. Alexis groaned and told him that she had made it clear to the girls that she and Julian intended to spend the night alone. Julian assured her that he had also warned Lucas and Ava not to bother them, but the knocking continued.

Julian jumped up to answer the door and was surprised when he saw Olivia on the doorstep. Olivia claimed that she'd had a vision, and she entered the house. Julian didn't appear concerned about Olivia's vision, but Alexis admitted that she was curious. Olivia burst into a smile and told Alexis and Julian that she foresaw the couple having a wonderful life together. Alexis smiled but wondered if Olivia had noticed the wine and candles in the living room. Julian took a phone call as Olivia immediately apologized for interrupting Alexis and Julian's romantic evening.

However, Olivia wanted to take the opportunity to clear the air, since Alexis would be marrying Leo's father. Olivia realized that she and Alexis would never be best friends, but Olivia respected Alexis' determination to learn the truth because it had allowed Leo to have a relationship with his father. Olivia also appreciated Alexis' efforts to persuade Julian to leave the mob. Alexis thanked Olivia and hugged her as Julian returned to the living room and cleared his throat. Alexis assured Julian that everything was fine.

Olivia promised to leave, but first she wanted Alexis' opinion about which outfit Leo should wear to the wedding. Olivia pulled two tuxedo outfits from a bag and showed them to Alexis, but Alexis thought both outfits were perfect for the wedding. Julian asked to take a look, but Olivia stiffened when she saw blood covering one of Julian's hands. Rattled, Olivia blinked, and the vision disappeared. Julian and Alexis sensed something was wrong, but Olivia insisted that she had to go. Julian followed Olivia to the door, determined to find out why she suddenly seemed upset.

Olivia confessed that she'd had a vision of Julian's hands covered in blood, but she added that she doubted it had anything to do with the wedding. After Olivia left, Alexis was unsettled, but Julian wanted to focus on their last night of being single and kissed her. Later, Alexis and Julian snuggled before the fireplace as they talked about their first meeting and the blessing of creating a daughter who would be attending their wedding. Alexis couldn't be happier spending the rest of her life with Julian.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia smiled when the sitter arrived with Leo. The woman handed Olivia a stuffed toy, which Olivia explained had been a gift from Leo's father. After the sitter left, Olivia's smile faded because she was worried about the vision she'd had of Julian and what it could mean.

Nearby, Hayden proudly showed off her extravagant diamond engagement and wedding rings to Diane. Diane was impressed but hadn't expected anything less from a prince. Diane shifted gears because she was surprised that Hayden had reached out to her, but Hayden was curious if Diane had been able to prepare what they had discussed. Diane slid Hayden a file. Hayden immediately scanned the documents and smiled with satisfaction.

Diane was curious why Hayden hadn't turned to ELQ's in-house counsel for help, but Hayden claimed that it was a private matter. Diane shrugged because it wasn't her business what Hayden and Nikolas decided to do with their personal finances. Hayden explained that that she and Nikolas couldn't risk anyone catching wind of the plans, which would lead to rumors. Diane promised that the matter would remain private, but the documents transferring the bulk of Nikolas' fortune to Hayden were not binding without Nikolas' legal signature. Hayden assured Diane that she was aware of that, but Hayden was curious if it was true that New York law didn't require an attorney present when Nikolas signed the documents.

Diane confirmed that all Hayden and Nikolas needed was a witness and a notary. Pleased, Hayden thanked Diane. After Diane left, Hayden tucked the documents away.

At the penthouse, Nikolas thanked Sam for agreeing to see him. Sam invited him in and asked why he wanted her to investigate his new wife. Nikolas admitted that there were plenty of reasons, including something that had transpired after the wedding. However, Nikolas wanted to know if Sam had called to tell him that she would take on the case or if she just wanted an opportunity to tell him off. Sam was confident that Nikolas knew the answer. "You can go to hell, Nikolas," Sam clarified.

Nikolas wasn't surprised that Sam was angry, but she reminded him that both Nikolas and Elizabeth had stolen nearly a year of Jason's life and had kept Jason from his wife and son just to give Elizabeth an opportunity to play house with a man who wasn't hers and for Nikolas to hold onto ELQ. Nikolas didn't disagree, but he'd hoped that Sam would set aside her anger for Spencer's sake because if Hayden had been keeping secrets, then it would affect Nikolas' son. Sam conceded that Nikolas had a point and agreed to investigate Hayden.

Relieved, Nikolas told Sam about his encounter with Baxter Corbin and handed her a folder with information he had gathered from the Internet on Baxter. Nikolas was eager to find out what Sam discovered. Sam was curious what Nikolas intended to do if Hayden had been keeping secrets. She was also confused why her cousin had rushed into marriage with a woman who might have lied to him.

Nikolas admitted that Laura had had similar concerns, but he explained there was something about Hayden that he couldn't shake. Nikolas added that he was fascinated by Hayden and loved her even though Nikolas didn't trust his wife any more than Hayden trusted him. He conceded that he would be crushed and feel like a fool if he had been wrong about Hayden, but for Spencer's sake, he had to know the truth to minimize the damage and do what was necessary to rectify any problems.

After Nikolas left, Sam left Baxter a voicemail message explaining that she had been referred to him by a friend and was interested in making significant financial investments.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas joined Hayden in bed. Hayden smiled as she welcomed her husband home and made love to him.

On the piers, Morgan ducked into the shadows when he saw Raj. Moments later, Landon Dixon approached Raj to ask for an update. Raj revealed that he had booked the Haunted Star, and their local connections were waiting for Dixon's call. Dixon made it clear that he wanted to see both associates because Dixon wanted to know who to blame and where to get restitution if things went wrong. Dixon explained that the previous shipments had been preliminary runs, but he couldn't afford for anything to go wrong with the following night's shipment.

Raj promised that Sonny wouldn't be an issue, but Dixon reminded Raj that others had opposed Sonny in the past and had ended up dead. Raj explained that things had changed since Sonny's shooting. Dixon hoped Raj was right because Dixon wanted everything to go smoothly; he didn't want to deal with a mobster protecting his territory. Raj was surprised when Dixon revealed that the shipment would arrive at 6:00pm rather than midnight to avoid unnecessary problems.

"Yeah, that's what you think," Morgan muttered after Dixon and Raj walked away.

Paul makes a shocking confession

Paul makes a shocking confession

Friday, February 19, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Morgan entered the living room and dropped his duffel bag on Sonny's desk as he checked his phone. Morgan saw a text message from Kiki, but it was not what he'd expected. Morgan's mood darkened when Sonny admitted that he was surprised Morgan was up early. Morgan assumed that Sonny thought Morgan was a "slacker," but Sonny pointed out that he'd simply noticed Morgan had been out late. Morgan informed his father that Sonny didn't have to worry about it anymore because Morgan had decided to move out.

Morgan noticed that Sonny was wearing a formal suit and asked where his father was headed. Sonny explained that he had decided to honor Kristina's request to attend Alexis' wedding. Morgan was surprised, but Sonny reminded his son that Sonny always tried to do things for his children. Morgan scoffed because Sonny had fired him, but Sonny reminded Morgan that Morgan had been "doing some girl" rather than Morgan's job. Sonny insisted that Morgan needed to learn that actions had consequences, but Morgan argued that he was done listening to Sonny and grabbed the duffel bag.

Morgan was surprised when Sonny didn't try to stop him. Sonny explained that it was for the best because Morgan had to find his own way in the world, but Sonny was curious what Morgan's plans were. Morgan claimed that he was working on it and added that he might take a job with Julian, since Julian had a legitimate media empire. Sonny doubted Julian would hire the man who had hurt Kiki, but Morgan pointed out that Jax was another option. Sonny knew Morgan's bipolar disorder was pushing Morgan to try to push Sonny's buttons, but Sonny refused to rise to the bait.

Sonny warned Morgan that sooner or later Morgan would have to get it together. "You're sick, son," Sonny quietly added. Offended, Morgan made angry accusations, but Sonny pointed out that Morgan's hair-trigger temper was an indication that Morgan was not on medications. Morgan started to deny the accusation, but he changed his mind and admitted that it was his body and his choice to make. Surprisingly, Sonny agreed, but he made it clear that Morgan would have to live somewhere else because Sonny refused to risk Avery's safety.

Morgan was outraged that Sonny would suggest that Morgan would hurt his baby sister, but Sonny pointed out that Morgan was not in control of himself and had already hurt both Kiki and Carly. Sonny loved his son, but Morgan needed to help himself. Sonny pushed his wheelchair out of the room, but Morgan caught up with his father in the foyer. Morgan vowed that he would not fall on his face because he wasn't like Sonny and could control the disease.

Outside, Morgan stopped to call Kiki, but it went to voicemail. Morgan assured her that he was not a "screw-up" and revealed that something would be happening on pier 54, but Sonny would not give him an opportunity to tell him. Morgan told Kiki that he would take care of things instead to prove to everyone that he wasn't a failure.

Inside, Sonny touched base with Max to confirm that everything was in place to strike at midnight. Sonny promised to cut out of the wedding early because Sonny intended to shut down his enemy's operation.

Meanwhile, Olivia stopped by the Haunted Star to check on Lulu and ask about Lulu and Dante's night in the hotel room. Lulu made it clear that she was not pleased that Olivia had interfered, but Olivia refused to apologize and pushed for an answer. Lulu conceded that she and Dante had found common ground and talked about the root of their problems. Olivia squealed with delight, but Lulu cautioned Olivia not to get her hopes up because it had merely been the first step. Lulu announced that she had to get back to work because she had a private party booked for later that evening.

On the pier, Ava demanded to know why Paul had asked to meet. She reminded him that she wasn't available to smuggle guns because her brother was getting married, but Paul insisted that it had been necessary because Raj's boss was in town to personally handle the transaction. Ava made it clear that she wanted to remain in the background, but Landon Dixon stepped forward to explain that he preferred to deal with people face-to-face so he knew who to blame if things went wrong. Ava argued that nothing would go wrong, since Paul could keep the police away.

Dixon told Paul and Ava that the shipment was set to arrive at 6:00pm, but Ava informed Dixon that she couldn't be at the gallery because she had to attend a wedding. She pulled out the invitation and explained that her absence would be noticed and raise questions. Dixon conceded that she had a point, but he let her know that he would know where to find her if anything went wrong.

In the squad room, Anna looked at a picture of Susan Hornsby as a child but put it away when Dante arrived. Dante thanked Anna for meeting him and led her to the interrogation room as he explained that he needed her help. He hoped that she could provide him with information about an arms dealer in town. Anna claimed that she had no idea what Dante was talking about, but Dante was skeptical because she worked for Paul as a special investigator.

Moments later, Paul entered the interrogation room, asking for a private word with Anna. After Dante reluctantly left, Anna admitted that she had been on her way to Paul's office to return the picture of Susan. Paul was curious what Anna intended to do about his confession to killing Kyle. She admitted that she had been up all night, trying to decide if what Kyle had done to Susan had justified Paul shooting Kyle. Paul implored Anna to let it go because he desperately needed her help.

Anna refused to help Paul unless it was to capture Carlos. Stunned, Paul reminded her that Carlos wouldn't hesitate to cut a deal in exchange for sending both Anna and Paul to jail. Anna didn't care as long as Carlos testified against Julian too. Paul assured Anna that he wanted to take down Julian, but not like that. Moments later, Paul's phone rang. It was Dixon demanding that Paul meet him at the pier a half hour before the shipment arrived.

After Paul ended the call, Anna asked if Paul was involved in recent arms activity in Port Charles. Paul was startled by the question, which confirmed Anna's suspicions. Anna was disgusted and threatened to turn Paul in, but Paul blurted out that he was working a sting to take down the arms syndicate. Anna didn't believe him, but he handed her the business card of his contact at the Justice Department. Anna still had doubts, but he told her that a major shipment was expected for later that evening, and he needed her help to coordinate the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to take down the smuggling ring.

Anna was stunned that Paul would work undercover without arranging for backup. She pointed out that even if she could get the ATF involved, she and Paul would still have to deal with Sonny. Paul assured her that Sonny had no idea about the shipment, but Anna laughed because Sonny knew everything that went on in his territory. Anna warned Paul that they would have to make sure Sonny stayed out of it if they had any hope of the plan succeeding. Paul trusted Anna to take care of it and left.

A short time later, Anna arrived at Sonny's home, looking for him. The bodyguard told her that Sonny wasn't home, but Anna rushed past him and urgently called out to Sonny.

In the squad room, Lulu approached Dante and told him about Olivia's visit. Lulu admitted that she had warned Olivia not to get her hopes up, but Dante knew it had been pointless. Lulu agreed because Falconeris were "irrepressible." Dante smiled but promised to talk to Olivia to get his mother to back off. Lulu didn't want Dante to be too hard on his mother. Dante nodded and changed the subject, asking what Lulu intended to do with her day.

Dante was pleasantly surprised when Lulu revealed that she had decided to swallow her pride and move to Wyndemere because Dante had been right about the Haunted Star not being the right place for Rocco. Lulu announced that she had to get back to the ship to pick a few things up before guests arrived for a private party. Dante smiled as he watched her leave.

A short time later, Dante called Lulu, but the call went to voicemail. He explained that he had gotten off early and offered to help her move or to take Rocco off her hands.

On the pier, Paul met with Dixon. Dixon wanted to know if Paul had the money. Paul held up a briefcase, but refused to turn it over until the shipment had been delivered to the gallery. Meanwhile, Morgan listened from the shadows as he slowly slid a gun out from his jacket pocket.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Alexis ran around trying to get ready for her wedding. Her hair was in curlers as she frantically searched for eyeliner. Nearby, Kristina was dressed in a soft lavender gown as she calmly set down the garment bag with Alexis' wedding gown. Kristina told her mother to breathe, but Alexis was worried about her hair looking like a rat's nest. Alexis suddenly wondered where Molly and Sam were and called out to Molly.

Molly entered the room wearing a stunning pastel rose-colored dress and perfectly coiffed hair. Molly explained that she had needed her beauty rest, but Alexis and Kristina sensed that something was going on with Molly. Molly smiled serenely and assured her mother and sister that everything was fine. Kristina remained convinced that something was off, but Molly focused on helping Alexis get ready. Moments later, Julian walked in. He immediately complimented Alexis and wondered why he hadn't married her long before.

Molly suggested that perhaps it was because Julian was a criminal and Alexis had standards. Alexis scolded Molly, but Julian conceded that Molly had been right. However, Julian assured everyone that he had changed and was determined to be a better man. Julian wanted to rectify the years of mistakes he'd made by marrying Alexis and having the life they both deserved. Julian kissed Alexis, while Kristina playfully covered Molly's eyes.

Seconds later, Sam arrived and was aghast when she saw her parents together. Sam reminded her father that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but Kristina assured Sam that it was fine because Alexis wasn't wearing a wedding gown. Sam didn't care and shooed her father out the door. After Julian left, Sam shed her coat, revealing a flattering gray gown and handed her mother the wedding bouquet. Sam explained that she had been running late because she had checked in with Jason to see how Jake was.

Sam was happy to report that Jake would make a full recovery. Moments later, Diane arrived. Diane made an impassioned plea for Alexis not to marry Julian then cracked a smile as she revealed that she had been joking. "How dare you beat me to the altar, you bitch," Diane playfully chastised Alexis.

Later, Diane and Alexis' daughters gathered around to give Alexis a few gifts. Molly gave Alexis something blue -- the ribbons Alexis had tied in Molly's pigtails when Molly had been a child. Kristina gave her mother something new -- a framed photograph of Alexis, Sam, Kristina, and Molly. Sam presented Alexis with something old -- a toy replica of the Corvette where Alexis and Julian had conceived Sam. Finally, Diane gifted Alexis with something borrowed -- a set of handcuffs and other toys for the wedding night.

Molly picked up the handcuffs and admitted that they might be interesting, but the leash was too much. Kristina's jaw dropped as she realized why Molly seemed different. Alexis was shocked when Kristina accused Molly of having had sex with T.J. Sam warned Kristina to have some tact, but Alexis burst into tears because Molly was no longer her baby. Diane wanted someone to remind her not to have children, but Molly decided to put Kristina on the hot seat by revealing that Kristina had a secret to share.

Alexis tearfully promised that Kristina could tell her anything, but Kristina assured Alexis that it could wait until after the wedding. Appeased, Diane, Sam, Kristina, and Molly gathered around Alexis for a group hug.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki glanced at a text message from Morgan begging her to talk to him. "Who is this?" Kiki replied and set the phone down when Lucas walked up to join his cousin. Lucas told her that he and Brad were eager to have a "pants-off dance-off" with Kiki and Morgan at the end of the reception, but Kiki revealed that Morgan would not be joining them because she refused to date scum like Morgan.

Kiki filled Lucas in about catching Morgan cheating and suggested that Morgan had stopped taking the medications. Lucas agreed with Kiki's assessment, but clarified that even though it explained Morgan's bad behavior, it didn't excuse it. Lucas insisted that Morgan had made a choice to go off the medications and therefore had to pay the price for that decision. However, Lucas didn't want Kiki to continue to pay more than she already had.

A short time later, Ava and Julian arrived. Julian, Ava, Kiki, and Lucas exchanged greetings and gathered around the bar to toast to Julian's happiness. Ava and Kiki stepped away to powder their noses, but in the hallway, Kiki told her mother about Morgan's betrayal. Ava felt bad for Kiki and hugged her.

At the bar, Lucas gave Julian a sealed note that Lucas had written when he was a teen. Lucas had written the letter to his father -- not knowing it was Julian -- and poured out all the feelings Lucas had felt upon realizing that he was gay. Lucas asked Julian to wait until after the wedding to read it. Moments later, Ava and Kiki returned. Olivia walked up and expressed her happiness at seeing Julian with his family.

Olivia assured Julian that she hadn't had any more disturbing visions of him, so there was nothing to worry about. Julian wondered why, if that were true, she had even mentioned it. Meanwhile, Kiki's phone rang, but she sent it to voicemail when she saw it was Morgan. Ava noticed Kiki put the phone away.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu was surprised when she saw Raj in the lounge. She assured him that she would be out of his way after she picked a few things up. Lulu tensed when he stood up and she saw his gun tucked in the waistband. Lulu quickly made an excuse about fetching keys from her car, but Raj was onto her and quickly grabbed her before she could get away. Raj covered her mouth with duct tape, handcuffed her to a table, and took her phone.

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