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Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

Monday, February 1, 2016

"Parker?" Kristina asked, shocked to see her female professor at the front door. Parker replied that she knew what Kristina was up to, and she needed to stop. Just then, Alexis called out, wondering if Kristina was still there. Parker thought she could reason with Kristina's family, referring to when Kristina had threatened to tell Parker's wife about their "secret." Parker asked Kristina about the sudden appearance of some anonymous and negative reviews of Parker's classes, which she told Kristina "ends now."

As Kristina suggested that she and Parker talk privately, Alexis descended the stairs. Parker introduced herself to Alexis, who invited her in. Kristina lied that Parker was her advisor for the independent study she was doing that semester on "sex and power in Shakespeare." Alexis had to go meet with Olivia but asked Kristina to text when she got to campus. Alexis told Parker to "take good care of my daughter," and she left. "I intend to," Parker stated.

Parker realized that Kristina hadn't told her family about her suspension from school. She knew she'd agreed not to talk to Kristina's parents if Kristina didn't talk to Parker's wife, but Parker related that the negative reviews had started gossip on campus, which had gotten back to Parker's wife. Kristina accused Parker of trying to make Kristina the "bad guy." Parker reminded Kristina that she'd propositioned Parker. "Because you wanted it!" Kristina shot back.

Kristina recounted how she'd been Parker's "teacher's pet," going to Parker's house for "fireside chats" with drinks when Parker's wife had needed to work late. She accused Parker of convincing the dean that the relationship had been one-sided when it hadn't. Parker warned that the next step for Kristina was expulsion. Kristina warned that if Parker were to push Kristina, and Sonny found out, he would be very unhappy.

Parker advised Kristina not to "squander" her intelligence, because she had great potential. She instructed Kristina to make "good use" of her time away from school. Parker's parting thought was that Kristina needed to figure out what she wanted.

"What are you doing here?" Dante wondered. "Trying to save our marriage," Lulu replied. She asked for one hour to try to save their family and marriage. "Sounds like a bargain," Dante said, smiling. Lulu got them beers as Dante commented that he hadn't seen the dress she was wearing in a long time. They reminisced about when she'd told him that she was pregnant. He thought she looked "even better" in the dress.

Lulu informed him that the beer she and Dante were drinking was the same brand that he'd bought her the first time they'd met. Dante cracked that Lulu's brothers hadn't liked him, and she remarked that she'd been impressed at how Dante hadn't given up. She claimed that she'd only kissed him to "shut you up." She remembered when she'd realized that she loved him. He remembered when he'd realized that she was "the one." "Am I still the one?" Lulu wondered.

Lulu immediately apologized for the question and told Dante that she'd told herself that she wouldn't push him. They didn't want to act like nothing had changed, but they both remarked on how much the other had stayed the same throughout the years. Lulu wanted to strip away the distractions and "see what's still there." "That we're still in love," Dante added, and the two shared a kiss.

Dante and Lulu made their way to the bed. Lulu stopped Dante, apologizing since it had "been a while." He took her hand and observed that "it's not working." She thought she could fix things if they could remember how in love they'd been, but she remarked that "someone" was in the bed with them. Dante said that they'd really hurt each other, and they couldn't ignore the lies and mistakes. They agreed that they loved each other, "but," Lulu started. "Maybe it's not enough," Dante finished.

Dante and Lulu sat next to each other on the couch with the divorce papers and a pen on the coffee table in front of them. Lulu grabbed the pen first and signed the papers. She told him to "be happy. I can't bear to think of you any other way." She got up to leave, but he grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. "Goodbye, Dante," she said and left the apartment crying. Dante tearfully signed the papers and threw the pen in anger.

On the phone, Olivia assured Carly that they could rebook all the events the city had cancelled at the Metro Court. She hung up the phone, and Julian was standing at the bar. He offered to "persuade" the mayor to rebook all of her events. Olivia passed on the offer. Just then, Nina appeared and talked about how wrong it was to make a breastfeeding woman hide away. Nina wanted to help Olivia's cause by giving the story national attention in Crimson.

Olivia was reluctant to consider Nina's offer, even after Nina assured Olivia that it would be "artful, tasteful, and informative." Olivia didn't want to "exploit" her body for magazine sales, but Nina insisted that Crimson was a "forum for change." Julian agreed that Olivia had too much self-respect for that, and he added that Leo would be a "laughingstock" when he grew up. Olivia was horrified that Julian would refer to breastfeeding like it was embarrassing, and she told Nina, "sign me up!"

Suddenly excited, Olivia asked Nina what she needed to do in preparation. "Just show up with a hungry baby!" she said and left to work on the magazine. Julian questioned Olivia's regard for Leo's rights. She countered that they needed to stand up for what was right. Alexis arrived and told Olivia that they had a court date and a good judge assigned to the case. Olivia updated Alexis on her Crimson deal. "Great!" Alexis said enthusiastically, much to Julian's dismay. "Drinks are on me!" Olivia told them, and she ran off.

"Why are you supporting this?" Julian asked Alexis. "Why are you not?" she shot back. He didn't think so much publicity would be good for the case, but Alexis hoped that Lomax would settle before the case went to court. She thought Olivia posing for Crimson was good for the case, good for women, and good for Olivia and Leo. Julian just wanted to "safeguard Leo's privacy." Alexis suggested that Crimson's advertisers wouldn't be happy with the issue, which would help Julian bankrupt the magazine.

Sam went down into the basement of Elizabeth's house and called out to Jake, who was hiding under the stairs. She tripped on a step and rolled down the stairs. When she landed at the bottom, she was unconscious. A shocked Jake ran up to Sam and asked if she was all right. "Please wake up," he pleaded. Just then, Madison, the babysitter, called down to Jake, and he ran up the stairs.

Franco informed Jason and Elizabeth that he'd called a good child therapist, and they were in good hands. He thought they were lucky to have figured things out early enough that Jake hadn't yet started to be physically harmful. He advised them to call him if they ever needed anything, and he left. Elizabeth chided herself for not listening to Laura and getting Jake help sooner. Jason assured her that they would deal with things the best they could.

The doctor arrived and looked at Jake's drawing of the "bad woman." Jason informed her that he thought the drawing could be Sam, since Jake blamed her for breaking Jason and Elizabeth up. He added that he thought Jake had been staging the harassment he'd been claiming at Elizabeth's. The doctor promised to clear enough space in her schedule to see Jake the next day.

At the Metro Court, Nina gushed to Franco about the upcoming issue of Crimson, but she could tell that something was wrong. He admitted that he had a patient on his mind, but confidentiality forbade him from talking about it with Nina. He worried that "the kid" was in real trouble. He realized he wasn't hungry after all, and Nina suggested that they go home. Franco replied that he wanted to sit there with Nina and hear about her day. Nina continued to gush about her story about Olivia. She related that it made her happy and hopeful. "For what?" Franco wondered. "Having a child of my own one day," she replied.

Jason and Elizabeth arrived at Elizabeth's house and found a broken window and the babysitter frantically telling someone on the phone, "If you see him please call!" Clearly upset, she explained that she hadn't left Jake alone for long, but when she'd returned, he'd been gone. She'd found a note, which she handed to Elizabeth. The note read, "I'm sorry. I have to go," in a child's writing.

As Sam stirred in the basement, Jason prepared to go out looking for Jake. He took Madison with him, and he instructed Elizabeth to stay home in case Jake returned. He promised to call with any news, and he left.

A short while later, Jason returned as Elizabeth was leaving a message for Dante. Jason suggested that she call 9-1-1. Just then, they heard a horn honking outside. As Sam woke up downstairs, Elizabeth and Jason ran outside, yelling for Jake.

Jake is taken in for surgery

Jake is taken in for surgery

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Anna rested her head on Robert's shoulder as they sat in a jail cell. Robert grumbled about the mess they were in as Anna slowly sat up and stretched. Anna thought it was absurd that the police had detained her and Robert without telling them why. She was also frustrated that Carlos had slipped through their fingers because she was certain she could persuade Carlos to testify and send Julian to jail for Duke's murder. Moments later, Mac and Felicia arrived to announce that Robert and Anna were free to leave. Anna was curious why the police had arrested Robert and Anna.

Felicia explained that the police had mistaken Robert and Anna for a couple who were wanted for armed robbery. Anna's eyes narrowed with suspicion when Felicia added that the pictures of the couple hadn't looked anything like Robert and Anna. Anna was certain that the arrest hadn't been a coincidence. Robert and Mac agreed, but Felicia had no idea who would do such a thing. Anna explained that Paul had been responsible. As if on cue, Paul called Anna.

Anna put the call on speaker as Paul asked about her trip to Berkeley. Anna cryptically told him that she'd had an interesting night. Paul reminded her that he still wanted to talk to her when she returned to town and added that he hoped to see pictures of Emma. After Anna ended the call, Felicia admitted that Paul hadn't made any attempt to hide how "smarmy" he was. Robert looked forward to Anna wiping the smirk off Paul's face. Mac smiled in agreement as he followed Felicia, Anna, and Robert out of the police station.

At Ava's apartment, Ava grabbed a tissue and answered a knock at the door. Kiki was surprised when her mother greeted her with a watery smile and began to cough. Kiki realized that Ava truly was sick. Kiki entered the apartment. Ava was grateful that Kiki had agreed to take Avery for the day because both Ava and the nanny were sick, and Ava didn't want Avery to catch the illness. However, Ava made it clear that she didn't want Kiki to take Avery to visit Sonny. Kiki changed the subject by announcing that she had picked up tea, juice, ginger ale, aspirin, soup, and crackers for Ava.

Ava chuckled as she recalled Kiki referring to crackers as "crix" when Kiki had been a child. Kiki smiled because she remembered Ava putting peanut butter and jelly on the crackers. Ava thought it was proof that Ava hadn't been the worst mother in the world. Kiki admitted that she had thought of Ava as the best mother until Kiki had grown up and discovered parts of Ava that hadn't been very nice. Ava's smile dimmed, but Kiki was unapologetic as she went to the bedroom to fetch her baby sister. Moments later, Ava's phone chimed.

Ava checked her phone and saw a text message from Paul letting her know that he was on his way over, but Ava advised him to wait a few minutes because Kiki was there. Shortly after Kiki left and Ava had changed clothes, Paul rang the doorbell. Ava's welcoming smile faded when Paul brushed past her, asking why she wasn't at the gallery, overseeing the arrival of the latest shipment. Ava assured him that she had been in contact with "Dixon," but Paul wasn't satisfied because Dixon was Raj's boss and someone they needed to impress. Ava explained that she wanted to distance herself from people like Dixon and Raj because she was afraid for Avery's safety. Ava revealed that she had even gone as far as faking an illness to get Kiki to take Avery for the day because Ava was worried about Dixon and Raj.

Ava resented the position that Paul had put her in, but Paul reminded her that she had been the one to ask for a "place at the table." Ava explained that things had changed because of Avery. She wondered what it would take for Paul to destroy the incriminating recording. Paul reminded her that destroying the recording of her confession wouldn't absolve her of murdering Connie. Ava argued that she didn't want to remain bound to their agreement and added that she couldn't risk someone finding the recording. Paul insisted on holding on to the evidence as insurance, but he assured her that no one would find it.

Angry, Ava made it clear that she would not continue to sleep with Paul because she didn't like the idea of being intimate with someone who was blackmailing her. Paul was disappointed by Ava's decision but admitted that he'd always known that she had slept with him in part to persuade him to destroy the tape. Ava didn't disagree, but she insisted that she intended to keep their relationship strictly professional and ordered him to leave. Paul left as Ava advised him not to hold his breath, hoping for her to change her mind.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny stood by his desk as he spoke to Max on the phone. Sonny wanted Max to keep him updated about the shipment at Ava's gallery because Sonny hoped to use it to his advantage to regain custody of Avery. Sonny returned to the wheelchair and ended the call as Michael entered the living room. Michael handed Sonny a bag of biscotti from Sonny's favorite bakery. Sonny smiled as he accepted the gift. Michael noticed that Sonny seemed upbeat, but Sonny reminded Michael that a positive attitude would help with Sonny's recovery.

Michael admitted that he had heard the tail end of Sonny's conversation on the phone and wondered if Sonny had returned to running the organization. Sonny made it clear that he would not discuss business with Michael. Michael backed down, but admitted that he was grateful for the past few months because it had given Michael and Sonny a chance to grow closer. Michael confessed that talking to Sonny about Sabrina had helped, prompting Sonny to ask if there had been any news. Michael revealed that he hadn't heard from Sabrina, but Anna was on the hunt for Sabrina because Anna suspected that Carlos had been working with an accomplice, and Sabrina might have information to help find the person.

Moments later, Michael received a text message from Felix. Michael decided to go to the hospital because Felix had news about Sabrina. Shortly after Michael left, Kiki stopped by with Avery. Sonny was delighted when he saw his daughter in Kiki's arms. Kiki explained that both Ava and the nanny were sick, so Ava had asked Kiki to watch Avery. Kiki insisted that it was important for Avery to spend time with Sonny because a girl needed her father's love.

At the nurses' station, Felix greeted Carly. He decided that Carly's fifth marriage to Sonny agreed with her because she looked wonderful. Carly smiled and suggested that they get together soon because it had been too long since they had spent time together. Felix agreed, but he added that he needed to get back to work. After Felix left, Morgan walked up and demanded to know why Carly was at the hospital. Carly explained that she had hoped to get some medical referrals from Liesl because Sonny still hadn't picked a new doctor to replace Patrick.

Morgan didn't believe Carly. He suspected that she was there to check up on him because she knew that he had an appointment with Dr. Maddox. Carly assured Morgan that he was wrong because she had heard him at the warehouse when he had told her and Sonny that they needed to give Morgan space to make his own choices. Morgan was skeptical, but Carly promised that it was true. Morgan began to relax when he saw that she meant it. Carly changed the subject and asked about Morgan and Kiki because she had seen them together at the restaurant.

Morgan revealed that he had tried to rekindle things with Kiki, but she had turned him down. Carly smiled when Morgan added that he had managed to persuade Kiki to go out on one date with him. Carly was happy for Morgan, but she cautioned Morgan to go slowly because Morgan and Kiki drew out both the best and worst in each other. She added that it was important for Morgan to listen to Kiki because Kiki had been deeply hurt.

Later, Morgan arrived home and saw Kiki. Kiki explained that she had dropped by to give Sonny an unsupervised visit with Avery. Morgan thanked Kiki, but Kiki admitted that she'd had an ulterior motive because she had hoped that she and Morgan could take their baby sister to the zoo and then to Kelly's for something to eat. Sonny entered the living room with Avery on his lap to announce that lunch would be ready soon. Morgan told Sonny about their plans, but Sonny suggested that they leave Avery with him and go out on their date.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava approached the bar and ordered Champagne because she wanted to celebrate her small victory over Paul. Meanwhile, Morgan and Kiki arrived to pick up Kiki's paycheck before going to Kelly's. Morgan felt bad that Kiki had to pay, but Kiki assured him that she didn't mind because she understood that he hadn't been paid yet. Moments later, Ava spotted her daughter and immediately approached Kiki to ask where Avery was.

At the nurses' station, Felix showed Michael the postcard from Sabrina. Michael read the message to Felix that explained that Sabrina had made the right decision to leave Port Charles and build a new life in San Juan. Michael decided to fly to San Juan to talk to Sabrina because he wanted her to know that he didn't care if Carlos was the baby's father. Felix reluctantly admitted that he had told Sabrina about Michael's change of heart, but Sabrina had decided to move forward without Michael.

In Jake's hospital room, Jake was bruised and battered but resting as his parents watched over him with concern. The doctor explained that Jake had been seriously injured, but Jake should make a full recovery. After the doctor left the room, Elizabeth moved closer to Jake's bed and admitted that she felt as if history had repeated itself. She talked about the time Jake had been struck by Luke's car and the awful moment when she had realized that Jake had been critically injured. Jason promised Elizabeth that things would be different because they wouldn't lose their son.

Jason reminded Elizabeth that Jake was in good hands, but Elizabeth couldn't stop thinking about how frightened their son had to have been to run away. Jason regretted leaving Jake with the sitter when Jason had realized that Jake might have been responsible for the alarming incidents at the house. Elizabeth felt equally guilty and noted that their son had been through "so much" in his short life. Elizabeth insisted that Jake deserved to have a fun and safe childhood. Moments later, Monica entered the room.

Monica thanked Jason for calling her to let her know about Jake's accident. Monica quickly hugged Elizabeth because she realized that Elizabeth was reliving Elizabeth's worst nightmare. Elizabeth appreciated Monica's support. Monica shifted gears to talk about Jake's injuries. According to Monica, Jake had suffered multiple fractures and would require surgery to stop internal bleeding. Jason was alarmed about Jake's injuries, but Monica assured him that it would be okay because she wouldn't let anything happen to her grandson.

Jason suddenly recalled that Sam had mentioned that Danny had spent the night at Monica's house. Monica nodded and explained that she had dropped Danny off at preschool. Monica added that Danny had plans to attend a birthday party after school, so she imagined that her grandson would be eager to see Sam by the end of the day.

Later, Jason bumped into Carly in the hallway. She was stunned when he told her about Jake's accident and the extent of Jake's injuries.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth remained close to her son's bedside as she admitted that the accident was her fault. Monica reminded Elizabeth that it had been a tragic accident, but Elizabeth believed it was a punishment for what Elizabeth had done to Jason. Elizabeth acknowledged that she had ignored Monica and Sam's pain to keep Jason close. Monica refused to allow Elizabeth to blame herself. Elizabeth cried that it was unfair for Jake to suffer, but Monica admitted that life was unfair. Monica explained that all they could do was stay strong for Jake.

A short time later, Monica stepped out to fetch Jason before Jake was taken to surgery. Jake slowly woke up as Elizabeth offered her son words of encouragement. Jason entered the room and immediately assured Jake that everything would be fine. Jake weakly asked if his parents were mad at him. Jason and Elizabeth assured Jake that they loved him and weren't angry. Jake admitted that he hadn't run away because of the incidents at the house, but he was too weak to elaborate. Elizabeth urged Jake to rest because he had to have surgery.

Jason added that he and Elizabeth would be waiting for Jake when Jake woke up. "But Sam," Jake quietly said. Elizabeth and Jason exchanged a worried glance, but they continued to reassure their son until Jake was taken to the operating room. Elizabeth was shaken as she watched Jake being wheeled away.

In the hallway, Michael filled Carly in about Sabrina's decision to stay in San Juan. Carly felt bad for Michael, but she admitted that she hadn't wanted him to rush into marriage with Sabrina.

At Elizabeth's house, Sam slowly woke up in the basement. She whimpered in pain as she tried to move and called out to Jake for help. Sam realized she was alone when Jake didn't reply. She tried to move but quickly realized that she had a concussion because she was dizzy and sensitive to light. Sam slowly looked around until she spotted her cell phone. She gathered her strength and crawled to the phone, but her hopes were quickly dashed when she realized the phone was broken.

Sam began to shiver from the cold. She glanced around until she spotted a laundry basket on the dryer. Sam crawled to the dryer and weakly reached for the basket. She managed to tip it over and pull out a sweat jacket, which she tugged on and zipped up. Sam remained cold and looked around until she saw an electric heater near the furnace. She slowly dragged herself to the heater and plugged it in, unaware that the frayed cord stretched over a pan of oil peeking out from under the furnace. Sam collapsed in exhaustion against the furnace as electricity sparked from the cord and rained down on the oil pan.

Nikolas and Hayden elope

Nikolas and Hayden elope

> Nikolas and Hayden elope

Nikolas and Hayden elope

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava demanded to know where Avery was. Kiki noticed that Ava had made a remarkable recovery from the flu, but Ava refused to be distracted and repeated her question. Kiki was unapologetic as she told Ava that Avery was with Sonny because a daughter needed her father. Kiki had learned that lesson the hard way when she had lost her own father shortly after learning the truth about Silas. Furious, Ava stormed off. Morgan immediately sent Sonny a text message warning Sonny that Ava was on her way.

Kiki was impressed with how calm Morgan seemed, which he attributed to his medications. Morgan quickly changed the subject by suggesting that they get started on their first date. Kiki smiled and left with Morgan. A short time later, Morgan handed Kiki a cup of hot chocolate as she sat outside the Waterfront. Morgan asked if she was okay. Kiki explained that it bothered her when she thought about all the things wrong between her and her mother.

However, Kiki was determined to focus on her date with Morgan. Morgan noticed she was shivering and grabbed a scarf to wrap around her. Kiki looked into Morgan's eyes for a long moment as he sat close then slowly kissed him.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was pleasantly surprised when she arrived home and saw Sonny playing with Avery. She eagerly took the baby from his arms to say hello and asked about the visit. Carly became alarmed when Sonny revealed that Kiki had dropped Avery off because Ava had been sick. Carly feared that Ava would try to find a way to use the visit against Sonny, but Sonny wasn't concerned.

Later, Sonny received a text message from Morgan. Carly set Avery in the playpen as Sonny warned Carly that Ava was on the way. Carly worried that things would not end well for Sonny, and just then, the doorbell rang. Carly opened the door and saw Ava on the doorstep, being physically detained by one of Sonny's bodyguards. Ava demanded that she be released, so Carly assured the bodyguard that it was fine. Ava marched into the living room, vowing that Sonny would never see Avery again except in photographs.

Ava reached into the playpen to pick Avery up, but Sonny warned Ava to get her hands off his daughter. Ava glared at Sonny, but he reminded her that she was sick with the flu. Ava claimed that she was better, but Sonny assured her that he knew the real reason she had wanted Avery safe with Kiki. Ava refused to confirm his suspicion and made it clear that she intended to take Sonny back to court to request that the judge reduce Sonny's already limited visitation. Sonny invited Ava to try her best, but Ava was confident that she would prevail in court because Sonny still wasn't physically fit to care for Avery.

Sonny cryptically told Ava that "fitness" was in the eye of the beholder, but she picked up Avery and left. Carly feared that Ava would call an attorney, but Sonny assured Carly that it was fine. Carly realized that Sonny had something on Ava. Sonny revealed that Ava had pretended to be sick for a reason and explained that Ava was embroiled in a dangerous business deal.

Carly was disgusted by Ava's hypocrisy, but Sonny hoped to prove that Ava was playing with fire and that she was a danger to Avery. Sonny added that he would find another way to deal with Ava if the courts failed to return Avery to him.

Meanwhile, Scott dropped by Franco and Nina's apartment with cheesesteak sandwiches. Franco was surprised by the unexpected visit, but Scott reminded his son that he hadn't seen Franco in awhile because Franco hadn't gotten into legal trouble lately. Scott thought it was reason to celebrate, but Franco didn't have much of an appetite because Franco was worried about a young patient. Without naming Jake Webber, Franco opened up about a troubled child who had been hit by a car the previous evening. Scott noticed that Franco seemed to genuinely care about the child, but Franco quickly changed the subject.

Franco filled his father in about Kiki's new job and her decision to go out with Morgan again. Scott asked about Nina as Nina suddenly threw open the front door and announced that she and Franco had fifty-seven minutes to have sex. Nina's smile vanished when she saw Scott. Scott decided that it was his cue to leave and excused himself. After Scott left, Nina approached Franco and began to kiss and undress him.

Franco tensed when Nina admitted that she wished they could make a baby. Franco pulled away from the kiss and quickly pulled up his pants because he wanted to talk about Nina's desire to have a baby. Nina smiled brightly as she told him that there were a lot of ways for them to have a child, but Franco admitted that he didn't want to have a baby. Nina was crushed, but Franco explained that he didn't want to risk bringing a "sweet, innocent soul" into the world with his DNA because the baby would be a ticking time bomb.

Nina insisted that Franco would be a wonderful father because he was great with Kiki, but he told her about the child he'd been working with. According to Franco, the young boy was deeply troubled, and everyone around the boy had been waiting for the child to go off the rails. Franco admitted that he recognized something in the angry and confused child, so he couldn't imagine bringing a child into the world and seeing himself staring back. Nina promised that she was not afraid of Franco's DNA because both she and Franco were in a better place, but he wasn't swayed. Nina suggested that they adopt, but Franco decided to table the discussion since they only had ten minutes left, which gave them enough time to have sex.

At Wyndemere, Tracy eavesdropped as Laura left Nikolas a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she was concerned. Laura added that she hoped Nikolas and Hayden weren't doing what she feared they were, and she ended the call. In the hallway, Tracy smiled. Moments later, Tracy entered the living room, asking for Hayden. Laura admitted that she had no idea where Hayden was, but Tracy could keep Hayden if Tracy found her.

Tracy explained that Hayden had been handling administrative work at ELQ, which Tracy needed to talk to Hayden about. Laura was surprised that Hayden had a real job at ELQ rather than one for show. Tracy admitted that Hayden was "chock-full of surprises and hidden talents," but Laura didn't care. Laura revealed that Nikolas and Hayden had left town unexpectedly. Tracy pumped Laura for information until Laura admitted that Nikolas and Hayden might have eloped.

Tracy pretended to be shocked as Laura expressed her reservations about Nikolas decision to marry Hayden. Tracy was curious why Laura disliked Hayden. Laura insisted that Hayden was a "lying, backstabbing little con artist" who would take advantage of Nikolas. Tracy admitted that it seemed like karma, since Nikolas had stolen ELQ. Laura admitted that she didn't always approve of Nikolas' choices, but she loved her son.

Laura questioned why she was confiding in Tracy, but Tracy pointed out that they had a lot more in common than Luke. However, Tracy decided to head home because she was still tired from travelling. Tracy asked Laura to let Hayden know that Tracy had stopped by, and she left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava thanked Scott for meeting her. Ava explained that Kiki had dropped Avery off for an unscheduled visit with Sonny. Ava wanted to take legal action against Sonny, but Scott asked if Sonny had coerced Kiki. "No," Ava admitted. Scott explained that Sonny hadn't done anything wrong and advised Ava not to pursue it in court because it would backfire on her.

Scott wondered why Ava had lied about being sick, but Ava claimed that she had improved after a nap. Scott easily saw through the lie. Ava asked if their conversation was protected by attorney/client privilege. Scott nodded, prompting Ava to reveal that she had lied to protect both Kiki and Avery because Ava had been forced into a risky business move. Ava added that the person had used the incriminating recording of Ava's confession to pressure Ava to comply, but Ava was desperate to find a way out because Ava wanted to make better choices for Avery's sake.

Scott advised Ava to give Avery to Sonny until the danger had passed, but Ava refused. After Scott left, Ava promised to keep Avery safe and to make certain that Sonny never hurt Avery.

At Wyndemere, Laura was surprised when Scott entered the living room to announce that he had an invitation for Laura from Helena. He handed Laura an envelope as he explained that Helena had requested Laura attend the reading of Helena's last will and testament.

In Las Vegas, Hayden smiled brightly as a golden crown was perched on her head. Nikolas pointed out that he had found the "cheesiest" wedding chapel as requested. Hayden playfully argued that the Camelot of Love wedding chapel was not cheesy and added that they had offered Nikolas and Hayden a wedding special because they would be the 45,678 couple to get married in the chapel. Moments later, a man dressed as a court jester approached Nikolas and Hayden to inform the couple that they had a few minutes to get ready for the wedding ceremony.

Nikolas decided to pull Hayden aside and explain that he needed her to sign a prenuptial agreement before they got married. Nikolas revealed that she would get $5,000,000 if they divorced for any reason. Hayden assured him that she didn't mind signing the legal document and asked for a pen. After Hayden signed the prenuptial agreement, the jester returned to fetch Hayden.

A short time later, Hayden returned to Nikolas' side. She had changed into a white dress with a black design, while Nikolas sported a dark suit and tie. Hayden smiled and thanked Nikolas for providing her with a dress for the special occasion. Nikolas opened a small black box to show her an extravagant diamond engagement ring, which he quickly slid onto her finger. The jester and the justice of the peace soon joined the couple.

Hayden was surprised when Nikolas announced that he had written his own vows. It was an old Irish blessing that he thought would be fitting. "When we steal, may we only steal moments together; when we cheat, may we cheat all misfortunes; when we lie, may it only be in each other's arms," Nikolas said as Hayden softly smiled. Nikolas and Hayden exchanged rings and were pronounced husband and wife.

Later, Nikolas asked Hayden to wait for him in the lobby of the hotel while he returned to the chapel to pay the bill. Hayden smiled as Nikolas walked away. "Rachel?" a man suddenly asked as he approached Hayden.

Lulu apologizes to Valerie

Lulu apologizes to Valerie

Thursday, February 4, 2016

In Las Vegas, Hayden smiled as she admired her sparkling diamond engagement ring and wedding band, but her happiness turned to shock when a man approached and addressed her as Rachel. "Baxter Corbin," the man reminded her, but Nikolas returned from settling the tab with the wedding chapel and told Baxter that he was mistaken about Nikolas' wife. The man apologized, congratulated the newlyweds, and walked away. Hayden nervously brushed off the incident and told Nikolas that she wanted time to find a special negligee to make their wedding night memorable. He assured her that it wasn't necessary but agreed to wait for her in the honeymoon suite.

After Nikolas left, Hayden quickly ran over to Baxter. He flashed a knowing smile, but she cut to the chase and handed him a wad of cash with instructions to forget that he had seen her. After Hayden left, Baxter made a phone call to share the news about his encounter with "Rachel."

Later, Nikolas unbuttoned his shirt as he called out to Hayden. She emerged from the bathroom, wearing an elegant black satin robe over a short slip nightgown. Hayden claimed that she had found something outrageously sexy but had decided against it because she and Nikolas had already done the most outrageous thing possible by eloping. Hayden insisted that nothing could compare to that because they had each demonstrated their trust and bared their souls to each other. She wanted their night together to reflect that.

Nikolas made love to his wife. Afterwards, Hayden told Nikolas that she loved him. "I love you too -- Rachel," Nikolas replied. Hayden tensed, but Nikolas laughed at the joke and assured her that she didn't look like a Rachel. Hayden relaxed and reminded him that she was a Cassadine. "Princess Cassadine," Nikolas corrected with a grin.

Outside the Waterfront, Morgan apologized for kissing Kiki, but she assured him that it was fine because they had both been caught up in the moment. Morgan tactfully changed the subject by offering to fetch a refill of hot chocolate from the Waterfront, but Kiki suggested they leave. A short time later, Morgan and Kiki entered the apartment as Kiki confessed that she had wanted to skip ice-skating because she was a "wrecking ball" on ice. Morgan teased Kiki, but she noticed a note on the counter from Franco.

The note revealed that Franco had surprised Nina with a romantic dinner and that they would be out late. Kiki told Morgan that they had the place to themselves and ducked into the kitchen to grab two bottles of organic soda, since they both had to abstain from alcohol. Morgan suggested that they watch a movie, but Kiki admitted that she had watched everything on cable -- twice. Kiki leaned forward and kissed Morgan, but she pulled back before things went too far.

Kiki explained that she didn't want to ruin what they had by going too fast. Morgan was disappointed but agreed that it was for the best. Kiki smiled and suggested they play a board game. A short time later, Kiki and Morgan sat on opposite ends of the coffee table as they played Scrabble. Morgan and Kiki flirted as they discussed ways to make the game interesting. Eventually, the game was forgotten as Kiki kissed Morgan. Things quickly heated up until Morgan put on the brakes and admitted that he couldn't make love to Kiki.

At the Floating Rib, Dillon and Valerie approached the bar to grab a drink. Dillon was eager to show his friend a good time, but Valerie asked if Dillon was still friends with Lulu. Dillon admitted that he was, but he quickly added that he refused to take sides between the cousins because he preferred to be "Switzerland." Satisfied, Valerie shifted gears to suggest they play a game of pool. Dillon and Valerie each grabbed a pool cue, but Curtis stepped forward to inform them that the pool table wasn't available.

Valerie pointed out that Curtis wasn't using it, but Curtis ignored the obvious and offered to let Dillon and Valerie have the pool table if Valerie played a game with Curtis first. Dillon objected to Curtis' proposition, but Valerie took Curtis up on the offer. Resigned, Dillon returned to the bar to fetch a drink. Curtis realized that Valerie wasn't a novice when she easily broke the rack and efficiently sank several balls.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Maxie arrived for a girls' night out. Dillon jumped up to greet Lulu while surreptitiously blocking her from seeing Valerie. Lulu's eyes narrowed at Dillon's skittish behavior, prompting her to look around to until she spotted Valerie. Lulu assured Dillon that she wasn't interested in causing a scene, but Dillon worried that Valerie might not be happy to see Lulu. Moments later, Nathan and Dante arrived. Maxie ran over to suggest that she and Lulu leave, but Maxie became sidetracked when she noticed Valerie.

Maxie resented Valerie's presence at the bar, but Lulu reiterated that it was fine. Lulu was determined to relax and have a good time, but Maxie revealed that Dante had arrived with Nathan. Lulu explained that they were all adults and should be able to be around each other. Lulu decided it was time to talk to her cousin, but Dillon advised her against it. Lulu ignored him because she realized that she had done far worse to Valerie than Valerie had done to Lulu. Lulu intended to take full responsibility for her actions.

At the pool table, Valerie's smile faded when she saw Dante. Dante walked over to say hello, but Valerie returned a frosty greeting and resumed playing pool with Curtis. After Dante left, Curtis questioned Valerie about the cold shoulder, but Lulu walked up to talk to Valerie. Valerie insisted that she had nothing to say to Lulu. Curtis added that Lulu had interrupted their game, but Lulu ignored him and apologized to her cousin. Lulu acknowledged that what she had done to Valerie had been terrible.

Lulu explained that she had been angry, upset, and jealous, but she deeply regretted that she had let things get out of control. Valerie admitted that it had been brave of Lulu to approach her, and Valerie heard the sincerity in Lulu's tone, but Valerie refused to accept the apology. Valerie explained that she had carried around a lot of guilt over the affair with Dante and had repeatedly told Lulu that it had been a mistake. Valerie had hoped that Lulu would be able to move forward, but Lulu had crossed a line by nearly costing Valerie a job and her life. Valerie admitted that she couldn't forgive Lulu regardless of being family.

Dillon quietly ushered Lulu away from Valerie and suggested that he and Lulu leave. Outside, Dillon offered to take Lulu home, but she wanted to take a walk by herself because she needed to be alone. Dillon insisted on accompanying her, but he promised not to say anything unless she wanted to talk.

Inside, Curtis was impressed with how Valerie had handled Lulu, but he was curious why there was friction between the two women. Valerie reluctantly told him about her affair with Dante and about Lulu's attempt to drive Valerie out of town. Curtis invited Valerie to finish the game then offered to take her to dinner if she won.

Nearby, Maxie insisted that Nathan and Dante leave because she was there with Lulu, but Dante refused to budge. He conceded that things were awkward, but they would all have to get used to it. Maxie became distracted when she saw Lulu approach Valerie. Nathan, Dante, and Maxie watched the exchange between the cousins until Lulu and Dillon left. Maxie started to follow her friend, but Dante pointed out that Dillon appeared to have everything under control. Dante decided to head home, but he told Nathan and Maxie stay and enjoy themselves.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stared at Jake's empty bed as she stood in the doorway of his hospital room. Jason walked up behind her and assured her that their son would be okay. Elizabeth desperately wanted to believe that, but she continued to worry about her son. Jason reminded her that they had to stay strong and positive for Jake because their son needed them both. Moments later, Lucas approached Jason and Elizabeth to let them know that he had been observing Jake's operation. Lucas assured Jason and Elizabeth that everything was fine, but he warned them that the operation would take a few more hours.

Lucas advised both Jason and Elizabeth to go home and freshen up, but Elizabeth refused. After Lucas returned to the operating room, Elizabeth sat down on a sofa in the waiting are. Jason joined her, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary. Jason made it clear that he would wait with her, but he wondered when she had last eaten. Elizabeth couldn't recall, so Jason left to get her something to eat because she needed to keep her strength up.

Later, Elizabeth gazed lovingly at a picture of her sons that was stored on her phone. She looked up when she suddenly heard Cameron call out to her. Cameron ran into his mother's welcoming arms as Jason joined them and explained that he had hoped to cheer her up with a visit from Cameron. Cameron showed Elizabeth a get-well card that the kids at school had made for Jake. Elizabeth was touched by the kind gesture, but Cameron asked to see his brother.

Elizabeth explained that the visit would have to wait until Jake was on the mend. She excused herself to put the card on Jake's bedside table while Jason thanked Cameron for the card. Jason noticed something was troubling the young boy. Cameron confided that Jake hadn't felt like his brother when Jake had first returned, but Jason assured Cameron that it was understandable because Jake had been through a lot. Cameron rushed to add that he no longer felt that way about Jake, but Cameron feared that it might be too late to tell him.

Jason promised that Jake would recover. He decided to call Sam to tell her about the accident, but Elizabeth returned with candy. Cameron smiled with delight as she handed him a chocolate bar. Jason set his phone down and accepted the chocolate bar Elizabeth held out to him.

Later, Jason returned from dropping off Cameron at Audrey's house. Jason told Elizabeth that Cameron had fallen asleep in the car, but her son had woken up long enough to tell Jason that Cameron loved her. Elizabeth's smile was bittersweet because she had wonderful sons who deserved a better mother. Jason followed Elizabeth to the waiting are because he didn't want her to beat herself up, but Elizabeth reminded him that she had set her sons up to invest in a future with him even though he'd had a family. Elizabeth admitted that she could never forgive Sam if their roles had been reversed.

Jason insisted that it was in the past and Sam had moved on, but Elizabeth became distracted when she saw Lucas approach. Elizabeth was eager for news about Jake. Lucas revealed that there had been a complication during surgery.

At Elizabeth's house, Sam was curled up on the floor by the furnace, shivering from the cold. She softly reminded herself that she had a heater plugged in and wouldn't freeze as she slowly drifted to sleep. Sam was unaware that the frayed cord of the electric heater began to smoke as sparks showered down on the oil pan peeking out from under the furnace.

Sam stirred when she heard Jason urge her to wake up. She opened her eyes and smiled because he had found her. Jason promised that he would always find her. He pointed to his head as he added that his memories of their life were in his head, but he needed her help to unlock them. Jason ordered her to stand up and run to him, but Sam merely smiled because she recalled another time when he had said the same thing. Jason sternly told Sam that she needed to get up, so Sam slowly gathered her strength, stood up, and started to walk. Her expression clouded with confusion when she suddenly realized that he was gone.

By the furnace, Sam remained tightly curled up on the floor as smoke billowed from the outlet.

Sam succumbs to smoke as Jason arrives

Sam succumbs to smoke as Jason arrives

Friday, February 5, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Franco told Nina that the drama with Elizabeth and Jake had gotten to him because he suspected that he had "sympathetic hunger pains." "There's no such thing," Nina told him. Franco shrugged but added that he was famished and wanted ribs. Nina decided to order a salad because she was determined to eat healthy. Surprised, Franco reminded her that she'd had a chocolate-covered sugar pastry for breakfast, but Nina explained that she hadn't been expecting their baby earlier.

Franco spit out a drink of beer and began to cough as Nina jumped up to start the Heimlich maneuver, but Franco assured her that he was okay. Relieved, Nina sat back down and told him about her plans to adopt a baby. Franco glanced at the brochure she handed him, but he warned her that there wasn't an adoption agency in the universe that would give them a child because of their history. Nina assured him that her attorneys were the best and would find a way around it, but Franco argued that he had a long, well-documented criminal record.

Nina reminded Franco that he'd been suffering from a brain tumor, but Franco pointed out that he had been healthy when he and Nina had abducted Avery. Nina began to wonder if Franco thought she might be a terrible mother, but he assured her that he had complete faith in her. However, he was certain that she would never be given a baby as long as she was with him. Nina refused to take no for an answer, prompting Franco to question her sudden desire to become a mother. Nina admitted that it had always been there, but something inside her had recently reawakened it.

Franco wanted to give Nina a child, but he worried that a baby might put strain on their relationship. Annoyed, Nina told him that she had more faith in their relationship than he had.

At the apartment, Kiki was startled when Morgan suddenly pulled back and put the brakes on making love to her. Confused, Kiki asked why Morgan had stopped, but Morgan muttered that he had to leave. Kiki was hurt and demanded an answer, so Morgan reluctantly admitted that he hadn't been physically capable of making love. Stunned, Kiki asked if she had done something wrong, but Morgan assured her that she was beautiful. Kiki suggested that perhaps it was a one-time thing, but Morgan disagreed because it was a side effect of the medications he was on.

Kiki was confident that the problem could be resolved, but Morgan disagreed and complained about the other side effects, including fatigue and a constant need to relieve his bladder "every five minutes." Kiki encouraged Morgan to talk to his doctor, but Morgan argued that Dr. Maddox was only interested in keeping him doped up and manageable. Kiki assured Morgan that he was wrong, but his temper flared as he asked if she was accusing him of being paranoid. Kiki explained that everyone was concerned about his mental health, but Morgan was curious if he truly seemed healthy to her.

Morgan was frustrated that he couldn't do the one thing that he enjoyed the most and admitted that the medications weren't worth it. Morgan added that he wanted to toss the medications out, but Kiki warned him that it was a bad idea. Kiki promised that sex wasn't important and admitted that the most touching moment of their date had been when he had wrapped his scarf around her because she had been shivering from the cold. Kiki conceded that sex was a bonus, but she cared about Morgan more. Morgan insisted that he wanted it all and left.

A short time later, Kiki left Morgan a voicemail message explaining that she wanted to continue their conversation and have a second date. After she ended the call, Franco and Nina arrived home. Franco immediately sensed that something was troubling Kiki and asked about her date with Morgan. Kiki told him that it was complicated, but she was confident that things would work out.

Kiki gathered her things and left. Franco turned to Nina and told her that he would not make a good surrogate parent, but Nina thought he was being unfair. Resigned, Franco agreed to be open to the possibility of adopting a child, but he wanted to wait a bit longer and focus on his relationship with Nina. Nina wanted a deadline, but Franco assured her that they would know when the time was right. Franco kissed her, but her phone chimed. Nina glanced down and sheepishly admitted that she had to take care of something at work.

At the Floating Rib, Molly approached her sister and asked why Kristina wasn't in Middletown. Kristina explained that it had been necessary to return, but Molly wanted to know why. Kristina became evasive, but Molly pushed for an answer until Kristina blurted out that her life was in the toilet, and she was the most "screwed-up" Corinthos. Molly assured her sister that she had never thought of Kristina like that, but Molly advised Kristina to talk to their mother because it was clear that Kristina was in trouble.

Kristina insisted that it was too late, but Molly held up Kristina's diary and asked if the mysterious "P" in the entries had anything to do with Kristina's problems. Kristina resented Molly snooping but admitted that things hadn't ended well with "P." Molly wasn't surprised, since Kristina had the worst luck with men. Molly quipped that it was a mystery why Kristina hadn't given men up altogether, but Kristina nervously asked what Molly had meant by that. "Being single," Molly answered. Kristina relaxed and promised to consider taking Molly's advice.

Molly hoped Kristina meant it because it was clear that the mysterious "P" had messed Kristina up. Kristina accused her sister of exaggerating, but Molly pointed out that Kristina had returned to Port Charles to ask Molly to sneak the diary out of the house. Kristina explained that she hadn't wanted Alexis to find it, but Molly argued that she could have mailed the diary to Kristina. Kristina was forced to admit that she didn't have a place to live because her apartment had fallen though. Molly was stunned that Kristina was homeless and demanded to know what was really going on with Kristina.

Kristina told Molly about offering a professor sex in exchange for a better grade, but Kristina was careful to leave out that the professor was a woman. Molly was surprised when Kristina admitted that there was also a wife lurking in the background but added that the professor was beguiling and captivating, and had eyes that could brand a person. Molly thought it was a shame that it hadn't worked out but added that it was easy for her to say that, since the relationship between Kristina and "P" was over. Molly changed the subject to insist that Kristina stay with her.

Meanwhile, Morgan stopped when his phone beeped to remind him that it was time to take his medications. Frustrated, Morgan tossed the bottles of pills into the garbage. A short time later, he entered the Floating Rib and approached the bar to order a drink. He was surprised when he saw his sister Kristina because he had thought she had returned to school. Kristina questioned why Morgan was ordering alcohol, but Morgan promised not to say anything about Kristina not being in school if she kept quiet about him drinking.

At the hospital, Lucas told Jason and Elizabeth there had been a complication during Jake's surgery, but they had easily addressed the second site of internal bleeding. Lucas assured the parents that Jake was out of danger, but the young boy might need additional surgery to repair a few broken bones. Elizabeth saw Jake being taken to the hospital room, so Lucas told Jason and Elizabeth that Jake could have only one visitor at a time. Jason nodded to Elizabeth to go to their son.

Moments later, Sonny and Carly approached Jason to ask about Jake. After Carly hugged Jason, Sonny promised to help in any way possible. Lucas admitted that he had called Sonny and Carly because he thought Jason and Elizabeth could use the support. After Lucas walked away, Sonny decided to go to the chapel to give Carly and Jason some privacy. Jason told Carly about Jake's injuries and admitted that he hated to see his son in pain, but Carly assured Jason that Jake would be fine.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth sat at her son's bedside as she tearfully apologized and promised that she would never allow anything to happen to him again. Jake remained unconscious as Elizabeth assured him that she would make certain he got better. Moments later, Elizabeth stepped into the hallway to give Jason a chance to spend time with Jake. After Jason entered Jake's hospital room, Carly offered Elizabeth words of encouragement, but Elizabeth began to cry.

Carly hugged Elizabeth and listened as Elizabeth talked about how history had repeated itself, but Carly reminded Elizabeth that Jake would be fine. Elizabeth continued to beat herself up, but Carly insisted that Elizabeth was a great mother and a fantastic nurse who would "do, sacrifice, and give anything" to make Jake whole again. Carly admitted that she wasn't worried about Jake because he had Jason and Elizabeth to take care of him. Elizabeth appreciated Carly's kind words but acknowledged that she owed Carly and Sonny an apology for everything that had happened with Jason.

Carly pointed out that she had a lifetime to throw that in Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth smiled and good-naturedly told Carly that Carly's kindness knew no bounds. Moments later, Lucas approached and asked for a word with Jason and Elizabeth.

In Jake's hospital room, Jason was relieved when Jake opened his eyes and softly apologized to his father. Jason assured Jake that everything was fine and not to worry, but Jake explained that Jake hadn't meant to hurt "her." Alarmed, Jason asked what Jake was referring to, but Elizabeth poked her head into the room to let Jason know that Lucas wanted to talk to them. Jason immediately joined Elizabeth and Lucas in the hallway.

Lucas explained that Jake was stable and encouraged Jason and Elizabeth to go home and rest, but Elizabeth refused to leave Jake's side. Lucas was concerned about Elizabeth not eating, so Jason offered to fetch some food. Elizabeth relaxed and promised to stay with Jake until Jason returned. After Jason left, Elizabeth returned to Jake's hospital room. She sat with her son until Jake woke up and quietly confessed that he had killed someone.

Meanwhile, Jason entered the Floating Rib as he spoke to Alice on the phone. He was surprised when she told him that Sam had failed to pick up Danny from an afterschool birthday party, and the parents had called Alice. Jason thanked Alice for her help and promised to call her when he tracked down Sam. After he ended the call, he saw Kristina and Molly. Jason questioned the sisters about Sam until Kristina revealed that she had last seen Sam when Sam had left for Elizabeth's house.

In the chapel, Sonny saw a man kneeling at the altar. Sonny offered to return another time, but the man assured Sonny that it was fine. The two struck up a conversation about faith before the conversation turned to Sonny's confinement to a wheelchair. Sonny revealed that he'd recently suffered an injury, which led to a discussion about the hospital and wonderful staff. Sonny admitted that General Hospital was a great hospital and the heartbeat of Port Charles.

The man appreciated Sonny's insight and stood to leave. Sonny noticed that the man had dropped something; it was a necklace with a St. Aloysius of Gonzaga pendant. The man was impressed that Sonny knew St. Aloysius was the patron saint of youth, but the man added that the pendant was often worn by people with AIDS and those who cared for them. Sonny was embarrassed that he had forgotten and confided that he'd lost someone to AIDS in 1995. They spoke for a few more minutes before the man wished Sonny well and left.

Carly passed the man as he walked out and asked if Sonny knew him. Sonny shook his head but admitted that he had felt as if he had. Sonny shifted gears to ask about Jason and Elizabeth. Carly told him about her conversation with Elizabeth and added that she felt bad for Elizabeth because Elizabeth and her sons had been through a lot.

At the nurses' station, the man approached Lucas to ask for directions to Human Resources. Lucas looked up and was surprised when he recognized his friend, Griffin Munro. Griffin smiled at his medical school classmate and thanked Lucas for reaching out about the job opening. Lucas was delighted when Griffin announced that Griffin was the hospital's new neurosurgeon. Lucas decided to put Griffin to work by handing him the file on Sonny.

At Elizabeth's house, Sam remained unconscious on the floor as smoke billowed from the outlet where the old electrical heater was plugged in. Sam began to cough as the smoke alarm started to blare, but she was too weak to stand up. She softly called out for Jason and tried to unplug the frayed cord from the outlet, but the cord wouldn't budge. Sam succumbed to the smoke and passed out.

Meanwhile, Jason entered Elizabeth's house. He frowned as the smoke alarms sounded.

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