General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 4, 2016 on GH

Patrick and Robin were married then left town with Emma to start fresh in California. Tracy threatened to expose Hayden's true identity. Hayden suggested that she and Nikolas get married. Unsettling events occurred at Elizabeth's house.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 4, 2016 on GH
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A New Year's Rockin' Eve A New Year's Rockin' Eve

Monday, January 4, 2016

Franco and Nina burst into their apartment kissing passionately. Just then, they heard Kiki clear her throat. Amused, she explained that she'd decided to have a nice quiet evening at home with the two, but she'd just changed her mind and wanted to go to the party at the Haunted Star. Franco handed Kiki her coat and purse as he told her not to leave on their account. "You two have fun! Happy New Year, kids!" Kiki said, laughing as she left the apartment.

"I thought she'd never leave!" Franco exclaimed as he slammed the door shut. He turned around and was puzzled to find an empty room. Moments later, Nina walked into the kitchen with armfuls of food that she wanted to make, and she babbled on about the food. Franco recognized that Kiki interrupting them had "shattered the mood." Nina suggested that it was "for the best" and walked away from him.

Franco followed Nina. She admitted to him that, when he'd told her at the party how beautiful and desirable she was and then given her the necklace, she'd "never felt so loved." He wondered what she was afraid of. She worried that everything they'd built would be ruined by having sex. She agonized over the what-ifs, suggesting that they would no longer like each other, and that she would disappoint him. Franco informed her that, if the world ended that night, they would both regret not getting closer.

Franco reminded Nina that they'd been waiting for a long time, and he believed that it felt like the right time. He instructed her to trust that her feelings were real, and he kissed her. Moments later, they were in the bedroom, and Nina stopped. She made it known to Franco that he'd changed her life, and she loved him "so much." They kissed and began to undress each other.

A short while later, Franco and Nina lounged in bed together. He wondered if she thought it had been a mistake. "There's only one way to find out," she said coyly, and she kissed him.

Dante bumped into Morgan on the pier, and Morgan claimed he'd just needed some fresh air. Dante confided that he was going to surprise Lulu at the Haunted Star party. Morgan didn't think visiting unannounced was a good idea, because it sounded like something Morgan would do. Dante wanted to be spontaneous. He told Morgan about how Lulu had leaned on him when Nikolas had been hurt. He was hopeful that he could save his marriage.

Lulu broke her and Johnny's kiss. He wondered if she thought she was cheating on Dante. She replied that Dante was still technically her husband. "What do you think he's doing with Valerie right now?" he shot back. A horrified Lulu refused to have "revenge sex." She added that, if she did, she would have it with someone that Dante could find out about, unlike Johnny, who was a fugitive. He assured her that it would be their "little secret," and a "perfect" way to start the new year. She dismissed his suggestion as a "terrible idea." He pleaded with her to let him make her happy "like I used to."

Johnny kissed Lulu again, and the two ended up on the bed. She stopped the kiss again and scolded him for confusing her by "dredging up old feelings." She just wanted everything to go back to the way it had been. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Dante called out to Lulu. Lulu quickly hid Johnny, and all evidence of him. She turned the lights down and opened the door a crack. Dante knew that he'd made a "huge mess" of things, but he wanted to talk to her. He barged into the room and turned the lights on. "What have you been doing in here?" he asked.

Lulu claimed that, since it was New Year's Eve, she'd been upset about being without a husband, so she'd sneaked away to cry. He wondered if she'd been there with anyone. She didn't think she owed him any explanation. He'd thought that they'd been connecting over the holidays, but he realized that he'd been wrong. He demanded to know who she'd been with. "Get out before I call the police," she warned. "I am the police," he reminded her. He picked up Johnny's 2016 glasses and informed her that he didn't believe her. He handed her the glasses and stormed out.

Lulu slammed the door and wondered, "What the hell just happened?" "You saved my ass," Johnny answered. Lulu was upset by the way Dante had looked at her with what had seemed like hatred. Lulu commented that Johnny was supposed to have gotten rid of Valerie by then. She cried that Dante was probably on his way back to Valerie. She cried in Johnny's arms as he assured her, "Don't worry. She'll get what she deserves."

Ellie and Spinelli entered the Floating Rib and found Sam and Jason getting very close. Just then, Jason's phone rang, and he answered it to Elizabeth. She quickly explained that something had happened with Jake, and Jason needed to "get here now." He promised to be right there and hung up the phone. Sam wondered if everything was all right. Jason admitted that he didn't know, and Sam urged him to go.

Spinelli and Ellie carried some drinks over to Sam and wondered where Jason had gone. Sam thought the issue had sounded serious. Spinelli asked about the "progress" between her and Jason, because they'd seemed to have a "spark." Sam dismissed it as "nothing." Spinelli commented that Sam and Jason's bond defied "anything," and that Jason would soon rediscover himself and his memories. Ellie scolded Spinelli for giving Sam false hope.

Sam added that Jason had a lot of the same qualities he'd had before; he was "honorable, loyal, and protective." Sam hoped for the chance to get to know him "all over again" in the new year.

Jason arrived at Elizabeth's and found Elizabeth talking to the police. Jake ran into Jason's arms, yelling that he was scared. The police told Elizabeth that they were going to canvas the neighborhood and talk to "everyone." They suggested that it was a "drunk who stumbled into the wrong yard." They promised to keep Elizabeth posted and left.

Elizabeth explained to Jason that she'd let the boys stay up to see the new year, and Cameron and Aiden had fallen asleep. She'd been putting them to bed when she'd heard Jake shouting from downstairs. Jake had described a man staring through the window at him, and he'd thought the man was dangerous. Elizabeth wasn't sure if he'd imagined it, but she appreciated Jason being there.

Jason assured Jake that the cops had everything under control, so he'd see Jake in the morning. Jake pleaded with Jason not to leave. Jason promised that, if Jake needed to talk, Jason would answer his phone at any time. Jake was worried that the man would return and hurt him and his family while they were asleep. "You don't have to worry. I'll stay," Jason said.

A short while later, Elizabeth returned downstairs and gave Jason permission to "sneak out," since Jake was asleep. Jason vowed to stay until Jake woke up, because it was "for the best." Elizabeth regretted not putting what had been best for everyone first when she'd had the chance. She sincerely apologized to Jason for keeping his identity a secret. He thanked her for the apology and apologized for not "thinking this through." "It's one night," Elizabeth assured him. Elizabeth sadly went upstairs as Jason fixed up the couch.

Still at the pier, Morgan couldn't find any evidence of what he was looking for, so he decided to go to the Haunted Star for a beer. He turned to leave and bumped right into Kiki. He shushed her and pushed her out of the open. She wondered what was going on then asked if he'd been drinking. She realized that he hadn't taken his medication and told him that was what he'd acted like at the cabin. He asked if she was scared of him. "No, I'm afraid for you," she countered.

Kiki continued that she'd loved Morgan. She didn't have a lot of friends, and she didn't want to lose him. She couldn't give him a lot of help, but she'd been doing her research because she cared. Morgan answered that he didn't like the way the medication made him feel. She suggested that his doctor adjust the medication. She assured him that, once he found the right balance, he would be more like himself.

Just then, Morgan's phone went off. He explained that it was the alarm he used in order to remember to take his medication. She wondered what he was going to do. He told her that he was going to take her to a diner for breakfast, take his pills, and resolve to never miss a dose again. "That sounds like a brilliant way to start the new year," she agreed, and they left the pier.

Anna and Jordan team up to uncover a mystery Anna and Jordan team up to uncover a mystery

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Anna was on the phone with Mac as she entered Kelly's. She revealed that she had a meeting with the assistant medical examiner later that morning and hoped to get the proof she needed to establish that Carlos was alive.

Meanwhile, Alexis, Julian, Sam, Kristina, and Molly entered the diner for breakfast. They sat at a table as they teased each other and chatted about what they wanted to order. Sam was put on the spot when Kristina mentioned that Sam and Jason had spent time together on New Year's Eve. Sam claimed that Kristina had made more of the incident than there was, but Kristina admitted that she was rooting for Sam and Jason to get back together. Molly decided to change the subject by asking about Kristina's classes, but Kristina breathed a sigh of relief when Sam changed the topic to Alexis and Julian's wedding.

Anna passed by in time to hear about the wedding plans and asked if congratulations were truly in order. Julian tried to ignore Anna, but she wanted to know when the wedding was because she had the perfect gift -- an arrest warrant for Julian. Julian reminded Anna that he was no longer affiliated with the mob, but Anna argued that Julian had given Carlos the order to kill Duke. Anna made a veiled threat about Julian's imminent arrest then she left. Alexis excused herself to take a phone call as Kristina and Molly questioned Julian about Anna's accusations. Julian insisted the claims were unfounded and Anna was lashing out in grief.

Alexis returned to the table to explain that there had been a miscommunication with a Realtor regarding the sale of the penthouse, which Alexis had intended to call off when Sam had left Patrick. Alexis promised to straighten things and started to leave, but Julian insisted that Alexis stay with her daughters while he took care of things at the penthouse. After Julian left, Alexis asked which of her daughters had driven Julian away. Kristina and Molly expressed concerns about Alexis' safety, but Alexis assured her daughters that Julian was out of the mob. Alexis conceded that there would always be those who thought the worst of Julian, but Alexis didn't care.

Satisfied, Molly decided to announce that she planned to move into the dorms at Port Charles University. Sam and Kristina objected, but Alexis was surprisingly supportive of the idea because Alexis appreciated that college was a time for a person to figure out who they were away from their parents. Sam decided to cut the visit short because she was eager to find out if Julian had taken the penthouse off the market; she left. Molly followed Sam outside to make sure they were okay after Molly's remarks about Julian, but Sam assured her sister it was fine. Molly relaxed and admitted that she hoped Sam and Jason found their way back to each other, fell in love again, and never let each other go.

Molly returned to the table and informed her mother and sister that she had no interest in ever having sex because it complicated things. According to Molly, sex screwed up people's lives. Alexis assured Molly that there was nothing wrong with sex as long as it was with the right person and there was trust. Molly was skeptical because she had seen plenty of betrayal. Molly asked if she was expected to move on and hope to find someone who wouldn't hurt her or to live with the fear that she would lose the one she loved to someone else.

Molly decided that sex made people "stupid, jealous, and possessive." Alexis argued that sex could also be fun because it was an expression of love. Alexis didn't want Molly to close herself off from sex because sometimes it was worth the risk. Alexis insisted that Sam, Kristina, and Molly were each examples of Alexis of taking a risk.

In Jordan's office, Paul asked if Jordan had seen Anna. Jordan admitted that she had talked to Anna the previous evening but added that Anna had a lot on her mind because Robin had returned under "strange" circumstances and Jerry Jacks had been arrested. Paul was impressed with Anna's latest activity, but Jordan reminded him that Anna had once been an international spy. Paul smiled then stood to leave, but he asked Jordan to let Anna know that he was looking for Anna. Jordan reminded him that she was the police commissioner, not Paul's secretary. Paul showered Jordan with false praise about reducing the crime rate and putting a stop to mob activity, but she easily saw through the charade.

"Condescending jerk," Jordan muttered under her breath as Paul left. Moments later, Anna walked in to ask if the assistant medical examiner was out in the field. Anna explained that she'd had an appointment with the man, but he'd missed it. Jordan revealed that the assistant medical examiner had taken an indefinite leave of absence to deal with a family crisis, but she sensed that something was deeply troubling Anna. Anna confided that the assistant medical examiner had been prepared to provide Anna with proof that Carlos was alive.

Jordan quickly closed the door as Anna carefully explained that Anna had found a St. Christopher pendant on the pier following a brief sighting of Carlos. Jordan suggested that perhaps Anna had made a mistake and the necklace had been discarded at an earlier time, but Anna thought it was odd that the assistant medical examiner had suddenly taken a leave of absence when he had been about to turn over proof that Carlos was alive. Jordan pointed out that there would have to be a mole in the police department to pull off deception like falsely identifying a body and that Carlos would have needed help to pull off faking his own death. Anna argued that someone with deep pockets -- like Julian -- could have easily helped Carlos.

Jordan recalled a recent cryptic conversation with Sabrina and decided to have Sabrina taken in for questioning, but Anna advised Jordan against it because it might tip off Carlos. Jordan agreed that they should play things close to the vest and carefully draw a net around Carlos and his accomplices.

At Elizabeth's house, Jason slept fitfully on the sofa as Elizabeth entered the living room. She gently reached out to wake Jason, but he bolted awake and tightly seized her wrist. Jason immediately released Elizabeth and apologized when he realized what he had done, but she assured him that he hadn't hurt her. Jason perked up when she mentioned that he had been talking in his sleep, but his hopes were dashed when she admitted that it had been gibberish.

Later, Jason finished folding the blanket and dropped it on the chair as Elizabeth returned from checking on Jake. She reported that their son had been playing video games and had acted as if nothing had happened the previous night. Jason promised to follow up on the incident with the police. Elizabeth appreciated Jason's help, but she promised that she would not make a habit of calling him whenever something happened. She reminded him that she was accustomed to taking care of herself and her sons, but Jason was glad that she had called him.

Jason admitted that he wanted to make things official by having formal custody papers drawn up. Elizabeth balked, but Jason assured her that he had no intention of taking Jake away from her. However, Jason thought it was important for their son to know that Jason would always be a part of Jake's life. Elizabeth relaxed and agreed to talk to Alexis. Jason worried about Elizabeth, but she assured him that she was fine, even though her life hadn't turned out as she had imagined. Jason's tone softened as he asked if he could continue to stop by to visit Jake until Jason found a place to live.

Elizabeth nodded then invited Jason to stay for breakfast. Jason politely declined because he had errands to run. After Jason left, Elizabeth went to the window to watch him drive away.

Meanwhile, Julian ordered a couple looking at the penthouse to leave and informed them that his daughter had taken the place off the market. The couple appeared miffed as they left, but Julian ignored them as he shut the door behind them. Seconds later, Paul strolled into the living room from the kitchen. Paul was disappointed when Julian repeated what he had told the couple moments earlier. Paul liked the penthouse and offered to pay above the asking price. Julian agreed to tell Sam and even put in a good word for Paul if Paul promised to order Anna to stop harassing Julian.

Paul was surprised when Julian revealed that Anna had implied that the police were close to arresting Julian for ordering Carlos to kill Duke. Julian explained that he could handle the accusations, but he resented Anna involving Alexis and the girls because they didn't deserve it. Paul assured Julian that Julian had been cleared of all charges, but Julian argued that Anna hadn't gotten the message. He threatened to take legal action if Anna didn't back off.

Later, Sam arrived to get the penthouse keys from her father. Julian assured her that the Realtor had been notified that the penthouse was off the market. After Julian left, Sam wandered to the living room. She was startled when she heard a noise from the doorway. It was Jason.

Outside Kelly's, Felix handed Sabrina a cup of hot chocolate to cheer her up. He sat next to her on the bench as he reminded her that she had a lot to look forward to because of the baby, but Sabrina admitted that she missed Michael. Felix promised that he would be there for Sabrina. She smiled with appreciation, but she wanted Michael to be a part of the baby's life. Moments later, Sabrina's expression turned to concern when she experienced a contraction.

At the hospital, Robin smiled as she exited the elevator. Patrick quickly wrapped up a phone call with Noah when he saw Robin. After a warm greeting, Patrick and Robin talked about the phone call. Patrick mentioned that Noah had asked for recommendations to fill a chief of staff opening at Berkeley because Noah was part of the election committee. Robin recalled that a roommate from school had moved to Berkeley and loved it there. Patrick admitted that it was a great place to work and live.

In an examination room, Michael was excited about Sonny's progress. Sonny admitted that he was relieved that Carly had been forced to attend a meeting because Patrick tended to be cautious and downplay things, which always discouraged Carly. Sonny changed the subject by asking Michael about Sabrina, but Michael was saved by Patrick's timely arrival. Sonny's smile turned to genuine delight when Robin followed Patrick into the room. Robin and Sonny exchanged an affectionate hug as Patrick and Michael left to give the two old friends time to catch up.

Sonny was curious about Robin's health, but she assured him that she was fine because Helena had made certain Robin remained healthy enough to work. Sonny confided that he was tempted to put a hit out on Jerry, but Robin insisted that it wasn't necessary because Jerry had been sent to Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison. Robin also reminded Sonny that she had taken an oath as a doctor, so she refused to let him kill anyone on her behalf. Moments later, Patrick and Michael returned. Robin announced that she had an appointment to get to and left with a promise to catch up with Sonny later.

After Robin left, Patrick asked about the improvement Sonny had experienced. Patrick was eager to see if Sonny could repeat the movement. Sonny struggled, but after several seconds, he successfully moved his leg a fraction. Patrick smiled with satisfaction and confirmed that it was an encouraging sign. Patrick decided to run a few tests and promised to return with the results.

Later, Michael paced the room, anxious for the test results. Sonny decided to distract Michael by asking about Sabrina. Michael tried to evade the questions, but Sonny pushed until Michael admitted that Michael and Sabrina had ended things when Sabrina had confessed to lying about the baby's paternity. Michael was about to tell Sonny who the baby's father was, but he suddenly heard Felix call out for help. Michael stepped into the hallway as Felix explained to a doctor that Sabrina had been experiencing contractions. Sabrina sat huddled in a wheelchair, trying to breathe through the pain.

The doctor assured Sabrina that they would take good care of her and instructed Felix to wheel Sabrina to an examination room. Michael returned to Sonny's hospital room to fill his father in on Sabrina's condition. Sonny could see the worry in Michael's eyes and urged Michael to go to Sabrina, but Michael didn't want Sabrina to get the wrong impression. Sonny assured Michael that it was possible to love an adopted child as much as a biological child because Sonny loved Michael, but Michael explained that the baby wasn't the issue -- it was Sabrina's lie.

A short time later, Michael spotted Felix in the hallway and asked how Sabrina was. Felix was certain that Sabrina would welcome a visit from Michael, but Michael refused. However, Michael continued to linger around the hallway until Felix returned with Sabrina. Sabrina was embarrassed that she had mistaken false labor for real contractions, but Michael asked if she needed anything. Sabrina thanked Michael, but declined his help. After Sabrina and Felix left, Michael pulled out the ultrasound picture of the baby and looked at it.

Meanwhile, Robin approached Liesl's office and knocked. Liesl was impressed that Robin was on time and invited Robin to have a seat. Robin admitted that she wanted her old job back. A short time later, Patrick checked in to see how Robin and Liesl's meeting had gone. He was shocked when Robin revealed that Liesl had agreed to hire Robin, but for less money and without any funding for research because the focus of the hospital was on teaching.

After Patrick and Robin left Liesl's office, they discussed their options. Patrick promised to support whatever Robin decided. "Go big or go home," Robin said with a smile. Patrick grinned as he agreed to "go big" with her.

In Sonny's hospital room, Michael assured Sonny that Sabrina was fine. Sonny saw how much Michael cared about Sabrina and tried to offer his son words of encouragement, but Michael explained that Sabrina didn't want Michael's help. Moments later, Patrick and Robin entered. Patrick announced that Sonny's test results had been great, but he would have to refer Sonny to another doctor because Patrick and Robin had decided to leave Port Charles.

Patrick and Robin decide to move to California Patrick and Robin decide to move to California> Patrick and Robin decide to move to California Patrick and Robin decide to move to California

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

At the penthouse, Sam asked if Jason had been looking for her. He admitted that he had seen a brochure advertising the sale of the penthouse, but he hadn't realized that it was Sam's place until he had arrived, so he'd decided to pay her a visit to let her know about what had happened on New Year's Eve. Jason told Sam about Jake's scare and Jason's decision to spend the night on the sofa. Sam smiled politely then shifted gears to assure Jason that the penthouse was his and that Alexis had put it on the market before Sam had moved out of Patrick's home.

Jason assured Sam that it was fine, but he asked for a tour. Sam decided to start with the second floor, but she tripped on the staircase and stumbled back. Jason caught her in his arms and held her as they shared a close moment until he set her back on her feet. Sam thanked him for the save and revealed that something similar had happened in the past. Jason decided to open up to Sam about his encounter with Robin on the footbridge and how he had recognized Robin almost instantly.

Sam suggested that perhaps Jason had seen a picture of Robin at Patrick's house, but Jason shook his head because he'd had a vision of Robin on the night that Helena had sent Jason to kill Sam. Jason told Sam about how the vision of Robin had warned him that he would not be able to carry out Helena's order. Sam suggested that perhaps Robin was Jason's guardian angel. Jason confessed that his talk with Robin had made him see his past life differently and had sparked a memory of Robin talking to him years earlier.

Sam was startled when Jason added that he'd had another flashback of giving Sam the star necklace he'd seen her wearing on Christmas Eve. Sam confirmed that things had unfolded exactly as Jason had remembered when he'd given her the special gift. Jason was stunned because he'd had two flashes of memory within days of each other. Sam thought it was an encouraging sign and wondered how Jason felt about the possibility that his memory might be returning. "Apprehensive," Jason answered. He explained that he wanted his memories to return, but at the same time, he was afraid that he might lose who he had become.

Sam assured Jason that he had nothing to worry about because he was a lot like the man he had once been -- honest, loyal, stubborn, and a good cook. Sam admitted that she wanted Jason's memories to return because he deserved to be whole. Later, Jason assured Sam that she and Danny could move back into the penthouse, while he found another place to live. Sam was grateful because it was the only home that Danny had ever really known. Pleased, Jason invited Sam to join him for coffee at Kelly's.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Alexis asked Julian about the open house. Julian assured her that he had chased potential buyers away and taken the penthouse off the market. Alexis wanted Sam and Danny to stay with them because she hated the idea of Sam "rattling around" the big penthouse, but Julian reminded Alexis that they couldn't make decisions for their grown children.

Later, Olivia stopped by to drop off a "belated housewarming/Christmas" present for Julian. Alexis was stunned when Julian lifted a 20x20 framed family portrait of Olivia, Julian, and Leo wearing matching Christmas sweaters. Julian was delighted by the gift, which Olivia wanted to hang over the fireplace in the living room. Alexis suggested a less conspicuous place on the bookshelf, but Olivia was offended. Julian wisely seized the opportunity to escape when he received a text message about Crimson business that he claimed required his immediate attention.

After Julian left, Olivia offered to take the portrait home and return with a "tasteful 4x6" version, but Alexis objected. Alexis insisted that Olivia had given Julian the portrait as a gift, and it was clear that Julian had liked it. Olivia knew that Alexis wasn't happy about it, but Olivia became distracted when she noticed the engagement ring on Alexis' finger. Alexis confirmed that Alexis and Julian were engaged. Olivia thought it was "weird" that Julian hadn't mentioned it to Olivia.

Alexis explained that Alexis and Julian had only shared the news with their immediate family, but Olivia was hurt because she was part of the family, since Olivia and Julian shared a son. Olivia promised that she didn't have a problem with Alexis being Leo's stepmother, but Olivia wished she had known sooner. Alexis appreciated Olivia's position, but Alexis warned Olivia not to expect Julian to run all his plans with Alexis past Olivia first.

At Crimson, Nina spoke to Franco on the phone. He explained that he had called to hear her voice. Nina was flattered, but she was busy waiting for Dillon to return with the first copies of Crimson that she had worked on. Nina added that they were all eager to celebrate with Champagne and invited Franco to join them. Franco declined because he had to work, but he congratulated Nina.

After Nina ended the call, Maxie handed Nina a glass of Champagne as Dillon entered the office with a box. He promptly opened it but was shocked by what he saw. Maxie rushed over to find out why Dillon was upset and cried out in horror when she realized that each page of the magazine had a green overlay. Dillon called the printer to demand an explanation, but the printer blamed the mix-up on a corrupted file that Dillon had sent over. Maxie wasn't satisfied because she thought the printer should have questioned the green overlay.

Nina decided to call Julian to explain the situation and to ask him to cover the expense of reprinting the correct edition of Crimson. A short time later, Julian arrived and conceded that the green overlay was a disaster. However, Julian refused to cover the expense of reprinting the magazine, since it wouldn't be cost effective. After Julian left, Maxie reluctantly accepted that her career was over, but Nina refused to give up. Nina decided to spin things to their advantage by claiming that the green overlay had been an intentional statement to promote being eco-friendly. Dillon conceded that it might work because global warming was a concern to many.

Meanwhile, Julian returned home as Alexis found a suitable place in the living room for the family portrait of Olivia, Julian, and Leo. Satisfied, Olivia congratulated Julian on his engagement to Alexis and left.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Jake exited the elevator. She asked if her son's stomach was better. Jake claimed he was still queasy, but he assured his mother that he would not get in her way. Elizabeth smiled but pointed to Franco as she instructed her son to stay away from Franco. She quickly set Jake up on a bench near the nurses' station with a video game, but the batteries had died. Franco walked up to invite Jake to join him in the art room, but Jake revealed that Elizabeth had expressly forbidden Jake to talk to Franco.

Franco conceded that it had been sound advice, but Franco was the "resident art dude" at the hospital. Elizabeth explained that Jake had a stomachache, but the sitter hadn't been available to watch Jake. Franco assured Elizabeth that he had time before his next appointment and didn't mind watching Jake, but Elizabeth remained leery until a police officer approached to ask for a private word with her. Elizabeth made it clear that she would keep an eye on Jake and Franco then followed the police officer. After Elizabeth stepped away, Franco handed Jake a box of crayons and a sketchpad.

Nearby, the police officer informed Elizabeth that they hadn't located the person who had been peeping through her window the previous evening, but he assured her that she and her "husband" had nothing to worry about because the police would continue to patrol the area.

Later, Elizabeth checked on Jake as he played with Franco. Elizabeth reminded Jake to take it easy, so Jake sat down to color. Franco followed Elizabeth to the nurses' station as he confided that he suspected Jake had been faking the illness. Elizabeth agreed, but she added that Jake needed extra attention because of an unsettling incident the previous evening. Franco imagined that it had been difficult on Jake when Jason had left, but she refused to discuss it because she and Franco weren't friends. Franco acknowledged that she had a right to resent him because he had once kidnapped Aiden, but he promised that those days were behind him, and he would never again inflict that kind of pain on anyone.

Elizabeth was pleased but quickly added that she and Franco had no basis for a friendship because they had nothing in common. Franco disagreed because both he and Elizabeth knew what it was like to be alone. Franco promised that his door would always be open if Elizabeth changed her mind then walked away. Elizabeth fetched Jake and left. A short time later, Franco returned to collect the sketchpad. His brow furrowed with concern when he looked at Jake's drawings, each more troubling and darker than the last.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jake approached Kelly's, but Elizabeth stopped short when she noticed Jason inside the diner with Sam. Elizabeth decided to take Jake to a new Italian restaurant instead.

Inside Kelly's, Jordan wrapped up a phone call then joined Anna at a table. Anna smiled knowingly as she asked Jordan about the phone call. Jordan admitted that she was meeting a man for a second date, but she deftly changed the subject by asking about Robin. Anna was frustrated that she hadn't realized sooner that Robin had been in trouble, but Anna was grateful that she would have an opportunity to make new memories with Robin.

Later, Anna was about to leave when Andre entered the diner. Anna and Andre exchanged pleasantries, but Anna's smile faded when Andre asked if she intended to continue their therapy sessions. Anna insisted that it wasn't necessary just as Jordan walked up. Anna was surprised when she realized that Jordan already knew Andre. Jordan explained that Andre was her date, but she was curious how Anna knew Andre. Andre revealed that he worked with Patrick.

Moments later, Robin called asking to see Anna. After Anna left, Jordan and Andre sat down to enjoy BLTs for lunch and chat about their New Year's Eve date. After lunch, Andre walked Jordan out. Jordan admitted that she wouldn't mind a third date. Andre smiled, promised to call her, and then kissed her. Jordan grinned as she watched Andre leave.

At the Drake residence, Emma was curious why her parents had picked her up early from school. Patrick and Robin revealed that they had important news. Emma was shocked when Patrick and Robin explained that they had decided to move to California. Emma reminded her parents that their home was in Port Charles, but Patrick and Robin explained that they each had accepted a new job in Berkeley. Emma became upset at the prospect of leaving her friends behind, but Robin reminded Emma that there was a whole world outside of Port Charles while Patrick added that it would be an exciting adventure.

Robin added that Emma would only be a plane flight away from her friends, but Robin worried about Anna. A short time later, Anna arrived. Robin greeted her mother then gently broke the news about Patrick and Robin's decision to move to Berkeley. Anna was deeply disappointed as her eyes filled with tears, but Robin explained that it was for the best because Robin's career would never flourish at General Hospital. Robin admitted that she and Patrick also wanted a fresh start for their family.

Anna reluctantly supported her daughter's decision, but Robin surprised Anna by inviting Anna to move to California with them. Anna was tempted but admitted that she couldn't accept because Anna still had work to do in Port Charles. However, Anna promised to consider it once things changed. Moments later, Emma entered the living room, eager to know if Robin had told Anna about the move. Anna was shocked when Emma revealed that they would be leaving town the following day.

Anna wondered about Patrick and Robin's wedding, but Robin assured her mother that Anna could fly to California for the wedding. Emma objected to waiting because she wanted Mac and Felicia to attend and for Robin and Patrick to be married before they left town.

Patrick and Robin get married and leave town Patrick and Robin get married and leave town

Thursday, January 7, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura approached Tracy's table to ask if Tracy knew how to get in touch with Luke. Laura had tried several times without any luck. Tracy admitted that she had no idea how to contact Luke, but she was curious why Laura needed to talk to him. Laura explained that she'd wanted to tell Luke that Helena had been "vanquished." Tracy nodded in understanding because she had thought of Luke, too, when she'd heard about Helena's death.

Laura confided that she'd sensed the very moment that Helena had died, but Laura wanted to talk to Luke about it. Laura realized that Luke might be a sensitive topic for Tracy, but Tracy assured Laura that Tracy didn't harbor any ill will toward him. Laura revealed that she had seen Tracy and Paul at the Nutcracker Gala, and they had seemed close, but Tracy scoffed and accused Paul of being a "smarmy opportunist" who would never darken Tracy's doorstep again.

Laura suggested that Tracy take a page out of Luke's book by spending time focusing on herself and figuring out why Tracy gravitated toward people she shouldn't. Tracy agreed that it might be for the best. Laura wished Tracy well and left. Tracy immediately called Hayden to arrange a meeting.

Meanwhile, Hayden entered Nikolas' hospital room. He was curious why she seemed glum when he was scheduled for discharge later that morning. Hayden explained that there had been trouble at ELQ and handed him some legal documents. Nikolas' smile faded as he reviewed the documents, which included a petition to freeze all of ELQ's assets. Hayden realized that Michael and Alexis were serious about regaining control of ELQ, but Nikolas argued that it all hinged on Jason, since the document alleged that Jason was entitled to nine percent of Nikolas' voting shares.

Hayden wondered if it would be an issue if Jason were locked up behind bars. She reminded Nikolas that he still had to give the police a statement about the altercation with Jason on the terrace, which Nikolas could use to his advantage. Nikolas assured her that he had already decided what he would tell the police. Hayden realized that Nikolas was through discussing Jason and shifted gears to assure him that she was eager for him to return home. Nikolas smiled when she told him about Spencer's plans for a welcome home party.

Moments later, Hayden's phone rang. It was Tracy. Tracy asked Hayden to meet at Metro Court Restaurant, but Hayden carefully questioned if it was important. Tracy realized that Hayden was with Nikolas and instructed Hayden to make an excuse and leave. Hayden ended the call and told Nikolas that she had to take care of some ELQ business, but she promised to return before he was discharged. She gave him a quick kiss and left.

A short time later, Laura arrived. She was surprised Hayden wasn't with Nikolas, since Hayden had barely left his side since the accident. Nikolas explained that Hayden was busy, but he was curious why Laura had asked about Hayden. Laura conceded that she wasn't fond of Hayden and worried about Nikolas' decision to remain involved with a woman that Nikolas had tried to have killed. Nikolas promised that no one would ever find out, but Laura feared that Nikolas' lies and secrets were eating his soul. She begged her son not to waste the second chance he had been given, and she encouraged him to move forward and become the man that he was meant to be.

Nikolas refused to relinquish control of ELQ, but Laura assured him that she wasn't concerned about his business dealings. She wanted Nikolas to have a fresh start without Hayden in his life because Laura didn't want Hayden to have the chance to break Nikolas' heart -- or worse.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Hayden greeted Tracy. Tracy invited Hayden to have a seat because Tracy wanted an update. Hayden confirmed that Nikolas had received the legal documents to freeze ELQ's assets. Tracy smiled because she wished that she could have seen Nikolas' expression, but Tracy quickly sobered as she asked when Hayden would make a move. Hayden insisted that it would take time to properly seduce Nikolas, but Tracy wasn't satisfied and reminded Hayden that Hayden worked for Tracy. Tracy pointed out that she might be Hayden's only friend in the entire world because Tracy knew exactly who Hayden was.

At the Drake residence, Robin and Emma finished getting ready for the wedding as Anna put the finishing touches on the decorations. Patrick entered the living room with an ice bucket for Champagne, but he warned everyone that they were out of ice. Robin suggested that he put the bottles of Champagne in the snow outside. Emma chuckled as she pointed out that snow wouldn't be a problem when they moved to Berkeley and got a dog. Moments later, Maxie arrived and quickly complimented Robin's knee-length royal blue dress. Robin credited her wedding planners -- Maxie and Emma -- for the fashion selection.

Next, Sonny arrived. Sonny explained that Max had dropped him off because Carly had decided to run a quick errand before the nuptials. Moments later, Elizabeth arrived. Elizabeth was surprised when she realized that she was attending Patrick and Robin's wedding rather than a farewell party. Elizabeth assured Robin that she would have gladly helped if she had known about the wedding, but Robin assured her friend that everything had been taken care of.

Patrick and Robin disappeared into another room to attend to a last-minute wedding preparation, while Elizabeth answered the doorbell. It was Jason. Elizabeth and Jason exchanged awkward smiles before Elizabeth invited him in. She apologized to Jason and quickly explained that she hadn't realized that he would be there. Jason assured her that it was fine and went to greet Sonny. Jason admitted that he was uncomfortable around the large crowd and intended to duck out, but Sonny insisted that Jason stay because Robin would be hurt.

Moments later, Robin approached Jason. Jason admitted that he wanted to leave, but Robin asked him to stay because she was eager for Jason to see the future that he had once imagined for her. Jason smiled and agreed. Nearby, Maxie panicked when she realized that she had neglected to arrange for someone to marry Patrick and Robin. Mac assured Maxie that it wouldn't be a problem because Mac had been ordained online earlier that morning. Robert jokingly grumbled about his younger brother always trying to get into the act as Anna and Felicia smiled.

After everyone sat, Emma walked down the aisle, sprinkling flower petals along the way. Patrick stood at the end of the aisle, smiling, as Robin appeared in the doorway, flanked by her parents. Robert and Anna walked their daughter down the aisle then took their seats. Meanwhile, Carly slipped in and set a box on the fireplace mantel before sliding into a seat between Sonny and Jason.

Mac began the ceremony, but Patrick and Robin each decided to say something to each other. Patrick talked about second and third chances at love and how Robin's love inspired him to be a better father and person. Robin's eyes misted with tears as she told Patrick how she had spent her time as a captive remembering all the special moments she had shared with Patrick and Emma. Robin concluded her short speech by admitting that she felt blessed. Emma was surprised when her parents turned to her because they each wanted to make a vow to their daughter.

Patrick started by promising Emma that he would do everything in his power to make life for Emma as special in Berkeley as it had been in Port Charles. Robin vowed to never leave Emma again and assured her daughter that they would live an ordinary, boring life without any of the upheaval of the past few years. Emma smiled with joy and returned to her seat as Mac announced that it was time to exchange wedding rings. Maxie groaned because she had forgotten to pick them up, but Patrick assured Maxie that it was fine. Patrick held out his hand to Felicia, who handed him a set of wedding rings.

Mac officiated as Patrick and Robin exchanged rings. Mac happily pronounced the couple husband and wife. Everyone clapped as Patrick kissed Robin.

Later, the guests watched as Patrick, Robin, and Emma cut the chocolate wedding cake, which read, "Bon Voyage." Carly explained that she had thought it would be appropriate, since wedding cakes from Kelly's tended to end in disaster. After everyone received a slice of cake, Robin pulled Carly aside to thank Carly for the cake. Carly admitted that it was the least she could do because Robin had done so much for Carly by saving Jason's life. Robin confessed that she had never given Carly the credit that Carly was due because Carly was good for both Jason and Sonny.

After Carly and Robin hugged, Jason walked up to congratulate Robin. He admitted that she looked happy. Robin appreciated that Jason had stayed for the wedding. Jason confided that he'd had a memory of Robin, which had made him realize that she had been important to him. Robin regretted that she wouldn't get to spend more time with Jason, but she urged him to look her up if he was ever in California. Meanwhile, Patrick thanked Sonny and Carly for attending the wedding. Sonny was grateful for everything that Patrick had done for Sonny, including saving Sonny's life.

Sonny acknowledged that it was clear that Patrick made Robin happy, so Sonny wished the couple all the best. Nearby, Robin asked if Elizabeth was okay. Elizabeth promised that she was fine, but Robin knew it had been a rough few months for her friend. Elizabeth argued that Robin had had it far worse by being held captive, while Elizabeth had chosen to lie to Jason. Robin reminded Elizabeth that they all had made mistakes, but it didn't mean that Elizabeth couldn't find happiness. Robin knew how much Elizabeth loved Jason and was certain that Elizabeth would have the life that Elizabeth had dreamed of.

Later, Mac and Felicia prepared to leave. Mac said goodbye to his niece, hugged her tightly, and told her that he loved her. After Mac and Felicia left, Patrick helped Elizabeth on with her coat. Patrick admitted that he would miss working with Elizabeth and assured her that she would always be welcome to visit him and Robin in California. Elizabeth's eyes welled up with tears as she thanked Patrick for being a good friend to her.

After Elizabeth left, Anna pulled Emma aside to give Emma a plane ticket to visit Anna whenever Emma wanted. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly said their goodbyes and wished the newlyweds well. Robin told Sonny not to give up hope because he had made tremendous progress with his recovery. Moments later, Robert helped Patrick carry the luggage to the car as Robin and Anna shared a final goodbye. After mother and daughter hugged, Robin looked around and recalled all the special moments with Patrick through the years.

Patrick and Robert returned to announce that it was time to leave. Anna and Robert watched as their daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter walked out. On the porch, Patrick asked if Robin and Emma were ready for their new adventure. Robin and Emma smiled as they followed Patrick to the car.

Across town, Jason entered Nikolas' hospital room and asked why Nikolas had called. Nikolas explained that he had an idea that would make both Jason and Nikolas happy.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrived home and collapsed on the sofa in exhaustion. However, she bolted upright when she heard a loud noise inside the house. Alarmed, Elizabeth demanded to know who was there.

Tracy blackmails Hayden Tracy blackmails Hayden

Friday, January 8, 2016

At Kelly's, Dillon and Maxie discussed Crimson business as Dante marched up and demanded to talk to Dillon. Dillon ignored Dante's hostility and told Dante to wait, but Dante reached for Dillon to force Dillon to stand up and face Dante. Maxie objected to Dante's rude behavior, but Dante wanted to know what had transpired between Dillon and Lulu on New Year's Eve. Maxie tried to intervene, but Dante ordered her to stay out of it and told Dillon to meet him outside.

Dillon followed Dante to the courtyard despite Maxie's objections. Outside, Dante ranted at Dillon about being romantically involved with Lulu then warned Dillon not to hurt Lulu -- or Dillon would have to answer to Dante. Dante stormed off as Maxie walked out. She resented Dante making groundless accusations about Dillon and Lulu until she realized that she might be wrong. Dillon assured her that he was not romantically involved with Lulu then returned to the diner.

Maxie followed Dillon to the table as she talked about Dante and Lulu's marriage and how the couple continued to run in circles rather than trying to figure things out. Dillon wondered if Maxie had talked to Lulu about it, but Maxie admitted that it had fallen on deaf ears because Lulu was in "full Spencer mode" and lashing out. Moments later, Maxie's phone rang. Dillon quickly seized the opportunity to sneak away while Maxie was distracted. Maxie noticed his disappearance, ended the call, and left to find him because she was certain that he knew what had been going on with Lulu.

On the Haunted Star, Johnny strolled into the salon. Lulu was concerned that he continued to take chances by going out in public when he was a fugitive from the law. Johnny smiled and presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which he had picked up for her. Lulu thanked him for the gift, but he was disappointed by her lack of enthusiasm. Lulu admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about the way Dante had looked at her on New Year's Eve, but Johnny accused Dante of being a hypocrite who had cheated on Lulu with Valerie while expecting Lulu to remain faithful.

Johnny admitted that he had been tempted to confront Dante, but Lulu was glad that Johnny hadn't. Johnny reminded Lulu that Dante had trashed Dante and Lulu's marriage, and he urged her not to let Dante make her feel guilty because she hadn't done anything wrong. Lulu thanked Johnny for his support and the flowers, but she changed the subject by asking about Johnny's plans for Valerie. Johnny explained that he had a picture of Valerie appearing to take a payoff from him, which he intended to use to destroy her career. However, he needed to arrange a few more encounters with Valerie to ensure that it appeared that Valerie was on the take.

Lulu worried that Johnny might be caught, but Johnny wasn't concerned because he was grateful for everything Lulu had done for him. Lulu conceded that she wanted Valerie out of the way, but not at the expense of Johnny's freedom. Johnny promised that he had things well in hand, prompting Lulu to wonder if he had another agenda. Johnny admitted that he did; he wanted to win Lulu's heart. Lulu wasn't fooled because she knew that Johnny turned on the charm when he was trying to hide something.

The conversation was cut short when Dillon called out to Lulu. Johnny quickly ducked behind the bar as Dillon entered the salon to tell her about his encounter with Dante and to ask if she was still hiding Johnny. Lulu insisted that Dante had jumped to the wrong conclusion on New Year's Eve and assured Dillon that Johnny had only spent one night on the ship. Dillon appeared skeptical, but he received a text message and had to leave.

After the coast was clear, Johnny stood up. He admitted that Lulu was a convincing liar. Lulu felt terrible for lying to Dillon and for asking Johnny to do her dirty work. "Oh, my God," Maxie said in disbelief as she entered the salon and saw Johnny talking to Lulu.

At the police station, Valerie bumped into a fellow cadet in the locker room who warned her that the exam results were in, and no one had done well. A short time later, Dante walked in as Valerie was about to leave. He immediately sensed that she was upset, but she didn't want to talk about it. Concerned, Dante pushed for her to talk to him because he wanted to help. Valerie admitted that she was in big trouble because she had failed her exam, which meant that she would be booted out of the police academy if she failed the next test.

Dante offered to help Valerie study, but she declined because she was determined to keep her distance from him. Valerie explained that she had accepted that their relationship was over, but her heart was an emotional mess. Valerie insisted that she needed more distance from him because she missed their friendship. Dante felt the same way and confessed that all the progress he and Lulu had made over Christmas had vanished on New Year's Eve. Valerie didn't think it was a good idea for Dante to talk to her about it because it felt like she was going back and forth with him. Dante apologized and changed the subject by assuring Valerie that she would graduate and make a fine police officer.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Hayden insisted that her name was Hayden Barnes, but Tracy knew it was a lie. Hayden tried to call Tracy's bluff by suggesting that they part ways and pursue their own agendas, since Hayden refused to work with someone who didn't trust her. Tracy merely smiled and showed Hayden the article Tracy had found online, which proved who Hayden really was. Stunned, Hayden tried to snatch Tracy's phone out of Tracy's hand, but Tracy chuckled because deleting the scandalous article from Tracy's phone wouldn't help any more than Hayden changing her looks and severing all ties with Hayden's cohorts.

Shocked, Hayden asked how Tracy had put the pieces together. Tracy admitted that she had known from the start that Hayden had been more than an average con artist, so Tracy had decided to dig around and had stumbled across Hayden's true identity. Tracy made it clear that Hayden had 30 days to secure the shares necessary for Tracy to seize control of ELQ, or Tracy would expose Hayden's secret. Tracy explained that exposing the truth about Hayden would call into question Nikolas' judgment and provide Tracy with the leverage needed to get an injunction and oust Nikolas from power.

Hayden insisted that 30 days wasn't enough time. Tracy shrugged then threatened to make some calls, starting with "J. Dover." Hayden panicked and quickly agreed to Tracy's terms. Satisfied, Tracy revealed that she would be on vacation in Mexico for the next 30 days, which would give Hayden plenty of time to get the job done. Tracy warned Hayden not to try to slip out of town because Tracy had vast resources and wouldn't hesitate to hunt Hayden down like a dog. Tracy was confident that Hayden would meet the terms of their agreement to protect Hayden's secret.

Shortly after Hayden left, Dillon approached his mother at the bar. Tracy was delighted that Dillon had taken the time see her before she left town. Dillon was surprised by his mother's last-minute plans, but he agreed that it would be good for her because of what had happened with Paul. Tracy laughed and made it clear that Paul had nothing to do with her vacation plans. Tracy explained that she wanted to relax, reevaluate her priorities, and clear her head because she intended to return with a whole new outlook on things.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Nikolas admitted that he had no desire to send Jason to prison. Nikolas agreed to drop the charges against Jason if Jason signed over Jason's voting stocks to Nikolas. Nikolas added that it would save the Quartermaines a fortune for a long court battle that was destined to end in Nikolas' favor. Jason refused to betray his family, but Nikolas laughed because Jason had never cared about the Quartermaines in the past. Nikolas reminded Jason that Jason's sons would grow up without their father, but Jason refused to sign over the stocks to Nikolas.

Nikolas tensed when Jason mentioned Emily. Jason admitted that he didn't remember Emily, but Monica had told Jason stories about his sister and how close Emily and Jason had been. Jason doubted that Emily would approve of Nikolas trying to blackmail Jason into betraying the Quartermaines. Jason was certain Emily would want Jason to be better than that, but Nikolas suggested that Jason remember that when Jason was in jail.

Shortly after Jason left, Hayden entered Nikolas' hospital room as he gave a statement to the police, accusing Jason of intentionally pushing Nikolas over the terrace. The police officer promised to return with an official statement for Nikolas to sign, and he left. Hayden realized that Nikolas' plan hadn't worked out. Nikolas admitted that Jason had been willing to go to jail rather than work with Nikolas. Hayden thought Jason had been selfish not to put Sam and Jason's sons first.

Nikolas agreed, but Nikolas was determined to secure a future for Spencer. Hayden wondered what the next move was. Nikolas explained that he had never wanted to go to war with the Quartermaines or for Jason to go to jail, but it was the only option open to Nikolas. Hayden revealed there might be another way to keep ELQ from the Quartermaines. "Marry me," Hayden said.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth was startled when she heard a loud boom in the house. Alarmed, she demanded to know who was in the house. Seconds later, Laura and Jake emerged from the kitchen. Laura immediately apologized for frightening Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was relieved that it had been Laura and Jake. Jake ran to hug his mother as Laura explained that Audrey had called to ask Laura to pick up Jake because Jake hadn't been feeling well. Jake assured his mother that he felt better when he was with Elizabeth -- and Jason.

Elizabeth gently told Jake to go to his room to play because Elizabeth wanted a private word with Laura. After Jake scampered away, Elizabeth told Laura that Jake had been having a particularly difficult time adjusting to Elizabeth and Jason's breakup. Elizabeth admitted that she wished she had done things differently because she realized that it was only a matter of time before Jason and Sam were back together. Elizabeth suddenly spotted Jake on the staircase and scolded him for eavesdropping.

After Jake apologized and went to his room, Laura suggested that Jake might benefit from therapy because he had been through a lot during the past four years. Elizabeth agreed and told Laura about the terrifying experience Jake had had on New Year's Eve. Laura doubted that anyone was in immediate danger, but she urged Elizabeth to take precautions because there was always a possibility that it might have been a Cassadine.

Elizabeth became anxious and began to lament about all the mistakes she had made with Jason. Laura felt bad for Elizabeth and hugged her, but Elizabeth didn't think she deserved Laura's support after the way Elizabeth had treated Laura. Laura made it clear that she would always be there for Elizabeth. Laura knew Elizabeth was hurting, but she promised that Elizabeth would get through it.

A short time later, Jason entered the house and called out to Elizabeth. She was surprised when she entered the living room and saw Jason, but he was curious why she had left the door open. Elizabeth assured him that she had locked it when Laura had left. Jason appeared troubled but suggested that perhaps the lock hadn't properly latched. Elizabeth gasped as he shut the door.

Jason glanced to where Elizabeth had pointed and saw a broken picture on the floor. Jason took off his jacket and used it to pick up the broken frame. Jason and Elizabeth's concern mounted when they saw that it was a picture of Jason, Elizabeth, and the boys.

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