General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 21, 2015 on GH

Patrick, Anna, and Robert rescued Robin. Sabrina was forced to tell Michael that Carlos was the baby's father. Elizabeth saved Nikolas' life. Alexis accepted Julian's proposal of marriage. Johnny took steps to discredit Valerie.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 21, 2015 on GH
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Michael gets a surprise about the baby

Michael gets a surprise about the baby

Monday, December 21, 2015

On the phone, Sonny informed the person on the other end that the cops knew there were arms dealers in town. Just as he asked for information on Raj, Carly descended the stairs, so he ended the call. She wondered why he wasn't dressed for the Nutcracker Gala, and he told her that "something came up." He elaborated that he had something to pin on Ava, which could get them custody of Avery back. "I know why you don't want to go," Carly said.

Carly knew that Sonny wasn't ready for a "big party" with lots of people. He replied that he would be ready for that when he was able to dance with her. She related that she'd had four "first dances" with Sonny, but the fifth one would be the best. They agreed that they had a lot to look forward to and shared a kiss.

Sam, Elizabeth, and Jason all found themselves by the bar at the Metro Court. Sam mumbled that she was only there to drop a check off to Alexis and walked away. Elizabeth offered to leave, but Franco arrived and refused to let her leave. He told Jason that Jason had been "stupid to dump her," and if Jason had a problem with Elizabeth, then Jason should be the one to leave. Franco linked arms with Elizabeth and left. Michael and Sabrina arrived, and Michael expressed his appreciation to Jason for attending the gala.

Elizabeth told Franco that she needed to leave. Just then, Liesl arrived and informed Elizabeth that the gala was mandatory for hospital employees, unless they wanted to be scheduled for double shifts on Christmas Day. Liesl asked Franco to escort her to the gala, and the three entered the elevator.

Nina raved to Tracy about how nice the gala had turned out. She wondered if Tracy was familiar with Crimson. Tracy replied that she'd been "fond" of the last editor. She advised Nina to be careful of the Jeromes because they always had their own "private agenda."

Sam entered the gala, and Maxie grabbed her for a picture. Sam repeated that she was only there to drop something off to Alexis. Alexis emerged from the ballroom and found Sam. She thanked Sam for the check as Molly and Kristina arrived. As the two had a mini photo shoot, Alexis and Julian asked Sam to stay for a glass of Champagne. Sam commented that the first people she'd seen upon arriving at the Metro Court had been Elizabeth and Jason, so she just wanted to leave.

As Sam was on her way out, she bumped into Laura. Laura wanted to apologize to Sam about keeping Jason's identity secret, but she'd wanted to protect Nikolas. Maxie interrupted the conversation, which prompted Sam to leave, and asked Laura where Lulu was. Laura answered that Lulu was home with Rocco, and Maxie and Laura expressed their sorrow for Lulu. Laura was there to "make amends" to people.

Nina watched as Franco entered with Elizabeth and Liesl. Liesl introduced herself and announced "who" she was wearing. Felix and Monica were talking when Michael, Sabrina, and Jason arrived. Jason caught sight of Elizabeth. As Michael and Sabrina took a seat, Monica expressed how glad she was that Jason had decided to attend. He joked that Carly was hiding from him so that he would stay longer.

Sabrina and Michael sat down, and Michael was clearly distressed. He told her that Sonny had told him something about Carlos. Before he could finish the thought, Tracy interrupted. She wondered if anyone had seen Paul, because it was almost time for his speech.

Ava and Paul carried on a conversation full of innuendos while they looked at the art up for bid. She playfully warned him not to let his ex-wife catch them together. She wondered if he was free that night, but he promised her that he would be free the next night. "I might surprise you," she purred. "You always do," he agreed.

A few minutes later, Paul was set backstage, and Tracy began her introduction. She was proud to announce that one hundred percent of the donations from the night would go to Toys for Tots. As Tracy talked about Paul, a man backstage handed Paul an envelope. Paul opened the envelope and found the key card for a room at the hotel, and a pair of lacy underwear. Tracy introduced Paul, and he stuffed both into his pocket and walked out onstage.

Paul explained the gun amnesty program they were running for the night and announced that, so far, ninety-three guns had been turned in. He thanked the crowd for helping to make the holiday season "joyous and safer" for the children. He thanked the Quartermaines for hosting the gala and specifically Tracy for allowing him back into her life.

Julian intercepted Sam and asked her to stay for a few minutes. He finally found Kristina and Molly so he could talk to all three of Alexis' daughters. He told the girls that he didn't want to lose Alexis again and that he wanted to ask for each of their permission to marry Alexis. "You got my vote," Sam said happily. "How could I say no?" Kristina said, smiling. Before Molly could answer, Alexis entered, wondering where her family had been.

Kristina lied that Molly had been arguing with Julian, so they'd dragged Molly out so as to not make a scene. "You said you'd try," Alexis said pleadingly. "I did, but Julian's hiding something big," Molly answered. "You'd better come clean," she added to Julian. "Are you sure you want me to?" he asked. "I'm saying yes. I want you to tell my mom what you're up to," she stated. "I hope you love him enough to accept whatever he tells you," Molly added as Alexis' daughters walked away.

Distressed, Alexis pleaded with Julian to tell her what he was hiding. "Not here," he said, leading her outside to have some privacy. "Is it that bad?" she wondered. "That depends on your reaction. Just listen," he said. He took out a ring box and told Alexis to sit. He started by saying that he'd felt like he'd started life over when he'd found her again. She'd wanted him to make his life better, and she'd made him a better man. He thought that she was a "good, smart, funny woman, not to mention off-the-charts sexy."

Julian continued that he couldn't imagine his life without Alexis, and he'd become a better man thanks to her. He wanted to spend the rest of his life "making up for all the years we spent apart, and making you as happy as you've made me." He got down on one knee and said, "Alexis Davis, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" She immediately agreed. He made sure that she was sure, and she repeated "yes" over and over again. "I've never loved any man the way I love you. Thank you for loving me," she told him, and they shared a kiss.

Monica asked Michael if he had a picture of Sabrina's sonogram. He took it out of his pocket and happily gave it to Monica. She looked at it and frowned. "Something's wrong," she said. Michael was clearly worried, but Monica told him that she hadn't realized how far along Sabrina was and that the baby would arrive in only weeks. A suddenly gloomy Michael claimed that he was leaving that up to Sabrina to decide.

Felix helped Sabrina go through all the toy donations. She admitted that she'd needed to get away from Michael, who'd mentioned Carlos. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Felix answered it to Santa, who had a bag of toys on his back. Sabrina advised Felix to go be with his boyfriend, Donnie. She thought that she would go through the toys and try to convince herself to tell Michael the truth. Felix reluctantly left.

Sabrina thanked the Santa for helping out but was shocked when the Santa removed his beard to reveal Carlos. He informed her that he was on his way out of the country, but he'd had to see her one last time. He gave her his contact information, but she refused and said that she couldn't leave with him. He believed that she would "do the right thing."

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Michael called out to Sabrina. Carlos put the beard back on, and Sabrina let Michael in. "I can take it from here," Michael said, handing "Santa" some money. Carlos left. She wondered if something was wrong. "We need to talk about your baby," he told her.

Laura approached Jason and attempted to extend her apologies. A clearly drunk Elizabeth invited herself into the conversation and informed Jason that Laura, in addition to Nikolas, Hayden, and Lucky, had also known about his identity. She instructed Jason to be mad at the others as well as her and "share the rage." Laura asked if she could make amends with Jason. "Yes. Make sure she doesn't drive, and get her home safe," he said and walked away. Laura pulled Elizabeth away to get her some "food and coffee."

Sam was watching the confrontation between Elizabeth, Laura, and Jason when Carly arrived. Kristina wondered where Sonny was, and Carly claimed that he wasn't feeling well. Kristina wondered if he would want company. "If it's yours," Carly answered, and Kristina left. Molly wondered if Sam was all right. Sam replied that she just needed time to get over "everything." Carly found Jason and knew that he wasn't happy to be there. She gave him her blessing to leave, and he didn't waste a minute.

Later, Elizabeth apologized to Laura for her behavior. Laura understood that Elizabeth wanted people to hurt like she was hurting. Laura informed Elizabeth that she'd tried to apologize to Sam earlier, but she hadn't gotten a chance. She didn't see Sam anywhere, and Elizabeth remarked that she didn't see Jason either.

Liesl sat down next to Nina, who was sitting with Franco. Liesl started that Nina was her only niece, that Nathan loved Nina, and that Nina had the "good sense" to date Franco. Liesl wanted to "make peace." She held out her hand to Nina, and Nina shook it as Franco looked on and smiled.

Kristina arrived at Sonny's, and he was pleasantly surprised to see her. She noticed that he was looking through a photo album of "happier times." She remarked that there were no pictures of just the two of them. Sonny thought that Freddy was around somewhere to take a picture of them. She offered to take a "selfie" with him, so they did. They smiled at the product.

As Paul and Tracy had their heads together, Dillon took some pictures of them. He couldn't remember any pictures of the two together, especially not any happy ones. Tracy requested a copy of the picture and left to talk to some donors. Just then, Paul's phone rang, and he excused himself by saying, "Duty calls." He answered the phone to Ava, who asked, "Did you get the gifts?"

Ava wondered if Paul wanted to know which door the key card opened. However, she teased that he would have to "tear yourself away" from Tracy. He asked for the room number, and she told him three-oh-six. He repeated it, and Dillon overheard. "Don't be long. I won't wait," she warned. A few minutes later, Paul entered the pitch-black room. Suddenly, a candle was lit, and Paul saw a nude Ava on the bed. "I thought you'd never get here," she purred.

Tracy and Monica discussed the success that the night had been. "For some more than others," Monica commented, referring to Paul's "public statement" about Tracy. Tracy left to find Paul, and Carly walked up. Monica thanked Carly for convincing Jason to attend, and for knowing how to handle him. Carly happily remarked on Michael making Monica a great-grandmother. "And sooner than expected!" Monica told a confused Carly.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Sam went outside with a glass of wine. Moments later, Jason emerged, drink in hand. "Sorry, I came to be alone," she told Jason, who'd had the same idea. She started to leave, but he blocked her way and asked her to stay. He thanked her for telling him about Elizabeth, and apologized for fighting her about it. He kicked himself for not showing her the same respect and faith that she'd shown him before she'd even known who he was.

Sam wondered if any part of Jason wished that he didn't know the truth about Elizabeth. "No chance," he said immediately, wondering if she was testing him. She smiled and told him that that would have been his answer "normally." He noticed that she wasn't wearing her engagement ring and wondered what had happened. She answered that she and Patrick had "mutually ended" their relationship. Jason wondered why. She uttered that, "I loved him, but not the way that I love you."

Patrick pinned Jerry against the wall and demanded to know where Robin was. "She was shot after you spoke," he divulged. He pulled out a Polaroid picture, which showed Robin with a gunshot wound in her chest. Anna screamed at Jerry, but he insisted that it had been Helena's project and that Helena had been the one to threaten Patrick and Emma in order to keep Robin in line. Anna realized that the stranger who had almost grabbed Emma in the park had been "staged."

Anna demanded to know where Robin's body was. "Tell me where, or I will kill you. Slowly," she warned, pointing her gun straight at Jerry. Just then, two guards entered with guns drawn, and Anna and Robert dropped their guns. Jerry instructed the guards to take Anna, Robert, and Patrick to Robin's body and then to kill them. As the guards rounded the three up, Anna faked a pain in her stomach and took advantage of the guard's confusion to knock him to the floor and grab his gun.

Jerry and the two guards ran out. Anna yelled not to let them get away, and she followed after them. Robert gave Patrick a gun. He instructed Patrick to find Robin while he and Anna took care of Jerry. A short while later, Patrick entered a crypt. "Robin?" he called out.

Nikolas and Jason's fight turned deadly

Nikolas and Jason's fight turned deadly

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On Cassadine Island, Robert and Anna marched Jerry at gunpoint to Robin's laboratory. Anna vowed that Jerry would pay for his crimes, but Jerry was unconcerned as he goaded both Robert and Anna about killing Robin. Robert urged Anna to find Patrick because the proper authorities were on their way to take care of Jerry. After Anna left, Jerry continued to try to push Robert's buttons, but Robert refused to rise to the bait.

Elsewhere on the compound, Patrick entered a mausoleum and stopped short when he saw Robin lying on top of a crypt from what appeared to be a fatal gunshot wound. Tears swam in his eyes as he rushed to her side. Patrick gently kissed Robin as he confessed that he was filled with regret because he hadn't told her that he loved her when they had last spoken. He picked up her body and held her close as he told her how much he loved her, but his grief turned to disbelief when Robin took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

Robin was surprised when she saw Patrick, but he assured her that everything was okay because Robert and Anna were with him. She quickly explained that her guard had saved her life by giving her a paralytic drug to convince Jerry that she was dead, but she didn't want to risk Jerry returning and finding her. Patrick promised there was nothing to worry about because Robert and Anna would deal with Jerry. Robin was relieved when Patrick added that he knew she had been forced to cooperate with Helena and had been kept against her will. Robin tearfully assured Patrick that she had never stopped loving him.

Moments later, Anna appeared in the doorway of the mausoleum. Tears of joy welled up in Anna's eyes when she realized that Robin was alive. Anna ran to Robin and hugged her daughter tightly as she told Robin that she had feared that she had lost Robin again. Robin joked that Anna couldn't get rid of her that easily. She filled her mother in about the drug that Manrico had given Robin. Anna promised that Manrico would be given amnesty, but Anna needed to get word to Robert that Robin was alive.

In the lab, an agent arrived to collect Jerry and oversee Jerry's transport to Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison. Jerry bragged that Jax, and Jerry's mother, would be quick to help, but Robert warned Jerry that Interpol wasn't always reliable about notifying family members of an arrest. Anna returned as Jerry was about to leave. She instructed the agent to make certain that Jerry landed in the deepest, darkest hole. Unperturbed, Jerry assured Robert that there was still a bullet out there with Robert's name on it then turned on the charm as he bid farewell to Anna.

After Jerry was dragged away, Anna asked Robert to follow her. Robert heard the urgency in her tone and quickly raced after her as she left the lab. A short time later, Anna and Robert entered the mausoleum where Patrick and Robin waited. Robert was overjoyed when he saw that his daughter was alive. Robert and Robin hugged as Anna suggested that they return to Paris because Emma was waiting for them. After Robert and Anna left to give Patrick and Robin some privacy, Robin assured Patrick that she realized that he had moved on with Sam. Patrick revealed that he and Sam had broken up, but he suggested that they discuss it later because they had the rest of their lives to figure things out.

At the Nutcracker Gala, Maxie saw Jordan as Jordan arrived. Maxie wanted Jordan to pose for pictures, but Jordan declined because she didn't crave the limelight like Paul did. Maxie admitted that Paul had made quite an impression during his keynote speech by complimenting Tracy.

On the dance floor, Julian and Alexis held each other close and swayed to the music until Molly walked up. Molly smiled because it was clear that Alexis had accepted Julian's proposal. Alexis grinned as she confirmed that she had, but Molly noticed that something was missing. Julian suddenly realized that he had forgotten to give Alexis the engagement ring. He retrieved the box from his pocket and slipped the dazzling diamond ring onto Alexis' finger.

Molly decided to send her sisters a text message to let them know that Alexis was eager to share some special news. Alexis confessed that she was deeply touched that Julian had asked Sam, Kristina, and Molly for their blessings before proposing. Julian smiled then dashed off to fetch some Champagne for a toast. Moments later, Jordan walked up and immediately noticed the sparkling engagement ring. Jordan's smile faded when Julian returned with the Champagne because Jordan realized that Alexis was engaged to Julian.

In a hotel room, Michael admitted that he had questions about the baby. Sabrina assured him that the baby was fine, but he clarified that he had reason to question if the baby was even his because Monica had noticed from the sonogram that the baby was due in a few weeks. Michael pointed out that the baby had been conceived earlier than he had realized and asked if he was the father. "No," Sabrina tearfully answered.

Michael was shaken, but Sabrina rushed to assure him that she loved him, and her night with the baby's father had been a one-time thing. Michael refused to believe that Sabrina had had a one-night stand with someone she had picked up in a bar. She promised that it hadn't been like that, but Michael suddenly realized that she had conceived the baby in May, which was when Carlos had supposedly held her hostage. Horrified, Michael asked if Carlos was the baby's father.

Sabrina reluctantly confirmed that Carlos was the father. Michael was hurt that she had lied, but she reminded him that he had hated Carlos for shooting Sonny. She insisted that she loved Michael and wanted him to be the baby's father, but Michael shook his head. Sabrina tearfully assured Michael that they could still have the family they had wanted because Carlos would not be an issue, but Michael left without responding.

At the gala, Franco stopped to ask if Elizabeth had been having fun, but she explained that she didn't have time to talk and left in search of someone. Moments later, Elizabeth approached Molly to ask if Molly had seen Sam. Molly hadn't seen Sam in a while and suspected that her sister had left.

Nearby, Franco approached Nina as she supervised Dillon and Maxie as they worked the red carpet. Franco asked Nina to slip away with him, but she was reluctant. Franco assured her that everything would be fine and tugged on her arm.

In Ava's hotel room, Paul closed the door as Ava reclined on the bed, wrapped in a sheet that barely covered her naked body. Ava explained that she had wanted to show him what he would be missing while he attended the gala. Paul was confident that he would not be missed and advanced on her, while he slowly tugged his tie off. Ava seductively asked if he intended to arrest her, but Paul had another idea to detain her.

At the gala, Tracy asked Dillon if he had seen his father. Dillon told her that he had seen Paul earlier in the ballroom when his father had been making plans on the phone. Tracy smiled with delight because she assumed that Paul had planned a surprise for her.

In the hotel room, Paul finished tying Ava to the bed. Ava squirmed with eagerness as she watched Paul unbutton and shrug off his shirt. Paul leaned down to lightly kiss her lips, yank off the sheet, and then make love to her.

In the lobby, Tracy slid a hotel employee a generous tip to let her into the hotel room that Paul had mentioned during the phone call. After the employee walked away, Tracy entered the room and froze in stunned disbelief as she caught Paul in bed with Ava. Paul immediately jumped up to try to explain and pulled a jewelers box from his jacket to show her an expensive broach he had picked up to express how much he loved, honored, and respected Tracy.

Tracy regretted that she had allowed Paul to manipulate his way back into her life because it was clear that he had not changed. Tracy wondered how his constituents would feel if they knew he had been in bed with a killer -- literally. Tracy made it clear that she never wanted to see Paul again, and she stormed off. Paul closed the door as Ava feigned regret for his troubles with Tracy, but Paul was confident that Tracy simply needed time to cool off and added that he knew exactly how to keep Tracy quiet.

On Metro Court Restaurant's terrace, Sam revealed that she and Patrick had mutually agreed to call off the engagement because Sam could never love Patrick the way loved Jason. Sam quickly apologized when she noticed Jason's embarrassed reaction. Jason assured her that it was fine, and he appreciated that she had told him, but he reminded her that he didn't return her feelings or love her the way she deserved. Sam assured him that she had made peace with that and explained that she'd been referring to the man he had been as well as the life they had shared and the son they had created together.

Sam promised that she accepted that Jason's memories were gone, but she wanted them to be friends. Jason thought they were more than friends because they had a history that included marriage and a son. Sam smiled when he admitted that he would rather live in the moment and not put a label on their relationship. Meanwhile, Carly started to pass the terrace but quickly stepped back from view when she saw Jason and Sam.

Later, Elizabeth was waiting for an elevator when the doors opened and Carly emerged. Carly suspected that Elizabeth was on the hunt for Jason and informed Elizabeth that Jason and Sam were finally connecting as a couple on the terrace. Carly suggested that Elizabeth accept that Elizabeth had lost, but Elizabeth insisted that Carly continued to cling to a memory of who Jason had been, which meant that Carly didn't know the man he had become. Carly warned Elizabeth that Jason would never be a part of the "deluded" family that Elizabeth had envisioned and advised Elizabeth to take off the engagement ring because it would be a constant reminder of Elizabeth's selfishness and stupidity.

Meanwhile, Dillon took to the stage to thank the guests for their generous donations to Toys for Tots then he introduced four-time Grammy winner Indie Arie, who performed Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Nearby, Franco, Nina, Maxie, and Dillon toasted to Crimson's success. Nina was eager to see the photographs that Dillon had taken and suggested they all go to Crimson to review them.

In the lobby, Hayden regretted that she hadn't used more makeup to conceal Nikolas' bruises, but he asked that she go along with his story that he had fallen from his horse while out for a morning ride. Nikolas explained that Jason's loved ones were gathered at the gala and spoiling for a fight, so he didn't want anyone getting wind that Jason had thrown the first punch. Hayden wondered if Jason would be at the gala, but Nikolas doubted it, since it wasn't Jason's style. Nikolas wasn't concerned about Jason, especially since the attorneys had promised that Jason wasn't a threat to ELQ.

Hayden admitted that she found it incredibly sexy when a man refused to back down, but she asked Nikolas not to provoke anyone because they were in enemy territory. Hayden preferred to focus on making sure that people knew that Hayden Barnes was there to stay. Nikolas suggested that they get some Champagne, but Hayden revealed that she had overheard a waiter mention that they were out. Nikolas took her hand because he knew where to find some.

On the terrace, Jason took off his coat and draped it over Sam's shoulders when he noticed her shivering. Sam smiled at the kind gesture, but the moment ended when she received a text message from her sister. Sam regrettably explained that she had to leave and returned Jason's jacket to him.

Later, Carly approached Sam when Carly saw Sam enter the gala. Carly was eager to hear how things had gone between Sam and Jason. Sam admitted that she and Jason had talked, but things had been different. Carly insisted that Jason was still the same person deep down inside and urged Sam to fight for him.

On the terrace, tensions quickly mounted when Nikolas saw Jason. Nikolas thought Jason should thank Nikolas because Nikolas had made it possible for Jason to have a life with Elizabeth, who had opened her heart and home to Jason. Nikolas was curious if knowing the truth had made Jason's life any better, since Jason still couldn't remember Jason's wife or son. Nikolas pointed out that Danny referred to Patrick as "daddy," which meant that Jason wasn't needed. Hayden tried to talk Nikolas down as the exchange of words got uglier, but Nikolas ignored her.

Jason pushed Nikolas' buttons by pointing out that Jason had already bested Nikolas during their last physical altercation. Things quickly escalated until Nikolas took a swing at Jason. Jason fell to the ground, prompting a waiter to seek out Jordan for help. Jason recovered from the punch and went after Nikolas. The two men continued to fight until Jason threw a punch that sent Nikolas tumbling over the terrace as Hayden screamed in terror.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth walked out onto the snow-covered rooftop as she pulled a shawl tighter around her. She tearfully looked at the engagement ring, slid to the ground, and slipped it off. Elizabeth continued to cry as she clutched the ring close.

Hayden accuses Jason of trying to kill Nikolas

Hayden accuses Jason of trying to kill Nikolas

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dante and Valerie strolled through the park while on foot patrol. They chatted about a choir at a nearby church and about Christmas until Valerie decided to broach the subject of their relationship. She acknowledged that they had decided to keep things low-key, but she was concerned because she and Dante hadn't really spent time together since the night she'd had car trouble. Dante led her to a nearby bench as he reminded her that their situation was complicated. Valerie worried that he had changed his mind about them, but he explained that signing the separation papers hadn't made his love for Lulu vanish.

Dante admitted that Rocco was his first priority, but Dante also believed that Dante and Valerie might have something very special. Valerie relaxed as Dante kissed her, unaware that someone watched them.

Johnny was sound asleep on the Haunted Star when Lulu entered his cabin and ordered him to wake up. Johnny groggily opened his eyes and sat up as Lulu asked for details about his plans to get rid of Valerie. She made it clear that she did not want her cousin killed or physically harmed in any way. Johnny was hurt that Lulu would assume the worst, especially since it wasn't his style to hurt an innocent woman -- despite Valerie's affair with Dante. Johnny explained that Valerie's weakness was her desire to be a good cop.

Lulu suspected that Valerie just wanted to be close to Dante, but Jonny insisted that Valerie wanted Dante's respect. Johnny promised that Dante wouldn't want anything to do with Valerie once Johnny carried out his plan. Lulu remained uneasy and asked for details, but he received a text message and quickly left. Frustrated, Lulu started to make the bed, but Laura arrived. Laura took in the rumpled bed and immediately jumped to the conclusion that Lulu had tried to solve her problems with a fling.

Lulu rolled her eyes and assured her mother that Laura was wrong. Lulu claimed that a friend had spent the night in the cabin, but Lulu had forgotten to notify the cleaning staff that the cabin had to be cleaned. Laura appeared skeptical because Lulu was hurting and eager to punish Dante. Laura also suspected that a part of Lulu wanted confirmation that Lulu was still desirable. Lulu promised that she was not having revenge sex, so Laura shifted gears by urging Lulu to decide if Lulu's marriage was worth saving or if it was time to move on.

Laura cautioned Lulu to take things slowly and address one problem at a time if Lulu decided to work things out with Dante. Lulu appreciated the advice but admitted that it wasn't necessary. Laura remained concerned because she feared that her daughter might do something Lulu would regret. Lulu insisted that Laura was reading into things. Seconds later, Dante called to tell Lulu about Nikolas' fall from the terrace.

In the park, Johnny met with an associate who continued to spy on Dante and Valerie. Oblivious to their audience, Dante ask Valerie out for New Year's Eve. Valerie declined because she intended to spend the day watching college football. Dante assured her that they could watch all the games at his loft. Valerie smiled with delight and happily agreed. Moments later, Dante received a text message from Jordan asking him to meet her at the hospital because of an incident at Metro Court.

Shortly after Dante left, Johnny put his plan into motion. He approached Valerie in the park and pretended that it was a coincidence, but she questioned his sudden appearance. Johnny confessed that his stroll through the park hadn't been happenstance. He claimed that he had been at the nearby church, listening to the choir, and had decided to find an ATM because he wanted to leave a donation, but he only had a $50 bill on him. Valerie relaxed and offered to check to see if she could break his $50.

Johnny signaled to his associate, who picked up a camera. Valerie returned with the change and handed it to Johnny. Johnny's associate began to snap pictures as Johnny handed Valerie the $50 bill.

At Greystone Manor, Carly arrived home with Sam in tow. Sonny greeted both women as Carly announced that the evening had been a success in more ways than one. Carly cajoled Sam into sharing the good news with Sonny until Sam admitted that Sam and Jason had had a chance to talk and that things seemed to finally be going right for Jason. Carly stepped away to take a call as Sonny and Sam chatted about Jason. Moments later, Carly announced that she had to leave because of an altercation at Metro Court.

After Carly left, Sam poured herself a drink as she and Sonny talked about Kristina's visit. The conversation eventually drifted to Sonny's injury and his decision to switch doctors because Patrick had taken a leave of absence. Sam quietly revealed that she and Patrick had ended things. Sonny tactfully changed the subject by admitting that he was grateful that Sam had figured out that Elizabeth had known the truth about Jason for months. Sonny confided that he was tempted to retaliate against Nikolas, but Sam asked Sonny not to because Jason would get blamed.

Sonny told Sam about his talk with Jason at the gym and explained that Jason needed time to figure things out for himself. Sam assured Sonny that it wouldn't be a problem because she and Jason had had a good talk and had decided to live in the moment. Sonny was pleased because he hoped for Sam and Jason to find their way back to each other. Sonny acknowledged that he and Sam had been through a lot, but he promised that he was in her corner.

Moments later, Carly called Sam and asked Sam to not say anything to Sonny. Carly implored Sam to get to the hospital right away because Jason was in trouble.

On Metro Court Restaurant's terrace, Jason and Nikolas traded punches until Jason hit Nikolas with enough force to send Nikolas flying over the railing. Hayden screamed with horror as she watched Nikolas fall.

On the rooftop below the restaurant's terrace, Elizabeth was startled when Nikolas' body broke through the scaffolding and landed at her feet. She rushed to his side and immediately cried out for help when she noticed that he was unconscious and bleeding.

On the terrace, Hayden was distraught as she accused Jason of killing Nikolas. Jason looked over the railing when he heard Elizabeth's call for help. He quickly stepped back and tried to calm Hayden by pointing out that the scaffolding had broken Nikolas' fall, but Hayden barked at Jason to get away from her. Seconds later, Jordan stepped onto the terrace. Hayden immediately accused Jason of trying to kill Nikolas and claimed that Jason had attacked Nikolas without provocation.

Jordan asked if Jason had anything to say, but he simply asked for his attorney. Moments later, Carly arrived. Carly immediately became concerned when she noticed a cut on Jason's hand, but Hayden didn't care because Jason had tried to kill Nikolas. Carly vehemently denied it, but Hayden demanded that Jason be arrested.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth desperately tried to save Nikolas by pressing a scarf to a wound gushing blood and reminding him that both she and Spencer needed him. She promised Nikolas that help was on the way and implored him to keep fighting as the sirens drew closer to the hotel. A short time later, paramedics raced out onto the rooftop.

On the restaurant's terrace, Carly insisted that Jason needed the gash on his hand treated. Jordan asked an approaching police officer for an update on Nikolas. The police officer admitted that Nikolas was "touch and go." Jordan decided to take both Jason and Hayden to the hospital to give doctors an opportunity to look at Jason's injury and to get a statement from Hayden. As they left, Jason quietly assured Carly that he hadn't tried to kill Nikolas. Carly promised Jason that she believed him.

At the hospital, Lucas was working when paramedics arrived with Nikolas. Elizabeth followed close behind. After the paramedics gave Lucas a rundown of Nikolas' initial injuries and vitals, Lucas instructed them to take Nikolas to a trauma room. However, Lucas remained behind to ask Elizabeth what had happened. Elizabeth admitted that she had no idea and told him what she had seen.

Lucas walked away as Jordan, Hayden, Carly, and Jason arrived. Carly yelled for a doctor to look at Jason's hand. As a doctor approached, Jordan explained that Jason was a person of interest and needed to be accompanied by a police officer at all times. Carly was not pleased when a police officer followed Jason and the doctor, but she became distracted when she saw Elizabeth. Furious, Carly demanded to know what Elizabeth was doing at the hospital.

Elizabeth quietly explained that she had arrived with Nikolas. Desperate for an update, Hayden asked Elizabeth if Nikolas was okay. Elizabeth revealed that the doctors were working to stabilize him. Hayden warned Carly that Jason would be to blame if Nikolas died. Carly insisted that it had been an accident, but Hayden disagreed because Jason had wanted to kill Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Dante arrived. Jordan quickly filled him in on what had transpired then ordered him to relieve the police officer and question Jason. After Dante walked away, Jordan fetched Hayden and dragged Hayden away for a statement. Carly was curious if Elizabeth knew what had led to Nikolas' fall, but Elizabeth shook her head. Carly warned Elizabeth that it would be Hayden's word against Jason's.

In Jason's hospital room, Dante questioned Jason, but Jason refused to make a statement without an attorney present. Dante pointed out that they could easily clear things up if it had been an accident, but Jason refused to discuss the fight with Nikolas.

A short time later, Jason and Dante entered the waiting room as Lucas approached Elizabeth. Seconds later, Laura and Lulu arrived, eager for news about Nikolas. Lucas revealed that Nikolas had suffered minor internal injuries and had required a blood transfusion, but Nikolas was alive and expected to make a full recovery because of Elizabeth's quick actions. Laura turned to Elizabeth and tearfully thanked Elizabeth for saving Nikolas' life. Jordan was eager to question Nikolas, but Lucas explained that it was too soon for Nikolas to see anyone except family.

Lucas led Laura to Nikolas' bedside as Lulu lingered behind to thank Dante for calling her. Dante offered to go in with Lulu, but she reminded him that Lucas had said family only.

Meanwhile, Jason returned to the examination room to wait for the doctor to discharge him. Elizabeth slipped in and asked the police officer for a private word with Jason. After the police officer left, Elizabeth revealed that she didn't believe Hayden because Elizabeth knew Jason well enough to be certain that he wouldn't provoke a fight with Nikolas. Jason assured her that he had an attorney, but Elizabeth refused to be pushed away. She conceded that he had every right not to believe in her, but she intended to be there for Jason not just because he was Jake's father but also because she believed in him.

Elizabeth hugged Jason, unaware that Sam had approached the door. Sam glanced through the window, saw Jason and Elizabeth together, and left.

In the trauma bay, Laura stroked Nikolas' hair as she quietly told him that he had been given a second chance for a reason.

At Greystone Manor, Carly arrived home and told Sonny about the incident at the hotel. Carly was worried about Jason, but Sonny assured her that they would get Jason through the crisis together.

Sonny gets a Christmas surprise

Sonny gets a Christmas surprise

Thursday, December 24, 2015

In the park, Rocco sat on Santa's lap as Lulu and Maxie snapped pictures. Santa wondered what Rocco wanted for Christmas. Lulu's smile faded when Rocco answered, "Daddy." Later, Rocco played on the ground while Lulu and Maxie sat on the bench. Maxie felt bad when Lulu mentioned that it was Lulu and Dante's fourth wedding anniversary. Lulu wished that she could let go of the anger at Dante's broken vows and love him the way she once had, but all Lulu felt was sadness.

Maxie concluded that it was the worst Christmas ever because Lulu's marriage was falling apart and Maxie was alone for the holiday. Maxie explained that she had been scheduled to work, but Nina had decided to close the office and go on a ski trip with Franco at the last minute. Maxie added that it was too late to book a flight to Oregon to visit Georgie, and Nathan was away on assignment. The two friends commiserated until Maxie decided to go home, but Lulu implored her friend to stay.

Moments later, Spinelli -- carrying Georgie -- and Ellie walked up. Maxie was stunned and elated when she saw her daughter. Lulu took Georgie from Spinelli as Ellie explained that Nathan had made all the arrangements to surprise Maxie, since he couldn't be with Maxie for Christmas. Lulu added that Nina had deliberately waited until the last second to tell Maxie about the travel plans with Franco to keep Maxie from making plans.

After Spinelli and Ellie went for hot chocolate, Lulu announced that it was time to take Rocco to visit Dante. Maxie admitted that she hoped Lulu received a Christmas miracle, too, but Lulu explained that it was impossible to wish Dante's betrayal away. Later, Maxie wrapped up a phone call with Nathan as she and Georgie joined Spinelli and Ellie by the Christmas trees. Ellie noticed that the trees weren't lit, so Maxie suggested that Georgie wave Georgie's magic wand. Spinelli and Ellie were startled when the Christmas trees suddenly lit up, but Maxie attributed it to the magic of Christmas.

Meanwhile, Ava took Avery to see Santa in the park. She was surprised when she noticed Kiki working as Santa's elf. Ava pulled her daughter aside to find out why Kiki had a second job. Kiki explained that she had gotten into debt after Silas had died and needed extra money. Ava offered to help, but Kiki adamantly refused to take money from Ava.

Ava tactfully changed the subject and reminded Kiki that the offer to make a gingerbread house was still open, but Kiki declined. Kiki stared at her sister then asked if she could hold Avery. Ava nodded. After Kiki lifted Avery out of the stroller, Ava and Kiki talked about Kiki's relationship with Avery. Ava acknowledged that there had been a time when Kiki had been like a mother to Avery. Kiki admitted that losing Avery, Silas, Morgan, and Ava had sent Kiki down a dark hole.

Ava didn't blame Kiki for hating Ava and promised that she deeply regretted breaking Kiki's heart. Kiki softened and decided to spend Christmas Eve with Ava to be near Avery. Ava was delighted and promised that Kiki could have anything Kiki asked for. Kiki decided to put her mother to the test.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Sam thanked Carly for stopping by because Sam was eager for news about Jason. Carly reminded Sam that Sam was Jason's wife, but Kristina wondered if it still counted, since Jason didn't remember Sam. Carly ignored the question and explained that Sonny had pulled some strings to get Jason arraigned later that day. Carly urged Sam to attend the hearing, but Sam thought Jason might want Elizabeth there and told Carly about the hug between Jason and Elizabeth.

Carly dismissed it as Elizabeth being her usual manipulative self and taking advantage of Jason's gratitude because Elizabeth had saved Nikolas' life, which had spared Jason murder charges. Kristina worried that Jason might be sent to Pentonville because of his long history of arrests, but Carly was determined to stay positive and believe that Jason would spend the holiday with Sam and his sons. Kristina mentioned only acing pre-law in college, which immediately alarmed Sam because Sam thought Kristina had been doing well in school.

Kristina quickly dodged the questions by focusing on Jason. Carly vowed to break Jason out of jail herself if it meant that Jason could spend Christmas with Sam and Danny. After Carly left, Sam promised to take Danny to the park to see Santa. Danny nodded happily and continued to play by the Christmas tree. Sam approached her sister to broach the subject of Kristina's grades, but Kristina refused to discuss it.

Sam agreed to drop the matter until Kristina was ready to confide. Satisfied, Kristina continued to sift through boxes of old photographs that Alexis had salvaged after the fire and asked what Sam planned to do if Jason never regained his memories. Sam admitted that she would find a way to accept it and move on but added that Sam and Jason had always made their way back to each other. Kristina hoped she found someone like that one day.

Later, Kristina surprised Sam with an early Christmas gift that Kristina had found in the storage unit. Sam was stunned when she realized it was the diamond star necklace that Jason had given Sam years earlier. Sam couldn't believe that Kristina had found it because Sam had returned it to Jason a long time before. Kristina suspected that it had fallen out of one of Jason's boxes -- or the sky.

In the police station's lockup, Sonny handed Jason a tin of Carly's fruitcake. Sonny assured Jason that it was edible because Sonny's housekeeper Graciella had been giving Carly cooking lessons. Jason thanked Sonny for the gift, but Sonny changed the subject by revealing that Sonny had pulled some strings to get a judge to arraign Jason later that day. Jason was grateful for Sonny's support, but Sonny insisted that a father shouldn't be away from his children on Christmas.

Sonny promised to cover Jason's bail but advised Jason to prepare himself because Jason might be sent to Pentonville because of Jason's long history of crimes. Jason admitted that Diane had already warned him of the possibility. Moments later, a guard announced that it was time for Jason to go to court. Sonny wished Jason luck and left.

At Greystone Manor, Dante entered the living room, where Morgan and Michael were wrapping presents. Morgan invited Dante to join them, but Dante sensed that Morgan was in a bad mood. Morgan grumbled about the medications dulling Morgan's senses but added that he continued to take the pills. Michael decided to confide to his brothers that Carlos, not Michael, was the father of Sabrina's baby.

Michael decided to break the news to Sonny after the holidays because it would be difficult enough for Sonny without Avery. Dante confessed that he was also down because it was Dante and Lulu's wedding anniversary. A short time later, Carly and Sonny arrived. They filled Dante, Michael, and Morgan in about Jason's arraignment then shifted gears to focus on Christmas. Carly fetched the stockings and began to pass them out.

Carly admitted that Josslyn had taken Josslyn's stocking to Australia for a visit with Jax. Carly pulled out a stocking for Sabrina as she asked when Sabrina would join them. Michael lied by claiming that Sabrina had returned to Puerto Rico to visit family. Sonny noticed another stocking in the box, but Carly was reluctant to show it to him because it was for Avery. Sonny's mood immediately brightened when Kristina arrived followed by Lulu and Rocco.

Dante quietly asked if Lulu recalled what day it was, but she assured him that she could never forget their anniversary. Nearby, Kristina handed Sonny a gift, but Sonny had no idea what it was. Michael, Morgan, and Kristina chuckled as they explained that it was a "selfie stick." Seconds later, Kiki dropped by with a special surprise -- Avery. Carly happily invited Lulu to join them for a family picture. Lulu pasted on a smile and stood next to Dante as everyone gathered behind Sonny for a group selfie.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth was on the phone, trying to find if Jason's arraignment was on the court docket, but she was told that she couldn't have the information because she was not a family member. Elizabeth ended the call as Cameron handed Aiden a piece of origami and asked what Jake had put on Jake's Christmas list. Jake admitted that he had everything -- a home with his mom and dad. Elizabeth's expression clouded with sadness, but she quickly fetched a box filled with Christmas stockings.

Jake wondered if Elizabeth had bought one for him. Elizabeth held up a stocking that had been Jake's since Jake was a baby. She admitted that she would hang it each year -- even after he had left -- and put a Christmas present in it along with a Christmas wish. "And this year, my wish came true," Elizabeth added with a smile as she hugged Jake.

Later, Cameron asked if Jason would be home for Christmas. Elizabeth was forced to explain that Jason had been arrested. Jake became upset, prompting Elizabeth to distract the boys with a Christmas story. Jake wasn't interested in hearing about Santa, but Elizabeth gathered her sons close on the sofa and explained that it was a story about baby Jesus that their great-grandfather Steve Hardy had told each year to the children at the hospital.

Elizabeth added that after her grandfather had died, Jason's grandfather and father had carried on the tradition. Elizabeth shared the story with her sons and explained that Christmas was about compassion and forgiveness. Moments later, she answered a knock at her door. It was Jason. Elizabeth was filled with happiness as Jason entered the house and warmly greeted the boys. Jake showed Jason the stocking with Jason's name, while Cameron asked if Jason was home to stay.

Jason explained that he loved the boys and would continue to see them often, but he couldn't live with them. Elizabeth's smile faded. Later, Elizabeth and Jason arrived at the park with the boys to visit Santa, but Jason asked to catch up with Elizabeth when he saw Sam and Danny at a nearby bench. After Elizabeth left, Jason approached Sam and picked up Danny. Jason tensed when he noticed the star necklace Sam was wearing because it sparked of memory of him giving it to her years earlier.

In Paris, Patrick and Emma entered the hotel suite. Robin quietly stood in a dark corner as Emma talked about asking Santa to return Robin to them. Robin stepped forward and tearfully smiled as she told her daughter that it wouldn't be necessary. Overjoyed, Emma ran into her mother's arms and told Robin how much she had missed Robin. Robin assured Emma that she loved her daughter very much, but Robin had been kidnapped and forced to stay away from Patrick and Emma.

Emma feared that Robin would leave again, but Robin insisted that nothing could tear Robin away from Emma again. Moments later, Robert and Anna arrived dressed as St. Nikolas and Mrs. Noel. Anna had bags filled with decorations to transform the hotel suite for Christmas. Emma was excited but more concerned about where Robin and Patrick stood with each other. Patrick explained that it wasn't that simple, but Anna managed to distract Emma by inviting the girl to leave with Robert and Anna to fetch a tree from a corner store.

Emma feared that Robin might leave, but Robin promised to be waiting when Emma returned. After Emma left, Patrick and Robin talked about their relationship. Robin admitted that she had never stopped loving Patrick. Patrick explained why he and Sam had broken up and added that he had understood Sam's love for Jason because Patrick felt the same way about Robin. Relieved, Robin kissed Patrick. A short time later, Robert, Anna, and Emma returned with a small tree, which they set on the coffee table.

Emma invited Robin to put the angel on the tree and make a wish, but Robin had everything and insisted that Emma do the honors. Emma put the angel on the tree and revealed that she had wished that they could all be a family again. Anna smiled knowingly at Robin and assured Emma that Emma would likely get her wish. Emma beamed because it was the best Christmas ever.

Christmas Pre-Emption

Christmas Pre-Emption

Friday, December 25, 2015

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital did not air. The pre-emption was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 28, and picked up where the Thursday, December 24, episode concluded.

Our family wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

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