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Carly offered Jake proof that he was Jason. Lulu was devastated when she learned about Dante's infidelity, and she moved out with Rocco. Paul advised Ava to exploit Sonny's weaknesses.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 2, 2015 on GH
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Monday, November 2, 2015

As Jake and Sam got ready to leave the Floating Rib, he marveled at the fact that, after waking up without a memory, friends, or family, he would have everything when he married Elizabeth the next day. He thanked Sam for having a large part in it, and she told him that she was proud to be his friend. They shared a hug and parted awkwardly. "See you at the wedding," Jake said. "Me, too," Hayden added as she and Nikolas entered.

Jake wondered why Hayden would want to go to his and Elizabeth's wedding. She thought it would be fun and divulged that Nikolas has invited her as his date. Jake stated that her presence at his wedding would be inappropriate and that she wasn't welcome. Hayden had thought that she and Jake could have a "clean slate." She wondered how she could possibly ruin the wedding with no memory. "By showing up!" Sam and Jake exclaimed in unison.

Sam informed Hayden and Nikolas that she and Jake didn't trust either of them. Jake promised that Hayden would regret it if she upset Elizabeth at the wedding. Hayden admitted to Jake that she wanted to show her support for Jake at his wedding because she admired him for moving forward and getting a new start after he'd lost his memory. "See you at the wedding," Jake said, and he and Sam left.

A short while later, Nikolas and Hayden were having dinner. Nikolas expressed how impressed he was with Hayden for being so "mature" with Sam and Jake. Hayden explained that, since she didn't remember who anyone was, every encounter was a risk. People like Sam and Elizabeth, who openly declared that they were Hayden's enemies, were the only ones she felt she could fully trust.

Hayden wondered what was bothering Nikolas, who had been quiet for most of the night. He admitted that he didn't feel completely comfortable with her, since he could never tell whether or not she was telling the truth. "That makes two of us," she replied. She informed him that she saw through his tough exterior and knew that he had a heart, and one that was "fond of me." She wondered if they were still "just castlemates," or if they could move forward. "Let's go to the wedding and leave it at that," he answered.

Sensing some emotion from Elizabeth, Patrick told her that she shouldn't feel pressure to go through with her wedding if she didn't want to. She insisted that her grandmother's letter was what had made her emotional. She assured him that she couldn't wait to marry Jake, so Patrick should chalk up her momentary panic to pre-wedding jitters. She thought that all of her previous marriages had ended so that she could find Jake, the "love of my life."

Elizabeth continued that she had a "good feeling about this marriage." She thought that she was nervous about getting what she'd always wanted because losing it was "terrifying." She thanked him for the talk and expressed how comforted she was to have Patrick standing up for her at her wedding. "There's no place I'd rather be," he told her, putting his arm around her.

At the hospital, Carly spoke to a nurse about Sonny's physical therapy as Spinelli's computer program faded back and forth between Jake's face and Jason's face. She finished talking to the nurse just as Olivia arrived. Carly expressed her happiness that Leo was alive, and Olivia apologized for stressing everyone out with her lies. Carly assured Olivia that she wasn't alone in wanting to protect her children from the mob. Carly had to take care of something, but she told Olivia that she would meet Olivia in Sonny's room. Olivia left, and Carly looked at the computer. She was shocked to see Jason's face on the screen.

A shocked Carly took out her phone and shakily left a message for Spinelli, wondering about how the program was supposed to work. Elizabeth and Patrick appeared, and Carly slammed the laptop shut. She claimed to have been doing hotel business while waiting for Sonny. Just then, Sam and Jake stepped off the elevator. They told Patrick and Elizabeth about the fun they'd had at Jake's "bachelor party." They tried to include Carly in the conversation, but she only stared glassy-eyed at Jake. "Are you okay?" Jake asked her. "Better than in a long time," she replied, and she walked away.

Sam thought that Carly's strange behavior had to do with Sonny, but Patrick divulged that he hadn't heard anything about Sonny. Elizabeth thought that Carly could take care of herself, but Jake was worried.

By herself, Carly wondered if Jake could really be Jason. She wanted to make sure of it. She called a doctor to confirm his reservation at the Metro Court. She also asked him if he knew of a private lab that would run an "emergency DNA test." After listening to his response, she replied, "Thank you! You'll be comped for the rest of your life! I'll call you when I'm on my way."

In Sonny's room, Olivia instructed him to "pace himself" with his recovery. He joked that he had Carly if he wanted to be nagged. He expressed his happiness that Leo was all right, and Olivia apologized for her lies. Her apology also went for keeping Dante away from Sonny. She would never regret keeping Dante safe, but she was sorry that it had cost Sonny missing out on Dante's childhood. Sonny replied that he was glad that Olivia had kept Dante out of harm's way, because Sonny hadn't yet had the power to keep his loved ones safe. He reasoned that he and Dante had a good relationship.

Olivia sang Dante's praises and gushed over how good of a godfather he would be to Leo. Sonny agreed that Dante was a better man that he was, but he told Olivia that Dante wasn't perfect. "What do you know?" Olivia demanded. Just then, Carly entered, clearly upset. She informed Sonny that she had something to take care of but that she would see him in the morning. When she was gone, Sonny advised Olivia not to put people on pedestals because "sometimes they fall off."

Sam, Patrick, Jake, and Elizabeth were discussing Jake's karaoke skills when Carly returned. She told Jake that she needed to have "a long talk" with him before the wedding. In the meantime, she handed him a bottle of water and told him to hydrate after drinking all night. He quickly finished the water. Patrick had to finish his rounds, and Sam left with him to hit up the vending machine. Elizabeth had some gifts to take home, so she pulled Jake away. Carly grabbed the water bottle and called the doctor back. "I'm on my way," she told him.

Morgan and Darby kissed passionately in one of the rooms aboard the Haunted Star. He stopped and made sure that Darby was all right with where things were going. In response, she kissed him and pulled him onto the bed. Later, they lay under the covers, and Darby thought that Morgan could do a perfect sex scene in Dillon's movie. Morgan didn't think it was Dillon's "type" of movie. "Who needs movie sex," Darby started, when the real thing was so much better.

At the Haunted Star Halloween party, Dillon announced that he was going to screen the sizzle reel for his movie. The lights were dimmed, and Andy hit play on the remote control. The footage of Dillon and Valerie's private conversation appeared on the screen. On the footage, Dillon was talking about his love for Lulu. As Andy frantically tried to stop the footage, Valerie was talking about the kiss she'd shared with Dante. Just as she said that it hadn't been "just one kiss," Andy managed to stop it.

"Turn it on," Lulu said. Dillon told her that it wasn't what was supposed to have been shown, but Lulu wanted to finish watching it. Andy played the footage right up until Valerie had said, "Dante and I slept together." Lulu blasted Valerie for telling lies. She told Dante to back her up, but he finally said, "I'm sorry, baby. It's true."

Nathan held back Maxie, who wanted to help Lulu. She pleaded with Nathan to do something. Nathan announced that the Port Charles Police Department was shutting the party down, and that everyone needed to leave. As everyone disappointedly left, Dante asked Lulu to go somewhere private to talk. Valerie turned to leave, but Lulu grabbed her arm and said that she needed to know what had happened.

"I don't know why Lulu is surprised. No one's faithful," Kiki, sipping her drink, said to Molly and T.J. Nathan tried to kick the kids out, but Molly explained that it was her family falling apart.

"I welcomed you into my family, and this is how you repay me?" Lulu spat at Valerie. She demanded to know what night Dante and Valerie had spent together. Just then, Lulu realized that it had been the night that Dante and Valerie had kissed. She demanded to know if Dante had cheated on her in "our home," in "our apartment," in "our bed."

Valerie yelled that she and Dante had slept together on the same night that Lulu had shared a hotel room in Canada with Dillon. "It didn't happen in a vacuum. Everyone messed up, including you," she said. "Stop, it's on me," Dante interrupted. Lulu informed him that it was too late for him to act like a gentleman. He promised to tell her everything she wanted to know. "Don't come near me ever again," she warned, running out. Dante chased after Lulu as Maxie glared at Valerie. Dante finally caught up to Lulu on the pier, but she slapped him across the face.

Maxie was worried about Lulu and wanted to go after her, but Nathan implored Maxie to let Dante and Lulu hash things out themselves. Suddenly, Maxie realized that Nathan had known about the situation the entire time.

T.J. informed Kiki that Morgan felt really bad about how he'd treated Kiki. Kiki wondered if she was supposed to forget that he'd cheated on her with her mother. T.J. agreed that what Morgan had done had been terrible, but he knew that Morgan would take it back if he could. He urged Kiki to think about his words, and he left with Molly.

Just then, Morgan emerged and wondered where everyone was and what he'd missed. "Your brother's marriage falling apart. He cheated on Lulu with Valerie," Kiki said matter-of-factly. Morgan didn't think that Dante was the cheating type, but Kiki suggested that he was more like his brother than he'd thought. "At least you didn't watch it live on the big screen," Kiki added, and she assured him that he would hear all about it. She wondered where he'd been. "With me," a disheveled Darby said.

Andy apologized profusely to Dillon and Valerie. He remembered seeing Dillon put the flash drive in a drawer. Dillon told Andy to leave, and he did. Valerie regretted telling Dillon anything at all, but Dillon reminded her that nothing more could be done about the situation. "Fire Andy," Valerie suggested angrily. She observed that he was either "a pervert or an incompetent" for recording a private conversation. "Unless it happened some other way?" Valerie wondered.

Carly gets DNA confirmation that Jake is Jason

Carly gets DNA confirmation that Jake is Jason

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

In Patrick and Sam's bedroom, Sam left Spinelli a voicemail message asking about Ellie and wondering where Spinelli had left the laptop with the program to help identify Jake. She asked Spinelli to return her call as soon as possible and ended the call. Patrick sat on the bed and pulled off his shoes as Sam admitted that she had hoped to give Jake the answers before the wedding. Patrick pointed out that both Jake and Elizabeth seemed happy, but Sam revealed that she wouldn't be able to marry a man without knowing who he was because she would live in constant fear of a knock at the door that would rip everything away.

Patrick crawled into bed with Sam as he promised that she wouldn't have to worry about a knock on their door. Patrick kissed Sam, but they jumped apart when they heard a knock. It was Emma. Emma was upset because she had dreamed of a zombie banging on her window, demanding to be let in. Emma crawled beneath the blankets and snuggled between Sam and Patrick as she asked if she could sleep with them. Patrick and Sam exchanged a smile as Patrick agreed.

After Emma fell asleep, Patrick and Sam heard Danny's cries on the baby monitor. Patrick dashed into the bedroom to check on Danny then returned once Danny fell back to sleep. Patrick admitted that he'd checked under the bed and in the closet for monsters before Danny would relax. Sam confessed that she hadn't expected their night to end with Emma sleeping with them, but Patrick grinned as he reminded her that they would have thousands of nights alone together. Sam returned his smile and admitted that it sounded good to her.

At a laboratory, Carly greeted a doctor and thanked him for agreeing to meet her and run the DNA test. The doctor assured Carly that she was at the right place because he had state-of-the-art equipment that would allow him to process the DNA test quickly. He appreciated that she had agreed to let him stay at Metro Court for free whenever he liked. Carly handed him the empty water bottle and instructed the doctor to determine if the person who had drunk from it was the same man pictured on the laptop. She opened the laptop, which had a picture of Jason.

Later, the doctor returned to announce that he had managed to secure a viable DNA sample from the water bottle, but he needed something to compare it to. Carly admitted that Jason's DNA profile was in the criminal database. The doctor showed little reaction as he assured her that it wouldn't be a problem, since he worked with the police often and had access to the database. The doctor sensed that Jason was important to Carly and promised to get her an answer quickly.

A short time later, the doctor returned to announce that the DNA sample from the water bottle had been an exact match to Jason Morgan. Stunned, Carly waited for the doctor to leave before she called Jake. She was frustrated when his voicemail picked up. After she left him an urgent message to return her call before the wedding, she left to track him down.

Meanwhile, Jake and Elizabeth stood on the bridge, which had had special meaning to her and Jason. Elizabeth confessed that she had needed the walk to clear her head because she had become a little overwhelmed by everything upon receiving Audrey's special gift. Jake offered to postpone the wedding until Audrey returned from Vienna, but Elizabeth refused because she was just hours away from having everything she had ever wanted.

Elizabeth admitted that Jake was precious to her and she was terrified of losing him, but Jake promised that she had nothing to fear. Jake kissed her but pulled back when he had a sudden flash of memory. Elizabeth's expression clouded with concern as Jake explained that he was certain he had been on the bridge before. She suggested that perhaps he had been there during the day, but he was certain the memory had been from before the accident. Jake asked Elizabeth to kiss him again to spark more details, but she hesitated.

Jake assumed Elizabeth was playing around and kissed her. Seconds later, he recalled being on the bridge with her before. Elizabeth smiled nervously as she attributed it to déjà vu. She promised it was one of life's mysteries that happened to everyone, but he was frustrated because he felt as if his memories were just out of grasp. Elizabeth tried to comfort him until he decided to focus on his future with her. Jake suggested that perhaps the déjà vu had been his subconscious telling him that he was lucky to be marrying her.

Elizabeth relaxed and kissed him. Jake suggested they head home, but Elizabeth explained that it was bad luck for the bride and groom to spend the night together on the eve of their wedding. Jake was disappointed, but Elizabeth was adamant that they honor the tradition because she didn't want anything to go wrong. Jake assured her that nothing would, but Elizabeth refused to risk it.

On the Haunted Star, Kiki asked where Morgan had been. Darby walked up to hand Morgan his eye patch as Kiki realized that Morgan had slept with Darby. Morgan reminded Kiki that Kiki had wanted nothing to do with him, so he had thought, "Why the hell not?" Kiki snidely told Morgan to feel free to continue to have sex with women he barely knew because Kiki would never let him back into her life and Ava was too busy trying to secure custody of Avery from Sonny.

Kiki made a few disparaging remarks about Darby then advised Darby not to let Morgan near Darby's mother. Morgan objected to Kiki's cruel comments, but Darby decided to let Kiki and Morgan figure out if they were a couple or if they were over because neither was "chill" enough to handle the "in-between" they were stuck in. After Darby walked away, Morgan reminded Kiki that she had made it very clear that they were over. Kiki stomped to the bar and poured herself a drink.

Morgan pointed out that Kiki had repeatedly pushed him away, but Kiki argued that he had slept with her "aunt" when Kiki and Morgan were supposed to have been reconnecting as a couple. Morgan admitted that he didn't have an excuse for what had happened with Ava when Ava had posed as Denise, but Kiki wasn't satisfied. She hated that she still cared about him even though he had broken her heart. Morgan expressed concern about her alcohol consumption when she picked up her drink.

Kiki defiantly took a sip then asked if it had been easy for Morgan to move on. Morgan insisted that his encounter with Darby had simply been a "hookup." Kiki wasn't surprised because Morgan had a habit of jumping from bed to bed. Morgan wondered if Kiki's drinking was a better way of dealing with problems, but Kiki suggested that perhaps she was trying to hide from herself, seeing her father's dead body, and a mother who had continually slept with Kiki's boyfriend behind Kiki's back.

Kiki started to leave, but Morgan refused to let her drive after she had been drinking. Morgan offered to drive her home, but Kiki refused and insisted on calling a car service. Morgan wasn't comfortable with the idea, but Darby walked out with a plate of hamburgers. Morgan went to grab a hamburger for Kiki because he wanted to her to eat something, but Kiki managed to slip out while Morgan's back was turned. Morgan ran out to stop Kiki, but she was gone.

Nearby, Maxie demanded to know if Nathan had known about Dante's infidelity with Lulu's cousin. Nathan reluctantly confirmed that he had. Maxie marched into a stateroom with Nathan close on her heels. Maxie was livid that Nathan hadn't told her that Dante had cheated on Lulu, but Nathan insisted that it hadn't been his secret to tell. Maxie continued to rant at Nathan for not trusting her because if he had, then perhaps Nathan and Maxie might have persuaded Dante to tell Lulu the truth. Nathan apologized but reiterated that Dante had told him the secret in confidence.

Nathan thought that Maxie -- of all people -- might understand the impossible situation he had been in. Maxie was hurt by the reminder of her own terrible secret about Georgie. Maxie's eyes filled with tears as she thought about Lulu. Nathan pulled Maxie into his arms and comforted her. The anger faded as she admitted that she wished she could make things better for her best friend.

Maxie admitted that Dante and Lulu had had the perfect marriage and had been an inspiration to her. "What hope is there for the rest of us if Dante cheats on Lulu?" Maxie asked. Nathan reminded Maxie that it had happened to Dante and Lulu, not them. He didn't want Maxie to lose faith in their relationship.

In the salon, Valerie questioned Dillon about how Andy's behind-the-scenes footage had been switched with Dillon's sizzle reel. Dillon stammered that he had no idea, but Valerie was certain that Dillon had been responsible. Valerie suspected that Dillon had wanted Lulu to learn the truth without getting his hands dirty. Dillon argued that Lulu had deserved the truth because Dante was a "faithless bastard," but Valerie wasn't moved, since Dillon hadn't had the courage to tell Lulu to Lulu's face. Instead, Dillon had blindsided the woman he professed to love in a room filled with people.

"What a great guy you turned out to be," Valerie said with a sarcastic sneer. Valerie regretted confiding to Dillon, but Dillon insisted that Dante was the only one to blame. Valerie dared Dillon to own up to what he had done. Dillon admitted that he had switched the flash drives, but he suspected that a part of Valerie had been relieved. Dillon was certain that Valerie hoped Dante would run to her for comfort, but Valerie vehemently denied it.

Dillon didn't believe Valerie, but she insisted that she was furious because he had used what she had told him in private and turned it against her, Dante, and even Lulu. Dillon argued that Lulu deserved the truth and a man who truly loved her. Valerie laughed at the idea that Dillon was that man because his underhanded deed hadn't been an act of love. Valerie was certain that Lulu would hate Dillon forever.

Moments later, Nathan and Maxie entered the salon. Maxie's eyes narrowed as she zeroed in on Valerie and blasted Valerie for sleeping with Dante. Dillon rose to Valerie's defense when Maxie questioned if Valerie had arranged for the sizzle real mix-up, prompting Nathan to wonder if Dillon had been behind it. Maxie pulled Nathan away because she was desperate to find Lulu. After Nathan and Maxie left, Valerie warned Dillon that he hadn't redeemed himself by trying to defend her because it had been too little, too late.

Dillon acknowledged that everyone might be angry at him at the moment, but he was confident that he had done everyone a favor. Dillon believed that Dante and Valerie would eventually thank him, but Valerie told him not to hold his breath, and she left.

Meanwhile, Dante caught up to Lulu on pier 54. Lulu was an emotional wreck as she slapped Dante then violently shoved him away. She ordered him to get away from her, but Dante refused. He insisted that he loved her and wanted to work things out, but Lulu accused him of being delusional and arrogant. Lulu angrily reminded him that he had cheated on her and had lied for months about it. She was curious if he had enjoyed making a fool of her when she had repeatedly defended him.

Lulu suddenly recalled Dante's hesitation to expand their family and asked if he had been reluctant because he had known their marriage would be over if she ever found out about his infidelity with Valerie. "Well, guess what? You were right," Lulu said. Dante begged Lulu to give him a chance to work things out, but Lulu was angry that he had allowed her to defend him by insisting that he would never cheat on her. Dante claimed that he had kept quiet for Rocco, but Lulu's temper flared because she resented Dante using their son to justify lying.

Lulu admitted that she was grateful that Dante had dropped Rocco off with Sonny before sleeping with Valerie. Dante explained that what had happened with Valerie had been a horrible mistake that he would always regret, but Lulu hoped it had been worth it and Valerie had been better in bed than Lulu. Dante flinched as his eyes filled with tears. He explained that had had feared his world had ended because he had lost Lulu, but Lulu was furious at the suggestion that she had been in any way to blame for him cheating. Dante assured her that he took full responsibility for what had happened, but Lulu wasn't satisfied.

Lulu hated that Dante and Valerie had shared the secret for months and had slept in Dante and Lulu's marital bed. Lulu's expression filled with horrified disgust as she realized why Dante had changed the sheets the morning she had returned from rescuing Lucky. Dante continued to apologize and assure Lulu that nothing would have happened with Valerie if Dante hadn't been emotionally distraught, but Lulu didn't believe him because she was certain there had been an attraction between the two. Dante insisted that he loved Lulu and promised that he had hated lying to her, which was why he had decided to tell her. Lulu didn't believe him, but she realized why Dillon had insisted that Dante hadn't deserved her.

Lulu demanded to know if Dante had been truthful when he had denied knowing what Dillon had been talking about. Dante was forced to admit that he had lied, but he quickly apologized. Lulu informed him that his apologies meant nothing to her. Lulu started to leave, but Dante explained that Sonny had persuaded Dante to tell Lulu the truth after the party. Lulu was surprised that Dante had told Sonny rather than Nathan.

Dante's guilty expression confirmed Lulu's suspicions. She was curious if Maxie had known, but Dante shook his head. Lulu believed him because Maxie would have had the decency to give Lulu a heads-up before everything had exploded in Lulu's face at a party in Lulu's club. Lulu was furious that she'd been put in a position where everyone would pity her.

Lulu suddenly sat down on a step and wept inconsolably until Nathan and Maxie walked up. Maxie quickly wrapped her arms around Lulu and started to lead Lulu away. Dante begged Lulu to return home with him, but Lulu refused. Nathan assured Dante that Maxie would take care of Lulu.

Meanwhile, Kiki was on the road as music blared in the car. Her eyelids became heavy, but she reached for a bottle of alcohol. The bottle slipped to the floor. Annoyed, Kiki sat up and tried to focus on the road.

At the same time, Carly was driving on the road. However, her mind was on all the times she had talked to Jake and hadn't realized that he was Jason. She suddenly noticed a car drift into her lane and honked as she yelled at the driver to get back in their lane.

In Kiki's car, Kiki pressed on the car's horn, leaned her head out the driver's window, and yelled at the oncoming driver to get out of her lane. Seconds later, the two cars crashed.

Lulu moves out of the loft

Lulu moves out of the loft

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kiki slowly woke up on her sofa. Nearby, Morgan asked if she wanted a bottle of water or a bucket first. Kiki opted for the water and sat up to guzzle it, but Morgan cautioned her to slow down. Kiki was eager to escape to her bedroom before Franco and Nina saw her, but Morgan wanted to know what Kiki recalled from the previous night. Seconds later, Franco entered the living room and demanded to know what Morgan had done to Kiki. Morgan explained that he had been taking care of Kiki, but Franco appeared skeptical until Kiki assured Franco that she was responsible for her hangover.

Franco decided that Kiki needed doughnuts, but he wanted Morgan gone before he returned. Franco grabbed his car keys and left. Kiki apologized for Franco's behavior but explained that it was Franco's way of showing that he cared. Kiki shifted gears to ask if Morgan had taken her home. Surprised, Morgan wondered what Kiki recalled from the previous night. Kiki made a snide remark as she remembered that he had slept with Darby, but she added that she had no recollection of what had followed.

Morgan explained that he had found Kiki passed out behind the wheel of a car on Route 31. Kiki suddenly recalled the screech of tires and yelling at a driver to get out of her lane, but she pushed the memory away as Morgan revealed that he had more to tell her. Their conversation was cut short when Franco returned to the apartment and announced that he had to call the police because someone had sideswiped his car in the garage.

After Franco left to take care of the phone calls with the police and insurance company, Morgan confirmed that Kiki had driven Franco's car. Kiki begged him not to tell Franco because she was afraid that Franco would try something parental like grounding her. Morgan thought it might help because she had been passed out behind the wheel with an empty bottle of vodka in the car. Kiki had another flashback of driving and yelling at someone as Morgan told her that she was lucky she hadn't hit someone.

Morgan pointed out that even at his most reckless he hadn't driven intoxicated. He admitted that he was concerned about Kiki because crawling into a bottle wasn't the answer. Kiki wondered what had happened to the bottle of vodka. Morgan assured her that he had gotten rid of it. Kiki thanked him, but Morgan was curious if she remembered anything about driving. Kiki lied by claiming it was all a blur. After Kiki went to bed, Morgan started to leave, but Franco returned to the apartment.

Franco grabbed Morgan by the shirtfront and angrily accused Morgan and Ava of ruining Kiki's life. Franco insisted that Morgan didn't have the right to drop by whenever he felt like it to ease his own conscience. He warned Morgan to stay away from Kiki, or Morgan would have to answer to him. After Morgan left, Kiki returned to the living room. Franco handed her a doughnut, but she grabbed a pillow, laid her head on his lap, and cried.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu looked at an invitation to the previous evening's Halloween party. She recalled slapping Dante on the piers but shook it off when Olivia entered. Olivia greeted Lulu and explained that she had dropped by the loft to check on Lulu and find out if the party had been a success. Lulu quietly revealed that she had spent the night on the Haunted Star because the evening had ended in disaster when Lulu had found out that Dante had slept with Valerie.

"So, what happens now?" Olivia slowly asked when she recovered from the shock. Lulu admitted that she had no idea because her life was in ruins. Olivia realized that she was the last person Lulu wanted to talk to, but Lulu assured Olivia that Dante and Valerie were at the top of the list. Olivia promised that she wasn't trying to make excuses for Dante and conceded that she didn't know the details of what had happened, but Olivia was certain that Dante loved Lulu and Rocco. Olivia implored Lulu not to make a rash decision when Lulu was hurting. Olivia reiterated that Dante loved Lulu and had wanted to have another baby with her, but Lulu questioned if Dante wanted a family with Lulu and to keep Valerie on the side.

At the hospital, Michael and Sabrina entered Sonny's hospital room. Sonny happily greeted the couple then asked about Jake's bachelor party. Michael admitted that Carly had forced everyone to sing karaoke, but it had been fun. Sonny was curious if Michael knew where Carly was, but Michael had no idea. Michael suggested that perhaps his mother was getting ready for Jake and Elizabeth's wedding. Sonny shifted gears to ask about Sabrina's baby because he wondered if Sabrina had a sense if the baby was a boy or a girl.

Sabrina became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation and quickly excused herself by reminding Michael that she had to help Elizabeth get ready. After Sabrina left, Sonny asked if Michael had proposed marriage to Sabrina. Michael admitted that he had, but she had turned him down because she felt it was too soon. Michael confessed that he agreed, since they had only been dating since late spring. Sonny didn't buy it because Michael would be devoted to the baby.

Sonny admired single parents who did a wonderful job raising children, but Sonny thought it was better for a child to be raised by both parents. Moments later, Olivia walked in and asked to speak to Sonny. Michael offered to leave, but Olivia decided Michael should stay because Michael would hear about what had happened sooner or later. Olivia revealed that Lulu had been publicly humiliated when it had been revealed that Dante had slept with Valerie.

Sonny muttered that he had advised Dante to tell Lulu the truth, but Olivia heard him. She was stunned that Sonny had known about their son's infidelity and demanded to know why he hadn't told her. Sonny explained that he had advised Dante to tell Lulu the truth, but Olivia argued that it had been the worst advice possible. Surprised, Sonny insisted that honesty had been the only way for Dante to save his marriage. Olivia disagreed because some lies were for the best -- like when she had decided not to tell Sonny about Dante.

Olivia insisted that Dante should have kept his secret. Michael excused himself to call Dante while Sonny and Olivia debated when lies were appropriate or not. After Olivia left, Sonny sent Dante a text message asking Dante to call him and assuring his eldest son that he loved him.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth woke up in bed and saw a single red rose on her pillow along with a note that had "Liz" written on it. She picked up the note and read it. It was from Jake explaining that he had been taken, and his captors were demanding that she make chocolate chip pancakes and marry him. Jake added that he wouldn't typically advise her to give in to his "tormentors'" demands, but Jake was hungry and eager for her chocolate chip pancakes. Elizabeth smiled as she climbed out of bed and grabbed her robe.

Elizabeth stopped on the staircase when she saw Jake practicing a surprise wedding speech with Cameron, Aiden, and little Jake. She was moved to tears but quickly wiped them away and entered the dining room. Elizabeth happily greeted Jake and her sons then offered to make them chocolate chip pancakes. Cameron, Aiden, and little Jake were eager to help. Elizabeth sent her sons to the kitchen to get everything ready. Jake kissed her then assured her that he would make the pancakes.

Jake asked how Elizabeth had slept. She admitted that she had missed him and hated that he'd had to spend the night on the sofa, but she didn't want to jinx their wedding. Jake assured her that their wedding day would be perfect. A short time later, Epiphany, Felix and Sabrina arrived with presents for the children to keep the boys busy while Elizabeth got ready for the wedding. Epiphany sent Jake to hang the garment bag with Elizabeth's wedding dress in the bathroom. On the staircase, Jake checked his voicemail and listened to the message from Carly.

In the dining room, Felix and Sabrina gushed that Elizabeth was a lucky woman. Epiphany agreed, but Elizabeth insisted that Sabrina, Epiphany, and Felix each had equally good men in their lives. Epiphany conceded that Milo was wonderful, but it took a special man to marry a woman with three children. Felix took offense at the suggestion that Jake was marrying Elizabeth in spite of the boys because Elizabeth's sons were great kids. Epiphany clarified that she simply meant that it took a special man to marry a woman with children.

Sabrina's smile faded, but no one noticed as Felix assured Elizabeth that her sons sweetened the deal. Later, Jake returned to the dining room, dressed in a black tuxedo. Jake kissed Elizabeth then promised to meet her at the church. After Jake left, he stopped on the porch to call Carly, but the call went to voicemail.

A short time later, Sabrina entered the dining room with the boys. Sabrina announced that it was Epiphany's turn to watch the boys because Sabrina and Felix had to help Elizabeth with the wedding dress. Epiphany sent the boys to the playroom to set up the game station. After Elizabeth and Sabrina went upstairs, Epiphany warned Felix that she expected to be his maid of honor when he and Donny got married because she refused to be passed over again for Patrick Drake.

On Route 31, Carly slowly regained consciousness. She looked around then tried to unsnap her seatbelt, but it was stuck. Carly grabbed her bag and dumped the contents on the passenger seat, looking for her cell phone. She became frustrated when it tumbled just out of reach. Moments later, Jake called. Carly desperately tried to stretch and grab her phone, but the seatbelt restricted her movement. She frantically searched for something to help her and spotted a pair of scissors. However, Jake's call went to voicemail before she could cut herself free, so she stumbled from the car, sat on the ground, and called Jake.

Meanwhile, Jake bumped into Michael at the hospital. Jake explained that he had been looking for Carly, but no one had seen her. Michael suspected his mother was at the salon, getting her hair done. After Michael left, Jake's phone rang. It was Carly.

Across town, Dante entered the loft and called out to Lulu. He was disappointed when no one answered. Dante looked around and spotted his wedding picture. He looked up when he heard a noise in the doorway and was surprised when she saw Valerie. Valerie explained that she was there to talk to Lulu, but Dante doubted Lulu wanted to talk to either of them. Valerie insisted that she had to try because there had been too many things left unsaid between her and her cousin.

Dante suggested that everything had been covered in the video. Valerie regretted ever confiding to Dillon. Dante wasn't surprised when Valerie confirmed that Dillon had intentionally played the recording of her confession. According to Valerie, Dillon had hoped everyone would assume that she had switched the footage for the sizzle reel to avoid getting his hands dirty. Dante admitted that he only had himself to blame.

Valerie disagreed, but Dante pointed out that he had broken his vows to Lulu. Dante apologized to Valerie because he knew that he had hurt her too. Valerie appreciated the acknowledgement, but she blamed herself for ruining everything including the new life she had built for herself in Port Charles. Valerie was certain that she would be kicked out of the police academy because of her indiscretion, but Dante urged her not to give up. Dante put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it, unaware that Lulu had walked in.

Disgusted, Lulu explained that she just needed a few minutes to pack. Dante and Valerie immediately tried to explain what Lulu had walked in on, but Lulu ignored them as she marched to the bedroom to start throwing clothes into a suitcase. Valerie promised that nothing had been going on, but Lulu angrily reminded Valerie that she had heard that before. Valerie insisted that she had stopped by to talk to her cousin, but Lulu wasn't interested in hearing what Valerie had to say.

Valerie promised Lulu that Dante loved Lulu, but Lulu resented Valerie telling her how Lulu's husband felt. Lulu made it clear that if she wanted to talk about Dante then it wouldn't be with his "whore." Valerie agreed to give Lulu a pass on the insult because Lulu was hurting, but Valerie refused to continue to apologize. Valerie argued that Lulu had not been blameless because Lulu hadn't trusted Dante enough to be honest about what had been going on with Lucky.

Valerie pointed out that she, Lulu, and Dante had all made poor choices, so Lulu could continue to be miserable or acknowledge her part in what had happened and figure out a way to forgive Dante. Lulu was furious that Valerie expected Lulu to forgive Dante for cheating. Valerie argued that Lulu's choices would affect both Dante and Rocco, but Lulu resented Valerie putting everything on Lulu. Dante decided to intervene by asking Valerie to give him privacy to talk to Lulu. Lulu snidely informed Valerie that Valerie could return in ten minutes because Lulu would be gone.

Valerie reminded Lulu that Lulu had a man who would lay his life down for Lulu. Valerie questioned what was more important to Lulu -- Lulu's pride or Lulu's family. After Valerie left, Lulu continued to pack. Dante started to explain how Valerie had ended up in the loft, but Lulu was tired of listening to Dante's excuses. Dante begged her to stop packing and give them a chance to talk things out, but Lulu refused. Dante switched tactics by suggesting that Lulu stay at the loft while he found somewhere to stay.

Lulu refused to spend another night in the loft where he had slept with Valerie because it felt like the "scene of the crime" to her. Dante asked where Lulu intended to go. She told him that she might go to the Haunted Star or to Wyndemere, but she made it clear that she would be taking their son. A few minutes later, Dante handed her Rocco's stuffed bear and some family photographs, but Lulu only took the stuffed bear and left.

At the Haunted Star, Valerie entered the salon. Tears filled her eyes as she recalled sleeping with Dante. She sat down on a step and cried.

Laura begs Elizabeth to be honest with Jake

Laura begs Elizabeth to be honest with Jake

Thursday, November 5, 2015

At the Floating Rib, Ava attempted to book two one-way tickets to Hong Kong, but Scott snatched the phone out of her hand and ended the call. He explained that fleeing the country wouldn't solve her custody issues, but Ava disagreed. Scott conceded that China didn't have an extradition treaty with the United States, but the government would not support a "baby thief." Ava argued that she had custody of Avery, but Scott urged Ava to stay and fight.

Scott insisted that he would do whatever was necessary to thwart Sonny's efforts to manipulate the legal system, but Ava didn't trust Scott to succeed. Scott reminded her that they had Julian on their side, but Ava pointed out that her brother had an arrest record a mile long. Scott advised Ava to consider working out a custody arrangement with Sonny, but she refused to crawl to Sonny and beg for a compromise. Scott insisted that they needed to strike while the iron was hot, but Ava didn't negotiate with "thugs" and refused to allow Carly near Avery.

Moments later, Scott received a phone call notifying him that the custody hearing had been moved up for later that day. After he ended the call and told Ava, she realized that Sonny had been behind the unexpected change.

In Sonny's hospital room, Sonny asked if Patrick thought that Sonny would be back on his feet soon. Patrick was pleased that Sonny had hired a private physical therapist to work with in conjunction with the occupational therapists at the hospital, but he warned Sonny that it would take time. Sonny insisted that he felt stronger, which Patrick promised was an encouraging sign. Sonny wondered if Patrick had ever known Sonny not to get what he wanted, but Sam entered the room before Patrick could reply. Sonny immediately complimented Sam on the flattering blue dress and commented that Sam's boyfriend was a lucky man.

Sam flashed her engagement ring as she announced that she and Patrick were engaged. Sonny congratulated the couple on the happy news and continued to shower Sam with compliments by asking if it was a breach of etiquette to upstage the bride. Sam smiled because she was certain that Carly would outshine her at Jake and Elizabeth's wedding. Sonny regretted that he couldn't attend the wedding, since Jake had saved Sonny's life.

Meanwhile, Jake stood in the hallway and became frustrated when his call with Carly suddenly dropped. He repeatedly called out to Carly as Sam exited Sonny's hospital room. Concerned, Sam approached Jake to ask if everything was okay. He explained that he had been on the phone with Carly when the line had gone dead. Seconds later, Ric walked by. Ric noticed Sam's dazzling blue dress and stopped to compliment her then congratulate Jake on marrying Elizabeth.

After Ric entered Sonny's hospital room, Sam advised Jake not to let Ric get to him because Ric was obsessed with Elizabeth and jealous. Jake nodded, but conceded that Ric had been right about Sam's dress. Sam smiled, but Jake excused himself to call Carly. Jake's anxiety mounted when the call when to voicemail because he couldn't understand why Carly would continue to ignore his calls when she had left him an urgent message. Sam was confident everything was fine and Carly was wrapped up in last-minute wedding preparations.

Patrick walked up to greet Sam with a kiss. Sam told him that she had dropped off his suit at the nurses' station, prompting Patrick to excuse himself to change. When Jake continued to express concern about Carly, Sam suggested they talk to Sonny because Sonny could mobilize his men to search for Carly. Seconds later, Ava rushed past them and barged into Sonny's hospital room. Jake decided that Sonny had enough to deal with.

Sam made a quick phone call to Anna to ask for help. Anna agreed to have her friends at the National Security Agency check Carly's cell phone records. A few minutes later, Sam received a text message revealing that Carly's cell phone was off, but it had last pinged off a tower near Route 31. Jake decided to begin his search there but promised Sam that he would make it to the church on time.

In Sonny's hospital room, Ric told Sonny that Kiki's name had been noticeably absent from Ava's witness list, which Ric was certain would work to their advantage during the custody hearing. Sonny wanted to move up the hearing before Ava had a chance to manipulate Kiki into testifying on Ava's behalf. Ric agreed that it would be for the best, but he warned Sonny that Ava might try to claim that she could offer Avery a more nurturing environment as Avery's mother.

Sonny argued that Carly was a far better mother than Ava, who had repeatedly used Avery as a shield. Ric promised that he had a way to stack the deck against Ava and made a phone call. Sonny listened intently as Ric persuaded the judge to move up the hearing. Sonny was impressed, but Ric explained that it had helped that the governor was Sonny's ally and that Ric's last act as district attorney had been to dismiss the marijuana possession charges against the governor's daughter.

A short time later, Ava barged into Sonny's room and accused him of being a "sorry son of a bitch" because he and his "boot-licking flunky" had manipulated the judge to move up the custody hearing. Sonny remained calm as he goaded Ava by assuring her that the judge would rule in Sonny's favor, but Ava vowed that it would only happen over her dead body. "Now we're talking," Sonny replied with a sneer. Sonny and Ava continued to trade heated words until Sonny hit a nerve by promising that Carly would be the only mother Avery ever knew.

Infuriated, Ava lunged at Sonny, but Ric quickly stepped in to hold Ava back. Ric called for Aldo to escort Ava out, but Scott showed up. Ric insisted that Ava had been out of control, but Ava warned Sonny that she would never allow Carly to raise Avery. Sonny argued that if Ava had a maternal bone in her body then she would waive all rights to Avery because Carly was a better mother than Ava. Ava screeched that she would never do that, but Sonny warned Ava that she would lose in court because Ava was unable to put Avery's needs first.

After Scott dragged Ava out, Sonny confessed that he wished the judge had seen Ava's outburst. Ric agreed that it would have helped their case, but he warned Sonny that Scott wasn't the buffoon that Sonny assumed and that Ava would not go down without a fight. Sonny wasn't concerned because he had his family's support. Ric was curious where Carly was because he had hoped to prepare her for the court hearing, but Sonny explained that Carly was busy with Jake and Elizabeth's wedding.

In the hallway, Scott warned Ava that she shouldn't have confronted Sonny. Ava appreciated Scott's desire to help her, but she felt that Scott was out of his league. Ava insisted that she needed someone who was a real match for Sonny.

At Wyndemere, Laura helped straighten Nikolas' bow tie, but he was curious if she intended to keep giving him the silent treatment. Laura explained that she had said all she had to say on the matter of Jake and Elizabeth's wedding. Nikolas tried to persuade Laura to attend the wedding, but she refused because she didn't approve of what Elizabeth was doing. Laura explained that staying away from the wedding was her gift to Elizabeth because Laura might be tempted to warn Jake that his marriage had been built on a lie.

"Well, doesn't that sound juicy?" Hayden remarked as she appeared in the doorway. Hayden admitted that she had always thought something had been off with Jake and Elizabeth, but Nikolas explained that Hayden had taken his mother's comments out of context. According to Nikolas, Laura believed that Elizabeth and Lucky were meant to be together, but Elizabeth refused to see it. Hayden apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion because she had thought that Nikolas and Laura had been referring to Jake's "missing" years. Hayden added that Jake's past might include a child and wife.

"Like you?" Nikolas asked. Hayden acknowledged that she had been a fraud but added that Jake clearly had questions because he had recently broken into Nikolas' home, looking for answers. After Hayden left to get ready for the wedding, Laura asked why Nikolas hadn't told her about Jake's latest efforts to unlock the mystery of his past. Nikolas claimed that it didn't matter, but Laura disagreed.

Later, Laura announced that she was headed out. Concerned, Nikolas asked where she was going. Laura refused to explain, but Nikolas reminded her that she had promised both Elizabeth and Nikolas that she would not tell Jake the truth about Jake's real identity. Laura assured Nikolas that she wouldn't, but she advised him to keep a close eye on Hayden because Laura didn't trust Hayden. Nikolas was confident that he had everything under control, but he wanted to know what his mother was up to. Laura cryptically explained that she had to do something that she should have done months before, and she left.

Nikolas called Elizabeth and left her a voicemail message warning her that she might be in for a surprise. He ended the call when Hayden appeared in the doorway. Hayden confessed that she hated surprises; she thought people should always tell the truth. Nikolas debated putting a bell on Hayden if she continued to skulk, but Hayden shifted gears because she was disappointed that he hadn't complimented her black cocktail dress. Nikolas conceded that she looked "extraordinary." Pleased, Hayden asked him to zip up the back of the dress.

Hayden confessed that she was happy that Nikolas had decided to take her to the wedding, but he reminded her that Jake hadn't been happy about it. Hayden disagreed; she insisted that Nikolas had been the unwanted guest. Hayden claimed that she just wanted to tag along to drink Champagne, dance, and have a good time. Nikolas confessed that he was concerned about her definition of what a good time was. Hayden's eyes rounded with feigned innocence as she asked if he thought that she would make a scene at the wedding.

Nikolas assured Hayden that he wouldn't have invited her to the wedding if he didn't trust her to behave, but Hayden suspected that he had simply wanted to keep an eye on her. Nikolas was curious why he would need to do that, but Hayden smiled sweetly and suggested that he liked her company. Nikolas admitted that it was a mystery to him why he did, but Hayden hated mysteries because she always knew how they ended within the first chapter. She was equally confident that she knew how the wedding would turn out.

At the Webber residence, Epiphany put the finishing touches on Elizabeth's hair as Michael arrived. Before everyone headed to the church, Felix, Sabrina, and Epiphany decided to give Elizabeth her special gifts for her wedding day. Felix presented Elizabeth with a pair of shoes from the Cartullo blue collection while Sabrina surprised the bride with a pair of monogrammed Champagne flutes for Jake and Elizabeth's first toast as husband and wife. Next, Epiphany lent Elizabeth something old -- a beaded purse Epiphany's mother had given Epiphany for Epiphany's wedding day. Epiphany instructed Elizabeth to put all her troubles and worries in the purse, leave it in the dressing room, and carry the bouquet to the altar, which would represent good tidings and hope for a happy future.

Elizabeth was deeply touched by the special gifts and expressed her gratitude for such wonderful friends. Later, Elizabeth rushed to the door, expecting Patrick when she heard a knock. It was Laura. Elizabeth nervously explained that they were about to leave for the church, but Laura insisted on speaking to Elizabeth. Laura pushed past Elizabeth as Elizabeth glanced around to make certain that everyone was busy elsewhere in the house.

Laura insisted that it wasn't too late for Elizabeth to tell Jake the truth because he was still searching for answers. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as she begged Laura not to say anything. Laura explained that Jake needed to hear the truth from Elizabeth, but Elizabeth feared that she would lose Jake. Laura disagreed because Jake had been drawn to Elizabeth from the onset, and he and Elizabeth had a very real connection. Laura begged Elizabeth to be honest because it was the right thing to do. Laura promised that she loved Elizabeth, but she feared that Elizabeth would get hurt if Jake heard the truth from someone else.

Elizabeth argued that no one else knew besides Laura and Nikolas. Moments later, Patrick arrived. Michael, Sabrina, Epiphany, Felix, Aiden, and little Jake soon joined Patrick, Elizabeth, and Laura in the living room. Elizabeth remained uneasy as Aiden and little Jake tried to persuade Laura to attend the wedding, but Laura explained that she had to watch Spencer. Laura claimed that she had simply stopped by to see how handsome her grandsons looked in their suits and to let Elizabeth know that she loved her. "I really do," Laura whispered as she hugged Elizabeth. Elizabeth fidgeted as Laura silently urged Elizabeth to consider what Laura had said, but in the end, Elizabeth followed the wedding party out the door.

At the church, Cameron, little Jake, and Aiden scampered off to play as Sabrina confessed that she was exhausted. Michael was confident that their baby would be different and completely angelic. Meanwhile, Epiphany and Felix took Elizabeth's wedding dress to the dressing room. Elizabeth lingered behind to thank Patrick for being her friend. Patrick was touched that she had asked him to be her "man of honor." He promised to have her back no matter what happened.

Meanwhile, Michael was concerned because he hadn't noticed Jake's car in the parking lot. Sabrina suggested that perhaps Carly had dropped Jake off, but Michael was skeptical because he hadn't heard from or seen his mother. Sabrina was confident that Jake and Carly were together.

A short time later, Sam arrived. Patrick greeted her with a kiss then suggested that they set their own wedding date after Jake and Elizabeth's nuptials. Sam happily agreed. Her smile faded when Nikolas and Hayden entered the church. Sam was surprised that Nikolas and Hayden had decided to attend the wedding, but Nikolas hoped they could all be civil for Elizabeth's sake. Hayden excused herself to sign the guest book while Patrick questioned if Nikolas enjoyed being the man that Nikolas had become.

Patrick reminded Nikolas that Nikolas had once been one of the good guys, but Sam became distracted when she noticed that Hayden had disappeared. Nikolas excused himself when Laura called. Laura was disappointed when Nikolas revealed that everyone was at the church and the wedding would proceed as planned.

In the dressing room, Felix and Epiphany were awed by how stunning Elizabeth looked in her wedding gown. Epiphany became emotional, so Felix decided to whisk her away to pull herself together before the wedding. Elizabeth primped in the mirror but tensed when Hayden suddenly appeared in the doorway. Hayden congratulated Elizabeth, but Elizabeth wasn't in the mood to deal with Hayden and told Hayden to leave. Hayden smirked as she admitted that she wouldn't miss the wedding for the world.

On Route 31, Carly became frustrated when she stumbled and dropped her phone into a puddle while she was on the phone with Jake. Carly fished it out of the water and tried to call Jake again, but she tripped on some branches and hit her head on a rock, which knocked her out. A short time later, Jake found Carly. She slowly regained consciousness and referred to him as "Jason."

Carly shows Jake proof that he's Jason

Carly shows Jake proof that he's Jason

Friday, November 6, 2015

Anna approached the nurses' station and greeted Kevin. She was curious if she was early for their appointment, but he assured her that she was on time. However, he revealed that he had decided to refer her to a new colleague who would be better suited to help her. Anna objected, but Kevin explained that Anna needed someone objective and promised that Dr. Maddox was the best in the field. Anna continued to have reservations as they arrived at the doctor's office. Dr. Maddox stepped out of his office to meet his new patient and invited Anna to call him Andre.

Sensing Anna's reluctance, Andre suggested that Anna try one therapy session, since she already had the appointment. Anna agreed, but it was clear that she was uncomfortable as she entered the office. Andre gently invited Anna to tell him why she had reached out to Kevin for help. She explained that the man she loved had been murdered in May, and she'd been having trouble sleeping since returning to town. Anna added that she'd also seen things out of the corner of her eye that she knew couldn't be real.

Andre questioned Anna about the hallucinations until she revealed that she'd been catching glimpses of the man who had killed Duke. Anna became defensive when Andre suggested that perhaps she had been seeing Carlos out of a sense of guilt. Anna recalled Paul telling her that he had covered up her role in Carlos' murder, but she pushed the memory away and conceded that she felt responsible for not being able to save Duke. Anna regretted that she had lost sight of what had been important because she had been focused on being the police commissioner, but Andre wondered if that had been the root of her guilt.

Anna insisted that if she had done one thing different then the outcome would have changed. She blinked back tears, straightened her back with resolve, and thanked Andre for his help. She decided she could handle things on her own, but she wanted a refill of the antianxiety medication to help her sleep. Andre refused to give her the medication unless she continued the sessions. Anna assured him that it wasn't necessary and left.

In the hallway, Kevin saw Anna leave Andre's office and asked about the session. Anna accused Andre of being too arrogant to be of help. After Anna left, Andre appeared in the doorway. Kevin revealed that Andre had made quite an impression on Anna. Andre realized Anna despised him, but it had been a good start, and he was confident that she would return.

Meanwhile, Ava entered Paul's office with a gift. It was a painting by his favorite artist. Surprised, Paul wondered if it had anything to do with the kiss they had shared. Ava attributed the kiss to a "misguided impulse" made in the heat of the moment. Paul smiled as he admitted that he recalled quite a bit of "heat" between them during the kiss. Ava shifted gears to explain that she refused to do business with Tracy, but Ava had wanted to gift him with the painting.

Paul was curious what Ava wanted in exchange for the painting. Ava admitted that she could use his influence to help her secure custody of her daughter because the hearing had been moved up to later that afternoon. Paul was surprised and wondered how Sonny had managed it. Ava scowled as she revealed that Sonny had friends in high places, including the governor. Paul informed Ava that as much as he would like to help her, he couldn't afford for the governor to link him to Ava.

Ava was outraged, but Paul reminded Ava that she was a murderer who would be in jail if she hadn't agreed to work for Paul. Paul warned her that he wouldn't hesitate to send her to jail if she'd had a change of heart. Ava backed down, but she was frustrated because Paul had promised to help her. Paul assured Ava that he could still help and advised her to exploit Sonny's weaknesses. Ava smiled with satisfaction because it was a brilliant plan. She agreed that he could keep the painting.

Pleased, Paul pulled Ava into a heated kiss. They stumbled to the desk, unaware that Anna stood in the hallway and eavesdropped through a crack in the door.

At the hospital, Ric and Sonny discussed the upcoming custody hearing until Lucas poked his head into Sonny's room to give Sonny medical authorization to attend the court hearing. Lucas realized that Patrick might not approve, but Lucas knew it was important to Sonny and Carly. Sonny was curious if Lucas knew where Carly was, but Lucas shook his head. After Lucas left, Ric questioned Carly's lack of support, but Sonny defended Carly by insisting that she had needed a distraction from everything, which Jake and Elizabeth's wedding had provided.

Sonny promised that he was fine with Carly attending the wedding, but he conceded that he would need his wife at the custody hearing. Sonny called Carly, but the call went to voicemail. Sonny gave Carly an update about the court hearing and added that he needed her to meet him at the courthouse after the wedding ceremony.

At All Saints Church, Felix asked Cameron, little Jake, and Aiden what they were doing. Aiden replied that they were signing the guest book. Felix smiled indulgently then asked Aiden to hand over the pen. Cameron was curious when the wedding would start. Felix explained that weddings couldn't be rushed then called to Epiphany for help. Epiphany stepped forward to take the boys outside to burn off energy with a game of hide-and-seek. Michael and Sabrina smiled as they watched the boys run out of the church.

Michael was amazed by how much energy the boys had. Sabrina agreed, but she wondered if the boys understood what Elizabeth's wedding to Jake would mean to them. Michael was certain that the boys realized they were getting a father. Michael admitted that his and Sabrina's baby would be lucky because it would have both parents when it was born. Sabrina smiled uncomfortably, and Nikolas walked up looking for Hayden. Michael was surprised that Nikolas had invited Hayden to the wedding, but Nikolas insisted that it was none of Michael's business.

Michael suggested that they add it to the list of Nikolas' other transgressions along with "rudeness, theft, and lies." Annoyed, Nikolas walked away. A short time later, Sonny called Michael, looking for Carly. Michael revealed that Carly and Jake hadn't arrived at the church yet. Sonny explained that he needed Michael and Carly at the custody hearing, which had been moved up. Sonny hated asking Michael to leave before the wedding, but Sonny needed Michael to pick up a suit for Sonny to wear to the hearing.

Michael promised to take care of everything and ended the call. He filled Sabrina in about the custody hearing and asked her to pass along the message to Carly when his mother arrived. Sabrina agreed then kissed Michael goodbye.

At the hospital, Sonny called Morgan to let Morgan know about the custody hearing. After Sonny ended the call, Ric admitted that he was nervous about Morgan testifying because Morgan tended to be volatile. Sonny was confident that Morgan would do whatever was necessary to help Sonny win back custody of Avery. Sonny admitted that -- ironically -- he had never wanted children because of Sonny's abusive childhood with Deke. However, the experience had made Sonny far more protective of his children.

Sonny vowed that he would kill anyone who hurt one of his children. Moments later, Michael arrived with Sonny's suit. Sonny smiled as he revealed that he had been telling Ric what Sonny's kids meant to him. After Sonny changed into the suit, Ric and Michael offered Sonny words of encouragement. Sonny remained uneasy because he hadn't heard from Carly. Sonny decided to call her, but the call once again went to voicemail.

Sonny was tempted to go to All Saints Church to pick Carly up, but Ric warned Sonny that they couldn't risk being late after they had called in a favor to have the hearing moved up. Sonny conceded that Ric was right, but he was confident that Carly wouldn't let him down by missing the court hearing.

In the dressing room, Hayden promised not to take up much of Elizabeth's time. Elizabeth asked what Hayden wanted, but Hayden was certain that Elizabeth already knew. Elizabeth wasn't in the mood for Hayden's games and invited Hayden to speak her mind. Hayden claimed that she hoped to make a fresh start with Elizabeth and wished Elizabeth good luck with the wedding. Elizabeth thanked Hayden, but Hayden noticed that Elizabeth seemed tense.

Moments later, Nikolas knocked on the door. He wasn't surprised when he saw Hayden, but he was curious what she was doing in the dressing room. Hayden cheerily announced that she and Elizabeth had been having a "bonding" moment, but Nikolas appeared skeptical and asked to speak to Elizabeth privately. After Hayden left, Elizabeth wondered why Nikolas had invited Hayden to the wedding. Nikolas admitted that he hadn't wanted to sit alone.

Elizabeth smiled lovingly at Nikolas as she thanked him for being a good friend to her by giving her a chance at a future with the man she loved. Nikolas returned the smile, but it didn't quite reach his eyes as he told her that he was glad that he could help because Elizabeth deserved to be happy. Elizabeth doubted many would agree, but Nikolas didn't care what others thought. Elizabeth feared that Emily would hate what they had done, but Nikolas disagreed because Elizabeth had been Emily's best friend, and Emily would have wanted Elizabeth to be happy.

Nikolas acknowledged that Elizabeth would never have had a chance at a life with the old Jason, but he was confident that she could with the man Jason had become. Nikolas doubted that Emily would judge Elizabeth. Touched, Elizabeth hugged Nikolas as he told her that she had the life she had wanted in front of her. He urged her to enjoy every minute of it.

Meanwhile, Sam told Patrick that she had been thinking about their wedding. She confessed that she wanted something less formal, like a garden wedding, but she didn't want to wait until summer to get married. Patrick admitted that he wouldn't mind a winter wedding. Sam grinned because it sounded perfect. Sam excused herself to call Monica and check on Danny, while Patrick spotted Sabrina and decided to say hello.

Patrick was stunned when he realized that Sabrina was pregnant. Sabrina's smile faded because she suspected that he had been thinking of their son, Gabriel. Patrick admitted that he tried to honor their son by living the best life possible. He wished Sabrina, Michael, and the baby well then walked away, unaware that Felix had overheard the exchange.

Moments later, Hayden bumped into Patrick. After they exchanged greetings, Patrick asked about Hayden's recovery. Hayden revealed that she had been seeing Kevin, but her memory had slowly begun to return. Sam, standing in the doorway, was immediately intrigued and asked if Hayden recalled who Jake really was. "You never know," Hayden cryptically replied then joined Nikolas to take a seat in one of the pews.

A short time later, Cameron, little Jake, and Aiden heard the music and assumed it was time for the wedding to start. They ran to the dressing room to collect their mother and dragged her to the church entrance. Elizabeth laughingly asked Patrick if they were ready to start, but Patrick and Sam revealed that Jake hadn't arrived yet. Elizabeth immediately became concerned, but Sabrina quickly interjected that Avery's custody hearing had been moved up. Sabrina suggested that perhaps Jake had dropped Carly off at the courthouse. Epiphany enlisted Sabrina and Felix's help to take the boys for some ice cream while they waited for Jake to arrive.

After the boys left, Sam assured Elizabeth that Sam had sent Jake a text message. Moments later, Sam announced that Jake had replied to let her know that he was on his way to the church. Elizabeth relaxed and decided to let her guests know that the wedding would be delayed a bit.

On Route 31, Jake was taken aback when Carly sat up in a daze and referred to him as Jason. Jake decided to call for an ambulance because he could see the injuries to Carly's head, but Carly assured him that she knew he was Jason. Jake insisted that Jason was dead and urged her to accept it, but Carly argued that she had proof. She told him about Spinelli's software program and showed him the picture of Jason's face morphing into Jake's on the laptop. Jake admitted that it was unsettling, but he insisted that it wasn't proof. Carly revealed that she had a DNA test in the car to confirm that he was Jason.

Jake retrieved the piece of paper and read the results that concluded that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan. Jake remained in denial, but Carly pointed out that everything matched, including his height, physique, blond hair, and blue eyes. Jake argued that it wasn't possible because he had been walking around Jason's life for a year, and nothing had sparked his memory or felt familiar. Carly disagreed because Elizabeth had "latched" onto Jason, Sam had wanted to help him instead of pressing charges, and Carly had instinctively trusted Jason.

Carly added that Jake, like Jason, had had previous brain surgery, an uncanny skill with a gun, and he was capable of slamming a man to a table in a single move. Jake adamantly insisted that she was wrong, but she reminded him that he could run additional DNA tests with both Danny and Jake to prove that they were his biological sons. Jake suddenly realized the truth of what Carly was saying, but he explained that he couldn't remember any of it. He had no idea what he should do. Carly suggested that he start by calling off his wedding to Elizabeth because he was still legally married to Sam.

At All Saints Church, Elizabeth addressed her guests to explain that Jake was running late. She promised that the wedding would start when he arrived. "He's here," Hayden said as she looked at the entrance. Jake stood in the doorway with a grim expression as Carly hovered behind him.

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