General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 31, 2015 on GH

Madeline was revealed to be Silas' killer. Franco told Kiki about Ava and Morgan's affair. Morgan agreed to talk to Kevin. Anna returned to town. Sam tried to blackmail Nikolas. Sonny was shot.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 31, 2015 on GH
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Maxie listed all the perks that Lulu could benefit from if she starred in Dillon's movie. Lulu wondered why Maxie wouldn't want to do it. She grabbed a script and held it out to Maxie as a challenge. As Maxie tried to argue, Lulu asked, "What do you have to lose?" Maxie begrudgingly grabbed the script and started to read. Taking Dillon aside, Lulu informed him that the only way to get Maxie to back off from her so-called "great ideas" was for Lulu to "turn the tables" on Maxie.

A short while later, Maxie told Dillon that his script was good, a little "heavy," but also relatable. The two sat at a table to begin Maxie's audition. Lulu watched as Maxie gave a convincing performance. When it was over, Maxie wondered how "terrible" she'd been. Dillon excitedly proclaimed that she was "perfect" for the role and immediately offered it to her if she wanted it.

A dissatisfied Lulu reminded Maxie and Dillon that the director and lead actress had to work together closely, and the two had never really liked each other. She warned that Maxie couldn't be replaced "halfway through" if she suddenly decided that she didn't want to do the movie. Maxie promised to "give it my all" if he casted her. Dillon asked for a "reference" from Lulu, who "of course" gave one. Dillon officially gave Maxie the role, and the three shared an enthusiastic group hug.

Carly was worried that Morgan thought his relationship with Kiki would "fix everything." Sonny understood why Morgan needed someone to hold on to. Carly wondered what would happen if Kiki found out about Morgan's affair. Sonny reasoned that Kiki wouldn't find out, since, besides them, only Silas and Ava knew.

Later, T.J. returned home. He informed Sonny that he'd just gotten off the phone with Molly, who had reason to believe that Ric was in police custody in connection with Silas' murder. Sonny immediately got ready to go to the police station as he remembered that Ric and Silas hadn't even known each other. Carly reminded him that they'd both been married to Nina. Carly was eager for Sonny to "unload" Ric and hire Diane back. Sonny vowed to talk to Jordan to figure out what was going on, and he left.

T.J. apologized to Carly for the interruption because Sonny and Carly's wedding was the next day. He also apologized for mentioning a "sore subject." Carly informed T.J. that she and Sonny disagreed on many things, most of all Ric. She explained that she believed Ric was a "permanently damaged psycho," but he was also Sonny's brother. T.J. admired Sonny wanting to protect his brother, but he didn't think Sonny would get very far with Jordan, who was not fond of Sonny.

Kiki entered Silas' apartment and picked up a picture of her and her father. She knew that Silas had wanted to tell her about Morgan and Ava. "I need you so much," she said, hugging the picture. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Kiki answered it to Morgan. He went to hug her, but she backed right out of his open arms. He could see that something was wrong and urged her to tell him so he could fix it. She stated that she was in Silas' apartment for the first time since he'd died. "This is where I lost everything," she said.

Morgan assured Kiki that she still had him. He offered for her to stay at Carly's with him, but she needed to stay where she and her father had turned into family. She remembered it was also the place where Morgan had convinced her to give him a second chance. He was grateful that he'd eventually won her over. "Too bad it was all one big lie," she spat.

Kiki informed a shocked Morgan that she knew about him and Ava. He denied it and wondered where she'd heard the "insane" story. She only said that she'd heard it from a cell in the police station. Morgan yelled that Ava was a "liar" since she'd said that she wouldn't tell Kiki. Kiki clarified that Franco had told her, and "now so did you."

Kiki screamed at herself for being an "idiot" and at Morgan for betraying her. He tried to justify what had happened between him and Ava, but Kiki told him that nothing mattered other than the fact that he'd cheated on her. She opened the door and ordered him to leave. "I never want to see you again," she told him. He begged her not to throw their relationship away over one "stupid mistake." He got down on his knees, took her hand, and told her that he could still make her happy. She wondered how she would be able to trust him again.

Morgan vowed to spend the rest of his life making it up to Kiki if she gave him another chance. Kiki grabbed her hand away from him as he swore that they could fix things between them. "There's nothing left to fix! You made sure of that," she accused. "I love you, though. Nothing's going to change that," he said, and he finally left. Kiki hugged the picture of her and Silas to her chest.

Jordan informed Dante and Nathan that Mayor Lomax was unhappy with their lack of progress in the case of Silas' murder. Nathan promised that Ric would lead them right to Silas' killer. Jordan hoped that catching the killer would get the mayor to back off for a while. Jordan still wanted an explanation as to how they'd convinced Ric to help them. Nathan replied that he'd seen the signature page in Nina's documents and "put the pieces together.

Nathan had given Ric the document and demanded to know how Silas had signed the document on the same day as his death. Ric swore that he'd never seen the page before and that it hadn't been included in the document that he'd prepared because he'd had no idea that Silas' signature would be necessary. "Someone knew," Nathan had said. "Madeline," Ric answered immediately. Nathan had accused Ric of teaming up with Madeline to steal Nina's money but told Ric he was lucky, since Nathan wanted to "nail her more." He said that Ric could go free if he could "give us Madeline."

Jordan wondered when Nathan had realized that Madeline had killed Silas. Nathan explained that Silas' signature on the page of Nina's documents didn't match Silas' signature on the log at Julian's apartment building. He retrieved Silas' case file from his drawer and compared both signatures to the signature on the prescription that Madeline had forged for Nina twenty years before. It matched Madeline's forged signature. She instructed Nathan and Dante that they needed Madeline "dead to rights" so that she couldn't "wiggle out of" another murder charge. Nathan thought that if anyone could get Madeline to talk, it was Ric, because he knew what was "on the line."

Later, Jordan gave Mayor Lomax some updates over the phone. She expressed how proud she was of her team and suggested that the police force wasn't as incompetent as the mayor had believed. She hung up the phone just as Sonny entered. He asked to see Ric, but Jordan informed him that he was "behind the curve." She explained that Ric was wearing a wire in order to expose the real killer.

Ric informed Madeline that he was going to tell Nina that he'd get the charges against her and Franco dropped in exchange for her signature. Before he did that, he wondered how Madeline had gotten Silas' signature. Madeline remembered knocking on Silas' door, and he'd demanded to know what she'd wanted. Ric remembered Madeline telling him that their only hurdle to jump was getting Nina into Shadybrook, but she'd kept from him the fact that they needed Silas' signature, since Nina had obtained her inheritance while still married to Silas. "I took care of it," Madeline stated. He reminded her that the signature placed Madeline in Silas' apartment on the night that he had been murdered.

At Silas' apartment, Madeline had told him that, if he signed the papers she had, he would never have to see her again. "Tempting," he said, grabbing the papers out of her hand. He read the papers and realized that it was the same thing he'd signed over a year before. Madeline had explained that there had been a "legal hitch," so the papers had been declared invalid. He'd said that though he'd thought he would never say it, he'd realized that Franco was right, and Madeline and Ric were after Nina's money. He'd thrown the papers back at her and threatened to call Nina to tell her what was going on.

Madeline had informed Silas that Nina had voluntarily committed herself after frequently hallucinating baby cries. She'd solemnly continued that Nina had kidnapped Avery. "She didn't take Avery. I did," he'd spat. She'd told him that he could face jail time and losing his medical license for the crime. He'd said that he was going to turn himself in after telling Nina the truth. "I won't let her rot in Shadybrook for something I did," he'd said. "As for the signature, you can have that over my dead body," he'd added. "If you say so," Madeline had said as she'd grabbed a knife and walked toward Silas.

Madeline claimed that she'd only blackmailed Silas, but Ric didn't believe it. Madeline remembered how she'd stabbed Silas in the back and blamed it on him for not signing the papers. She'd figured she would just forge his signature like she had twenty years before on Nina's prescription. "Goodbye, Silas," Madeline had said unemotionally as Silas had fallen on the floor. "I wish I could say it was nice knowing you, but it's wasn't," she'd finished.

Ric wondered how Madeline had "really" gotten Silas' signature. He reminded her that, while he had an alibi for the time of the killing, she did not. He told her that, after Franco's botched trial, the forensics team would scour over all of the evidence again. He knew that she'd had means, motive, and opportunity, and he demanded that she tell him everything that had happened so that he could help her avoid prison. "I killed the son of a bitch!" she blurted out. She added that she'd had no other choice.

Ric wondered if Madeline had been in the apartment when Nina had arrived. She explained that she'd heard Nina outside and had hidden. When Franco had arrived and started to clean up, she'd slipped out without anyone knowing. He called Madeline "brilliant," and she agreed, because no one knew any better. "But now they do," Ric declared. He took off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and pulled the small microphone off of his chest. "Game over, Madeline," he said right into it.

"You wouldn't," Madeline dared Ric. He'd known that she would betray him sooner or later. Madeline lunged at Ric and tried to get the wire from him, but Nathan and Dante burst into the room. Playing innocent, Madeline appealed to Nathan and told him that Ric had forced her to say "ridiculous things." Nathan instructed her to be quiet as he read her her rights and handcuffed her.

Kiki confronts Ava about the affair

Kiki confronts Ava about the affair

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Carly held Avery in her arms as she gently talked to the teething baby about the wedding, which was scheduled for the following day. Sonny arrived home but stopped in the doorway to smile because he enjoyed watching Carly with their daughter. Carly beamed with happiness, but she quickly shifted gears to ask about Sonny's trip to the police station. Sonny explained that Ric had been released because the real killer had been caught.

Sonny filled Carly in about Madeline's plot to steal Nina's fortune and Silas' refusal to sign the documents relinquishing Silas' claim on the money. Stunned, Carly recalled talking to Madeline days earlier about the challenges of having a child with a mental illness. She admitted that Madeline had given her insight into Morgan's situation, which was why Carly was desperate to get Morgan some help. Sonny reminded her that Morgan wasn't ready to listen, but Carly suggested that they ask Michael to intervene. Sonny was uncomfortable with the idea of involving Michael, but Carly admitted that she had already told Michael about the possibility that Morgan had bipolar disorder.

Sonny wasn't pleased, but he appreciated that Carly had talked to Michael because Michael and Morgan were brothers who had recently made peace with one another. Sonny was disappointed that the same couldn't be said for Sonny and Michael, even after Michael had returned Avery to Sonny. Carly urged Sonny to give it time because Michael was as stubborn as Sonny and held onto his anger. Sonny was curious if Michael had made a decision about the wedding, but Carly shook her head. However, she reminded him that there was still time for Michael to have a change of heart.

Sonny assured Carly that it was fine because he felt like the luckiest man in the world to marry her, since she had always been there for him. Sonny became choked up as he confessed that Carly made him a better person and was the perfect wife for him. Tears of joy swam in her eyes as she reached for his hand.

A short time later, Carly announced that Sonny had the magic touch because he never had trouble putting Avery to sleep. Sonny smiled with promise as he reached for Carly to kiss her, but she quickly put the brakes on it because she had to get home. Confused, Sonny asked why, so she reminded him that it was bad luck for the bride and groom to spend the night together on the eve of their wedding. Carly suggested that Sonny use the time to work on his wedding vows then she dashed out the door before he could stop her.

On the Haunted Star, Morgan complained to the bartender about the quantity of the "double shot" of alcohol Morgan had been given because it hadn't been enough. The bartender snidely reminded Morgan that it was the same amount that Morgan served -- when Morgan bothered to show up for work. Morgan's temper flared as he threatened to withhold a tip, but Michael suddenly appeared to slap down some cash on the bar. Michael asked for a large bottle of sparking water and two glasses, and for the bartender to close out Morgan's tab.

After the bartender gave Michael the bottle of sparkling water and two glasses, Michael led Morgan to a nearby table to ask why Morgan had called. Michael admitted that he had been concerned when he had heard Morgan's voicemail message. Morgan revealed that Kiki had ended things with Morgan. Michael was surprised when Morgan added that Kiki had found out that Morgan had slept with Ava. Michael was curious if Morgan had known that Denise was Ava, but Morgan shook his head.

Morgan explained that he had been drawn to Denise because it had seemed as if Ava had returned to life. Morgan admitted that he had thought Denise had truly cared about him, but worse than finding out the truth about Ava had been Kiki's reaction to the affair. Morgan realized that he had lost Kiki for good, so Morgan's dreams of a future had been shattered. Michael promised that things would get better, but Morgan was skeptical.

Morgan wished that he could blame everything on Ava, but it would be a lie because Morgan knew it had been wrong to pursue a relationship with Ava, even if he had believed that she was Denise. Morgan explained that his desire for Ava had been beyond his control, which worried him. Michael suggested that sometimes rational thoughts flew out the window because of sex and passion, but Morgan feared that Sonny and Carly had been right about Morgan's erratic emotions.

Michael revealed that Carly had told him about her concerns that Morgan might have bipolar disorder. Morgan became upset, but Michael rushed to assure Morgan that Carly had simply wanted Morgan to be evaluated. Morgan was curious if Michael thought Carly was right. Michael conceded that Morgan had done things that Michael would never have thought possible. The anger leeched out of Morgan as he and Michael talked about Morgan's impulsive behavior. Michael assured Morgan that Morgan would not be to blame if Morgan were diagnosed with bipolar disorder because it was a chemical imbalance.

Morgan suggested that perhaps his behavior could be attributed to being a middle child, but Michael urged Morgan to schedule an appointment with Kevin Collins. Morgan admitted that he might not be ready for an answer then changed the subject to ask if Michael intended to attend Sonny and Carly's wedding. Michael explained that it would feel disloyal to A.J., but Morgan was upset because they wouldn't be a family until Michael forgave Sonny. Michael felt bad because he had let Morgan down, but Morgan didn't blame Michael. Morgan decided it was time to get control of the wreck his life had become.

However, Morgan was curious why Michael continued to care about him. Michael insisted that they were brothers, and Michael would always look out for Morgan. Michael hugged Morgan and promised that things would get better.

In Julian's bedroom, Julian recalled visiting Ava in jail to let her know that he had failed to secure the incriminating recording of her confessing to Connie's murder. He glanced at a picture of his sister and apologized. Alexis appeared in the doorway and called out to Julian. She was curious why he had been apologizing to Ava, so he claimed that he had broken the news to Ava that Alexis couldn't represent Ava because it was a conflict of interest, since Alexis represented Nina in the same case. Alexis revealed that Silas' killer had been captured, so Ava wouldn't be facing charges for that murder.

Alexis told Julian about Madeline's scheme to steal Nina's fortune and why Madeline had murdered Silas. Alexis added that she had to appear in court with Nina the following morning to get her client released from police custody then Alexis intended to head out of town. Surprised, Julian was curious where Alexis was going, and she told him that Kristina needed her. Alexis revealed that Kristina's heart had been broken by the first boyfriend that her daughter had had since Trey had died.

Alexis explained that she had time to visit Kristina because Molly had decided to attend Port Charles University and live at home, since there had been a shortage on student housing on campus. However, Alexis promised to return in time for Julian's trial, but Julian wasn't worried about that; he would miss her. Julian pulled her close as he suggested that they make love. They kissed, but Alexis pulled away to assure Julian that she loved him. Julian was relieved that she hadn't allowed the lies about him to affect her.

Alexis admitted that it hadn't been easy on her or Julian, but he insisted that he only cared about what Alexis thought. After they made love, Alexis offered to call Diane to ask Diane to represent Ava. Alexis didn't hold out much hope for Ava but promised that Diane was a "barracuda" in the courtroom. Julian thanked Alexis then made love to her again.

In lockup, Ava recalled her conversation with Morgan when she had promised to keep their affair a secret because she wanted both Morgan and Kiki to be happy. Ava looked up when she heard her eldest daughter greet her. Ava smiled as she returned Kiki's greeting then confessed that she had desperately needed the visit because Ava had had a miserable day. Kiki admitted that her day had also been horrendous because the police had given Kiki permission to return to Silas' apartment.

Ava felt terrible for Kiki, but promised that she hadn't been responsible for Silas' murder because Ava could never harm Silas or hurt Kiki. Kiki admitted that she would have believed her mother until Kiki had found out the truth. "You've been sleeping with my boyfriend," Kiki angrily whispered as she leaned close to the jail's bars to glare accusingly at Ava.

Ava sputtered a denial, but Kiki cut Ava off because Franco had told Kiki the truth and Morgan had confirmed the affair. Ava was furious that Morgan had confessed, but Kiki accused Ava of manipulating Kiki and "jumping Morgan's bones" behind Kiki's back. Ava immediately tried to explain that she had never meant for things to go as far as they had with Morgan and insisted that she hadn't known that Morgan and Kiki had rekindled things until it had been too late. Kiki wasn't satisfied because Ava had continued to carry on with Morgan even after Ava had learned the truth about Kiki's relationship with him.

Ava claimed that she hadn't been able to stop herself because Ava and Morgan had shared a connection too powerful to ignore. Kiki was hurt that Ava's connection with Morgan had been stronger than what Ava had felt for Kiki. Ava argued that both Kiki and Avery meant the "whole world" to her, which was why Ava had risked everything to return to Port Charles. Ava promised that the bond she felt with Kiki was far stronger than anything Ava had ever had with Morgan, but Kiki didn't believe her mother because it had been easy for Ava to betray Kiki.

Ava promised that she had ended things with Morgan so he could be with Kiki, because all Ava had ever wanted was for Kiki to be happy. Ava insisted that she loved Kiki, but Kiki made it clear that she never wanted to see Ava again. Kiki resented that Ava had cost Kiki a relationship with Avery because Kiki doubted that Sonny would want any reminders of Ava, including Kiki, near Avery. "You are out of my life," Kiki shouted with angry tears shimmering in her eyes.

Kiki pointed out that Ava would go to jail for life, but Ava assured her daughter that Ava would find a way to avoid going to jail for killing Connie. Kiki scoffed at the idea, but she took comfort in knowing that Avery would never know of Ava's existence. Kiki warned that Ava would wake up in the morning with the knowledge that everything was gone. Ava was devastated as Kiki stormed out.

Meanwhile, Maxie entered the squad room, eager to share some good news with Nathan. However, she stopped short when she noticed that Nathan seemed troubled, so he explained that he had just arrested Silas' killer. Maxie feared that Nina had been responsible for the murder, but Madeline -- dressed in an orange jumpsuit and confined to handcuffs -- was escorted by a police officer to a nearby desk.

Stunned, Maxie realized that Madeline had killed Silas. Madeline insisted that Ric had killed the doctor then set Madeline up, but Nathan was livid because he had Madeline's entire confession on tape. Madeline claimed that Nathan had misinterpreted what she had said, but Nathan was disgusted that she continued to lie about "literally" stabbing Silas in the back and then forging Silas' signature on a document with the intention of stealing Nina's fortune. It sickened Nathan that Madeline had killed an innocent man for greed.

Maxie was shocked that Madeline would let Nina take a fall for a crime that Madeline had committed. Maxie explained that she was too well-bred to gloat, but Maxie thought it had been low of Madeline to try to steal Nina's money. Madeline growled a warning for Maxie to be careful or Maxie might end up just like Silas, but Nathan advised Madeline to tread carefully because he had been the one to persuade Ric to wear a wire. Hurt, Madeline wondered how her own son could have turned on her.

"I'm not your son," Nathan shouted. Nathan made it clear that he had washed his hands of Madeline. He hoped that she saw his face when she curled up on her cot in jail at night because he wanted her to remember who had put her behind bars. "James," Madeline cried forlornly. Nathan called out for a police officer to take Madeline to lockup then reminded Madeline that his name was Nathan, not James.

After Madeline was dragged away, Maxie offered to take Nathan home so she could hold and love him until the pain had faded and he had forgotten all about Madeline. Nathan liked the idea, but he was curious what Maxie had wanted to tell him earlier. Maxie decided that it could wait, but Nathan disagreed because he knew it had been important. Maxie revealed that she had been picked to star in a movie. Startled, Nathan asked her to elaborate, but she promised to tell him about it at home.

Elsewhere in lockup, Nina was relieved when Franco was returned to his jail cell. She admitted that she had been concerned because he had been gone a long time. Franco jokingly asked if she had saved him dessert, so she slid him a snack bar. Franco thanked her, but Nina was curious what had taken so long. Franco revealed that Scott had told him that Silas' killer had been caught. Nina was certain Ava had stabbed Silas, but Franco broke the news that Madeline had been responsible for the crime.

Nina was shocked when Franco filled her in on the details, including the news that Madeline had been hiding in the apartment when Nina had arrived. Franco explained that Madeline had managed to slip out of the apartment when Franco had fetched the supplies to clean up the crime scene. Franco regretted that he had been so worried about protecting Nina that he had inadvertently removed all traces of Madeline's presence in the apartment.

Nina realized there was no end to Madeline's cruelty, but Franco disagreed because Madeline would spend the rest of her life in jail. Nina reminded him that it didn't matter because Silas would still be dead. However, Nina wondered why she and Franco were still locked up if Madeline had been revealed to be the killer. Franco explained that the courthouse was closed, so they would have to wait until morning to face a judge. Nina was disappointed, but Franco reminded her that they would finally have a chance to be together once the charges were dropped.

Nina cheered up until Madeline passed Nina's jail cell. Madeline stopped to talk to her daughter because she wanted to warn Nina that Ric was trying to steal Nina's fortune. Infuriated, Nina's hand shot between the bars in an attempt to slap Madeline, but Madeline managed to back out of reach. The guard warned Nina to behave. Nina demanded to know why Madeline had killed an innocent man. Madeline was unapologetic as she insisted that Nina's father should have left the fortune to Madeline because the money had rightfully belonged to Madeline.

"Go to hell," Nina yelled. Nina angrily warned Madeline that Madeline faced a life behind bars, while Nina and Franco would be free to live their lives. Nina hoped that Madeline suffered from the knowledge that greed had been more important to Madeline than Madeline's own children. "I hate you," Nina spat as Madeline's eyes filled with tears. Franco watched as the guard led Madeline away.

Tears of frustration and anger filled Nina's eyes, but Franco reminded her that everything would be okay because Nina was finally free of her mother. Franco promised that he and Nina would be released from jail the following day, which meant that they could finally be together. Nina wiped away the tears as she smiled. Franco vowed that no one would ever mess with Nina again because she would always be safe with him. "I know," Nina quietly said.

Franco was eager to make up for what Madeline had done to Nina, but Nina was determined to forget that Madeline had ever existed. Franco smiled as he assured Nina that he loved her. Nina promised that she loved Franco too. She blew him a kiss then added that she would give him a real one the following day. Franco looked forward to it because it meant that he would have a good day.

Sonny persuades Morgan to get help

Sonny persuades Morgan to get help

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

At Wyndemere, Nikolas read the newspaper as he and Hayden ate breakfast. Nikolas mentioned Madeline's arrest for Silas' murder, and Hayden confessed that she was surprised that the murder had been quickly solved because the doctor had been killed on the same night that she had emerged from the coma. Nikolas credited the police department's competent detectives, including Nikolas' brother-in-law Dante, with finding the murderer. However, he admitted that he didn't approve of the current police commissioner.

Moments later, Spencer marched into the living room, sporting a dress shirt, tie, jacket, shorts, and a pair of sunglasses. Nikolas wondered what the special occasion was. Spencer reminded his father that it was the first day of school. Hayden assured Spencer that he looked good, but Nikolas feared that his son's outfit was too formal for school. Spencer realized why Nikolas was concerned, and he promised that he had seen the error of his ways and wouldn't revert to his old schemes. Spencer insisted that he needed to make a good impression to win back the girl of his dreams by showing Emma that he had changed and truly deserved her.

Nikolas admitted that it didn't appear that Spencer had changed all that much, but Spencer patiently explained that an improved soul didn't require a person to give up the finer things in life, such as a well-made suit. Hayden thought it was sweet that Spencer wanted to fight for Emma. Spencer suggested that if he and Emma worked things out, then perhaps Nikolas and Hayden might get back together. Nikolas and Hayden exchanged an awkward glance before Nikolas quietly clarified that he and Hayden had never been a couple. Spencer disagreed because he recalled the time that he had walked in on Nikolas and Hayden during a passionate kiss. Nikolas tried to downplay the incident by claiming that sometimes a kiss was simply a kiss then adding that Spencer had had the wrong impression, but Spencer merely smiled.

Nikolas decided to let the matter drop by hustling his son off to school. After Spencer left, Hayden let out a sigh because she was bored spending her days alone at the pool. Nikolas unexpectedly offered to take the day off to keep her company. Hayden smiled with delight then disappeared to her bedroom to change into swimwear. A short time later, Nikolas returned to the living room, ready to spend some fun in the sun with Hayden. They started to leave, but Hayden suddenly turned back to grab the beach bag just as Nikolas reached for the bag.

Hayden ended up tangled in Nikolas arms, which sparked a memory of a time when a discussion between her and Nikolas about Jake had led to a passionate kiss. Nikolas sensed the change in Hayden, and he asked if something was wrong.

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Patrick and Sam were having breakfast when Emma ran to the table to announce that she didn't have anything to wear for the first day of school. Patrick knew it wasn't true because he had bought Emma a whole new wardrobe for school. Emma pouted because she didn't think it was fair for school to start before Labor Day, but Patrick reminded his daughter that it was out of his hands. Emma tried to find ways to stay home, but Patrick stood firm as he told her to get ready for school.

Emma reluctantly walked toward her bedroom, but the doorbell waylaid her. Emma's spirits quickly lifted when Anna happily greeted her granddaughter with a big hug. Patrick smiled as Emma invited Anna inside. Anna apologized if she had interrupted breakfast, but Patrick assured Anna that it was fine. Sam offered to fetch Anna some coffee, but Anna politely declined. Emma grumbled that Danny had spent the night at his grandmother's house, but Emma had been forced to stay home because it was the first day of school. Anna decided to cheer up her granddaughter by handing Emma a gift bag.

Emma smiled with delight when she looked inside the bag and saw a small bear dressed in Scottish garb and holding a bagpipe. Anna revealed that she had bought the present in Scotland, where Anna had scattered Duke's ashes. Emma confided that she was still sad when she thought about Duke. Anna admitted that she was too. However, Anna tried to focus on the things that made her happy, like spending time with Emma. Emma suggesting that she and Anna spend time catching up in the park, but the adults easily saw through Emma's ploy to wiggle out of going to school.

Sam offered to help Emma pick out an outfit, so Emma scampered off with Sam. Anna was amazed by how tall Emma had gotten and pleased that Emma appeared to care about Sam. Patrick admitted that it had been good for Emma to have a woman's influence in the house. Anna quietly confided that she had stopped in Paris to visit Robin. According to the housekeeper, Robin had flown to China for a research conference. Patrick wasn't surprised because Robin's work had always been Robin's top priority.

Anna agreed, and she was happy that Patrick had found Sam. Patrick grinned as he admitted that he was the happiest he had been in a long time. A short time later, Emma and Sam returned to the living room. Emma remained reluctant to go to school. Patrick decided to drive her instead of waiting for the bus. After Patrick and Emma left, Sam asked if it had been strange to see Sam in Robin's home.

Anna pointed out that it hadn't been Robin's home for a long time and assured Sam that she was glad that Sam was a part of Patrick and Emma's lives because it was obvious that everyone was happy. Sam was relieved. Anna changed the subject by mentioning that she had no idea what to do with her days, since Anna no longer had a job. Surprised, Sam wondered if Anna would be interested in helping Sam with an investigation.

Anna was intrigued when Sam explained that Sam had been looking for dirt on Nikolas to force Nikolas to relinquish control of ELQ to Michael. Anna revealed that she and Kyle had grown close before Anna had left, and he had confided to her that Nikolas had rigged the mayoral election in Lomax's favor. Stunned, Sam listened as Anna filled her in on the details. Sam asked if Anna could enlist Kyle's help to compile enough information to force Nikolas' hand. Anna agreed to call Kyle because she recalled how eager he had been to blow Lomax and Nikolas out of the water. Anna promised to keep Sam updated, and she left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael dreamed of the night he had stopped Sonny from killing A.J. by warning Sonny that if Sonny killed A.J., then it would forever destroy Sonny and Michael's father and son bond. Sabrina stirred when she heard Michael bolt awake and try to catch his breath. Concerned, she asked if he was okay. He told her about the dream and the events following Connie's murder when Sonny had gone looking for A.J. Sabrina imagined that it had been a horrible situation. Michael nodded. Michael knew that Sonny and Carly wanted him to attend their wedding, but he wasn't certain that he could do it.

Michael conceded that things had gotten better between him and Sonny, but nothing changed the fact that Sonny had murdered Michael's father. Michael explained that he couldn't show up at the wedding and pretend that everything was okay when it wasn't. Sabrina reminded Michael that the wedding wasn't just about Sonny; Michael could be there to support his mother. Michael assured Sabrina that he was happy for Sonny and Carly, but the only thing that could make him attend the wedding was his concern for Morgan.

Michael told Sabrina about Morgan and Kiki's bitter breakup and Morgan's infidelity with Ava. Stunned, Sabrina was curious if Morgan had known that Denise was Ava, but Michael shook his head as he revealed that Morgan had learned the truth in court along with everyone else. Sabrina wondered if Michael had talked to Morgan about Carly's concerns. Michael explained that his brother wasn't ready to discuss the possibility that Morgan had bipolar disorder.

Michael mentioned Morgan's request for Michael to attend the wedding and wondered if he should be there for his brother, who was floundering. Sabrina assured Michael that she would support whatever he decided. Michael relaxed then made love to her.

At Carly's house, Carly called Sonny to wish him a "happy wedding day." Sonny complained that he hadn't slept well, but Carly grinned. She reminded him that they would get to spend every night together for the rest of their lives. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Carly continued to chat with Sonny until she saw Jake standing on her doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. She reminded Sonny to finish writing his vows then quickly wrapped up the call. Carly happily greeted Jake as she accepted the flowers, which he had dropped off as a gift for her wedding day.

Carly thanked Jake then invited him to have coffee with her, but Jake was curious why Carly had lied to Sonny. Carly explained that Sonny had accepted her friendship with Jake, but the lie by omission had been necessary because she wanted Sonny to have good day. Carly urged Jake to sit and visit before everyone descended on her. Jake wondered if Carly had been having second thoughts about getting married. Carly assured Jake that she was eager to marry Sonny, but she was also concerned about Morgan.

Carly opened up to Jake about Morgan's self-destructive behavior and her fear that her youngest son might have bipolar disorder like Sonny. Carly told Jake about the years that she and Jason had covered for Sonny when Sonny had suffered bouts of deep depression and manic behavior. She admitted that Jason's sister Emily had been the one to recognize the signs of bipolar disorder, but Jason had persuaded Sonny to get help. Carly assured Jake that the disorder was treatable, but she needed someone to get through to Morgan. Carly admitted that she hoped Michael would succeed.

Carly confided that she also held out hope that Michael would decide to attend her wedding to Sonny. Jake realized that he had taken up enough of Carly's time, so he wished her luck and told her that she would be a beautiful bride. Carly promised to tell him all about the wedding the next time she saw him.

Outside, Jake's phone rang. It was Sam asking to see him as soon as possible.

A short time later, Carly answered the doorbell. It was Michael.

Meanwhile, Sam thanked Jake for getting to her place so quickly. She explained that they'd had a major breakthrough in their investigation, thanks to Anna.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny had just finished writing his vows when he heard the front door close. Moments later, Morgan staggered in. Sonny asked if Morgan had been drinking. Morgan admitted that he had kicked off the night on the Haunted Star with Michael then had run into a friend who had invited Morgan to poker night. Alarmed, Sonny asked if Morgan had gambled. Morgan laughed as he picked up a bottle of whiskey and explained that he had gambled away a fortune, including someone's car.

Morgan remained upbeat because there was still reason to celebrate, since his parents were getting married. Morgan hugged his father but pulled away to tearfully confess that Kiki had set Morgan free. Sonny tried to take the bottle of booze away from Morgan, but Morgan objected and kept the bottle out of Sonny's reach. Sonny immediately backed down to avoid triggering Morgan's temper, but he invited Morgan to tell him about the breakup. Morgan's tone filled with anger as he claimed there wasn't much to say except that Kiki had ended things with Morgan when Franco had told her about Morgan's affair with Ava.

Morgan expected Sonny to gloat because everything had happened just as Sonny had warned, but Sonny refused. Morgan began to cry as he drunkenly admitted that Kiki had broken his heart into a million pieces, but the heartache instantly turned to fury as he blamed his father for everything. Sonny was confused until Morgan ranted about being as crazy as Sonny. Morgan insisted it was the reason that Morgan was a liar, cheater, gambler, and loser. Sonny calmly explained that Morgan was not a loser because he might have bipolar disorder.

Morgan wondered why things were so easy for Michael but not for Morgan. Morgan pointed out that Michael was smart enough to run a company, while Morgan couldn't even keep a job as a bartender. Morgan wailed that everything Michael did was right, but Morgan was always wrong. Sonny disagreed, but Morgan admitted that he hated himself. Sonny's eyes filled with tears because he knew the pain that Morgan felt.

Sonny became choked up as he described how he had been filled with the same horrible agony that Morgan felt, but Sonny's family had gotten Sonny through the dark times. Sonny vowed to stand by Morgan's side, just as Carly and Jason had stood by Sonny. Sonny also promised that he would love Morgan regardless. Morgan hugged his father tightly and wept. Morgan feared that he had ruined his father's wedding day, but Sonny assured Morgan that everything would be fine. Sonny conceded that Morgan might have lost Kiki, but Morgan was with his family, where he belonged.

Sonny advised Morgan to head to the bedroom to shower and get ready for the wedding. Sonny promised to have a strong pot of coffee waiting to help sober Morgan up, but he was curious if Morgan would consent to see a doctor in the morning. Morgan appeared undecided, so Sonny assured Morgan that it was completely up to Morgan. Morgan quietly agreed. Relieved, Sonny fought back tears as he pasted on a smile then reiterated that they needed to get ready for the wedding.

At Kelly's, T.J. left Molly a voicemail message begging her to meet him at the diner because he was stuck in a jam. A short time later, Molly arrived, but she warned T.J. that she couldn't stay long because she had to get to freshman orientation at Port Charles University. T.J. took Molly to the kitchen to show her the wedding cake disaster.

T.J. explained that he had wanted to make a wedding cake for Sonny and Carly to express his appreciation for all they had done for him, and he had assured Maxie that he had the wedding cake covered when Maxie had asked him to place an order with the bakery. Molly conceded that the icing looked awful, but she decided to check the Internet for tips on how to fix it. A short time later, Molly admitted defeat with the bottom tier of the three-tiered wedding cake, so she pitched it in the garbage.

T.J. offered to call the bakery and throw himself on their mercy, but Molly reminded T.J. that they still had two other tiers to work with. Molly decided to use another icing recipe and went to work. Later, T.J. was pleased with the results because the wedding cake looked perfect. Molly smiled with satisfaction then announced that she had to leave. T.J. asked her to stop by the reception if she had time after the orientation. Molly agreed.

After Molly left, T.J. cleaned up then left the diner with the cake nestled safely in a box. Seconds later, two masked men approached T.J. from behind and grabbed him. The wedding cake fell to the ground as T.J. was dragged away.

Sonny meets with T.J.'s kidnapper

Sonny meets with T.J.'s kidnapper

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kyle was about to enter Kelly's when he spotted a smashed cake in the courtyard. He decided to investigate but smiled when he saw the card congratulating Sonny and Carly. Kyle suspected there was an interesting story behind the ruined wedding cake, but he picked up the mess and dumped it into a garbage can. Anna walked up as he wiped his hands clean on a handkerchief. Kyle smiled, but it quickly faded when he noticed her pensive expression.

Anna broke the silence by explaining that she had returned to town earlier that morning, so she expected jet lag to hit her at any moment. Kyle assured Anna that she looked fine, but he noticed that she seemed distant. Anna started to respond, but Kyle cut her off by admitting that he hadn't expected to see her again. Anna was surprised, since she had told him that she would return. Kyle confessed that he hadn't been sure that she would want to see him again, and he wondered if her appearance was a sign that they might have a chance.

Anna gently explained that she had needed to be in Scotland to grieve for Duke and to honor him. Kyle conceded that she looked better and stronger. He was curious if she had gotten the closure she had needed. Anna admitted that she would never have closure because the death of a loved one was a wound that never truly healed. However, she had gained perspective on her actions after Duke's death when she had killed Carlos then had spent the night with Kyle. Kyle assured Anna that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Anna disagreed because she shouldn't have reached out to Kyle for comfort.

Anna realized that she had created expectations that she could not fulfill. Kyle was disappointed when she confessed that she didn't know if she and Kyle had a romantic future together. "So why did you call?" Kyle asked. Anna revealed that she needed his help to expose Nikolas' involvement in the ballot tampering during the mayoral election. Anna told Kyle about Sam's investigation to dig up dirt on Nikolas to use as leverage to force Nikolas to relinquish control of ELQ.

Kyle surprised Anna by refusing to help because it would land him in legal trouble. Anna begged Kyle to reconsider and promised to talk to Jordan about granting him immunity. Kyle was curious why Anna cared, so she explained that it was about doing the right thing in an attempt to atone for killing Carlos in cold blood. Anna's eyes filled with tears as he implored Kyle to help her set things right by exposing Nikolas and the mayor. Kyle quietly asked what she wanted him to do. Relieved, Anna explained that she needed Kyle to make it clear to Nikolas that Kyle wouldn't hesitate to confess everything to Jordan.

Kyle agreed, and Anna reached for his hand to thank him. Kyle lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently.

Outside Wyndemere, Sam and Jake approached the front door. Sam confessed that she was eager to see the expression on Nikolas' face when her cousin realized that he had lost. Jake advised Sam to play it cool, but Sam didn't see the point, since they had Nikolas right where they had wanted him -- thanks to Kyle. Sam insisted that Nikolas' role in the rigged election was the leverage they had needed to force Nikolas' hand.

Jake urged Sam to wait until they were certain that Kyle would help, but Sam explained that Anna had been confident of Kyle's cooperation. However, Sam reluctantly agreed to wait.

In the living room, Nikolas sensed a change in Hayden. She revealed that she had remembered something. Nikolas carefully questioned Hayden about the memory, which she admitted had been disconcerting because Nikolas had warned her not to talk about Jake before she had kissed Nikolas. Nikolas pretended that he had no recollection of the event because they had often kissed whenever their on-and-off again affair was on. Hayden recalled that Jake and Sam had been certain that she had known the truth about Jake's identity, so she wondered if it was possible that Jake and Sam had been right.

Nikolas jumped up when the doorbell rang. He quickly went to answer the door, closing the living room doors behind him. Nikolas tensed when he saw Sam and Jake standing on his doorstep, but Sam ignored him as she pushed past her cousin under the guise of checking on Hayden. Nikolas hid his annoyance as Sam barged into the living room with Jake hot on her heels.

Hayden was surprised when she saw Jake and Sam. Sam reiterated that she and Jake had wanted to see how Hayden was doing and if Hayden had recalled anything from her past. Hayden confided that she'd had a memory, but Hayden was vague about the details of the memory. Sam immediately peppered Hayden with questions until it was clear that Sam suspected Nikolas of nefarious deeds related to Jake. Nikolas assured Sam that he had no idea who Jake had been before Jake's arrival in town, but Sam remained skeptical. Hayden realized that Nikolas was hiding something, but she played along with him by keeping the details of her memory to herself.

Nikolas decided that Jake and Sam had overstayed their welcome, but Sam received a text message and announced that she had another matter to discuss with her cousin. Sam revealed that she knew that Nikolas had tampered with the election, which was a federal crime. Sam explained that Nikolas could reinstate Michael as CEO of ELQ or go to jail. Nikolas called Sam's bluff because he was confident that she didn't have any evidence, but Sam smiled with satisfaction as she announced that Kyle Sloane would corroborate everything. Moments later, Kyle appeared in the doorway.

Meanwhile, Dante entered Jordan's office. Jordan explained that she had wanted to talk to Dante because Nina would soon be released from jail, which meant that Nathan could easily tie up the few loose ends on the case without Dante's help. Jordan announced that she wanted Dante to focus on another case. She handed him a file with Julian's mug shot as she revealed that Mayor Lomax had persuaded Ric to cut a deal with Charlie. Ric had agreed to give Charlie immunity in exchange for Charlie's testimony implicating Julian as the mastermind behind Sonny's hijacked shipments.

Dante was stunned that Ric had foolishly allowed a criminal like Charlie back on the streets, since there would be nothing to stop Charlie from going after Sonny a third time. Jordan explained that Charlie had to keep his nose clean until after the trial, but Dante doubted that would stop Charlie. Jordan admitted that she was more concerned about T.J. because T.J. lived under Sonny's roof and remained a target. Dante assured Jordan that Sonny would keep T.J. safe, but Jordan wasn't satisfied. Dante tactfully shifted gears to ask why Charlie hadn't been taken into protective custody. Jordan blamed it on Ric not being a team player.

Jordan explained that Ric was desperate to clean up his reputation after being neck-deep in the Madeline mess, so Ric was willing to cater to the mayor because Ric had aspirations of becoming the next district attorney. According to Jordan, Ric needed the mayor's support to pave the way for Ric to win the election. Dante suspected that Ric would also try to score points with Sonny by pushing to convict Julian. Jordan wondered if Dante would have a problem arresting Sonny, but Dante shook his head because it was a consequence of Sonny's lifestyle.

Dante promised to take care of things then added that he was expected at Sonny's wedding. Dante reminded Jordan that T.J. would be in attendance, but he reiterated that Sonny would keep her son safe. A short time later, Jordan was pleasantly surprised when Anna stopped by for a visit. Anna admitted that the job appeared to suit Jordan. Jordan thanked Anna, but Anna decided to cut to the chase by revealing that a situation with Kyle had arisen.

At Carly's house, Carly was overjoyed when she saw Michael standing on her doorstep. She quickly ushered him into the living room as she asked if his visit meant that he would be attending the wedding. Michael sat on the sofa as he told his mother about the dream he'd had of talking Sonny out of killing A.J. on the night of Connie's murder. Carly reminded Michael that Sonny had had good reason to suspect A.J. because Connie had written "AJ" in blood. She also added that A.J. had been too drunk to realize that he had been innocent.

Michael explained that Sonny had wanted to kill A.J., but Michael had stopped Sonny, who had promised not to hurt A.J. for Michael's sake. Michael clarified that Sonny had given his word to Michael, which had meant everything to Sonny. Michael had always believed that Sonny had loved Michael too much to break his word, but Michael had been wrong. Carly insisted that Sonny loved Michael with all of his heart, but Michael argued that Sonny had killed Michael's father.

Carly promised that Sonny deeply regretted what had happened, but Michael disagreed. Michael suspected that Sonny had been sorry for hurting Michael, but not for killing A.J. Michael admitted that he couldn't act like it hadn't happened by forgiving Sonny and pretending that everything was okay. Carly was disappointed because she assumed that meant Michael would not attend the wedding, but Michael explained that he had decided to be there for Morgan.

Michael told Carly about his recent encounter with Morgan after Kiki had broken off the relationship following the revelation about Morgan's affair with Ava. Carly was furious when Michael mentioned that Franco had told Kiki, but Michael reminded his mother that the point was that Michael intended to be at the wedding to support Morgan. Carly was curious where Morgan was, which surprised Michael because he had dropped Morgan off at the house the previous night. Concerned, Carly called Sonny, who quickly confirmed that Morgan was with him.

Carly relaxed then promised to see Sonny soon. After she ended the call, Michael decided to leave because Carly had to get ready. However, he wanted her to know that he would be at the wedding for her, too, because he was happy for her and believed that she was doing the right thing. Michael explained that it was clear that Sonny and Carly accepted each other -- right, wrong, good, or bad -- and shared a deep love even when they argued.

Carly's eyes welled up with tears as Michael told her that he loved her and thought that she was the best mother in the world. After Michael left, Carly smiled with joy. Later, she looked at her wedding dress as she recalled her conversation with Sonny about their new beginning and bright future together.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was dressed in a dark suit as he descended the stairs, while going over the wedding vows he had written. Moments later, Graciela walked out to put some finishing touches on the decorations. Sonny complimented the décor because it looked perfect, but Graciela credited Maxie with setting everything up. Sonny asked Graciela to take Morgan some aspirin and a strong pot of coffee as he stepped out onto the veranda, where everything was ready for the ceremony and guests.

Sonny was surprised when Ric suddenly entered the living room through the foyer. Ric assured Sonny that he would not stay because Ric realized that Carly would not want Ric there, but Ric had wanted to wish his brother good luck. Sonny smiled because he had expected his brother to have his hands full with Silas' murder investigation. Ric explained that he had done his part to expose Madeline and had moved on to another case. Ric revealed that he intended to prosecute Julian to the fullest extent of the law, but the mayor had pressured Ric to cut a deal with the surviving hijacker.

Sonny was not pleased when Ric explained that Charlie had been given immunity in exchange for testifying against Julian, but Ric assured Sonny that it would guarantee Julian's conviction. Satisfied, Sonny let the subject drop when Ric asked if Sonny was ready for the wedding. Sonny admitted that he had always felt a connection to Carly, even when he had been with other women. Sonny confided that he was worried about Morgan because Kiki had ended things with Morgan, which had sent Morgan on a drinking and gambling binge.

Ric felt bad for Morgan because it had never occurred to Ric to check on his nephew when it had been revealed that Denise was Ava. Moments later, Morgan entered the living room, wearing a clean suit. Morgan greeted Ric, but he immediately blamed Ric for his troubles, since Silas' murder trial had blown apart Morgan's life. Ric frowned as Morgan made his way to the veranda to sit down. Ric and Sonny followed Morgan. Sonny asked if Morgan was okay, but Graciela stepped out to let Sonny know that T.J. hadn't arrived with the wedding cake.

Sonny assured Graciela that it was fine because Sonny was confident that T.J. wouldn't let anyone down. Moments later, Carly called, looking for Morgan. Ric decided to excuse himself, and he left. A short time later, T.J. called Sonny, explaining that he had a problem.

Across town, Charlie entered a warehouse where T.J. had been secured to a chair. Charlie pulled off the hood covering T.J.'s head. T.J. warned Charlie that Charlie had made a huge mistake by abducting T.J. Charlie informed T.J. that T.J. had been carefully selected then gloated that T.J. had made everything easy. Charlie was surprised that T.J. hadn't been more careful with personal safety because of the people that T.J. associated with.

T.J. demanded to know what Charlie wanted, but Charlie pointed out that T.J. wasn't in a position to ask questions. T.J. warned Charlie that Charlie was in more trouble than Charlie realized because T.J.'s mother was the police commissioner. Charlie chuckled and admitted that he had met T.J.'s mother, who had given Charlie an immunity deal in exchange for testimony. T.J. quickly surmised that Charlie had been one of the hijackers who had stolen Sonny's shipments.

T.J. looked up when another man entered the room to ask if everything was okay. Charlie assured his cohort that things had gone according to plan, but the man was curious if Charlie had heard from their boss. T.J. assumed both men worked for Julian, but Charlie refused to confirm the identity of their boss. Charlie's associate appeared concerned about T.J. Charlie ordered the man to leave and wait for further instructions. After the accomplice left, T.J. warned Charlie that Sonny would be furious when he caught up with Charlie.

Charlie appeared unconcerned as he answered a call from his boss. After a brief conversation, Charlie ended the call then announced that T.J. was expected to make a call. Charlie advised T.J. to follow his instructions and to make it convincing or Charlie would kill T.J. T.J. reluctantly agreed. Charlie called Sonny then held the phone close to T.J.'s mouth.

T.J. explained that he had been abducted, and the kidnappers wanted Sonny to meet them without any guards to discuss T.J.'s return. T.J. gave Sonny the address the kidnappers had provided before Charlie abruptly ended the call.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny tucked his phone away as he approached Morgan to say that he had leave for a few minutes. Sonny promised to return well before the ceremony started. Morgan apologized for all the cruel things he had said to his father earlier. Sonny promised that he loved his son and wanted what was best for Morgan.

Shortly after Sonny left, Dante arrived. Dante tried to joke around with Morgan, but Morgan was grumpy because he had a hangover. Dante and Morgan were stunned when Michael suddenly joined them on the veranda. Michael credited Morgan with persuading Michael to attend the wedding, but Michael was curious where Sonny was. Morgan explained that Sonny had left to take care of something.

At the warehouse, Charlie paced as he waited for Sonny to arrive. T.J. was curious why Charlie had asked T.J. to lure Sonny to the warehouse, but Charlie yelled at T.J. to stop talking because T.J. had outlived his usefulness. T.J. wasn't intimidated because he knew that Charlie still needed him alive. Seconds later, Sonny appeared in the doorway.

Sonny is shot!

Sonny is shot!

Friday, September 4, 2015

At Wyndemere, Kyle admitted that Jake Doe was the last person he had expected to see in Nikolas' home. Sam smiled with satisfaction as she explained that Kyle had agreed to expose Nikolas for election tampering. Sam promised to drop the matter if Nikolas returned control of ELQ to Michael. Hayden was surprised when Nikolas denied the allegation and called Sam's bluff. Sam asked Kyle to confirm that he had told Anna that Kyle and Nikolas had been partners in crime, so Kyle conceded that he had.

Jake suggested he and Sam pay Jordan a visit, but Sam offered Nikolas one last chance to accept her deal. Nikolas stood firm, so Jake advised Sam to let the police sort things out. "Not gonna happen," Kyle quietly said as he and Nikolas exchanged a long look. Hayden noticed the silent exchange between the men, but she remained quiet as she watched the confrontation unfold. Kyle explained that Nikolas was innocent, so Kyle refused to perjure himself to help Sam.

Stunned, Sam reminded Kyle what he had told Anna, but Kyle argued that Anna had misunderstood. Kyle stuck to the story that Nikolas' employee had fished the sealed ballot box from the harbor then turned it over to Nikolas, who had promptly notified Kyle. Sam reminded Kyle what had said earlier about working with Nikolas, so Kyle clarified that he had helped Nikolas obtain shares of ELQ. Jake scoffed because Nikolas had resorted to extortion and blackmail to get his hands on the ELQ shares. Sam demanded to know how much Nikolas had paid Kyle and if it had been worth "screwing" Anna over.

Kyle tensed, but insisted that he had told the truth. After Kyle left, Nikolas informed Jake and Sam that they had overstayed their welcome, so Sam stormed out with Jake close on her heels. Hayden tried to break the tension by asking if all of Nikolas' guests left in such angry moods, so Nikolas explained that only the ones who had falsely accused him of criminal things. Hayden sobered as she admitted that she suspected that Jake and Sam had been right about Nikolas knowing who Jake really was.

In Jordan's office, Jordan happily greeted Anna, but she wondered if it was awkward for Anna to see Jordan in Anna's old office. Anna assured Jordan that it was fine because Anna knew the people of Port Charles were in good hands with Jordan as the police commissioner. Jordan appreciated the praise, but Anna quickly changed the subject by explaining that she had a favor to ask. Anna revealed that she needed Jordan to secure immunity from prosecution for Kyle.

Jordan was curious why Anna would go out on a limb for an adversary like Kyle. Anna confided that things had changed after Duke had died. Jordan became concerned when Anna opened up about Anna and Kyle's night together, but Anna assured her friend that Kyle hadn't taken advantage of Anna's grief. Anna admitted that her relationship with Kyle had slowly evolved prior to their passionate encounter, so Jordan wondered if Anna and Kyle were romantically involved. Anna explained that it was impossible.

Jordan insisted that Anna deserved to be happy, but Anna argued that her heart belonged to Duke. Jordan gently reminded Anna that Anna had found love during the years when Anna had believed Duke had died, but Anna pointed out that it had only been a few months since Anna had lost Duke a second time. Anna explained that she had gone to a dark place when Duke had died and that Kyle had been wrapped up in the mess, but Jordan was certain that Duke would not want Anna chained to Duke's memory.

Jordan urged Anna not to let fear keep Anna from exploring something with Kyle. After Jordan left to talk to Ric about an immunity deal, Anna recalled Kyle's reaction when he had seen her in Kelly's courtyard and how he had hoped that her appearance meant that they had a chance together. Seconds later, Anna looked up and saw Kyle standing in the doorway.

At Carly's residence, Maxie assumed the fresh flowers Carly had arranged in a vase were from Sonny, but Carly revealed that Jake had dropped them off as a gift for Carly's wedding day. Maxie frowned because she doubted that Sonny would approve, so Carly advised Maxie not to mention it to Sonny. Carly explained that Sonny knew about Carly's friendship with Jake and had accepted it, but Sonny preferred not to think about it. Maxie decided err on the side of caution by hiding the flowers in the kitchen.

Carly was in high spirits because Michael had agreed to attend the wedding. Aghast, Maxie explained that she hadn't planned for Michael and Sabrina to join the guests, which meant that there wouldn't be adequate seating. Carly instructed Maxie to do whatever was necessary to accommodate Michael because Carly wanted her son at the wedding. Seconds later, Bobbie, Lulu, and Valerie arrived dressed for the wedding and bearing gifts for the bride. Carly greeted her family with warm smiles, but Maxie reminded the ladies that they were on a tight schedule, which meant that Carly had to get ready.

Maxie realized that she hadn't seen Josslyn, so Carly explained that Josslyn was still camping in Australia with Jax. Maxie perked up because there would be room for Michael and Sabrina, since Josslyn and Lucas would not be at the wedding. Bobbie was delighted when she realized that her eldest grandson would be in attendance, so Carly confessed that it had been the best present that Carly could have gotten. Maxie tried to hustle Carly to the bedroom to get ready, but Bobbie, Lulu, and Valerie wanted to give Carly the presents.

Maxie decided to go first by explaining that her gift was something new; a diamond bracelet for Carly to wear as a wedding accessory. Maxie assured Carly that Maxie had charged it to Sonny's account. Carly grinned as she thanked Maxie for the thoughtful present. Next, Valerie gave Carly something borrowed to wear. It was a silver crucifix on a chain that had been passed down from Lena to Patricia. Bobbie gasped when she saw the familiar necklace, which her mother had worn every day until Lena had given it to Patricia on Patricia's sixteenth birthday.

Bobbie agreed with Luke's assessment that Carly bore an uncanny resemblance to Lena, so Bobbie thought it was fitting for Carly to wear the family heirloom. Lulu handed Carly a small box that contained something blue. It was a garter. Lulu smiled with remembrance as she revealed that Dante had enjoyed removing Lulu's garter on their wedding day. Valerie's smile became strained as Lulu talked about Dante, but no one appeared to notice.

Finally, Bobbie gave her daughter a handkerchief. Bobbie explained that she had been fifteen when she had gotten pregnant with Carly, but Bobbie had wanted to keep her baby. Bobbie confessed that she had bought a bonnet for her unborn baby knowing that she wouldn't be able to raise her child. According to Bobbie, Aunt Ruby had brought the bonnet to the hospital after Carly's birth, so Bobbie had placed it on Carly's head and then had rocked her daughter until it had been time to say goodbye. Bobbie revealed that she had put the bonnet in a safe place when it had become too painful to look at.

Carly's eyes filled with tears as her mother explained that she had decided to have the bonnet turned into a handkerchief because it was past time to return it to Carly. Carly thanked Bobbie for the special gift and then hugged her tightly. Moments later, the ladies gathered for a group hug until Maxie announced that it was time for Carly to get ready. After Maxie and Bobbie followed Carly to the bedroom, Lulu asked for a moment to talk to Valerie.

Lulu admitted that she wanted a fresh start with her cousin, so Lulu hoped the wedding would be the beginning of a stronger relationship with her cousin. Valerie's eyes welled up with tears as she confessed that she would like to start over with Lulu too. The cousins hugged then waited for the bride to return. A short time later, Carly appeared at the top of the stairs wearing a shimmering silver dress that flowed to her knees. Lulu and Valerie showered Carly with compliments as Carly beamed with happiness.

At Greystone Manor, Michael greeted Dante and Morgan on the veranda then asked where Sonny was. Dante confessed that he had been wondering the same thing, so Morgan explained that Sonny had left to run a quick errand. Michael wondered what could be important enough to drag Sonny away on Sonny's wedding day, but Morgan had no idea. Morgan admitted that he hadn't thought to ask because he had been battling a hangover. However, Morgan recalled that Sonny had spoken to someone on the phone before he had left with a promise to return before the wedding.

Dante became concerned because Charlie, the hijacker who had stolen Sonny's shipments, had cut a deal with Ric to testify against Julian in exchange for immunity. Michael and Morgan were surprised when Dante added that Charlie had been cut loose. Michael was curious why Charlie hadn't been put into protective custody, but Dante didn't have an answer except that the order had been passed down from Mayor Lomax. Michael feared that Ric might have double-crossed Sonny, but Dante decided to make a phone call to find out where Charlie was.

Later, Dante was on the phone as he instructed the person on the other end of the call to have people look around pier 24 for any sign of Charlie because it was a known meeting place for Julian's associates. Dante also asked the person to keep an eye out for Sonny. Meanwhile, Morgan left another voicemail message for Sonny asking his father to return the call. Michael joined Morgan on the veranda to hand his brother a couple of aspirin and some water.

After Morgan took the pills, he admitted that Sonny would be pleased that Michael had decided to attend the wedding. Michael clarified that he was there for Morgan because he wanted his brother to know that Michael would always have Morgan's back. Morgan thanked Michael for the support and opened up about the previous evening when Morgan had gone on a drinking and gambling binge. Morgan told Michael about his confrontation with Sonny and Sonny's unwavering support. Michael was relieved when Morgan confided that Sonny had persuaded Morgan to schedule an appointment with Kevin Collins.

Morgan promised that Sonny would never give up on Morgan -- or Michael -- no matter how hard they each tried to push Sonny away. Michael was glad that Sonny had helped Morgan then wisely changed the subject. Moments later, Dante joined his brothers to report that there hadn't been any sign of Charlie. Michael suggested that perhaps Sonny had left to fetch Carly a wedding gift, since Sonny hadn't taken any guards with him, so there was no reason to panic unless Sonny failed to show for the wedding.

On the piers, Olivia pushed Rocco's stroller as she spoke to Ned on the phone about Leo. She wished there was a way that she could be reunited with her son without arousing Julian's suspicion, but she couldn't figure out a way to raise her son, while living under Julian's nose. She tensed when she heard a noise in a nearby alley. Olivia quickly wrapped up the call when she saw Julian approach. Julian greeted Rocco, so Olivia joked that she hadn't recognized Julian without Alexis on his arm. Julian explained that Alexis had left town to visit Kristina and then shifted gears to ask what Olivia was doing on the piers with Rocco.

Olivia revealed that Dante and Lulu were at Sonny and Carly's wedding. Julian was curious how many times Sonny and Carly had gone down the aisle, but Olivia confessed that she had lost count. However, Olivia was certain that Sonny and Carly would make things work because the couple seemed to genuinely love each other and Carly had been able to accept every part of Sonny's life. Julian was curious if Olivia resented Carly for marrying Sonny, but Olivia shook her head.

Olivia conceded that Sonny had been her first love and Dante's father, but Olivia had finally learned her lesson that she couldn't accept the kind of life that Sonny lived. Olivia suspected that Alexis had the same kind of love for Julian that Carly had for Sonny, but Julian reminded Olivia that he was no longer in the mob. Olivia didn't believe him, so she decided to leave. Julian warned her that they had unfinished business because Alexis had told him about what Olivia had said after Julian had been falsely arrested. Olivia was offended by the implication that her son had wrongly arrested Julian, but Julian clarified that the hijacker had lied to the police about Julian.

Julian pointed out that people lied all the time, which Olivia should know. Olivia resented being accused of lying, but Julian reminded her that she had kept the truth from him about her pregnancy. However, he added that he had also lied to Alexis about who he was, so both Julian and Olivia were liars. Olivia apologized for not telling Julian about their baby, so Julian thanked her. Olivia quickly added that she wasn't one to hold grudges, but she had no intention of being on friendly terms with Julian because he had sent Carlos to kill Duke.

Julian insisted that Carlos had acted on his own, but Olivia didn't believe Julian. She reminded him that they were both liars and then walked away.

In the warehouse, T.J. remained bound to a chair as Sonny confronted Charlie. Charlie tried to make it clear that he had the upper hand by waving around the gun, but Sonny wasn't intimidated. Sonny bragged that he didn't need backup or a gun to deal with Charlie or Charlie's boss Julian. Sonny warned Charlie that Charlie had made a terrible mistake by snatching T.J., but it was Charlie's lucky day because Sonny had decided to let Charlie go if Charlie cooperated.

T.J. apologized to Sonny, but Sonny assured T.J. that T.J. was not to blame. Charlie resented Sonny's calm attitude, so began to issue threats. Sonny warned Charlie that Charlie would have been wise to remain in protective custody, but Charlie was confident that he was safe right where he was. Sonny disagreed because Charlie's boss had endangered Charlie's life by putting him in Sonny's path. Sonny smiled with satisfaction when he noticed that Charlie's hand shook as Charlie pointed the gun at Sonny.

Sonny demanded to know where Julian was, but Charlie was curious why Sonny assumed that he worked for Julian. Sonny reminded Charlie that Charlie had pointed the finger at Julian, but Charlie shrugged because he hadn't been able to resist naming Julian with Ric waiting in the wings to cut Charlie loose. Sonny wanted Charlie to confirm that Julian had been calling the shots, but Charlie refused. T.J. became nervous as the argument between Sonny and Charlie escalated.

Finally, Sonny grew weary of the cat-and-mouse game with Charlie, so he invited Charlie to shoot him. Charlie grew increasingly anxious until he suddenly realized that Sonny was more concerned about T.J.'s safety than Sonny's own well-being. Charlie tried to use the weakness against Sonny, but Sonny kept pushing Charlie until Charlie momentarily lowered her guard. Sonny pounced by reaching for the gun. After a brief tussle, Sonny managed to knock Charlie to the ground and secure the gun.

Sonny immediately pointed the gun at Charlie as he ordered Charlie to untie T.J. Charlie begged for his life as he followed Sonny's instructions. Meanwhile, someone lurked in the shadows with a gun aimed at Sonny. T.J.'s eyes rounded with shock when a shot rang out. Blood slowly spread across Sonny's shirt as Sonny collapsed to the ground.

On the piers, Sam and Jake returned from Spoon Island. Sam was certain that Kyle had lied to protect Nikolas. Jake agreed because he suspected that Kyle was still in Nikolas' pocket. Moments later, Sam and Jake heard a gunshot, so they dove for cover.

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