General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 27, 2015 on GH

Luke Spencer bid farewell to Port Charles. Silas caught Ava and Morgan in bed together. Ric persuaded Nina to check into Shadybrook. Franco found Nina kneeling over Silas' body with a bloody knife.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 27, 2015 on GH
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Goodbye, Old Friend

Goodbye, Old Friend

Monday, July 27, 2015

Nathan demanded to know where Nina had gotten Avery's blanket. Nina turned on Ric and asked how he could have called the cops after claiming to want to protect her. Nathan assured Nina that he'd visited to see how she was doing, since Madeline had expressed her concern to him. He confessed to her that he was "obligated to uncover the truth," so he would have to take the blanket to the police station if it was evidence. Ric refused to let Nathan take the blanket and said it was "private property."

Nathan thought that, if he could prove that the blanket wasn't connected to Avery's kidnapping, he could put Nina's mind at ease. "We're finished here," Ric stated. Nathan agreed to leave but informed Ric that he was taking Nina with him. He wanted to talk to Nina and help her. She thought it was a good idea. Ric told her that cops always made someone trust them just to twist words later on.

Nathan pleaded that Nina was the reason he was in law enforcement in the first place, because he'd wanted justice for his sister. Ric advised Nina not to go with Nathan and warned her that if she did, she would end up in jail. "You have to leave," Nina told Nathan. Nathan threw the blanket down, glared at Ric, and stormed out. Nina wanted to call Nathan, but Ric reminded her about how Nathan had teamed up with Franco. He told her that he was the only person she could trust.

Kiki knocked on the door of Julian's penthouse, calling out for Denise. Ava begged Franco not to tell Kiki about Ava and Morgan. Franco thought that either he should tell Kiki right away, or Kiki would one day walk in on Ava and Morgan. Ava vowed to "throw myself into helping you get Nina back." Franco opened the door to a confused Kiki. She observed how the two seemed to be very committed to the fake relationship. "Relationships are never what they appear to be," Franco said cryptically.

Ava explained that Franco was just worried that Nina and Ric were "on the up and up." Kiki assured her "aunt" that she didn't have to continue the charade if she no longer wanted to and advised Franco to give up the "bull" about Denise and Morgan. She knew that neither Denise nor Morgan would hurt her like that anyway. Franco chuckled at Kiki's words and half-heartedly apologized for being "out of line."

Kiki expressed her sympathy that Sonny wouldn't let Denise see Avery. Ava replied that she still had faith. Kiki was glad that Denise was all right, because she felt better about going away for the weekend. Ava overenthusiastically wished Kiki a great time. Kiki warned Franco not to "con" Denise into anything she didn't want to do, and she left.

Franco advised Ava not to get any "bright ideas" about spending time with Morgan while Kiki was away. He also informed her that she needed to "step up your game" in the Nina department. She wondered how, to which he replied, "Figure it out." He left, and she told herself, "I can do this." She picked up her phone and called Nina, who answered the phone promptly. She invited Nina over for breakfast the next morning and promised that Nina would be happy once she heard why she was invited. Ava added that she needed to talk to Nina about Franco.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Valerie thought about her and Dante.

Inside the restaurant, Madeline wanted to "chat" with Maxie about Nathan, "and why you think you're good enough for my son." She didn't believe in wasting her own time, or her son's time. Madeline did believe that Maxie was "lesser bred," and "one neighborhood down the dirt road from trailer trash." Maxie insisted that she was "dignified, sophisticated, and genteel." Just then, Maxie saw Valerie enter the restaurant. "What the hell is that home-wrecking bitch doing here?" she blurted out.

Maxie realized her faux pas and invited Valerie to join her and Madeline. A confused Valerie told Maxie that she was just looking for an earring she'd lost at the restaurant earlier. Maxie got on the floor, picked up an earring that she saw, and handed it to Valerie. She introduced Valerie and Madeline, who wondered why Maxie thought that Valerie was a "home-wrecking bitch."

"Is that what you think of me?" Valerie asked in disbelief. Maxie clarified that she was standing up for her friend whose husband Valerie had kissed. Maxie challenged that Valerie hadn't been telling the whole truth, since she'd never mentioned to Lulu that Maxie and Nathan had stopped by on the Fourth of July. Valerie maintained her innocence and thanked Maxie for finding her earring. Valerie glared at Maxie and stormed out of the restaurant.

Madeline expressed her surprise that, through all of Maxie's bullying, Valerie had still taken "the high road." Maxie wondered if Madeline knew what it was like to even have friends to stick up for and told the woman to "go to hell." She'd wanted to make a good impression on Madeline, since she was Nathan's mother, but commented that Madeline wasn't even Nathan's real mother. She hoped that Madeline loved Nathan more than Nina, considering the actions that had landed Madeline in jail.

Madeline reminded Maxie that Maxie had also spent some time in Pentonville. Nathan stood out of sight at the two women hurled insults at each other. Maxie settled on Madeline's clothes, which Madeline called "vintage." "They're hideous. Just like your soul," Maxie growled.

Nathan returned and expressed how glad he was that he'd seen Nina. Madeline wanted details, but Nathan warned her to "stay out of it." Madeline told Nathan that Maxie had been "horrible" to her while he was gone. "I'm not even done," Maxie shot back. Nathan informed them that he'd heard. He knew that Madeline had provoked Maxie and that Maxie wasn't afraid to stand up for herself, which was something that he loved about her. Arms around each other, they walked away from a livid Madeline.

Morgan sat down at the Floating Rib a few seats away from Dillon, who was working on his script. He noticed Morgan and offered to buy him a beer. Morgan told Dillon that he was waiting for his girlfriend. Dillon assured Morgan that he was trying to "pick you up." He offered to buy Morgan a beer in exchange for Morgan helping Dillon with his script. Morgan reluctantly agreed, and the two went to a table.

Dillon and Morgan introduced themselves, and they both realized that they should have recognized the other. Dillon asked about Morgan's girlfriend. In his brief explanation, Morgan mentioned Kiki's last name, which Dillon recognized. Dillon joked that Morgan and Kiki were like the Romeo and Juliet of the mob world. Morgan wondered if Dillon was seeing anyone. He explained that the last girl he'd dated was in Los Angeles, and she'd cheated on him. Morgan quickly became more interested in the script.

Morgan commented on the extensive notes in the margins of the script. Dillon explained that Lulu had helped him out when they'd gone out of town. He went on about how smart, funny, and beautiful Lulu was. Morgan reminded Dillon that Lulu was married to Morgan's brother. Dillon explained that he and Lulu were old friends. Morgan got up to call Kiki, and Dillon went back to the bar for another round.

Just then, Valerie entered the bar and ordered a drink. Dillon wondered if something had happened. She explained about her encounter with Maxie. She blamed herself for the whole situation, but Dillon reminded her that everyone had made mistakes. She wanted to prove that she wasn't trying to get between Lulu and Dante. Dillon suggested that she go out with him. "Why not? Let's make a date," she said. They clinked their glasses together and took a drink.

A short while later, Kiki arrived at the Floating Rib as Morgan was starting a game of pool. She told him that Denise was distracted from the Avery situation by helping Franco with Nina, so she felt better leaving town. Morgan wanted to "make the most" of the night with Kiki.

Hugging Lulu, Dante assured her that he never wanted to lose her, and she agreed. Dante promised to be "the best husband on the planet," and he took a jewelry box out of his pocket. She told him that she didn't want it, and he wondered why. She appreciated all the effort he'd been making, but she didn't need the gift. All she needed was time to get the image of Dante and Valerie kissing out of her head. He implored her to tell him what he could do. She knew he was working hard, and she didn't want to be so dramatic. She reasoned that things could have gone much further than just a kiss.

Just then, Laura entered the Haunted Star. She apologized for interrupting, but she thought Lulu should know that Luke was planning to leave town that night. Lulu left the ship immediately. When Laura and Dante were alone, she was happy for the chance to talk about Dante and Valerie.

Laura explained that there were "detours" in all relationship that sometimes never led back to the "original path." She recognized that Dante and Lulu were willing to work through things together, which was "a great place to start." Dante thanked Laura for understanding and assured her that he'd never meant to hurt Lulu. She hugged her son-in-law and advised him to forgive himself.

Sonny arrived at the docks, and one of his men informed him that they'd caught an intruder, possibly the one who'd been behind the hijacking of the shipment. A few of Sonny's men dragged Luke to Sonny. Sonny ordered them to let Luke go because Luke wasn't a threat to them. "Not like I've given you no cause for concern," Luke joked. Sonny dismissed his men.

Sonny warned Luke that the area was no longer safe, since someone was once again making a move on Sonny's territory. Luke explained that he was waiting for a boat because he was leaving Port Charles "for good." He needed to get his life together and knew that he had a long way to go. Sonny could relate to the "demons" and suggested that Luke needed the people he loved to help get him through it. Luke thought he'd caused too much damage.

Sonny marveled over how much he and Luke had been through together. Luke commented that they wouldn't have met if it hadn't been for Frank Smith. "Are you sure he's dead this time?" Sonny asked. Luke showed Sonny his gun, which was the gun he'd used to kill Frank. He wanted Sonny to have the gun because he was trying to get away from "that life." Luke asked Sonny to watch over Lulu and Rocco. Sonny's voice broke as he assured Luke that the two were family. The old friends hugged. Luke wanted Sonny to tell Lulu that Luke loved her. Just then, Lulu appeared and told Luke to tell her himself.

Luke apologized for never being in the running for "father of the year," but Lulu assured him that he'd taken the title. She acknowledged that he'd always been there when she'd needed him. He knew that she was smart and strong enough to handle whatever life threw at her because "you're a Spencer." "Damn right I am," she replied proudly. He promised that she would always be "my one and only baby girl." Both cried and hugged as they exchanged "I love you's."

A short while later, Lulu returned to the Haunted Star. Laura comforted a tearful Lulu and promised that Lulu would see her father again. Lulu handed Laura an envelope with "Angel" written on it that Luke had wanted Lulu to give to Laura.

Luke told Sonny to take care of Port Charles because the town needed him. Sonny promised that he wasn't going anywhere. Choked up, Sonny wished Luke luck, patted him on the back, and left. "Goodbye, Port Charles. Good luck to you," Luke said, smiling. His boat arrived, and he walked toward it.

This episode featured the song "The Lovely Years" by Fisher.

The blanket caused more questions

The blanket caused more questions

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

At the Jerome apartment, Ava made certain everything was in place for her breakfast meeting with Nina, but Ava's thoughts were on Franco's warning that he would not secure the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder if Ava failed to help him win back Nina. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. "Showtime," Ava said as she pasted on a welcoming smile then opened the door to warmly greet Nina.

"Denise" invited Nina to join her for breakfast, but Nina preferred to cut to the chase by asking what Denise had wanted to tell Nina about Franco. Nina suddenly realized that it had been a mistake to stop by because Franco was out of Nina's life. Desperate, Denise persuaded Nina to stay because Denise was certain that Nina was as unhappy as Franco was. Despite Nina's insistence that Nina was a married woman and over Franco, Nina's interest was piqued, so Denise assured Nina that Franco was not over Nina.

Nina was skeptical because Franco had appeared to have moved on when she'd seen him kissing Denise at Metro Court Restaurant, but Denise insisted that she had simply been a "placeholder" for Nina. Denise claimed that Franco couldn't stop talking about Nina, so Denise was certain that Franco was head over heels in love with Nina. Denise suspected that Nina felt the same way about Franco and had only married Ric to stick it to Franco. Denise assured Nina that the plan had worked because Franco had been tearing his hair out for failing to keep the faith in Nina as he should have.

Denise promised Nina that Franco had realized what a colossal mistake he had made by suspecting Nina of taking Avery, so Denise urged Nina to stop torturing herself by remaining in a loveless marriage. Denise confessed that she had personal experience trying to keep a man that Denise cared about at arm's length, so she implored Nina to work things out with Franco because he truly believed in Nina. Nina quietly confessed that perhaps Franco had been right to question Nina's guilt because Nina might have taken Avery.

Shocked, Ava managed to stay in character as she asked what Nina was talking about. Nina explained that it was possible that Nina had taken the baby without realizing it, but Denise assured Nina that Nina would have remembered if Nina had snatched Avery out of the hospital. Denise conceded there had been a time when Nina had terrorized Denise's "twin" sister, but it was in the past. Nina was startled when Denise claimed that Denise and Nina were friends, so Nina questioned the remark.

Denise claimed that Franco had talked about Nina so much that Denise felt as if she knew Nina well. Denise promised Franco's belief in Nina's innocence was absolute, which was good enough for Denise. Denise suggested Nina tell whoever or whatever had made Nina believe that Nina had abducted Avery to "go to hell." Denise then urged Nina to listen to her heart, not her head, by clearing up the mess with Franco and telling him that Nina was ready to try again.

Nina explained that it wasn't quite that simple because Ric was not just Nina's husband but also Nina's attorney. Nina revealed that Ric had been working to help Nina reclaim Nina's sizable inheritance, but Denise suggested that Nina hire a new attorney. Nina didn't want to break Ric's heart because he had recently been hurt, but Denise was curious if Nina was ready to stick it out in a loveless marriage while watching Franco move on with someone else. Denise promised that Ric would get past the failed marriage because he was resilient and unlikely to get in the way of true love if he cared about Nina.

Nina's expression brightened as she decided to take Denise's advice by ending her marriage to Ric and working things out with Franco. Nina was grateful for Denise's support then admitted that she didn't deserve a friend like Denise. Ava hid her annoyance when Nina added that despite wanting to stab Ava's eyes out, Nina liked Denise, so she hoped that Denise found love too. After Nina left, Ava's smile faded. "Way ahead of you," Ava said.

At Silas' apartment, Morgan offered to accompany Kiki to the Hamptons for the weekend, but she doubted the bride would appreciate Morgan attending a bachelorette party. Morgan suggested that he could be the stripper, but Kiki didn't want to share him with anyone. She started to help him clean up their breakfast dishes, but Morgan assured her that he would take care of it because he knew she had to get going. Kiki thanked him then grabbed her bags and left.

Moments later, Morgan answered a knock at the door. It was Franco. Morgan started to close the door, but Franco's arm shot out to keep the door from slamming shut. Morgan made it clear that Franco was not welcome, so Franco offered to talk about Morgan's "extracurricular activity" loud enough for Silas and Kiki's neighbors to hear every salacious detail. Reluctantly, Morgan invited Franco into the apartment. Franco didn't mince words as he revealed that he knew about Morgan and Denise's affair.

Morgan tried to deny it, but Franco warned Morgan not to bother because Franco had caught Denise in a lie when Franco had stopped by the apartment while Morgan had been in Denise's bed. Franco was not pleased that Morgan and Denise might hurt Kiki, but Franco was conflicted about what to do about the situation. Franco slid a knife from a knife block as Morgan defiantly asked what Franco's options were. Franco's tone filled with menace and promise as he contemplated doing something "creative and final."

Morgan refused to be intimidated. Morgan advised Franco to back off because Sonny had been looking for an excuse to kill Franco. Instead, Franco held the deadly knife threatening close to Morgan's neck then smiled with false sincerity because Franco hadn't realized that Morgan had it in him to fight back. However, Franco decided not to follow through on the threat because Franco didn't want to ruin his best -- and only -- good pair of shoes. Franco set the knife down as Morgan belligerently asked if the doctors had removed Franco's spine along with the brain tumor. Franco ignored the attempt to taunt him, but warned Morgan to do right by Kiki, or Franco would kill Morgan.

Later, Franco slipped into Scott's office as Franco's cell phone rang. It was Ava calling to inform him that she had fulfilled her end of the bargain, so Franco should expect Nina to seek him out to reconcile. However, Ava expected Franco to hold up his end the bargain. Franco promised he was working on it then ended the call.

In Silas' office at the hospital, a nurse handed him a message as she explained that his ex-wife had called. Silas was curious if Nina had left a message, but the nurse explained that Nina had ended the call when the nurse had revealed that Silas had been busy with a patient. After the nurse left, Silas looked at the message then decided he couldn't allow Nina to suffer for something he had done. Silas started to leave until Kiki entered the office. He was surprised to see his daughter because he had assumed she left for the Hamptons.

Kiki explained that she had stopped by to say goodbye and to let him know that she had left him several dinners in the refrigerator. She admitted there was plenty of food, so he could invite both Morgan and Denise to dinner. Silas scowled, but Kiki confessed that it would mean a lot to her if her three favorite people made an effort to get to know each other. Silas agreed to remain open to the possibility for Kiki's sake. Kiki smiled with delight, but Silas warned her not to get her hopes up.

Kiki was confident that Silas could find a way to get along with Morgan and Denise, since Silas had been able to spend the Fourth of July with Nina after everything Nina had put Silas through. Silas reminded Kiki that he and Nina had history then added that he had put Nina through plenty of heartache. Silas changed the subject by telling his daughter to have fun during her short getaway. Kiki grinned and suggested he call Denise to invite her over for dinner. Kiki explained that Silas could get Denise's number from Morgan.

After Kiki left, Silas muttered that Morgan definitely had the number, but his thoughts turned to Nina and Silas' recent conversation when Nina had expressed concern about her sanity because she feared she might have kidnapped Avery. "I'm sorry, Ava, I can't do this anymore," Silas quietly said.

A short time later, Silas entered Scott's office as Franco sat behind Scott's desk, ready to break into a drawer.

Meanwhile, Morgan stopped by the Jerome apartment to have a talk with Denise.

At Metro Court, Ric invited Madeline into the suite he shared with Nina. Madeline looked around as she asked where her daughter was, so Ric explained that Nina had left early. He suspected his wife had hoped to escape any additional incidents of hearing the baby's cries then played the recording of a wailing baby he had been using to torture Nina. Madeline grimaced, but she was more concerned about Nathan's visit. Madeline's temper flared when Ric admitted that Nathan had found the baby blanket Ric had used to make Nina believe that Nina had snatched Avery from the hospital.

Madeline worried that Nathan might be able to use the blanket to prove it was a replica of the one Avery had disappeared with, but Ric assured Nina that he was a step ahead of the game because he intended to burn the blanket and make it appear that Nina had done the deed. Ric bragged that he could easily convince Nina to believe she had done it, but Madeline was not thrilled with the idea of adding to Nina's distress. Ric laughed at Madeline's reservations, but she realized it was necessary because it was too late to turn back.

Later, Ric was about to burn the blanket in a trash can when Nina burst through the door. Ric abandoned his plan then greeted his wife, but Nina announced that she wanted a divorce.

At the police station, Nathan entered Jordan's office. She handed him a file as she explained that she wanted to take Sonny down because the mob violence had been escalating, and Sonny was at the center of it. Jordan was confident that she could cripple organized crime in Port Charles by locking Sonny behind bars.

Nathan shifted gears to reveal that new evidence had surfaced in a cold case, which might close it. Interested, Jordan asked for details, so Nathan explained that he had found what appeared to be Avery's baby blanket that had been with Avery at the time of the abduction. Jordan was surprised when Nathan added that the blanket had been in Nina's hotel suite, but she was curious if there had been anything else to link Nina to the kidnapping. Nathan admitted that he wasn't even certain the blanket had belonged to Avery, even though it had been monogrammed with Avery's initials.

Jordan suggested Nathan ask Michael to identify the blanket then take it for testing, but Nathan admitted that Ric had refused to turn it over. Jordan instructed Nathan to get a warrant, but Nathan was reluctant because he suspected Ric was setting up his sister. Nathan quickly added that he didn't have any proof, but Franco had accused Ric of marrying Nina to get his hands on Nina's fortune, so Nathan feared the attempt to frame Nina was a scheme for Ric to secure Nina's fortune. Jordan didn't want to think ill of Ric because Ric had helped T.J., but she ordered Nathan to get to the bottom of things.

At the Haunted Star, Dillon greeted Lulu as she worked behind the bar. He noticed the beautiful bouquet of flowers, so she admitted they were a gift from Dante. Dillon became concerned when he noticed that Lulu seemed upset. Her eyes filled with tears as she explained that Luke had decided to pull up stakes and leave Port Charles. Dillon wrapped his arms around Lulu then hugged her tightly as she wept because she had no idea if she would ever see her father again.

After Lulu stepped back and wiped away the tears, she apologized for her crying jag. Dillon assured her that she was allowed to cry about her father, so she offered Dillon a watery smile as she admitted that he was a good friend. However, she realized it had been a mistake for her to lean on him, since Dante might have walked in on them and gotten the wrong idea. Dillon promised Lulu that she didn't have anything to worry about because they had convinced Dante that nothing had happened between Dillon and Lulu.

Lulu wished that she could say the same about Dante and Valerie. Dillon was shocked when Lulu told him about the kiss because he felt partly responsible for the situation, but Lulu argued that she had been the one to lie to her husband, which had made Dante question her love for her husband. Dillon realized the flowers had been Dante's attempt to put Dante and Lulu's marriage back on track, so Lulu confessed that she had been doing her best to try to forget about the kiss. Dillon wished he had known about the kiss before he had asked Valerie out on a date. Lulu was surprised by the news, but quickly clarified that Dante had initiated the kiss with Valerie.

Dillon wanted Lulu to be honest about whether or not she approved of Dillon going out with Valerie. Lulu admitted that Dillon would be doing her a favor because Dillon would be the perfect distraction for her cousin if Valerie had any feelings for Dante. Satisfied, Dillon changed the subject by revealing that he had stopped by to ask Lulu to look over his edited screenplay. Dillon was confident that it was a vast improvement because he had taken her recommendations to heart, so he was eager to know what she thought about the revisions. Lulu assured him that she would be happy to look it over.

Dillon sobered as he assured Lulu that he would always be available if she needed someone to talk to. Lulu appreciated the offer, but she thought it would be best if she leaned on her husband. She teasingly added that Dillon would be too busy falling in love with Valerie.

On the piers, Dante questioned a dockworker about the recent hijacking of Sonny's shipment, but the man didn't have any information. Dante handed the man some cash but made it clear that he expected the man to report back with information. After the man left, Dante spotted Valerie. She claimed that she had stopped by to drop off sustenance in the form of coffee and Dante's favorite jelly doughnuts for the police officers working on the piers. Dante thanked Valerie but assured her that it hadn't been necessary.

Valerie admitted that she had wanted to talk to Dante to let him know that Jordan knew about their night together. Dante revealed that Jordan had already discussed it with him. Valerie felt bad for putting Dante in an awkward situation, but Dante promised Valerie that it was fine. Valerie admitted that she had talked to Jordan when they had believed that Lulu and Dillon had been having an affair and Valerie had hoped something could happen between her and Dante.

Dante apologized for misleading Valerie, but she explained that it wasn't necessary because she had moved on. Valerie told Dante about running into Dillon at the Floating Rib and agreeing to go out on a date with him. She wondered if it would be a problem for Dante, but Dante assured her that she didn't need his permission. Valerie explained that her friendship with Dante meant more to her than a date with Dillon. Dante appreciated her concern, but her dating life had nothing to do with their friendship.

Dante conceded that Dillon seemed like a decent guy, so he gave Valerie his blessing to go out with Dillon. Moments later, Dillon walked up. Dante greeted Dillon then quickly excused himself. Valerie explained that she had dropped off coffee and doughnuts for the police officers working the docks, but she had to get back to work. Dillon offered to walk her to her car so they could make plans for their date.

A short time later, Dante stopped by the Haunted Star to check on Lulu. Lulu put the screenplay aside as she greeted her husband. Dante mentioned that he had bumped into Dillon, and Lulu admitted that Dillon had paid her a visit earlier. Dante was curious if Lulu knew about Dillon and Valerie's date. Lulu nodded as she confessed that she thought it would be good for both her cousin and her friend. Dante added that he hoped things worked out between the couple, but his expression briefly clouded with concern.

Silas caught Ava and Morgan in bed

Silas caught Ava and Morgan in bed

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly flipped through a bridal magazine until Sonny joined her at the bar. She quickly tossed the magazine aside, but not before Sonny had noticed it. He teased her about the magazine, and she agreed that she had been jumping ahead of things because they hadn't shared the news with Morgan yet. Carly confessed that she was concerned about their son because she hadn't seen him in a few days, and he hadn't returned any of her phone calls. She conceded that Morgan had sent a short text message, but it hadn't eased her worries.

Carly suspected Morgan might be trying to avoid her, but Sonny reminded her that Morgan had a lot going on. Carly couldn't imagine what could be so important that he couldn't take a moment to return his mother's phone call. Sonny avoided eye contact with Carly as he tried to make excuses for Morgan, but it backfired because Carly realized Sonny was hiding something. She quickly deduced that it had to do with Denise, but Sonny argued that he hadn't said anything about Denise. Carly explained that it wasn't necessary because she could tell by Sonny's reaction that she was right.

Caught, Sonny assured Carly that he had talked to Morgan and warned their son that Kiki's aunt was trouble. However, he reminded Carly that their son was stubborn like her. Carly argued that Sonny was far more stubborn, so he distracted her with a kiss. Moments later, Laura walked up. After Laura, Sonny, and Carly exchanged warm greetings, they sat together at a nearby table to visit.

Laura mentioned having breakfast with Elton and reminiscing about their days at Deception. Carly was touched that Elton had sent his best to her. Sonny shifted gears by apologizing for not catching up with Laura sooner, but Laura assured him that she didn't blame him because a lot had been going on. Sonny admitted that he'd talked to Luke before Luke had left town, and Carly confessed that she had been disappointed that she hadn't had an opportunity to say goodbye to her uncle. Laura recalled the letter from Luke with "Angel" written on the envelope but quietly said that she hadn't said goodbye to Luke either.

Carly tried to lighten the mood by reminding Laura that at least Luke had left them with the gift of returning little Jake to Elizabeth. Laura agreed, even though there remained many unanswered questions about Jake's abduction. Carly agreed, but she was more saddened by the realization that Jason hadn't lived to see little Jake reunited with his family. Sonny noticed Laura seemed to become distracted, so he asked if she was okay. He realized things had been overwhelming for Laura with Luke and Lucky leaving town, so Laura smiled softly as she thought about her youngest son.

Laura admitted that Lucky had always been a restless soul who had pondered the big questions like faith and the meaning of life, so she had long before accepted that he would never stop searching. Carly was surprised that Lucky hadn't stuck around longer for little Jake's sake, since Lucky had plucked the boy from the only life little Jake had known then dropped him amongst strangers. Laura tensed as she asked if Carly thought Jason would have done things differently.

"Yes," Carly answered without hesitation. Laura carefully explained that Lucky had done what had been in the best interest of both Elizabeth and the boys, but Carly wasn't satisfied. Carly conceded that both Cameron and Aiden were used to Lucky leaving, but little Jake wasn't. Carly felt bad for Elizabeth because she could use Lucky's support, but Laura promised Carly that Lucky had left knowing little Jake would be surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Sonny agreed, so Carly admitted that little Jake at least had his namesake.

Laura's expression clouded with confusion, so Carly clarified that she had meant the remark figuratively not literally. Laura realized Carly meant Jake Doe as Carly sang his praises and revealed that he was Carly's good friend. Carly was confident that Jake would help little Jake transition to his new life because Jake had been great with the young boy when Carly had seen the two together at the hospital. Laura decided it was time to leave, so Sonny asked if Laura intended to stay in town because he wanted to invite her to his and Carly's fifth wedding. Laura was delighted for the couple as she congratulated them.

After Laura left, Sonny confessed that he liked Laura because she had a good soul, but Carly admitted that Laura had seemed deeply troubled about something. Carly wasn't certain what was on Laura's mind, but she sensed that it was big. Moments later, one of Sonny's henchmen walked up to quietly whisper in Sonny's ear that Sonny's organization had been hit again.

At the Drake residence, Patrick and Sam were in bed as he started to make love to her, but he quickly realized that her mind was elsewhere. Sam confessed that she had been thinking about Jake. Patrick tensed as he rolled off Sam then asked what was going on. Sam explained that seeing little Jake at the hospital had hit her hard because the boy looked and acted so much like Jason. Sam admitted that Carly had been as deeply affected at her first glimpse of Jason's eldest son, so Sam and Carly had agreed that it hadn't been fair that Jason would never get to know little Jake was alive.

Sam added that all Danny and little Jake would have of their father was each other, so she wanted the brothers to have a relationship. Patrick was confident that Elizabeth wanted the same, but Sam disagreed. Sam admitted that Elizabeth had seemed reluctant when Sam had raised the issue. Patrick suggested Elizabeth might have been overwhelmed with everything that had happened, so Sam agreed that it was possible because it was a lot for anyone to take in. However, Sam wondered if Patrick would talk to Elizabeth because Sam didn't want to create tension by pushing the issue with Elizabeth.

Sam confided that Elizabeth had once schemed to keep Jason and Sam apart by tampering with Danny's DNA tests to make it appear that Danny was not Sam's son. Patrick was stunned by the news, but Sam quickly added that Elizabeth had had an attack of conscience within 24 hours and had confessed the truth. Patrick wasn't surprised because it wasn't like Elizabeth to keep a secret like that for long, but he was still shocked by what his friend had done. Sam confessed that she hadn't been in any position to judge Elizabeth because Sam had done plenty of regrettable things when Sam had feared losing Jason to Elizabeth. However, Sam had made peace with the past, so she wanted Danny and little Jake to have a relationship because they were Jason's only children.

Patrick agreed to have a talk with Elizabeth. Relieved, Sam smiled then seduced Patrick. He warned her that it might delay his talk with Elizabeth, but Sam assured him it could wait awhile longer.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth was looking through a file as Jake descended the stairs. He was curious what she had been looking at, so she admitted she had been looking over the results of little Jake's blood work because she was still trying to make sense of her son's lack of trauma or scars from the accident or surgery. Elizabeth confessed she still had difficulty accepting that her son hadn't donated a kidney to Josslyn, so she couldn't imagine what Carly had been going through. Jake admitted Carly was focused on the Josslyn's continued good health and Carly's upcoming wedding to Sonny.

Jake joined Elizabeth at the dining room table as Elizabeth admitted that she was happy for Sonny and Carly because she had always thought Sonny and Carly had been better together than apart. She advised Jake to invest in a suit because she was certain he would be invited to both Carly and Lucas' wedding. Elizabeth tensed when Jake suggested he might want marriage some day, but she was spared from having to respond when the doorbell rang. Elizabeth was surprised when she saw Michael and Monica standing on her doorstep. Monica explained that she was eager to meet her grandson, so Elizabeth invited them in.

Jake warmly greeted Monica and Michael as Elizabeth hovered in the background, watching the three interact before fetching little Jake. Meanwhile, Monica told Michael about her recent visit with Jake when she had regaled him with stories about Jason. Monica feared that she might have bored Jake with the stories, but Jake promised he had enjoyed the visit and would love to get together again. Moments later, Elizabeth returned with little Jake. Monica smiled with delight when she saw her grandson, and Elizabeth explained to little Jake that Monica was one of his grandmothers.

Michael stepped forward to greet his young cousin. Monica smiled because Jason's son was a "man of few words like his father." Elizabeth smiled awkwardly as she exchanged a nervous glance with Jake, but Monica didn't appear to notice. Monica and Elizabeth took little Jake to the dining room to open a present while Michael and Jake lingered in the living room. Michael was amazed by how much little Jake looked like Jason, and Jake told Michael about Carly's reaction when she had seen the little boy at the hospital. Michael wasn't surprised because Carly thought about Jason every day, as Michael did.

However, Michael refused to dwell on Jason's death because it was a time to celebrate. Jake conceded that little Jake was lucky because he had the Quartermaines, Webbers, Spencers, and Danny Morgan to call family. Michael insisted little Jake deserved it, but Michael noticed the similarity between little Jake and Jake's situations, since Helena had snatched both from their loved ones. Michael was curious if Jake had made any headway in investigating Nikolas, so Jake quietly explained that Elizabeth didn't know about it because she and Nikolas were close friends. Jake made certain Elizabeth couldn't hear then confided that Nikolas had apparently had a brief fling with Hayden Barnes in Paris years earlier.

Michael thought it was odd that Ric had hired a woman who had once slept with Nikolas to pose as Jake's wife, but Jake doubted Ric had known about the connection. Jake revealed that Hayden had been about to tell Jake who he really was when she had been shot, so Michael was curious if Jake had ever considered that Nikolas might know Jake's real identity. Jake explained that Sam doubted Nikolas would keep quiet if he knew who Jake really was. Meanwhile, Elizabeth noticed the two men in a deep discussion, so she approached them to ask what they had been talking about.

Michael claimed that he had been telling Jake how happy he was that Monica had gotten to spend time with little Jake. Monica announced that little Jake was eager to show his presents to his brothers, so Elizabeth took her son back upstairs. Monica returned to the living room to explain that she and Michael were headed to the site of the new clinic because Michael wanted to give her a tour. As Monica talked about the clinic being built in honor of her eldest son, Jake asked if A.J. and Jake had been alike. Monica chuckled because her sons had been polar opposites, but she had loved both dearly.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Jake opened the door and saw Laura standing on the porch. Laura explained that she had wanted to spend some time with her grandsons. Monica and Michael greeted Laura. The four chatted for a few minutes before Michael and Monica left. Elizabeth returned to the living room as Laura introduced herself to Jake.

At the police station, Silas was startled when he entered Scott's office and saw Franco seated behind Scott's desk as Franco was about to break into a drawer. Silas was curious what Franco was doing there, but Franco reminded Silas that Scott was Franco's father. Franco wondered if Silas had finally decided to confess to framing Nina, but Silas had no idea what Franco was referring to. Franco snidely informed Silas that Ava had told him everything.

Franco was furious that Silas had snatched Avery from the hospital to give Ava a bone marrow transplant because he didn't know if it was worse to manipulate DNA to create an alias for someone or allow Nina to take the blame for the baby's kidnapping. Silas denied framing Nina, but Franco wasn't satisfied because he was certain that Silas had only been concerned about keeping both Silas and Ava out of jail. Silas insisted Ava had been dying, but he had realized his wrongs and had decided to confess everything to Scott.

Franco was furious Silas had allowed Nina to "twist in the wind" for months, but Silas promised that he regretted his actions because Silas couldn't let Nina continue to believe that she had been losing her grip on reality. Concerned, Franco demanded to know what Silas was talking about. Silas admitted that Nina had been hearing the cries of a baby, which she suspected was her guilty conscience trying to tell her that she had kidnapped Avery. Franco was livid because Nina had fought hard to get healthy, but Silas and Ava had compromised Nina's fragile state of mind for no other reason than for Ava to "screw Morgan" behind Kiki's back.

Stunned, Silas asked Franco explain the comment. Franco realized he had said too much, so he tried to backtrack by claiming that Ava continued to have "the hots" for Morgan. Silas easily saw through the lie because he knew Morgan was an "immature twit" and "chronically unfaithful," while Ava was a narcissist who didn't care about anyone including her own children. Franco refused to answer Silas' questions, so Silas stormed out, determined to get to the bottom of things. Franco tried to call Silas back because he wanted Silas to clear Nina's name, but Silas ignored him. Moments later, Franco called Nina but reached her voicemail, so he assured her that she was not crazy.

In Ric and Nina's suite at Metro Court, Ric was about to burn the baby blanket in the trash can when Nina entered the room. He quickly abandoned the plan so he could greet his wife, but Nina caught him by surprise by announcing that she wanted a divorce. Nina appreciated Ric's support over the past few weeks because he had been her rock, but she acknowledged they had both married for the wrong reasons. Nina reminded Ric that he had been on the rebound then confessed that she was still in love with Franco and always would be. Ric assured her that he wanted her to be happy, but he couldn't allow her to leave him.

Nina wondered if Ric was threatening her, but he explained that he had been about to destroy the blanket because it was evidence that might be used against her if Nathan obtained a search warrant. Ric added that he couldn't be compelled to testify against Nina if they remained married, but Nina was determined to cut ties with Ric. Ric continued to pressure Nina to stay married to him until she became agitated. He deftly turned on the recording of the crying baby to push her over the edge then reached out to comfort her as she wept in his arms. Ric promised that she could trust him because he would remain at her side.

Later, Franco knocked on the door, demanding to speak to Nina. He resorted to kicking in the door when no one replied. Franco entered the suite then called out to Nina, but no one was there.

At the Jerome apartment, Morgan insisted that he needed to talk to Denise because Franco had paid him a visit to accuse Morgan of sleeping with Denise. Shocked, Denise asked Morgan to tell her exactly what Franco had said, so Morgan told her about Franco's accusations and the menacing threat with the knife if Morgan hurt Kiki. Denise tried to downplay the incident, but Morgan assured her that Franco had been serious. Morgan admitted that he hadn't seen Franco that destructive since Franco and Carly's disastrous wedding.

Denise assured Morgan that Franco wouldn't tell Kiki anything because Franco cared too much about Kiki to hurt her. Morgan was skeptical, but Denise promised that she could handle Franco. She pointed out that Franco didn't have any reason to be concerned about something that had been a one-time mistake. Morgan sat down next to Denise on the sofa then rested his hand on her knee as he quietly admitted that they both knew she was wrong. Denise insisted that she didn't want to hurt Kiki, so Morgan assured Denise that he didn't either.

However, Morgan couldn't stop thinking about Denise or stay away from her. Passion quickly flared between the couple when Morgan kissed Denise. They began to tear off each other's clothes as they made their way to the bedroom between heated kisses. In the bedroom, Morgan and Denise made love, unaware that the front door had been left ajar.

Later, Morgan and Denise were breathless as Morgan asked what happened next. Denise wasn't certain, except they couldn't keep their affair going forever. "I have to agree with you on that one," Silas said as he appeared in Ava's bedroom doorway.

Nina was admitted to Shadybrook

Nina was admitted to Shadybrook

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mrs. Shipley entered Scott's office with a file folder in one hand and a cup of coffee in another. She informed Scott that the Records Department would send over the file of Sonny's 2011 trial by Friday, and everything would be temporarily stored in the conference room. Pleased, Scott instructed his assistant to have a couple of interns pore over the documents to look for something that could be used to prosecute Sonny. After Mrs. Shipley agreed, Scott looked around for a cup of coffee until his assistant handed it to him. He thanked her for being efficient. She let him know that Franco had stopped by earlier.

Scott groaned then asked what Franco had wanted. Mrs. Shipley had no idea, but she added that Silas had also been by the office around the same time. Mrs. Shipley assumed that Scott had expected both men, but he explained that the only person he had been expecting had yet to arrive. As if on cue, Nikolas appeared in the doorway. "Speak of the devil," Scott said when he saw Laura's eldest son. Scott dismissed Mrs. Shipley with instructions to hold his calls then waited until the door was closed.

Nikolas sat down as Scott thanked Nikolas for agreeing to meet him. Nikolas explained that he was there as a courtesy, but was curious if he needed legal representation. Scott wondered if Nikolas had done anything to require an attorney, especially since Rosalie had recanted her confession about helping Nikolas commit corporate espionage to secure control of ELQ. Scott suspected Nikolas had pressured Rosalie, but he couldn't prove it.

However, Scott had wanted to talk to Nikolas because Scott had hoped Nikolas could shed light on what had been troubling Laura. Scott admitted that she had told him about a secret, but Bobbie had arrived to announce that Luke had decided to leave town, so Laura had left before she'd had a chance to confide to Scott. Nikolas denied any knowledge about Laura's secret, but he questioned the wisdom of his mother leaning on an ex-husband for support rather than her family. Scott wondered if perhaps Nikolas had something to do with the secret, but Nikolas laughed at the idea then left. Scott appeared thoughtful as he watched Nikolas walk away.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth returned to the living room as Laura introduced herself to Jake. Elizabeth appeared uneasy as Laura confessed that it felt as if Laura had met Jake before. Jake explained that he had undergone facial reconstruction surgery months before and had no memory of his past, so Laura admitted that Nikolas had mentioned Jake's situation. She was curious if Jake had had any glimpses or flashes of his past. Elizabeth quickly stepped forward to wrap her arm around Jake's waist and explained that she and Jake had decided to live in the present and appreciate what they had.

Laura smiled politely, but she continued to make Elizabeth squirm by urging Jake not to give up. Jake admitted that he had made peace with his decision, despite experiencing an occasional sense of déjà vu, but Laura was certain the flashes of memory had to mean something. Elizabeth was relieved when someone knocked on the door. It was Patrick. After Elizabeth invited him inside, Patrick greeted both Jake and Laura.

Patrick asked how little Jake was doing, so Elizabeth told Patrick about Monica and Michael's visit earlier. Elizabeth confessed that little Jake appeared to be doing well despite meeting a lot of news faces, so Patrick seized the opportunity to broach the subject of little Jake spending time with Danny. Elizabeth tensed, but Laura thought it was a wonderful idea, since little Jake and Danny were Jason's sons. Elizabeth appeared reluctant, but Laura admitted that she regretted allowing her fear to keep her from revealing the truth about Nikolas and Lucky until the brothers had been teenagers.

Elizabeth assured Patrick that she had never intended to keep Danny and little Jake apart, but she needed some time. Jake promised Elizabeth that it shouldn't be a problem because he was certain both Danny and little Jake would get along well. Elizabeth forced a smile as she agreed to get in touch with Sam to set up a visit. Pleased, Patrick thanked Elizabeth then left. Elizabeth offered to fetch little Jake for Laura, but Laura confessed that she had stopped by to talk to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was surprised when Laura asked for a private word with Elizabeth, so Jake gave Elizabeth a quick kiss goodbye then left to run errands. Laura smiled as she commented that Jake seemed like a nice man. Elizabeth assured her that Jake was great. Laura admitted that anyone could see why Elizabeth had fallen in love with him. "Especially since he's Jason," Laura quietly added.

At Metro Court, Franco kicked in the door to Nina and Ric's suite then called out to Nina. Franco decided to check the rooms when no one responded, but he quickly determined no one was there. Frustrated, Franco called Nina but reached her voicemail, so he asked her to call him back because it was imperative that he speak with her. After the call, Franco sat on the sofa, intending to wait, but he quickly lost patience.

Determined to take action, Franco marched to the door but stopped short when he saw Madeline standing in the hallway about to knock. Madeline demanded to know what Franco was doing in her daughter's suite, but Franco wondered why Madeline was there. Madeline claimed that she had stopped by to check on her daughter, but Franco didn't believe her because he knew Madeline had never cared about Nina. Madeline insisted Franco was wrong, but he reminded her of the horrible ways Madeline had hurt Nina.

Madeline conceded that she had a complicated relationship with her daughter, but Franco suspected Madeline and Ric were working together to get their hands on Nina's fortune. Madeline denied the accusation then reminded Franco that the money was out of Madeline's reach. Franco remained suspicious, so he asked for the name of Madeline's attorney who had gotten her out of jail. Madeline evaded the question, but Franco was certain Madeline and Ric were in cahoots because they were both "greedy and treacherous" people.

Madeline claimed that she had only recently met Ric, but she and Ric were concerned about Nina. Franco's suspicions grew when Madeline confided that Nina was on the verge of a breakdown because Nina had been experiencing hallucinations because of a guilty conscience. Madeline told Franco that it appeared Nina had abducted Avery from the hospital, but Franco explained it was impossible because he knew who the real kidnapper was. Surprised, Madeline asked who it was, but Franco refused to tell her. Madeline was certain Franco was bluffing, but he assured her that he wasn't then left.

At Shadybrook, Nina was uneasy as she and Ric entered the common room. Nina feared it had been a mistake to return to the sanitarium, but Ric insisted it was the only way to ensure that Nina received help and remained out of reach from the law. Nina argued that she didn't need psychiatric help, but Ric argued that she had been hearing and seeing things that weren't real. Nina countered that she hadn't had any hallucinations since they had left the hotel, so she wanted to leave.

Ric assured Nina that he wanted what was best for her because he cared about her. He promised it was merely a temporary situation, but Nina became increasingly agitated at the idea of staying at the sanitarium. Ric reminded her that it wasn't like Ferncliff or Miscavige, so she would have far more freedom than she'd had during her previous stint at Shadybrook. Nina paced the floor as she begged Ric to leave, but Ric exploited her insecurities by explaining that they needed to buy some time to figure things out and keep Nina out of jail.

Ric promised that Nina could trust him, but Nina questioned why she would block out Avery's abduction when Nina had never repressed any other memories of the horrible things she had done. Ric suggested the doctors might help Nina understand, but Nina balked at the idea of undergoing treatment. Ric warned her that the evidence was stacked against her then pulled out a folded document. Nina tensed as she asked what it was, so he revealed they were commitment papers. Nina nervously questioned how long Ric had had the papers, but he assured her that he had picked them up from the front desk upon their arrival.

Ric urged Nina to sign the papers, but Nina refused. Ric explained that if she voluntarily entered the sanitarium then she would retain control of her destiny and keep the police at bay. Ric claimed that it was for the best and continued to pressure her until Nina reluctantly signed the documents. Ric smiled with satisfaction as he assured her that she had done the right thing. After Ric left to drop off the papers, Nina appeared to be on the verge of crying as she looked around the common room. Moments later, an orderly arrived to take Nina to her room, but she froze when Franco entered the room and smiled at her.

Later, Ric returned to the suite where Madeline was waiting. She demanded to know where her daughter was, so Ric explained that he had been forced to take action when Nina had asked for a divorce because Nina was in love with Franco. Madeline was not pleased, but Ric revealed that Nina had been committed to Shadybrook.

At the Jerome apartment, Morgan and Denise were startled when Silas suddenly appeared in the bedroom doorway. Silas' anger was palpable as he glared accusingly at Morgan and Denise, so Morgan insisted that he could explain. Silas scoffed because he doubted Morgan could provide an innocent explanation for cheating on Kiki. Silas was disgusted that Morgan had found his way into Denise's bed within three hours of Kiki leaving town.

Morgan claimed that he and Denise both cared about Kiki and didn't want to hurt Kiki, but Silas didn't believe him. Infuriated, Silas informed Morgan that Morgan shouldn't have rekindled things with Kiki then claimed to care for Silas' daughter when it was clear that Morgan was completely untrustworthy. Silas accused Morgan of being a "selfish, shallow, horny little brat" who deserved to be "screwed over" the same way Morgan had betrayed Kiki.

Morgan admitted that he couldn't explain why he and Denise had been unable to fight the attraction simmering between them, so Silas cryptically offered to enlighten Morgan. Denise quickly interjected by claiming that she simply reminded Morgan of Ava, but Silas argued it was more than that. "Don't you think, Denise?" Silas asked with a smirk. She carefully warned Silas not to "go there," but Morgan wanted to know what Silas and Denise were talking about. Denise asked to have a private word with Silas, but Morgan refused to leave.

Denise assured Morgan that she could get through to Silas because she knew Silas didn't want Kiki to get hurt. Morgan reluctantly retreated to the living room with his clothes, so she waited until it was safe then dropped all pretense of being Denise. Ava appealed to Silas to think of Kiki, but he thought Kiki deserved to know the truth about her faithless boyfriend and sociopathic mother because catching Morgan and Ava in bed together had made Silas realize how little Morgan and Ava cared about Kiki.

Ava was shocked when Silas vowed to tell Kiki everything, including the truth about Ava. Ava warned Silas that he would face jail time for helping her, but Silas wasn't intimidated. He was tired of Ava's blackmail and lying to everyone, especially Nina, who blamed herself for a crime he had committed. Ava was stunned when Silas revealed that he had already stopped by Scott's office to confess, but Scott hadn't been in. Ava begged Silas to reconsider, but Silas' mind was made up.

Ava warned Silas that the truth would destroy Kiki, but Silas was confident that Kiki would get over it in time. Silas believed his daughter was entitled to the truth, so he intended to make certain Kiki knew everything when she returned from her trip to the Hamptons. After Silas stormed out, Ava entered the living room, where Morgan was waiting. Morgan was curious if "Denise" had managed to persuade Silas to keep his mouth shut, but Denise confessed that she doubted it.

In the hallway, Silas left Kiki a voicemail message explaining that he needed to talk to her as soon as she returned to Port Charles.

Silas was murdered, but who stabbed him?

Silas was murdered, but who stabbed him?

Friday, July 31, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael approached Nikolas at the bar. Nikolas smiled indulgently when Michael immediately launched into a tirade about Nikolas stealing ELQ from the Quartermaines. Nikolas insisted ELQ was doing quite well, but Michael disagreed because the company's stock prices had recently plummeted. Nikolas claimed that fluctuating stock prices were expected during a takeover, but Michael doubted the shareholders would agree. Michael was also certain the shareholders were not impressed with Nikolas' performance as CEO.

Nikolas promised things would turn around soon, but Michael explained that it didn't matter, since Nikolas wouldn't remain in power for much longer. Michael was confident that Lucy would vote to reinstate Michael because Michael had returned Avery to Sonny, and ELQ had been far more profitable under Michael's control. Nikolas didn't appear threatened, but Michael vowed not to give up on Michael's great-grandfather's company because Edward had intended for a Quartermaine to run ELQ. Michael accused Nikolas of taking advantage of Luke's "psychotic break" and resorting to blackmail, coercion, and outright theft to obtain shares of ELQ, but Michael decided to use a far more creative means to force Nikolas to surrender the ELQ shares.

Nikolas chuckled then suggested that Michael accept defeat, but Michael advised Nikolas to enjoy the time he had left behind Michael's desk because Michael planned to call for a vote soon. Nikolas smiled politely and announced that he had to find Laura. Michael suggested Nikolas start at Elizabeth's house.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth was stunned when Laura revealed that Nikolas had confided that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan. Elizabeth nervously suggested that Laura had misunderstood, but Laura explained that she had overheard Elizabeth and Nikolas talking about Jake being Jason. Laura admitted that she had confronted Nikolas, so he had confirmed that Jake was Jason. Elizabeth was surprised that Nikolas hadn't warned Elizabeth, but Laura suspected Nikolas had wanted to spare Elizabeth unnecessary worry because he had made a compelling argument for Laura to keep the truth a secret.

However, Laura admitted that she was struggling with the knowledge that both Elizabeth and Nikolas were lying to Jason. Laura knew Elizabeth was in love with Jason, in part because he was Jake's father, but Laura felt terrible for Monica. Elizabeth became upset when Laura decided to tell Jake the truth, but Laura thought Elizabeth should be the first person to understand the aching loss Monica felt over the loss of a child. Elizabeth argued that it wasn't the same, but Laura disagreed, since they each were mothers who loved their sons.

Elizabeth explained that it was necessary to keep quiet for Nikolas' sake because Elizabeth suspected he had gone to great lengths to keep Jason from learning the truth. Laura was shocked when Elizabeth shared her theory about Nikolas arranging for Hayden to be shot as Hayden had been on the verge of telling Jason the truth. Laura refused to believe it, but Elizabeth quietly confessed that everything pointed to Nikolas. Horrified, Laura asked if Hayden was dead, so Elizabeth explained that Hayden was in a coma. Elizabeth warned Laura that the police might reopen the investigation if they realized the hit man had been trying to silence Hayden and not Jake.

Laura wondered why ballistic tests hadn't confirmed Shawn wasn't the shooter, so Elizabeth explained that Shawn had immediately confessed to the shooting to protect Sonny, which meant the tests on the gun and bullets hadn't been run. Laura questioned if Elizabeth's judgment was clouded by fear of Jason learning the truth, but Elizabeth was certain Nikolas had arranged for someone to kill Hayden. Elizabeth decided to give Laura time to think things over, and Elizabeth went upstairs to get the boys ready for bed.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned to ask if Laura had made a decision. Laura wanted to talk to Nikolas, but Elizabeth implored Laura not to because Nikolas had no idea that Elizabeth had put the pieces together. Elizabeth also didn't want Laura to be in a position where Nikolas had to lie to his mother or, worse, admit the truth. Moments later, Nikolas arrived looking for his mother. Laura quickly wiped away her tears before pasting on a smile then facing her son. Nikolas noticed his mother's unease, so she explained that she and Elizabeth had been discussing the situation with Jason.

At the hospital, Sam smiled when she saw Patrick approach the nurses' station. She ran up to greet him then confessed that she had stopped by to ask if he'd had an opportunity to talk to Elizabeth. Patrick smiled as he assured Sam that Elizabeth had agreed to let little Jake spend time with Danny. Sam was delighted, and Patrick asked Sam to stick around a little while because he wanted to take her out for dinner after his shift. Sam promised to be waiting.

Moments later, Jake exited the elevator. Sam smiled when she saw him. He explained that he had stopped by to check if there had been an update on Hayden's condition. Sam revealed that Patrick was busy making rounds, but he would be finished within the hour, and Jake was welcome to wait with her. Jake agreed and followed Sam to a quiet corner, where he mentioned Patrick's visit with Elizabeth. Sam wondered if Elizabeth was really okay with the boys getting to know each other, and he promised Elizabeth wanted the brothers to have a relationship.

Jake explained that Elizabeth's hesitation stemmed from being overprotective and reluctant to let her son out of her sight. Sam admitted that she could kill Helena for causing everyone incredible pain, especially Jason, who had grieved so deeply that he hadn't been able express it. Sam thought it was unfair that Jason hadn't lived to be reunited with his son, but Jake reminded Sam that at least little Jake was okay. Sam agreed that she needed to stop dwelling on what couldn't be.

Jake tactfully changed the subject by confiding that Michael had raised an interesting point when Michael had suggested that if Hayden knew who Jake really was, then Nikolas might know the truth as well. Sam couldn't imagine her cousin keeping a secret like that, but Jake reminded her that Nikolas had lied about ELQ. Sam hated to think that her cousin might be embracing his Cassadine side, but she warned him that if Nikolas knew the truth about Jake, then it might be a secret Nikolas would take to the grave.

Jake wondered why Nikolas would want to keep the truth about Jake's real identity hidden, but Sam had no idea. Jake promised that he loved Elizabeth and his life with her, but he wanted to know about his past. However, Jake intended to focus on getting Michael reinstated as ELQ's CEO first. Jake was curious if Sam knew where else Nikolas might hide sensitive information, other than the safe at Wyndemere. Sam promised to look into it.

Moments later, Patrick walked up. Jake explained that he had stopped by hoping for an update on Hayden. Patrick announced that Hayden appeared to be waking up.

At Shadybrook, Nina was surprised when she saw Franco standing in the center of the common room. She returned his smile, but she was also curious why he was there. Franco admitted he had bumped into Madeline, who had mentioned that Nina had left to get some much-needed help. He had realized that Nina had gone to Shadybrook because the sanitarium was a place of comfort. He grinned as he quietly added that it was the same for him because it was where he and Nina had grown close. Nina asked Franco about Denise's claims that he couldn't stop thinking about Nina, and he admitted it was all true.

Nina smiled with relief as she confessed that she had never stopped loving Franco. He promised that he had never stopped loving her, either, and she ran into his arms and kissed him. After the kiss, Franco and Nina apologized to each other, but Nina insisted that Franco had been right to question her guilt because she had been suffering hallucinations, which were the result of a guilty conscience. Nina confessed that she had kidnapped Avery, which was disturbing to realize because she had no memory of it and could have easily endangered the baby.

Franco explained that Nina shouldn't torture herself, since she hadn't snatched the baby. Nina disagreed, but Franco insisted he knew who had taken Avery. Franco told Nina about Silas' confession to abducting Avery to save Ava with a bone marrow transplant. Nina felt betrayed because Silas had once again chosen Ava over Nina. Her fury mounted when she realized Silas had framed her for a crime he had committed then had allowed Nina to suffer further when she had turned to him for help because she had feared she'd been losing her mind.

Franco tried to calm Nina down, but she stormed out, determined to confront Silas. Franco started to follow Nina, but a patient walked in and immediately recognized Franco. The patient welcomed Franco back and invited Franco to play a board game, but Franco declined. The man refused to give up, so Franco resorted to pointing at something in the corner of the room to distract the man long enough to slip out of the room.

At the Jerome apartment, Morgan asked if Denise had managed to persuade Silas not to tell Kiki about their affair. "I don't think so," Ava quietly answered as she managed to remain in character as Denise. Upset, Morgan paced the living room as he ranted about Silas being a hypocrite, since Silas had once cheated on his pregnant wife with Ava. Morgan accused Silas of setting Kiki up for heartbreak because it would kill Kiki to learn that Morgan and Denise had slept together. Morgan decided to find a way to stop Silas, but Ava panicked because she recalled Silas making it clear that he intended to reveal the truth about Ava.

Ava quickly reminded Morgan that Silas wouldn't say anything until Kiki returned from the Hamptons, so they had a few days to figure something out. Morgan thought he might be able to break the news to Kiki in a way that would allow him to salvage his relationship with Kiki and keep her from blaming Denise, but Ava doubted it was possible. Morgan explained that he would do whatever was necessary to shut Silas up, but Ava warned him not to "go postal." Ava urged Morgan to go home and stay away from Silas until she could figure things out. Morgan agreed, but she insisted that he promise her.

After Morgan assured "Denise" that he wouldn't do anything, he left. In the hallway, Morgan stopped. "Sorry, Denise. I can't keep that promise," Morgan said with his jaw set stubbornly.

In the apartment, Ava got dressed then called Silas, but his voicemail picked up. Frustrated, she ended the call but vowed that she would not let Silas destroy things for her. Ava refused to return to prison; she grabbed her purse and left.

In Silas' apartment, Silas left Kiki a voicemail message explaining that he needed to see her as soon as she returned from the Hamptons because he had something important to discuss with her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael greeted Morgan as Morgan approached the bar. Morgan appeared rattled, and Michael asked if anything was troubling Morgan. Morgan insisted he simply needed a drink. Michael promised to listen if Morgan needed to talk then turned to leave, but Morgan called out to Michael. Morgan was curious why Michael cared when Morgan was always nasty to him. Michael smiled and explained that it was Michael's job as a big brother.

Meanwhile, Ava returned home. She was shaken as she closed the door and made her way to the bar to pour herself a drink, which she quickly downed.

At Silas' apartment, Franco approached the front door but stopped when he noticed it was ajar. Franco called out to Nina but was greeted by silence, so he slowly pushed the door open. He was surprised when he saw Nina kneeling next to Silas' body and clutching a large bloody knife. Nina looked up at Franco with a mixture of fear and shock in her eyes.

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