General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 11, 2015 on GH

Duke became a casualty of the mob war. Anna shot Carlos. Nina announced that she was engaged. Hayden blackmailed Nikolas, but Nikolas grew weary of Hayden's behavior and invited her to tell Jake the truth.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 11, 2015 on GH
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Baby Come Back

Baby Come Back

Monday, May 11, 2015

Tracy talked to a picture of Luke while watching highlights of the Nurses Ball. She sighed that the event wouldn't have been as fun without him. Just then, Michael entered. Tracy wondered if Ned and Olivia were still at the after party. Michael revealed that he'd just gotten back from taking Sabrina home, so he didn't know. Michael sat down, and Tracy wondered if he and Sabrina had enjoyed their night. She also observed that Michael and Sabrina seemed to be getting closer. She warned him that it was unwise of him from a "business standpoint."

Tracy continued that, by dating an employee, Michael was opening himself up to a sexual harassment lawsuit. She also thought it showed questionable judgment, which was a reason why she thought Ned should take ELQ over. Michael denied that he was making a mistake by getting closer to Sabrina, and he added that he had a huge reason as to why Ned shouldn't take over ELQ. He revealed that Ned had given his ELQ shares to Franco, apparently to protect Olivia. Tracy was flabbergasted, and Michael continued that Franco seemed to know "something damning."

Carlos stood in Sabrina's doorway and begged her to let him inside before someone saw him. She demanded to know why he needed hiding, and he promised to explain once she let him in. She finally did, and he immediately slammed the door and locked it behind him. She wanted to know what he'd done. "I shot someone," he admitted. "Get out," she told him. Sabrina opened the door for Carlos, but he slammed it shut again. She told him that she could no longer help him or lie for him.

Carlos claimed that he was talking about shooting Ava, since his trial was scheduled for the next day. He wanted to leave town before he was convicted. She remembered his confidence that he would be acquitted of the crime, so she wondered what had changed in only a few days' time. Carlos explained that his lawyer had received knowledge of a witness statement from "some kid" who had happened to be pointing his telescope toward Carlos and Ava as Carlos had shot Ava.

Carlos confided that he had a lot of enemies at Pentonville, so he wouldn't survive going back to jail. He hated putting Sabrina in a difficult position, but he had no choice. He begged her to let him stay for the night. She reluctantly agreed but told him that he needed to be out by the time Felix got home the next morning. Carlos promised to be gone before sunrise. Carlos regretted the things he'd done that had made Sabrina's life harder. "Trust me, so do I," she fired back. He promised to leave town and never contact her again. The two shared a tearful hug.

Anna searched for Duke on the docks. Just then, Duke stumbled into Anna's line of sight. Anna saw Duke's gunshot wound, and he collapsed. She called 9-1-1 as she tried to put pressure on the wound. When she was off the phone, Duke apologized for keeping Anna waiting. She proposed a deal in which she would forgive him for the wait if he would keep his eyes open and stay awake. She wondered who had shot him. "He caught me off-guard in the parking garage," Duke slurred before passing out.

A few minutes later, Duke was talking again. He warned Anna that Jordan was in danger and that he'd tried to call off the hit. Anna assured him that she knew all about it, that Jordan was fine, and that Bruce was dead. She promised to "fix everything." Duke was upset about all the blood on his hands. Anna changed the subject by asking where Duke wanted to go. She suggested first going to Scotland, and she painted a mental picture of what their life could be like there.

Just then, Anna heard sirens. She continued rambling about their future travels in order to keep him awake. She tearfully told him that she would go "to the moon and back" for him and that she loved him very much. He returned the sentiment and said that, wherever they lived, their life would be beautiful. He closed his eyes.

Cuffed to the table in the interrogation room, Jake insisted that he'd told Nathan everything he knew. He also reminded Nathan that he'd cooperated with Nathan, which showed that Jake had nothing to hide. There was a knock on the door, and Nathan answered it to a crime scene investigator with a report on the gun found at the scene. Nathan checked the report, which confirmed that the gun had been fired at some point. Nathan wondered who'd fired the gun if it hadn't been Jake. Jake insisted that he hadn't fired the gun and suggested that Nathan test Jake's hands for gunpowder residue.

A few minutes later, Nathan revealed that Duke had been the victim of the gunshot, and he wondered if Jake wanted to "revise" his statement. Nathan knew that Jake worked for Julian, but Jake replied that he worked in a garage as a mechanic. Frustrated, Jake stated that he was done cooperating, and he wasn't going to say another word until he had a lawyer present.

Kyle put out APBs on Duke and Anna. Jordan wondered if that was necessary, and Kyle responded that Anna could be "shielding" Duke from the consequences of his actions. Jordan asked what was really going on. Kyle replied that it was on a "need-to-know basis." Jordan retorted that she needed to know, since she was Anna's "asset and friend." Kyle warned her to "leave it alone." Jordan talked herself through all the facts and realized that Anna was running away with Duke. Just then, Shawn returned. He demanded to know what was going on and why there was a body bag being wheeled out.

Kyle coolly told Shawn that he'd responded to a neighbor's 9-1-1 call. Jordan revealed that someone had tried to kill her, but she'd gotten the upper hand. She lied that it had been a "low-level nobody" from the Jerome organization. Just then, Kyle's phone rang, and he answered it to Nathan. Nathan informed Kyle that Duke had been shot and that Anna had called it in. He added that Jake was a suspect. Kyle told Nathan he'd be there soon and hung up. He warned Jordan and Shawn not to "escalate the mob war" because they would be under watch, and he left.

When Kyle was gone, Shawn suggested that he give Julian a warning, and he took out his gun. Jordan reminded him that they would be under surveillance. She just wanted to go back to Shawn's and have him hold her so he could help her forget about the night's events. He vowed to not let her out of his sight again. He also informed her that the shipment Bruce had called him about had never landed. He thought it was strange that Duke wasn't answering his calls.

Kyle arrived at the police station, and Nathan wondered why Kyle had put out an APB on Anna. Kyle insisted that he'd been misheard, and he went into the interrogation room to talk to Jake. Jake informed Kyle that he had a very strong suspicion that Carlos had shot Duke, taking into account when Carlos had been caught in Hayden's hotel room with a sniper rifle. He complained that the cops thought Jake had done it. "That's exactly what we're going to let them think," Kyle said. He walked out of the room, leaving a confused Jake stammering.

Alexis and Julian arrived at the hospital, and Julian asked about Olivia and the baby. The nurse checked on the computer and told him that the two hadn't yet arrived. Just then, Olivia was wheeled in on a stretcher, holding her baby and screaming for help. Patrick, Sam, and Ned followed after Olivia. Patrick assured everyone that he would do everything he could, but they needed to stay out of the room.

When Patrick was gone, Julian intended to go be with his son, but Ned blocked him. Ned implored Julian to let the doctors do their jobs. Julian shot back that he wanted to be with his son in his time of need, and Ned could be with Olivia in her time of need. Ned stepped aside and hoped that Julian wouldn't do anything stupid. Ned followed after Julian, leaving Sam and Alexis. Sam wondered if the baby was going to be saved. Alexis cited the fact that Kristina had been premature and had turned out just fine. She added that many advances had been made in the field, so the baby should have everything he needed.

A doctor checked on Olivia while Patrick and two others worked on the baby. Olivia wanted an update, so Patrick informed her that the baby's lungs were underdeveloped, so he wasn't breathing by himself. Patrick explained that they needed to get the baby stable before he was transported to an incubator. Julian and Ned entered, and Ned assured Olivia that he wasn't going anywhere. He told her that the baby was a Falconeri, so he was a fighter. Julian went right over to the baby. Olivia thought she was being punished for lying about the baby's paternity.

Just then, Duke was wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher.

Patrick heard yelling out in the hall, so he went out as the other doctors were working on the baby. Julian demanded to know where Patrick was, and the other doctor told Julian to step back and be quiet. Julian wanted a doctor to tend to his son. The doctor informed Julian that his specialty was neonatal surgery, so he was perfectly qualified to help the baby. Julian kept his protesting up, so the doctor told Olivia that one of the men needed to leave. She chose Ned to stay, so Julian was asked to step out.

Patrick saw Anna with Duke, and she explained that she had no idea who'd shot Duke, and he'd been unconscious for about ten minutes. They moved him to a room, and Anna followed. She implored Duke to wake up. Patrick asked Anna to leave so the doctors could work on Duke.

Julian angrily returned to Sam and Alexis and told them that he'd been asked to leave. He demanded to know where Patrick was. Alexis informed Julian that Patrick was treating Duke, who'd been shot that night. "As your lawyer and someone who loves you," she started, "do you have anything to tell me?"

Just then, Anna exited Duke's room and made a beeline for Julian. She pushed him and slapped him hard across the face. She grabbed him by the collar and wondered if he'd told his family the truth about giving the order to kill Duke. Sam tried to tell Anna to calm down, but Anna cried that Julian had had the hit on Duke out for weeks. Anna accused Julian of being the same "spoiled, sniveling coward" he'd always been, since he could order a death, not do it himself, and still not have the guts to "own it."

Anna vowed that if anything happened to Duke, she would make Julian and his shooter pay. She got in his face and revealed in a hushed tone that she wouldn't wait for the court to hand out justice. "I don't give a damn about due process. I'll come after you with my own hands, and I'll own it," she said, and she walked away. "Tell me she isn't right," Alexis pleaded.

Just then, two doctors quickly wheeled the baby past. Julian stormed into Olivia's room and found her crying in Ned's arms. Julian expected the worst, but Olivia told him she was crying happy tears. Ned said the baby wasn't "out of the woods," but he was hanging on.

In Duke's room, Patrick and the other doctors worked on Duke. A machine began beeping, and Patrick urgently ordered chest compressions and the defibrillator. A short while later, Patrick emerged from the room, and Anna went right over to him. "I'm so sorry," Patrick said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "We were supposed to go away together. I have to take him with me," she rambled.

Anna went into Duke's room. "I wanna go away. I wanna live with you forever. Please wake up," she begged him, collapsing in tears at his bedside.

Anna learned that Jake was Kyle's informant

Anna learned that Jake was Kyle's informant

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shawn closely inspected the area where Jordan's would-be assassin had died until he noticed Jordan standing in the doorway. Shawn was disappointed because he had hoped to find her still asleep in his bed when he returned to Kelly's, but Jordan explained that she had been restless and unable to sleep. Shawn admitted that he hadn't been able to sleep, either, knowing that Julian had sent another hit man to kill her. Jordan tensed when Shawn admitted he was also growing concerned because he hadn't been able to reach Duke.

Jordan recalled Kyle confronting Anna about running away with Duke and about Anna's desperate escape. Meanwhile, Shawn decided it was time to take action against Julian, but Jordan reminded Shawn that it was Duke's call. Shawn argued that innocent lives might be in danger, so it was time to go above Duke's head. Jordan reluctantly followed Shawn out of the apartment.

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room with two cups of coffee that she had picked up while she had been out. Sonny was surprised that she hadn't slept in because of the long evening at the Nurses Ball, but Carly confessed she had been eager to tell him about her evening and how she had exposed Ric's lies in front of everyone. Carly revealed that Ric had hired Hayden to pose as Jake's wife to get Jake away from Elizabeth, but Sonny was curious why Carly had gotten involved. Carly admitted that she had done it for Jake, but Sonny had concerns about Jake because of Jake's association with Julian.

Sonny was certain from watching the footage of Jake in action during Cesar Faison's escape that Jake was a trained professional. Sonny knew it was only a matter of time before Julian utilized Jake's skill with a gun to Julian's advantage, but Shawn and Jordan walked in before Carly could defend Jake. Shawn apologized for intruding, but explained that he had been unable to reach either Duke or Bruce. Sonny decided to call Duke on a private number, but Kyle Sloane answered the phone.

Sonny had a brief exchange with Kyle then ended the call. Carly immediately sensed that something was wrong, so Sonny broke the news to everyone that Duke had been murdered. Stunned, Jordan remained quiet as Shawn speculated that Julian's men had lured Bruce away to leave Duke vulnerable. Sonny agreed and decided to take action, but Carly begged Sonny to wait to allow cooler heads to prevail. Sonny ignored her advice, so Carly decided to head home.

Sonny ordered Carly to stay put with Jordan, but Carly reminded him that Josslyn, Morgan, and her mother were at the house. Sonny promised to have Max send a few men to safeguard their loved ones, so Jordan asked about T.J. Sonny put Shawn in charge of T.J.'s protection then followed Shawn out.

Later, Carly worried about Anna because Carly couldn't imagine how Anna would take the devastating loss. Jordan suspected Anna would hunt Duke's killer down, so Carly reminded Jordan that it would be a race because Sonny and Shawn were after the shooter too.

Outside the neonatal nursery, Olivia sat in a wheelchair as she stared at her son through a window. Dante walked up but became concerned when he realized that his mother had been crying. Olivia assured Dante that she cried tears of joy because his baby brother was well. She invited Dante to see for himself, so Dante looked into the nursery. Olivia offered a watery smile as she admitted that her newborn son was tiny but beautiful. Overcome with emotion, Dante agreed.

After Dante wiped away a stray tear, he asked where Ned was. Olivia admitted that she had sent Ned home to rest, which annoyed Dante. Olivia asked Dante not to be hard on Ned, especially since Ned was not the baby's father. Confused, Dante wondered what Olivia was talking about, so Olivia explained that she had lied about the baby's paternity to protect the baby. Dante assumed Sonny was the father but quickly dismissed the possibility, since Sonny had been in Pentonville during the baby's conception.

Olivia reluctantly revealed that Julian was the baby's father. Shocked, Dante demanded to know if Julian had forced himself on Olivia, but Olivia quickly clarified that the sex had been consensual. Olivia admitted that both she and Julian had turned to each other for comfort in a moment of weakness. Dante wondered if Ned knew the truth, so Olivia admitted that Ned had stepped up to the plate from the beginning to help her protect the baby from Julian's violent lifestyle. Dante agreed that it had been the right decision because Duke had been killed during a mob hit earlier in the evening.

Olivia was horrified and saddened by the news, but it reaffirmed her decision to keep her son safe from Julian's enemies. Olivia feared that Julian would use his money and power to become a part of the baby's life, so she decided the only way to protect the baby was for Dante to help her and his brother disappear.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Alexis tried to get Julian to go home with her so he could eat and get some rest, but Julian refused to leave until he had some answers about his son's health. Julian feared something was wrong with his son, since the doctors had been running tests, but Alexis knew from personal experience with Kristina that it was standard practice when treating premature babies. Julian remained determined to stay because he was certain that Olivia would try to block him from seeing his son, so Alexis advised Julian to give Olivia time because it had been a busy night.

Julian sensed there had been more to Alexis' remark than the birth of his son, so he wondered how Duke had fared. Alexis revealed that she and Sam had been in the emergency room when Patrick had broken the news to Anna that Duke had died. She watched Julian closely as she added that she expected the police to make a statement soon, but Julian tried to play it cool by asking her to keep him updated. Alexis made a sarcastic comment about Julian sending flowers, so Julian invited Alexis to speak her mind if she wanted to. Alexis cut to the chase by asking if Julian had ordered the hit on Duke.

Julian insisted Anna's accusation was outlandish, but Alexis didn't believe him because she knew how things worked in his world. She reminded Julian that he could tell her the truth, since he was protected by attorney/client privilege, so Julian confessed that he had ordered Duke's death. Infuriated, Alexis started to walk away, but Julian reminded her that she had known exactly what she had been getting into when she had gotten back together with him. Alexis disagreed because she had believed that Julian would make better choices.

Alexis started to leave, but Julian reached for her arm. She warned him to let go, or she would call security, but Julian refused to let their relationship end. Alexis reminded Julian that he couldn't afford to be thrown out by security because he would be blocked from seeing his son, so Julian reluctantly let go. "I love you," Julian told Alexis as she walked away. "I know," she tearfully replied without looking back.

A short time later, Julian bumped into Sonny and Shawn as the two men exited the elevator.

In the trauma bay, Anna sat next to the gurney as she wept over Duke's body. She gently stroked his hair as she tearfully talked about how close they had been to having a future together. Eventually, Liesl appeared in the doorway. Anna continued to talk to Duke about what their life might have been like until Liesl gently put her hand on Anna's shoulder and softly explained that it was time for Anna to let Duke go. Liesl promised that she was sensitive to Anna's loss, but it had been six hours, and the staff needed to take Duke's "corpse" to the morgue.

Anna resented Liesl referring to Duke's body as a "corpse" because Duke had been a man and Anna's husband. Anna insisted that Liesl didn't have a right to be near Duke then lashed out by suggesting that Liesl finally had what Liesl and Faison had wanted; Duke was dead. Anna's anger suddenly turned to despair as she recalled that twelve hours earlier, Duke had been alive and in love with Anna. Anna's legs gave out as she realized that she was all alone. She cried inconsolably as Liesl knelt next to Anna and gently comforted her foe until Anna's tears subsided.

After Anna pulled herself together, Liesl handed Anna an envelope with Duke's personal effects. Liesl invited Anna to make arrangements for Duke, but Anna was determined to find Duke's killer. Liesl revealed that the suspect was in custody, so Anna demanded details. A short time later, Anna stood in the hallway as Duke's body was taken to the morgue.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth left Jake a voicemail message asking him to return her phone call because she hoped to make plans with him for later that evening. A short time later, Liesl walked up and ordered Elizabeth to get back to work when she noticed Elizabeth had been about to make a call. Elizabeth promised that it would only take a moment, but Liesl suggested that Elizabeth salvage Elizabeth's disastrous personal life on Elizabeth's own time. Annoyed, Elizabeth asked what Liesl would like Elizabeth to do, so Liesl ordered Elizabeth to take care of Duke's paperwork.

Elizabeth balked at the heartbreaking task, but Liesl thought that Elizabeth would want to help Duke's loved ones by taking care of everything. Liesl warned Elizabeth not to dawdle, since sentiment was a poor excuse for inefficiency. Elizabeth asked Liesl if a suspect had been apprehended, so Liesl took delight in confirming that someone was in custody. Elizabeth was shocked when Liesl claimed that Jake was the prime suspect.

Elizabeth insisted it was impossible because Jake had spent the night with Elizabeth. "All night?" Liesl asked. Liesl smiled with satisfaction when Elizabeth's expression told her that Jake had left Elizabeth's bed. Elizabeth decided to pay Jake a visit, but Liesl reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth was on duty.

In the interrogation room, Jake resented being kept waiting all night, but Kyle explained that there had been a lot of fallout because a mob boss had been assassinated. Jake denied killing Duke, but he suspected Carlos had done the deed. Kyle agreed but decided Jake could use the situation to his advantage by making Julian believe that Jake had covered for Carlos. Jake doubted that Julian would believe Jake would protect Carlos, but Kyle argued that Jake could claim to have put the organization above Jake's dislike of Carlos.

Kyle was certain it would pave the way for Jake to become a part of Julian's inner circle, which would allow Kyle and Jake to take down Julian's organization from the inside out. Jake wasn't happy about the idea of Carlos getting away with murder, but Kyle refused to go after Carlos if it meant they wouldn't be able to dismantle the Jerome organization. Jake remained reluctant to help Kyle, but Kyle reminded Jake that Jake faced 53 counts of conspiracy to commit murder if Jake refused to cooperate.

Jake grudgingly agreed to cooperate, so Kyle agreed to take care of some paperwork that would allow Jake to walk away from an arrest on a technicality. Kyle entered the squad room to hand a police officer a file process, so the police officer gave Kyle a cell phone that had been recovered from Duke. Meanwhile, Anna lurked in the background until Kyle walked away.

The police officer quickly offered his condolences to Anna when she walked up. Anna thanked the police officer, but quickly changed the subject by claiming that she needed to talk to Jake because the Justice Department might file charges. Moments later, Anna entered the interrogation room, made certain both doors were closed, and drew her gun, which she aimed at Jake. Jake sat up straight as she offered to give him a quick and painless death in exchange for truthful answers. She demanded to know if Jake had killed Duke, so Jake carefully explained that there was more going on than Anna realized.

Anna's temper flared as she prepared to shoot Jake, but Kyle suddenly burst into the room and disarmed her. Kyle was forced to explain that Jake was his informant, but Anna couldn't understand how Jake had become an informant. Kyle admitted the charges against Jake had been dropped in exchange for Jake's cooperation. Kyle quietly told Jake to leave, so Jake offered his condolences to Anna, and he left.

Kyle gently advised Anna to go home to get some rest, but she was afraid of closing her eyes and seeing Duke fall to his knees in a blood-soaked shirt as the light faded from his eyes. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she could still smell Duke's cologne, so she needed to find his killer.

At the hospital, Elizabeth started to call Jake but stopped when she sensed someone standing behind her. She turned and saw Jake.

Sabrina realized that Carlos murdered Duke

Sabrina realized that Carlos murdered Duke

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

At Wyndemere, Valerie and Nikolas sipped coffee and ate breakfast as they chatted about the Nurses Ball. Nikolas was impressed that Valerie had managed to learn the dance number she had performed on short notice, but Valerie confessed that it had been easy because she was a dancer, and the audience had been predisposed to liking the performances. Moments later, Lulu walked in to greet both her brother and her cousin. Nikolas invited Lulu to join them for breakfast, so Lulu gratefully accepted.

Lulu poured a cup of coffee as she asked about Spencer. She admitted that it had broken her heart to see her nephew onstage as a Phantom of the Opera, so Nikolas thanked her for getting Spencer home. Lulu was pleasantly surprised when Nikolas revealed that Spencer had finally taken off the mask and had seen that the scar hadn't been as bad as Spencer had imagined. Lulu's good humor instantly vanished when Hayden suddenly strolled in wearing Nikolas' robe. Lulu demanded to know what Hayden was doing there, so Hayden announced that she lived at Wyndemere.

Outraged, Lulu turned to Nikolas for answers. He recalled Hayden's threat to reveal that Nikolas and Elizabeth knew Jake was really Jason Morgan, so he told his sister that he and Hayden had once had a brief fling. Hayden smiled with satisfaction as she played along, but Lulu recalled Valerie referring to Hayden as Rosalie during the ball. Hayden accused Valerie of jumping to the wrong conclusion when Valerie had walked in on Nikolas and Hayden. Disgusted, Lulu wondered if Nikolas had been aware of Hayden's scam to deceive Jake, but Hayden assured Lulu that Nikolas hadn't known.

Lulu couldn't understand why Nikolas would help a woman who had hurt Elizabeth. Hayden perked up when Lulu mentioned that Nikolas and Elizabeth had once been lovers, but Nikolas ignored Hayden's reaction as he admitted that Elizabeth was special to him. However, Nikolas had refused to turn his back on Hayden when she had been left in dire financial straits. Nikolas suggested that Lulu focus her anger on Ric because Ric had ultimately been responsible for hurting Elizabeth and Jake. Hayden agreed that it had been wrong of her to lie to Jake and Elizabeth, and she deeply regretted getting between the couple.

"Especially after everything they've been through all these years," Hayden added with a smirk. Nikolas tensed as Lulu asked what Hayden was talking about, since Jake and Elizabeth had only known each other for a few months. Hayden shrugged as she claimed that she hadn't been certain how long Jake and Elizabeth had been together, but Valerie was skeptical because she had expected Hayden to do a basic background check on Jake before trying to pass herself off as Jake's wife.

Hayden glared at Valerie, but Lulu became distracted when she received a text message from Dante. Lulu announced that she had to get to the hospital to check on Olivia because Olivia had given birth to a baby boy. Valerie realized the baby had been born months early, so she decided to accompany Lulu. After Lulu and Valerie left, Hayden accused Lulu of being a "nosy little bitch," but Nikolas resented the harsh words. Hayden reminded him that she could say whatever she liked because she was keeping quiet about Nikolas and Elizabeth "playing God" with Jason's life.

At the hospital, Julian encountered Sonny and Shawn near the elevators. Sonny wanted to talk to Julian, but Julian wasn't in the mood because he needed to check on his son. Sonny assured Julian that Lucas could wait, but Julian clarified that he had been referring to his newborn son who had been born prematurely the previous evening. Sonny wished Julian's son well, as well as the child's mother, but Sonny was determined to discuss Duke's murder. Julian blindsided Sonny with the news that Olivia was the baby's mother.

Julian quickly filled Sonny in about Olivia's unexpected labor and delivery. Concerned, Sonny asked if Olivia was okay, so Julian assured him that Olivia was fine. However, Julian was concerned about their son because the newborn was in the neonatal intensive care unit. Unmoved by Julian's concern, Sonny warned Julian that Duke's murder would be avenged. Julian denied any involvement, but Sonny scoffed at the obvious lie, so Julian conceded that it was possible someone in Julian's organization had tried to impress Julian by making a move against Sonny.

Sonny demanded a name, but Julian claimed that he didn't have one. Sonny gave Julian 24 hours to hand over Duke's killer, or Julian would pay with his life.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Dante watched Olivia's newborn son through the neonatal nursery's window until Ned walked up. Ned felt refreshed after a good rest, so he thanked Olivia for sending him home. Ned then seized the opportunity to apologize for lying to Dante about the baby's paternity, but Dante was grateful that Ned had stepped up to the plate to protect Dante's baby brother. Ned's smile faded when he noticed Dante and Olivia's somber expressions, so Olivia assured Ned that the baby was doing great.

However, Olivia confessed that she had been asking Dante to help her and the baby disappear before Julian's enemies put a target on her son's back. Ned urged Olivia not to act in haste, but Olivia insisted that time was of the essence because her newborn was in danger. Olivia reminded both Dante and Ned that Sonny was a far better man than Julian, but she had kept Dante away from Sonny because Sonny's lifestyle had been too dangerous. Ned argued that both Sonny and Julian appeared to have reached some kind of truce since escaping from Pentonville together, so things might not be as dire as Olivia feared.

Ned was shocked when Dante revealed that Duke had been murdered in an apparent mob hit. Olivia suspected the violence would soon escalate, so Dante reluctantly agreed because Sonny would want to retaliate. Olivia's eyes filled with tears as she explained that she desperately needed to flee town with her son before the infant was caught in the crosshairs of a mob war. Dante wondered if Olivia was prepared to leave him and Rocco behind, so Olivia confided that she intended to "lay low" with her friend, Melissa, in Bensonhurst. Dante and Ned reminded Olivia that the baby wasn't in any condition to leave the hospital, but Olivia argued that it was necessary for her and the baby to disappear.

Dante urged Olivia not to let her imagination get the better of her, but Olivia remained distraught. Moments later, Dante received a text message, so he announced that he had to leave. He begged Olivia not to do anything rash then he left. Olivia admitted that she doubted Julian would put the baby's safety first, so Ned agreed because Julian seemed to view the baby as a new toy to be molded into Julian's image. Olivia was determined to protect her fragile son, but she didn't know what to do. Ned admitted that he had an idea.

At the elevator, Sonny called out to Dante when he spotted his son. Dante greeted his father then gave Sonny and update on both Olivia and the baby. Sonny was relieved, so Dante broached the subject of Duke's death. Dante admitted that Duke had seemed like a decent guy, even though Dante had only met Duke a few times. Sonny assured Dante that Duke had been a great man, so whoever had killed Duke would pay. Dante advised his father to leave it alone, but Sonny refused to discuss the matter with his son, the police officer.

Dante reminded Sonny that Michael had taken Sonny's youngest daughter away because of Sonny's violent lifestyle, so Sonny would prove Michael right by making a move against Duke's killer. Dante added that Sonny might have gotten away with A.J.'s murder, but it wouldn't happen again because Dante would be first in line if Sonny was involved in another murder. Sonny invited Dante to do whatever Dante had to, but Dante didn't have time to argue, so he begged Sonny not to retaliate. Dante promised that the police would take care of Duke's killer, and he left.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Elizabeth was relieved when she saw Jake because she had heard the police had detained him. Jake admitted he was a suspect in Duke's murder, so Elizabeth offered to provide Jake with an alibi, but Jake explained that it wouldn't help because Jake had been caught holding the murder weapon. Stunned, Elizabeth asked if Jake had killed Duke. "It's not that simple," Jake cryptically replied, but Elizabeth demanded a straight answer.

Elizabeth reminded Jake that he worked in Julian's garage as a mechanic and that he had assured her he wasn't involved in Julian's illegal activity. Jake explained that his association with Julian made him a suspect, regardless what Jake did for Julian. Jake feared that Sonny would retaliate for Duke's death, so Jake decided to end things with Elizabeth because he didn't want to put her life or the lives of her sons at risk. Elizabeth surprised him by refusing to allow Jake to walk away from her after all they had been through to be together.

Jake warned Elizabeth that it would be dangerous to be around him, but Elizabeth was confident that Sonny would never target her or her sons to avenge Duke's death. Jake seemed relieved when she made it clear that she would not allow anything to get between them. They shared a quick, passionate kiss before Jake reluctantly revealed that he had to leave. Elizabeth reiterated that she and her boys would be fine, and she watched Jake leave.

Afterwards, Elizabeth returned to the nurses' station as Lulu and Valerie walked up. Valerie seized the opportunity to apologize for snapping at Elizabeth when Valerie had demanded to see Luke, but Elizabeth assured Lulu's cousin that it wasn't necessary because Valerie had been grieving. Lulu changed the subject by confiding to Elizabeth that Nikolas had a new houseguest -- Hayden.

In the interrogation room, Anna started to leave, determined to hunt down Duke's killer, but Kyle stopped her. He knew she wanted Duke's murderer to face justice, but he insisted that they would need evidence. Anna argued that she didn't need fibers or DNA to find out who had killed Duke, but Kyle refused to allow Anna to leave because a few minutes earlier, she had been prepared to blow Jake's head off. Anna defended her actions by pointing out that Kyle had manipulated Jake's file to make Jake appear guilty, but Kyle argued that Jake had been an innocent man.

Anna's shoulders sagged as she acknowledged that she had been out of control, but she refused to apologize, since it hadn't been a great leap to assume that Jake had pulled the trigger. However, she realized that with Jake cleared of the shooting then Carlos was the only suspect left. Kyle agreed that it was possible, since Kyle had been wrong about the Jeromes targeting Jordan. Anna defended Duke by reminding Kyle that Duke had called off the hit on Jordan then switched gears to speculate that Carlos had tried to kill Duke with a sniper's bullet from Jake's hotel room.

Anna decided to track down Carlos, but Kyle suspected that Carlos had gone underground in one of the Jerome safe houses. Anna disagreed because Carlos had turned to Sabrina for help the last time Carlos had gone on the run. Kyle decided to pay Sabrina a visit, but he objected when Anna insisted on joining him. Anna reminded Kyle that she didn't need his permission because she was a federal agent, so Kyle relented by offering to drive.

In Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina spoke to Felix on the phone. She was delighted that he'd had a wonderful evening with Donny Sheldon, the red carpet commentator at the Nurses Ball. Felix changed the subject by asking if Michael had spent the night at the apartment, so she assured her friend that Michael had simply walked her to the door. Sabrina's smile slipped when she looked up and saw a freshly showered Carlos standing in the doorway, wearing a towel and smile. Sabrina quickly wrapped up the call, so Carlos assured her that he still intended to leave once he was dressed because he didn't want the cops showing up on her doorstep.

Sabrina pointed out that it wouldn't be the first time, but Carlos explained that she was the only person he trusted. Carlos slipped into the bedroom to get dressed, while Sabrina remained in the living room as concern clouded her expression.

A short time later, Felix called Sabrina back to break the news about Duke's murder. Sabrina was horrified because she realized the real reason that Carlos had hidden out in apartment. She ended the call then confronted Carlos when he returned to the living room. At first, Carlos denied shooting Duke, but Sabrina easily saw through the lie. Resigned, Carlos admitted that he had killed Duke, but he insisted it had simply been business and that Duke had been well aware of the dangers of their world. Sabrina wasn't satisfied, so she decided to call the police.

Later, Kyle and Anna knocked on Sabrina's door, but everything remained silent in the apartment. Kyle and Anna signaled to each other then kicked in the door. They saw Sabrina strapped to a chair and gagged with duct tape, so Anna raced to free Sabrina as Kyle checked the apartment. Sabrina confessed that Carlos had stopped her from alerting the police before he had fled.

Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Duke

Loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Duke

Thursday, May 14, 2015

At Wyndemere, Nikolas ended a phone call as Elizabeth walked in. She was grateful that he was alone, so Nikolas asked what was wrong. Elizabeth's phone rang, but she sent Jake's call to voicemail because she wanted to talk to Nikolas about the news that Hayden had moved into Nikolas' home. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that Hayden was the last person he would want to live with, but Hayden knew the truth about Jake's identity. Stunned, Elizabeth demanded to know how it was possible, since Nikolas had assured her that no one else knew or would know that Jake was Jason.

Nikolas explained that Hayden had overheard his conversation with Elizabeth in Metro Court's lobby during the Nurses Ball. Elizabeth worried that Ric might know about Jake, but Nikolas promised that Hayden hadn't told anyone. Elizabeth wasn't relieved because her situation with Jake had gone from bad to worse, since Jake had killed Duke after leaving Elizabeth's bed. "Are you sure?" Nikolas asked in disbelief.

Elizabeth admitted that Jake had been vague when she had asked, but the police had detained Jake for questioning. She confessed that Jake had tried to push her away to protect her from the fallout of Duke's murder, but she had refused to let Jake go. Nikolas questioned if it had been a wise decision, but she was confident that Sonny would never target her or the boys in retaliation for Duke's death. Nikolas feared that Elizabeth might be caught in the crossfire of a mob war.

Elizabeth argued that accidents happened every day, but Nikolas countered that Jake lived a life filled with risks that many people would not find acceptable. Elizabeth refused to allow a mob war or Hayden to stand in her way, but Hayden suddenly entered the room and smugly asked what Elizabeth planned to do about Hayden.

From the auto shop, Jake left Elizabeth a voicemail message to let her know that he had called to check on her. He warned her to brace herself because things were about to get messy once Sonny found out that Jake was a suspect in Duke's murder. Jake admitted that it might be for the best if he kept his distance from her and the boys until everything blew over, but he quickly ended the call when he saw Julian enter the shop. Jake greeted Julian, but Julian wanted to know about Jake's arrest.

Jake told Julian about what had transpired in the parking garage and Nathan's assumption that Jake had shot Duke because Jake had been holding the murder weapon. Jake broached the subject of Julian and Carlos plotting to take out Duke, but Julian avoided the topic by asking how Jake had managed to be cut loose. Jake smiled as he explained that there hadn't been sufficient evidence to hold him, but Julian remained leery because he suspected that Jake might have agreed to flip on Julian.

Jake recalled Kyle explaining that Jake needed to gain Julian's trust, so Jake assured Julian that it hadn't been necessary to cut a deal, since the police lacked any evidence against Jake. However, Jake hoped that Carlos had been smart enough not to leave a trail because it might impact Carlos' trial. Julian was curious why Jake cared, since Jake and Carlos weren't friends, so Jake admitted that he was willing to be a suspect in Duke's murder to repay Julian for giving Jake a chance when no one else had. Julian warned Jake that Sonny might go after Jake in retaliation, so Julian decided to have a couple of guards keep an eye on Jake. Julian muttered that Sam would have his head if anything were to happen to Jake.

After Julian left, Jake called to update Kyle. Kyle was pleased that Julian had believed Jake's lies. Jake confided that he hadn't been able to find out where Carlos was hiding, but Kyle wasn't concerned because both Kyle and Anna had a lot of people hunting Carlos down.

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room to let Sonny know that lunch would be ready for the family when they returned from Duke's funeral service. Sonny quietly confessed that he wasn't ready to say goodbye to his friend, so Carly hugged Sonny then kissed him. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Sonny excused himself to answer it, while Carly finished getting ready.

Sonny was shocked when he opened the door and saw Duke standing on the doorstep. Sonny happily greeted his friend then dragged Duke into the living room to share the wonderful news with Carly. Carly was delighted when she saw Duke, so she hugged him as she tearfully explained that she had thought Duke had been killed. Duke smiled with satisfaction because it meant that his ruse to get his and Sonny's enemies off their backs had been successful.

Sonny suddenly bolted awake and sat up in bed. He took deep calming breaths as he realized that he had been dreaming. Carly stirred awake and asked if something was wrong. Sonny told Carly about his dream, so she reached out to hug him in comfort. Carly wondered what Julian had said when Sonny had confronted Julian about the murder. Sonny revealed that Julian denied ordering the hit, but Julian suspected that one of the men in the Jerome organization had gone rogue.

Sonny explained that he had given Julian until after Duke's funeral to hand over Duke's killer. Carly was curious if Julian would do it, but Sonny wasn't sure. However, Sonny was prepared to kill Julian to avenge Duke's death.

Later, Carly stepped outside to leave Jake a voicemail message warning him that Sonny was out for blood. She urged Jake to be careful and ended the call.

At the Drake residence, Sam held up a new dress for Emma to wear to Duke's funeral. Emma confessed that she hated saying goodbye to "Uncle Duke," but Emma imagined that it would be more difficult for her grandmother, Anna. Patrick and Sam sat down to talk to Emma about Duke's passing. Sam admitted that it was difficult to lose a loved one, but Sam promised that Duke would want everyone to move on and open their hearts to love again. Emma was curious if Duke might return the way that Robin had, but Patrick explained that Duke had died.

Patrick confessed that he had tried to save Duke's life, but Duke's injuries had been beyond help. Sam assured Emma that they would each get to say goodbye to Duke and that it would help to be with the people who had loved Duke. Emma smiled and took the dress.

Later, Sam decided to send Patrick and Emma ahead to the church because Sam still had to gather a few things for Danny before dropping him off at Monica's. Sam admitted that she also had to find a purse, so Patrick suggested that she check one of the unpacked boxes. After Patrick and Emma left, Sam opened one of the boxes and immediately spotted the canister containing her and Jason's wedding rings. She took them out of the canister then stared at them as tears clouded her eyes.

Sam recalled Nikolas claiming that Helena had recovered Jason's ring from the Crichton-Clark Clinic following the explosion. She dropped the rings back into the canister then returned the canister to the box.

At the church, Kyle approached Anna as she looked at a framed photograph of Duke that had been placed at the front of the church. She wiped away a tear and pointed to Duke's clan's tartan that served as a backdrop behind Duke's photograph. She explained that tartans were traditionally draped over a person's coffin, but Duke had requested to be cremated, so she had decided to hang the tartan behind the picture.

Anna changed the subject by thanking Kyle for being there, so Kyle admitted that he had wanted to give Anna something. He handed her Bruce's cell phone because Kyle had thought Anna would want to hear Duke's last words before the shooting. Anna invited Kyle to stay as she played the voicemail message from Duke ordering Bruce not to go through with the hit on Jordan because Duke had changed his mind. Kyle was certain that Duke had changed his mind because of Anna, so Anna's eyes filled with tears as she thought about how close she and Duke had been to leaving the violence behind them.

Later, Mac and Felicia arrived and offered their condolences to Anna. Anna hugged Mac and Felicia because it was comforting to be with people who had loved Duke. Anna tensed when Lucy suddenly entered the church. Lucy approached Anna to talk about Duke, but Felicia warned Lucy that it wasn't the time. Lucy assured Felicia that it would be fine because Lucy wanted Anna to know that Duke's heart had always belonged to Anna.

Lucy insisted that Duke had always loved Anna, so Lucy had manipulated Duke and Anna at the Nurses Ball to get them to dance the tango. Anna thanked Lucy and hugged her. Moments later, Dante, Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan arrived. Dante approached Anna to tell her that he was sorry for her loss. Anna was touched, so Nathan decided to break the news that Kyle had released Jake from custody. Anna assured Dante and Nathan that Duke's killer would face justice when the time was right.

Maxie soon joined the group to sing Duke's praises to Anna. Maxie promised Anna that it would eventually get easier because love never died. Maxie explained that she still felt her sister, Georgie, with her every day, and she felt Georgie's love.

A short time later, Patrick and Emma arrived. After greeting her granddaughter, Anna quietly asked if Patrick had called Robin with the news about Duke, but Patrick shook his head. Moments later, Anna and Emma sat down. Emma showed her grandmother a picture that Emma cherished because it was of Emma and Duke dressed up in tutus and wearing makeup for a tea party. Anna hugged Emma as Emma tearfully admitted that she had loved Duke.

Later, Anna greeted Jordan, Shawn, and T.J. as they arrived. Anna was surprised and moved when T.J. confessed that Duke had paid T.J.'s tuition, so T.J. intended to honor Duke by doing his best in school. After Jordan, Shawn, and T.J. walked away, Anna noticed Sonny enter the church. Sonny extended his condolences to Anna then admitted that Duke had been a good friend and an honorable man. Anna quietly reminded Sonny that Duke would still be alive if not for Sonny. Sonny promised that Duke would get justice, but Anna warned Sonny that she would see to it.

After Sam arrived, the funeral service began. Bagpipes softly played in the background as the priest opened the service with a prayer. Emma reached for Patrick and Sam's hands during the service, while Nathan handed Maxie a tissue to wipe her tears.

After the mourners left, Anna sat alone in the church and stared at Duke's photograph as she recalled the first time she had met Duke, their first kiss, falling in love with him, their adventures, and their wedding. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she remembered finding Duke again years later and how he had told her that he would always be her husband. Anna's memories drifted to Duke's decision to continue to work for Sonny until Julian was no longer a threat and then Duke and Anna's decision to run away together.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Emma returned home. Emma wanted to have a tea party in Duke's honor, so Patrick offered to make the tea. Emma wondered if they should wait for Sam, but Patrick explained that Sam had gone on an errand.

At the auto shop, Jake listened to Carly's voicemail message, begging him to be careful. He ended the call and looked up just as Sam entered the garage.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny, Carly, and Shawn entered the living room. Carly was rattled because she didn't want to endure the same heartache that Anna had. Sonny promised her that he would not be going anywhere, so Carly excused herself to change.

Moments later, Julian walked in. Sonny was surprised when Julian announced that he was ready to hand over Duke's killer.

Anna shot Carlos

Anna shot Carlos

Friday, May 15, 2015

In Nina's suite at Metro Court, Nina emerged from the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel and wearing a plush white robe. Meanwhile, a television announcer revealed that the hot topic discussion on The View would be live. Unimpressed, Nina picked up the remote and turned off the television because the show was a "well-oiled machine," so it was unlikely that anything unexpected would happen. Nina plopped down in a chair and propped her feet on the coffee table, but the table's leg suddenly crumbled as everything on the table slid to the floor, including the television remote. Moments later, the television turned back on as the announcer explained that the hosts of the show would be discussing the murder of a mob kingpin in upstate New York.

Nina turned the television off and called the hotel's maintenance department, but the call went to voicemail. She wondered why it was so difficult to talk to someone live "these days" then barked into the phone that she needed someone to fix or replace her coffee table. Moments later, Franco knocked on the door. Nina tried to ignore him, but he threatened to continue knocking until his knuckles fell off before switching to his left hand. Resigned, Nina opened the door.

Franco entered the suite then handed Nina a peace offering. It was the "Egg Salad Sandwich" painting. Nina wasn't impressed by the depiction of a "soggy sandwich," so Franco explained there was more to the painting. Nina reluctantly agreed to hear Franco out, while she slipped into the bedroom to change. Franco remained in the living room to pick up the mess and attempt to repair the coffee table. He admitted that the painting represented his stupidity, so Nina called out that she was listening.

Franco confessed that his mother, Heather, had created the painting, but he had foolishly tried to pass it off as his own, which had been nearly as big of a mistake as suspecting Nina of kidnapping baby A.J. Franco realized that he should never have even questioned if Nina had snatched the baby, so he apologized profusely because Nina meant everything to him. Franco insisted that he trusted Nina with his life, but he had lost sight of that. Nina appreciated his honesty, but she surprisingly shifted gears by asking him for an honest opinion about her outfit. Franco was shocked when Nina entered the living room, wearing a form-fitting strapless wedding gown and flowing veil.

Confused, Franco asked why she was wearing a wedding dress, so Nina explained that she had found someone new after Franco had broken her heart. Nina wanted Franco to congratulate her, but instead he carefully reminded her that Silas had moved on. Nina was insulted at the suggestion that she was out of touch with reality, so she assured him that she was engaged. Franco didn't believe her. Moments later, someone knocked on the door, so Nina announced that it was her intended groom. Skeptical, Franco opened the door. His expression turned to disbelief as Nina smiled with satisfaction.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that she and Jason had overcome many obstacles and that she had given up every shred of integrity to be with Jason. "Is that really worth it, Liz?" Nikolas asked. Liz assured him that it was worth everything, so she refused to let some "two-bit con woman" ruin Liz's happiness with Jason. Hayden strolled into the room and smugly asked what Liz planned to do about it. Hayden was disappointed when Liz remained silent, so she accused Liz of only having the courage to talk "smack" about people behind their backs.

"Well, I'm here now -- live and in person," Hayden taunted. Liz didn't hesitate to make it clear that she would not allow Hayden to ruin what Liz and Jason had. Liz pointed out that Sam was not grieving under the covers for Jason because Sam had moved on and found love with someone new. Hayden explained that Sam had moved on because Sam believed Jason was dead, so Hayden snidely insulted Liz until Nikolas warned Hayden not to speak to Liz like that. Hayden argued that Nikolas couldn't stop her because Hayden knew Nikolas and Liz's dirty little secret.

Hayden bragged that she could do and say whatever she pleased then proved her point by picking up a priceless vase and smashing it. Liz was horrified by Hayden's reckless behavior, but Hayden reached for a matching vase. Nikolas stopped Hayden from destroying the vase by grabbing her wrist before she could touch it. He decided it was time to put an end to his and Liz's misery by inviting Hayden to tell Jason the truth. Hayden warned Nikolas that she would do it because Hayden was eager to do the right thing for once, especially since Nikolas and Liz had been keeping a man from his wife and child.

Nikolas ordered Hayden to leave, so she marched out. Liz desperately tried to stop Hayden, but Hayden ignored Liz. Furious, Liz demanded to know why Nikolas had called Hayden's bluff. Nikolas was unapologetic as he conceded there would be consequences for each of them, but he was tired of being taken advantage of by liars and con artists. Liz was happy that Nikolas was at peace with his decision, but she reminded him that their lives would be ruined, and they would both become pariahs.

Liz feared that she might have to pack up her sons and move, but Nikolas assured her that they would get through it. Desperate, Liz begged Nikolas to do something to fix things.

At the auto shop, Jake was curious why Sam was there, so she explained that she had just left Duke's funeral. "Oh," Jake replied, but Sam resented his tone because she had expected Jake to say more about the man he had killed. Jake was curious who had told her he had shot Duke, so Sam admitted that she had overheard Dante and Nathan talking about Jake's arrest. Sam wanted a straight answer from Jake because she had been the one to get him a job working for her father when Jake had assured her that he wanted nothing to do with Julian's criminal activity. She begged Jake to deny killing Duke, but Jake quietly confessed that he couldn't.

Sam slapped Jake across the face in frustration. She accused him of being a lying bastard who had used her sympathy to get in good with the mob. Jake assured Sam that it hadn't been like that, but Sam wasn't satisfied. She tearfully explained that Emma had loved Duke, so Jake admitted that he was sorry for Emma's loss. Sam wanted to know how Jake could have shot Duke, but Jake refused to defend himself by revealing the truth. Furious, Sam accused him of being a coward who had gotten blood on her hands.

Startled, Jake blurted out that Sam didn't have blood on her hands because he hadn't murdered Duke. Stunned, Sam asked why he would lead her to believe that he had, but Jake would only tell her that it had been necessary for people to believe he had pulled the trigger. Sam urged Jake to clear his name because Sonny would be gunning for him, but Jake wondered why Sam would care. Jake doubted that she would miss him, but Sam warned him not to make assumptions about her. Sam decided to have a talk with Sonny, but Hayden suddenly appeared.

Jake tensed because he had nothing to say to Hayden, but Hayden begged Jake to hear her out because she had something important to tell him that would impact both him and Sam.

At Greystone Manor, Julian strolled into the living room as Sonny and Shawn glowered at him. Julian announced that he was ready to name Duke's killer then accused Jake Doe of pulling the trigger. Sonny wondered why Jake would kill Duke without Julian's permission, so Julian claimed that Jake had been trying to move up in the ranks for months. According to Julian, Jake had overheard Julian discussing the trouble Duke had caused by blocking Julian's shipment on the piers. Julian suggested that Jake had wanted to make a name for himself by eliminating Duke.

Julian reminded Sonny that even Shawn could attest to Jake's skill with a gun, so Jake was both a professional and lethal. "If you ask me, the poor Scot never had a chance," Julian said then chuckled. Sonny was livid that Julian would make light of Duke's murder, so he grabbed Julian by the shirtfront and ordered Julian to wipe the smirk off his face or Sonny would do it for him. Outraged, Sonny shoved Julian against the wall, but Shawn urged Sonny to give Julian an opportunity to talk. Reluctantly, Sonny released Julian and demanded to know where Jake was.

Julian explained that he had promised to protect Jake but had left Jake unguarded at the auto shop. Shawn realized that Jake was a sitting duck. Julian assured Sonny that Sonny was free to eliminate Jake but made it clear that Jake's death would make Sonny and Julian even. Sonny accused Julian of being a "cockroach" then tossed him out. After Julian left, Sonny made it clear that he wanted Jake dead that very night.

Shawn checked his gun then told his boss to consider the job done. Sonny asked to be notified when Jake was dead, so Shawn nodded and left.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina turned off her television and thought about her confrontation with Carlos when Carlos had confessed to killing Duke. A knock at the door forced Sabrina to push the unsettling memory away and answer the door. She immediately tensed when she saw Anna standing on her doorstep. After inviting Anna in, Sabrina offered her condolences to Anna and confessed that she hadn't known Duke well, but he had seemed kind. Anna hoped Sabrina would repay Duke's kindness by helping Anna find Duke's killer.

Anna questioned Sabrina about Carlos, so Sabrina explained that Carlos had showed up claiming to need a place to stay until he could flee town before the trial. Sabrina acknowledged that it had been wrong to help Carlos, but she had realized the truth when Felix had called to tell Sabrina about Duke's murder. Sabrina assured Anna that she had decided to call the police, but Carlos had stopped Sabrina. Anna was confident that Sabrina might still be able to help apprehend Carlos by calling Carlos to find out where he was.

Sabrina's eyes filled with tears because she was reluctant to betray Carlos, but Anna implored Sabrina to help. Eventually, Sabrina agreed, so Sabrina called Carlos. Sabrina explained that she had wanted to check on him. As they talked, Sabrina asked if he had left town, so Carlos confided he was on pier 54, waiting for a boat to take him out of the country. Sabrina wondered if she could see him, but Carlos admitted there wouldn't be time. Carlos apologized for everything he had put Sabrina through but assured her that he had always loved her even though he knew she had deserved better than him.

Sabrina's eyes filled with tears as Carlos told her that he loved her and then ended the call. Anna asked where Carlos was, but Sabrina struggled with her conscience. Desperate, Anna tearfully assured Sabrina that it was the right thing to do, so Sabrina reluctantly told Anna where to find Carlos.

On the piers, Jordan approached Kyle and asked why he had called a meeting. Kyle explained that he needed to know what Sonny's plans were to retaliate for Duke's murder, so Jordan revealed that Sonny had given Julian 24 hours to turn over the killer. Kyle was curious when Sonny had delivered the ultimatum. "About 28 hours ago," Jordan answered.

Jordan feared there would be a mob war if Julian failed to provide Sonny with a name. Moments later, Julian called Kyle to inform the police commissioner that Sonny intended to kill Jake at the auto shop within the hour. Kyle started to ask Julian for more details, but Julian ended the call. Kyle told Jordan about the hit and ordered her to accompany him to the shop, but Jordan balked because her cover would be blown. Kyle confessed that it wouldn't be a problem because Jake was working undercover for him.

Kyle called the police station to dispatch squad cars to the auto shop, but was surprised when he was told about another tip regarding Carlos. After Kyle ended the call, he told Jordan that Carlos had been spotted on the pier.

On pier 54, Julian met with Carlos to bid farewell to his old friend. Carlos thanked Julian for setting everything up, but Julian insisted that it had been the least he could do for Carlos, since Carlos had been following orders by assassinating Duke. Carlos reminded Julian that the city would soon belong to the Jeromes when Sonny's empire fell, but Julian regretted that Carlos would not be around to witness it. Carlos explained that he had known the minute he'd pulled the trigger that he would have to vanish.

Julian wondered if Carlos had any regrets, so Carlos confessed that he had plenty, but killing Duke hadn't been one of them. Carlos advised Julian to watch his back, and Julian confided that he had set Sonny up. Satisfied, Carlos and Julian shook hands then parted ways. Moments later, Anna stepped out of the shadows with her gun drawn and aimed directly at Carlos. Anna informed Carlos that he was under arrest, but Carlos argued that she didn't have any evidence against him.

Anna disagreed because she had heard everything Carlos and Julian had said, but Carlos was confident that he would never be convicted of Duke's murder, since there was sufficient reasonable doubt. Anna realized that Carlos was right, so she accused him of being a "thug" and a "coward" before she pulled the trigger. Carlos' eyes rounded with shock as he fell to his knees, while a pool of blood slowly spread across his shirt.

As the show ended, Lily -- Sonny's first wife -- walked to a chair near the nurses' station where large cue cards had been set listing the closing credits. After she dropped the last cue card on the floor, she spotted a bomb and screamed until Sonny ran over, picked up the bomb, and tossed it away. "You're my hero," Lily cried as she threw herself into Sonny's arms. Sonny chuckled and assured Lily that she was alive.

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